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Food Book Recipes, Shopping List
Food Book is a completely free cookbook app which helps youtobecome a perfect cook. This app is having more than 1 millionfreerecipes. Looking for the best tasty app? here it is. Thisyummyrecipe book is the best cooking app that having meal plannerandrecipe organizer that you are looking for. All recipes in thisappare free to share, save and all. Quick dinner ideas and tipsneededfor cooking in the kitchen are provided in the preparationtime ofall food recipes. Healthy American recipes, 30 minutesrecipes andmore. If you are Vegan/Vegetarian ?? , you can easilyfind therecipes by using the search option according to your taste.Usethis app as your personal chef. * Chocolate desserts * Cookies*Classy Cocktail * Steakhouse Sheet Pan Dinner * Salads *SpecialKeto recipes * Healthy dinner recipes * Risotto *Heart-ShapedLasagna Bundt * Spinach and Mushroom Ravioli *Valentine’s baking *Turkey recipes Save dishes to favorites and usethem offlinewithout internet connection. Add all ingredients needfor cookingto shopping list and easily purchase it from the store.Food bookhas a large collection of wide variety of recipes fromdifferentparts of the world. Buy ingredients easy with our smartshoppinglist. Don't know how to cook alone? Download this freecookbook appand enjoy cooking new recipes. We have the collectionof differentfestival recipes, country-wise recipes, kids recipesetc. if youare a beginner in cooking then this will be the bestcompanion foryou. All foodies who love to cook can use this app.Even kids cansimply prepare their favorite dish very easily. Mainfeatures:Search recipes by ingredients, names, tags Detailedrecipeinformation : servings, nutritional value, calories,duration,cooking tips and many more Offline recipe access Smartrecipefinder : find recipes with ingredients you have ShoppinglistRecipe videos Favorite recipes can be stored separatelyReverserecipe search Recipes can be shared to anyone by a singleclickFood Book recipes have wide variety of Indian dishes fromvariousparts of India including Tamil Nadu dishes, Kerala recipes,NorthIndian food, South Indian food , Special spicy dishes,Streetfoods, Masala recipes and many other native dishes. Usingthefavorite option you can add your favorite recipes and can usethemoffline. Healthy recipes is must needed for maintaining ahealthylife. Our app have special category for healthy recipes.Salads,Coffees, chicken, juices and more in a single app. Maincategoriesinclude : Breakfast recipes, chicken recipes, coffee,cookies,desserts, egg recipes, healthy recipes, ice cream recipes,weightloss recipes, lunch recipes, pasta, pizza, rice recipes,salads,sauces, seafood, smoothies, soup, vegetarian recipes and alotmore. Authentic collection of wide range of tasty anddeliciousrecipes!! The perfect recipe book for all foodies!!Download Foodbook recipes and bring out the chef in you !!
10000+ Authentic Tasty Indian Recipes book FREE 1.1
Indian recipes is a one stop destination for all your cookingfoodrecipe needs. Yummly Indian recipes recipe app providesvariousrecipes for you to make your tummy yummy. It has around10000+indian recipes. We are here to make your cooking fever arealityand make you cook master chef. Make yourselves a cookbookmasterwith largest collection of all recipes at your fingertips.Why waitfor cookery shows, use indian recipes we got all kinds ofrecipes.We have ramadan special recipes and ramzan recipes for you.We haverecipes for ramadan and recipes for ramzan. Ramadan recipesarespecial for all. At Indian recipes we want users to becomeamasterchef like sanjeev kapoor, tarla dalal by providingsimpleeasy to make recipes in such a way that it feels like youareplaying a cooking game. We provide healthy food recipes forkids.Foodies like us can't wait to try different food recipes andthisrecipe app helps foodies to try out various food and winthosecooking hunger games. South indian delicacy rasam one of thefamoussouth indian recipes uses cilantro or coriander as one oftheingredients. South Indian recipes like idli sambar recipes wehavethem all. Suppose it's morning then our app suggests youIndianBreakfast recipes likewise it suggests Dinner recipes,IndianSnacks recipes and Indian Lunch recipes. We have varioustypes ofappetizers you can try before and with main dish. Youhavevegetables and fruits or ingredients in your fridge and don'tknowwhat to make with it, no worries we have a feature where youcansearch a recipe based and ingredients and we suggest what tomakewith these ingredients. You can add the ingredients onyourshopping list and place your order and we will deliver it toyou.We also have yummy burger recipes. Explore quick and easyrecipeswhich even a beginner chef can make. This app tries to givesimplerecipes which can make a beginner chef a masterchef. Everyonegetsbored eating same food everyday then why not make such foodrecipesat your kitchen. We have different apps for different typeofcuisines like american recipes, mexican recipes, italianrecipes,chinese recipes and many more.We also cover apps like souprecipes,salad recipes, cake recipes, chicken recipes, Healthyrecipes.Following recipes are most popular recipes categories whicharesearched all over and we have all of them. - Vegrecipes(Vegetarianrecipes vegan) - Cake recipes - Biryani recipes -Dessert recipes -Sandwich recipes - Pizza recipes - Soup recipes -Salad recipes -Weight loss recipe apps - Healthy recipes for kids -Chickenrecipes free - Fish Recipes(Seafood recipes) - DinnerRecipes -Zero Oil recipes - Diabetic Friendly recipes - Kidsrecipes -Cocktail and mocktail drink recipes These recipes are allfor freewith easy to make recipes and quick recipes at yourfingertips.Using this app you can have food recipes like you areeating at adinner restaurant at your house. We also have recipesfor festivalslike ramzan recipes, diwali recipes, christmasrecipes, navratrirecipes,Holi recipes, holiday recipes etc. You cansave recipesoffline with a click of a button which you can referwithoutinternet later. This offline recipes help save data. You canmake arecipe book while saving the recipe so you can save differenttypesof food recipes in different sections for easy use (eg. cakerecipebook, bbq recipes etc). If you don't find a recipe on ourcookpadapp then you can request a recipe and we will get it foryou.We areplanning to support many other languages like recipes inhindilanguage, recipes in marathi, recipes in italian, recipes intamil.We strive to become a indian recipe app which haslargestcollection of all recipes which you can try at your home andmakeyourselves yumist and Kitchen Queen (Rasoi ni rani). EnjoyCooking!To The MasterChef Within You.
Introducing the most amazing Allrecipes Dinner Spinner appyet!Designed to delight, Allrecipes’ Dinner Spinner has beenreinventedas the most popular food-focused social app with acommunity ofmore than 30 million home cooks who play a part inhelping cooksdiscover and share the joy of home cooking. The latestversion ofthe app is better than ever: • Feed: Personalized for youand getssmarter with every recipe you save and make; and each cookyoufollow. • Improved search options: Search by keyword,ingredientsto include/exclude as well as by dietary need &ready in time.• Favorites and Collections: Save your favoriterecipes for quickaccess anywhere and create, organize and sharerecipe collectionsto make finding favorite recipes a snap. • Cookwith what’s onsale: See which recipe ingredients are on sale nearyou! We’ll alsosuggest a recipe when you walk into a store (selectstores). •Step-by-step cooking videos: More than 1000mobile-friendly recipevideos with step-by-step cooking instructionsand you can skip tothe parts you want to see quickly (Tablet). •Sharing: I Made Itfeature makes it super easy to brag about yourcooking triumphswith friends – on Allrecipes, and in your Facebookfeed. • Cook’sprofiles: Everything you’ve created, saved and made…in oneconvenient place. • Shopping list: Just tap to add entirerecipesor ingredients to your shopping list. • Updated, streamlineddesignthat’s the same across your phone, tablet and PC.Allrecipesmembers know the value of reviews! Just like in cooking,reviewshelp us evaluate what you like, and what needs improvement.If youlike Dinner Spinner, we hope you’ll consider leaving a reviewherein Google Play. Unfortunately, we can’t reply to concernsandsuggestions through Google Play. If you send, we’ll be able torespondpersonally.
