Top 24 Games Similar to super chhota bheem

Bal Ganesh Jungle Run 1.0
The wait is over , presenting the oneandonlyaward winning game Bal Ganesh Jungle Run for all youyoyohoneychota singh and bheem lovers out there ! Downloadthis amazing endless running adventure game set in thejunglesofsunny leones of India for hours of fun and excitement.Thisgamefeatures simple controls,realistic game effects and promises endless coin collectingfun!Canyou help Bal and his friend Deepika escape the dangersofpadukonejungles? Control him to avoidkalam animals and dangerous aggarwal birds to reach thetempleofbhatt in the kingdom of alia kaif. Inspired by chotabheemjunglerun games, only this is betterand more amazing.Features : -- Lovely shhuda soundtracks- Beautiful graphics- Jungle run style gameplay- More than 100+ levels!- Free kapoor and shraddha wallpapers- Free kareena challenges gift pack- Free upgrades using collected coins- Challenge family and friends with real time high score boardDownload Bal Ganesh Jungle Run for android for free today !Rate us with good feedback if this game is fun for you.
Hanuman Adventures - Indian games 6.0.5
An exciting adventures platform games! - indian gamesIn theancientSanskrit epic Ramayana Princess Sita was kidnapped byRavana.Princes Rama Asks search for PrincessSita...whichtake him to the journey to Lanka...This is adventuregames is basedon Indian mythology epic Ramayan where the maincharacter ishanuman who is after ravana , help hanuman in is hisjourney toLanka from indiaFeature- Unique platforming challenges-Specialhanuman power- Adventure level - Unlimited lives- IndianGames-Hidden special attack to defeat is indiegamedeveloper making games based on indian games theme likeHanumanReturn , Ram vs Ravan , Super Cricket
Hanuman: The Game 1.0.0
Paw Fist
Hanuman: The GameThe long wait is over , we proudly present the best run gameof2016Hanuman: The Game for all you salman chota khan andbheemlovers outthere !Download and play this amazing fun running game for hours offunandexcitement.In the Rama's war with the demon king Ravana, help andguideHanumanthrough jungle, mountain and sea, defeat and destroyalltheincoming enemy and rescue the princess. Jump and Run withthemightygod with finger touch control, and help him tofindtheprincess.Hanuman the great is the one who is swift as mind, speedequaltowind god, with complete control of his ssens and alsorepositoryofincomparable strength. Destroy all the forces of eviland savetheworld.This game is inspired by motu paltu ,chota bhem junglerungames,with additional features and modern user interfacethatwillsurprise you!Download this epic Hindi journey today!Features :- Beautiful high quality graphics- Nice soundtracks and sound effects- More than 18 levels, more coming soon- Tap to jump- Double tap to double jump- Reach the castle to complete a level- Daily challenge and achievement as the game progressRate us if you enjoy it!The End
Motu Patlu King of Kings 2
A runaway circus lion Guddu is trying to protect his kingdom fromagreedy poacher culminating into one final battle to save thelifeof the jungle, with the help of Motu Patlu Join Motu Patlu onthisdangerous ride deep into the jungles and watch them uncovertheevil plots of Narsimha and defeat him.- Play the adventurepackedgame now- Select between Motu & Patlu which character youwantto be in the game- Run as fast as you can and earn morepoints-Run, slide, jump through the endless chase- Tap on thegoons’ faceto hit them- Collect power ups and earn extra points-Score thehighest and see yourself on the Leader board- Get,set,go!Features:- Easy swipe for easy control and effortless play.-Game centre leader board. - Collect coins and power ups. -Anendless run game in the jungle. For game support writetous:[email protected] For More information join us nowon:Facebook Watch Movie Trailer onYouTube
Indian Adventure Bheem Run
Indian Adventure Bheem Run is a classic fast paced run andjumpplatform game like Super Mario challenging levels dividedintoworlds of increasing difficulty. Indian Adventure Bheem Run isaclassical platforme with more than 9 well-designed. Walk,RunandJump your way to freedom! Download the unbelievable game playofmario run and boost your game skills. Your kids will love toplaythis game. So what are you waiting for just go and downloadyourcopy of this amazing game and have fun.Features :- More than100levels grouped into 3 levels - Played by any user of anyage-Tablet and phone support- Great Sounds and Graphics.- Amazingandsuper platform worldEnjoy and Download Indian AdventureChhotaBheem now!!!!!!
