Top 24 Games Similar to BlackJack Pro

Blackjack Expert 1.7
Play Blackjack with advanced casino optionsANDlearn to count cards at the same time! Blackjack Expert teachesyoucard counting while you play against the computer, or using oneofthe many training modes.Get the best, professional Blackjack training software byacompany that has specialized in advanced card counting productsforover 10 years. Nothing is better to help you play the best youcanat the tables.Blackjack Expert is a game and testing tool combined inoneeasy-to-use program. As you play blackjack, your decisionsaretested: actions, index plays, bet sizes, and insurance.Thesoftware is packed with advanced features for masteringeveryaspect of card counting. Whether you're just looking for agreatBlackjack game or looking to learn card countingtechniques,Blackjack Expert is the fastest way to improve. CardCounting cangive you a statistical edge over the casino.FEATURES:- 11 unique training modes with configurable options.Everyfeature and mode found in Blackjack Mentor is also includedinBlackjack Expert.- Play Mode: Play Blackjack against the computer, whileyourdecisions are checked along the way. Test yourself on thecorrectbets, actions, index plays and insurance.- Drill Mode: Random blackjack hands are displayed, and youhaveto pick the correct action. The program remembers which onesyouget right or wrong, and tends to pick the ones you are havingthemost problems with. Add count values to help master index playsaswell.- Table Mode: View all of the basic strategy plays. The handsarebroken up into hard hands from 8 to 16, soft hands, and allpairs.You can select specific hands to be tested on, and view yourerrorstatistics from Drill mode.- Memorize Mode: Displays an empty blackjack strategy tableandlet's you fill in the correct plays one cell at a time. If yougetthe action wrong, it tells you and marks the error.- Count Mode: Configurable count-down deck drills help youtrackthe count quickly and correctly without errors. Many useroptionsto setup your training, such as timed or un-timed drills,test forbets, number of cards, table or hands display.- Rules Mode: Choose from a wide range of includedblackjackrules for DAS/noDAS, S17/H17, surrender, ENHC, number ofdecks, anddouble restrictions. A matching optimal basic strategytable isautomatically selected for you. 144 built-in action tablesreadyfor you to use. Select a count system and game rules, andthematching action and index tables are selected automatically.- Action Mode: Create or modify your own action table.Includesall of the OBS strategy tables for the Speed Count system,and 144built-in action tables for every common rule-setvariation.- Index Mode: Specify index sets containing play deviationsfordifferent hand combinations, based on the system count.Severalbasic index sets for different count systems are included,orcreate your own.- Count Systems: Use any of the included count systems:High-Low,KO, Speed Count, Uston Ace-Five, Uston Advanced, andmore. Or,create and edit your own count systems. Supportsmulti-level counts,fractional count values, red/black cardassignments, balancedsystems, unbalanced systems: everything forprofessional cardcounters and novices alike.- Add-on Databases: Extra count systems are available asIn-apppurchases. The complete High-Low system with all indexsets,OmegaII level 2 advanced, and HiOptI are available.- Help Mode: All the rules of blackjack, an introduction tocardcounting, and detailed documentation. Everything you need toknowto play perfect blackjack. Help button in most windowswithspecific assistance.- Supports all common Android device resolutions, from240x320(QVGA) and up (HGVA, WVGA).Blackjack Expert includes every feature found in Mentor,Counterand Expert for our other platforms: everything you need tomastercard counting in one program!
Perfect Pairs Blackjack 1.0.2
Lambton Games
The classic game of blackjack withanoptionalsidebet that pays if your first two cards are a pair.Placebets ofup to $500 and try to beat the dealer at blackjack. Seethebonusrules and bonus paytable within the game for moreinformation.This full version of Lucky Sevens Blackjack allows youtochangevarious gameplay rules:- Change the total number of decks to 2, 4, 6 or 8- Enable splitting on any pair of 10s- Enable double-up on any first hand- Change the appearance of the table withdifferentcolorschemes.Game play statistics will also be logged, see how many handsyoucanwin and how high you can raise your balance.This is a new game, please get in touch with any feedback.
