Top 49 Games Similar to Crystal of Serenity Fairytale

Fantasy Creatures Wallpapers 19.0.0
Amazing collection of 👹 Fantasy Animals Wallpapers, Home ScreenandBackgrounds 👹 to set the picture as wallpaper on your phone ingoodquality. This App include images and photos of: ► Angel,Cthulu,Centaur, Chimera, Medusa, Chinese Dragon, Demon, Dragon,Dwarf,Elf, Fairy ► Ghost, Giant, Griffin, Hydra, Mermaid,Golem,Manticore, Monster, Pegasus, Phoenix ► Skeleton, Kraken,Minotaur,Unicorn, Vampire, Ogre, Troll, Valkyrie, Werewolf, Witch,Zombie...FEATURES: ✓ Quick interface with high resolution images(HD &HQ). ✓ Fast charging speed. ✓ Application works Online.Internetconnectivity is required. ✓ Ability to share the image andthe appwith your friends. ✓ Save image and Set as Wallpaper option.✓ Easyto use... and always FREE! NOTE: If you like the app, do notforgetto press +1 button, leave a comment and qualify ★★★★★uspositively, thanks.
Unicorn Fantasy Run 3D
An endless unicorn run game for unicornlovers!Start your journey in a fantasy world by running on arainbowpath.Choose your favorite unicorn and run in a fantasymagicalland.Run ,jump , collect hearts and collect amazing powerups inyour way.Upgrade different powers ups to double thefun.Features-Endless fun in an endless unicorn run game.-Beautiful magical world at the horizon of rainbow.-ride the unicorn rainbow like a fairy tale.-virtual unicorn in 3DDo you love unicorns? Try this free game and start your journey inamagical fantasy world like a fairy tale.
🐴❤️🐴 Horse Family: Fantasy Survival Simulator 1.0
Create your own herd, take part in magic adventures and fightforsurvival in a fantasy land. Animal life is tough, butcaptivatingin our animals survival simulator. Try to live a horselife in amagic fairy land and survive in its nature!Horse Family:FantasySurvival Features:CRAZY ADVENTURES - Complete ridiculous andepicquests, have fun in the fairy tale OPEN MAGIC WORLD - Forestsandcastles, dragons and peasants, so much to find and meet!YOUROWNHERD - Take care of an entire family of horses in thesurvivalsimulatorSURVIVAL MODE - How long can you last in thisworld fullof magic creatures and dangers?Ride with your herd!You’renot alonein this dangerous magic world! Find other horse, create afamilyand breed foals - make your horse stronger to have a biggerfamily.Strength is numbers - you won’t last long alone in fantasyworldfull trolls, dragons and other dangers ofsurvivalsimulator!Survive in the wild!Nature of fantasy land isfull withmagic dwellers! From humans and chicken to unicorns anddragons -find friends and enemies as you complete quests or roamthe magicworld with your herd. And seek food and water to staystrong andhealthy. Take the challenge of the wild and survive indangerousmagic world!Take part in adventures!All sorts of fantasticstuffhappen in the fairy land! Take part in fights with dragonsandvillagers’ affairs, deal with crazy sorcerers and animals.Questsand magic adventures await, plunge into fairy tale with ourhorsesurvival simulator!Ride through the fantasy kingdom with yourhorseherd in Horse Family: Fantasy Survival!
Dragon Village 5.3.17
Do you want to be a Dragon Tamer? Come on and join in the fun.Playwith millions of Dragon Tamers worldwide! The mythicalbeasts,DRAGONS, that were thought to be extinct, have returned!Your goal?Find the eggs of these legendary beasts and train themtoperfection! Hundreds of distinct dragons & new dragons! Now5levels of evolution per dragon. Ranging from diverse stageslikethe Wrecked Ship to the Fire Mountains, venture out into theworldof Dragon Village and reveal the hidden eggs of thesemythicalcreatures.Possessing either fire, earth, water, wind, lightanddark elements. Let’s conquer all the challenges with yourdragonsto be the best of Dragon Village. It's not ever late tostart. Youcould be the one to tame a very powerful dragon from thebeginning.[Features] Internet connection only needed at specificareas. FreeCash items give away every single day! Simple game playmechanics.Diverse appearance and abilities of legendary dragons. Bethe beston the Leaderboard. Conquer ancient monsters in many manyStage.Fight your friends and other players through the PvPsystem.Signature moves for every dragons. *PLEASE NOTE* Items maybepurchased outside of the game with In App Billing through theuseof real life money. (According to Consumer Protection Actalltransaction cancellations can be restricted. Please e-mailforfurther details.) Internet connection(3G/4G/WIFI) is neededwhenuploading & downloading data from the server. DragonVillageWebsite : PublisherWebsite:
Fairy Evolution - Create Magic Creatures 1.0.9
Tapps Games
Once, true magic was commonplace in the world. Then thefairiesvanished, and all of a sudden we were left only withlamerabbit-coming-out-of-hats tricks.Now you can change that!Combinethe secret, last remaining fairies to create new and muchmoremagical creatures that are guaranteed to make those toy magicwandsstart spitting sparkling spells again!Beware aroundbroomsticks,though.FAIRY FEATURES✨Pantheon: a new place for supremebeings tolook down on us mortals and laugh at our misery✨Impostors:watchout for impostors trying to steal the spotlight fromthefairies.HOW TO PLAY✨Drag and drop similar fairies to createnewmysterious creatures✨Use fairy eggs to earn coins, buynewcreatures and make even more money✨Alternatively, fiercely tapafairy to make coins pop from their eggsHIGHLIGHTS✨Differentstagesand many fairy species to discover✨A mind-blowing storywithfantastical twists!✨The unexpected mix of alpaca-like evolutionandincremental clicker games✨Doodle-like illustrations✨Openendedgameplay: enjoy the freedom!✨No fairies were harmed in themakingof this game, only developersThis game ain’t fair.It’sfairy.Please note! This game is free to play, but it containsitemsthat can be purchased for real money. Some features andextrasmentioned in the description may also have to be purchasedfor realmoney.
Fairy Tale Live Wallpaper 1.7
Leave this world on fairy wings and travel to the land ofdreams!Fairy Tale Live Wallpaper will turn your screen into a"fairy tale"the moment you download it! Download this Fairy talebackgroundimage, your free ticket for a new world! The amazingpictures fromyour imagination have come to life and turned into themostbeautiful wallpapers you have ever seen! We have made this setofmagical backgrounds for all the girls and boys withvividimagination! Tiny fairy lights will take the darkness awayandbring magic on their wings! Butterflies, elves, fairies,magicunicorns, fireflies and other fantasy creatures have arrivedfrom amagical forest and they knock on your door! How to set thelivewallpaper: - Long press on the home screen until the menulabeled“Set wallpaper” comes out, choose the category “livewallpapers”and scroll to Fairy Tale live wallpaper. - Choose yourfavoriteFairy Tale background image. - When you download thesefairytalewallpapers and backgrounds, you will get five lovelypictures offairy tale; the rest of them will be unlocked during thenext fivedays. - If the wallpaper resets after the reboot, pleasemove it toyour device storage, instead of the SD card! - Choose thespeed anddensity of animated objects on your screen! - Fairy Talethemes areideal for HD phones and tablets! Get Fairy Tale LiveWallpaper andcarry one of the most wonderful mythical creatures onyour phonewherever you go! Imagine castles perched on hilltops andscenicrivers languishing through the forest. All of the HDbackgroundsfrom this free app are covered in delicate fairy dust –relax asthey shine and sparkle on your display! If you believe inthesupernatural, these animated wallpapers will put their spellonyou! The eternal beauty of these nymphs, wizards and playfulflowerfairies is waiting for you on this wonderland background!Don't letthem fly away – hurry up and get this brand new wallpaper!One lookat your phone is enough to enchant you and take you intotheimaginary fantasy realm! Get this cartoon wallpaper and becomeapart of the legend of fairies! Cast the spell on your mobiledeviceand use these dreamy desktop backgrounds to give it a touchofmagic! It's a miracle - a magnificent sprite just appeared outofnowhere, carrying fantasy backgrounds on her transparentfairywings! It is a whole new dimension of gentle pink and purplethemesfor your mobile phone! Travel to the magical world ofcoolbackgrounds with these tiny supernatural beings! Feel like arealprincess every time you look at your desktop! Get thisapplicationand fill your life with magic! Fairy Tale Live Wallpaperwelcomesyou to the fantasy world where everything is possible! Getthesefantasy wallpapers’ and enjoy the images of your favouritefairytale characters! We present you a surreal dream worldwhereeverything looks amazing and everyone lives happily everafter!Explore the place of good and evil with our fairy taleimages!Reveal a far-away kingdom with a Prince Charming, cutefairies andhilarious dwarfs! But watch out for the wicked witchesand evilstepmothers! Everything is so interesting in fairytalesstories!One look at these cartoon backgrounds and you will get backto thegood old times when you were a child! This “cute wallpaper”forgirls was made for all girls.
Fantasy Love Story Games 20.0
💫✨ Another excellent undertaking from your favorite gamedevelopers– this time featuring the most beautiful illustrations ofCUTEFAIRIES and ELVES in a FANTASY KINGDOM! Let this amazing apptakeyou to a beautiful fairy tale kingdom of Valeria where you'llmeetour extraordinary characters and experience the most grippingandmemorable love twists and turns! If you wanna feel as thoughyou'reliving in a fairy tale, and you like to play our “teen lovestory”games with choices, then there's no other app that canprovide youwith a better playing experience than our ✨Fantasy LoveStoryGames✨. Venture on an epic journey across unique locationsandenjoy our new romance games enriched with elements of magicandfantasy! 🌟Choose your own adventure!🌟 🌟Download this one of akindotome game with fantasy creatures if you want to:🌟 ✨Enjoyimpressive fairy-like visuals and animations, gripping lovetwistsand an epic fight between good and evil in simpletap-basedgameplay! ✨ Choose the name for your cute fairy character!✨ Chooseyour outfit and style! ✨ Make your own love life choicesand choosebetween twin brothers! ✨ Change the story line of the"lovetriangle" whenever you wish and see what you'll get! ✨Influencethe future of the kingdom of Valeria because you're thechosen oneand only you can save it from destruction! ✨ Only in✨Fantasy LoveStory Games✨ - the best interactive story games forgirls and guysalike! ✨ SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: Polski, Türkçe,Español, Português,Deutsch, Français, Italiano, bahasa Indonesia,Srpski, Русский,عربى ! ✨💫 The greatest love adventure of fairiesand elves in"interactive story games" ever! 💫✨ 💫✨ Dear fans of our“love storygames for teenage girls”, it's time you began your newromanticjourney – this time through the magic fantasy kingdom fullofsecrets and unresolved love affairs. Find out what it feels liketobe an ordinary girl who suddenly ends up in a fairy world andishaving trouble accepting that precisely she's the one whoisbrought into that world to restore peace and happiness. One ofthebest love story games engages you with its beautifullyillustratedmagical creatures, wonderful fairy land graphics,exciting andromantic story line and even more romantic music.Unique ✨FantasyLove Story Games✨ will enchant you little by littleas thethrilling plot thickens, and you'll have a feeling thatyou'rereally living this wonderful fairy tale through yourfemalecharacter. Download the most addicting “fantasy story game”ever,make wise choices on your way to future love and see what it'sliketo be the most beautiful fairy in the kingdom that many arejealousof! Download this epic fantasy adventure and the mostinteractiveepisode story game for teens and adults! All thiscompletely FREE!“Teenage love story games” free! 💫✨ All “love storygame” fans,please join us in the latest captivating interactivegameexperience rich in fantastic animations and wonderfulillustrationspacked in a completely original and unpredictablestory line! Bestfree romantic story games offline are waiting!✨Fantasy Love StoryGames✨ can be yours in just a few seconds!Discover plenty ofthrilling choices at crucial moments that willseal your destiny inthe world where you ended completelyunannounced and unprepared.Luckily, you'll meet many fantasticfriends on your way who willguide you through this magic kingdomand make sure you grow fond ofit and become an indispensable pieceof the puzzle. "Choose yourstory" line and don't miss the chance totry the best "otome games"English free. These "virtual love story"games can be yours in afew seconds! Write your own fairy taleromance! We guarantee thatboth girls and boys will be thrilledabout our new "simulationgames"!
