Top 24 Games Similar to Modern Commando Combat Shooter

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour 1.2.3e
The #1 Action FPS game is back on smartphone with a new chaptertopush the boundaries of mobile gaming even further. In the wakeofnuclear warfare, the only chance to avoid global devastation isinthe hands of the few elite soldiers who must track down andrescuethe world’s leaders from a frighteningly familiar terroristgroup.DIVE INTO THE MOST MEMORABLE ACTION SHOOTER EVER ☢ Feel thestory’sdramatic intensity and see both sides of the story by alsoplayingthe villain, Edward Page. ☢ Dominate the battlefield with anewtactical movement system! ☢ Wage war and take action all overtheworld, from Antarctica to Barcelona! EXPERIENCE THE ULTIMATEACTIONFPS WITH CONSOLE-QUALITY GRAPHICS AND SOUND ☢ Feel the chaosof waron the battlefield with console-like graphics, lifelikeanimationsand dynamic objects. ☢ The first Gameloft title poweredby theHavok Engine for amazing ragdoll effects. Warfare never feltsorealistic! ☢ Improved sound & voice acting performed byarenowned studio in the movie industry. ENJOY A FULLYREDESIGNEDMULTIPLAYER GAME MODE ☢ Forge your own gameplay profileonline withan improved loadout system & over 20,000 weaponarrangements! ☢A new specialization system with redesigned skills.☢ Lead yourcharacter to the top of the online leaderboards with anew rankingsystem! Find all the information for MC4, the #1 ActionFPS game,on For all fans of actiongames, FPSgames (First-Person Shooters), war games, multiplayergames, onlineFPS games, and for all players who want to dominatethebattlefield! Minimum hardware requirements to play Modern Combat4:- 1 GHz CPU - 512 MB RAM - Adreno 205 GPU or equivalent -Availablestorage: 1.9 GB ---- Visit our official siteat Follow us on Twitterat or like us on Facebookat to get more info about allourupcoming titles. Check out our videos and game trailerson Discover our blogat for the inside scooponeverything Gameloft. Certain apps allow you to purchasevirtualitems within the app and may contain third partyadvertisementsthat may redirect you to a third party site. PrivacyPolicy : Terms of Use: End User License Agreement:
Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation 1.1.7g
** This game requires 1.37 GB of freestoragespace.ThebestsmartphoneFPS series returns with evenhigherintensityandapocalypticbattles.**PocketGamer: “Astellarcombinationofgraphics, entertainingaction, androbustmultiplayer.”Thebest,most realistic smartphone FPSseriesreturnswith evenhigherintensity and an apocalyptic battle forthefreedomof theUnitedStates, for one or more players.BE THE HEROOFANEXPLOSIVESOLOCAMPAIGN • Fight through a 13-missioncampaignfromLos AngelestoPakistan.• Witness multiple memorablemomentsthankstoAAAscenario-scripting. • Experiencedifferenttypesofgameplay:escort, destroy, helicopter, 4x4 chase,etc.LIVETHEMOSTIMMERSIVEREAL WAR EXPERIENCE• The deepest andmostintuitiveFPSgameplay onsmartphones improved once again, nowwith asprintandslidefeature. • Gaze upon next-gen GFX thatallowforanunprecedentedrendering of environments. • ImprovedSFXandvoiceacting willimmerse you in an apocalyptic scenario.ENJOYWHATISSIMPLY THEBEST MULTIPLAYER ON SMARTPHONES• Enter battlesforupto12 playersin 6 exclusive maps and 7 different modes.•Useyourcustomizedweapons to move up an addictiveleaderboardwithmorethan justranks.Certain apps allow you topurchasevirtualitemswithin theapp and may contain thirdpartyadvertisements thatmayredirectyou to a thirdpartysite.PrivacyPolicy:
Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS 3.5.0g
> “It plays as good as it looks.” – IGN > “Amps everythingupto the next level.” – 148Apps > “Sharp controls,impressivegraphics.” – Pocket Gamer War has evolved, and so has thebestonline FPS on mobile! Step onto the battlefield and answer thecallwith the title that raised the bar for first person shootergameswith its great graphics, high-powered guns and intenseonlinemultiplayer action. Create a squad from 9 classes, add yourfriendsfor team play and test your skills in dynamic warfareagainstonline rivals from around the world! Prefer to work alone?Thenfeel free to step into the thrilling solo play campaign asyoushoot your way through one dire situation after another to savetheworld as you launch an attack against a lunatic’sapocalypticplans. You won’t find more first person shooter fun in afree gameanywhere! 9 CLASSES WITH UNIQUE SKILLS > Customize andlevel upany of the 9 classes across solo play and team play modes.>Find the playstyle that suits you: Assault, Heavy, Recon,Sniper,Support, Bounty Hunter, Sapper, X1-Morph, or Kommander.>Activate class-specific skills by earning and spendingSkillPoints. HIGH-POWERED ONLINE MULTIPLAYER > Watch playersengagedin live online FPS battles and eSports competitions with allthegreat graphics you expect in the new Spectator mode. >Epicguns-a-blazing team play in Squad vs. Squad matches. > Talktoother players to plan your online multiplayer strategiesandcoordinate an attack in the Global and Squad Chats. > Toptheindividual and Squads leaderboards as you master youreSportsskills. > Win free rewards and cool prizes inlimited-timeevents. UNIFIED GAME PROGRESSION > Accumulate XP andlevel up byplaying both solo play missions and team play matches.> Unlockhigher-tier guns and other weapons by masteringlower-tier guns.> Customize the perfect weapon using a host ofattachments andjump straight into the free game action. INTENSESOLO PLAY CAMPAIGN> Engage in fast-paced story missions wherethe call will takeyou from Tokyo to Venice for a variety of firstperson shooterchallenges. > Play the new Spec Ops missions for areal onlineFPS adrenaline rush. > Great graphics, music andvoiceperformances perfectly adapted for a first person shootergame.HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE CONTROLS > Intuitive, highlycustomizablecontrols so you can play the game just the way youwant. >Modern Combat 5 supports HID game controllers. MOGA Prois alsosupported, in mode B (HID Mode). Modern Combat 5 requiresanInternet connection. So if you’re ready for the online FPS ofyourdreams, dive into this unparalleled free game that takesonlinemultiplayer to new heights. Perfect for anyone hungry forsolo playfirst person shooter fun, or team play eSportscompetition._____________________________________________ Visit ourofficialsite at Check out the new blogat Don't forget to follow us on socialmedia:Facebook: Twitter: Forum: Thisapp allowsyou to purchase virtual items within the app and maycontainthird-party advertisements that may redirect you to athird-partysite. Terms of Use: Policy: End-UserLicenseAgreement:
Sniper Fury: Top shooting game - FPS 4.1.0j
The time to take action and strike back is now! We’re callingforthe best sniper in the world to take aim at evil, whereverithides. There’s no room for remorse, so shoot to kill… THEMOSTSTUNNING OF ALL SNIPER SHOOTING GAMES • Unbelievable 3Dsnipergraphics that probably make this the best game for FPS gunfun. •This isn’t one of those ordinary gun games. You’ll use your3Dsniper shooting game skills against soldiers, vehicles &more!• “Bullet time” effects that blow all other FPS gun gamesaway.Watch your amazing sniper shots from your top games. •Weathereffects unlike those in any other shooting game around.MODERN& FUTURE FPS FIREPOWER • Take your gun game to the nextlevelas you shoot 3D sniper rifles, railguns and more. • Upgradeyourbattlefield arsenal to strike fast and hard at the heart ofevil! •Custom options make your best games even better. PVPMULTIPLAYERBATTLEFIELD • Steal resources from players in this PvPMultiplayershooting game. • Build a strong shooter squad in what isprobablythe best game in its category. EASY TO PLAY, TOUGH TOMASTER • Likeall the best games, Sniper Fury rewards you forjoining these freeand action-packed events in this gun game. •Connect to our FPScommunity for content, contests, rewards &more top games! TAKEAIM AT THE BEST FPS LEAGUES • Earn a highenough score and aim toenter the top game league and unlock thebest rewards! • Be thebest assassin there is in this shooting gamewhere only the best ofthe best reach the top. CLANS • Join a 3Dsniper Clan with othertop game players. • Trade, chat & sharetips with yourClanmates to strengthen your fellow assassinshooters. • Establisha home base for your 3D sniper Clan to unlockbattlefield perks! •CLAN WAR: The best games are those whereClanmates become friends.GEAR SETS: As you play your gun games,collect shooter gear tounlock unique powers to strike back atopponents. PROTOTYPEWEAPONS: Rush the battlefield with the latest,moststate-of-the-art hitman / assassin tools you could ask for inanyshooting game. IMPROVED BULLET SKINS: Try the new bullet skinstokill your opponents in style in one of the top games around!CLANLEADERBOARDS: Check your Clan’s FPS victories and shoot to thetopto win your gun games! This is probably the best game for fansofFPS action, shooting games, gun games, being a hitman, anassassin,launching a furious strike on the battlefield, war, andany of thetop games for free multiplayer fun! The most amazing ofall 3Dsniper FPS shooting games. So don't forget to rate us as oneof thebest games on the Play Store. You can download and play thisgamefor free. Please be informed that it also allows you to playusingvirtual currency, which can be acquired as you progressthrough thegame, or by deciding to watch certain advertisements, orby payingwith real money. Purchases of virtual currency using realmoney areperformed using a credit card, or other form of paymentassociatedwith your account, and are activated when you input yourGooglePlay account password, without the need to re-enter yourcreditcard number or PIN. In-app purchases can be restricted byadjustingthe authentication settings within your Play Storesettings (GooglePlay Store Home > Settings > Requireauthentication forpurchases) and setting up a password for eachpurchase / Every 30minutes or Never. Find out more about the game-- __ Visit our official siteat Check out the new blogat Don't forget to follow us on socialmedia:Facebook: Instagram: Terms ofUse: PrivacyPolicy: End-UserLicenseAgreement:
N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition 1.0.1d
The most immersive and impressive sci-fiFPSfranchise on smartphones is now completely free! Fightforhumankind's survival!Four months after Kal Wardin defeated the Volterites,PresidentFolsom is assassinated and the beleaguered coloniessurrender tothe Volterite Protectorate.Since then, Kal has been lying low, but a desperate pleafromYelena calls him back to save Earth and humankind…• An epic storyline: Humanity finally returns to Earthafteryears of exile! Fight in 10 immersive levels across thegalaxy,from a war-torn Earth to a frozen Volterite city.• Multiple weapons and powers: Run, shoot, drive vehicles, andpilota mech to defeat hordes of enemies.• Join 12-player battles in 7 multiplayer modes (Capture thePoint,Free-for-All, Capture the Flag, etc.) on 7 differentmaps.• For the first time, multiple allies can jump inside thesamevehicle and spread destruction on the battlefield._____________________________________________Visit our official site at http://www.gameloft.comFollow us on Twitter at or likeuson Facebook at to get more infoaboutall our upcoming titles.Check out our videos and game trailerson our blog at fortheinside scoop on everything Gameloft._____________________________________________This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the appandmay contain third-party advertisements that may redirect you toathird-party site.Privacy Policy : of Use : User License Agreement :
BF Combat Black Ops 2 5.1.7
