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Animals memory game for kids 2.6.0
* Animals memory game for kids is the classic board game, whichhelpdevelop memory skills of children.* Playing this animalsmatchinggame with your kids will help them improve theirrecognition whilehaving fun.* Kids memory game contains very cuteimages of animalsas lion, cat, dog, elephant, etc., which are onmemory cards. *Animals memory game is a game for children of allages, babies,preschoolers, school children and teens. Both, boysand girls willlove this game.* It has been recently scientificallyproven thatregular mental and concentration exercise can greatlyimprove memoryof kids.How to play animals game for kids:For eachlevel, player isrequired to tap the square buttons and need tomemorize what isbehind it in order to match its couple. Playersare required tocomplete a level in minimum finger taps to matchallanimals.Features of animals memory games for kids:- Threedifferentlevels of game play: easy (2 x 3 puzzles), medium (3 x 4puzzles)& hard (4 x 5 puzzles)- Memory game developsrecognition,concentration and motor skills of kid- Matching gameshas cutesounds for kids- Colorful HD graphic designed fortoddlers- Soundsettings to adjust or even on/off game sounds andmusic- Visualmemory training- Matching game has highscore (paidfeature)-Vibrant, beautiful and colorful recognizable images ofanimals likewolf, tiger, lion, crocodile, fox, dog, cat, etc.- Ithelps kids torecognize and teach different animals- Matching gameis designed andstructured according to kid's mentality -Application may containsads to keep it free * Simple and intuitiveinterface which is easyto use and easy to play, specially designedfor children.* Animalsmemory games for kids is also optimized fortablets (provide HDpictures).* This free animals memory game forkids will keep yourchildren quiet and entertained in car, in arestaurant oreverywhere.Have fun to play with our matching game!
Memory Game For Kids 1.6.7
Memory Game For Kids is one of the most extensiveintelligencedevelopment and visual memory improvement games. Matchhundreds ofthe images in different categories and develop yourintelligence,improve your memory. It is a classical board game ofour childhood.The image categories: * Cars * Princesses * Objects *Fruits AndVegetables * Cartoons * Animals * Emojis * Mixed MemoryGame ForKids is played in 2 different modes. - Normal Mode -Challenge Mode* You can play in normal mode firstly by selectingthe category ofimages you like first and then determining thenumbers of imagesyou want to match. If you wish you can set thetarget time of thegame! * The most exciting part of the game is thechallenge mode.In this mode, there are 72 levels to be completed.Game gets harderat every new level. Category and placement ofimages are changedrandomly during each play. Your brain will bechallenged at variouslevels. If you reach 72nd level, it means thatyou have a provenvisual memory! * Memory Game For Kids includesyour favouritecartoon characters, cute animals, fruits andvegetables we consumeddaily, different kind of cars, princesses andqueens, dailyobjects, emojis which we use during chat * Every kidloves animals!With this game, you can lead your children to havezoolatry andimprove their visual memory! Animals cards include cuteandadorable images of cats, dogs, rabbits, cows, butterflies,monkeys,elephants, dolphins, birds, parrots, horses, etc. * Everykid,especially girls love princesses! Princesses cards include cuteandadorable images of princesses, mermaids, queens, unicorns,pinkponies, knights and horses, etc. * The game is enjoyablewithcartoon characters such as Homer Simpson, Mickey Mouse, TomandJerry, Daffy Duck, Fred Flintstone, Dexter, Porky Pig, etc. ! *Youcan prevent your forgetfulness by matching the images offruitslike watermelon, kiwi, strawberry, peach, cherry,pomegranate, fig,etc. * Moreover the other categories includeemojis and objectswhich are used in daily life. You can make yourchild know theobjects better! * Playing the game with your kidswill help them toimprove their recognition while having fun. Evenif it is designedfor kids, it is also beneficial for adults toimprove and exercisetheir memory. * Memory Game For Kids has simpleand intuitiveinterface which is easy to use and play. This freememory game isalso optimized for tablets and it will keep yourchildren quiet andentertained in car, in restaurant and anywhere. *At last, we wantto say it has been recently scientifically proventhat regularmental and concentration exercise can greatly improvememory andprevent amnesia. * Do you want to sharpen your memory ?Have fun !
Funny Matching Pairs Game 1.3
Matching game is a great way to improve your retention,mnemonicskills like visual retention, mnemonic skills,concentration andcognitive skills! Matching game is free. The goalof Matching gamehelps you to be relaxed and train your memory byfinding (matching)and remembering the same icons.The game has 5categories and 4difficulty levels.Free memory game for adults pairsgame free memory gamefree brain game
"Memory" - Memory game
Berni Mobile
Are you ready to challenge your memory daily with "Memory" ? Agreatgame to exercise your memory ! GAME FEATURES - Match pairs ofcards- Different levels of difficulty - The grid adjustsautomatically toyour device - Colorful images of logos to beeasily remembered AllLogos & brands shown or represented inthis game are copyrightand or trademark of their respectivecorporations. This trivia gameis for fun and knowledge. Pleasenote company or event logos areprotected by copyright and/ortrademark registration . A free memorygame for kids and adults .Brain trainer . Pairs game . Free matchuppro . Brain & Puzzlegame . memory kids apps, matching game
Princess - Game for kids 2.1.9
Berni Mobile
A great game to exercise your memory !GAME FEATURES- 4 cutethemes:Fantasy, hearts, flowers and ... penguins!- 5 Differentlevels ofdifficulty- Match pairs of cards- The grid adjustsautomatically toyour device- Colorful images to be easilyremembered- Optimized fortablets- The classic board game, whichhelp develop memory skillsof children.It has funny drawings ofanimals, princesses, hearts,fruits ....A free memory game forkids.matching gamememory gamesfor kids and girlsGame animals andprincesses, children's play
Memory Game 2.4
Exercise your memory with the memory game, guess the animals,cars,vehicles, vegetables and fruits. If you like puzzles orotherquizzes the memory game is for you.Pairs game is a freepopularmemory game consists in finding pairs of identical cards.Theplayer reveals two cards if they are the same they are removedfromthe board, if not, the cards are flip back. Matching cardsisawarded with the sound of the animal or a vehicle. The aim ofthegame is to removes the largest count of couples. Inmultiplayermode, the player who matched the largest number ofpairswins.Memory contains different sets of cards: over 140animals, 60cars and vehicles, 90 of vegetables andfruits.Multiplayer:Inmultiplayer mode, players in sequence revealthe card. The playerwho finds a pair of cards gets the score. Thewinner is the one whofits the largest number of pairs.High IQ isthe dream of many ofus. Certainly often you wonder how to developyour brain - how tostimulate it to better work, to think quicklyand logically.Memorygame is a great workout memory and a way toimprove concentration,as well as mute and killing time in thewaiting room or on anairplane. Since the work of the brain isclosely linked with theimage and sound, playing memory games greatdevelops and stimulatesthe brain to better work.In the game you canchoose different setsof cards: animals and birds, vehicles (cars,planes, ships),vegetables and fruits.Thanks to the pronunciation ofnames and thepossibility of changing the language the game excelsas an aid inlanguage learning.The game is designed for one, two ormoreplayers.Features of the game:● Combining cards in pairs,●Varyingdegrees of difficulty,● The game in the Englishlanguage,●Different sets of cards: animals, vehicles, vegetablesand fruits,●140 animals, 60 vehicles and cars, 90 of vegetables andfruits,●Game for two people (the number of players 1-4: multiplayermode)●Pronounced names in selected languages.● The game isoptimized fortablets and phones,● Designed for adults and kids,●Free game,Thegame is a great workout of memory for the wholefamily.Are youready for the daily memory training?
