Top 49 Games Similar to Eyes Makeup Games

Hijab Make Up Salon 1.2.2
Be creative and be inspired with Hijab MakeUpSalon, this game will let you choose from variety ofbeautifullyand distinctly designed hijabs, and you will also get ahandfulchoices of make ups, ranging from eyeshadow, lipsticks, tomascara.Be even more creative with huge selection of colors foryourhijabs, and cosmetics.This game is a great choice for anyone who interested in make upandhijab, and this game can even be used as a reference for youtoapply real make ups. This app can also be used as yourhijabtutorial.Features- 10 beautiful and unique hijab, each can be modifiedwithselectable primary and secondary colors.- Change skin brightness with ease.- Huge selection of colors for eye contact lenses, lipstick,andeyeshadow and more.- 4 selectable charming mascara option for eyelashes.- 6 different eyebrows to choose from.- 3 Eyeshadow style, with editable primary andsecondarycolors.- Mix two color gradient for the background.- Save your design and share it with your friend, or you canevenuse it as your profile pictures in social media.
Doll Makeover Princess Salon 1.2
Hey everyone, are you a make-up freak?Thenhere we present before you an interesting game “Doll Makeover”.Doll Makeover is a free and offline makeup game for everyone.Apretty girl should know makeup tricks as much as she knowsaboutthe fashion trends. Luckily you can play the free makeupgameoffline here and learn the most useful makeup tips. Neverforgetthat your look is not finished without applying flatteringmake up.In these makeup games, you can do the makeup of a princessor dolljust like the celebrities and beautiful models. Play thesefreegames and get ready to be the most wanted make-up artist.The game is very simple to play. All you need to do is thatthepretty doll is getting ready for a ball tonight. She needs atotalmakeover. It is a long way to go so can you help her? Startwithfacial skin care and then one by one move to otheraccessories.Choose the perfect makeover for her to make her thecenter ofattraction.The doll will open her closet for us. Check her closet out andpickthe best pieces to dress her up. Dress the doll from head totoe ina fashion salon. For those who always wanted to be theprincess oftheir own wonderland and spend all their time dressingup intopretty looking princess, this game takes your imaginationone stepcloser at a go.Start your day with an awesome make-up of the doll in your veryownsalon. Even better, you can have a royal bath and manicure doneinyour spa. A lavish way of making your royal day shine! And ifthatwas not enough, you can also prepare your doll model for thebigroyal ball! Try your best because who knows, your princecharmingmight be noticing you out!!!Now’s your chance to create a style that will be popular alloverthe world. In Doll Makeover, enjoy a makeover before abigphotoshoot to model your own makeup line. Help the doll to getarelaxing facial to clean up your face and pamper your skinbeforeyour photography session. Top it off with hot clothes beforeyoumake the doll party ready!This is really something interesting and cool to do, if youaretired of playing action games, zombie, puzzles, brain gamesandmany other games, then just take a look towards this game.After everything is finished, don’t forget to take a pictureforyour wonderful designs.How to Play:- Use the cream and foam for the facial spa.- Wash it off with the shower.- Choose the best lipstick, eye shadow shades and many more forthedoll- Now dress her up in the most beautiful attire and accessoriesforthe party.- Now blow up the glow!Features of the game:- A pretty doll is ready for your design.- Facial cream, pack, face wash everything is there for thefacialspa.- A collection of great accessories like eye shades,lipstickshades, blush on, lenses, liner etc.- A closet full of pretty dresses like the ones which the modelsandcelebrities have.- A beautiful collection of handbags, shoes and necklaces.- A free and offline game with no hard and fast rules.- No registration is required. Just click the button and getreadyfor the magic.If you like the game, you can share it with your friendsonvarious social sites like Facebook, Gmail, etc.Now to make that royal dream come to life, download this gameandstart making yourself beautiful like the princess youalwaysimagined yourself to be!
Hair Salon - Princess Makeup 2.2.3151
Kiwi Go
Long hair princess makeup is a princessmakeupgame for kids! The princess is going to get married, let’sapplymakeup for her! Choose beautiful dress, do spa for her.Prince and princess have a date later, let’s dress her up!Features- Choose the skin color for princess- Wash hair, do a facial spa for princess- Tons of makeup tools, choose different tools freely- Lots of fashionable clothes, like shirts and high heels- Take a photo after done the makeup!Get long hair princess for her prince, it’s a special makeupgamefor girls!
Princess Beauty Salon - Birthday Party Makeup 2.0.3151
Kiwi Go
The youngest daughter of the king is goingtohave her 18th birthday. The king wants to hold a big adultceremonyfor her. All distinguished guests will come to attend thisbigevent. The little princess wants to dress up beautifully. Canyoutake her to princess beauty salon? Do a facial cleaning, applyonsome makeup and pick out a gorgeous dress for her.Features:※ Fascinating makeup game for girls※ Well prepare for the princess’s adult ceremony※ Plenty of fashionable lipsticks, eyeliners, blushes andeyeshadows※ Get her a perfect hairstyle to match the dress※ Supreme dressing room to satisfy the princess’sfashiontasteMix and match different fascinating looks for the littleprincess.Make her the most beautiful princess at her adultceremony.