A long time ago... in a forgotten earth...Very few peoplerememberwhen the war started. Even fewer people remember why.Thisis theyear 607 AWS. 607 years of endless conflict, the Empire isnothingbut an endless battlefield between the Black Ops and theCarthageRebels. Many star systems have been burned to ashes in aspiral ofhatred where only the strongest commandos, snipers andshooters cansurvive. Having reached its peak, centuries ago, nowtechnology isjust a decrepit tool in the hands of brutalizedcontract killersand soldiers of fortune. But something haschanged...they're theBlack OpsHaving recently earned his leadershipin a bloody internalconflict, the young and talented new Rebelleader has discovered ina remote country ancient ruins from anstrange civilization, withunknown technology which could turn thetides of History and thepower balance. Rumors speak in theborderlands about battles endedin mere minutes while the Empireleaders seemed to have their mindcontrolled...You are a newlyappointed Empire commander, veteranfrom the battlefield, expert inboth hand to hand combat andstrategy. Kill your enemies in theconflict and fight for the gloryof the Empire... and your own glory- or maybe you should payattention to other interesting offers.BFCombat Black Ops 2 is afirst person shooter where you will fight insniper and riflestages, all in a highly detailed futuristicenvironment where youwill feel the pressure of being the first linein thebattlefield.FEATURES- Different weapons, customizableandupgradeable
- Realistic shooting of your weapon
- More than60carefully designed scenarios
- Real 3D graphics optimized forawide variety of devices
- Build your very own base!-Multiplayer!Engage in challenging player vs player battles
- Easyto learn,hard to master
- TOTALLY FREE.- Endless waves of AIcontrolledenemies
- A modern combat game you will remember.Web:http://www.codelabs-studio.comFacebook:
High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!Lead the charge on D-Day asthetip of the spear in the largest Allied invasion of WW2! Defeattheoccupation forces and take back France; storm the beaches,clearthe trenches and liberate towns as you battle throughthecountryside of Normandy.SEE AND FEEL THE ACTION!Experiencetheultimate 3rd person shooter with stunning console qualityvisuals,precise controls, advanced physics, destructibleenvironments andfull voiceovers. Jump into the heat of battle andpush your deviceto the limit!HUGE SINGLE-PLAYER CAMPAIGN!Experience5 separatecampaigns with 145 separate missions based on the actualbeachlandings; Juno, Sword, Utah, Gold and Omaha. Destroy powerfultanksand cannons to allow allied forces to advance. Grab astationarygun and unload against fortified positions. Man theAck-Ackanti-aircraft guns to take down bombers and their escortsbeforethey can release their payloads.RUN THROUGH THEWARZONE!Battle yourway into the heart of enemy territory! Runthrough the battlefielddodging mines and leaping barriers as youmove to the next coverpoint to avoid enemy fire. Emerge fromdestructible cover points toengage waves of enemies!COMMAND ANARSENAL OF DEADLY WEAPONS!Taketo the frontline with an array ofclassic weapons from World War 2.Grab a historic rifle to take downenemies accurately or, if youprefer, a machine-gun to unleash ahail of bullets. Call inArtillery strikes against entrenched enemysoldiers or shoulder abazooka to reduce a tank to rubble. PLEASENOTE:- This game is freeto play, but you can choose to pay realmoney for some extra items,which will charge your Google account.You can disable in-apppurchasing by adjusting your devicesettings.-This game is notintended for children.- Please buycarefully.- Advertising appearsin this game.- This game may permitusers to interact with oneanother (e.g., chat rooms, player toplayer chat, messaging)depending on the availability of thesefeatures. Linking to socialnetworking sites are not intended forpersons in violation of theapplicable rules of such socialnetworking sites.- A networkconnection is required to play.- Forinformation about how Glucollects and uses your data, please readour privacy policy If you have a problemwith this game, pleaseuse the game’s “Help” feature. FOLLOW [email protected]/glumobileREAD_CONTACTS – The gamereads yourcontacts only to allow you to invite your friendstoplay.getLine1Number - This permission was accidentally includedbutis not used by this game. We will remove in an update innearfuture.
Celebrate Halloween with our special Character Challengesandlimited time only events! Experience the over-the-top,visceralfighting of MORTAL KOMBAT X! Bring the power of next-gengaming toyour mobile and tablet device with this visuallygroundbreakingfighting and card collection game. Assemble an eliteteam of MortalKombat warriors and prove yourself in the greatestfightingtournament on Earth. BRUTAL 3 v 3 KOMBAT Create your ownteam ofMortal Kombat fighters and lead them into battle toearnexperience, new special attacks, and powerful artifacts.MASSIVEROSTER OF FIGHTERS Collect Mortal Kombat veterans likeScorpion,Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Sonya, Kitana, Ermac, and manyothers.Discover the newest additions to Mortal Kombat such astheinsect-like D’Vorah, fiery Cassie Cage, bloodthirsty KotalKhan,and the mysterious Kung Jin. CUSTOMIZE YOURCHARACTERSCustomization comes to Mortal Kombat X Mobile! Completetasksthrough gameplay to unlock character customizations in FEATSOFSTRENGTH! Win your battles to show off your personalitywithcombinations of Victory Stances, Victory Taunts, and Warbanners.That’s not all! Unlocking Feats of Strength also gives youapermanent stat increase for that character! JAW DROPPING X-RAYSANDFATALITIES Mortal Kombat X brings its trademark FatalitiesandX-Rays to mobile, with stunning graphics, these over the topmovespunch you right in the guts. CHALLENGE OTHER PLAYERS Competewithother players in Faction Wars, an online competitive modewhereplayers engage other player teams. Rank up in your ownFaction’sleaderboard to earn weekly prizes. SUMMON ALLIES INTOBATTLE Findother players to be your Ally. Borrow a kombatant andstrike adecisive blow against your enemies. UNLOCK REWARDS IN BOTHTHECONSOLE AND MOBILE GAME Play the game and unlock exclusiverewardsfor the console version of Mortal Kombat X, including ultrararecharacters like Klassic Kitana and Injustice Scorpion. Playingtheconsole version unlocks rewards in mobile as well. NOTICE: *MortalKombat X features high quality visuals. Performance isnotoptimized on devices with less than 1GB RAM. ** A minimum of 1.5GBof free space is required on your device. Content isgenerallysuitable for ages 17 and up. Contains intense violence,blood, andgore.
