Top 49 Games Similar to Space Chicks

Atomic Super Lander
Atomic Super LanderThe doomsday is upon us. The Earth is about tobebombarded by an asteroid supercluster! It’s time to cramallable-bodied persons to rockets and fire them blindly into spaceina desperate fight for mankind’s survival!Become a cosmicdemolitionman! Master the tricks of space flight, fight strangealien lifeand plant your nukes in the asteroid cores. Escape tosafety anddetonate those rocks to stardust!Key Features:- Uniquecombinationof classic lander and platformer gameplay- A balance ofskillfulgameplay and intense action in an increasingly hostileenvironment-Explore endless amounts of different asteroids-Navigate yourspaceship through debris and danger- Brawl withdangerous aliencreatures- Stylistic cartoon graphics andanimations- Multiplespaceships to help on your mission- Collectachievement cards foran interactive cardhouse- Compete againstother players on globalhighscore boards- Controller support-Customizable touchcontrolsFollow us for the latest info and gamenews!••••••
Monkey Racing Free
Monkey Racing is a new game from the creators of MonkeyBoxing!Thetitle is an arcade racing game featuring crazy monkeycharactersstruggling for victory riding ludicrousvehicles.Features:– 80tracks– Unlockable customizable vehicles inmore than 40 millioncombinations– 18 bosses to beat– Supportedlanguages: English,Italian, French– Single and Multiplayer mode– 89rewardingachievements to unlock– Improve your vehicle stats andmake itfaster– Use any means to win: including missiles, shockwavesandshields– Optimized for MOGA Controllers– Play it on NVIDIASHIELD!–No featured in Shield Hub.Follow us for the latestinfoand game news!•••
If you are getting a black screen on loading, please rebootyourdevice so it can loadthe expansion file. If you are getting ablackscreen after landing on a planet,turn off any Ad block appsyou mayhave turned on.Play the first two missions and explorerandomplanets for FREEPay to unlock the full story mode to get allof theweapons and powerups.Ads can be removed by purchasingANYIAP.Please note: A device from 2015 or later is recommended toplaythis game.Want to chat about Morphite? Join ourDiscordserver: story of Morphite takesplacein a far off future when humanity has long since populatedthedistant reaches of space. The player takes on the role ofMyrahKale, a young woman residing on a space station and workshopunderthe care of her surrogate father, Mr. Mason. What starts asasimple exploratory mission to gather supplies to support theirshoprapidly turns into a journey revealing Myrah’s unknown past andherrelationship to a rare, coveted, and nearly extinct materialcalledMorphite.In order to unlock and understand the mysteries ofherpast, Myrah must travel to undiscovered planets, roamunchartedsectors of space, and confront exotic creatures andlocales insearch of this Morphite.Aside from the main storyline,the worldsof Morphite are randomly generated. Encounter variouscreaturetypes, landscapes, caves, rivers, and more to explore.Explorelarge space stations, abandoned or infested withalienlife.Features:Beautiful Stylized Low-Poly LookAmazingsoundtrack -over 50 original songs by Evan GipsonFully voicedMainStorylineEnvironmental puzzle solvingScan creatures to selltheirbio information to upgrade your ship and weapons.Findvariousupgrades throughout your adventures.Huge bosses tobattleNavigatethe stars with an easy to use Starmap system.Randomencountersaboard your shipDozens of side missionsReal-time spacecombatSpacetradingResource collection and tradingFind randomweapons andvehicles on various planetsUpgrade your suit to surviveharsherconditionsHID controllers support - Full list here underAndroidCategory
Neon Shadow
Celebrating the launch on Steam withcross-platformmultiplayer! isa fast paced Cyber Punk FPS inspired by classic shooters.Suit upand grab your shotgun. Your mission: Save humanity from thedarkmechanoids who have taken control of your space station andsoonthe rest of the galaxy!Note: After going free, the newestversiondoes contain ads - if you've already paid for the game andhave itinstalled - you will not be shown any ads.Features:•Multiplayer.•Old school first person shooter game-play.• Singleplayercampaign.• Online multiplayer death-match mode.• LANmultiplayerdeath-match.• Cyber Punk soundtrack from Abducted bySharks.(• Google Play GameServices.•Controller support for Moga controllers• Support forNVIDIA SHIELD•Controller support for Game Stop Red SamuraiWhenplaying with acontroller: (Android + controller setup)- Support formultiplecontrol layouts: South paw and legacyBe sure to vote forNeonShadow on Steam Greenlight if you'd like to see itonPC! the latest info and gamenews!•••
Subdivision Infinity
Subdivision Infinity is an immersive and pulse pounding sci-fi3Dspace shooter.**ATTENTION** - Play the first locationforfree!Ready your ship and cruise the great expanse of space inover50 engaging missions in 6 distinct locales. Hunt down anddestroyenemy spacecraft, crush capital ships, mine asteroids forrareminerals, and find blueprints to craft amazingnewvessels.Subdivision Infinity features stunning graphics andtightspaceship game play. Beyond the story's main missions, youwillhave an array of optional goals to keep you cruising,includingspace exploration, bounty hunting, and miningoperations.Features:•First Location is free!• Over 50 Missions inthe main storyline• 6unique locations, each with a different feeland atmosphere• Uniquebosses! Capital ships destruction is not justincluded, butencouraged• Side-quests galore! Take a break from themain storyand engage in some rewarding side activitiesincluding:•Exploration - Find lost relics like ship blueprints tooutfit andimprove your ships. Or, build a new ship!• Free Hunt -Take onhostile spacecraft and hone your combat skills• Mining -Harvestasteroids and sell their minerals for profit, or use them tocraftunique ships• Diverse selection of weapons and ships availabletobuy and upgrade• Beautiful 3D graphics! Perfect forexceptionalspace combatFollow us for the latest info and gamenews!••••
Strike Wing: Raptor Rising
** ATTENTION - TRIAL MODE **The game is offered in trial mode. This allows you to experiencethefirst three story missions, play the tutorials and twochallengemissions for free before purchasing the full version.Additionalstory missions and challenges can be played afterwatching videoads.Take over the stars, blast through enemy fighter waves anddestroycapital ships while piloting the most advanced fighters inthegalaxy.Strike Wing is a single player space combat simulator thatcombinessharp controls, beautiful graphics and adaptable missionsto createan unique space combat experience for mobiledevices.EPISODE 2 UPDATEThe Episode 2 update is now live adding more content,storymissions, ships to fly, challenges, achievements andfixes.** WARNING ** If you experience problems installing or runningthegame please make sure you have at least 200 MB of freespaceavailable on the device before starting theinstallation.= BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS =Fly beautifully designed ships in asteroid fields, aroundplanetaryorbits or in deep space. Experience a colorful andvibrantrepresentation of space on your mobile device.= FLUID CONTROLS =Play with the accelerometer or with the on-screen virtualstick.Learn each ship’s flight characteristics and masterthemindividually.= WIDE ARRAY OF SHIPS =Choose from super-fast and nimble fighters to heavy torpedobombers,each with their own strengths, weaknesses and style ofplay.Progress through the levels to gain access to more shipsandfeatures!= ADAPTABLE MISSIONS =Missions adapt to your style of play, to your skill and shipchoiceto give you a consistent challenge every time you play. Needanextra challenge? You can make each mission more difficult at aflipof a switch and reap better rewards.Follow us for the latest info and game news!•••
Dan the Man: Action Platformer 1.2.2
Celebrate Spring with ourlimited-timeoffersWith nearly 10 MILLION installs and growing each day, it’s easytosee why Dan the Man has been awarded as one of the “Best ofGamesfor 2016” across the major mobile platforms!This legendary game dials back to gaming’s retro roots to bringyouan action platformer brawler that you’d swear you’ve played intheold arcade! So download now and take control of the legendary(andoften inappropriate hero) … Dan the Man!With a cracking funny story, awesome upgradeable fighting skillsandan epic arsenal of weapons that will make even the most heroicofheroes envious, Dan The Man's arcade fight fest has enoughenemiesand boss fights to satisfy every hardcore gamer.Are you READY for this?- Robo-bosses that will test their metal against your mettle!- Upgradable weapons and abilities that will help you putthe*smack* in smackdown!- Customise your own character, or play as Dan, super girl JosieorBarry Steakfries! (IAP)- Story Modes, Endless Survival and Battle Mode. Choose your modeofchallenge!- Secret Areas, unlockable costumes and Daily events to keep youonyour toes!- Retro style controls in the palm of your hands, with supportforgamepads!What are you waiting for? Join the epicness! Be legendary!PLAYNOW!***Catch up on the story before you play the game! Watch each stageofthe webseries:***This game contains optional in-app purchases. You can disablethisfeature in the settings menu of your device.View our privacy policy at our terms of service at***Permissions used in the game:- Check your network, WIFI and Internet availability:Ensures your game is kept up to date, give you accesstoonline/cloud save options and serve ads where applicable.- Avoid the device falls asleep:This prevents the device from going into a sleep state whilethegame is active.- Allow IAP items purchases:This allows you to make purchases from our in-game store.- Receive push notifications:Gives us authorization to send you messages and notificationsforevents, features, etc.- Write External Storage:Dan the man needs access to the file system to run properly.-VIBRATE:Dan the Man needs access to the vibrator to run properly.
