Top 49 Games Similar to Barnyard Animals

Barnyard Bash - Match 3 Veggies Battle Quest 💥 3.5.3
Do you want to play a fun match 3 veggie game that testsyourreflexes as you try to become one of the best barn farm hero?Enterthe world of Barnyard Bash, the ultimate animal hero puzzlegamewhere you have to enter a bashing battle against otherfarmanimals.oi ! how do you play Barn yard Bash?Your goal issimple.Match 3 or more gems on the board, then you can attack yourenemy.If you match only 3 gems, you will do a simple attack. Themoregems you match, the better the attack you will have. You willstartfrom the bottom, as you try to enjoy the experience andeliminateany potential enemies that come your way.Action packedgameplayThecool thing about playing Barnyard Bash is that you haveanextraordinary, action-filled gameplay. But you also have a tonofcrazy heroes to choose from. Not only can you be a chicken orasuper powerful monkey, but there are tons of other characterstounlock. You are free to pick the right one for you. As you playandcomplete challenges, you will have no problem unlocking new andfuncharacter that you want to play as.Gain new levels and empoweryourcharactersWhen you start playing Barnyard Bash, your heroeswill bepretty much inoffensive in their barn. But as you play, youhelpthem grow stronger. The more foes you defeat, the bettertheexperience will be. And the best part is that you can also addnewitems to your character. This way you can boost his stats, andthiswill make him more powerful. Moreover, as you play you canalsodiscover super moves. These are designed to bring more valuetoyour character, as you try to eliminate all your enemies innotime.Great online experienceWhat you will like about BarnyardBashis that you don’t have to play only against the AI. You caneasilyplay against other people if you want. Choose the characteryouwant and become the best on the online leaderboards. The gameisintense and very fun, not to mention that you can easilybattleyour friends or random people all over the web.If youloveaction-filled games with unique gameplay mechanics andcoolcharacters, then Barnyard Bash is the game for you. This is atitlethat will constantly test your capabilities and bring you aninsaneamount of fun. Don’t hesitate and be a part of this largecommunitythat enjoys completing match-3 puzzles. It’s anextraordinaryopportunity to show your puzzle game might, sodownload BarnyardBash and try it out!Features:• Lots of heroes tochoose from•Addictive, action packed gameplay• Battle your enemiesin the PVPVmode• Level up and upgrade your heroes• Compete for thebest spoton the leaderboardsCheck us out onFacebook
Garden Island: Farm Adventure 45.0.0
Candy Corp
In this green farm dreamland, spring never ends. You are out inthecountry, growing crops, produce goods and reap them when thetimeis right.PITCHFORK FRENZY IS THE BARNYARD GAME WHERE YOU CANRAISE,HARVEST AND CULTIVATE GOODS!With this task, you are not letalone:A roth spotted canny little gnome is here to help you toilwith histrident or pitchfork and nurture your produce! You can alsoplaywith friends and help them removing shabby produce or harvestrarecrops at their barn with your trident. May spring neverend!Withover 10,000,000 downloads and an average rating above 4.5stars wecan say: users love our games! Why don't you also becomepart ofour community? Find some neighbors for your barn! We'd loveto seeyou and your trident around cultivating produce! Don't beafraid,DOWNLOAD THIS GAME NOW and have a chat with us!In “GardenIsland”,you can grow hay and harvest crops the other day!Grow over40different crops on your personal farm - this game is acharm!Bypetting your animal workers, you can wake them up if theysleep! Noneed for them to dream about the land, THIS IS THEDEAMLAND!Thiscountry loving barnyard game FEATURES:♥ Raise funnyanimals (like apeacock) and feed them crops you harvest on yourfarm.♥ Your farmworks for you night and day, harvest the crops andother producewhen you want.♥ Cute little gnomes will lend you ahelping handeach day on this dreamland barnyard.♥ You can grow andfarmprecious crops, such as hay or rare veggies on your barn.♥Playwith your friends: send them hay, help them harvest or grownewproduce!Tasks you can accomplish in this green dreamland:✔Producerare crops and sell them to your neighbors!✔ Grow yourbarnyard tobecome a real huge farm!✔ Make plants and procuce springand sellyour rich harvest!✔ Make this frenzy country a morebeautiful placeand nurture the soil!✔ Use your pitchfork to plowrare veggies!✔Reap produce like fruits before they get shabby!✔ Letthe rothspotted peacock toil for you! Unk!!! :)✔ Cultivate andnurturecrops.✔ Canny use your trident to harvest rare goods.✔Raiseveggies and nurture them.✔ Motivate your cute animal workersbypetting them.✔ Use a lovely peacock instead of a scarecrow withatrident to.✔ Protect your barnyard from the bad guys.This gameisfree to play every day, but you can purchase in-app items withrealhay (=money). Kids, ask your parents before buying!YOU WILLLOVETHIS GAME IF YOU ...... want to live in a farm dreamland!...liketo cultivate goods!... what to enjoy the adventures ofMr.Peacock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOWNLOADNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Barnyard Mahjong HD Free 1.0.34
Barnyard Mahjong Free is a completely new and unique waytoexperience the solitaire game. With a down on the farm themeandlots of fun animal sounds you will find hours of fun asyoueliminate all the tiles from the board. It includes 56differentpuzzle layouts each with random tile orders so you canplay againand again with it never being the same. Find matchingpairs ofimages at the left and right ends of the lines in thevariouspuzzles to remove the tiles from the board. As an extratwist youmatch any cat to any cat and match any dog to any dog.Features: ★Beautiful graphics and barnyard theme that the wholefamily canenjoy! ★ 56 different puzzle layouts with a differentpuzzle eachtime. ★ Great background music and fun animal sounds. Wehope youenjoy Barnyard Mahjong Free! If so you should purchase thefullBarnyard Mahjong which includes 112 more puzzle layouts forhoursof extra barnyard fun!
Barnyard Match'em FREE 2.0.12
Lambton Kids
Cute farm animal themed memory matching game. Turn over tilesandmatch pairs of images, use your memory to guess where thesymbolsare hidden. Features 3 different game modes, sound effectsand ananimated background. Addictive fun for kids and adults! Thisfreegame is a small sample of what is available in DeluxeMatch'em,available now by Lambton Games.Race against the clock inSurvivalmode where you need to match pairs as quickly as you canbefore thetime runs out, extra time is awarded for clearing theentire board.Put your memory and concentration to the test inchallenge mode bygaining points for each correct pair, howeverpoints are deductedfor each incorrect guess. Both these modesinclude a high scoretable to track your greatest wins.This game canbe installed to theSD card. If you enjoy Barnyard Match em checkout the extra themesand features in Deluxe Matchem! Take a look atmore of out games inthe Market!
PetWorld: My animal shelter
“PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue” is yourtinypet simulation App with cute goats, sheep, squirrels,reptiles,birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, playful cats, sweet bunnies,a littlepony, fascinating reptiles or cuddly dogs. Welcome to the3D worldof the Animal Rescue Sunflower! All the virtual pets wantto becared for with love and adopted by the right owners.Features★ Take care of animal babies★ Find new homes for all the cute cats, dogs, bunnies and othertinypets★ Animal Game App with fantastic 3D graphics★ Playful learning about animals★ Lots of animals and other surprisesTake care of your little friendsThe animals you have rescued didn’t always have it as easy,butluckily they have at least found their way to you. After aninitialexamination to determine current health conditions and toestablishany necessary treatment, life in the animal rescue canbegin.Animal Rescue Sunflower isn’t an animal zoo. You have to takecareof your little friend with food and water and make sure thattheyalways have fresh litter. When they have everything theyneed,pretty soon they'll feel fit as a fiddle again!Find new homes for cute cats, dogs, bunnies and othertinypetsOf course the animals are in the best possible hands with you,butthey do eventually need a real home. As soon as the head oftheanimal rescue, a grumpy professor, puts you in charge of theanimaladoption process, it's your job to find the most suitablenewanimal owner like the cute little cat, the small hamster orthesweet bunnie. When you pay attention to the animal's needs andtheowner's preferences, nothing can stand in the way oftheirhappiness.Animal game app with fantastic 3D graphics"PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue" is not only a lot of fun, it'salsovisually pleasing. Move through the impressive 3D world oftheanimal rescue while scooping water out of the well or gettingtheright food. When you visit the animals you can also see thematclose range and you can observe how the hamsters cleanthemselves,how the bunnies hop around, how the little horse or thecat iswaiting for you.Playful learning about animalsKids love animals and they are interested in the nature aroundthem."PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue" is more than an animal zoo.It’s asimulation game where children and adults regardless of agelearn ina playful way how to take care of animals.Lots of animals and surprisesYou have the opportunity to take care of lots of animals suchashamsters, guinea pigs and bunnies. In addition, you canpurchasein-apps, which will open new playing options by includingcats,dogs, reptiles or a little pony. And of course new surprisesarewaiting for you based on how well you care for the animals andhowoften animals are successfully adopted.So: Go to the Animal Rescue Sunflower, your new friends arewaitingfor you!SupportIf you have questions or problems related to the app orin-apppurchases, please contact us via our
Barnyard Games For Kids 4.7
RosiMosi LLC
Fun and educational games for toddlers and kids. Ages 18 monthsandup! Great for preschool and kindergarten aged kids14 games inone!Colorful graphics, animal sound effects, helpful voicenarrating,and lots of fun! Have your kids learn counting, shapes,colors, andthe alphabet while being entertained! Perfect forpreschool andkindergarten ages.Fun Games: - Tap Farm: Fun animalsounds andanimations at the farm, including cows, dogs, pigs, cat,and more-Tap Zoo: More animal sounds and animations at the zoo,includingelephants, bears, lions, monkeys, and more- Shapes andColors:Learn shapes and colors with helpful voice narration-AlphabetBounce: Teach your kids the alphabet with colorful bouncingballs-Animal Puzzles: Drag and drop animals to construct puzzles-Balloon Burst: Great for hand eye coordination and keepingkidsentertained- Animal Find: Help kids identify animals andtheirsounds- Counting Jumble: Help with counting to 10, importantforpreschool and kindergarten- Animal Memory: Improve memory inthismatching game for children- Fruit Slingshot: Just plain funfortoddlers and kids- Shadow Matching: Improve your child'scriticalthinking by identifying a shadow and outline- Toy BoxNumbers:Helps kids learn numbers and counting while putting toysaway-Alphabet and Number Bingo: Helpful voices call out numbersandletters to identifyPerfect for kids, children, and toddlerswhoneed a fun and entertaining educational game to play. Greatforkids entering preschool or kindergarten!If you're havinganytrouble with our games, please email us at help@rosimosi.comandwe'll get back to you ASAP.And if you and your preschool kidslovethe games then be sure to leave us a review, it really helpsusout!
