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Jake The Pirates: Adventure
Jake the pirates is the best adventure game and themostinteresting. Lots of action and obstacles waiting for you inthisgame.destroy all opponents there with a pirate sword. Avoidanyobstacles to the equipment of the ship.Your mission jump andclimbon never land, find the Treasure! Complete all missionsandobstacles to reach the ship and go on a ghost island. Collectallthe gold you meet, and get the best score.GAME FEATURES :►Colorfulanimation on your phone and tablet► Collect a map and findthetreasure of pirates along with Jake► Easy gameplay foreveryone►Wonderful design and beautiful pirate world► Nice soundand grapich
The Pirate: Plague of the Dead
Take the helm of your own ship and conquer the Caribbean!ThePirate:Plague of the Dead is a sandbox game, letting you see whatit’s liketo be the fiercest pirate captain to ever hoist the JollyRoger!Assume the role of legendary pirate captain John Rackham,and usearcane voodoo magic to raise the Flying Gang from thedead.Together, the members of this historical band of pirates willfacethe terrifying Inquisitor.Each of the resurrected captainshasunique skills, which improve your ship’s statistics, ensuremoregold, give advantage in battle or even let you summon themightyKraken!Featuring an open world without loading screens,dynamic dayand night cycle and weather system, it offers eachmobile gamer anunforgettable experience.Plague of the Dead is a newinstallment ofThe Pirate series, following the hit game CaribbeanHunt, which metwith a great reception and gained a steadyfollowing.PLUNGEHEAD-FIRST INTO THE GREAT PIRATE ADVENTURE:-Complete the excitingcampaign, which lets you unlock unique shipsand historicalcaptains from the Golden Age of Piracy.- Travel thefully openworld allowing exploration of both charted and unchartedwatersfull of enemies, treasure islands, smuggler outposts, townsandmore, without a loading screen.- Explore the Caribbean Sea,conquercities, trade, and seek treasure and hidden locations.-Loot, tradeand build. The game features an economy system allowingyou to gaingold and upgrade your ships.- Expand your fleet andbecome a forceto be reckoned with in fierce sea battles.- Enjoy thevisuallystriking graphics, realistic physics, dynamic day and nightcycleand weather system.
Pirate Diamonds Crush
pirate diamonds crushThis sparkling puzzle adventure willinstantlysate your wanderland and craving for piratetreasureColorful gemsjewels crush effects and well designed puzzlesfor you to play inanytime and anywhere!Sea world and island worldcould be reallydangerous! Follow the map of jewels world then helpthe prince rideout the storm.Features:- completely free games in adazzling jewelworld- best match 3 games for adults and kids-wonderland of gemsand jewels and diamonds- more than 5 millionplayers already- easyto play and hard to master- match 4 jewels ina row to createsparkling effects- match 5 jewels or gems for adazzling blast
Treasure Booty Swap
treasure booty swapenjoy an endless fun match 3 gamewithpirateCustomize the characters, form a crew of brave buccaneersandfollow the treasure map in search of a big booty. Embark onthisPirate adventure trip, switching and matching your way to theglorythrough addictive match gameplay.Match and pop treasure jewelsindazzling combinations in fun gameplay!This sparklingpuzzleadventure will instantly sate your wanderlust and cravingforjewels legend treasure.It is not so easy to resolvematch-3puzzles, but it is so amazing.At each level, you have aspecificlist of goals that need to be completed.If you haveanydifficulties passing a level you can use helpful props.Becomethereal treasure hunter who probably will have to fight withpiratesand other enemies.Sea world and jungle world could bereallydangerous! You must have the sharpest mind.
Pirates of the Caribbean: ToW
Battle enemy pirates and join a pirate alliance to dominatetheocean. Dive into epic quests with your favorite pirates andrelivetheir tales in Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War.Inthisreal-time strategy game, you’re the captain of your ownpiratehaven. Build your pirate base and recruit notorious marauderstojoin your mighty corsairs. Battle supernatural creaturesandfearsome pirates to dominate the ocean!! Relive the classicstoriesfrom Pirates of the Caribbean and battle alongside some ofyourfavorite pirates like Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner andmanymore. Join them in epic quests on the high tides in thestorymode.Become the most cunning and fearless pirate that everlived inPirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War!Game Features:THEOCEAN ISYOURS TO RULE✔ Start your adventure in the most originalpirate wargame!✔ Become a legendary pirate captain and choose yourownportrait.✔ Obtain equipment to customize and strengthenyourcaptain.BUILD YOUR PIRATE BASE✔ Build a powerful fleet andrecruitfearless pirates for the battles to come.✔ Build and defendyourbase from incoming enemy pirates looking to lootyourresources.PREPARE FOR A PIRATE BATTLE ROYALE✔ Plunder yourenemiesto become the one and only PIRATE CAPTAIN of the Caribbean.✔Planout assaults against millions of other pirates from all aroundtheworld.✔ Dominate the ocean by creating or joining a pirateallianceand assemble an unstoppable force.✔ Battle againstsupernaturalcreatures and other sea rovers on the open seas.RELIVETHEADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW✔ Immerse yourself into thestorymode.✔ Dive into EPIC QUESTS featuring Pirates of theCaribbeanmovie plots and characters.✔ Partake in the great tales offavoritepirates like Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, CaptainBarbossaand more!Download now to start your Pirates of theCaribbeanadventure!Customer Support: of Service &Privacy Policy:◆Access Authorizationsin JOYCITYGames1. Access to Photos, Media, and Files(READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE)(When game updating)We need your permissionto save the update files onto your device'sSD card. [Pictures,Media, File Access] includes the authority toaccess SD card. Ifyou refuse the request, you will be unable tologin.* Phrases usedin [ ] may differ based on the device and OSversion
Age of wind 3
Battle pirates from all over the world in the most epicMultiplayerbattle game ever!!! Live the ruthless life of abattleship pirate:Sail the seven seas and complete quests, roam thetropical bays,trade exotic goods and use them to create devastatingsuper coolweapons. Improve your skills and control over yourbattleships,raid cities and merchant ships, steal their gold andbattle otherpirates online to become the greatest pirate ofall!Specialfeatures:*Multiplayer battles: against random piratesonline or aFacebook friend*Co-op Survival mode *Pirate tavern minigames:knife game or dice *Huge game map with more than 35 ports andbays*New special weapons, abilities and upgrades*Magnificentbattleships and crazy achievementsFollow Deemedya on Facebookat: Age of Wind 3 onFacebookat: our officialsiteat:http://www.deemedya.comDeemedya’sYouTubechannel: uponTweeter: support feedbackandsuggestions:
Pirate Fighter
Build your own pirate island and make it a paradise in the KingOfPirate game.In the game you will play the protagonist Luffy andhisfriends to participate in adventure adventure adventurous.Youhaveto run, jump and fight against the enemy, to bestronger.FUNCTION:-Graphics and smooth, comic style.- Weapon rich,fascinatingstoryline.- Easy to control and simple to play- The gameissuitable for all ages.- Lots of challenges and stages- LuffyFight,Pirate LuffyPLAYING MODE:- Story Mode fights with the enemytounlock new period.- Pacifista battle mode with Pacifista togethigh scores, and take the diamond by the number of levels youcandefeat.Invite your friends to join this game to become KingOfPirate!
