Top 49 Apps Similar to Online Courses

Udemy - Online Courses 5.14.2
Udemy is an online learning platform featuring 130,000+videocourses taught by expert instructors. Take courses in anythingfromprogramming languages like Python, and Java to personaldevelopmentclasses like design, drawing, writing and yoga. Join themore than40 million students who are mastering new skills,advancing theircareers, and exploring new hobbies on Udemy. LEARNANYTHING:Discover courses in over 2,000 topics - from coding anddatascience to marketing, Photoshop, yoga, and more. New courses,oncutting-edge topics like machine learning, artificialintelligence,and blockchain, are continuously refreshed. LEARNAFFORDABLY: Udemyhas both free and paid courses within your budget.Once you’veenrolled in a course, you’ll have lifetime access to thecontent.LEARN FROM EXPERTS: Be inspired by 50,000+ expertinstructorsteaching in 60+ different languages. LEARN ANYWHERE:Downloadcourses to learn offline. On the go? Listen to coursesinaudio-only mode. LEARN AT YOUR OWN PACE: Ask both studentsandinstructors questions. Personalize your learning experiencewithspeed controls and closed captioning. Free and paidcoursesavailable in: - Development: web development, programminglanguages(Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Swift, C# & more),gamedevelopment, coding basics, coding bootcamps, etc. -Business:Finance, financial analysis, entrepreneurship, publicspeaking,presentation skills, writing, etc. Plus, data &analytics (SQL,machine learning, deep learning, data science &more). - IT& Software: IT certification, network &security, cybersecurity, CCNA, etc. - Office Productivity:Microsoft, Apple,Google, SAP, Oracle, etc. - Personal Development:productivity,leadership, personal finance, career development,study skills,etc. - Design: drawing, web design, graphic design,design tools(Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator & more), UX design,UI design,design thinking, etc. - Marketing: Search EngineMarketing (SEM),Search Engine Optimization(SEO), social mediamarketing, marketingfundamentals, mobile marketing, contentmarketing, productmarketing, etc. - Lifestyle: arts & crafts,travel, gaming, dogtraining, etc. - Photography: digitalphotography, photographytools, commercial photography, videodesign, etc. - Health &Fitness: yoga, nutrition, meditation,self-defense, etc. - TeacherTraining: online course creation,presentation skills,instructional design, etc. - Music: instruments(guitar, piano& more), music fundamentals, music techniques,music software,etc. - Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese,Chinese, etc.
Udacity - Lifelong Learning 5.1.1
Udacity, Inc
Master in-demand skills in today’s hottest fields, throughlearningprograms built with the world’s most innovative companies.Joinmillions of lifelong learners across the globe who areempoweringthemselves through education. Use the Udacity app tofully manageyour personalized learning experience. MASTER IN-DEMANDSKILLS -Master course material developed with industry expertsfromFacebook, Google, Amazon, Github, and more. MANAGEPERSONALIZEDLEARNING - Access your classroom, connect with yourmentor, andtrack your progress. LEARN ON THE GO - Download classesand contentahead of time for future offline work sessions. LAUNCHOR ADVANCEYOUR CAREER - Get the skills you need to succeed infields likeData Science, Artificial Intelligence, DigitalMarketing, Web andApp Development, and more. The Udacity mobileexperience deliversworld-class content, via an innovative platform,with optimalflexibility. This is your future, today.
Free courses 2.0
this application will help you to find courses for free suchasudemycourses,edx courses and other free courses.thisapplicationwill helpyou to find free courses and discount udemycourse for100% off.youwill find DEVELOPMENT free courses ,businessfreecourses ,it andsoftware courses, marketing free courses,Languagesfree courses,Photography & Music, PersonalDevelopment,andother freecourses.this application will help toimprove yourskills and findbetter jop for you.FREE COURSES INSUBJECTS LIKE:-LeadershipTraining- Innovation-Robotics-Programming (Python,Linux, Java, C+,Scratch)- Biology- EnglishGrammar- High SchoolMath- Statistics-Computer Science-Chemistry-Business andManagement- Big Data-Cybersecurity - EnglishComposition andLanguage- Entrepreneurship& Leadership -Mandarin- Preparationfor AP Exams- Calculus-andther free course•Browse 10000+ freecourses in a variety of subjectareas, fromProgramming, to music,to Statistics
Coursera: Online courses
Learn anywhere with Coursera. Access more than 2,000 coursesandSpecializations developed by 140+ of the best collegesanduniversities in the world, and advance your career bymasteringsubjects from Python programming and data science tophotographyand music. Learn from top instructors in an engaginglearningexperience: • Browse courses in a variety of subject areas,frommath to music, to medicine • Stream lecture videos online anytime,or download for offline viewing • Earn Course andSpecializationCertificates and share your success with the world •Explore newdegree programs from top universities from around theworld Advanceyour career in subjects like: • Computer Science:Programming,Mobile, and Web Development • Data Science: MachineLearning,Statistics, Probability, and Data • Business:Accounting,Marketing, and Entrepreneurship • Sciences: Robotics,Chemistry,Nutrition, and Medicine • Art, including Design,Photography,Music, and Creative Writing ...and hundreds more! EarnaCertificate: Joining Coursera is free. To qualify to earnacertificate, enroll in a range of Specializations by payingpercourse or subscribe to a Specialization. Get to KnowUs: Like Us onFacebook: PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService:
Coupons for Kroger 2.0
Download to get many Discounts, Coupons Codes for Kroger. Youcanbrowse and save the Discounts and Coupons Codes for Krogerbyadding to cart for later use. Get instant updates and startsavingon your shopping immediately with Coupons for Kroger.You’llbesurprised how much savings you get. Please note that this isanindependent, unofficial app developed for your ease of use tosavemoney for shopping with Coupons for Kroger. We appreciateyourfeedback on reviews and rating for improvement. Also,pleasecontact us feel free to contact us for any legal or rightsconcernswith this Coupons for Kroger.
Groupon - Shop Deals, Discounts & Coupons 20.3.211496
Groupon, Inc.
