Top 49 Games Similar to Run Criminal

Cops and Bank Robbers Pursuit 1.2
Javo Melier
Cops and Bank Robbers Pursuit is the best robber and coppursuitgame over cars simulator in a free town.Bring us to top byplayingpursuit and feels the adrenaline of the car racing whilecopspursuing robbers. It's a builder of hot pursuits of the type ofcopvs. robber. When you're bored in the car without internet, then,isa good moment to enjoy of cop pursuing games. It's a "robberandcop" pursuit game where you are a robber after rob a bank. Ifyouare a daddy, keep calm, this game was designed for kids andgirls.It does not include guns or bombs, there is no violence ofany kindand everything is for free.GAMEPLAYThe main mode is arobber carescape game where you're a troublemaker criminal raceraftercommitted a bank robbery generating a mayhem in the town: you'vethe need for running away from the cops in a real cops escaperace.They will try smash your car to arrest you.The cop patrolhaverandom routes. As long as there are no cops on the horizon, youcanbe the car driver that can put your paw on throttle and can goatcrazy high speeds for game credits. The cop can pull you overifyou exceed the allowed speed or if you'll crashing into anycopcar; then, you'll be the most wanted of the nation and they'llgofind and hunting to you.While cop pursuing you, you mustdrivingfast as lightning. When you reach good distance of them, thehotpursuit has finished and your job is done. But, if the copforcesarrested you, you failed and must pay a traffic ticket.A tip:don'tstop at moment of crash the cop car, escape will be more hard.So,do not worry if the trunk drops and get out fast beforeyou'rearrested: drift away a drag or build your own stunts, makeyour ownshortcuts or try flying.GARAGE Choose and test drive allcars inthe best cops vs robbers game. We've the americans musclecar and alot of town GT supercars for robbers with a mediumexperience. Andthe best: xtreme luxury sports cars to beat the copforce. As well,we've representative 4x4 off road SUV, jeeps andgrand pickups.FREEMODEAre you stressed out? Forget the criminalmayhem, deadly racingand undercover escapes of troublemakergangsters. Make the trunkand take an unlimited voyage on the heatfreeway, driving in thetown like at real life with HD high qualitygraphics.Test drive asa common racer on the highway, narrowstreets, grass off roadswithout danger of being pursued.TOWNThisghost town is a gangstersparadise, an sandbox open world andsimulates a heat day. The townstreets are of surfaces like asphalt,sand, grass. The visualhorizon are reduced due to the density ofbuildings.Roads: highway,one way or two ways roads. Obstacles,traffic lights n signs.Zones:parking, football and tennis field,classic, factory, houses,skyscrapers, city hall, parks.MOREFEATURES- Drift away, drag,smash, stunts to play well hot pursuits-FX: burnout, sounds, smokeon fire, tire asphalt marks- Speedometer,map, radar, rear view,siren, race and racer stats- Cockpit viewwith steering wheels tofeel the pursuit racing in carThis is themost exciting game ofcops and robbers, you can be the maker of thegreatest carpursuits.
Bank Robbery Crime Police - Chasing Shooting Game 1.0
In Bank Robbery Crime Police racing game the master plan ofbankrobbery simulation is soon to be execute by the mafiarobbershooting, gangsters, and robber bank. War in Bank Rivals isgoingto be the grand crime parking police car by master mindgangstersboss ever done city criminal robbery brothers in bank arechase byPolice Racing Bike & Motorcycle Police Bike . Criminalbankrobber car in mission of gangsters is to loot the bank andescapefrom Police Helicopter. With this master cops robbery plan,policecriminals thief cars they want to own the city but there isveryless chance of doing so. Robber bank mad city thief notjustrobbery, there is fight, shooting and killing simulation.RobberyEscape Bank Break you need to have perfect shooting andcrimefighting skills for this robbery mission. With This mission,ThiefEscaped from bank Plan can test as a mafia and fightingskillsagainst cops police officer. Police car mission is to stopthisbank crime robbery and auto bank escapes hunter mission.Citysniper car shooting this type of fight is one in a lifetimechanceto show the criminals that there is someone police braveofficer tostop this Grand City Thief Robbery Escape Mission at anycostprison sniper. Just get yourself Cops follow with readyhelicopterpolice chase thief secret mafia robber, get on mark, andshow thecriminals what you have.In Bank Robbery Crime Police game,thewhole Berlin city is in their fear from Mafia Bank SecretMoneyMission Criminal Agent and they are so bold that they areexecutinga robbery criminal without any fear of Police grand chase.NowSniper Bank thief mafia chaser is here a bravo commando andpoliceofficer who bring peace back to the grand city and are goingtosave the money of citizen. In Police Car vs Mafia Bank Robbergamethere is a escape agent mission in front of you, you have toStopthis crime robbery or go home. Does not act like a streetgoon;instead is a bravo professional anti criminal power withsupersniper shooting skills. Bank Robbery Crime Police game showyourexpert sniper shootings and gun hold, leave them stunt withyourpro skills using weapons against the gangsters in the cityrobbery.Gangsters are no ordinary powers, killing and makingstrategies,they are the best at shooting. Defeat them in thisrobbery mission;crush them before they carry out bank robberymission in thecity.In Bank Robbery Crime Police Chasing Shootergame, play animpressive city police robbery games enjoy the mostthrillingpolice FPS gameplay with real shooting. Robber arestealingdiamonds the city bank and trying to escape with stealingdiamonds.Grab your rifle and start shooting gangsters stealingdiamonds. Donot let the robber banking escape from the police bikechase. Inthis Shooting Chase the robbers, hunt thief then down,keep chasingrobbers, and map their escape route. Break their escapeplan andarrest them at the crime location. Shooting hostile robberis theonly way to rescue hostage at the subway station. Join copsforthis killing mission against hostile robber and rescuehostages.Rescue hostage at subway station. Shoot and kill therobbers. Stopthis bank loot and clean city from therobbers.Features:• 3DGraphics and Amazing Sounds• Clever Enemies toTarget• DifferentThrilling Shooting missions• Easy to understandchallenging toplay• Free FPS grand robbery gameIn Bank RobberyCrime Police game,Gangster and shooting game against chasing forplanned crimes. Getalert by the signs you get against the mafiagangsters. In thisgame enter in the war of City Street against thegangsters and killevery enemy who is in the way of peace. Join thisbravo police forthis grand shooting robbery mission against mafiaand gangsters whoare in the form of robbers and rescue hostages.Shoot and kill therobber’s gangsters in this thrilling and shootinggame.
Bank Robbers Crime City 17 1.1
Vesper Games
Only a criminal mind can prove to be the best robber forbiggestbank robbery of 2018.This is a chance for you to act asmaster bankrobber ready to loot & take away everything frombank in thisbank robbers crime city gangsters sim 17. Against apolice bankrobber crime chase we need one smart robber to executethe bestplan in the big bank robbery that you can think. So takehostagesin the action series of 2018. Make a perfect bank robberyplanbecause there are numerous cops and police men on the Miamistreetstrying to prevent and stop grand robbery of 2018. Makeescaping wayby notoriously escaping the vegas city from smartparking publictransport vehicles outside of the grand bank of crimecity vegas.Take advantage of hostages and dodge the police dutycops andpolice dog and don’t end in jail or city prison. Make aperfectplane of attacking, stealing all from bank without leavinganytraces. Being a super bank robber of 2018 attacking orshootingwith weapons on police forces standing in your way is onlychoice.Escape the bank robbery crime scene by dodging cops whiledrivingyour super robber car or theft police car via escapingroute.Destroy anyone that is an obstacle to escape the police carchase.So what are you waiting for if you can do this grand bankrobberythen join city mafia & download Bank Robbery Crime City2018game and prove that you are the best one for such bankrobberybecause this crime affected robbery game needs bad criminalsandsharp robbers to heist a bank and avoiding any arrest ingangsterschase from police.Grab weapons to plan a grand bankrobbery of 2018and gold heist in city of crime.Your journey in thelife of crimehas been started. Robbery job is very challenging taskfor youwhich is almost impossible. Enjoy the driving car androbbery inone game play to prove yourself gateway driver ofprofessionalrobbery. Mostly robberies are occurred in big malls,homes and onway but this time rob bank in big city of US. Drivesuper fast carto city bank and steal money in grand robbery US CityMafia. Parkcar outside and start shooting security guards. Enterbuilding andtake manager as hostage; demand cashier to fill moneybags withcash and gold. Exhibit skills of gangsters & criminalsand takeadvantage of the hostile situation. Police cars arrived attherobbery crime scene to capture crooks. Prepare for epic clashofcops and robbers in wildest crime chase. Keep firing rifle andkillall officers of the law. After successful robbery and goldheistwhatever happens just get away from chasing police car rush.Bewareof sneaky police dog chase in mad city of gangster crime. Beagangster robber and shoot down police guards in horriblesituationto escape hill police chase. Do or die to make your bankrobberysuccessful by using your incredible fight combat, warbattle,stealth and escaping skills. You need to show your wrath andlethalattacks for impossible robbery 2018 mission. Move wisely anddon’tget caught by Special Forces during your breakout activity.Unleashall hurdles and barrels to breakout prison security in USbankunder full high alert security.Different bank robbery missionsarewaiting for you. Each mission is more challenging thanprevious,this bank robbery game of 2018 demand perfect shooting,and perfectkilling skills to make robbery possible. Show yourdecent hold onsnipers and guns, leave them stunt with your proskills usingweapons against the criminals in the city streetrobbery bank game.Policemen are no ordinary powers, they are thebest at shooting,killing and making strategies. Defeat them intheir city bankrobbery mission before they stop you to becomesuperhero of bankrobber mission 2018 in the US city. This type ofrobbery game isone in a lifetime chance to show police that thereis someone braveto take risk in life for this grand robbery missionat any cost.Just get yourself ready and get on mark and show theother what youhave got.
Grand Mafia Gangster Crime City 1.0.7
You must be pleased as this episode of gangster games has muchmorefor you. Here in this treatise, you can handle the gangsters ofthegangster driving games which facilitates you to control andbringdown the level of crime of mafia gangster, Miami crime inSanAndreas of the open world games. The city has been brutallytreatedby the mafia criminal and criminal mafia is performing itsheinouscrimes without any external check or control by the policeof themafia games. There is law of the jungle in the city of carthiefgames where might is right. There are street thugs of thirdpersonshooting games that shoot to kill the civilians and in thisscaryatmosphere, car racing, car driving and bike riding seemalmostimpossible.Car stealing is common with the terrorist attackin thebackground where a series of gangster fighting, fistfighting,mafia fighting and criminal fighting of the best shootinggames ishappening on such a large scale that the civilians ofsnipershooting games are ready to leave the city in order to avoidsuchsort of activities of the action shooting games. The need ofthehour is the third person shooter who must be well expert intheshooting skills of the shooting guns with the mastery of thecombatshooting mission of the best tps games. This shooting actionisjust like the army mission of the fps shooting games wherethefirst person shooter is found full busy in first personshootingjust like the true commando soldier who is always wellequippedwith the automatic guns for the state to the art actionpackedshooting of the fighting games.To cause ragdoll effects byusingthe realistic physics by any hero is just like the assassinmissionof the gun shooting games where the player is largelyconfrontedwith guns and ammunition. Apart from these simple arms,there is avery long list of the weapons which the underworld mafiais usingto tease the people including the pistols, sniper rifles,shotguns, grenades, rocket launchers, machine guns, assassinrifles.After the reporting of the bank robbery, the city policestart itaction against the bank robbers but this police pursuitseemsfutile as the gangster escape takes place even after theshortperiod of the police arrest due to the negligence of thehighofficials of the police of this crime city. There is nopolicepatrol in the city of police games and due to this reason,policechase is almost impossible. Resultantly, there is robberycrimeafter the bank heist and the police seem mere the spectator ofallthis action. Gangsters have killed a lot of police officialduringthe heist robbery where there has been a lot of stealingdiamondand the stealing money. Join this game and control all theactionand thrill of this robbery heist and prove your strongaptitudes.