Mermaid Princess Beauty Salon 1.8
Help this Beautiful Mermaid Princess toachievea perfect royal look for party at her palace!Become the fashion designer of Royal Mermaid! Use all your skillstocreate her stylish look.Pick a Royal Mermaid of your choice. Start off in the makeoverthendo her make-up and finally help her pick out theperfectoutfit.Enjoy Mermaid princess Fashion Doll beauty salon with royal makeup;choose princess style hairstyle, perfect eye makeup, hotlipstick& lots of fashion accessories; give your MermaidprincessFashion Doll princess look with latest royal designerdresses.** Features *** Makeover:- Apply unique and beautiful face packs to make Mermaid lookmorebeautiful!- Remove her pimples, extra eye brow hair, under eye marks,blackdots and give her a clean and clear skin!* Make-up:Help Mermaid to look royal with unique hairstyle and make-up- Give Mermaid delightful look with beautiful hairstyle; youcanchange the hair color by sliding the color option- Change her eye color to make her look more stunning- Choose a eye brow from options and change eye brow color tomakeher look better- Apply the eye liner from thin to thicker as per your choice- Apply the unique eye mascara with different color options- Give Mermaid more stunning look with unique eye shadowsandglow- Make her cheeks more charming with unique cheek glowoptions- Mermaid Princess's make up would be incomplete withoutattractivelipsticks and lip glow* Dress up:We have specially created unique outfits to give yourMermaidPrincess a perfect royal and charming look!- Choose a dress for your Mermaid from bunch of options; youcanalso change the dress color by sliding the given coloroption- Choose matching earring, necklace and bracelets- Make her wear beautiful gloves and sandals from loadsofoptions- Mermaid Princess dressing would be incomplete without crown;youcan move crown and set it according to her hairstyle- Change the background and give a blissful look!** Special Feature **You can change the color of each option by sliding the givencoloroption!Have Fun!Try our other trending makeup & dressup salon games:Gopi Doll Fashion SalonIndian Doll - Bridal Fashion SalonWatch our game videos at: will be glad to receive your response. Contact us for anyqueriesor suggestions
Fairy Princess Makeup Salon -Dressup game for girl 1.0
Have you dream to be afairyprincess..?complete it with the latest fairy princess makeupgame .its nicesimple and colourful game for all the princess gameloves.Jointhis salon especially for fairy princess! Give yourfairyprincessa royal spa and dress her with amazing clothes! Tolookgood girlsgo to beauty salons, there they relax and alsomaketheirfriends.It is a business that we have always wanted and now thedreamhasbecome reality.Today, through this girls game with fairiesyouwillrejoice to know that you will own a very chic saloninthedowntown. Your mission is very beautiful, you'll be abletolearnmany beauty tricks that will help whenever you want.Wewantoursalon to become the best in town, so we thought we would askyoutohelp us. Here, in this makeup game with fairies, you'll beabletoown an important role, namely'll you will be theadministratorofthis beauty salon. You will need to take care ofpromotionandespecially you have to keep all our clients to behappy.Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess namedAngel.EveryoneLike her. The princess was intelligent, elegant andbrave.This cutegirl lived happily in her wonderful kingdom.But...oneday, a jealousand naughty witch put a spell on her! Now,theprincess doesn't findher clothes! Children! Do you want toknowhow the storycontinues?Welcome to The Fairy Princess’Kingdom. Listen to the fairytaleandhelp Angel! This is a disaster, kids! The princess needsyourhelp!She is looking for her beautiful clothes! There arethreedifferentkingdoms and magic is everywhere. And watch out!Thenaughty witchwon´t help you solve this.- First you will need to know the beautiful fairy princesswhoiscalled Angel;- It is very happy because today will be able to spendtimewithyou;- You will have to prepare a facial;- Clean the skin with exfoliating gel;- Rinse with warm water;- Clean water with a clean towel;- Apply a moisturizer;- Clip the eyebrows;- Eliminate acne and blemishes;- Now you have to make a suit;- Choose a material quality;- Now you have to do manicures and pedicures;- Wash hands with warm water and soap;- Apply a moisturizer;- Clean the old nail polish;- Cut nails;- Apply colored nail polish;- Choose the most beautiful models;- Now you have to makeup, apply: contact lenses,mascara,eyeshadow,powder for cheeks and lipstick;- You have to make a hat;- Apply colored stones;- It's time to decorate the castle;- Then you have to help the fairy to look perfect;- Choose the most beautiful wings;- Hairstyle hair;- Ena has a puppy, you have to take care of him;- Clean fur with warm water and shampoo;- Give him food;- Prepare a delicious cake;- Decorate with fruit and candy;- Prepare gifts;- You did a great job, you're a great kid.Thanks for your help, please come back every day throughthisgamefor girls.Have fun!
