Top 49 Games Similar to Mercury Tarot

French Tarot - Free 2.2.3
Eryod Soft
*** PLAY FRENCH TAROT ON YOUR ANDROID SMARTPHONE OR TABLET !***Play the popular French Tarot card game, againstopponentssimulated by an high-level artificial intelligence. Allofficialrules are handled : - Play at 3, 4 or 5 players. - DeclareHandful.- Declare Misere. - Lead one trump to the last trick. -Announce aslam. *** HIGH QUALITY GRAPHICS *** Easy to use, the gameis veryfast and responsive, with card animation for a morerealisticgameplay, and hd graphics. *** AN HIGH-LEVELARTIFICIALINTELLIGENCE *** Your opponents and teamates aresimulated by anhigh-level artificial intelligence, that knows thecommonstrategies used in tarot card game. Therefore the game isveryrealistic, close to game with real players, and the challengeishigh. *** A CUSTOMIZABLE APPLICATION *** - Playcounter-clockwiseor clockwise - Play with or without misere. - Playwith or withoutSmall contract. - Change the player's name. - Changethe speed ofthe game - And many more... *** AN APPLICATION THATWILL MAKE YOUBECOME BETTER *** A section with statistics isincluded in theapplication, allowing you to monitor the evolutionof ourperformances. For beginners, rules of French Tarot arealsoincluded into the application. Finally, you can at the end oftheround see all the tricks, and replay the round if we want, totrainand try new strategies. For any question regarding theapplication: [email protected] Have fun playing Tarot !
Angel Tarot - Free reading 2.21
Benefit from the centuries-old wisdom that angels carry within,andfind out more about yourself. Their messages can give you thefaithyou need to make your dreams come true. Evidence of theangels’presence among us has existed for ages. These invisibleandelevated spiritual beings have the mission to guide usdelicatelyand render support in various situations. In theiressence, angelsare guardians and messengers, and one of their maintasks is todeliver the personal messages the Universe has for us!Angel Tarotis one of the ways you can connect with these invisiblehelpers andfind out what you want to know about yourself, love andlife ingeneral. Features of the application: • A deck of 32beautifulcards, specially developed for maximum authenticity • Nicedesignand easy navigation • Variety of spreads for any situation •Uniqueand detailed interpretations of each card
Galaxy Tarot
Galaxy Tarot is a FREE app for your Droid. But it's so muchmorethan that: it is a divine map of your spirit. Using the powerofthe 78 Tarot cards take a cosmic journey into your heart andpsycheto bring back the spectacular treasures that are alreadywithinyou. Start looking at your life in all new ways and getcrystalclear about what you want. Learn to be your own fortuneteller, orrather DESTINY MAKER, with Galaxy Tarot. Are you lookingfor GalaxyTarot Pro? Please email [email protected] forassistancegetting your Pro features back. Thanks! *** Tarot CardReader &Tarot Card Encyclopedia *** Pull Tarot Cards, CastTarot Spreadsand learn all about Tarot Cards for free! Whetheryou're brand newto Tarot cards or an experienced professional,Galaxy Tarot is madeto guide and delight you! ~ Start your day withintention andguidance using the Card of the Day: a tarot card justfor you, witha loving, supportive message for your day ~ ~ Gaininsight andclarity on any issue. Focus on what concerns you.Shuffle, cut thedeck, and then select the cards you're drawn to.You will receive awise message that will help you get clear aboutyour issue, findpeace, and be guided forward. Whether you'rewondering about love,money, career, family, or just about living amore fulfilling life,Galaxy Tarot can help you! ~ For quicksupport, write Shonna:[email protected] Features: - Gorgeoustarot card images fromthe classic 1909 deck by A.E. Waite and P.C.Smith like you'venever seen them before. Looks beautiful on phonesand tablets. -Five Tarot Reading Spreads to choose from. Option toadd morespreads to your collection with in-app purchases. -Interpretationsfrom Galaxy Tone as well as A.E. Waite's "PictorialKey to theTarot", and easy access to Wikipedia entries on eachTarot card. -Reversed card option including keywords and uniqueinterpretationsfor every card. - Tarot Card Encyclopedia linkingeach card to itssymbols, suit, and number. - Resizable Card of theDay widget andoptional Card of the Day notification - Two stunningapplicationbackgrounds, and three card backs to choose from. -Fullycustomizable Tarot card deck; choose whether you want toshufflethe cards, cut the deck, or go straight to your Tarotreading. - Aunique spread analyzer that helps you understand thetrends in yourreadings. - Ability to share spreads and cards usingemail,Facebook, Instagram and many other applications. - Ability toturnreversed cards, use major arcana only, turn animations andsoundson or off, receive a notification of your Card of the Day,and manymore ways to customize the app. Included spreads: - OneCard -Past, Present, Future - Two Card - Four Card General Spread-Relationship Spread - Celtic Cross ✷✷ For Tarot tips,contests,announcements and more join us on Facebook✷✷
Free Tarot reading 2.2
¿Are you looking for a good and free tarot app for your phoneortablet? In that case stop searching because this is the bestfreetarot app that you could ever find.Now with the free tarotreadingyou can discover the future of your personal, professionaland yourlove life to know what the destiny holds for you with thisvirtualand free tarot.How can I use this application?This app usageisvery simple and you just need to follow the next steps:1. Focusonthe question or topic you want to know about and tap theStartbutton to begin the tarot reading.2. Pick 3 of the cards youcanfind upside down. Remember you just need to use your fingersandmove it to the left or right side on the tarot cards.3. Onceyouhave picked, you just have to hit the results button todiscoverwhat the cards says and their meaning.“Free Tarot” appfeatures:*Throw the cards simple and fast. This is an applicationvery easyto use and anyone will be able to handle it with noproblems atall.* Full App: You will be able to know the predictionof yourprofessional future (job tarot) as well as in the lovetarot.*Don´t worry if you don’t know what a card says, we will takecareof the reading and the tarot online meaning. Tarot is relatedtoastrology, chart and horoscope and that´s the reason why it ishardto understand the cards and their meanings. That´s why wecreatedthis app that will let you the power that these cards have.* Ifyou like to play the cards, you will enjoy playing the “Tarotofthe day” many times you want and totally free.We hope you likethisapplication that will let you predict the future thanks tothepower of the cards (known as cartomancy). We will keep improvingtohave an accurate app so we ask you to rate us positively for ustoimprove and update our application.
Tarot Card Reading - Love & Future Daily Horoscope 7.9
Do you wish to eliminate all your confusions, doubtsanduncertainties in life? Tarot Card Reading and Horoscope makesthispossible for you through Free Tarot Card Readings!In TarotCardReading and Horoscope, all you have to do is simply think ofaquestion in one of the following areas of your life and getitanswered instantly. Categories to choose from include:★DailyHoroscope ★ Celtic Cross,Tree Of Life ★ Meanings of all thecards★Your Wish Will Be Fulfilled Or Not? ★ Life, Love,Relationships,Health, Money, Family, Friends★ Dreams, Ambitions,Travel, Work andCareer★ Focus, Success, Luck, Marriage, Emotionaland Mental State★Marriage, Past Life, Keys of your Life, get helpmaking a decision,yes or no★ Birthday Reading (How will your comingyear be?)★Monthly Reading (Detailed 5 card reading) ★ Will yourwish befulfilled or not?★ 2018 Reading (Detailed 5 card reading)FEATURESOF TAROT CARD READING AND TAROT HOROSCOPE ARE:✮ Get FreeReadings ✮You can enjoy the app offline✮ The Card Readingsavailable include1 card, 3 cards, 4 cards, 5 cards, 7 cards,10cards✮ It uses all 78cards including 22 Major Arcana and 56 MinorArcana, based on theRider-Waite deck✮ There is an option to shufflethe cards if youwishUse the Tarot Card reading and Horoscope app toget instantanswers to your questions!The app content is based ongeneralinformation about the topics and provides readingaccordingly. Theyare tailored to traits of a large number of peoplewhich sharesimilar birth details. The text has been written basedon generalassumptions and must not be used as personalized readingsto takedecisions in life but rather more of a guidance andentertainmenttool.
Kili Josiyam Parrot Astrology - Tarot card Reading 1.0
Parrot Tarot Card Reading is also called as Parrot Astrology.Thisis one of the Future prediction method very famous in SouthAsia(Kili Josiyam). In Parrot Astrology, a parrot will pick atarotcard and tarot reader will explain the card for us by relatingtoour problem and some times give solutions for our problems. Mostofthe people believe this and this tarot reading app will help youtopredict your future & also gives positive hope.Parrotreadingcards 2018 will explain about Love, Life, wealth and Health.HowParrot Astrology (Kili Josiyam) works:🐦 Enter the name and Dateofbirth🐦 Parrot will choose a card for you🐦 Then Today'sPredictionwill be displayed based on chosen card.🐦 Everyday Tarotcardchanges to give accurate reading🐦 Check tomorrow what parrotpickfor you. This 2018 tarot reading based on date of birth. Freelifeand love tarot reading 2018. This free tarot reading is offlinenotonline. There are 12 cards, Some tarot card are similar toothertarot card used in America and European countries like angelcard,Prince, Princes, Sun, etc. But some tarot card are new toamericanbecause these are used in South Asia, Tamil Nadu, SriLanka,Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. In these countries parrottarotis called as Parrot Astrology (Kili Jothidam / Kili Josiyam).Theybelieve the parrot astrology is true. If you go to TamilNadu,Singapore, Malaysia, China temple street you will find moreparrotastrologer (Parrot tarot reader). Local tarot reader willhave godimages in tarot cards and international parrot astrologerswillhave nature (each card have meaning) or similar to americantarotcards.
