Top 2 Apps Similar to LCS TV

LCS Results 1.1
Due to changes to the LoL Esports website(andAPI) further devlopment had to be suspended. As soon as it isclearwhether the app can be further developed you will be updated.Worlds 2015 Features:- Shows mobile website, but added auto scroll to remove theloginbar to try to give the feel that you are within the appinstead ofthe website.- 3 buttons; schedule, standings and VODs.- From the start of the tournament, VODs will be shown to startuptoavoid seeing spoilers.Shows the League of Legends' LCS standings, results andschedule.With statistics to come later on!For now you can only see the current leagues, but in the futureyouhave to be able to view past tournaments in that league.Features:- View all current leagues- View StandingsFirst to come:- View Schedule- View results