Count'em Blackjack PRO 1.0
Important: This app will not work on theJellyBean OS. It is strongly recommended to download Count'emBlackjackPRO 2 which will work on the Jelly Bean OS. It also hasmuch morefeatures than the original Pro version.This app has all of the Blackjack Card Counting Practice/GamesofCount'em Blackjack Lite and also a 6 player virtual gameandpractice. It simulates a real blackjack game at the speed youwant.Practice with this application can payoff big. Good Luck!
Blackjack! ♠️ Free Black Jack Casino Card Game 1.7.0
Fil Games
Chips are always free on our blackjack tables! ✔ Feel theexcitementof casino blackjack! ✔ Practice & Train your skills!✔ Learncard counting! ✔ Master the perfect strategy! It is codedto be theexact simulation of the actual card game 21 so that youcan trainyourself to become a master! Blackjack! by Fil GamesFeatures ✔COMPLETELY FREE - You never have to pay money with freedaily chips,free level up bonus chips and more free chips comingyour way! ✔LEARN BLACKJACK - Our simplistic approach helps ourplayers learnVegas & European blackjack from scratch and trainto master thestrategy! ✔ LEARN CARD COUNTING - Learn and becomethe master ofcard counting by training with our free card countingtrainer! ✔VARIETY OF RULES - Vast variety of black jack rules toplay withfrom Vegas, Atlantic City and European casinos! ✔BEAUTIFUL THEMES -21+ beautiful casino table, chip and card themesinspired from Vegascasinos! ✔ REALISTIC GAMEPLAY - Popular Vegasblack jack handgesture adaptations! ✔ ONLINE SCOREBOARDS - Competewith onlineplayers worldwide on our online scoreboards. To assureyou of thefairness of our games, source code for the dealingprocess of ourblack jack 21 app is available online. If you enjoyour free blackjack 21 app, try Fil Games Vegas casino card game'Baccarat!' onGoogle Play. DISCLAIMER: Blackjack! by Fil Games isjust a blackjackgambling simulation app. It neither involves realmoney gambling,nor provides any means to win real money or prize.We do notencourage real money gambling. Your success in blackjackdoes notassure any real success with real money gambling on anactualblackjack table. If you have any issues or questionsregarding ourblack jack 21 app, you can contact us online
Blackjackist: Blackjack 21 41.2.0
Blackjack is an exciting game that anyplayeris sure to enjoy. Place a bet, get more points than thedealer andwin chips. Feel the risk as you dive into a casinoatmosphere andcatch fortune by the tail. Play online with peoplefrom all overthe world!Game features:* YOUR OWN PROFILE PAGE, hosting all your progress and status inthegame! Win tournaments, get achievements and buy new property toownthe game.* FREE CHIPS – Visit the game every day and get free chips.* PLAY WITH FRIENDS – Invite your friends to the game via emailorFacebook and get bonuses as a reward.* CHAT WITH OTHER PLAYERS – Use the convenient chat andmessagesystem to discuss rounds you've won and get even more funout ofthe game.* GET REWARDS – Place bets, take risk and unlockachievements.* LEARN TO PLAY – Are you a new player? Have you always wantedtotest your mettle in blackjack? We can help you take thefirststep.* 3D GRAPHICS – An absolutely free blackjack game withstunninglyrealistic 3D graphics.* NO REGISTRATION – Get straight into the action. Use guest modetoplay blackjack without registration.* SINGLE ACCOUNT – Start playing on your smartphone or tabletandcontinue playing on Facebook without losing your progress. Useyouraccount to play any of our other games!* FAIR HAND DEALING GUARANTEED! Certified Random NumberGenerator(RNG) to bring you the best and fairest gameexperience.Want more than Blackjack? Try our other games – Texas PokerandRoulette! Use your single account to start playinginstantly!Subscribe to the game's official Facebook page and be the firsttolearn about the latest news and special blackjackist.comThis game is only available to people of legal age. The gameoffersno possibility of winning money or anything of value. Successinplaying this game does not imply your success in asimilarreal-money casino game.