Legend of the Skyfish Zero
Legend of the Skyfish is a beautiful action adventure puzzlegamewith a unique weapon and tool - a fishing pole!Follow theintrepidLittle Red Hook on her journey with the Moonwhale to defeatthemonstrous Skyfish.Use your fishing pole as a weapon or agrapplinghook, and upgrade it as you go.Legend of the Skyfish isfilled withbeautiful hand-painted art, intricate action puzzles anduniqueenemies. Explore a huge world of 45 handcrafted levels anddefeatgiant bosses.** This is an ad-supported version of Legend oftheSkyfish. You can play about half of the game for free andthendecide if you want to purchase the upgrade to the full,ad-freeversion.Features:- Unique fishing/grappling hookmechanics-Gorgeous hand-painted environments and creatures-Original musicscore by Sean Beeson- 45 handcrafted levels- Epicboss fights- Manyitems to find and use - Various puzzles to solve-Great for allages!- Gamepad support
Shadow Blade Zero
First 7 levels are free!NEW CONTENT has been added for a total of60action-packed levels!Enhanced for MOGA!Kuro is a young man onhisquest to become the Shadow Blade. He must seek the teachings ofthelast remaining ninja master. You will guide him throughchallenginglevels, around countless traps, sneaking past enemiesor right overtheir dead bodies. You have to be fast, be stealthy,be aware ofyour environment. You have to be a ninja. Shadow Bladeis a fastpaced action platformer game for Android Devices withintuitivetouch controls. It features intuitive touch controls andan array ofweapons and challenging levels. Becoming a ninja is atyourfingertips! Includes Tablet Support!Follow us for the latestinfoand game news!•••
Mad Dex
You’re in for a heaping helping of exciting adventure in theworldof Mad Dex, one of the greatest platformers of all time!You’reMadDex. You’re little, but you’re brave. The love of your lifehasbeen kidnapped by a merciless monster that has taken over thecity,and now all you can think about it how to save her from hisvileclutches.Use your special parkour abilities to overcome alltheobstacles, avoid all the traps, beat all the bosses, fight yourwayto the big bad, and save your girlfriend! Put your agility tothetest as you run, jump, stick to walls, fend off your evilfoes’deadly attacks, and never give up!Mad Dex is a hardcoreplatformer,an exciting, challenging game for anyone who’s willingto go theextra mile to reach their goal.Features:• Epicfree-to-play actiongame• More than 50 levels with variousdifficulties• Hardcore bossbattles• Awesome visual effects combinedwith unique physics andexciting gameplay• Peppy soundtrack• Globalscore leaderboard and aglobal leaderboard for every level • We readevery review, so YOURIDEA just might make it into the game oneday!Only you can saveMiss Dex! How to play: just press the jumpbutton rather thantapping it, and everything will be fine ;)Thanksfor playing MadDex ! Don't forget to rate the app and give us yourfeedback. Weare constantly trying to improve the game and we lovehearing yourthoughts !
PURE ACTIONRun, jump and slide from ropes, dodge rocks! Notenough?There is much more in Manuganu. Avoid swinging hammers andjumpover moving ice blocks. Don’t get burned and jump between wallstocollect coins and medallions. Break stone blocks andactivateplatforms before you fall into fog and much more...ARUNNINGADVENTUREManuganu is a 3D side- scroller running game, inwhich youcontrol the boy “Manuganu”.Unlike other usual runninggames,Manuganu brings on the “Halt feature” to avoid swingingrocks,hammers, flames and other enemies with the right timing.Anotherimportant feature of Manuganu is the ability to switchfrom“running” mode to “rope climbing” mode when needed. But becareful!This mode has its own challenges.GAME FEATURES•PlatformingActions:Double Jumping, Wall Sliding, Hovering, Wall Jumping,Rolling,Breaking Stone Blocks•Run through 30 different levels, eachwithit’s own unique design according to the level theme.•Twobuttoncontrols and specific swipe controls.•Run into alternatepaths toget 3 Star in all Levels.•Three different environments withfull 3Dgraphics.•Original Soundtrack by TolgaYURDABAK•Turkish-EnglishLanguage Support
Clash of Puppets hack n slash
Clash of Puppets is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at majorretailers,carrier stores and online athttp://www.MOGAanywhere.comHelp Charliegetting out of his ownnightmares! Clash of Puppets is a full 3Dhack'n'slash platformer,featuring classic b-movie style. Adventurethrough 3 worlds offrantic levels. Use tons of devastating weaponsand traps againsthordes of puppets! Features: - High quality 3dGraphics: Fullyanimated 3D characters with dynamic lighting. - 3dhack n slash- 3dplatformer- Vast Arsenal: Find and use tons ofdevastating weaponsand traps. - Long Lasting: Inspired by B-moviesof the 20thcentury, Clash of Puppets will feature 3 worlds toexperience andan infinite survival mode. - Challenge: your friendstry to achievethe best score to be the "Survival Hero". -Console-Style:Experience a true console style hack’n'slashplatformer game onyour mobile device. - Google Play Services:Leaderboards and lotsof achievements. - Supports English, Italian,Spanish, and Frenchlanguages- Optimized for MOGA Controllers- Playit on NVIDIASHIELD! featured in TegraZone.Follow us for thelatest infoand game news!•••
Paper Monsters Recut
Dive into the world of Paper Monsters Recut and watch a livingworldmade out of paper, cardboard, and even a few cotton ballsunfoldright before your eyes!--FEATURES-- - Stunning cartoon-likeconsolegraphics with amazing dynamic lighting and real timeshadows.-Classic 2D platformer gameplay with gorgeous 3denvironments. - Anadorable cast of fun, original characters. -Tight responsivecontrols- 3 Save slots for multiple game files! -Old school-styleplayable overworld, with plenty levels and secretsto unlock alongthe way. - Awesome power ups including jetpacks,submarines, lasersand more! - Collect special treasures to unlockbonus high scoremini games. - Awesome original soundtrack. - Funfor gamers of anyage.Follow us for the latest info and gamenews!•••
Deadlock: Online
Join in on the action and play against thousands of otherplayersinonline matches. Compete in daily and weeklytournaments towinunlock points. Over 30 differentweapons, armor, and attachments-including different pistols, rifles, machineguns,grenades,scopes,and flashbangs!Practice your shooting skills beforeenteringin online matches by playing Survival Mode and BotMatchesoffline!Features:- Up to 8 player online Cross PlatformMultiplayeraction.- Over 30 weapons including assault rifles, submachineguns, grenades and more.- Robust loadout system includingmultipleweapon attachments, and armor.- MOGA controller support.(In gameonly)- 3 Gameplay modes at launch including Deathmatch,TeamDeathmatch and Capture & Hold- 30 ranks to earn withrewardsfor each rank you earn.- Asynchronous Online Tournaments–automatically be entered into new tournaments runningevery dayandevery week to win unlock points which can be used to unlocknewweapons and items.- 7 Maps in diverse locations.Follow us forthelatest info and gamenews!•••
Mad Dex 2
You’re in for a heaping helping of exciting adventure in theworldof Mad Dex 2, one of the greatest platformers of alltime!You’reMad Dex. You’re little, but you’re brave. The love ofyour life hasbeen kidnapped by a merciless monster that has takenover the city,and now all you can think about it how to save herfrom his vileclutches.Use your special parkour abilities toovercome all theobstacles, avoid all the traps, beat all thebosses, fight your wayto the big bad, and save your girlfriend! Putyour agility to thetest as you run, jump, stick to walls, fend offyour evil foes’deadly attacks, and never give up!Mad Dex 2 is ahardcoreplatformer, an exciting, challenging game for anyone who’swillingto go the extra mile to reach their goal.Features:•Epicfree-to-play action game• 75 levels with various difficultiesin 5chapters• Exciting story• Hardcore boss battles• Awesomevisualeffects combined with unique physics and exciting gameplay•Widevariety of traps• Characters with different skills andupgrades•Peppy soundtrack• Global leaderboard for every level •Speed: getmedals after fast level-complete• Explorer: secrets ateach level•We read every review, so YOUR IDEA just might make itinto the gameone day!Only you can save Miss Dex! Good Luck at thegame !)Thanksfor playing Mad Dex 2! Don't forget to rate the appand give usyour feedback. We are constantly trying to improve thegame and welove hearing your thoughts !
Leap Day
Leap Day is a fast paced action platformer with a brand newlevelevery day! really EVERY DAY! until the ENDOFTIME!Features:• A brand new level you can finish every day!• Setina different location every day!• Everyone will have exactlythesame level every day!• Different traps every day!•Differentmonsters every day!• Finish the day and get a gold trophystamp onyour calendar... every day! (As long as your good enough!)•Did weget across there's a ton of new stuff every day?Also:• Simpleonetouch gameplay in portrait orientation. A perfect platformer onthego!• A colourful and stunning pixel art world. Retro nostalgiais ago!• A real labour of love from the whole Nitrometeam!-Importantinformation-This game contains third partyadvertising and crosspromotion for other nitrome games, both whichcan be removed via aone time In App Purchase.
Demonrock: War of Ages
Demonrock: War of Ages is a reverse defense game with beautiful3Dgraphics and intuitive game play! Lead your hero's soldierstovictory against hordes of monsters.Features:- 40 levels across4unique lands of environment : forest, dungeon, coffin chamberandwinter forest - 4 legendary heroes : barbarian, ranger, knightandsorceress, each hero has 5 skills - Over 30 kinds of enemiesandBosses: goblins, orcs, skeletons, trolls, spiders, werewolves..anda giant dragon- hire 13 kinds mercenaries to setup breakthroughenemies’ defence- Collect epic loot in battle and upgradeyourweapons and armor, each hero has 6 wagons and armors with 4levelsof appearance upgrades- Intuitive controls andstep-by-steptutorials for you to get started
Incredible Jack: Jump and Run
Set out on an incredible journey in this classic game full ofoldschool platformer. Blow up everything around and fight 7hugebosses!"Would rate it ★★★★★★ six stars if I could! Very niceandchallenging game.""It is the best game I have ever played. Ifyouare thinking of getting a game that is the one.""It's anenjoyableplatformer with cute graphics and addictive gameplay.""Very nicechallenging adventure game.... much better than sametypes ofgames""The gameplay of Incredible Jack is a combination ofmanyclassic platforming games which is pretty entertaining."HelpJackrescue his family from the demons of the underworld inthispower-packed Jump and Run adventure! Collect thousands ofcoins,wipe out countless enemies and utilize an assortment ofwildacrobatic contraptions to reach the exit at the end ofeachlevel.Classic platform gameIncredible Jack harks back to thebestof classic platform games; bounce on the heads of your enemiesforpoints, use springs to propel Jack into the sky or to skimacrosswater and take on seven mighty bosses. Journey through amagicalworldWith 43 levels to explore, Jack will travel acrosstreetops,through sand-filled tombs, icy caves and the overflowinglava pitsof the underworld. Treasure everywhereJack’s children haveleft atrail of coins to help him track them down. Collect asmanyglittering treasures as you can by smashing over crates,barrels,sacks and in hidden areas.Game Features⛑ A family funplatformersuitable for all ages⛑ 43 action-packed levels⛑ 7 amazinggameworlds to explore⛑ Fill your boots with coins from anything youcansmash open⛑ Use power-ups to fly or turn Jack into a coin magnet
Colossatron 1.1.1
AN EXPLOSIVE NEW GAME FROM THE CREATORSOFFRUIT NINJA AND JETPACK JOYRIDE!Colossatron: Massive World Threat is the story of the biggestandmost powerful being to ever wage war against mankind. But thistime- YOU get to be the bad guy!Take control of a giant robotic snake and smash throughcitieswith ease as you fight to create the most fearsome weapon ofalltime. Your objective is simple: DESTROY EVERYTHING!Build and shape Colossatron to overcome the formidable forcesofGeneral Moustache and his military units. Battles willintensifyquickly as tanks, boom trucks and even aerial bombersswarmColossatron in seemingly overwhelming numbers.The key to victory lies in building Colossatron byattachingcolored Powercores as they appear. Different colors andunlockablegadgets can be combined to form bigger, badder weaponsand strongerPowercores, with thousands of potential combinations.Useeverything at your disposal to become the ultimateColossatronstrategist!The mayhem is broadcast live via the Action News 6helicopter,with regular story updates from Rick Dalton and KatieHazard. Acollateral damage counter monitors your progress as thebattlecontinues at a furious pace across the globe.Colossatron: Massive World Threat is fast, fun andnon-stopaction. The battle starts NOW!****KEY FEATURES:Chaotic Campaign – Explode your way through seven continents onadestructive trail spanning the entire globe!Epic Boss Fights – Throw down against giant mechs,ballisticgunships and more in a furious fight for survival!Devastating Weaponry – Crush your enemies with a huge arsenalofpowerful weapons, impressive upgrades and high-tech gadgets.Thereare thousands of potential combinations!Intense Survival Challenges – Compete against friends intheultimate test of skill and strategy.****IMPORTANT NOTICE TO PARENTSThis game may contain:- The ability to purchase optional content using real money.Youcan disable in-app purchases in the settings menu ofyourdevice.- Promotional material for Halfbrick products and trustedbusinesspartners.- Links to external social networking sites intended for usersoverthe age of 13.- Direct links to the internet which may open the defaultwebbrowser on your device.Privacy Policy: of Service:****LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: US ON TWITTER: view Halfbrick's Privacy Policy, please go to:
Magic Rampage
Exciting new platformer that combines the action-RPG genre withhack'n' slash gameplay. Magic Rampage features charactercustomizationand dozens of weapons to wield; from knives tomagical staves. Eachdungeon introduces the player to newobstacles, enemies and secretareas to explore. Search Bonuslevels, strive in Survival mode, joinforces with friendly NPCs andbattle it out in challenging Bossfights.Magic Rampage brings backthe look and feel of the very bestclassic platformers from the90's, introducing refreshed andengaging gameplay mechanics. If youmiss platformers from the 16-bitera, and think games nowadaysaren't that good anymore, think twice!Magic Rampage is foryou.Magic Rampage supports joysticks, gamepadsand physicalkeyboard for even more accurate gameplayresponsiveness.Want tojoin the beta testers and be able to testnewer versions beforeeveryone else? Find outhow: gaming experience, a high-end Android device isrecommended.
It’s Sci-fi robot platform blasting fun! Run; jump and examinetherobot base while you combat the machine empire’s robots.DownloadMEGATROID now to experience why more than half a milliongamershave downloaded it and why Google play featured it as thenumberone platform game in the US, Canada and India. It’s theaddictiveplatformer where you can generate your ownlevels!Automaticallygenerate your own level by typing anything inthe levelgenerator.Hundreds of weapons and armor to choose from inthe BlackMarket!Super-badass weapons, armor and upgrades in thePremiumMarket! Classic 8-bit inspired soundtrack! "Combiningsimplemechanics, amazing visuals and long-term playability,Megatroid isone game that could become the next bigthing."-gameographics.comThe best way to get news and updatesaboutMEGATROID is to like us on Facebook! Jointhecrowd! soundtrackisavailable for FREEonSoundCloud!
Pocket RPG
Optimized for Xperia Play Nominated for GameSpot's "Best mobilegameof 2011 and finaly ranked in the top five!Enter a worldoverrun byhordes of monsters. Explore trap-filled dungeons andface mightybosses. Collect piles of treasure and items and investin dozens ofabilities and unlockable equipment. Test your skillsagainst theoncoming darkness.Pocket RPG is a dual-stick actiondungeon-crawler.In it you can choose from three distinct classes,each with theirown combat style.The Blade Master:A duel wieldingmelee specialist.He survives by clearing swathes of enemies witheach of his mightystrikes. He has devastating special moves whichskillful playerswill be able to use to decimate their foes.TheDark Ranger.A deadlyarcher who can summon waves of arrows thatbounce, seek and split.Perforate your enemies with dense walls ofarrowy death.The BattleMageA powerful, but fragile, nuker whocontrols the forces of fire,ethereal, ice and lightning toobliterate groups of enemies. Chargeup her spells to criticallevels and unleash maximumdestruction.Each quest in Pocket RPG isa new adventure. The herostarts at level zero with an empty sacheland collects items andrapidly builds their strength to dizzyingproportions. Pocket RPG isnot a "my numbers beat your numbers"game. Items matter and the wayyou use them is even moreimportant.Pocket RPG provides hours offantasy hack 'n slashmayhem.
Shadow Blade
Kuro is a young man on his quest to become the Shadow Blade. Hemustseek the teachings of the last remaining ninja master.Enhanced forMOGA!Includes Tablet Support!You will guide himthrough challenginglevels, around countless traps, sneaking pastenemies or right overtheir dead bodies. You have to be fast, bestealthy, be aware ofyour environment. You have to be a ninja.Shadow Blade is a fastpaced action platformer game for AndroidDevices with intuitivetouch controls. It features intuitive touchcontrols and an array ofweapons and challenging levels. Becoming aninja is at yourfingertips! There is also a free unlockableversionhere: the latest info and gamenews!•••
Hammer Bomb - Creepy Dungeons!
Are you ready to enter dark mazes and dungeons - full ofmonsterhordes and traps?Then brave the dungeon, Sir Hammer Bomb.Rescueyour soldiers and find the treasure!Hammer Bomb is a newtwist ondungeon style arcade games. Easy controls for anyone toplay, butonly a few will master!Drop bombs to open secret areas tofind thebest treasures!Go on quests looking for various types oftreats.Cake, Pizza, Hot Dogs,Soda, and more!Level up and collectall 50perks to enhance your gameplaying abilities.Use variousweapons,bows, swords, magic, and the almighty hammer!BattleGinormousbosses in each of the biomes.Features:-An endless amountof mindbending mazes to escape-Great voxel style graphics-Easy toplay,simple controls for anyone to play.-Various weapons to useandmaster-50 perks to upgrade your playing skills-Quests to findineach maze - yummy treats!Follow us for the latest info andgamenews!•••
Legend of the Skyfish
** Touch Arcade - 4.5/5 'Get hooked on this'** Pocket Gamer -9/10Gold Award! 'Leave the sword. We're going fishing.'Legend oftheSkyfish is a beautiful action adventure puzzle game with auniqueweapon and tool - a fishing pole!Follow the intrepid LittleRedHook on her journey with the Moonwhale to defeat themonstrousSkyfish.Use your fishing pole as a weapon or a grapplinghook, andupgrade it as you go.Legend of the Skyfish is filled withbeautifulhand-painted art, intricate action puzzles anduniqueenemies.Explore a huge world of 45 handcrafted levels anddefeatgiant bosses.Features:- Unique fishing/grappling hookmechanics-Gorgeous hand-painted environments and creatures-Original musicscore by Sean Beeson- 45 handcrafted levels- Epicboss fights- Manyitems to find and use - Various puzzles to solve-Great for allages!- Gamepad support
ESWAT: City Under Siege Classic
ESWAT: City Under Siege is now available on mobile! Play freeandrediscover SEGA’s power-armored platformer!Liberty City is inthegrip of an unstoppable crimewave. Gangs rule the streets andonlycops in cybernetic power armor can hope to end theviolence.Playing as Officer Duke Oda, you must don yourcutting-edge ICECombat Suit, fire up your plasma rifles, jet packs,and rockets tobring about peace once and for all!ESWAT: City UnderSiege joinsthe ever-increasing line-up of ‘SEGA Forever’, atreasure trove offree SEGA console classics brought to life onmobile for the firsttime!FEATURES- Arm yourself with plasma rifles,flame throwers, andmore!- Utilize the short-burst jetpack to giveyou the upper handin battle!- Huge mechanized bosses!- Dozens ofpower ups to boostyour chances in battle!MOBILE GAME FEATURES- PLAYFREE withad-support or ad-free via In-App Purchase- SAVE YOUR GAMES– saveyour progress at any point in the game- LEADERBOARDS –compete withthe world for high scores- HAPTIC SUPPORT: get into thegame withresponsive button presses- CONTROLLER SUPPORT: HIDcompatiblecontrollersRETRO REVIEWS“If you're after a slick andhighlyplayable arcade game, ESWAT is the one to go for.” [93%] -JulianRignall, Computer + Video Games #106 (September 1990)“ESWATis asuper-slick platform shoot 'em up that simply oozes quality.”[92%]- Computer + Video Games' Complete Guide to Consoles #4(November1990)“A blaster of unputdownable playability.” [895/1000]- EugeneLacey, ACE #37 (October 1990)ESWAT: CITY UNDER SIEGETRIVIA- Yourspinning flamethrower attack is great but does depleteyour fuel souse it wisely!- Side-scrolling beat-‘em-up fans, takenote: theESWAT ending features the same police car as seen inStreets ofRage!- Cyber Police ESWAT, released in arcades and on theMasterSystem, is a very different game to ESWAT: City UnderSiege!ESWAT:CITY UNDER SIEGE HISTORY- The game was originallyreleased in 1990-Developed by: Sega R&D2- Designer: HiroakiChino- LeadComposer: Takayuki Nakamura- - - - -PrivacyPolicy: ofUse: apps are ad-supported and noin-apppurchases are required to progress; ad-free play optionavailablewith in-app purchase.This game may include "Interest BasedAds"(please see formoreinformation)​ and may collect "Precise Location Data" ​(pleasesee ​formoreinformation)​© SEGA. All rights reserved. SEGA, the SEGAlogo,ESWAT: City Under Siege, SEGA Forever, and the SEGA Foreverlogoare registered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA Holdings Co.,Ltd.or its affiliates.
Manuganu 2
*** “Now featured on NVIDIA TegraZone. Plays great withfullcontroller support on NVIDIA SHIELD Portable and SHIELD Tablet,andAndroid TV.” ***Manuganu is back with lots of action and brandnewfeatures for new adventures. Help him in his quest to rescuehisbest friend. Manuganu-2 is a 3D side- scroller running game,inwhich you control the boy “Manuganu”.NEVERENDING ACTION40unequally designed levels. Beat 4 Epic Bosses and completethesaga. Collect all the items to win extra awards. Followalternativepaths to collect the three stars and gain “GooglePlay”achievements. TIMING IS THE TRICK To run away from enemiesanddodge the obstacles use the halt feature. In Manuganu timingiseverything. NEW FEATURES In this release, Manuganu, has flyandswim features, which can easily be controlled with a singletouchand it will be more challenging than ever with the improvedclimbfeature. GLAMOROUS VISUALS Completely 3D character andenvironmentdesign. Environments prepared with different colors andlights willget you into the game. Game Features •Platformingactions: Run,jump, roll, fly and swim •Original soundtrack by BurakKarakaş•Game available in: English, French, German,Italian,Spanish,Brazilian Portuguese and Turkish
Doodle Jump
Lima Sky LLC
Named Best of 2015 by Google Playeditors!Thank you for all of your support.One of the hottest mobile games of all time! Easy to pick upandplay. Wildly addictive.See for yourself why Touch Arcade called Doodle Jump “possiblythebest [mobile] game ever created” and Macworld called it “aperfectmicro-game, insanely addictive, and deliciouslyreplayable.”How high can you get?Journey up a sheet of graph paper, perpetually jumping fromoneplatform to the next, picking up jet packs, avoiding blackholes,and blasting baddies with nose balls along the way. Laughwithdelight as you blow past other players' actual scoremarkersscribbled in the margins. And be warned: this game isinsanelyaddictive!Features:- Many fantastical worlds to play in - Ninja, Space, Jungle,Soccer,Underwater, Snow, Halloween, Frozen Ice, Easter andPirates!- Awesome power-ups to pick-up (JET PACKs, PROPELLER HATS,ROCKETS,trampolines...)- Trippy obstacles to avoid (UFOs, black holes, and many,manymonstrous monsters)- Mad platforms to jump on (Broken, moving, disappearing,shifting,EXPLODING…)- NEW! - More than 100 missions to complete for rewards- Global leaderboards, fun achievements! Beat yourfriends’scores!How to play:Tilt to move left or right, tap the screen to shoot.As seen on TV (Big Bang Theory, Parks & Rec, Bad Girls),movies(Battleship), late-night (Jimmy Fallon) and on tour with LadyGaga,find out why Doodle Jump is a true cultural phenomenon.* BE WARNED: This game is INSANELY addictive!* Don't doodle jump and drive!:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::If you bought Doodle Jump in the past, make sure you haveitinstalled on your device* when you install this new version!Thatwill remove the ads. If you have already uninstalled/deletedtheold paid Doodle Jump version, you can re-download it from"MyAndroid Apps" -> "Other apps in my library" or by goingdirectlyto:* This will work for most devices, but unfortunately not theonesthat the old paid version is not compatible with. We are tryingtocome up with a solution for those.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Mines of Mars Scifi Mining RPG
Some suspected that Mars once harbored life. There was a reasonthatit wasn't ever found. Top Most Anticipated Games of 2013 -TouchArcade Top Most Anticipated Games of 2014 - Pocket Gamer'Mines ofMars had a tendency to grab ahold of me for just one moremineralrun' 4.5/5 -Touch Arcade 9/10 Arcade Sushi4.5/5 App Smile5/ 5/5 Mines of Mars is aproceduralatmospheric RPG mining game that is inspired by gameslike Metroidand Motherload. It is also a story based adventuregame with darksecrets, great weapons, tons of different items, anda gorgeousworld to explore. The world of MoM is procedurallycreated, so thatevery time you play it, it will be a littledifferent. There aretons of different enemies, dark corridors, anda large variety offauna and ambient creatures. -Huge Procedurallygeneratedunderground world -Customizable RPG system-Night and Daysystem-Dark secrets -Atmospheric vibes -3 Mini Games -OriginalAmbientSoundtrack by Evan Gipson -Lots of flora and fauna -Tons ofWeaponsand Items -Great storyline -Gravity Mining! -Huge BossesCo-opmultiplayer mining will be coming in a future update! Followus forthe latest info and gamenews!•••
Pixel Ninja Gaiden ~Retro Shinobi Story~
Story introduction: Dark Devil comes, bringing endless chaosanddarkness, the evil demon combined with the Dark Ninja Corps,wreakhavoc, kill and looting everywhere, the human world into acrisis.On the verge of death, the mysterious Dragon Ninjaappeared,Use thepower of Sword Kobayashi and Ninjutsu, He willdestroy the DarkNinja Corps and demons. You will control the DragonNinja, UseSword Kobayashi and Ninjutsu, become a demon slayer! Thebest 2Daction games ever on the console gaming platform, todayrevived onthe mobile gaming platform, new stories, new levelschapters, newenemies and Boss challenges, and more actionable gamesfor mobilegaming platforms.How to play:1 Game Type: This game is a2Dplatform action game, control characters move in the levelandfight with enemies and Boss;2 Game Operation: game screenprovidevirtual buttons, front and back button control move, attackbuttonwaving sword to attack the enemy, Ninjutsu button to startninjutsuskill, jump button control ninja jump and wall jump;3Ordinaryenemy battle: Each level has much different styles enemies,eachenemy has its own unique attack and counterattack weaknesses.UseSword Kobayashi and Ninjutsu just One-off attack, enemy willbekilled;4 Boss battle: Boss is very strong and has highattackpower, Dragon Ninja must pay attention to evade Boss attacks,andthen find the right time to counterattack with Sword KobayashiorNinjutsu;5 Ninjutsu props: Dragon Ninja need to consumeNinjutsuendurance, in the game scene, you can touch the Ninjutsuprops toincrease the Ninjutsu endurance;6 Blood props: Fight withenemy,Dragon Ninja will lose blood endurance, in the game scene,youcantouch the Blood props to increase the Bloodendurance;GameFeatures:1 Using realistic style pixel arts, the gamefeel bothretro and real, the game art is a leader in pixel games;2Gameoperation closer to the host 2D platform adventure games, basedonthe reference classic games, mobile games for the platform todothe necessary simplification and optimization, the use ofvirtualkeys can also be completed precise game operation;3Refreshingninja killing sense of killing, Dragon Ninja run and jumpin thescene;4 Difficult Boss battle, Boss blood thick, highattack,extremely challenging;5 Very immersive background music,immersingplayers in the beautiful game scenes and combat experienceamongthem;6 Rich levels of content, provides 12 different levels ofthegame, 3 Boss battle, follow-up weekly to update a new level,everymonth to update a new Boss battle;7 Rich ninjutsu system,currentlyoffering Shuriken skill, the follow-up will be theintroduction ofthe flame array, wind knife, ghost fire, shadowavatar and otherendurance skills;Conclusion: The peak of the 90'saction game inthis rebirth, hurry to download experience! If thisgame can arouseyour love of action games, keep watching the latestcontent of thegame.
Stellar Wanderer
Stellar Wanderer is a beautiful space opera set in a vastopen-worlduniverse, the same universe as our sister game: StrikeWing: RaptorRising. Grow your skills and choose the best path thatsuits yourplay style. Become a FIGHTER, TRADER, TANK or ENGINEER,each withits own bonuses and special abilities. Follow the mainstoryline orchoose the side missions you would like to play. Minefor resourcesor be the most dangerous pirate in thegalaxy.Experience a varietyof gorgeous space sets, each withseveral interest points. Earncredits for the ship of your choiceor choose multiple ships! Tuneyour ship with more than 100 itemsthat are currently available inthe game.• 10+ hours of gameplay tocomplete the story line• Useaccelerometer or virtual joystick•Cockpit view for a more immersivefeeling or third person view forbetter observation• Fight, mine,explore, trade• Gorgeous visualswith unique atmosphere for eachspace set.Follow us for the latestinfo and game news!•••••
Paper Monsters
STUFF MagazineIf you’re looking for a gorgeous-lookingplatformerwith that pick up and playability, you’ll find everythingyou needand more with Paper"The controls aremasterfullycrafted""a fresh, original soundtrack add those specialtouches toan already solid game"GAMEZEBO"For lack of a better word,it'sperfect. Everyone should play this"USA TODAY"From the gameplaytopresentation to control, Paper Monsters is arealtreat...""Paper Monsters Redefines The BoundariesOfSide Scrolling Adventures"Dive into the world of Paper Monstersandwatch a living world made out of paper, cardboard, and a fewcottonballs unfold right before your eyes. Paper Monsters takes allofthe classic 2d platforming elements, combines them withcuttingedge graphics and then packs it onto yourAndroiddevice.--FEATURES-- •Classic 2d sidescrolling gameplaywithgorgeous 3d environments. •Xperia support for the ultimatemobileexperience •Original and adorable characters •Awesomeoriginalsoundtrack - headphones recommended! •Fun under water andflyingpowerups. •Two touch scontrol types: "floating" Joystick orclassictouch pad •28 Large Levels across 6 unique worlds •Tons ofsecretareas! •High score dash mode for endless replay value! •Funfor allages
Almightree: The Last Dreamer
The world is shattering and you are the only hope to restorethebalance. A thrilling and challenging 3D puzzle platformergame.Find your way to awaken the Almightree while racingwithcalamity.Touch Arcade - 4.5/5'An excellent puzzleplatformer'148Apps - 4.5/5'It is an amusing puzzler'Pocket Gamer -8/10 SilverAward'Smart and engaging 3D puzzler that ups theante'App Advice -4.5/5'This one is downright gorgeous'It was just aradiant day whenthe ground started to fall, houses and towerscrumbled, and theworld gone out of its order. You lose everythingyou have, everyoneyou love. Your only hope is the Almightree andits seedlings,mythical trees that believed have the power to keepthe order ofthe world. But be watchful on your adventure, as youmay find cluesthat maybe there are still others. Journey through anintense andpuzzling world to awaken seedlings and finally majesticAlmightree.To restore the balance of the world or even maybe bringbackeverything you hold dear.FEATURE OVERVIEW- Thrilling 3Dpuzzleplatformer experience- Discover the stunning world oftheAlmightree- Conquer 100+ puzzles across 20 vast stages- Over6unique puzzle features to overcome- 40+ challenges to becompleted-Unlock 10+ mysterious illustrations about the hero -Compellingcutscenes to narrate the story of Almightree- Adjustabledifficultyfor personal gaming experience- Compete score and earnachievementsin Google Play game services- Cloud save supportthrough GooglePlay game servicesFollow us for the latest info andgamenews!•••
Glow Monsters - Maze survival
Eat all of the cubics, evade the monsters and survive... inGlowMaze!A great new Pac Man styled arcade game for 2015!Rotatethebridge to switch the path’s direction.Survive until you eat allthecubics in each maze.Various glow monsters with special skillswilltry to catch you,escape from them using the rotating bridgesandgive the monsters the slip! ◆ FEATURES ◆- Unique mix ofgenres,with action, puzzle, and classic arcade game play elements.-Creative gameplay – Create your own way to beat each stage.-Twobuttons, tons of strategies. - Various monsters withdifferentspecial skills.- More than 100 levels on 6 planets.- Mindblowingchallenge modes.- Beautiful glow graphics designed tosupport bothiPhone and iPad.◆ SUPPORT◆ usimprove our game. We love yourfeedback. Contact us atGlowmonsters@gmail.comFollow us for thelatest info and gamenews!•••
Explore the fanciful world of Gears, agorgeous3D ball-rolling platformer packed with imaginativechallenges. Pickup as many power-points as possible with either aswipe of thefinger or through tilting your device. Beat the clockand collectcogs in 27 levels spanning 3 unique worlds!Features:3 unique worlds: The Brass Menagerie, Rivers of Magma, andtheCavern of Omens27 obstacle-riddled levelsOne finger swipe or tilt controlsVivid high-definition graphicsLeaderboards for you and your friendsUnlockable achievementsSave game data to the cloud
Crazy Rush
Fastest action bus platformer!New levels weekly!"Epic Rush" hasbeenmade a separate game!Controls / Tips :Parkour controls!Aimyourjumps!Rush through cluster of bus!Hold jump button to climbbus!Sendsuggestions to
Sparkwave is a gorgeous hex styled twitch game.It is fast pacedandintense!The objective of the Sparkwave is to go thegreatestdistance while avoiding obstacles, at the same time stayingon the'track'.The Player can only survive being off-track for alimitedtime.Crystals are collected in order to unlock new 'sparks'andpurchase items, which can simplify or enhancegameplay.Simplecontrols:Just tap and hold left or right half of thescreen to goleft or right respectively.Release to continueflyingstraight.Features:Gorgeous hex art styleVariable tracksandobstaclesMultiple unlockable sparks to customize yourshipGreatoriginal music by Evan GipsonFollow us for the latest infoand gamenews!•••
Monkey Boxing
Enter the Monkey Boxing League with Monkey Boxing! Step insidethering, do powerful K.O.s and combos, customize your monkey,andcompete for HUGE Trophies! FEATURES: High quality 3dGraphics:Fully animated 3D characters with dynamic accuratelighting. Funnyto Play: Ludicrous characters and fast paced, crazygameplay.Customization: Create your own Monkey Boxer choosingcolors andwearable props up to more than 269 BILLIONS ofcombinations.Unlockable Items: Win new wearable props beatingloudicrous“famous” monkey boxers. Addictive Gameplay: Challengeyourself andothers to get the best score on infinite game levels.Training:Train your monkey to get best boxing performances. Lots ofLevels:Win the WMB Cup playing the first 50 levels and thencontinuefighting for an unlimited number of matches. 2 PlayersOption:Challenge a friend on the same device or via Wi-fi.Greatmonkeysound effects and funny gameplay! Tablets supported.4Languagessupport: English, Spanish, French, ItalianFollow us forthe latestinfo and game news!•••
