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As part of the Social Multiplayer Games class at NYU, I have builtadominoes game.The game can be played as per below: - Play withafriend on the same phone, invite a friend to play orpracticeagainst the computer.- Two players are allowed per match.Eachplayer will receive 7 tiles.- If you are the first player tojointhe match, you will be allowed to start by playing a doubletile.If you don't have a double tile then you can either buy tilesfromthe house or pass the play to your opponent.- Each player addsadomino to an open end of the layout, if possible.- If a playerisunable to make a move, he/she must draw dominoes from theboneyarduntil a move can be made. If there are no dominoes left,then theplayer must pass.- A game ends either when a player playsallhis/her tiles, or when a game is blocked. A game isconsideredblocked when all players make a pass their turn (i.e. noplayer canmake a move).- When a hand ends, the player with thelightest hand(i.e. the fewest number of dots on their dominoes)wins the numberof sum total of points in all of his opponents hands(minus thepoints in his own hand, if any).
Hit the Clown
Tab on the left side of the screen to move left and tab on therightside of the screen to move right. Hit the Clown is anendlessrunner. From second to second the car drives faster andfaster. Doyou think your reactions are fast enough to dodge theother cars?Free the streets from the Clowns!Compete against theentire world,in the fight for first place in the world rankings! Inour shop youcan buy cars with ingame coins, that you collect duringthe game.Ifyou like Hit the Clown, please rate this app!Have fun!
Bottle Flip Challenge 1.1
Make the water bottle flip with asimpleonetap. This is the biggest water bottle flip challenge gamethatyouever played. Looks easy? Just try the bottle flip challengeandseeit for your self. Have fun!Inspired by the global epic water bottle flip challenge.Features :- Most Extreme water bottle Flip Game Ever- Level Based and Endless Modes in water bottle challenge!- Collect all Bottles- LeaderboardsLets go Flipping!
Bottle Flipper 2K16
The best Water bottle flip challenge ever.Enjoy addictive andsimplecasual game with real physics.You've tried the challenge,you'veflipped the bottle, now take it on the go.Flip and land thewaterbottle upright to score. You can unlock a lot of new bottlesandtrails to make them cooler.Compete with your friends onAndroidmobile.No internet connection needed and no in apppurchases.Totake a screen to share your score, we may access tomedia files isrequired to share your score.► FEATURES ◄♦ Absolutelaunchcontrol.♦ Realistic physics.♦ Global leaderboard.♦ Saves yourownhighscore.♦ Play for free now.
Juju on that Beat
Juju on that beat is a fun game for toddlers, kids, teensandadults. Angry moles are invading the garden. You have to get ridofthem before time runs out! But beware, moles do not want toleavethe garden and have organized to protect themselves from theblowsand attack you. So hurry, take the hammer and whack themole!Jujuon that beat, is a fun game suitable for all ages with 20differentlevels that will ensure fun for long. Toddlers will havefunhitting everything that comes out of the hole, either molesorrabbits, regardless of the points. But as they grow, childrenareadapting to the complexity of the game and are able todistinguishbetween rabbits and moles to know who to hit.But keep inmind thatsome rabbits are still in the area, be careful not to hitthem.Jujuon that beat game for your smartphone!- 20 levels withincreasingdifficulty- 3 power-ups to use including elixir, bomb andempoweredhammer- bunnies to distract attention- funny graphicsandsoundsWhen you pass each level or have enough points, you canbuysome extras that will help you. To use them, selectthemfirst.Extras:- Bomb : Destroy everything that comes throughthathole and nearby.- Power : Increase the intensity of theblow.-Elixir : Improve your hammer for a while.- Trunk : Cover ahole fora while- Stone : Cover the hole throughout the level
Bottle Flip
Bottle Flip, the most popular flipping game you shouldnotmiss!!Multi ways to flip bottle, and Various emulated scene aswellas bottle types give you fabulous and real bottle flipexperience.Take the bottle flip challenge in two modes!EndlessModeGet scoreby Flipping bottle onto the platform. Level ModeFlip awater bottleonto the platform to get score,so easy? Difficultylevel is gettinghigher now!! To get score by flipping bottle ontothe platform ofother object while bottom perfectly landing onsurface.CustomizedSceneBottle flip offers various customized scenesand bottle types,which gives player a fabulous and real bottle flipexperience.Let’s flip bottle with changeable environment andemulatedscene!How to play1.There is certain chance to flip bottlein everyround. To take the flip bottle challenge with limited lifein levelmode~2.During your play session, you can get more chance toflipbottle with our little bonus. Let's take the bottle challengerightnow!Features:1.To get score by flipping bottle onto theplatform ofother object while bottom perfectly landing onsurface~2.Offlinegame makes it possible to take challenge anytimeandanywhere~3.Totally free bottle flip gamewithoutin-app-purchase!4.Emulated landing makes it possible toexperiencethe real bottle flip~5.Show off your high score andinvite yourfriends to take challenge together!Obsessed with flipgame?Realistic emulated Bottle flip challenge is waiting foryou!Wannabe the Master of Bottle Flip? It’s time to flip waterbottles now!Just have a try!