My CookBook (Recipe Manager)
Store all your favorite recipes in one place! My CookBook isarecipe manager with search and import features. My CookBookletsyou create your own digital cookbook. Build your ownrecipedatabase by gathering recipes on the web and using theimportfeatures. It is you and your own cookery! You are looking fora newrecipe ? Use our searching engine to find a new recipe on theweb.When you have found one you like, import it into My CookBook.Thenyou will be able to view it everywhere on your phone oryourtablet. You can add your own photo, change ingredientsordirections, or add you own comments You already have a cookbook?Add a new recipe into My CookBook manually, or import yourdigitalcookbook using one of the file formats we support like MealMaster(.mmf), MasterCook (.mxp), LivingCookBook (.fdx) , ReKconv(.rk)...You want to share some recipes with your friends ? Inviteyourfriends to join My CookBook, share your recipes with them andviewtheir recipes. Or share your recipes on Facebook or by email,sms,and others. You can also send them a “My CookBook” file theywillbe able to load into their app My CookBook also includesthesefeatures : • Create shopping lists using your recipeingredients •Synchronize your recipes on different devices usingdropbox • Scalethe ingredients to serve more or less people • Usethe speechfeature to read recipes • Customize various parts of theapp suchas theme, font size, categories. • Open recipes on yourAndroidWear watch My CookBook is also available on yourdesktop: Create a free account onouronline version My CookBook Online and you will enjoytheseadditional features (in the app and the website): • Save up to105recipes and 8 shopping lists in the cloud • Synchronize up to105recipes and 8 shopping lists between all your androidapplicationsand your online account • View and manage these recipeson anycomputer or any device • Invite your friends to join MyCookBookOnline and view their recipes • Plan your meals andgenerate ashopping list for the week Create a Premium account on MyCookBookOnline and : • All your recipes and shopping lists will besaved inthe cloud More details here: The creation of anaccounton My CookBook Online is optional and the number of recipesis notlimited in the Android application. We support more than200websites. If your favorite cooking website is not supported,youcan submit a request or vote for already submitted requests here: My CookBook ,theonly cooking app you need ! Ads in the app may be removedbypurchasing an in-app add-on or by installing the paid version ofMyCookBook: to translate My CookBook to other languages: Key words : cook, cooking,recipe,shopping list, recipe manager, meal planner
Veganized - Vegan Recipes, Nutrition, Grocery List 4.3.2
Vegan recipes for rookies and experts. Your complete cookbookwhichwill help you track and understand your nutrient intake everyday.Grocery shopping made easy for vegans. Plan your meals andcreateshopping lists and grocery lists to help you follow alltheproducts you need to prepare your favorite vegan recipes. Shareallyour vegan knowledge with the rest of the world. Whether withyourrecipes, your experience and comments, or with exchangesfromconversations with other users. Veganized is the recipeplatformspecialized in vegan food, where you can find tons ofrecipes andwhere each user can create and share his own recipe withthe restof the community. We are a complete platform for socialnetworkingaround vegan recipes, and veganism in general. Finally,you canprove to your not vegan friends and family that vegan dishescangive you the same nutrients intake that others ordinary meals.Withthe Nutrients functionality of this app you can check allthenecessary information for each vegan recipe: energy,macronutrientsdistribution, fibers, vitamins and minerals.Veganized gives thisinformation for all the vegan recipesavailable, and for eachserving of the recipe. When a user creates avegan recipe, thisinformation is computed automatically in functionof theingredients chosen. Social: Each user can comment the recipesandgives his opinion and communicate his experiences with theotherusers. With Veganized, you can share your vegan recipes withallyour friends to make the people discover the veganism. Youcanpromote you own blog, or social network page, Veganized allowsyouto enter an URL link to your blog, page, or web site wheretheoriginal recipe can be found. Planning: Veganized allows toplanyour meals for each day of the year. You can follow yourdailynutrient intake and compare with your own advisedintake,personalized in function of your age, sex, size, weightandphysical activity. You can also compare themacronutrientsdistribution with the advised distribution. Theplanning functionsis ideal for the users following a diet, or newon veganism andvegan food. Shopping List: You can create as manyshopping list asyou want, and add your planned meals. Veganizedautomaticallyupdates your shopping list and shows all theingredients that needto be bought. You can follow the acquired andthe missingingredients. With this feature, you can easy plan yourshoppinglist and be sure to not forget anything. Create Recipes:Veganizedprovide more than 300 vegan ingredients, and continuallyupdate andadd new ones, to allow you to create your own veganrecipes andshare your ideas with the rest of the community. If someingredientis missing you can ask for the specific ingredient at anytime. Youcan follow the comments and opinions of the other users,andobserve the nutrients intake of your own recipes. Moreimportant,Veganized promotes the vegan style of life through theresponsiblecooking of 100% vegetable dishes. All recipes areavailable inEnglish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese andSpanish. Therecipes created by the users are automaticallytranslated to theother languages. Be happy, be responsible, bevegan.
Cook like a chef ! More than 100.000 recipes for free and adailymenu. Put your favorite recipes in your cookbook
Masala TV Recipes 1.6
Welcome to MASALA TV Recipes !!! This application isgreatcollection of Indian, Pakistani, Bangali and Englishrecipes.Thisapplication has very nice UI and contains 1- Totky 2-CookingRecipes 3- Health tips 4- Live TV streaming of famous masalaTV 5-Clean UI 6- Easy to use 7- Daily recipe notification service8-Multi Language This application has more than 5000+ recipes inourapp.Recipes are very easy and can be prepared in very shorttime.All recipes are available in English , Urdu Language. Verylittleinterest needed to be an expert cook using this app. Last butnotthe least MASALA App has daily notification service that givedailynotification to user and hive a completely new recipe, totkaorhealth tip. Masla App has recipes by 1- TARKA 2- HANDI 3-LIVELYWEEKENDS 4- EVENING WITH SHEREEN 5- CHASKA PAKANE KA 6-MEHBOOBSKITCHEN 7- FLAME ON HE 8- JUST BAKING 9- FOOD DIARIES 10-TASTE OFPERSIA Masala TV Recipes Mobile Application development isnot aneasy task. A lot of hard work, and time goes into making anapp. Ifyou would like to recognize our hard work and support, aswell asfuture endeavors, there is no better way to show yoursupport thanrating 5★★★★★ and submitting your positive review.Please let usknow your suggestions to help us improve our app. Wehope you willsurely like. Rate us 5 ★★★★★ Please don't forget torate and writea positive review. Tags : biryani chicken recipescooking recipespakistani indian food desi health
fr.recettetek 4.13.4
Find a recipe has never been easier! RecetteTek is a realcookbook2.0 for all food lovers. The application allows you tocreate yourrecipe library and manage them easily. You can gatherall yourfavorite recipes in one application. Add your own recipesor importthem directly from the Internet . RecetteTek has a searchengine toeasily find and import recipes from most cooking WebSites.Yourrecipe is not provided for the right quantity? Change iteasily!Thanks to the different filters available (categories,ingredients,tags, favorites) , you will find recipes as quickly asa flash.Bring with you your shopping lists in order to not forgetanythingat the supermarket. Create as many shopping lists as youwant. Fromthe recipe , add the ingredients directly into the listof yourchoice. You can use your tablet in order to not to have totouchthe screen when you are cooking. You can not make yourdecision inall your recipes? Shake your device, RecetteTek willchoose arecipe for you. RecetteTek will make you forget your piecesofpaper ! Cooking will be a pleasure . The application is freeandwithout limitations :-) Features : * Search engine ofrecipesintegrated into the application * Add recipe, modifytheingredients , steps and photos, rate your recipes * Sort andfilteryour recipes by category * Search by ingredients , convenienttofinish the leftovers from his fridge! * Add favorite recipes*Manage your own categories * Share your recipes by email *Backupand restore your recipes (You can also share your recipeswith yourfriends! ) * Create your shopping lists from recipedetails *Change the quantities (automatic calculate) * Search bytags * Planyour recipes week by week * Remove ads and watermarks(premiumoption) * Export HTML (premium option) * Sync with GoogleDrive(premium option) How to import a recipe? > By usingtheintegrated search engine > Since your browser sharing thepageto the application RecetteTek > Entering the url address oftherecipe in the import function of the application You can useyourcomputer, the recipes generator (.rtk) available on our websitetoquickly import your recipes follow the news of theapplication : Twitter: Facebook:
All Recipes in Marathi 1.1
App provides you the collection of best and various types ofMarathiRecipes.This app gives you each recipes in Marathilanguage. It is avery useful App for cooking lovers as well as newcooking Learneralso.App has the largest offline collection ofMarathi Foods andRecipes.This free recipe app spread across majorcategoriesNon-Vegetarian Drinks/Beverages, Deserts, Snacks ,Chicken, Mutton& Rice.Feature of app:- Completely offlineapplication so youcan use application without internet.- Beautifuluser friendlyinterface.- Choose favourite recipe to Add recipes tofavouritesection.- Share recipes to each other via socialmedia.App Containfollowing categories :- Non Veg Recipes- PanjabhiRecipes- SouthIndian Recipes- Nashta Recipes - Paratha Recipes ,-Chutney Recipes-Salad Recipes- Ice Cream Recipes- Bhajyachi Recipein marathi- SweetRecipes- Festival Recipes- Summer / UnaliRecipes- and manymore..Download it and enjoy. Rate Us if you likeSo much.Thanks youfor Downloading.