Memory Training Game 1.59
★ A brand new memory game, be careful of bombs. ★ ★ Easy and funwayto train your memory.★ Memory training game which helpdevelopmemory skills and improve your focus, problem solving,andmultitasking.★ All cards are pronounced in English whichimproveEnglish listening skills.★ This game contains very cuteimages ofanimals, fruits, cars, objects, which are on memory cards.★ Threedifferent levels of game play: Easy (120 levels), Normal(120levels) & Hard (120 levels).★ This matching game containimagecards, bomb cards, shadow cards, word cards, pure sound cards,youneed to match 2 or 3 cards.★ Memory game developsrecognition,concentration and motor skills.★ Let you play whilelearning, andthen learn from playing.★ Visual memory training andenhance theright brain memory.★ It is suitable for kids, children,students,adults, and seniors!★ Have fun to play with our memorytraininggame![JS10240219] [JS1024GAME G03K]
Memory Game: Animals 2.2
Memory game: animals - memory game for all will help trainyourmemory and ability to improve concentration, relax and calmdown.Aligning images with animals in the game memory improveslogicalthinking. Pronounce of animal names by teachers inselectedlanguages ​​promotes learning languages. Find and matchanimals andhear the sound of the animals.Animal sounds encourage toexplorethe next levels and learning new animals. If you haverememberingproblems, quickly distracted and unable to concentrate,you shouldpractice memory and concentration. To achieve excellentacademicresults, you will ensure that your memory isproperlydeveloped.Playing memory game with the pronunciation ofanimalnames is also a great way to learn English andforeignlanguages.Application properties:● More than 140 animals,●Learninganimal names in foreign languages,● Pronounced names ofanimals byprofessional teachers,● Three levels of difficulty,●Exploringsounds made by animals,● Support Google Game to save scoreand tocompetition with friends,● Science and learning aboutanimals,●Photos of real animals in HD,● Understandable andnon-dispersibleattention graphics,● Support for over 40 languages,●Freeapplication.Memory game "Memory" is a great workout supportingtheintellectual development of brain. Memory exercise is theperfectway to keep a efficient brain, which stimulated to regularjobfunctions better every day.Train your memory, develop self andhavefun learning new animal sounds. Improve yourconcentration,attention and speed of reaction by playing in memorygame.
Pairs: challenge your mind! 1.0.2
For all ages. Absolutely Free. No ads. No purchases in app.Nospecial permissionss.
Cars memory game for kids 2.6.0
* Cars memory game for kids is the classic board game, whichhelpdevelop memory skills of children.* Playing this cars gamewithyour kids will help them improve their recognition whilehavingfun.* Cars memory game for kids cointains beautiful images ofcarslike truck, formula, police car, fire truck, ambulance,bulldozer,tank, monster truck, tractor, racing car, motocycle,train or othercivilian vehicles.* Cars game is for children of allages, babies,preschoolers, school children and teens. Especiallyboys will lovethis memory game.* It has been recentlyscientifically proven thatregular mental and concentration exercisecan greatly improvememory of kids.How to play cars game for kids:-For each level,player is required to tap the square buttons andneed to memorizewhat is behind it in order to match its couple.Players arerequired to complete a level in minimum finger taps tomatch allcars.Features of memory game:- has three different levelsof gameplay: easy (2 x 3 puzzles), medium (3 x 4 puzzles) &hard (4 x5 puzzles)- cars matching game for kids developsrecognition,concentration and motor skills of kid- contains cutesounds-colorful HD graphic designed for toddlers- cars matchinggame forkids contains beautiful and funny images of cars- supportsvisualmemory training of toddlers- highscore (paid feature)-carsmatching game for kids is very easy to play for little kids-carsgame for kids has vibrant, beautiful and colorfulrecognizableimages of cars like truck, formula, police car, firetruck,ambulance, bulldozer, tank, monster truck, tractor, racingcar,motocycle, train or other civilian vehicles* Memory game hassimpleand intuitive interface which is easy to use and easy toplay,specially designed for children.* Cars games for kids isalsooptimized for tablets (matching game provides HD carpictures).*This free cars memory game for kids will keep your kidsquiet andentertained in car, in a restaurant or everywhere.Have funto playwith our memory game for kids!
Memory Game 1.1.13
Memory Mastery is a memory game, for fun and exercise yourmemorywith some colors and shapes. Enjoy various levels anddifficulties,and prove you're a master of memory. In addition, eachlevel has adifferent game mode , which can be time , movements, orscore.*Characteristics - Is a Free 3d Memory Game - Test yourmemory with4 difficulties : Easy, Medium , Hard , Expert - Playover 60 levels- Different game modes: Time, score , rounds and manymore . - Asimple, functional design In this matching game , youmust find thefigure with the corresponding color. Train your memoryand get yourhighest score. NOTICE! Memory Mastery is a free game,however havesome advertising. It is advised that children play withtheirparents or a responsible adult.
Match Pairs 1.8.4
Dreamio Lab
Pexeso is a fun matching game to train memory andimproveconcentration. Pairs game is very popular visual memorytrainingfor children, but also for adults. Regular playing helps todevelopkids memory, concentration, attention, intellect, speed ofreactionand cognitive functions. Kids memory game is easy mentalexercisefor everyone.Memory match game is the classic board cardgamewhitch you can now play everywhere. You can enjoy fun timewithyour family and play together on one device. Up to four playersatonce.- The game offers 6 levels of difficulty based on thenumberof cards.- You can choose between two game modes. Classic andTimechallenge.- You can play alone or in up to four players.- Youcanplay against smart AI.- Pleasant original hand-drawn HDgraphics.-The game includes several sets of cards: fruit,vegetables,flowers, birds.- Charming music and sounds.- Music andsounds canbe turned off.How to play:At the beginning of the gamecards arefacing pictures down. By clicking on one card, the cardturns overshowing its picture. Player is trying to memorize thecard and findthe second card with the same picture. If the bothcards are thewith the same pictures, player gains points and thecard pair isremoved from the game. If the pictures on the cardsaren’t thesame, the cards are turned and player guesses again. Inmultiplayermode if a player fails to find two same cards, its otherplayer‘sturn. The goal is to reveal all card pairs as soon aspossible.Ifyou like puzzle games, mind training and intellectualchallenges,try this matching pairs game. Brain training can be alsofun withour memory pairs game!
Memory Matching Cards Game 0.18
Kids Matching cards is an interesting Fun Memory Game to play andtoimprove kids memory. Matching cards is a challenging Puzzle gametotest hidden power of your brain and visual skills in atimeconstrained game play. This is a free hide and Seek PairsMatchingGame and it is one of the best fun brainy game evercreated. Kidsare Growing up and it would be good to make theirbrain strong.Play classic kids Matching game and use your finger toclick andfind the pairs of the Objects. This App consists differentmodeswith different types of themes in each mode. This will begreat funfor kids to learn objects and to play hidden Objectsgames. Playerneeds to match the couple by taping square button andneed toremember what's behind the square button. Player needs tocompletea level in minimum finger taps within the limited timeduration.Number of clicks and score will be maintained on eachlevel. Numberof clicks depends on User’s finger taps. Player'sscore clicks andduration will display when game ends. User willmatch similarobjects and boxes will keep on disappearing forsuccessful matches.>> Game Features Modes: App have threedifferent modes ofgame play; Easy, medium and Hard. Themes: >App have differentthemes for each level > App shows Food Cardswhen selecting Foodtheme > App shows Fruits cards when selectingFruit theme >App shows Birds cards when selecting birds Theme> App showsAnimal cards when selecting animals theme > Appshows NumberCards when selecting Numbers Theme > App showsVegetable Cardswhen selecting Vegetable Theme > App shows ShapesCards whenSelecting Shapes Theme Score: App shows total score of auser whengame ends. Clicks: App shows total clicks by user bycalculatinguser’s finger taps when game ends. Time: App shows totaltimeduration, user consumed to complete the level. Sound: Appsoundscan be controlled using sounds settings to adjust the volumeorswitch game sounds and music on/off. Help: App have a helpsection,where the user can get the answer of their queries.>> How toPlay > To start the game, click on Play Button> To Selectthe Easy Mode, Click on Easy button > To Selectthe Medium Mode,Click on Medium button > To Select the HardMode, Click on Hardbutton > To Select the Food Theme, click onFood Button > ToSelect the Fruits Theme, click on fruits Button> To Select theBirds Theme, click on Birds Button > To Selectthe AnimalsTheme, click on Animals Button > To Select theNumbers Theme,click on Numbers Button > To Select the ShapesTheme, click onShapes Button > To Play the game, Tap the cardsand find theirpairs > Tap one card and memorize it then tap onnext card ifthis card will be the pair of previous card then Tapnext card fornext pair, otherwise find Pair of previous card. >To see thetotal Score, Complete the game by finding every pair.Train Yourbrain with this kids puzzle game! Matching Card Games arebest forthe kids to provide them good entertainment along withbraintraining at home. This game has been designed andstructuredaccording to kid's mentality and interests. It has userfriendlyinterface which attracts kids quickly. It helps kids tomemorizethings for the longer period of time through its vibrantandrecognizable graphics/objects. Concentrate and find Matchingpairsand try to be the best player in this game. This app can alsobehelpful for developing kid’s concentration. The Best “BrainGame”are waiting for you! Download this lovely kids Pairs MatchingGameand enjoy playing. These Fun games for free are the bestBrainGames ever. It is available for Android Smartphone andTabletdevices. WE WOULD LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK! Your feedback isveryimportant to us and they’ll help us bring you free excitingnewgames. Have Fun with his Cards Puzzle game for Kids! Appmaycontains Ads.
