Top 49 Games Similar to Snap The Lock

Fruit Frozen Mania 2.1.2
WordGame Inc.
Fruit Frozen Mania is a very addictive juicy casual game!Enjoysweetand tasty fruit candy blast, and try to solve all thechallengingpuzzles! Have fun in your own splashy adventure.FruitFrozen ManiaFeatures:PLAY through hundreds of candy ice levelsfilled withcreamy dreamy treats!- New feature: Collect candy boom,icy shot(enjoy with fruits frozen free fall now)- Match 3 gamesfilled withice candy, sugar, free fall and sweet treats await!-Adventurethrough hundreds of delectable fantasy levels- Addictingfrenzygames and mini games take you on the adventure of alifetime!-Collect sugar drops to advance along the sugar track forspecialsuprises!- 100% fruits frozen free game to play and enjoywith fallin loveHOW TO PLAY• Swipe to match 3 or more fruits.•Collect thefruits, and complete the levels!• With the colorful andpowerfulboosters, it is easier to try a level!• Enjoy othervariousmissions!• Achieve 3 stars to get more coins!SUPPORTUNIVERSAL APP•Enjoy the game with various devices. (Phones andTablets)Last butnot least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyonewho has played FruitFrozen Mania for free! 

New - Bird Mania 1.1.11
Bird Mania is a very addictive free casual game. This gameisdifferent from other match 3 games, such as smash candy orcookie,Birds Mania gives you a new casual game world, this game canhelpyou to pass time with lovely birds, cats and bears, alsocoolboosters and crazy explosion!* You also need the birds’sability toblast the forest devils! * Bird Mania can crush the iceand get thefish and then feeds the lovely cats, This is a veryinteresting.*Bird Mania also can help the bear to harvest its fruitor yummynuts!The Bird Mania features:* Over 500 levels, more on theway*Numerous of in-game characters , hope you will love them-Newfeature: Collect candy boom, icy shot (enjoy with Bird Maniafreefall now)- Match 3 games filled with ice candy, sugar, freefalland sweet treats await!- Adventure through hundreds ofdelectablefantasy levels- Addicting frenzy games and mini gamestake you onthe adventure of a lifetime!- Collect sugar drops toadvance alongthe sugar track for special suprises!- 100% Bird ManiaMatch freegame to play and enjoy with fall in loveBird Mania FREEto playwith FREE updates including new levels, obstacles, treats,and moreevery week!Match 3 games have never been so sweet! Last butnotleast, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has playedBirdMania for free! 

Garden World 1.8.3122
Cosmo Game
Welcome to the paradise of Garden World! Tap on two or moreadjacentcrops to make them crush. Connect colorful lines of fruitsandvegetables to solve compelling levels in this puzzle adventure.Joinand share the fun with your friends in Garden World!Features:-Over200 awesome levels! Updates come out all the time-Travelthrough 5brand new sceneries: Vegetable Finca, Fruit Garden,Tomato House,Fruit Shores and Orange Castle- Unique barriers:Sandwich, IceFloor, Chocolate Bar, Fluffy Ball, etc.- Collectbreads and cakesfor the preparation of hassle conditions.- Supersmall game size-Completely free to play- Fine arts and smoothanimationeffectsDownload the game in Google Store now, you willenjoy neverending fun in Garden World!
Super Fruit Link 2015 1.01
B Team
Super Fruit Link 2015 is a simpleandaddictinggame for relaxing. You swipe and make longest chainofsame fruitsin this game with exciting special powers. Therearedifferenttargets in each level, you collect fruit chains tofillthesetargets, when all of the targets for a level are removed,youpassthis level.How to play:1. Connect three or more same fruits to score points.2. Archive the target points to level up.3. Eliminate the more fruits quickly can get extra scores.Features:1. More than 80 challenging levels & many game props.2. Sweet and delicious graphic and cool animation effects.3. Interesting game rules and amazing game effect
Fruit Yummy - Juice Mania Jam 1.4
Start your addiction to the delicious fruit match 3 casualgame.Dash through the puzzles alone or challenge friends to see whocanget the highest score with many type of mission:- Mostsimple:Fruit Match 3 same color or more to get enough score ofmission-Harvest Quest: collect enough type fruits in target.- MinerType:you must dig a some line to pass this mission, every level,youmust dig a certain line.- Sand Breaking: identical positionofsand, and match fruit at those position to break sand-Collectcookie: you must swap how to bring the cookie to the bottomline tocrush them.If you are a fan of match 3 puzzle, Fruit Yummy -JuiceMania Jam is the perfect game for you! Try to get all stars ineachlevel to beat leader board and walk through more than 500+levelsin this fruit trip puzzle adventure. And in your journey, youwillmeet obstacle prevent you achieve the target, but don't worry,ifyou meet a difficult mission, the little cow milk in thisfarmmania will give you booster to help you easier than to crushfruitsand harvest them in the same time, you could use it in anytime youwant:- Glove: harvest one of type orange, strawberry,lemon, ...-Refresh: exchange all position in garden.- Grave: fruitblast acolumn.- Trowel: fruit blast a row.- Pop Blast: harvestthree rowand column in farm.How to Play:- Swipe fruit in link 3same coloror more to break it.- Match-3 or more fruits of the sametype fruitto eliminate the color.- Match more than 3 to makespecial fruitslike bomb and blaster, even amazing magic.- Match 4candies orfruits will create blaster could be blast entire row orcolumn-Match T-Shaped or L-Type fruits to create bomb.- Use yourskills atsolving puzzle games to help you beat levels and explorecolorfulcities around the globeFeatures:- Tired of the same fruitjuicegame? Fruit Yummy - Juice Mania Jam is unique puzzle questgame.-Battle challenge with top players, who are best of the best.-Betcoin for challenge other players depend on your talent andskill-Stunning graphics, smooth juice splash animation.- SolveDailyEvents & collect resources and rewards- Easy and fun toplay,but hard to earn 3 stars, and more difficult challenge tomaster .-Everyday, you will give a bonus item or bonus coin, theywill helpyou pass level easier.- You can link with your friend insocialnetwork to play together and help them.- Go top and becomelegend,a juice jam heroes.- Travel from garden to jungle, anytime!Earntravel vouchers to unlock the city of your choice.- ChallengeOver500 challenging exciting levels across dozens exoticgarden.-Easily sync the game between devices and unlock full gamefeatureswhen connected to the Internet.- Unlock unique boosts toget rid ofblocks: Shuffle, Lightning, Shovel, and more!- Connectsocial andplay with friend, help them, send them more live or sendrequest tothem. With every friend you invited, you will receive ancertaincoin, play with friend, more fun, and more exciting.- Slotmachine,extra lucky with free everyday.Please note:Fruit Yummy -JuiceMania Jam is completely free to play, but some in-game itemssuchas extra moves or lives will require payment.If you haveanyfeedback or meet any problem when playing game, please let usknowby contact via email.Enjoy Fruit Yummy - Juice Mania Jam andhavefun!Candy Match 3 King.