Sword Of Xolan
Sword of Xolan is an action platformer game that includes thejuiceof pixel art style.Xolan is a young and brave man who fightforjustice no matter what the cost.Help him on his adventure tostandagainst darkness and bring back the peace and serenity thatoncewas.Features:- 30 handcrafted adventure levels- 9time-basedchallenge levels- 3 "End Of Act" bosses- Over 30different enemieslike: zombies, giants and flying creatures- 10unique game-cards toimprove Xolan's skill- Customizable touchcontrols- Controllersupport- 19 Game Center achievements- Originalsoundtrack by BurakKarakaş
The Deer God
50% off sale for a limited time only!!!The Deer God isabreathtaking 3D pixel art adventure that will challengeyourreligion and your platforming skills. It's a game aboutsurvival,reincarnation, and karma; all set in a breathtaking andunique 3Dpixelized world. Feast your eyes on the beautifullighting, day andnight system, and vast landscapes. Become one ofthe most beautifulanimals on planet earth. LIVE AS A DEER. SURVIVEAS A DEER.Features: Gorgeous 3d pixel art world to explore Variousanimalsand characters to interact with Night and Day system VariousquestsTons of items to find and use Reincarnate into other animalsUsethe power of statues and level up your antlers Find secretsandsolve ancient puzzles Follow an interesting and darkstorylineAmazing Original Soundtrack by Evan Gipson.Follow us forthe latestinfo and game news!•••
Tiny Empire
Launch cannonballs and blow tiny orcs into thousands of piecesinthis fantasy puzzle shooter! Embark on an epic medievaljourneythat will take you from the grasslands of the empire tothemystical elven forest, facing ever stronger enemies undertheleadership of your beloved king.FEATURES:• EXPLORE THE KINGDOMon avast map filled with more than 100 levels!• DEFEAT SAVAGECREATURESsuch as beholders, stone golems, crow riders, and manymore!• PLANYOUR ATTACKS carefully – each bomb works best on adifferentsituation!• UNLOCK NEW AREAS by getting a perfect score onall thelevels!• RECLAIM ABANDONED MINES to supply your empire withanendless stream of diamonds!• COLLECT CANNONS AND HELMS toequipyour troops with the best gear of the kingdom!• MORE THAN20ACHIEVEMENTS for you to unlock!WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING:“Thecharming16 bit pixel art visuals got me hooked from the veryfirstmoment.”“I was taken back to the days of the greatest 2D rpgswhenI listened to Tiny’s epic soundtrack. What anamazingscore!”“Blowing up orcs is so fun and satisfying that Icaughtmyself playing the same level over and over just to explodeit alland watch them fly again!”Note: this is the free version ofthegame, supported by advertisements and in-apppurchases.-----Followus for the latest info and gamenews!•••
Runic Rampage - Hack and Slash RPG
Sharpen your axe and equip your hammer - Runic Rampage is thebrutalaction adventure every dwarf has been waiting for. Masterfatalcombos and unleash powerful spells to defeat hordes ofruthless foesin intense melee combat.Legend says that once a runestone protectedthe dwarves, but it disappeared and war destroyedthe kingdom. Youplay Grimbard - last champion of the dwarfs. Onyour quest tocollect the missing rune stone fragments you have tosurvive thedesert, enter dark and mysterious woods, descend to thedeepestcaves and climb the top of the Frozen Fortress. Uncover thetruthabout your kingdom's downfall and change the destiny ofyournation.Prepare for a fast-paced, yet narrative dungeonbrawlingexperience in a world of thick atmosphere.Game Features-Stylizedover-the-top violence- Ruthless bosses- Dynamic enemydamage-Fantastic soundtrack- Deep atmosphere- Differentbattlegroundsevery time you play
Ghoulboy - Dark sword of Goblin-Action platform
Ghoulboy is a retro-inspired halloween style actionplatforminspired nes,snes consoles.Exciting new platformer thatcombinesthe action-rpg genre with adventure gameplay. 2D action,heroiccharacters, gloomy environments, demonic bosses, these allseem toexcite players a lot.Pixels will be combined with other coolretroelements and the result will certainly be something that willmeetthe needs of mobile gamers. Once in-game, users will get tocontrola heroic character who will often be seen throwing a speartocreate additional platforms. To boot, puzzle and combatelementswill further enhance the experience. You wouldn’t want tomiss outon it!With the gold that you collect, you can increase yourhealthlevel, your arsenal of weapons to be thrown away.Slay asmanymonsters as you can, collect loot, avoid dangerous traps anddefeatmenacing bosses.Ghoulboy brings back the look and feel of theverybest classic retro adventure free platform fun game from the90'snes,snes, introducing refreshed and engaging gameplaymechanics. Ifyou miss platformers from the 16-bit era, and thinkgames nowadaysaren't that good anymore, think twice! Ghoulboy isfor you.GhoulboyFeatures:-4 bosses-Chiptune retro musics-Puzzles-3weapons (smallsword,big sword, mace)-3 throwableweapons-Controllersupport-LeaderboardsLanguages:EspanolGermanEnglishTurkce,TürkçeAGREATADVENTURE• Explore a magical realm of dungeons, towns,treasures anddevious monsters.MAGIC AND SWORDS• Find powerfulweapons, items andspells to defeat your enemies.
Run Sackboy! Run!
Sackboy, the knitted hero from the multi-awardwinningLittleBigPlanet™ series on PlayStation® lands into the palmof yourhand in this brand new endless platformer! RUN as fast asyou canthrough an ever-changing handcrafted world DASH to ESCAPEthe GOOand the clutches of the grumpy Negativitron! *Iconic worldsandcharacters from the LittleBigPlanet™ games *Exclusive costumestocustomise your Sackboy *Collect Stickers to unlock Prizes!*PowerUps and Upgrades including the all-new Glider! *Challengeandcompete with your friendsRun SackBoy! Run! is free to downloadandcan be played without making In App Purchases, however somein-gameitems such as Save Me Hearts can be acquired throughin-apppurchases. You can turn off the payment feature by disablingin-apppurchases on your device.Bubbles can be purchased or canbecollected in game at no extra cost. They can also be used tobuyspecial costumes that increase your multiplier, upgrades topowerups, Save Me Hearts or Lucky Chests.Run SackBoy! Run! is freetodownload and uses push notifications, this feature can beturnedoff by disabling it on your device.A third party Analyticsprovider(Google Analytics) may collect data about how you use thisapp.This can be disabled within the settings menu within RunSackboy!Run!.A valid Facebook account is required toactivateLeaderboards.A third party solution (Ad Colony) is usedwithin thegame for promotional purposes.