Wild Animal Photo Editor : Animal In Photo 1.5
Wlid Animal Photo EditorWlid Animal Photo Editor is an freeAndroidapp that brings lots of fun to your life. You can add animalinyour photos and share with your friends. This app isspeciallydesigned for Animal lovers. It can be used for fun, prankand tobring humor, according to your photo editing skills.Withthisapplication you can take selfies or pictures of your friendsandplace tigers, monkey, lions, chimpanzee, hippopotamus, deer,baldeagles, lizards, crocodiles and many dangerous andexcitingwildlife animals in your pictures!Wild Animals Photo EditorMasterhelps you to edit your photos with Animals Frames and makeyourselfappear near beautiful Animal backgrounds. You can alsoselect froma collection of beautiful animal images, adding effectsto it,adding your favorite text and save it. Feel yourselfsurrounded bythe beauty of wild and beautiful animals and createyourunforgettable exciting moments with Wild Animals.Have asafaritrip, watching almost every kind of animals on your phone.You cansee tigers, lions, pandas, zebras, kangaroos, and what isevenbetter you can put your images in cool “animal backgroundsphotoeditor” from Wild Animal Photo collection. Add extraordinaryphotoeffects and photo filters to your pictures.How to Use?* Selectaphoto from the gallery or capture with a camera;* Cropphotoaccording to android device;* Add wild Animal photo inpersonalimage;* Adjust the Animal image in suitable positions;*Addmultiple Animals in a single image;* Set Animal imageopacity,according to requirement;* Save final image and share Haveanysuggestion or any improvement for Wild Animal Photo Editor app??Then mail us. We love to hear everyone.Finally, Don’t forgettogive your valuable comment and rating, it help us to makebetterand creative app.Thank you………..!!!
Wild Animal Photo Editor - Animal Photo Frames 1.20
Wildlife Camera Photo Editor & EffectIf you like natureandanimals, smart wildlife photo frame this is the right app foryou!You will be thrilled when you see your images surroundedwithwildlife animal photo frames lions, tigers, elephants,giraffes,bears and many others. This is the right moment to makeyourpictures look selfie with animals wild. Download “wild lifephotoframe” and apply nice wild photo frame for photos. Startyourjourney through the wonderful world of wild photo editor. Itoffersyou a collection of amazing borders, inspired with all animalphotoeditor. animal backgrounds photo editor, animal backgroundchangerof photo, animal camera, animal editor photo, animal facechanger,animal image editor, animal match up, animal on screen,animalphoto frames, animal wild photo edito, lion photo editor,lionbackground photo editor, lion editor photo, lion imagesphotos,lion photo frame, tiger background photo editor, tiger editmanphoto, tiger photo frames, monkey face photo editor, monkeyfacecamera, monkey photo editor, monkey photo frame, monkeyphotomaker, elephant photo editor, elephant background, wildanimalphoto editor, wild life photo frame, wild photo editor, wildanimalphoto edito, wild animal photo editor - animal photo frames,wildanimal photo frames, wild animal background, wild animalbeautysalon, wild animal camera, wild animal editor, wild animaleditorphoto, wild animal photo maker, wild animal wallpaper, allphotoeditor apps with jungle wild animal🦁Wild AnimalSticker🦁1.Lion,2.Tiger, 3.Elephant, 4.Leopard, 5.Zebra ,6.Raino,7.Deer, 8.Monkey,9.Hoursh, 10.Peacock, 11.Bear, 12.Giraffe,13.Dinosaur......🦁ExtraIn Wildliife Camera Photo Editor &Effect🦁(1)man photo editoredit photo with man hairstyle photoeditor, beard photo editor,mustache and beard photo editor, gogglesphoto editor, cap photoeditor boy, turben photo editor, photoeditor with coat and tie,suit photo editor, eye lens changer, sixpack photo editor(2)womenphoto editoredit photo with women hairstyle photo editor, flowercrown photo editor, crown photo editorfor girls, chain photoeditor, necklace photo editor, bindi editorfor photo, eye lenseseditor, earing photo editor, lips photoeditor, caps for girls,Sunglass For Men And Woman(3)sticker photoeditornow you canenjoing the letest sticker photo editor likebirthday sticker photoeditor, love stickers for whatsapp, monsterstickers, text stickeron photo, dogy face editor, emoji photosticker maker, flower photoeditor, animal photo editor, girlfriendphoto editorIf you likenature and animals, smart wildlife photoframe this is the rightapp for you! You will be thrilled when yousee your imagessurrounded with wildlife animal photo frames lions,tigers,elephants, giraffes, bears and many others. This is therightmoment to make your pictures look selfie with animalswild.Download “wild life photo frame” and apply nice wild photoframefor photos. Start your journey through the wonderful world ofwildphoto editor. It offers you a collection of amazingborders,inspired with all animal photo editor. photo editor withanimaleffect are so beautiful. Have a safari trip, watching almosteverykind of animals on your phone. 🦁 Features Wild AnimalPhotoEditor🦁☞So Many 20+ Different types Of Amazing And Uniquewildanimal photo editor.☞Effective user interface☞You can choosefrommultiple creative Sticker .☞Pick images from gallery or takephotofrom camera.☞Give Awesome effects to make your photo morebeautifuland realistic.☞Add text on frames with different colorsandstyles.☞Use wide range of smiley and stickers to make yourpicclassic.☞Give photo effect like grey scale, hue, contrast,manycolor effects and more..☞Adjust your photo, drag, rotate,pinchzoom in, zoom out ☞Share your photo with social media.☞Saveimageswith high resolution
Pu - Cute giant panda bear, baby pet care game 1.18
Pu is a cute little panda bear who loves to eat, have fun andtakeselfies. He expects you to feed him, dress him, clean him andtakecare of him like an animal.Dozens of activities andexcitingmini-games are available to take care of your new babypet.Are youready to take care of your new and adorable virtual pet?► ADOPT PU: Give him a special name and make it evolve to reachhis adultsize. He is so cute !► DRESS PU : Make the baby Pu cuteandadorable like you ! Dress it up in fashion where to disguiseit,create your own look !► FEED PU : Pu loves the tasty anddeliciousfood, it will feast !► GIVE A BATH : In order for Pu to becleanand pretty, wash it and dab it.► PLAY WITH PU : Full offunmini-games to win coins and make your animal Happy ! Butalsochallenges every day to win diamonds !► SLEEP TIME : After ahappyday, Pu is sleepy, lining it up to make him sleep.► DECORATETHEHOUSE : The walls, floors, carpet, bathtub and still otherelementsto make your home unique !This game is a free virtualanimal gamecreated by a small independent developer, a game thatcaters girlsand boys and that I hope you will enjoy.WHO IS THEGIANT PANDABEAR?Pu is an adorable baby pet.He does not know how tocare andtake care of himself so he expects you to teach him ! Hereare afew tips to make him happy and cheerful: Check that he hasalwayseaten enough and that he is clean !Pu is very gambler, hedoes notask much time, play games a few minutes with him and hewill bevery happy and affectionate but be careful, after playingwell itmust be given a bath and bed.He will then be in good shapeand willgrow quietly.If you dream of taking care an animal andlookingafter a cute virtual baby animal, to see it grow, this gameisperfect for you !Adopt Pu and do in the happiest pets, you havetoplay !This game is free but some activities or items describedinthis game description can be purchased with real money withoutanyobligations.
Animal 4D+ 4.0.2
- Multi languages: English, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese,Bahasa,Deutsch, Mandarin, Korean, French- Holographic Mode-InteractiveQuiz- Voice over- Performance Optimization(The featuresabove willbe available through in-app purchase or serialnumberregistration)----Flashcards are no longer boring with Octagon4D+.Created by Octagon Studio, Animal 4D+ is a fast and lightweightappthat allows you to scan the printed animal cards and witnesshowthe animals come alive right before your eyes!The Animal 4D+appbrings you a new way of seeing animals in Augmented Reality.Thisgives you an unforgettable experience and will always leave asmileon the faces of children and adults alike. Animal 4D+ givesyouboth interesting and informative facts about animals through Ato Zsuch as the Ant, Giraffe, Horse, Elephant and Iguana.With thescanoption and using the Animal 4D+ Alphabet cards the animalsspringto life. Have a giraffe on the palm of your hand or maybeyou’dprefer a lion instead. You can scan a number of cards at once,whynot make a zoo out of it.Examine some of these animals upclosewith the 3D option. This turns that 2D sketch into a 3Dmovinganimation which allows you to spin, turn and zoom in and outofeach animal.Animal4D+ is participating for Vuforia 2015UnityDevelopers' Choice Awards. Give us a vote if you likeAnimal4D+at - Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich), - IOS:7.02. Processor:Qualcomm chipset, 1.2 GHz3. Ram: 1 GB4. Camera: 5MPX5. Memory cardsupports Augmented Reality feature6. Notcompatible with Intel AtomprocessorNot Compatible for:Acer ICONIATab 8 A1-850-13FQ, Asuszenfone 2, Asus zenfone 4, Asus zenfone 5,Asus zenfone 6, Asusfonpad 8 fe380, Asus ZenPad 10, Asus FonePadK012, Asus ze551ml, HTCSC One, Lenovo A7000, Lenovo S880, LenovoYoga Tablet 2.8.0, LG G4Stylus, LG L7, Samsung Tab GT-P7500, vivox3sPlease check Animal 4D+flashcards' product detail & FAQsection on our website forfurtherinformation:
Wild Dino Robot Survival Simulator 3D 1.2.0
Start the robot dino revolution being this heavy t-rexanimalmachine! If the everyday life is boring for you now, checkthemechanical adventures of the real prehistoric-like robot –dinosaurt-rex! Join massive battles, create your own family (‘causewhynot?), gather useful batteries and show your dominance in WildDinoRobot Survival Simulator 3D game!CHECK YOUR NEW CYBER DINOLIFE•The futuristic world is waiting for you! There are not onlymightyrobots, but the simple animals too, and they are all fightingfortheir territory;• Here’s your mechanic dino virtual pet, andtodayyou’re going to pass through all the stages of its life;•Mate(there are some other mechanical t-rex ladies special foryou),create your own shelter and raise your little cyberreptiles!DEALWITH VARIOUS QUESTS AND CHALLENGES• You can start yourgame withsome exploration quests, ‘cause you need to learn moreabout allthese forests and plains around you;• You’ll meet someanimals onyour way – just fight with them, or make friends,everythingdepends on your personal choice;• When you’ll be ready tocreateyour own family, just lead your mate to the shelter and bereadyfor some family life quests!FIND STUNNING WAYS TO BECOME THEBEST•Find the yummy batteries to feed your family and yourself anddon’tforget to follow your personal indicators – it’simportant;•Health, hunger, energy – you can power them all up usingthe pointsearned from various missions and quests;• Enjoy theopportunity tocustomize your colorful robotic dino made in HQ 3Dgraphics – youwon’t be upset with the colors!Robot era is amazing!Get ready tofeel like a real ‘prehistoric’ dino robot, roam theforests andplains and do everything you wish in Wild Dino RobotSurvivalSimulator 3D!Privacypolicy:
Forest Life 2.1.5
A fun animal raising game, Now Free to Play!Let's take carecuteanimals and become friendly with them!You can feed them,raisethemand play with them in the playground.If you listen what doesanimalwant and take care them carefully, you will be able to get alot ofcoins! Let's save the coins and get cute goods to build anuniqueforest life just belong to you.★How to play*The way oftakecare:-Just give food to them,and you can touch animals.-Doubletapscreen,and animals will run to you. So cute! isn't it?*How tosavecoin:-If you feed animals,touch or stoke them,and let themdrinkwater,you can get coins.-There will be easier for savingcoins,ifyou have more and more animals.-Still have other way tocollectcoins,let's find it out!*How to increase animals:-Take careanimalscarefully and lead them taking a walk to raise yourtraininglevel,then you will be able to get new animals when levelup.*Howto change the interia:-You can use coin which you are givenbycaring animals to exchange with furniture or interia.-Just setupfurniture which you bought then you can change you interia.*Howtoget the animal cloths or items:-You can get animal cloths oritemsfrom special gacha,and dress up at playground.Let's get moreandmore animals and customize them what you want, experiencingtheonly one forest life for you!!
Cat & Dog Online: Pet Animals 1.9
Foxie Games
Get ready for the ultimate cat and dog simulator. Start off asavirtual pet (kitty or a pup) and roleplay in a huge onlinecitywith other animal lovers. You can role play and form clansandbattle other players from around the world, or just jump onthecouch for a lazy nap!ROLEPLAY IN FREE ONLINE MULTIPLAYERStartyouradventure in the front garden of your new home in the city!Makefriends with other friendly cats and dogs, explore the virtualcitytogether and form a clan. Remember, you are stronger in a packthanby yourself! You can even gossip to your online friends in chatasyou role play this immersive MMO!Who said a kitten and apuppycan’t get along?BUILD A FAMILYBuild a life with your friendsinthis simulator by starting a doggy or kitty family! CAT ANDDOGBREEDSThis sim allows you to choose from all sorts of cutefelineor canine animals. Husky, Dalmation, German Shepherd and ofcoursea puppy and a kitten are all available to adopt!START ACLANStartyour very own clan and invite your friends to join! Agreeon wherethe clan’s home will be, and then go out together as apack. Youcan venture out together to explore or take on other clansin epicPVP battles! When you win a battle, you will collect loot tolevelup your cat or dog in true RPG style!ROAM THE STREETS OR FINDAHOMEBeautiful 3D graphics! You can play as a stray androamoutside, or find a nice cozy house to call home. Lay on thesofa,jump on the bed or stroll around the garden. If you’reanadventurous puppy, or it’s too jam packed inside, you canventureinto the wild and go exploring. But make sure you bring afriend incase you get lost – and beware of the Wolf!PERSONALIZEANDCUSTOMIZEChoose a name that’s all about you! You can customizeyourpet with beautiful trails and sparkling effects that show offyourpersonality!UPDATES: Foxie Games are planning lots ofstableupdates to make the game even more fun. Expect even moreanimals toadopt and role play with! PLAY FOR FREE! Guess what? Youcan playthrough the whole game without paying any real money!However, Cats& Dogs Online contains upgrades that can bepurchased for realmoney.Visit our official website
Rooster Chicks - Chicken Farm 1.6.1
Hens and chickens do not accept every rooster as its male. Infact,poultry animals are very demanding with the dominant male anddonot always accept him. Imagine being a rooster chick, ajuvenilebird in a poultry farm full of chickens and chicks. Yourduty is tobecome the dominant male but you do not have enoughstrength yetand every hen, chick and chicken rejects you... In thisanimalsimulator game you will have to be a brave rooster chick andproveall the hens and chickens the place you deserve in thepoultryfarm!Come on! Let´s start fighting to become the dominantmale withthis simulator!- Dodge every poultry animal on your way inanexciting survival race in a chicken and chicks farm- Speed upandrun accurate! Any slip and you will be beaten by an animal! -Themore you practice, the better you will run and the more chancesyouget to become the dominant rooster: These races are easy to pickupbut hard to master! You only need to select the difficultylevel!-Very intuitive to play: You just need to tap on the screentoescape and safe your life in this adventure! - Thisaddictivesimulator game is available for every mobile deviceWhatare youwaiting for? Start the animal race now and become thedominantrooster of the farm!
PetWorld - WildLife America 2.1
Look after wild animals and nurse them back to health: in WildLife-America you can care for animals from the North Americanwilderness,cure their illnesses and tend their injuries so thatthey can moveto new homes with new owners or be released back intothe wild!★ Theexciting sequel to PetWorld 3D with lots of newanimals includingsquirrels, raccoons, skunks, wolves and bears.★Identify what yourpatients need and nurse them back to health.★The more experienceyou gather, the better the objects you canunlock and use to fit outyour enclosures.★ Realistic graphics andcute animations makeWildLife - America an unforgettable gamingexperience.The wildanimals are on the loose! In WildLife - Americayou can now lookafter the many endangered species from the forestsin the tundra ofCanada and Alaska. Like in PetWorld 3D, you willexperience theexcitement of the daily life of an animal keeper –this time at awildlife rescue center. The rangers desperately needsome skilledhelpers for their team as more and more animals arriveat thereserve needing your help!Treat injured wolves, diagnose thebears'illnesses and find new homes for your charges withtrustworthy,caring new owners – it's all up to you! But before youcan pass theanimals into experienced hands, you'll need to nursethem back tohealth. With WildLife - America you can now alsocustomize theenclosures of your animals! Whether it's a pen forthe raccoons ortrees for the exuberant squirrels to frolic aroundin – let yourimagination run wild! To make sure your animals feelat home duringtheir stay and have an appropriate habitat, you canset up theirenclosures to be as close to nature aspossible.Experience theexciting gameplay of PetWorld 3D in a newenvironment. Look forwardto lots of exciting new expansions. Sowhat are you waiting for?Head of to the wildlife park, help therangers and nurse your wildpatients back to health!If you havequestions or problems related tothe app or in-app purchases,please feel free to contact us via ourfacebook
Animal Rescue - Pet Shop and Animal Care Game 2.1.2
Tapps Games
Are you a pet person? What about being a pet HERO? Saveabandonedanimals and bring them to the best pet shop in town:YOURS! In thisfantastic management game, you will serve FURRY andextra CUTE petswhile rescuing your favorite animals!Your regularcustomers willinclude cute cats, dogs, nice farm animals as pigs,sheeps, bulls,bunnies and more! You and your employees will chaseand try to findlost animals around the city… If you track the rightCLUE down, youmight DISCOVER where to find and SAVE them all!But beprepared:your pets may be impatient, take good care of them or theymightstart acting up like beasts!… You will have to prove yourselfto bethe best pet shop manager ever!HIGHLIGHTS🐤 Be FASTER:severalamazing levels for you to beat🐤 Look for clues and discoverotherpuppies in need!🐤 Many different animals to DISCOVER!🐤 UPGRADEyourshop with hundreds of improvements and make yourpetshappier!COMING SOON🐤 Magical Pet Shop - rescue and treat petslikeunicorns, griffins, dragons, owls and much more!From kittenstocockatiels, save those puppies’ days!Please note! This game isfreeto play, but it contains items that can be purchased forrealmoney. Some features and extras mentioned in the descriptionmayalso have to be purchased for real money.