Fruit Link Deluxe 2.1
Coool Game
This game is a very addictive and best match-three casual gameinthe google play!How to play:1. Connect three or more samefruitssplash to score points.2. Archive the target points to levelup.3.Eliminate the more fruits line quickly can get extrascores.Gamefeatures:1. More than 200 challenging levels & manygameprops.2. The Fire props can eliminate fruits in one row.3.TheWater props can eliminate the fruits around.4. The Ice propscanunfreeze the frozen fruits.5. Sweet and delicious UI &coolanimation effects.6. Play the game and Have Fun!!!
Cookie Mania - Sweet Match 3 Puzzle 8.1.3189
Cookie Mania is an amazingly new style match 3 time killergame!With a deliciously sweet cookies and chocolate , this match 3gameis full of fun and challenges. Travel through magical worldofcookie village, visiting lovely panda, deer and littlemonster'swonderland. Float your way though hundreds of challengesby makingdelicious cookie combos, or your batch combo will besmashed by thewizard you summoned! Cookie Mania is completely freeto play butsome in-game items such as extra moves or lives willrequirepayment. Come and enjoy the addictive match 3 gamingexperience youcould ever have. - Swap to match 3 or more yummycookies - Match 4or more luscious cookies to create powerfulspecial cookie - Smashcookies or special task to complete levels -Delectable cookiedesign and amazing sound and graphic effects aftercracking cookie- 160 unique and funny levels that are filled withfascinatingchallenges! - Visit match 3 world rank throughfacebookconnect,play and contest with friends! - WIFI free Are youready totravel on magical cookie paradise with us? Follow us to getnewsand updates on facebook: up to date cookie crush game news and update -Specialrewards and events all the time, such as game world rank -Seamlesssync across multiple devices
Jewels Star 2018 1.5
Jewels Star 2017 is a very addictive match 3 game. DownloadJewelsStar 2017 for fun now.How to play- Match 3 or moreidenticaljewels.- Match the jewels until the board transparency,the jewelsstar will appear.- Make the jewels star down to last lineto passthe level.Tips: Complete the game as soon as possible to getmaxbonus scoreYour mission is to win Jewels Star 2017, pass thelevelsand try to get three stars for each level.Features- More than300exciting levels- Match 4 jewels to win the jewel's bomb and1lighting.- The timing bonus can extend the playing time.- Match5jewels to win color-changing jewels and 2 lighting.- Everymatchfrom 3 jewels you will accumulate energy for mighty bomb,thathelps to destroy obstacles for you.- For the chained jewel, youcaneliminate the jewels around to unlock it.- For the frozenjewel,you can eliminate the jewels around to release it.- The bombbonuscan eliminate the jewels around.- The lightning jewel caneliminatejewels in one row.Let's go to a Jewels Star 2017 journeyfrom yourMarble Diamond kingdom while you are solving Fun Match 3puzzlesacross 300 exciting levels full of beautiful Gem islands,JewelForest, frozen ice river, colorful Diamond fields andHistoricalTreasure.
Fruits Garden Mania 2.7.3189
Here comes the new adorable fruits match-3 game. Swap andmakemouthwatering lines of 3 or more cute cropsies to solve100+amazing puzzles. Plunge into Fruits Garden Mania and stock uponsweet tomatoes, beckoning blueberries, ripe carrots, greenpeppers,violet broccoli and cuteturnips.=========================================== ✦ 144 deliciouslevels- challenging and uniquely fun ✦ March through 3 delightfulmaps- Broccoli Lane, Radish Clouds, Veggie Meadow✦Match 3 or more cropsies to collect appetizing fruits and veggies✦Gather various cropsies to win tasteful levels before you run outofmoves ✦ Powerful boosters, amazing props, interestingobstaclesskyrocket your fun ✦ Cute veggies and adorable cropsiesgraphics ✦Enjoy classic and addictive match-3 gameplay for FREE ✦Easy toplay, hard to master============================================Join Fruits GardenMania now! I want all those cropsies!
Fruit Burst 1.1.3001
Cosmo Game
Here comes the latest fruits match-3 game. Swap and makelongestlines of 3 or more juicy fruits. Resolve 100+ amazingpuzzles.Steep into Fruit Burst and stock up on sweet and deliciousfruits.Why you will love Fruit Burst- 144 delicious levels -challengingand unique fun- March through 3 delightful maps- MaranjaAlley, Peaceful Inlet, and Vegan Meadow- Cute andjuicy fruitsgraphics - Enjoy classic and addictive match-3 gameplayfor FREE-Easy to play, hard to masterHow to Play- Match 3 or morefruits tocollect- Gather required fruits, ice cream and ducks towintasteful levels before you run out of moves- Use powerfulboostersand amazing props to help you break cupcake, jumpingmosters andoctopus virusJoin Fruit Burst now! Enjoy endless fun forall ages.
Candy Swap 2 2.0.3911
SWEET! Delicious candy world journey continues in Candy Swap 2.Swapcandies to make sweet lines of 3, create candy blasts! Escapeto sweet and wonderful Candy Swap 2 where VioletButtermint,Tangerine Piece, Kiwi Jelly, Strawberry Star, RaspberryHeart andSky Mints are everywhere. Come and go swapping! Why youwill likeCandy Swap 2 • Cute and crystal-like candies • Objectivesdiffer inalmost 200 candy levels • Multiple gameplay: time mode,move mode,and more • Journey through new candy map • Create a highscore inyour friends circle • Never ending fun for all ages MeanderthroughCandy Swap 2 sweet world now!
Magic Candy 6.8.3911
Magic Candy is a deliciously sweet match 3 casual game. Inthisfantastically amazing candy world, Cherry Pea, Peppermint,BananaHeart, Blue Bonbon and Violet Candy are everywhere. SWAP,SWIPE andMATCH 3 or more same adjacent magic candies to master thefun ofcasual match 3 game. Escape to this superb Magic Candyparadise andmatch to sweet triumph!! Magic Candy Key Magical Spells✿ Addictiveand irresistible match 3 gameplay ✿ Unlock appetizinganddelightful candy maps: Sweet Valley, Chocolate CottageandSugarshell Bakery ✿ 144 perplexing and puzzling candy levels✿Charming and taste candies Topped With ✿ Challenging butfunobstacles: Fruit Cake, Lollipop etc. ✿ Wonderful arsenal forpropsand power-ups ✿ Enjoy high quality visuals and excitingspecialeffects ✿ Attention: Play Magic Candy could lead to strongdesirefor tasty candies! ✿ Leaderboard available: Play and competewithfriends Have a delicious rest. Play awesome Magic Candy filledwithamazing fascination NOW!!
Farm Garden Mania 2.0.3163
Farm Garden Mania is a deliciously fresh new farm match-3game.Collect fresh vegetables and harvest deliciouswatermelon,mushroom, banana, pea, eggplant and radish in FarmGarden Mania.Farm Garden Mania Features · Fascinating new farmgarden scenes:Harvest Field, Astral Loom and Moonlit Bay ·Addictive andinteresting match-3 gameplay · Over 140 awesome levels· Easy toplay, challenging but rewarding to fully master · Perfectsyncbetween mobile phone and tablet · Super small game size (LESSthan15MB) that guarantees smooth gaming experience · Join and sharethefun with friends via online leaderboard · Amazingandmouth-watering obstacles(cake, cookie, jam, ice, etc.) that soarupyour fun How to Play Farm Garden Mania · Swap and swipefreshvegetables and fruits · Switch and match 3 or more tasty crops·Collect vegetables and fruits strategically by using fewer movestowin tough levels Download Farm Garden Mania for FREE now!