Memory Match Cards 1.7
This simple but elegant memory card matching game was designedforanyone that wants brain improvement. Our pairs card gameoffersEasy, Medium, and Hard modes so you can choose your levelofdifficulty. - How to Play - Take turns against the computer.Youcan turn over 2 cards at a time. When it is your turn again,useyour memory to turn over two cards that match. each pairofmatching numbers counts towards your score. The final winningscoreis determined by the player with the most pairs accumulated.
Cars Memory 1.1.7
A memory cads application for kids and Adults!Are you readytochallenge your memory daily with "Cars Memory"?The main featuresofthis free memory game:✔ Match pairs of cards. ✔ Different levelsofdifficulty: easy, medium and hard.✔ Cars matching game forplayerdevelops recognition, concentration and motor skills ofplayer.✔Contains cute sounds✔ Colorful HD graphic ✔ Carsmatchinggamecontains beautiful and funny images of cars✔ Supportsvisualmemory training✔ Cars matching game is very easy to play.✔Carsgame has vibrant, beautiful and colorful recognizable imagesofcars like truck, formula, police car, fire truck,ambulance,bulldozer, tank, monster truck, tractor, racing car,motorcycle,train or other civilian vehiclesEnjoy it and have funwith thiscars memory game.
Kids Games free 4 years old 5.05.016
sparse kids
Loves your little toddler visiting the zoo? He adores all animalsinthe park? Then Animals Games free is his first animal app. Hecanplay funny games and learn about african wildlife. Cute animalsfromthe rainforest and the grassland will conjure a smile onhisface.Animal Games free is especially designed for littlekids.Downloading this app gives your little big game hunter: 🐃zoopuzzle🐍 animal matching games or animal memo games withmatchingpairs 🐵 original nature sounds of wild animals: animalvoice Easyto play with:🙈 Touch the screen and try to match theanimals hiddenbehind the african sun, find the couples of theanimal memo gamesand pairs memo game for kids🙉 Enjoy your rewardwhen an animalpuzzle for kids in the puzzle zoo is solvedSimple andintuitive,your baby will have lots of fun with Animal Gamesfree.Thispreschool zoo puzzles for toddlers and kids are theperfect animalcollective to become a zookeeper.A lot of animalgames and pairsmemo game are waiting for you in this awesome animalgames app.Within all animal apps this one has a lot of features andmultipleinteresting and fun animal collective games with zoopuzzles,sounds with animal sounds games for kids free. Thiscollectioncontains kids games free 4 years old. They are all kidseducationalgame free for kindergarten and kids educational gamefree for 2 to3 years. If you look for little kids game for free ora game forkids 3 year old, then kids games free 4 years old is therightchoice. These kids games free 3 years old are all free kidsgameand can be played by kids game for 3 amd 4 year oldstoddlers,animal puzzles for toddlers and pairs memo game forkids.Thislittle kids game for free 4 year olds boys is fun to playand arefree kids game for boys age 4. They are all brain game forkids, sodownload pairs memo game for kids and get fun kids game forfree.All this fun game for kids are kids games for free. Thesegames fortwo year old kids can be played as games for little kidsunder 5and played as games for little kids under 3. The perfectkidslearning game, a cool little kids game for free 3 yearoldstoddlers can play. There is a memo game for kids to train thekidsgame memo with kids games age 5 - incredible games free forkidsfor boy to play educational games for kids kindergarten orfreelearning games for kids in kindergarten. You will have fun withthebest kids games, truly brain games for kids that areeducationalgames for kids but fun games for kids at the same time.Weimplemented kids games hd as the best kids learning games thataresuitable little kids games. Your are looking for puzzle 4kidsanimals free or kids games for 2 yt olds - here you found therightKids App. All of them are games for kids free - they can begamesfor kids in kindergarten or games for kids 3 years free. It isacollection of free games apps for kids games only with freegamesfor kids, containing a lot of learning games for kids. Findgamesfor kids on google with games for kids under 3 and plenty offreeeducational kids games for 3 and 4 years old. They are thebestgames for kids 3 and 4 years old. Download now and find gamesfortoddlers 3 years old boy, that are also useful freeeducationalkids games for 2 to 3 years old offline. We have toddleranimalgames, that you chose free learning games for kids 3 to 4yearsold. Also check out games for toddlers 3 years old girls andfreegames for 3 years old girls for wild animal games. You willfindlittle kids games for 3 years old, games for toddlers 3 yearsoldboy for free and there are a lot of kids games free 3 years oldforboys and educational games for kids 3 years old to improveyourmemory.You can play the pairs memo game for kids findingmatchingpairs.Memo games for the mind for a 5 year old - believeit: kidsgames that are free AND the games of animals are fun animalgames.
Animals memory game for kids 2.5.1
- Animals memory game for kids is the classic board game, whichhelpdevelop memory skills of children.- Playing this animals gamewithyour kids will help them improve their recognition whilehavingfun.- Animals game for kids contains very cute images ofanimals aslion, cat, dog, etc., which are on memory cards. -Animals game isfor children of all ages, babies, preschoolers,school children andteens. Especially boys will love this game.Howto play animals gamefor kids:For each level, player is required totap the squarebuttons and need to memorize what is behind it inorder to match itscouple. Players are required to complete a levelin minimum fingertaps to match all animals.Features of animalsmemory games forkids:- Three different levels of game play: easy(2 x 3 puzzles),medium (3 x 4 puzzles) & hard (4 x 5 puzzles)-Memory gamedevelops recognition, concentration and motor skills ofkid-Matching games has cute sounds for kids- Colorful HDgraphicdesigned for toddlers- Sound settings to adjust or evenon/off gamesounds and music- Visual memory training- Matching gamehashighscore (paid feature)- Vibrant, beautiful andcolorfulrecognizable images of animals like wolf, tiger, lion,crocodile,fox, dog, cat, etc.- It helps kids to recognize and teachdifferentanimals- Matching game is designed and structuredaccording tokid's mentality - Application may contains ads to keepit free-Memory game has simple and intuitive interface which iseasy to useand easy to play, specially designed for children.-Animals gamesfor kids is also optimized for tablets (matching gameprovides HDcar pictures).- This free animals game for kids willkeep your kidsquiet and entertained in car, in a restaurant oreverywhere.Havefun to play!