Tarot Card Future Readings - Free Fortune Teller 1.8
Discover what the future holds for you. Do you wish to eliminateallyour confusions, doubts and uncertainties in life? TarotCardReading and Horoscope makes this possible for you through ---app.Get to know everything that is related to your family andfriendsin 2018. This app will give you an overview of what you maygothrough in the year 2018. In addition, we have prepared abirthdayhoroscope to know about how your coming year will be.Categories tochoose from include: ★ Birthday Reading (How will yourcoming yearbe?) ★ 2018 Reading (Detailed 5 card reading) FEATURESOF TAROTCARD READING AND TAROT HOROSCOPE ARE: ✮ Get Free Readings ✮You canenjoy the app offline ✮ There is an option to shuffle thecards ifyou wish Use the Tarot Future Reading Card app to getinstantanswers to your questions! Download now!
Tarot Card Reading 1.2.4
Jose Varela
Do you wish to eliminate all your confusions, doubtsanduncertainties in life? Tarot Card Reading makes this possibleforyou through Free Tarot Card Readings!. The Card Readingsavailableinclude 1 card, 3 cards and 10 cards. In Tarot CardReading, allyou have to do is simply think of a question in one ofthefollowing areas of your life and get it answeredinstantly. - Tarot reading - Tarot of Love- Yes/No Question- Card of the Day Use the Tarot Cardreading and Horoscope appto get instant answers to your questions!.It uses all 78 cardsincluding 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana.
Tarot Card Reading 1.10
★Tarot readers commonly believe that the future is fluid andonlyabsolute predictions of future can save us from coming problemsandobstacles. Tarot Reading is an awesome app by which you cangetdeeper understanding of your problems and take the right stepsforyour future. This app offers Card of the Day, Daily Horoscope,OneCard Reading, Three Card Reading(Past, present, Future), LoveCardReading (for Love Past, Present and Future Relations),CompleteLove Relationship, Yes No Reading, tarot card meanings ,andpopular Common Spreads absolutely for free. ★This app can helpyouin different aspects of your lives. There are many areas inwhichtarot card reading can help an individual in a major way. Itcaninfluence the personal, the professional and love life of psychic reading has answers for all the queries apersonmight be having related to anything he or she is seeking ananswerfor. Keeping all these aspects in mind this wonderful cardreadingapp is designed.for online tarot card reading you don't needto dotoo much, just needed a Android smartphone and you can readtarotonline. ★Importance of Tarot Card or tarot amor in Your Lifeis asystematic laying out of a tarot card deck to understandyourproblems and their answers in a better way. The influence acarddeck and the tarot can have on your life is very powerful.Althoughthere are people who think that psychic reading cannot helpaperson lead a better life, but they have their own reasonstobelieve that. But For the card readers, the tarot decks ismorethan a deck of cards. online tarot reading has all the answerstoyour questions, whether you have a relationship problem, aproblemin your business or problem related to your health or anyotherthing, tarot reading can be help in everything you can thinkof.★In physic reading online app you will have wonderfulexperiencewith★ ★Yes No reading cards This app will personallyanswer yourquestion with a straight yes or no answer followed by afewsentences as to how or why based on a card. You just have todraw asingle card from tarot card decks with your positive ornegativethinking. Then chosen card will tell you the answer in Yes,No orMaybe form. Yes No reading is very useful and can pave the wayformore empowering information. Yes No Reading having a clearsnapshotof the situation based on things as they stand beforemoving on toseeking advice ★Common tarot spreads tarot spreads is amethod bywhich a card reader physically lays out or places thecards on thetable and then interprets the card meanings for thequerent. theremany different types of tarot decks available, thereare also manydifferent spreads used by card readers. For example,the verypopular Celtic Cross spread, Astrology Spreads,RelationshipSpreads, Birthday Spread, Past life and Dream spreadsetc ★LoveTarot Reading and Complete Love Relationship Reading TrueLoveTarot is a fun and revealing way to help you find your soulmateand ignite the passion of true love. This reading allows youtocheck love relationship in two ways (1) - Three Love Cards (2)-Complete Relationship. In love card reading you have toselectthree cards for past, present, and future relationship andincomplete relationship you have to select four cards from thecardsdeck, and these cards represent the union of two souls.★DailyHoroscope A horoscope is an astrological chart ordiagramrepresenting the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets,astrologicalaspects and sensitive angles at the time of an event,such as themoment of a person's birth. The word horoscope isderived fromGreek words hõra and scopos meaning "time" and"observer".Horoscope often refers to an astrologer'sinterpretation, usuallybased on a system of solar Sun signastrology; based strictly onthe position of the Sun at the time ofbirth, or on the calendarsignificance of an event
Free Tarot Reading 1.0.54
Grupo Precedo
★The best “Free Tarot Reading” App which contains 10 types ofTarotin 1★Free Tarot Reading is a free application for Tarot inEnglish,very complete and easy to use, designed by the teamof It is available for all oftheAndroid devices, such as mobiles, smartphones andtablets.Itsoperation is really simple:1º You choose between the 10differenttypes of Tarot that we have according to your preferenceanddesire.2º Focus on the question or doubt that you want to asktothe Tarot cards.3º Select the cards and read the meaningandinterpretation that these make about your question.5Advantagesabout: Why should I use the “Free Tarot Reading” App? ✓10Different Types of Tarots in just 1 App.Tired of having todownloaddifferent cartomancy apps to know the answers that theTarot cardsprovide us? With “Free Tarot Reading” this is going toend. A magicsolution in a single application. We currently have 10types ofTarot, each and every of them present in our application“FreeTarot Reading”.1. Tarot of Marseilles – Discover the meaningof the22 Major Arcana from the Tarot of Marseilles: The Magician,ThePapess or The High Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor, The PopeorThe Hierophant, The Lovers, The Chariot, Justice, The Hermit,TheWheel of Fortune, Strength or Fortitude, The Hanged Man,Death,Temperance, The devil, The Tower, The Star, The Moon, TheSun,Judgment, The World and The Fool. 2. Love Tarot – Get to knowallabout your loving doubts: breakup, separation, dating, gettingbackwith your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend.3. Health Tarot – Healthisthe most important thing. Will my health improve? Will Igetpregnant? Am I getting sick? 4. Work, Money and Study Tarot–Problems at work, money or studies? Am I going to find a job? AmIlosing my job? Am I going to get promoted? Is my salaryrising?5.Celtic Tarot – This is going to show you the 10fundamental aspectsof life according to the Celtic culture andcycle: concerns, past,relations, health, work, friendships,fortune, and future, amongothers.6. Egyptian Tarot – Read and learnabout the Tarot cards ofthe ancient Egypt, based on the writingsand the book of the godThoth. 7. Gypsy Tarot – Explore the gypsyesoteric world and learnabout the 36 cards which comprises theGypsy Tarot deck. 8. Tarotof the Angels or Angel Tarot – God’smessengers of great energy andlight come represented on their owncartomancy with 78 cards ofangels and archangels.9. Osho Zen Tarot– The life and philosophyof the Zen lessons is in this deck of 78cards. Get to knowyourself, reflect and look inside yourself thepath to follow.10.Yes or No Tarot – Ask a precise and specificquestion, wait a fewseconds and you will have your immediateanswer: affirmative (yes)or negative (no). ✓ It’s FREE!Yes, as youread, the 10 types ofTarot, their meanings and interpretations aretotally free and arein English.✓ Easy to use, Fast and 100%Secure!The Free TarotReading app is optimized and tested byprofessionals so that theuser experience can be outstanding. If youhave any trouble, error,bug while using it, please feel free towrite us [email protected] and we’ll do all the possible tohelp you.✓You can use it daily and as many times as you want. Thereare nolimits!✓ Share it on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus withyourfriends and relatives. Sure they will thank you ;) Please, ifyouliked this App leave us your “feedback”: a message, a reviewand/orthe rate that you think that we deserve. It will help us alot tokeep growing. Thanks a lot and we hope you enjoy our app! :)
Tarot of fairy tales 1.1.2
You found the tarot fairies ... and the fairies found you.Enterinto an enchanted world where all your love questions willfindtheir answers. You will discover that the Prince Charming doesnotexist only in fairy tales ... Truly, he is not perfect but hewillknow how to melt your heart.Come and discover The tarot offairytales to finally know your future lover.
