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Modern Combat Versus: New Online Multiplayer FPS 1.13.6
Gameloft SE
Drop into a free, fun online FPS that defines a new era ofshootergames. 🏆 Android Excellence Game of 2018 🏆 Choose yourAgent,master your role, and dominate the field of battle with yourteam.From skilled run 'n' gun attackers and covert assassins toteamsupporters and defenders, there’s an Agent for every styleofwarfare. FEATURES • Make every bullet count in 4v4onlinemultiplayer battles featuring a set of competitive team-basedgamemodes. • Play as 17+ specialized Agents, each equipped withuniqueguns and abilities! • Create or join a clan to connect withplayersfrom around the world. • Host Live Tournaments with customlobbies,spectator mode, and in-game prizes! • Go for the kill asyou battleacross 6 distinct maps ranging from close-quarters tolong-rangewarfare. There’s multiplayer action around every corner.• Competein ranked seasons and get promoted to higher leagues wherethewarfare hits new heights of online action! Earn free prizesandprestigious rewards. • Customize your Agents with cosmeticskinsfeaturing unique designs and weapon camos. • Pick up and playwithgroundbreaking, intuitive shooter controls that areperfectlydesigned for an FPS game. • Get immersed in the actionwith thebest console-quality FPS graphics featuring stunningvisuals andeffects. If you’re a fan of online FPS battles,team-based shootergames, and run & gun warfare, then drop intothe action forfree! Download NOW!_____________________________________________Visit our officialsite at Check out thenew blog at Don't forget to follow us onsocial media:Facebook: Instagram: Thisapp allows you to purchasevirtual items within the app and maycontain third partyadvertisements that may redirect you to a thirdparty site. Termsof Use: PrivacyPolicy: End-UserLicenseAgreement:
Pocket Rally LITE 1.4.0
Major Update! The complete 65 levels of the full version are nowallopen! Pocket Rally is an attempt to combine the best of botholdschool rally racing games and smart device experiences.Stunningvisual graphics, realistic yet fun to drive car physics,all in thepalm of your hand. Take the rally racing anytime,anywhere with you!Features: * Highly detailed and precisely madecar models, beautifuland visually convincing racing tracks locatedin various spectacularsceneries including mountains, coastline andancient city ruins. *Carefully tuned car physics to be bothrealistic and fun. Multipleground surface properties includingtarmac, gravel, grass and ice.Each car has unique drivingcharacteristics, and will evolve throughthe winning of races. * 6control modes (including MOGA(TM)controllers and genericBluetooth/OTG/USB gamepads) and 3 cameraangles (in-gametoggleable) to choose from. * Strength adjustable AIopponents. Upto 4 cars can race simultaneously in a game. *Introducing theReplay Mode. Performed a perfect power drift doing ahairpin turnand want to show your friends? Too occupied in thecompetition notable to admire your own driving technique and wantto see it later?Replay Mode is the answer for you! The replaycameras are tailoredfor each track, recording the whole event frombest angles and playit back for you. * 2 main game modes to play:Challenge mode andSingle Race mode. Additional cars and tracks canbe unlocked bywinning challenges and to be chosen in Single Racemode. Currentlythere are 8 legendary rally cars, 8 tracks(includingforward/reverse direction) and 65 Challenge mode levelsin thegame, with more to come! The ads-free version of Pocket Rallycanbe purchasedat: Facebook fan page at:
Archery Big Match 1.3.3
With bow and arrows to aim at various targets like ordinarycirculartargets, dummy targets and fruits, you may experience anexcitinghitting feeling of real archery. [Feature] - With a simpletouchcontrol, enjoy the best archery gaming experience. - Masterhow tomeasure effects of wind force and its direction! And makeyour owntactics to dominate the match! - Multi-play supported -Off-lineversus mode supported. - Use items wisely that willenhance yourarchery skills. - Enjoy mini-games and earn usefulitems. - At Timerace, enjoy extra game modes. - 16 languagessupported - Achievementand Leaderboard supported - Compatible withTablet devices
Crash Arena: Cars and Guns 3.5.6
Battle of american an soviet cars. Crash arenamultiplayerCrasharena with cars and guns. - more than 30 cars,muscles, stort,classic, monsters, trucks - equip your car missilesand machineguns - "deathmatch" mode- 8 guns - 4 different arenas -funny carmultiplayer shooter 1.5.2
Goat Simulator Free is the latest in goat simulationtechnology,bringing next-gen goat simulation to YOU. You no longerhave tofantasize about being a goat, your dreams have finally cometrue!Goat Simulator Free is all about causing as much destructionas youpossibly can as a goat. It has been compared to anold-schoolskating game, except instead of being a skater, you're agoat, andinstead of doing tricks, you wreck stuff. When it comes togoats,not even the sky is the limit, as you can probably just bugthroughit and crash the game. PLEASE NOTE! Goat Simulator Free isfree todownload and play, however, additional levels can bepurchased forreal money. You can turn off the payment feature bydisablingin-app purchases in your device’s settings. Also, underour Termsof Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13years of ageto play or download Goat Simulator Free. DISCLAIMERGoat SimulatorFree is a completely stupid game and, to be honest,you shouldprobably spend your time on something else, such as abefriending areal goat, learning a new language or extending yourlintcollection. KEY FEATURES • You can be a goat • Get pointsforwrecking stuff - brag to your friends that you're the alpha goat•MILLIONS OF BUGS! We're only eliminating the crash-bugs,everythingelse is hilarious and we're keeping it • In-game physicsthat bugout all the time • Seriously look at that goat's neck • Youcan bea goat Android TV users: a compatible gamepad is required toplay
Down Shift: Online Drifting 1.2.4
Tamatem Inc.
A multiplayer pro online drifting game. Play against thousandsofplayers live and conquer the drifting game.Enter the driftingarenaand beat the best players out there, earn more cards toupgradeyour car and climb up the leaderboard.Customize your carwith manyupgrades and tuning options. Add your personal touch andbuild yoursignature car.The game has the following:• Onlineexperience withthousands of players• Awesome drift arenas • 20 topnotchcustomizable cars• Different tuning options for betterdriftexperience• Progress in 10 different stages and unlock morecarsand tuning options• Highly customizable exterior options fromrims,license plates, paint job and vinyl.• Training mode to getreadyfor online actionBecome the king of drift among your friendsandeven worldwide! Rate this game and let us know if you like itonour Facebook and Instagram accounts.This game is brought toyoufrom Tamatem, the leading smartphone games publisher in theArabicspeaking market.
Roblox 2.399.334382
Already have an account? Log in with your existing Robloxaccountand play now! MILLIONS OF WORLDS TO EXPLORE In the mood foran epicrole-playing adventure? Want to compete against rivalsworldwide?Or do you just want to hang out and chat with yourfriends online?A growing library of worlds created by the communitymeans there’salways something new and exciting for you to playevery day. PLAYTOGETHER ANYTIME, ANYWHERE Take the fun on the go.Roblox featuresfull cross-platform support, meaning you can playwith your friendsand millions of other people on their computers,mobile devices,Xbox One, or VR headsets. BE ANYTHING YOU CANIMAGINE Be creativeand show off your unique style! Customize youravatar with tons ofhats, shirts, faces, gear, and more. With anever-expanding catalogof items, there’s no limit to the looks youcan create. CHAT WITHFRIENDS Hang out with friends around the worldusing chat features,private messages, and groups! CREATE YOUR OWNWORLDS: PRIVACYPOLICY: PARENT’SGUIDE: PLEASE NOTE: A networkconnectionis required to play. Roblox games work best over Wi-Fi.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)TooBold( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 1.7.0
TooBoldtoo( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(⊙.☉) 1.17
🏁 Buckle up 4 extreme motocross bike racing with trail stuntsactionas a crazy rider. Play Trial Xtreme Dirt Bike Racing 3Dsimulatorgame for extreme mayhem and adrenaline filled moto crossadventureto be an ultimate motorbike rider. Race, jump and crashyour madrivals to become the last moto racer in offroad trial bikeattackmadness. 🏁 Offroad Bike Racing Games: Experience the thrillofhandling monster bike assault and drive through varietyoftreacherous tracks. Explore the uncharted territory withruggedterrain and bumpy roads. Launch yourself as a competitivebiker andrace dirt bikes head to head in action packed motorbikegame. Takeoffroad dirt bike racing challenge to fight, throw, smashand kickout mad rivals to cross the finish line first. Wreck youropponentsmotorbike and show mad skills to be the ultimate motocrosschampionin offroad trial bike assault. Hit the nitro boost throttleto ridefast, race with extreme mayhem and cross the finish linefirst.Overcome obstacles and perform extreme bike stunts ondangerousoffroad race tracks. Launch off an enormous jump, landonmotorcycle and crash into rivals in this dirt bike xtremeracinggame. Enjoy demolition derby gameplay combined with motobikecircuit racing. Trial xtreme dirt bike racing game isultimatemotorcycle crashing sim with 3 different racing modesincludingsurvival pit and knockout round. Racing mode and survivalpit arenahave 10 challenging levels and biker has choice to selectfrom 3motocross tracks with super extreme jumping stunts.Difficultyincreases as you progress through challenging levels.Extremelytreacherous tracks with sharp turns, high flying jumps anddeadlyhurdles to cross. Race against monster bike riders andperformdeath defying stunts to finish first in extreme racingmodes. Showxtreme supercross skills as you overcome obstacles andhurdles insurvival mode. Feel the adrenaline pumping as you fightwith crazyrivals and be the last moto racer crossing the finishline. TrialXtreme Dirt Bike Racing 3D Simulator Game Features: 🏁Thrillingmotor-bike race game with modern bike stunts 🏁 20intriguing levelsto complete in 2 racing modes and a knockout round🏁 Unlock uniquedirt bikes for utmost motorbike riding adventures 🏁Motorcyclecrashing modes: Racing Mode, Survival Pit & KnockoutRound 🏁Detailed models with realistic motorbike physics andaddictivegameplay 🏁 Immersive sounds and smooth controls for xtrememadness🏁 Nerve wrecking high speed race & realtime motorcrossjumpingDownload Trial Xtreme Dirt Bike Racing game to prove yourdrivingskills as tenacious stunt bike rider on extreme asphalttracks.