Fruits Mania 2.1.3122
Cosmo Game
Here comes the most adorable and challenging fruit casualgame.There are plenty of fresh peaches, yummy blueberries, sweetapplesand juicy grapes waiting for your exploration. Travel acrossthegarden islands on a mission to collect all the juicyfruits!GameFeatures:- Over 200 levels of wonderful andmouth-watering puzzlegame- Match 3 or more fruits to collectappetizing fruits andveggies- Watch out for purple jellies- Gathervarious fruits to wintasteful levels before you run out of moves-Powerful boosters,amazing props and unique obstacles skyrocket yourfun- Enjoyclassic and addictive match 3 gameplay for FREESweetenyour freetime and have fun with amazing Fruits Mania!
Sweet Fever 3.9.3909
Big fan of playing candy puzzle games? Sweet Fever isperfectlysuitable for you and all your friends. Arrange at least 3identicalcandies in line to blast, reach the target score andcollectcookies and lollipops to help you move to the nextcompellinglevel. Features: - Addictive and irresistible match 3gameplay -Enjoy 240 levels of thrilling fun - Travel though 5 brandnewsceneries: - Smart power-ups - Unique obstacles: cake,chocolate,ices etc. - Well-designed UI and cool effects - Simpleand fun tostart, yet challenging to master - Play anywhere andanytime - Allfree Enjoy this amazingly fantastic candy realm!
Fruit Boom 2.7.3909
Tap on 2 or more delicious fruits of the same. Make juicyfruitsbooming in 100+ uniquely puzzling levels. Join purelyorganicjourney which is full of wonderful twists in Fruit Boom!Fruit BoomFeatures Super simple and easy to play: Just Tap Cute andjuicyfruit graphics Walk your way through Watermelon Trail,TangerineCave, Yummy Gulf Stock up on all rainbow candies,delicious cake,star coin and chocolate virus etc. 144 astonishingfruit levels Tap2 or more same fruits to boom Dozens of powerfuland interestingboosters All fruits lovers! Download Fruit Boom andenjoy thebooming fun of one tap gameplay!
Candy Mania 1.5.3163
Cosmo Game
Warm welcome from Candy Mania! Candy Mania is an interestingandsplendid match-3 candy game. Play around hundreds ofamazinglytasty puzzle levels and join the sweetest and tastyjourney inCandy Mania! - Swap and match 3 or more tasty candies -Collectrequired number of candies to complete level targets -Captivatingand new map scenes - Challenging but interestingobstacles -Eye-catching and adorable candy graphics - Easy to play,hard tomaster - Use powerful boosters smartly to help you level up- Makehundreds of combos to pass levels strategically -FREE and FUNforeveryone Let’s get started with amazing Candy Mania!
Fruit Fever 1.1.3001
Cosmo Game
Most Juicy Fruit Game!This is a brand new and innovative fruitMatch3 game. Fruit Fever is the best fruit casual game for ALL.There areamazing new fruits, splendid new booster and a relaxingworld toexperience Fruit Fever! - Swap to match 3 or more fruits-Collectrequired number of fruits to complete levels- With the helpallvarious powerful boosters, levels can be passed more easily-Achieve3 stars to top the leaderboard- Tasty and juicy fruitsgraphics-Hundreds of unique puzzles that are full of amazingchallenges!-Easy and fun to play, difficult to fully master- PlayWHENEVER andWHEREVER you want: Can be played even withoutInternet- Crackdelicious Cake, Bread and Chocolate to finish leveltargets- Supersmall APK size (<10MB)Let’s get started forendless fun in FruitFever!
Onet Fruit 1.3
Free Puzzles
Onet Fruit is classic yet innovative casual game!Connect 2matchingfruit cards using three or fewer straight lines to clearfruitcards, clear all match pairs to go next stage.
Farm Blast Mania -Garden Pop 6.3.14
Fruit Blast Mania - Garden pop a luscious fun adventure of amatch-3swap game with lot of juicy and green veggies and dairyfarm. Blastthe garden cropsies with the help of easter bunnies,racoons ,rabbits, and cows to defend against the evil scarecrowsand theenemy garden witch.Harvest the farm for juicy the ripecropsies inthe fruit farm by swapping the same fruit in the evergrowing gardenparadise in the merry islands. Be a farm hero insaving the farmranch from the scarecrows, evil green monsters andgarden gnomes.Enjoy the fun filled juicy garden harvests playingthis fruit frenzygame across the levels.Connect with Facebookaccount to play againstyour best friends and challenge them inthis amazing fruit blastjourney. Google Play Leaderboards to findamazing opponents aroundthe world and showcase your skills againstthem. Each level hasfruits to blast and crops to swipe and harvestto collect for thetarget. Blast the evil pests like the witch andthe scarecrow. Blastthe blocker vegetables in the farm frenzygarden jam game.The gamefun swap match-3 puzzle casual game.Travelacross the garden islandsto find all the harvested cropsies andfruit jam treasures in thefarm to be crowned as ultimate gardenmaster.★ GAME FEATURES ★●Exciting Garden frenzy pop game with lotof fruit jams.● Farm fruitsand vegetables to harvest across eachgame level● Amazing fruitblast game with beautiful graphics andaddictive gameplay● GooglePlay Leaderboards to find new opponentsaround the world● 200+ juicyfruity levels to beat and blast thegarden gnomes in garden islands●Cross every juicy level bycollecting the fruits needed in thatlevel● Get hidden specialcombo fruits and rainbow fruits hiddenwaiting to be unlocked●Blockers of ice layer, mud, barrel, stonesand dumbbells to blockyour heroes quest.● Super fruity and juicypowerups like gardenblast and fruit splash mania● Facebook lets youinvite yourFacebook friends to challenge and beat your score●Beautifulblossoms and flowers in the garden● Exciting swipe match3experience with free bonus coins won passing each level● Farmshopto purchase powerups to attack the enemies in fields and getthecrops in the harvest.● Additional levels added every month tokeepyou hooked throughout the garden adventure● Heap of fruitytreatsto be collected in the ranch passing each level.● Crazypowers andblast effects like: fruit blast, farm blast, garden jam,Farm Jam,Rainbow crop★MISSIONS ★● Collect the cropsies to passevery juicylevel in the game● Smash all garden gnome obstacles likemud block,slimes, ice blocks and dumbbells● Collect the specialitems hiddenin the game to get a farm surprise bonus● Starchallenges, levelchallenges and daily challenges to keep you happy●Leaderboard ingoogle play to beat and compare with people aroundthe world★GAMEDIRECTIONS ★● Match 3 fruits to blast them out●Limited number ofmoves to collect the crops needed by the gardengnome.● Blast 4garden fruits in horizontally direction to createjuice crushingblast● Smash 4 garden fruits in vertical direction tocreate juicemania● Smash 5 garden fruits to get a rainbow fruit●Crush 5 gardenfruits in L or T direction to get a Super fruitjuice● Combine any2 special garden fruits to get a Ultimate GardenBlast● Combinejuice crushing blast and juice mania to get aUltimate Garden SmashBlast● Combine juice mania crusher and Superfruit juice to getanother Ultimate garden Smash Blast● Crush thosefruits gardenharvest items and pop out the points★Thank you fordownloading thegame :). We are happy to support you★● Send us yourqueries orfeedback and we will quickly respond :[email protected]●Follow us on Facebook to get exclusivegifts/updates:
Jewel Smash 1.2.3163
The magic jewels are in your hands now!! Switch and match 3 ormoresparkling jewels to walk through more than 300 levels in thisnewhit puzzle adventure. You’ll find cascades of fun withyourgem-swapping. Jewel Smash Key Ingredients ✦ 336 new andpuzzlingjewel levels ✦ Swap and swipe to match 3 or more jewels ofthe sameto crush ✦ Challenging but fun obstacles ✦ Stunninggraphics with ahighly polished interface ✦ Use powerful props toenjoy explosivefun Topped With ✦ Flaring jewel mapscenes:Sapphire Park, Gems Garden,Emerald  Castle,Gemstone Forest, Jewel Island,etc. ✦ Addictive andeverlasting match 3 gameplay Plunge intofantastic Jewel Smash forFREE now!!