Tarot Reading 4.8
Best Tarot reading app on Play Store in 2018.Tarot Reading appgivesyou the best yet free love tarot reading, one/three cardreading,state of mind reading on your Android device. That is notall, youalso get Daily Horoscope reading in five categories -overview,love, career, finance & health. Get Tarot readinginsights for2018 on our tarot app.Download the Tarot card readingapp to gain adeeper understanding of your problems and take theright steps foryour future.Tarot cards work in a different waythan traditionalastrology. They provide guidance for the life youhave created. Theyalso help you gain valuable insight intoyourself & your life.Features :• One Card Tarot Reading• ThreeCard Tarot Reading• LoveTarot Reading• Wellness Tarot Reading•State of Mind Reading•Monthly Tarot Reading• Yearly Tarot Reading•Daily, Weekly, Monthlyand Yearly Horoscopes based on zodiacsignsHow it works?Free tarotcard readings are psychic readingsmade up of a total of 44 cardsand each of them have their ownunique meaning. There are 22 MajorArcana cards & all the cardshave an upright and a reversedmeaning.These daily tarot readingscan also give you a clear pictureof where you have come from,where you are now, what do you wantfrom life and how to get there.If read correctly, Tarot cards canbe a huge source of guidance andhelp to an individual’s life asthey are actually psychic readings.These readings require manyyears of experience and a goodunderstanding of how it works so youcan expect nothing but thebest on this free Tarot card reading app.This is the best tarotcard reading app which can provide you withmost precise andaccurate of tarot 2018. The different types of freetarot readingsyou can avail:One Card Tarot Reading This type ofreading is simple& extensively useful for problem solving. Itis used to providea more precise reading but you are restricted tojust one one card.You can use this type of reading on our psychicreading app whenlooking for a more defined answer. Here the focusis kept conciseand to the point. Predictions are more accurate ifyour questionsare kept brief.Three Cards Tarot ReadingThis is oneof the mostwell-known Tarot spreads on the Tarot app. It can beconsidered tobe one of the most powerful spreads used in a onereading fornumerous questions. Whether you are looking forspiritual balanceor need simple answers regarding your past,present and future; thethree card reading is not restricted. Itprovides you theflexibility to learn almost about the consequencesfor anysituation. Love Tarot ReadingIt specifically focuses only onyourlove life. In the Love Tarot reading section, you will comeacross22 Major Arcana cards where you need to take each of thecards toone of the houses. The houses comprise of different topics:love,sex, friendship, marriage, communications, partnership,present,past, future and dreams. Love Tarot helps you show all thefacetsof your love life. You can seek guidance from the love tarotcardsto help you find true love and improve ways to help you dealwithproblems surrounding your daily romantic life.WellnessTarotReadingThis reading can be used in order to find out what youcanexpect in your personal health. The wellness reading can helpyoudeepen the quality of your life and improve your physicalhealth.Get all your readings regarding wellness answeredimmediately onthe Tarot card app.State of Mind Tarot ReadingTarotreading notonly guides you about the directions you could take inlife but itcan also reveal a lot about your mental state of mind.You can usethis reading to look for solutions or answers regardingfear,anxiety, depression or any other feeling associated withyouremotions. Privacy : Every information provided by you issecuredwith us, as we respect your privacy.
Daily Tarot Card Readings & Free Future Horoscope 1.7
Tarot reading is a great way to gain an insight into yourpast,present and future. This simple-to-use 'Daily Tarot Reading'appwill tell you what's in store for you today! Choose one cardfromthe Tarot card deck and get your tarot reading for theday.Depending on which card you choose, be it Major Arcana orMinorArcana, you will be able to reveal the prediction about yourdaywith this app. Features: * Free psychic Daily Tarot Readings *Getinsights and guidance based on the tarot card you choose * Agreatway to know about your fortune * Attractive and easy-to-usefreeapp Download and get your daily predictions now!
Tarot 1.5.0
Ivan Stano
Features:   - Full description of the senior and juniorarcaneTarot:       - Fortune telling on Tarotcards:I have selected six layouts for you, which will help tofindanswers to your questions. - Widget - "Card of the day" Tarotcardsis a divination tool that over the centuries has becomestandardpractice in spiritual communities. Each card in the decksymbolizedsomething and based on that symbol, the game would unfoldin aspecific way. But the symbols on the Tarot cards representedentireconcepts such a spiritual principals, philosophical ideasandsocietal archetypes. Tarot is a powerful way of revealing thetruthabout your life. There are several legends about when, whereandfor what tarot cards appeared. The most common of them says:theancient Egyptian priests for encrypting the future generationhaveencrypted secret information in the symbols of the Tarot.Thefollowing legend says that scientists who worked at theAlexandriaLibrary decided to write a book that would contain allthe wisdomof the world. The sages encrypted it in the form of agame,referring to the fact that gambling is more difficult todestroythan any books. Some authors argue that the Tarot is alegacy ofAtlantis spiritual. In any case - Tarot cards remain themostpopular tool for fortune telling. Program contains Tarotcardmeanings for each of the 78 Tarot cards: Major and MinorArcanaplus all four suits. And of course fortune telling: Iselected themost popular layouts.
Horoscopes & Tarot
Get your Daily Horoscopes, 2018, Love Compatibility and TarotCardReadings. Astrolis offers a wide selection of horoscopescoveringeverything from love and romance to career and moneyissues. Thebest selection of free horoscopes and tarot cardreadings! ♈  Aries horoscope (3/21 - 4/19) ♉   Taurushoroscope (4/20 -5/20) ♊   Gemini horoscope (5/21 - 6/20) ♋  Cancerhoroscope (6/21 - 7/22) ♌   Leo horoscope (7/23 -8/22) ♍  Virgo horoscope (8/23 - 9/22) ♎   Librahoroscope (9/23- 10/22) ♏   Scorpio horoscope (10/23 - 11/21)♐  Sagittarius horoscope (11/22 - 12/21) ♑   Capricornhoroscope(12/22 - 1/19) ♒   Aquarius horoscope (1/20 - 2/18) ♓ Pisces horoscope (2/19 - 3/20) ★★★★★ Sheila B. “I have notfoundany horoscope or tarot reasons that was this right on. Ilovehaving the combo of horoscope and tarot in one reading. It isveryaccurate and follows the things going on in my life.” WIDEVARIETYOF HOROSCOPES: Reading your daily horoscope is a great wayto startthe day, but it doesn't give you all the information youneed.That's why we provide many different types of horoscopes,coveringeverything from love and romance to career and moneyissues. Checkthem all out: Daily, Love, Weekly, Monthly, Romance,Style, Career,Money, 2017 Annual This app uses planetary positionsto providerelevant and timely horoscopes. All of the zodiac signsareincluded: aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo,libra,scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius and pisces. TAROTCARDREADINGS: Looking for insight into a particular question orissuein your life? Tarot cards can help to explain yourcurrentsituation and anticipate future events. In this app you geta freedaily three card tarot reading. This is a personal tarotreading,not one for everyone sharing your zodiac sign. It allowsyou toselect three cards, one for your Recent Past, one for yourCurrentSituation and one for your Future Influences. DAILYOUTLOOK:Looking for a quick summary of some key issues in yourlife? Withour simple 5 star system, you get individual ratings foryourMoney, Energy, Love and Mood outlook. LOVE COMPATIBILITY:Wonderingwho you are most compatible with today? Your dailyforecast tellsyou which zodiac sign you are being drawn towards.Check thecompatibility ratings for each signs every day.CUSTOMIZATION: Onceyou install the app, you can set your zodiacsign and choose astylish sun sign icon. Once set, your customizedforecasts will beavailable every time you open the app. No need tonavigate aroundtrying to find your zodiac sign. VIEW ALL SIGNS:Interested inreading someone else's outlook for the day? You canquickly andeasily view any of the 12 zodiac signs from within theapp. Plus,you have the option to send your friend their forecast byemail.★★★★★ John M. “A rare horoscope app that is both accurateandapplicable to both the trivial and consequential issues ofdailylife. Attractive and easy to use.” Please contact us withanyquestions or concerns using the feedback button within the apporby visiting: Follow us onTwitter: @Astrolis
Golden Thread Tarot 0.0.1
Golden Thread Tarot is a modern approach to an ancienttradition.Our belief is that tarot is not about revealing a fixedfuture, butgiving you access to the self knowledge you need to makebetterdecisions.Features:0. Your Mirror - as you save and storereadingsin your log, we build up data about you and your cards,making iteasy for you to find patterns where they were oncehidden.1. TarotDatabase - sortable and searchable database ofcards, giving youdetails on meanings, keywords, suits and number.2.Guided Readings- use either digital cards or physical cards to askand reflect onyour questions.3. Log Your Readings - save and storenot only yourcards, but how you felt about them. Build a databaseof yourthoughts and feelings and see yourself reflected back atyou.4.Illustrated Lessons - make learning the underlying foundationoftarot simple.
Your Free Tarot 4.0
From the original creators of the free tarot,download the app that thousands of users arerating 5 Stars. Readyour Tarot in pyramid and celtic cross for freeusing all 78 cardsof the tarot deck.You'll find also real tarotreaders to makeprofessional readings.See through the comments andratings to knowwhat other users think of this App:Love it !! (5stars)by JahsmelSotrueee!!!Always very accurate... My friends keepasking me to readtheir cards! (5 stars)by Chiquis quirozVeryaccurate Comes it truemost of the timeLove it! (5 stars)by KisilubIdownloaded for funbut this is kinda accurate though
Hindi Tarot Card Reading- हिंदी टैरो कार्ड रीडिंग 1.8
Hindi Tarot Card Reading makes it possible for you to knowaboutyour present, past and future. Eliminate all yourconfusions,doubts and uncertainties in life by reading the HindiTarot Cards.This simple-to-use 'Hindi Tarot Card Reading' app willtell youwhat's in store for you today that too all in Hindi! Itworksexactly like crystal ball, palm reading, horoscope etc.All youhaveto do is think of a question, choose one card from the deckofHindi Tarot Cards displayed and you will get the result. TheHindiTarot Card will show a detailed answer for the questionyouasked.Does that special someone you like, like you as much asyoudo?Will you get a promotion?Will your project besuccessful?Doesyour friend trust you as much as you trust them?Whydo you not feelgood most of the time?Ask a question and you willfind ananswer!Categories to choose from include:- Love andRelationshipTarot Card Reading- Money Tarot Card Reading- LifeTarot CardReading- Friends and Family Tarot Card Reading- HealthTarot CardReadingFEATURES OF HINDI TAROT CARD READING AND TAROTHOROSCOPEARE:✮ Get Free Readings ✮ You can enjoy the app offline✮There isan option to shuffle the cards if you wish✮ MultipleCategories tochoose fromUse the Hindi Tarot Card reading and TarotHoroscope appto get instant answers to your questions! So getstarted right nowand grab your future in your hands by asking yourquestions to theHindi Tarot Cards. You can also help your friends,family,girlfriend, boyfriend, loved ones know about their future byusingthe Hindi Tarot Reading app at parties and get-togethers&predict their future.The Hindi Tarot Reading app isforentertainment purposes only.The app content is based ongeneralinformation about the topics and provides readingaccordingly. Theyare tailored to traits of a large number of peoplewhich sharesimilar birth details. The text has been written basedon generalassumptions and must not be used as personalized readingsto takedecisions in life but rather more of a guidance andentertainmenttool.