150+ Filipino Food Recipes 2.3
Radio Apps
Best application with many Filipino recipes which you can findinfew categories! Over 99 Filipino food recipes are waiting foryou!Download this app now and learn some new Pinoy food recipesassoups, meals, juices and desserts. All recipes come withgreatinstructions, list of ingredients needed for that recipe andimageof food.Get a best collection of Filipino food recipeswithpreparation methods, this is great for true Filipino foodlovers!Great, rich taste of this food are waiting for you. In thisapp youwill get a step by step instructions and we will add morerecipessoon! Features of this app:- Application work offline- Itsverysimple to use- You can share recipes with friends atsocialnetworks- App works in portrait and landscape mode
All Recipes Free - Food Recipes Cookbook 5.6
Cut down on the cooking time with these quick and easy to makefoodrecipes. All recipes use simple ingredients that areeasilyavailable and inexpensive. If you are interesting in learninghowto cook healthy and yet simple recipes, you are in the rightplace.All Recipes Free app has all the cooking recipes youwillneed...and it's FREE FOREVER! No In-App purchasing. Nointernetaccess needed (works offline too). Just free food recipes!NEW:No-Ads version available inside the app! All food recipesaredescribed in two sections: Ingredients and Directions; Easyasthat! Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated and our foodrecipesapp can help you to prepare some awesome meals. Here’s whatelseyou can expect from our app: ✔ Detailed, easy-to-followrecipeinstructions ✔ On the fly search recipes by ingredients ordishname (results change as you type) ✔ A recipe box to saveyourfavorite recipes all in one place ✔ Add ingredients from recipetothe shopping list ✔ Add your own entries in the shopping list(onetap mark as purchased, long tap delete entry) ✔ Submit yourownrecipes to be published in the app (will be checked andpublishedif appropriate) We are confident that there is somethingforeveryone and we are constantly adding new recipes. All recipesarepublished for your convenience and are both suitable andtastyenough to be eaten by anyone without food allergies, as partof anormal diet. There are all kinds of food recipes, though,includinghealthy Morning Muffins and all recipes have fullinstructions andingredients list. There are recipes that familieswill like, suchas smoothies (with white tea and strawberries),Eggamuffinbreakfasts with sprouted grain muffins and eggwhite oregg,burritos and things kids like. Now, cooking any dish means youhaveto know all the ingredients and condiments that are requiredforpreparing them. More importantly you have to know the exactamountof the condiments and the spices required for cooking them.Perfectmixture of spices and ingredients will help you to createthe rightmagic regarding the dish. All recipes, text andphotographs in thisapp are credited to their authors. Pleaseaddress any copyrightconcerns to the developer email below.
Easy Vegetarian 3.6
Here you’ll find everything you need for a successfulvegetariandiet - loads of quick vegetarian and vegan recipes, easyto useshopping lists and lots of helpful vegetarian information atyourfingertips. The Easy Vegetarian App was created by thepeoplebehind, namely Kat, Dave and Hauke. Overtimewe’ve built up a great resource of quick and nutritious veganandvegetarian recipes. Our goal: making the switch to thevegetariandiet as easy as possible. We think recipes should beenjoyable andnot a constant source of worry or second guessing. So,of course,we needed an app with easy vegetarian recipes too! EASYVEGETARIANAPP FEATURES - Almost 200 Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes -more addedevery week - Many high protein recipes - Nutritioninformation witheach recipe - Shopping List – add ingredients fromany vegetarianrecipe or add ingredients manually - Smart IngredientSorting –your ingredients on the shopping list are divided byrecipe. -Favorites Section - save your fave vegetarian recipes inone handylist - Read offline - available only for the recipes youvisitedbefore - The Veggie Guide - we answer all importantquestionsaround the vegetarian diet - Many more features on theirway ALMOST200 VEGAN AND VEGETARIAN RECIPES! You can choose fromclose to 200vegan and vegetarian recipes, more added every week.Most of themare done in much less than 30 minutes and are verynutritious. Bestof all, we love high protein recipes, so you’llfind many of thoseas well. If you're already a seasoned vegetarianwe’re confidentthat we can surprise you with a couple of creativevegetarianrecipes you haven’t come across yet. That being said, wework witha team of professional chefs to develop vegetarian recipesthat areexciting, easy and come out great. This is what our recipeswillhelp you with in a nutshell: - easily make the transition frommeatto meat-free - get all the nutrients you need (yep,especiallyprotein and other essentials) - make vegetarian cookingas easyeffortless as possible without sacrificing the taste ABOUTTHEVEGETARIAN DIET The vegetarian diet excludes the consumptionofmeat (also poultry and fish) as well as any by-products ofanimalslaughter like rennet and gelatin. The vegan diet goes onestepfurther and removes all animal products from the menu, meaningmeatand also dairy, eggs and honey. Roughly half of our recipesarevegan, the rest includes dairy and/or eggs. GOING VEGETARIANISCOMPLETELY SAFE AND HEALTHY The American Dietetic Associationsaysan appropriately planned vegetarian diet including vegan dietsarehealthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide healthbenefitsin the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Withthatopinion, they’re in line with Harvard Medical School as well.Wekeep a close eye to their guidelines when developing ourvegetarianrecipes. That doesn’t mean there are no “naughty recipes”on ourapp, but our focus is mostly on the healthy side. THE VEGGIEGUIDEINCLUDES: - Why Become a Vegetarian? - What Going VegetarianCan DoFor You - Proteins - Fats (Omega 3 vs Omega 6) - Vitamin B12- Iron- Is a Vegetarian Diet Healthier Than a Diet Including Meat -Howto Make a Gradual Switch to a Vegetarian Diet - How toAnnounceGoing Vegetarian - Losing Weight on a Vegetarian Diet Thecurrentversion of the EASY VEGETARIAN App is just the beginning andwe’remore than happy to receive feature requests. Oh, and if youhaveany cool easy vegetarian recipe ideas you think we shouldcreate,we’re all ears! For any (recipe) ideas and feedback pleasesend anemail to - Thank you! A big thankyou toMartin, our talented developer! The Easy Vegetarian App wouldstillbe only wishful thinking without your help. Curious what elsewe’reup to? Make sure you check us out at formoredelicious vegetarian recipes, meal plans and articles allaroundthe vegetarian diet.