Wild Lion Racing Fever : Animal Race 1.3
Wild Lion Racing Simulator 3DWelcome to play the interestingwildlion racing simulator animal where you have to race withthrillingcrazy dog and wild animals. You never see exciting race ofLion vslion or Wild lion vs dog racing 3D action? It is good timefor youto enjoy fun of thrilling battle race of wild animal lionracing2017. Lion vs tiger animal race simulator 2017 game isinnovationgame where you watch the Lion racing power of high speedcrazy lionand fastest wild jungle dog race. Before this you haveseen lionhunting and sniper jungle lion battle game but here 0wecome upwith extreme wild lion racing simulator 3D game. Don’t wastetimeon free animal action races. Download wild Lion vs tigerracing2017 and enjoy the wonderful and interesting animalracingSimulator.Wild animal Dangerous Lion championship race battlehasmodern Olympic environment from where you feel the screaminghighnoise of audience watching the thrilling wild Lion animal raceofLion vs dog vs Tiger in one international Lion championshipRace.Wild lion racing fever: animal racing simulator game havemanythrilling racing level in which you can challenge race matchtoyour opponent dog vs fastest wild tiger race. Every lion racing3Dlevel you will compete or start race with maximum number ofanimalsin one wild lion racing match. Fulfill every challenge andenjoythe wonderful lion vs tiger animal race simulator 3D. Ultimatelionand dog racing 3D is a real fun of jungle animal racinggames.Where lion is crossing the high speed dog and tiger in newnationalchampion race tournament.Wild animal lion racing 2017 willprovideyou real fun of animal racing simulator. Every level hasmodernracing animal simulator mission where wild lion vs tigerracing 3D,wild lion vs dog race 3D, greyhound lion vs wild tigerracing, lionwild animal racing, crazy lion racing fever, wildanimal lion race,lion fast run vs wild tiger, high speed lion vsdog chase, ultimatelion and dog racing 3D, lion vs tiger actionanimal race simulator2017 missions are here for you. Install moderncrazy lion animalracing action game and select your fav Wild lionfor race. Afterselection your fast speed lion you will have to pickyour favoritetrack for Modern lion 3D racing. See carefully racewith otherthrilling racing animals. Tap fast to win the lion battlerace andby going fast at the finish line before ending time. Don’twasteyour race time on other things. Hurry up and install thislionrace. Watch and just play this extreme wild lion racing 3Dgame.Features:Real lion animal’s raceModern racingenvironmentFinger tapto win the raceMultiple racing animalselectionQuick race mode andanimal racing tournamentWild lionstournament race
Snap Face Photo Editor Animals 1.09
Snap Face Photo Studio Dog Face Swap Photo FilterGet Animal FacesonPhotos like Dog Snout, Tongue and Ears, Cat Nose or Bunny Earsandother funny Animals like Donkeys.Make now funny SelfieSnapshots anddecorate your Face with your favourit Animal FaceParts by pressingthe centered button. Place it on the rightposition on your face onphoto. Save with the top right button.Share with everyone toimpress all your Social Friends.Apply manydifferent Color Filter bythe "Add Filter" Button now! Sepia, black& white or like youwhere drawn.Have as much fun as you can andthank you for support.
Animal Voyage:Island Adventure
Pocket Gems
Explore mysterious islands and rescuestrandedanimals that need your help! Save exotic creatures fromfloodedislands and bring them safely home to build your very ownanimalparadise!Start playing this intriguing and unique animal rescuegametoday!Install this FREE game to:Rescue adorable animals and BUILD them a beautiful paradise!Explore mysterious islands to discover NEW and RARE animals!Create an incredible animal kingdom for all of your new friendstolive!Decorate your world to create the sanctuary of your dreams!Supports Tablets!Please note that there is a known issue regarding musiconGingerbread devices (Android 2.3.3-2.3.7). We are currentlyworkingon a fix so thank you for your patience!Please note that Animal Voyage is free to play, but you are abletopurchase game items with real money. If you want to limittheability to make in-app purchases, you may create a PIN intheSettings menu from within the Google Play Store.Your use of this application is governed by the Terms ofServiceavailable at Collection and useofyour data are subject to the Privacy Policy availableat
Furry Chinchilla Pet Animal Simulator 1.0.0
Do you like cute little animals? Of course, you do! If simpleanimalsurvival quests are boring for you now, check this one –FurryChinchilla Pet Animal Simulator game! Feel like a realchinchillaroaming about the thriving wilderness and completingvarious quests!Create your own family of little chinchillas andjust enjoy thisawesome simulator!LEARN MORE ABOUT THESE CURIOUSLITTLE CREATURES•Home rats, little kittens, doggo world and citystray predators… Areyou a faithful fan? Then check thisfascinating app!• You’re just alittle cute chinchilla wearing itswarm fur ‘coat’ and you’re goingto explore everything around you;•Some animals on your way want tobe your friends, but there’re alsosome dangerous predators – becareful!HUNT, ROAM, MATE, FIGHT –EVERYTHING FOR MORE FUN• There areso many missions, quests andchallenges here – just come andcomplete them to earn points;•Don’t lose this fantastic chance toupgrade your little chinchillaor unlock some new colorful skins andcustomize it as you wish;•Fight with different rivals on your way,but try not tooverestimate your power – some of them are reallydangerous andmighty!WATCH YOUR INDICATORS TO STAY ALIVE LONGER•Keep their levelhigh – find some tasty plants for food, drink waterand sleep a lot– and you’ll be safe and sound!• Don’t forget tomate and take careof your family – protect them from differentpredators and feed intime;• Enjoy realistic surroundings made incolorful 3D graphics,roam about the large forests and create yourhappy chinchilla’sfamily!Check our new Furry Chinchilla Pet AnimalSimulator game andlearn how it is to become a real cutechinchilla!Your use of FurryChinchilla Pet Animal Simulator is freeof charge in exchange forsafely using some of your device'sresources (WiFi and very limitedcellular data), and only when youare not using your device. Youmay turn this off from the settingsmenu. Please see our TOS forfurtherinformation:
Animal Photo Frames 1.4
Animal Photo framesAre you getting bored with static andboredanimal background wallpapers, then try this wonder animatedanimalsas mobile backgrounds. You feel real with this animalsroaring,walking and some magic movements. Add your photo withcropping tothe animal moving backgrounds such as tiger,elephant andmany moreanimals and birds. You can share this animated Gif inseveralonline platforms.Main Features★ Realistic Animated Gifs★ Addphotosto the animated backgrounds★ Add multiple photos★ Severaltypes ofstickers★ Cropping option to erase unwanted area of yourphotos★Adjust the Blur option to merge ur photo with bg★ Differenttype ofAnimated Gif backgrounds★ Save,share in online★ Totallyfreeapplication
Wildlife Animal Photo Frames 1.3
Wildlife Animal Photo Frames Wildlife Animal Photo Frames isusedfor embedding photos in different frames.You can take yourphotothrough camera or Select your photo fromgallery.Feature:*Different wildlife Animal Frames* User Friendlyinterface* Zoom in, Zoom out photo* Rotate your photo by touching*Save and sharePhotoYou can make different photo frames with wildanimal liketiger, elephant and zebra etc. Decorate your photo withwildlifeanimal photo frames. Make your photo memorable by addingtowildlife animal frames. Create your photo frames and share withyoufriends, family or loved ones. You can view your album and setyourcreated animal photo frames as wallpaper.
Animal Sim Online: Big Cats 3D 1.9
App Holdings
A huge virtual multiplayer world awaits you! Select yourwildcharacter from 29 different safari animals including thetiger,mammoth, wolf, lion and even baby animals! You must fighttoprotect the weaker wildlife and hunt to get stronger inthissimulator!CHOOSE YOUR BREED Choose from deadly carnivores likethelion, cheetah and wolf; or cute baby animals like zebra foalandtiger cub. There are 29 different species to choose from,includinglots of big cats from the African Savanna! If you play asa bigmonster creature, don't forget to protect all thebabyanimals!IMMERSIVE 3D WORLDS TO EXPLORELeap into a beautifulislandwilderness where you can hide in the forest, drink fromthewatering hole, run along the sandy beach as you complete queststolevel up your animal. FIGHT TO PROTECT THE WEAKStrongerpredatorscan protect weaker creatures by fighting by their side.When youfight and kill a bigger animal, you level up faster andbecomestronger. Battle it out to see who is the strongest ontheisland!FORM PACKS, MEET FRIENDS & CHATMake friends withotherplayers and chat to plan hunting, survival andfightingstrategies!LOTS OF MISSIONSJoin an adventure to rescue wildanimalsas you hunt, search for food and shelter, and battleforsurvival.UPDATES: Foxie Games are planning lots of stableupdatesto make the game even more fun.PLAY FOR FREE! You can playthroughthe whole game without paying any real money! However, likeall ourgames, Animal Sim Online is free to play, but it containsupgradesthat can be purchased for real money.Visit our officialwebsite atwww.foxiegames.comNote: This app has interactive chatfeatures andmoderation.