Ninja Arashi 1.2
Black Panther
Ninja Arashi is an intense platformer with mixed RPG elements.Inthis game, you play as arashi, a former legendary ninja whofightshis way through the corrupted world to save his kidnapped sonfromthe hand of the devil Orochi. With superior acrobatic anddeadlyweapons, arashi is ready to face menacing traps and enemieswhohave sworn to protect Orochi.Ninja Arashi features simpleyetaddicting gameplay, giving you thrilling moments and anunexpectedexperience. You can upgrade abilities using gold anddiamondcollected from enemies and the environment in order to keeptrackswith the difficulty of the game. Manuever through traps, laywasteon enemies who try to stop you and rescue your son. FEATURES:-3different maps with 45 levels to play- Easy to controlmovement-Discover the beauty of high quality graphics- Upgradeyourcharacter's skills- Purchase costumes- Challenge yourselfwithtough battles- Become a master ninja !
Bored Button 1.9.3
Tap the Bored Button and start your journey into series ofgamesspecially selected for you. A new addictive game will alwaysbeready for you to play with every tap in just seconds. It isallfree and it will always be free. Start surfing now!! Downloadedbyover 3 Million gamers and featured in 30+ countries… **TheGameCollection** The game collection of Bored Button consists ofmorethan 100 games from wide range of genres. From brain teasingpuzzlegames to featured new arcade games, from friv games toclassicboard games are in the same collection and they are readyfor youto enjoy with just a tap. Some of the Popular Puzzle Games;Maze;Jelly Doods; 100 Blocks; Ojello Puzzle; Pebble Boy;Hexaginta;Ancient Blocks Some of the Popular Arcade Games; Balls;ColorValley; Go Down; Teo’s Escape; Let’s Park; Geometry Rash;VirusAttack Some of the Popular Friv Games; Babel; MonsterRush;Gunmach; Sticky Goo; Sky Race; Paint Boy; Crazy Wheel Some ofthePopular Board Games; Four Colors; Connect Four; MasterCheckers;Master Chess And many more games in many more genres areavailablefor you to surf through and enjoy your time :))**RecommendationSystem** First you will be served a pack of newgames in an orderto analyze your game taste, then a new game whichis calibrated toyour personal taste will be presented to you. Ifyou like to playunique puzzle games like Ancient Blocks, then frivgames will notbe presented to you, games like Hexaginta will beprepared for younext. But if you like friv games like Sticky Goothen games likeBabel will be ready for you to play with your nexttap. We get thatyour game taste can change time to time, in thatcase the systemwill detect the change and adapt the following gameson-the-go tofind your next favorite game. **Create Your Own GamesList and PlayOffline** While surfing through games, you will ofcourse love someof them more and want to be able play them wheneveryou want. Soyou can add the ones you loved to your favorites byjust tappingthe plus icon at the menu and save it to yourpersonalized gameslist which will always be free and available foryou to play. Whileyou are saving the games and creating your ownlist, the systemwill analyze your most liked ones and save them foroffline play soyou can enjoy Bored Button even when you are in anairplane or asubway :) We will also be having some surprises foryou when youare playing offline. The system will save some of thehand-pickednew games for you to discover and enjoy; even when youwant to playoffline. **Low Memory Space** For those of you who havelow memoryspace in their phone, we thought of you too. When youdownloadBored Button and start playing, it will analyze your memoryspaceand save the games to your phone accordingly. We do not wanttooverload your phone by loading games that are not suitable foryou.For example If you have 100 mb space available in your phone,thesystem will be saving most suited, low storage games forofflinemode and it will only block max 50mb of the storage. **NoMoreSearching for New Games** Just give it a go and start playingnow.You will be addicted to the smoothness and have fun withtheflexibility of discovering a new game . There will be no needtosearch for a new game when you get bored of one. For yourownconvenience, we do that for you. It is now just a tap awaytodiscover your next favorite game with Bored Button. **No NeedtoUpdate for New Games** We are constantly adding new games tothedatabase. Despite other gaming apps, you do not need to updatetheapp every time you want to play a new game. You can play themostpopular new games in just seconds by just tapping the buttonagain.Download it now for free!! For any inquiries please contactusthrough
Survival Island: EVO 2 3.247
You don’t remember how you got to this island, but nowyou’restranded in the wild. Surviving here will be no simple task.Firstyou’ll need to find food, craft some primitive tools, andbuild ashelter. Think you have what it takes? Your survivaladventure isabout to begin… Game features: *Explore the wilderness!*Build yourhouse from the ground up! *Utilize an extensive craftingsystemwith tons of recipes! *Meet the island fauna! *Islandsurvivalsandbox simulator. Survivalist tips: ★Begin with choppingwood inthe forest. Wood is used for craft. ★Craft armor and weaponsforfighting wild animals. ★Don’t starve, survivor: collectallavailable resources to keep yourself fed. ★Craft everythingyoumight need. ★Keep track of your health, or you won’t survive…Ifyou like other survival games, play Survival Island: EVO – it’llbejust what you’re looking for. Begin your survival adventurenow!*IMPORTANT. Online multiplayer is still in development and willbeavailable soon. Follow our news feed to be the first to knowwhenyou can play with friends! We’re on social networks:FB:
com.mgc.stickman.rope.hero 3.0
Naxeex LLC
*Exciting 3D action game! *Stickman hero with powerfulweaponarsenal. *Special tricks with suit upgrades. *Tons of enemiesandfierce battles! As evil clones invaded the town the true herocomesto help the citizen. Use your new skills to kick your clonesoutfrom the city. Survive the epic battles and try to complete allthetasks. Drive over your foes on cars, bikes or even tanks. Youarethe ultimate guard now so don’t screw up! Find secrets hidden onalarge map. Collect rewards for destroying your enemiesandcompleting tasks, you can use it to buy best weapons in shop.Hithard and stick your line to the end.