Tarot of fairy tales 1.1.2
You found the tarot fairies ... and the fairies found you.Enterinto an enchanted world where all your love questions willfindtheir answers. You will discover that the Prince Charming doesnotexist only in fairy tales ... Truly, he is not perfect but hewillknow how to melt your heart.Come and discover The tarot offairytales to finally know your future lover.
Bingo Quest - Elven Woods Fairy Tale 1.51
IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE FAIRY TALE WORLD OF BINGO QUEST: ELVENWOODSBingo Quest: Elven Woods transports you back to a time whenhumansdidn’t rule the Earth. A time when the world was home tomythicalbeings such as wood elves and fairies who would spreadtheir magicand joy across mother Earth. The mythical creatures wholive in theElven Woods look serene and beautiful - but they’replayful, too!Get to know the wood elves and wood fairies as yousit back, relaxand play free bingo in a beautiful fairy taleworld. EXPLORE MAGICALLANDS WITH 80 LEVELS OF FREE BINGO As youprogress through our freebingo game, you’ll have the chance toexplore new areas of themagical Elven Woods. Meet new wood elvesand fairies to have funwith on your bingo journey and, with 80levels of free bingo waitingfor you in the woods, you’ll havehours of fun in this fairy taleland! UNLOCK STUNNING BINGO QUEST:ELVEN WOODS ARTWORK Collectpuzzle pieces as you play bingo withthe mythical creatures of thewoodland – use these puzzle pieces tounlock beautifully illustratedartwork of the otherworldly woodlandrealm. Collect graphics ofdetailed, realistic wood elves andfairies as you progress throughthe game. Can you collect them all?SPIN THE MAGICAL WHEEL OFFORTUNE Every day you can visit the elvenwheel of fortune –rumoured to give those who spin it a free rewardevery 24 hours.Receive extra daubers, coins, keys and more, so besure to visitevery day and claim your freeprize!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------BINGOQUEST: ELVEN WOODS FAIRY TALE –HIGHLIGHTS---------------------------------------------------------------------------------★Fun, free bingo game for all ages ★ Play through 80 levelsoffantastic free bingo ★ Explore different parts of theotherworldlyElven Woods, each with their own dauber ★ Unlockstunning artworkof the mythical creatures who live in the woodland★ Spin themagical wheel of fortune for free bingo prizes andrewards ★Collect free coins and use them to buy power ups to helpon yourbingo adventure ★ Use your keys to unlock treasure chests attheend of each level – what could they contain? ★ Change thebingocaller speed ★ Play Bingo Quest offline – no internetconnectionrequired! For a refreshing, fun and free bingoexperience, look nofurther than Bingo Quest: Elven Woods FairyTale. Full of beautyand excitement, you’ll have hours of funplaying bingo with themythical woodland creatures. Why playanywhereelse?================================================================================COMEAND PLAY BINGO IN THE ELVEN WOODS – DOWNLOAD BINGO QUEST FORFREETODAY!================================================================================
Dragon Dark Fort - Fantasy Battlenite 1.0
Welcome to this magical dragon world. It’s a war zone whereyourdragon army is waiting for your arrival. You need to jump intothisbattle and place your dragon army in the battleground. Butbevaliant your Dragon enemies are fearless and ready to shootyoudown. This game will take you in a fantasy world of dragons.Eachlevel challenges you a new mission. Fight with all yourcombatskills no matter how hard it is. There is always a way towin.Choose from a variety of dragons tactically. Combatstrategicallywith fire balls and prove yourself a dragon hero ofthis fantasyworld.This Dragon Battle game offers you action packedadventuresof fighting with dragons and other fantasy creatures.Choose yourown fire breathing dragon and do whatever you want inthis flyingdragon world. Defeat your friends in its online mode.Upgrade yourdragon army and fight with more power. The most AmazingDragonbattle game is just a click away. Let's downloadandenjoy!Features:• Amazing Fire Breathing Animations!• EpicBattleEnvironment!• Intuitive and addictive game play!•ChallengingMissions!• Exciting 3D Graphics and Sound Effects!•InterestingScenarios to complete!
Bingo Magic Kingdom: Fairy Tale Story 1.0.8
Be part of your very own fairy tale in our new bingo game!Meetbeautiful princesses and noble knights as you explore thismagickingdom, collecting rare treasure and stunning artwork alongtheway. OVER 75 LEVELS OF FAIRYTALE FUN!Watch fairy talesandbeautiful stories unfold as you go on an epic 90 ballbingoadventure through the kingdom. With maps such as Rapunzel andSnowWhite, you’ll be able to have fun with your favourite fairytalecharacters, earn lots of coins, unlock new daubers andmuchmore!We’ve got over 75 original, stunning maps for you toplaythrough. More maps and awesome features are added each month,sothe story never ends! UNLOCK HD ARTWORK FROM THEMAGICKINGDOMYou’ll have the chance to collect hidden puzzle piecesasyou play bingo on your adventure – use these puzzle piecestounlock amazing HD artwork. You can save them on your phone asawallpaper, share them with your friends or post them onsocialmedia! Do you have the bingo skills to collect them all?SPINTHEMAGICAL WHEEL OF TREASURESThe fairy godmother is generous andlovesgiving out free prizes! Visit her magical wheel every day forfreecoins, gifts, new daubers, keys and more. With so many coolitemsto get for free, why don’t you visiteveryday?-------------------------------------------------------BINGOMAGICKINGDOM-HIGHLIGHTS-------------------------------------------------------★Fun,free 90 ball bingo game for all ages★ Play through over 75levels ofbingo with fairy tale characters★ Lots of exciting newmaps addedevery month★ Unlock beautiful HD artwork of princesses,fairytalecastles and more★ Spin the magic wheel of treasure toearn freegifts, coins, daubers and more! ★ Collect free coins anduse them tobuy power ups to help on your bingo story★ Use yourkeys to unlocktreasure chests at the end of each level – whatcould they contain?★Change the bingo caller speed to suit yourplaying style★ Play BingoMagic Kingdom offline – no internetconnection required! Sit back,relax and immerse yourself in theamazing world of Bingo MagicKingdom. Explore stunning locations,play 90 ball bingo and enjoynew maps released regularly. With somuch epic bingo in one game,why play anywhere else?!COME AND PLAYBINGO IN THE MAGICAL KINGDOM –DOWNLOAD FREE TODAY!
Fairy Tales for Kids 3.1
"Favourite Fairy Tales for Children" offers eight storiesstraightfrom the Slavic folklore and a charming "Catch a Star"minigame.These captivating tales accompanied by a game will surelyhold yourchild's attention:- Kolobok- The Giant Turnip- Wish upon aPike -Hare's Hut- The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats- Teremok-Geese andSwans - Masha and the Bear Those are true classics belovedbycountless generations; utterly enthralling, they will takeyourchild on a wondrous adventure. All the tales are narrated intheoriginal Russian, which is a perfect opportunity tointerestchildren in learning a new language and give them a smalltaste ofthe diverse Slavic culture.Together, we'll be able todelight yourchildren with the novel magical world and help themdevelop newessential skills along with cultural awareness!
Magic City: fairy farm and fairytale country 1.43
Dive into the secret country of magic Smallville! Evolve fairyfarmto fairy city and magic township. Build mystery fairy town,asecret city of magic. Craft magic hay and become wizard orwitchone day! Inhabit magic country with your favouritecharacters:wizards and witches, dragons and princesses, elves andgoblins,fairies and dwarves! Create magical artifacts and helpthecharacters with their adventures. Master magic andwitchcraftcreating your own story in a fairy town. Make friendswith variousmagic creatures, wise wizards and naughty witches. ThePrincess ofthe Fairyland is enchanted, the citizens grieve and needyour help!Where is the Prince who can wake up the sleeping beauty?Nobody butyou can help the Prince to break the spell and save thefairyPrincess. Group onFacebook:
Unicorn Evolution - Fairy Tale Horse Game 1.0.9
Tapps Games
The Evolution series just got a fabulous touch! Claimed byourbeloved players, unicorns are here to stay... and to mutate...alot! If having a giant horn in the middle of the headwasn’talready enough, the most majestic of all creatures are aboutto getthe Evolution treatment we all know and love. Check itout!How toplay? Easy! Combine unicorns to evolve them and discovertheir mostcurious, exotic and bizarre forms!FEATURES🦄 Pantheon: anew placefor supreme beings to look down on us mortals and laugh atourmisery🦄 Impostors: watch out for impostors trying to stealtheunicorns’ spotlightHOW TO PLAY🦄 Drag and drop similar unicornstocreate new mysterious creatures🦄 Use unicorn eggs to buynewcreatures and make even more money🦄 Alternatively, fiercely tapaunicorn to make eggs popHIGHLIGHTS🦄 Different stages andmanyunicorn species to discover🦄 A mind-blowing story yet untold🦄Theunexpected mix of alpaca-like evolution and incrementalclickergames🦄 Doodle-like illustrations🦄 Various possible endings:findyour destiny🦄 No unicorns were harmed in the making of thisgame,only developersCome to the mythical side of the Evolutionseriesgames! Unicorns await!Evolution NEVER ends. Check out some oftheother games in the series: Fox Evolution - out what the fox says at last!Rabbit Evolution- - Rabbits can surprise you!Pleasenote!This game is free to play, but it contains items that canbepurchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned inthedescription may also have to be purchased for real money.
Hippo's tales: Pirate games 1.1.2
Kids have a lot of fun at the Fairy Tale Clearing! All the kidsofHippo town gather here. Every evening a real miracle takes placeatthe clearing. Friends tell each other interesting storiesandunbelievable fairy tales for kids. But today, it is going tobemuch more interesting than ever! Our beloved Hippo has agoodimagination, she can turn any old story into excitingandinteresting fairytale with modern elements. Is it possible tohavePirate Princess and crafty pirates together in one fairytale?Is itpossible that Princess, famous Moby Dick and mysterious Krakenmeetin one fairy tale? All these you can get to know from anewfairytale for kids, Black Flag and White Skull! And all overagain,our educational games for boys and girls are renewed with anewexciting story for all the friends of our beloved Hippo.Aninteractive kids fairy tale has a variety of mini games andfunnykids puzzles. You can find here a kitchen with aninterestingcooking game, as well as a fast marathon on the shipboard, anastonishing sailor competition on masts with sails,underwaterhunting on a coral reef and even a real sea mystery! Butthe mainpeculiarity of our educational games is that all our minigames aremade up in an exciting and interesting story! That's why alearningand educational process is absolutely unobtrusive and goeson in afunny way. Today the heroes of our story are a pirateprincess andfunny crazy pirates. The fairy tale takes place in theopen seainstead of land, where brave travelers and pioneers sail ontheirships, where curious pirates have built their cities onfarpicturesque islands. This story is full of sea adventuresandancient legends. Every sailor can meet here a white Moby Dickand apowerful Kraken! It is not so important, which mini game youwouldlike to play, kitchen with a cooking game, kids arcade on adesertisland, everywhere you would be full of sea romantic andpirateadventures! This novelty, as well as all ourinteractivefairytales, is absolutely for free. Are you ready forreal seaadventures? Then Hippy and a princess invite you to theinteractivekids fairytale Black Flag and White Skull! Stay tuned,stay with usand play our free interactive fairytales. Oureducational games forboys and girls are always ready make you andyour kids happy.