Whist 22 Free
Try the Whist 22 game !You play it agains 3 AI opponents withTarottrump cardsSuspense and fun are often here in a Whist 22game!Share your score with your friends on Google PlayGamesleaderboards !###### PLAYING MODE :- Player score theirbet-Players lost 1 point per false bet- Round number-Surviving######FONCTIONNALITES :+ 3 AI difficulty level allowingbeginners andadvanced players to have fun+ Statistics+ Fold historyview+Challenge score (computed with your performance on eachgame)######RULES :Each player has same card number.A round startswith 5cards.In the first round, you say a number corresponding tothenumber of trick you think being able to winLast player to talkisnot free : He will not be able a bet allowing every playerstowin.Example : With 5 cards in the hands, if the fourthotherplayers said a cumulated number of 4, he will not be allowedto say1. In the playing phase, you will try to win the number oftricksyou previously bet. Rules are easy to understand : You canplay thecard you want and a card is as strong as its number (21> 20>19 > … > 1)The excuse is the only special card,you canindicate its power when you play it (0 or 22)When all cardsareplayed, scores are computed.After this, we restart with 4cards.Atthe 1 card round, players show the card to opponents andcan’t seeit.When the 1 card round is ended, the dealer change tothe nextplayer.###### NOTE : Free game with ads
Free Tarot Reading - Yes or No Oracle - Palmistry 3.0.5
Free Tarot Reading - Real Fortune Teller AstroBot is yourtalkingoracle! Look in the crystal ball fortune teller, AstroBotwillpredict your future using clairvoyance, yes or no tarot,palmistry,palm reading life line, crystal ball horoscope, coffeecupreadings, numerology and astrology.Predict my future love,work,health, money, destiny… to know what the life reserves to you,consult the crystal ball.Future teller and oracle cardsAstroBotincludes:⭐Yes or No Tarot, Tarot Card Reading&Meaning⭐Clairvoyance and fortune-telling⭐Palmistry(Palmreading)⭐Coffee cup readings⭐Runes reading⭐Numerology⭐Predictmyfuture⭐Crystal ball horoscope⭐Complete astrology: 12 zodiacsigns,chinese, mayan and celtic horoscopesMEDIUM - TAROT READINGKEYFEATURES⭐Palmistry - Palm reading Palm reading, otherwise knownaspalmistry or chiromancy, the art of interpreting aperson'scharacter, learning their personality or foretelling theirfutureby analyzing their hands. Tarot medium will reveal themeaning ofevery palm Lines: Heart line, Head line, Life line, Fateline.⭐Yesor No Tarot - CartomancyThe Oracle cards can answer youaboutanything using tarot cards, major arcana, runes and crystalball.⭐Coffee cup readingsEvery day, the tarot medium can tell youwhatshape means in your coffee grounds.Some gypsy fortunetellingpredictions like crystal ball horoscope, chiromancy,numerology areavailable for free, others clairvoyance fortunetelling serviceslike yes or no tarot can be obtained through theuse of experiencepoints (XP).Download the free tarot reading appand explore moreabout being you.
Witches Tarot 2.0.5
The Fool's Dog
Witches Tarot opens a world of 21st century magick to all whodareto enter! Witches Tarot updates the classic RWS imagery toreflecttoday’s beliefs and practices, making it ideal for modernmagickalpractitioners. But Witches Tarot deck is not for WitchesandWiccans only. Every symbolic element in the cards deepensthemeaning and adds to understanding in Witches Tarot. Beginnersandprofessional readers alike praise Witches Tarot for itsbeautifulart, and easy readability.*Intuitive, elegant interface iseasy forbeginners and experts*Gorgeous full screen, high-resolutioncardimages by Mark Evans*Full support for all devices, includingphonesand tablets*Sophisticated journal*14 spreads built in*Designyourown layout with Free Form*Allow reversed cards or not*Option touseMajor Arcana only*Zoom in to enlarge card details*Share readingviaemail*Animated shuffle & cut*Optional voiceprompts*Customizewith your own card meanings & readingcloths*Many adjustablesettings*A modern oracle rooted intraditional Pagan divination,the Witches Tarot pack will enchantyou!Dare to enter the magickalworld of Witches Tarot! Mastery andmystery await within.
Tarot of Love, Money & Career - Free Cards Reading
Tarot of Love, Money and Career gives you answers on all aspectsofyour life and your future. Get free tarot predictions andpsychicreadings to observe your situation from a new perspective.Thetarot of Marseille, or gypsy tarot, is the most accurate typeoffortune-telling. Its revelations might surprise you.Features✨3tarot themes to choose from: love, money and career✨ 5tarotspreads: from 1 to 5 cards✨ Detailed meaning for eachcarddepending on the theme and the position of your drawing5 typesofcards spreads✨ 1 card: receive a new perspective on acurrentsituation✨ 2 cards: get guidance on a specific issue✨ 3cards:understand how the past influences the present to plan yourfuture✨4 cards: figure out the opportunities and threats of anewrelationship or project✨ 5 cards: learn and act on all theaspectsof a more complex situationThis app provides free psychicreadingfor multiple areas of your life: a difficult breakup ormoregenerally love relationships, work life balance or a promotioninyour career, or money related problems about your salary, acreditor your good fortune in game.Illustrations: Tarot deMarseille,Nicolas Conver: Tarot deMarseille,Yoav Ben-Dov: www.cbdtarot.comIf you like the app, pleaserate itand share it!To contact us: [email protected]
One Click Tarot 1.7.3
One Click Tarot is a revolutionary tarot reading application thatisvery simple and instinctive. Whether you have problems or youneedclarification on your situation, One Click Tarot brings youexplicitand useful symbols to clarify your questions with detailson aspectsand card associations.HOW IT WORKSSimply choose a cardtype andselect a mode of drawing. You mix the cards concentratedon yourquestion by shaking the device, repeatedly if necessary.You canthen choose the cards yourself manually or let theapplication doit. The spread is displayed with its summary andexplanation of eachcard with its value in the game, and itsaspects and associations.The layout is easy to read with theenlarged card with itsdependencies.FEATURES• Full Interpretation•Reading of the Aspects•Shaking Mode• Associations between Cards•Random Draw• Visual Draw4TYPES OF TAROT • Tarot de Marseille•Rider Waite Tarot• Le PetitLenormand• L’oracle Belline12 DRAWMODES • One Card• The ThreeGraces• The Answer Yes / No• The ThreeForces• The Oracle of theDecision• The Oracle of the Cross• TheCross and the Triangle• TheCeltic Cross• Hagall• The Nine CardsSpread• The Thirteen CardsSpread• The Twenty-One Cards Spread
Vision Quest Tarot 1.4.4
The Fool's Dog
Vision Quest Tarot is a respectful and knowledgeable homagetoNative American religious beliefs and practices. VisionQuesthighlights spiritual themes held in common among diverseNativeAmerican tribes.The deck’s serene art and deceptively simpletextdeepen our understanding of the mysteries of the Earth, andopen adoor to a more natural way of life. Vision Quest Tarot hasbeenencouraging new insights among people interested in NativeAmericanspirituality for more than a decade, an enduring deckbeloved bymany.The deck is structured more like Thoth than RWS.Diversescenes of tribal life comprise the Majors and the royalty.Cardtitles of the Majors have been recognizably renamed. The foursuitsare Fire, Water, Earth and Air. The pips show symbolic objectsofthe four elements, and most have a keyword.*Intuitive,elegantinterface is easy for beginners and experts*Gorgeous fullscreen,high-resolution card images*Full support for all Androiddevicesrunning 4.0.3 or newer*Sophisticated journal*15 spreadsbuiltin*Design your own layout with Free Form*Allow reversed cardsornot*Option to use Major Arcana only*Zoom in to enlargecarddetails*Share reading via email*Animated shuffle &cut*Optionalvoice prompts*Customize with your own card meanings& readingcloths*Many adjustable settingsExplore the mysteriesof NativeAmerican spirituality with Vision Quest Tarot!
