Top 3 Games Similar to Mounted Horse Police Chase: NY Cop Horseback Ride

Police Speed Boat Gangster Chase 1.0.16
Get indulged in astonishing & thrilling Police SpeedBoatGangster Chase adventure, featuring police boat gettinginvolved incity cop criminal chase on various water routes in blueseaenvironment. Play in water racing game & police chase gamesaspro police patrol driver or vigilant boat driver also police copofpolice games, in Naval police petrol service. Enjoy fast speedboatdrive using ship tracker to accomplish all criminal escapemissionsagainst real gangster or ruthless city gangsters group.PoliceSpeed Boat Gangster Chase adventure, lets you get engagedinastonishing police chase missions on power boat or racing boatfromspeed boat racing games used for water surfing also sail boatfromship games used for managing miami crime on the shores ofthefuturistic city. In this best police game, expertly utilizeactionsimulator or ship driving simulator of police games usedforcontrolling crimes in the deep blue sea. Police Speed BoatGangsterChase adventure, lets you play as police patrol driver ormiamicrime controlling vigilant boat driver for navy policepetrolservice, which will get involved in criminal chase orengagingpolice chase with real gangster from miami crime groupusing powerboat or racing boat from speed boat racing games. Areyou fan ofplaying gangsters vs cops driving game or thrillingpolice cargames, then this police boat game will be a perfectchoice for you.In this racing game, expertly drive naval patrollingship orcoaster ship with ship tracker also fast speedboat of shipgamesfrom patrolling police and get involve in all police carchasemissions or criminal chase missions utilizing drivingsimulator oraction simulator also ship driving simulator of shipgames andrescue futuristic city from city gangsters. Features: -Intuitivelydesigned HD graphics from realistic police games. - Topnotchsounds & effects police chase games. - Highlythrillingcriminal chasing levels of water surfing games . - Smoothcontrolsfor capturing vegas mafia deadly gangsters. - Highlyaddictivepolice racing game based game play
Horse World – Show Jumping 3.3.2941
The world’s jumping courses are waiting for you! Nomatterwhetherit’s Sydney, Paris, or New York: there are no limitsto youandyour horse’s adventures. Prove your talent andwineverytournament! Trot, gallop and jump – show your skills onthecourseThe world’s biggest cities are waiting for you andyourhorses!Exciting and challenging courses with water obstaclesandoxersdemand perfect timing and team work from you andyourequinecompanion. Can the two of you master the challenge?Theshowjumping simulation from the HorseWorld series!Followingthesuccessful horse simulation game HorseWorld 3DcomesHorseWorld:Show Jumping, with even more fun and morechallenges forall horselovers! In addition to the caring for thehorses in thegreenmeadows, you’ll have to face exciting tournamentsand derbiesallaround the world. Equip your horses Each of yourhorsesdeservesits very own special equipment! Discover varioussaddles,saddlepads, bridles and leg wraps. Don’t forget tocustomize yourmightysteed’s mane according to your taste! Happywith your newgear?Then make the most of it at the next tournament!Build anddesignyour own tournament courses If the game’s ridingtracksbecome tooeasy after some practicing, we have the perfectsolutionfor you:simply build your own courses! With our buildingtool, youcaneasily create tracks and obstacle courses for yourowntournamentsand competitions. Ride and care for a lot ofdifferenthorses!Beautiful horses, such as Palominos,Hanoverians,Thoroughbreds,Arabians and Andalusians, are justwaiting for you tocare forthem! These majestic horses can only dotheir best ifthey’re takengood care of and if they like you. Ofcourse, plentyof cuddles andtreats are a good strategy here! Assoon as thefeeding and caringis done, it’s time for the bigtournament.Magical Variety Everynow and then you need some restfrom theturmoil of the big city.We have the perfect sanctuary foryou andyour horse. On FantasyIsland, a mystical forest awaits youwith amagical waterfall.There is also a beautiful show jumpingtrackthere! Try it with themagical unicorn. ★ Various beautifulhorses,such as Hannoverians,English Thoroughbreds, ArabiansandAndalusians, are just waitingfor you to care for them! ★ Buildyourown jumping courses! ★ Takepart in the world’s best derbies inNewYork, Paris, and many othercities ★ Brush and feed yourcompanions★ Customize your horses’equipment and manes! ★ Dare tojump into abrand new world: ride aunicorn and visit Fantasy Island!★ Togetheryou’ll win all thetournaments and set new course recordsVisit uson
Horse Games - Virtual Horse Simulator 3D
Tune into Stallion mode and play thisexceptionallyimmersive,realistic Horse runner game. Be it horselovers or anyonewho wantsto experience a lifelike animalsimulation, this wildhorse sim isthe perfect pick to spend somequality time alone. InHorseadventure game. Tame your wild familyhorse through thedarkness ofjungle and train it to become the beststallion. Be themaster ofhorse jump and impress everyone else withyour amazinghorsetraining and running skills. Play Horse Games –VirtualHorseSimulator 3D now! Experience Immersive Environment Haveyoueverplayed an animal simulation with multiple environments? Asoneofthe best simulation games, this wild horse sim game isdesignedtooffers you a memorable and thrilling experience.Frommysteriousvillages and dark forests to super challengingplanesandobstacle-laden running courses, this horse runner gameisfullypacked with action, thrill and lots of realistichorserunningchallenges. Explore new regions like village andforests tofindhidden treasures. In Horse Games, jump across hurdlesand kickdownobstacles to complete missions. Multiple HorseAdventureModesBrace yourself to tame the wildest horses in thetown! Own afamilyhorse and tame it to be the fastest, mostsuccessful runnerin thetown. To increase the level of intensity andfun for you,this gameoffers a Mission Mode and an Endless RunnerMode. Inmission mode,you get to experience challenging obstaclesthroughoutthe runningcourses. Do you best to move at fast speedsand jumpover theobstacles to keep the horse alive and collect thetreasure.Horselovers can also play Endless Runner mode, where youget toroamaround the villages and wreak havoc aimlessly whilediscoveringandcollecting new rewards or hidden treasures. Run,Jump, DestroyandWin! Experience the complete destruction andhorsesimulatorchallenges and show your fury. Take charge of thewildhorse simreigns and do your best to cause as much destructionasyou likefor the sake of collecting the treasure. Do trickyhorsejump andmake the most out of this unique horseadventureexperience. Let’sinflict rampage and hit everything inyour way.Collect Rewards andUnlock Boosters The path is full ofgames likehurdles, skeletons,grumpy rocks and many others. Amazingboost ups,diamonds &jewels will help you survive along. Thehorse runnerworld is notan easy one, and it takes a man with gutsto take onthis uniquechallenge and fulfill the missionssuccessfully.Interactivity ofthe environment, sound effects andgame play areeven moreinteresting to witness. Features of HorseGames – VirtualHorseSimulator 3D 1. Multiple Game play horse runnerChallenges.2.Realistic horse training Animal Simulation. 3. Choosefrom arangeof Exciting Game Modes! 4. Smooth and eye-catching wildhorsesimanimations. 5. 3D Environment, Interactive games &HDGraphics.6. Train and tame your family horse to run fastandperform horsejump 7. Best past time game for horse lovers Areyouready to playan immersive horse simulator? Download and playHorseGames –Virtual Horse Simulator 3D today!