Fairy Tale Princess Dress Up 1.1.4
Calling all Princesses! Dress Up with Fabulous Fashion inthisCreative Game! Play Dressup with 4 Beautiful PrincessesfromClassic Fairy Tales! Visit magical places with your Princessinthis Gorgeous and Stylish Game! Cinderella, the Princess andthePea, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty - all of yourfavoriteprincesses together in a creative, magical and interactivedressupgame! Show off your fashion skills and imagination by mixingandmatching gowns, crowns, accessories and more. Hundreds offashioncombinations to choose from! Kids can even make Cinderella,SnowWhite, the Princess and the Pea or the Sleeping Beauty talkwithour voice-recording microphone! Make up your own dialogue anddressup your individual fairy tale princess in fantastic fashionsin awonderful make believe dressup game. Visit the palace, thegardenand the magical kingdom - tons to explore. Kids can taketheirfashion sense and dress up their princesses in this creativegame!9 item categories in Fairy Tale Princess Dressup Game: ★Crowns,sparkly, festive and funky ★ Hairstyles - up, down, coolhairstyles! ★ Necklaces - jewels, colorful, fancy and fun ★ Dresses-gorgeous and fabulous! ★ Shirts - different styles fordifferentprincesses ★ Gloves - don’t forget that a princess likeshergloves! ★ Pants - lots to choose from ★ Skirts - short, long,lotsof styles ★ Shoes - high heels or casual - you can never havetoomany pairs! You’ll find all you need to design and styletheperfect princess! Put gloves on Cinderella, fancy shoes onSnowWhite, funky crowns on the Princess and the Pea andgorgeousdresses on the Sleeping Beauty, and get the princessesready for aparty! This interactive princess dressup app providesendless hoursof fashion fun with its animated scenes loaded withcolorfuleffects and engaging interactions. Cinderella and SnowWhite joinSleeping Beauty and the Princess and the Pea in afashionable gamekids will love! With amazing high-qualityillustrations, it’s justlike dressing up a real princess!Cinderella and Snow White havenever looked so good! Features inFairy Tale Princess Dressup Game:★ 4 beautiful princesses includingSleeping Beauty and the Princessand the Pea from the most famousfairy tales. ★ Hundreds of dressup combinations. ★ Visit 4fully-interactive scenes and discoverfun activities. ABOUT TabTaleA Google Play Top Developer,recognized for its commitment tolaunching high-quality andinnovative apps on Android. With over 1.5billion downloads andgrowing, TabTale has established itself as thecreator ofpioneering virtual adventures that kids and parents love.TabTale’sapps spark children’s imaginations and inspire them tothinkcreatively, while having fun! Search “TabTale” on Google Playanddiscover more incredible apps. Visit us: Plus: Likeus: Follow us:@Tabtale Watchus: CONTACT US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at: [email protected] FOR PARENTS The app is free to playbutcertain in-game items may require payment. You may restrictin-apppurchases by disabling them on this device. The app mayincludeadvertising for TabTale and certain third parties whichwillredirect users to our sites, apps or third-party sites. Privacyisimportant to us. The app may enable collection of limited userdataby TabTale or its carefully selected providers (e.g. adnetworksand analytics) for limited legal purposes described in ourPrivacyPolicy (e.g. respond to support queries; enable, analyzeandimprove the app’s features and services; serve contextual ads).Bydownloading or using the app you accept our PrivacyPolicy: and Terms ofUse: and permit such uses forusers ofyour device.
Fairy live wallpaper 9.1
Welcome to the magic world of fairy tales and glowingbutterflies.Fairytale live wallpaper presents a magical scenery ina forestwhere fairies chase glittery fireflies and colorfulglowingbutterflies fly freely. You can also set all the backgroundsyousee in Fairy live wallpaper as normal phone wallpapers. Whatyouwill find in Fairytale live wallpaper: ❀ 4 HD magic wallpaperswithfairies and glowing butterflies. ❀ Perfect app for magic andfairytale lovers. It's easy to apply Fairytale live wallpaper.Chooseyour background, choose your fireflies, click apply andSetwallpaper. If that doesn't work apply Fairytale live wallpaperfromyour phone's live wallpapers list.
Magic Country: fairy farm and fairytale city 1.40
Dive into the secret country of magic! Evolve fairy farm tofairycity and magic township. Build mystery fairy town, a secretcity ofmagic. Craft magic hay and become wizard or witch one day!Inhabitmagic country with your favourite characters: wizards andwitches,dragons and princesses, elves and goblins, fairies anddwarves!Create magical artifacts and help the characters withtheiradventures. Master magic and witchcraft creating your ownstory ina fairy town. Make friends with various magic creatures,wisewizards and naughty witches. The Princess of the Fairylandisenchanted, the citizens grieve and need your help! Where isthePrince who can wake up the sleeping beauty? Nobody but you canhelpthe Prince to break the spell and save the fairy Princess.
Fairy Tale Fox Theme (Aesop's Fables) 1.1.4
We are very excited to present our latest release: fairyfoxlauncher cute theme! DOWNLOAD fairy fox launcher theme andenjoyyour favorite cute style and cartoon color.fairy fox (iconpacks)(theme) have cute backgrounds, fairy fox app icons, cutefashionwallpapers and cartoon digital effect. This fairy foxlauncher(icon packs) theme is specially designed for cute peoplewho lovecartoon theme.Download and apply fairy fox theme for freeandstylize your Android phone. fairy fox can be used for differentIMapps, like Instagram, Messenger, BeeTalk, Facebook Lite and soon.fairy fox theme runs fast with those apps on your phones.fairyfoxis also compatible with different brands of phones likeSamsung(Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, SamsungGalaxy S5,Samsung Galaxy J7, Samsung Galaxy Note7), Huawei (HuaweiP9, HuaweiP8, Huawei Mate 9, Huawei Mate 8, Huawei Honor 8), Sony(SonyXperia Z5, Sony Xperia Z4, Sony Xperia Z3, Sony Xperia XZ) andHTC(HTC 10, HTC One A9, HTC One X9, HTC Desire 10 Pro). fairyfoxlauncher theme is designed to let you enjoy cute feeling, afasterand smoother mobile and cartoon operating experience.★How toapplyfairy fox launcher theme?Note: This theme supports ourlauncher(icon packs) only.1) Download fairy fox theme, tap theINSTALLbutton.2) Download our launcher (icon packs) from GooglePlayStore. If you already have it installed, please tap theAPPLYbutton directly.★Why our launcher?【Different launcher (iconpacks)themes】Cool and colorful themes are provided. Find differentthemecategories, including tech, skull, fairy fox, cool,crystal(krystal), cartoon, golden, cute, pink, skull, neon, shinyand manymore. 【Customized Wallpapers】 We offer you wallpapers ofcartoonstyle, so you could enjoy a full experience of your chosencutetheme. More cartoon, skull, dark, puppy, pink, neon styles willbeavailable in the future.【Personalized Locker】 We offer asmartlocker to protect your phone and personalized cute cartoonlockscreen per your preference, making your phone look amazingeverytime you flip it on.【DIY Themes】 Create your own DIY themes!Sharecartoon fairy fox themes, cute wallpapers and app icons withyourfriends. Give them a surprise!【Animated Effect】Make yourphoneunique with all sorts of cool cute animated effects.
GOD OF MAGIC - Choose your own adventure gamebook 2.12
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✓ Chat like "Choose your own adventure" game with 6 skillminigames!✓ Choose your path in this text adventure! Infinitechoices!✓Play minigames, improve skills of the gamebook!✓ YOU arethedecision maker as a GOD of this interactive fantasy!GOD OF MAGICisan interactive fantasy chat app and text adventure, where YOUarethe decision maker of the stories. Roleplay games, chat,playminigames and finish the stories of the gamebook as a GOD ofthisfantasy world! Choose your own adventure. Keep chatting withayoung wizard trapped on a mystery island, make decisionafterdecision through the chat, make sure they are good choices! Bepartof an interactive fiction like never before!Don’t miss out onthemost unique fantasy sorcery gamebook, a new kind of roleplaychat!Download now!✓ Not satisfied with your decision? Choose yourownadventure. Jump back to a previous location and continue thechatstory from there!✓ Interactive fiction, chat, sorcery&roleplay games!✓ 1 gamebook, 4 minigames, 1 main chat story,3extra chat stories and more to come!✓ Use the interactive mapofthe fantasy world to see your progress!✓ Ride a phoenix! Oryouwant to battle the phoenix? It’s your decision, you are thereaderin this old school choices text adventure, interactivefiction.✓Play offline!These fantasy chat stories are full ofexploration anddanger, so as decision maker, you are responsiblefor the results.Choose your path carefully! As one of the bestroleplay games,sorcery text adventure gamebook, GOD OF MAGIC isfull of chattingand funny, exciting stories that are in a colorfulfantasy world.Roleplay chat as a GOD! Choose your own adventure.Are you good orare you evil?A chronicle told by roleplay chat.Shape the story,choose your path by chatting, play the most uniqueinteractivefiction! Discover the secrets and history, sorcery ofthis richfantasy world, chat with choices and guide othercharacters!Asdecision maker, the fate of a whole world is in YOURhands!Can youchat your way through to saving the world of the textadventure?But this chatting game is so much more, and you need moreskillsthan chatting. You have to overcome obstacles, defeatenemies,solve riddles by playing minigames and upgrading skillslike Lockpicking, Spell casting, Dexterity and Logic. Amazingroleplayexperience! Can you protect the world? There are already 4roleplaystories in this text adventure, and more are on theway!Roleplaychat, discover the stories, secrets and easter eggs ofthe chatapp! Protect the wizard kid, his fate is in YOUR hands!Everydecision, choices you make influences the chat stories. Lastday onearth. How good a decision maker can you be? Hidden treasuresorcertain death? Choose your own adventure.Ready to play thistextadventure chatting game? Wander on the island by chattingandchoosing locations, discovering paths of the stories.Continuethechat story on different branches! You are more than a reader,youare a decision maker and a god, who is casting fireballs,exploringdungeons, taming dragons, riding phoenixes, sorceryshaping thechat app story.Roleplay chat stories have never beenthis funbefore!A chat app to play together, the best chat stories,roleplaygames for kids!The story is free to play the whole waywithoutblockers.You find delight in rpg fiction based on a myth?You likesorcery, fire, a wizard in a fantasy rpg? Want to roleplayas agod? In this episode of God of Magic, an interactive novel, YOUarethe decision maker, the finder of the best path, the finder ofahappy end!The game is like a library with more than one story,soyou can be reading, interact, chat and roleplay for a longtime.And even more episodes are coming, for your delight, so thelibraryand the myth of God of Magic grows! It’s more than a novel,morethan just reading: the graphic mission is not a straight line.Thelife of a wizard is in your hands choice after choice!