se.foglo.svt 2.7.31217
💥💰Become the BEST SNIPER or the ULTIMATE THIEF!💰💥 Play as SNIPERorTHIEF!!! Multiplayer asymmetric gameplay. Two Unique ways toplay,as the SNIPER, take out the THIEVES and protect you CASH frombeingtaken. As the THIEVES dodge bullets and get to the getawayvanquickly to escape with your hard-earned winnings. Four GAMEMODES!!Choose what you want to play, with the SNIPER go head tohead withother SNIPERS to take down the most thieves, play byyourself totake down the THIEVES before they escape or see how longyou cansurvive against the HORDE of THIEVES. With the THIEF choosebetweencompetitive or cooperative game modes, race to be the firstThiefto the van and leave the others behind or work together bycausingdistractions so that you all escape. Amazing GADGETS andGUNS!!Customize your abilities by choosing from over 40 differentgadgetsfor you THIEF or SNIPER so that players don’t know what’sgoing tohit them. Also, choose from 20 unique GUNS. CUSTOMISE yourlook toshow your personality! Choose between 150 MASKS and 30differentSUIT COLOURS to show off your own UNIQUE STYLE. Make sureyou arememorable to others! REAL-TIME PvP Battles! Fast paced PvPactionthat will keep you coming back for more!!! Show your skillswithMISSIONS! Complete MISSIONS to unlock new titles foryourcharacters! Display these to other players to prove how greatyoureally are. The missions will push your skills, are you goodenoughto complete them all? COMING SOON: NEW EVENTS! MORESEASONALCONTENT! MORE MODES! NEW MASKS AND SUITS! *************FollowSnipers vs Thieves at:’t forget to leave a review! Terms *************
Die in 100 Ways 1.0.8
Die in 100 Ways is the #1 funny game that combines thrillingandhorror! You need to work out Death's plan or you will have 100waysto die!The lives of the adorable characters are in your handsnow!The villain of this game is not the stereotypical killers,monstersor demons, but Death itself. You need to prevent the worstfromhappening in all kinds of fatal accidents manipulated by Death.Hisintent is to reclaiming the lives of all these charmingcharacters!And it is your job to guide these characters throughdozens ofaction packed mini games to stay alive as long aspossible.GameFeatures:- 24 challenging mini-games and more to come-Stunninggraphics and animations- Easy and fun to play, challengingtomaster
RAFT: Original Survival Game 1.49
Unisoft Games
Discover! Create! Survive!Your home is an endless ocean.Yourneighbors – ruthless sharks, sea creatures and relentlessnature.The only refuge is a raft. Improve it, craft everything youneed toescape from the ocean trap, survive by all means!🐋 Oursurvival onthe raft advantages:🌎 Real-life survival simulatorCheckyourhealth, hunger and thirst indicators, struggle sharks attacks.Meetthe challenges and try to survive, it’s all up to you!⚓ResourceshuntingUse a hook and catch necessary resources: wreckage,chestsand barrels from the ocean. They will help you to survive!🔨Buildand upgrade your raftExpand, develop and protect your raft. Ifyouneed more place, build a first floor!📜 Lot’s ofcraftingrecipesFish, cook and collect drinking water. Craftbuildingmaterials, clothes, weapons, chests and other necessarythings tosurvive!🚣 Solve the puzzle of an endless oceanWhathappened in thisapocalyptic world? Why are people destined to livein the ocean.Training and quest system help you to find answers andescape.🌗Great plansWe carefully examine all proposals accordingourfavorite game improving. We’ll add dynamic Day-Night Cycleandweather condition, exciting plot, underwater world andotherinteresting events in the future updates!Find out moreadvantagesof the app:🌊 VARIABLE WORLDS OF RAFT SURVIVALEach ofsurvivaladventure games has its own world with unique difficultiesandchallenges. Our survivor simulator generates unlimited numbersofworlds. Explore Pacific islands, reefs, and bottomlessoceantrenches in raft games free!No two worlds are alike: youcangenerate completely new and randomized world at any time inthesurvival free.🌊 CLOSE TO REAL-LIFE EXPERIENCERaft survival freeisa 3D game designed to give survival games free lovers theclosestto real life gameplay. That’s why Day-Night Cycle wasadded.Survivor app has treacherous weather conditions that allow toenjoysunny days and beware of stormy ones. If you’d like to getnewskills in survive games, try raft games!🌊 YOUR LIFE IS INYOURHANDSRaft building games offer the chance to craft new weaponsandequipments. Search for shipwreck parts and improve your raftinsurvival escape. Craft a spear and protect yourself frommurderoussharks that follow you everywhere.Bearing in mind allthesequalities of build and survive games, you’d not forget aboutyourhealth status in the harsh conditions. Fishing and hunting istheonly way to succeed and not to starve to death in raft survivalinthe ocean.RAFT: Original Survival Game features:• 3D interfaceofraft free• Realistic experience of survival base buildinggames•Complex and amazing challenges of survivor games freeLet yourbrainwork at high speed and do everything within your power to wininone of the survival apps! If you want to go on raft craftsurvivalgames and turn it into an adventure of a lifetime, thenplay RAFT:Original Survival Game.Join our social networking siteand takepart in expecting updates discussions and offer your ideastoimprove the game!Make screenshots, record videos, shareyourachievements with other players!👉Our Facebookgroup:
The Sims FreePlay 5.48.1
Celebrate the holidays with a gorgeous farmhouse, an adorablepetpug, and more! From the creators of The Sims™ seriesofbest-selling simulation games comes a complete Sims experienceonmobile! What’s your story? Create it with your Sims inreal-time,customize their wardrobes and homes, and help them liveout theirdreams. Complete goals to earn Simoleons, expanding yourSim Townand picking up rewards along the way. Keep your Sims happyandwatch them thrive as you help them live a fun and fulfilledlife!200 million downloads and counting! SIM-ULATING POSSIBILITIESFromhead to toe – and floor to ceiling – customize every aspect ofyourSims’ lives! Keep up to 34 Sims looking stylish, and designtheirdream homes complete with swimming pools and multiple floors.Asyou get more Sims and they start a family, expand your SimTownwith a pet store, car dealership, shopping mall, and even abeach!Achieve goals for Lifestyle Points, then spend them ontrendyitems. Visit your real friends’ Sim Towns, where you can formnewrelationships and compare your friends’ interior designskillsagainst yours. Endless possibilities. Endless mobile fun!STAYCONNECTED Life is better together. Start relationships, fallinlove, get married, and have a family. Make lifelong friendsandcare for pets. Throw pool parties and grill outdoors or snuggleupby the fireplace for movie night. In the mood for sometrouble?There’s plenty of drama to be had when Sims don’t getalong. Actsilly with teens, be rude to family members, or even sayno to amarriage proposal! From babies to seniors, your perfect Simsstorycan happen at every stage of your life simulation. Loveandfriendships? Drama and breakups? The choice is always yours.ALLWORK AND ALL PLAY A Sim’s gotta work! Start differentdreamcareers, and even follow Sims’ days at the Police Station,MovieStudio, and Hospital. The more your Sims go to work, the moretheylearn skills and raise their salary, giving you rewards andsettingthem on a path to success. In their free time, choosedifferenthobbies like cooking, fashion design, salsa dancing, andpuppytraining. The more involved they are, the happier they’ll be,fromkids to teens to adults. The opportunities are limitless whenyoucreate a life your Simslove!________________________________________ Visit for assistanceorinquiries. EA may retire online features and services after30days’ notice posted on Information: This app: requires a persistentInternetconnection (network fees may apply); Requires acceptance ofEA’sPrivacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. includesin-gameadvertising; collects data through third party analyticstechnology(see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details); containsdirectlinks to the Internet and social networking sites intendedfor anaudience over 13.
** Winner of 5 Webby Awards - Draw a Stickman Franchise ** **Playedover 100 Million Times around the Globe ** Grab your penciland getready for the most creative DRAW A STICKMAN adventure yet,with thefirst 3 levels FREE! Imagination is the key, as you entera magicalstorybook land full of mystery and wonder, unusualcreatures andenigmatic puzzles! Create your own original stickmanand then watchit come to life in DRAW A STICKMAN: EPIC 2!Challenge yourself tounlock every secret, collect every drawingand share your creativitywith the world! BRING YOUR DRAWINGS TOLIFE! Unleash your creativityas you draw a Stickman from your ownunique perspective, and thenwatch your animated Hero come to lifebefore your eyes! Make everyidea a reality by saving unlimiteddrawings in your Sketchbook, andsharing them with friends! A NEWSTORY Embark on a perilous journeythrough time! Draw your Stickmanand create a friend! But bewarned….disaster falls upon your ally!It’s up to you to become thehero! Maneuver your way through themagical world of EPIC 2 in aquest to save your partner! YOURDRAWINGS MATTER Create and saveunlimited drawings in yoursketchbook! Use them throughout youradventure! SHARE AND RECEIVEDRAWINGS WITH FRIENDS With the newshare feature, you can now sendyour creations to your friends! Theywill then be able to use yourdrawings in their own epic adventures!FIGHT EPIC BATTLES Face offagainst inked-out goblins,tongue-lashing frogs, fire-breathingdragons, and BIG bosses! Youmust use your own strategies to solveintriguing challenges andpuzzles, while battling all new villains!Jump in to thisaction-packed adventure that allows for endlesscreativity! As youexplore each colorful environment, choose froman assortment ofdrawing pencils and tools to help you successfullyovercome everyobstacle along the way. New features andenhancements allow you tochoose from a larger color palette, alongwith a variety of pencilsizes. With the new share feature, sendyour drawings to yourfriends! Unlock hidden Color Buddies, locatepuzzle pieces, andenjoy new drawing pencils for Wires, Eggs, andIce! This is anexperience like no other, personalized by you! DRAWA STICKMAN: EPIC2 is the sequel you’ve been waiting for and issure to offer hoursof entertainment to avid gamers and creativeminds alike!