Tarot of Love - Free Tarot Cards Reading
Tarot of Love is a free card reading app to get answers on yourlovelife and to explore your future. Discover accurate tarotpredictionsand psychic reading whether you are single or in arelationship.Give a new perspective to a difficult breakup, loverelationships orintimate life events. The revelations of tarotcards will surpriseyou. ✨ Is this true love? ✨ What's wrong withmy relationship? ✨ Howwill I recognize my soul mate? How does itwork? 1. Choose aquestion or a theme for your spread 2. Pick yourcards from the deck(1, 3 or 5 cards readings) 3. Discover themeaning of the tarotcards 4. Get daily suggestions about your lovelife Features •Select your tarot card from the 22 Major Arcana •Beautiful cardsillustrations including Tarot of Marseille • Getextra info fromyour cards: keywords, colors and zodiac influenceMultiple readingsaccording to your preferences • 5 cardstraditional love fortunetelling for you or your soul mate • 3cards tarot to answer aspecific love or relationships question • 1card psychic reading toget practical suggestions on your love lifeIllustrations:Alchemical Tarot, with permission of Robert MPlace: Marseille, Nicolas Conver: CBDTarot deMarseille, Yoav Ben-Dov: If you have anyquestion:[email protected]
Tarot of Trees 1.4.4
The Fool's Dog
Discover the forest within The Tarot of Trees! Whimsical treesarethe characters in this deck’s Journey of the Fool. This deckgivesthe normally human-centric world of Tarot a naturalistictwist.With its bright, colors and quirky, friendly style, The TarotofTrees is easy to read for those familiar with the RWS.Theimaginatively phrased images free us from our ownpreconceptions,and open up new insights. You’ll never see trees, orTarot, exactlythe same way again!*Intuitive, elegant interface iseasy forbeginners and experts*78 gorgeous full screen,high-resolution cardimages by Dana Driscoll in this deck*Supportsall Android devicesrunning 4.0.3 or newer*Includes a complete bookonTarot*Sophisticated Journal*Multiple spread options builtin*Designyour own spread with Free Form*Many adjustablesettings*Allowreversed cards or not*Option to use Major Arcanaonly*Zoom in toenlarge card details*Share reading viaemail*Animated shuffle &cut*Voice prompts help beginners learn,and can bedisabled*Customize with your own card meanings &readingclothsWander into the heart of the forest with The Tarot ofTrees!
CBD Tarot de Marseille Pro
We invite you to discover the CBD Tarot de Marseille.Full-featuredTarot card reading and CBD Tarot de MarseilleEncyclopediaapplication. Learn to use the symbols and structure ofthe Tarot deMarseille to gain clarity in any life situation.Whether you're aTarot beginner, new to the Tarot de Marseille, or along-time Tarotreader, the CBD Tarot de Marseille Pro will delightand guide you!"The power of the Tarot is in the Images. It is aliving work ofart that evolves for many centuries, and undergoestransformationsand natural selection through countless hands andeyes. The resultis a set of images that has a very mysterious powerover people –you look at them, and they bring up in your mindcontents that canchange your life." - Dr. Yoav Ben Dov, creator ofthe CBD Tarot deMarseille cards Features: - Intuitive, easy to useinterface. Doyour own Tarot readings or learn about the cardsin-depth. - 15ready to use Tarot spreads. Layouts for all kind ofquestions. -Gorgeous, high-resolution images of all 78 Tarot cards.Zoom in tosee details. - Card interpretations from Yoav Ben-Dov'sbook,"Tarot: The Open Reading", voted Tarot Professionals TarotBook ofthe Year (Self-Published), Tarosophist Awards 2013. -Encyclopediaof card symbolism and correspondences. - Card of theDay homescreen widget. - Reversed cards option. - Major suits onlyoption.- Blank card option. - Share your reading through email,Facebookand many other applications. - Option to have animatedshufflingand card selection. - Interchangeable card backs andbackgrounds.Make it look the way you want. - Save and share yourreadingsincluding your own notes. - Add your own interpretationsand notesto every card. To learn more about CBD Tarot de Marseillecardsplease visit Join Galaxy Tone
Astroguide - Free Daily Horoscope & Tarot
Astroguide - the most comprehensive free astrology appwithHOROSCOPES, TAROT READINGS and ZODIAC COMPATIBILITY Discoverwhatthe future holds for you with accurate dailyhoroscopes,personalized tarot readings and love compatibilitytests. Get aninsight on what to expect for love, money, work,health for todayand tomorrow. ✨ HOROSCOPES Your mood of the daywith star ratingsHoroscope of the day: love, sensuality, money,work & healthHoroscope of tomorrow: what can you expect in thenear future?Horoscope of yesterday: in case you missed it ✨ TAROTREADINGS Freetarot cards drawing Tarot of love and relationshipsTarot of moneyand good fortune Tarot of work and projects 1 cardreading: a freshlook on an issue 2 cards reading: problem andsolution 3 cardsreading: past, present and future 4 cards reading:a new project 5cards reading: the sun cross ✨ ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYWhich astrologysigns are you compatible with? Comprehensiveanalysis for eachcombination of zodiac signs Love test based onzodiac signs andaffinities ✨ QUOTES & MEMES Fun facts and folkwisdom abouteach zodiac sign. Plenty of reasons to be proud of yourown sign!Astro guide covers detailed astrological predictions forall zodiacsigns: ♈ Aries (3/21 - 4/19) ♉ Taurus (4/20 - 5/20) ♊Gemini (5/21- 6/21) ♋ Cancer (6/22 - 7/22) ♌ Leo (7/23 - 8/22) ♍Virgo (8/23 -9/22) ♎ Libra (9/23 - 10/22) ♏ Scorpio (10/23 - 11/22)♐Sagittarius (11/23 - 12/21) ♑ Capricorn (12/22 - 1/19) ♒Aquarius(1/20 -2/18) ♓ Pisces (2/19 - 3/20) Illustrations:AlchemicalTarot, with permission of Robert MPlace: [email protected]
French Tarot
Eryod Soft
*** PLAY FRENCH TAROT ON YOUR ANDROID SMARTPHONE OR TABLET !***Play the popular French Tarot card game, againstopponentssimulated by an high-level artificial intelligence. Allofficialrules are handled : - Play at 3, 4 or 5 players. - DeclareHandful.- Declare Misere. - Lead one trump to the last trick. -Announce aslam. *** HIGH QUALITY GRAPHICS *** Easy to use, the gameis veryfast and responsive, with card animation for a morerealisticgameplay, and hd graphics. *** AN HIGH-LEVELARTIFICIALINTELLIGENCE *** Your opponents and teamates aresimulated by anhigh-level artificial intelligence, that knows thecommonstrategies used in tarot card game. Therefore the game isveryrealistic, close to game with real players, and the challengeishigh. *** A CUSTOMIZABLE APPLICATION *** - Playcounter-clockwiseor clockwise - Play with or without misere. - Playwith or withoutSmall contract. - Change the player's name. - Changethe speed ofthe game - And many more... *** AN APPLICATION THATWILL MAKE YOUBECOME BETTER *** A section with statistics isincluded in theapplication, allowing you to monitor the evolutionof ourperformances. For beginners, rules of French Tarot arealsoincluded into the application. Finally, you can at the end oftheround see all the tricks, and replay the round if we want, totrainand try new strategies. For any question regarding theapplication: [email protected] Have fun playing Tarot !
Tarot of Money & Finance - Free Tarot Card Reading
Tarot of Money is a free card reading app to get answers onyourfinancial life and to explore your future. Discover accuratetarotpredictions and psychic reading for your current situation.Observeyour money issues with a new perspective whether they arerelatedto your good fortune, career or personal life. Therevelations oftarot cards will surprise you.✨ Will my financesimprove soon?✨What will bring in more money?✨ How can I unlock mysituation?✨What is my true relationship with money?How does itwork?1. Choosea question or a theme for your spread2. Pick yourcards from thedeck (1, 3 or 5 cards readings)3. Discover themeaning of the tarotcards4. Get daily suggestions about your moneyand financeFeatures•Select your tarot card from the 22 MajorArcana• Beautiful cardsillustrations including Tarot of Marseille•Get extra info fromyour cards: keywords, colors and zodiacinfluenceMultiple readingsaccording to your preferences• 5 cardstraditional fortune telling•3 cards tarot to address a specificmoney issue or a financialproject• 1 card psychic reading to getpracticalsuggestionsIllustrations: Tarot de Marseille, Tarot de Marseille, YoavBen-Dov:www.cbdtarot.comIf you have any question: [email protected]
MySign Tarot - Daily Tarot Reading, Tarot Cards 1.4
MySign™ Tarot helps you look into the future of life and givesyouinstant advice via tarot. With tarot, you're becoming yourownfortune teller. MySign Tarot is such a FREE app of tarot, butmorethan just an app, it is your own fortune teller in pocket.Ifyou're expecting to get quick answers from tarot on specificareasin your life to help eliminate all your confusions, doubtsanduncertainties, MySign Tarot makes it possible for you viaaccuratetarot readings! With the psychic tarot cards, all you haveto do issimply think up a question in one of the aspects of lifeand get itanswered instantly by tarot.Features:- Well-designedtarot cardimages based on the Rider-Waite deck.- Tarot Encyclopedialinkingeach card to its symbols, suit, and number.- Free tarotcardreadings including key interpretations, astrology attribution,andunique interpretations for each card.- Full explanations givenbythe psychic tarot on different areas of life that concernsyou.-The most authentic experience that allows you to shuffle thecardsof tarot, cut the deck, select cards on your own preferenceandopen cards all by yourself.- A unique tarot spread analyzerthathelps you understand the trends in your readings.The tarot aremadeup of a total of 78 cards and each of them have their ownuniquemeaning. There are 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcanacardsin tarot. The Tarot deck consists of four suits Wands, Cups,Swordsand Pentacles with 14 cards in each. The psychic tarot can beapowerful tool of guidance that helps you access yourintuitivewisdom so that you can avoid flaws in advance and makerightdecisions. Ready to get free tips on different aspects oflife?Come and get MySign Tarot now!