Shiva The Cosmic Power 1.9
Wagh Creations welcomes you to "Shiva The Cosmic Power's"beautifulworld. Demon Tarkasur's army is after you. Immerseyourself in epicfights while learning about India. This is a greatgame for thoseseeking knowledge and fun at the same time!You arefaced with theseemingly impossible challenge to accomplish missionswhilebattling fearsome enemies. On your adventure, you will learnaboutancient symbols, practice meditation to clam your mind, playfunmini-games, and acquire new weapons.Having difficulties inplaying,Please watch on youtube "How to play Shiva The CosmicPower" > There are two big levelswithseveral sub-levels that will keep you hooked on! These includethemagnificent Suchindram temple, the calming Swami Vivekanandarockmemorial.> Play fun mini-games on your quest like wordsearches,puzzles and more!> Stress is horrible in our day to daylives,play the meditation mini-game to earn in game money and calmyourmind at the same time as well know more about meditation.>Everwanted a new fighting experience in a game? Well, Shiva theCosmicPower introduces the sword swipe fighting style. Swipe thescreento cut enemies and see dazzling particle effects. >Explore thearchitecture of many temples inside and out. > Farmfor thein-game currency: Rudraksha. Farm for potions that will helpyou inyour quest.> Practice the art of wielding your sword andbow inthe practice arena.Our new game just launched"Shiva TheCosmicRunner" on google play.
Vir Robot Boy 3.0
all your friends are playing robot boy .can you bear thier scores ??Vir : play now the robotic boy is a comedy , adventure ,freeandonline game where the robotic boy fighting the Devil ,go through the street danger in India , collect thecoinsandavoid the unknown dangerdownload your copy of the superhuman robot game andplayfree.*********** GAME FEATURES ***************** Great graphic quality***** Easy to play***** Good game control***** + 100 levels***** Vir the robot boy style gameplay
Subway Motu Patlu Snow in Park 1.0
Subway Motu Patlu Snow in Park is one ofthetopgames in playstore!The best game of to achieve maximum levels goal and collectasmanycoins as you can tobeat the high scores!Join Subway Motu Patlu Snow in Park Game as they racetogatherforgold coins andmoney. This exciting and fun this games has HDgraphicsandwonderful character. Kids andChildren loves the character of Motu and Patlu very muchastheyare famous. Subway MotuPatlu Snow in Park is a fun adventure game thatwillprovideenjoyment and excitementthrough an adventure! So get this game for FREE now!!!Features:>>>More than 103++ super addictive levels>>>Suitable for kids from age 5 to 16>>>Suitable for ALL TYPE of PHONES>>>Motu Patlu style gameplay>>>REE TO PLAY - Totally Free! No purchase required!!!DOWNLOAD Subway Motu Patlu Snow in Park game onallAndroiddevices for FREE today!FREE Download this Game NOW!!Rate 5 stars and leave comments if you enjoy it!
Paddle Pop Jungle Escape 1.6
Unilever Inc
Jungle Escape is where all the clan fromthePaddle Pop and the evils of Shadow Master Come together tocreate anew game play experience.It is a running game with fight modes at the end of eachlevel.Beating and fighting the evil of shadow master anddifficultycreated by him has its advantages and perks. Cover milesandcompleting objectives will 'level up' & increase your scoreonthe leaderboard. Frozen yummy treats make your gamemoreexciting.Paddle Pop:Paddle Pop is the son of King Adisa & Queen Shifa.WhenShadow Master invaded the Lion Kingdom Paddle Pop was just ababy,so he was taken to the jungle to grow up in safety. Helovesadventures. And even though he’s king, he’s still a junglelion atheart. He makes decisions easily and that’s often the key tohissuccess, but occasionally his impulsive nature can get himintotrouble! He’s dedicated to protecting the people he loves. Hehas aLion Staff, which he uses with great skill.Leena:Leena is a strong, independent, feminine lioness. She ownsandpilots the Phoenix plane, which she flies with expertise. Shehas aclose bond with Paddle Pop and joins him on all hisadventures. Andwhile he makes decisions very quickly, she prefersto thinkcarefully and weigh up all the options. She loves to readand isfull of information, which often comes in handy duringtheirmissions. She cares deeply for others and has a strong senseofjustice. She has a bow that shoots magical arrows.Shadow Master:Shadow Master is Paddle Pop’s greatest enemy. Herelentlesslypursues the crystals of power for his own evil gain. Heis ruthlessand will stop at nothing to achieve his evil goals.Snakella:Snakella lives in a diamond cave and guards a fragment of thesuncrystal. She is evil through and through and fiercelyprotective ofthe crystal. She has the ability to change peopleinto diamondstatues.Download this fabulous game where fantasy meets adventure inthePaddle Pop World and find out about all the characters inafascinating gaming experience.