Fruit World 1.9.3911
Here comes the most juicy fruit match-3 game. Swap to match 3ormore succulent blueberries, Granny Smith, fresh strawberriesandappetizing grapes in Fruit World. Set out for an impressivefruitsblasting journey in Fruit World! How to Play ❤ Swap andmakematches of 3 or more fruits ❤ 4 or more fruits'blastingtriggers power-ups and boosters ❤ Gather variousfruits to winfruity levels before you run out of moves Fruit WorldNew Features❤ Nearly 150 well-designed fruity levels ❤ Travelthrough 3 newmaps: Island’s End, Sunny Mountaintops, Fresh Town ❤Challengingobstacles & unique collect items ❤ Fresh and cutefruits ❤ Verysmall APK size (<10MB) ❤ Easy to play, hard tomaster ❤ Playingaddictive fruity match-3 game for FREE Easeyourself in Fruit Worldhere and now!
Fruit Frenzy 1.9.3163
Here comes the new fruit match-3 game! Swap and swop to harvest 3ormore fruits. Rake in all tasty fruits within your private fruitacrein Fruit Frenzy! Fruit Frenzy Features ● Swap to match 3 ormoresweet fruits to have a hearty harvest ● 4 or more fruits'matchingcreates power-ups and special fruits ● 144 new fruitylevels whichis full of unexpected twists ● Harvest required numberof fruits,collect delicious strawberry sundae and chocolate cakesto winlevels ● Explore in 3 new lands: Paradise Pier, Soda MeadowandTranquil Forest ● Very small size APK: <10MB ● Scrumptiousandsuper cute fruit graphics ● Easy to play, yet a huge challengetofully master Stay peachy, enjoy amazing Fruit Frenzy!
Fruit Garden 1.2.3029
It's a very good casual game used tosendleisure time! Match the same color delicious fruits in lineorcross. Get more points by eliminating more fruits before yourunout of moves!How to play:- Swipe the sweetest fruits to make 3 or more with thesametype- Use the powerful boosters to help you with the trickylevels- Collect enough fruits and complete the game targetsGame features:- Lovely graphics and beautiful scene of the harvest land- Journey through 200+ enchanting levels- Simple to get started, but difficult to become a masterWhat are you waiting for? Download and enjoy Fruit Garden inGooglePlay for FREE now!!!
Cleopatra Match 3 Jewels Quest - Pharaoh Gems 4.8.4
🔰 Game Story :• At the beginning of time before the curse ofthepharaoh, ancient Egypt was an arid desert with no life, Untiltheappearance of the elements jewels or so-called Cleopatrajewels,these jewels possess the greatest power ever known, that canevencreate life itself, such power must be hidden from the public.Theancient pharaohs locked the jewels of Cleopatra inside thegreatpyramids and harnessed its power to revive the ancient aridworldof Egypt. It has worked and turned the desolate world intoaparadise above the earth.• But over time the mystery of thejewelswas no longer hidden. Some began to pursue Cleopatra'sjewels,Everyone had a reason behind this quest but the purpose wasone.They thought that if they could possess the lost jewels, theywouldhave the great power of creation. One day, the boldest ofthemdecided that she had to take what was her right. She was one ofthepharaohs, she was a great warrior and a good queen for herpeople,her name was Cleopatra. But possessing the elements jewelsthatlater bore the name of Cleopatra jewels, under one hand turneditfrom a grace to a curse, giving birth of a terrible darknessthatCleopatra herself could not control it, and she never sawagain.•Cleopatra's cursed jewels began to take everything theygave, lifehas been taken away from the ancient world of Egypt.Cleopatra diedand was the last of the pharaohs, but the curse ofher jewels neverdied.• The prophecy says that one day Cleopatra'scursed jewelslegend will be destroyed by a noble and immaculate manwho willbreak the curse, restore stability and fertility to ancientEgyptand all the surrounding worlds saving all forms of life fromloss.•Are you the chosen person that the prophecy spoke about? Doyouhave the courage to do whatever it takes to break the curseofCleopatra jewels and end the jewels quest?• If your answer isyes,welcome to a fascinating world of exciting adventures. Duringthismatch 3 game, you will have to break the cursed jewels tounlocknew levels with every 20 levels you unlock you save a worldof thecursed worlds.• Challenge your friends and family during yourepicjourney to save the world from the lost jewels of Cleopatraandprove them that you are the chosen who seeks glory, notmedals.Reveal the mystery of old Egypt by solving the puzzle ofthismagical match 3 game, and remember that heroes are made notborn.🔰How to Play :• Match 3 or more jewels (one in a row) of thesamecolor by clicking at one jewel and drag it to other adjacentjewelsof the same color and all of them will be crushed, use thespeciallost jewels to enhance the destructive force when you crushthem.☥Jewels Features:- Horizontal stripe jewel destroys alljewelshorizontally on its way- Vertical stripe jewel destroys alljewelsvertically on its way- Volcano jewel destroys all jewelsaround (9jewels) on its way- Multicolor jewel destroys all jewelsthe samecolor which has been combined☥ Mix of Features:-(Horizontal stripejewel) + (Vertical stripe jewel) = Destroys alljewels horizontallyand vertically on its way- (Horizontal stripejewel) + (Volcanojewel) = Destroys 3 rows of jewels horizontallyand vertically-(Volcano jewel) + (Volcano jewel) = Big Volcano Boomdestroysaround more jewels than just Volcano jewel (13 jewels)• Andmorefeatures we'll let you discover it yourself while playing oneofthe best free match 3 games.🔰 Special Bonus:• When you reachthelast level of our casual match 3 game and finish it, takeascreenshot of the map showing that you are successfullyunlockedall levels, and send it to us via e-mail or throughCleopatraJewels group on Facebook and we will put your name on thenext newmap of this cursed pharaoh match 3 game!•E-mail:[email protected]•• Have funplayingCleopatra Match 3 Jewels Quest 2 ツ
Candy Smash 2.5.3189
Here comes the sweetest candy match 3 game for allsweetlovers! Swap to make matches of 3 or more candies.Collect asmany candies as possible and relax in this fascinatingCandy Smash.- Objectives differ in 240 varying levels. More to beexpectedsoon. - Beautiful and tempting candy design - Travel aroundbrandnew worlds: Chocolate Field, Sunny Gardens, Hazel River, IceMaze,Moonlit Oasis - Classic and addictive match 3 puzzle game -Swap,switch, slide and match 3 or more same candies - Match 4 ormorecandies to create special candies - Use powerful props andspecialcandies smartly to break Cake, Honey, Gummy Skull,Chocolate, Iceetc. - Play anywhere anytime: Can also be playedwithout WIFI Roamabout Candy Smash fantastic wonderland now!