Memory Games For Adults 30.0
Memory Game Memory Game has set of 4 games. All the 4 gamesaredesigned to test and improve your memory skills. 1.ClassicalMemory Game - Also called as "Game of Concentration" isdesigned toincrease the concentration level of the player. 2.Visual MemoryGame - This game is designed to improve the visualsense of theplayer. The more you visualize and remember the moreyou score. 3.Pattern Memory Game - This game is designed to improvethe memoryretention of the player. 4. Sequence Memory Game - Ifvisual memoryis to seek objects all around, sequence memory game isto seekobjects in a sequence where the player’s brain needs to savethingsin a linear fashion. FEATURES * Memory Game helps to improveyourshort-term memory. * Memory Game helps to improve yourspeedyrecognition skills. * Memory Game is designed to train yourbrainwhile having fun in playing. * Memory Game contains verycuteimages of Animals Fruits and Objects. * Memory Game is not onlyforkids but for players of all ages. * Scores are added toLeaderboard. How to play the game Classical Memory Game ClassicalMemorygame is a 4 level classical board game (4x4; 4x5, 4x7, 6x9).ThePlayer has to complete all the 4 levels to sign off the game1.Player will have set of cards. 2. Flip open 2 cards; if boththecards are similar then, the player will get the score. 3. Ifnotthe cards will flip back. The player has to try with next setofcards. 4. Player has to clear all the 4 levels in thestipulatedtime. Visual Memory 1. Visual Memory Game has 10 levels.2. Therewill be a mix of cards with different pictures includingcards withbombs. 3. The set of cards will be shown to you for 3seconds. 4.Open up the cards that do not have Bomb. 5. Player willlose thegame if, a bomb card is opened. 6. Score to each of thecard is asfollows. Lucky Face - 700 Crown - 500 Treasure - 300 Gem- 100 7.Player’s score will be multiplied (2x,3x,4x etc) for eachof theconsecutive match that is made. If consecutive match is notmade,score will be incremented by the score of the respective card.Sayfor example, if the player opens a lucky face in first attempt,thescore will be 700. In the consecutive attempt (second attempt),ifthe player opens the same lucky face, the score will bemultiples,i.e. 1400. But if the player opens the crown in thesecond attemptinstead of lucky face, the score would be incrementedby only 500.8. To score high, one has to remember the placement ofcards aswell the bomb cards. Thus making the game very veryenthusiasticand test your memory retention and increasesconcentration. 9.Visual Memory Game would end at any level if theplayer opens thebomb card. Pattern Game 1. Pattern Game is a 10level game. 2. Ateach level a card is shown in a pattern for 3seconds. 3. Theplayer has to remember the pattern of cards and formthe samepattern. 4. The player will lose the game if a card that isnotpart of the pattern is chosen. 5. The player has to clearthelevels within the stipulated time. Sequence Game 1. Sequencememoryis a 15 level game. 2. A set of cards will be shown in asequencefor 3 seconds. 3. The player has to remember the sequenceof cardsin which it has been shown. 4. The player has to form thesamesequence of cards from the list of cards provided below inastipulated time. * The player clearing all levels in minimaltimewould be the leader of the show. * Scores can be updated toLeaderboards. * Simple and catchy interface makes it easy to use&play. * This Memory game is also optimized for tablets. *ThisMemory game will keep everyone entertained.
Matching games free for kids 5.05.013
sparse kids
You want your kid to have fun and improve his skills inproblemsolving, concentration and memory at the same time? ThenMatchinggames free for kids is the right choice! This free appcontains 6levels of matching games (pairs memo games) FORFREE!!!Get your kidthis little game and see him playing for hourslearning new andfunny things.The games are easy to play with:-Touch the screen andtry to find matching pairs- Enjoy the littlereward when the puzzleis solvedSimple and intuitive, your baby willhave lots of fun withdifferent little games for kids for hours.Thisfunny games willboost your toddler's skills in problem solving,concentration andmemory.Features:- High quality pairs memo game fortoddlers andpreschool kids from ages 3 to 10 years old- Childrenimprove theirfine motor skills and develop their memory- Play pairsmatchinggames free for kids with your child or let them playaloneThiscollection contains kids games free 4 years old, puzzle 4kidsanimals free. They are all kids educational game freeforkindergarten and kids educational game free for 2 to 3 years.Ifyou look for little kids game for free or a game for kids 3yearold, then kids games free 4 years old is the right choice.Thesekids games free 3 years old are all free kids game and canbeplayed by kids game for 3 amd 4 year olds toddlers. Thislittlekids game for free 4 year olds boys is fun to play and arefreekids game for boys age 4. They are all brain game for kids,sodownload free games for kids and get fun kids game for free.Allthis matching pairs are kids games for free - it is a freekidsgame. These games for two year old kids can be played as gamesforlittle kids under 5 and played as games for little kids under3.Memo games for the mind for a 5 year old.You will have a lot offunwith the best kids games, brain games for kids that areeducationalgames for kids but fun games for kids at the same time.Weimplemented pairs memo game for kids as the best kidslearninggames that are suitable little kids games. Download now andfindgames for toddlers 3 years old boy, that are also usefulfreeeducational kids games for 2 to 3 years old offline. We areproud,that you chose free learning games for kids 3 to 4 years oldfromspare kids. Also check out games for toddlers 3 years oldgirls.You will find little kids games for 3 years old, games fortoddlers3 years old boy for free and there are a lot of kids gamesfree 3years old for boys and educational games for kids 3 yearsold. Allfree board games and trivia games for adults and kids areawaitingyou. Get animal puzzles for kids free game and discovermonkeyvillage. monkey world is full of monkey games free. A puppymonkeybaby says there i am giraffe. that's funny! If you love coolboardgames than load pairs memo game for kids. Like in many cardandboard games in this app you have beautiful animal pictures andyoutrain your brain. Download this classic board games free nowandwatch toddler animal learn puzzle 4 kids animals free. Pairsmemogame are a good start for young kids that want to exploremore.These are baby games with child lock. That means we havebuilt-inparental control with child lock games for babies. Thischild lockgame has animals games with matching pairs. Animals forkids forestfree is a toddler animal game. If your toddler likesanimals farmand zoo games baby animals games free is a good start.Here areanimal games free for boys and for girls. Like zoo gamesall freefeatures make a zoo party with many zoo zoo pets in giraffegamesfor free and free elephant games a zoo games for free forkids.Explore zoo games free features and have a lot of fun withthispairs memo game for kids!Fun and enjoyable to learn and play. Alotof educational free games for toddlers and young kids. Moregamesfor kids and games for toddlers you will findon:
Matching Games 24.0
* Matching Games is the classic board game to help test yourmemoryskills.* Matching Games helps to improve your Short-termMemory *Matching Games helps to improve your speedy recognitionSkills.*Matching Games is designed to train your brain while havingfun inplaying * Very cute images of Animals Fruits and Objects.*Helps tolearn more about the matched picture.* Matching Games isnot onlyfor kids but for players of all ages.HOW TO PLAYMEMORYGAME:Initially you will have all the cards turned face down.Clickon one of the card and remember the picture on that card. Withthenext tap try to find and flip the card with the samepictureasprevious one. If the former and latter cards have the samepicture,you have successfully matched apair of card and your scorewill beincremented. The Matched cards will stay open now continuethegameand open all the cards. If the former and latter cards donot havethe same picture it would turn its face down you need to goon withanother card for another attempt. Try to findall matchedcards asfast as possible and with fewer number attempts.FEATURES -MatchingGames has 4 different difficulty levels - 4x4; 4x5 ; 4x7;9x6-Matching Games develops recognition, concentration and motorskillsof kid- Contains beautiful images of animals, fruits andobjects-Matching Games not only provides fun it also acts as ainformationdatabase. When a card is matched you have option toclick oninformation button to learn the unique or interestingfeature aboutthe picture which is more educative and informative.This Featuremakes this Matching game a unique one from other Memorygames-visual memory training- Matching Games adds up the scores toleaderboards based on . How fast or quick you have completed . Howmanyattempts you have used to complete the Game * Simple andcatchyinterface makes it easy to use & play.* Matching Games isalsooptimized for tablets.* This free Matching Games will keepeveryoneentertained.
Memory Game 2.0.6
Eng. D.M.
Memory Travel is a nice memory game, fun and educational at thesametime to train your mind and enhance memory, visiting themostbeautiful city in the world in a cartoon reality!!!- Find allpairsof identical cards before time runs out- Watch out forspecialcards, some can help you complete the levels, others willput youin trouble- Visit the main cities of the world and collectthephotos of the most beautiful sites in completing theindividuallevels of the tour- Complete all levels of a tour beforetravelingway to somewhere new, but watch the time: if it expiresyou willhave to start over!Have a good trip!Visit also the Facebookpageand share youropinion: Write anemail [email protected]
Recollect HD 2.1
Test your memory and concentration with this fun and simplecardgame.Take turns to match cards of the same value, but you canonlyturn over a pair of cards at a time.Memorize where all thecardsare and win the game!Modes:- Single player- Two player againstyourdeviceCustomize the look of the game by picking your ownbackgroundand card color.