Blackjack - World Tournament 1.2.155
NEON Games
■The 1st app in the world to offer REAL BlackjackTournaments!■Practice your strategies, and get ready before youhead to a realcasino! ▶ Compete in Tournament Mode Real BlackjackTournamentswith Official Casino Rules! Multi-level Tournaments:Rio, LasVegas, Sydney, Macau, Tokyo Compete with 2 other players in8 handsHand 4 is an Elimination Hand One chance to exchange a cardat themost crucial moment See how you stack up to other playersaroundthe world ▶ Get Lucky in Spin & Go Mode The topchip-holdergets the prize! Open to all levels 4 rounds with noeliminationhands Compete with 3 other players ▶ Hone your Skills inFree BetMode Play with friends and people around the worldMulti-Bets &Pair Bets: Bet in up to 3 places simultaneouslyDouble Pay Gauge: Afull gauge doubles your pay for the next handPlay with friends atyour own private blackjack table Rank up andplay moreadvancedtables:Beginners/Amateurs/Advanced/Bigshots/Highrollers/Billionaires▶Play against friend 1 vs 1 Mode Add friends in game andchallengethem! Play VS mode to show the real blackjack winner! Fourroundswith no elimination hands Challenge your friend one on one! ▶EarnFree Bonuses & Complete Missions Connect with Facebook:Get$500,000 in chips Welcome Bonus: $1,000,000 in chips TimeBonus:$50,000 in chips every 3 Hours Daily Bonuses: Chips upto$3,500,000 Weekly Bonus: Tournament Ticket or chips upto$1,500,000 Daily / Special Missions: Free Chips uponcompletionVarious Seasonal Events & Special Missions! Forsuggestions andhelp, please contact us Like Uson Facebook for Updates andFree Prizes: *Disclaimer: The gamesare intendedfor an adult audience. Our games are meant foramusement andentertainment purpose only. The games do not offer"real moneygambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.Practiceor success at social casino gaming does not imply futuresuccess at"real money gambling.” ---- 개발자 연락처 : +82-31-698-3448
Blackjack Fever 1.2
"Blackjack Fever" brings the casinofeelingright to your Android powered device!It features:✔ HD graphics✔ steady framerates with 60 FPS on most devices✔ Real casino feeling (like in Las Vegas)And now have fun with "Blackjack Fever"!
Blackjack 21 1.9.0.B-GP-Free(37)
Banana & Co.
Play the best free Blackjack 21 game on the play store. Nochipbuying, just jump right in and play Blackjack completely free!Alsocalled 21, Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games intheworld. With a beautiful and intuitive design, you will lovethismodern take on the classic casino card game. - Popular LasVegasrules just like at the casino. - Intuitive hint system. - Ourfairtable dealer never cheats - unlike other games, in ours youcanactually win. - Beautiful table customization with HD graphics.-Double Down, Splits, Insurance and Surrender for anauthenticBlackjack experience. - Deck shuffle animation lets youknow whenthe deck is being reshuffled. - Tons of chip denominationsfromsingles all the way to millions. - Large cards and tabledisplayfor easy playing. - Easy, simple to learn controls makesthis thesleekest card game available. - Stat tracking showsyourperformance over time. - Informative help screen for thosewhodon't already know the rules of 21. - The object of the game istoreach 21 or to reach a score higher than the dealerwithoutexceeding 21. - Practice your Blackjack skills to become atrueVegas vip! We'll be adding some awesome new features soon, sostaytuned.
