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Horse Simulator 3D Animal lives: Adventure World 1.05
Big Foot
This wonderful simulator is an addictive game for adventurelovers.Play Horse Simulator 3D Animal lives: Adventure World.HorseSimulator 3D Animal lives: Adventure World has its hero.Someonewould say he is a crazy or mare horse. It's not true. Yourhorse isunusual is ultimate horse. You have the power to transformintoother animals and you have a huge dream. A crazy game wherethehorse fights to make his dream come true. Discoverthetransformation portal. Try them out. Most in the world wouldliketo be a goat. Horse Simulator 3D Animal lives: Adventure Worldwillgive you many hours of adventure and great fun: ♦ fight withboarsand wolves ♦ Discover the mystery of the maze fightingmonsters -mummies ♦ Do quests and collect prizes ♦ fight for thedefense ofyour medieval fantasy world - destroy the cursed Horsinstones ♦Watch the palm trees so as not to get coconut in the head,find theapple ♦ Horse can change to elephant, goat and cow ♦ Buy,sell andexchange your winnings ♦ Make sure your hero is not hungryandthirsty ♦ discover 3 wonderful and diverse locations.
Penguin Simulator 1.1.1
Big Baja Apps
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Penguin?Comeand explore the world as a Penguin. Take him to the Beach orlethim swim around some icebergs. Make him happy by accomplishingallthe objectives. He moves his feet and swims like a realpenguin.Highlights: --Control a funny 3D Penguin --4 Fun andInteractive 3DMaps to Explore - Loads of Effects and Secrets--SHARKS! Lots ofSharks are out to get your Penguin. Swim fast!--Seagulls, People,Goats,Bears, Horses --Super Fun Music--Excellent 3D Graphics andExciting 3D Penguin Gameplay --Loads ofAchievements --Break somecrystals, Smash some tables and chairs--Plenty of fun sounds andvisual effects *Note* This app works beston quad core devices**Play the Ice and Snow level or the fun Beachlevels. You've playedShark Simulator, Wolf Simulator, BearSimulator, and GoatSimulator, and Dinosaur Simulator. Now see whatit feels like toswim like a Penguin. When your penguin enters thewater, we carefulof the sharks below. If your penguin hits them,they will cause himdamage. Too much damage from the sharks, andyour penguin will needto rest a while. Say hello to some friendlybirds as you walkaround the maps. Bump into the horses. Watch outfor the Bearsthough . . .they are not friendly. Be sure and lookaround in allthe corners and uncover all the map secrets. We lovethese funnybirds and we had a great time creating this app.Hopefully you willhave a fun time playing it. . . it's 3D magic!Straight fromAntarctica to your mobile device.
Goat Exterminatοr
Take the role of Bleety Van Goat and fight against theinvadingherds! Help Van Goat shoot the invading scourge by tappingon themand reload by shaking your Gun-Device. Your reflexes will beput tothe test as the apocalypse gets worse and worse trying toconsumeeverything! Humanity will soon be overwhelmed and iscounting onyou! The Goat army's arsenal is still weak for now -only theirmain raining-force and the occasional tank comingthrough. Willthey bring more? Will humanity hold? Only the humansand Bleety VanGoat know the answers to these questions!
Interrupting Goat 1.3
He'll interrupt you, your friends,coworkers,dinner, funerals, and pretty much anything else. Hedoesn't evencare - he's a goat.Just try having a conversation with the goat, he dares you.-----P.S. Make sure your volume's up real nice, the goat's not afanof being stifled.
Ziegenclicker 2.3.30
Klicke auf die Ziege um Clicks zu bekommen diese Clickskönnensiedurch ein Upgrade verdoppeln um noch mehr Clicks zubekommenmitfolgenden Updates wird sich der Spielspaß erhöhen.