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NES Emulator (CoolNES) - The best free Emulator 2.0
This is the free emulator for NES(NintendoEntertaiment System)You can play all game NES here with full feature:- Multiplayer via bluetooth and wifi.- Custom control.- All game support.
NES Emulator - Full Game and Free (Best Emulator) 2.6
NES Emulator - Full Game and Free(BestEmulator)The Best NES Emulator - Full Game and Free Play . Play Everywhere,every time.Feature NES :* FULL Game NES and play FREE* Play ultimate time, save game and load game when you play.Playcontinous.* Love game, save game you love as list to play.* NES Controller as a real, good control. You can enableturbofunction, customize position game pad, button function.* Quickly response game.* Bring all game NES for you.* You can request new game, admin support for you 24/24 andupdateevery week .PLEASE PLAY AND FUN FOR NES EMULATOR !!!
Emulator for SNES Free (🎮 Play Retro Games 🎮 )
Great emulator on android platform for SNES. perfect graphicsandnice gameplay. Best emulator to play SNES games with best gameVeryhigh game compatibility You will feel the best gamingexperiencewith high definition game graphics and fast speed Keyfeatures: 🎮Great UI Design 🎮 Excellent support for Bluetoothcontrollers 🎮High quality best game graphics and sound 🎮 Quick loadand savegame state 🎮 Support all SNES Games 🎮 Cheats support 🎮State SlotSupport 🎮 Custom Virtual Gamepad 🎮 A lots of custom gamesettings 🎮Benchmark Games
Visual Boy Advance GBA Emulator Free 11.1.2_gba
Visual Boy Advance GBA Emulator is a superfastand full-featured emulator to run GameBoy Advance(GBA) gameson thebroadest range of Android devices, from very low-end phonestomodern tablets. It emulates nearly all aspects of the realhardwarecorrectly.Background:I want to make my old phone into a GBA emulator, so I need aGBAemulator app.But when I search the market most of the emulator, foundtheinterface is very ugly, the operation is very bad.So I decided to develop a useful GBA emulator. So Visual Boywasborn:Features:1. Scan GBA files on SD card automatically.2. All the game management in the main interface, easytooperate.3. Record the number of open operations for each game.4. Auto save.5. Friendly interface(Most of the emulator interface isverybad).6. Easy to operate, when you put the GBA file into your sdcard,only need to pull down the main interface to refresh, theprogramwill help you automatically find the file, no longer havetomanually find their own.No games are included in this app and you need to obtain yours inalegal way. Place them onto your SD card, and refresh intheapp.
Ultimate Nes Emulator Pro 2.5
Dune ball
Ultimate Nes Emulator Pro - Full OldSchoolGame and Free (VIP Emulator)Play all the best games of the 80s on your phonethere were a lot of funny games with just small size. Andtheplayers were the heros.Features- Support 2 players (WIFI).- Support save and load state.- Support NES file and ZIP file (compressed file of NES).- If you want to play, you could search NES files on the web.- To active option menu: press or hold the menu key onthenavigation bar.This definitive source contains reviews and screenshots of allofthe mainstream games released for the video game consolebetween1985-1995. Read about hundreds of fun and classic 8-bitgames likeSuper Mario Bros., Tetris, Castlevania, Punch-Out!!,Ninja Gaiden,Mega Man, shadow fight 90s , The Legend of Zelda,kof96 , metalslug x and many moreDisclaimer: This app is not sponsored or endorsed by, oraffiliatedwith other company. It belong to this app account. ourapp is justan emulator.
Arcade:Classic 21
wang guantu
Arcade simulator game collection, including multiple classicarcadegames, download and play. Enduring the horizontal version ofthegame to relive childhood gamesHappy! Download the APK andenjoyyourself!
Arcade Game Room 14
yu xingyue
That was a classic age, you often went to the video game roomandplayed the hot arcade game, you were so crazy about the gameheros.Do you want to play the childhood game again? Here is theandroidapp! The best arcade game collection! Small size but funny.You canfind a lot of classic arcade game here. Just enjoy it!
GO Boy! - GBC Emulator 2.7
GO Boy! is a new GBC/GB (Game Boy and Game Boy Color) Emulatorwithmany cool features.A GBC game file (ROM file) is necessary toplaya game. You can find GBC game files by searching theweb.*Feature:- Rewind (You will never die when this featureisenabled).- Save state and load state.- Quick save: Double taprighthalf of screen.- Quick load: Double tap left half of screen.-WifiControl.- Edit and resize Dpad, buttons.- Turbo buttons &A+Bbutton.- Support GBC/GB file (.gbc, .gb, .zip).- Supportandroid4.0+ (suitable for android 7.0+ and 8.0).