Juju Dance Challenge
Show off your Juju dance moves to all of your friends ! TThemostpopular Juju dance in 2016! Make sure you don't miss it .Challengeyour friends with awesome dancing moves. How well can youdance onthe beat ? Use your finger tap on the beat buttons ! howfast canyou react to the music rhythm? How long can you survive onthe beatbefore you fail? Dancing levels are getting harder andharder ,more and more rhythm buttons need to press to pass thechallenge ,are you going to be the dancing kings and queens in thisdancebattle ? This extremely fun Juju dance challenge game is forallthe dance lovers ! Make your finger dance on the beat today !
Domino Dot Counter Demo
Counts the dots (a.k.a. pips) on a group of dominoes usingthecamera. Great for adding up the dots on a large number of tilesatthe end of a round of Mexican Train dominoes.Just start theapp,point the camera at the dominoes, and tap anywhere on thescreen.The total will appear in about a second. A circle is drawnaroundeach pip in the image.This demo version of the Domino DotCounterApp has ads. It is a demonstration of the capabilities ofthe paidversion of the app. If you like the demo, please purchasethe fullversion. The full version now keeps score!!!For bestresults, it isimportant to hold the camera horizontally over thedominoes. It isalso important to play on a solid-colored surfacelike a wood tableor a solid tablecloth.Please email us with anysuggestions,concerns, or problems with the dot counter demo.
Water Bottle Flip Challenge
Can you make a Water Bottle Flip Challenge Premium? TaketheTournamentHow To Play:-Tap to Flip on each platform-Time yourjump
5 Second Guess
5 Second Guess is a fun and fast paced party game suitable forthewhole family.The rules are simple. With 5 seconds on the clock,aplayer has to name 3 things. Once the time runs out, theotherplayers decide whether it qualifies as a pass or fail. Theplayerwith the most points at the end of the game wins!★★ Features★★✔Hundreds of fun challenges✔ Add your own 5 Second challenges✔Playwith up to 8 players✔ Completely free to play✔ Set the numberofrounds to play✔ Keep track of player scores✔ Frequentlyupdatedwith more contentGreat fun for all ages!
Ariana Grande Piano Game 1.5
If you are a Arianator or Tiny Elephantyoumusthave this game!!You just have to touch the pink keys fast to hear themelodyassmoothly as possible, but you have to avoid touchingthewhitekeys, in the challenge mode, you need collect 5 song notesforwinone star that would you need to get the newest songsUse your thumbs or play with one finger, collect as manytilesasyou can and obtain the other songs.The application is free for entertainment purposes onlybutitcontains ads that help us to finance our developments, thiscanbeannoying to some people but we ask for your understandingThank you, enjoy it.DISCLAIMER:Ariana Grande Piano Game is an unofficial fan application. Itisnotaffiliated with or endorsed by Ariana Grande, theirmanagement,orher record label.This app does not include any copyrighted material.The piano melodies are arranged with individual piano notesThis app is for entertainment purposes only
Bottle Flip Extreme!