Vector 2 1.1.1
Vector 2 features intense gameplay with procedurallygeneratedenvironment and lifelike animations in a dystopianworld.RUN FORYOUR LIFEDescend through a huge and complex researchfacility andtry to get out alive – over and over again.GEARUPThere's no goodrun without good equipment! Try out experimentalhigh-tech gearthat will help you survive a little longer anddiscover ways toupgrade it.ADD STYLE TO YOUR SKILLLearn stunts tododge deadlytraps – and do it in the most badass way ever possible.
Cube Hell: Neighbor Battle 3D 1.1.0
Something is really wrong with your cube neighbor and his house!Itmight seem quiet and nice, but some day you accidentally sawsomestrange shadows through the window… You must find out thetruthabout this evil person in Cube Hell: Neighbor Battle 3D!Getintothis scary cube house passing through the high fence and backdoor!Oh, you thought that there was nobody at home? Unfortunatelythat’snot true! Your cube neighbor is slowly walking down therooms, andyou have no choice except hiding! Conduct a search ofevery room tofind the keys and solve this wild and horrifyingmystery! It’s yourcivic duty! Reveal the secrets of this strangecube man and handhim and his criminal affairs over the police!Beattentive andcareful – there are other cube monsters in this houseand they arewaiting for you! Do everything possible to survive,find the truthand escape successfully! Every room provides youvarious places tohide, so do your best and avoid your meeting withthe brutalneighbor – otherwise you would be dead immediately! Findyourselfin a real trouble with Cube Hell: Neighbor Battle 3D!Don’tforgetto mind your map – there you will see your neighbor’s moves!Thinkahead and use your time wisely – you must survive and find aclue!This angry person will kill you right at the moment when heseesyou! Be attentive and careful!Cube Hell: Neighbor Battle3Dfeatures:• Scary horror escape game• Different monsters andothermen in this awful house• Terrifying puzzle in every room•Variousplaces to hide• Amazing cube graphicsDo your best anddiscover thesecrets of this strange and awful man – your cubeneighbor! Hidefrom his hatred, find the keys from mysterious roomsand reveal hismain secret in Cube Hell: Neighbor Battle 3D!
Century Of Pirates 1.4
Century Of PiratesMultiplayer sea battles, 2 game modes, 3differentships
N.O.V.A. Legacy 5.8.1c
Gameloft SE
THE LEGEND REBORN & REMASTERED N.O.V.A. Legacy brings youthebest 3D sci-fi FPS experience based on the epic first episodeofN.O.V.A., which received critical acclaim -- all in acompactversion of the shooter. Kal Wardin, our hero, is a veteranN.O.V.A.marine, summoned once again to don his Mobile Armored Suitandstrike against the enemies of the Colonial Administrationforces.Helped by Yelena, his personal AI Agent, Kal mustprotecthumanity's destiny by engaging in combat against alieninvaderswhile uncovering the mystery behind their sudden assault.TEST YOURSKILLS IN MULTIPLAYER ARENAS - Deathmatch: Be the lastshooterstanding on an online multiplayer battlefield for 8combatants. Trynot to get caught in the crossfire! - TeamDeathmatch: Make everybullet count in a 4v4 multiplayer strike. -Customize your marinewith a variety of special 3D models and skins.- Top the onlineLeaderboards and climb the leagues to achieve yourdestiny. - Watch3rd-person ""Death Cam"" replays of anyone struckdown by a sniper,caught in the crossfire or blown up on thebattlefield. - Upgradeyour Suit Cores to add different bonuses thatcan boost anythingfrom the force of your bullets to your sniperrifle accuracy. -Matchmaking: Set passwords for private multiplayermatches or usethe advanced online matchmaking system. ACONSOLE-LIKE EXPERIENCEON MOBILE - An immersive offline and onlineshooter experiencebased on a renowned Gameloft FPS series in thesame vein as ModernCombat. - Craft and upgrade sci-fi guns andmodern weaponry bycollecting cards, from sniper rifles withlong-range bullets toplasma guns with devastating force. Having theright gear iscritical! - Enjoy the original N.O.V.A. shooterexperience withenhanced 3D graphics and gameplay. - Play thesingle-playercampaign offline to protect Earth anytime, anywhere.DEFEAT ALIENFORCES IN VARIOUS GAME MODES - Story Mode: Delve intothe storyoffline and fight to uncover the truth about these alieninvadersin 19 action-packed FPS levels. - Shadow Missions: Assaultthealien Special Ops Force on challenging limited-timebattlefields. -Special Ops: Launch a critical strike on uniquealien formations._____________________________________________Visit our officialsite at Check out thenew blog at Don't forget to follow us onsocial media:Facebook: Instagram: Thisapp allows you to purchasevirtual items within the app and maycontain third partyadvertisements that may redirect you to a thirdparty site. Termsof Use: PrivacyPolicy: End-UserLicenseAgreement:
com.heisengame.hospitaltwo 6.8
Heisen Games
★ ★ ★ 15+ Million Download ★ ★ ★ Are you ready to face yourfears?You are in a hospital corridor which fear and horror innested. Youare feeling which fear and death pester to you in everystep. In ahaunted hospital which contains paranormal activities, itis verydifficult to survive if your nerves is not hard as steel.You can'tdetermine who is angel who is devil. Extraordinaryatmosphere,nervous scenario and blood-curdling flow, you are onestep ahead ofcomic book horror game. In second story, young girlcouldn't getrid of nightmares and curiosity. There is only way toget rid ofthis hell which threaten her mental health. Face it! Ofcourseyoung man won't leave alone the girl and our story continuesfromwhere it left. If you have courage, what are you waiting for?-Amazing graphics - Detailed areas - Unique musics - CompletelyfreeNote: We recommend that play the game with headset. -Internetpermissions are required for advertising display andanalysis. -Also requires a network connection. - PrivacyPolicy: - Attention please!According toour Privacy Policy Horror Hospital® 2 game to play ordownload atleast 13 years old. ★ Twitter: ★Instagram: ★ Facebook: ★Web: ★ Horror Game Heisen Games © 2019.AllRights Reserved.
A Night in the Office 1.2
A Night in the Office is a horror game where you have tocompletedifferent missions to leave the office. The player takesthe roleof a restaurant’s manager who stayed at night in theoffice. Youhave to finish your job, collect all the money, lockeverythinginside and leave. But you hear strange noises outsideyour officeat 3:00 am! Something terrible is going on. TheNightmare isalready here and it hunts on you! Be brave enough,little man! Themonster is after you! Run for your life and escapeyour nightmare!A Night in the Office is a perfect pick for fivenights games fans!You will be scared, we promise! Good luck!
LuckyBoy and PrettyGirl - Crystal Temple Maze 3.52
Do you love fire and water (ice) style game ? This game made foryou: Luckyboy and PrettyGirl - Crystal Temple Maze.With over 15millionusers. Luckyboy and PrettyGirl is the most popularadventure andpuzzle free game .One of best game adventure. One ofbest teamworkgame . One of best Maze game !Lucky boy and his lover(Pretty Girl -Ice girl) , who go with him, is a Puzzle andAdventure free game fortwo players. It's an addicting and very funto play with your kid oryour lover or your friend.Control and moveLucky boy and Ice girlthrough the maze in the Crystal Temple andcollect all thediamonds.This game duet bested the trials of threeother ancienttemples or wats. Now they face the most mysteriousone yet!Help Firekid and Water kid get through each level of mazequickly in thischallenge game. Use the uric acid to teleport andgather gems forbonus items. Be sure to keep Lucky boy out of thewater puddles.Youhave a long and difficult way of saving theplanet!Do not waste yourtime, and get started your journey now!Howto play :1. Avoidobstructions in light Maze .2. Just tap thebutton "Change" tochange from Pretty girl to Luckyboy 3. Collectgems many as you cankeep him more robust...4. 150 levels with manymode to play : Easymode, Normal mode , Time mode , Valentine mode, Hallowen mode ,Noel mode...