Blackjack 21 HD 1.0
Blackjack 21 HD brings the classicblackjackcard game to your mobile device.In Blackjack21 HD the goal is to reach the closest value to21.You need to make sure to not go over the value of 21, as thiswillautomatically make you loose the game.At the end of each round, if the dealer's hand total value iscloserto 21 as yours, the dealer wins.If your hands total value is the same as the dealers, theroundresults in a push.The cards value are as follows: Cards ranging from 1-10 countasmuch as their value says, so 7 of Heart count as 7, 9 ofSpadescounts as 9 etc. Every face card (Jack, Queen, King) countsas 10.An Ace can count both as 1 and 11.If you have 2 cards of the same value, for example 10 ofSpadesand 10 of Clubs, you can split your hand, resulting in twouniquehands!You can also choose to "double down". In this case youdoubleyour bet and are no longer able to draw any more cards, sobecareful with this option!In Blackjack 21 HD winning and loosing goes hand in hand, it isamatter of skill and chance, sometimes you win, sometime youdon't.The cards are randomly shuffled and you can also decide howmanydecks of cards should be used!In Blackjack 21 HD the rules are as in the classicBlackjackgame:- Dealer must draw to 16 and stand on all 17s- Blackjack pays 3:2- Insurance pays 2:1Some features:- Amazing HD Graphics- Georgeous animations- Simple Controls- Classic Blackjack 21 experience- Surrender to get half of your bet back- Buy Insurance to save your bet from a dealer's blackjack- Choose the amounts of decks- Optimized for mobile & tablets- Watch a short Video to get more chips- freePlease note: Blackjack 21 HD does not offer real moneygamblingor an opportunity to win real money or prizes.
BlackJack 1.35
Blackjack, also known as Twenty-one or Vingt-et-un(French:"twenty-one"), is the most widely played casino bankinggame in theworld. Blackjack is a comparing card game between aplayer anddealer and played with one or more French decks of 52cards. Theplayer is dealt an initial two card hand with the optionof drawingcards to bring the total value to 21 or less withoutexceeding it,so that the dealer will lose by having a lesser handthan theplayer or by exceeding 21. Since the 1960s, blackjack hasbeen ahigh profile target of advantage players, particularlycardcounters, who track the profile of cards yet to be dealt, andadapttheir wager and playing strategy accordingly. While inourimplementation we do not teach counting, we do offer basicstrategyhints to train you on how to improve your odds. Manyrulevariations of BlackJack exist. Our implementation offersmostcommon casino rules: - Play with 4 decks - Decks arereshuffledwhen there is less than 20 cards left. - Dealer stands onsoft 17 -Player can split twice - Neither surrender nor insuranceareoffered When hints are enabled, player would need to confirmhischoice if it's not the most optimum action. When you runningshorton credits, feel free to use our build in slot machine - trulytheloosest slots in town! Don't forget to check our Game sectionforother fun games...
BlackJack Roulette Poker Slot 1.8
Want to win the Casino?Want to learn the best strategies of winning?Casino Master is what you want!It's not just a game but the best and the most usefulcasinotraining app!9 Different Games:BlackjackRouletteSlot MachineKenoVideo PokerThree Card PokerCaribbean PokerBaccaratDice(More games coming)
Blackjack 3D
This is not a dream! This is the game youwerelooking for! A modern variation of the classic Blackjack. Youcanplay as much as you like.Enjoy our special design!Playing Blackjack 3d is easy. Follow simple steps and you will beonyour way to the top! This absorbing game full of twists willwinyour heart!Engage in a battle against the odds and the dealer in thisclassicblackjack casino card 3D game. Play by the rules of some ofthemost famous world casinos.All this and even more, packed in 3D graphics with niceanimations,sound and speech:"BlackJack 3D" isn't called that for nothing!This product is intended for an adult audience (21+) and doesnotoffer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real moneyorprizes.Play this game to sharpen your skills before your next triptoVegas!Playing BlackJack 3D does not imply future success at realmoneygambling.
Blackjack Offline 1.07
Play the best casino game on your phoneortablet for free, with the only blackjack mobile game thatisdesigned to be played offline, on the road where no internetisavailable (or wanted).With our new Offline Blackjack game you can take yourfavoriteblackjack gaming experience to a whole new level, playwhere ever,whenever with no worries of being on the internet forthe game tooperate!Blackjack is one of the whole time favorites when it comestogambling and free casino game. You don't need to lose realmoney,simply play our gorgeous game with virtual chips and improveyour21 skills.Remember, blackjack is not a game of luck, rather it requiresskillsso mastering the game takes time and it's possible to getbetterover time, getting your winnings bigger!Blackjack Offline Features:- Smooth graphics with great looking playing cards.- Virtual money that gives unlimited chips, reset your balancewhenin need of more money.- Easy game controls.- You play against the dealer one on one.- Easy to understand blackjack 21 rules.- Easy to play offline blackjack that will work on all phonesandtablets.