Arcade:Classic 2 5.0
wang guantu
Arcade simulator games, enduring horizontal version of thegamemakes the game fun to relive childhood!The game includes avarietyof classic games. Each game is your favorite, I believe youwillhave fun.
Arcade Games 14
kang linwei
This game(經典的街機) is the best arcade app! That was a classicage.Inthat age, there were a lot of funny games with just smallsize. Andthe players were the heros. Now this classic age will backto yourandroid phone.
99 Games collection for NES 2.1.1
A collection of 99 familygamesimulator,suitable for adults and children to play, I hopeeveryonewill likeit!
Family Computer Game Set(NES) 3.6.7
guo zhansong
Collection of a lot of small games, download more than100000,especially for children to play
Arcade NES Emulator👍 1.1.6
Arcade Studio
This is an excellent arcade game simulatorAPP.👍It lets you use your phone instead of a handle toplaygames!Anytime, anywhere!😏Remember the classic games of childhood?Download and enjoy the game!😄😍 Features:👉 1. Installation package is very small size👉 2. Support 2 players (WIFI).👉 3. Support save and load state.👉 4. Support NES file and ZIP file (compressed file of NES).👉 5. If you want to play, you could search NES files ontheweb.👉 6. To active option menu: press or hold the menu key onthenavigation bar.👉 7. Thanks for your download.If you have any comments on our APP, you can send me anemail.Thank you. 😍
Gamers Database - Video Game List and Tracker 2.1.6-free
Roobr Arcade
Gamers Database is the #1 resource for finding video games toplayand for tracking your game collection. A fast and responsiveappmakes it fun and easy to search for games or to browse throughalisting of all games for individual gaming consoles /platforms.Each listing includes complete details about the game:Title,Description, Genre, Box Art, Screenshots, Trailer /GameplayVideos, Release Date, Publisher, Developer, Number ofPlayers,Player Rating, and more. Links are available to help youfind aROM, look up tips and walkthroughs, buy the game, etc. Thereareover 100 gaming consoles / platforms available. Eachplatformincludes complete details about the system, pictures, linksforemulators, and more. Quickly browse through a list of all thegamesever release for each platform! Track Your Video GameCollectionUse the My Games feature to keep a digital record of yourvideogame collection. Quickly mark the games you own with apowerfullabeling system. Game price / value is automaticallypopulated How much is your gaming collectionworth!? FindGames to Play Bored? Looking for a new game? Use theapps filtersand sorting system to easily find games that match yourplay style!Find all RPGs for the SNES and sort them by rating. Orbrowsethrough all shooters released for the PC in 2017. Or find thebesttwo-player games for the Xbox One. Or list all retro games fromthe1980's! The possibilities are endless! Real Time CommunityDrivenData The apps database is synchronized in ( - this incredibleresourceof gaming information is updated every day by video gamefans justlike you! Help your fellow gamers and the gaming communitybyadding and updating game information at the website. Watch asyourcontribution shows up in the app! Feature List • 50,000+VideoGames • 100+ Gaming Platforms • Track and catalog yourgamecollection • Automatic price lookup via •CustomLabeling system • Search Engine • Barcode Scanning •In-depthfilters and sorting • Import / Export (backup) • Emulatorand ROMlist Platforms Include Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo SNES,Nintendo64, Gamecube, Wii, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, NintendoDS,Sega Genesis, Sega Dreamcast, Playstation 1, Playstation2,Playstation 3, Playstation 4, PSP, PPSSPP, Xbox, Xbox 360,XboxOne, Atari 2600, and more! This version is ad supported. Ifyou'dlike to use the app ad-free, check out our Proversion:
com.adventure.nes.island 1.4
Classic Adventure island is very simple but very interestinggame.The player controls a character who needs to save hisgirlfriend inthe island.
Adventure In Island 3 1.0.0
NES games
Adventure In Island is a very interesting pass to upgrade thegame,the ultimate goal is to rescue the beautiful princess, therules ofthe game is very simple just click on the screen to eatfruit andavoid obstacles.
Island Run - Super Adventure 1.0.4
Adventure in island is very simple but very interestinggame.Adventure in island is a classic platform game with a journeyofsuper boy (Sboy) that brings your childhood back. This classicgamewill make you addict to. The player controls a character whoneedsto save his girlfriend in the island. The task facing theplayer:run to the end of the whole level before time runs out.Let's helpthe hero save the girlfriend from the evil doctor in theadventurein island. ★ Features ★ - Great graphics and music. - over80 freelevels with 5 worlds and 9 bosses to fight and more comingsoon. -Over 20 enemies and power up obstacles ★Contact Us ★ - We'dlove tohear your suggestions and comments. More improvements andnewfeatures are coming, so stay tuned!
Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic 3.5.1
The Sonic game that started it all is now free-to-play andoptimizedfor mobile devices! Race at lightning speeds across sevenclassiczones as Sonic the Hedgehog. Run and spin throughloop-de-loops asyou collect rings and defeat enemies on yourmission to save theworld from the evil Dr. Eggman. Sonic theHedgehog joins the SEGAForever classic games collection, atreasure trove of free SEGAconsole classics brought to life onmobile for the first time!FEATURES - OPTIMIZED FOR MOBILE SonicThe Hedgehog now plays inwidescreen at a smooth 60FPS offeringunrivalled performance and thegame’s legendary soundtrack has beenfully re-mastered. - GOTTA GOFAST - Challenge yourself with anall-new Time Attack mode! - NEWPLAYABLE CHARACTERS Play as Sonic’sfriends Tails and Knuckles forthe first time. Use their uniqueabilities to fly, climb, and glidearound levels offering excitingnew ways to explore. - CONTROLLERSUPPORT Sonic The Hedgehog onAndroid offers exclusive support forthe Power A Moga, Nyko, XBOX,and all HID controllers. SEGA FOREVERFEATURES - PLAY FREE -CONTROLLER SUPPORT - HID compatiblecontrollers - GAMES RELEASEDEVERY MONTH - Download them all! RETROREVIEWS - "Believe the hype- this is the tidiest, smoothest andmost exhilarating game you'llhave ever seen." [97%] - Andy Smith,SEGA Power #22 (September1991) - “Difficult without beingfrustrating, addictive withoutbeing repetitive, and altogether ajoy to play.” [925/1000] - GaryWhitta, ACE #47 (August 1991) - "Oneof the best Mega Drive gamesI've ever played" [92%] - RichLeadbetter, Mean Machines #10 (July1991) TRIVIA - Sonic Jamcontained the first release of Sonic TheHedgehog that gave Sonichis spin dash move, which returns again inthis remake - Sonic TheHedgehog was also released in arcades onSEGA's Mega-Tech and MegaPlay systems - Rabbit and armadillocharacters were considered forSonic before settling on a hedgehogdesign - While "Eggman" is Dr.Robotnik's nickname in the West, hehas always been known as"Eggman" in Japan CLASSIC GAME FACTS -First released in the US onJune 23rd, 1991 - It took Yuji Nakaalmost a year to finishdesigning Green Hill Zone Act 1 - SpringYard Zone and Scrap BrainZone were originally called SparklingZone and Clock Work Zone -Music composed by Masato Nakamura ofDreams Come True fame - - - - -Privacy Policy: Terms ofUse: Game apps are ad-supported and noin-apppurchases are required to progress; ad-free play optionavailablewith in-app purchase. Other than for users known to beunder 13,this game may include "Interest Based Ads" (pleasesee for moreinformation)​and may collect "Precise Location Data" ​(pleasesee ​formoreinformation)​ © SEGA. All rights reserved. SEGA, the SEGAlogo,Sonic the Hedgehog, SEGA Forever, and the SEGA Forever logoareregistered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd.orits affiliates.
Tricks for Contra 1
yu qianyao
It is("魂斗罗") a very classic game. It is affect a whole generationofgame players on fc, almost become a synonym for the era of FCgames.In addition, KONAMI in 1989, launched a large game consoleof thesame name on computer. it means "people with excellentfightingability and quality", it is given the title of thestrongestsoldiers.
Classic arcade emulator 361
The simulator contains 68 classic arcade games, I wish you ahappyplay.
2P NES Emulator 4.0
It will provide you wonderful experience of the classicgames.-Support 2 players (WIFI).- Support save and load state.-SupportNES file and ZIP file (compressed file of NES).- If you wanttoplay, you could search NES files on the web.- To activeoptionmenu: press or hold the menu key on the navigation bar.
NES Emulator - Full Games & Free 2.3
The Best NES Emulator - Full Game andFreePlay. Play Every where, every time.Play all the best games of the 80s on your phone.Feature NES :* FULL Game NES and play FREE* Play ultimate time, save game and load game when you play.Playcontinous.* Love game, save game you love as list to play.* NES Controller as a real, good control.* Quickly response game.* Bring all game NES for you.* You can request new game, admin support for you 24/24 andupdateevery week .This free emulator for NES (Nintendo Entertaiment System)includemultiple classic arcade games like (contra , pac-man ,berzerk ,mario bros , phoenix , rally-x and more...).Disclaimer:This app is not sponsored or endorsed by, or affiliated withothercompany. It belong to this app account. our app is justanemulator.