High School BFF: Fashion Salon 1.4
Make-up Inc
You’re playing one of the most popular girlsinhigh school in this girls game featuring a spa, salon and dressuplevel.Help the high school girl through her day as she gets ready tohangout with her BFF. Start by taking her to the spa for arelaxingfacial and body treatment. Experiment with natural oilsandaromatherapy to destress from a long week at school.Then, head over to the funkiest fashion salon in town to tryondifferent looks and hairstyles. Play around with cosmetics–mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow – to make cat eyes orgoldengoddess looks. Pick your favorite hairstyle and color. Maybeshe’lllook best with a purple bob or perhaps brunette pigtails.It’stotally up to you!Take some time to dress up the high schooler with fun scenefashionstoo. Her closet has lots of clothes, accessories and shoestochoose. Test out punk looks or rock the straight edge look.Whenshe’s all set, head to your BFF’s house to spend some timehangingout.Product Features:- Multiple cosmetic, accessory and clothing options- Three fun levels – Spa, Salon and Dress UpHow to Play:- Tap to choose outfits, makeup and hairstyles- Swipe to apply cosmetics – Try to stay in the lines!- Play again and again for endless combinations!
Eye MakeUp 1.1
Hello Users,Eyes makeup 2017" is an app that have more than 300 images of howtogive you eyes party look and professional look. (EyeMakeup)You can learn a lot of beauty tips, specially eye makeup tips,youwill learn how to do the famous smokey eye makeup, hoodedeyemakeup, cat eye makeup, or how to apply eye shadow andeyeliner,and match shadow colors according to the color of youreyes, andmore eyes makeup tricks. (Eye Makeup)With this beauty app of Eye makeup ideas you will be a greatmakeupexpert for you and your friends at any party, wedding, or anytypeof event. It is very easy, simple and practical, just grab youreyeshadow palette, and makeup set , and start right now.(EyeMakeup)Features:*More than 200 Images with Eye Makeup. (Eye Makeup)*More than 150 Images which tells step by step eye makeup.(EyeMakeup)*25 best eye makeup tips. (Eye Makeup)*How to Remove Eye makeup. (Eye Makeup)*How to apply eye makeup. (Eye Makeup)*Eye makeup for hooded eyes. (Eye Makeup)Thanks For Downloading this app. (Eye Makeup)Enjoy the best Eye makeup. (Eye Makeup)
Beauty Spa Salon Makeover 1.0.15
bweb media
Own your own beauty spa salon and give allyourcustomers a relaxing and fun time! This makeover beauty gameallowsyou to easily give your customers an all round makeovertreatmentwith make-up, a manicure, a pedicure and more! Here youcan wax yourcustomers face, shave her legs, pop her pimples,massage her back,decorate and accessorize her toe nails, fingernails, legs and arms,while completing the look by applying hermakeup to make her lookstunningly radiant. Be the best spa salonowner today and work yourmagic with this beauty salon makeovergame while having lots offun!FEATURES:WAX your customers face to remove any hair around the mouthandnosePLUCK her eyebrows to make them neat and tidyAPPLY shaving cream to your customer's legs and shave the hairoffbefore rinsing her legs to make her skin silky and smoothWASH and rinse her face clean ready for pimple poppingPOP the pimples and add a moisturizing mask to make her skinniceand smooth!APPLY massage oil and moisturizer to her back and massage allthetight muscles before rinsing her offPLACE the massage stones onto her back in a line to releaseanystress from the dayDECORATE, accessorize and color her finger nails, hands, toenails,and legs while giving her a lovely manicure andpedicureCOMPLETE her look by changing her eye color and applyingmakeupincluding lipstick, blush, eyeliner, eye-shadow, andeyelashcolorEARN money to unlock cosmetics
Wedding Makeup Salon For Elsa 1.0.9
Our beautiful princess Elsa will haveherexcellent wedding today. Come to take her to the makeup salonfor abeauty makeover. Firstly, you can help her wash her face andthengive her a nice steam care. Next, come to make her hair withonebeautiful headband to maker hair hair up. After that, you cancometo make up her with our given cosmetics. Choose one pair ofcontactlenses to make her eyes look shinning. Then make up forhereyebrows and eyes shadows. In the following step, you needtochoose one long veil for her. Pick up some marveloushairaccessories to the princess and then dress up princesswithfashionable wedding dress and high heeled shoes. Selectonehairstyle that fits her very much and don’t forget to decorateherbeauty with gorgeous necklace and ear studs. After this stage,youcan come to choose one image of the groom that you like and atlastcelebrate for their wedding and show us how attractive you canletthe princess be.Features:1. Give a facial treatment for the princess2. Help princess make up3. Dress up for princess and make her beautiful4. Choose the image of groom5. Let them have a weddingHow to play:1. Help the princess wash her face2. Give her a nice facial steam spa3. Use the hairband to fix her hair4. Choose one pair of nice contact lens5. Make up for her eyebrow and eye shadows6. Select one beautiful long veil for the princess7. Pick one fashion hairstyle and decorate withhairaccessories8. Choose one pair of ear studs and necklace for her9. Dress up her with beautiful wedding dress and highheeledshoes10. Select one image of groom that you like11. Let princess and groom have a nice wedding
Ice Princess Makeup 1.4