ONE MAN. ONE WAR. YOU ARE THE FRONTLINE COMMANDO.As thesolesurviving Commando of a renegade attack against aruthlessdictator, you are stranded on the frontline and hell-bentonpayback. You must use all of your specialized skills to survivetheonslaught of the enemy forces and avenge your fallen soldiers.SEEAND FEEL THE ACTION The ultimate 3rd person shooter withstunningconsole quality visuals, precise controls, advanced physicsanddestructibles. Jump in the heat of battle and push yourAndroiddevice to the limit!COMPLETE DEADLY MISSIONSEmergefromdestructible cover points to take down helicopters, jeepsandheavily defended enemy bases. Fight off increasinglydifficultwaves of enemies over a variety of combat missiontypes.COMMAND ANARSENAL OF DEADLY WEAPONSTake to the frontline withan artillery ofassault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, rocketlaunchers, medkits, armor and more!PLEASE NOTE:- This game is freeto play, butyou can choose to pay real money for some extra items,which willcharge your Google account. You can disable in-apppurchasing byadjusting your device settings.-This game is notintended forchildren.- Please buy carefully.- Advertising appearsin thisgame.- This game may permit users to interact with oneanother(e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging)depending onthe availability of these features. Linking to socialnetworkingsites are not intended for persons in violation of theapplicablerules of such social networking sites.- A networkconnection isrequired to play.- For information about how Glucollects and usesyour data, please read our privacy policy you have a problem with this game, pleaseuse the game’s “Help”feature. FOLLOW US [email protected]/glumobile
Modern Sniper Combat 1.2
Modern Sniper Combat - Step into the actionandbest Sniper shooting game with Modern Sniper Combat.Hold your breath stay cool and pull your trigger. Send thebulletright through your target. No mistakes.You have been assigned to kill these assassins. This Sniper gameisbeyond the expectations.Be prepared terrorists are loaded and you are one of the Bestsnipershooter to spot the equipped enemy.Eliminate a mob of enemies as the front-line shooter.You are a modern city sniper assassin ready to play your partindangerous killer attacks and silent assassin missions.Eliminate a mob of enemies at street level or take out thesinglehigh-profile target. Go for the killer head shot now!Then what are you waiting for? Yeah! No reason -Download now and eliminate all enemy with your weapon inthisModern Sniper Combat.* Awesome and stunning graphics* FREE to play!* Unique maps and stunning locations* More head shots for higher score!* Easy and intuitive controls* FREE game to play.* Compatible with all devices.* UNLOCK new challenges for your friends* Share your score on Face book.* Challenging assassin missions* Addicting game play* It plays as good as it looksHOW TO PLAY:-* Tap your phone/tablet on right side to shoot and zoom in&out* Tap on left side to navigate the areaIf you have any problem in installation, please report to [email protected] will try to fix it as soonaspossible.
Gangstar Vegas - mafia game 3.9.1c
Roll up on a dangerously fun and overwhelmingly rich trip totheCity of Sin! Enjoy everything Vegas has to offer, from shootinguprival gangs and stealing cars to racing down the strip andpushingyour luck at the casino! WELCOME TO OUTRAGEOUS LAS VEGAS √Play asa mixed martial arts star whose dreams of being champ willclashwith a world of theft, gang wars, zombies and more in aBLOCKBUSTERSTORY MODE. √ Fight through 80 MISSIONS full of action,auto races,shooting & more. √ Raise clans of criminals tostrike enemiesfrom the shadows. ENDLESS SANDBOX FUN √ Explore acity 9X BIGGERthan the previous Gangstar, for a ridiculouslyfleshed-out mobileworld where you’ll always find exciting newthefts and action. √Perform stunts with ragdoll effects that are asfun to see succeedas they are to watch fail horribly, thanks to theamazing HAVOKPHYSICS engine. √ Climb the Leaderboards as youovercome CHALLENGESincluding air, water and street auto races, MMAfights, FPSshowdowns & more! √ Become Vegas's finest sniper byshooting itup in Carnage & Heist modes. √ Break the bank inaddictiveCASINO GAMES. RIDE ON THE WILD SIDE √ Access INSANEWEAPONS likeMolotov cocktails, sniper rifles, flamethrowers &an electricguitar! √ Drive CRAZY VEHICLES like monster trucks,muscle cars,tanks & fighter jets. √ UPGRADE YOUR SKILLS formore defttheft, sharper sniper strikes, and better race-carcontrol. √CUSTOMISE YOUR GEAR to look like a robot, boxer, zombie,orwhatever you want! BEYOND THE MORTAL COIL √ Kill zombies,boxrobots, and strike out against the shadow clans of HELL!AUGMENTEDREALITY Bring your hottest set of wheels into the realworld andtake a snapshot to share with friends! (For Android 7.0andhigher.) THE STORY: As a rising MMA champion framed by themob,you’re supposed to throw your next bout. But when youropponentbeats you to the punch and goes down first, a gang lord’splan goesdown too. Now you’re the most wanted man in thisdog-eat-dog citywhere crime is everywhere. Welcome to Las Vegas,where fortunes aremade and lives are lost with a roll of the dice!For fans of FPSaction, auto racing, driving (autos or tanks),robots, zombieclans, games with car theft, and free mobile games.This gamesupports smartphones and tablets running Android 2.3 andup. S Clubis a monthly subscription service that grants youunlimited weaponammo and vehicle deliveries on an ongoing basis. SClub costs USD9.99/month (or local equivalent) and will be chargedto your GoogleAccount after purchase and when the subscriptionrenews monthly.The subscription will renew automatically 24 hoursprior to the endof the subscription period, unless it's turned offbefore then.Payment will be charged to your Google Account uponconfirmation ofpurchase. Your account will be charged for renewalwithin 24 hoursprior to the end of the current period. You canmanagesubscriptions and auto-renewal can be turned off by going toyourAccount Settings after purchase. No cancellation of thecurrentsubscription is allowed during the active subscriptionperiod._____________________________________________ Visit ourofficialsite at Check out the new blogat Don't forget to follow us on socialmedia:Facebook: Instagram: Thisapp allows you to purchasevirtual items within the app and maycontain third-partyadvertisements that may redirect you to athird-party site. Termsof Use: PrivacyPolicy: End-UserLicenseAgreement:
Join the war for Europe in the exciting sequel toFrontlineCommando: D-Day. Close in on the Occupation with eachmission, makeyour way to the heart of Berlin, and lead the Alliedforces to WW2victory! History depends on you!ENGAGE INHISTORICWARFAREExperience exciting WW2 campaigns with challengingmissionsthat will test your skills on the battlefields of Belgium,Italy,Germany, and more. Grab your guns to fight enemy troops,eliminatesnipers, or obliterate convoys, halftracks, and tanks toforwardthe war campaign and save Europe.COMPLETE DANGEROUSMISSIONSMasterchallenging objectives in Assault, Sniper and RocketLaunchermissions to clear war-torn streets and rural villages ofAxisinvaders! Become a special operations solider to take downthedeadliest, high-profile WW2 enemy officers and destroyvaluablemilitary targets using snipers, machine guns and tanks.POWERFULWEAPONRY AT YOUR COMMANDNew and improved weapons are atyourdisposal to help lead the Allied forces to victory. Fight withyourwhole arsenal and utilize machine guns, sniper rifles,rocketlaunchers, flamethrowers, and more. Choose your weapon of warandeliminate your targets!STELLAR GRAPHICS ANDIMPACTFULENVIRONMENTSWith cutting-edge graphics and precisecontrols, youcan see and feel the action of WW2. Whatever themission or weapon-from machine gun to sniper- you’re on thefrontlines ofwar.High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!PLEASE NOTE:-This game isfree to play, but you can choose to pay real money forsome extraitems, which will charge your Google account. You candisablein-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.-Thisgame isnot intended for children.- Please buy carefully.-Advertisingappears in this game.- This game may permit users tointeract withone another (e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat,messaging)depending on the availability of these features. Linkingto socialnetworking sites are not intended for persons in violationof theapplicable rules of such social networking sites.- Anetworkconnection is required to play.- For information about howGlucollects and uses your data, please read our privacy If you have a problem with this game,pleaseuse the game’s “Help” feature. FOLLOW [email protected]/glumobile
BF Combat Nova Nation 5.1.6
Earth. Near future.Knowledge has improved our way of life andourunderstanding of the universe. Unfortunately, we are notwiser.Even with our superior technology, we were unable to stop anuclearwar for the resources of our dying planet. Battle, war,assaults...the last hope for the civilization lies in the newmodern combatcommandos trained to fight in the frontline, men andwomen trainedto restore peace and justice in the planet, acting asjudges andexecutioners. You have been appointed as Commander ofNova Nation,the main core of civilization. Will you be up to thechallenge andhear the call of duty?"When you gaze long into anabyss the abyssalso gazes into you" - Nietzsche"Lupus est homohomini" -PlautoBattlefield Combat Nova Nation is a first personshooterwhere you will impersonate a sniper assassin, a contractkiller andleader whose only mission is avoiding the D-Day for ourplanet.Fight the Rebels in a modern combat one on one sniper andriflewar, assaulting each other in the frontline of theagonizingplanet.This first person shooter exemplifies what a goodmoderncombat game should always have, like different sniper andrifleweapons, nice shoot control and awesome story. This is thebestshooter game you will ever play. Train as a contractkillerassassin for the glory of humanity and feel the call of dutyinthis awesome sniper game.FEATURES- Feel the pressure of a sniperorsoldier alone facing the enemy in the frontline
- Endless wavesofAI controlled enemies
- Different weapons, customizableandupgradeable
- Realistic shooting of your weapon
- More than70carefully designed scenarios
- Real 3D graphics optimized forawide variety of devices
- Build your very own base!
- Easytolearn, hard to master
- A modern combat gameyouwill remember.
 Web: http://www.codelabs-studio.comFacebook:
Modern Combat Terrorist Strike 1.1
Counter Terrorist strike is the #1 modern combat Action FPS gameonandroid phone with a new actions to push the boundaries ofmobilegaming even further. Counter Terrorist strike is a frontlineactionwar game. Kill your enemies with modern combat weaponslikeGlock19, MP5, M4, Ak-47, shotguns and sniper at frontlinecombatzone. Kill them all with your frontline modern combat skills!Youare from special service group trained by modern combatsoldiersand its your duty to kill your enemies.In modern combatcounterterrorist strike, Aim to shoot the head shots of your rival,strivehard so that no ferocious terrorist can run away. Accurateandprecise aim practice will lead to more accuracy andeliminateterrorism in frontier shooting showdown.Its all a moderncombatwith terrorist.So get ready for modern combatwithterrorists.modern combat counter terrorist attack is themoreadvanced features of the crusade against terror allow yourchoiceof different guns like MP5, m4, and machine-guns fromdifferentplaces during action. You are a frontline commando heavinggoodmodern combat skill so Travel deep into enemy territory tolocateand eliminate hidden targets with you modern combat skills.Staredown your rifle scope, zoom in to find and identify thetarget.Incounter terrorist modern combat Take a long breath andpull thetrigger to kill the enemies.-EXPERIENCE UNIQUESINGLE-PLAYER MODERNCOMBAT AT FRONTLINE-DIVE INTO THE MOSTMEMORABLE ACTION SHOOTEREVER-DIVE INTO EXHILARATING MODERN COMBATACTION GAME PLAY-MODERNCOMBAT ACTIONS-PICK YOUR FAVORITE MODERNCOMBAT WEAPON-COMPLETEIMPOSSIBLE MISSIONS-DESTROY ENEMY BASES ANDDEFEND YOURS-MODERNCOMBAT WEAPONS
Mission Impossible RogueNation 1.0.4
Your mission, should you choose to accept it…Infiltratesecurelocations and eliminate high-profile targets, performlethalstrikes and confront the Syndicate across the globe.Thismessagewill self-destruct… TRACK THE SYNDICATE ACROSS THE GLOBETakeoutenemy agents, destroy rogue bases, eliminate thesinglehigh-profile target that matters most orsilently/stealthilycomplete the objective in locations around theglobe! COMPLETEIMPOSSIBLE MISSIONSComplete the mission objectivesas you stop theSyndicate and assist the IMF. Stake out targets fromlong range,take them down with well-placed shots, assault enemybases head-onor infiltrate enemy lines without compromising youridentityEQUIPADVANCED WEAPONRY & GEARLoad up on weapons likesniper rifles,assault rifles, heavy guns and gauss rifles thenupgrade them.Don’t forget to grab the latest gear as well likerocket launchers,throwing knives, med kits, armor, and more!DESTROYENEMY BASES ANDDEFEND YOURSAssault other players’ HQ, steal theirresources, anddefend your IMF HQ against attack! Fortify yourdefenses withupgrades like drones to repel even the most stubbornattackers.JOINAND FORM