Water Bottle Flip Extreme (Most Famous Bottle FlipGame)!WaterBottle Flip Extreme is inspired by the senior talentshow AK 2016,Water Bottle Flip Extreme brings you the insaneflipping challengeof the year!Hold Tap to set the power to flip thewater bottle andflippy bottle onto the platform to score. If youlike Dude PerfectChallenge or paper tos with extreme, This gamelooks like.GameFeatures:- Extremely fun and addictive- Realisticwater bottle flipphysics- Most Extreme Bottle Flip Game Ever- Add 8styles of bottlefor bottle flip- 2 modes to play(endless mode &time limitedmode)- Win more diamonds to unlock new bottlesHow toPlay:- Normaltarget: Calculate the angle and strength, and thenslide screen toflip bottle.- Moving target:Be attention to speed ofmovementtargets and then flip bottle at the correcttime.Comingsoon:-Online global scoreboardLets flipping bottle now!Share andcompare your scores with friends and others on the onlineglobalscoreboard.Flip the water bottle onto the platform to score.Canyou master the bottle flip game?*No InternetConnectionRequired*Download Bottle Flip Extreme game, the bestretro arcadeaction game on mobile now.
Save The Drowning Girl
This is aime hospital. You need to deal with all kindsofemergencies and rescue work as a good emergency doctor.This timewehave a drowning young girl suffering from injuries. We need youtogo over there to rescue her.Time is tight, let’s setoffimmediately.Features:-Preparing the emergency supplies andtakethem with you;-Driving the ambulance;-Rescuing thedrowninggirl;-Treating the wounds for the injured.
Water Bottle Flip Colors Match
The 2016 Water Bottle Flip Craze has taken over the world bystorm.Take your water bottle flip skills and try the extreme ColorMatchChallenge in Water Bottle Flip Colors Match Challenge. Areyourreflexes that good? How long can you last? Brought to you FREEbyTop Crazy Games, the makers of Hoverboard Rush Race SimulatorandTrump Hoverboard Sim. [How to play]- Tap to flip that bottle up.-The flippy bottle color will change and switch.- Tap againtoclashy through the right color and land safely.- Collect waterdropfor awesome prizesFeaturing 30+ unlockable flippy bottles,cocacola bottles, vibrant colors, and mystery ak prize wheelMorecomingsoon in this Extreme Water Bottle Flip Colors MatchChallengegame.Follow TopCrazyGames
MyFlower - Grow Flowers - Free
★★★★★MyFlower!★★★★★✓MyFlower is a flower you will need to takecareof it, ✓Plant it, give it a name✓Grow it with so muchlove✓Wateringit , give it fertilizer every time it will needit✓Play MiniGameswith her to have fun together✓when it is fullygrown is your choicewhether to sell it gaining a bit of money touse in the shop ✓Buyall objects in in the shop to customize thegame✓Change backgroundoccasionally✓Allachievements★MiniGames:✓Jump, Rise Up, Down, UpAnd Down, Tap TheRed, TicTacToe, Flappy , Fall❤♫☮Peace !!
Burger Fever - Shop 🍔 1.2
Vair Games
Get ready to cook, sale to earn the money for spendingluxiriouslife. Now a days every person is worried about hislivinghood butvair games is introducing this burger fever game foryou in whichyou have to work efficiently to create the gudreputation beforeyour customers.Some customers are entered in yourshop to buychips, burger, cold drink, hot dogs, and fries you haveto dealthem very politely and have to complete their order shown onyourdevice screen. Your customer are in hurry and they can waitforsome time and you have to cooking after taking an orderfromcustomer in time to enjoy this game and to collectmoney.Remember!if you are not completing your task in time and yourcustomerreturned without anything then it will cause of yourlevelfail.Your Feedbacks and ratings are valuable for us tokeepourselves busy in creating more fun in the games to entertainyou,your family and your friends. In case if you find any bugthatneeded to be addressed just send us an email, we will improveitand reply to your email as soon as possible.
Drop that Domino!
A simple game where you line up Dominoes and see how far you cangetbefore they topple.