Top 9 Games Similar to Ninja Block

Angry Shark Rush 1.1
Take control of 3D rendered shark in this action packed sharkgame.The objective is to keep survive and eating to score thisactionshark game. The shark is hungry and starving till dead, youneed toget some food for it, try to eat everything that floating intheocean to regain your stamina and energy to survive.Features:+3Dimages graphic+ Unlimited fun and challenging levels+Intuitivetouch or tilt controls+ Easy to play difficult tomasterAngry SharkRush is all new action packed shark game. You needmore practicesand training to master controlling this hungry sharkto swim fastwhile avoiding all the obstacle, and accurately attacksthe target.Beside eating, you can also regain your energy by reachto nextcheckpoint, hence rush all you can to reach next checkpointbeforetime is running out.Play as much as you like! Challenge yourfriendwith high score.
Duck Hunting 1.2.2
Duck Hunting: Angry Shooting Game is an endless duck huntinggamewhere you hunt ducks with differently powered guns! But are youanace shooter and kill all the birds beforetheyescape? Objective is to destroy all ducks hiding inbushes! Todo so simply aim, tap, tilt and target the ducks usingguns withdifferent speed and weight. But beware, the game ends if 5ducksescape! ____Game Features____ - Fun,challengingandaddictive gameplay - Easy to play, hard to mastergame -Tap to Shoot - Accelerometer Control - 4Different Rifles(Winchester 1894 Rifle, Mauser k98 Rifle, Savage 99Rifle, l118a1 /Modern Rifle) - Stunning graphics & soundeffects -Game Center Integration Get ready to aim &shoot; competeagainst friends and be the master hunter. Downloadthe game foryour Android Device now! Liked this game? Leave usyourhelpful feedback and rating!
Slugs Action 1.1
The slugs fly in sky of battles and action. Pull, aim, actionandbattlecast! Install the new game Slugs Action and enjoy theactionof Slugteraa. Jump and fly to collect hundreds of diamondsandBlasters.Scan these round badges in battlecast to access loadsofnew content, mini-games, power-ups for the game, and more!Diamondscan be found all over the place – on battlecast, at yourlocaltheater, and in many more locations. Keep your eyes peeledforheros everywhere!In your way to destroys slugslinger enemyandcollect diamonds you will explore the word of anger andobstacles;bad birds, scorpions, bees, anger plants, big calamaris,and a lotof baths. But you can use the power-ups of flying andmagnet toskip and accepting a new power of anger. How to play- Tapright andleftFeatures:- More levels- 4 duel arenas- Differentunique enemies(bad birds, scorpions, bees, anger plants, bigcalamaris, and a lotof baths)- Controllable Slugs- Intuitive anduser-friendlyinterface- Unique graphics and gameplay- Frequentupgrades and newin-game content- Match tiles on the playing boardto power-up yourSlugs and blast your opponents- Collect newDiamonds and unlockpowers as you play- Ghoul your game and add someaction to yourarsenal!- Play through story mode to collect Landersand unlock newpowers
bird vs zombie 2.1.1
In order to defend their territory, Brave birds tenaciousstrugglewith the invading zombies. They use the body hit thezombies, Inlarge numbers.In the same time birds compose a newchapter in thegame an epic. Move species of the same color type, Upand down morethan three can be spliced into the flock, put them infrontfrontier and then bodys will be burning in flame, slidingthemalong the route, the birds were rushed shockenemies.Multicollection of bird flocks, attack power will be morevigorous.After Knock ing down zombies ,battlefield will leave thecoins,remember to collect, It is buying props capital. The rationaluseof props is a prerequisite for clearance.With the upgrade ofthebattlefield, the props will be more expensive, hoarding propstoemergencies.