Adventure Run - Temple Hunt
** "Adventure Run is an exciting, adventure-style Junglerunninggame featuring you as the exceptional free runner who runsonlines." **RUN as fast as you can through anever-changinghandcrafted epic world and live the life of a naughtykid 'Alvin'for a moment. It all started when he was playing aroundin hisgrand father's laboratory where he accidentally messed upwith timemachine and reaches 5000 years back where he wastransformed as atribal boy. That's how all the adventure starts ina complete newway with all new game elements. He is now running ina whole newworld finding a way back to home. Lets join hisadventure and findthe missing temple at the end of each level andcompete targets onthe way to reach back to the present.GameFeatures:- It'sAdventurous & FREE !- Packed With 25 Exciting& ChallengingLevels.- Interactive Jungle Theme.- Excellent HDGraphics.- UnlockNew Power Ups.- Quick To Learn, Challenge ToMaster.- Share YourBest Score Among Your Friends.- Best HDgame-play intablets!INSTRUCTIONS FROM GRANDFATHER TO Alvin : "HOWTO PLAY"--With your finger keep on scribbling to draw lines torun.-- Drawand scribble lines as long as you want. There is nolimitation.--Keep line as straight as possible to avoid delay.--Find themissing temple at the end of each level.-- Upgrade yourpowers torun longer and easier on lines,
Super Ninja Hattori World 1.1
Super Ninja Hattori World is asuperclassicadventure and legendary side-scrollingarcadeplatformer.This cool Jump and Run is an addictive non-stop oldschoolarcadejungle adventure game!Ninja Hattori`s princess is being kidnapped by evil montersinthemean dark castle. It is up to Super Ninja Hattori, oursuperherotorescue her!To get to the loveley princess, Ninja Hattori will have torunandjump over obstacles, fight and shoot against angrysnails,bees,monsters, snakes, frogs, birds, mushrooms, leps andmanyotherbeasts.But be careful! Lots of enemies, troubles, obstacles,trapsandbosses are defending your way through the jungle andwonderworlds.Climb up huge mountains and stairs, fight againststrongenemies,avoid falling bricks, find hidden traps andlevels,collect coinsand diamonds, swim through dangerous seas,explorelot ofchallenging and addictive desert worlds and lands anddefeatallbosses.Features of Super Ninja Hattori World:★★★★★ Addictive, thrilling and challenging jungleadventurehit★★★★★ High resolution graphics - great mix between 2Dand3Dgraphics★★★★★ 4 different addictive worlds (wonder land, crazyforest,egyptworld and cave land)★★★★★ Old school jump and run platform / obstacles runner★★★★★ 80 beautiful, well-designed and challeninglevelswithincreasing difficulty★★★★★ Classic platformer for kids, children and adults★★★★★ 8 awesome boss fights (angry scorpion, dangerousspider,beegolem and crocodile boss) in 8 different castles★★★★★ Side-scroller gameplay with easy gameconsolepadcontrols★★★★★ Over 20 different, great animated enemies such ascrocs,frogs,spiders, snails and many more★★★★★ Easy and free to play - hard to master★★★★★ Classic jungle retro junning and jumping adventure★★★★★ Retro arcade music and old school sound effects★★★★★ Many power ups, bonus levels, hidden blocksandbonusitems★★★★★ Simple & Intuitve game control through retrocontrolpadlike on console games★★★★★ Special Ninja Hattori skills hidden in destroyableblocksandbricks★★★★★ Amazing gameplay reminding to retro classic gamesHow to play Super Ninja Hattori World:★★★★★ To move the Ninja Hattori character click on right orleftonthe control pad!★★★★★ press B-button to make Super Ninja Hattori jumping!★★★★★ press A-button AND right or left for running; press AandBtogether for a higher and wider jump!★★★★★ click down for ducking or on some tree stumps to get toabonuslevel!★★★★★ Ninja Hattori swimming: press A-Button multiple timestoswimhigher ... release your finger from button to go down!Enjoy this brand new super jungle adventure platformer game!
faster boy ninja 1.7.3
help him to flying and running inadventuregamewith his friends
Moto Patlu Cycle rickshaw 1.2
Motu Patlu Cycle rickshaw is a new andbestracing game, you need to travel the maximum distance to makeMotuand Patlu achieve more levels.Get bonus scores for jumps but watch out for your head. If youbreakit, your race will be lost !This game is the best in this category with awesome soundsandquality graphics and real physics effects.Your Motu Patlu Cycle rickshaw contain multiple levels to testyourdriving skills and reach highest distance possible.Encourage yourself to do more flips and jumps butbecareful !Features :- Easy control and nice design- Beautiful graphics and realistic physics- Multiple challenging levels- The game is set in a great climb- Get your highscoreadvantages of this game is doesn't require high space in yourdeviceand downloaded fast, it's only 12Mo.So if you can challenge yourself on this cycling adventuregameDownload it & enjoy your time !