Nyan Cat: Lost In Space 11.0.7
isTom Games
Play with the most celebrated flying cat in human history.Drinkmilk, eat ice-cream, collect coins, buy gorgeous boosts, flylike asuperhero (sorry... supercat), jump onto platforms made ofcake,avoid angry dogs, and discover the infinite space. And that'snotall, you can choose from multiple game modes, where you canplaywith Nyan Cat's evil foe Tac Nayn, learn to fly ondifferentplanets with Nyan Wings or visit parallel universes. Ifyou'retired, you can even train and feed your own Nyanagotchi. Oh,andlast but not least: you can enjoy the wonderful Nyan-song asmanytimes as you want! Features for Humans: - tastyCOLLECTABLES(energy drinks, donuts and more) - crazy POWERUPS(rockets, bubblesand more) - freaky POWERDOWNS (dynamites,flashlights and more) -evil ENEMIES (dogs, UFOs and more) -stunning boost ITEMS (scoremiltiplier, shield and more) - 5 GAMEMODES, including Nyan Wings -missions! - NYAN EDITOR! - NYANAGOTCHIroom: keep your Nyan happyto earn gifts! The happier he is thequicker you get your prize. -Game Days - an opportunity to get alot of coins for FREE - we payfor you to play! - differentbackground THEMES (Halloween, Xmas andmore) - different forms ofNYAN CAT (Supernyan, Zombienyan, andmore) - TAC NAYN - leaderboards& ACHIEVEMENTS (Google PlayGames) - nyan nyan nyan nyan NYANnyan (nyan, nyan and more)Privacy Policy: Termsand Conditions:
Impossible Quest: funny survival adventure 1.7.11
Axel Sonic
A very dumb survival adventure about a very dumb person. Made byavery dumb developer.
Jurassic Survival Island: Dinosaurs & Craft
The newest version 2018! Do you like dinosaur games? Do you wanttobe a real hunter? Let’s go! Dinosaur games | Juegos dedinosaurios🦎 This is a new survival craft with dinosaurs. You willlive on theisland in the neighbourhood with these fantasticcreatures whichare playful and very dangerous! All in all, you willget a lot ofcrafts and battles within three islands in the oceanwhere yourprime objective is to survive! Survival games | Juegosdesupervivencia 🗡️ Survival is not as simple as it seems. You needtocraft weapons, look for food, build a shelter... Your base goalisquite straightforward - survive on the island in the ocean.Theisland offers a great variety of vital resources andmaterials:beat wood from trees with your own hands, collect stones,and makeweapons. Dino hunter | Juegos de caza 🏹 Be careful, becausenotonly you're hunting in the forest, but also you're beinghunted.It's dangerous and breathtaking land with tropics, inhabitedbydinosaurs also called dragons. Juegos de caza gratis! Jurassic|Tame dinosaurs 🦖 Now you can not only hunt dinosaurs, but alsotamethem. Feed them with meat and berries. Your pet can protect youindangerous fighting with other monsters. So what are youwaitingfor? Tame your first dino! Don’t forget to feed and takecare ofit! Juegos de dinosaurios gratis! Jurassic | Grow your owndragon 🐉Your dragon is a real hunter! It can run and attack, fly inthe skyand walk noiselessly. Hunt dinosaurs, and your best friendwillalways be there to help you on the isla! Survive on the islandinthe ocean | Isla 🏝️ While fulfilling various tasks in yourminibook, journal and map, you can earn money and gold whichenablesyou to buy any resource or real object. Use resources toupgradeyour hero! Gifts and bonuses | Isla 🎁 There are a lotofopportunities to survive on this island in the ocean –collectbonuses and use them to upgrade your hero! One of the bestsurvivalgames is waiting for you! Survival Craft | Supervivencia ⚒️Craftresources and weapons to build a shelter. You can make anyweaponyou want - spear, bow and arrow etc. Build a house toprotectyourself. The best survival craft is here! Try to survive intheocean! Enjoy dinosaur games for free! Juegos desupervivenciagratis! To sum up: Dino hunter / tamer. Collect eggsand crystals,breed the fittest dinosaurs or even dragons. They willlove andprotect you Open world. Discover ancient lands withdinosaurs andexplore deep secret places. But watch out! The Earthis full ofdangers! High resolution graphics Jurassic. There is ahuge varietyof species from tyrannosaurus, stegosaurus, pteranodon,mammoth andothers Craft and build First and third person viewHints: You canget dinosaur eggs from hotspot places with dead dinosor whileopening of golden and crystal eggs Dragon eggs may beobtained fromother crystal eggs Crystal eggs may be found inclutches on theisland or obtained for various live events, offlinetasks and cost🏝️ We have added Pixel Mode! Now you can survive inthe pixelworld! Pixel animals are already here! Your Cape Lion iswaitingfor you! 🏝️ This is one of the best survival games anddinosaurgames ever! Play new Pixel Mode! Grow your own pix dino!
Happy Soccer Physics - 2017 Funny Soccer Games 4.1.1
The players on the pitch like tumbler shuffling back and forth,avariety of wacky action. Tap to play soccer,an amazing andfunnysoccer physics game.It is very easy to play, only tap screen.Thisis very nice game you will play on mobile phone. You can sharegameto your friend with twitter and facebook. You can play it withyoufriends in one screen. In this soccer physics game,you can tapwithyour friend and can't stop laughing. This is a unique leisureandFunny football game, this game has a lot of funny,quickly toenjoyit. [How To Play] Click the button to kick the ball fired intothegoal villain.
Zombie Offroad Safari 1.2.1
DogByte Games
Leave the urban area behind and explore a dangerous openworldpacked with zombies, challenges and loot! Take the wheel of4x4off-roaders, Monster Trucks, Six Wheeled Gas-Guzzlers and climbthehighest mountains where no man has gone before! Deadlyweaponsawait you in this post-apocalyptic open world off-roadsandboxgame. Do what you please: explore massive landscapes,completechallenges, smash zombies, find secret locations, unlockandupgrade cars and weapons, it's up to you! Features: - 6sandboxregions to explore, filled with zombies and fun! - 12vehicles tounlock and drive, each with unique abilities. Policecar, firetruck, APC, monster truck and much more. - Machine-gun,shotgun,rocket launcher, electric gun to unlock and use against thedead -Many challenges to complete: checkpoint hunt, path finding,bossfight and much more! - Find hidden treasure chests scatteredaroundthe world - Find "explorer flags" sitting on the highestmountains- Awesome power-ups to use to your advantage - Variouszombie typesto fight - Fun driving simulator model - Moon map withlow gravityfun! - Open World design, drive freely anywhereAll-terrainvehicles are going to be your key tool to survival andprogress,upgrade them to be more durable and fast! Take control!Tackle thechallenges laid before you as you choose! Start Driving!Welcome toZombie Safari! Created By Dogbyte Games, creator of OffThe RoadOTR, Offroad Legends, Blocky Roads, Off The Road, RedlineRush andDead Venture.
Stickman Rope Hero 2 2.2
Naxeex LLC
*New map.*Reworked battle system.*More weapons, more cars,moresecrets.*New AI system.*Reworked skills tree.New adventuresofstickman ropehero in the dangerous city. More evil clones.Moredifferent weapons. More cars. More of everything.Again yourappearamong of evil replicants. Destroy your enemies with alltheexplosive arsenal at your disposal. Get hot cars and run overotherstickmans.Find friendly copies who will give you tasksandrewards.Participate in the stickman war now!
Hello Angry Neighbor From Hellish House of Secret 2.0.1
Who's your neighbor ? Halloween creature or a shy man ? Why nottosay him hello for free ?Just do not disturb him it cant be safe-prepare to tribal fear !!! What secrect hide crazyhellishneighbours in House of Secrets? Can You Escape with no fearfromcrazy neighbours from hell? Why behave so strange & angry?Goodor Evil angry stranger lives near you? Neighbor from hellinneighbour horror adventure hides something crazy in his evilhouse.Nextdoor neighbor has lots of hidden mysteries &behavestrange. Look around his house for artefacts & openhiddensecret room doors to mystery of mustarded stange man - yournewfriend next house with strange behaviour...who's this guy nextdoor? Your goal is taking part in neighbourhood escapeadventuremystery game. Discover mysteries & secrets before sayHello tohellish neighbours ! Destroy hidden artefacts you can findincreepy neighbourhood house to find hidden secret room entrance,butdon't disturb the crazy owner..he is preety fast to catchyou.Behave stealth & pay attantion..or fast silent escapefromhouse to make people free.Say hello to the angry neighbor fromyourneighbourhood nightmares!In You will meet:★ Angry bothscarymustarded mystery man of neighbourhood ★ Secrets to find outwho'syour nextdoor fellow from hell★ Item search stealth rungameplay★Angry horror behave Artifficial Inteligence★ Scaryatmosphere tofear★ Horror Escape adventure game with elements &hidenobjects for freeDiscover secrets of stranger & feelthefearGoals of this horror adventure game:★ Find and collectitemsfrom old home of hellish neighbours★ Bring em to fireplacetodestroy★ Find the entrance to secret room ★ Be careful not totrapin stranger hands from another world★ Try do not disturbyourneighbourhood Your free hellish horror adventure starts here!Doyou realy know who's your nextdoor fellow ? Can You Escapefromhell & find their mysterios crazy secret room ? Happyhalloweenand creepy night!