Fairy Tales ~ Children’s Books, Stories and Games 2.5.6
“Fairy Tales” is a kid reading app with interactive mini gamesandfairy tales for children which makes reading more funandentertaining!“Fairy Tales” is a marvelous collection of storybooksfor kids that includes such bedtime stories for kids as:- PussinBoots - for FREE- The Beauty and the Beast- Cinderella-SleepingBeauty- The Three Little Pigs- The Snow Queen- Little RedRidingHood- The Princess and the Pea- Gingerbread man- Goldilocksand thethree bears- The Tinderbox- Ugly Duckling- Rumpelstiltskin-TheThree Spinners- The Wolf and seven little kids- TheEnormousTurnip- Mother Snow- Aesop's Fables- Norton's New House byArpadOlbey- The Realm of Sweet Dreams by Asa GuvesCollect DAILYBONUS toopen interactive books and read kids stories for FREE! Letyourkids library grow with interactive books and storiesforkids!FEATURES:- “Read to Me,” “Read it Myself” modes-Interactivescenes with fully narrated and animated characters-Offline reading- download a book once and read it anytime,anywhere. These readingchapter books for kids are useful for longtrips, doctor'sappointments and restaurants- Designed for childreninterface- Lotsof games for kids under 5 years- Safe andkid-friendly - protectionfrom unintentional purchasesRead books andplay educational gameswith your favorite characters! Best fortoddlers andpreschoolers.The professional narrator will read alongbedtimestories. It makes a daily go-to-sleep ritual easier!Eachfairy talecontains pop-up games to make reading books moreentertaining andeducative. Find following learning games for kidsin thesestorybooks: labyrinth, cards matching, jigsaw puzzles,hiddenobjects.This app is a great collection of the high-qualityshortstory for kids with childrens stories and learning gamesfortoddlers and preschoolers.Magic moments with vividillustrations,professional voice narration, interactive activities,amazinganimations, colorful pictures and beloved fairytales willdelightkids and parents.Feel the magic of a kids story by theperfectstorytelling!Best preschool learning app withinteractiveeducational books for prepare boys and girls forkindergarten andfirst grade.Your feedback is important to us.Please SHARE YOURREVIEW below! For any technical issues, pleaseemail us [email protected] us onFacebook:
World of Fairy Tales Hidden Object Games 1.0
Bring back the old shine to the fairyland! Play World of FairyTalesHidden Object Games and enter the magnificent enchantedkingdom thatneeds your help. Let the good magic come back to thewonderlandagain. Go through the secret garden, pick the enchantedhiddenobject and escape from black magic. This object searchinggame foradults is a perfect brain game for all generations thatwill makeyou have fun, boost your concentration and keep your mindsharp. Themost addictive game you have to try!World of Fairy TalesHiddenObject Games features:🔍 Mystery game adventure freelocalized into15 languages!✨ More than 1000 hidden objects to findin wonderland!🔍Multiple levels with mystery places full of hiddenobjects!✨Fantastic 3D game design that will leave you speechless!🔍Find thehidden object from the menu below & click on it!✨Click on themagnifying glass button to use the hint for help!🔍 Formobile phonesonly! Zoom in the picture to find the objects!✨ Movethe picturewhen it is zoomed to find the hidden object!🔍 Zoom outat any momentyou like to see the mystery scene again!✨ MOREADDITIONAL MYSTERYHIDDEN OBJECT GAME FEATURES:✨ Picture search forfinding hiddenobjects quickly and easily!🔮 Silhouette hiddenobject – achallenging level for finding items!✨ Magic Words gamelevel – ahard level with anagrams!🔮 Flashlight or a night modelevel – usethe light to seek for items!✨ Match Pairs – a memorygame withcards, the best brain teaser!🔮 Find the Difference – amini game tospot the difference in pictures!✨ A time limit game -bonus level totrain your brain and concentration!🔮 Magic puzzlegame – put thepuzzle pieces together to make a picture!Find hiddenitems inpictures and have fun all day! This puzzle hidden objectgame willlead you to the magical world. But someone ruined thisparadise andall the fairies need your help. They will give you thelist ofhaunted hidden figures. So you have to go through theenchantedforest, magic garden, enchanted castle to find everythingyou needin order to save this wonderland. Download World of FairyTalesHidden Object Games and enter this fantasy world and startthe bestmystery hidden object adventure game 2018!The mostbeautiful fairytale game with hidden items free download!Start thewonderlandhidden object quest and fight against the evil powers.This fairyforest is full of mystery hidden objects that areenchanted by theevil witch. Try to search and find them as soon aspossible andprevent the whole kingdom to be under the black magic.If you enjoyplaying mystery games for adults and being a hiddenobjectdetective, it's time for you to solve some fairy talemysteries!Oneof the most popular hidden figures games in adreamland!World ofFairy Tales Hidden Object Games hides manysecrets inside. There area lot of mini games that will help youimprove your concentrationand kill your boredom. Find thedifference game will challenge yoursearching skills and boost yourfocus. Memory game with cards is aperfect brain teaser. But mostof all this is the best languagelearning game on the market. Thisobject searching game istranslated into 15 most popular worldlanguages. So, instead ofpicking your own language, switch to thelanguage you want to learn.This is the best way to enlarge yourvocabulary easily and with alot of fun.Mystery hidden objectcleanup game is finally here! Tryit now for free!Play World ofFairy Tales Hidden Object Games and beenchanted by the beauty ofthe fairy world. This magical kingdom hasa beautiful enchantedcastle with mystery hidden objects. Search forthem and bring themto the wizards to help them break the curse. Gothrough the mysterymason and haunted house and find hidden figuresthat can help youwith the investigation. Be the best policedetective and solve themystery case before it is too late. Don'tlet the black magic rulethis dream world!
Fairy Horse Fantasy Resort - Magic Mane Care Salon 1.4.0
Do you love horse, fairy pony and unicorn fantasy? Would you liketotravel to a fairy tale land with the lovely tooth fairy? Ifyouranswer is yes, you are in the right place! Visit now the MagicManeCare Salon and Resort for the perfect fairy horse! The horseMagicMane Care Salon is an amazing fantasy resort in a magic horselandwhere you can take care of the beauty of these fantasyanimals!Design the perfect hairstyle for your fairy horse andbecome anequestrian while you discover the secrets of horsebraiding. Keepthe stables clean for your fantasy horse and learnhow to wash andcomb her fantasy hair in the Magic Mane Care Salonand Resort! Havehours of fun in the fantasy Magic Mane Care Salonand Resort! Playnow!Features of this fairy salon game:- Take careof your favoritefantasy horse in the Magic Mane Care Salon andResort!- Play withthe fantasy horse and the fairy pony and designthe perfect magichorse braiding in this care salon!- Enjoy thisfairy tale adventureand discover the secrets of the magic horsemane in this amazingmagic salon and fantasy resort!The Magic ManeCare Salon and Resorthas open its doors for you! Visit now thefairy horse and enjoythis fantasy adventure! Come to the fairysalon and play now!
Unicorn Wallpapers 1.4
Beautiful "Unicorn Wallpaper" HD Cover your phone with trueGirlycuteness with this adorable collection of free MobileBackgroundsfor Girls. Amazing Fantasy Unicorn Background GraphicsArt 3DIllustrations. Free Download this excellent collection ofCuteCartoon “Unicorn Pictures” Specially designed for Kids Theunicornis a legendary animal that has been described sinceantiquity as abeast with a large, pointed, spiraling Hornprojecting from itsforehead. The Flying Unicorn was depicted inancient seals of theIndus Valley Civilization and was mentioned bythe ancient Greeksin accounts of natural history by variouswriters, includingCtesias, Strabo, Pliny the Younger, and Aelian.The Bible alsodescribes an animals, the re'em, which sometranslations haveerroneously rendered with the word unicorn.Perhaps the mostwondrous of all mystical creatures, the Unicorn isa Symbol ofmagic, miracles, purity, innocence and enchantment.Thismagical andenchanting animal appears to only a rare few and has theability tobestow miracles and Wisdom to those who are pure of heartandvirtuous in their deeds. Nice Features OF "UnicornWallpaper"Application- Full support for landscape mode.- Compatiblewith 99%of mobile phones and devices.- Optimized battery usage!-Fullysupports horizontal orientation- Add to favorites- You cansave orShare to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr,Flickr,Stumble, Instagram Or Line with your Good Friends or wholefamily.Top Apps 2018 and APK!- High Quality Real "UnicornWallpapers" ForAndroid Smartphone And Tablet. Funny Background" caneasily fillyou with adorable feelings of love and happiness.
Greek Mythological Creatures 0.0.2
Jellyfish, unicorn, nymphs, sparrows, chimeras, phoenix,Pegasus,Cyclops ... who has not read or heard of these mythologicalGreekcharacters? Not only are they appealing to us by themonstrosity orshining beauty of these beings, but by the storiesembodied bythese fantastic creatures. Each of these beingssymbolizedsomething that the Greek world wanted to express tosociety, eitherthrough their powers, or through the natural form oftheir body.TheGreeks were one of the civilizations that bestmanaged to translatetheir traditions and knowledge throughmythological characters.This application gathers an attractiveinformation about a greatvariety of these fantastic creatures, withwhich you will knowsomething more about its culture and discoverthe origin, as wellas the characteristics of these Greekmythological creatures. Whatbetter way to spend time with your kidsthan learning and teachingthem about these fantastic creatures.These beings have had andcontinue to have an important presence inour lives. They appearfrequently in role-playing games,mythological films and eventelevision series, so we encourage youto discover the fantasticworld of the most strange Greekmythological creatures.Consideringthat the mythological world isalmost inexhaustible, we will becompleting the range ofmythological beings soon, in order to keepthe content alwaysupdated and offer you the best of mythology. Ifyou are passionateabout the world of legends and want tocontribute some creature toinclude in the application, let usknow, as we are delighted withyour collaboration. Do not hesitateand leave us your opinion byvoting the application or leaving acomment.
Fairy Dress Photo Editor 1.6
Fairies are an imaginary creatures of human form withmagicalpowers, especially a female one. They are usually a verysmallpersons with pointed ears and with wings. These mythicalbeings arepresent in the folklore of many nations. Sometimes theselovelycreatures are mischievous. If you love fairy tales and wanttoexperience the life in the world of magic, this popularphotomontage maker is perfect for you. Download free Fairy DressPhotoEditor app on your smartphone and be ready for the mostexcitingphoto editing adventure. Come with us to a journey intomagicalkingdom with unicorns and leprechauns and enjoy in the landoffantasy. Open the doors of the best virtual fairy fashionclosetand try all offered dresses and costumes. Select picture fromyourimage gallery or capture a new selfie and adjust photointransparent area of selected photo frame. Edit photostoperfection, apply the hottest photo effects and giveyourselfcompletely fairy makeover.Everyone needs a little bit ofmagic andgirls of all ages will absolutely love the coolest photoeditor. Becreative and use top fairy dress up application to makegorgeousphotographs. Montage photos into lovely forest backgroundsand trylong pink dress with the wings in the same color. Show yourphotoediting skills and feel like your favorite fairy talecharacter.Add photo text on image and create unique and originalsouvenirsand greeting cards for your friends and relatives. Imagineyourselfwith the butterfly wings, sitting on the mushroom and enjoytheintoxicating fragrance of flowers. If you are fan of fictionandfantasy then our popular Fairy Dress Photo Editor willquicklybecome your favorite stylist.Features of the app: Select aphotofrom your image gallery or take one with your phone’s cameraAdjust the image into a photo frame of your choice Rotatethepicture, zoom in and zoom out for a perfect photo montageAddamazing photo effects and add photo text on image Save imageanduse it as wallpaper Share with friendsSuit photos into thenewestphoto frame of a cute fairy from a lush forest wearing themostamazing green dress. Add cool photo effects, make fantasticphotomontages and surprise everyone on social networks. Open thisphotoeditor, try out the best outfits that will make you lookgorgeousand it might give you an idea what to wear to the nextcostumeparty. The fabulous collection of latest fashion accessoriesiswaiting for you, so put on hats, gloves and do not forgetshoes.They are so adorable. Choose the style you like the most andbecomea fairy that’s rocking the swing. Enjoy a walk through thewoods inred dress, but just bring a lantern. Take your magic wandorsprinkle a little fairy dust and transform yourself into amythicalcreature. Save your work of art and set as photo widget.There is acollection of latest photo frames you can select from,and each ofthem has beautifully colored butterfly wings to go withthe chosendress. Adjust face photo into fantasy photo suits andlook like afairy sitting on a rock and probably doing some spellsabout how tosave the kingdom from the evil witch. Imagine theHalloweenpostcard that you can make with this photo montages, itwill befantastic. Make your top photo gallery, improve collectionofwallpapers and change your home screen every day. Remember thattherealm of magic is waiting for you, so do not hesitate anddownloadFairy Dress Photo Editor free of charge on your Android™.