Bank Robbery Heist Superhero Grand Gangsters Chase 1.0.13
With ever varying fiscal circles and expenditures of the citizensofthe superhero games, some noble youngsters have joined theevilworld of assault games in order to cope with their skykissingdesires and needs. One of them has been working as thesecret agentof the third person shooting games and reports each andevery bitof the activities of the army sniper and other securityagents whoare working in the city of best shooting games. The darkforceshave equipped them with the shooting guns which the playerobservesin the sniper shooting games and they have been welltrained as oneof the finest third person shooter of the best tpsgames. Now, theyare so well expert in the use of the ammunition ofthe fps shootinggames that they can control the action and thrillof the actionshooting games with profound ease and decent comfort.The latestand multi task guns of the gun shooting games are likethe toys ofthe innocent children for them and they are in an easyaccess ofthe first person shooter who can easily be the legend ofthe combatshooting mission by making a great show of their shootingskillsduring the course of any shooting action of policeshootinggames.With such sort of state to the art shootingexperience in thefirst person shooting, they have easily beatenmany superheroes ofthe legendary world including flying hero,captain hero, commandosoldier and the incredible monster is theirnext target. There isthe strong need of the commando mission in thecity as the mafiacriminal has attacked the central city bank whereall the peoplehave their accounts and assets. By using theirragdoll physics,they have caused ragdoll effects over the innocentcivilians andbank officials. They are making a pompous show oftheir actionpacked shooting while using their automatic guns and itseems anendless shooting as it has been in progress since long.Mafia crimeis rushing in this assassin mission as there is nobodyto hindertheir way and the people in the bank even in the presenceof flyingspider superhero and monster hero are just like thepuppets whosevery fates are in the hands of the powerful underworldmafia in thepresence of pistols, sniper rifles, shot guns,grenades, rocketlaunchers, machine guns, assassin rifles and laserguns of policechase games.The situation demands a grand rescuemission in orderto rescue the lives of the civilians and bank staffthat all havebeen made hostages by the gangsters. There comes thepolice pursuitdue to the severity of the situation, police arrestis not possiblein this heist robbery as the gangsters havethreatened to kill thepeople in the bank. Nobody is ready to offerthis gangster escapeas there is already a long list of bank robberswho often performbank robbery even in the presence of police patrolof policeofficer games. In order to avoid the police chase, theyhave givenhuge amount of money to the city police so they have nothreatpolice pursuit during this robbery heist. Take theresponsibilityof this hostage rescue and be the hurdle against thedesiredgangster escape by completing the city rescue mission whichwill bethe source of regaining the lost glory of the crime city.There isno need of catch thief rather you must shoot all of them inthisbank heist and be the super fighter in this emergency rescue.Toperform the action of this rescue hostage is not an easy tasklikethe simple police car chase but it is with deeper andwiderperspectives as here you are dealing with grand robbery ofthelately tuned bank
Police Horse Street Crime Chase: NY City Cop Duty 1.0
Be a part of the New York City cop department and get the chancetoeliminate the crime factor in your beloved city. This time thefunis going to increase tremendously as you have to chase thecriminalmafia while riding horse. This horse runner chase game istheultimate fun pack where your fighting skills and horseridingskills will be tested to remove the terrorists and mafia fromyourcity while helping the New York city police.A war crime chaseisgoing on in the city. Grand city robbery has taken placesomewherewhile in some area there has been a street fight. Theinnocentcivilians are terrified. NY cop are doing constant patrolsand aretrying best to investigate crime but the situation isworsening.They are in need of a city hero who can do some real timeactionwhile doing horse riding. Police Horse Street Crime Chase: NYCityCop Duty gives you the chance to prove to the police cops thatyouhave got some talent and skills under your sleeves.Policehorsecriminal chase is not going to be like some easy cope chasegames.It requires your horse riding skills, your fighting skillsand atrue valor to keep off the terrorists from your city. ThePoliceCrime city department is on constant alert. Lots ofcomplaints arecoming in. Civilians are in a misery. Bank robberyhas become aneveryday crime. A New York cop hero who is a fearlessfighter isrequired to do the chase. Don’t think of Police HorseStreet CrimeChase: NY City Cop Duty as some ordinary police horsegames. Youare in for a big thrill and adventure filled surprise.Horse rungames have never been so much fun. A criminal horse chaseoperationis going on. Wild horse are being trained in the policehorsecontrol department. Police officials are being given highintensitytrainings. Every step is being taken to control crime andtakeaction to caught robbers, prisoner, gangster, criminal, badguysand the terrorist in this interactive horse game. It’s one ofthosepolice riding games where you are the lone hero provided withanangry horse outside the horse ranch and you have to stop abankrobbery while at times you would have to do a crime chase afteranurgent call from the Bank Cash-in-transit securityofficials.Police Horse Street Crime Chase: NY City Cop Duty isactually acombination of `all cop chase games, car driving chasegames,police chase games and horse racing games. Its your job tokeep thecountry safe and secure for the civilians. This crimeoperation iswholly your responsibility. As you say “my horse game”it’s yourgoal to make the best out of all the derby quest criminalmissions.Conduct active crime chase operations and conquer thehearts ofpeople. . The horse world derby quest horse exercisedepartmenthave left their best horses at your disposal. PoliceHorse StreetCrime Chase: NY City Cop Duty is the best crime policechasesimulator and cop chase game you can come across.PoliceHorseStreet Crime Chase: NY City Cop Duty offers you a platformwhereevery step is filled with danger and adventure. PoliceCriminalschase operations are being carried out in the city. MetroNew Yorkis being patrolled by officers. Criminal robbery is at itspeak.Robbers get cash and snatch valuables from passerby. Theterroristshave block prisoners jail. Street fighters and thugs arechasingcivilians. A police crew is always investigating the streetsin acops car. But still the city is in a state of turmoil. Policechaseoperations have to be carried out. You being the Marion starhaveto ride a war horse. Be a part of US Cop and play severalpolicegames going on in the roads. Make your own police- horsestory.Even the horse stable is situated in the center of the deadlycrimetown. So at times getting to your horse will be risky as well.Youshould know how to play with danger.Game FeaturesAdventurousHorseriding situationsBreathtaking City BackgroundsAdventurousMissionsand levelsSmooth controls.
Thief Robbery Mission 1.12
Luckless burglar is up to his old tricks to rob a bank again inthisRobbery Game. Sneak around security guards, laser lights,cctvcameras past patrolling pensioners and evade cunning traps asyoutry to get your robbery mission on as much loot as possible.Sneakaround on tip-toe, hug walls to stay out of sight, make noisetodistract guards and, if you’re caught red handed, get out oftherequick! Bank staff is usually friendly and polite. Thistimesomething went wrong! Gain as much money as you can!Hurry!Everyone try to catch you, but you are clever, aren’t you?Findcombo speed boosts, shortcuts and grab power-ups to survive.Clearall levels to earn and achieve high rankings in this robberygameand you will find it the most addicting thief game.Hide andclear,get keys avoid cameras and lasers else you will be busted,getpower ups to make your robbery mission easy and secure. Be thebestthief in town and rock the city with your robbery missions.
Bank Robbery Royale - Battle Simulator 1.4
Get ready to fight in this Epic battle game!! There is a moneybankin a city, attacked by robbers. You need to take charge anddealwith these evil gangsters. Bank robbers are equipped withmoreadvanced weapons and ready to shoot you. They are masterinshooting. Don’t take them easy. It has two modes: CampaignandBattle Royale. In its campaign mode, you need to use yourcombatskills to strike down these evil robbers and win thisultimate warwith strategies. Explore its amazing bank environmentand find morepowerful riffles placed somewhere in the battleground.In itsBattle Royale mode, you need to save yourself from yourenemiesspread in the battlefield. Shoot more and more stickmanenemies tounlock more advanced characters. This battle simulatorgame offersyou multiple stickman characters. You need to unlockthem to winonline multiplayer mode. Its online shooting missionswill give youa challenging thrill. Your main task of this battleroyale missionis to be the last survival in this battle field.Nowlet’s play andwin this grand war.-Tap punch button to knock downenemy!-Usejoystick to move!-Use block button while enemyisattacking!-Collect unique weapons and medicalskits!Features:•Addictive Missions!• Amazing Environment!• Great 3DGraphics!•Realistic Sounds!• Smooth and Easy Controls!• Variety ofGuns!
Super Panther Hero Bank Robbery: Crime City 1.2
The new Super Panther Hero is in town, Panther Super VillainBankRobbery game is the new Super villain fighting game of thehouse.It will bring you a whole new story with the amazing twistsandturns. It will take you to a ride of the millennium. Test therealbadness in the Super Panther Hero. Super panther hero fightswithcity cops with the help of evil powers and escape in front ofcitypolice in this Super Panther Hero Bank Robbery: CrimeCitygame.Being bad is also a good thing. Enjoy the life of abankrobber in Super Panther Hero Bank Robbery. Play as a Supervillainin Super Panther Hero Bank Robbery: Crime City. Being aVillain notonly mean to kill and steal but you also need to run foryour ownlife. There are also so many life turning events in thegame thatyou will not only play the game but will also live thegame.GamePlay:Super Panther Hero Bank Robbery: Crime City isexciting gamewith thrilling gameplay where you have left your oldtown and cameto the city with a lot of dreams which you believedwill come true.As you have landed on the bus stop some thugs triedto steal fromyou and you accidentally killed them with your power.They were themembers of the Foot Clan a well-known Gangsters andMafia organizedGanged that have all the good and the bad in theirpockets.Even theGods have the rivals so do the man. The rivals ofthe foot clanshave seen what you can do and need to help them torob the bank forthem. Otherwise he will be handed over to the footclan and will beexecuted. You will need to rob the bank. Sneak into the bank atnight and beat all in your way. Make sure you make itout alive cozpolice will be standing out to catch you.Beat them alland Escapein the world Fastest Super Car. Feel the need for fastspeed andescape like smoke. Panther Super Villain Bank Robbery isnot onlyrunning from the police but you will also need to out runthe thugsand Gangsters.Lighting hero will also be looking for youeverywhereso you need to escape the city before they all catch you.You needto escape the city as soon as possible. Super Panther HeroBankRobbery: Crime City is the Super Panther Bank Robberygame.KeyFeatures:• Story mode with the most Amazing Story of theyear.•Game with the animated Cut Scene.• New Game ChangingEnvironment(Indoor and Out Door Environment).• Super-Fast Cars.•Amazing Gameplay and smooth controls.Being bad and the most furiousSuperVillain also means driving super cars, robbing a bank, moneyandall that money can buy. Enjoy the thug life of the Vice City asaSuper Panther Hero. Ultimate Super Panther Villain has hisownpowers that can help him to escape the police and Gangsters ofthecity. Lighting Hero is the savior of the city you will also needtoescape him as well. Lighting Hero is Super-fast that time seemstostop. You don’t need to be afraid as you have the power ofapanther inside you. Save your life with the help of yourevilpowers and fight with speed hero in this Super Panther heroBankRobbery: Crime City action game.
101 Bank Robbery Escape - White Collar Wolves 2.5
This season, Embark a journey into the dark side of thecorporateworld, in one of the best role-playing point and clicktyperoom-escape game in a story-driven narrative. Game Story:Kruegaris the owner of a multinational bank. One day, he nearlyescaped anassassination attempt from a sniper's bullet. Uponrealizing hismistake of letting his enemies grow unchecked, Hehired two youngprofessional robbers to loot his enemy's illegalstashes across theworld. The young robber's start to find moredetails about theiremployer and his mighty empire. As the plotthickens, the robber'sfind details about Kruegar's ex-employees,their stories and alsothe person who tried to assassinate him andwhy... - Find out whois real villain and his motive in a thrillingrole-playing escapegame - where you will have to Rob banks -Breakout friends fromprison- Hack and break into internationalpolice and militaryHeadquarters - Steal from submarines, dangerousmines, hiddenbunkers in the south pole. - In a way, save theworld... GameFeatures : - Unique 230 riddling puzzles - Over 101adventurouslevels. - Fun for all ages and Genders - Easy and Fun toplay. -Real Challenge for a Master - Leaderboards Enabled - Earnfromdaily missions and Treasure Chest - Exciting Gameplays StuckinGame - Get Help - Any Suggestion about the game, please contactusthrough below social media links. We are ready tohelpyou...Facebook:
🚔 Robber Race Escape 🚔 Police Car Gangster Chase 3.9.0
Jump in the robber car and race as fast as you can to escapethecops in this survival simulator game! Start racing now inthisrobbers vs cops extreme police escape!Cops would do anything tonotlet you escape and put you in jail like a mafia gangsterdriverfrom San Andreas crime city. You are a fearless gangsta badboy carracer, a convict and a lawbreaker so you know what yourcriminalmission is! Win this police car escape challenge drivingyourrobber car and arrive to the gangsta’s paradise to have anintenseand exciting life like a real jail breaker of the mafia! Thecopson motorbike patrol are looking for the missing withdrawal fromthebank robbery and want to make you bad boy robber prisoner andtakeyou to the city of San Andreas to imprison you! Dodge fasttheobstacles and escape from justice in this endless andfuriousgangster robber car race escape simulator! They will neverchaseyou in this race, bad boy!You can crash the cop cars and thepolicemotorcycle with your robber car to the side to send themright intothe wall in this funny chase race! Have tons of fun inthe jailbreak gangsta persecution with cars and motorbike againstthegreedy officer and his friends in the police car, escape fromtherobbery chase and show off your bad boy mafia racing car thatwillhelp you to evade them and win this funny racing cops vsrobberssimulator!This gangsta city pixel robber simulator game issuitablefor lawbreaker gangster car racer fans and police vsrobbers gamelovers. You can choose between 30 different robbery carandmotorbike types and start the robber race jail break copescape.Prove your gangster and police car driving skills to see howlongyou can survive in the car racer bank police escape! Driveaheadyour motorcycle among the mob of this San Andreas drivingracesimulator!In these mafia bad boy robber race escapesimulatorgames, the more you ride, the more you want to survive inthe mafiabattle of the gangster town! And it gets more difficultwith thepolice motorcycle and cop car patrolling the blocky roadsof thispixel car racer fight! Drive for speed with your robber carorracing motorcycle after the bank robbery in this gangsterchase!Become the mafia legend of the San Andreas autosurvivalcraft!Collect coins during your bank robbery jail breakescape racechallenge to increase your money in the bank of therobbing gangs!Grab power-ups for robbers on your bank escape chaseto becomeinvincible against the police motorbike and cars in yourraceescape mission simulator!Features of our police vs robbersjailbreak game:★ Amazing motorbike and car racer drivingexperience!★High speed bad boy burglar motorcycle vs policesprinter chase!★Great police vs mafia lawbreaker gangsta robbersracesensation!Dodge the police cars and motorbike in this gangstajailbreak and become the best robber in town in our mafiagangstersimulator!