Badger Simulator - Animals Wild Life 3D 1.1.0
Wild forest, the birds’ singing their chatoyant songs… Ah, that’sareal harmony! What can be more exciting than being the part ofthisawesome life! Today you are going to become a real wild badger–this cute fascinating carnivore animal! Check its fine habitswhilehunting and searching for the mate in Badger Simulator -AnimalsWild Life 3D game!FOR ALL THE ANIMAL SIMULATOR’S LOVERS•Wildlifewas always attracting you, huh? We’re right and we madethis wildanimal badger simulator especially for you – it’sawesome!• Whenjust simple home pets like cats or dogs are notenough – it’s timeto dip into the real wilderness roaming about theforests andplains!• Start the game being a little badger cubescorting by theold and wise one, then grow up and learn more aboutthe realbadger’s life!STUNNING QUESTS OF VARIOUS TYPES• Explorethesethriving places filled with the other animals, which are goingnotonly to fight with your main hero but also to make friends!•Matingis necessary, especially when you want to have your owndescendants– so find the mate and lead it to your lair!• Mind thatthe familymeans the greatest responsibility ever, so find some foodandprotect your children from the evil beasts oftheforest!ATTENTIVENESS IS THE BEST QUALITY• You have yourownindicators: hunger, health, energy, and water. Watch themcarefullyand the game will last longer!• Control your badgerswiping thescreen and tapping various buttons (like attack button,movebutton, mating button and others);• Realistic forestsurroundingsmade in 3D don’t let you forget that feeling of a realwildlifearound you – it’s amazing!Do your best and unravel allthemysteries of the wild badger’s life playing Badger Simulator-Animals Wild Life 3D game!Privacypolicy:
Wild Anaconda Animals Hunter 1.0
Here is a wild anaconda snake furious attack game for you tohaveforest animals hunting and human killing experience indifferentway.Fantasy wild anaconda snakes are waiting for yourpermission inan incredible jungle. As you will start to play thiswild anacondadeer hunting game furious anaconda will start to killhumans andhunt wild forest animals. Wild animals and forest peoplestrackingsystem has been added in this anaconda hunter game. Youjust haveto follow the animals Positions tracking system displayedon yourdevice screen and start to find wild jungle animalsincludingdeers, wolfs and also humans. Hunt animals with red deadlyanacondain your best time and challenge to your friends. Multiplecobra andanaconda snakes in different color and shapes e.g. greencobra,furious red hydra anaconda snake, wild gray dangerousanacondasnake are available in this game you just have to selectyourfavorite snake simulator and enjoy the different huntingstrategy.You would have played a number of wild animals huntingwith gungames e.g. gun shooting deer hunter 3d, panthershooting,chickenshooting, wild lion hunting attack, wolf hunting,dinosaurs huntingand crocodile hunting games available on googleplay store. Butthis time you will not hunt wild animals with moderngun or pistolbut with extreme furious anaconda by dropping fire onthe animals.This is very thrilling hunting and animals killing gamejust forthose hunter who love to controls snakes and attack onforestanimals to hunt them. This is a kids special anaconda snakeattackgame. Now don’t wait just download and install this wildanacondasnake extreme furious attack 3D simulator and get ready toattackon big city and forest. Just like city attacking and forestanimalsattacking games you have to attack on crazy humans withyouranaconda snake and hunt the wolf and deers with cobra snake 3d.Youhave to control your wild cobra snake 3d simulator with joystickand hunt the crazy animals in the forest. Smooth andrealisticsnake controls has been designed in this super anacondadeadlyattack game. Attractive user interfaces has been designedwithadventurous anaconda animations and deadly cobra snakeanimations.You have to select any wild snake 3d simulator. You willbecomefearless jungle hunter by playing this hunting gamesimulator3d.Features of wild anaconda deadly forest attack game:-Multipleanaconda and cobra snakes in different colors- Huntingforestanimals with furious red anaconda and green cobra snakes-Wildanimals and city peoples positions tracking system- Challengingandthrilling forest animals hunting missions - Differentanimalshunting strategy with snakes- Stunning and real forest fullof wildanimals- Become the fearless hunter 2017- Smooth andrealistic wildanaconda controls- Real animated animals e.g. deers,wolfs, andalso humansJust install this wild snake hunting game andbecomecobra hunter master. Give your positive feedback afterplaying thisgame..
Summer Fun with DogWorld 4.4
The sweetest animal playing app DogWorld 3D for all big andsmallchildren who always dreamt of having a dog. The cute littlebabypuppies are waiting for you to play with them. These dogs aretruecompanions: you can take them anywhere and everywherewithyou.Features🐾 The animal playing app for big and small doglovers🐾Your low-maintenance, virtual pet to play with and take careof🐾Cool 3D graphics🐾 Collect stars to save for surprises🐾Frequentupdates and cool upgradesYour virtual dog for playing,petting andcuddlingYour puppies react to touches on the touchscreen- this ishow you can spoil them all around. They're always happywhen youvisit them because they're cuddly and playful dogs, whosimply puteveryone in a good mood. The more you play with them themoresurprises wait for you: in every new level you'll receive agiftbox with many accessories for your dogs plus treats and toysthatevery puppy loves.This puppy loves dancing and dressing upInthisanimal playing game you can do more than just pet and washyourpets. You have your own room where you can dress them upandphotograph them. Your puppies loves posing for the camera.Thereare always new upgrades for the costume box so that it'sneverboring. In an additional room your dogs show you theirlumberingdance moves to diverse songs that you can select. Goodmoods areguaranteed in DogWorld 3D! Support If you have questionsorproblems related to the app or in-app purchases, please feelfreeto contact us via our facebook page
Carnivores: Ice Age 1.7.7
Epic winter hunting finally on Android!Carnivores: Ice Agethrowsyou onto a recently discovered planet to test your aimingandtactical skills on a realistic ice safari. The game deliversanintelligent hunting experience and offers a lot more than avisitto a shooting range. Unrivaled possibility to wander aroundopen 3Dworld without limits makes the process of finding preyexciting andthe whole game endlessly replayable. The hunter,equipped withweapons and all sorts of hunting accessories likecamouflage andcover scent, needs not only to be quiet as a mousewhen approachinga saber-tooth beast but also take care of detailslike winddirection not to end up as animal's dinner. Advanced AI oftheanimals turn them from dummy targets to aggressive hostsprotectingtheir planet and add a shooter feeling to the gameplay.Pack yourthings and start hunting in Carnivores: Ice Age if you areready toexplore the new huge world and think before you shoot.Thegamefeatures: • Huge 3D world open for exploration•True-to-lifehunting experience• 3D animals, from common Saber-toothTiger tomysterious Woolly Rhinoceros • 5 maps with differentlandscape andclimate• Hunting accessories to be used for smarthunting•Interactive Trophy room• HD graphics • Hours of nostalgiafor thosewho remember playing it on their PCBecome a fan ofCarnivores onFacebook: youfor playingour games! Stay in touch for
Wild Animal Zoo City Simulator 1.03
Wild Animal Zoo City Simulator is action, casual adventuregame,where you play as a crazy, angry, frenzy and stupid animalsincity. Your aim is to cause destruction, mess, wreck, demolish,ram,smash everything interactive and also annoy citizens. Inyourmission you gain points and experience, the faster you get themthemore bonus you recieve. Town environment contains a lotofobstacles such as explosive cars, pixel fence, barrels,blocklawns, streetlights, street hydrants, cube dustbins andmanyother.- Stunning 3D mountain park ( hill ) graphics- Hours offungameplay with this great jurassic simulator- 16 animals to pick(elephant, lion, hippo, rhino, zebra, cow, chicken, wolf,crocodile,bear, fox, pig, sheep, rabbit, boar, goat, stag etc)- 2levels,more to come
Pocket Village GO 1
Help track down escape from the farm animals! They are veryscaredand can hide anywhere. Find helps the application PocketVillageGO. In the simulator Pocket Village GO you will be able tofeellike a real hunter of wild beasts. To track down themissinganimals using the integrated radar and go on the trail. Findallthe hidden animals in your town!Developing game for childreninaugmented reality, with informative information about the farmpetsof our planet.You have to find and catch the hidden pets inthereal world with the help of radar and camera smartphone. Moveoncity streets, parks and squares, even inside buildings andradarfind hidden animals. As soon as you hunt down the animal,ratherthrow him the red ball so it reaches your phone. Collect alltheinhabitants of the farm in his collection!Game Pocket VillageGOuses augmented reality technology, and requires you to movearoundto find the animals. Be careful near the roadway, rememberaboutsafety!
Lion Vs Tiger Wild Adventure 1.5
This awesome lion vs tiger adventure 3D simulation game is thefirstand one of its kind animal simulator. You can be the lion orthetiger and play to build reputation in the wild jungle. Youcansimply attack the smaller animals like horses, deer and zebrasandfeed on their flesh to gain health. You can have fights versustheaggressive animals like wolves and elephants. The face-offofbeasts is awesome. If you are playing as the tiger, your endtargetis to challenge the angry lion and if you are playing as thelion,you need to go head to head versus the tiger. But be verycareful,if you have not built up your rep by increasing your levelandfighting other animals, you will not stand a chance againsttheother beast.Control the beast in all its fury and help itsurviveby chasing, attacking, fighting and eating other animals.Both theanimals are very angry and will not hold back. It willattack anyanimal that comes in its way. You can create strategieson how toattack animals with higher levels than yours in order tosurvive asyour survival is the number one priority. Remember, youcan gettired as well, make sure to rest before challenging,fighting andattacking other animals. You can attack and feed onother animalsto regain your health. Gameplay FeaturesThe Lion VsTiger WildAdventure game is great for all simulation game loversespeciallyanimal simulators. If you like the kings of the jungle tobe inyour control and reek havoc, you are going to love this animalvsanimal challenge simulator.Lion Vs Tiger Wild Adventure3Dfeatures:★ Play as a lion or a tiger★ Run around the jungle asawild animal★ Control the beasts using a very responsivejoystick★Gain health and increase levels by attacking animals andfightingothers for survival★ Addictive gameplay so it will keep youbusyfor several hours★ Realistic graphics and animationsThis isadefinite download for all simulation lovers. The first everyLionVersus Tiger game that you are sure to love.
Dog Simulator 2.2.3
The best MULTIPLAYER Dog Simulator available on Android!Play asareal puppy - jump, bark, destroy the house and do whateveryouwant. Now with a multiplayer mode you can play your friendsandpeople all over the world. Cute puppies and fun adventuresarewaiting for you!- Online multiplayer- 6 Beautiful levelstoexplore- Multiple dogs to choose: shiba, corgi, husky,collie,bulldog, greyhound, even wolfs and more- Interactive peopleandanimals- Dress every dog as you like- Destructible objectstocrash- Special Night mode- Stunning graphics- Smoothperformance-Easy controlsONLINE MULTIPLAYERPlay online with animallovers allover the world. Play together with other dogs, meet newfriends andcompete with them for the best score. See if anyone canmatch yourskills as a naughty dog. You can create your own gameswhich can bejoined by your friends.DOGS AND PUPPIESIf dogs are yourfavouritepets then this is the game for you. Play as your favouritedogbreed: corgi, shiba and husky puppies are waiting for you. Ifyoulove bigger dogs select one of the collies,bulldogs or agreyhoundto bring even more cuteness to the game. And if that’s notenoughtry a wolf, direwolf or a giraffe ( well it’s a sneakygreyhounddressed as a giraffe ). UPGRADE AND DRESS YOUR DOGWhen youpresseither single player or the multiplayer button in the menuyoualways go to the scene where you can change your dog and dressitas you like, using blue arrows on the both sides of the dogandbuttons on the top of the screen. You can dress your doggywithmultiple hats, collars and funny glasses. Then everyone canseeyour cool outfit in multiplayer games.LOCATIONSThere aresixlocations. First, awesome house were you smash some objectsandlearn the game. Second, nice garden with a dog that will followyouand a grill party to ruin. Third is a shop with lots ofobjectsthat can be smashed into pieces. Fourth and fifth are on ahugefarm full of animals and people where you can chase sheep togetpoints. The last one is a crazy town with tons of stuff todestroyand funky missions.TIME CHALLENGEIn every level in thesingleplayer mode there is a rotating clock. When you run into it,youcan activate time challenge mode. In this mode you have todestroyas many objects and do as many interactions as fast aspossible.For the points you earn the stars and more gold.NIGHTMODEScore onestar in the last level to unlock a secret night mode.It containsnew time challenges for every stage with increaseddifficulty andeven bigger rewards. See if you’re a trueexpert.SIMPLE CONTROLSYoucan use the joystick, on the left to moveyour dog, jump button onthe right to make it fly and swipe to lookaround. You can use thehit button on the right to smash objectswith your awesome dogpower.QUALITY SETTINGSThe game willautomatically detect whichquality settings to apply for yourdevice, but you can change themin the settings menu.FACEBOOK ANDSOCIAL SHARINGAt the end of thetime challenge, the popup will showup allowing you to post yourscore on Facebook or Twitter. You canalso share the image of yourdog on in the scene where you changedogs and dress them.