Lost Lands 3 (Full) 1.0.14
An exciting adventure of a brave girl who found herself in afantasyworld. She has to find a way to stop the cursed beastsawakenedafter sleeping for a thousand years and coming to life forreasonsunknown. Lost Lands: the Golden Curse is an adventuroushiddenobject game-quest with puzzles and mini-games scatteredthrough theboundless spaces of the fantasy world – from thevolcano valleys tothe Druid forest, from the deep caves to thefloating islands.Onefine day an ordinary good-looking housewife,Susan, while visitingthe museum of arts drops by an old lookingglass which, for whateverreason, starts to beckon her up. When shetouched the looking-glass,Susan was immediately transported into amagical fantasy world ofthe Lost Lands. She has been known for herheroic deeds as Susan theWarrior there.Susan meets a child namedFiora, and the girl takesSusan to her great-grandfather, Maaron.Susan recognizes the Druidas an old acquaintance. Maaron explainsthat the village wasattacked by a Harpy, the legendary wingedbeast. The strangest thingis that the demon has been a stonestatue in the abandoned old fortfor thousands of years.Along withher friends Susan is ready to setforth into a volcano, go to adungeon and climb floating islands tofind out the reason why theHarpy, Naga, the Minotaur and Solidus,one after another, begancoming to life from the stone prison andcausing chaos in the LostLands. Naturally, the creatures must bestopped...Game features:•Explore over 50 stunning locations•Complete over 40 differentmini-games• Challenge yourself withinteractive hidden objectscenes• Assemble collections, gathermorphing objects, and gainachievements• The game is optimized fortablets and phones!Immerseyourself in an amazing adventure in afantasy worldMeet the peoplesof the Lost LandsSolve dozens ofpuzzlesStop the demontroublemakersSave the world from a dangerthreatening to annihilateevery living thing+++ Get more gamescreated byFIVE-BN!+++WWW: http://five-bn.comFACEBOOK:
Clash of the Olympians 1.0.9
Take on the role of one of the mighty Greek heroes and defendyourtemple against hordes of mythological creatures using a vastarrayof powerful weapons and godly powers!Clash of theOlympianshighlights:* Action packed defend the temple game thatwill testyour wits and precision!* 3 Heroes to choose from: Play asthemighty Heracles, the quick Perseus or the legendary Achilles!*Facemythological creatures with different abilities!Minotaurs,Gorgons, Harpies and more!* Train your hero! Upgrade hisweaponsand grant him special powers! Each hero has his own arsenalsochoose wisely!* Arcade style rewards! Show off your skillbyperforming head shots, multi-kills, quick kills and more!Sowhatare you waiting for! The hordes of Hades are approaching andonlyyou can stop them!Bring'em ON!**Optimized for devices with800x400or better resolution.**
Medieval Life 2.0
A new adventure begins! From the same creators of thesuccessfullNautical Life, we present: Medieval Life! An unique RPGexperiencewith the beloved medieval theme! You can buy castlesworthy ofkings and queens, and customize the interior of your homewithfurniture for all tastes. See the cycle of day andnightinfluencing scenery and hunting. Travel around the world andtry tohunt down all mythical creatures to make a fortune. -Turn-basedbattle system. - 10 weapons with different attributes. -12 skillswith different magic effects to help in battle. - 8elements withyour strengths and weaknesses. - There are 9completely uniquecastles. - Over 76 different creatures to hunt. -More than 150furniture to customize the interior of your castle. -Day and nightcycle. - Several quests around the world. - Show yourfriends howawesome your castle is in multiplayer mode. - Set trapsto increaseyour fortune. - Become famous by capturing all legendarycreatures.Come on an adventure in the amazing world of MedievalLife! Likeour Facebook page:
Griffin Simulator 1
Spread your wings and conquer the sky as a mythical Griffin!Explorevast worlds of legendary creatures, dangerous monsters, anddeadlybosses! Start your own griffin family, wage war on orcbases, andbattle for your life against deadly enemies like orcs,treants, anddragons!Download the Griffin Simulator today whileit's 50% OFF fora very limited time!Game Features+ REALISTICSIMULATOR - You'll needto maintain your health, hunger, thirst,and energy if you're goingto survive!+ EPIC FIGHTS - Fight for thehonor and glory of yourkingdom against the evil orc empire. Useyour razor sharp talons andmassive powerful wings to destroyentire buildings and defeat yourenemies!+ 5 UNIQUE WORLDS - Searchout hidden portals that willteleport you to unique new worlds withnew enemies and bosses tofight! Conquer a world of lava, a land ofice, a monstrous forestand much more!+ BOSS BATTLES - Ready to putyour griffin to thetest? Enter into combat with 5 deadly bossesthat will push you toyour limits! Succeed in slaying them and yourrewards will beplentiful!+ COLLECT TREASURE - Massive loot dropswill satisfy yourgriffins lust for gold! Spend your fortune tocustomize your griffinwith unique skins, mythical armor, and evenhire soldiers to rideyour back and lend you special powers!+ LEVELUP YOUR GRIFFINS -Gain experience by defeating enemies anddestroying orc strongholds!Level up your griffins to increasetheir health, attack damage, andeven unlock new attacks likeTornado Gust!+ START A FAMILY - Find amate to breed with and hatchyour very own baby griffins to help youhunt! Watch your babygriffins grow in size and assist you incombat!+ DOZENS OF ENEMIES- Explore a huge world of mythicalenemies like orcs, trolls,goblins, unicorns, golems, phoenix, bats,fungus creatures,treants, drakes, dragons and of course griffins!+SURVIVAL GUIDE -Look to your handy survival guide for a map of theworld, yourtreasure collection, griffin upgrades andcustomizations, and muchmore!+ NEW TOUCH-BASED CONTROLS - Brand newintuitive controls letyou navigate your griffin like never before!Pinch to zoom and playfrom your griffin's perspective or get abird's eye view of theaction!+ HD GRAPHICS - Stunning HighDefinition graphics willdazzle your display! Three levels of detailwill provide theperfect performance and look for your device!+GLUTEN-FREE PROMISE- With all of our games you will always get thefull game with noads or additional purchases!Download the GriffinSimulator andwield the power of the mythical half eagle, half lionbeast oflegend!If you liked living as a Griffin then you'll loveour otheranimal simulators! Download our Eagle Simulator and soarthroughthe skies, check out the Cheetah Simulator and pounce onyour preyin the wild savanna, or download World of Dragons: DragonSimulatorto incinerate everything in your path!Follow us onFacebook formore awesome animalsimulationgames! us on Twittertoo! We lovehearing feedback andsuggestions!
Anime Fairy Princess Girls 1.1.17
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🎇Download Fairy Princess Girls to own beautiful icons, HDwallpapersand tons of themes. Fairy Princess Girls is a user themewithwallpapers of the most high definition Fairy Girls colors andprettyicons. It lets your Android phone run smoother and smarter,while atthe same time, offers you a perfect experience. FairyPrincess Girlsis the latest among tons of themes. You can find anytheme you like.Whether you are into comics, sci-fi, photography orautomobile, wehave all of the most beautiful themes you want.Apply your favoritetheme at any time and show it off on yourphone. Download the FairyPrincess Girls theme now to own morebeautiful themes. 👱DownloadFairy Princess Girls and more surprisesare waiting for you! HDwallpapers and exquisite app icons bringyou extreme visualpleasure. You can own the latest Princess Girlsstyle themes, 3Dthemes and Princess Girls live wallpapers. FairyPrincess Girls isan Android theme with 3D special effects, 3Dweather widget,beautifully themed app icons and Fairy PrincessGirls wallpapers.Fairy Princess Girls is suitable for most Androidphones, includingSamsung, Huawei Mate8 and so on. Install theFairy Princess Girlstheme and 3D launcher to enable your CartoonGirls experience andmake your phone look cool. 👑What more can youget by downloading theFairy Princess Girls theme? Beautiful FairyPrincess Girls lockscreen with Fairy Girls color: The FairyPrincess Girls wallpaperwill be there once you swipe up the lockscreen. This offers fullprotection over your privacy. Speciallydesigned app icons: When youturn on your phone, the perfectlyapplied icons make your phoneshinier. Stunning interface: 3DMotion weather forecast plus FairyPrincess Girls wallpaper andFairy Princess Girls app icons canbring your phone to life.ThemeCenter: You can find all kinds offree themes, such as the populargolden theme that gives your phonea luxurious look. Additionally,you can also choose from a list ofcool 3D, Halloween and Christmasaudio themes. Wallpaper Center:Wallpaper center offers HDwallpapers of different styles and FairyPrincess Girls Livewallpaper. Apart from that, we update thousandsof HD wallpapersdaily, so you can change as many as you want. 👠3Dthemes and livewallpaper: Dozens of 3D effects to go with the FairyPrincess Girlstheme and make your phone look cool. Fairy PrincessGirls livewallpaper plus different special effects triggered bygesture inputmerge Fairy Princess Girls and Cartoon Girls into oneexperience.It lets you feel the beauty of Fairy Princess Girls andexperiencethe most advanced mobile technology at the tip of yourfingers.When you lightly tap on the phone, you can experience theeffect ofsnowflakes and rain drops at the tip of your finger, andlet themslowly slip through your finger. Moreover, you can letheartssparkle on your phone. 💋Other benefits: We updatethemes,wallpapers and icons of different styles daily, so you canchoosebased on your preference. You can also find soccer,basketball andeven celebrity and cartoon related themes that youlike. Everytheme you want can be found here. 💝Before installingFairy PrincessGirls, you have to first install our launcher. 💄Ourlauncher offersyou multiple functions: Locker: We offer a smartlocker to protectyour privacy and offer you personalized lockscreen by combiningFairy Princess Girls and Fairy Princess Girls,making your phonelook new on every screen you flip on.ChargeScreen: We offer apersonalized Princess Girls style theme, FairyPrincess Girlswallpaper and a lock screen to protect your phonewhile you arecharging it. Theme Center: All kinds of free themes,HD wallpapers,and live wallpapers are here for you to choose from.Customizedthemes: Share your Fairy Princess Girls theme, FairyGirlswallpaper and Fairy Princess Girls icons with friends. Givehim/hera surprise!
Fantasy Fashion: Fairy Tail 45.0.0
Candy Corp
Build a beautiful magical castle in Fantasy Fashion:FairyTown!Dress up & Makeup your fairy tail town withstunningdecorations.Check out our fairy farm and build skyscrapersoffruits and vegetables.Sparkling fairy dust everywhere tosee.Growfairy magic poison potion and scare off the villagewitch.InFantasy Island you can build your very own fairy kingdom.Girls andBoys play fantasy fairy kingdom island with familyandfriends.Discover the unicorn kingdom of fairy friends.Rescueyourfairies from the big bad witch. Be not the princess in the gamebuta beautiful flower FairyBe one of the fantasy heroes , come onJoinus in Fantasy Fashion: Fairy Town to enjoy every fairytalemomentever after. Design your imagination island of dreams! Meetand carefor cute lovely creatures! Make beautiful magic potionsanddresses!Play the best imagination island of dreams game andhavefun!Meet and care for a fairy helper, a fairy tale queen, andawitch! Meet their friends!Design & explore beautifulfairycastles, find secret treasures, meet new types oflovelycreatures!Build the perfect fantasy kingdom & fairy houseforyour fairies!In Fairy Fantasy Island everyone lived inharmonytogether, all young fairies enjoyed going to school to learnnewmagic potions recipes. The nasty witch from the valley ofdarknessdidn't enjoy seeing how happy everyone was. On a verybeautifulsummer’s day, the witch decided to enter the village butshe knewshe had to disguise herself, because the witch isn'tallowed in theVillage. The witch disguised herself as a musicteacher and toldall the village kids in town to follow her into theforest ofmagic. Suddenly the beautiful day turned stormy, one fairygotafraid and ran back to the Fantasy Island to ask for help. Whentheparents arrived in the fantasy forest of magic the witchhadsnatched all magic potion recipes and flew away into her valleyofdarkness. The little fairy in the fantasy story that ran awaystillhad one recipe in her pocket. The last hope of recreatingFantasyIsland lies with you!Play the magic tree of fortune toearnfantastic gifts. Enjoy our whack a witch game and protectyourvillage. Discover fairytale island with many different magicpotionfactories to build. Experience a family fun kids adventure inourfairy tale game! Magic fairy island awaits your arrival! Bequick,the fairy makers want to explore fairy world with you! WatchtheFairy’s Mix with their Friends & have funYou’ll lovethefairies in this game more than the disney fairiesPlay withyourfriends and visit their magic island in the sky, too!Features:*PLAY OFFLINE! No internet connection required* Designbeautifulcoral reefs* Meet fairy helper, a fairy queen and a witch*Discoverbeautiful and cute lovely creatures* 2 FREE mini games toenjoy!*DAILY FREE GIFTS to send to your friends & family! *UNLOCKmore decorations & lovely creatures to meet as you levelupyour magic island in the sky!* Explore & DECORATE yourownfantasy kingdom just the way you want it!Make your visitorshappy -show them your beautiful fairies, magic gardens anddecoratedbeautiful fairy castles.See you all soon in the fairy tailgame anddon't forget to come and visit my imagination island ofdreams!Inthis game, you will meet beautiful fairies, explore, buildanddesign fantastic-looking beautiful fairy castles & fairyhousein a imagination island of dreams. Design, plan and build yourownfantasy kingdom! Populate it with many fairy helper, fairyqueen,and all kinds of fairies you can think of.Decorate yourmagicisland & Magic garden in the sky and have fun meeting newtypesof fairies. Show your magic island in the sky to your friends,too!Invite them to play with you and explore the fantasykingdomtogether.Fantasy Fashion: Fairy Tail is like a Princess gameforGirls except there in no Princess but a fairy. This FantasyStoryin the Fantasy Town has a Happy Ending!
Dragon Wallpapers 1.6
Best Dragon Wallpapers - Dragon Stock Photos and Images -JapaneseDragon Art Pictures A Dragon is a legendary creature,typicallywith serpentine or reptilian traits, that features in themyths ofmany cultures. There are two distinct cultural traditionsofdragons: the European dragon, derived from European folktraditionsand ultimately related to Greek and Middle Easternmythologies, andthe Chinese Dragon, with counterparts in Japan,Korea and otherEast Asian countries Awesome Types of Ice DragonPictures -Beautiful White, Black, Blue, Fire And Red Dragon ImagesGalleryThe word Dragon wallpaper is derived from a Greek wordwhichliterally translates into 'huge serpent' and 'one whoseesclearly', as well as the Latin word draconem (huge serpent).Thecreature has strong ties with several cultures worldwide,fromEuropean folklore and Middle Eastern mythologies toAsianinfluences. Angry Dragons are intricately woven into Asianculture.The meaning of each image varies, depending on the elementsthatare incorporated into the design. It is a Water animal andusuallysymbolizes the Sub-conscious and Mediation, as well as beingasymbol of Masculinity, Strength, Power, and the primal forcesofNature and the Universe. The Dragon Wallpaper a popularandpowerful design worn by both women and men, and although it canbedesigned in various sizes, the detailing and shading involvedinmost depictions often make this tattoo a larger-sizedproject.Green Dragon Pics Images - Best Digital Clip art AndillustrationsBeautiful Dragon Graphics HD Backgrounds Free! Cool 3DPics HDWallpapers - Good Download Free Pictures - Fire DragonWallpaperBackgrounds for Mobile Phones You can save or share PhotostoFacebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, LineFreeAndroid Mobile App - Best Mobile App and Free Download!-Tablet,Smartphone, Mobile Phone Wallpaper.
FANTASY Wallpapers v2 1.2
Fantasy Wallpapers Version 2 Collection for AndroidBackground.-Beautiful Images of Graphic Art in Fantasy World.- Easyto browse.-Simple to Set as Wallpaper.
Find the Difference Fairy Tale Games – Spot It 2.1.1
🎀👫👠Enter the magical spot the difference world and enjoy the landoffairy tales! Be the detective who will find the differencebetweenthe two pictures of beautiful fairy tale landscape! Thebest spotthe difference games with levels are waiting for a trueprincess ora prince charming! If you enjoy playing “fairy talegames”, ourbrand new game Find the Difference Fairy Tale willsimply bring youoff your feet! Enjoy the magnificent graphics andintuitive gameplayand be the best player ever! Hurry up and finddifferences now! 🎀👫👠💝“Compare two pictures side by side” to searchfor differences;💝 Whenyou “find the different object”, tap on itas fast as possible!💝 Thenumber of differences increases withlevels, as well as thedifficulty of the game!💝 If you get stuck,use help: take a hint tosee whats the difference!Supportedlanguages: Chinese, Danish,Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek,Indonesian, Italian,Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish,Portuguese, Russian,Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish,Vietnamese.🌺🐎👦Find thedifference free for all fans of puzzle gameswith levels! Let the2018 be the year of playing the best find thedifference games! Ifyou've always dreamed of being the best fairytale princess, youwill be thrilled to have our newest fairy talegames on your device.These casual games are great spot thedifference games for adults aswell as for kids. Engage your brainin a fun brain-teasing activityand enrich your concentration andyour ability to notice details.Find the difference in the picturesof the most famous fairy talesand enjoy being the puzzle solvinggenius! These “find thedifference puzzles” will make yourcognitive capacities evenstronger. Can you spot the differencebetween two nearly identicalimages? Download this learning gamefree of charge and enjoy beingspot the difference detective! Findthe Difference Fairy Tale onlyfor you! 🌺🐎👦🌞😍👗Find the object thatdiffers in the two pictures!Notice the slight differences in thefairy tale land! Become thefairy tale princess and find your lostshoe! “Find the difference notime limit” is the best you can geton the app market! The toppuzzles with fairy tale characters mustbe your favorite pastime, sohurry up and download Find theDifference Fairy Tale for free! Ifyou would like to improve yourconcentration, your cognition, andyour ability to notice smalldetails, go ahead and install thismagical fairy tales game withlevels! Find yourself in the enchantedfairy tail and be a princessor a prince while spotting differencesin pictures! Share this ftdgame with your family and friends andyou can enjoy the experienceof playing this “find the differencegame” together!🌞😍👗💙😎💛 Comewith us to the fairy tail land of yourdreams and enjoy the breathtaking graphics and enchanting scenery!These puzzle games withfairy tale theme will get your brain wavesmoving like nothingelse. Get your app from the store and get lostin the land of“fairy tales”! The perfect combination of free spotthe differencegames and fairy tale games is waiting for you! Seewhats thedifference and enjoy being our new difference genius.Joyful fairytales stories are used as an inspiration for themagnificent Midvagame Find the Difference Fairy Tale! Download freenow and see itfor yourself! We guarantee you exquisite quality,intuitivegameplay, and hours of fun and brain-teasing! Enjoy ournew findthe difference games with levels! 💙😎💛
Hidden Objects Fairy Tale 2.5
Are you ready for hidden object story games? Welcome to thefantasyhidden object world of your imagination – discoverenchantedthings, beautiful fairies, and many other magical items inthisHidden Objects Fairy Tale game free! The best fairy tale gamesarewaiting for you! If you like solving mystery cases and lookingforhidden objects, you're at the right place! Get ready foranincredible fairy tale adventure in the mystery world and fallinlove with this fairy kingdom! Hidden object games free 2018withbeautiful new scenes are waiting for you! 🌸 Hidden ObjectsFairyTale mystery game features: 🌸 🔍 Adventure mystery gamefreelocalized into 15 languages! 🌸 More than 1000 hidden objectstofind in this wonder world! 🔍 Multiple levels with mysteryplacesfull of cool hidden objects! 🌸 Fantastic 3D game design thatwillleave you speechless! 🔍 Find the hidden object from the cardbelow& click on it! 🌸 Click on the magnifying glass button tousethe hint for help! 🔍 Zoom in the picture to find the hiddenfigureseasily! 🌸 Move the picture when it is zoomed to find thehiddenobject! 🔍 Zoom out at any moment you like to see the mysterysceneagain! 🌟 ADDITIONAL MYSTERY HIDDEN OBJECT GAME FEATURES: 🌟🌟Picture search for finding hidden objects quickly and easily!🍓Silhouette hidden object – a challenging level for finding items!🌟Word scramble game level – a hard level to find hidden figures!🍓Flash light or a night mode level – use the light to seekforitems! 🌟 Match Pairs – a memory game with colorful cards topair! 🍓Find the Difference – a mini game placed among the hiddenobjects!🌟 Time limit game - bonus level to train your brainandconcentration! Hidden Objects Fairy Tale is one of the bestfantasygames ever! If you enjoy playing mystery games and being ahiddenobject detective, it's time for you to solve some fairytalemysteries! Wonderland hidden object quest games are verypopularnowadays, so it's time for you to get ready for a fairy talequestof the year! Meet the mystery society of the enchanted forestandenjoy their fairy tales stories! Best hidden object games willhelpyou revise vocabulary and have hours of fun! Improveyourconcentration and your focus by embracing hd graphics andfairytale puzzles! If hidden object games free are what you'relookingfor, you'll definitively enjoy playing in the world of fairytales!Let the fantasy journey begin now! Whether you like hiddenobjectgames for kids or adults, this mystery hidden objects gameissimply perfect for you! New hidden object games free for2018!Hidden object mystery games are waiting for you! It's timeyoustarted playing fairy tale games and get ready for a travel intheforest! If you're interested in real fairy tale makeoverstartplaying this fantasy game today and reveal the mystery oftheenchanted castle! Solve the mystery case in the secret garden!Ifyou want to meet fairy tale princess, go ahead and downloadfreehidden object games! Enter the fairy kingdom and look forhiddenmagic wand, enchanted pumpkins, and lost tiaras! If youenjoyplaying detective games, but you are an old school player,HiddenObjects Fairy Tale is an excellent retro hidden object gameforyou! Let the beautiful princess guide you through theenchantedforest and be your companion in this crazy hidden objectadventure!Fairy tales games with looking for hidden objects! Findobjects inbeautifully designed pictures of the fairy tale kingdom!If hiddenobject home makeover is your thing, now you have a chanceto do amakeover of the fairy tale scene! Play hidden object puzzlegamesand train your brain to find a hidden object in the endlesssea ofcluttered objects in the picture! If you enjoy playing hiddengamesfull of mysteries, you're going to love fairy tale games inthemagic world! I'm sure that you're love my fairy tale! Downloadnowand let the adventure begin! with Hidden Objects Fairy Tale 2018
Fairytale Blocky Girls Craft 1.9
Fairy tale Girls Craft mine exploration - a creative building&crafting adventure game for girls. Build a magic fairy world,fairyfarm or a fairy kingdom! The world of magic is here! Justbuild it!The best creative game for girls! Create, Craft buildinggame forfree! Build a princess World! Craft & build! Use blockstocreate anything: from simplecraft houses to magic castles!Makefriends with a magic gnome, unicorn or pony! Little magic andlotsof creativity. Use a magic wand to create a rainbow! Dash!Magic& friendship! This lite app (PE) for teenage supermodeltopGirl, inspired by the epic Exploration crafting game, gives youagreat opportunity to transform cute pink & colorful terrainin3D environment, and build a perfect magic cube girls world!Anadorable princess needs a magic castle! Invite your boyfriend!Goon dates! Be a fabulous fairy ! Feel like a fairytale princessandlive in a magic castle made of pink fabulous elements!Buildingsimulator for girls! Sandbox world - infinitepossibilities! Builda Pet Shop or a Nail salon! Become a supermodelor a fashion girl.This game gives you an opportunity to build aworld, make your ownstory and play with it! A great free game forgirls! Cute magicanimals all around you! Kittens, puppy, dog, pandabear! Become aberrylicious adventurer! Just a cute cube world andyour infinitecreativity! Build & create perfect structures stepby step,create awesome candy castles! Build your own shopping malland takepart in a fashion show now! Feel like a princess! Explorethegirl’s blocky craft world! Build a SPA, Beauty Salon, Hair SalonorPet Shop! In this incredible and totally free game forgirls(dedicated and designed for girls and women!) you can destroyallthe blocks, collect resources, survive and build beautiful&perfect Buildings. This magic & creative game for teenagegirls(Pocket Edition) contains a large number of different cuteglitterblocks (pink, yellow, colorful) with which you can craftyour ownteenage girls cube world! You can plant flowers in thegarden, bakecakes, build a house for your pet, pony, unicorn andfriends oreven build your own palace in this building games forgirls! Belike a princess or a queen! Be the first to meet PrinceCharming!Build a Magic Kingdom! Play ‘Fairytale Blocky Girls Craft’RoyalPalace or Magic Kingdom. Fashion & magic!FEATURES:Buildingwith blocksInfinite Sandbox worldNo internet(WiFi) needed toplay!Girls craft textures Creative modeUPCOMINGFEATURES:FairytaleStory (Pocket Edition)princess - Princess Salon& Mermaid Girlstory modeMakeover Prom Top Girl Photoshoot (withexporting &sharing)Multiplayer craft (multicraft)Custom blocks(upload owntextures!)Cooking in the Kitchen (baking etc.)Girls HairSaloonmagic mode!This game is brought to you by the creators ofmanysuccessful games for girls! Make your own Fairy Tale!Build amagicstoryCreate & explore colorful world!