com.WildSoda.MineSurvival 2.1.8
Through collections and hunting, you can create tools andbuildings.Through it Protect yourself from zombies and survive fora longtime. Adapted to five mode environment, Create a spaceprotectingyourself from zombies! ■ Find a place where there isplenty of waterand build a settlement! ■ Build various items andbuildings throughcollection and hunting! ■ At night, zombiesappear! ■ You can stopzombies by installing walls, snares, Towers,and Cannon! ■ Bodytemperature, hunger, water, and poo managementare very important!Don't starve! ■ Put him on the altar, call him,fight him! You canobtain the key for the next mode! ■ Build analtar, call him, andfight! ■ 2.0.0 Update ■ ■ Add Cave ■ Add newOres, Monsters,NaturalObjects, Drill ■ Add Fever Zone, Unicorn ■Add 30 Pet(Functional) ■Add Upgrade Steps : Wall, Doors, AttackTower, Cannon, Trap, PowerTower ■ 2.0.4 UPDATE ■ ● Add Custom game★ Android Minimum API : 4.4'KitKat' ★ REQUIREMENTS: RAM 768 AND UPAdventure, Collection,Hunting, Settlement, Crafting, Building ,Defense, Survival Firstgame of the Indie Game developer Wildsoda!There is a lot ofshortcomings, but I will update continuously!Please e-mail me thebug and the request, i will review it andapply it to the update.Lots of attention, love, and play, please.Thank you. [ Game GuideLink ]
Goosebumps Night of Scares 1.1.7
Cosmic Forces
VR compatible! - Featuring Jack Black as the Voice ofR.L.Stine***GOOSEBUMPS’ GREATEST MONSTERS COME TO LIFE! WILLYOUSURVIVE?***The bestselling horror series comes to life onmobilefor the first time and features Goosebumps mostfrighteningmonsters, including Slappy the Dummy, evil gnomes,werewolves, andmore. Can you survive a night in R.L. Stine’s house- a living trapfilled with his most famous monsters? Mystery,madness, andfrightening moments await!****HIGHLIGHTS****Thefirst-everGoosebumps game for Smart Phones and Tablets.Goosebumps’greatestmonsters come to life, including Slappy the Dummy, evilgnomes,werewolves, and more.Jump scares galore! Play a terrifyingsurvivalgame of hide-n-seek with Goosebumps’ most fearedvillains.Hide tosurvive! Learn the secrets of R.L. Stine’smysterious house toavoid being detected.Solve the mysteries!Collect pages from R.L.Stine’s most famous books to trap monsters.Virtual Reality mode:Place your phone in a VR-compatible headset toget even closer tothe action! Compatible with any SmartPhone-compatible VRheadset.Stop Slappy from unleashing havoc, butbeware of the TWISTthat may lead to your doom. *** READ THE BOOKS.SEE THE MOVIE. PLAYTHE GAME!***Goosebumps TM Scholastic. Movie ©2016 CPII. Game code© 2016 Cosmic Forces, Inc. All RightsReserved.Game Developer &Publisher: Cosmic ForcesGameDeveloper: Free Range Games
Eyes - Scary & Creepy Survival Horror Game 6.0.42
You break into the mansion at night. It’s huge and built likeamaze. You're trying to escape, but the monster is after you!Thechase begins. RUN!! Escape ghosts and endure evil jumpscare inthisfree yet terrifying survival horror game. Discoverheart-thumpingterror, chase and scary creatures in this freeatmospheric horrorgame. But no matter what, never play alone in thedark. As youexplore decaying rooms in search of riches, an eeriewail shuddersthrough the dead air and fills your heart with horror.And thechase begins. Lights flicker, books rattle on their shelvesand thescary TV bursts into static. Seven reasons to download Eyes– TheHorror Game right now: → Multiple scary monsters and beaststochoose from – or create your own demon with custom visualsandaudio → Multiple levels to unlock: an old haunted house,anabandoned hospital, and a desolated school. More added allthetime! → Multiple gameplay modes to endure → Use mystical Eyerunesto see through the monster’s twisted vision and try to surviveitsgrudge → Consult a hand-drawn map to plan your next move →Competewith fellow adventurers on the global leaderboards or playoffline→ The perfect horor & thriller game: tense gameplay, ascarybeast, sudden jumpscare, and a chilling atmosphere Will youescapethe mansion? Download Eyes – The Horror Game today for free!
com.rexetstudio.deathrunportable 2.6.2
Rexet Studio
DeathRun Portable - addictive game in which you will choose theroleof the victim or the killer. In this game, players have twooptions:killers and the runners, they have different targetsrunners need torun to the end of the map alive, and the killer isnecessary in thatit is not, do not let them do it, placing theirtraps everywhere.Runthrough the beautiful worlds, jump onplatforms and bypass or settraps, which should fall your victim.Use your opportunity and donot let the enemy catch you either runaway from persecution basedrole you choose. 3.1.8
Move a snake around a dark space, eat mass, defeat and consumeotherplayers to grow the biggest and longest in the game. If themlb atplayer's snake's head collides into a part of another snake,theplayer loses the game and must start over. The defeatedavatar'sbody turns into bright, shining dots for other players toconsume.The player can activate "boost mode", which causes theavatar tospeed up. Feel free to view mlb and use many skins foryour venomsuch as: bird, pig, cat, doodle, minion, pipe, tube,belt, tank,knuckles and very more memes and popular skins. Makeyour mlg wormbe most powerful and amaze in helix world. Don't jumptoo high whenyou activate amaze boost mode, because other playerscan easily beatyou slither. Big thanks to all players which helpsoptimise andimprove our games. Good luck and have a fun!
Block City Wars: Pixel Shooter with Battle Royale 7.1.4
D-Games Apps
5..4..3..2..1.. Welcome to the modern arena where fast cars,sniperduels and fun bandits war at every turn! Look sharp, shootingiseverywhere, there are almost no rules on these streets. Discoveralot of interesting missions about gangsters and cops, bangs,mafiaand police. Get ahead of other hunters for coins, weapons andammoyou can find around. Creative ways of fun and action - thatblockcity might need a little destruction to shake things up. We’vemadeeverything for fans of tough 3d battlegrounds - plasmaguns,destroyer, super rifles, a lot of armor types and manyotherexciting things, you should try out! Accomplish impossibleopsgiven by mafia bosses, where critical goals depend totally onyou!Drive awesome cars, parkour and escape from police. Bad guyorhero, adventures are waiting for you. Take your pixel gun and gotothe Block City! Welcome to third person shooter - Block CityWars:⊹ 13 great multiplayer modes: Team Deathmatch, Free PVPFight,Pixel Hunter, Tank Battles, Street Race and Infection Zombiemode.⊹ A vast megalopolis with top high skyscrapers where you arefreeto do whatever you want ⊹ More than 50 means of transport:sportscars, motor-cycles, jet packs, military helicopters andtakns. ⊹Export awesome skins to minecraft from the game. ⊹ Morethan 100weapon units – Ak47, MINIGUN, Sniper rifle, RPG, Katana andmanymore! ⊹ Full game stats and daily winners lists. ⊹ More than150000 players online a day. ⊹ A game chat for players tocommunicatewith each others. ⊹ Different gangster jobs in SingleSandbox mode.⊹ Awesome pixel graphics with dynamic light.
Vector 1.2.0
Vector is an exciting, arcade-style game featuring you astheexceptional free runner who won’t be held down by the system.Thegame opens with a view into a totalitarian world where freedomandindividually is nothing more than a distant dream. But the heartofa freerunner is strong, and you soon break free. Run, vault,slideand climb using extraordinary techniques based on the urbanninjasport of Parkour all while being chased by “Big Brother” who’ssolepurpose is to capture you and bring you back.Inspired bythepractice and principles of Parkour, Vector’s intuitivecontrolsplease players of all levels, and sophisticated leveldesignschallenge the most demanding players with fast-paced timingpuzzlesas the traceur “flows” over the dystopian rooftops.GameFeatures:-Arcade gameplay from the makers of the hit Facebookgame-Astoundingly lifelike Parkour-inspired moves made possiblebyCascadeur animation tools- 20 challenging levels (40 in the"DeluxeVersion")- Quick to learn, challenging to masterThebestparkour-inspired action game! Vector lets you break free andrun!Don’t get caught!The Press Loves Vector:“The way Vector mimicsthemovements of real-life parkour practitioners is quiteimpressive...I can’t wait to be entrapped in Vector’s promising mixof directionand magnitude.” ( “Vector is thrilling,rich invariety and it reminds us of Stick Run, but offers muchmoreelaborate animations.” ("The only cool way to runfromall your problems." ( “The game looks smashing …”(
com.nekki.shadowfight 2.1.0
The sequel to the famous Facebook smash hit with 40 millionusersShadow Fight 2 is a nail-biting mix of RPG and classicalFighting.This game lets you equip your character with countlesslethalweapons and rare armor sets, and features dozensoflifelike-animated Martial Arts techniques! Crush yourenemies,humiliate demon bosses, and be the one to close the GateofShadows. Do you have what it takes to kick, punch, jump, andslashyour way to victory? There’s only one way to find out. -Plungeinto epic combat sequences, rendered in astonishinglylifelikedetail by an all-new animation system. - Devastate yourenemieswith delightfully intuitive controls, thanks to an all-newfightinginterface designed especially for touchscreens. - Journeythroughsix different worlds full of menacing demons in thisaction-packed, adrenaline-fueled combat RPG with an immersive,intriguingstoryline. - Customize your fighter with epic swords,nunchacku,armor suits, magical powers, and more. Shadow Fight 2.May thebattle begin!
com.tntgames.boomcraft 44
BMG Inc.
Enjoy this endless environment today and build all yourperfectbuildings. This game is fun and addictive. You can letyourimagination run free in this spectacular environment. Enjoyvarietyof building blocks, animals and variety of special features.Youcan place different animals, set a bed, a TV and more… If youarelooking for the game to improve our imagination abilities,thismight be the one. Start placing objects and blocks in yourquest tobuild your perfect world. There are no limitations to whatyou canaccomplish, may it be magnificent garden or a sky scraper,and youcan do whatever you desire. Explore the possibilities within thisfun game. When you are tired you can always put your playertosleep or even let him watch TV, it's up to you. This gameisoffered to you for free and we hope that you will like playingit.You can unblock all the blocks by acquiring the necessary amountofpoints. This app is ad supported, to sustain thedevelopmentprocess. You can send us an email for any questions thatrelate tothe game or for any feedback, we will be happy to assistyou asfast as we can. You can also send us pictures of magnificentthingsthat you have built, so we can share them and publish them,withyou permission, so we can inspire other players to achievesimilarachievements. You can start exploring through this worldanddiscover new things and let your mind run free. In fact,thepossibilities for creating different creations are endless. Youcaneven make a zoo with the variety of different animals thatarewithin the game. We thank you for getting our app and foryoursupport. If you enjoyed playing, we value your ratings, whichinturn help us develop more cool games for you guys out there.Youcan choose to leave your review, we will appreciate it. Thisgamehas automatic saving, so you can always continue from whereyouleft off. You can choose to fly, so you can see everythingfromabove and gain another perspective of how things are looking.Youcan choose to build a house, a castle, a theater or even a city–you call the shots in this world. You can make things lookamazing– just spend the proper time until you make them lookexactly howyou picture them to be. This game is suitable for allages and itis both challenging and fun, so you can easily spendhours playingit. Thank you for getting our app.
School of Chaos Online MMORPG 1.696
Teachers are eaten by zombies! There are no rules in thischaoticschool! FIGHT for RESPECT in this Online Multiplayer Schoolgame.Make friends! Train hard! Gear up! It's the survival ofthefittest! Introduction: This is the beginning of a very funandexciting MMORPG journey. The journey starts off at a schoolthathas become chaotic. The teachers are gone. Probably eatenbyzombies... Now the kids are free to do what they please!Soundslike fun? But wait... There are consequences that come withnothaving any authorities around. Bullies used to back off whenateacher walks by. What happens now? What would you do in suchaschool? It seems that we're back to the basics where it comesdownto the survival of the fittest! Features: • Play with thousandsofonline gamers • Quest Maker - allowing you to make your ownquestsfor others to play • 3D Open world sandbox environment allowsyouto free roam an entire school • Fully customize your characterwithover 5 billion different possibilities • Real-time marketthatenables true economy • Over 30 different fighting moves tocrushyour enemies with in real-time • Loads of weapons and armorsto aidyou along your journey • Upgrade your equipment to make themmorepowerful • Meet friends, or enemies • Create or join a clan towagewars • Buy houses, furniture, then throw a house party withfriends• Buy pets and train them to fight for you • Craft rareitems ofvarious types • Actively under development which means thisgamewill evolve greatly to meet your MMORPG desires TROUBLE? ** Ifthegame is SLOW or FREEZES at the start, please reboot your devicetofree up more memory to play the game. Any problems please leaveadetailed description in the developer support below so we cangetback to you. Thanks! **
Freeroam City Online 1
Play online with up to 100 player per server with Cars,Bikes,Planes, Sniper rifles and guns. Enjoy fun and responsivevehiclephysics instead of the usual realistically sensitive drivinggamesusing: Cars, bikes, planes and awesome rivals, contests andGunfights. -Advanced graphics options: Anti-Aliasing, ShadowQuality,for better graphics and performance. -Download now andplaymultiplayer online with your friends in special dedicatedservers.
com.fungames.flightpilot 2.1.10
Unleash your inner maverick, become a pilot and CONQUER theskies!Get yourself the best plane and go HIGHER! + Ultra REALISTIC3Dgraphics and cool animations + Tons of real-life planes:fromsingle engine props to SUPERSONIC JETS, from airliners tomilitaryaircraft + Fun and challenging missions: emergencies,rescuemissions (save children, women and young boys and girls!),roughlandings, fires, races + Immersive scenario: explore a hugeopenmap with tons of surprises in free flight mode + Intuitivemobilecontrols and an ADDICTING gameplay The best-rated FlightSimulatoron Google Play. And it's a FREE GAME. FUN is absolutelyguaranteed!Download the app for free now and don't miss amazing NEWCONTENT onperiodic UPDATES Not decided yet if you're UP to theCHALLENGE?Forget dumb repetitive games. In Flight Pilot Simulator3D Free,your duty includes racing against time, control a fire inthemiddle of the mountains, and land safely on a tiny airstrip(oreven on an aircraft carrier warship) ● Play it anywhereFlightPilot Simulator 3D Free does NOT require any internetconnection.You can enjoy it in the subway, or while traveling on areal plane,or in the car on the road, or during services in atemple (or maybeeven on toilet!) ● Limited data usage Our free gamewill notconsume tons of data from your mobile plan ● Compatibilityandsupport We're working hard (and continuously) so that allAndroidphones and tablets run the game smoothly. Please report anyissuesyou may experienceto
com.hitrock.hideonline 3.6.0
HitRock Games
Hide Online — an addictive and thrilling multiplayer Hide andSeekaction-shooter game in popular Prop Hunt genre. Hide as a Propfromother players in any room or try to escape! Simply swap andbecomeany kind of hidden object — a chair, a box, a cup, or evenalavatory pan. Or hunt the hidden players as a Hunter by findingandshooting them! Both grownups and children will have funplayinghide and seek in Hide Online!