Sweet Candy Crack 2.5.3160
Here comes the sweetest candy match-3 game for allsweetlovers! Swap to make matches of 3 or more candies, burstallcandies. Create longest candy line and relax in thisdelightfulCandy Crack. Here comes the sweetest candy match-3 gamefor allsweet lovers! Swap to make matches of 3 or morecandies, burstall candies. Create longest candy line and relax inthis delightfulCandy Crack. - Objectives differ in 240 differentlevels. Morelevels to be expected soon. - Travel around brand newworlds:Perppermint Terrace, Grape Dipped Castle,Sweety Italy,Ice-cream Palace, Candy Farm - Classic andaddictive match-3 puzzlegame - Swap, switch, slide and match 3 ormore adjacent same candies- Match 4 or more candies to createspecial candies - Use powerfulprops and special candies smartly tobreak Cake, Honey, Gummy Skull,Chocolate, Ice etc. - Beautiful andtempting candy design with magicglamour - Play anywhere anytime:Can also be played without WIFIWander off around Candy Cracksugary paradise now!
Candy Cream
Welcome to the world of Candy Cream, It is a veryaddictivematch-three game!Enjoy the full candy adventure for free!CandyCream Features:● Super beautiful graphics● Over 100interestinglevels● Multiple goals, time mode, move mode● Very smallsize butsuper tasty graphics● Sweet and shining candies, verydelicious!●Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!Freeto playCandy Cream saga game! It's exciting, sweet anddelicious!Come anddownload it for free in Google Play!
Fruit Burst 1.5.696.866
BSoft Studio
***A Top 50 game match 3 candy in over 250countriesworldwide.***Fruit Burst is one of the most popular fruitgames!Connect 3 fruits and burst!you love fruit burst, this game isforyou. Download it and play, it's FREE!fruit burst is a game tosolve100+ challenging levels in this delicious puzzleadventure.Challenge and compete with your friends inside the gameand getrewarded! You are not going to put it down once you havestarted!Take yourself on a wild journey and experience the match3adventurewith fruit mania. Never ending game and never ending funwith dailybonus every day!Let show it for you.1. A lot ofChallengingPuzzles! 2. 500+ funny and challenging game levels, Doyou want tochallenge your brain?3. More than 50 kinds of sweetcandy fruits.4.1000+ juicy levels of the best connect 3 game withdifferentchallenging goals5. Special challenges such as breakingice cubesand delivering portal keys6. Match 3 meets fruit burst.7.Morestrategy and more happy.8. Free gift box for each level whichhelpsyou pass the level easier!9. Spin the Daily Booster Wheel foradelicious prizeWhat we bring to you?1. Bring relax and happytoyou.2. Help you kill your boring time.3. Help you train yourbrainand finger.4. Are you alone? We will bewithyou.======================How to play FruitBurst:========================★--> Match 3 or more fruitstocollect★--> Gather required fruits, ice cream and ducks towintasteful levels before you run out of moves★--> Usepowerfulboosters and amazing props to help you break cupcake,jumpingmosters and octopus virus★--> Match 3 or more fruitstoBurst!★--> Slice like a fruit ninja! Connect 3 or more fruitstoblast! please email us if your device is not supported, we willtryour best to support it.if you love this fruit burst game,pleasegive 5 stars to encourage developers.Welcome to our juicyFruitFarm! Download and blast more juice!
Pop Dog 1.2
Play now the #1 match 3 blast game of the year! Pop Dog is newtoysblast casual game for free with 999 LEVELS. PopDog! FREE now -aninteresting elimination puzzle game! Try to clear all dogs,youwill get more bonus points! If you could get 4000 points inonestage, you are the star of Pop Cat game! Pop Puppy ispuzzlePopStar classic games, FREE and Fun! Matching game 2017. Havemanypuppies in this Dog Blast game - Popping Game Classic : Pop Dogisan amazing pop match - 3 puzzle game for kids and adults!Downloadthis classical pop star game for free and start the poppingdogdash today! Train your brain with one of the best “poppingpuzzlesfree” of charge - improve your capacity of memorization andboostup your brain power with this simple, but fun 2017/2018 popgame!Excellent and addicting match 3 breaker blast game! In CubeMatchyou enjoy more mode game play.THE ULTIMATE MATCHING PUZZLEGAMEWITH UNIQUE MAGIC POWERS AND BOOSTS!♥ ♥ ♥ Join the fun world ofAnyand help collect her precious toys!♥ ♥ ♥ Beware!! Once you pop,youcan't stop!Match three or more puppies blocks of the same colortoclear the level, rescue dogs, collect the toys from wheretheystuck. But be careful! It is not that easy to save all thetoyswhile your moves are limited! Your talent in solving puzzleswillbe your best tool while playing this super addictive game. Nomorecrushing candies, breaking diamonds, crunching cookies orfarming.Bust the dogs and enjoy this colorful adventure! FreeAddictiveBlock blast Game! Fantastic fun!!! Easy Crush Play! BestCasualMatching Game Ever! This is popular puzzle games.DiscoverAny’sworld to make her smile. Play with the sweetest toys that willdragyou to Any’s enjoyable world. Crunch all the same colored cubesbyusing various boosters such as brick-busting blasts,rechargeablepower-ups and many more!Click on any 3 same adjacentcubes and takeon this smashing fascinating cube blasting trip incube blast andrescue puppies!Pop Dog Features:- 999 fun levels andwill updatemore soon!- Build up your toy block by collecting morecubes-Playing addictive game for FREE and rescue the pets- Manytoysattached with your childhood memory: toy box, pop star, ...-Minigames: toy collapse puzzle games, spin wheel - Amazingblockpuzzle game will improve your resolve ability. How to playPopDog?- Tap 2 or more adjacent cubes of the same to blast-Achieverequired score to pass levels, no time limit- The more cubesgetblasted each move, the higher score you will get- Try yourbestclear all cubes, you will be rewardedPower up Boosters:- TNTbomb:explode around cubes like popstars- Balloon Pop: explode samecolorcubes to make big toddler toys- Crush Shovel: splash one cubetocreate pop blast- Collapse Blast: crush verticle and horizonpopcubes- Cube Blast: destroy blocks same color blast Easy to playandpleasurable game for all age. Simply Drag the blocks, and match3cubesYou can play Toy Crush Blasts Cube games for FREE! Pop Dogistoys blast and block cubes crush Puzzle gameSo Download now PopDogfor free and start playing and enjoying Dog Rescue game! Let'spopdog, pop bird ! Let's have fun.