Hidden Objects Fantasy Games Puzzle Adventure 2.1.1
Embark on an epic adventure quest! Enter the magical fantasyworldand look for hidden things in beautiful picture puzzles ofanenchanted forest, magical castle and fantasy fairy tales!DownloadHidden Objects Fantasy Games Puzzle Adventure, one of thebestfantasy games on the market and enjoy finding hidden objects intheland of fantasy! Find mysterious artifacts and relics,fantasticanimals and beasts, secret treasures and wonderful jewelsand gemsscattered around magical places! Discover hidden figures,play thebest mystery games and seek and find hidden objects rightnow! Finda way to escape the enchanted forest by looking forobjects inbeautiful pictures of dreamy meadows and magical fairytales!Hidden object games with thousands of hidden items await you– freedownload the best fairy tale games and enjoy!Features:Morethan1000 hidden objects to find!Amazing HD graphics –3Denvironment!Text mode - good for kids for learningobjectnames!Improve your vocabulary – learn new words with thesehiddenobjects!Hidden object games with zoom – for phonesonly!Collect atleast three stars to move on to the nextlevel!Collect the maximumamount of points and become a hiddenobjects genius!Use hint systemto find the hidden figures! Supportedlanguages: Bahasa Indonesia,Bahasa Melayu, Dansk, Deutsch, English,Español, Français,Italiano, Nederlands, Norsk Bokmål, Polski,Português, Slovenčina,Srpski, Suomi, Svenska, Tiếng Việt., Türkçe,Ελληνικά,Русский,العربية, ภาษาไทย, 中文, 日本語, 한국어Midva hidden objectgamesfree – fantasy tales adventure quest gamesHidden ObjectsFantasyGames is an excellent brain teaser and time killer game!Findobjects in fantasy pictures and enjoy the best fantasy gamesfree!Enter the enchanted castle, fantasy magic forest and otherdreamyplaces to seek and find hidden objects and solve the mysteryof theancient tales and fables! Solve epic puzzles and riddles,findhidden objects and become the best detective in this braingame! Ifyou are searching for a game that will keep you alertandmotivated, you are in the right place – download this“fantasyhidden object” game and enjoy the beautiful 3D graphicsenvironmentand lots of hidden things to find! Hidden object questgames arebrain teasers and logical thinking booster games whichwill helpyou enhance your eye-sight, improve your finding speed andmakeyour mind sharper! If you want to learn new words daily, youcanswitch between the languages in the game menu and selectthelanguage you want to learn – over 20 supported languagesareavailable! Find mystery objects in the land of fairy talesandbecome a professional in looking at small details!Enchantedcastlehidden objects and fantasy adventure gamesBecome a legendaryhero –grab your magnifying glass and start looking for things andfindingobjects! Hidden Objects Fantasy Games is a hidden mysteryadventurewhich will take you to a secret garden, memory rooms andoldhouses! Can you reveal all the secrets of the treasure houseandescape the curse of the temple?! Download the best fantasygamesfor girls and boys and try to find the hidden object bylookingcarefully! Find items in pictures quickly to win the maximumamountof stars and advance to the next level! New hidden objectgames for2018 brought to you by Midva.Games – play now and see thatthesetruly are the best hidden object games on the market! Become atruehidden object detective and find objects easily – before yousay “Ispy with my little eye”, you will find all the hidden objectsinhidden pictures puzzles! Explore the ancient history of thefantasylands and solve the mysterious case by finding clues andsolvingpuzzles! Become a famous hidden object detector – open allthemysterious doors to the enchanted castle, find clues whichwilllead you to the gold treasure – Hidden Objects Fantasy GamesbyMidva hidden object games await you!
Tooth Fairy Princess Salon 3.3
Hi, we are all excited about the fairy tales we all like storiesinwhich the main characters are fairies and that is why we decidedtocreate a game to be able to know a magical realm. One of thegoodfairies is Tooth Fairy. It comes whenever a child loses atooth.They say that if we leave the tooth under the pillow when wesleepTooth Fairy makes its appearance, takes the tooth and replaceitwith a gift. You will really like this princess fairy gameforgirls. Princess lives in a beautiful palace, you will like tospenda few days here and for this reason we want to please help uswitheverything we needed. Help the princess and you will surelybecomeher best friend.Follow all instructions of this Tooth Fairygamefor kids.Success!- In this kingdom are living people withperfectsmiles. Now they have a problem with their teeth and badlyneedhelp from Princess Kate to be able to recover all the teeth;-Kateis in her room, it receives a letter and now she knows thatamagician stole teeth;- Beautiful princess decides to helpallpeople;- She needs to prepare;- Help her to brush teeth andface;-Then you have to arrange her hair and choose the mostbeautifulclothes;- The fairy must make a magic potion;- Gatherallingredients and then mix them;- The potion is prepared;- Youhaveto make a special toothbrush that will be the magic wand;-Thehorse feels very tired;- You'll have to do magic and itwillrecover soon;- Now fairy can go to every child;- First itreachedto a princess;- You have to take the tooth from under thepillowand then to let a bag of money;- Now you need to fix thetooth;-Glue all the pieces;- The tooth looks great and you can leadthelittle princesses;- It will soon have a new tooth;- The toothisdirty, you will need to clean up with the professionalproducts;-For everything to be perfect fairy will have to clean upthefountain to provide to all magic water;- You have to prepareadelicious and healthy meal;- Wash the fish;- Add olive oil;-Withinminutes the fish will be ready;- Princess can eat;- Choosethe mostbeautiful tablecloth;- The Kingdom is saved, you're awonderfulfriend.We are waiting for you every day through this gamewithprincesses.Have fun!
Vivid Pinky Unicorn Kitty Typewriter Theme 10001005
Desired to visit the mythical wonderlands of the dreamy,joyful,cheerful and adorable unicorn kitties while texting withyourfriends on your mobile phone? ►Enjoy watching documentariesandscience fiction movies about the unique mythicalfictionalcreatures including silver unicorns and pinky kittyunicorns whichare believed as the creatures who beats the speedoflight?►Fascinated by the stories about the lightning quickanimalswhich are named as kitty unicorns, which has a uniquekrystal hornon the head with a vibrant pinky silver colorbody?►Dreaming tovisit the mythical fantasy cartoon island ofadorable vivid kittyunicorns and enjoy a joyful and cheerfulatmosphere?►Loves watchingcartoons which feature powerful fancy,adorable, dreamy andmythical animals such as amazing and cheerfulrainbow color vividunicorns?The elegant and cheerful Jubilant VividUnicorn KittyTypewriter Theme will revolutionize the way of typingand expectedto fulfill the dreams of the users by taking them tothe virtualwonderlands of the adorable pinky unicorns.★★★ Featuresof theVivid Pinky Unicorn Kitty Typewriter theme ★★★★JubilantVividSilver Unicorn Typewritter Theme also lets the user tocustomizethe pinky keyboard according to their desires and typetheirmessages happily.★The cheerful, handy and dazzling adorableVividPinky Silver Unicorn Typewriter Theme will autocorrect thewordsyou type according to situation uniquely and smartly.★A setofhandy keywords are presented with the unique, mythical andfantasyVivid Kitty Unicorn keyboard theme to express your emotionshappilywith your friends. ★The adorable new set of unique emojiswhichcomes with the Vivid Krystal Pinky Silver UnicornTypewriterkeyboard theme lets the user to express emotions quicklyandfreely.★Unlike all other fancy keyboard themes thedazzling,Jubilant Adorable Vivid Pinky Silver Unicorn Typewritterkeyboardtheme will feature smart keyword suggestion, and also letsthe userto change font colors and sizes. The newly introducingdazzling andunique Vivid Pinky Silver Unicorn Typewriter keyboardtheme isready to fulfill your desires and take you on a journey toallcorners of the wonderlands of the adorable and mythicalpinkysilver unicorns. ►The new dazzling, handy and cheerful VividPinkySilver Mythical Unicorn Kitty Typewritter keyboard themeisspecially created for the mythical story and mythical animalfansand the fancy cartoon fans who likes to enjoy travelling indreamywonderlands. ►The dazzling design of the Jubilant VividPinkyUnicorn Kitty Typewriter keyboard theme will succeed inbringingjoy to the users and taking the users to a whole new fancyanddreamy world of joyful and mythical wonderlands.►The cheerfulandadorable Vivid Pinky Silver Kitty Unicorn Typewritterkeyboardtheme is inspired by the mythical unicorn cartooncharacters whichhave superpowers in rainbow colors and by thesci-fi movies anddocumentaries about the wonderful, unique andmagical creatures.►The background of the dazzling and handyJubilant Pinky UnicornKitty Typewriter keyboard theme is decoratedwith a pinky silvercolor unicorn and a vibrant rainbow.►Thedazzling style of theJubilant Vivid Pinky Silver Kitty UnicornTypewritter keyboardtheme is a unique style which enables the userto feel relaxed,amazed and happy.So hurry up and download thedazzling, cheerfuland elegant Vivid Jubilant Pinky Unicorn KittyTypewriter keyboardtheme which is designed to fulfill the desiresof the users andenjoy the creative fonts, smart suggestions andcheerful and uniqueemojis happily while exchanging texts throughyour mobile keyboard.Thank you for downloading!
Forest Travel Fairy Tale 7.400.15
Go Vuzzle
Welcome to Forest Travel Fairy Tale experience with our littlefairytale hood. Enjoy a happy forest travel with fruits swipematch 3games inside of it. Rescue all forest animals and fantasyobjects inthe magical valley deep in the woods. It’s quite ajourney to finishthis challenging puzzle adventure, but you can doit with some crazyfairy frenzy and overcome any addictingchallenge. Play now the nextsuccess from the makers of ‘solitairedream forest’ and ‘frozenfairy’. Have fun!Your task in thismagical valley is to succeed thejourney full of challenging puzzleadventure match 3 games withfruits swipe tactics. Several food,flowers and objects are able toswap and switch so you can rescueall forest animals. The happyforest travel is great to experience.Just match 3 or more for thehood of our little fairy tale; she cando real fairy frenzy stuff!She’ll help you out.Experience theforest animals like they are in‘solitaire dream forest’ and gethelp from the fairy frenzy like in‘frozen fairy’. This challengingpuzzle adventure is perfect way toreach the end of the magicalvalley but will never end this endlesshappy forest traveljourney.Features:● Amazingly colorful wonderlandwith lots ofchallenging puzzle adventure levels● Journey to rescueforestanimals as addicting challenge with fruits swipe actions●Supermatch 3 games in the fantasy magical valley of the fairy tale●Usefairy frenzy gameplay to reach the highest scores for thehood●Enjoy the happy forest travel journey with lots offantasyaddicting challengeCome and play the new game from themakers of‘solitaire dream forest’ and ‘frozen fairy’. Help the hoodtorescue forest animals and write your own fairy tale fantasy.Reachthe end of the magical valley with fairy frenzy tactics orfruitsswipe gameplay. This match 3 games is one of the mostchallengingpuzzle adventure stories ever had.Download, start andexperiencethe most fun moments in forest travel fairy tale!Help usby ratingour game with a lot of stars. You can also follow usonFacebook:
Mermaid Race 2019 1.5
Odysseus encountered mermaids on his great journey, now you gettorace them! In this fantastical game, myth becomes reality!InMermaid Race 2019, the world’s most beautiful sea creaturesareready to hit the water. Tapinator presents a brand newhybridadventure combining wipe-out style water racing and swimmingmania!Be warned, these mermaids are no princesses! Make a splash!Leapover fun hurdles like spiked buoys and floating hoops. Bopbeachballs out of your way! Enjoy beautiful environments packedwithamazing obstacles such as crushing machines, and electriccurrents.Avoid dangerous hurdles and glide your way towards thefinish line.Collect coins, boosters and amazing underwater treasureto upgradethe stamina and speed of your mermaid. Power up aftercompletingeach level. Choose your favorite mermaid from amongfourbeautifully designed skins. This game is for racing andmythicalcreature enthusiasts like you! Finally, there are threedifferentmodes to choose from: Career mode - perfect your skills asyoucomplete underwater missions! Elimination mode - lap yourenemiesto be the last mermaid swimming! Double-Bet mode - doubleyourtreasure and your mermaid racing fun! Mermaid Race 2019Features:•Smooth Tilt and swipe functions of control. •Differentexcitingmodes of play. •Number of challenging hurdles. •Realistic3Dwipe-out visual and cool sound effects. •Amazing selectionofbeautiful mermaids. •Spectacular and challenging 3D environmentformermaid racing. •Intuitive, responsive and realistic gameplay.About Tapinator Tapinator (Ticker: TAPM) develops andpublishesgames on leading mobile platforms. The Company’s portfolioincludesover 300 mobile gaming titles that, collectively, haveachievedover 400 million player downloads. Tapinator isheadquartered inNew York. For more info, visit
Fantasy Wallpapers 1.0
Free app "Fantasy Wallpapers" is to look your device fantasticandmystical. If you're a fan of fairy tales, this is a goodcollectionof wallpapers for you. Remove the "Fantasy Wallpapers"and enterthe magical world of enchanted forests, castles andfairies on yourscreen. - A wide selection of phenomenal wallpaper -Excellent 3Dpictures - Compatible with 99% of mobile phones andtablets -Beautiful, pleasant magic awaitsShare with friends.