Download Groupon and save up to 70% on the things you needeveryday. Find great deals on all the best stuff to eat, see, anddonear you and around the world. Buy and save on everythingyou’relooking for. Whether you’re shopping for the latest fashiontrends,craving a new restaurant in town, or daydreaming abouttropicaltravel, a daily replenishment of deals delivers all thediscountsyou like. Every deal is available to use immediately, soyou’renever more than a few taps away from a relaxing massage,tickets tothe night’s hottest event, or a great pizza joint. Withthe Grouponapp you can: • Get promo codes and special savingsalerts for dealsnear you, instantly on your mobile device • Buy andredeem Groupondeals directly from your mobile device, no need toprint vouchersor clip coupons • Read customer reviews and writeyour own • Sharedeals with friends and family And there’s more: •Instantly redeemon-demand deals on food, fun, fashion, andwellness, without havingto print a voucher • Use Groupon Goods toenjoy low prices withoutsettling for bargain products • Get up to30% cash back atparticipating Groupon+ restaurants • Travel toexotic destinationsand stay at the fanciest hotels with GrouponGetaways • Shop forfun themed collections for holidays and eventsPut down the couponbook and pick up the Groupon Android app—yourticket to explore thebest your city has to offer at savings of upto 70% off. Need help?Contact us at
7-Eleven TH 11.14.0
- Enjoy collecting the All Member coin on the 7-Elevenapplicationonly when you are 7-Eleven’s member. Redeem the coin inorder toget several rewards; premium, cash coupon, or playing 7FUNSHOPgame through the 7-Eleven application. - Easily top-upyourTrueMove H packages and VAS package for prepaid phonenumberconveniently anywhere, anytime - 7Online provide seamlessshoppingexperiences as the customer can shop anywhere and anytime.Allorders can get free shipping when customers select to pickuporders 24 hr. at 7-Eleven stores or deliver to your doorstepwithcharge shipping. Let's check out our "7online shop" - Newpromotion“7Deal coupon”. Get special price coupon by purchase 7Dealcouponset via 7App. Show your 7Deal coupon barcode on 7App in ordertoget products from 7-Eleven stores. The coupon can also besharedwith your friends. - Payment service via “True Money Wallet”on7App. - Easily to find the 7-Eleven stores by function“Map”,located 7-Eleven stores near you. You can create filters foryourdesired products and services such as All cafe’, Slurpee, etc.-Check out Monthly Promotions. - Redeem TrueYou, KrungsriCreditCard and Krungsri First Choice Credit Card Points for FreeProductsand Discount Coupons. - Google is not a sponsor of or inany wayinvolved with any promotional activity associated with theCP ALLPUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED. - Find more and -7-ElevenTH Facebook Fan Page. - 7-ElevenThailand YouTube Channel.
EzDealz 1.0.42
EzDealz Inc.
EzDealz is a very unique gaming application. Win instantprizes,cash and even discount deals on your favorite brands byjustanswering daily and weekly fun questions, guessing simplenumericcodes and by solving riddles. The fun is now also on yourTVscreen, use the app to play, compete and win real time onliveTelevision on the hit TV gameshow EzJeet.
Stepik: Free Courses
Learn anywhere you want with Stepik Mobile App. Stepik is aplatformwith free online courses devoted to Computer Science andeverythingtech-related. Learn data structures, Python programming,statisticsand many other useful skills. Access video lectures andassignmentson the go. Download lectures to study even when you’reoffline.Never forget a deadline by easily importing them in thecalendarConnect with your fellow students and get your questionsansweredinstantaneously by engaging in the comment section. Setreminders tomotivate yourself and study regularly to maintain andimprove yourpersonal record. Earn certificates and share them withyour friendsor improve your job prospects by sharing them onLinkedIn. Adjustthe speed of the video playback for optimallearning experience.
Free Speech Course 1.15
Juan Alcides
FREE ORATORY COURSE Would you like to have the best OratoryCourseAPP? ... this APP is for you! Oratory! for children, youngpeopleand adults of both sexes develop their self-esteem. WhatisOratory? Think and Feel We promote our ideas and obtainmorebeneficial social relationships. It trains us to teach,motivateour fellow human beings, convince to perform greatactions,persuade with our words and entertain the audience. TheTechniquesof Speech. We want to learn in our course. We help todevelopsafely, to express your ideas and not be afraid to speak inpublicagain. The Oratory Course not only teaches you to speak wellinpublic, but you also become an integral person, with values​​anddevelop the qualities to be a great leader. How to speakcorrectly,is the question of many people, but very few take actionto improvetheir oral expression, the practical course of oratory.Techniquesto speak in public which help improve your orality.Speaking forchildren, improve their self-esteem and how more timeresults intheir studies ... This application is much more aboutoratory andleadership. What are you waiting for? ... click onDOWNLOAD andlearn the oratory right now.
Peixe Urbano - Cupons, Descontos e Ofertas 9.2.4
O maior App de ofertas Locais, promoções e descontos!Experimentecupons de desconto para restaurantes, rodízios,pizzarias,churrascarias, além de ingressos para aquela esperadaestréia deCinema! Os maiores descontos para ingressos de cinemaestão aqui,incluindo Rede UCI, Cinemark, Cinépolis, Kinoplex epromoçõesimperdíveis! Procurando por Restaurantes e bares próximoscompreços baixos? Aqui você encontra milhares de cupons dedescontosem restaurantes! Conseguimos até 90% de desconto emalgunsrestaurantes e bares. São pizzarias, churrascarias,rodízio,janponês, massas e diversas opções para o dia a dia ouaquelejantar especial. Ingressos para teatro, shows e eventoscomdesconto! É economia garantida! São cupons para economizaremrestaurantes, cinema, teatro, parques e muita diversão. Usenossosfiltros e busca para encontrar as melhores ofertas próximas avocê!Utilize filtros por categoria, quando usar, horário e aindapodeordenar os resultados por preço, melhores ofertas eporproximidade. Assim, vai ficar fácil encontrar sua oferta.Usetambém nossa área de Favoritos. Salve suas ofertas preferidascomoFavoritas, assim fica mais fácil encontrá-las a qualquermomentopara comprar ou enviar para seus amigos. Também temosProdutos!Aqui você encontra os maiores lançamentos em tecnologiaeutilidades domésticas. Compre seu celular novo comdescontosespeciais, veja nossas ofertas de celulares e smartphones,tablets,Smart Watch e muito mais. Está programando as próximasférias ou aviagem de fim de semana? Explore nossas promoções epacotes deviagens exclusivos! Temos viagens curtinhas e até pacotespara aDisney, com aéreo. Aproveite já e garanta sua próxima viagemcomdesconto pelo Brasil ou exterior. Você ainda pode economizaremserviços locais, como pacotes em auto escolas, tratamentosdebeleza e estética, produtos fitness, suplementosalimentares,assinaturas de revisas, os melhores motéis e muitomais. Venha paranosso cardume e faça parte do maior App dee-Commerce Local doBrasil! Funcionalidades: - Encontre as melhoresofertas através dasua localização. - Receba alertas de ofertaspróximas a você,direto no seu celular! Descubra o que tem parafazer bem pertinhode você - Filtros rápidos: escolha a categoria,preço e critériospara ordenar os resultados e encontrar facilmentesua oferta -Favorite Ofertas: salve suas ofertas preferidas parafacilitar suapróxima compra! - Use seu cupom direto pelo App! Nãoprecisaimprimir, basta mostrar o cupom no estabelecimento paraaproveitarseu desconto - Avalie sua experiência na compra. Apósutilizar,você pode avaliar sua experiência e ajudar os próximoscompradores- Se precisar, a gente te ajuda! Você pode nos chamar noChat (emalgumas cidades) ou enviar uma mensagem para nossa equipedeatendimento. Nossas principais ofertas: - Restaurantes - Rodíziodejaponês - Ingressos para cinemas: UCI, Cinemark,Kinoplex,Cinépolis - Desconto em motéis, os melhores motéis da suacidade -Ingressos em shows - Pacotes de viagem e viagens com aéreos-Viagens curtas em feriados - Descontos em hotéis - Descontosemhostels - Pacotes de auto escola Mais de 25 milhões deusuáriosaproveitando nossas ofertas exclusivas: estética, pacotesdeviagem, auto escolas com preços baratos. descontoparacinemas, shows, cupons de desconto em restaurante ou paramotéis.★Desfrute os anúncios com descontos e ofertas imperdíveis!Economiaque não acaba mais★
Dalle Valle
Dalle Valle’s app is developed to give you advantageous deals,whileyou at the same time get an overview of the selection. Theapp isbrilliant to plan your next visit at Dalle Valle, because itmakessure that you don’t miss any special offers. SAVE MONEY Wealwayswork at new compositions and offers in your local DalleValle. Theapp gives you the opportunity to get coupons with adiscount up to70%. Furthermore you have the opportunity to shareselected offerswith your family and friends for instance.COORDINATE YOUR VISIT Theapp shows you, where to find your nearestDalle Valle with anappertaining driving directions. Furthermorethe app gives access totable reservations. You can also explorethe range, and when you geta coupon, it’s possible to deduct thediscount directly from themenu to see your price. -- -- It’spossible to get access to the appwith a Facebook-login, but thisdoesn’t give access to post anycontent at your profile. The appremembers your primary Dalle Vallerestaurant, and hereby you willbe among the first to know, whenthere are local offers. Att.: Whenusing the coupons, the couponmust be swiped by Dalle Valle’s staffand may not be swiped by theguests. You are welcome to give usfeedback directly and help us developing DalleValleforward-looking.