Mahjong Epic 2.3.2
Mahjong Epic has been enjoyed by millions of people for morethanseven years. This free Mahjong sequel improves on thetraditionalMahjongg game and brings it to all new heights! Becauseof itssimple rules and engaging game play, Mahjong Solitaire hasbecomeone of the most popular board games in the world. Whether youonlyhave a few minutes to spend, or many hours, Mahjong SolitaireEpicis your perfect companion! This free, fun solitaire Mahjonggame isalso known as Mahjongg Trails, Shanghai Mah Jong, ChineseMah-jong,Mahjong Titan, Top Mahjong, Majong, Kyodai. All with theclassicmatching game play where you match identical pairs of freeMahjongtiles. Features: - More than 1600 boards! - Get new puzzlesdaily!- 30 Beautiful backgrounds! - 8 Unique tile sets! - Relaxing,zengame play. - Simple pick-up-and-play controls. -Completechallenging goals! - 1080p HD Graphics! - And more! PlayingMahjongis very simple: find and match pairs of identical tiles.Match alltiles to complete a board.********************************** -Join us on Facebook:
Memory Game Various Phases 2.1.8
The Diverse Phases Memory Game has been produced to provide funandlearning for all ages. The Game has several types of memorygamesthat are called Worlds. Some of the Worlds are Animals, WorldCup,People, Sales, Christmas, Holiday, Space, Ocean, Decoration,Women,Countries, Emotions, Nobility, Playing Cards,Sports,Miscellaneous, Insects, Fruits, Numbers, Letters, Cards andMusicalNotes . The main features of the Various Phase Memory Gameare: -Three game modes "Individual, Player vs. Computer andAgainstTime"; - Scores for each World. Classification is shownwhenselecting one of the worlds; - Achievements on Google PlayService;- Three languages: "Portuguese, Spanish and English";-Notifications; - Pause video and full screen advertisementsduringthe session, this option is inside the configuration panel.Bannerads are maintained. Memory Game Details Various Stages: - Atthebeginning of each game you have a time to memorize the positionsofthe cards; - When clicking on a letter, you see its contentthatcan be an image, letter, number, cipher or sound; - Thefirstlevels of each world are easier because they have few cardsandwill increase the difficulty as soon as you progress; -Uponcompleting all levels of a World, your total time is processedandreleased in the Overall Classification of the Complete World; -Thepurpose of the "One Player" game mode is to find all pairs ofcardsin the shortest possible time; - In the "Player vs. Computer"modeyou need to find more pairs of cards than the computer, in thecaseof a draw anyone wins the computer; - Against Time mode is tofindall pairs of cards before time runs out. All the time leftoverwhen completing a level is added in the total time of thenextlevel; The first Memory Game with the "Player vs. Computer"mode.Play against the computer and see who will be the best! Aboutthe"Against Time" - Every day you get extra bonus times whenwatchinga video, but it's up to you; - If your time is up, you canchoosebetween 4 options to continue. - If you can not complete allphasesof the World, you will need to go back to the first phase totryagain. Memory Game Categories Various Phases: PuzzleCorrespondingMemory Children Educational Adults The keywords forrelated games;Children Memory Puzzle Education Game Fruits SportChildren's playMemory Memory Games world Cup If you do not want tosee theadvertisements in the game, we've released the option to buytoremove them. Be sure to download and enjoy. Thank you forvisitingand interest in the Various Phase Memory Game. Regards,Multi-PhaseMemory Game Team
Rose Memory Game 1.0
Rose Memory Game is a happy and relaxed matching cards game forkidswhere you must click to reveal pairs of identical pictures.
Memory match game 18.0
Match the same pair of images and test & improve yourmemorywith this game. Learn to memorise.Game features:- Match thesamepairs of images for 180 sec.- Different levels of difficulty.Fromeasiest to hardest.- Colorful images of objects to beeasilyremembered.It's a cool game and it's just what Youneeded.Thismatching game is a brain trainer, which can be playedany of yourspare time.★ Enjoy 25 different sets of full-color cardswithvarious themes: flags, fruits, toys & games, citylife,animals, holidays.★ Defy your friends. There is publicorsocial/friends leaderboard game.★ Play challenges withunlimitedlevels and memorize game style match the pairs, follow thesequenceand remember all the positions.★ Memory game is forchildren of allages, babies, preschoolers, school children, teensand for adults.★It develops memory, recognition and concentrationof childrenMemorygame will quickly train your kid’s memory.A freememory game forkids and adults. Card matching memory game.Regularmental andconcentration exercise can greatly improve yourphotographic shortterm memory.App contains only one single ad tokeep it free.
Wild Animals Puzzle Games: WildLife America 5.05.011
sparse kids
You love the animals of the forest? All the wildlife animals ofthewoods? Then Animal Puzzle Wildlife America are the rightwildanimal game! This free animal app contains - 6 levels ofmatchingpairs games (pairs memo games)- animal puzzles in 4differentlevels- real animal sounds ALL FOR FREE!!!Get this littlezoo gameand play the animal pet games for hours, learning newandfascinating things.The games are easy to play with:- Touchthescreen and try to find matching pairs the hidden items to findthecouples- Get the pieces of the puzzle into the right order-Enjoythe little reward when the animal puzzles are solvedSimpleandintuitive, you will have lots of fun with different littleanimalgames.This funny games will boost your skills in problemsolving,concentration and memory.Features:- Puzzles and Pairs memogame allages- Easy to use and to controlWithin this fun animalgames youfind fox games free games animal games. They are deergames withall animals big and small and all animal sounds of realanimals.The animal puzzle games are the best animal games. Theycontainwolf games free in the forest games with animal games forgirls andanimal puzzles.Get real life animal games and make a tripto thezoo with cute baby animal games for girls free. There is anicebear with animal name and picture in the animals puzzle withanimalsounds free. The animal sound of the animals pictures isanimal popfree. Get wolf puzzles, fox games with the spirit animalgame andpub live animals apps. The wild animal games in puzzle 4everyoneanimals free with their tiny zoo friends learning animals.Therabbit games for free in the puzzle zoo learning animals inthegames of animals. There are new animal games with birdsslidepuzzle in the bird games. All fun animal games for free at thezoopark with eagle games and animals animals in the cute foxgames.They are animal games online with fox games and bear games inthezoo animals games. Get petworld wildlife forest with animalpuzzlesand animal sounds and animal puzzles. The bird games free atthewonder zoo are zoo games and animal zoo games with animalsoundsgames free of the world of zoo. The animal app containsanimal freegames with deer games free and bear games. All wildanimals gamesand animal pet games. The falcon games in my free zooand tiny zooare animal games in the city zoo. A lot of animalpuzzles with birdgames free and pet animal games in wild animal zoogame. All wildlife games with animals: animal sounds learning freein real animalgames. My animal and my free zoo mobile are free zoogames withanimal voice. Download animals puzzle zoo free and getanimal gamesand animal puzzles. All wildlife games and rabbit gamesare zoogames with real animals, birds tile puzzle and wolf gameswolfgames.This memo app is a pairs memo game. It is a pairs memogamefor adults and all ages and a memo match games for adults.Withthis memo apps you get memory baderat and super memory baderat.Youtrain your memory with memo matching games in the memorytrainerbaderat. It is a super memory baderat to be used as memogames foradults. The best memo match memo trainer: Simply memomatchinggames or puzzle animals free. This memo matching gamescontain alot cute free match games, not only free matching gamesfor adultsbut matching games free for all ages too. There arematchingpuzzles and matching games with many fun matching cards.The matchgames for free contain a card matching memo game. Allmatchinggames are free matching games.More games on:
Onet Animals Butterfly 1.0
ProXYZ Std
Onet Animals ButterflyOnet connect Animals is simple yetaddictingpair solving puzzle game free or matching game with afreshgameplay. If you like connect / matching game or tan tan,paopao,then your will love to play OnetAnimalsfree.============================★ 2 Game difficulties mode:Normaland Hard★ More challenging level★ Save and Resume Game★ 40type offruits andEnglishvocabulary========================================================HOWTOPLAY ONET?✓ The main objective of this game is to remove allicontiles.✓ Tap the icon tiles to select it.✓ Remove 2 animal withthesame kind which can be connected within3lines.============================Please contact us directlyviaemail if you find an issue Onet Animals Butterfly or haveasuggestion for us, that will surely help us to improvethisgame.Download free game and enjoys!
Educational memory games - Puzzle cards matching
The best Educational Memory Games - Puzzle cards matching. Ifyoulike to strengthen memory with games, these educationalmemorygames are for you. - A game that will make your brain tofocus onthe visual memory to remember the puzzle cards formatching. - Withsimple and intuitive gameplay. Preschool children,girls and boyscan easily play this educational puzzle cardsmatching games. - Thebackground image, game music, front card imageand back of cardimages change in each scene. So entertainment of“Puzzle cardsmatching” continues differently, you never get bored.- With yourmemory skills; focus, remember, motor skills and yourcreativitywill also be strengthened. - Child friendly interface. Itdoes notcontain visuals or advertisements that may harm yourchildren. -Our games have been prepared with pedagogical formationtrainedpeople. And many other features that you will not find inotherPair matching games are waiting for you... It is possible todomemory exercises by playing Puzzle cards matching games.Downloadnow for free!