Multi Hand Blackjack 4.1.0
Naive Code
Multihand Blackjack, supporting up to 3hands(or up to 3 players in multiplayer mode): triple the action,triplethe excitement, triple the fun!♠ This game is a great way to get more familiar withBasicStrategy while enjoying playing with friends in multiplayermode,or play alone on multiple hands at the same time. Take thefullpleasure when dealer busts, and get three times the thrillwhendealer gets twenty-one!♣ New Multiplayer Mode allowing you to play with your friendsonthe same device!♣ Addictive gameplay with up to 3 hands, in singleormulti-player.♣ Great graphics and animations.♣ Now able to split a pair.This is the full version. It's completely free:♥ No annoying ads.♥ No locked features.♥ No in-app purchases.♥ No additional permissions required.
The Simple Blackjack 3.1.2
No special permissions!Don't worry about your account and real money.This App have No internet connections.And very cute icon.enjoy!***************free game***************06/17/2012 credit bug fixed.★06/17/2012 sound effect enabled!★★04/28/2012 background design renewed!resolution/displaysizeadded!(480x320~1280x800:portrait)★New background design! Enjoy!Added support for Android Tablet.A very simple game of **Blackjack**.Easy rules for beginners!You can play your own BGM. (app doesn't include music player)◆Special Rules- No SPLIT.- No INSURANCE.- Pay half on SURRENDER.- MAX BET 2,500.- 6 decks shuffled (shuffled once after 60% of the 6 decksareusedin play)(shuffled after 187.2 cards are played).- BLACKJACK rate:1.5- Dealer stops drawing cards when he reaches 17 or above.- Dealer draws until he reaches 17 or above.◇Features- No ads.- You can change preset background graphics(red, blue,yellowandmore).- You can choose HANDEDNESS (right handed or left handed).- Simple local rules applied. No SPLIT, no INSURANCE.- Probability of card occurrence is purely statistical.- Six decks of cards are shuffled in the pile.- Winning solely depends on your judgment and luck.- This app will reset CREDIT to 5000 if your CREDITvaluereacheszero. (no need to reinstall)Can you defeat my Dealer?historyminer bug fixed (05/30/2012:ver3.0.3)changed primary install location to external memory(secondary:localmemory) (05/30/2012:ver3.0.3)enabled BACK KEY during play (05/04/2012:ver3.0.1)renewed background design (04/28/2012:ver3)addedresolution/displaysize(480x320~1280x800:portrait)(04/28/2012:ver3)fixed minor bug (04/08/2012:ver2)renewed card and background design (04/08/2012:ver2)fixed minor bug (03/04/2012:ver1.0.2)fixed minor bug (03/03/2012:ver1.0.1)tested Android version:1.6 & 2.3.3+■Twitter!/Pooh3MobiPlease feel free to contact me about this app. Thanks!
Casino Blackjack 1.2
Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world.WithCasino Blackjack, you can play Blackjack on your favoriteAndroidphones or tablets.This game's features include:- Unlimited Free Credits! You will never have to payforcredits- standard Blackjack actions such as: fold, hit, stand, splitanddouble- Rules of Blackjack explained in aneasy-to-understandfashion- user-friendly user interfaceCasino Blackjack supports almost any Android phones andtablets.Get Casino Blackjack today and enjoy the fun anywhere yougo.
Blackjack +3 FREE 1.0.6
Lambton Games
The classic game of blackjack with anoptionalsidebet that makes a 3 card poker hand from your first 2cards andthe dealer up card. Place bets of up to $500 and try tobeat thedealer at blackjack. See the bonus rules and bonus paytablewithinthe game for more information.The "plus three" side bet pays out at the following rate:Suited 3 of a kind - 100:1Straight Flush - 35:13 of a kind - 33:1Straight - 10:1Flush - 5:1If you enjoy this free version of Blackjack +3 you can upgradetothe full version which allows you to change variousgameplayrules:- Change the total number of decks to 3, 4, 6 or 8- Enable splitting on any pair of 10s- Enable double-up on any first hand- Change the appearance of the table with differentcolorschemes.Game play statistics will also be logged, see how many hands youcanwin and how high you can raise your balance.This is a new game, please get in touch with any feedback.