If you love makeup, beauty secrets andIcePrincess, then this game was made for you!Play to enter a magical make-up salon and apply beauty productsonthe beautiful princess of winter!In this game for girls you’ll have complete freedom to designanendless collection of different looks and styles,withunforgettable makeups and fairy-like hairdos. Ice Princesswillchallenge your imagination with tons of crystal-likeeye-shadows,blush colors and amazing lipsticks, plus, absolutelyfabulous andwintry face-paints to give the makeup a final touchofawesomeness.And when it comes to the hairstyles chapter, be sure you’llhavetons to choose from! Ice-Princess loves changing the colorandlooks each day, so all you need to do is choose!Browse through tens of colorful hairstyles, braids andponytails,then choose your favorite hairlock color to glam thefancy hairdoup.For a final touch, choose from the wonderful tiaras collectiontheone that will make your queen of all the lands of ice shinethemost! Match it up with a divine top, and there you have if:thestory is complete and your princess is ready to charm theworldonce more with diamonds sparkles and winter-glam allaround.• Play to discover all these wintertime features:• Skin-tones and blushes• Eye-lenses and eyebrows• Fabulous mascaras• Tons of glamorous eyeshadows• Sparkly and matte lipstick colors• Wintry face-paints• Icy tops• Necklaces and earrings• Beautiful hairstyles• Wonderful tiarasSo if you’re looking for a casual game that combines the magicofthe most wintry winter, with beauty, icy jewels, andfabulousmakeup, here it is!
Bride Makeup 1.0.1
Namaste! Welcome to Indian BrideFashionDollMakeover Salon:Get readyfor wedding! Indian wedding Bride need your help in gettingreadyforher wedding fashion.Today,every girl wants tobecomeIndianprincess.Get ready for this country theme weddingmakeoverand it'spreparations! Give your presence by playing thisThe IndianWeddingand witness this Asian wedding by participatinginbelowactivities: Traditional indian culture is hotfavouriteamongst allcountries. Indian culture is full of uniquecustoms,traditions andrituals. Start your Indian bride beauty salonwithroyal makeover;choose princess style hairstyle, perfect eyemakeup,hot lipstick& lots of bridal accessories; give yourbride girlgopicelebrity look with latest royal designerbridal princess dress-> Mehendi ceremondy has a deep rooted culturalsignifigancetoit.-> Leg waxing and spa to make the legs moresmoothandshiny.-> Indian wedding has multiday affairs. Haldi is one ofthem,apre-wedding ceremony.-> Most relaxing spa with number of tools and masks foraglowingskin.-> Indian bridal makeup takes in the whole person andconsistsof16 items including the dress.-> Every bride wants to exude the most beautifulversionofherself on her wedding day.-> Number of glamorous makeup options whichincludescharminglipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows, eyelenses,uniquehairstyles,bindis and what not!-> Indian culture is incomplete without gajaras/ flowersinthewedding ceremonies to look amazingly beautiful!-> Experiment New Styles"GameTern" will be updated regularly with yoursuggestions.Don'tforget to leave review with your feedback.
Indian Wedding Beauty Salon-Girls Game 1.0.2
Hello Friends! Welcome to IndianWeddingBeautySalon:Every Girls want to look beautiful withstylistfashion on herwedding!Today, every Indian princess doll want to look likebridalfashiongirls in her own Indian wedding. And every girl wantstobecomeIndian bridle princess. In this Game, First of allchooseyourfavorite character or your princess. After that help themtoclearout her face in spa. Then help this girl in makeovertobecomingIndian fashion stylist model and make her lookgorgeouswith newfashion trends in wedding. Every girl wants to lookamazinginwedding. Create your own ethnic style with thisexclusiveruralIndian makeover which is every girl's dream. We haveprovidedallin one wedding package, from spa, dress-up, make up todatewithvariety of mehndi designs to amazing ornaments tobeautifulIndiansaree as a outfits. Get ready for this theme ofmakeover!Have funplaying this most religious Indian makeoversalongame.Features:- Spa with number of tools and masks for a glowing skin.- Number of glamorous makeup options whichincludescharminglipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows, eye-lenses,uniquehairstyles- Dress up with most amazing saree with number of optionstocompletethe Indian look in the best way!- Wonderful henna-mehndi designs to make the bridelookmoregorgeous- Attractive ornaments like necklaces, earrings, nose-ringsetcwhichwill add more charm to this Indian bridal- Apply beautiful and unique face packs to make Indian Girllookmorebeautiful!- Remove her pimples, extra eye brow hairs, black dots and giveheraclean face- Wedding make up would be incomplete withoutattractivelipsticksand lip glow- Apply the unique eye mascara with different color options- Give Indian fashion Doll more stunning look with eyeshadowsandglow- Indian wedding car decoration and photoshoot- Try some new Indian hairstyles on fashion doll- Prepare stylish hairstyle- easy to play and share picture on social media- beautiful graphics- Indian Girl- Indian Girl Hair Salon- effective sound.- Indian Doll Spa and Salon- Indian Fashion Doll- Indian Makeup Salon- Indian Fashion Girl- Indian Saree Dressup Games- Indian Wedding Salon- Indian bridal- Indian bride wedding salon- Indian Salon Games- Indian Makeover- Indian Princess- Indian Girl Salon- Indian Prom Girl Salon- Indian Girl Wedding- Princess Makeover Games- Free Girl Games- Top Country Theme Wedding- Indian Girl Love Crush- Wedding Games- Bridal Wedding Salon- Wedding Girl Makeup And Mehndi- Bride Fashion Wedding Makeover And Makeup- Wedding Makeup Salon- Princess Wedding Makeover- Indian Heena mehndi game- Top Beauty Salon- Wedding Dressup- Wedding Girl Makeup- Indian Fashion Girl Makeup Salon- Indian Wonderful Makeover & Dressup- Royal Princess salon & spaIt's a totally free game for girls and kids!Hope you enjoyed playing our makeover games and if youwantmorefeatures for this game please leave a comment.