Snes9x EX+ 1.5.42
Advanced open-source port of the Snes9x emulator based onversion1.55. A 1GHz+ device is recommended for best results. Forolderdevices, a faster version based on 1.43 is available fordownloadon my site. Any ROM media must be supplied by the user.ROMs may bein .smc and .sfc formats, optionally in ZIP, RAR, or 7Zfiles.Disclaimer: This application is not affiliated with NintendoorSuper Nintendo Entertainment System in any way. Followdevelopmentof my apps ongithub: Visit thehomepageat for more info & ports for otherplatforms.
Tips Super NES Emulator 1
Note: It is game Tips for Super NESEmulator(NES模擬器,黑白機).Greatemulator on android platform.perfectgraphics and nicegameplay.Best emulator to play SNES games withbest game Very highgame compatibilityYou will feel the best gamingexperience withhigh definition game graphics and fast speed
NES Emulator 1.0.1
Games 90s
NES Emulator is NES emulator for android 2.3.3+.Now you can runandplay games from 90s. Just download from web "nes" files andruntheir on our app.To active option menu just press or holdthemenu/back key. Also you can save and load game state.
Classic Bomber Legend 1.4
Classic Bomber Legend game, you will move through multi levels.Todoit, in each level you have to destroy opponents and find outExitDoor.Strategically place various bombs to put opponents in atrap ordestroy many obstacles.The Exit Door is hidden underbrick,so youhave to place bombs to destroy brick to find this.Bombwillautomatically explode after several seconds or manuallyexplode whenyou get blow up control.You will lose the blow upcontrol if youdie. You can get this one in some next level.Becareful, bombs canalso destroy yourself if you in explodingrange.Try to find outPower Up item in each level to improve yourskill.Enjoy it.
AndroGens 1.17
AndroGens is an emulator for Genesis, also called MegadriveinEurope.It features:- 99.9% compatibility on Genesisgames-Customizable on-screen buttons (size and position)-Easy-to-useGUI- Save state- Optimized code to save battery life-Full supportfor physical controllers- XPeria Play support- Supportof roms with".gen", ".bin" and ".md" extensionsThis emulator hasbeendownloaded more than 2 million times! After a quite longhiatus,development on this app is ongoing again... Thanks everyoneforyour support :)This app just provide the virtual system forGenesis/ Megadrive; it does not provide any game.You must get romsforgames that you own over the web.We can not and will not explainyouhow to get them.This is a FREE version of AndroGens, whichcontainsads.Please check our other apps for a paid version ofAndroGensthat does not contain ads.This application is opensource.It islicensed under GPLv2.You can read GPLv2 license here: is based on thecodefrom DroidGen, which is also licensed under GPLv2, and whichisalso based on components, such as Genesis Plus GX (which isalsoGPL'ed).You can grab the sourcecodehere: app isnotaffiliated with SEGA in any way.It is not approved,endorsed,supported or produced by SEGA."Megadrive" and "Genesis"aretrademarks from SEGA.The games shown in action belong totheirrespective owners; these images just prove the functionalityof theemulator, but do not belong to TizmoPlay.
com.deimos.emu 4.0
The NES was first released in North America in 1985 andrevitalizedthe gaming industry after the video game crash of 1983.62 millionsystems were sold and by 1990 30% of American householdshad aNintendo Entertainment System . Now you can play all the bestgamesof the 80s on your phone! Features: - Customizable controls-Cheats - Fast-forward - Works with zipped ROMs - Most up todateemulation software NES games are not included withthisapplication. Games that you have already acquired legally canbefound on many websites. This application is in no way endorsedbyor affiliated with the Nintendo Corporation.
Nes Game Collection 1.0.0
di yanglin
This simulator contains 100 arcadegames,acollection of all childhood memories!
NES Emulator - Play retro games
This is the best free NES Emulator. You can play all game NESherewith another playerHave fun!
John NES Lite - NES Emulator 3.80
John NES Lite is NES emulator for android 4.1+. This app doesnotwork without your own game files. Features - Original NES engine-Cheats (Game Genie/PAR) - High quality rendering - Very fast-Search game files in SDCard & Internal storage -VirtualOn-screen keypad - Zipped file support - Save States(withpreviews) - Customizable keys - Turbo buttons - Screenshot -Fastforward / Slow down (x0.25 - x16) - Bluetooth/MOGAcontrollersupport - Dropbox support (requires John DataSync) PleasepurchaseJohn NES to remove Ads.