Monkey Racing
Monkey Racing is a new game from the creators of MonkeyBoxing!Thetitle is an arcade racing game featuring crazy monkeycharactersstruggling for victory riding ludicrousvehicles.Features:– 80tracks– Unlockable customizable vehicles inmore than 40 millioncombinations– 18 bosses to beat– Supportedlanguages: English,Italian, French– Single and Multiplayer mode– 89rewardingachievements to unlock– Improve your vehicle stats andmake itfaster– Use any means to win: including missiles, shockwavesandshields– Optimized for MOGA Controllers– Play it on NVIDIASHIELD!–No featured in Shield Hub.Follow us for the latestinfoand game news!•••
Kid Chameleon Classic
Unleash your super powers in SEGA’s colossal platformerKidChameleon! Play free and experience one of the largestplatformersever created. You are Kid Chameleon, an ordinary kidgiven strangeand fantastic new powers through the use of magicalmasks. When thevillain of a new arcade game escapes into ourreality and only youcan stop him! Using the masks, transform intoan unstoppablewarrior, high-flying superhero, or human tank tobring him tojustice! Kid Chameleon joins the SEGA Forever classicgamescollection, a treasure trove of free SEGA console classicsbroughtto life on mobile for the first time! DOWNLOAD THEMALL!GAMEFEATURES- Over 100 stages crammed with secret warp pointsandhidden areas to explore- Become an axe-wielding maniac, ahumantank, a medieval knight, a blood-thirsty berserker, and more!-Ninedifferent masks to collect, each with different powers!SEGAFOREVERFEATURES- PLAY FREE- SAVE YOUR GAME PROGRESS AT ANYTIME-CONTROLLERSUPPORT - HID compatible controllers- OFFLINE PLAY- GAMESRELEASEDEVERY MONTH - download them all!RETRO REVIEWS"Sonic shouldkeeplooking over his shoulder, the Kid is on his back." [89%] -LesEllis, SEGA Pro #6 (April 1992)"Kid Chameleon has aclevercombination of Alex Kidd’s best games, puzzle strategyelements,and arcade-style action." [88%] - "Earth Angel", GamePro#33 (April1992)"There's a new kid in town - Kid Chameleon - andhe's gonnashake you apart with his rock 'n' rolling adventures."[82%] -Marshal M Rosenthal, SEGA Force #4 (April 1992)TRIVIA-10,000 pointprize blocks are the most elusive blocks in the game...can youfind any?- Scoring 100,000 points early on in the gameallows youto skip ahead to the half-way point- Giant floating headHeadyMetal is the one and only boss in Kid Chameleon- KidChameleonreceived two full stories in Sonic the Comic in the UK-Want tospeedrun a level? Try the Cyclone mask!CLASSIC GAMEFACTS-Originally released in 1992 worldwide- Developed by SEGA'sin-houseAmerican studio STI- In Japan, the game is known asChameleon Kid-- - - -Privacy Policy: ofUse: apps are ad-supported and noin-apppurchases are required to progress; ad-free play optionavailablewith in-app purchase.This game may include "Interest BasedAds"(please see formoreinformation)​ and may collect "Precise Location Data" ​(pleasesee ​formoreinformation)​© SEGA. All rights reserved. SEGA, the SEGA logo,KidChameleon, SEGA Forever, and the SEGA Forever logo areregisteredtrademarks or trademarks of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. oritsaffiliates.
Red Ball 3
"The best part of Red Ball 3 by far, is the depth and variety ofitspuzzles." GamePro"Worth checking out if you're itching foraplatformer with a bit more bite." AppSpy"Red Ball 3 has asolidplatforming foundation and lots of cool level ideas..." SlideToPlaySaving your girl from a scheming baddy is hard enough anyway-but it’s harder when you have no arms or legs! Red Ball andPinkBall were planning little baby balls together - until thedastardlyBlack Ball rolled Pink away! Now Red must bounce, float,and rollhis way around Black Ball’s fiendish traps to find his girlandensure the villain gets his comeuppance.Across levels as variedasthe Pyramids, a volcano and rollercoasters, Red Ball mustfindhidden passageways, balance on rolling rocks, fly helicoptersandcontrol bizarre gadgets in order to make it past the traps.Givethis game a go and you’ll have a ball!- 20 challenginglevels;-Physics-based platforming;- Hidden tunnels and coolgadgetsgalore;- A huge variety of levels;- A quirky soundtrack foreverylevel;- An intuitivetouchinterface._____________________________________FOLLOWUS: WATCH US: US:
Become a Legend: Dungeon Quest
Are you ready for the ultimate adventure platform battle? BecomeaLegend: Dungeon Quest is a roguelike adventure of knightsdungeons,treasures, enemies, zombies, traps, final bosses… butespecially,it’s an adventure where you have to forge your legend tosave thekingdom. Courage, knight. Forge your own legacy andcustomize yourhero. Explore all the dungeons looking forsucculenttreasures!THRILLING STORYLINEYou are put in the role ofthe legendthat needs to save the kingdom. Darkness has overcome andlots ofpowerful super natural creatures have taken over the goodfolks andthe peaceful kingdom. They are all lead by the evilbosses. Usingall of your skills and weapons, jump, dash, slay andbecome theultimate hero that will save the people and the wholekingdom inthis adventure platformer. Destroy all creatures beforeyou facethe deadly bosses for the final battles. CRAZY,ADVENTOROUSDUNGEONSEach dungeon is procedurally generated, so notwo tripsthrough darkness are ever the same, providing a fresh newadventureeach time. Jump fight rogue adventure platformer that willalwayskeep you surprising. As a true legend, always be prepared tohave aslaying answer to the monsters’ attacks. DASH, SLAY,DESTROYDashthrough the dungeons, defeat your enemies, avoid thedefensivetraps and upgrade your hero. While you overcome thedungeons,you’ll get more level and upgrades for your knight, neededforfighting against the darkness and its secrets.UPGRADES,MISSIONS,FIGHTINGIn this dungeon legend rogue platformer, you’llnever bebored. There are so many talents and spells to be unlocked.Followthe daily missions for extra excitement too. Action jumpfight gamethat can easily become one of your favorite adventureplatformgames.TOP THE RANKINGS – BECOME WORLD LEGENDFor the bravest&most skillful dungeon legends we keep online rankings system.Tryto top the leaderboards with always skillful dashing,jumping,slaying and masterfully beat the dangerous opponents.Become aLegend Dungeon Quest Features: ✅ Unlock talents, spells andmuchmore!✅ Defeat all enemies of the kingdom and beat thefinalbosses.✅ Three daily missions available!✅ Gamesgeneratedprocedurally.✅ Game controller very comfortable – perfectfor roguedungeon adventure platform games!✅ More than 30achievements andonline ranking.✅ Play offline without wifi! Youwon’t need wifi orInternet access!Restore peace to thekingdom,brave knight,Fight forthe freedom.Forge yourlegend.Download Become a Legend DungeonQuest!
Viva Sancho Villa
A Mexican hack & slash action adventure platformer, play astherevolutionary hero Sancho Villa! Using your machete andlegendaryrevolvers, liberate Magico’s land from the corruptedforces of evilin this revolutionary saga of war and folklore.Getimmersed in asurreal world of music, traditions, mythology, artsand craftswhile you travel through colorful towns, dangerousfields, uprisingvillages, haunted forests and much more. VivaSancho Villa shallawe you and last in your memory forever!Its afun, unique andinnovative gameplay with easy to learn controls,letting you run& slide high hills and steep slopes, jump fatalcliffs andrepel attacks. Fight back with combos and surviveunexpectedsituations to the rhythm of fanfares, cheers, confetti,shoutingand celebrations. No one stands in your way!