Match Game - Animals 1.25
Memory game
This Free Memory game helps you develop matching andmemory,Containscute animals cards* Contains very cute images ofanimals which areon memory cards. * Game for children of all ages,babies,preschoolers, school children and teens. Both, boys andgirls willlove this memory game.* Best flow game for having fun,the gamenever stops, only when back pressed.Features:Simple &intuitivefriendly interfaceUniversal app for all phones andtablets3different languages and pronunciations - English, ArabicandRussianContains easy navigation between levelsContainshigh-qualitygraphicsContains cute animation after each correctlysolved levelAndlast but not least ***the game is FREE***
Cat Games Free: Cat puzzles games for all ages 5.00.019
sparse kids
🐱🐱🐱🐈🐈🐈You love little cute kittens like we do? You enjoy theirpurrwhen you caress them? Then Kitty Cat Puzzles is the right catapp!These cute cats games contain 🐈 6 levels of matching pairsgames(to improve your memory)🐈 tile puzzle games in 4 differentlevels🐈cute cat meows ALL FOR FREE!!!The free kitten gamesaresimple,intuitive and easy to play with:🐱 Touch the screen andtryto find matching pairs the hidden items to find the couples🐱Getthe pieces into the right order🐱 Enjoy the little reward whenthepuzzle is solvedFeatures of Cat Games Free: Cat puzzles gamesforall ages:🐈 High quality pairs memo game for kids and adults 🐈Easyto use and to controlDownload cats games with crazy cats gamesandcute cats games with cute kittens. Lovely kitty cat gameswithkitty cats and super cats that meow.Find puzzle games freeforadults that are brain training games for adults free. Tryfreekitten games which are free kitten games for girls, girl catgameswith japanese cat games and kitten sounds from kitty cat. Youcanplay puzzles brain teasers mind games for adults with matchgamesfor adults: All top free games for adults. Very funny cutekittensgames with dog cat games and free cat games: cat gamefreedownload! This memoapp is a pairs memo game. It is a pairsmemogame for kids and a memomatch games for adults. With this memoappsyou get free memo games, memo baderat and super memory baderat.Youtrain your memory with memo matching games in the memorytrainerbaderat. It is a super memory baderat to be used as memogames foradults. The best memory baderat with memo match memorytrainer:Simply memo matching games. With other words all free puppyand dogand cat and kitten games. Find all free puppy and dog andcat andkitten games for girls, boys and adults. Cat boy games arecat catcat and cat dog games. These cat games are cat games forfree. Andyes, they are girls free games, girls games for free. Butthey arealso suitable as puzzle 4 kids animals free and up andmatchinggames for adults free. But also adults can play memo gamesforadults, although they are called memo games for kids that arefree.They are cat games free for girls with a lot of cat noisesfree,pairs memo game and plenty cat pictures with matching pairs:pairsmemo game for kids and adults. Get your cat puzzle games andcatpuzzles with cat voice. This memo match card games: memomatchgames for adults and memo matching games for kids free andalsopairs memo game for kids. This new matching games with dozensofkitten cards with matching pairs. Some people call thempuzzlematching games.Find puzzle matching games in the puzzle appsfromsparse kids: - super puzzle- easy puzzlesThere are pairs memogamefor kids and puzzles games free for adults: real freepuzzlesgames. Find more games on:
Toy Crush 3.0.3911
Cosmo Game
Best Casual Matching Game Ever Click on any 2 adjacent toy cubesofthe same. Enjoy the amazing toy world in Toy Crush! How to Play-Tap 2 or more adjacent cubes of the same to crush - Break upeggsto collect gummy bears - Achieve required score to pass levels,notime limit - The more cubes get crushed each move, the higherscoreyou will get Toy Crush Features - 144 brand new levels whicharefull of interesting toys - Popular and classic gameplay -Colorfuland delicate cubes design - Whip your way through EasterTown,Icicle Tunnel and Jelly Maze - Build up your toy blockbycollecting more cubes - Playing addictive game for FREE Alltoylovers! Collect as many wonderful toys as you want in Toy Crush!
Memory Game / Brain / "Memory" 1.5.1
Are you ready to challenge your memory daily with "MemoryGame"?This is a great game to exercise your memory !!! The objectof thegame is to turn over pairs of matching cards. It is a goodgame foranyone. GAME FEATURES - Write your name to top scorer list- Thecard grid adjusts automatically to your device - Colorfulimages ofmany kinds to be easily remembered U can play with: -Animals -Flowers - Fruits - People - Funny - Transport - Halloweenand etc.This is a free memory game for kids and adults / Brain& Puzzlegame / memory kids / appsBrain trainer . Pairs game forfree
Kids Matching Game 1.0.5
Fun4Kids Honey Bee Kids Educational AppsKids Memory GameKidsMemoryGame is a comprehensive memory matching game for preschoolkids.This unique, educational and fun memory match game reinforcesthememory skills, while helping with the concentration andtherecognition of objects.Fun4Kids is committed to yourtoddler'seducation. This application includes zoo, aquarium andmonstersthemes uniquely designed to reinforce kids' involvement andsuccessby providing positive feedback while improving theircognitionskills.This application is specially designed for toddlersto enjoywith unique, fun graphics and cute sounds. FEATURES* 2differentmemory games with animation* Monster Memory Game* AquariumMemoryGame* Develops recognition, memorization and concentration.*Thismemory app will keep your kids entertained, educated and quiteincar, in a restaurant, on a plane or everywhere.* Memory gamescanactually help kids to increase their brain power alongwithimproving their memory.* Kids Memory Game will improve kids'memoryskills.* Kids Memory Game will develop their concentration.*KidsMemory Game will develop kids' cognition skills.* Kids MemoryGamewill help with the recognition of objects.* Kids Memory Gamehascute graphic images.* Kids Memory Game is easy to use. *KidsMemory Game is specifically designed as an educational toolbyexperts for preschool kids* Kids Memory Game user interfaceissimple with guiding clear images for kids.* Kids Memory Gamewillhelp your kid's memory training.* Ad-free, easy to Use,intuitiveand kids friendly user experienceFun4Kids EducationalApplicationsare endorsed by thousands of satisfied parents,teachers and kidsfrom all over the world.Please reach us @[email protected] forany feedback and support! We are committedto providing fun andeducational experiences to support your kids'education.
Mahjong King 1.3.3
Comfortable game play mahjong tile game to remove the samepicturewith no time limit. [Features] - Difficulty is classified aseasy,normal, hard, you can choose according to your skills. - Addedintofive another Mahjong tile picture type is available. - Youcanmatch with another player in the world. - Add map will beunlockedwhen you won multiplayer. - Hints and shuffle items can beusedindefinitely. - Supports Achievements and Leaderboards. -Supportstablet devices. Homepage: YouTube:
Mahjong Pyramid 2.12.3110
Mahjong Pyramid Solitaire is a free mahjong matching game---thebestchoice of Mahjong on Android! Playing Mahjong Pyramid is a funandchallenging way to train your brain. It’s FREE and EASY toplay! Canyou solve every Pyramid puzzle? ============ A GIFT FORPUZZLE GAMESLOVER =========== Mahjong Pyramid is a puzzle gamethat requireslogic and strategy to clear the table.Great fit forsmart gameslover: If you love puzzle, strategy, memory, and braintrainingchallenges games like crossword, chess, majong, wordsearch,solitaire and patience, you’ll love Mah-jong! Challengeyour brainby strategy and logic with this amazing brain puzzlegame! Developyour mind and patience and strategy skills!====LEARNMORE ABOUTMAHJONG PYRAMID SOLITAIRE====▶ Mahjong solitaire becomeone of themost popular free board game all over the world. Thisfree boardmahjong matching game is also known as Mah-Jong, Majongand TopMahjong. ▶ The innovative new version of Mahjong pyramidSolitairewith simple rules and addictive gameplay: Match pairs ofidenticalMahjong tiles (connect the same mahjong block), clear allthemahjongs, Win! Make a blast in Mahjong Pyramid Solitaire! ▶MahjongPyramid solitary game has no time limit. Just take yourtime andenjoy your mahjong journey and blast it all! Challengeawaits you inthis magical mahjong pyramid solitairegame.========MAHJONG PYRAMIDSOLITAIRE FEATURES========🀄️ Egyptiansetting!Experience a new wayof playing mahjong solitaire with richand exotic graphics set inAncient Times🀄️ Over 800 Mahjong freeboards.🀄️ SupportsAchievements and Leaderboards🀄️ Incrediblehints.🀄️ Unlimited Undo🀄️4+ backgrounds.🀄️ Unique Mahjonggameplay.🀄️ Available to play onmobile and tablet devices Downloadthe best free Mahjong matchinggame on Android now!