Lenormand Divination Cards 1.1
Rhomb Apps
Lenorman is the legendary prophetess and fortune-teller oftheFrench Sibyl. This name is probably known to everyone today,buther gift and supernatural abilities to vision of the futurewillremain the greatest mystery for averyone.A powerful systemofpredictions, with which you can learn not only the future, butalsoto clarify the moments of our past, to look at the eventstakingplace in the present. This is an excellent chance to slightlyopenthe veil of secrets and look at the problems, find the bestoptionfor further action.More than 10 variants of the predictions,suchas: day, week, month, past, present, future. In addition, allthecards will prompt where you made mistakes, how to act in thisorthat situation and advise how to proceed.This is yourpersonalfortune teller.Remember! You can ask the same question tothe cardsonly once.Only for entertainment purposes.
Classical Tarot-Fortune teller 4.5
Tarot cards, however, do not decide nor are responsible foryourlife story.Please use your results in preparation of anyaccidentsor mistakes to be foreseeable in the future.  Amongover 3,000kinds of tarot card placement available, we have selectedthe mostpopular 'One Card Reading' and 'Three Card Reading'andoptimizedcard shuffling through our unique algorithm.Our artisthasre-interpreted 'Universal Waite Tarot' deck for Taro Planet'scarddesign.  
Keen Psychic Reading, Daily Horoscopes & Tarot 4.4.1
New users receive a 10 minute reading for just $1.99 --yoursatisfaction is guaranteed! Keen’s network of live psychics,tarotcard readers, zodiac astrologers, and intuitive spiritualadvisorshelp you find your clarity. Gain insights into your past,present,and future, and receive endless wisdom into your life’smostimportant matters. Whether you’re seeking love andrelationshipadvice, have questions about your astrology chart andhoroscopezodiac sign, or are looking for guidance on your spiritualpath,Keen’s psychic advisors are always here to help you findyourclarity and transform your life. WHO IS KEEN? Keen is theworld’slargest network of talented psychics, providing psychicreadings tohelp you find answers to your most pressing questionsabout love,relationships, zodiac compatibility, spirituality,career, andmore. With the Keen app, you will also receive a freedailyhoroscope! • Trusted Brand: Since 1999, Keen has been atrusted,reliable source for psychic insight and guidance • GiftedPsychicAdvisors: Over 1,700 psychics in our network help you findclarityin any situation, big or small. Specialties within thispsychicnetwork are vast and include: • Numerology • Tarot cardreadings •Cartomancy • Angel oracle card readings • Spiritualreadings • Auracleansing • Chakra cleansing • Career and financialadvice •Relationship advice • Love astrology & zodiaccompatibility •Chinese astrology • Mayan astrology • Vedicastrology • Psiquicos(Spanish-speaking psychics) • Psychic mediums• Clairvoyants • Pastlife analysis • Pet psychics • Runes readings• Feng shui analysis• Dream interpretation • Anytime, Anywhere:Advisors are available24/7 • Private, Safe, Secure: Your psychicreadings are always 100%anonymous and confidential WHY IS KEENRIGHT FOR YOU? Everyone’squestions and path to finding clarity isunique. Keen’s Best Matchtechnology guides you to the psychicadvisor most compatible withyou and the insights you seek at thispoint in your life’s journey.All conversations are completelyanonymous, secure, and risk free.What’s more, Keen provides a 100%satisfaction guarantee. New usersreceive a 10 minute reading forjust $1.99! • 14 Million satisfiedcustomers • 42 Millionlife-changing conversations • 11 Millionpsychic advisor reviewsPeace of mind and the start of your bestlife are just a click awayat Keen. Call or chat with a livepsychic today! FEATURES: · Browsehundreds of psychic advisorprofiles · Best match technology helpsyou find the perfect livepsychic for your unique needs · Readratings and reviews for eachadvisor so you know you’re getting topquality · Call or chat withany psychic advisor you choose --directly from the app · Receivepsychic chat transcripts if you wish· Favorite your advisors andsee whenever they're online · Receivefree offers from psychicadvisors · Read articles about tarot, love,astrology, psychic, andspiritual topics · Personalized dailyhoroscopes and predictionsfor your zodiac sign: Aries, Taurus,Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo,Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn,Aquarius, and Pisces ·Share your horoscopes with Facebook,WhatsApp, Mail, and SMS Whatmembers say about Keen: "An advisor onKeen has been helping mesince 2009. Thank you Keen for providingthis forum to connect withadvisors for those who need help withreal life issues.” "I havebeen contacting an advisor on Keen foryears. My advisor on Keenhas guided through many unpredictablecircumstances in my life.” “Ihave always gotten excellent advice onKeen and great assistancefrom customer service and will always be acustomer of Keen!” Yourlife can change with just one psychicreading. Download the Keenapp for free and connect with a giftedpsychic advisor today!
Linestrider Tarot 2.1
The Fool's Dog
Dancing on the edges of magic and logic, the edges of consciousandunconscious, The Linestrider Tarot’s graceful images take forminjust a few lines. Can we continue to draw inspiration fromtheedges while we make forward progress on The Fool’s Journey? Thisisthe challenge of Line Striding.Author/artist SioloThompson’sminimalist images whisper gently, with carefulintricacies and softstrokes of color. The Tarot archetypes inLinestrider areimaginatively wide-ranging, including animals aswell as humans,all recognizably framed for people familiar with theRWS cards.Thisdeck speaks quietly, with understatement, subtlety,and nuance. TheLinestrider Tarot is best for people seeking gentleprompts totheir intuition, eliciting divinatory insights from thereader’sinner oracle. Do you hear the still, small voice comingfrom deepwithin you?*Intuitive, elegant interface is easy forbeginners andexperts*Gorgeous full screen, high-resolution cardimages*Fullsupport for all Android devices running 4.0.3ornewer*Sophisticated journal*20 spreads built in*Design yourownlayout with Free Form*Allow reversed cards or not*Option touseMajor Arcana only*Zoom in to enlarge card details*Share readingviaFacebook, Twitter, and email*Animated shuffle &cut*Optionalvoice prompts*Customize with your own card meanings& readingcloths*Many adjustable settingsLearn to dance on theedge of magicand logic, with The Linestrider Tarot!
Urban Tarot 2.0.2
The Fool's Dog
The Metropolis is Muse in The Urban Tarot. This Tarot homage toNewYork City unveils the glitter and the grit of the BigApple.Realistic New Yorkers carry the Tarot roles, and aptly chosenNewYork landmarks provide the scenery in this deck. Illustratoranddesigner Robin Scott used photographs as springboards forhervivid, dynamic, and thoroughly modern cards. Animpressiveachievement, this deck reads like an occultist’s dream.Gentlyinfluenced by Thoth, with an emphasis on the four elements,TheUrban Tarot illuminates both the beauty and the squalorofAmerica’s largest city.*Intuitive, elegant interface is easyforbeginners and experts*Gorgeous full screen, high-resolutioncardimages*Full support for all Android devices running 4.0.3ornewer*Sophisticated journal*18 spreads built in*Design yourownlayout with Free Form*Allow reversed cards or not*Option touseMajor Arcana only*Zoom in to enlarge card details*Share readingviaemail*Animated shuffle & cut*Optional voiceprompts*Customizewith your own card meanings & readingcloths*Many adjustablesettingsReveal the soul of New York City withThe Urban Tarot!
Rosetta Tarot 1.4.4
The Fool's Dog
Voted best new deck of 2011 on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum!Openthedoor to the mysteries of Thoth with The Rosetta Tarot and TheBookof Seshet, by M.M. Meleen. Inspired by the Golden Dawn, CrowleyandHarris, The Rosetta Tarot weaves alchemy, astrology,divination,and Kabbalah into a comprehensive system of esotericknowledge.Your guide is Seshet, Thoth’s female counterpart,Mistress of theHouse of Books. 78 radiant cards and the 228 pagebook give you amirror for your soul.*Intuitive, elegant interfaceis easy forbeginners and experts*Gorgeous full screen,high-resolution cardimages*Supports all Android devices*15 built-inspreads*Free formlayout option*Sophisticated journal*Manyadjustable settings*Allowreversed cards or not*Can use Major Arcanaonly*Zoom in to enlargecard details*Share reading viaemail*Animated shuffle &cut*Adjustable voice prompts*Customizewith your own card meanings& reading clothsAs the Rosetta stonedecoded the mysteries ofhieroglyphs, so The Rosetta Tarot packdecodes the mysteries oflife. Let Seshet guide you to new wisdomtoday!