AGENCIESForm an IMF agency with otherplayers and worktogether towards a common goal. Combine yourresources to level upthe agency and receive better rewards for allmembers! High-end,immersive tablet gameplay!Mission Impossible:Rogue Nation TM &©2015 Paramount Pictures. All RightsReserved.Mission Impossible:Rogue Nation, game design and software,© 2015 Glu Mobile Inc. Allrights reserved.GLU and the “g-Man” logoare the trademarks orregistered trademarks of Glu Mobile Inc. inthe United Statesand/or in other jurisdictions.For questions orsupport: we are hereto help, please visit our support site contact us.Created with Unity 4.5.4.Portions of this program ©2005-2015 Unity Technologies.Powered byUpsight.Further third partylicense information may be foundat©2015 Skydance Productions,LLC.All rights reserved.PLEASE NOTE:- This game is free to play,butyou can choose to pay real money for some extra items, whichwillcharge your Google account. You can disable in-app purchasingbyadjusting your device settings.-This game is not intendedforchildren.- Please buy carefully.- Advertising appears inthisgame.- This game may permit users to interact with oneanother(e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging)depending onthe availability of these features. Linking to socialnetworkingsites are not intended for persons in violation of theapplicablerules of such social networking sites.- A networkconnection isrequired to play.- For information about how Glucollects and usesyour data, please read our privacy policy you have a problem with this game, pleaseuse the game’s “Help”feature. FOLLOW US [email protected]/glumobile
Counter Terrorist Attack 5.3.2
Counter Terrorist Attack: SWAT Combat Mission is an actionpackedshooting war game. Encounter the enemies with armor,Ak-47,shotguns and new destructive weapons. In counter terroristattack3D game your role are as the brave assassin commando from thearmyforce. With every targeted gun shots you would get in practicewithyour targets. Accurate and precise aim practice will lead tomoreaccuracy will help you to assassinate the numerous terrorist.Keepin mind; these are the rebel terrorist, and you are going toleadthe SWAT and anti-terrorist team. More advanced features ofthecrusade against terror allow your choice of ammo, likeshotguns,Ak-47, and machine-guns from different places duringaction. Traveldeep into enemy territory to locate and eliminatehidden targets.Stare down your rifle scope, zoom in to find andidentify thetarget. Game play Features:• Complex situation, clearthe wararenas• Short & long shooter rifles• Exciting mapwithrealistic fighting arena environment • Negate the land to leadyouto the next stage• Different auto loader guns • Bestterroristshooting 2017 game• Amazing 3D Graphics• Counter TerroristAttack:SWAT Combat Mission game with both FPS (First personshooter) andTPS (third person shooter) controller options• Lead thecounterterrorist team and use your skills to negate the land andsurvive •Very simple and smooth joystick ControllerHow to Play:•Choose yourmission • Shoot with fire button• Move up down jumpbutton • Useadvance weapons to eliminate the enemies• Auto targetwheneverclose to enemy.• Change different type’s ammo during actionwar.
Kill Shot Bravo: Sniper FPS 5.6
Hothead Games
Welcome to the #1 FPS shooting sniper game on mobile! Go to warwiththe enemy and prove your sniper skills in the king of 3Dsnipergames. Arm yourself with deadly sniper weapons, machine gunsand thelatest military gear to complete covert missions deepinside enemyterritory! All of this in a free FPS action game. InKill ShotBravo, it’s your duty to save the world. That meanshuntingterrorists, killing zombies and waging war on evil armies.Callyourself a sharp shooter? Then put your skills to the test inthetop free sniper game for Android. *OVER 2400 MISSIONS* As aSpecialForces soldier you will navigate secret missions across theglobe,shooting hostile forces that stand in the way of a peacefulworld. •From guerrilla combat in jungle mountain ranges, to reconmissionson Mediterranean islands, you’ll travel the world to gundown terrorthreats as an elite sniper. • Commandeer vehicles toturn the tideof battle! Navigate close quarter combat down narrowalleys in theback of a jeep, or take out hostile threats by air inhazardoushelicopter missions! • Complete breach missions to enteroccupiedbuildings and clear them of any threat! Survive a full onenemyattack in multiplayer assault games and shoot more enemiesthan youropponent. • Move through stunning 3D environments to findthe bestsniper vantage points and take the all-important KillShot! Downloadthe app now for free and enjoy regular updates withnew regions andmissions. This is one fps game you won’t get boredof. *GO TO WARWITH THE ENEMY* • Shoot different enemy types eachwith their ownstrengths and combat objectives. Prove you can adaptto differentshooting game styles. • Unleash your fury and shootdown FlyingDrones, Exo-Suit Soldiers, Zombies, Mechs, HeavyGunners, EnemyRPGs, Marksmen, Riflemen, and Commando Bombers.*LIVE PVP SNIPERDUELS* • Test your skill against other snipers inlive online PlayerVerses Player shooting matches in PVP mode! • Bethe hunter beforeyou are the hunted! • Use your heat meter to zonein on the enemythreat. • Find your target. Take aim. Shoot! •Multiplayer shootinggames have never felt this real. *JOINALLIANCES AND BOUNTY EVENTS*• This time you won't be fightingalone! Build powerful allianceswith other shooters and help eachother to complete the high-riskmissions. • Hunt and collectbounties from enemies. • Take outhordes of zombies in exclusiveevents. Work with your alliance tostop the Virus and start killingsome zombies. • Friends can joinyou in multiplayer missions,spotting the targets and assisting youto shoot enemies. • FullChat function in game to allow tacticaldiscussions with othersnipers. *CUSTOMIZE* • Customize your avatarand get Perks to helpin the battle! • Unlock and equip cool armygear, includinghelmets, military uniforms, body armor, goggles,facemasks, gloves,boots, and more. • Get a fresh Kill Shot momentwith every victory!Now YOU get to control the Kill Shot camera asthe final roundzooms towards its target for the ultimate hit! Thisis a free fpsgame with premium customized content. *GOOGLE PLAYSERVICESLEADERBOARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS* • Compete for high scoresalone orwith your Alliance against opposing Alliances. • EarnAchievementsfor showing off your deadly sniper skills. • Take onweekly Queststo win additional prizes and achievements ©2018Hothead Games Inc.,Hothead, and Kill Shot are trademarks orregistered trademarks ofHothead Games Inc., all rights reserved.