Stack Overflow 1.0.4
Stack Overflow is the can’t-code-without-it site whereprofessionaland enthusiast programmers ask their toughest questionsand getanswers from their peers. Learn, share and level up — on thego —with the Stack Overflow official app.- Read, ask, answer,comment,flag and vote on questions.- Get a push notification whensomeoneanswers or comments on your question. Anything that wouldtrigger aStack Overflow inbox message will trigger an appnotification. Asalways, you can easily turn notifications on andoff via settings.-Search and filter by active, newest, votes andmore.- Draftquestions on the go, even when you’re offline. Markdowntools makeit easy to add images and code blocks.- Get back to goodquestionswith a browsing-history view that lists questions you’verecentlylooked at.
AARP Member Benefits 4.4
Discover the benefits of AARP membership while you’re on-the-go!TheAARP Member Benefits app connects you with online andnearbydiscounts just for AARP members. You can even change yourlocationso you can plan ways to save money while on your next trip!All youhave to do is open your app and you’ll instantly be alertedtosavings nearby. You won’t believe how much money you cansavewherever you go. Get notifications when new offers becomeavailableso you never miss out. What’s the best part? You cango“card-free.” The app is home to a digital version of yourAARPmembership card, so just keep your phone nearby to takeadvantageof the discounts and offers. Download the app today andstartexploring AARP member offers in your area. Don’t forget tocheckyour app often as new limited-time offers become available toyou!You can start saving right away on: Travel—airfare, hotels,cruisesDining & Entertainment—movie tickets, concerts,restaurantsShopping—electronics, clothing, groceries Auto &HomeServices—car rentals, maintenance Health&Wellness—prescription discounts, eye care, hearing care ComingSoon- The Member Benefits app is no longer available to download ontheGoogle Play store. In an effort to provide users with a newandimproved member benefits experience, we combined all yourAARPmember benefits and limited time member offers on the AARP Nowapp.Please be sure to download the latest AARP Now app in yourdeviceand don’t miss out on everyday offers and limited time memberdealsfor you!
Winn-Dixie 4.0.9
The Winn-Dixie app is here to help you score Wins for YourWallet!Look, just buying groceries without rewards or coupons isfine.That’s how our grandparents used to do it, and they turnedoutalright. But if you have an app that can save you time, money,andearn you points - why not buy groceries and reap thosebenefits?Seems like a no-brainer. So, what all does the Winn-Dixieappcover? Let’s do a list! People on the internet love lists. DEALS•So many deals. The Deal of the Week, our Weekly Ad, Deals ForYoubased on your shopping history. If there’s a way for you tosavemoney, earn extra points, or BOTH (seriously, peep that Deal oftheWeek), it’ll be in the app. COUPONS • The Savings tab featuresSOMANY COUPONS and while that may seem overwhelming, it alsofeaturesa very simple filter feature to help you find exactly whatkind ofcoupon you’re looking for. POINTS • The main reason yousigned upfor our Rewards program. Or should we say, the whole“point” of theprogram? Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves. The appstores yourRewards card, so you can easily scan it on every grocerytrip. Youcan also track your points in the app, and decide how tospend them- on future grocery purchases or fill-ups at Shell fuelstations!MYSTERY BONUS • We can’t tell you what this is, hence thename.MYSTERY BONUS (FOR REAL) • Okay, but seriously - MysteryBonusesare points multipliers that used to be printed on yourreceipt. Soback in the day, you used to have to bring your paperreceipt backto rack up those extra points. But NOW, we’ve havefinally caughtup to the present day! We no longer shop bycandlelight, our storesare air conditioned, and Mystery Bonuses nowappear digitally inthe app! POPULARITY • We have no real way oftesting this - andthus no discernible proof - but we have a realstrong feeling thatjust having the app on your phone will make yousignificantlycooler. All the money saving and points earning isjust a realconfidence booster, you know? So that’s our list. Prettysweet, eh?We know there weren’t a lot of buzzwords, and we would’veloved toinclude a “Which frozen food promotion are you?”personality quiz,but that’s not an option here in the app store.But you have toadmit, we do make a pretty compelling case for whyyou should havethe Winn-Dixie app on your mobile device. So if youhaven’t yet,download it today, sign in to your rewards account (orsign up forthe first time), and start racking up Wins for YourWallet!
Coupons for Harbor Freight 3.0
Download to get many Discounts, Coupons Codes for HarborFreight.Youcan browse and save the Discounts and Coupons CodesforHarborFreight by adding to cart for later use. Get instantupdatesandsave more on shopping with your Coupons for HarborFreight.Pleasenote that this is an independent, unofficial appdevelopedfor yourease of use to save money for shopping withCoupons forHarborFreight. We appreciate your feedback on reviewsand ratingforimprovement. Also, please contact us feel free tocontact usforany legal or rights concerns with this Coupons forHarborFreight.