Real Gangster City Theft 1.0.1
Real gangster city theft game!The most powerful fightergangstertheft autoIn this thrilling city crime, rob your propertyby takingaway their prized vehicles and sports motors, win yourstandoffwith mafia mob. Being a real gangster, can't follow anylaws, onlyto focus your goal and find locations of all the enemiesvehicles.Fight against mobster and shoot with your pistols in cityin orderto get their cars.Gangster city auto, get in the car ormotor toride or racing with your rivals in the crime city. Consolequalitycontrols, 3D open world theft mission and show yourawesomegangster skills. Surviving in the crime city takes more thanjustshooting gang members of the rival outfit and going on gangwars togain control of the turf. Explore the new world of autotheft, withnumerous vehicles to drive and master. With loads ofheat fromrival gangster and police, survive the dangerous world ofcrimecity and unlock various characters to play and expand yourgang.Find several ways to make money, steal cars, earn cash, andrise tothe top in this mafia simulator.Real Gangster CityTheftFeatures:.Gangster city crime theft auto.Easytocontrol.High-quality graphics .Real 3Deffects.Multi-levelquest.Powerful music .Racing with drivingskill.Upgrade yourprops.Explore the new city If you are a fan ofthird personshooting games, open the world mafia, car theft or freeroaminggangster. Gangster city theft auto has everything to offerto youplay.
Bank Robbery City Mafia 3D 1.0.1
The master plan of bank robbery is soon to be executed by asthegrand robbery mission by the mafia and criminals. This is goingtobe the grand crime by gangsters ever done. The mission of mafiaisto fight for their rules, they want to own the city but thereisvery less chance of doing so with this master robbery plan.Thereis not just robbery, there is fight, shooting andkillingsimulation. You need to have perfect shooting and crimefightingskills for this robbery mission. This assault mission willtestyour mafia and fighting skills. Your mission is to stop thisbankrobbery. This type of fight is one in a lifetime chance to showthecriminals that there is someone brave to stop this grandrobberymission at any cost. Just get yourself ready and get on markandshow the criminals what you have got. Whets happening in thisgrandcity robbery are that, criminals have made a master robberyplanand they have no one to stop. The whole city is in their fearandthey are so bold that they are executing a robbery without anyfearof Police. But now you are here a bravo commando and policeofficerwho are going to save the money of citizen and bring peaceback tothe grand city. You have a mission in front of you, Stop thegrandrobbery or go home. Doesn’t act like a street goon; instead isabravo professional anti criminal power with super strangeskills.Show your decent hold on snipers and guns, leave them stuntwithyour pro skills using weapons against the criminals in thecityrobbery. Gangsters are no ordinary powers, they are the bestatshooting, killing and making strategies. Defeat them in theircityrobbery mission; crush them before they carry out bankrobberymission in the city. This robbery mission planned by robberymasterof the city otherwise no such player has power to make such agrandbank robbery plan. Attack their powers, attack their skillsand usesnipers and sniper skills to defeat the mafia in streetbankrobbery mission. With your incredible sniper skills, aim themafiarobbers who want to rob the street bank. Be brave and shootall thegangster criminals before they run away, kill them on spot,anddon’t have mercy. Bank Robbery city Mafia 3D simulator hassmoothcontrols that will help you to criminal target accurately inthecity street. Don’t be panic but be a bravo police officer andshootall the criminals cleverly. To stop this grand robbery missionyouwill play the ultimate angry cop vs. mafia fight and shootinggameagainst chasing for planned crimes majorly robbery andshooting.Get alert by the signs you get against the mafiagangsters. Enterthe battlefield of City Street against the robberymission and killevery enemy who is in the way of peace of citizens.Join bravo copsfor this grand killing robbery mission againsthostile mafia andgangsters who are in the form of robbers andrescue hostages. Shootand kill the robbers in this first personshooting chilling game.Soget set and aim the robbers! AttackKeyFeatures 1. 3D Graphics andAmazing Sounds2. Clever Enemies toTarget3. Different ThrillingShooting missions4. Easy to understandchallenging to play5. FreeFPS grand robbery game6. Mind-blowingmissions
Vegas Crime Lords – Gangster Vs Mafia King Pin 1.0.2
Rogue Gamez
Enter the world of Vegas Crime Lords - Gangster VS Mafia KingPinand indulge yourself into a mafia brawl like never before.Thisgang brawl revolves around a mad city like that of berlin whereyoucompete with mafia gods using your own thug life. Thisdowntownmafia is completely filled with cartel wars and cartelkings. Youare to make your way towards the top in this epic hitmangame byinvolving yourself in a gang fight and performing criminalmajoracts inside this crime simulator. Miami city is known foritsbreathtaking views but this is rather a Miami crime city whereyoufind criminal escape and execute acts of underground crime. Oneofmost likable Vegas crime city games will give you a realtimeexperience through its unprecedented Vegas crime simulator.This isa place to establish your mafia brawl by executing othergang brawlgroups of this mad city. The city crime hitman game getsinspiredfrom berlin thug life where mafia gods rule downtown cartelwars bybeing cartel kings of underworld game. The gang fight oftenends upin combined bank robber game which is unlike any otherrobber gameson the platform. The bank robbery game is a unique wayto enterthis amazing mafia brawl. Other robber games will also letyou inon your gang brawl and eventually you will get introducedintoentire mafia brawl of vegas crime simulator. This epic mafiabrawlwill get you all around the vegas crime city and prove to bethebest crime city games out there. Once you start exploring allyourmafia brawl, you realize that you have just started the gangbrawl.This mafia brawl gets you addicted to the game so much sothat youreyes literally start to stick onto your phone screens. Soenterthis mafia brawl world and kill all the cartel kings &mafiagods inside these crime city games to become the ultimate thuginthis hitman game. Vegas Crime Lords – Gangster Vs Mafia KingPinFeatures: √ Amazing Vegas Crime City, Mafia Brawl AndDowntownMafia Environment√ Vicious hustle Hitman Game To Fight GangBrawl√Smooth And Intuitive Controls Of Real Cartel Kings And MafiaGods√Bespoke and Vivid 3D Graphics√ Assault Rifle Shooting AndCriminalMajor Acts √ Breathtaking Vegas Crime Simulator Missions√Easy AndFun To Play√ Interesting Thug Life Game Play√ Sprint, Kill,Evadeand become a Godfather of Stealth Mode In Crime Simulator
Stickman Bank Robbery Escape 1.3
Stickman wants to get rich so he plans to rob a bank. Helpstickmanin robbery mission leaving no trace behind. Beware of thelaserbeams around and CCTV cameras that are watching you. If yougetcaught you will be dead so move carefully. Kill the guards ondutywith your gun and escape the bank with successfulrobbing.StealCash, Jewelry, Gold and all precious items in thisrobbing mission.Follows the direction and hints as these will guideyou through outthe game. Make your moves fast as there is a limitedtime to lootthe bank!Sneak into different rooms and steal the cash.Grab thecard from guards that will let you move into the lockersarea,break the lockers with hammer and collect all kind ofvaluables.Grab the gems as your reward and end eachlevel.Features!•Challenging Missions!• Direction and Hints!• SuperbGraphics andSound Effects!• Amazing Bank Environment!
Bank Cash Transit 3D : Security Van Simulator 2018 1.1
Play Bank Cash Transit 3D : Security Van Simulator 2018 &Drivea mega Cash Delivery Van full of Cash. In this Simulatorgametransport truck bank cash from main bank branch to other cityATMbanks with high security. Get in the cash security police vanandsteer the van full of cash money.Behave like a bank cashierandtransport cash to different ATM's machine.This is bestbankingsimulation games ever.Buckle your seat belt, hold yoursteering,and let your crazy wheels moving in this ultimatetransportationgame. Drive through the streets, escape road trafficand reach yourdestination. Try this brand new Bank cash transportergame in bigvan and become the ultimate crazy truck driver with bankcash. Itis a unique driving transport games of Bomb Proofed armorvan .This Bank Cash Transit 3D : Security Van Simulator 2018willdefinitely fulfill your need of big truck driving gameswithsteering and gear. Let the adventure of one of the besttransportgames begin with drive of van where you are required totransportmoney in different banks.Gangsters & mafia heist plana Grandsmart bank robbery & Escape so be alert & transfermoneysafely in this driving simulator. Kill gangsters & robberswhotry to rob you in city of crime! Race to the destination&escape as a super hero in crime chase mission. Do not breaksignalsor bump your ride into other buses or vehicles in this USAbankcash truck simulator game. You need to take up thedrivingsimulator challenge to deliver cash money to all the banksin thestate. You may pass through downtown streets or city. Thepolicesecurity team with you is well trained and equipped withmodernweapons in this transport simulator. So drive the van withoutfearwhile transporting Currency notes. You need to drive the euro4x4offroad police truck furiously fast. Make a successful escapestoryin driving simulator to be a super hero driver in this cargotrucksimulation game. You can also perform wild and crazy stunts.Don’tlet the thieves steal cash money from your mega truck. And donotlet the criminals and robbers to snatch or loot money fromthelorry. You have to rush on time because bank manager don’thavetime, customers are waiting too for the cash you have to becrazycash delivery van driver in order to complete the challengetoo andin this USA Bank cash transport game.The twist in the gamecomeswhen dark and shady underworld decides to rob the city bankswithbest robbing tricks in bright daylight. Soon the crime chasebeginswhen efficient city police barrage bank robbers who are onanotorious heist mission. The one on one crime chase sagacontinuesas you dig further into the challenging robbery missions.Be alertof Gangsters & Robbers and transfer money safely inthisdriving simulator.Race to the destination & fill ATMmachineswith cash. Do not break laws or bump your ride into otherbuses orvehicles in this Bank Cash-in-transit simulator game. Youneed totake up the driving simulator challenge to deliver cashmoney toall the banks in the state. You may pass through downtownstreetsor city. The police swat security guard team on ATM's iswelltrained and equipped with modern weapons in thistransportsimulator. Experience realistic police car drivingsimulation game,flick the switch on to hear authentic police carsirens. Speed pastvehicles, drift around tight city corners, flipand wreck yourpolice chase car driving with real time vehicledamage, see eachscratch and dent with each car crash. Features:1-Realistic and 3Dcity environment will give you real feelings ofdriving SecurityVans and trucks2- Cash Delivery Driving Adventure3-Driving withextreme safety4- Smooth Steering, Brakes, Drifting5-Awesome Vandriving challenge missionsDownload and play “Bank CashTransit 3D :Security Van Simulator 2018” game which is the bestbank managergames. Do give us your reviews what you feel about ourbank manager& cashier game.