DEAD TRIGGER 2 - Zombie Survival Shooter 1.5.2
Dead Trigger 2 celebrates 100 Million Downloads! Thanks to allourawesome players! To celebrate we’ve got some amazing free giftsandoffers for you! Fight for survival in a zombie apocalypse withthisheart-stopping first person shooter. Choose from an insanearsenalof combat weapons and battle against the walking dead interrifyingenvironments around the globe. 60+ million players arenow battlingfor the future of mankind - can YOU make a difference?“Hours offun in marathon sessions or short bursts.” -“The gameis improving upon everything that made the first titlegreat.” MASSIVE, CONTINUOUSLY UPDATED CONTENT.EVOLVINGSTORYLINES. The Dead Trigger 2 universe is constantlyexpanding itsfrontiers. Every update features brand new content tomake yourgame experience even more enjoyable. • Battle your waythrough tenregions and explore 33 unique environments. • Grab yourfavouritezombie annihilator from 50 types of weapon. Sharpen yourshootingskills and take zombies out with a bullet to the head! •Dive intothe action with more than 600 gameplay scenarios,including SoloCampaign, Global Mission and Side Quests. Completeachievements,smash challenges and receive exclusive in-gamecurrency.MOUTH-WATERING GRAPHICS You’ll be blown away byourfrontier-pushing graphics, including real-time waterreflections,dynamic vegetation, and enhanced ragdolls. Explorevaried locationsand kill the undead in diverse environments rangingfrom thedeserted mines of Africa to the alleyways of Shanghai.Theapocalypse never looked so good! TEETH-RATTLING GAMEPLAY •Brutalenemies - Some of the easier to kill zombies might be a softtargetfor a sharpshooter, but you’ll need more than one shot foraformidable array of bosses. Get ready for Kamikaze, Vomitronandmore - powerful walking dead with an inventive approach toyourextinction. • Awesome weapons - Get to grips with meleeweaponslike the Big Hammer, Boat Motor and Machete. What’s ourfavourite?Check out the Grenade Chickens, Rocket Chickens andspecial MachineGun mounted to Chickens. You’re gonna love ‘em… •Real time storydevelopment - Join the Global Resistance and tune into stayinformed as the global gameplay develops, where the actionsofevery single player can directly influence the tide of war.Immerseyourself in different types of operation including Story,GlobalMission and Side Quests. TONS OF FEATURES • Tournaments forRealPrizes - Get ready for some serious shooting! Go to warwithplayers from all over the world in the Arena, featuringcustomcombat gladiator rules every week. Become a legend in thenewPurgatory arena… • The Finger is Mightier Than the Gun -Choosebetween a touch control target system designed especiallyforcasual players or an enhanced virtual joystick for FPS veterans.Ifyou prefer console gaming, then go ahead - Dead Trigger 2supportsMOGA. • Explore your personal hideout and meet theGunsmith,Scientist, Smuggler and Engineer. These NPCs will help onyourquest for survival as you unlock incredible new weaponsandgadgets. __________________________________________ Don’t forgettofollow us on social media: Twitch: aquestion? Check
San Andreas Crime City
Gameplay ★ You are in San Andreas city and only way to becomeagangster is by completing all missions in the city. You willneedlots of guns, sports car and helicopter to finish missions. ★Atrue open-world game. Take a helicopter tour to the island orgetinside a car and take a city tour. It's upto you.Features:★Interaction with city people using the Interaction "i'buttonwhenever you go close to them.★ Interaction with any citytrafficcar when you go near them. You can enter the car, blast itoff bysetting time bomb or get inside vehicle and drive. ★ Weaponshopsare located in the city. You can enter the shop with money tobuyyour favourite gun, grenade or bazooka. ★ Dance Clubs entryneedsmore money to make sure to finish some missions before you trytoenter these clubs. ★ You can go to rooftop of any building bygoingnear the triggers placed near them.
Metal Soldiers 1.0.12
Lock ‘n Load! Get your weapons ready for the ultimate actiongame.Metal Soldiers combines the adrenaline of platform-style gameswiththe action of 2d shooters. Use the pad to move around and taptojump and shoot. Use different guns and grenades too! Blow upallenemies in Metal Soldiers! Kill them all in this amazingshootergame. What are you waiting for? Download Metal Soldier nowand letthe shooting begin!Features:- Different characters tochoose.- Lotsof enemies to fight.- Classic weapon designs.- Amazinggameplay.