Arcade Word 2
If you love arcade games, then i believe you will love thisapp.Wecollect and review great pop and up-to-date arcade games suchasclassic arcade games, action games, fighting games, fightinggames,strategy games, and more for you. This app helps you make thebestarcade games in a very short time and you can enjoy the daytimeandnighttime visit!
Nostalgia.NES (NES Emulator) 2.0.8
NO GAMES ARE INCLUDED IN THE APP! Nostalgia.NES is a highqualityNES emulator based on the most up-to-date revision of thefamousFCEUX. Features - Modern, cool-looking & userfriendlyinterface - Highly customizable virtual controller! You canadjustthe size and position of each button to suit your needs. -Gameprogress saving and loading - 8 manual slots with screenshots&an autosave slot. Share save states among your devices viaBT,mail, skype etc. directly from the app. - Rewinding! Got killedbya bad guy? Never mind! Just rewind the game a couple ofsecondsback and try again! - Wi-Fi controller mode! This uniquefeatureallows several devices to be connected with each other. Turnyourphone into a wireless gamepad and play your favoritemultiplayerNES games with your friends. We support up to 4 players!Learnmore: - Zapper(lightgun) emulation - Turbo buttons & A+B button - PAL(Europe)/NTSC(USA, Japan) video modes support - Hardwareaccelerated graphicsutilizing OpenGL ES - 44100 Hz stereo sound -Hardware keyboardsupport - Supports HID bluetooth gamepads (MOGA,8bitdo etc.) -Screenshots - easily capture an image of the game anytime duringgameplay - Use special cheat codes to make NES gameseven more fun!Learn more: - NES andZIP filesupport No ROMs are included in the application. Placeyour ROMs(zipped or unzipped) anywhere on your SD card -Nostalgia.NES willfind them. This is the lite version ofNostalgia.NES. It isad-supported and some features (manualprogress saving/loading andgame rewinding) are enabled only whenads are displayed (ie. whenyou are connected to the internet). Wedo not want to disturb youduring gameplay - no ads will bedisplayed when a game is running.Nostalgia.NES is GPLv3-licensedand you can download its source codehere: Donot hesitate to send bug reports,suggestions or questions to ouremail.
PAC-MAN 8.0.3
THE GLOBAL VIDEO GAME ICON TURNS 40! JOIN THE PAC!CelebratePAC-MAN's 40th Anniversary with a new UI highlighting thefive boldcolors of PAC-MAN and the Ghosts. Coming out of the videogameworld, they will paint your life with fun and excitement.PAC-MANIS FOR EVERYONE! Enjoy the world famous arcade videogame,PAC-MAN,for FREE! Earn high scores as you guide PAC-MAN through themaze toeat all the pac-dots and fruits while avoiding the peskyGhostGang! Or turn them blue by eating a power pellet to chomp onthem!Who can forget the retro addictive gameplay of this popcultureicon? Remember all those countless hours of free time andquartersspent at the local arcade back in the '80s? Re-live thoseclassicgaming moments on your mobile phone! PAC-MAN is the retroarcadegame you know and love, now better than ever before! Joinmillionsof fans and experience this classic along with newfeatures* suchas original mazes, weekly tournaments, and tokenrewards! CLASSIC8-BIT ARCADE ACTION • Now everyone can play theoriginal coin-opicon, PAC-MAN • Pixel perfect - Looks, sounds, andfeels just likeyou remember! • Addictive old school gameplay - Runaway or chasethe ghosts! NEW MAZES • Unique challenges await withbrand newmobile exclusive mazes! • Easy to learn, hard to master -Just onemore game! • The definition of simple and timeless gamedesignDAILY PAC-MISSIONS! • Earn token rewards by completingdailygameplay challenges • Eat 20 ghosts, eat 4 fruits, get 1000points,etc. the list goes on and on! TOURNAMENTS • Take theweeklytournament maze challenge to earn tokens! • Compete at yourownpace with 3 difficulty levels • Get high scores and climbtheleaderboards! TOKEN REWARDS • Spend earned tokens to unlocknewmazes, or earn more tournament attempts! • Earn free dailyrewardsRediscover the retro classic all over again! Bring the oldschoolarcade action of PAC-MAN anywhere you go! Did we also mentionthatPAC-MAN was inducted to the World Video Game Hall of Fame in2015?Download PAC-MAN for FREE today! If you purchased a BandaiWreck-ItRalph Power Pac Mini Figure Blind Box and want to redeemyour toycode, sorry! Ralph has gone into another maze! To redeemyour toycode: 1. Download the PAC-MAN: Ralph Breaks the Maze apphere: your toy code for the corresponding Disney character 3.Enjoy!Additional Features: • Achievements and Leaderboard support•Insider Pro-Tips on how to be the best maze runner in the worldLikeus on Facebook: Checkoutour website: * = Sometermsand conditions may apply. PAC-MAN™ & ©2020 BANDAINAMCOEntertainment Inc. BANDAI NAMCO logo is a trademark of BANDAINAMCOHoldings Inc. Published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment AmericaInc.