My Makeup Salon 2 – Girls Game 2.3
Thanks for the overwhelming response fromthefans of My Makeup Salon. And now for the lovers of makeup gamesandgirls game we bring My Makeup Salon 2. It’s for fashionlovinggirls who love to get sensational eyes makeup and charmingfacemakeover. My Makeup Salon will let you experience the truevirtualmakeup environment to enhance the beauty of your girl. Youwillhave the real makeup experience when you make and applyfacialmasks. Mix all the ingredients to make facial masks. Acompletewardrobe will let you dress up in your favorite outfits andfeellike a fashion model. Girls games are loved by the littleprincessgirls who love to pencil their eyebrows, apply makeup, usediamondstones, and tattoos. Make your eyes and face look glamorousin yourfavorite makeover place, My Makeup Salon.Start your day at the makeup salon with a refreshing spatreatment.Make facial masks to apply on face. Place cucumber onyour eyes andrelax. Make your own facial masks with differentrecipes. Docleansing and bring shine on your face with awesomemakeup. Girlscan now look fabulous with glowing eyes and completeface makeup.Eye shades, eyebrows, blushes, face makeup, tattoos andcountlessdresses all at My Makeup Salon 2. Choose from fourdifferentbeautiful girls and take them to your makeup salon.Wedding seasonis also here so this is the best salon to fulfillyour weddingmakeup and star dress up dreams. Beautify yourappearance withfashion design makeup and makeover. Choose partydresses, gowns,maxis, casual or formal look for your beautyprincess.◆◆◆ WHAT WE HAVE FOR YOU ◆◆◆► 4 Charming Girls to Choose from► Various Makeup Items, Dresses and Facial Masks► Eye Shades, Hand Bags, Tattoos, Stickers, Gems and Diamonds► Amazing Makeup Salon Environment► Suitable for Wedding Season◆◆◆ JOIN US ◆◆◆Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter to stay updatedwithTenLogix Games is working on. Play and enjoy our gamesbecauseevery game is filled with creativity, enjoyment and learningforkids.Facebook : :◆◆◆ YOU ARE SWEET ◆◆◆Your suggestions & feedback are valuable to help us keepworkingon new concepts. If you like our games, please feel free torate andreview so we can always provide you with quality freegames.◆◆◆ DISCLAIMER ◆◆◆This app is ad supported and may contain ads. This is a freegamewith basic items available for free but some other items needto beunlocked via purchasing. By Downloading this app you accepttheterms and conditions stated in privacy policy.
Little Town™ Fashion Salon 1.0.8
This is an easy-to-play game for boysandgirls. You need to do makeover and dress up in thesefreegames.Welcome to our Little Town.Recently, a new Fashion Salon opened in the little town,friendsrecommended that it is highly rated, and the Wilson familyaregoing to have a try.Service Introduction of the Fashion Salon:1.Luxury bathrobe dressup.2.Facial Beauty SPA: washing face, steam and moisturizing,acneremoval, blackheads, laser removal of moles, beauty mask, shaveandso on.3.Back massage SPA: wax hair removal, mud moxibustion hotcompress,ultraviolet sterilization, hot stone, oil massage.4.Foot bath SPA:Chinese medicine foot spa, manicure, footskinremoval.5.Hair salon: shampoo, head massage, hair design, hair coloringandso on.Come and help the Wilson family eliminate fatigue of the weekandexperience the exquisite service of the Fashion Salon byplayingthe cool games.Have fun with the kid games and enjoy the best 2017 games.In addition to the baby games there are still some other girlgamesto play for free.Enjoy the top games!About us:We are the top game developer founded in 2010.Visit us: http://www.6677g.comLike us: us: @6677gContact us: wecare@6677g.comIMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR PARENTS:This App is free to play but certain in-game items mayrequirepayment. You may restrict in-app purchases by disabling themonyour device.By downloading this App you agree to Our Privacy Policyat consider that this App may include third parties servicesforlimited legally permissible purposes.