com.vrrecip.hndie 1.4
Cook delicious vegetarian food at home with step by step photos.Appsharing 1000 recipes from the most popular Indian recipe .Allrecipes are tried and tested by us as well as by our readers.Ifyou want to learn Indian vegetarian cooking then do give this Appatry as we include a lot of photos in our step by steprecipeformat. The App has many good features - like works inofflinemode, the recipes can be easily bookmarked by using thefavoriteoption, multiple sharing options, facility to search aparticularrecipe from 1100 recipes and so on. You'll never ask"vegetarianrecipes, again?" when you taste any of our top deliciousvegetarianrecipes, Try our top-rated vegetarian meals, vegetariandinnerrecipes, delicious vegetarian recipes, tasty vegetarianrecipes,vegetarian salad recipes, vegetarian sandwich recipes,vegetarianlasagna recipe, vegetarian pie recipes too. For ease ofreadersrecipes in this App are divided into various categories: 1.IndianBreakfast Recipes 2. Rice Recipes 3. Main Course Recipes 4.IndianSweets and Desserts 5. Starters and Snacks 6. Indian Curries7.Indian Street Food 8. Indian Vegan Recipes 9. IndianVegetableRecipes 10. Dal Recipes 11. Eggless Cakes Recipes 12. EasyBachelorRecipes 13. Quick 30 Minutes Recipes 14. Gluten FreeRecipes Indian Recipes & How-To Videos 1.1.3
Devaki Aiyer App provides you with easy & free accesstorecipes from across India and curated recipes from other partsofthe globe. Not only do we provide you with a wide range ofyummyrecipes, but we also have instructional "How-To" videos tocreatemouth-watering delights that are easy, fun and quick tomake!Westrive to make Indian cooking as fun, easy, simple anddelicious aspossible. Our app allows you to quickly search for anyrecipe youhave in mind, browse popular recipes, find recipesthrough ourcategorized collections, and view videos in a click of abutton.Areyou a Vegetarian? No problem, click our "Vegetarian-Only"optionand instantly filter out all Non-Vegetarian recipes.PackedwithMobile-only Features: * Bookmark your favourite recipes. *Create"Shopping Lists" for recipes you want to cook.Ourrecipescollections spans across regions - Punjab, Tamil Nadu,Andhra,Kerala, Karnataka, Bengal, Mangalore, Rajasthan, Kashmir,Goa,Sindhi, Chettinad, Sri Lankan, Thailand, Malaysia, andmore.Forevery type of dish - Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, Curries,Gravies,Chutneys, Rice Varities, Breads, Pickles, and more.For youmeatlovers out there, we have Indian recipes for Chicken,Mutton/Lamb,Seafood and more.Visit us at
Cookpad - Create your own Recipes
If you love home cooking, discovering new ideas, and sharingyourinspirations with others then Cookpad is the place for you.Cookingat home can sometimes feel lonely, and it can be hard tofind dailymotivations, but with nearly 3 million recipes, theworld’s largestcommunity of active cooks, and the ability to save acollection,you won’t struggle for new ideas. Enjoy these Cookpadapp features:- Add your recipes and share with fellow Cookpad users- Explore analways fresh feed of latest recipes from cooks youfollow - Planwhat you are going to cook next with a daily mealplanner - A listof your cooked recipes so you’ll never forget thethings you’veenjoyed - Keep track of changes you make each time youcook withCooking logs. On each recipe - see who is cooking yourrecipe inreal-time and follow the cooking conversation from thecommunityand see any changes they make. - Search recipes by foodtitle ormultiple ingredients. Find daily inspiration Across ourglobalnetwork, Cookpad recipe creators add thousands of new recipeseveryweek so there will always be something that provides a sparkofinspiration. Never miss out with a feed of recipes from thecooksyou follow. Building your cooking plan and collection Asyoudiscover new ideas you can now easily save them into adailycookplan. So when you’ve decided what you want to cooknext,planning and preparing has never been easier. And once youcooksomething, you can now mark it as “cooked”. This means it isthensaved in your cooked recipes list. With busy lives, it is alltooeasy to forget those meals that you enjoyed in the past. Well,withthe “cooked” feature you won’t have that problem. Join theworld’smost active cooking community The best way to enjoy Cookpadis toshare the highlights, discoveries and the recipes of the foodyoulove to cook. With our easy-to-use recipe creation tool, youcanadd your recipes, ideas and photos in minutes. And the bestfeelingis when someone cooks and enjoys your recipe. Each recipeonCookpad has its own cooking history. We call this the CookingLogand it’s where you can see who else has enjoyed that recipe,seetheir tips and learn how they’ve made changes and see theresults!This is what makes Cookpad special - you too can enjoycooking morethrough inspiring and being inspired by others. Cookpadis theworld's largest homemade recipe-sharing app and iscurrentlyavailable in more than 20 languages with communities inmore than70 countries. Cookpad has already helped millions ofpeople to:Discover new recipes Build connections with other cooks.Gainconfidence in their cooking abilities. Come join us 💜
Youmiam 3.21.2
Recipes are much more than text. Youmiam redefines andsimplifieshow you share and discover great recipes. Youmiam offersaninnovative recipe format that is very easy to post, understandandshare across the web. Free yourself from boringbullet-pointrecipes, and enjoy a new cooking experience thanks tovisualstep-by-step instructions. Follow friends and foodiesandpersonalize your home feed to help Youmiam become your kitchenallyin the kitchen. From aspiring foodies to professional chefsourpassionate and diverse community will provide you with tastyanddelicious options for everyone, everyday. Some of ourcoolfeatures: ✓ A new recipe format that encapsulates each step inavisually stunning way and makes it so easy. ✓ Beautiful,simpleinterface. ✓ Access your saved recipes from the palm of yourhandanytime thanks to offline mode. ✓ Create a personalized homefeedwith recipes from the people you follow and trust: yourfriends,favorite chefs, and other foodies in the Youmiam community.✓Advanced search : easily find recipes you crave based ontheingredients you have, your cooking skills or new culinarytrends. ✓Delicious recipes are added everyday by the community.From classicdishes to creative cuisine, you’ll find quick and easyrecipes anda whole lot more : We promise there really is somethingforeveryone. ✓ A super smart shopping list feature you canaccessoffline to make your life easier. ✓ Share your favoriterecipeswith your friends and save it thanks to the “remiam” button.✓Youmiam is a 100% free app that serves absolutely no ads.Downloadthe free Youmiam app today and join our community ofpassionatefoodies. Thanks for your support. We’d love to hear whatyou thinkso send us your feedbacks at
Milkshake Recipes 1.0
Milkshake is a sweet, cold beverage which is usually made frommilk,ice cream, or iced milk, and flavorings or sweeteners suchasbutterscotch, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, or fruitsyrup.Outside the United States, milkshakes using ice cream or icedmilkare sometimes called a thick milkshake or thick shake; inNewEngland, the term frappe may be used to differentiate itfromthinner forms of flavored milk.some of the famous healthyrecipesareVanilla Milkshake Icy Banana Milkshake Cappuccino CoolerYummyStrawberry Shake Chocolate Mug Milkshake Cold Cocoa SmoothieAppleMilkshake Bananerberry Smoothie Here we are added the mosteasiestand famous Milkshake recipes from all around the world. Feelfreeto download the milk shake recipes app to explore more Recipes
Healthy Recipes 1.4
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Looking for tasty and healthy recipes free app? YOU'VE FOUNDIT!!Doyou want to kick-start a new healthy lifestyle withhealthyrecipes? Start planning healthier meals for a complete yearwiththese quick healthy recipes videos. When most domestic cookstryand make healthy recipes, they surgically remove the entireflavor.We can help you restore the taste in healthy recipes.Letthis apphelp you with your health and weight loss goals and stopwonderingwhat to eat for healthy breakfast, healthy lunch orhealthy dinner.Each recipe can be modified to your own liking.Start with yummyrecipes and make them your own! You are what youeat. After all,you are what you eat. Get healthier, more energeticand livelonger.Categories- Healthy Meal Options- HEALTHY SNACKIDEAS-HEALTHY RECIPES IDEAS- Healthy Lifestyle- HEALTHY DESSERTIDEAS-WHAT I EAT IN A DAY- HEALTHY BREAKFAST IDEAS- HealthyLunchRecipes!- Healthy Dinner Recipes!- Cheap Clean Eats- HealthySugar& Oil-Free Breakfast Ideas- Healthy & Low CalorieLunchIdeas- Lose Weight Fast- Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast-Recipes andHealthy FoodFeatures of Healthy Recipes:Greatestcollection ofCooking Recipes VideosFood Recipes withIngredientsPreparationOrganized CategoriesEasy Recipes and QuickRecipesShareRecipes with Your family and friendsRecipes from Yourfavoritechefs and Channels around the worldAdd recipe to yourfavorite listto watch latermore than 50 Categories andchannelsSearch yourFavorite RecipesAll your Favorite recipes inoneplaceDISCLAIMER:All the videos included in the app are publicandthey are hosted on YouTube. And we only allows video streamingandto share YouTube links. We don't allow to download any content.
Chicken Recipes 1.9.0
Chicken recipes are one of the most commonly used recipes inthekitchen all around the world and recipe books. Among thedifferentways to cook chicken, baked chicken is one of the mosttypical way.Chicken recipes are easy to prepare are a dish thateveryone like.Thanks to its easy preparation and mild flavor isideal for kids.Enjoy this recipe book app and taste all recipes! Inthis recipebook application you will find over 70 recipes toprepare chickenwith detailed step by step. You can store recipes ina favoriteslist or filter depending on the part of the chicken usedin therecipe: Thigh, Thigh, breast, whole chicken, chicken wings.Thisrecipe book application is ideal to innovate chicken recipe.Youwill find very interesting developments such as chickenbeer,chicken with vegetables, chicken wings with honey, chickenbreastswith cream or chicken breasts with herbs. Chicken recipesare easyto follow and develop, easy cooking for everyone. ★ Browsethroughmore than 70 chicken recipes. ★ Chicken recipe book. ★Create yourown list of favorite recipes. ★ Recipes classified intocategoriesto facilitate the search for main ingredients. ★ Sharerecipes withfamily and friends! ★ Brand ingredients during thepreparation ofthe recipes.
All Recipes in Hindi 1.0
Collection of best and various types of Indian Recipes InHindiLanguage.The app contains the various Indian food stuffsacross andare broadly classified as per the taste of every personas perregion, festivals and all the types of requirements.Consistency isfulfilling and would be a healthy experience for allthe users.Thisapp gives you each Recipes in Hindi only. It is avery useful Appfor cooking lovers as well as new cooking Learneralso.This appwill use in your kitchen at any time.Do with this app:1. See allrecipes categories wise,2. Recipes in detail view.3.Share withOther friends and family by social network4. Favouriteanyrecipes.App have Following Categories :* Panjabhi Recipes*Nashta(Breakfast) Recipes* Paratha Recipes* Sabji Recipes* FastRecipes*Chatani Recipes* Achar Recipe* Gujarati Recipes* BengaliRecipes*Veg and Non Veg Biryani Recipes* Festival Recipes* SaladRecipes*Non-Veg Recipes* Baby Food Recipes* Sambar Recipes* SouthIndianRecipes* Ice Cream Recipes* Roti Recipes* Mithai Recipes*SoupRecipesFeatures of This App :* 100% free application*Beautifuluser friendly interface* Add your favourite recipe infavouritelist.* Offline App so does not require internetconnection.* ShareTips with all social media appsThanks in Advancefor Downloading.Rate Us if you like So much.
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Hindi Sabzi Recipes App provides you the collection of bestandvarious types of indian sabzi recipes In Hindi Language.ThisApplication Provides most of Sabzi Recipes describe indifferentcategories. It is a very useful App for cooking lovers aswell asnew cooking learner also.This app will use in your kitchenat anytime. Various list of Sabzi are : 1. Veg kohlapuri 2. Maturpaneer3. Mungdaal 4. Palak mashrum 5. Kaju kari 6. Paneer kofta 7.Aloomatur ki sabzi 8. Shahi paneer 9. Kadai paneer 10. Sindhi kadhiAppFeatures :- - You can access this whole app in offline(noInternetConnection required). - Share recipes with friends andfamiliesusing social app like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. - Easy toaddrecipes in your favorite list. - Simple and easy - Free for all-All Sabzi Recipe in Hindi Rate us please!
Meat Recipes
Meat recipes free app brings you the collection of variety ofmeatdishes from different parts of the world. Different categoriesofhealthy meat recipes are there. This app is free for all time.Stepby step instructions are provided for cooking. Almost allrecipesfrom this app are healthy. People always need healthy disheswithmore taste. We have a huge collection of meat recipes. You canviewdishes on your native languages. Photos of each recipe isalsoprovided in this app. While food magazines gives only fewsimplegrilled meat recipes we offer you more than thousands of it.Chicken on the grill will seduce your taste buds and alsoensureyou a healthy diet . Indian meat curry, gravy, fry,tandoori,kebabs and starter recipes and more. We have country wisemeatrecipes. You can get any type of recipe from this app. Beefrecipeschicken dishes, healthy recipes, main dishes, quick and easy,sidedishes, lamb, pork, turkey recipes and more. You can getyourfavorite recipe by searching the recipe name, ingredients etc.Youcan access recipes without the aid of internet by adding themintooffline. You can bookmark your favorite recipes too. You canaddingredients to shopping list so that you can buy it from themarketvery easily. Our extensive library of meat recipes highlightsthemany diverse cuisines of dishes. App features: Global searchSearchrecipes by ingredients, names, tags Shopping listRecipepreparation time Offline recipe access Favorite recipes canbestored separately Reverse recipe search Recipes can be sharedtoanyone by a single click Recipes are provided withtheirnutritional value, calories Number of servings is alsoprovidedRecipe of the moment Meat recipes is an unavoidable dish inallprograms. Meat is a special dish in Christmas days. While we areina hangout chicken and beef recipes are must. Authenticcollectionof delicious and healthy meat recipes for free. Cookmouth-wateringrecipes with Authenticity tips for every recipe. Wehelp you tomake your cooking more easy and fun. The perfect meatrecipecookbook for free.
Christmas recipes 5.9.3
Cook with love! In this application, you will have: - 4tastyrecipes with photos Contents: * Main dishes( 1 ) * Salads( 1 )*Cakes and pastries( 1 ) * Desserts( 1 ) We are ready to listentoyour ideas and suggestions for further development oftheapplication. You can contact us by andwewill respond to all your questions and comments. Bon appetit! 5.9.4
Cook with love! In this application, you will have: - 100tastyrecipes with photos Contents: * Main dishes( 77 ) * Soups( 2 )*Appetizers( 8 ) * Dinner( 2 ) * Unsweet baking( 3 ) * Dumplings(6) * Picnic( 1 ) * Grill( 8 ) * Side dishes( 1 ) * Recipesformulticookings( 4 ) * Casserole( 2 ) We are ready to listen toyourideas and suggestions for further development of theapplication.You can contact us by and wewill respondto all your questions and comments. Bon appetit!
Dessert recipes 5.9.3
Cook with love! In this application, you will have: - 226tastyrecipes with photos Contents: * Apple desserts( 41 ) *Baklava( 1 )* Cake pop( 1 ) * Cheesecake( 15 ) * Cherry desserts( 3) *Chocolate brownie( 2 ) * Chocolate desserts( 50 ) * Cookies( 7 )*Cupcakes( 6 ) * Dessert with a cherry( 1 ) * Desserts( 179 )*Doughnuts( 2 ) * Eclairs( 1 ) * Fruit desserts( 3 ) *Grapesdesserts( 1 ) * Ice cream( 10 ) * Mousse( 5 ) * Panforte( 1 )*Panna cotta( 2 ) * Pie( 15 ) * Pies( 2 ) * Profiteroles( 2 )*Pudding( 3 ) * Raspberry desserts( 3 ) * Roulade( 2 ) * Souffle(1) * Strawberry desserts( 9 ) * Tiramisu( 2 ) We are ready tolistento your ideas and suggestions for further development oftheapplication. You can contact us by andwewill respond to all your questions and comments. Bon appetit!
Dumpling recipes 5.9.3
Cook with love! In this application, you will have: - 37tastyrecipes with photos Contents: * Dumplings( 31 ) * Khinkali( 1) *Manti( 3 ) * Wonton( 2 ) We are ready to listen to your ideasandsuggestions for further development of the application. Youcancontact us by and we will respond toallyour questions and comments. Bon appetit!
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Recipes Mania offers more than 10,000 recipes, made by ourItaliancooking team. You can save your favorites and browserthrough themost appreciated ones. Plus, you can now enjoy theshopping listfeature!
Salad Recipes 1.1
Free healthy and Fresh Salad Recipes Salads have become asynonymfor weight-loss but are not so much popular for the taste.However,our app has to offer not only great for weight-loss saladsbut alsothese apps are very tasty for everybody. This Salad Recipesarealso very easy to make and you can make them in 30 minutes orless.These are some of the salad recipes we have to offer: CobbSalad InA Jar Seven-Layer Salad Caprese Tomatoes Breakfast Baconand EggSalad BBQ Chicken Pasta Salad Greek Pasta Salad SummerPanzanellaCaprese Zoodles Steak Taco Salad Caprese Stuffed Avocados- Fruitsalad - Chicken salad - Caesar salad - High calcium salad -Highprotein salad - Green salad - Vegetable salad - Meat salad -Beansalad - Cheese salad - Egg salad - Tomato salad - Bread salad-Spinach Salad - Pasta salad - Seafood salad - Herb salad -Spicesalad - Fish salad - Cauliflower salad - Chicken Fajita Salad-Chicken and Asparagus Salad - Healthy Chicken Salad Pockets-Healthy Cucumber, Tomato, and Avocado Salad - Pomegranate WildRiceSalad - Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, and Avocado Salad - Buzz FeedSteakand Avocado Salad - Roasted Veggie Salad With TastyAvocadoDressing - Healthy Mediterranean Salad These are not theonlyrecipes this is just a piece of a large bigger and tastier pie!