Snow Bros 2.1.4
The game that was sensationally popular in the 90s is back.Withmany loves from worldwide gamers, Snow Bros has become a remakeandbeen launched. Optimized into the Smartphone environment,anyonecan easily enjoy and play. You play out the game more than50stages by defeating about 20 kinds of monsters. Also youcancompete with other players in leaderboards and achievementsthroughacquiring items, clearing stages, and raising the all-killpoints.Now! Let’s create the snowballs, defeat the monsters, andsave theprincess! If you delay, the pumpkin ghost will appear andharassyou. So be careful! 1. Contacts [Optional Authority] Don'taccessyour Contacts, but it's only used for checking your account.Thispermission is used to verify your account and allowContactspermissions to log in to Google. 2. Location [OptionalAuthority]Used for handling advertising, such as coin compensationads.follow :
MAME Arcade - Classic M.A.M.E Emulator 3.0.1
This is the perfect Arcade emulator - M.A.M.E platform. -Support0.139u1 rom set. - Play multiplayer via wifi. - Save , loadstatesupport. - Download and run game very simple. - Nice graphics.
Clown Circus 2: Amazing Circus 2.3
Clown Circus, with 4 game on circus: Lion Jump, Wheel Jump,MonkeyCircus, Horse Circus.The famous arcade game. Now this oneissimilar with, and would like to take you have a child hoold'sexperiences about it.Features:- New graphic.- World Leaderboardforeach game.- Keep in touch with your friend on over theworld.Easyto play! Relax your time.
Emulator Pro For PS 2 - is a programthatallows you to emulate the famous androiddevices PS2 console. You will easily be able to play populargameson the PS.Each game adapted to your device, and has a handy controlinterface.However,each game needs specific to their unique approach and selectionofsettings.Compatibility of different games with the emulator isalsodifferent.Some games are very good, some is completely unavailable forthegame.Install Emulator Pro For PS2 now!Galaxy S7 Edge is now supported.[Supports file extension].bin, .mdf, .pbp, .toc, .cbn, .m3u, .iso, .img, .cue, zip, 7z* Some images come as a .ecm file. These will not work inthisemuator.No games are included with this download. Dump your own realPS2/PSXgames and turn them into .ISO files,put on your SD card /USBstorage.Some games that work (not all will run full speed onalldevices):Gran Turismo 2Final Fantasy VIITekken 3Crash Bandicoot: WarpedMetal Gear SolidTomb Raider IIIResident Evil 2Driver 2Dino CrisisCrash Team Racing : CTRWWF War ZoneSpider-Manand many more...If you have any questions or problems with this App, pleasecontactus and we will respond as quickly as possible to helpyou.** IMPORTANT: PPSSXX DOESN'T INCLUDE GAMES. GAMES MUSTBEPROVIDED BY THE USER **LEGAL: This product is not affiliated with, nor authorized,endorsedor licensed in any way by Sony Corporation, its affiliatesorsubsidiaries. PlayStation game software sold separately.Allindividual game screen shots or audio that are simulated bythissoftware are property of their respective copyright holders andareonly used in this app listing for the purpose of informingthecustomer of the software's functionality.
NesBoy! Pro (Emulator for NES) 2.6
Can Tho Emulator
2.99$ IS FOR DONATIONS ONLY- Please consider donating-Donationssupport MANY open-source projects and developersA NES gamefile(ROM file) is necessary to play a game. You can find NES gamefilesby searching the web.* Feature:- Support NES file (.nes,.zip).-Support android 4.0+ (suitable for android 7.0 and 8.0+).-Savestate and load state.- Quick save: Double tap to quick-save(righthalf of screen).- Quick load: Double tap to quick-load (lefthalfof screen).- Edit and resize Dpad, buttons.- Turbo buttons&A+B button.- PAL (Europe) / NTSC (USA, Japan) video modes.-Supportup to 4 Players (Wifi Control).- Support Rewind (You willnever diewhen this feature is enabled).