Robbery Master Crime Squad 1.0
Rogue Gamez
Robbery Master Crime Squad is a very challenging game here youenjoythe driving cars in this sin city and bank robbery task bothin onegame and prove yourself gateway driver of professional Vegasmafiagangster gang. Enjoy the most thrilling grand city bankrobberycriminal escape mission in this bank heist simulator. Mostrobberiesare occurred in big cities but now is very commoneverywhere. So youhave to be the robbery master finish all thetask within the hardtime including your criminal squad and escapefrom the policechase.Hurry up!! You are the best gangster squad ofVegas mafia youhave to plan stealth survival escape mission wiselyand also rob thebank in such a way that there would be the way outfrom policechase. Your criminal squad is the most famous mafiacriminals whichare known for their gangster shooting and otherbank heistactivities. Your vendetta big crime lords are watchingyour gang warand assigning you many other criminal task socomplete this masterrobbery by stealth survival mission and moveto your mafia gods formore big crime activities.This is ultimatebank robbery crime scenecase you have to complete alltask/missions as a vendetta mafia godwith your mafia criminalsquad. Remember! If the police succeed inchasing you or you runout of time before completing the task onhand, your mission willfail miserably. Features of Robbery MasterCrime Squad: ♦ AwesomeReal Crime Sin City Environment.♦ All In ThisGang War Their Guards& Bank Security Are Very Tight.♦ EnjoyThrilling EscapeMissions & Get Out From The Crime Gangster HardTime.♦Brilliant Action Killing and Criminal Escape Missions.♦Amazing 3DGraphics of Crime Lords & Sound Effects of RealGangsterShooting.
Police Car; City Crime Patrol Robber Chase Game 3D 1.0
Police Car; City Crime Patrol Robber Chase Game 3D is thebestpolice driving game as the user will have to performmultiplepolice car driving challenges. Get ready to fight the realgangsterin the Miami city of crime police games. The user will havetoperform various robber chase tasks. Being the policeman of thecityyou are assigned a top secret mission to capture and imprisonthereal gangsters in this crime simulator. The gamefeaturesexclusively designed for newly recruited police officers tolearnamazing driving skills that will help the user to learnthetechniques of driving. Complete levels and different missionstoearn money and purchase new cop cars with exciting upgrades.Apolice driver is not just a simple driver, the cop driver needstobe highly skillful, attentive and gutsy because that policewilllater be chasing criminals in the street. Drive police carsthroughtraffic. Get in your car, chase enemies, earn money and buybettercars. Control your squad car in the streets. In this newestandimproved police car parking game.Criminals and robbers are smartsouser needs to match their level and come up with somethingthatmatches there smartness is the courage and skill. You will notonlybe driving a police car you will also have to chase downsomereally bad criminals. This driving test will help the user tolearnboth of these things. You have to be a great driver and shootatcriminals and destroy their cars. The cones and tracksarespecially arranged for the user to learn various drivingtechniquesthat will eventually be helpful for the user to learnevery trickin the book. Taking the role of the police, you drivearound thecities in a fast racing around the city as you want. Oncethe userwill become a trained driver than user can serve policeforcewhenever force needs him/her. Street racers and criminalsaregetting away with crime so fulfill your duty as a trainedpolicecop driver to chase criminals.Let’s explore some amazingfeaturesof the game :🚔 Realistic Open world city environment.🚔Ultra HighDefinition (HD) Display.🚔 Chase Supersonic fast cars.🚔Accuratephysics in the drive.🚔 Ultra-sensitive controls withsensitivitymeter.🚔 Smooth and easy drive options.🚔 EfficientGame-play withoutany lagging.🚔 High rate of Frames.🚔 Metro citysound effects(SFX).🚔 Specially designed 3D Visual Effects (VFX).🚔Various 3DDynamic Camera angles🚔 Realistic animations and cutscenes.🚔 1stand 3rd Person camera mode.🚔 No internet or NetworkRequired.🚔Super-fast Police cars in world famous tracks.
ROP - Royal Oman Police 3.0
This is yet another initiative from Royal Oman Police (SultanateofOman) in enhancing its services. It benefits users by enablingthevarious ROP e-services on smart phones which can be availedfromany location at any time.This app provides the followingservicesand information:Services:1. Traffic offenses enquiry andpayment.2.Private vehicle registration renewal.3. Visa applicationstatusenquiry.4. Call and locate nearby Police Stations listedbased onGPS coordinates.5. Make emergency calls to9999.Information:1.Latest news from ROP categorized as ROP news,accident news,announcements and crime.2. Information on variousservices providedby ROP including Procedures, Required documents,service locationsand fees.3. Frequently Asked Questions aboutvarious services4. ROPTelephone Directory InformationTeam DGIT /ROP
Cops Car Chase Games 2018: Thief Run 3D Simulator 2.0
Get ready to see the police cars around you because you are goingtoplay police car chase simulator game. You have violated thetrafficsignal, made the robbery, kill people and smuggled theweapons. Nowyou are wanted and your task is to run away frompolice cars in thispolice car chase simulator game. Can you escapefrom police carswith your 4x4 luxury Prado? Escape police cars bydriving yourluxury Prado and dodging and taking wrong turns andavoid allobstacles and rush your way through city environment aslong aspossible to avoid the certain crash. Police car chase isall aboutthe chase and runs the game. Be a real criminal who isescaping awayfrom police cars squad in the latest police car chasegame. In thislatest police car chase simulation adventure game,drive your Pradocar recklessly to escape from police chasing carsin the crime cityand don’t let the crimpy police officers reach toyou. Become a realrobber and stick with plan to complete missions.In this police carchase, your duty is to violate rules and escapefrom police cars.So, do a bank robbery in this police car chasesimulator game andtook all the money with you, load in a Prado carand escape frompolice cars in this police car chase simulationgame. Your missionsare not complete here yet, rather you have tobecome a real gangsterand king of your city. So purchase somedestroyful weapons frommoney which you robbed from bank and don’tlet the police cars catchyou. There are lots of challengingmissions in this police car chasesimulator game. It’s your duty tosmuggle all the destroyful weaponsacross the dealers in city. Itcould be dangerous for you and it’snot an easy task. So, you haveto be a real criminal to do thisstuff. Smash high speed racingrivals and outdrive buddy police carsin the most dangeroussimulator game 0f 2017. As a criminal yourduty is not over yet.Because, you’ve to have stole a brand newsuper turbo high speedtop secret truck racer. So, put your seatbelts on and foot on theaccelerator and get away from crimpy policeofficers. There aredifferent game-play options in this amazingpolice car chasesimulator game of 2017. Choose your own game-playoption and took achallenge as a real criminal and show the crimpypolice officersthat you are a real king of your city. All you needis to get readyto become a real person who does not allow thepolice officersreach to him and become a real gangster in thisamazing andadventurous police car chase simulator game. GameFeatures• Awesome3d graphics• Beautiful city environment• Smoothcontrols• Nice userinterface• Lots of challenging missions• Lots ofdifferent vehiclesto choose from• Lots of weapons to choose from•Offline Play•Advanced vehicle physics• Realistic car driving andchasingsimulator.• crime city scenes• Exciting Game Play• AwesomeCityRoads• Real sound effects• Realistic traffic • Thrillinggame-play
Undercover Police Chase Car 3D 1.3
Play Undercover Police Chase Car 3D simulator game to outstripUSlaw enforcement and don’t let yourself hunt down by city cops.Racein exotic cars & drive recklessly to escape from policecarchase over spectacular city. Commit bank robbery and jump streettoescape from modern police car racer on crossy roadtraffic.Escapevictoriously from crime scene and be the faster &lawlessdriver to escape from police cars. Maintain a peculiardistancefrom crazy police cars and drive all the way to safe houseinamazing escape plan game. Successfully flee from Alcatrazjailunder high security crime patrol squad cell. Show guts forgrandgangster theft and mafia driving game missions in suburbantown.Execute big bank robbery & auto theft in xtreme speedracinggame. Lawless yet safe driving as if get caught by metropoliscarracer, you will be dead or imprisoned for life. Drive recklesslytoescape and take turns at full speed in us police arrest game.Turnon turbo engine for xtreme speed racing over miami city roadsinpolice vs robbers game. Endure heart wrenching hurdles ongrittyroads to abscond from police cops car. Drive sports carfromperilous maze of modern city streets after robbing goldanddiamonds from big bank. Complete gangster escape missionsfrompolice car chase before they caught you again. Be anotoriouscriminal, escape from police car racer by safe driving incops androbbers sim. Drive through breathtaking environments andobstaclesto escape from us police cars. Get escaped from big citypolice,reach all the way to safe house & earn cash to acquiremafiaunderworld cars. Blown away while driving recklessly forsurvivalin police vs robbers game. Drive auto cars after bankrobbery andbe a hell rider in crazy police car escape plan game.Exhibitprecision driving in challenging missions after committinglethalcrimes. Be an international criminal speeding away fromcrimepatrol squad in the latest car escape game. Take control ofrevvedup engine and fire up nitro boost to race in underworldmafiadriving game. Drive fast to get prison escaped fromundercoverpolice car chase. Become real mobster of sin city,perform modernstunts and don’t get busted by modern policecars.Undercover PoliceChase Car 3D Simulator Game Features:- Actionpacked gameplay withbank robbery and car escape levels- Real driverskills with grandescape plan & police car chase- Sports carsand crazy autovehicles for insane driving mania- Spectacularcontrols forruthless car driving in thrill city- Realistic openworldenvironment for mafia driving missions- High quality 3Dgraphicsfor immersive experienceDownload Undercover Police ChaseCar 3DSimulator Game for jump street missions of crazy policedrivingmania & car escape simulation.