Uni Tarot (8 decks+) 2.9.3
Uni Tarot is unique app that unifies 8 wonderful decks and15spreads. This app is useful for beginners andprofessionals.Everyone will find something interesting. Tarot isnot just afortune teller. It is an opportunity for a fresh look atyourproblems, reveal previously unseen aspects of your life, it isworkwith yourself. Try it and you will not regret. Your lifewillcertainly begin to change for the better! Features:- MultipleDecksTarot:-- Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot-- Soprafino Tarot-- TarotofGiovanni Vacchetta-- Tarot of Marseilles-- 1JJ Swiss Tarot--GrandEtteilla Tarot-- Grand Jeu de l'Oracle des Dames (EtteillaIII)--Sola Busca Tarot- Decks can be downloaded separately onyourchoice- Import and edit your own decks, include nonstandarddecks(22 card, 79 cards and more)- Easy way to compare cardsfrommultiple decks simultaneously- Handy Reference / EncyclopediaofTarot- For each card information is provided in manyaspects:Astrology, Numerology, Elements, Colors, EsotericTitle,Intelligence, correspondence in the Hebrew alphabet, positioninKabbalistic tree of life and many more- Card meaningbyRider-Waite, A. E. Thierens, P. D. Ouspensky- Full screenmode(long press or pinch a card)- All Cards in HD quality- 15spreadswith detailed description for every position-OptionalSignificator- Draw 3 extra cards to any spread- User owncommentsfor cards and spreads- Save spreads- Send spreads tofriends viaemail and export to other devices- Share spreads onfacebook andtwitter- Optional notification for Card of Day- Card ofthe Dayresizable Widget- Search card by name- Organize spreads infolders-Customize background (15 colors + 17 textures)- Visualshufflingdeck and choosing cards- Screen rotation support-TabletsupportSpreads:- Single Card- Three Cards (Past, Present,Future)-Relationship- Five Cards (Diamond)- Celtic Cross-Horseshoe- ThisWeek- The Mirror- The Pentagram- The Hexagram- TheMandala- Tree ofLife- The Key- The Ankh- The ChariotVIP Features:-Create and edityour own customized spreads- Enter your real spreadsto save andshare- Extra deck- Import decks is unlimited- Installyour ownbackgrounds- No AdsTroubleshooting:- To enable Widget andreliableCard of Day notifications the app must be moved tointernalstorage- If app crashes on launch, make sure SD card isaccessibleand not mounted to PC via USBFacebookpage
Past Present Future - Tarot 5.4
Austin Hey
This App teaches you how to read Tarot cards.You draw 3 cards,eachof them will represent your past, present andfutur.Enjoy!----------------------------------------Update version5.4What'snew in the Extra pack : the ability to save draws and syncthem tothe cloud ! It also unlocks new music, and other features!There istwo different drawings :*Daily Drawing : You can make onlyone drawper day. The draw will tell you the past, present and futur(andit's going to be saved). the next day you will receiveanotification telling you that a new draw is available. The cardofthe present will become the past, the card or the futur willbecomethe present, and you'll be able to choose one new card everytime.*Ask a Question : You have to think first of a question aboutyourrelationship with someone, or a project, or your situation andtheapp will tell you the past, present and futur. The App isavailablein French and English
Tarot Reading 1.1
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New Updated version download from here - Reading App/ Psychic ReadingTarotreading or spiritual studyhas been proven to be a very dynamictool, but a lot of people,have interpreted this wrongly.Tarot isoften misinterpreted as aprocess used to interpret your future. Onthe other hand, tarotcards have a different working technique alltogether,incorrelationto conventional astrometry. They do assurehelp anddirection and on the other side, guide you in performingduties,concerning the entity that has been created by you. Theyhold a bighand in supporting you, while achieving valuableintuition, in yourinner self and the life you're living. Due to allnewly inventedtarot reading apps; we are able to avail the mostuseful and costfree Tarot card readings in our mobile devices.Through this tarotapp, you may get a detailed perception,concerning yourdifficulties and it also, helps you in moving to theright path, tohave a brighter future. This app permits the facilityto bedownloaded for free on any Android phone.How TarotReadingworks?Tarot card reading comprises of about 78 cards intotality,in which they individually have different significance.Each ofthese cards, are made up of a straight forward andinvertedmeanings. In which, it comprises of 22 main Arcana billetand 56smaller Arcana cards. Speaking about the Tarotbundle, itcomprisesof 4 chambers with 14 ply cards in each chamber. Thesechambersare: Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles.The free tarot cardreadingversion provides you with a clearer visual of your birthplace,your present location, what are your expectations from lifeand away of getting there. There consists of a numerous bundle ofcardsthat exists and each symbolise its symbol andpersonification.Lastly, each of these card studies, have their ownpros and cons.Each card reading is considered special in their ownway.Throughthis free tarot reading app, you can have access tothree types oftarot readings:Past tarot reading:This tarot readingapp lets youfind correlation between your life and the past. Youcan analyseyourself about the right and wrong that you did, thedecisions thatyou took, and the way to achieve peace of mind.Present tarotreading:This tarot app also lets you study yourpresent and theinfluence of external factors on your life. You canhave an idea ofas to how the positivity and negativity have got abig role to playand how you can make well-informed decisions.FuturetarotreadingNo, you can’t predict your future perfectly, but forsureyou can steal a sneak peek. Makes sense? Yes, this is whatthistarot app allows you to do. On the basis of certain actionsandintuitions, you can manage to get a fair peek on yourfuture.Sowhat are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the Freetarotreading app!For Feedback Mail us -: [email protected]
Tarot Raider-Waite trainer 9.0
This is a simulator for memorizing values of TarotcardsRider-Waite.The worth of this deck in a variety of symbolsdepictedon each card. It is the symbolism of Tarot cards Riderallows youto apply them in a wide range of esoteric practices. Inorder foryour intuitive search has not turned into wandering fromoneassociation to another, you need to have a preciserepresentationabout the basic values of each card in a particularposition. Thisis a great amount of knowledge, which is difficult toremember andto keep in mind. To simplify the memorization of valuesand makethis process dynamic use my trainer. The program is notfordivination.
Tarot Cards Free 1.0.15
Directly from our smartphones and tablets, Tarot cards helps ustomeditate, analize and in last instance, face the problemsandsituations that surround us. We use the meaning of the 78Tarotcards, metaphorically, how and why of our sensations andfeelings,both daily and specifically.By means of a correctinterpretation ofthe tarot cards and tarot readings, we can facethe present and thefuture with confidence. Now, with Tarot cardsyou can realize theanalysis of your problems using any of the sixmost populars tarotreadings, most important includes.🌟FeaturesMaintarot readings:✓Five cards. ✓ The Celtic Cross. ✓ Mandala. ✓Affinity.✓ The Mirror.✓ The Ellipse.More features are:✓ Daily tarotcard - Check all daysa different card unique for these day, with aspecial predictionfor everyone.✓ Tarot Wiki - Read the info aboutall cards in ourwiki, with these you can make your our and custompredictions.✓Concrete Topics - Ask a concrete topic too, andinterpret what thecards say about your questions of love, work,friendship, family,etc...✓ Soft and relaxing background sound thatallows focus onyour tarot readingsWe are hardly working inimprovements for Tarotcards, please if you like comment and havefun!Some user comments!Don't forget comment if you like theapplication:Salvador Sandovalsays:"I am a practicing magician withthe golden dawn and in myexperience this is as good as manymagicians can do i willdefinitely recommend this app to my fratersand sorors ." ★★★★★JoshRussell"Whether you believe it or not, theadvice and wisdom in thecards is at least interesting and worthkeeping an open mind. Theapp has many options for various styles oftarot draws. Great app!"★★★★★Lab Forever says:"Dead accurateExcellent design. Well worthfive stars. Thank you" ★★★★★MarkCanniff says:"I love this!! Itreally gives good guidance."★★★★★Olivia Lewis says:"Fabulous andreally tells the truth! This isgreat to be honest... it tells youthe truth and really is spot onwith what you do and how you feel,spooky but very true, keep thisapp going," ★★★★★
Tarot of Marseilles: Love 1.1
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Tarot of Marseilles: Love will answer the questions you areaskingyourself about your relationship or your sentimentalfuture!Whether you opt for the crossed reading using five cards orthesmall reading using three cards, it will guide you towards alovelyencounter if you are single and reveal what the future holdsforyour relationship if your heart is already taken. Find outrightnow about the founding principles of your relationship,thehindrances preventing your couple from moving forward, butalsowhat makes it so special between you and your partner. Waitnolonger, pick your cards and let Tarot of Marseilles: Love beyourguide!