First Words for Baby: Animals 1.5
Do you want to introduce animals to your toddler, kid or baby?Thisapp is great to teach animals to your babies, toddlers andkids!Animal flashcards will help them to learn many of the animals.Itincludes more than 80 carefully selected animals.- There are8animal flashcard categories and more than 80 animals(BabyAnimals,In the Forest, Pets, Creepy Crawlies, Safari Animals, WaterLovers,Birds, Farm Animals).- Colorful high quality pictures keepyourbabies' interest level high.- Professional pronunciation ofwordsfor child's correct learning.- Nice animations and real soundsofanimals!- Baby first animals has a simple andintuitivenavigation.- Your toddler will learn much faster with thisuniqueapp!- This app is designed for kids educational purposes. -Animalflashcards can keep your kids entertained anywhere,anytime!Thisgame is ideal for parents and children to play andenjoy together.Playing is so easy that even a baby can do itwithout the help ofan adult. Baby first animals is a first wordsapp for yourtoddlers, children and kids.
Animals Hair Academy 1.0.2
Try to have the best time in this animal game where you willgoingto be a hairdresser for four adorable species that need atotalrecondition. There will be a parade in which they will beyourmodels that will represent your style. Work hard on all four oftheanimals to get them the most desirable look and because is ahairsalon you will offer a special treat as well. Start yourjourney inthis wild world and find the suitable headdress for alion, atiger, a cat and a giraffe. At the beginning of the game,you haveto chance to choose between two option which are: the copymodewhere you will be using a pattern that you should follow inorderto get your hair done for the animals or you could have thefreemode in which you will be using your own creativity and designforeach animal. Whatever you choose make sure you accomplish thegivensteps and the instructions. Now let's go to make some crazylooks.Spray the hair to be smooth and untangled then you could cuttheparts that don't belong there. Wash the hair and applysomemoisturizer. You might want to change the hair color too and todothat you will use a special paint. The texture will be changedtoo.Use the professional devices to obtain the wished style, eitheriscurly, straight or waved. Try unique styles for all of youranimalsand have fun as a great hair designer.This cool game hasmanyfeatures to offer and you are able to see them better rightbelow:-Free to play- Lovely experience with wild animals- Cuteaccessoriesand hairstyles to perform on a tiger, a cat, a lion anda giraffe-Crazy colors to use and a multitude of styles toapproach- Havingyour own salon of animals- Using different toolsand devices toobtain a great chic look- Controlling the gameeasily- Merginghairstyling products to make your headdress
Wild Animals World - Savannah Simulator 1.0.0
Do you like different animals? Of course you do! This timewe’vebrought something really special for all animal lovers – it’sanultimate chance to live a life of wild savannah animals -elephant,lion, hyena, rhino, buffalo, zebra or even hippo! Choosethe bestone (of your opinion, of course) and rush into thisexploration& battling simulator! Play Wild Animals World:SavannahSimulator and have fun!Tired of usual animal simulatorswith nochoice? Then this game is your salvation! Watch yourpersonalindicators (like energy, health and hunger) and make surethatyou’ve slept your fill and filled your little (or not)stomach!Find another animal of your kind to make a family and raiseyourown clan of zebras, hyenas, elephants or else!Earn pointsforsuccessfully completed exploration and battling missions andunlocknew interesting skins for the animal you’ve chosen as amaincharacter! Remember that you can always choose a new one toplayfor, so just enjoy this outstanding possibility! Download ournewWild Animals World: Savannah Simulator and you absolutely won’tbedisappointed!Run through this fantastically beautiful placetryingto find some food, shelter and friends! Beware ofdifferentsavannah predators, ‘cause they are really dangerous foryou – beit wild crocodile, warthog or even leopard! Be attentiveandcareful if you wanna fight them – check your skillsfirst;otherwise your game will be over with your death!WildAnimalsWorld: Savannah Simulator features:• Great variety of wildsavannahanimals to play for• Huge prairies full of dangers andinterestingthings to explore• Nice opportunity to make your ownanimal clan•Enjoy wide range of battling and explorationmissionsTry thisamazing Wild Animals World: Savannah Simulator gameand explore hotsavannah being one of its beautiful animals! Chooseyour favoriteone and enjoy this life & explorationquest!Privacypolicy:
Wild Animal Photo Editor : Frame, Sticker, Effect 1.1
Wild animals are those that cannot be kept as pets, so theyusuallylive in jungles and forests. People don’t have a lotofopportunities to see them. Now you can look at wild animalseverysingle day with amazing Wild Animal Photo Frames app. Here youwillfind so many great picture frames that are inspired withwildanimals. Wild Animal Photo frames from nows comes withCutPaste Photo Editor to Paste your photos on Wild animalPhotoBackgrounds.1. Cut your Photos that you want to Appear onWildAnimal Backgrounds.2. Trim the Edges to make sure yourphotosappear natural on Wild Animal Photo Backgrounds.3. Paste yourcutphotos against wild animal backgrounds.Wild Animal Photoeditorwith animal effect are so beautiful. Have a safari trip,watchingalmost every kind of animals on your phone. You can seetigers,lions, pandas, zebras, kangaroos, and what is even betteryou canput your images in cool animal backgrounds photo editor fromWildAnimal Photo Frames collection. Add extraordinary photo effectsandphoto filters to your pictures. You can find everything inthisamazing photo manipulation animal body photo editor softwareandanimal 3d wallpaper.Wild Animal Photo frames now includesWildAnimal Photo Collages. Wild Animal Collages lets you add Photosintransparent areas that are in shapes like Circular, HeartShapeCollages, Square Collages and more.Graphics, sticker andothervector taken from Freepik. com under the guideline personalandcommercial use. After make your creative photo frame, it’s timetoshow your creation to the world. Share your photo frame toanysocial media app. How to use Wild Photo Editor & Frames:--Select a photo from the gallery.- Multiple stylish naturephotoframes for any picture.- Apply multiple overlay effects toyourimages.- Adjust position, size; rotate of your photo by justfingergestures.- Over 20+ Animal photo frame.- Save your image toSDcard.- Share your creations via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr,email,and other social networks.Keyword:-1. Wild Animal PhotoEditor2.Wild Animal Photo Frame3. Tiger Photo Frame4. Wild AnimalPhotoFrames5. Lion Photo Frame6. Horse Photo Frame7. AminalPhotosIf youlike this Wild Animal photo frame then please rate usand give yourcomment and share this app with your friends andfamily.ThankYou..!!!
Which Animal Are You? 7.0.49
Tek Şeker
If you want to learn which animal you are, use this fun quiztoanalyze your character and see your spirit animal!🐺 🐦 🦁 🦉 🕷️ 🐬
Echo Animal Effect : echo mirror with animal 1.1
Want to show slow motion of your photo , want to show cloneswithmirror effect ? Then try our new Echo mirror magic effect app.Make your photo like echo of photo . Try different type ofmirroreffects . Show your creativity with out 12 types of mirrormagics.Echo Animal - Best Echo Magic Mirror Effect with wild animalcancreate echo mirror effects on Wide Range of AnimalPhotoBackgrounds. You can do echo mirror effect on photobackgrounds ofyour choice.You can Apply 3D Echo (Mirror) effects,blender effectand much more to any of the photos from Gallery.Share the Crazyand stunning Photos created from our Best Echo MagicMirror Effectwith friends and family.By using our Best Echo MagicMirror Effectapp you can change your picture in to Twin Effect ,ReflectionEffect , repeat effect and many more effect. Also you canadjustyour image as per your thought.Echo app can be used forshowingrunning , walking , jumping and many more postures with slowmotion. Also this amazing mirror editor can be used to show crazyandmagical mirror effects with animal background photo.Mirrormagiceffects :1. 12 type of effects with different styles .2. HDqualitywild animal background images . 2. Flip option 3. Efficientlassotool .4. Eraser with scale , adjustable brush size , undo ,redooptions .5 . Sharing options like facebook , whats app ,instagramand many more .How to use :1. select image from gallery.2. Cropfor making your effect efficient .3 . Draw and select theportionwhich you want to cut .4 . Use eraser to make your photomore clear, so that echo effect will be visible properly .5 .Selectbackground which will suits your photo .6. Save photo toalbum .7 .Share your output mirror effect photo with your friendsusingsocial media .Download and surprise your friends with thisamazingmirror photo editor Eco Animal effect : mirror magicapplication .
Zoo Evolution: Animal Saga 2.1.0
Raiser Games
Build up a Zoo, fill it with animals and breed them to makenewstrange species! That is what "Zoo Evolution" means. Masterthelife's evolution process, mixing different species to havenewanimals that attract the attention of new customers.Like anycitybuilder game, you have to be smart with your logistics,managingthe zoo's resources, like food, water, places, and babyanimals! Ifyour Zoo becomes big and famous, other players come tosee yourprogress, and you will win some rewards. Of course, you cango toothers zoos to see what are they breeding, see how theymanagetheir resources, and take note of all! Is an animal game forallthe family, specially for kids, who can pass their timeenjoyingthe animal life.FEATURES•Build an entire Zoo with all ofitselements, animals feeding, maintenance, veterinary,entertainments,souvenirs...•A collection of more than 100 differentanimals mixedbetween different environments.•Breed and mix morethan 10 types ofanimals, obtaining new cute species.•A collectablelist ofachievements that can give you more rewards•Thousands ofmissionsto endless time play.•Play with friends, visit their zoosand winrewards•You will find a little help guide on theoptionsmenu.Available in six languages: Spanish, English, German,French,Italian, Portuguese.