Garden Mania 2 - Happy New Year 3.1.0
Garden Mania 2 is a new matching puzzle from the makers of hitgameIce Crush! Switch and swap, match 3 crops, run your gardenclub,challenge crops disease, face lava threat, collect coconuts-allwith strategic matching! Garden Mania 2 is an all-newmatchingpuzzle filled with mixed crops madness! It's a fruityseason! Cropsgrow in your garden! ☆☆☆☆☆ Highlighted New Features☆☆☆☆☆ ★ UnlockSpring adventure as you matching through your garden!★ Up to 30different well-designed game play, and new game play willbe addedregularly. ★ Magical garden club is waiting for you! Greatrewardsand daily bonuses are prepared as well! ★ Eye-catchinggraphics andanimations which will bring you into the story-drivenadventure! ★Rechargeable boosters, well-designed power-ups helpwith thosechallenging levels. ★ 700+ of well-designed free levels!Freelevels and game modes added regularly! ★ Facebook connected,easyto sync progress on different devices. ★ Easy and fun to play,yetchallenging to fully master: all with strategic swiping! ☆☆☆☆☆Howto Play ☆☆☆☆☆ ★ Switch and match 3 or more crops to reachthetarget. ★ Unlock power-ups, collect coins, run your garden clubforthe preparation of tough levels. ★ Less moves you pass alevel,higher score you'll get. Can you score high enough to earn 3starson every level? ★ Garden Mania 2 is completely free to playbutsome in-game items may require payment. Like Garden Mania 2onfacebook fan page for all the latestnews:
Farm Crush Match 3 0.05
Marble Media
Big fan of fruits match 3 puzzle game? Farm Crush Super Hero isanew match-3 puzzle an delightful adventury game give you a newwayto play on the farm. A lot of fresh fruits and vegetables intheharvest season and protect them be a farm super.Joincolorfulmatching adventure in Farm Crush and share the fun with allyourfriends and families! Ready for the relax journey?Harvestyourgarden farm. Swap and Swipe same color crops to clearyourboard.\Super Farm Crush KEYS:+ With 500 amazing levels indifferentsceneries: Vegetable Finca, Fruit Garden, Tomato House,FruitShores and Orange Castle+ Gather all kinds of crop, fruits inthefarm.+ Collect soils to win the level before you run out ofmoves.+Swap swipe switch and match 3 or more adorable crop/fruit totomake a wonderful remove.+ Rechargeable boosters, extra movesandspecial power-ups to help with those challenging levels.+ Match3and expand your game board for more ways to win superfarmadventurer.+ Smooth and excellent game experience+ Fantasticgamemodes and small size for downloading+ Completely free toplayThanksfor your play farm crush match 3 game. If you have anyfeedbackplease email to us. Good Luck
Candy Yummy 1.6.3029
Take on this fantastic adventure. Make matches of 3 or morecandies.Matching of 4 or more candies can trigger infinitesweetness whichwill make your sweet memories last forever. Cutelittle pandas areready to be your companion in this candy kingdom.Sweet lovers! Whatare you waiting for? Come and join the candyfeast with pandababies!Features:- Amazing LevelsMore than 230challenging candylevels. Lollipop, lemon hard candy and chocolatewith agreeabletasty flavors are everywhere!- Play ANYWHEREANYTIMEUnlimited lives.Can be played even without Internet. -Sweet DesignTremendous candyworld waiting for you to explore!-Easy to PlaySuper simple rules!Match, trigger sweet moments, getcombos and huge bonuses!- SmallsizeDo not need much storage spaceon the phone- Colorful SpecialEffectsEnjoy colorful and amazingspecial effect as well as smoothgaming experience
Cookie Yummy 1.3.3029
Have you got the moves? First classcookiematch three free game is ready for you now!Swap, switch and match 3 or more cookies to help Cookie Ladywithher cookie jam. Matching the right cookie in this sweetlyfunmatching game. Sail around delicious Cookie Yummy! It is easytostart but hard to be the cookie crush master, come and try ifyoucan conquer the challenges and be the fans of cookiemania!Cookie Yummy New Features- Hundreds of delicious cookie levels. Stay tuned for upcomingnewones!- Challenging but fun obstacles and cookie jam- DELICIOUS NEW map scenes- Easy to play, hard to master- Adorable and tasty cookie design- Divine and addictive match 3 gameplay- Play WHEREVER and WHENEVER you want! Internet is not a mustHow to Play- Swap and switch 3 or more adjacent cookies of the same tocrushthe cookies- Achieve level targets before run out of movesLet’s go for amazing Cookie Yummy journey!
Garden Splash 1.8.3122
SPLASH and COLLECT all the garden crops! Garden Splash is anunusualcrops match-3 game with line elimination. Create freshpower-ups,generate powerful combinations to get through hundredsof croplevels. NEW FEATURES ✓ Travel across 3 new maps: HarvestField,Astral Loom and Moonlit Bay ✓ 120 fascinating new levels ✓Yummy butchallenging obstacles: Cookie, Cake, Cage, Jam, Ice etc.✓ Deliciousand classic match-3 gameplay ✓ Connect 3 or more samecrops tosplash ✓ Very adorable and delightful crops design ✓ Themore cropssplashed each time, the more star you will receiveConnect andharvest as many crops as you want and savor the joy oforganic rurallife in Garden Splash!