Assassin's Creed Pirates
***More than 10 million pirates already******More than 200millionheroic naval battles fought***One of the world’s greatestactionfranchise is available on your mobile device! Become one ofthemost feared pirates of the Caribbean in this exclusiveAssassin'sCreed adventure! Play as Alonzo Batilla, a young andambitiouspirate captain, break the rules, challenge empires andamass gold!ENGAGE IN BRUTAL NAVAL COMBATSFight in real-time navalbattles allover the Caribbean Sea.Choose from a wide range ofweapons from thepivot cannon to the mortar, to destroy your foesand manoeuver tododge enemy shots. Show your skills, defeatlegendary ships inbattle and become a true pirate legend!BUILD UPYOUR CREW AND YOURSHIPRaise your flag on the most iconic boats ofthe Golden Age ofPiracy; ranging from the smallest ship to the ManO’War floatingfortress.Upgrade your vessel with legendarycustomizations and themassive bounty plundered on the wildseas.Build your naval empireby recruiting the finest crew membersand learn more than 50 newpirating techniques, cannon & sailupgrades to become a bettercaptain and master naval battles.EXPLORETHE IMMENSITY OF THECARIBBEAN... AND MUCH MORE!Sail throughout avast array of islandsas you explore a huge map.Search for nearlyone hundred treasuresand lost files.Run through dozens of lostMayan temples, dodgeobstacles using epic assassin’s parkour movesand collect mayansstones. Parkour temples to find the fragments ofancient treasuremaps.Hunt sharks, whales and exotic fish to neverrun out ofsupplies.Furnish your fish collection with marvelous seatrophies,from small fry to massive sharks. Live the epicpirate life,raise the black flag and loot a merchant ship loadedwith gold orset sail on quest to battle a slave ship.Beware of theEnglishempire and the Spanish crown and their powerful master ship,as apirate you are always on the run.Compete with your friends forthehighest bounty.DISCOVER GROUNDBREAKING 3D VISUALS ON MOBILEANDTABLETSBask in the West-Indies sunshine, admire beautifulseasunsets, navigate ice mazes and sail through the nightalongbreathtaking coastlines.Changing weather conditions directlyimpactthe way you run your ship and redefine every landscape.Beware ofstorms and of the treacherous fog that will conceal yourenemiesuntil the last moment!Master the sea to become the mostskillfulpirate of the Caribbean Sea and be victorious inbattles.EMBARK ONAN EPIC QUEST FOR A LEGENDARY TREASURELive a navaladventure thatwill reveal the truth about the mysterious losttreasure of thefamous French pirate and assassin La Buse.Crosspaths withAssassins and Templars and take part in their age-oldstruggle.Meetthe most notorious and colorful pirates of the era,including SamBellamy, Ben Hornigold, Charles Vane andBlackbeard!Game availablein: English, French, Italian, German,Spanish, BrazilianPortuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian,Turkish andIndonesianStay on top of your game! Get the latest news,deals,andmoreat....FACEBOOK: TWITTER:•Thisgame is free to download and free to play but some game itemscan bepurchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchasesin yourdevice's settings.
Pirate Kings
Ahoy Mateys! Build your island, become a Pirate King and getfilthyrich along the way! Start your pirate adventure with pocketsfullof free gold coins. Spin the wheel to set sail, uncovertreasures,battle rival pirates and steal their loot! Drop youranchor in thisonline multiplayer game and show’em what you’re madeof! Destroyother pirates’ islands, plunder riches, seek sweetrevenge on yourenemies, and expand your pirate empire in thisthrilling buildinggames exploit! Spin the wheel and Set Sail!ThePirate Kings Wheelis your key to greatness. Spin to win heaps ofcoins and use themto build your island. Erect structures, grow yourfleet and createthe paradise island of your dreams. Play onlinemultiplayer games,that also make great kids games, and attack rivalislands owned byyour Facebook friends or random pirates. Shootcannons to destroythe scallywags and escape with their fortunes.Protect your islandfrom invasions and dig for gold in thisfree-to-play building game.Yo ho ho! Recruit Pirates to YourCrewOnce you’ve established yourpirate empire with additionalislands, you can start recruitingmore pirates to your crew. Stationthem on your paradise islands toplunder and protect your land andearn you more coins. It won’t belong before you run the world! Notbad for a swashbucklingfreebooter! But you’ve got to prove yourbravery in the onlinemultiplayer games first, so destroy enemypirates’ islands, shootcannonballs and get your revenge. Heave Ho!Best Pirate GameQuests, Chests & MoreShiver me timbers! Thisbuilding game ispacked with features that will unleash yourcompetitive piratespirit. Battle, take revenge and steal to rulethe high seas! ✔ Getthe Super Spinner and multiply your coinprizes✔ Recruit pirates towork on your paradise islands and they’llgrow your fortune✔ Openchests to reveal extra spins and specialbonuses✔ Go onaction-packed pirates quests to win even more andbrag to yourFacebook friends It’s a pirates game like no other!Join thePirates BattleJump aboard with Pirate Kings and join yourFacebookfriends in one of the best free-to-play pirate adventuregames onmobile! It’s competitive, action-packed fun for adults andifyou’re looking for kids games, you’ve found one! So put onyourpirate adventure hat, grab your sword and build your pirateislandskingdom! Hit the download button to get our addicting gamesnow,raise your sail and snatch your first coin treasure!
Bubble Pirates :Bubble Shooter
Are you tired of plain and mindless bubble games? Well it's timetoget excited with Bubble Pirates - the best bubble games outthere!Best free mobile games download for Android. Great games forkidsand games with friends. Halloween Theme is available!BubblePiratesis a free bubble game that is bursting with its own uniqueandexciting twists and has a bello and captivating storyline.Havethree times the fun in challenge bubble game mode, where youcan dobubble dash boss battles with bubble shooter, bubble shooterbubblerush against time, and see how many bubble levels you cancompletein bubble shooter two short minutes! In bubble adventuremode,together, we can help Pirate Alice progress through the bubblegamelevels with bubble shooter, defeat the bad buccaneers and saveallof the bubble island sea creatures of the exoticCaribbeandreamworld. Features:• Amazing bubble game settings,awesomegraphics and deluxe sound. Now add Halloween theme!• Bubbleshootercampaign is easy to follow and will take you on atwistingadventures full of bubble game excitements• New bubblegamefeatures such as bubble trouble boss fights and a movingscreen•Two bubble game modes: story bubble jewels and bubblelevelchallenge• Bubble Pirates has 500+ pop levels that arewelldesigned and will test all of your bubble shooter skills. •Thereare extra amazing epic power ups that can help you on yourbubblegame journey to defeat the evil bubble witch pirates. •Unlockunique bubble game abilities to help you rip through thelevels.•Easy to bubble run learn but hard to master the bubbleshooterskill• Shovel coins, trophy and gems in silo along yourbobbleadventure• Kid family friendly for witch bubble witch saga2•Halloween theme is especially available for you!We believes inthequalities of our new bubble games 2016. Please feel welcomedtoleave a review for our free bubble games download freeformobile.This bubble shooter game includes in-app purchases. Ifyoudo not wish to purchase anything please setup passwordprotectionfor purchases in the settings of your google play storeapp.Alreadya fan of Bubble Pirates Saga, free download games formobile app?Like us on Facebook or follow usonTwitter for playing Bubble Pirates Mania, one of the bestbubblegame from AE Mobile gives you the best bubble shooterexperience andbubble pop adventure.Bubble games that dont needwifi and playoffline without internet.Happy Halloween and enjoythe new versionespecially for Halloween!