Duty Driver Police LITE 1.3
Duty Driver Police is high speed eye candy adrenaline actionwhereyou will get chased by a police, penetrate roadblocks,chasecriminals and solve crimes. You will also become contractcriminal,drive car in bank robbery, strike opponents and crushroadbarriers. War between policemen and criminals was nevermoreinteresting.Download update of this game within 2 weeks fromfirstinstallation to unlock more levels.Download full version ofthisgame to unlock all levels.Enjoy the game
Crime Town Cops Vs Bank Robber 1.3
iPlay Studio
Hunt city criminals down in this Crime Town Cops Vs BankRobbersimulation game. If you are tired of playing random shootingandparking games, play Crime Town Cops Vs Bank Robber it willnotdisappoint you. In this era of modern war, city police unitshold akey role in the unit against a flight with the gangsters,Thecitieshave been raided by gangsters, thief, killers, robbersandcriminals. They have all the modern weapons in their sleevesandare threatening innocent city people. The killers arekillinginnocent people, thieves are robbing the town. In the lastnightbroadcast, a thief has broken into the house and robbed alltheprecious jewels. Upon leaving the house, he also startedshootingand murdered the resident. 911 police was called but hefled awaytill then. The Police have arrested a lot of criminals butthe cityis still full of these sick minded people. The Army isfighting amodern war with these murderers and has called upon theirpoliceunit to illuminate these gangsters. Its now time to bringyourdriving and shooting skills into practice by playing thisfirstaction simulator game.In this 911 Crime Town Cops Vs BankRobbergame, you have to first respond to the 911 call by drivingthepolice car simulator to the crime scene and then shootthecriminal. One thing to take care before shooting a bullet istoverify that you are not shooting a civilian. There aremanycivilians in the city street and these gangsters areambushingthemselves among them. In this police car simulator,driving fastand safe is the key.911 Crime Town Cops Vs Bank Robber, ourrunning game will offer you an experience like no other!Within atime limit , you must destroy the thief before he escapes .Youwill thus into him as hard as possible and try to block itinturns. But attention to traffic and pedestrians ! You're a copandyou will not have to hurt civilians or damage toothervehicles.Like any good detective , you will , in this racinggame,anticipate the movements of the thief who will proverelativelyclever . With your police car, you can produce accidentsanddramatic impact on the way the thief to stop.★★★ Features★★★✔Smooth controls✔ Beautiful highways✔ Full 3D view✔Extremeprecision riding simulator✔ Each level has its own challengeanddifficulty✔ Awesome High Quality Graphics✔ 3 different Policecarmodels with lights and siren✔ Different camera angles that giveyoumore control✔ 911 Emergency Quick Response✔ Amazingbackgroundsound to enhance your gaming experience✔ You got limitedtime toclear your missions so be fast as possible
Shadow Mafia Gangster Fight 1.2
Become a Shadow Mafia Gangster and use your evil mind tocreatetrouble in the city with some serious crime. The stick mafiahas amastermind plan to destroy the peace of this city. Jointhestickman sniper club to shoot down cops and innocent people whotryto stop you from your evil missions. Carry out bank robbery,cartheft missions, stealing and escape to vanish from the eyesofsecurity police officials. Look for the right target, seekhelpfrom the crooks roaming around. Strike for the perfect enemytoeliminate your target like a professional assassin. Savetheunderworld bad guys and law breakers from city police. Welcometothe world of shadow mafia gangster fight. As a shadowmafiagangster boss of the stickman Russian Mafia, you have gotsomeresponsibilities to fulfill. Get hold of your sniper gun,shoot,loot and kill your rival police officers. Don’t let themchase andkill you. Fight like a ninja in the dark shadows of thecitystreets. This action packed street fighting game is a gameofwarriors and crime game lovers. Legends tell tales of theseshadowmafia gangsters to be the best ninja warriors to have livedso far.Take control of the legend stickman hero, roam around intheshadows and complete your missions. Shadow Mafia GangsterFightfeatures:√ Action packed levels√ Different weapons to winyourbattle√ Smooth, addictive and easy game play√ Realisticanimationsof shooting and fighting√ A shadow mafia gangster hero onthemission√ Smooth and easy controls of the mafia superhero√Challenging missions in a 3D city environment withgangsters,thugs, secret agents, police and innocent people
NY Police Car Chase: Crime City Car Driving 7.0
Get ready to enter fast and furious action of driving fastpolicecars and complete Police Car Chase missions in this exitingdrivingsimulator! Race to chase gangsters and robbers around thecrimecity at break neck speeds. Unlock exciting police cop carslikepickup trucks, 4x4 jeeps and hot pursuit vehicles to driveandcontrol crime city traffic in the this brand new open worldcardriving simulator! The game features a huge crime citywithbridges, highways and offroad tracks in the suburbs of thecity.Download NY Police Car Chase: Crime City Car Driving andenjoyrealistic gameplay! if you love police simulator gamesthendownload it today!Experience realistic ny police car chaseandpolice driving simulation game, turn on police car chase sirensandlights just like in the real world. Chase vehicles, drift andturnaround tight city corners, flip and wreck your car with realtimevehicle damage, see each deformation like scratches and dentswitheach police car crash. During Police Car Chase, you cantotallywreck your police interceptor and smash into other cars toget someserious car crashes!In this police cop simulator game,drive,chase, dodge, and pull over busy crime city traffic whoarebreaking laws and bothering other drivers. During Police CarChase,You can race and chase down any car in the game, whether NYPolicecar, taxi's, ice cream trucks, and angry traffic to earnrewardsand unlock new faster authentic police cars with uniquegameplay,controls and designs! Discover many Racing Car Pursuitmissions forendless enjoyment. You will encounter gangster squadtrying to robbanks and shops, so use the NY Police car to stop theheist in thispolice chase simulator. If the gangster squad escapes,you will beinvolved in thrilling gangster car chase with just likethe movies!Uphold justice in the crime city in this policesimulator.Gangsters will have hostage so becareful when you damagethegangster car with your NY Police car. Do your duty as theNYPolice, encounter police car chase and become the best inthispolice chase simulator by nabbing gangster squad!Features:🚔Enjoythe open world driving simulator with multiple cities🚔 Nearendlessdriving roads, from mega highways to offroad tracks🚔Realistic cardriving game physics🚔 Traffic driven using A.I in thepolicesimulator🚔 Multiple camera views for NY Police Car.🚔 Driveindifficult traffic for exhilarating experience🚔 Highlyportable,play police car on all devices🚔 Complete missions tounlockpowerful police cars🚔 Detailed and accurate police vehiclemodels🚔Smooth and easy police car controls🚔 No Wi-Fi required inthispolice chase simulatorShow off your expert driving skillsandperform car stunts in the crime city - play one of the bestfreepolice car driving simulators on the market!The game bringsyouvery large open worlds for the best car driving simulatorgameexperience! Race around mega city, perform tricks and stunts,andstop disorder as NY Police! The most realistic and extremeNYPolice car driving game you'll ever experience, NY PoliceCarChase: Crime City Car Driving.Locate and stop Illegal StreetRaces,Underground Races, Track Races and Traffic Races. Chase downallcriminals. Become an expert real police car driver and driveheavypolice cars. Enjoy highly detailed cockpit view of the NYPolicecar, chase the gangster car and earn points. You have to makesurethe roads and the city remains peaceful as you patrol aroundthecrime city. Drive in massive 3D open world city, find mostwantedgangsters and street racers and chase them down. The robberswillbe driving sports cars as you will maneuver on city highways asthepolice force and nab criminals before they escape the crime citysochase them in this police simulator. Gangsters have enteredthetown to create trouble. You have to give car chase and bringdownthe crime. Enjoy cop games? Police car driving games? Then thisisthe best!
Police Car Vs Theft Bike 1.2
Police Car Vs Theft BikeProve to the world that you are the kingofall gangsters. Feel the thrill of bike racing and drive theftbikeefficiently.INTRO:Get the world’s best police chase game fromallother popular theft games and simulations. Be like a sharpmindedthief and escape from the city police like real bike theftescape.Police car will follow your bike to catch you and take youto thecity jail. Perform like a professional bike rider 3d and feelthatyou are in bike race event like famous bike games. This will betheinteresting theft vs police bike mission like criminal games.Yourmission is to escape your motorcycle from police car tocompletethe bike 3d level. Enjoy your adventurous bike race 3d withsomereal theft bike drifting 3d excitement in this bikesimulator.Police car will be trying to hit your theft bike. Becomea realbiker and tackle all kind of police car driving 3d chasing inthisbike police chasing simulator. Be aware of police attackduringyour bike driving in the theft auto vice city, if you getpolicecar hit to your theft bike your bike simulator level willfail.Suppose you are a professional gangster of the city and wanttoescape from the police chase. Get your theft bike and makesomecrazy moves on the city roads without hitting any other carlikeother police games. Make sure not to raise theft alarm situatedonthe police car. You have some theft catcher behind your theftbike,show some crazy stunts on the adventurous roads of the newgangstertown vice city. Police caught a lot of thieves and you arethe onlyone criminal left with a lots of city bikes to escape frompolicechasing. Are you want to become a extreme real gangster 3d?If yes,then ride the bike 3d to tackle all police bike with sometheftbike drift skills and become the king of all theft games andrealcrime simulator games.GAMEPLAY:You have played many policeandchase game but this Theft Bike Rider Police Chase 3D game hasitsown amazing theft bike features to keep increasing yourbikedriving skills. Play a lots of amazing bike riding levels ofthistheft bike police chasing simulator and become a hero of allpolicegames. Make sure to keep your thief bike on the mid of theroadduring the theft racing in this Real City Theft Simulator2017game. Many bike games and theft police chase games has notcontainsexciting features police chase adventures. Drive your this real police chase simulator you're the innocentandsimple man and you are blame of gold shop robbery. Policeischasing you with their police car in this Theft Games:BikeCriminal Race Police Escape game. It is your goal to prove thatyouare not a theft bike driver and a honest man of the newgangstertown vice city. Police bike will not accept any of yourargumentand trying to hit your real theft bike. So be like aprofessionalreal theft bike drifting 3d driver and take your citybike from thecity roads to the hidden place in this Police BikeTheft ChaseSimulator game.EXCITING FEATURES:Realistic environmentof thisPolice Chase Theft Auto Vice City Crime game will giveyouexcitement to show your bike driving skills of the city roadsofganster town. You have real bike like trail bike withsmoothcontrols to escape from police chasing in theft auto vicecity likefamous theft games. Drive your bike fast as you can inthis bikesimulator to become the extreme real gangster 3d like allothercriminal games. So, download and enjoy this amazing policechasingtheft bike to show your extreme driving skills in this CityPoliceChase Crazy Thief game. Your valuable suggestion and commentswillhelp our team to bring more improvement in this real bike race3dgame. Good Luck.Police Car Vs Theft Bike FEATURES:1. 3dcityenvironment.2. HD graphics and animations.3. Different theftbikesin the garage.4. Smooth handling and controls.5. Addictivegameplay.
Crime Car : Real Crime City Driving Simulation 3D 5.0
Games Laft
Crime Simulator is the open world crime simulation game. Theuserwill the role of street thug as the user will start as basiclevelcriminal. The user will get famous and mafia bosses will offertheuser to get him inducted into mafia family. The user will usethemost advanced weapons and firearms, hit the enemy and targets.Theuser has to snatch cars from the citizens, steal expensivecarsfrom the city. The user has to use the best controls incityshootout missions and combat fighting. The user hasmultiplemissions so drive the world famous cars and performmultiple carbased missions. The game has most realistic Trafficroaming aroundthe city, the user can snatch anyone’s bike or car.The user candrive the parked and shoot while driving. The user canbuy businessand make it run smoothly and collect daily earnings.The user willbecome popular among other gangs and mafia bosses willget jealousof the user and plot to murder him but user will surviveand takerevenge from the evil mafia bosses and become new crimelord of thecity.You are a crime driver, your way of car parking inthese cardriving games particularly in our game makes a car parkerof crimescity of fun. The tale of this bank robber’s autodrivingamusement is unique in relation to other bank theftassaultdiversions on the grounds that in this amusement you willdrive acriminal car. This mafia simulator is totally fun oriented,no needof gangster revenge, you just pick your favorite car anddrive asyou please like a gangster. Ride with your crew as you takeonrival gangs who are causing you trouble. You’ll be thrownintoaction-packed missions, chasing down other punks from gangsandshowing them who's the real king of the streets. Complete allofunique missions to become a professional driver and to becomerich.Make your choice between city cars, offroad cars, andspeedcars.Following are some highlighting features of thegame:RealisticPhysics behind car driving.Open World City and Realcrimestreets.Dynamic Camera Angles with various cameraviews.AdvancedSound Effects and multiple visual effects.Variety ofmissions likeshootout, robbery, car driving and multiple othermissions.Pickweapons and cars from multiple locations.Variety ofcars, bikes andweapons.Specialized criminal based and gangstershootoutmissions.World Famous Cities for the ultimate crimecitysimulation.Advanced and high quality graphics.True to lifecarcontrols and in car environment.Police chase and CopSmashMode.Ultimate weather conditions.High Quality gameplay withmaximumrate of frames per second.Highly quality and optimizedgameplaywithout any lagging.
Police Highway Chase in City - Crime Racing Games 1.1.3
Get into the action of fast police car with thesimulationexperience of driving. Race around the city streets anddriftthrough dubai highway at top speed. Get into a robberycriminalcase game. Try this police highway chase in city and becomeaprofessional police cop. The theme of this game is to chasecityrobbers who want to loot the bank and escape from there. Yourdutyas a police officer is to stop this bank robbery. Showthecriminals that there is a brave officer to stop this grandrobberymission at any cost. Get yourself ready as a super cop andshow thecriminals what you have gained in police games. The wholecity isin fear, robbers are high professionals and they areexecuting arobbery without any fear of grand chase of police. Youare aundercover police officer who can bring peace back to thegrandcity.In this police wali game there is a mission in front ofyou,you have to stop this grand robbery in city. Chase thepopularrobbers in streets of crime city. Your duty as a policeofficer isto keep the city highways a safe place by driving themost wantedcriminals and street robbers. During chasing mission,drive apolice car at high speed and make sharp turns on city roads.Mostwanted mafia gangsters and city robbers will try to outrunfromyour police car. Speed up the hot pursuit police car inendlesshighway and shoot the criminals. Go fast, hit the criminalcars andbreak the speed limit in this chore police game.Enjoy theultimateracing of luxury police car. Highway traffic rush gives youtheeye-catching traffic escape experience. Take the advantageofendless busy road and shoot out the gangster’s car. Expresswayandlimit less highways are filled with high-speed car, bus andtrucktraffic. These public transport vehicles interfere with youwhenyou hit the robber jeep. Only the best racers can perfectlydodgethe luxury vehicles on the road.Make sure your shooting skillscanface all the challenges in asphalt tracks. Every racing placehasits own unique atmosphere and feeling. In this perfectracingenvironment, face the complex driving on the bumpy roads andbecomea real racer of a police force. Drive a powerful police copcar onimpossible tracks and do extreme stunts. Drift, roll and jumpyourpolice car, use the nitro booster and catch the bankrobbers.Drivefast police car through the endless highway trafficand experiencethe life of police driver. This police car drivinggame offers youa fun of racing with criminal theme that will helpyou to becomethe king of the racers in city streets. Are youexcited to getbehind the wheel of super police cars and raceagainst the bankrobbers? Then try this police simulator game.Yourhigh tech policecar is built with rapid fire machine gun. Shoot thecriminals carwith this machine gun. You target is to catch therobbers. Make aplane and take a short cut turn from the bumpy mudroad and blockthe gangster’s car.Drive carefully on hill climbingasphalt roads.Use your professional cop driving and racing skills.There are somedangerous time bombs on offroad tracks. Use yourpolice car drivingtraining and avoid these bombs like a legend cop.Remember! If youcollide these deadly bombs, your police prado willbedestroyed.Complete the chasing mission and unlock the newfasterpolice cop cars like 4x4 jeeps and pursuit vehicles. Downloadthispolice highway chase in city game and do the biggest jumpsandfastest drifts stunts. Accelerate the 4x4 police jeep and burnoutthe top speedy highways. Game Features:🚓 Huge selection ofpolicevehicles🚓 Real sound effects of police car siren.🚓 Optimizedsmoothtilt, steer & swipe controls🚓 Extreme highway pursuitstunt cardriving🚓 Drive on the streets of the city while chasingthieves🚓Police car race game suitable for kids, boys and girls🚓Real copsvs thieves challenge.🚓 Realistic car driving and chasingsimulator
Police Car Chase : Hot Pursuit 2.2
Your duty driver as a police officer is to keep the city roadsasafe place by chasing down the most wanted criminals andstreetrobbers. They will try to outrun your police car chase bydrivingat high speed and making sharp turns on the Police Car.Police carchase Hot Pursuit is a free 3D police racing games.Action in whichyou have to chase and smash sports cars. Be thepolice duty driverthat will save the day and arrest all lawbreakers. Every missionwill be a hot pursuit police car chase 3dwhich will test your cardriving and chasing skills. Use your crazypolice car lights andpolice car sounds and force the law breakersto stop by smashingroads into their cars. Racing against Streetracer will make youfeel the heat of a real cop car driver that wantto perform hisduty as best as he can. You are free to explore thecity in searchof bad guys to track down and eliminate. Police Chasecar game inwhich there is only one winner. Make sure each and everytime thewinner is you and not the thieves or the racer. It’s a cityofsaints where environment has turned hazardous for extremecardriving missions.Become a duty Police Driver in this actionpackedcop chasing and smashing cars game. Smash criminal cars thatresistarresting. Drive police chase sports car from perilous mazeofmodern city streets after robbing gold and diamonds from bigbank.Complete gangster escape missions from police chase car beforetheycaught you again. Be a notorious criminal, make an escape planfrompolice car racer by safe driving in cops and robbers sim. Rideinmultiple motor vehicles to reach safe house and evade thedeadlyobstacles to take over big city. Drive throughbreathtakingenvironments to outrun cops in police moto game andearn cash toacquire mafia underworld cars. Driving auto cars,evading copsafter bank robbery, racing through destructiveobstacles anddangerous roads! Show guts to rise the top of criminalpiles incrazy police car escape plan game.In order to master thispolicecar chase Hot Pursuit game you have three control optionsforsteering your cop car: Steering Wheel, Arrows Left/Right.Chooseyour preferred driving option or change it anytime byaccessing theControls options in the Pause Menu.Police car chaseHot PursuitFeatures: • Cops VS Thieves and robber’s road smashheat.•Realistic car driving and chasing simulator.• Dodge the cars,busesand trucks on the highway.• Collect fuel coins to keep yourpolicecar moving.• Drive and drift on the streets of the citywhilechasing Thieves.• Multiple car control options• 3D environmentwithHD graphics.• Real Damage System for both the police androbbercars.• Chasing and Smashing Cars game.• Police lights scarethecriminals away.• Honk your way out of highway car traffic.•Driftpolice car through curved roads.• A Big City to Explore withyourpolice car.• Be a duty police driver in this free policedrivinggames.• Police car race game suitable for kids, boys, girlsandadults alike. We hope that you will love our Racing games andafteryou play, you will rate them or just tell us your opinionaboutthem. Because we try to offer you more and better Racing gamesandyour feedback will be really appreciated.