Relic Match 3: Mystery Society 4.20
The MYSTERY SOCIETY needs your help again to discover who stolethetreasure of jewels and artifacts in this exciting freematch-3quest game! From the makers of Hidden Object Blackstone andMysterySociety games: Tamalaki presents yet another amazinglyadventurousgame to play online! Enjoy detective adventures, solvepuzzles andrecover artefacts in this Relic Match 3 game. Join anexquisitedetective crew! You start your adventure as a rookie andclimbthrough the ranks to become a top detective! Match-3 ormoreobjects to investigate the crime scene and find the hiddenjewels,complete collections, solve quests, level up and build yourowndetective office. EXPLORE THE MYSTERIOUS WORLD OF THESECRETSOCIETY Enjoy a rich storyline, thrilling quests andcaptivatingcharacters. Investigate new, exciting locations anddiscoverseveral different game modes. Break crates, pop bubbles,bust locksand unlock more! FIND STOLEN JEWELS Play through severalexcitinglevels, match dozens of objects, use special boosterstoinvestigate the crime scenes, and recover the lost treasures!Find,trade, and collect items to earn amazing rewards. SOLVEPUZZLESWITH YOUR FRIENDS You can compete for the highest score andsendbonuses and boosters to your friends! Can you become thegreatestdetective and put an end to the heists? Play Relic Match-3and findout! Features: • NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED to play!•BEAUTIFUL, HIGH-RESOLUTION GRAPHICS look great on your phoneortablet! • COMPETE for the highest score among your friendsonGoogle Play! • HOURS of entertainment and gameplay! • CONNECTtoFacebook to send bonuses and energy to your friends! VISITUS: WATCHUS: LIKEUS: FOLLOWUS: [email protected]
Fruit Candy Smash - Juice Splash Free Match 3 Game 1.4.3107
Sweetest and joyful vacation through wonderland of fruits,Makecombinations of the delicious fruits. Free the lovely bearfriendsand taste the icecream on the beach.Smash fruits to get themagicfruit juicy cans, they will help you to get through thehundredspuzzle levels. You can try to crush the fruits with wisdom,3 starstageclear will get special prize! HAVE FUN!This is a brandnewfree match-3 puzzle game designed by Yunbu, the creator ofBirdsMania, Magic School.GAME PLAY• Swipe to match 3 or morejuicyfruits.• Collect the fruits, crush the frozen fruits to freethebear friends!• Wisely use the mania fruits and powerfulboosters,make the kids happy!• Try to get 3 star stage clear andget therewarded magic fruits combinations!FEATURES• MATCH-3 CLASSICPUZZLEGAME- Colorful and delicious fruits. • NUMEROUS OF CREATIVELEVELS-Over 400 creative levels, full of fun and amazingchallenges!•JOYFUL THEME- Lovely animations and joyful backgoundmusic• TIMEFREE- No countdown, Play in your pleasent pace• WIFIFREE- Nointernet connection requirements
Bubble Bird Rescue 2.8.3107
Bubble Shooter is an interesting and addictive bubble shootinggame.Match 3 bubbles of the same color to pop and rescue ALLbirdies tolevel up! ★ Shoot bubbles carefully and choosestrategically, pop 3or more same bubbles★ Earn 3 stars on eachlevel by using fewestbubbles to pop and pulling out more combos★Rescue adorablekittens!★ Pop bubbles as quick as you can in 125challenging puzzlelevels★ 5 different maps: Meadow, Mountain,Desert, Ice Field, StoneForest★ Colorful Bubble, Aiming Line,Flaming Bubble, Shield andsome more awesome props ★ Boost your funby opening sprees andcollecting props★ Small game size - less than10M★ Fun for allagesShoot bubbles to compete in your friendscircle now and see whothe best birdie rescuer in Bubble Shooteris!
Magic Forest Bubble Shooter 1.18
North Games
Forest Bubble Shooter - Pop Bubbles is a very interestingpuzzlegame, this match 3 casual game can kill your boring timewhereveryou are. Stuck in traffic? Bored at school? Just open thegame andhave fun. Suitable for all ages 3+. Features:-Our 800+puzzlelevels will keep your engaged for hours, days, evenweeks.-Easy andfun to play, challenging to master-Pop all thebubbles with minimumshots to win-Totally free, no energy system, nocoins, play as muchas you want (no internet required)How to play:1.Tap on the screento shoot the bubble in that direction.2. Shootbubbles carefullyand choose strategically, pop 3 or more samebubbles3. Clear thecurrent puzzle level to unlock the next one.4.You can even chooseto play previous completed levels.5. Use theside borders of thegame bounce bubble of the walls.6. Try to workyour way around bigchunks of bubbles to disconnected them.7. Thegame end if thebottom ball touches the bottom borderEnjoy this FreeForest BubbleGame!
PopStar Block Puzzle kill time 2.01
Bang! unblock the puzzle, Once you play the PopStar game, youcannot stop! Tap two or more adjacent blocks will destroytheblocks,This game include beautiful music and cool effects.PopStarpuzzle game is a good app to kill time and canplay with it on your mobile phone whenever andwherever possible.*PopStar features* 1 Simply click on two or moreblocks of the samecolor, then the blocks will be destroyed. 2 Thereis no time limit,just use your brain think the best click steps. 3The more blockyou destroyed , the high score you will get. 4 Try toclear allblocks, you will get more bonus points and make newrecord. 5 Thereis no time limit, but each stage has target pointsto proceed tonext stage Come on and download the puzzle game!Experience themost classic fun! Official micro-blog:http://weibo.block.puzzleOfficial blog: http://blog.block.puzzleFacebook link:
Sweet Swap Match 3 1.1.1
Swap and match 3 or more same candies to master the fun ofcasualmatch 3 game. You can spend hours playing without gettingbored!There are several sweet challenging levels that need a realhero tobe completed, are you the one?Feature:1、Swap and link 3candies tocreate a line blast and remove them from the board.2、Explorehundreds of puzzle matching levels.3、Fun and addictivegameplay,once you start matching, you can’t stop! 4、Complete allthechallenges and missions set at the beginning of each level.Comeon! Enjoy high quality visuals and exciting special effects!
Farm Garden Harvest 1.9
Farm Garden Harvest- free match 3, it's a new match3 puzzle game,and you can keep playing for FREE.Farm Garden Harvest - freematch3 is a farm style game, it's not easy, but very funny, if youlikeplay match 3 game, You can try it.Farm Garden HarvestFeatures:PLAYthrough hundreds of candy ice levels filled withcreamy dreamytreats!- Match 3 games filled with ice candy, sugar,free fall andsweet treats await!- Adventure through hundreds ofdelectablefantasy levels- Addicting frenzy games and mini gamestake you onthe adventure of a lifetime!- Collect sugar drops toadvance alongthe sugar track for special suprises!- 100% FarmGarden Harvestfree game to play and enjoy with fall in love★ ★ Howto play FarmGarden Harvest ★ ★✔ Switch and crush 3 candy or moresweet candy✔Crush 4 candy frenzy in a line to create lightingthunder✔ Crush 5candy frenzy with T or L shape to create bomb✔Crush 5 candy frenzyin a line to create color blossom✔ Combine 2special cakes to makea big surprised yummy blast!✔ Collect candycontain gift time,double scoreFarm Garden Harvest is FREE to playwith FREE updatesincluding new levels, obstacles, treats, and moreevery week!.
Jewels Crush- Match 3 Puzzle 3.5.3925
Try to blast as many jewels as you can to get greatexplosion.Compete and share the fun with your family and friends,show yourbest strategic moves to get higher score. Key Ingredients✦ 336 newand sparkling jewel levels in different map scenes: QuartzCanyon,Amethyst Oasis, Jewels Mill, Sapphire Citadel, Gems Isle✦Challenging but fun obstacles: mud, ice cube, crystal, stone,etc.✦ Swap to match 3 or more jewels of the same ✦ Match 4 or moregemsto get special bonus ✦ Use powerful props to enjoy explosivefun ✦Reach various targets to level up ✦ Addictive and everlastingmatch3 gameplay Get ready for an epic puzzle matching adventurewithJewels Crush!