King Boom - Pirate Island Adventure
Avast me hearties! Do ye have what it takes to become therichestPirate King or Pirate Queen in the seven skies? 🐷👑Then callon yerMateys! Come join in on the greatest, GRANDEST adventure ofLuck,Loot and Loaded Cannons! Welcome to King Boom! ● SPIN theWHEEL,CLAIM THE BOOTY! What are ye waiting for, Cap’n? Spin yerWheel oFortune! Every spin earns you coins. With a little luck onyerside, you’ll be hitting big wins and collecting jackpots innotime! Double down your bet and double up the prize!●ATTACK,PILLAGE, PLUNDER, and LOOT! SHIVER ME TIMBERS!! Yer Wheelcan spinyou much more than just gold! Land on a cannon to attackotherplayers (or even your own mateys!). Land on a Steal to Raidotherpirate’s Islands to Plunder their Coin! Ye best not beforgettin tocollect yer shields, cap’n! Wouldn’t want the otherpirates makinshark bait out of ye! ● BUILD and CONQUER ISLANDS!What fun is aPirate without their very own Treasure Island? Use yercoins tobuild houses, statues, and more. Complete the whole villagetoConquer the Island and expand yer empire! Discover thesecrettreasures of each Island – from the classic Skull Island, tothegorgeous Gardenland, the wild Bandito town, or even thedeliciousSugar Hills!● X MARKS THE SPOT! YO-HO-HO, those TreasureIslands befull of Treasure CHESTS! Ain`t that a surprise! Use yerkeys toopen them up to win exciting prizes! Find Powerups to boostyercannons, get extra spins, or even PERMANENTLY upgrade yerWheel!Keep those gold coins flowing by enlisting the help ofindustriousbeavers to mine gold out of the Islands you alreadyconquered. Asmart pirate is a rich pirate! ● COLLECT and EVOLVEPETS! Lets notbe forgetting Piggy the pig, Eggbert the duck, or therest of yerCrew! Unlock a funny cast of characters and take themalong for theadventure! Each Pet gives you Missions to complete foreven morerewards. Level up your pets and evolve their Missionrewards!🏆FEATURES ★ Play online with Facebook friends and otherplayers! ★Gorgeous Graphics! Funny Pets, Characters, andAnimations! ★ Attackand Steal from other players to make even moregold! ★ Find andOpen magical Treasure Chests to win amazing prizes!★ Unlock andevolve Pets to help you on your adventure! ★ Takerevenge on rivalsand help your friends with gifts! ★ Hire workersto earn you coinswhile you’re away! ★ Master the Strategy toprotect your Island andGold from other players! ★ Compete on theLeaderboards for worldfame! ★ Simple yet addictive gameplay! Playanywhere, anytime! ★King Boom is Free on all devices, with In-AppPurchases.💡 Ideas orSuggestions?Follow King Boom on Facebook andlet us know what youthink!❔Havingproblems?We’ll fix it! Just send us an emailatcontact@digiten.comThe only people that work harder than usarethose dang beavers! Argh!!
Pirate master
Who want to be the richest pirate in the world? Are you?Let’splunder as much treasure as possible and defeat other piratesincombat! Don't hesitate to raid loots, steal coins and attackyourenemies: other pirates! More coins boom your fleet and crews!Givethem a lesson ‘There cannot be two pirate kings in the highseas’.It's time to make your own legendaryadventure!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Easytoplay? Check. Addictive? Check.Pirate master is an all new gamethatcombines the casual genre with an incremental build and growit upgameplay!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------★☆Recommendedfor everyone who would love the following features: ☆★▣Easy tolearn! Step 1) Spin the slot.Step 2) Attack other piratesand raidcoin masters.Step 3) Build & upgrade the ships.Gotthat? That'sall you need to do to start playing now! Easy tolearn! Spin, Raid,and build! Simple enough, eh?▣ Familygame!Pirate master is foreveryone: the best social game to playwith your family and friends!Gather around and play with all yourmembers! (Also, remember youcan also invite your enemies to playwith you too so you can attackthem!) If you’re looking for greatFacebook game to play with yourmateys, it will be the best choice!▣ Boom! Boom! Thrilling attacktime!This game is perfect for stressrelief! The booms and thebangs? Explosions? Blowing things up? Wegot 'em all! Have athrilling battle with enemy ships, and don'tforget about stealingall their booty! Nothing is better than todestroy the ships of coinkings!▣ Attractive characters and variousthemes!For one, there's acute little pink dolphin that you willsee around. Play more andfind other companions too! If that's notenough, you got your wholecrew you can recruit, AND the superawesome pirate ships are waitingfor you! Hit the spin and comeaboard with Pirate master! ▣ Startadventure and collect allbooty!Send your fleet to explore newisland and wait till they comeback with treasures! Open it up andcollect all the cards! Coins,cards, and more rewards wait for you!Are you ready to master it?Then, here we go! ▣ Last but not least,FREE TO PLAY!No charge forplay but you can purchase in app itemsfor real money. If you don’twant to use it, please turn it off insetting menu. Also, this appmay show you some ads. ▣ Are youenjoying Pirate master?Visit ourfan page and check the events! : Doyou have any problem during yourplay? Report any problems here: We willdo our best to assist you withthe issue. Suggestions and feedbackare always very welcome!
Pirate Scratch - Win Prizes.Earn & Redeem Rewards
You were born to be alive, and you were born to be special!JoinPirate Scratch, let’s sail with adventurous game themes andfindlegendary treasures that left by old pirates. Our conquest isthesea of stars!In Pirate Scratch, you will have daily free chancestoplay carefully designed scratch games. It’s your big chance towintons of game coins, and maybe get the surprise prize. There’snotime to waste, come to join the pirates now! Take a peek ofourexclusive game themes:- Pirates Paradise: Can you findenoughsupplies for your corsair to conquer the sea?- Captain Jack:FindCaptain Jack’s corsair. You will receive the prize and loyaltyfromhim!- Viking Age: Discover all skeleton marks that left byVikingPirates. It shall lead you to the secret treasure!……And somuchmore to discover!Treasures are waiting! Let’s start theadventurewith Pirate Scratch!* This game is not affiliated by anyothercompanies.* This game does not need real money in.* Playingthisgame does not imply future success at “RealMoneyGambling”.*"Pirate Scratch - Win Prizes" is intended for anadultaudience for entertainment purposes only. Success at socialcasinogambling does not reward real money prizes, nor does itguaranteesuccess at real money gambling.