Coupons for Arby’s 2.0
Download to get many Discounts, Coupons Codes for Arby’s. Youcanbrowse and save the Discounts and Coupons Codes for Arby’sbyadding to cart for later use. Get instant updates and startsavingon your shopping immediately with Coupons for Arby’s.You’llbesurprised how much savings you get. Please note that this isanindependent, unofficial app developed for your ease of use tosavemoney for shopping with Coupons for Arby’s. We appreciateyourfeedback on reviews and rating for improvement. Also,pleasecontact us feel free to contact us for any legal or rightsconcernswith this Coupons for Arby’s.
Coupons for Walmart 2.0
Download to get many Discounts, Coupons Codes for Walmart. Youcanbrowse and save the Discounts and Coupons Codes for Walmartbyadding to cart for later use. Get instant updates and startsavingon your shopping immediately with Coupons for Walmart.You’llbesurprised how much savings you get. Please note that this isanindependent, unofficial app developed for your ease of use tosavemoney for shopping with Coupons for Walmart. We appreciateyourfeedback on reviews and rating for improvement. Also,pleasecontact us feel free to contact us for any legal or rightsconcernswith this Coupons for Walmart.
Coupons for My Bath & Body Works 3.0
Download to get many Discounts, Coupons Codes for My Bath &BodyWorks. You can browse and save the Discounts and CouponsCodesfor MyBath & Body Works by adding to cart for later use.Get instantupdates for your Coupons for My Bath & Body Works.Please notethat this is an independent, unofficial app developedfor your easeof use to save money for shopping with Coupons for MyBath &Body Works. We appreciate your feedback on reviews andrating forimprovement. Also, please contact us feel free tocontact us for anylegal or rights concerns with this Coupons forMy Bath & BodyWorks.
Coupons for Bed Bath and Beyond 5.0
Download to get many Discounts, Coupons Codes for Bed BathandBeyond. You can browse and save the Discounts and Coupons CodesforBed Bath and Beyond by adding to cart for later use. Getinstantupdates for your Coupons for Bed Bath and Beyond. Pleasenote thatthis is an independent, unofficial app developed for yourease ofuse to save money for shopping with Coupons for Bed BathandBeyond. We appreciate your feedback on reviews and ratingforimprovement. Also, please contact us feel free to contact usforany legal or rights concerns with this Coupons for Bed BathandBeyond.
Coupons for Lyft 2.0
Download to get many Discounts, Coupons Codes for Lyft taxi. Youcanbrowse and save the Discounts and Coupons Codes for Lyft byaddingto cart for later use. Get instant updates and start savingon yourtaxi immediately with Coupons for Lyft.You’ll be surprisedhow muchsavings you get. Please note that this is an independent,unofficialapp developed for your ease of use to save money fortaxi withCoupons for Lyft. We appreciate your feedback on reviewsand ratingfor improvement. Also, please contact us feel free tocontact us forany legal or rights concerns with this Coupons forLyft.
Coupons for Family Dollar 3.0
Download to get many Discounts, Coupons Codes for Family Dollar.Youcan browse and save the Discounts and Coupons Codes forFamilyDollar by adding to cart for later use. Get instant updatesandstart saving on your shopping immediately with Coupons forFamilyDollar.Please note that this is an independent, unofficialappdeveloped for your ease of use to save money for shoppingwithCoupons for Family Dollar. We appreciate your feedback onreviewsand rating for improvement. Also, please contact us feelfree tocontact us for any legal or rights concerns with thisCoupons forFamily Dollar.
MyESSEC 3.0.11-bc06cedb2
ESSEC services are now available to you anytime, anywhere. UseyourESSEC login to access: - Your schedule of courses, whether youarea student or a teacher at any campus - Notifications forcourseupdates - All ESSEC community news
Mardel Coupons 1.0
Sarach Co
Discounts average $5 off with a Mardel Christian andEducationalSupply promo code or coupon. 50 Mardel Christian andEducationalSupply coupons now.
Coupons for CVS Pharmacy 3.0
Download to get many Discounts, Coupons Codes for CVS Pharmacy.Youcan browse and save the Discounts and Coupons Codes forCVSPharmacy by adding to cart for later use. Get instant updatesandstart saving immediately on your shopping with Coupons forCVSPharmacy.Please note that this is an independent, unofficialappdeveloped for your ease of use to save money for shoppingwithCoupons for CVS Pharmacy. We appreciate your feedback onreviewsand rating for improvement. Also, please contact us feelfree tocontact us for any legal or rights concerns with thisCoupons forCVS Pharmacy.
Coupons For Walmart 1.0.0
Coupons & Deals For Walmart:This app will give youfreshcouponsto use them on WalmartYou will get until 80%discountscouponsThiswill help you save much money with specialdiscounts,deals, promocodes and coupons forWalmartDisclaimerCoupons forWalmart is anindependent applicationwhich is not related to anyother apps orcompanies. All rightsremain their respective owners.
ThriftBooks: New & Used Books 1.2.0
The ThriftBooks app lets book lovers quickly and easilysearch,browse, get book details, and buy millions of books,textbooks, andgraphic novels. Scan bar codes to compare prices andcheckavailability to make sure you get the best book prices.ShopThriftBooks Deals to get 10% off on more than 150,000 itemseveryday. Join ReadingRewards to earn a FREE BOOK for every 500pointsyou earn. See personalized recommendations based on yourinterestsand get an instant email notification when we receive anitem onyour wish list. About ThriftBooks • Over 300,000 TrustPilotreviewswith a 4.7/5 TrustScore • 100% Satisfaction GuaranteeBenefits: •Get an instant notification when we receive anout-of-stock item onyour wish list • Find the best book pricesusing the bar codescanner to check real-time prices and inventory •Get free USshipping on orders over $10 in 100% recyclable packaging• Seepersonalized recommendations based on your interests • Signinusing your existing ThriftBooks account to access your savedwishlists, payment methods, and shipping addresses • Receiveexclusivedeals and offers Features: • Bar Code Scanner: Compareprices andcheck inventory • Everyday Deals: 10% off more than150,000 titleswith ThriftBooks Deals • ReadingRewards: Earn FREEBOOKS forreading, shopping, and other activities • Special Formats:Largeprint, foreign language, and audiobooks • CollectibleBooks:Treasured first editions, signed copies, and out-of-printtitles atreasonable prices • What’s Trending: See the hottest booksShopbestsellers from the latest new releases to all-time favoritesfroma broad range of categories, including: • Arts, Music&Entertainment • Biographies & Memoirs • Business&Investing • Children’s Books • Classics • Cookbooks • GayandLesbian • Health, Fitness & Dieting • History •Literature& Popular Fiction • Mystery, Thriller & Suspense• Rare& Collectible Books • Religion & Spirituality •Romance •Sci-Fi & Fantasy • Self-Help • Teen & Young Adult
MongoDB University 1.3.4
MongoDB Inc.