Gangster League - the Payday Crime 1.0.2
Own skyscraperAfter the robbery, will have a large amount ofcash,you can build any room if you want. In the skyscraper canbuilddifferent characteristics of the building. Improve therobberycapabilities such as firearms room, fitness room andresearch room;Gambling game such as stock and slot machines;Starting yourbusiness such as fast food shop and coffee shop. Alsoyou canassign buddy to manage your room.Wanted LevelWill increasethewanted level, when you robbery or attack any peoples. Policewillpay attention on your illegal activities and arrest you atanytime.Online BattlePlayers and players between the offensiveanddefensive war and purchase any defender to defend yourownland.Unique equipments and SkillsEquipment not only improveyourrobbery capabilities, also can have a different modelingchanges,including cute, funny or stylish style. In terms of skills,modernand future design is the selling point, such as lightning gunandmultiple rocket launcher, it can make you feelsurprised.Strongbuddies and VehiclesThe robbery can support up tofour peers.Player can buy buddy to help you to complete anyrobberies mission.Buddy use their own exclusive weapons and uniqueequipment.Vehicles have a different speed, ability bonus andmodernshape.Super BossMost of the boss can change the modeling andattackpattern in the battle to challenge the player.Many countriesin thegameThe game can be seen in the United States, Britain andJapanand other countries to do the background of the game, let'splayerto experience the style of the world.
Bank Cash Transit Security Van Sim- ATM Bank Games 1.0.2
Bank cash in TransitWelcome to amazing bank cash transitsecurityvan - atm machine sim where you will enjoy money transferthroughatm machine. Perform your duty of bank security and cashierofbanking games. Drive money truck filled with bank cash. Citybankhas main branch which handle all atm machines. In this gameATMcash manager gives you cash for money transfer on bank securityvansimulator. Play banking games and see how cash manager dealswithclients in cash transit games. Enjoy money truck games whicharerelated to cash register for bank transit games. Play bankgamesand learn method of transfer money in atm machine and drivecashtransport in crime city with bank security. Bank transit isveryinteresting banking game where gangster car bank robbery isgoingto happen in bank transit games. Grand bank needed a banksecurityguard who can save cash van from serious cops and robberswhich arethinking about bank robbery enjoying cash transit games.Enjoy cashregister games working as cash manager. This cashiersimulator isinteresting game by giving information related to atmsimulator andcash transport on minibus. Transport cash and performcash deliveryin banker games.Bank cash in transit security vansimulatorBanktransit games required a bank officer and van driver.Perform allrisky task while driving this cash transport goingsafely from copsand robbers who want rob the bank. Play bank gameand open youraccount in grand city bank. You can check cashregister, startingcash transit games through grand bank. Bank jobis amazing moneytransfer games in different city bank branches.Play bank cashtransit security van - atm machine sim and transportthis moneytruck of bank cash after getting order from cashier inbankinggames. Become super hero of cashier games and completecashdelivery on cash transport. Cashier simulator have kids bankfunwith transfer money in cash register games. Start enjoyingbankinggames by working as bank security officer who transportmoney truckloaded bank cash. Be aware from gangster and robbers.Deliver thismoney bank on van simulator safely from main bankbranch to anothercity bank. You have idea of bank robbery gameswhere gangster androbber try to chase bank security van and rob thebank. Stop thegangster car coming toward city bank breakingsecurity border inrobbery games.Atm security van cash delivery:cash transport cybersecurity van simulatorEnjoy bank games by cashdelivery throughmoney truck. Enjoy bank cash in transit games withmega cashdelivery of grand city bank in cashier simulator. Work asa bankcashier and maintain cash register after money transfer toallanother city bank. Cashier simulator allows you to becomebankmanager by playing bank cash transit security van simulator.Bankgames are the best cashier games ever. Fun in bank robberygamescome when underworld plans to robbing the bank in crimecity.Complete atm cash transit with minimum time by playingbankinggames. Banker games are amazing for all money transferlovers.Download the cash register games making an entry in themoney bank.Fill atm machine by playing cash transit games havingbank cashthrough money transfer.Bank cash transit security van -atm machinesim features:=> Cash delivery with cashtransport=> Cash vansimulator driving=> Amazing animations ofbank transitgames=> Interesting cash transit games=> Realfeeling as bankmanager=> Thrilling bank robbery and banktransit=> Smoothcontrol of driving van
Hidden Objects - Bank Robbery 2.2
Go back to 1975 and be the witness of the most famous bankrobberyin history. Join the unforgettable adventure! Find hiddenfiguresand put the puzzle pieces together to solve the criminalcase withthe best mystery Hidden Objects - Bank Robbery game. Thisis a truedetective story and forensics crime scene investigationgame withmystery hidden objects! Download this super cool seek andfind gameand let the fun start!Hidden Objects - Bank Robbery freegamefeatures:🔍 Adventure mystery game free localized into15languages!💰 More that 500 hidden objects to find in thecrimescene!🔍 Multiple levels with mystery venue full withhiddenobjects!💰 Fantastic 3D game design that will leave youspeechless!🔍Find the hidden objects from the menu below & clickon it!💰Click on the magnifying glass button to use the hint forhelp!🔍Zoom in the picture to find the hidden item easily!💰 Movethepicture when it is zoomed to find hidden figures!🔍 Zoom out atanymoment you like to see the mystery scene again!MOREADDITIONALMYSTERY HIDDEN OBJECT GAME FEATURES:🔍 A classical modewith thewords of the secret objects you have to find!💸 Picturesearch forfinding hidden objects quickly and easily!🔍 Silhouettehiddenobject – a challenging level for finding items!💸 Wordscramble gamelevel – a hard level to find hidden figures!🔍 Flashlight or anight mode level – use the light to seek for items!💸Match Pairs –a memory game with colorful cards to pair!🔍 Find theDifference – amini game placed among the hidden objects!💸 Timergame - Bonuslevel to train your brain and concentrate faster!It istime tostart playing this addictive, mysterious game with hiddenobjects!The story begins on Tuesday morning in East London - peoplego towork, enjoying the morning sun in the city. But somethingstrangeis about to happen very soon and you will see what if youfollowthe story of mystery Hidden Objects - Bank Robbery game.Downloadseek and find, object finding games be a witness a bankrobberycrime and quick bank escape of the strange thieves thatcarrystolen money and other valuable treasure.🔍 Hidden objectschallenge- spot the secret object and solve the criminal case!Be apart ofthe best hidden object adventure games for adults and playthisfantastic mystery game free download. Join thecriminalinvestigation with the most experienced detectives andforensics tofind all the hidden pieces that will help solving thecrime caseand stop the city escape. This is one of the most strangecasesever, cause bank robbers are dressed like businessmenthatcompletely unarmed stepped into the bank. They hypnotizedeverybodyand started the treasure hunt all around the bank,including thebig safe, well protected. Be the only one who is awakeand try tostop them!🔍 The most popular hidden object 2018 game forkids andadults!Detective investigation is not in progress causethere aremany missing puzzle pieces that should be foundimmediately inorder to catch the criminals. This is the mostaddictive seek andfind game with hundreds of valuable mysteryhidden objects tosearch for. Because of so many hidden clues toinvestigate, mysteryHidden Objects - Bank Robbery is number onehidden object game2018. Find hidden treasure, search objects andfind the strangerobbers who made all the bank employees fall asleepimmediately.🔍Find hidden figures with free mystery hidden objectadventuregames! Enjoy the outstanding 3D game design that will makethisadventure game even more addictive. Secret figures arescatteredall over the scene, so you need a sharp eye to spot thehiddenobjects in time, before it's to late. Free Hidden Objects -BankRobbery crime game city adventure is one of a kind. So if youlikescary haunted house games or enchanted castles mystery games,youwill be more than satisfied playing this seek and find – one ofthebest finding hidden object games for free.