Candy Cookie 1.2.3911
Cosmo Game
Candy Cookie is a match 3 game that specially designed for allsweetteeth! Collect yummy cookies and lollipops in case of trickylevels,match three or more in a row to create blast. There arelots ofsweet candies to crush in this colorful sugary wonderland.Come andmatch now! How to Play - Swap to match 3 candies in a linetocollect - Match 4 candies to generate a Special Magic Candy -Switch2 Special Candies for even greater explosive effect - Match5candies vertically or horizontally for 1 Rainbow Candy -RainbowCandy can clear candies of one same color - Achieve leveltargetwithin limited moves Tips: More candies matched each time,thebigger bonus you will get! Candy Cookie Features - 336extremelysweet new levels - Travel in awesome new maps: PancakeShed,Lollipop Factory, Gummy Oasis, Marshmallow Yard, Donut Shop,CreamCottage and Sweet Bakery - Various taste and sweet candygraphicsthat will leave you hungry for more - Amazing boostersandpower-ups to help level up - Free and easy to play Plungeintofantastic Candy Cookie now!
Plants Match : Zombie Hero 1.0.0
DySugar Ltd.
From the makers of Candy witch:Halloweenparty comes the next newly different game in theepicmatch betweenplants and zombie.Collect Unique Plants with incredible super matchingandmakepowerful boosters to defeat Boss Zombie.Embark on a journey to discover new elements,andconfrontdifficulties along the way when you match. It is anewbattlein the lawn.This plants zombie puzzle adventure will instantlysateyourwanderland and craving for plants match and welldesignedpuzzlesfor you to play in anytime and anywhere! DownloadthisPlants Match: Zombie Hero. Playing with your Friends!--------- HOW TO PLAY --------------------1: You will have a specific goals in each level.2: Match 3 more identical plants quickly in your best.3: Must have the sharpest mind. Learn to usespecialeffectsjam.4: When you have difficulties passing a level you canusehelpfulprops or weapons.5: Make super combinations with super match!6: Less moves, More Stars, Higher scores!Crushallplants!7: Pass the levels and try to get all stars in each level.8: Use any methods to defeat zombie witch, tobezombiehero.Important Information, Pay Attention!** When you Match 4 Plants you will get the Plants Arrowswhichcaneliminate a line.** When you Match 5 Plants you will get a Colorful jamwhichcaneliminate all the the same color.** When you Forming a swastika Elimination you willgetButterflywhich can help you blow the obstacles.Features:- Completely FREE to play.- Exquisite gameplay and Stunning Graphic.- Easy to play Hard to master.- Hundreds puzzle levels waiting for your adventuring.Follow us to get news and updates:Facebook: can also give us some suggestions in FACEBOOK Home Page.Family Tips:Elderly people at home can Download this Plants Match :ZombieHeroto play time if you want them to stay away from mahjongandothercasino game.And also you can play with your families and friends.Similar problems will go away.
🚜 Food Truck: Match 3 Game Free 1.2.0
Play the story as a super chef travelling the world in MyFoodTruck. Crush candies, pastries in this match 3 game fever.Connectsame food items in this match 3 mania. Travel across 15dreamdestinations like United States, Italy, France, UnitedKingdom,India, Japan, New Zealand, Vietnam, Singapore, Brazil,China,Egypt, Dubai, Germany, and Australia to play this free onlinematch3 game. Keep matching delicious items to win over fans fromallaround the world! One of the free truck games to fulfill yourinnerchef's dream.My Food Truck – Match 3 Game brings to you anexcitingjourney across exotic locations around the world. Journeyacross 15countries, mix and match delicious dishes and compete tomake itthe best in the world. Solve match 3 puzzles along the wayand gainfans to increase your popularity in each country! Cookdelicioushamburgers, hotdogs, pastries and Sushi while you explorevariousmain attractions in this exciting match 3 adventure.Run yourveryown fast food restaurant and make your customers happy withthisserving game.Cooking in the Kitchen is a game from Top Girlgamesand one of the cooking games.Master restaurant managementforendless cooking fun in one of the most addicting games around.Playthe ultimate food quiz game and discover foods from all overtheworld.Get ready for food-making fun with Burger Shop. CookChinesefood for the Chinese New Year! Cooking, Food, Making, FoodMaker.Cooking & Design your own Food Truck- all with a funstory! Owna My Restaurant, My Food Cafe Story ☕☕My Food TruckFeatures:*ADDICTIVE MATCH 3 GAME that combines your dream of worldtraveland cooking tasty dishes *TRAVEL THE WORLD and matchdeliciousdishes to make scrumptious combos spread across 375levels. *CHEFYOURSELF! Click a Selfie to become a chef yourself orchoose fromvarious avatars *GAIN POPULARITY by sharing your fancount onsocial media platforms like facebook, instagram, pinterestandgoogle plus. *OWN THEMED FOOD TRUCKS as you progress and traveltomore countries *BECOME FAMOUS by collecting smilies fromhappycustomers to increase your fan base in each country *KNOW FUNFACTSabout landmarks across 15 countries as you travel. *PERFECTcasualgame to play while you wait *VISUALLY APPEALING graphics andyummygameplay *FUN for the whole family!We come to the street andseekfor brand new and interesting things around everywhere, as wellasdelicious street foods!Download My Food Truck Cafe Recipes&Stories and tell your cooking story today!
Candy Swap Fever 1.2.3008
Cosmo Game
The power of sweetness is in your hand!There are yummysugar-freeblue mint, green apple candy, strawberry heart andvarious othercandies waiting for your collection. Download and playCandy SwapFever!Candy Swap Fever New Features+ Over 140 candylevels+ New andcolorful sweets design+ Spectacular arsenal forinterestingboosters and power-ups+ 3 stunning map scenes: CandycanePools,River Forest and Donut Mirage+ Easy to play, challenging tofullymaster+ Brand new obstacles that skyrocket your fun:Cupcake,Jumping Monster, Oysters etc.+ Addictive candy game forALLHow toPlay+ Match 3 or more candies to collect+ Beat difficultlevels byusing boosters smartly+ Swap 2 candy bombs for evengreater effect+Collect required number of colorful popsicles andtoy ducks to passlevelsBring this most interesting candy match-3game into yourphone NOW!
Anipop 1.5.5
The most popular casual game in Chinahasfinally gone worldwide!Anipop is a simple and relaxing match-3 game developed byHappyElements. It already has more than 400 levels!It might look like the candy game at the beginning, but trustme,Anipop is different, just try to play a little bit longer andletthe animals bring you to the magical world.You can login with your Facebook account and sync you gamerecordfrom PC to mobile.Give it a try now!
Fruit Link Deluxe 1.0.3
Fruit Link Deluxe is a very addictive and best match-2 casualgamein the google play!How to play:1. Connect two matching fruitsusingthree or fewer straight lines.2. Archive the target in alimitedamount of time.3. Eliminate the fruit pairs quickly can makecombosand get extra scores.Fruit Link Deluxe features:1. More than1000challenging levels & many game props.2. The Bomb propscaneliminate one kind of fruits.3. The Refresh props can refreshallthe fruits.4. The Find props can crush one pair ofconnectedfruits.5. Sweet and delicious UI & cool animationeffects.6. 4different game modes(all free)Splash the fruits! FreeTo Play TastyFruit Link Deluxe Now!