With MongoDB University it is now easier than ever to learnevenmore about our awesome database whether your at home or on thego!Lectures can be saved to your device for offline viewingallowingyou to learn about the powerful features of MongoDBwherever youare! Features include: - View and register for courses- Stram anddownload lectures for offline viewing - Complete quizzeswithinstant feedback - View your current progress in a course-Seamlessly synchronizes with the website to provide you withthemost up-to-date content
GILMON – бесплатные купоны 4.1.3
GILMON — это cервис скидок с бесплатными купонами со скидкойдо100%. Преимущества • Большой выбор предложений • Экономия до 100%•Каждый день новые акции • Быстрый и удобный поиск • Все купоны—бесплатные • Стоимость услуги / товара оплачивается наместеполучения • Детальная карта акций • Честные отзывы отдругихпользователей Города С нашим сервисом вы можете получатьбесплатныекупоны в 5 городах России, и мы продолжаем активнорасширятьгеографию нашей работы: • Москва • Екатеринбург •Новосибирск •Самара • Челябинск Показатели • Пользователи получили21 000 000 +купонов • Зарегистрировано 2 500 000 + пользователей •Опубликовано600 000 + отзывов • Проведено 100 000 + акций GILMON —это экономияденег, ведь с нами вы легко узнаете, где сейчас скидкина одежду иобувь, где сделать маникюр за 150 рублей, пообедать заполцены илипроверить свое здоровье абсолютно бесплатно. Для того,чтобыэкономить деньги и получить выгодное предложение на выбранныйвамитовар или услугу, достаточно предъявить код полученныйчерезприложение GILMON. Категории товаров и услуг • Еда:cуши,рестораны, кафе, доставка, банкеты, кондитерские-пекарни,пицца,бургеры, шаурма, магазины продуктов, с собой • Красота:брови,ресницы, косметология, ногтевой сервис, депиляция,эпиляция,массаж, спа, макияж, тату, парикмахерские, шугаринг,мелирование,отбеливание зубов, пирсинг • Здоровье: обследования,процедуры,женское здоровье, мужское здоровье, стоматология,оптика,консультация врачей • Развлечения: кино, скалодромы,бассейны,сауны, бани, фотосъемка, видеосъемка, аттракционы,экстрим,боулинг, бильярд, музеи и выставки, животные, квесты,туризм,загородных отдых, караоке, верховая езда, прыжки набатуте,картинг, виртуальная реальность, театры, концерты, шоу,игры,антикафе • Товары: в дом, цветы, аксессуары, украшения,одежда,обувь, для детей, косметика, книги, для авто, для творчества•Услуги: для авто, клининг, праздники, фотосъемка,видеосъемка,аудио, печать, онлайн кинотеатры, планетарии, ремонтПК, натяжныепотолки, стрижки животных, разработка сайтов, скидки всервисытакси, химчистка, мобильные приложения, аренда и прокат,оцифровка,гостиницы, ветклиники • Обучение: курсы вождения,изучение языков,мастер классы по рисованию, фитнес школы,робототехника, подготовкак ЕГЭ и ОГЭ, плавания, фотосессии,автоспорт, курсы красоты •Спорт: фитнес, йога, танцы живота,гимнастика, солярий, батуты,горнолыжный спорт, спортивные секцииЕсли у вас есть вопросы, идеиили предложения о сотрудничестве,просто напишите нам на, позвоните по телефону: 8 800555 71 08 иливоспользуйтесь формой обратной связи через приложение.GILMON is adiscount service with free coupons with a discount of upto 100%.Benefits • Large selection of offers • Save up to 100% •Every daynew promotions • Quick and easy search • All coupons arefree • Thecost of the service / product is paid at the place ofreceipt •Detailed stock card • Honest reviews from other usersCities Withour service you can receive free coupons in 5 cities ofRussia, andwe continue to actively expand the geography of ourwork: • Moscow• Ekaterinburg • Novosibirsk • Samara • ChelyabinskMetrics • Usersreceived 21,000,000 + coupons • Registered 2 500 000+ users •Published 600,000 + reviews • Conducted 100,000 + sharesGILMON issaving money, because with us you can easily find outwhere thereare discounts on clothes and shoes, where to make amanicure for150 rubles, dine at half price or check your healthabsolutelyfree. In order to save money and get a favorable offerfor theproduct or service you have chosen, it is enough to presentthecode received through the GILMON application. Categories ofgoodsand services • Food: sushi, restaurants, cafes, delivery,banquets,pastry shops, pizza, burgers, shawarma, grocery stores,with you •Beauty: eyebrows, eyelashes, cosmetology, nail service,depilation,hair removal, massage, spa, makeup, tattoo,hairdressing,shugaring, highlighting, teeth whitening, piercing •Health:examinations, procedures, women's health, men's health,dentistry,optics, medical advice • Entertainment: cinema, climbingwalls,swimming pools, saunas, baths, photography, video shooting,rides,extreme sports, bowling, billiards, museums andexhibitions,animals, quests, tourism, country holidays, karaoke,horse riding,trampolining, karting, virtual reality, theaters,concerts, shows,games, anticafe • Products: in the house, flowers,accessories,jewelry, clothes, shoes, for children, cosmetics,books, for cars,for creativity • Services: for cars, cleaning,holidays,photography, video shooting, audio, printing, onlinecinemas,planetariums, PC repair, suspended ceilings, animalhaircuts,website development, discounts in taxi services, drycleaning,mobile applications, rental and hire, digitization,hotels,veterinary clinics • Training: driving courses, languagelearning,drawing master classes, fitness schools, robotics,preparation forthe exam and the exam, swimming, photo shoots,motorsport, beautycourses • Sports: fitness, yoga, belly dancing,gymnastics,solarium, trampolines, skiing, sports sections If youhavequestions, ideas or suggestions about cooperation, just writeto usat , call: 8 800 555 71 08 or use the feedbackformthrough the application.
Stein Mart Coupons 3.1
Sarach Co
Today's top Stein Mart coupon: 20% Off Any One ItemIncludingRegular Or Sale + Free Shipping Over $75. Get 50 SteinMart couponsand printable coupons for April.Coupons. online only.20% Off OneSale Item. use code: SHOPSALE. Shop Now. OFFER CODEVALID ONLINEONLY. Valid through 4/15. One time use per transactionon One Saleitem. Cannot be combined with other coupon offers onthis item.Excludes Clearance items, LXRandCo
Coupons for Harbor Freight 1.1
Best coupons and discount app for Harbor freight tools.Findwhatevercoupons you want for Harbor freight on your fingertips.Stay onbudget by using the Harbor Freight coupons deals andfree shippingoffersFEATURES:* Liquidation coupons* Specialdiscount coupons.* Hotcoupons and offers* Extra coupons* Harborfreight coupons, 25% offcoupons and free gits coupons. Harborfreight tools coupons.* 35%off coupons on holidays.Please Note:Each coupon has an expiry dateon the big view of coupon. Pleasecheck the expiry date before usingit to avoid any problems.
iBennie 3.1
Save up to an average of 20% on hotels. Save 10% on sportsevents,theaters and concerts. Save at local restaurants,shops,attractions, and more. iBennie makes saving even easier withoffersand discounts you can redeem directly from your mobilephone.Simply show your phone to save! New local and national offersareadded daily. Check back often to see the latest offers nearyou.Get all the best deals right on your phone: Fine &CasualDining Fast Food & Carryout Restaurants Activities&Attractions Retail & Services Movie Tickets Easyandconvenient: Redeem special offers and coupons right fromyourmobile phone Browse by Category- Enjoy thousands of deals atplacesyou love Savings Reminders- Get notified of offers whenyou’re onthe go Save your favorite offers for later Download theapp todayand save with iBennie! *NOTE: The iBennie App is anexclusiveloyalty membership that is free to download, but duetohigh-valued, member-only deals and discounts, you must haveaniBennie membership to redeem offers. Not all offers areavailablefor mobile redemption. See site for details.