Safari Archer: Animal Hunter 3.3
This game is a free archery game, animal hunting and shootinggame.Archers go to safari with bow and arrows. Become a safarihunter!It is hunter and/or shooter action game. It is also safarianimalssimulator, it is includes more than twenty animalsandbirds.However, if you love hunter games, you may play"DinosaurHunter: Dino Archer" dinosaur hunter game by NaturalAction Gameson the store. Coming soon, the future of deer huntingof mountainforests version for lovers of hunting game.Let's take onbow tohand, put on arrows our quiver, scroll through the forestonhorseback.Ride your brown horse, enter into the wild life ofsafariat african plain savanna.Hunting between wild Africananimals. Youhave to kill wild beasts. You do not die. You kill oryou die. Thisis the rule in Safari of wildest animals.These wildestanimals canbe your victim, enemy or prey. Tigers, lions, cheetahsare wildcats in safari. Elephants, zebras, gazelle, rhinos,giraffes arethe owner of the life area since millions years ago.Arrow and thebow not only to hunt for land animals, you can shootand hont atflying birds of the air.This classic birds and wildbirds arecrows, eagles, owls, etc. Wild birds are falling to floorwhenarrow to stick their body or wings.The wild Safari animals inthegameZebra is known for its black-and-white fastpaced.Therhinoceros are known for their huge horns with a giganticmass.Before you attack the rhinoceros, you should use the bow andhitit.The planes are known for running very fast. In this archergame,they are the most active hunts on the land. You should showyourability to shoot moving prey.Charms are generally cheesysafarihunters. They are known for their insincerity and can notdobusiness on their own.The birds are very active hunting. Topursue,to aim and to be able to hit and drop the flying bird in theair,the real hunter wants ingenuity. You can hunt eagles,horns,predatory birds like a duck hunter.Gorillas are verystrongprimates. They can be aggressive. Be careful not tofeedthem.Fillers and zulu are lovely safari residents. Fillersareknown for their gigantic bodies, hoses and teeth, with giraffelongneck and beautiful pattern.Buffalo is the wild bull ofsafarin.Wild cats can often hunt with flocks.* Easy and verypracticalcontrols. usual joystick and two buttons for easy huntinggames andshooting games experience.* Safari hunter game, animalspecies morethan 20.* Real 3D hunter hame, best archer with horse.*Super coolsavanna landscape day themed sunset. Light map andshadows.*Gradual shoot system. Feel the air flow of arrows. * Greatsounds,animal sounds, bow sound, wind sound of arrow, etc.* 5differentgameplay speed and difficulty. Slow to fast, easy tohard.*Realistic animal characters. They can run, escape, attack,kill,bite.* 40 different simple to complex levels andmissions*Realistic physics. Cool archer game experience. Funnyequestrian(horse-drawn) entertainment.* Awesome flights of birdswithrealistic 3D physic codes.* No blood, any blood effect orbloodaction.* Seamless incense particle system for arrows. To showthearrow route.Tips:* Each level you have 12 arrows with bow.*Forhigh score, you can play hard or fast game mode.* For highscore,Give priority to hunt birds.
Offroad Animal Transporter 4x4 1.0.4
Off road Animal Transporter 4x4 is a new concept ofanimaltransportation. You may have driven a 4x4 jeep in anoff-roadenvironment, but having a carriage cart at the back of avehicle issomething new and exciting. In this simulation game, youhave todrive a vehicle and transport wild animals to the zoo. Youwill getenough chances to prove yourself a pro driver. So, buckleup andclimb of mountains with sharp and dangerous turns. You haveto bevery careful about your and animals safety. These animals areveryrare and you have been heavily paid to perform this duty. Youhaveto build a farm with these animals. In other sense you canincludethis game in farming category. This will be a fun game foryou forsure. This is a free game for smart phone user. This gameisdifferent from other jeep driving games in multiple ways.Realistictrailer physics will make you like a real driver. You havetocontrol jeep cart very carefully at turns and duringupwardmovement. Real animal sounds will also keep you interested inthegame. You have to load and transport zoo animals from city tomakeyour farm big. In the farming simulator and animaltransportsimulator combo, your duty is to ensure the safe andperfect animalsupply to commercial animal farmhouses and livestockbreeders.Thiscombo of multiple tasks will take your excitement tothe nextlevel. You will be tested on parking skills of atransportertrailer truck as well. As the driver of the transportertruck inthis truck simulator game, park the truck carefully so thatthefarm animals can be loaded and unloaded easily.***** FeaturesofOffroad Animal Transporter 4x4 ******• Beautiful 3D offroadenvironment• Realistic physics of 4x4 jeep with trailercart•Multiple challenging tasks of animal transportation• Scenicviewsduring this driving thrill• HD graphics Real sound effects•Multiple camera viewsEnjoy this game and give yourvaluablefeedback at
Beauty Face Plus : face morphing 3.31
InstaFace:The most amazing app for face morphing andeyesmorphing.Animal is our best friend ! Do you like tiger? Do youwanta cat? come on InstaFace. There is a magic app that make yourfaceto be animal face.It can create stunning animal eyes and faceonyour face,It looks special and magical for your photos byusingInstaFace.InstaFace: Features:★There are 5 function: face off、facemorph 、part face、 split effect 、face blend ★ newfunction:eraser ★50+ animal faces andcomingmore,Inc:tiger、cat、lion、monkey、bird、etc;★ 4 types forfacemorphing;★ Aim the eyes、nose and mouth by using yourfinger;★Adjust animal face's range by the bar;★ 40+ animal eyes andcomingmore;★ Share phototo:Instagram,Twitter,Facebook,Email,etc;Pleasedo not forget to letus know if there is anything you would like toadd to this app andmake it even better.Your review is veryimportant to us! EnjoyInstaFace.
Animal Face Photo App 2.2
Transform yourself into your favorite animal with Animal FacePhotoApp, something completely new when it comes to phone photoeditors.You finally have the opportunity to make a face swap withyourfavorite creature from nature and make funny transformations.Justtake a picture or select a selfie from your gallery, thenchoose ananimal face mask in a form of a funny sticker and put itover yourface. The result you'll get will be amazing and weguarantee you'llwant to make more animal faces photos. With AnimalFace Photo App,you'll have endless fun and a complete professionalphoto editingexperience. So wait no more, snatch your mobile deviceand grabthis opportunity to make ultimate face montages! Downloadthisanimal app for pictures free of charge!❤ Features:Ⓐ Createfunnyimages like a pro using this simple picture editing app!ⓃVariousanimal head masks and stickers!Ⓘ Editing tools easy to use!ⓂEdityour selfies simply and easily!Ⓐ Use a photo from your owngalleryor take a picture with your camera!Ⓛ Zoom in and out,rotate,adjust!Ⓢ Save the pic of your new photo makeover!❤ Shareyour funnyface swap pic with friends on Facebook, Twitter andInstagram!Makea perfect photo prank using plenty of animal photostickers. Youjust choose your favorite mammal or bird and pick thepicture thatyou want to edit. The sticker will blend with yourphoto perfectlycause it is transparent with some sophisticallyadded beastfeatures. Is dog your favorite pet? Or would you ratherprefer atiger face? With our photo studio from nature you'll neverbe boredcause there are dozens of animal faces you can use tomakefantastic edited pictures and truly funny photo montages thatwillgive you and you friends a laugh. Prank with you loved onesandmake a “face swap animal” with their funny selfies. You canshareall your creations directly form this “funny photo editor” andshowyour friends how awesome you are! Download Animal Face PhotoAppfor free and go wild!Play with your photos and give them acompletevirtual makeover. Get this “face morpher” on your phone ortabletand enjoy the amazing photo effects that the mask will leaveonyour picture. Make a “face swap” with cute creatures fromtheforest or jungle or convince your friends to retouch photosoftheir own and laugh with you. This “funny face changer” is allyouneed if you want unlimited hours of entertaining pictureeditingwith no special photo retouching skills needed. Enjoy theanimalface photo editor and don't fret cause it is designed foryourentertainment only and it is free. Be creative, make aseparatephoto album with animal faces photos and show the worldyourextraordinary masterpieces. This is an app for kids andadultsalike, so download Animal Face Photo App no matter how oldyou are,fun is the same!Unleash the hidden instinct inside you andfind outwhat animal are you by creating some face montage picturesand putan “animal face” instead of your own. Get the funny selfiecamerathat will make you laugh like crazy! Perform “animal morph”uponevery image you have on your mobile device and they'll turnoutzillion times better. Just flip through the collection ofrealisticanimal photos that our animal stickers app stores just foryou andchoose the one that catches your eye. All the rest is doneby thisfantastic animal picture app. When you are finished, postyourfunny “photo montage” and be proud of the photo art you made.Makepeople with animal faces and spread laughter around youwith“Animal Face Photo App”, the best photo editor on the marketforfree!
My Animal Town 1.2.6
ABC game
※ Additional WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions are required tosaveand share screenshots, and a consent pop-up appears when yousave orshare the screenshot.v1.2.0 update!1. Add new animals-7 newanimalshave been added. -Add a golden hamster, poodle,kokuspaniel,elephant, sheep, mini pig, monkey2. Increase themaximum level ofthe village-The village's maximum level is nowincreased to 30.3.Add a decorative building upgrade-Decorationscan be upgraded up to10 levels, and their appearance changes every5 levels.4. Add like,favorite feature-You can add favorites bytouching "Like" at yourfriend's town. (Up to 30 people)-Ranking issupported according tothe number of Likes received.5. Other-Somequests have increased themaximum level.-Slots has been increasedto 150.-Loading speed isimproved.Adopt cute animals and look afterthem!If you buy a littleanimal, you can build a bustling animalvillage.If you feed, wash,cure lovely animal, you can evolve it.If you grow an animalvillage, you can acquire legendaryanimals.Start a free game foreveryone, young and old, with variousanimals now![Game Features]-You can meet over 40 species, over 280different animals.- When yougrow a village, you can acquire moreanimals and new items.- Afteracquiring the animals' food and gold,they can evolve the animals.-It is possible to confront my animalswith friends at the animalcontest.- The official sequel to AnimalJudy!