City Police Vs Motorbike Thief 2.1.3
Tuck the thief to destroy his motorbike.Put monstrous thrashingthetheifDo you love driving police cars at high speed?The bestcopscar chase 3d game is here. Bank Robbery is common issue ineverycity. In a Grand Theft City is an ultimate escape route torunawayfrom Police arrest. Some pako Thief Gang have stolencrockett moneybags and gold and are adrenaline to city todistribute equallybetween your gang to make their highscore value.A Bravest Citypolice persuit Car has come to arrest you and yourGang. Drive fastand Race the police car and Gunship to manage easyescape from thePolice chase in open environment. Boost your drivingskills throughyour well planned getaway from Cops. Become thedriver and policechasing the thief that are most wanted who triesto make thetrunk.City Police vs. motorbikes Thief is one such highwaysaburban fast racing game where not only you will get to enjoypurethrilling fun and entertainment.In this game A realgangstersescaped from prison Jail. As a police man officer yourtask is tobusted the gangster. This City is full of Thieves , Copsandgangsters. There too many warfare, now its time to stop allthecriminals and chase them one by one.In this best 3D crazyPolicechase Vs Thief challenge game you will experience the nextlevel ofhigh speed racing dun lops simulation game play. You haveto expertfast car driving over the city crossy roads and chasingskills withreal time precision. Enjoy the warfare and groovy theftto arrestchallenging missions.Now become a helicopter gunshipPolice pilotand engage in fatal air Strike missions in this fun andfreehelicopter flight simulator / gunship helicopter flight. Smashallthe motorbike thieves in relentless heat of city. In thismayhemcops game you will learn intense police force driving skillswithPolice Choppers to attack directly by connecting to deux cnrtokill the criminals. Games Features::- Action packedMotorbikesgame- 8 action packed crime pursuit missions- Challengeyourselfwith the next mission or replay a custom mission
City Police Car: Robber Chase Driving Simulator 3D 5.0
Games Laft
City Police Car: Robber Chase Driving Simulator 3D is thebestpolice car driving game as the user serves the police force astheuser will keep the peace in the city. Be the best policeofficerstunt driver in stunt and drift city. There's no need tousebrakes, nitro boost your police sports cars onto so many ofuniquestunts and tricks to perform the world's most amazing stunts.Theuser will drive around the city and check if any robberandcriminals are trying to rob the city. Taking the role ofthepolice, you drive around the city in a fast police carracingaround the city as you want, crash into other cars. The userwillchase the escaping robbers and criminals, the user will setupatrap and try to arrest criminals Police Car Driver is anewexciting driving game. Become a police driver, drive withtrafficand get the helicopter backup to help you chase yourenemies. Theuser will take part in various races as the user willtake thepolice cars in these races. Try to stop the Illegal StreetRaces,Underground Races, Track Races and Traffic Races. Become arealpolice car driver and drive inside cars. Drive cars insidecockpitview, chase the bad guys and earn points. The user will makesurethe roads and the city remains peaceful as the user willpetrolaround the city. Drive around on the streets of an epiclooking 3Dopen world city, find the most wanted street racers onyour list.Making this of all the cop games driving games. Therobbers will bedriving the fastest sports cars as the user willmaneuver on cityhighways as the police force need to counter thesemoves and don’tlet the criminals escape the city. Group ofgangsters have enteredin the town and playing havoc with lives andbelongings of innocentcitizens. You have to chase down all of themand try to controlcrime level.Let us explore few highlightingfeatures of the game: 🚔Ultimate cut scenes and animations.🚔 360degree car garage view.🚔Dynamic car controls.🚔 Auto transmissionwith smooth gear shift.🚔Multiple camera views.🚔 Stop night racingwith LED lighting.🚔 Carracing sound effects (SFX).🚔 Specialized 3Dvisual effects (VFX).🚔Speech bubbles, animations and guidelines.🚔Smooth and easycontrols. 🚔 Highly sensitive tilt control withspecialized tiltsensor.🚔 Supersonic Nitro and Turbo BoostedCriminals Car.🚔 Nitroustank, sports kit with highly equippedrobber’s sports car.🚔Specially designed cinematography for cameraangles.🚔 Sheddereffect for highway tracks.🚔 Absolutely free game.🚔No internet orWi-Fi required.
Gangster Crime Police Chase 1.0
Gangster Crime Police Chase:Get escaped before policecopsarrival.The central police department is recruiting policeofficerto catch runaway prisoners and criminals. This is a dreamjob toenforce law and apprehend the criminals in police chasegames. Sodo not waste time, hurry up and wear your police officeruniform ofpolice chasing car games. Your duty is to drive super carin thispolice officer gun game and catch the criminals as you areon mudroad and bumpy chase of trickiest thief game on endlesshighway.The thief is driving illegal and fast highway of cityracing 2018.If you planing to play games on mission impossibletheme ofsuperagent escape block king and grand chase of highwayprado ascop city. Racing for real escape is not good thing but youshouldface law. The game does not include mud bay upon which youmay restor hide your bumpy racing car from the grandchase. youshould bemaster of street drifting and have extreme street drift onmud bay.Swipe car and chase top crimes. The outlaws are verypowerful andhave extreme cars as well in this gangster police chasegame. Theyare going to give you very tough time in this policehelicopterdriving game. Your cop car driving skills are going tohelp you outin every critical situation in this police strike game.All policechasing car games are not same, here you have to do morethan justchase. As a law enforcer, you have to chase and smash carto stopthe outlaw criminal in this gangster police chase game.Thegameplayof this police officer gun game is very interesting. Therealisticstoryline and close to reality missions makes it one ofthe bestpolice operation games. The police car chasing games comewith openworld environment do not get you bored. This cop cardriving gamegives you endless time of fun with open world city.There are twomodes to play this police chasing car race game. Thecareer modegives you a full story with continues mission script.Whereas, thechallenge mode comes with different tasks to test yourskills inpolice chasing car games. The missions of this policehelicopterdriving game are different every time you continue toproceed incareer mode. The difficulty level also rise to advance inthispolice strike game. You need to stay focused on gangster vspolicecar chaser to complete all missions of police chase games. Asyouwill get money on completion every mission and survivor contestinthis cop car driving game. There is a variety of super carstochoose in this gangster police chase game. Each car hasaremarkable reputation in racing police car chasing games.Thecontrols of this police officer gun game are very easy anduserfriendly. The domestic steering wheel with paddles of policechasegames makes it fun to play. Player can choose steering wheelorbuttons to control the car in this police chasing car racegame.There is a timer indicator as you have to complete eachmission ofthis crime action: cops chasing cars game within giventime. Thecamera icon changes the view same as in police operationgames. Theplayer can adjust the camera at a comfortable angle toplay thiscop car driving game. Your grip is the key to success inthispolice chasing car race game. The thieves are expert driversinthis police strike game. Therefore, you need to get used tothecontrollers and every inch of the city. Only then you will beableto make your name in police car chasing games.Best of Luckforpolice post car chase! drive police car action: crimechaseFeatures: Realistic 3D Graphics.Multiple police cars tochoosefrom. Open world environment.Real police chasesimulation.Stunninggraphics and visuals.Extreme pursuitdriving.Smooth and easycontrols.If you have no WIFI, you can playvegas crime chase policecar games, absolutely free.So quicklydownload this interestingcriminal chase police car driving game of2017 offered by HatcomInc. from Google Play Store on your androidsmart phones.
Anti Theft Alarm -Motion Alarm 2.0.03-Alpha
Jorli Apps
NEW UPDATE!!! Added 2 audio options for the alarm sound.TheAntiTheft Alarm acts as a motion alarm and protects your phonebysounding an alarm when someone moves your device or unplugsthecharger from the outlet. When the alarm is triggered, a photoistaken and sent to your email address. Awesome and fun way toscareyour friends, and secure your device at the act of being takenby apotential burglar, thief, or anybody intending to use yourphonewithout your authorization.Catch your friends and sneakypeopletrying to snoop on your phone with Anti Theft Alarm! Doyourfriends hack your Facebook status when you leave the room?Doesyour girlfriend read all your texts when you take a shower?WithAnti Theft Alarm, thieves and up-to-no-gooders are greeted withaloud car alarm! It is fun way to catch friends, kids andfamilymembers accessing your device without your consent, and, atthesame time, prevent your cell phone or tablet from being stolenby athief or burglar.It has also been used as protection and asanextra security measure for your cell phone. We have receivedlotsof emails from users that have successful avoided their phonefrombeing stolen, by catching the thief in the act of trying togetaway with the user's device. Features:Mute function so you cansetup the alarm secretly - NEW!!! Phone Charger Unplug Trigger-NEW!!!Revamped Web interface for locking and unlocking theAlarmremotely - NEW!!!Share the photos of the Snooper - ThiefviaFacebook, Twitter or Instagram - NEW!Receive an Email with aPhotoof the Snooper - Thief!Choose your own Alarm Sound!RemoteActivation by Internet (lock and unlock)Paranoid Mode (Soundsalarmeven if in standby).Motion Alarm (Alarm Triggered bymovement)Adjustable SensitivityPassword Protected Unlock6UniqueSkinsTrigger Activation Delay ControlTrigger DeactivationDelayControlLost Password RecoveryPrice: FREE!What can you do withourapp:Scare/joke with your friendsStop curious people frommessingwith your phone when you are not lookingPhone protectionanddefence against thieves and burglarsGhost Hunting :) (whetheryoubelieve in ghosts or not, our app has been used for that)Protectyour computer, purse or personal belongs while you are notlooking(by placing the phone with the locked Anti Theft Alarm ontop ofthe computer)Protect your phone while it's being charged(pluggedin an outlet)Add an extra layer of security, by stoppingtheburglar at the act of stealing itAs a Motion Alarm - MotionSensor- Motion Detector - Detect any movementIf you like AntiTheftAlarm, check out Anti Theft Alarm Pro! Includes all thefeaturesabove, but without ads.Experiencing problems with the app?Pleaselet us know at hi@jorli.comCheck us out on Facebookat us on Twitterat Have Fun!-The Jorli TeamTheAntiTheft Alarm acts as a motion alarm / motion sensor /motiondetector and protects your phone by sounding an alarm whensomeonemoves your device or unplugs the charger from the outlet.
3D Streets of Crime: Car Thief 1.7
The cities have been raided by gangsters, thief, killers,robbersand criminals. They have all the modern weapons in theirsleevesand are threatening innocent city people. The killers arekillinginnocent people, thieves are robbing the town. In the lastnightbroadcast, a thief has broken into the house and robbed alltheprecious jewels. Upon leaving the house, he also startedshootingand murdered the resident. Police was called but he fledaway tillthen. The Police have arrested a lot of criminals but thecity isstill full of these sick minded people.The crime rate hassuddenlygrown and the town is turning into a crime city. Theultimate chaseis on against robbers, criminals, street racers andlaw breakers.Be the nasty driver but be careful not to hurt thecitizens. Don’tlet the criminals get away with crimes. Your extremedriving skillswill let you drive, chase and smash criminaltransport cars. Leadthe police department by example and chase downcriminals. Hit themhard with your police mini bus. Play as a cop inthis game. Smashthe criminals, don’t be late or you might miss acrime scene.Thisgame will offer you an experience like no other!Within a timelimit , you must destroy the thief before he escapes .You willthus into him as hard as possible and try to block it inturns. Butattention to traffic and pedestrians ! You're a cop andyou willnot have to hurt civilians or damage to other vehicles.Highspeeddriving, sharp turns, hitting criminal cars hard andintensegameplay makes this game a standout crime simulator game.Yourcriminal pursuit skills will be tested with your furiousdriving.Chase, smash and arrest the most wanted criminals, robbersandstreet racers. Be careful not to hurt the citizen inside thecity.Roads are full of traffic so give your best while yourchasecriminals in this crime pursuit simulator. The security of thecityis in your hands now. Maintain peaceful city environmentbyeliminating the criminals. Drive your mini bus, chasedowncriminals and play the extreme crime pursuit.★★★ Streets ofCrimeGameplay ★★★✔ Smooth controls✔ Full 3D view✔ ThrillingGameplayMissions✔ Real-time Driving✔ Ultimate Criminal Pursuit✔Explore theCity Environment✔ Smooth Steering, Brakes and Drifting✔Drive,Chase and Smash Criminals✔ Extreme precision ridingsimulator✔ Eachlevel has its own challenge and difficulty✔ AwesomeHigh QualityGraphics✔ Police car models with lights and siren✔Different cameraangles that give you more control✔ In City TrafficVehiclesBuses,Trucks and Cars✔ 911 Emergency Quick Response✔Amazingbackground sound to enhance your gaming experience✔ You gotlimitedtime to clear your missions so be fast as possible
Police siren 1.14
This simple app simulates real police siren. You can choose oneofthe four sounds and lights.
Police Car Driving: Criminal Chase
Police Car Driving : Criminal Chase is adrenaline filledpolicecarchasing games in which you take are the protector of theroadsandit is your job to catch those street racers that trytojeopardizethe safety of others. The police chase is on ! Getreadyto searchand track the car owners who participate in illegalracingand takethem down and bring justice.These game is filledwiththrilling andexciting chases which you will have to complete.Soget ready toburn some rubber and get those over-speeding felonsandfine themfor good. Police Car Driving : Criminal Chase is thenewtrendypolice chase racing game which will keep you glued toyourmobilescreen for a long time.Refreshing challenges await you.Buynewupgrades and get the best quality car to use in the game.Therearemany upgrades that will give you a edge in the game andmakeyouthe best chaser in the game.Download Police Car Driving:CriminalChase now on Google Play Store.If you have anyproblemswithinstallation or playing of this game please reach us onourmailand we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.