Sweet Recipes in Hindi 31.0.1
This app contains 100+ Indian festival recipes Get new moreRecipesof Indian Festival Dishes in simple and easy hindi language.easyand simple to make testy recipes for festivals likeDiwali,Navratri , Christmas, Onam, New Year, Holi, Ramzan,Eid inHindi.You can also share this recipes with your friend to help formakingtesty Recipes Happy and Prosperous Diwali to all!! Diwali isnotonly to light the crackers but also the preparation ofdifferentdishes which are close to your heart. Many Snacks SweetsRecipes ofDiwali are included in our app. Sharing of foods is oneof thehappiest moment ever. So make the different varieties ofdishes inDiwali with short period of time and serve with pleasure.There areso many items of diwali recipes are included in this are •DiwaliMurukku • Diwali Athirasam • Gulabjamum • Thatai • Seedai•Rasakula • Halwa • Olapakkada • Poli Laddu • Maysorepakku•Karasevu • Baji • Vadai Our user-friendly cooking app comes withahost of features that include: - Diwali Recipes Collectionwithphotographs - Complete list of ingredients required -Step-by-stepinstructions in Tamil - Time taken for preparation -Option to saveyour favourite recipes - Easy sharing of recipes withfriends andfamily This app has varieties of Sweets dish and snacks,It includeall type of sweet snacks. Quick snacks and sweets thatneed veryless preparation that is all-in-one for evenings as wellas healthysnacks for those who are on some strict diet. Salty,crunchy,sweet, and creamy for every desire that attacks betweenmeals.Thisapplication is very useful for preparing Sweets snacks athome. Inthis App you will find an over 100+ Best Vegetarian TeaTime SnackRecipe Collection from Samosas, Oma podi , Ribbon pakoda,AmmaniKozhukattai Dhokla, Aloo, Ladoo, Adhirasam, Vadai, Pakoras,Bhajia,Farsans, Mathris, Murukku, Khakras, Ribbon Pakoda,Sundakkaipakora, Vegetable Cutlets Murukku, Kai Murukku, MulluMurukku(Thenkuzhal), Thattai, Onion Pakoda. Thenga Manga PattaniSundal,Paruppu Vadai, Masal Vadai, Vazhaipoo Vadai, Kara Sevu,Selvarappam, Puffs, Thattai & many more Sweets recipes. 10
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We are proudly Introducing Biggest Malayalam Cooking Collectionfrom" Ammachiyude Adukkala " which is one of the largest andbestmalayalam facebook group as An Android ApplicationNamedAmmachiyude Adukkala Tasty and Traditional Keralarecipes,AmmachiyudeAdukkala provides easy steps to prepare yourfavoriteSouth Indian, Kerala recipes, Onam recipes etc...AmmachiyudeAdukkala ( South Indian Recipes), Here you get IndianRecipe KeralaRecipe South indian recipe,Tasty ,yummy, crispy fooditems aretempting aren't they?We love eating healthy food items, orwe cansay we are addicted to simple yet tasty dishes . We are herewithmost exciting Kerala recipe.Ammachiyude Adukkala brings yourecipesof various mouth watering dishes and desserts from all partsofKerala. Although most of the dishes are known to anaveragemalayali, the unique styles from different parts of Keralastillremain unknown to many. Through this app, we bring you recipesofdishes, payasams and pickles. Notes:- For better readingofAmmachiyude Adukkala App, please update your Android version toatleast 4.1 ► Recipes in Ammachiyude Adukkala Application willbeUpdated Automatically on a Daily Basis ► Offline reading:Downloadand cache recipe and image locally for easy offlinereading. ►Smart notification on/off to alert user when new recipebecomeavailable ► Toggle Star your favorite recipes saved in "SavedforLater" menu. ► Easy Search: You can search for a recipe bysimplekeywords ► Share recipes on many sources. Sharing itviaWhatsapp,Facebook, Twitter and Email is easy (RequiresWhatsapp,Facebook and Twitter Android app installed) ► Hide read:Don't liketo see read recipe, this option make it easy to navigate► All yourstared '*' recipes view in "Saved for Later" underfavoritessection Now Enjoy the excellent Kerala Recipes inMalayalam. Yourvaluable comments and rating expected. Note: ★ YouNeed Internet tosync our application with server to download allrecipes. ★ Afterinstalling please allow 60 seconds for syncingrecipes to yourdevice for the first time. ★ After syncing readrecipes offline ★Recipes will be updated regularly if you areconnected to internet.★ Don't forget to try our widgets on yourhome screen. Note: If youhave facing any problem with thisapp,Please Email us
Hindi Recipes 1.35
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- Hindi Recipes App provides you the collection of best andvarioustypes of Indian Recipes In Hindi Language. - This app givesyoueach Recipes in Hindi only. It is a very useful App forcookinglovers as well as new cooking Learner also.This app will useinyour kitchen at any time. - Hindi Recipes App have total20Categories which includes - Nashta (Breakfast) -Paratha/Thalipeeth - Fast Recipe in Hindi - Chatani Recipes - AcharRecipe- Salad Recipe - Ice Cream Recipe in Hindi - Roti Recipe -SabjiRecipe in Hindi - Sambar Recipe - Mithai Recipe in Hindi -Festivalin Hindi - Non Veg Recipes in Hindi - Baby food Recipes -PanjabhiRecipes - South Indian Hindi Recipe - Soup Recipes inHindi-Gujrati Recipes in Hindi - Bengali Recipes in Hindi - Veg andNonVeg Biryani Recipe App Features :- You can access this whole appinoffline . You can share recipes with friends and families. YoucanSave your Favorite Recipes.
Philips Airfryer 3.9.0
Lets you fry or cook with up to 80% less fat*! Welcome tothePhilips Airfryer app, brought to you from the world’s nr 1 brandinlow fat fryers. With the Airfryer you can make nearly anything–and fast. From fried chicken to French fries to breakfastmuffins.Frying with less oil, without the mess. The Airfryer’sability tofry, roast, bake and grill your favourite dishes makes italmosttoo good to be true: that is, until you’ve tried it. We hopeyouwill find inspiration to cook tasty meals in an easy andhealthyway. This app gives you: - 200+ tasty recipe cards foreachAirfryer model HD922X, HD923X, HD924X - picture guided recipes-useful tips and tricks - tutorial videos - shopping list feature-full product and accessory range overview - help andsupportsection * Compared to fresh fries prepared in aconventionalPhilips fryer
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Amino Apps
Food Amino is the fastest growing mobile social network forFoodEnthusiasts! Did you just eat the most amazing meal? Do peoplecallyou the best chef they know? Find amazing recipes and dishesfromaround the world or get feedback on the meal you just made.FoodAmino allows you to meet new friends from across the globewhoshare your passion for food and cooking! Showcase yourfavoritedishes, restaurants, recipes and more while discovering newfriendsalong the way. Talk about your foodie passion with otherswho lovefood and cooking as much as you do! Whether you’revegetarian,vegan or a devout meat lover, find people who care aboutfood likeyou do! ◆ Share your passion with photos, videos, and blogposts ◆Ask questions and start discussions to get insights fromother foodexperts ◆ Write answers to share your knowledge withothers andgain reputation points ◆ Check out unique recipes thathighlightthe diversity of global cuisine ◆ Upload a picture of yourlatestfoodie find and see what others think of it ◆ Discusscookingtechniques with others to become even better- for bothnewbies andadvanced cooks Come find us on the web:
Odia Khana 2.0
Odia Khana App provides you the collection of best and varioustypesof Indian Delicious Recipes In Odia Language. - This appgives youeach Recipes in Odia only. It is a very useful App forcookinglovers as well as new cooking Learner also.This app willuse in yourkitchen at any time.- Hindi Recipes App have someCategories whichincludes - Breakfast- Paratha /Roti- ChataniRecipes- Achar Recipe-Salad Recipe- Ice Cream Recipe in Odia- RotiRecipe- Sabji Recipe inOdia- Sambar Recipe- Mithai Recipe in Odia-Non Veg Recipes in Odia-Baby food Recipes- Panjabhi Recipes- SouthIndian Recipe- SoupRecipes in Odia-Gujrati Recipes in Odia-Bengali Recipes in Odia-Veg and Non Veg Biryani Recipe
Black Vegan Tube: Vegan Recipes and Vegan Videos 1.0.8
The best Black Vegan app for vegan food videos, black veganrecipesand, how to live vegan.** Learn how to become vegan andblack ** **The best black people vegan food app **You will learnhow to becomevegan and transition into the vegan lifestyle. Learnabout blackvegan living and the postive health impact of goingorganic andvegan. Plus, see all the people that have transitionedto a healthyorganic vegan lifestyle. Also, Check out the famousfeatured vegansthat are trending!