Retro World 1.2.1
Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of console video games ofthe90's! Explore the World in search of magical crystals,killmonsters, complete quests and solve puzzles. Features: • 9Worldswith a unique story + 2 secret Worlds. • Over 200 gamelocations. •An open game World. You can return to the passed stagesand makethe new discoveries! • Colorful pixel graphics of handmade.•Atmospheric music with an 8-bit tint. • A lot of hidden placesandsecrets. • Funny personas with individual nature. • Variousitemsthat are added to your inventory. • 5 types of weapons.•Interesting puzzles. The game control is simple - only 4buttons:left, right, up (jump) and down (action). All the tasksthat youreceive during the game are recorded in your diary. You cansaveyour progress at the special save points that you have tofind.Communicate with the game personas and learn usefulinformationfrom them. Improve your characteristics with magicitems. Collectthe keys to open the locks. Good luck!
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Classic 1.3.1
One of the best selling SEGA games of all time - Sonic TheHedgehog2 is now available for free on mobile! Rediscover SEGA’ssuperSonic masterpiece! Dr. Eggman is back to his old tricks,trying tofind the seven Chaos Emeralds that will enable him tocomplete hisultimate weapon, the Death Egg. Only the triple threatof Sonic,Tails, and Knuckles can defeat him in this remaster fromthe teambehind Sonic Mania! Sonic The Hedgehog 2 joins theever-increasingline-up of ‘SEGA Forever’, a treasure trove of freeSEGA consoleclassics brought to life on mobile for the first time!FEATURES -Twelve Badnik-infested zones to master, from underwatercaverns toneon-lit casinos! - Compete online, take on the TimeAttack mode,and the all-new Boss Attack mode! - Play the secretHidden PalaceZone stage that didn't make it into the originalrelease! - FightDr. Eggman's creations, including the terrifyingMecha Sonic -Obtain all the Chaos Emeralds to transform into SuperSonic andSuper Knuckles! MOBILE GAME FEATURES - PLAY FREE withad-support orad-free via In-App Purchase - SAVE YOUR GAMES – saveyour progressat any point in the game. - LEADERBOARDS – competewith the worldfor high scores - CONTROLLER SUPPORT: HID compatiblecontrollersSONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2 TRIVIA - This is the most completeversion ofSonic The Hedgehog 2 to date, complete with widescreen,60FPSaction, and a remastered soundtrack! - This was the firstSonicgame to feature the Spin Dash move - The Master System versionwasthe first game Tails appeared in, although he wasn’t playable!-Unlike the Mega Drive/Genesis original, you can now fly asTails!SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2 HISTORY - The game was originallyreleasedworldwide in November 1992 - Original developer: Sonic Team&SEGA Technical Institute - Designer: Hirokazu Yasuhara -LeadComposer: Masato Nakamura - - - - - PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofUse: Game apps are ad-supported and noin-apppurchases are required to progress; ad-free play optionavailablewith in-app purchase. Other than for users known to beunder 13,this game may include "Interest Based Ads" (pleasesee for moreinformation)​and may collect "Precise Location Data" ​(pleasesee ​formoreinformation) ​ © SEGA. All rights reserved. SEGA, the SEGAlogo,Sonic The Hedgehog 2, SEGA Forever, and the SEGA Forever logoareregistered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd.orits affiliates.
SuperN64 (N64 Emulator) 2.5.8
A high quality emulator to run N64 game files. Play yourfavoriteN64 games on your Android device. You need to place yourown gamefiles onto the SD card before running this N64Emulator.SuperN64 isa modified version of the Open Source projectMupen64+, which islicensed by GNU GPL v3. Modifications includeperformanceenhancements for specific Phone Models and newandroid(successfully tested on some devices running android7.0+)*Feature:- Supports N64 game file (.n64, z64, v64, .zip,.rar)-Support android 4.0+ (suitable for android 7.0+) - Save andloadstate, auto save.- Resize dpad, buttons (button scale).* Note:- Tofix graphic glitcher, try changing the video plugin (In app,chooseSettings - Plugins - Video).- To fix lag, try changing thevideoframeskip setting or the video plugin.- For unplayable ROMS,tryunzipping the ROM first or trying a different version of theROM.-For touchscreen control issues, try changing the buttonscale(150%) or button layout.
Emulator Fast PSP Games HD 1.3
Best Emulator Fast PSP Games HD on your Android device, athighdefinition with extra featurer, most popular android games.PSPHDgames using this emulator at full speed.super pssp - GameEmulatorHD (Play Portable) games with best android gamescompatibility,best psp games emulator hd The new and absolutelyfree Emulator forPSP Rocket.This little name is not an accident.New technologieswork and delight everyone.No games are includedwith thisdownloadYou will come to great perfomance in PSP games,perfectgraphics and nice gameplay. Because of this set of finefactorsemulator works like Android device, at high definition withextrafeatures "Emulator Fast PSP Games HD"Features:- highgraphicsandroid games sound- Emulator Fast PSP Games HD.- PSP HDförEmulator android free- High quality best game graphics- Fastgamespeed as on the original PSP device-The most easy to use.-Savesyour battery as much as possible.- Very good gamecompatibility.-best psp games100% speed emulation even on someolder devices-Smooth game controller- Compressed file support- NicegamecontrollerIMPORTANT NOTES :This emulator don't have anygameincluded with this can dump psp games withextension.ISO or .CSOput games in SD Card or Storage USBNOTE :–Thisapplication is Not A PS2 One EMULATEUR.– This applicationDon'tInclude Any PSP ROMs.– This application Is not XBOX 360EMULATEUR.–This application Is Not A XBOX One EMULATEUR.– Thisapplication isnot a PS3 One EMULATEUR.– This application is Not APS4 OneEMULATEUR.
GENPlusDroid 1.9.3
GENPlusDroid - PLEASE READ=====PROJECT IS NOT DEAD. BUG FIXESARECOMING!Full Version is free. Ads are only on the main menu! Noadswill ever appear during game play! If you enjoy thisapplicationconsidering purchasing NESDroid or GambatteDroid tosupport ournext projects! Does not require root!!Cycle accurate andhighercompatibility than Gensoid, required betterhardwarethough.Multi-touch support!GENPlusDroid is an open sourceSegaGenesis emulator powered by GENPlus. Runs Sega Master SystemandSega Mega Drive games. High compatibility, games likeVirtualRacing and Phantasy Star work full speed!. Devices with agood GPUcan use shaders to increase the graphic quality. Real timeframe byframe rewinding of game play. Complete customization overmultitouch input (size and position). Use a keyboard or gamepadwithcustom key bindings if you have one (WiiMote and SixAxisIMEwork!). Cheats/Game Genie coming next!Visitusat: respond to app comments, so if you need helpplease email meor visit our forums. I do respond to emails quicklyand would loveto field all requests ( Icannot get extrafeedback from a comment without talking toyou. SupportsAndroid2.0+, 2.3.X, 3.X, 4.X- Sega Mega Drive / Genesis, SegaMasterSystem- High compatibility: Virtual Racing, Phantasy Star,etc-Sega 6 Button Support- Multi Touch/Keyboard/Gamepadcontrollersupported- Custom key bindings- 2Player support- Custommulti touchinput location and size- Real Time rewind (see youtubefor video)-Fast Forward- Auto Save, phone calls won't ruin yourgame- Move andresize the touch input controls to your liking!-Load/Browsecompressed archives (*.zip, *.7z)- Custom ROM directory,RomFetchersupport- PAL support- Shaders! (hq2x, super eagle, 2xSaI,etc). -Tablets, many tablets are known to beworkingperfectlyDEVICES=====- The list of working devices grew tobig todisplay here.- All Android 2.X, 3.X devices shouldbeworking.USAGE======- After installation, start GENPlusDroidandfollow the welcome screen instructions.- Some tablets it istrickyto locate where GENPlusDroid creates its external directory.If youare having trouble note that in the settings of the app youcan setthe rom directory to any directory you want.REPORTISSUES=====-Manually loading the auto state fails sometimesReportall issues tome via email ( or postthemat:, instructionscomingsoon! Mode- Native bluetooth support- Stereoscopic 3D(only onsupported devices)- Shader performance increase for alldevices-Game Genie- Haptic Feedback- Email me forfeaturerequests!LEGAL=====This product is not affiliated with,norauthorized, endorsed or licensed in any way by SegaCorporation,its affiliates or subsidiaries. Sega Genesis gamesoftware soldseparately. Sega and Sega Genesis© are trademarks orregisteredtrademarks of Sega Corporation. All rights reserved.Company andproduct names are trademarks or registered trademarks oftheirrespective companies. All brands/names/images/etc arecopyrightedby their respective owners. Images are shown fordocumentationpurposes only. Halsafar is not affiliated with, norauthorized,endorsed or licensed in any way by software/hardwarecompanies.
CastNES - Chromecast Games 1.0.22
ViApps Inc
Play your favorite NES games on your Google Cast device! Itiscompatible with almost all NES games ever made and runsperfectlyon any phone or tablet. How does it work? We broadcast agame toyour Google ( Chromecast ) device and you use your phone asafull-sized controller with tactile feedback (vibration). CastNESis the most popular chromecast NES emulator. NO GAMES AREINCLUDEDIN THE APP! Search NES files on the web, download themanywhere toyour device, and games will appear in the app. FEATURES:- Gameprogress saving and loading - Сomfortable and Fast Gamepad