Princess bath spa salon 1.0.8
Even princesses need time at the beauty andspasalon. Why not give your princess the special treatment shedeserveswith this makeover game. Clean and apply make up to herface, beforegiving her a gorgeous outfit to complement her look.Make yourprincess feel special before her next royalencounter.Features:• Cleanse her face to remove any pimples and blemishes.• Massage your princess to make her nice and relaxed.• Apply makeup to make her look stunningly beautiful• Style a new outfit to complete her beautiful face.• Accessorize with gorgeous jewellery to make heroutfitcomplete.
Granny Makeover! Fashion Salon 1.0
iProm Games
Your adorable grandma is celebrating her70thbirthday tonight at a fun party and she needs your helpgettingready!Start by treating her to spa trip for a refreshing facial!Playesthetician and help to cleanse, scrub and tone her skin usingallnatural oils and soaps. Then give her a nice clay mask toremoveimpurities and tighten her skin. Finish with alusciousmoisturizer. She’s look like a million bucks!Then it’s time to help her have a total makeover at the salon!Mixand match all kinds of makeup to find the perfect look forgrandmaand transform her for her special party! Apply eye shadow,mascaraand lipstick. Accentuate her pretty features with bronzersandhighlighters. And if grandma is feeling frisky, you can finishthelook with sparkles or cute face decals!Finally, grandma needs your help choosing a beautiful,high-fashionoutfit to wear to the bash. Choose form tons ofdifferent dressesand gowns. Add accessories like capes, shawls andjewelry. Completethe look with stylish shoes and handbag. She’ll beravishing!Product Features:- Help grandma get ready for an awesome 70th birthdaypartybash- Three cool levels: Spa, Makeover and Dress Up- Tons of various makeup, accessory and outfit choicesHow to Play:- Tap to pick cosmetics and clothes- Swipe to apply spa treatments- Swipe and tap to add hair color and special accessoriesCheck out our Facebook forMORE! our Twitter: more on our website: https://www.ipromgames.netLove fashion & glam shots? Come visit our Instagramhere!
Spring Date Flower Spa & Salon 1.0
Make-up Inc
Flowers are blooming and spring hasarrived!It’s time to celebrate your love with your boyfriend. Getready fora date to have a fun night as a cute couple!Start at the spa for a refreshing facial using high-endfacialproducts. Wash, exfoliate and tone your skin. Apply acucumber maskto remove undereye puffiness. Trim and shape youreyebrows. Finishwith luscious moisturizer and you’ll beglowing!Head to the spa for a total makeover after your day at thespa.Choose the best makeup from lots of different choices –eyeshadows, lipsticks and more! Choose a pretty complexion, andaddblush and bronzer to accentuate your pretty features. Whenyou’vepicked your makeup look, it’s time to head to the hautecoutureshop to choose your favorite outfit for your date.Pick a beautiful floral dress to wear on your date. Choosefrommini, midi and maxi styles! Add cute shoes and sparkly jewelrytoo.Don’t forget to finish the look with a nice purse or ascarf.Have fun on your romantic spring date!Product Features:- Three fun design levels: Spa, Makeover and Dress Up- Choose from lots of different makeup- Select your favorite dresses and shoes to create your lookHow to Play:- Swipe to apply makeup at the salon- Swipe to use real tools at the spa for your special facial- Tap to pick clothes, accessories and cosmetics
Long Hair Princess Wedding Love Story 1.4
game hub
Our beautiful Bridal will have herexcellentwedding today. Come to take her to the makeup salon for abeautymakeover. Firstly, you can help her wash her face and thengive hera nice steam care. Next, come to make her hair with onebeautifulheadband to maker hair hair up. After that, you can cometo make upher with our given cosmetics. Choose one pair of contactlenses tomake her eyes look shinning. Then make up for her eyebrowsand eyesshadows. In the following step, you need to choose one longveilfor her. Pick up some marvelous hair accessories to theprincessand then dress up princess with fashionable wedding dressand highheeled shoes. Select one hairstyle that fits her very muchanddon’t forget to decorate her beauty with gorgeous necklace.Afterthis stage, you can come to choose one image of the groom thatyoulike and at last celebrate for their wedding and show ushowattractive you can let the Bridal be.Features:1. Give a facial treatment for the Bridal2. Help Bridal make up3. Dress up for Bridal and make her beautiful4. Choose the image of groom5. Let them have a weddingHow to play:1. Help the Bridal wash her face2. Give her a nice facial steam spa3. Use the hairband to fix her hair4. Choose one pair of nice contact lens5. Make up for her eyebrow and eye shadows6. Pick one fashion hairstyle and decorate withhairaccessories7. Choose one pair of ear studs and necklace for her8. Dress up her with beautiful wedding dress and highheeledshoes9. Select one image of groom that you like10. Let Bridal and groom have a nice weddingGame Essentials!princess wedding , weddings , wedding hair makeup , magicalprincess-dressup , princess hair , weddingplan , wedding games ,weddingpreparation , magic princess , princess games , planweddingetc
Indian Fashion Wedding Spa Salon And Makeover 1.0.0
Fantastic Fun