"Easter Egg Hunt 2018!" event is underway! This year get yourhandson +5 Easter Eggs to boost your characters' stats! You canfindthem from the limited-time quest "Easter Brunch at RestaurantLeCrap" and from Transponder Snails!With over 70 Million+downloadsto date, ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE is an exhilaratingadventurewith your favorite Anime crew. Form your own misfit piratecrew,pull off power combos, and relive your favorite moments fromtheOne Piece storyline. The world of One Piece awaits you!- RelivetheONE PIECE storyline -• Join Luffy and the Straw Hats on theirquestto find the One Piece!• Explore each chapter of the epicstory•Complete quests and watch as the adventure unfolds•Theunpredictable and diverse World of ONE PIECE is now yourstoexplore!- Recruit and train your own Pirate Crew! - •Featuringyour favourite major and supporting ONE PIECE characters•Over1,000 characters from the Anime to recruit• Each characterhasunique abilities• Re-enact and create new thrillingbattles!-Intuitive Battle System -• Featuring an all-new tap battlesystem,specially designed for your smartphone. • Unleashexhilaratingtandem attacks to deliver devastating damage and sendenemiesflying! • Strategies and chain together attacks to fighteven thetoughest of enemies • Become the strongest pirate crew ontheseas!SUPPORT: Inc.Website: orinstalling this app, you agree to the BANDAI NAMCOEntertainmentTerms of Service.TermsofService: some items available for in-app purchase that canenhancegameplay and speed up your progress. In-app purchases canbedisabled in your devicesettings,see details.©EIICHIRO ODA/SHUEISHA, TOEI ANIMATIONGame ©2014BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.This application isdistributedunder the official rights from the licenseholder.Powered by"CRIWARE".CRIWARE is a trademark of CRI MiddlewareCo., Ltd.
4 Pics One Piece
Challenge your One Piece knowledge with 4 Pics One Piece. Guessasmany characters as possible with only 4 pictures to help. Howmanycharacter do you know?!★ Find the similarities in the 4pictures tohelp you guess the characters.★ Earn coins fromanswering correctlyor completing actions.★ Use coins to purchasehints which will helpyou solve levels.★ If you're stuck, you canask your friends usingthe built in feature.★ New levels are usuallyadded in weeklyintervals.NOTE: All characters names are the Englishversion andare from the official One Piece Wikia.
Super Treasure Pirates
super treasure piratesA pirate ship full of excitingitems,surprises, puzzles and challengesPlay and enjoy SuperTreasurePirates game for Free and join the wild adventure today.The highseas need your help! Make as many combinations as you canand helpthe pirate ship make its way across the ocean. Work out astrategyand plan ahead your moves to unlock special power-ups andwinlevels. Feeling competitive? Share the match-3 fun with familyandfriends and see who can beat all the challenges and reachthehighest score. Complete the missions that are set at thebeginningof each level. Make special combinations to unlockpowerful seaboosters. Match 4 or 5 pirate figures to get specialitems thatwill create line blasts.- Gorgeous graphics- A greatsoundtrack andjuicy sound effects- Your friends, who will try tobeat you to thetreasures- The match 3 gameplay you love- Thousandsand thousandsof engaging levels
Ninja and Turtle Shadow Pirate
Wow wow ! Best game about Ninja must have !Wellcome to Worldofshadow ninja fight Pirate !Are you crazy fans of Ninja andTurltes,and crazy fans of classic game from 1990 ?Do you want jointobattle of ninja Shadow - fight with shadow character ?This isgamemade for you : Turtles ninja shadow fight Pirate"Ninja andTurtleShadow Pirate" is best Ninja Combat and action game 2016.Getreadyto be a turtle ninja (Ninja Rua) , the most powerful ninja youhaveever seen.Join to world of alien and mutant ninjaHelp theMutantNinja travel through portals and fight evil in thisaction-packedstreet fighting gameTravel with him through thecountry collectingall the treasures along the way.=> Use yourskills to guide theNinja Turtle and help him complete each stageand win him allachievements.Great warrior turtles you have beencalled upon todefend your village, so you must race back to save itfrom certaindestruction.You're in for some action and adventureduring yourninja combat.Ninja Turtle Shadow Pirate Features:- NiceShadowcharacter graphics with 4 turtles- Special 4 skill turtlesandpower of turtles ninja- Ninja run, jump & fight againstenemy.-Amazing power-up boosts, use turtle powerFree download andRate 5star if you like game !Feedback about game please send emailforme.
Raccoon's Adventure: The Pirate Island - Match 3
Adventures of the Raccoon: The Pirate Island - an exciting match3game!Help Raccoon find the treasure on the island of pirates!Inthegame, you need to swap jewels so that you can collect three ormoreidentical jewels in a row!Thus, you will destroy obstacles,collectbonuses and pass logical levels!Features:Classicaddictivegameplay!Great graphics and sound!Lots of levels!No limitson lifeand time!
Pirates & Pearls™: A Treasure Matching Puzzle
Ahoy, landlubber! Ready to set sail with the bravest pirate onthehigh seas? It’s time to plunder yer way through hundreds ofpuzzlematching levels filled with precious loot. Build mightyships,pillage wealthy ports and construct gold mines whileperfecting yerpuzzle-solving and buccaneering skills. Yer firsttask: swap andmatch gems to complete the level before ye run out ofmoves andmust walk the plank! If ye succeed, then ye must use andcombinespecial boosters and power-ups to blast yer way throughhundredsmore levels, complete with boatloads of pesky obstacles andspecialpuzzle-solving tools. Take on this fearsome journey alone,or playwith yer mates to increase yer haul. Think ye to be arealswaggering pirate? Then weigh anchor and hoist themizzen!Whilethis game is absolutely free to play, you have theability tounlock optional bonuses via in-app purchases from withinthe game.You may disable in-app purchases in your devicesettings.Features:●Conquer hundreds of puzzle matching levels over30 swashbucklingchapters● Defy the odds with lifesaving boostersand clutchpower-ups● Play with yer best mates and see who cancapture themost loot● Build ships, construct gold mines andassemble the bestcrew around● Get regular free updates withthrilling new levels,features andmore!______________________________ COMPATIBILITYNOTES: This gameperforms best on high-end smartphonesandtablets.______________________________ VISITUS:http://www.g5e.comWATCH US: ofService: End User LicenseSupplementalTerms:
The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt
Hail to the Captain!Sail into the heart of the Caribbean in theAgeof Piracy - the time of black flags and white skulls, bluewavesand golden opportunities.Hoist the Jolly Roger and grabthesteering wheel to sail through battles and raids, ransomsandtreasures, to become the Crimson King of the Antilles!- 20classesof ships- unlimited fleet size- control several ships incombat-bombard enemy fortresses with heavy mortars.- 5 types ofammo -cannon balls, chain balls, grapeshot, bombs, double-shot,-specialweapons: explosive barrels, burning oil, batteringrams,pre-boarding attacks- 30 ship upgrades- characterdevelopment,rising experience levels- 20 captain skills - unlockingnew gamefeatures and possibilities- realistic sailingsimulation,incorporating distance and time- hundreds of islands anddozens ofports to visit and exploreday/night cycle- buildingconstructionand upgrades- multiple player held bases- unlimitednumber of seabattles and scenarios (merchant missions, smugglersmissions,convoy missions, treasure hunt, pirate attacks, escortmissions)-story-driven campaign set in a living world full ofpeople.-historical module, with more than 50 years of real historyand realevents- reputation in a dozen nations- fight with otherplayers in2 multiplayer modes: PvP and PvE
Pirate Diamonds & Treasure