BestDealz - discounts, coupons and vouchers 1.0.26
With BestDealz app you will get discounts of up to 95% inmanylocations in your town. Beauty centers, restaurants,cinema,theater, medical centers, hotels and trips, horse riding,bowling,fitness centers, online stores and many many more. Since2010 whenit was first launched, BestDealz featured more than 2000partnerswith incredible offers. Here are a few offers that werelisted onBestDealz - 7 lei instead of 25 lei for Movieplex movieticket -17.859 vouchers sold - 5 lei instead of 20 lei for entranceatAntipa museum - 7.055 vouchers sold - 10 lei for 100 lei Uberridescredit - 831 vouchers sold - 2 lei instead of 19 lei for onepizzaat Gambino`s - 5.660 vouchers sold - 12.5 lei instead of 25lei for1 hour of bowling at Funland Unirii - 777 vouchers sold - 1leiinstead of 4 lei for one ride with metro in Bucharest -730vouchers sold - 7 lei for 50% discount at Manufaktura stores -618vouchers sold - 2 lei instead of 14 lei for ice skatingatCotroceni on Ice - Afi Palace - 1.546 vouchers sold - 40%discountat Accessorize stores in Romania - 506 vouchers sold - 50%discountat Hotel Belvedere Predeal - 604 vouchers sold Be sure youdo notmiss more of them. Install the app now!
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TED 4.5.5
Feed your curiosity and expand your world with TED Talks.Exploremore than 3,000 TED Talks from remarkable people, by topicandmood, from tech and science to the surprises of yourownpsychology. Features on Android: - Browse the entire TEDTalksvideo library, with subtitles in over 100 languages. - Listentoepisodes of the acclaimed TED Radio Hour podcast, aco-productionof NPR and TED. - Listen to TED's new podcast:Sincerely, X, wherewe dive into ideas shared anonymously. - Log into your TED profileto sync saved talks on all devices. - Downloadvideo or audio oftalks for offline playback. - Bookmark talks forlater. - Discoverinspiring, funny, or jaw-dropping talks andcurated playlists. -Let us build you a custom playlist, tailored tofit your idealtimeframe - Play on your device or send to your homeentertainmentsystem via Chromecast or with Android TV. - Check outour latestbusiness talks brought to you in partnership with theBrightlineInitiative Download the TED app to stay curious, informedandinspired.
Qpony Promocje Wyprzedaże Kupony Oferty Zniżki 6.13.2
Pobierz darmową aplikację Qpony i bądź na bieżąco zaktualnymipromocjami. Najpopularniejsza aplikacja zniżkowa wPolsce.Znajdziesz u nas kupony i zniżki do wielu sklepów orazrestauracji.Black Friday u nas trwa cały tydzień! Sprawdź kupony igazetki znajlepszymi promocjami. Rabaty, promocje, kupony, zniżki,przeceny,okazje, oferty sklepów, sklepy online - to wszystko wjednejaplikacji. Gazetki promocyjne kupony promocje okazje. Zobaczsuperoferty na cały Black Week. Cały tydzień szalonych wyprzedażyipromocji czeka na Ciebie w aplikacji Qpony. Atrakcyjne promocjewTwoich ulubionych sklepach: H&M, Gatta, Reserved, CCC,eobuwie,Mohito, Media Markt, New Balance, Empik, Cropp, Empik - łapokazje!Odbierz kod rabatowy i płać mniej. Ekupony dopopularnychrestauracji: McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut,North Fish.Kupony studenckie, kupony carrefour, kupony mcdonald,burger king,Aliexpress kupony, kupony Allegro, kupony Auchan,kupony Biedronka,kupony do maka, kupony fastfood.Możesz sprawdzićaktualne kuponydostępne w Twoim mieście - lokalne restauracje ipromocje. ZQponami oszczędzanie jest dużo łatwiejsze -przydatnaaplikacjazawsze w Twoim telefonie, korzystaj w trakcie każdychzakupów.Codziennie nowe oferty do sklepów online orazstacjonarnych.Popularne kategorie: JEDZENIE: McDonald’s, BurgerKing, KFC MODA:H&M, Reserved, eobuwie, Zalando Lounge RTV:Media Expert, MediaMarkt URODA: Sephora, Douglas,, NOTINOSzukasz zniżki dokonkretnego sklepu? Zainstaluj aplikację iodbieraj rabaty każdegodnia. Odkryj najlepsze promocje, wyprzedaże,rabaty, przeceny wsklepach. Co zyskasz dzięki aplikacji? - kupony ipromocje dosklepów i restauracji - gazetki promocyjne popularnychsiecihandlowych - szybka wyszukiwarka marek - oferty w Twojejokolicy -wybierz miasto, a zyskasz dostęp do lokalnych ofert -uzyskaszdostęp do najlepszych rabatów - przeceny, promocje,wyprzedaże,oferty sklepów, rabaty, sklepy online, kupony, kuponystudenckie.Kody rabatowe za darmo w Twoim telefonie!Najpopularniejsze gazetkido sklepów: Biedronka, Lidl, Tesco,Kaufland, Auchan, Pepco, Ikea idużo innych. Pobierz już dziś ioszczędzaj. Kupony i gazetki wjednym miejscu. Odbieraj kodyrabatowe i kupuj taniej w ulubionychsklepach. Wypróbuj aplikacjęQpony już teraz. Download the freeQpony app and stay up to datewith current promotions. The mostpopular discount application inPoland. You will find coupons anddiscounts for many stores andrestaurants. Black Friday with uslasts all week! Check coupons andnewsletters with the bestpromotions. Discounts, promotions,coupons, discounts, discounts,bargains, store offers, online stores- all in one application.Promotional newsletters coupons dealsbargains. See great offersfor the entire Black Week. A whole weekof crazy sales andpromotions is waiting for you in the Qpony app.Attractivepromotions in your favorite stores: H&M, Gatta,Reserved, CCC,eobuwie, Mohito, Media Markt, New Balance, Empik,Cropp, Empik -get the bargains! Get a rebate code and pay less.Coupons forpopular restaurants: McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, PizzaHut, NorthFish. Student coupons, carrefour coupons, mcdonaldcoupons, burgerking, Aliexpress coupons, Allegro coupons, Auchancoupons,Biedronka coupons, coupons to maka, fastfood coupons. Youcan checkthe current coupons available in your city - localrestaurants andpromotions.   Saving is much easier with Qpons- a usefulapplication always on your phone, use it with everypurchase. Newoffers for online and stationary stores every day.Popularcategories: FOOD: McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC FASHION:H&M,Reserved, eobuwie, Zalando Lounge RTV: Media Expert, MediaMarktBEAUTY: Sephora, Douglas,, NOTINO Are you lookingfor adiscount to a specific store? Install the application andreceivediscounts every day. Discover the best promotions,sales,discounts, discounts in stores. What will you gain fromtheapplication? - coupons and promotions for shops and restaurants-promotional brochures of popular retail chains - fast brandsearchengine - offers in your area - select a city and you willgainaccess to local offers - you will gain access to the bestdiscounts- sales, promotions, sales, store offers, discounts,online stores,coupons, student coupons. Discount codes for free onyour phone!The most popular newsletter for stores: Biedronka, Lidl,Tesco,Kaufland, Auchan, Pepco, Ikea and many others. Download todayandsave. Coupons and newsletters in one place. Get discount codesandbuy cheaper in your favorite stores. Try the Qpony app now.