FBI Bank Robbers 1.6.2
This app allows users to view information about unknown bankrobberssought by the FBI. Only bank robbers who have been will be displayed in this app. Not everybankrobbery that occurs nationwide will be shown in this app.Users canenable alerts through the app that will inform them whena bankrobbery has occurred near their location. Users can alsosubmit tipsusing the app.Key Features:Allow the public to view,search, sort,and bookmark bank robbersPush notifications let usersknow when abank robbery has occurred near their locationUsers cancall orsubmit tips directly to the FBIMap view to show locationsof bankrobberies in a given region
Police Car Gangster Chase - Vegas Crime Escape Sim 1.3
Get ready for new Vegas Criminal mafia escape mission vs Policecarchase in the Vegas city. Police car game is very dangerous offroadcar metropolis and jeep driving. You will can enjoy alldriving.Your duty do not end just capturing that gangsters mafiarather youhave to transfer them to police station. This is not aneasy job toperform and you have to play with multiple dangers whileperformingthese duties. But, as a good police commandos officer youhave todo this with extreme care and responsibility. You are mainsourceof SWAT police force to solve this criminal case. You have todrivepolice car and race through narrow streets of city while thiswildcrime chase car against the gods gangsters mafia. This is ablendof police crime games and police truck games. You can takethis asa police vs car thief mafia car simulator game. You have tohit andsmash criminals’ car with your police car games andtruck.Experience the best collective package of police chase gamesthethief and in car racing cop chase simulator games with anamazingcar driving simulator on highway-Getaway chase.While racingwithcriminals you have to very careful and try not to collideandwreckage with other hurdles and buildings. This will decreaseyourlife. In this beautiful grand city robbery environment you canearnmoney from successful Police chase and from that amount youcanunlock other racing car pursuit and trucks. The car drivingissuper realistic, Police cars have a great sense of weightandmomentum on them makes do drifts in this SWAT police cardriftingsimulator 3D game 2018. It contains many helpful guides andtips& tricks for this amazing Vegas Gangster Mafia Sim.Thissimulator is full of exciting levels. Its Simple user interfaceandeasy navigation of this Gangster Vegas guide make youexperiencethe smoothest game play without any difficulties on eachstages ormissions. Help president limo rescue in severalmissions.Enjoyeverything Vegas has to offer, from shooting up rivalgangs andstealing cars to race down the strip, bank robberymaster,helicopter shooting, Police chase games, Real us Policegame,Robber Chase, to pushing your luck at the casino andcustomizingyour threads. You can even take off into the sky as youexploreevery inch of this criminal paradise. A great variety ofammunitionand weapons! gangster Gods mafia Car theft! Start playinganultimate action packed criminal game in a criminal mode likeamafia hero. Us Police Chase, shoot and kill your enemies tobecomean underworld don. Go back into the lifestyle of a realpolice bikegangster chase to bring back the terror.Key Features ofPolice CarGangster Chase - Vegas Crime Escape simulator 2018:•Amazing Vegascriminal car driving chase city story.• Realisticenvironment ofthe Vegas mafia city game.• Smooth and easy control.•Latest modelsof Us Police game and Police Jeep.
Robot Cop : City Wolf Helicopter Police Transform 1.5
Games Laft
Robot Cop : City Wolf Helicopter Police Transform is newlydevelopedfuturistic transform robo game. This is a new kind ofwolf robot wargames where you will feel like in future because ofthis new wolfrobot fighting games. The user will play the role oflead characterthat is a wolf transformer, the wolf is the cop ofthe future cityand his duty is take out all the evil and criminalrobos away fromthe city. This brilliant wolf robot war games,definitely need propractice of best helicopter robot wolf games.The user can performthe shooting and action based activities bothas a wolf andhelicopter. If you Like transforming robot car gameswhich has multirobot transformation in robot horse simulator. Theuser will have totake out the evil bots through the advancedweapons and missilesystem. Play with real robot transformation,flying robot and mechwarrior if you smack down all the futuristiccar war robots for thefuture for your country. The user roamsaround the city and pick thetasks related to cleansing of thecity. Miami Police Cop car robotwill rule the world oftransforming robot games. The evil aliens aretrying to control thecity and terrorize general public, but it’s upto you to use yourfox robo cop and destroy these aliens. Take therisk of citysurvival rescue mission as robot hero can transforminto roboteagle to fight in futuristic robots war. The user willhave toopportunity to fly his robo wolf as Helicopter. Experiencetherealistic flight as the user tries to fly over the future cityandhit various targets on the ground. Play and get yourdailytransform wolf robot cop helicopter adventure doze with thisnewand free air robot battle games and fantastic robothelicoptergames. Perform the surveillance of the city from skyheight anddon’t let these aliens take over the city because it’syour duty tostop them. Be ready for the first robot wolf transformcity battleattack game and become multi hero with the help ofjungle beastwild robot.Let us explore few highlighting features ofthe game:🚁Ultimate cut scenes and animations.🚁 Highly equipped CoChoppers tohunt down criminals.🚁 Specialized gunship controls.🚁Shedder effecton city terrains.🚁 Absolutely free game.🚁 Smooth andeasy controls.🚁 Huge Metropolis Crime City.🚁 Realistic criminalchase andshootout mission.🚁 Specially designed cinematography forcameraangles.🚁 Dynamic Helicopter controls.🚁 Supersonic Nitro andTurboBoosted criminal’s cars.🚁 Realistic sound effects(SFX).🚁Specialized 3D visual effects (VFX).🚁 Real Flight simulationwithjoystick on screen.🚁 Highly sensitive tilt control withspecializedtilt sensor.🚁 Multiple camera views.🚁 Speech bubbles,animationsand guidelines.
The Russian Blocky Police 1.0.18
Are you the new blocky police games officer in town? In TheRussianBlocky Police you will be catching all the deadly criminalsin theblocky city! Find the criminals and chase them in yourrussianpolice games vehicle until you got him. Being a russianpoliceofficer ain’t easy, if you’re able to fulfill our blockypolicegames tasks then we are looking for! Unlimited blockygamesmissions! In The Russian Blocky Police you will haveunlimitedmissions! In our blocky games simulator you can playforever. Ain’tthat an amazing feature of this simulator? Drive tothe missionscircles and your mission will start. Choose the missionyou likeand start the mission. Transport criminals, catch criminalsandfind dangerous cases! Unlock lots of blocky games vehicles!Hardwork pays off in our blocky games simulator. Everyday youputyourself in danger so it must pay good! With your hard earnedmoneyyou can unlock the most amazing blocky games vehicles! Andguesswhat, they have all their own unique vehicle stats. Thisamazingsimulator has it all. Come on and download this amazingsimulator.The Russian Blocky Police Blocky Police Games Features -Become therussian police games hero of the city- Challengingmissions andalso unlimited missions- Unlock lots of amazing russianpolicevehicles- Don’t forget to rate this game and givefeedback~HaveFun! - MobileGames
Blocky City: Ultimate Police 1.4
GET ALL THE WANTED CRIMINALS BEHIND THE PRISON BARSThis blockycopcar simulator is all about catching the wanted criminals ontheblocky roads and putting them behind the prison bars inthiscartoony crime city simulator. A mega craft game is nice,butnothing beats an adrenaline-filled police shooting game. Thatiswhy we developed a mega craft game and a police shooting gameinone!THE ULTIMATE BLOCKY COP FORCE IS RECRUITINGWhile youarecatching the wanted criminals in the big open world of BlockyCity:Ultimate Police, the ultimate blocky cop force is looking fora newpolice star in their squad. Make sure you stand out from theotherpolice officers in this mega craft police car simulator. Megacraftultimate cop force skills are what they look for so make sureyouhandle the blocky cop cars well and complete all thechallengingblocky cop cars levels!Key Features of Blocky City:UltimatePolice:✔ Nerve-wrecking mega craft blocky cars levels inthispolice car simulator!✔ Ultimate police force skills are neededtocomplete these levels!✔ Unlock the best blocky cop cars inthiscartoony crime city simulator!✔ Adrenaline-filled policeshootinggame with mega craft graphics!✔ Become the new star in thispoliceshooting game and blocky roads game!✔ More blocky roads gamesandpolice shooting games will follow shortly*** ANY IN GAMEPURCHASEWILL REMOVE ADS FOREVER ***We’re on Twitter, Facebook andmore -find us on your favorite networks to hear about our newestgamesand other news updates:▶ Website |▶Facebook |▶ Twitter|▶ YouTube |
Police Car Chase Smash 1.3
Start your cop duty with police car as your transport to chase&smash criminal cars. Prove yourself as the brave policeofficer tocontrol crime and chase down criminals. Be the perfectpolice cardriver to chase robbers, criminals and street racers.Have a furiousdrive on the city streets with chasing, smashing andcar stunts.Relive the rivalry between cops and robbers. Streetracers andcriminals are getting away with crime so fulfill yourduty as atrained police cop driver to chase criminals. Are you atransportsimulator fan? Do you love driving fast cars and driftaround. Timeto get crazy with police car chase to smash criminalcars. One ofthe best real cop simulator game is here. A standoutcrime simulatorwhere you will feel the heat of a real cop cardriver, hunting thiefand thugs to clear the city of crime. Sharpturns, intense racing,criminal chase and fully action packed game.Chase criminals on yourpolice car, smash them and arrest robbers,thief and street racers.Be careful with the heavy traffic on theroads. Don’t smash into acitizen’s car. It’s your duty to protectthe city premises andarrest criminals. Extreme car driving,racing, drifting and chasingwith police car in this cop chase& smash simulator. The realchallenging gameplay missions willmake you drive with extreme speedon a pursuit against criminals.FEATURES• Real Police Car DrivingSimulation 3D• Crime City Sceneswith Various Missions• ExtremeCrime Pursuit and Chase• SmoothDriving and Drifting• A Big New Cityto Explore• Chasing andSmashing Cars• Hours of Simulation FunYourFeedback, Ratings &Comments are valuable for us.
Blocky Cop Pursuit Terrorist 1.3
DON’T LET THE CRIMINAL ROBBERS GET AWAY!!There has been acriminalterrorist jail breakout and now the thieves are trying toget outof the little big city by using a stolen luxury race car.You aredriving your daily route patrolling the little big city andall asudden you see the criminal terrorist in there stolen luxurycartrying to drive away from the city. There is no time to callbackup in these smash car games simulator missions! You need topursuitthese criminal terrorist yourself. Put the pedal to themetal andtake your luxury race car to its limits!! High speed chasegamesand smash pursuit games have never been this much fun.WE NEEDSOMECOPPERS TO STOP THESE CRIMINAL CAR RACERS!Are you the copperweneed for these smash pursuit games? Are you a skilled enoughpolicerace car driver to stop these robbers? Can you make thelittle bigcity secure again? Show us your police pursuit racingskills inthese high speed chase games and make sure you become thebestpolice officer the little big city has ever seen. AWESOME CITYRACEMAPSIn this car crash simulator fun game you get to pursuitcops vsrobber in the most awesome city race maps and environments.Theblocky cartoon city and luxury cars are made for creatingsomesmash car games simulator missions. Sit back, relax and makesurethe criminal terrorist robbers get behind prison barsagain!BlockyCop Pursuit Terrorist – KEY FEATURES✔ All new 2017features inthese smash pursuit games!✔ Amazing smash car gamessimulatormissions✔ Real adrenaline filled car crash simulator fun✔Policechasing cars are necessary to complete the missions✔ Stunningcopsvs robbers mobile action✔ Epic high speed chase games✔ Moresmashpursuit games will follow shortly *** ANY IN GAME PURCHASEWILLREMOVE ADS FOREVER *** Your feedback is very important forus!Please help us improve by rating and giving us your comments inoneof our social media below. Let’s make awesome mobilegamestogether! We’re on Twitter, Facebook and more - find us onyourfavorite networks to hear about our newest games and othernewsupdates: ▶ Website |▶ Facebook|▶ Twitter|▶ YouTube |
Police Car: Chase 1.4
Oppana Games
Become a policeman, hop into the police car and chasecriminals(offender). *** GAME FEATURES *** - This exciting anddynamic gameis sure to bring you hours of fun.- Car damage isextremelyrealistic. - It's very simple to select a drive mode. -You getrealistic acceleration. - Great graphics. Download and playOPPANAGAMES! And enjoyyourself!
Police Radio Scanner 2018 1.0
YNR Studios
We developed best free Police Radio Scanner Sounds applicationforyou.Police Radio Scanner App 's features :Police sirensoundRadioScan soundsRadio noice soundsLong radio scannersoundsRoger thatsoundEnabling play in backgroundSiren song Radioscanner Radiosound Cops sirenRedio
Police Dog Criminal Hunt 3D 1.0.2
Sniff Sniff, What do I smell? In this fun simulator you will beapolice dog in training! You will be trained to find all kindsofdangerous goods. You will become the best police dog gamesbreedmankind has known. Your little nose is so good it can smellthegoods a mile away! Find the dangerous goods and you willberewarded! 5 challenging police games areas to train in! SniffSniffand off you go, can you find all the hidden goods? Policegameswere never this fun to play while you are being a dog. If youlikepolice games and police dog games then search no longer!Unlocklots of different kinds of police dog games breeds, maybe youcanunlock your favourite breed! Police Dog Criminal Hunt 3 D -PoliceGames Features : - Police games were never this much fun toplay-Find all the dangerous objects- Unlock 5 different trainingareas-Unlock all kind of police dog games breeds- Easy on-screencontrols- Don’t forget to rate and give feedback Help us make moregamesand making games better! Our players are very important to usatVascogames. We want to make better games and also games thatyou,as our players like! Let us know in the comments, or anyothersocial media what you would like to see for our nextgames!Facebook - -