House Pig Adventure Animal Simulator 3D 1.0.0
If you ever dreamed to live your life on a farm – it’s yourchance!Become a domestic boar – best farm animal ever! Farm life issointeresting and beautiful, there’re so many differentdomesticanimals! Play our new fantastic House Pig AdventureAnimalSimulator 3D game and you absolutely won’t bedisappointed!Findyour pig mate, lead it to your lair and createyour own piggyfamily – these little piggies are your children, soprotect andfeed them in time! Fight with the other animals fromthis farm,build your own den, search for the love of your life andwatch yourfamily growing – do everything possible to have fun!Learnhow it isto become a pig on farm! Don’t forget to check your ownindicatorsof health, hunger and energy and remember: if some ofthem drops,your family may be left without any breadwinner! Explorethisfantastic farm world full of different interesting animals,whichare not so happy to see you with this awesome House PigAdventureAnimal Simulator 3D!Earn points for different successfullydonemissions and power your super boar up making it moredexterous,powerful and endurable! Choose such fantastic skins asForest,Black, Battle boar or even Albino! Don’t search fortroubles;search for your mate instead – you won’t bedisappointed!House PigAdventure Animal Simulator 3D features:•Interesting and realisticsimulator of piggy’s farm life• Fantasticgameplay with lots ofmissions• Powerful enemies with specialskills• Nice surroundingsmade in 3DStart your farm life right hereand right now being thebest farm animal ever – a boar! Fight withthe other animals fromthis farm, build your own den and search forthe love of your life!Play House Pig Adventure Animal Simulator 3Dgame and justenjoy!Privacypolicy:
Talking Seal 1.36
Talking Seal is a lovely pet with plenty of action, funanimationsand more.This cute Seal has a living room, a bedroom, arestaurant,a large lawn and a forest. His bathroom is great, wherehe canbrush his teeth and take a bath. Wipe with him with a towel,sothat the Seal is more clean and more lovely! We go to hislivingroom, the sofa in front of you will see the lovely littleSeal.Play tired, remember to feed Seal to eat, a variety offoodchoices. There is also a wide outdoor scene where Seals canenjoy apleasant life.Features:★ Cool voice interaction★ Highquality 3Dgraphics★ Animal games - animal games★ Many differentfunny moves★Artificial intelligence dialogue★ Talking animals:talking Seal★Play the puzzle game - now check the IQ and your brainmemory★Multiple puzzlegames:Math,Memory,Feeding,JumpRocket,BubbleShoot,Zigzag,CroossRoad,DrawLine,Break.Howto play:★ Seal and hewill talk to you with interesting sounds.★Press the icon to showhim all kinds of funny action.★ Slide leftand right, he will showfunny action.★ Play puzzle games, 10 kindsof fun games.★ Poke hishead, stomach or feet.★ Taking Pictures.Ifyou like talking gameslike talking cat or talking dog, animalgames, Seal games, zoogames, Seal simulator games or talking animalin general you willlove Talking Seal! Enjoy hours of fun andlaughter with thistalking and free virtual Seal app! If you likeTalking Seal thenplease rate it with 5 stars. Thank you!
Labrador at the Doctor Salon 1.0.4
Chic World
You got to know how a dog should be treated in case yourparentmight take you one, or even better, you already have it. Asyou canfigure out this animal game is all about the little dogs andtheirown mood. The Labrador race is a pretty expensive one and alsoyoucould say they need a special treatment and for sure a lot ofyourattention. You are about to offer some for a little puppy whoneedsan immediate intervention because of his condition. You willneedpatience and a big sum of love for these fluffy creatures. Forthebeginning, you are advised to go straight to the nursing partthatinvolves the ear and dental hygiene. Going to the dentalhospitalyou'll discover the right procedure for an untreated gumand norecord of a previous care. Do whatever it takes to keep theteethclean and healthy. The ears need your attention because therecouldbe a possible infection in there if you don't handle thesituationas you should. Use the medical devices and make all thebacteriadisappear. His fur gone crazy and you have to remediate itin thebathing process. Cut the tufted that don't belong there andput thedog into the bath so he could enjoy the washing and thespoilingtoo. Now you are done and a Labrador puppy is ready tothank youfor your work. Hope you have fun while you have playedthis game!Asyou can see this game prepared plenty of interestingfeatures andyou could take a quick look at them right here if youwant to:-Cool procedure to execute- Taking care of a cute littleanimal- Usewhat it takes to make the pain go away- Variety of toolsandprocesses to accomplish- Free and easy to play- Joyful musicandpretty interface- New abilities to gain during theprocess-Understand the importance of a good hygiene- Be a dentistand abetter vet for this little fluffy ball
Wild Animal Photo Editor 1.2
animal photo editor new version 2017If you like nature andanimals,smart wildlife photo frame this is the right app for you!You willbe thrilled when you see your images surrounded withwildlifeanimal photo frames lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes,bears andmany others. This is the right moment to make yourpictures lookselfie with animals wild. Download “wild life photoframe” andapply nice wild photo frame for photos. Start yourjourney throughthe wonderful world of wild photo editor. It offersyou acollection of amazing borders, inspired with all animalphotoeditor. animal photo framesWild Animal Photo Editorphotoeditorwith animal effect are so beautiful. Have a safari trip,watchingalmost every kind of animals on your phone. You can seetigers,lions, pandas, zebras, kangaroos, and what is even betteryou canput your images in cool “animal backgrounds photo editor”from WildAnimal Photo Frames collection. Add extraordinary photoeffects andphoto filters to your pictures. You can find everythingin thisamazing photo manipulation animal body photo editor softwareandanimal 3d wallpaper.animal photo editingwild animalphotoframeswild animal photo editor is best animal photo editor andalsoanimal photo frames ,animal photo maker you can create photowithlion photo editor and lion photo frame the best app like lionphotoframe 2017, elephant photo editor, all animal photo editor,wildlife photo framewild animal huntingFeatures Wild AnimalPhotoEditor:- So Many 20+ Different types Of Amazing And Uniquewildanimal photo editor.? Effective user interface? You can choosefrommultiple creative Sticker .? Pick images from gallery or takephotofrom camera.? Give Awesome effects to make your photomorebeautiful and realistic.? Add text on frames with differentcolorsand styles.? Use wide range of smiley and stickers to makeyour picclassic.? Give photo effect like grey scale, hue, contrast,manycolor effects and more..? Adjust your photo, drag, rotate,pinchzoom in, zoom out ? Share your photo with social media.?Saveimages with high resolution animal photo editorIP Disclaimer:AllImages on Wild Animal Photo Editor are readily available invariousplaces on the Internet [Events and Party Photo shoots only]andbelieved to be in the public domain Images uploaded are believedtobe posted within our rights according to the Fair Use Policy.Ifyoubelieve that any content appearing on Wild Animal PhotoEditorinfringes on your copyright mail us atalphaone185184@gmail.comthisapp only for entertainmentfeedback ismost importent for us.thankyou.
Mini Pets 2.0.3
★★★ MORE THAN 1.3 MILLION DOWNLOADS! ★★★See animals fall inlove!House their babies! Find the strangest animals to ever comeout ofan Animal Date! All this for FREE!NOTE: Mini Pets requiresanInternet connection to work.★ ABOUT THE GAME ★HUNDREDSOFANIMALSFrom the Cheetah to the Owl, from the Kangaroo to theSeaTurtle and so much more! Mini Pets lets you shelter and takecareof the cutest animals on Earth! There are literally hundredsofanimals! (More than 120 and counting)DECORATE YOURSHELTERFullycustomizable shelter with many items on the Market! Buyamazingdecorations, vegetation, and shops to keep your visitorshappy! Theshops are also an important source of revenue to youranimalshelter! CUTE BABIESUpgrade your pets’ shelters and visitthenursery to welcome their cute babies. What a great addition tothefamily!ANIMAL DATESBreed new, exotic and some never seenbeforespecies! Take your animals on dates, watch them fall in loveanddiscover beautiful creatures!SOCIAL FEATURESAdd friends, visitandrate their shelter, check out other community players. Thegamealso supports Facebook integration. You can login to yourFacebookaccount and invite your friends to play Mini Pets!KEYFEATURES: ★FREE TO PLAY! ★ Arrange dates between animals ofdifferent speciesand produce fantastic new creations! ★ House andcare for cute BABYanimals ★ Shops and vending carts to help youearn more revenue ★Share your achievements with friends on Facebook★ Over 120 animalswith more being added ★ Beautiful and colorfulretina graphics ★Hire caretakers to help you build your shelter ★Complete quests toearn rewards ★ Tons of decorations to personalizeyour shelter Joinin on the fun, build and share the best animalshelter ever!* Inorder for Mini Pets to run as smooth as possible,some devices willcarry SD textures and some will carry the HD ones.The game willdecide the best option based on yourdevice'shardware.*************************************** Find outmoreabout Miniclip:http://www.miniclip.comFollow Mini PetsonFacebook: Twitter:!/miniclip
My Tiny Pet 1.4
What if a virtual pet hatched on your phone or tablet? Do youhavewhat it takes to take care of your very own pet?Join millionsofother pet lovers to discover loads of fun by making yourvirtualpet part of your daily life. Name it, feed it, play with it,tuckit into bed, enjoy its life-like emotions and dress it upanywayyou want! It’s like Tamagotchi on your Android devices. Lookafteryour adorable little pet and play all the exciting minigamesnow!Game Feature:- Adorable character and stunning graphics-Play10+ awesome mini games and collect coins- Visit and check outyourfriends’ pets and send them greetings