Free Tarot Reading 1.9.8
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Best Tarot app in 2018 on Google Play Store!Free Tarot Reading-World Top #1 Free Tarot app in Google Play Store! FreeTarotreading & Psychic Reading is a wonderful app through whichyoucan get a tarot card reading everyday absolutely for free.Thistarot reading app is free to download. This app features cardofthe day, daily horoscope, tarot card meanings, one cardtarotreading reading, three card tarot reading and lovetarotreadingThis Tarot app provides you to know better about yourdailyhoroscope, (past,present,future), love and relationships.Thepredictions are accurate and to the point. Enjoy the journeyofknowing yourself better and an opportunity to see into yoursoulsitting at your home for no price. Download the free tarotreadingapp and explore more about being you. Find out was God hasplannedfor your love life in future. Identify the opportunities andturnthem into reality with the help of this easy to use tarot cardapp.Let your cards tell you about your dreams and desires, if younotsure about any of it. If you love tarot card reading, there'snotmuch you have to do. All you need to have is a smartphone withaninternet connection. Tarot card reading has always beeninterpretedwrongly when truth is it is considered to be the mostdynamic toolof spiritual study. It is misinterpreted as a means ofinterpretingfuture. Tarot cards follow a different set oftechniques ascompared to the concepts of traditional astronomy.They show youthe right path and direction and help you inperforming your dutiesrightfully. They push you forward inachieving communion with yourinner self and your intuition. Being anew concept of providingtarot card reading online, we are able toprovide free of costservice. Through Free tarot card reading, youwill have a clearopinion about yourself, your beliefs and yourfuture prospects. Itshows you the right path and helps you walkthrough it with itsspiritual guidance. Through this tarot readingapp, you can accesstarot card reading of Card of the DayCard of theday will help youto focus on about your day might look like will give youbest advice and best insight for today.find thebest moment andbest path with the help of tarot card of theday.Tarot CardMeaningTarot Card Meaning for those who are new andwant to knowabout tarot. Also who has very less knowledge abouttarot cards,with the help of this tarot app anyone can take deepbrief andbasics knowledge of all cards. One card tarot readingIt isanextensive way of problem solving with the help of only one card.Itis therefore important to understand your thought well to getamore refined answer. Here the predictions are quite accurate ifyouthink deep from your heart. Three card tarot readingIt is themostpowerful and common forms of tarot reading. It is used forsinglereading but lets you ask numerous questions. It tells youaboutyour spiritual balance or answers related to your present,past andfuture. It also gives you the consequences of therelatedsituation. Love tarot readingAs the name suggests, thistarot istells you about your love life. It consists of all 78cards. Inthis you need to choose three cards and take it to one ofthehouses namely love, sex, marriage, friendship,communication,present, past, future ,dreams and partnership. Ithelps in findingyour true love. For Feedback Mail us -:[email protected]
Chrysalis Tarot 2.0.5
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Chrysalis Tarot dives deeply into the waters of ourcollectiveunconscious, and brings up pearls of wisdom for ourcontemplation.Populated by a tapestry of familiar characters drawnfrom manymythologies, these guardians gently reveal synchronicity’shandguiding your Tarot spreads, your life, and ultimately,yourdestiny.In the world of Chrysalis Tarot, The Empress andTheEmperor are Gaia and The Green Man. Medieval and Celticbeingsdance elegantly with characters from ancient Greek, Hindu,andEgyptian mythologies, and from Haitian Voudon. Thesearchetypalbeings come from all races and from many different times,broughttogether within the all-embracing diversity ofChrysalisTarot.Chrysalis strikes a happy medium between conformingwith thevenerable RWS system, and re-visioning Tarot for today.MajorArcana cards are re-imagined, and the pips are unlike anyyou’veseen before. The court cards are a charming troupe ofmedievalmessengers. But Chrysalis is also similar enough to RWSstyle decksthat it is easy to learn. Holly Sierra’s sumptuous artand ToneyBrooks’ wit and wisdom make this deck reallyshine.*Intuitive,elegant interface is easy for beginners andexperts*Gorgeous fullscreen, high-resolution card images*Fullsupport for all Androiddevices running 4.0.3 or newer*Sophisticatedjournal*13 spreadsbuilt in*Design your own layout with FreeForm*Allow reversed cardsor not*Option to use Major Arcanaonly*Zoom in to enlarge carddetails*Share reading viaemail*Animated shuffle & cut*Optionalvoice prompts*Customizewith your own card meanings & readingcloths*Many adjustablesettingsChrysalis Tarot’s Gaianconsciousness and universalspirituality will win your heart.
Housewives Tarot 1.4.4
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According to gossip, the Housewives Tarot was introducedbyhousewife extraordinaire Marlene Louise Wetherbee in theearly1950s. One fateful afternoon at the bridge table, Marlenedecidedthe time had come to reveal the secret of her suburbanbliss: theHousewives Tarot. Should you bring potato salad ordeviled ham tothe potluck supper? Is your kitchen forever spotlessand lemonfresh? Does your mother-in-law adore you? All thesedilemmas, andmany more, are answered by domestic divination withthe HousewivesTarot, now optimized for the 21st century on youriPhone, iPad andiPod Touch.*Intuitive, elegant interface is easyfor beginners andexperts
*Gorgeous full screen, high-resolutioncardimages
*Supports all Android devices running 4.0.3 ornewer*78divinely domestic Tarot cards*96 page book on TheHousewivesTarot
*5 built in layouts, including The Martini andTheDinette*Design your own layout with Free Form
*Share readingviae-mail*Sophisticated journal*Allow reversed cards or not
*Optiontouse Major Arcana only*Zoom in to enlarge carddetails
*Animatedshuffle & cut
*Optional voiceprompts
*Customize with your owncard meanings & readingcloths*Many adjustable settings
*Deckbrought to you by Paul Kepple& Jude Buffum, better known asHeadcase Design. Originallypublished by Quirk Books.The HousewivesTarot leads you to domesticempowerment! Comes with secret recipes!
Tarot Illuminati 3.122
Discover the luminous world of the Tarot Illuminati. AcompleteTarot card reading and Tarot learning application featuringErik C.Dunne's brilliant artwork and Kim Huggen's illuminatingwords. Anapp that is simple enough for a beginner to start learningandreading the Tarot, but sophisticated enough to delightexperiencedTarot pros.Voted Tarot Deck of the Year & Tarot Artof the Year(for The High Priestess), Tarosophist Awards 2013,TarotProfessionals.Voted Outstanding Tarot Deck, OutstandingTarotArtist (Erik C. Dunne), & Outstanding Collaboration for aTarotDeck (Erik C. Dunne and Kim Huggens), 4th Annual PECTOAwards,2013, The Academy of Cartomancy Arts & Science.~ Focuson theissue that concerns you. Shuffle, and then select the Tarotcardsyou're drawn to. You will receive a wise message that willhelp youbring light to your shadows, get clear about your issue,findpeace, and be guided forward. Whether your wondering aboutlove,money, career, family, or just about living a more fulfillinglife,the Tarot Illuminati can help you! ~"In the Tarot Illuminatieverydetail is meaningful, each scene a rich and sumptuous tapestryofcolour, action, expressions and nature. It floods the senseswiththe essence of each card so that the associated meaningsorconcepts are almost tangible. The style of artwork also invitesyouto interact with the cards as if they were friends orallies,enemies and strangers, family members and professionalassociates:these cards represent real-world, human emotions,problems, fears,hopes and actions, and we must therefore be able torelate to themon a personal level. Every card of the TarotIlluminati speaks toyou, as if you had just walked into its world,and offers you itshand to draw you into its mysteries, so that notonly might youread the cards, but you also might gain revelation ofyour self."-Kim Huggens, from the Tarot Illuminati companionbook.Features: -Intuitive, easy to use interface. Do your own Tarotreadings orlearn about the cards in-depth.- "Using the Tarot" guideforbeginners.- 16 ready to use Tarot spreads. Layouts for all kindofquestions. Includes four spreads especially for theTarotIlluminati, designed by Kim Huggens, and classic spreads likethepopular Celtic Cross and Horseshoe Spreads.-Gorgeous,high-resolution images of all 78 Tarot cards. Zoom in toseedetails.- Card interpretations written by Kim Huggens fromtheTarot Illuminati companion book.- Save your readings includingyourown notes.- Add your own interpretations and notes to everyTarotcard. Perfect for in-depth Tarot study.- Detailed cardbrowsing.Learn what the number, suit, and element of each cardmean.- Cardof the Day home screen widget.- Reversed Tarot cardsoption.- Majorsuits only option.- Share your reading through email,Facebook,Instagram and many other applications.- Option to haveanimatedshuffling and card selection.- Seven gorgeous highresolutionbackgrounds. Make the application look just the way youwant.Joinus on facebook:
Gaian Tarot 2.0.2
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Deeply rooted in reverence for our planet, Gaian Tarot takes usintoa lush world of nature spirituality. Here, you will findstarry-eyedmysticism balanced with earthy practicality. The imagesofmulticultural people and the natural world portray anordinary,everyday divinity. These contemporary archetypes speakdirectly toour modern lives, while remaining true to thetraditional Tarotmeanings. Work with this deck to forge a deeperrelationship withgreen spirituality and the sacred feminine, or todiscover thewellspring of your own creativity. The Gaian Tarot byJoanna PowellColbert is truly a deck for our times, a paean todivine natureteaching us to find strength and inspiration inMotherEarth.*Intuitive, elegant interface is easy for beginnersandexperts
*Gorgeous full screen, high-resolution cardimages
*Fullsupport for all Android devices, including phonesandtablets
*Sophisticated journal
*25 spreads built in
*Designyourown layout with Free Form
*Allow reversed cards or not
*Optiontouse Major Arcana only
*Zoom in to enlarge carddetails
*Sharereading via email*Animated shuffle &cut
*Optional voiceprompts
*Customize with your own card meanings& readingcloths
*Many adjustable settings*A modern oraclerooted intraditional divination, the Gaian Tarot pack will bringyou closerto Gaia!Explore Earth spirituality and divine nature withGaianTarot!
Cartomancy: Tarot 1.1
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Tarot is a very ancient and powerful system of divination,throughwhich you can learn not only the future but also to clarifymomentsfrom our past, look at events occurring in real time. Thisis agreat chance to lift the veil of secrets and otherwise to lookatproblems, find the best ways to proceed.More than 10 typesofdivinations, such as: for day, week, month, past, present,future.In addition the cards will tell you where you make error,what todo in any given situation and advise you how toproceed.Divinationfor love and for a loved one, guessing the futureand the present,telling fortunes. It's your own fortuneteller-GypsyJust chooseyour favorite deck of cards and a type ofthe divination and themagic begins!Remember! You can ask the samequestion only once.Forentertainment purposes only.