Memory Game Disciples Jesus 1.0
RDB Mobile
Memory Game Disciples of Jesus, is a great entertainment andwithoutage restriction, for you to interact and play with thewholefamily.Its goal: Awakening in the child's interest in theBible.Besides stimulating learning. Develop intelligence.Stimulate andincrease visual memory capacity in a playful manner,working logicalreasoning, visual and motor. The attention, visualdiscrimination.They can also develop different abilities ofthought as: observe,compare, analyze and summarize.GameFeatures:You will find picturesof the Disciples of Jesus andcolorful, facilitating theirmemorization.The game is formed bylevels 96Difficulty:Easy(4x4)Normal(4x5)Hard(5x6)Verydifficult(6x6)You should goplaying to unlock each stage. The goalof the game and you find allthe pairs to the end, with the lowestnumber of possible moves andwin the 3 stars.You can use the 3 tipswithout losing any points.The higher the number of hits, plus thechance to reach the 3 stars.Forming all pairs of illustratedfigures, with the lowest number ofmoves possible.You have theoption to play with or withoutinternet.Good luck and have fun withthe whole family andplaymates!Also check out the otherapplications we have, you willnot regret it."Jesus Christ is thesame yesterday, today andforever"Hebrews 13:8"Train up a child inthe way he should go: andwhen he is old he will not depart fromit."Proverbs 22:6
Kids Memory Trainer 1.1.1
Kids Memory Trainer is a game that trains memory,attention,observation, concentration, improves cognitive skills andbraincapabilities. It's a challenging, interactive,engaging,entertaining puzzle game for all generations. It's easy toplay; infact it's so simple that really young child can play withease.Kids Memory Trainer contains several pair match games.Children canlearn Colors, Numbers, Alphabet, Shapes, Flags, FruitsandVegetables. Kids Memory Trainer is also useful fornon-nativeEnglish speakers to learn English name of objects in thegame. Howto play Kids Memory Trainer. Push button "PLAY". Choose agame (1of 7). Choose a level (1 of 3). The aim of the game is tomatchpairs of blocks to make them face up. If blocks don't match,theywill turn face down again. Find a pair of blocks with thesameimages. Game continues until the last pair is matched. Levels.KidsMemory Trainer has three levels of difficulty. The firstlevelconsists of 6 blocks, the second of 12 blocks, and the thirdof 24blocks. Matching types. Game COLORS consists of 12 basiccolors.Game NUMBERS consists of digits and basic mathematicaloperations.Game ALPHABET consists of letters of the Englishalphabet. GameSHAPES consists of 14 basic geometric shapes. GameFLAGS consistsof 223 flags of countries all over the world. GameFRUITS consistsof 27 basic fruits. Game VEGETABLES consists of 24basicvegetables. Settings. In this section of Kids Memory Traineryoucan choose background (1 of 6), choose box (1 of 6), turnon/offsound and turn on/off vibration. Kids Memory Trainerisage-appropriate for toddlers, kids, children, teenagers, adultsandelderly.
Onet Flowers 1.0
ProXYZ Std
Onet FlowersOnet Flowers is simple yet addicting pair solvingpuzzlegame free or matching game with a fresh gameplay. If youlikeconnect / matching game or tan tan, paopao, then your willlove toplay Onet Flower.============================★ 2 Gamedifficultiesmode: Normal and Hard★ More challenging level★ SaveandResumeGame========================================================HOWTOPLAY ONET?✓ The main objective of this game is to remove allicontiles.✓ Tap the icon tiles to select it.✓ Remove 2 animal withthesame kind which can be connected within3lines.============================Please contact us directlyviaemail if you find an issue Onet Flowers or have a suggestionforus, that will surely help us to improve this game.Downloadfreegame and enjoys!
Kids Matching Memory Game 1
Matching memory game is a simple puzzle game, where cards arelaidon the matrix as per user given configuration. Player can doasimple click to flip the card and remember the position, on2ndturn if the card matches, it will disappear. Challenge is tomatchall the cards with minimum tries.Game has variousconfigurationssimple one like 2x2 3x2 3x4, other thoughconfiguration like 4x4,4x5, 4x6, 5x6 and 6x6 . Game come with niceanimations, when carddisappears as well at the end of the game.Kids will like it andanimations in the game keep them interested inthe game.Your nervecells of the brain will be tickled as complexityto game increases.You can use 4 different themes of the game,likeflags/fruits/vegetable/total mix. This game will also help yourkidto also learn various flags, fruits and vegetables.Give it atrywith full family and challenge other with healthy competition.
Memory Game: Animals, Fruits, Cars & Numbers 2.1.5
Are you ready to challenge your memory daily with"Memory:Trainer"?The main features of this free memory game:✔ Matchpairsof cards. ✔ Different levels of difficulty: easy, medium andhardso the game can match kids as well as adults.✔ Colorful imagesofanimals, birds, vegetables, fruits, cakes, vehiclesandcandies."Memory: Trainer" will develop your cognitive skillslike:attention, working memory, visual perception and spatialrelation.A free memory game for kids and adults.You can also give atry toour newest FREE games : ★ Kids Brain Trainer (Preschooler)★KidsPuzzles: Match-1★ Kids Puzzles: Match-2★ Kids Puzzles:Match-3★Kids University★ Kids Garden★ Math School★ Math MemoryThegame is acards matching game coming with colorful images andinvolvingsounds of animals and vehicles .It also has 3difficultychallenging levels and it indicates about new records soadults canenjoy the game while exercising their brains!Enjoy it andhave funwith this memory game for kids and adults!
Memory Training, Fruit Puzzle 2.0
Game4U Studio
A great way to improve your memory, cognitive and concentrationishaving fun with matching cute animals, fruits puzzle daily.Youneed high concentration for everything you do in yourlifeincluding stuffs at work, home, on driving, etc. You need toboostyour recall ability to be competitive, efficient, andresourceful.So take this Memory Training puzzle game and train yourmemory for15 minutes per day and you will find out that your memoryimprovesignificantly after 1 month.How To PlayAll cards are laidface downat first. Your job is to flip over each card and try torecall theimages in each card and then touch them to create amatch.Thismemory training game is both fit for adult and childrento exerciseretention, mnemonic skills as the images in the game ispretty cuteto stimulate their brains.Play fun with fruits andanimals matchinggame daily and you will find out that yourretention, memory skillimprove significantly, your concentrationlevel rise and you recallthings better than ever before. Thisexcellent memory trainer willgive you and your kid an excellent“brain training” activity. It iscompletely free and you'll get thebest brain gym.If you like ourgame please rate it, comment and giveus feedback for furtherupdate and best serve your expectation.
Match Game - Play & Learn 1.25
This is an educational, attractive and entertaining game forthewhole family! Are you ready to challenge your memory? Havefun,learn and exercise your memory with this amazing game "FindthePairs ". By activating the pronunciation option, it becomesavaluable tool for children to learn to read, write andpronouncethe name of objects. Play against the clock and beat yourownrecord, or challenge your family and friends in "2 players"mode!If you are brave, challenge the intelligent robot in the"Player vsRobot" mode. Features: ★ Totally FREE: No contentblocked! ★ SIMPLEand INTUITIVE design for the little ones! ★ Idealfor children tolearn to recognize and pronounce the name ofeveryday objects. ★ 4levels of difficulty for the whole family tohave fun (6 to 20Cards). ★ 3 levels of AI to compete against therobot. ★ Variouscollections of cards (Animals, Fruits, Sports,Colors, Numbers,Flags, Christmas, Summer Holidays and many morethat will be added)★ The best way for children and adults toexercise memory andconcentration. ★ Develops recognition,memorization andconcentration. ★ Beautiful effects of visuals andsound. ★ Supportsall sizes and screen resolutions. Modes: ★ 1player (beat your owntime record and get more stars!) ★ 2 players(challenge yourfriends and show who is the best!) ★ Robot Vs Player(are you ableto beat the robot?) **** Do you like our freeapplication? ****Help us and take a few moments to write youropinion on GooglePlay. Your contribution allows us to improve anddevelop newapplications for free! This application contains Iconsmade byFreepik from
Memory game animals
Memory Kids
Tap the cards and memorize the animal behind them, in order tomatchits couple. Players are required to uncover and match all theanimalto complete the game. Time control and highscores areincluded tomeasure your progress and improvement as a memorytraining. Thismemory game is for kids and helps to develop memoryskills andimprove recognition while having fun. You have more than30beautiful and colorful animal images in three levels ofdifficulty.With a simple and intuitive interface that makes iteasy to use.Play Animal Memory Game with your kids and keepeveryone calm andfocused as you play with animals and have fun!!