Smash Birds 2: Free Cool Game 1.0.24
Are you tired of the birds? If the answer is Yes then it’s gameforyou. Attack of the Birds game with simple and awesomegameplay.Simply tap anywhere in the screen and doesn't allow thebirds reachthe end of the Screen earning the highest scorepossible. Lots offun and action at the same time. KEY FEATURES:• 1.All graphics aremade in 2D with good mix of 8 bit cartoon motionanimation andelements of 3d!• 2. Funny epic game where you shouldsmash andfight flying angry birds.• 3. Addictive bloody game• 4.Amazingmusic and addicting sounds• 5. Gain as many coins or gems asyoucan and show the way which bring you a top rank.• 6.Coolcombination of new original revolution and old proved by yearsfunextreme arcade gameplays!Requires Android 2.3 version and above.Itworks perfect offline: no internet, wifi or gsm connectionisrequired. We are working hard to bring you more free andlatestupdates of app and skins and also on the new awesomefreeplayaddons and mods of this amazing toy! Download it now andhaveprank! Funniest killing game for all ages without complexgameplayand there are no in app purchases. Coolest and funniestkind ofarcade and the hardest game ever! If you like this casualgame thenyou can share it with your friends andrelatives.Copyrights by FirePlus Team. 2015-2016
Super Wilmer 2.0
Super Wilmer is Mario Bros meets Angry Birds with uniquegameplayelements and smooth intuitive controls...classic platformeractionwith a twist! Help Wilmer the Raccoon jump, sling-shot arrowsandcollect treasures across three worlds and dozens of levels.Withmultiple weapons, enemies and a dynamic environment, grab asmanycoins as you can as you help Wilmer jump and run though 3distinctworlds.PlayAndroidreview:**Worksbestif you meet these min. specifications, otherwise could seeframerate issues.**Dual core, 1200 MHz1024 MB RAM
Angry & Brave Bird Action Game 1.0
Golden Pots
Angry & Brave Bird Action GameThis is an exciting game saving your pet birdfromimpendingdangers from topHelp your angry yet brave bird to avoid the bouldersfromfallingon it by manouvering it dexterouslyCollect gold boosters on the way to reach further levelsEndless mode and levels to play non-stop for the birdtogainstrengthGet this App and you will never stop playing thisveryinterestinggame as you are on a mission to protect yourlovelybird
Mutant Block Ninja Games 2 C10.1
Brace yourself for a battle that willrockthenations in Mutant Block Ninja Games 2. Mutant enemynumberone,Blockadious and the nefarious dark warlord are set torecruittheirown mutant army in exposing the human race totheiradvancedradiation technology that alters the mind and bodiesofthoseexposed.**** PREPARE FOR MASSIVE GAME PLAY *****Mutant Block Ninja Games 2 bring you a most explosivelyepicFPSexperience like you've never seen before. This super hitgamehaslevels that are MASSIVE and is jam packed withpowerfulenemies,vast weaponry, and extensive terrain. Because ofthis, loadtimecan often take awhile…Rate kindly! Please don't penalize Mutant Block Ninja Games2witha one-star review, after all, this is a FREE game, and wejustwantedto ensure you enjoyed an action-packed, thrill-ride ofagame. Wejammed as much epic combat as we could into this#1highlyanticipated sequel.**** POWERFUL ENEMIES ****Once a pupil to the revered Sensei, you lived and trainedwiththeChosen Ones. Under his guidance you became an elitefighter,poisedto lead your class in a war against the nefariouswarlord andhisdark war clans, but when a powerful enemy and hisfootclansbesieged the camp, your classmates and Sensei lost thebattlewhileyour sheer force of will drove you to continue to fighttothebitter end. Or at least, what you thought was thebitterend...The dark warlord is back and he is not alone. Althoughyougreatlycrippled his defenses, his intent to rise to glory hasonlyincreasedin the many years since you foiled his attacks. Fromafarthis warmaster has kept a keen eye on you and the secretschoolyou amassedin Sensei's honor.In a repeat of history, this warlord has seen to it thatthatnoninja will dare threaten his ascension to domination. Thistime,hehas brought an entirely new breed of enemies with thehelpofBlockadious and his devious radiation technology.Withthispowerful device the warlord can amass his armyfromvirtuallyanywhere as he bends the minds and bodies of theeverydayman tohis will.