Top 4 Games Similar to Bouncing Ball

Red Bouncing Ball Spikes 1.0
Mateen Pekan
** Reached #5 in IOS Appstore **Most addicting game of 2014!Control the out of control red ball!Jump , Jump , Jump!Jump over the many spikes and pass the manydifferentobstacles.over 100 different long levels! over 50hours of gameplay!each level is completely different with different elevationsandobstacles.CAN YOU DEFEAT THE RED BALL OR WILL THE RED BALL DEFEATYOU!?
Bouncing Ball: PomPom 1.0
Controlling the bouncing ballovercomeobstaclesto reach the farthest distance.Your task is to control the ball pass the obstacle moves, donotletthe ball touch the ground. Too simple right? Downloadandplayit!You'll earn coins while playing, use the coins to buymorecutecharacters in the games shop!
Mr Black Bouncing Ball
Mr Black Bouncing Ball is the kind of game you will never wanttoput down. The objective of the game is to jump your waythroughpure evil obstacles until you beat the last level of thegame GameFeatures:* Fun Game* Easy to learn* Addictive Game Play*AttractivePlatformer* Smooth PhysicsLook forward to great fun allover theplace.
Bouncy Ball 2 Guardian Games 1.0
Bounce the ball and avoid touching the spikesvarious obstacle/trap will be the best control games totestyourcontrol.※ Note: Bounce Ball is best killing time game. You willnotstopthe moment you begin. ※For those of you who spent hundred of hours passinglevelsinclassic old school Bounce Game, we made this one - BouncyBall.Enjoy 10 levels, collect all rings and beware ofdangerousthorns.Stay in touch with your friends and beat theirscores. Mostpopulargame - now on your phoneNow Bouncy Ball is a fanmade re-make of the Nokia Ball Bouncegame.It's bring your childhood back . You will bereturnedtochildhood.Ball Bounce been a very popular game on Nokia - now onyourAndroiddevices!The best addictive brain games of Nokia game. It'sbringyourchildhood backGAMEPLAY:The way to play is very easy.Tap on the screen to jump.Show some cool tricks in the aircangetextra points.- be smart to find a way to the next level- Be quick and precise, don’t panic- Collect coins and pointsSpeeding Up, Jumping,performing various tricks in theairandlanding safety But beware: There are many problems waitingforthisboy .Explore different worlds, collect Money and starfall and taptorunover the obstacles!Download the game Bounce Ball 2 Guardian Games For Android!AndChallenge your friends to beat a high score as your runnerattherailroad tracks at finished the adventure .That's simple and addictive gamesExtremely smooth controlsAll this completely free, so you should at least try.We expect all players subway Bounce Ball 2 Guardian Gameshaveagreat time playing it, please rate and thanks for playing