Dress up the girl from India inbeautifulsarisand other traditional Indian clothes! Pick ahairstyle andjewelleryto match.Indian Girl Make Up Girls, today we are going to meet aprettyIndiangirl and she will tell us how to take care of ourfacialskin withIndian secret beauty treatment. And then let'schoose asari withher. Enjoy yourself.This beautiful Indian girl has the dancing, singing,andmusicalability to quickly rise the ranks of the Bollywoodstarsystem. Butshe'll need your help to maintain her style andcontinueto getstarring roles in all of the greatest roles!In order to obtain a long-lasting look, you should startbycleansingface well and then patting it dry to ensure thatthereare no tracesof dirt or oil on the face.This This Indianbridalgirl has hired youas a new stylist and you want to showyourmakeup skills.At the beginning of game start to apply spa treatment.Massageonface with cream, wash face using shower, last apply facepack.Helpher in perfect makeup, choose eye shadow, lipstick,eyelashes& more from given makeup kit.Spa SalonMakeupHair SalonDressup GamesIndian Wedding SalonIndian bride wedding salonIndian DressUp And MakeupIndian Girl Hair SalonIndian Girl Spa and SalonIndian Doll SalonIndian Fashion GirlFashion Girl SalonIndian Saree Dressup GamesChoose beautiful hairstyle which suits on her facethenselectdesigner Indian dress from wide collectionwithmatchingaccessories like necklace, earrings,mangtikka,bindi,chapal,colorful series, choli with colorfuldupata&more.Enjoy with FANTASTIC FUN…
Mermaids Makeover Salon 1.0.12
bweb media
Pamper your mermaid friend like a realsalon!You can give her a lovely facial to make her skin smooth,applymakeup, accessorize her new look before showing it off to allyourfriends. When complete take her back to the salon all overagainfor a brand new look with this fabulous makeover game.FeaturesGive your mermaid a wonderful facial to remove blemishes andpimplesfor smoother skin.Apply beautiful makeup to her face to make her look stunning forherday out.Accessorize her new look with amazing jewellery, new hair, andawonderful outfit to complete her appearance.Show off your mermaid’s new appearance to all your friendsbeforeredesigning a new look at the salon again.
Indian Wedding Bride Salon - Manicure Pedicure 1.0.2
IMS Games
Indian bride wedding salon withmanicurepedicure is a traditional makeup salon game.Make yourself ready to help a simple Indian girl to look abeautifulbride on her wedding by using various makeup and dresstools.Help the Indian girl to look gorgeous on her we are providing you 6 different rooms to make asimpleIndian girl to most gorgeous girl.==========Spa Room=========*Give her relaxing face spa*Remove unwanted eyebrow hair and give proper shape*Remove pimples, under eye marks, black dots from her face andgiveher a clean and clear skin*Give steam and make her face shiny==========Hair view=========*wash her hair and clean her hair*Use conditioner to make hair smooth and shiny*Use Professional tools like curls, straightener, hair oil tomakemost beautiful hairstyle============Manicure &Pedicure=============*Skin Care would be incomplete without manicure and pedicure*Clean he hands and legs with different creams and make it softandshiny*Indian bride would incomplete without perfect nail paintandmehndi*Choose various nail shapes and nail color and apply onhernails*Choose different mehndi design and colors=========Makeup=========*Help Indian bride to look more beautiful with uniquemakeuptools*choose different hairstyle to look gorgeous and beautiful*choose unique lipstick shade, eyeshadow, blush forstunninglook*Make up would be incomplete without selecting perfect bindi andmagtikka.choose different bindi and tikka to look perfectbride.==========Dressup==========*We have created special wedding and reception theme outfitforIndian girl to look stunning and perfect*Choose a dress for your Indian girl from bunch of options*Accessorize her look with sandals, lots of fun jewelrylikeearring, necklace, nose ring, bindi and much more*change background and a give a blissful lookHave a Great Day!Enjoy!
Thailand Fashion Doll Salon 1.0.0
Do you know how the Thailand girlsapplymakeupand look? If no then you are at the perfect place, playthissuperexciting makeover game Thailand Fashion Doll Salon whereyouwillget to perform various makeover activities in themostpleasant way.Oh! Doll's hair is really messy, so you need todoshampoo and styleher hair. Then comes the Spa view where youwillget to apply spa onDoll's face and remove pimples, shapeeyebrows,apply face wash andmuch more. Then show your makeup talentbyapplying lipstick,eyeliner and selecting perfect earrings.Wow!!After then you willget to select the comfortable dress up forDolland make her moregorgeous. Take some amazing pictures atvariouslocations and alsosave them to your gallery.Features:- Give Doll a cool hairstyle- Apply spa on her face- Glow her face by selecting perfect makeup- Pick a comfortable dress- Take many pictures- Very easy to play
Yoga Girls Makeover - Fitness Salon 1.0.3113
Kiwi Go
All the girls in town admire your healthyandfabulous figure. Everyone is fascinated with your smooth lineandperfect muscle. Wow! It is yoga and the exquisite skin carethatmake you so remarkable. Thus, a “yoga fever” is emerging intown.However, only doing yoga is not enough. The skin care, makeup,andgorgeous clothes all contribute to your beauty. We havepreparedeverything for you. Come and take us to become a yogabeautynow.Features:* Gorgeous yoga clothes* Experience the process of makeup before doing yoga* Rich cosmetics, keeping beauty when doing yoga* Choose clothes carefully to be a professional yoga girl* Take photos to commemorate your beautiful dressupDoing sports, keeping diet, skin care, and dressup areallindispensable. Let’s work hard to be a perfect girl!
DRESS UP STAR™ 👗 Cool Fun Makeup Games for Girls 1.7
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ FREE TODAY! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ DRESS UP STAR lets you design and dress up girls, boysandcreate your dream house. Start by creating yourself, yourbestfriends, and even a boyfriend, with thousands of items tochoosefrom in this amazing game. Then decorate your dream suitewith moreitems than any other dress up game!★★★★★ DRESS UP STAR lets you bring your dreams to life! You andyourfriends are the STARS! ★★★★★😍 Dressing up items include:Makeup, including stunning:★ Skin color, eye color, glitter lipstick, eyebrows, eyelinerandmascara, sparkly eye shadow, and more★ Fashion Hair styles★ Women's hair fashion accessories★ Cute tops and sequin sweaters★ Cool Jeans, Pants, Shorts, Skirts for Girls★ Amazing collection of Shoes★ Trendy NecklacesDesign your favorite rooms for a house, suite, or even a funcollegeteen dorm, with the best furniture and decorations for youto designyour dream:BedroomsLiving RoomsKitchensGame RoomsDining RoomsMakeup RoomsOr even a room next door for your best friend!★ Stylish Paint colors!★ Windows (try a beautiful view of the ocean or a hugecityskyline!)★ Luxury Beds★ Sofas and chairs★ Cushions★ Dressers★ Tables★ Art (beautiful collection of real artwork!)★ Lamps (try some string lights for the holidays!)★ Clocks★ Desks and Makeup tables (we love the white crystal handlemakeupdesk with the star mirror! - staff pick!)★ Plants and flowers (even pretty roses from your boyfriend!)★ Kitchen cupboards★ Kitchen appliances★ Food (mmmm, pizza, sushi and gorgeous cakes!)★ Electronics (stereos, cameras, TVs and more)★ Decor (TONS of items from musical instruments to cute bunniesandglowing neon signs!)★★★★★ Choose from thousands of combinations to create theperfectlook in this FREE makeup makeover game! Apply realisticmakeup,including lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and more bychoosing fromtoday's trendy color palettes and drawing and paintinglike a realmakeup artist! Save your model to your own modelingalbum, or sharewith friends. You won't believe how amazing thisgame is! Supercool fun!Loads of clothing and fashion items including pants, shoes,shirtsand tops, jewelry, earrings, glasses, backgrounds, wallpaper,andmore!!!★★★★★ Tons of FREE bonus items included!!!!!Dress up both boys and girls with full clothing wardrobes, teenhairand makeup for each! Have a makeover any time!Play relaxing cool decorating music, or listen to yourownmusic!At this time all game play and items are FREE! Download the DRESSUPSTAR app now for FREE for the holidays!We've added added all your top requests to make this gameperfect.Let us know if there are any other other items you wouldlike addedin the comments.If you like dressing up, fashion, makeup and homemakeovers,download DRESS UP STAR now. We are SURE this will be yourfavoriteDress Up Game ever!Designed for Android phones and tablets. New for 2018!
Princess Salon 2 - Girl Games 1.3
Take your Princess to the Salon for thePerfectMakeover! Help her style her hair and clean the face!Except theregular steps, you could paint her face with tons ofunique patternsand colors as you like! Certainly, fabulous makeupand perfectoutfits can’t be missed! Let’s do it! Princesses arewaiting foryou!Product Features:- A magic princess salon makeover game- 4 gorgeous fairy princesses to play- Unique face painting pattern for princess- Glamorous dress design and creation- Realistic hair makeover tools: comb, hair dyes, curlingiron,etc.- Tons of different styles makeup with shining beauties oneyes,faces and lips- Various magic and fairy accessories to put on- Sweet photography with BBFHow to play:- Use interactive controls to play the game- Choose one princess to start the process- Take different beauty work for spa, face painting, makeup,hairsalon and dress up- Stylish the princess hair with endless choices with tools asyouwant- Various color sprays and accessories to decorate thetopmodels- Get best preparation for the princess prom in theroyalcastleWanna have more fun? Having problems or suggestions? We wouldloveto hear from you!You can find us on Facebookat on Twitter at more information about Bear Hug Media, pleasevisithttp://www.bearhugmedia.comFor more information about Princess Salon2 - Girls Games,pleasevisit