**** YOUR MISSION ****Your mission begins in the remote hills of a small village,muchlikethe one where you yourself grew up. Although theattackwasunexpected, your quick thinking leads to your survival andthefallof your enemies. As the mission progresses, you aretaskedwithfinding and eliminating the threat of all of theremainingmutanttechnology. This part of your mission involvesthebrutalassassination of a plethora of devastating enemies. Astheclimaxof battle draws near, your quest to ensure the dominationofthenation does not come to pass leads you straight to the lairofthedevious warlord where you have a bounty upon your headandeveryevil foot clan is set to see your defeat.**** EPIC LEVELS ****Amazingly crafted, each intense level is rife with its ownsetofchallenges. Set against stunning backgrounds, you'll havetoforceyourself to keep your eye on the prize and not let yourgazewonderover the rolling expanse of awesome pixilatedgraphicscenery.Danger looms large, so keep watch on your healthlevel andtheentity map provided to you. Locate and utilize perkssuch asammo,health and speed pickups to aid you in your quest. Plantodominatethe battlefield, you are the hero of this bravefrontier.Surviveand thrive.Features---Immersive first-person shooting experience-Large arsenal of weapons to choose from-Hand-to-hand combat option-Precision aiming-Block world style graphics and tight controls-Three challenging levels:*Village*Medieval Castle*Training Facility
Police Vs Mafia 3D Crime Drive 1.2
The term was initially connected totheSicilian Mafia, however has following extended toincorporatedifferent associations of comparative techniques andreason, e.g.,"the Russian Mafia" or "the Japanese Mafia". The termis connectedcasually by the press and open; the criminalassociationsthemselves have their own terms - e.g., the Sicilianand AmericanMafia call themselves "Cosa Nostra" and the "JapaneseMafia" callsitself yakuza .So, a police man Called Max who has anormal andhappy life with his beloved wife Jenna in San Andreasdistrict,along with their little princess Britney who spend all herday inthe backyard, playing and jumping over the flowers, but themostterrifying day for Frank is about to happened when anunknownkiller has assassinates his wife besides to his daughter,that wasa stab in Frank’s heart and it turns him into a connivinganddeceptive monster who eagers revenge and to accomplish hismissionwhich become terminate and eliminate the killer who tookhisfamily’s life and the spirit of living. Frank had some kindofinformation about a Russian family mafia man who was seen bytheneighbors, and after that he succeeded to join the gangstersandthe Russian mafia family to follow every single move of thatmafiaman who was called Romanov, he was extremely aggressive withhisvictims and he committed a number of vulgar crimes, in additiontodoing illegal and illegitimate missions such as heists andsellingluxurious and fancy cars and motorcycles, that was the priceto becommitted to the job and loyal to the big boss and that’s allwhatcoast Frank to join the gang, he was selling illegal packagesinSan Anderas. However, he still have that bright side of the dutyasa policeman, the police was like the second family for Frank,hewould do anything in his power to save innocent lives asaconsequence, he slightly lost that spirit and he becomesagainstthe force of the police just to take his revenge evenfighting thecops, that is the game is all about .it’s that viciousand intensebattle between the mafia and the police. This gamecalled Police VsMafia Crime Drive and it’s all free and for androiddevices, itallows you:=Take the entire control of the gangster Frank atanydirection=Dominate and rob fancy cars and use them to have more cashtopurchase your needs=there not only cars in the game, you will enjoy ridingothervehicles such as trucks, helicopters,etc=Mafia VS Police 3D Crime Drive is your best way to to explorenewway of crimes=this virsion of the game contains the jetpack and tank,whichispretty much enjoying in the game=multiple,several and even funnier mission awaits you sobeready=the realism is appearing in Mafia VS Police 3D Crime Drivethanksto its fantasic and mesmerizing graphics=San Andreas is the best spot for this game,is makes itfantasticlycredibleTo explore it,check this out: