Top 1 Games Similar to Deer Hunter Sniper Shooting 3D

Ancient Hunter Simulator: Deer 1.0
We invite you to slip into the forgotten jungles and forests ofthehunters! It's time to Come of age, like a real hunter, provingyourtracking skills, stalking your prey, and putting yourhuntingskills to the test in pursuit of real wild animals.Travelthroughthe North America’s scenic Pacific Northwest up to the HotandSweaty Savannah of Central Africa - A Tribal Infested Area, inanepic journey to locate and hunt the world’s most exoticanimals!Theyear is 1635--the great wave of Ancient Americanpioneers pushingwest is imminent. Can you overcome them?Achievegreat distinctionand honor, learning to fend for yourself and eventhrive as youventure through the wilderness! Become a Deer Hunter,track andKill Man Eating Beasts.Explore a living World - Immerseyourself inbeautiful and diverse environments filled with multipleanimalspecies! Watch out for attacking predators including bears,wolves,and cheetahs! Hunting deer is just the beginning!Try out themostvisually stunning FPS hunting simulator on Android, this gameisdeveloped for true fans of FPS games, andHuntingSimulators.FEATURESo Learn how to handle sword, bow andarrowsskillfully–make use of realistic flight physics and defendyourselfand your people!o Master your multifaceted hunting missions– sneakup on Deer hunter, bears, boars, crocodiles and evenmonsters, andslay them to nourish your people!o Protect yourselffrom dangerouspredators – lions, tigers, and grizzly bears arecoming foryou!Play the entire game for free! It’s open season jointhe hunttoday!