BlackJack.21 1.2.2
Bakumens Inc.
Blackjack is the most popular casino gameintheworld.Now Bakumens' Blackjack.21 offers you the mostsimulatingmobileenvironment to give you the full casinoexperience.Blackjack 21 follows the basic rules of standard Blackjackalongwiththe house rules most commonly featured in casinos.Features:- Realistic - Vivid casino animation to enjoy the firstclasscasinoenvironment.- Very fast card handling to let you enjoy thesmoothestgamblingexperiences.- Travel around the world's top luxury casinos. You can playinLasVegas, Macau and on luxury ocean cruise.- Gameplay advisor: Our High-Low card counting system allowsyoutoleverage risk based on the exact cards already played.- Get help from friends. You can ask your friends, or helpthemifyou run out chips. The more friends you have, the morechipsyoucan get.How to play Blackjack 21:- Select your destination on the World Map.- Select your table. Please note casino house rulesmaydiffer.- Sit at your table, select your combination of chips andstartthegame.- Players play against the dealer. The aim is to scorehigherthanthe dealer without exceeding 21.- By, twist and stick to do your best to beat dealer.- You can select double, split and use insurance toincreaseyourwinning chances.- Use tools to analyse the cards in play on the table togainanadvantage.- Free chips every four hours when you play.How to win:- Double Down : If you're fairly sure that your hand willbeatthedealer's, you can double your original bet to gain thechancewinmore.- Split : When you get two starting cards of the same facevalue,youhave the option to split and play two hands, sodoublingyourchances.- Insurance: When the dealer's face-up card is an ace,eachplayergets the chance to bet on whether the dealer has ablackjackornot.If dealer has Blackjack, a winning insurance bet willbepaiddouble.- Surrender : If you have a bad hand compared to thedealer'shand(judging from what you can see of it,) you can give upthe handandreclaim half your bet.- Odds : Blackjack is 3:2; Insurance is 2:1.- Soft Hand : If a player holds an ace valued as 11 thentheplayercannot go bust by taking an additional card.- Shuffle : When a Yellow card is on the table that is noticeofacard shuffle. The card counting system will be also re-set.
BlackJack Arena 1.5.26
LazyLand SA
The world's most popular casino game isnowmultiplayer. Get in the Blackjack Arena and play with themostmasterful opponents, friends or family while this Blackjackversiongives players the chance to compete live.Get your Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces ready to rockthedeck!The objective of Blackjack Arena is for a player to come ascloseto 21 without going over, while still having a higher totalthan thedealer.With the best power apps & boosts, enhancedgraphics,different game modes, minigames and many other excitingfeaturesBlackjack Arena will be all you need!
BlackJack Pro Free 1.2.4
BlackJack Pro Free is BlackJack forseriousBlackJack players.Features include:* 10 different card counting systems* 10 skill levels ranging from Rookie to Card Shark* 1-8 decks* CHEAT mode* Lots more!
AE Blackjack 1.3.1
Love casino games?The famous table game in casinos Blackjack comes to your Phone now!Real and clean design, awesome vivid sound, as well assmoothgameplay, which will give you a real and addictivegamblingexperience.The goal of the player is dealt an initial two card hand withtheoption of drawing cards to bring the total value to 21 orlesswithout exceeding it, so that the dealer will lose by havingalesser hand than the player or by exceeding 21.Tap chips to bet,then deal to start the game. You can pullupfrom chips to place max bet. Pull down from the bet place totakeback all your bet.Any feedback please email us. Thanks very much for allyoursupport in our games.Special bonus gives you an extra income. You will get 100freechips every 1 hour when your credit isn’t plentiful.Get it now! Have a good luck!