pirate diamonds & treasurePirate Diamonds & Treasure isafun Match 3 pirate game, there are many different levels,eachlevel has different rules, limited moves, limited time, blow aholein the screen with special diamond bombs, start amazinglightningstorms and much more !!!just switch or match 3 or morespecialjewels. you can freely enjoy the feeling of bombing holes inthescreen, starting diamond twisters or collecting thespecialdiamonds , and advancing to higher levels of PirateDiamondsadventure journey.Enter the pirate treasure diamondsadventure ,crush the jewels, collect special surprises, gentlyswipe the gems, and win amazing rewards.In this fantastic Piratestreasureadventure , you can become a Pirate diamond jewels diggerand joinother champions and compete with your friends It will be aPirateDiamonds adventure , a bejeweled dashing jewels legend!Features,**all levels are Free, and the game becomes morecomplicated as yougo on** amazing diamonds , and new specialadventures and rewardsalong the way** blow up the screen withBombs, smash special blocksand hit with amazing lightning** whenyou get stuck, wait for ahint to help you,** easy but funny toplay, a challenge to thosewho can open much more levels** suitablefor all ages** cool gamepieces
Ships of Battle: Age of Pirates
Become one of the most feared pirates in the world of theCaribbeanSea. Set sail with your pirate ship to an unexploredisland nearCuba or Nassau to conquer and take over the settlement.Battleother pirates, plunder merchant ships and win war games inthisfearsome world of warfare.Can you win all pirate games? Canyougrow your city and pirate ship to be the best?Start living intheage of pirates and become the most feared pirate in theCaribbeanSea!BUILD A PIRATE EMPIREGet bigger ships, grow your cityandcreate an empire in your own settlement. Overtake settlementswithwar games and conquer in a naval warfare. Be the bestlegendarycaptain of all pirate games!PLAY NAVAL WAR GAMESTake placein epicaction-packed battles in the ocean to demolish warship withyourbrutal pirate ship. Set sail to your enemy and take it downwithpowerful cannonballs, mortars and other special weapons.Usestrategy to conquer even stronger enemies!UPGRADE YOURPIRATESHIPYou can customize and upgrade your pirate ship to thefullest.Battle to receive rewards and use it to get strongerarmature andbigger ships. Build a warship that can battle allpirates in theworld of the Caribbean Sea.MARKET TRADINGRESOURCESBattle for thebest settlements and trading routes, closeagreements with factionsand take care of covenants of importantbusiness alliances. Traderesources for the best position in theworld of pirates.Features ofShips of Battle Age of Pirates:- Highquality 3D models for thebest game experience- Immersive quests instory mode to follow-Over 20 amazing warship and battleships-Endless options tocustomize your ship- Crazy armory of weapons foryour pirate games-Realistic storyline with factions, settlementsand enemiesGet yourown pirate ship and be ready for a navalwarfare. Customize andupgrade your ship to battle with enemy shipsin dynamic war gamesand become a legendary captain!Ships of BattleAge of Pirates isone of the most popular pirate games online rightnow and unique inits kind. Build, trade, battle and takeoverwarship and settlementswith your ship.
Pirate Games for Kids
Kids likes any exciting adventures. But most of all childrenlikeadventures with pirates and treasures. Every child wants tostep onthe Black Pearl and go on through the Caribbean Sea to theislandwhere Captain Flint had hidden his treasures. It is sointerestingto search for treasures! But our little treasure seekersare notyet ready to go on severe Caribbean Sea. And today you can'tfindthe island with real pirates. So what to do? To leave allthepirates and treasure seekers in our children dreams andfantasies?Of course not! Our curious Hippo give the opportunity forall thekids to find pirate treasures, not going out of thehouse.Educational Hippo games are renewed with a novelty. We willstep onthe Black Pearl ship and go to the big pirate archipelago.CaptainFlint was very rich and digged in here a lot of trunks.Let's findthem all! We will visit island after island and find allthe hiddentreasures. And between the islands we will fight fortrunks of thesunken pirate ships. But remember, we are not the onlypirateshere! Find enemies! Let's go to seek the treasures at once!Allpirate treasures will be ours! Not Kraken, not Cthulhu neverstopus! Yo-ho-ho!Try our novelty and gift your kids happinessandpirate adventures. Follow Hippo and stay tuned. Ourdevelopinggames for boys and girls will always make you and yourkidshappy!!!
Pirate Pop Blast
pirate pop blastpirate pop blast is an addictive game. AndourBubble Shooter is not just that. It is more simple and amazing!Itis a single player game and no network required. Once youstart,you will not stop playing fun and addictive bubble shootgame!Clear all the bubbles on the screen to level up,and try to get3stars on each level, Just have a try, you will find endlessfun!★clear obstacles and beat the challenges★ smooth andperfectoperation of the game! Fluent shooting experience!★colorblind mode– so everyone can play fun matching games for free★pop 9 bubblesin a row to unlock the fireball★ fluent shootingexperience.★ funfor all ages and gender!★ no wifi/data needed!★really addicting toplay and helps relaxing your brain and finger!
Pirates Treasure Crush
pirates treasure crushtreasure crush is incredible match3puzzlePlay match-3 game about pirates and treasures. At the"mach3" levels you will find a lot of puzzles, beautifulanimations, anduseful bonuses.Match the jewels and you will receivethe greattreasures!Every mach3 level has its own unrepeatable styleandunbelievable rewards:- diamonds- sapphires- brilliants-rubies...and sacred jewelry!- 950 levels of gemtastic fun!-stunninggraphics and special effects!- incredible power-ups andbonuses!-epic combos to unleash colorfull explosions!
Pirate Treasure Quest
pirate treasure questexciting pirate jewels match 3gamepiratetreasure quest takes you to the golden age of piracy andas anotherswashbuckling buccaneer out for adventures on the highseas tryingto gain your fortune. Play through level after level inarcade modewhere with each completed level the difficultyincreases. As youprogress further, you will travel through a seriesof differentpirate themed environments and adventures.You can alsoplay inclassic mode with potentially unlimited game play as youmake asmany matches of three as possible. The concept is simple,slide apiece into a position where it makes a set of three or moreof thesame, and it will destroy the block behind. Onceyou'vesuccessfully cleared all the blocks, a star will come in atthe topof the screen, and you must work it down to finish thelevel. Whileyou attempt to do all this the time also slowly ticksdown so workquickly! How well you perform will directly decide thenumber ofstars you get for the level.This classic matching puzzlegame iseasy for all every age. Hunt no tales, but solve puzzlegames towrite your own story. Invite your Facebook friends if youwant toand mash together! No Caribbean jewel is save for pirates inthispirate game. Survive with free match 3 gems and play theaddictiveand challenging levels of pirate treasure questCome backafteryou've beaten the game to try to three-star each and everylevel.All of these features plus the vivid HD graphics make foranawesome game play experience that you should download today!
Treasure Pirate
treasure pirateyou must find real treasuresA pirate’s life isthebest life! You can play Pirate Match Adventure for free. Apirategame! awesome puzzle with charming gemsIf you want to becomeafearsome pirate, you need to collect three matching diamonds,solvepuzzles, find maps, unlock chest brimming with gold. But itwon’tbe that easy, you’ll have to conquer enemies to find thetreasure.Always look for the best match 3! Download it free today!We hopeyou enjoy our Treasure Pirate game!
Plunder Pirates
A life on the ocean wave is waiting for you in this stunning3DPirate adventure. Create your island, explore the seas,battleother players and become the most infamous Captain inhistory.Plunder Pirates offers a unique build and battlegameplayexperience featuring the best looking graphics on mobile.Upfor afight? It's going to take masterful strategy, tons ofmanpower, andplenty of grog to protect your island from theattacking hordes ofswashbuckling pirates. Create the perfect islandheadquarters,recruit a fearsome crew of pirate captains, and go towar withother players around the world to become the saltiest dogin theseven seas!Features:- BUILD an epic 3D pirate islandfortifiedimpenetrable defenses and plenty of firepower.- SEE yourislandfrom every angle in killer 3D graphics.- STORM otherplayers'islands in real-time and plunder their booty!- RECRUIT acrew from10 different classes of seafaring scoundrels - each withuniqueskills.- UPGRADE everthing! Sail farther, get stronger, domoredamage, protect your gold.- JOIN a Pirate Guild with yourfriendsfor Guild perks. Plan your exploits in guild chat.-EXPLOREuncharted waters in your mighty pirate ship.- FIGHT navelbattleswith gruesome sea monsters and enemy ships.- COLLECTLegendaryPirates - The most notorious plunderers ever known!* Note:Anetwork connection is required to play.The game mayinclude:-Direct links to social networking websites that areintended for anaudience over the age of 13.- Direct links to theinternet that cantake players away from the game with the potentialto browse anyweb page.- Advertising of Midoki products and alsoproducts fromselect partners.- The option to make in-app purchases.The billpayer should always be consulted beforehand.
Pirates Swap Treasure
pirates swap treasureMatch the ancient gems, unlock magicalboostersand find the pirate treasure! Download and play this coolfree gameand join the fun match-3 puzzle adventure. The newMatch-3 puzzlegame with addictive gameplay.Swap to match 3 or moreand createwaves of excitement in this fun and delicious puzzlegame.Excitingmatch 3 puzzle game play with hundreds of uniquelevelsBrain puzzlegame in simple rule, easy to play, hard tomaster.Various missionpuzzles levels waiting for youradventuring.Amazing power-ups andcombos
The Pirate War 0.5.5
News of the Pirate King’s recent execution has spreadexcitementthroughout the East Seas. You see, the stubborn old goattook thesecret location of an enormous treasure to his grave. Andwiththat, the Age of Pirates has begun, and the race to find hishiddentreasure is on!

But the seas are a very dangerous place, soyourfirst job is to get stronger, to find a boat and to assemble acrewto overcome sea monsters and pirate bosses standing inyourway.

The Pirate War is an online MMORPG that blends fantasyandJapanese anime to create a glorious adventure on theopenseas.

Are you strong enough to become the next Pirate King?
Pirate Bejewel
pirate bejeweldiscover new ways to play the puzzle game forfreeIfyou want to become a fearsome pirate,you need to solvepuzzles. Butit won’t be that easy, you’ll have to conquer enemiesto find thetreasure. Experience endless fun and unique challengesevery day ina beautiful world filled with surprises, explosions,and playfulpuzzles. Combine sparkling gems to earn rewards, createboosts whenyou need them most. Master moving Currents of gems toenhance yourmatching strategy.- Swap the bejewels to match 3 in aline toremove them- Drop the star into the bottom of level to passthelevel bejewel.- Match the bejewel until the boardtransparency,thejewels star will appear.- Make the bejewel down tolast line topass the level.Match three or more Jewels to gainpoints. Collectall treasures before you run out of moves! Unlockthese excitingand challenging levels. Go to your shiny place inthis brand-newmatching experience that takes you far away from theeveryday.
Master the High Seas with PLAYMOBIL Kaboom!Ahoy, matey! Areyouready to face gruesome sea monsters and enemy pirate ships?Then,come aboard and prove your skills!Use the cannons from thenewInteractive PLAYMOBIL Pirates sets (6162, 6163, 6164, 6165)toshoot at virtual targets, earn gold doubloons, and improveyourship's equipment.• take aim and shoot by using one ofthecannons from the Interactive PLAYMOBIL Pirates sets• customizeyourown pirate captain• upgrade your equipment• hit the barrelsandreceive power-ups• prove your skills in 18 exciting levels and3different game modes ("High Seas", "Defense," and "Duel")Youdon'town one of the four PLAYMOBIL Interactive Pirates with Cannonsyet?No problem! Use the touch-based mode and play with your finger.
bubble pirate
bubble piratein role of an enthusiastic pirate, with bubblemagicballs in hands, players will take part in a trip ofbubbleadventure to rescue and discover new lands. A bubble journeywithdifferences makes up an attractive bubble story.Features:-morethan 700 magic levels to complete! And more are coming.- easyandfun to play, challenging to master- 4 Special Boosters help yougeta high score.- fluent shooting experience
Pirate Match 3
pirate match 3A treasure matching puzzledownload and join us onanepic adventures of match 3Play through level after level inarcademode where with each completed level the difficultyincreases. Asyou progress further, you will travel through a seriesof differentpirate themed environments and adventures.You can alsoplay inclassic mode with potentially unlimited game play as youmake asmany matches of three as possible. The concept is simple,slide apiece into a position where it makes a set of three or moreof thesame, and it will destroy the block behind. - Nice pirates!Masterthe difficulties making super combinations with gems!- Lotsofbonuses and daily rewards will help you to solve all puzzlesandcollect all diamonds-jewels.- You can play offline!-It’sabsolutely free match 3 game, but you can buy some additionalmovesor other game features.
Pirate Seahorse match 3 - find the treasure
Welcome to the exciting world of Pirate Seahorse match3: findthetreasure, the brand new free match 3 puzzle gamebyNoctiDigital!Help him save his fish friends and reach thetreasurechest! With +200 levels in different tropical environments,enjoythis color-match game where you can challenge your friends andseetheir progress!The game features:- +200 levels acrossdifferentenvironments- 7 different level types: time limited,defeat thesharks, save the fishes, find the coral and collect theshells!-challenge yourself and your Facebook friends and checktheirprogress on the leaderboard- super fishes and extra itemsavailableto win the difficult levels- multi-device sync: startplaying inone device and continue with another one using yourFacebookaccount- and why not, change between the variouslanguagesavailable to learn something new while having fun!PirateSeahorseis the first game by the brand new exciting NoctiDigital.It iscompletely free to play but you can purchase additionalin-gamecoins for extra help.By downloading and playing this app youagreeto our and
Diamond Block Blast Pirate
diamond block blast pirateMatch 2 or more cubes of the same colortosolve puzzles and clear levels. With limited moves,yourpuzzle-solving skills will definitely be challenged.the blockgameyou have to drop and collapse colorful blocks while enjoyingtheaddictive gameplay ! Blast your way through thousands ofamazinglevels in this amazing puzzle game.◆ complete tons ofchallenginglevels and unlock new episodes!◆ play with unique gameobjectivesand dozens of entertaining obstacles!◆ spectacularboosters tosolve the level.◆ great graphics and cute characters.◆superaddictive gameplay ◆ free to Play and filled with adventure.◆funand easy game to learn, yet a rewarding challenge to master.◆over1000+ awesome levels! And more to come!◆ collect and breakcolorfulcubes.
Pirate Caribbean Diamond
pirate caribbean diamondWho want to be the richest pirate intheworld?Are you? Let’s plunder as much treasure as possibleanddefeat other pirates in combat! It’s time to plunder yourwaythrough hundreds of puzzle matching levels filled withpreciousloot. - Gorgeous graphics- A great soundtrack and juicysoundeffects- Your friends, who will try to beat you to thetreasures-The match 3 gameplay you love- Thousands and thousands ofengaginglevels
Pirate Treasures Journey
pirate treasures journeyexciting pirate story match 3gameDownloadpirate treasures now to start your saga! enjoy!frenzy!crazy!Thisclassic matching puzzle game is easy for all everyage. Hunt notales, but solve puzzle games to write your own story.Invite yourFacebook friends if you want to and mash together! NoCaribbeanjewel is save for pirates in this pirate game. Survivewith freematch 3 gems and play the addictive and challenging levels
Pirate Caribbean Treasure
pirate caribbean treasurethe ultimate match 3 treasurehunt!Sailinto the heart of the Caribbean in the Age ofPiracy!UltimateMatch-3 game in the jewel world with addictive andexcitingadventures! This jewel game has well designed puzzles foryou toplay in anytime and anywhere! easy and fun play★ easy tocontrol,fun to play, great graphics!★ just swap & match withyoursingle finger!★ easy and fun to play, challenging to master.★morethan 880 addictive jewel quest levels - more addedregularly.★helpful magical boosters to win jewel stars.Downloadthisincredible free game today, and play hundreds of excitinglevels!Immerse yourself in fun and adventure
Pirate Jewels
pirate jewelscollect treasures, and become a real pirateonocean!Welcome to the pirate realm! PLAY now the most addictingandfun match-3 puzzle game and beat the challenges. Move andconnectitems and collect the pirate treasure. Matching gems wasnever thisfun. Enjoy hundreds of thrilling levels, awesome puzzles,coolitems and plenty of more surprises in the world ofpirates.PirateJewels is free to play and enjoy. Start theincredible adventuretoday and advance along the treasure map, andsolving puzzles. Earncoins and get special rewards that will helpyou complete levels.If you are a fan of match-3 games you’llabsolutely enjoy ouramazing adventure at the pirate cave.*** PirateJewels is:+ Easy tolearn but can be hard to master+ Super fun andentertaining+Perfect for your Android or Tablet device+ Fun gamefor all agesHowto Play+ move and match at least 3 items to removethem from theboard.+ plan your moves ahead and collect all theprecious items towin levels.+ remember: You have a limited amountof moves to cleara level so make sure you use them wisely.+ unlockamazing boostersand other surprises to help you on your journey.+complete all thefun challenges and puzzles and try to reach highscores.This gameis simple and that much fun!Get this awesome gametoday for freeand join the wild adventure today.Enjoy our game anddon’t forgetto rate us!
Pirate Power
Grow your pirate fleet and build your island. Recruit pirates,fightepic battles, explore and earn gold and treasures! Lead yourpiratefleet into battle now!DEFEAT HUGE BOSSES!There’s some hugebad guysin Pirate Power. And to beat them, you will need to build,customizeand make your boats stronger. With the help of all yourheroes andtheir powerful powers you will teach a lesson to theevil Doge, thegiant King Crab, the Kraken and even more enormousbad guys. RICHUNIVERSE and ADVENTUREDiscover the rich and colorfuluniverse ofPirate Power with its unique and high definition 2d artstyle,stylish heroes and huge monsters in an Epic pirateadventure. 60+HEROES AND THEIR SPECTACULAR POWERSTsunamis,Meteorites rain,Tornadoes, Thunder Strikes, Arrow shower and otherimpressive powerswill help you win battles against the bad guys.There are more than60+ heroes and each hero has a unique badassskill.BUILD andCUSTOMIZE YOUR BOATSDiscover and collect 200+ boatparts to createthousands of boat combinations. Level up yourheroes, weapons,sails, hulls, crazy boat gadgets to become thestrongest pirate inthe whole universe.PVP MULTIPLAYERFight againstreal opponents towin the arena battles
Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Game
Prepare for the treasure hunt! Pack all your things, the shipisleaving the harbor soon! Play Treasure Island Hidden ObjectMysteryGame free and start the unforgettable adventure. Joincaptain Flinton his quest and try to find lost treasure chests witha lot ofgold and jewelry in the caves of a mystery island. Bewarethemutiny of the notorious pirates on a ghost ship, try to stayalive,read the old maps and get rich!Treasure Island HiddenObjectMystery Game features:🔍 Treasure island adventure gamelocalizedinto 15 languages!💎 More than 1000 hidden objects to findon ashutter island!🔍 Multiple levels with mystery places full ofhiddenobjects!💎 Fantastic 3D game design that will leave youspeechless!🔍Find the hidden object from the menu below and click onit!💎 Clickon the magnifying glass button to use help!🔍 For mobilephonesonly! Zoom in the picture to find the hidden item!💎 Movethepicture when it is zoomed to search for hidden figures!🔍 Zoomoutat any moment you like to see the mystery scene again!🌟ADDITIONALMYSTERY HIDDEN OBJECT GAME FEATURES:💎 Picture search –use picturesto find hidden objects on treasure island! 🌟 Silhouettehiddenobject – a challenging level for finding objects!💎 Wordscramblegame level – a hard level to find hidden figures!🌟Flashlight or anight mode level – use the light to seek for items!💎Match Pairs –a fantastic memory game with cards to pair!🌟 Find theDifference –a mini game to spot the difference!💎 Time limit game -Bonus levelto train your brain and concentration!🌟 Magic puzzlegame – put thepuzzle pieces together to make a picture!Join thisthrilling storyof the pirate ship, begin a mission to exploremysterious islandand try to find the hidden treasure of the famouslost city.Download the Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Game,collectall the hidden items and discover if the legend about thecursedpirate treasure! Collect all the hidden items and revealthemystery of the last survivors of Pirate Island - play now thebestisland escape games and have fun.Best adventure island newgamefree download for all generations!If you are a fan of pirategamesand you like the search for lost treasure on a mysteriousisland,you will love this object finding game. Help Captain Flinttodiscover hidden treasure, get rich and escape from thispirateisland. Download Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Gameandplay the best of free adventure games! Immerse yourself in themostcaptivating story about a mysterious world, full of hiddenthingsthat you have to find to survive on the desert island.Followus ofFacebook: of theisland heroes. Fight evil pirates and save thenatives!The notoriouspirate ship, on its search expedition of thehidden treasure, hassunk near the shores of this mysterious islandin the Caribbean Sea.If you want to survive on the lost island,explore the remains ofthe ghost ship, collect the hidden thingsthat will help you findthe famous lost city and discover themystery of the secret societythat inhabited this island that hashidden their treasure in thedark caves, deep in the tropicaljungle. Become one of the mostfamous treasure hunters, play thebest of new escape games andisland survival games to find hiddenfigures.Explore the islandparadise and get rich overnight! Thismystery hidden object game forwomen will take you through thetreasure island, the rooms of thepirate ship, the lost temple inthe tropical forest in your searchfor hidden treasure. Inaddition, this search and find game is oneof the most fun braingames and the real challenge for your mind.There are many miniconcentration games, check your memory byfinding a match for eachcard, sharpen your eyesight – spot thedifference between two pics.Download Treasure Island Hidden ObjectMystery Game, the best ofthe new games 2018!