Drink recipes 5.9.3
Cook with love! In this application, you will have: - 69tastyrecipes with photos Contents: * Cappuccino( 2 ) * Cocktail( 14) *Coffee( 2 ) * Compote( 3 ) * Daiquiri( 2 ) * Fruit-drink( 2 ) *Hotchocolate( 1 ) * Khiri( 1 ) * Kissel( 2 ) * Kvass( 2 ) * Lassi(3 )* Lemonade( 2 ) * Margaret( 1 ) * Michelada( 1 ) * Miscellanea(19) * Mulled wine( 1 ) * Punch( 1 ) * Sangria( 1 ) * Slash( 1 )*Smoothies( 8 ) We are ready to listen to your ideas andsuggestionsfor further development of the application. You cancontact us and we will respond to allyour questionsand comments. Bon appetit!
com.oceaninfo.hindigujarati UP TO DATE
** Gujarati Recipes** ** ગુજરાતી વાનગીઓ** We offer GujaratiRecipesin Gujarati language because we feel that you can learn newrecipes& dishes only in the language that you speak at home. IsaGlobal Platform for Gujarati community to share your CookingArt& food to your friends & family. With our uniquecollectionof Recipes in Gujarati, you don't have to browse the webevery timeyou want to cook some food. Our app is going to be yourone-stopsolution for all cooking ideas. In our app, you will find --Gujarati Recipes in Gujarati language - Indian Food RecipesinGujarati - Punjabi Recipes in Gujarati - Fast Food RecipesinGujarati - Chinese Recipes in Gujarati - Mithai Recipes inGujarati- Soup Recipes in Gujarati - Cake Recipes in Gujarati -SouthIndian Recipes in Gujarati, and many more... All RecipesinGujarati, Nasta Recipe, sabji Recipe, children Recipe,MithaiRecipe, Punjabi Recipe, South Indian Recipe, Roti Recipe,ParathRecipe, Farali Recipe, Ice cream Recipe, Sarabat Recipe,OwenRecipe, Starter Recipe, Rayta Recipe, Salad Recipe, JainRecipe,Sindhi Recipe, Healthy Breakfast Recipe, Diabetes Recipe.You caneasily share the recipes with others through email,Facebook,Whatsapp, etc. directly from within the app. Our uniquelayoutbased on different categories helps you in easily findingyourdesired recipe without excessive search. Recipes in Gujaratiisalso know as, gujarati food, gujarati vangi, kbc, bestgujaratifood, create foods in gujarati. Gujarati stands for FoodandBusiness. You can find Gujarati in Every Corner Of The World.ThisPlatform is a connecting medium for such food lovers! So goaheadand enjoy your Gujarati Recipes in Gujarati language, and feelfreeto send us your suggestions. If you have your own RecipesinGujarati, please do share them with us. We will be more thanhappyto share your dishes on our platform along with your name.Westrongly believe that your unique cooking art should behighlightedto the whole world so that everyone can benefit fromyour talent.In Nasta Recipe app you can find taste of Nasta Recipesin GujratiLanguage. This Nasta Recipes app containg100+Nasta(Snacks,Breakfast) Recipes with suitable image inGujratiLanguage. All People can make & enjoy Tasty Nasta stepby stepby using this application. Everything you need is right hereinthis Nasta Recipes app. You also can make a shopping list,addingthe desired product directly from the recipe that will assistyouin compiling lists when going to the shop!. This amazinganddelicious Nasta Recipes App will help you achieve both the goalsofweight loss and healthy eating at one go.Recipes we provideareproven to be healthy and will start off a whirlwind of waterinsideyour mouth. There is Various Collection of Nasta Recipes:1)bangali Samosa and Chatni 2)sev khamni 3)bhel 4)SurtiLocho5)dahi vada 6)Bread Pizza,bread Samosa,Bread Dhokla7)Kachori8)Petis,Coconut petis,dabeli,etc Other most testy nastasavailablein this Nasta Recipes app.
com.bangaliapps.bangali_ranna 2.0.2
Bangali Apps
By Cooking you can win other hearts. And it’s very funnyandexciting. Bangali Ranna provides you a huge collectionofBangladeshi cooked foods recipe and other countries recipesalsolike Italian, Thai, South Indian etc. We have divided ourrecipe in9 sectors like: Rice Recipe Meat Recipe Fish RecipeVegetableRecipe Dessert Recipe Drinks Recipe Pickle Recipe SnacksRecipeIndian Traditional Recipe Foreign Foods Recipe And in everysectorthere are several items with huge recipes. Features: 1. Itprovidesyou recipe according to your religion. 2. It has hugecollection ofrecipes and pictures. 3. It has searching option inBengali. 4. Youcan collect your favorite recipe in “Pochondo” byclicking thestars. 5. It provides necessary cooking tips and healthtips. 6.You can change text size, text color and text backgroundcolor from“Settings”. 7. You also can bold the text. 8. You alsocan copy andshare your favorite recipe with your friends byclicking “Copy”& “Share”. So, enjoy “Bangali Ranna” and keepyour and yourfamily's tummy happy. :D
Samayal Tamil - தமிழ் சமையல் 1.13
Nithra Samayal Tamil app!! This cooking app in tamil is designedtoimpress your dear ones and guest with wonderfulmouthwateringdelicious recipes. The healthy Samayal Tamil app isgreat guide tobeginners/bachelors for those who doesn’t know ABCabout cookingbecause every recipe stated in this tamil samayal vegand non-vegsamayal app is explained with step by step process. Notonly thatit helps the people to master in cooking both VegetarianandNon-Vegetarian Recipes. As Cooking tips/Tamil samyal Tipsareprovided in tamil, it is easy for the people to learn cooking.Thishealthy samayal in tamil app not only helps to cook modernrecipesbut also to cook village samayal/gramathu samyal. In thissimplesamayal recipes app , you can learn and cook the variety ofrecipeslike South-Indian recipes, North Indian Recipes, restaurantstyleRecipes at Home. You can prepare varieties of recipes suchasChettinad Recipes, Variety of Rices, chutney (thuvaiyal)varieties,Biriyani Recipes, Veg currries and Non veg gravies,kaikarigalrecipes, Breakfast Recipes, Dinner Recipes, chappatirecipes, souprecipes and tips in Tamil, Snack and Sweet recipes,Gravy Recipes& Tips etc., Features of samayal recipes inoffline app tamil:Download our tamil samayal kurippugal app at freeof cost. You canaccess to our Tamil samayal recipes in offlinemode. Easily you cannavigate between categories all Tamil recipes.You can favorite therecipes in favorites list to cook later or tohave a glimpse whilecooking. In this cooking apps recipes, you cansave the recipes insave list. You can share this Indian Recipes appto your friendsand family members to cook tasty foods. Our freeTamil recipes apphas 1200+ varieties of recipes/items to cook athome. There are sixmind blowing tasty and delicious recipescategories in thisTamilnadu samayal app. Vegetarian Recipes - Thishealthy vegrecipes app covers various kinds of recipes likeVegetable, Greens,Tubers, Fruits. You can also prepare varieties ofkulambu in TamilSamayal Kuzhambu app. Non-Vegetarian Recipes -Covers various kindsof recipes like Chicken, Goat, Fish, Egg,Kaadai, Duck,Crab andetc. Sweet Items - Covers various kinds ofrecipes like ParuppuVarieties, Flour varieties and Cake varietiesKaara Items - ThisSamayal - Tamil Recipes app covers various kindsof recipes likeParuppu Varieties and Flour varieties. Liquid Items– Variety ofCool drinks/foods and Hot Drinks/foods prepared throughthiskitchen recipe app Medicine Tips/ maruthuva kurippugal - Tipsfromgreens, Pulses, Vegetables, Fruits, Cereals and Gravey. Thesetipsare followed in tamil nattu maruthuvam. Not only that, healthtipsfor pregnant lady in tamil, pregnant lady health food,kulanthaimaruthuvam, etc. Beauty Tips - beauty tips in tamil fromgreens,Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs are provided. We assure thatbyfollowing the samayal tricks and process of cooking varietyrecipesstated in this tamil samayal app, you can become a cookingexpert.
Gujarati Jain Recipes(Vangio) 1.0.9
Every Jain recipe is described in Gujarati languageswithIngredients and Step by Step Methods so easy to cook jainRecipe athome. serve taste full Jain Food to your loved once. Tocook Jainrecipe doesn't have to be complicated and here with JainFoodRecipes Free Apps In Gujarati Languages which helps topreparemouth watering jain Foods, with handy ingredients.Quantitiesandintegrated numbers are slightly rounded up or down.GujaratiJainRecipes(Vangio) is a superb app for cooking lovers.GujaratiJainRecipes is based on Indian Cooking Recipes.Gujarati JainRecipesprovide in Gujarati Language who are not able to readinEnglish.400+ jain Recipes are available. Special thing is inthisapp is, all Recipes are available in only Gujarati ..Everyonecaneasily carry recipe book in pocket.Everyone can share thisrecipesto each other via social media.Everyone can add theirfavoriterecipe into favorite folder.NOTES• Support both phonesandtablets.• This app contains banner and interstitial ads.
