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Guitar Fretter 2.2.2
Shields Stenzinger LLC
**Playing guitar helps you play Guitar Fretter butit'snotrequired!** Guitar Fretter is an action puzzle gameandplayfulpractice tool for guitarists of all kinds.Mysteriouscreaturesshow up ready to take your energy if you miss amatch.Match thenotes, score health and points. Find note patternsandhints. Alongthe way learn patterns of notes on theguitarfretboard.**Characters you'll meet in Guitar Fretter****Pick** isa penguinand practicing guitarist. **Crunchy** theguitar is an oldfriendof Pick's family now helping Pick learn to bea confidentmusician.**Mysterious portal creatures** arrive from anunknownplace and acurious agenda. They cause trouble andchallenges. Andmaybethere's more to them. **Features** - **Actionpuzzle game**:matchthe notes to get past each level - **4 types ofguitars**: 6and 7string electric, 4 and 6 string bass. - **Leftyflip**: rotateanyguitar 180 degrees. NEW feature for Guitar Fretter2.0! -**Ninjamode:** hide all the hints during a regular game toget morepointsand test your memory. Or choose to start a full ninjamodegame toremove hints fully and go for the extra challenge.-**Customtuning**: raise or lower each string's pitch to practiceanewplaying style. - **Characters Dialog**: Built in bitsofstory,encouragement, and hints on the transition screens.-**Gamesave**: Save your game in progress to continue later.-**Practicemode**: play any guitar as an interactive chart ofnoteswithoutthe pressure of the mysterious portal creatures. **Ausefulguitarfretboard study tool** Tested and used by thousandsofgamers,guitarists, and guitar instructors over 10 years,GuitarFretter isknown for being fun, helpful, and useful forpracticingon the go.**Team** Guitar Fretter is coded, drawn,written,animated, andmusic created by Rob Stenzinger.