Pirate's Gold Match 3
Dive into the new match-3 smashing fun pirate game, swap itemsandwin levels! Pirate’s Gold Match 3 is an awesome online match3puzzle game, set along the beautiful beach and featuring somecoolgraphics and items. Discover precious jewels, skulls andbones,pirate treasure and coins. Explore the enchanting world ofpiratesand try to find the lost pirate jewels.Take a break duringthe dayand make lines of at least 3 figures in this relaxing andfunonline puzzle game. Play through hundreds of levels andcollectdifferent rewards. Download for free today and join this funpiratematch 3 adventure! Match the pirate pieces and crush linestocomplete levels in this match 3 free game. Play this new match3game today, and experience hours of endless fun!Enjoy hundredsofadventurous levels filled with exciting items, boosters,surprises,puzzles and challenges. Explore a ship full of match 3puzzles,create your own pirate treasure map and advance throughamazingworlds, while collecting shiny pirate jewels. Complete themissionsthat are set at the beginning of each level and useuniquepower-ups that will help you overcome the differentchallenges -it’s one of the best matching games you’ll everencounter!HOW TOPLAY * Move and match 3 or more pieces the samekind to blast andwin points. * Earn and unlock awesome boostersthat will help youget through difficult levels. * Try to use fewermoves to reachhigh scores.* Travel through hundreds of awesomelevels and solveall the fun puzzles.* Clear the board and advancealong the piratemap! * Improve your matching skills and enjoy asmooth and mostaddicting gameplay. * Achieve level target withinlimited moves. **Create massive sea explosions and win points:**-Match 4 pirateitems to get a striped figure of this color andcreate a lineblast.- Match 5 items in an L or T form to get apowerful piratebomb that will explode all items around it. - Match5 items in arow to get a special colorful bomb that can burst allitems withthe same color, and will create a pirate crush!- Connect2 specialboosters to create even greater explosions! Play today thefun andaddictive Pirate’s Gold Match 3 game, complete the missionsandfind the hidden pirate treasure! Create lines of at least 3itemsin this challenging and fun online puzzle game. Playthroughhundreds of levels and collect prizes. Play this incrediblepiratematch 3 online puzzle game for free, and discoverincredibleadventure anytime you wish to play - no WiFi required.Jump rightinto the new match-3 adventure, match the treasurepieces, andcomplete levels. Download this cool game today and enjoyfun piratesails with incredible graphics and shiny pirate jewels.Join thepirates in their enchanting hunt, and match items to findhiddentreasures. Don’t wait any longer to join this fun match-3piratecrush adventure!
Diamond Pirates
diamond piratesWelcome to the pirate realm! play now themostaddicting and fun match-3 puzzle game and beat all the levelmatchpuzzle challenges. Match and connect items and collect thepiratetreasure. Matching gems was never this fun. Enjoy 900 ofthrillinglevels, awesome puzzles, cool items and plenty of moresurprises inthe world of pirates.Start the incredible adventuretoday andadvance along the treasure map, and solving puzzles. Earncoins andget special rewards that will help you complete levels. Ifyou area fan of match-3 games you’ll absolutely enjoy ouramazingadventure at the pirate cave.Easy to learn but can be hardtomasterSuper fun and entertainingPerfect for your Android orTabletdeviceFun game for all agesDiamond Pirates 3 is an addictiveandExicted adventure filled with many HD colorfun jewels, withniceeffects and fantastic design puzzle!
Bubble Shoot Pirate
Bubble Shoot Pirate is an addictive bubble match 3 game with400+puzzles, join now in this free pirate bubble game! Pop, tapandtilt your way through over 400+ addictive puzzles withexcitementand packed with adventure! This bubble Shoot game is freetodownload and also good for family and kids. If you haveanyquestion or suggestion, please send us an email.This is an easytoget started, strong operation of the game, once the start thereisno way to stop. Bubble Shoot is completely free to play butsomein-game items such as extra moves or lives willrequirepaymentFeatures:- More than 400 magic levels to complete!And moreare coming.- Easy and fun to play, challenging to master-Popbubble with extension line.- 4 Special Boosters help you get ahighscore.- Fluent shooting experience.- Bubble pop withlightning.-Rescue mode: cute baby birds are waiting forrescuing!How to Play:1.Tap where you want to pop bubble2.To group 3or more to makethem burst3.Clear all the bubbles to level up, andtry to get 3stars on each level.4.Pop bubbles to save birds pups asthe targetin some levels.Tips: Breaking the bubbles continuouslycan getpoints as a bonus!Thank you who played Bubble Shoot Pirate!
Pirate Match
pirate matchdownload and join us on an epic adventures ofmatch3Play through level after level in arcade mode where witheachcompleted level the difficulty increases. As you progressfurther,you will travel through a series of different piratethemedenvironments and adventures.You can also play in classic modewithpotentially unlimited game play as you make as many matchesofthree as possible. The concept is simple, slide a piece intoaposition where it makes a set of three or more of the same, anditwill destroy the block behind. - Nice pirates! Masterthedifficulties making super combinations with gems!- Lots ofbonusesand daily rewards will help you to solve all puzzles andcollectall diamonds-jewels.- You can play offline!- It’s absolutelyfreematch 3 game, but you can buy some additional moves or othergamefeatures.
Pirate Ship Bubble
Ahoy! Hop on board and help the piratessolveall the hair-scratching puzzles. Enjoy some new and excitingbubblepuzzles. Rescue the treasure chests by bursting all thebubbles,and help your pirate friends get rich! Take part in afascinatingadventure, and solve incredible logic puzzles to winamazingboosters and powerups! See which bubble color you are goingto getnext so you can plan your moves ahead.Join the exciting journey, clear the board and overcomeamazingchallenges. Blast the bubbles away by hitting 3 or morebubbleswith the same color. Clear the board, and help the piratesrescuethe treasure chests! Play hundreds of cool levels, and usepowerfulboosts to advance. Download for free today and join theawesomefun!How to Play:• Form a group of 3 or more bubbles of the same color to pop.• Make special bubble combinations to earn powerful boostersthatwill assist you in your quest.• Bubble swap is totally free, simply tap on the bubble tochangeits color.• Win boosts and power-ups by making 7 shots in a row orpoppingmore than 10 bubbles in a single shot.Amazing features!• Clear all the colored balls from the screen.• Incredible graphics and a smooth gameplay!• Plenty of challenges and adventures.• It’s important to form a strategy according to thedifferentbubbles layout in each level.• Hours of endless fun!Join the pirate’s epic voyage now, and play hundreds of freeandawesome levels filled with fun challenges and puzzles.Rescuetreasure chests for your pirate friends, and experiencethethrilling puzzle game. Play it for free on your Android device,andput your strategy skills to the test. Download the game todayandexperience endless fun for you and your family!