Pinoy Foods Recipe Book 1.9
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Pinoy Recipe Book is a new Filipino Recipe app for people eagertolearn how to cook authentic Philippine cuisines. Itprovidescomplete, simple and easy to follow cooking instructionsfor you tobe able to prepare sought-after Filipino foods. Comparedto otherRecipe apps in the market, Pinoy Recipe Book has a veryintuitiveyet beautiful user interface and categorization. Everyrecipe iscategorized according to its main ingredient. If you can’tfind theFilipino recipe you want to cook, just use the searchfunction tofind it.Customer satisfaction is very important to us.We willstrive harder to provide you with more recipes in thefuture. Ifyou have any difficulties, comments and suggestions withPinoyRecipe Book, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
KptnCook - recipes and healthy cooking 4.0.2
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🥕“What are you cooking today?" With our free recipe app yougetdaily changing healthy recipes that you can cook in less than30min. In 2018, the app was awarded with a Design Award from Google🏆and has already been downloaded by more than 1 million users.Tryit out! We have the following features on board for you:⚓ ✔3delicious recipes for quick cooking, every day ✔ Variedrecipesfrom vegan to fish to low carb ✔ Step-by-step phototutorials tomake sure each dish is foolproof ✔ Save your favoriterecipes inyour personal list to cook them later ✔ Quickly find theright dishwith a recipe filter ✔ Share your favorite recipes withfriends ✔Find the nearest grocery store on the integrated map ✔Create ashopping list of several recipes, including prices ✔Portioncalculator and nutritional information ✔ Free cooking appHow yourdish will be be a success 🙌 Every day you will find threenew tastyrecipes in our recipe app. Just add desired recipes toyourfavorites list and you can use them again and again. This ishowyour personal cookbook is made! To not lose track you can findyourfavorite dishes easily with the filter function. Whether lowcarb,Asian, low calorie, vegan or chicken. The recipes are varied -wehave pizza, bowls, casseroles, lots of delicious pasta,vegetarianchilli’s, pancakes, drinks and many more weekly specialsto offer.Among our recipes are lots of variations for breakfast,brunch,barbecue or a fancy dinner. Our step-by-step photo tutorialsmakessure your dish will succeed as well as making cooking fun!Easy togo grocery shopping for your dinner 🛒 For convenientrecipeshopping you can use our shopping list. In addition to therecipeingredients for the dishes you’d like to cook, you can simplyaddmore groceries and everyday products to the list. KptnCookfindsthe nearest grocery store and tells you how much it will cost.Weappreciate your feedback! Just send an Your Kptns
ChefTap: Recipe Clipper, Planner and Grocery List
Powerful Recipe Clipper Easily grab just the recipe from anywebsiteor blog, and leave the rest behind. No list of “supportedsites”.ChefTap’s recipe clipper works with any website in English,and manythat aren’t in English. Meal Planner Our newest feature!Plan yourmeals for the week, including make-aheads and leftovers.Once youhave your plan ready, add everything to the grocery listat once.Get Organized * Easily find recipes using tags, searchingandsorting * New Related Recipes: Add links to related recipes,such asa link to your favorite pie crust recipe from a recipe forpiefilling. * New Menus. Create menus of things that you oftencooktogether. This may include recipes, or individual items suchasbread or salad. * Duplicate recipes: Make a copy of a recipe sothatyou can try out variations * Scale recipes Grocery List *Items areautomatically categorized into aisles, such as “produce”or“spices”. * Multiple grocery lists * Pantry organizer helps youkeeptrack of what you have. * Use the Favorites list to kickstartyourlist. * Smart autocomplete suggests items that you haveaddedbefore. Try out ChefTap Basic for free: * Clip up to 100recipes *Sync between devices once a week * 30-day free trial forProfeatures ChefTap Pro features include: * Unlimited recipesandsyncing * Meal planner * Grocery list * Menus * Related recipes*Recipe scaling
recipes.halaal.halaalrecipes 4
Nifty Bit
Halaal Recipes has been around since 2011, and is an onlineplatformallowing incredible home cooks to share their recipes.Users areable to browse between 1000's of recipes, bookmark ,share, rate andadd to collections. Anybody is allowed to postrecipes and its agreat way to showcase your skills and help fellowcooks.
BLW Slow Cook Recipes
The BLW Slow Cook Recipes app holds over 130 simple anddeliciousrecipes (all suitable from 6 months), to support busyparents andmake family mealtimes as easy and enjoyable as possible.My goal isto supply you with recipes that are quick to prepare,yetnutrient-rich so that your baby can grow up enjoying healthyandnutritious but, above all, TASTY foods! Key App Features: *Over130 delicious, family-friendly recipes * Minimal preparationtimes,15 minutes or less * A clean, bright design that is easytonavigate * Recipes divided into clear white meat, red meat,veggie& fish and sweet dishes sections * Search for yourfavouritefamily recipes by recipe name and ingredient * Addrecipeingredients directly into your shopping basket * Saveyourfavourite recipes so they are easy to find * Free help andsupportvia the online support group (linked in the app) * Free appupdatesand improvements I really hope you enjoy this app as much asI haveenjoyed creating it. Please feel free to contact me if youhave aquestion or require any support; I am always happy to help.Nataliex
Marmiton : Cuisine d'Afrique & Lifestyle 1.1.29
Plus d'une centaine de recettes de cuisine et astuces de femmessontdisponibles depuis cette application, optimisée pour lessmartphoneset tablettes.Les fonctionnalités de l'application:•Recettes decuisine et astuces de femme ouvertes à tous etgratuitement.•Interface simple et fluide.• Possibilité de lancerune recherchesouhaitée.• Chaque recette est décrite en plusieurssections: Tempsde préparation, Temps de cuisson, Présentationgénérale de larecette, Ingrédients et enfin, les étapes depréparation.• Laconnexion Internet est nécessaire pourexécuterl'application.N'hésiter pas à nous mettre 5 étoiles si vousavezaimé notre applicationMore than a hundred recipes and tipsforwomen are available from this application, optimizedforsmartphones and tablets.The application features:• Recipes andtipswoman open to all and free.• simple and fluid interface.•Abilityto launch a desired research.• Each recipe is described inthefollowing sections: Preparation Time, Cooking Time, Overview oftherecipe, ingredients and finally the preparation steps.•TheInternet connection is required to run the application.Donothesitate to put us 5 stars if you liked our application
Get Merry Easy Healthy Recipes 1.7
Get Merry: the recipe app by the Merrymaker Sisters is filledwithover 300 of our best ever healthy recipes (we add more allthetime, including exclusive app only recipes!). App features: -Over300 healthy recipes that are quick, easy and delish (all freefromgluten, sugar, grains and most dairy... just full of goodstuff). -Each week we’ll surprise you with new recipes that getadded to theapp automagically! - Step-by-step, easy to followinstructions. -Add ingredients to the shopping list feature at thetouch of abutton! - A fun shake it feature for when you just don'tknow whatto make! We'll pick a random recipe for you! - Create yourownMerry favourites list, so you can easily access them! -Categorisedand organised recipes with search function so you canquickly findwhat you’re looking for! - Special app only bundles.Yum and funrecipes to make you feel and look your best, they'reall: - Glutenfree - Refined sugar free - Grain free - Dairy freeoptions - Paleoand primal friendly - Super quick and easy -Ridiculously yum -Ingredients you know
Paprika Recipe Manager 1.4.6
Delightfully simple recipe management for everyone: fromaspiringcooks to professional chefs. With ingredient scaling,grocery listsand meal planning, Paprika is the perfect kitchencompanion. If youlove to cook, Paprika will be most useful appyou've everdownloaded! Use Paprika Cloud Sync to wirelessly syncbetween yourdevices and take your recipes with you everywhere yougo! (Pleasenote: each version of Paprika is sold separately foreach device,but Paprika Cloud Sync is a free service.) FEATURES •Enter in yourown custom recipes. • Built-in web browser lets yousearch for yourfavorite recipes online. • Easily clip recipes witha single tapfrom more than 200 different recipe sites. • Innovativeclipboardtools let you copy and paste recipe information from anywebsite. •Quickly scale recipe ingredients to your desired servingsize. •Add personalized notes to each recipe. • Tracknutritionalinformation (automatically saved from sites whichprovide it). •Easily manage your grocery list: add recipes with asingle click,as well as your own items. • Powerful grocery listautomaticallyconsolidates your ingredients and categorizes them byaisle. •No-hassle meal planning: add specific recipes or customentriesinto the weekly meal planner. • Customizable categories:assignrecipes to multiple categories. • Lock the screen to preventitfrom turning off while cooking. • Powerful search tools helpyoueasily find any recipe by source, ingredient or name. • Fullemailsupport for recipes, grocery lists, and meal plans. • Sharerecipesvia email (that other Paprika users can automaticallyimport). •Backup and restore keeps your recipe collection safe. •Importexisting recipes from popular desktop apps. • Offline access.Allof your data is stored locally, no internet connection isrequired.• Free cloud sync. Sync your recipes, grocery lists, andmeal planswith all other versions of Paprika. • Bookmarklet.Capture recipesfrom your web browser straight into your PaprikaCloud Syncaccount.