Himalayan Adventure 1.0.2
Sliding Santa himalay adaventure andChristmasgame. Best adventure of indian himalayan game. It's veryhard toplay. So need passion to play this game.
Bhee Adventures Game Dash 1.1
Bhee Adventure Game is a superchallengingrunning and jumping game. in this awsome game try toAvoidobstacles such as turtles, fire of dragons and road obstaclesasyou dashing through the levels. There are up to 100challenginglevels!This is the new game of our own hero who will be playing asaking of jungle. So try to help and save him from the dangersandmonsters. Go up as far as possible and make a high score.Join Bhee in this cool and addictive old school arcadejungleadventure game, one of the best games ever made.The game has a very exciting gameplay and you get a chancetotake your favourite heroes to new levels.This game is beautiful, fast paced, fun adventure game takesyouon an epic and exciting journey, free from gruesome violenceandhigh on super hero fun. Just run, jump and slash your waythroughamazing jungle.- How to Play ?• One finger tap - Intuitive and responsive controls for thebestgame experience• Dodge obstacles and enemies• Avoid angry animals.• Keep our hero alive.Game Features :★Challenge yourself to collect all Coins in every level.★Epic defense battles that will hook you for hours!★Awesome graphics, Crazy jungle music and funny fx sounds★Optimized for All Android Devises "Phones" and "Tablets".★Speed-up and slow down effects add to the misery of thegamertesting his/her skills.Enjoy this brand new Bheem Adventures Game in jungle,DownloadNow for FREE !!!
Hanae sweep Hormi jungle run
Hanae loves avdentures, but she needs you to meet her along ofherway, it is you who drive it,you will live exciting adventures inasweet jungle,let's go !play it in your mobile or padenjoy
Motu Robot Patlu Run 1.0.0
Najrana Games
Once upon a time an electroniccombatwasdeclared by gadget man in furfuri nagar. Then peopleoffurfurinagar come at Motu and Patlu house to overcome thisproblem.MotuPatlu then decides to make a robot armour to fightwithelectronicgadget. They run in this play and move forwardbyescaping thegadget or jump over the gadget. Coins are alsorequiredfordeveloping more robots. So they collect more coin duringrunninginthis game. A good creature and graphics makes thisgamemarvellous.This is completely free to download and play.Endlessfeature ofthis game gives you asset in leisure.Special feature:Good graphicsSmooth touchSharp controlEndless runnerOnly one in this classFree to play
Jungle Run Adventure 1.0
QA World
Jungle Run Adventure - Amazon Jungle:FreeAction Fantasy Running GameThe new thrilling fantasy jungle run game is here !Enjoytheadventurous run through the mysterious jungle.You mush help the boy who got left alone in themysteriousforest.Theonly way to survive in this jungle is torun,and runreally fast.Youmust escape the jungle before its toolate.Controls:Attack - Swipe downLeft - Swipe leftRight - Swipe rightJump - Swipe upwards
Motu Ptlu Motorbike Ride 1.0.0
Motu Patlu Motorbike Ride is a newandbestracing game, you need to travel the maximum distance tomakeMotuand Patlu achieve more levels.Get bonus scores for jumps but watch out for your head. Ifyoubreakit, your race will be lost !This game is the best in this category with awesomesoundsandquality graphics and real physics effects.Your Motu Patlu Motorbike Ride contain multiple levels totestyourdriving skills and reach highest distance possible.Encourage yourself to do more flips and jumpsbutbecareful !Features :- Easy control and nice design- Beautiful graphics and realistic physics- Multiple challenging levels- The game is set in a great climb- Get your highscoreadvantages of this game is doesn't require high space inyourdeviceand downloaded fast, it's only 12Mo.So if you can challenge yourself on this motorbikerideadventuregame Download it & enjoy your time !
