Top 1 Games Similar to Unlimited Attraction

Bubble Survival! 2.0.2
The big will live, and the small won't survive! Absorbsmallerbubbles and avoid bigger ones to become bubble king. Survivethebubble battle and test your speed and reflex in thisaction-packedarcade game! It's a world where size matters. You're atiny bubbleout in a dark world filled with other flying bubbles ofall shapesand sizes, and you must get bigger in order to survive.Climb tothe top of the bubble food chain! Survive by absorbingsmallerbubbles and avoiding bigger ones. Watch out for uniquebubbles thatgrow and shrink, and perilous beams of energy that willpop you.You grow each time you absorb a bubble, so consume as muchas youcan to grow bigger, to absorb the bubbles that oncethreatened yourexistence. But watch out, you can only keep yoursize for so long!You must absorb bubbles before the time runs outlest you want torevert to your small, puny body. Prove your skillsat maneuveringand seize the chance to attack at the right moment!Features:✔Challenging and exciting ✔Reflex-based gameplay ✔Simpleandresponsive controls ✔Advance and survive through more than79levels ✔Compare your score with your friends on Facebook **Pleasenote that while the app is free, please be aware that itcontainspaid content for real money that can be purchased uponusers' wishto enhance their gaming experience.You may controlin-app purchasesmade within this app using password protectionwhich can be enabledfrom the setting page of the Google Play Storeapp. **