Commando Adventure Shooting 3.5.8
Tulip Apps
Commando adventure shooting is a thrilling sniper shooting gamewitha lot of fun and adventure. Play the most demanded commandoshootinggame being a spy commando and be ready for the realbreathtakingventure. Face the extreme counter war while survivingin thedeadliest jungles and forests. Use your special gorillacommandoskills to cope with all the troubles and show your extremesnipingpowers to win all the stealth wars. You have to do multiplejobsbeing a spy commando. First of all, disable the watch towersecurityby using your sniper guns and then breach the base campsilently.Just use the stealth movements and avoid any directconflict withenemy soldiers to complete the spy mission withoutany trouble.Commando adventure shooting game allows you to boostyour snipershooting skills by giving you an access to the latestand modernassault guns. Enjoy the awe-inspiring and entertainingsnow terrainwhile experiencing the most accurate shootingsimulation ever. Be aprecise sniper shooter, as the precision is akey factor to succeedin all gun shooting games. The more you areprecise, the morechances of winning the sniper mission. As amember of SSG force, youare well equipped with all the advanceweaponry to perform thesecret surgical strikes. Be ready for theextreme warfare in the midof enemy territory and show your enemywhat you are capable off. Thecommando adventure shooting gamecomprises dozen of sniping missionsin the multiple beautifulterrains. In each mission, you have tocomplete different gameobjectives by using the modern equipment.Use the satellite radarnavigator and detailed computer map tolocate the enemy hideouts.Just sneak past the enemy patrols andtake the stealth walk withoutalerting the enemy commandos. You canhave multiple weapons at thesame time. Use the sniper telescopiczoom to take long range gunshots and the assault rifles for theclose range combats. So, gearup and brace yourself for the mostrealistic gun battles for thefirst time in real 3D mode and enjoythis sniper shooting game forfree.   How to Play: With Game pad: -Complete user guide andtutorial for playing game with game pad isprovided within thegame. Without Game pad: - Control the commandomovements using thevirtual joystick on half left of your devicescreen. - For aiming,swipe your finger across the right side of thedevice screen. - TapFire button located at right bottom to fire thebullet. - Presszoom to have a telescope sniper view of enemies. -Tap on gun iconto switch the weapons. - Use the map to have thereal-timesatellite view of place. - Find the enemy hideouts byusing theradar navigator. Top Features of Commando AdventureShooting Game:- Best military commando shooting game ever. -Astonishing 3Denvironment and real animated sniper gun fire view. -Adventurouscommando game with user friendly GUI and controls. -Good qualitysound effects and real gunshots fire sound. - Mostrealisticshooting simulation ever. If you like the commandoadventureshooting game, please try other games by clicking “MorefromDeveloper” or by visiting our publisher account. And don’tforgetto rate and review.
Let the bullets fly in the sequel to the popularthird-personshooter, Frontline Commando!"Weapons lovers will behappy to see alarge arsenal of different guns and explosives to usein missions…”– DroidLife“… the technical presentation on FrontlineCommando 2 isvery impressive." – AndroidPoliceBetrayed and left fordead on thebattlefield, you must build your team of mercenaries andexact awar of revenge against your enemies. ASSEMBLE YOURELITESQUADRecruit and train soldiers and lead the ultimate war teamtothe battlefield! Choose from 65 possible unique squad members,fromsharpshooters to medics.DOMINATE ACTION-PACKED CAMPAIGNSLeadyoursquad to victory through 40 unique missions and 13elitechallenges, including online PVP. BATTLE FOR ONLINEPVPSUPREMACYThink you have an unstoppable squad? Challengeothershooters online for the ultimate bragging rights inPVP!FACEPERILOUS URBAN WARFAREShoot your way through 7destructiblebattlefields! Take on snipers, heavy weaponspecialists, tanks,helicopters, flying drones and more!COMMANDADVANCEDWEAPONRYMaximize your firepower with multiple, upgradableweaponclasses including sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotgunsandmachine guns. Utilize special war gear on the battlefield suchasdrones, grenades and RPGs.High-end, immersive tabletgameplay!YOURSQUAD. YOURWAR.---------------------------------------------PLEASENOTE:- Thisgame is free to play, but you can choose to pay realmoney for someextra items, which will charge your Google account.You can disablein-app purchasing by adjusting your devicesettings.-This game isnot intended for children.- Please buycarefully.- Advertisingappears in this game.- This game may permitusers to interact withone another (e.g., chat rooms, player toplayer chat, messaging)depending on the availability of thesefeatures. Linking to socialnetworking sites are not intended forpersons in violation of theapplicable rules of such socialnetworking sites.- A networkconnection is required to play.- Forinformation about how Glucollects and uses your data, please readour privacy policy If you have a problemwith this game, pleaseuse the game’s “Help” feature. FOLLOW [email protected]/glumobile
Modern Sniper 2.00
Candy Mobile
Aim and Shoot! Modern Sniper is #1 first person shooter gamethatwill blown you away!An over-the-top shooter in every sense,ModernSniper takes you on a whirlwind tour of the criminalunderworld.You are a modern sniper ready to play your part indangerousattacks and silent assassin missions. Eliminate a mob ofenemies atstreet level or take out the single high-profile target.Withaccess to an inventory of sniper rifles and assault rifles,youwill rely on your marksman skills to finish the work. Go fortheHEADSHOT now!Game Features:- Over 50 crime shooter missionstocomplete- Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics- 6 unique maps andstunninglocations- 7 different real-world weapons to choose andupgrade
Mountain Sniper Shooting: 3D FPS 7.6
Skippy Games
Mountain Sniper shooting 3D is a very popular shooting gamewithgreat graphics and addictive game play. Different type oflocationswith each region having a different kind of missionmanaged in aninteresting way. Mountain Sniper Shooting 3D Features:- Arealistic 3D environment with super views - HD graphics andhighquality textures. - Amazing mountain sniper game withmodernweapons. - Certainly not a typical commando games -Impressivegameplay with action camera If you like this gameplay,please tryour other commando games and sniper games by clicking“More fromDeveloper” or by visiting our publisher account. Anddon’t forgetto rate and review. We don't collect any personalinformation; anynon-personal information collected by our partnersfor analytic andgame improvements.