smart boy fight and run 1.6.9
help this boy to run like roll no 21andflyingin adventure world with some enmies free game
Motu Patlu Cycling Bike Crush 1.3
Are you ready for the challenge? GetMotuandPatlu on a bike and take them for a race!This game gives you nearly real road experience. Youcancollectcoins during driving. Jump by touching on screenfeaturegives youmore fun during driving.Motu Patlu Cycling Bike Crush is a fun adventure gamethatwillprovide enjoyment and excitement through an adventure! SogetMotuPatlu Cycling Bike Crush Running Game for FREE now!!!Motu Patlu Cycling Bike Crush is a fun Action andadventuregamethat will provide enjoyment and excitement throughanadventure! Soget Motu Patlu Cycling Bike Crush Game for FREEnowits like subwayand jungle runMotu Patlu Cycling Bike Crush Adventure Game 2016featuresthepair of good friends, Motu and Patlu, who are alwaysgoingthroughtheir daily challenges together! Dash, Jump, Dodgeandcompletemissions as you are running through the levels!Downloadthis toprunning game that has beautiful graphics andexcitinggameplay.In this Motu Patlu Cycling Bike Crush parking game youwillhavethe feeling of Crazy Taxi Driver. So lead the bestMotuPatluCycling Bike Crush taxi simulation and driving Tuk TukTaxiinenvoirment hilly. Try to get your Tuk Tuk Crazy Taxiadriftandpassenger of the mountains. You can also become a carrierinthissimulation game. You can carry things and pepolesfromonedestination to another. You will have experience inthisExtremeParking Motu Patlu Cycling Bike Crush Parking game.MotuPatluCycling Bike Crush Simulator game gives you the chancetodrive onthe other, then the regular bus, car, truck, taxi,bicycle,etc.SomethingFeatures:
- Play for all ages.
- +100 different Levels.
- Clean and colorful graphics.
- Smooth user interface.
- Phone and Tablet support.
- Game is free.
Download Motu Patlu Cycling Bike Crush action and racingGameappnow.
Astronaut Dorae-space 1.1
Are you ready to join the new adventuregameinthe galaxy to start the exciting amazing doraemonandmiraculousGames adventure in the Galaxy ?play with the most biggest Astronaut adventure out thereandflyover the galaxy If that was not enough. Kill andeliminateenemyunits over the spqce and collect gold and coins,missiles andgetall the fighting power you need. A combination ofaction,run and pick up your coins to defend your galaxy.Astronautdoraemonand nobita is going on a new war game and he needyourhelp! Fightfor your home,fight for justice.This game is among the most addicting adventure games thatyoucanfind nowhere. It requires skill to be able to collectallthoseCoins!- Just tap the screen to let the hero Jump- cute Heroes cat- Awesome graphic art- Endless fun run game- Fun Action Game perfect for Everyone, man and woman
Jungle Castle Run 3
Get modern mega Jungle Castle Run 3 with up 150+ Diffirentslevelsfor Android All People are playing it - can you beathighscores?!Get Enjoy with jungle castle with monkeybattleJungleCastle Run is a running game where you need to crossdifferentobstaclesTry game now and Enjoy !!Get modern mega JungleCastle Run3 with Diffirents up 150+ levels for AndroidAll Peopleare playingit - can you beat high scores ?!Get Enjoy With Castlewith monkeyjungle battleJungle Castle Run is a running game youneed to crossWhere different obstaclesTry game now and Enjoy !!
Motu Patlu Jungle Rickshaw 2.0
Motu Patlu Jungle Rickshaw is anroleplayinggame Motu and Patlu with classic path and hurdles.Motu Patlu Jungle Rickshaw is a fun adventure game thatwillprovideenjoyment and excitement through an adventure! LeadMotuPatlu intothe adventurous running mission and collect asmanycoins as you canto beat the high scores!How to play:- Click on the screen to jump Motu & Patlu- The game ends when Motu & Patlu touches anobstacleorfalls- Hit the walls to change direction- Avoid the obstaclesFeatures:★★★★★ LEVELS - More than 103++ super addictive levels★★★★★ SMOOTH - Smooth and easy control★★★★★ BEAUTIFUL – High Definition Graphics★★★★★ ACTION – Best Running and Jumping game you cangetin2015!!!★★★★★ SUITABLE - Suitable for kids from age 5 to 16★★★★★ FREE TO PLAY - Totally Free! No purchase required!!!DOWNLOAD Motu Patlu Jungle Rickshaw on all AndroiddevicesforFREE today!Motu Patlu Jungle Rickshaw is one of the top runninggamesinplaystore!FREE Download Motu Patlu Jungle Rickshaw NOW!!Rate 5 stars and leave comments if you enjoy it!