Mind game : memorize 1.37
Berni Mobile
It has been recently scientifically proven that regularmentalexercise cangreatly improve your memory. This app has beendesignedto do just that! Mind game, memorize, is the classic memorygamethat can help you to Improve Your Memory.Colorful images oflogosto be easily remembered.There are no limitations in age andbrainpower. This is a free game for kids and adults, people of allages.
Mahjong 1.39.3913
🀄Mahjong Classic Solitaire🀄 is a free mahjong matching game -thebest choice of Mahjong on Android! It’s FREE and EASY to play!Canyou solve every Mahjong puzzle? 👉LEARN MORE ABOUT MAHJONGCLASSICSOLITAIRE ▶ Mahjong solitaire become one of the most popularfreeboard game all over the world. This free board mahjongmatchinggame is also known as Mah-Jong, Majong and Top Mahjong. ▶Theinnovative new version of Mahjong Classic Solitaire withsimplerules and addictive gameplay: Match pairs of identicalmahjongtiles (connect the same mahjong block), clear all themahjongs,Win!Make a blast in mahjong classic solitaire! ▶ Mahjongclassicsolitary game has no time limit. Just take your time andenjoy yourmahjong journey and blast it all! Challenge awaits you inthismagical mahjong solitaire game. 👉 MAHJONG CLASSIC SOLITAIREGAMEFEATURES 🀄️ Over 800 Mahjong free boards 🀄️ SupportsAchievementsand Leaderboards 🀄️ Incredible hints 🀄️ Unlimited Undo🀄️ 4+backgrounds 🀄️ Traditional, unique tile sets 🀄️ Stunninggraphicsand unique mahjong gameplay. 🀄️ Available to play on mobileandtablet devices 👉 A GIFT FOR PUZZLE GAMES LOVER If you lovepuzzle,strategy, memory, and brain training challenges gameslikecrossword, chess, majong, word search, solitaire andpatience,you’ll love Mah-jong! Challenge your brain by strategy andlogicwith this amazing brain puzzle game! Develop your mind andpatienceand strategy skills! Download the best free 🀄Mahjong🀄matching gamein Android market now!
Puppy Games Kids - Cool Puppies for Cool Kids 5.05.003
sparse kids
You love cute puppies? Then Puppy Games Kids is the rightchoice!This free puppy app contains 6 levels of matching games(memogames) with dozens of cute puppy cards.Get this little app andplayfor hours learning new and funny things.The games are easy toplaywith:🐩 Touch the screen and try to match the hidden items tofindthe couples🐕 Enjoy the little reward Simple and intuitive,yourbaby will have lots of fun with different little gamesforkids.This funny games will boost your skills in problemsolving,concentration and memory.Features:- High quality memo gameforadults, toddlers and kids from ages 3 to 10 years old - Easy touseand to control- Improve your fine motor skills and developyourmemory- Play with your child or play aloneThe perfect kidslearninggame, a cool little kids game for free 3 year olds toddlerscanplay puzzle 4 kids animals free. There is a memo game for kidstotrain the kids game memo with kids games age 5 - incrediblegamesfree for kids for boy to play educational games forkidskindergarten or free learning games for kids in kindergarten.Youwill have a lot of fun with the best kids games, truly braingamesfor kids that are educational games for kids but fun games forkidsat the same time. We implemented kids games hd as the bestkidslearning games that are suitable little kids games.All freepuppyand dog and cat and kitten games for girls are apps forpuppies appbaby puppy mom. There are no bad dog games but cat anddog gamesthat are for girls that are super cute. If cats and dogsgames arewhat you like and chihuahua games or chubby puppies areyour kindof cute puppies, try this city dogs games. It is a dogapps fordogs with a dog clan. This dog games for children and doggames fordogs are dog games for free. Try dog games for kids,because theyare dog games free in a dog house with dog life games.This dogmatchup games are like cute dog school games with dogs dogsthatplay dogs games. They play dogs life. Can you imagine dogsonline?Then try free dog games and puppy games for kids and freepuppy dogcute games for girls and boys. They are games for dogs toplay, notreally games of dogs but dozens of happy puppy. Say hipuppies,always hungry puppies with husky dog games. If you lovepuppies,then watch my cute little puppy. It is my puppy pepper,which lovesonline puppy games. Puppies in police dog games withpoodle gamesand pound puppies games. Pug games free with pug run inpugs games.Puppies games with puppies need your help. The cutestpuppy and doggames with a lot of puppy cards to play puppy game,puppy gamesfree. Also boys love puppy games free for girls, theyare puppylove games with puppy love my dream pet in puppy play.This arepuppy puzzles you will love. Real dog games with sleepingdogs gamefor free. Little wild dog games with wolf puppies.Gamesfree forkids for boy and girl and boy games. With all the cutepuppies,they are girl dog games girl games free all and girl kidsgames. Agirly girl new games girl toddler games. Cute girls appswith thegirls best game ever. And yes, they are girls free games,girlsgames for free. Suitable as girls games free for kids age 9and up.These matching card games are for toddlers, kids andmatching gamesfor adults free. Get this matching games free forkids and playmemo games. But also adults can play memo games foradults, althougthey are called memo games for kids that are free.This memo gamesfor toddlers are memo match card games: memo matchgames for adultsand memo matching games for kids free. This newmatching games withdozens of puppy cards are preschool matchinggames free. Somepeople call them puzzle matching games, toddlermatching games andalso toddler memo games free.An educational freegame for adultstoddlers and young kids. More games for kids andgames for toddlersfrom sparse kids you will find on:
Memory Game 1.0
Farkındalığınızı ve dikkatinizi artıracak hafızanızıgüçlendirecekfotografik hafızanızı geliştirecek eğlenceli biroyun.A fun gamethat will develop your awareness and your memorywill improve yourphotographic memory to strengthen your attention.
Witch Puzzle - New Match 3 Games 2.10.0
Play now the best new match 3 game you will ever see:WitchPuzzle!Match 3 or more magic items to solve puzzles and enjoyhoursof fun in this highly addictive match 3 puzzle game playedbymillions of adults, girls and boys! Download for free andchallengeyour brain!Match 3 games have never been so fun! Help thecutelittle Witch in this new puzzle game by solving puzzlespresentedby the powerful Wizard! Get ready and join the adventurein thisbrand new match 3 puzzle game! HOW TO PLAY WITCH PUZZLE -MATCH 3GAMES- Swap and match 3 or more magic items- Collect freeprizeseveryday- Beat challenging enemies by matching items next tothem-Create powerful combos by matching more than 3 items - Trainyourbrain with more than 600 fun puzzle levels and countingJOINTHISPUZZLE ADVENTURE- Match your way through the magic world ofWitchPuzzle- Match enchanted items from Halloween such asskulls,pumpkins and poisoned apples to clear the board- ConnecttoFacebook to save your progress, check your rank in theleaderboardand ask lives for your friends- Special Levels: superhard puzzles,great for brain training- Completely FREE to play-Looking forgames you can play offline? No wifi needed to play WitchPuzzleMATCH FASTER WITH POWER-UPS- Magic Book: Match 5 items tocreateit. Combine it with an item to destroy all matching items -MagicCombo: Match Magic Fire and Crystal Ball to create a combo-WizardSpell: Clear all the items of the game- Free Move: Move anitemfreely, even without a match - Magic Broom: Sweep an item fromthegame- Magic Wand: Select 8 connecting items to destroy them,evenwithout a match Start your adventure with this witch themedmatch 3puzzle game to unleash the power of pure magic right away!PlayWitch Puzzle for never-ending fun!ABOUT UPBEAT GAMESOur missionisto create the best, cool, fun and engaging games to be playedforfree anywhere on mobile devices. We want to make boys, girlsandadults happy with our Upbeat Games!