CenterSquare: Instant Coupons and Loyalty Rewards 4.0.2
Never miss a chance to save money! CenterSquare connects youtolocal businesses offering you loyalty rewards, coupons andcashback offers. Autopilot notification - Cruise into savings.Rewards,coupons and cash back offers delivered to your phone whenyou walkinto establishments without the burden of you having tolook themup. You don’t forget to save because we are your savingschampion.Even more automation to make saving easier - favorite abusinessyou love and get autopilot notification when a coupon isavailable.Also receive exclusive club member messages from placesyoufavorite. Why Us? · Autopilot. Never miss a chance to savemoney. ·All deals, rewards, coupons and saving discounts arethrough ourconvenient CenterSquare app. · Customize theCenterSquare apphomescreen with your favorite types of localbusinesses. · Easyshare. Sharing killer deals with friends, familyand your socialmedia followers on facebook, Instagram and twitteris simple. Alsoquickly send SMS text messages and emails with onebutton sharelauncher. · Favorite business tab for quick lookup ofplaces youlove. · No personal phone numbers or email addressesshared. · Findplaces to go and save at with our easy to usefilters. Restaurants,auto service departments, travel, grocery,convenience and gasstores, marijuana(cannabis) dispensaries andmany, many more.
com.cuponesfever 1.3
Cupones Fever
Fever plans are good but Fever plans at a better price aremuchbetter. When Fever take a new coupon we will notify youdirectly onyour mobile. Also Coupons Fever saves your time, wethink theanswers to get the coupons and you only have to copy. Doyou haveany doubt Fever? Need some advice? We have a sectionspecialize toanswer all your questions or you can send us anyother.---------------- Coupons Fever has no relationship withFeverup.
D&D People
CPL Online
D&D People application has everything you need to tackleyourtraining. Take your courses on your mobile, send &receivemessages, access bookshelf resources and so much more.
GO Camping Québec 0.0.577
Camp and save! Get hundreds of discounts at over 200 campgroundsinQuebec, with the GO Camping Québec app. Allparticipatingcampgrounds offer a $5 discount applicable to yourstay, and manyof them also offer up to three other discount couponsbesides. Apercentage discount starting with your second stay,freebies ordiscounts on firewood, watercraft rentals and lots more:you’resure to get your money’s worth with the GO Camping Québecapp.Download the app and obtain the e-discounts book to benefitfromdiscounts throughout the 2019 camping season. Find all terms ofuseat: Easy to use! The Go Camping Québec appisa snap. You can use it on your smartphone, tablet ordesktopcomputer, by logging on to your account.Eachof your discount coupons will be personalized to your name,with aunique identification code. They’ll be saved in the Mycouponssection, and accessible even when you’re not online. You canusethem as soon as you arrive at the campground – just show thematthe reception. (Coupons are not applicable to onlinereservations.)Make your choice You can already view the list ofparticipatingcampgrounds and coupons offered by downloading theapp. The searchengine at the top of the page lets you search bycampground name,city or region or look for nearby campgrounds.Rules Applicationusers must obey the following rules. Otherwise thecampgroundreserves the right to refuse the discount coupon. Validduring the2019 camping season. The Go Camping Québec applicationand itsdiscount coupons are non-transferable, non-refundable andhave nocash value. Campers must present their discount coupondownloadedonto their smartphones or tablets, or the printed versionof thecoupon. They must also present identification, at the requestofthe campground reception attendant. Only one discount coupon maybeused per stay, and per travelling campsite.  Amountsondiscount coupons are before taxes. Discount coupons may notbeassociated or combined with any other discounts orpromotionsoffered by Camping Québec or other businesses, and maynot be usedduring the spring and fall “2 nights for $50” weekends,atcampgrounds participating in this promotion. The use of GoCampingQuébec discount coupons is subject to all the campgroundrules.Camping Québec is not responsible if a campground is unabletohonour its discount coupons because of unavoidable circumstances,astrike, closure, change of owner or other events beyondthecampground’s control. If an error inadvertently occurs intheinformation relating to discount coupons, or in the event ofadisagreement over interpretation, the campground’s versionshallapply. In addition, in the event of a difference in the FrenchandEnglish versions, the French version of the discount couponshallalways prevail. 
 About Camping Québec Camping Québec isanassociation with more than 730 campground operator members fromtheprivate and public sectors who represent nearly 90% oftheprovince’s campgrounds. Founded in 1962, its mission istoencourage and support the growth and development of thecampingindustry and promote camping as a recreational activity inQuebec.It is also the organization recognized by the Minister ofTourismfor the classification of campgrounds in the province. Formoreinformation, see
Access ACSA 1.3
Access ACSA provides members, clients and students of theAlbertaConstruction Safety Association the ability to view theircourseparticipation information while on the go. Access ACSA worksas amobile version of the student portal previously accessibleonlythrough the Association’s website. Access ACSA providesthefollowing information: • Course transcripts • Images ofcoursecertificates • Images of wallet cards • Automaticnotificationreminders for registered courses • Automaticnotification remindersfor certificates about to expire • List ofregistered courses •Profile account detailsWe are excited tointroduce Access ACSA toour members, clients, and students and lookforward to providinggreater mobile access to information that isimportant to them.
MuPon 2018, Museum Coupons 1.0.0
With all the big names from the Hara Museum of Contemporary ArtandWatari-um Museum of Contemporary Art to Tokyo Opera CityArtGallery and beyond, Mupon allows you specially discounted accesstoart museums around not only Tokyo but also Chiba,Kanagawa,Shizuoka and other sites across the Kanto region. So as weenterthe extended holiday period why not take that one step furtherandexplore art beyond the city center with Mupon as yourguide.MuPonby offers exclusive discounts onadmission to thebest museum exhibitions and art events in the Tokyoarea. It isupdated weekly, automatically. Join the 110,000 peoplethat haveenjoyed exhibitions with MuPon so far. Get the 2018edition today,it is valid until the end of 2018. Best features •Groupednotifications will let you know about updates in MuPon (Afew timesa week maximum). • Swipe with your finger to cut theticket at theticket counter. • Share on Facebook, Twitter, andinvite yourfriends or share your impressions after a visit. •Twitter Chatterlets you view tweets written by visitors of theshows. • Labelsindicate at a glance which events are new, have juststarted or areending soon. Each month, get access to over 3,000¥ ofdiscounts, atover 30~40 partner museums and locations. Discountsrange from¥500~¥100. Some discounts also give access to discounteddrinks andpurchases at the venue's café or bookstore. Visit oursite for thefull up-to-date list of venues anddiscounts: If you're busy andvisitjust one event a month, you still save lots! Invite yourfriendsvia Twitter, Facebook or by email. Some museums will letthem enterthe shows with the same discount. Most coupons are alsoavailablefor students too.Please note that Tablets are notsupported.
Coupons for Joann Craft 2.0
Sarach Co
Discover the latest JOANN Fabric coupons featuring thelatestsavingsand discounts at From shipping discountstoproductcoupons, we offer spectacular deals to help save youmoneyon yourcrafting and fabric needs.Coupons always atyourfingertips,everywhere you go! Your own coupon keeper athand.Couponscontinuously update throughout each day! Spend lessandshop more atyour favorite craft store. Read more
Discount Coupons Michaels 2.1
Sarach Co
this is a discount coupons app for Michael store of artandcraft.Here you will get the coupons for Michael store anddailyupdated coupons are available
MaxiMat Svinesund 1.3.1
Grensemat AB
Vår mobilapplikasjon gir deg de mest attraktive tilbudeneognyhetene rett i lomma. Nyheter, kuponger, lojalitetskortogbursdagsgavefunksjon! Our mobile application provides themostattractive deals and news right in your pocket. News,coupons,loyalty cards and birthday gift feature!
Mano akcijos – sales leaflets, flyers, discounts 1.2.2
The best app for the latest Lithuanian sales leaflets andcouponsfor your smartphone that will help you save time and money!Hereyou will find plenty of deals, offers and sales from retailstores.Ask yourself: ☆ Do you like overpaying in stores? ☆ Do youlike bigpiles of wastepaper? If your answer to any of thesequestions was'no' then try out Mano akcijos, where you will findthe lateststore leaflets, coupons, current sales, offers, anddiscounts rightin your smartphone. Smart saving and pleasantshopping ☆ Over 30stores in 6 categories ☆ Free app for Android ☆Protect theenvironment and choose e-access: sales offers,discounts, couponsand bargains ☆ Add your favourite stores to aspecial list and hideunneeded ones ☆ Save sales leaflets of yourchoice for offlineviewing Don't miss any offers of the largestLithuanian retailchains. In our app you will find: Maxima leafletsIki leaflets Lidlleaflets Rimi leaflets Norfa leaflets Aibėleaflets With Manoakcijos you gain access to dozens of currentoffers, discounts andsales in Lithuanian stores and retail chains.With the sortingfunction you can easily find the desired store,discount coupon orbargain. With our app, shopping becomes apleasure. We have:Supermarkets • Maxima • Iki • Lidl • Rimi • Norfa• Aibė • Šilas •Čia • Express Market • Kubas • Grūstė • Tau •VynotekaCash&Carry stores • Promo Cash&Carry Householdgoods •Senukai • Ermitažas • JYSK • Moki-veži • Thomas Philipps •BikuvaHome appliances and electronics • ElektroMarkt • Topo centras•Avitela • Ogmina Beauty and personal care • Eurokos • Drogas •Avon• Oriflame • Faberlic Pharmacies • Eurovaistinė • BENU Vaistinė•Camelia vaistinė • Gintarinė vaistinė • Norfos vaistinė •Ramunėlėsvaistinė With our app, you have all the latest sales,discounts,coupons and deals at your fingertips. Spending less hasnever beeneasier. It's the only such Android app for Lithuania inthe GooglePlay store! Visit us at Mano akcijos -shopsmart, save money :)
lite app for wish : coupons & discounts 3.0.0
online express Shopping lite app for wish 2018, is not anofficialwish app, but this is unofficial browser that let younavigatewish, online express Shopping app for wish 2018, is specialbecauseit lets you access wish hot deals, it lets you do shoppingmorefun, get your wishlist ready cause you're about toexpressshopping, what makes this app special is that the appshopeverything you might need online Express Shopping browser forwishhas got you covered, its Fast, Secure and reliable for your todayshopping Activities.Wish - The secret to affordableshoppingconfirmed and worked for home shopping,home designanddecor,shopping.... so enjoy Free Wish - The secret toaffordableshopping cheatsWish - The secret to affordable shoppinghas gainedover 500 million user base that indicates the tremendousgrowth ofthe company. Wish - The secret to affordable shoppingrecipe ofsuccess is thanks to its mind-blowing strategies. Thoseare:- Widerange of product offerings in Wish - The secret toaffordableshopping- Targeting impulsive customers- FindSales,Clearance,bargain for Wish - The secret to affordableshopping- Make asavings you will get until 80% off coupons forwish- SHOP ON YOURPHONE FOR* Hot deals, fashion: dresses, jackets,bottom tops,swimwear ..* Beauty: brushes, skincare, perfume,lipstick,eyeshadow, foundation...* Electronics: fitness trackers,cameras,drones, phone cases, battery packs, headphones, gadgets...*Shoes:sneakers, running shoes, boots, sandals, heels...* Sports:exercisegear, weights, soccer, basketball, mens workout clothes,women’ Browser for wish is light, responsiveand tothe point browser for wish site.DisclaimerThis is anunofficialapplication for wish shopping app .This application isnotaffiliated in any way with wish shopping app.this app is notanofficial wish app, but its fan made work, our app will allow youtoaccess wish app, just like your browser would, with somerefinementthat's all.
U-Learn 1.1.5
The Operator
U-learn is a study based app which offers a greatlearningenvironment and a variety of courses at your fingertips.Createcourses, learn and share with friends!
UT Online Mobile Learning V 3.6.0 3.6.0
Enjoy easy access to Universitas Terbuka E-LearningCourses( through mobile application !Studentscan access their courses, read textbooks, and accessstudent'sadministration page using single app. This applicationhasfacilities as follows: - Access online courses online andoffline(fully functional) - Direct access to RBV Mobile ( OnlineBMP ) -Direct access to offline digital BMP (Only for FullyOnlinestudents) - Direct acces to student academic administrationpage