Fairy Tale Live Wallpaper 1.3
Fairy Tale Live Wallpaper! Fairy Tale Live Wallpaper is here totakeyou to magical places in just seconds! The best thing aboutthat itis completely FREE! The best live wallpapers are just aclick awayfrom you , so hurry to your Android app store anddownload thewonderful Fairy Tale Live Wallpaper now! Check themout now andenjoy amazing free live wallpaper on your phone screenevey day!Have your own fantasy world!Enjoy Fairytale likesurroundings aroundyou with lovely background of your choice, andenjoy our magicaltouch effects.Make your phone screen lookfabulous with Fairy TaleLive Wallpaper ! If you're a fan of fairytales and you know allabout elves, fairies, dwarves, wizards, andunicorns, this is aperfect collection of fairy tale wallpapers foryou. Download “FairyTale Live Wallpaper” and enter the magicalworld of enchantedforests, haunted castles, and magicspells Fairy Tale LiveWallpaper Features : Selection of 11fairytale wallpapers HD tochoose Fireflies Moving on backgroundchange the color of firefliesand count 3 different types ofColorful Touch Select of Touch ColorOptimized Battery UsageCompatible with 99% mobile phone devices.The wallpaper app willsleep when your phone is inactive, so thislive wallpaper will notdrain your battery.We will continue toupgrade new functionality ofapp . We hope you rate 5 stars for theapp .Thank you !To developmore free great live wallpapers, we haveimplemented some ads.Advertisement can support us to develop morefree great livewallpapers.Download Wallpaper for free.Thiswallpaper has beentesting the latest equipment, such as SamsungGalaxy S3 / S4,Nexus7, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z, millet and so on.If yoursettings are not supported, please contact us.For Use : HOME=>Menu (or long press) => Wallpaper => Live Wallpapers=>Fairy Tale Live WallpaperOr click Shortcut Icon on home screenforlaunching App
Fairy Tale Wedding Salon 1.0.3
If you are a pixie and fairy tale lover and you likefantasyweddings then this game is perfect for you. It’s free andfullyunlocked so you can spend amazing hours with three beautifulfairybrides. Help them get ready for the most awaited moment oftheirlives! Enter the beauty salon and get flawless skin, perfectforapplying the bridal makeup. Next, it’s time to style up yourfairy’hair and get fabulous volume! The dress up salon will offeryoutons of outfits and jewelry combinations to get the bridalfairytale look you love the most. Pick some amazing nail arts foryourpixies to complete the fantastic style. Take pictures withyoubeautiful newlywed and her prince and enjoy the tons ofbackgroundsand stickers possibilities. After the weddingpreparation salons,play the enchanting puzzle or jumping games andhave some fairytale fun!
Pari Ki Kahani in HINDI 7.0
Famous Stories related to Pari Fairy in Hindi Language. PariKiHindi Kahaniya based on motivation, honest help and truth.GrandmaStories are on Fairy Tales of magical support in the life.2018Pari Ki Kahani Hindi Videos.Fairy Ki Kahani in Hindi for thestorylovers. Dadima Ki Kahaniya of Pari Ki Sachi Kahani, NatkhatPari KiKahani. 2018 Pari Ki Kahani cartoon video is for girls.JungleForest Pari Ki Kahani Drama videos of full story are inHindi. RealPari Kahani Videos in Hindi Language.Video of ImandaarLakadharaaur Pari Ki Kahani. Some Story Kahani is real and someKartunAnimated. Famous and popular stories are Rani aur LalpariandLaalpari ki kahani. Cartoon animation Pari Ki Kahani forfairylovers. Dadima tells story at sleeping time ofvarioustopics.Lakadhara aur Pari Ki Kahani and Popular Pari KiKahani areMoral Stories Lessons for greedy people in the life. Pariis acharacter of angel in everybody life. Fairy helps the needypeopleand bring out from the problems. Video clip of Jadui Pari KiKahaniin Hindi.Jadui Pari Ki Kahani & Ek Nanhi Gudiya Aur PariKiKahani Videos. Collection of Hindi Story connected to Pari andhowshe is helpful to poor people. Magical Stick Jadu Ki Chadi ofParivery amazing and can do any thing. Stories of Pari FairyMagicalFolk Tales Videos in Hindi.Paristan Ki Pari Kahani Video inHindito see and listen. Fairy Tales in Hindi of Jal Pari Ki Kahani&Vyapari Ki Kahani. Panchatantra Stories on Pari Faith andhelp.Pari is one type of Goddess which helps to the truthfulpeople.Pari Ki Kahaniya Fairy Tale Stories Videos Clips.Fairy TaleKahaniPariyon Ki saves from the bad people. Meri Pari Ki Kahaniofanimated characters. Story of woodcutter and fairy in HindiandSleeping Bedtime Kahani. Famous Pari Ki Kahani in Hindi Videosiscollected here. 2018 Pari Ki Hindi Kahani Videos FullHD.Animatedprincess story Cinderella and how fairy help out fromher badfamily members to marry the king raja. A Pari has naturalpower inher magic wand stick. Are looking for the video for Pari KiKahanistory katha varta. Pari Ki Kahani Fairy Tale StoriesVideos.WatchStory of fairies of all time favorite. 2019 Videos ofFolktale PariStory for all age in Hindi. Lots of Pari Ki Kahani ona variety oftopic. Pari Ki Kahani with Seekh Bodh Moral StoriesVideos Clips.Magic Pari Folk Tales Videos.Disclaimer:The contentexisting inthis app is obtainable in openly. We do not broadcastvideos tothose sites. If there is any issue then send email orreport tothem for violation purpose.
Battle Dragon -Monster Dragons 2.70
The best game of Battle Dragons against creatures of the world!Make your monster team of dragons,creatures and monsters,battlewith them and make them evolve!Capture creatures, form yourmonsterteam carefully choosing among the more than 324 combinationsoftypes of dragons, fight with them , and bring them to growandevolve to become the best dragons trauber in the island!FEATURES-Hunt monsters. More than 160 creatures to hunt , train andevolve.-Explore islands. 30 Habitat islands to explore uniqueworlds ,discover from the deepest dragon islands to the mostisolatedmonster island .- 300 awesome Items to equip yourmonsters.- Fightwith monster team of players from all the islandswith ourmultiplayer mode.- More than 324 possible races of dragons, 18basic dragon races .- Hunt dragons and creatures using theDragonBalls and hunt monsters using your abilities.- Defeat thebeastCryoniss and Acolytes before they destroy the world , in anepicstory full of battles and fights .- Complete over 60extrasecondary stories in the island for fantastic monsters prizes.-TOTALLY FREE .
Kids Story Book - fairy tales stories for kids 1.0.1
Fantastic Fun
In olden times stories with moral were told to the children intheirfamilies.The values and morals as presented in these stories,playedan important role in igniting the young minds. So, it isvital toimpart moral values to children. The stories will teachmorals tochildren in an unique way.This amazing pack of 16 moralstory booksare just ideal for inculcating good values in childrenright fromtheir childhood. Specifications Brand-  YoungAngels,Jungletales, Animal stories, bedtime, Myth, Saga, Fable,Folk-Tale, andFairy-Tale,moral stories, short stories, stories offriendships andlove,Funny Tales stories,An encouraging story toinspire friendshipsthrough understanding and enlightenment.Shortstories for kids canprovide them with a lot of fun andentertainment and also teach themimportant values in life thoseare necessary.📚 Top 10 Benefits OfStorytelling For Kids: 📚Here arethe top 10 benefits of storytellingfor kids that you simply can’tafford to miss out as aparent:1. Instills Virtues InYour Child2. Makes ThemAware Of Their Own Culture And Roots3.Enhances VerbalProficiency4. Improves Listening Skills5.Encourages CreativityAnd Imagination Power6.  A Great ToolFor Sharpening Memory7.Broadens Horizon8. Makes AcademicLearning Easier9. BetterCommunication10. Helps To Face DifficultSituations With EaseItcontains stories which tells them theadvantage of good behavior andinitiates good habits and values inthem.📚List Of Stories: 📚1. Thethirsty crow2.Fox and grapes3.TheAnt and the Dove4.Three Sons and aBundle of Sticks5.The Goose withthe Golden Eggs6.The Ant and theGrasshopper7.The hungry fox8.TrueWealth9.Change Yourself and notThe World10.Strong or Weak11.Greedymouse12.Love and time13.Moneycan not buy everything14.UnhelpfulFriends15. A Merchant and hisDonkey16.The Hare and theTortoise📚Features: 📚~> This is aoriginal stories written in asimple manner.~> These stories areinstructive examples ofvalues that should be imparted to childrenin order to make themresponsible human beings.~> 16+ PictureStories for Kids andtoddler~> This collection of story will helpin guiding thelittle steps of your child on the path of moralliving~> Easyand simple reading language~> Interactive andeasypresentation.~> This story game will take your child intoabeautiful fantasy world, where they will learn how it is tolivelife as well as know the difference between right and wrong.~>Collection of famous story~> Colorful graphics~> Shareyourfunny cartoonist story book on social medialikeFacebook,tweeter,watsapp etc.~> Perfect for 3-6 yearsold.Everystory in our game kids stories is rich with sectionstargeted forvarious aspects of development, which we believe willhelp you andyour kid leverage the best of edutainment..Enjoy withFANTASTICFUN!!!
Talking Fairy 1.8
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Download the newest Talking Fairy game and you will meet abeingfrom the fairy-tales who will become your best virtual friend.Youwill be able to do so many interesting activities together,likejumping on the trampoline or dancing. This girl with wingsloves tomove in the beat of the music. She will pay a lot ofattention whenyou are talking, and will repeat all your words in avery funnyvoice. Discover her hidden talents. If you become verygood friendto her, she will play the flute or the harp for you.When you playthe latest mini games, you collect coins for unlockingthe rooms.This talking fairy has a large house and you are morethan welcometo visit her any time day and night. In her living rooma dragonflyand a small fairy who is spreading a magic dust arekeeping hercompany. You will also find out an embarrassing secret.She likesto fart when she is alone. This top talkative fairy has agood wayof teaching your kids to count to ten. On the music box thenumberswill appear and it will not take long until your childrenstartcounting. Instructions: • Talk to your new friend, the fairy,andshe will repeat what you have said • Collect coins by playingminigames and you will open the locked rooms• Poke her leg or slapheruntil she sees stars• Take your best pal to the gym or have ablasttogether in the playground• Help the fairy keep her hygieneand shewill play some instrument for youLike every other girl, thisonealso takes care a lot about her appearance, and that is why sheisspending so much time in the bathroom. Every time before shegoesto bed, she brushes her teeth, and takes a shower. And, whenyouturn off the light she will fall asleep immediately becauseshealways has a very busy day. She wants to look pretty, and thatiswhy she has equipped her home with the gym. Running onthetreadmill is her favorite exercise. Being huge, her house hasagorgeous yard. There she likes to spend her free time and dothemagic. Playing with the ball or hanging around with her friend,thebee, is her favorite pastime. The popular Talking Fairy appwillbring so much fun not only to the children, but also to alltherest who like games and want to do something interesting ontheirsmartphone. Together with the cool talkative fairy you cancollectcoins by playing mini games. So many heroes need your helpinovercoming the dangers. If you play the popular Bug Killer, theboywith the mask will definitely appreciate your assistanceindestroying the ugly insects that are attacking him. The best waytocheck out the speed that you have got in your fingers is withthelatest Tiles Run. This will test how fast you can tap thecorrecttile. For the most fun, play the fantastic Cowboy MathSurvive, andhelp the courageous cowboy do his calculationscorrectly whileavoiding the devious obstacles in the desert. Areyou into jumpinggames? If this is so, we have a treat for you. Thiscoolest CleverSquirrel Jump app will provide you with so much fun.Help your herogo up on the next grid and run away from the evilowls and eaglesthat want to prevent her in accomplishing themission. The new gamethat will blow your mind completely is the topMake Runners Safe.First, you need to choose the level, and then youwill have two orthree heroes to guide and help them jump over theobstacles thatare standing on the way. Tons of fun is guaranteed toyou! Grabyour smartphone and get the fantastic Talking Fairy appthat willimpress you and all your friends!