Top 4 Games Similar to Christmas Pong

Wolves never sleep…Arcade legendary hit "FATAL FURY SPECIAL"returnsnow on smartphones!Ver1.1.0Several bugs have beenfixed.ABOUT THEGAME FEATURES ◆ One of the most highly praised“FATAL FURY”titles!”FATAL FURY SPECIAL” was a worldwide hit in thearcades and ablast in the fighting game genre at its releasethanks to the highquality of its game mechanics and its 16charismatic fighters!◆ Arefined game system!”FATAL FURY SPECIAL”is more than an update to“FATAL FURY 2” with its overall revisedgame balance and its brandnew combo system! Moreover, characterscan activate theirDesperation Move to change the outcome of thebattle! ◆ 16 fightersclash!In addition to the series’ iconiccharacters “Terry Bogard”,“Andy Bogard”, and “Joe Higashi”,popular SNK characterssuch as “MaiShiranui”, “Geese Howard”, and“Wolfgang Krauser” join the battle.Furthermore, “Ryo Sakazaki”,whowas originally hidden in theoriginal game, is now playable fromstart!◆A perfect NEOGEO portwith added features!In addition to theoriginal 4 button arcadeexperience, a 6 button layout featuringexclusive “SP” (SimplifiedSpecialMoves activation / Line Blast)and “LS” (Line Sway) buttonsis also available for an even bettergame experience!◆Versus Battlesare hot!Challenge your friends inintense and epic battles via theBluetooth functionality of yoursmartphone!
----------------------------------------------*[Important]Warningregarding Android 5.0This app may not run correctly underAndroid5.0We apologize for the inconvenience that may cause to youandthank you foryourunderstanding.----------------------------------------------34playablecharacters!! 6 different game modes available in SINGLEMODE toenjoy the game for hours and hours even alone! SimpleCommands allowto easily perform any type of combo!The 2D versusfighting game“KOF-Android” returns on Android with tons of newcontent like neverbefore!!■NEW CHARACTERS, NEW TEAMSIn addition tothe characters fromhe previous installment, the 4 new “ART OFFIGHTING”, “PSYCHOSOLDIER”, “KIM”, and “IKARI” teams ,“NESTS-Style KYO” and “IORIwith the Power of Flames”(14 newcharacters), join the cast of"KOF-Android”!! You can now createyour favorite team from thisformidable roster of 34 fighters!■ASINGLE-PLAYER MODE RICH INCONTENT6 game modes are available forthousands of hours ofenjoyment even when playing alone: “SINGLEBATTLE” for 1-on-1fights, “TEAM BATTLE” for classic KOF 3-on-3gameplay, “ENDLESS”Mode to defeat as many opponents as possiblewith one character,"CHALLENGE" Mode to clear trials by fulfillingrequirements, thenewly introduced "TIME ATTACK" Mode to competefor the best cleartimes by winning 10 matches, and “TRAINING” Modeto get accustomedto the Virtual Pad-based controls and practiceyour combos.■SIMPLECOMMANDSThe Virtual Pad recreates perfectlyreproduces KOF’s smoothcontrols. Even novice players in fightinggames will be able torelease various Special Moves, Super SpecialMoves, NEOMAX SuperSpecial Moves, and other complex moves in onetouch. With the SimpleCommands, you can easily perform many of thegame's fancycombos!!*Please refer to "TUTORIAL" Mode for anexplanation of thesecommands.■ADDITION OF TONS OF NEW TRADINGCARDS, ILLUSTRATIONS, ANDOTHER EXTRA CONTENTPlenty of new TradingCards (that can be acquiredby using points earned during gameplay)along with new Illustrations(which can be viewed at any time byfulfilling certain conditions)have been added to this latestrelease! Moreover, "KOF-Android 2012"includes rough sketches andillustrations that can only be seenhere, which fans cannot affordto miss!■Recommended DevicesSamsungGalaxy S3 Samsung Galaxy S2Nexus 7 Xperia acro S HTC J oneXPERIA so-03D*You may download thisgame on other devices, howeverbugs and/or difficulties running theapp may occur.©SNK PLAYMORECORPORATION ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Pongcast 01.04.04
A homage to "Pong" that allows you to play single-player(againstthe computer) or two-player tennis on your TV, usingyourChromecast and this app as your mobile paddle controller.
Grail Cast - Chromecast Game
Finally, there's a great multiplayer game for your Chromecast!Doyouhave the right mixture of luck, speed and skill to becomethegreatest Treasure Hunter ever? Find it out!Sit down with up tofourfriends and find out who can collect the most grails in theevergrowing number of labyrinths! And yes, the button-smashingmovementis intentional, being able to move precisely andautomaticallywould ruin half the fun! And don't smash the buttonstoo hard - I'mnot responsible for anything that may happen toyourphone!Additional notes:It is a Chromecast game and won'tbeplayable without one!Good Wifi reception is crucial for afluentgameplay!This game is in early beta stage, so be aware thattheremight be issues. Feel free to leave feedback in the ratingsectionor send me an email!