Real Racing 3 7.5.0
Real Racing 3 is the award-winning franchise that sets anewstandard for mobile racing games – you have to play it tobelieveit. This app offers in-app purchases. You may disablein-apppurchasing using your device settings. Over 200 MillionDownloads!TabbyAwards 2014 – WINNER: Best Action, Adventure, Arcade&Racing Game Mobile Excellence Awards – WINNER: Best MobileGame2013 Game Connect Asia Pacific – WINNER: Game of The Year2013,Technical Excellence, Excellence in Art Meffy Awards –FINALIST:Best Mobile Game 2013 Real Racing 3 features anever-expandingroster of officially licensed tracks with 39 circuitsat 17real-world locations, a 43-car grid and over 140meticulouslydetailed cars from top manufacturers. Plus Real-TimeMultiplayer,Social Leaderboards, Time Trials, night racing, andinnovative TimeShifted Multiplayer™ (TSM) technology, allowing youto race anyone,anytime, anywhere. **This is a resource-intensivegame featuringextremely high quality visuals. Please make sure youhave at least1.5GB of free space on your device.** PRAISE FOR REALRACING 3“Feels a full generation ahead of the competition” (IGN,9.1/10,Editors’ Choice) “A stunning visual masterpiece on mobile”(TouchArcade) “Sets the new standard on mobile for racing games”(PocketGamer, 9/10, Gold Award) REAL CARS Take the wheel of over140intensely detailed vehicles from iconic manufacturers likeFord,Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz and testyourskills on an authentic 43-car race grid – the most epicracingexperience on any handheld. REAL TRACKS Burn rubber on afulllineup of 17 real tracks in multiple configurations fromtopworldwide locations, including Silverstone, Hockenheimring,LeMans, Dubai Autodrome and many more. REAL PEOPLE Go bumpertobumper with friends and rivals in global 8-player,cross-platform,real-time racing with drafting. Or drop into anyrace to challengetheir AI-controlled versions in Time-ShiftedMultiplayer™. MORECHOICES THAN EVER Compete in over 4,000 eventsincluding Cup races,Eliminations and Endurance challenges. Choosefrom a wide range ofupgrades to maximize your car’s performance.Customize your carwith a huge collection of paints, vinyls andrims. View the actionfrom a variety of camera angles, tweak the HUDand fine-tune thecontrols to your personal preference. THE PREMIERRACING EXPERIENCEPowered by the remarkable Mint™ 3 Engine, RealRacing 3 featuresdetailed car damage, fully functioning rear viewmirrors, anddynamic reflections for truly HD racing. Enjoy a rich,next-gengame with the most advanced cross-platform social andcompetitiveracing community ever. Real Racing 3 delivers it all andpushes theboundaries with every update. Welcome to the definitiveracingexperience. __ User Agreement: terms.ea.comVisit for assistance or inquiries. EA mayretireonline features and services after 30 days’ notice Important ConsumerInformation:requires a persistent Internet connection (network feesmayapply);Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie PolicyandUser Agreement. includes in-game advertising; collects datathroughthird party analytics technology (see Privacy & CookiePolicyfor details); contains direct links to the Internet andsocialnetworking sites intended for an audience over 13.
Horsecraft: Survival and Crafting Game 1.2.HC.1.1
★★★★★ Welcome to Horsecraft! ★★★★★Are you looking foradventures?Want to ride a horse through the prairie into thesunset? Or do youwant to be able to do magic? Maybe you want tobuild a farm? Allthis and much more can be found in our new gameHorsecraft.Thereare wolves, cats, horses, rabbits, cows, pigs,sheep and muchmore.Find gold, diamonds, stones, raw materials, woodand makewhatever you want, for example Strong Ax, DeadlySword,Lightning-fast Bow, or build something beautiful, e.g. Ahouse, afarm, a village, or even a city.There is much to discoverandexplore. It becomes particularly interesting in survivalmode,where you are on your own and should createeverythingyourself.Let's go. Have a lot of fun. And please do notforget toleave a Comment. Because I'm happy about your opinion andwant tohear from you what you like about my game and what I couldpossiblyimprove.In addition, I would like to ask you, if younaturally havea desire to translate the description of the game toyour ownlanguage without errors and send me this to my email. Thatwould bea big help for me. Many Thanks!!!
com.firsttouchgames.dls3 6.13
Get ready for a new season of top-quality action – DreamLeagueSoccer is here! Soccer as we know it has changed, and this isYOURchance to build THE best team on the planet. Recruit realFIFPro™licensed superstars, build your own stadium, and take on theWorldwith Dream League Online as you march towards glory, on yourroadto Soccer Stardom! Download Dream League Soccer for FREEnow!***************************************** MANAGE YOUR DREAMTEAMSign top superstar players such as Gareth Bale to create yourveryown Dream Team! Choose your formation, perfect your style andtakeon any team who stands in your way as you rise through 6Leagues totop the prestigious Elite Division. Have you got what ittakes?REALISTIC NEW GAMEPLAY Be prepared for smart, tactical AI toform achallenging and addictive experience. With all newvisuals,realistic animations and 60fps dynamic gameplay (compatibledevicesonly), Dream League Soccer is the perfect Soccer packagewhichcaptures the true essence of the beautiful game. COMPETE FORGLORYDream League Online puts your Dream Team against the very bestinthe world. Work your way through the ranks to prove your teamisthe greatest! Brand-new regular events pit your team againstthebest in an array of different tournament formats. Claim victorytowin unique prizes and medals. FEATURES • FIFPro™ licensedplayersbrings the most authentic Dream League Soccer experience toyourhands! • Freedom to create, customize and control your veryownDream Team! • 6 Divisions to work your way through, and over 7Cupcompetitions! • Take part in regular live events to win prizesandglory! • Build your very own stadium to showcase yoursuperstars! •Develop your players with more accuracy and intent •Seasonobjectives to keep you engaged and coming back! • GooglePlayachievements & leaderboards to see who ranks on top!•Customise and import your very own kits & logos! •Syncprogress between devices with Google Play Cloud! •Exclusivesoundtrack provided by The Luka State, Sunset Sons, BETSIEGØLD,Jack Wins, Vistas & Only ThePoets!***************************************** IMPORTANT * Thisgame isfree to play, but additional content and in-game items maybepurchased for real money. * This app uses Wi-fi or mobile data(ifavailable) to download game content and advertising. Youcandisable mobile data usage on this game from withinSettings/MobileData. * This app contains third party advertising.Unrequestedadvertising is disabled if you purchase in game currencyfrom theshop. ***************************************** LIKE US: WATCH
Assassin's Creed Pirates 2.9.1
***More than 10 million pirates already******More than 200millionheroic naval battles fought***One of the world’s greatestactionfranchise is available on your mobile device! Become one ofthemost feared pirates of the Caribbean in this exclusiveAssassin'sCreed adventure! Play as Alonzo Batilla, a young andambitiouspirate captain, break the rules, challenge empires andamass gold!ENGAGE IN BRUTAL NAVAL COMBATSFight in real-time navalbattles allover the Caribbean Sea.Choose from a wide range ofweapons from thepivot cannon to the mortar, to destroy your foesand manoeuver tododge enemy shots. Show your skills, defeatlegendary ships inbattle and become a true pirate legend!BUILD UPYOUR CREW AND YOURSHIPRaise your flag on the most iconic boats ofthe Golden Age ofPiracy; ranging from the smallest ship to the ManO’War floatingfortress.Upgrade your vessel with legendarycustomizations and themassive bounty plundered on the wildseas.Build your naval empireby recruiting the finest crew membersand learn more than 50 newpirating techniques, cannon & sailupgrades to become a bettercaptain and master naval battles.EXPLORETHE IMMENSITY OF THECARIBBEAN... AND MUCH MORE!Sail throughout avast array of islandsas you explore a huge map.Search for nearlyone hundred treasuresand lost files.Run through dozens of lostMayan temples, dodgeobstacles using epic assassin’s parkour movesand collect mayansstones. Parkour temples to find the fragments ofancient treasuremaps.Hunt sharks, whales and exotic fish to neverrun out ofsupplies.Furnish your fish collection with marvelous seatrophies,from small fry to massive sharks. Live the epicpirate life,raise the black flag and loot a merchant ship loadedwith gold orset sail on quest to battle a slave ship.Beware of theEnglishempire and the Spanish crown and their powerful master ship,as apirate you are always on the run.Compete with your friends forthehighest bounty.DISCOVER GROUNDBREAKING 3D VISUALS ON MOBILEANDTABLETSBask in the West-Indies sunshine, admire beautifulseasunsets, navigate ice mazes and sail through the nightalongbreathtaking coastlines.Changing weather conditions directlyimpactthe way you run your ship and redefine every landscape.Beware ofstorms and of the treacherous fog that will conceal yourenemiesuntil the last moment!Master the sea to become the mostskillfulpirate of the Caribbean Sea and be victorious inbattles.EMBARK ONAN EPIC QUEST FOR A LEGENDARY TREASURELive a navaladventure thatwill reveal the truth about the mysterious losttreasure of thefamous French pirate and assassin La Buse.Crosspaths withAssassins and Templars and take part in their age-oldstruggle.Meetthe most notorious and colorful pirates of the era,including SamBellamy, Ben Hornigold, Charles Vane andBlackbeard!Game availablein: English, French, Italian, German,Spanish, BrazilianPortuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian,Turkish andIndonesianStay on top of your game! Get the latest news,deals,andmoreat....FACEBOOK: TWITTER:•Thisgame is free to download and free to play but some game itemscan bepurchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchasesin yourdevice's settings.