Top 24 Games Similar to Fury Saw: Bloody Butcher

Saw Slayer 1.2
Word Studios
Saw SlayerTest your skills with Saw Slayer! Drag your finger aroundthescreen, avoiding the saw blades. With new saw blades spawningevery5 seconds, your skills will be tested!
The Saw Game 1.2.3
How fast can jump, dodge the saw andsurvivefor as long as you can.challenge your reflexes and get the highest score.Now you can play with santa claus!!#TheSawGame #PixelArt
Mental Hospital III Lite 1.01.02
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ The best horror 2014 years,accordingto many gamers. 4Pda★ ★ ★ ★ ★Mental Hospital III, is a first-person survival horrorwithastonishing graphics and a really frightening atmosphere.Our story started quite ordinary. The main character got an offertorecord a video of a special forces raid in one of thepsychiatrichospitals where secret experiments were supposed to becarried out.Sounds easy enough… That was what he thought.But he will forever remember that night. The night everythingwentwrong from the very beginning: Horrible weather, problems onthenews, and the car breaking down appeared to be inevitable, aswasmissing the start of the clinic capture operation. Havingarrivedat his destination late, the main character decides tofindLieutenant Sidorov as soon as possible, hoping to film atleastsomething. After the main character gets inside of thehospital andis introduced to it's inhabitants he understands thatit will benearly impossible to describe what he saw there. You canof courseerase the footage, but there is no option to eraseyourmemories.This is reality. Will the main character emerge from thisfatefulhospital alive, or will he too, like it's residents, betrappedhere for the remainder of his life.
Gun Builder ELITE 3.1.7
THE ALL NEW GUN BUILDING EXPERIENCELIKENEVER BEFORE. Now on Android!BUILD & CUSTOMIZEBuild guns the way you want with a large selection of partsandattachments. Various camos for any combat situation. Customizeyouroptics. Disassemble your weapon and rotate with touch gestures.Allin realistic 3D.THE SHOOTING RANGETake your gun to the shooting range and unleash the action.Activateyour attachments. Aim down the sight. Wreck somecarnage.COLLECT THEMCollect and fill up the gun rack with your personal guns.Join the club.Features:- Dozens of interactive & customizable guns in gorgeous3Dgraphics with tons of variants and attachments.- Color Picker and a variety of camos. Even customize the reticleofthe scope.- Beautiful first person view environments to test your gun atsuchas the Night Facility, Destruction Stage and Artic SniperRangemini game. Airsoft fans will love this.- Zombie mode. A full on action fps game level to go againstthezombie horde. Wave after wave of zombies descend upon yourhousewhile you try to defend it. Upgrade your house, buy ammo andcallin an airstrike. Anything goes here.- Side view shooting range.- Functional attachments such as laser pointers,flashlights,grenade launchers.Weapons include:KRISS Vector Submachine GunM4A1 Assault Rifle Carbine with M203 Grenade LauncherHK416Glock G21 / G30 / G34 PistolP99 PistolThompson M1A1 Submachine Gun / Tommy GunM1 Garand Semi-Automatic RifleBAR Light Machine GunSpringfield M1903 Bolt-Action RifleM1 CarbineFN-D Browning Automatic RifleM14 RifleM60 Machine GunMG3Ultimax 100 Light Machine Gun MK5RPD Light Machine Gun with classic variantMK14 EBR Enhanced Battle RifleDragunov SVU Bullpup Sniper RifleSIG556 Assault RifleFAL Selective Fire Battle RifleM14 SOPMODIA2 Assault RifleDesert Eagle Hand GunColt Python .357 Magnum Revolver Hand Gun1911 PistolM9 Pistol.44 Magnum RevolverBarrett M82 Anti-Material Sniper RifleDSR Bullpup Bolt Action Rifle with DSR-1 Subsonic variantTAC-50 Sniper RifleAS50TAR-21 / MTAR-21 Bullpup Assault RifleFAMAS Bullpup Assault RifleSA80 L85A2 CarbineL85 AFV / L86A2 LSWFN F2000Felin FAMASRemington 870 Pump Shotgun R870SPAS-12 Combat ShotgunKSG Bullpup Pump-Action ShotgunIthaca 37 with Stakeout variantMossberg 500 Chainsaw ShotgunM3 Super 90 S90M590 / M500 TacticalH&K MP5 Submachine Gun with MP5K / MP5SD variantUMP45 Submachine Gun with USC variantMP7 / MP7A1FN P90 with PS90 variantAK-47 Assault RifleAK-103AEK-971SGL21-66AK-74 / AKS-74URPK Light Machine GunFN SCAR / SCAR-H MK17SCAR MK 20 Sniper Support RifleXCRMSR Sniper Rifle with Ghillie camouflage suitIntervention M200 / M300.338 Lapua MagnumM249 Light Machine Gun (LMG) / SAWMK46PKP PechenegMinimiMK48 Mod 0 / Mod 1, LSATG36 / G36C / G36K Assault Rifle with AG36 Grenade LauncherSL8 / SL9 Semi-AutomaticMG36ACR, ARX 100 / 160, MSBS-5.56AWP, AA-12, AAC Honey Badger Personal Defense Weapon(PDW),AW50M9 Bayonet, Ballistic Knife, Karambit, USMC Knife, Drop PointKnife,Tomahawk, Kukri, Throwing KnifeAnd more.Attachments and Parts include:Drum / Box / Extended Magazine, Suppressor / Silencer, Holographic/Red Dot Sight, Combat Gun Sight, Night Vision Scope, Angled/Forward Grip, Bottom Rail Shotgun, Stun Gun, AN/PEQ LaserSight,Flashlight, Bipod and more.Follow us at
Have fun with the best scary chainsaw gamePlace scary pieces on the board to form rows and columns.Win points and compete with your friends.Saw game.
Saw Dodge 1.1
Saw Dodge is an action gameaboutpatience,reacting fast and trying to get the highestscorepossible.Have Fun :)
Saw It 1.0
Image Campus
Help Jack defeat the endless hordes ofzombietrees (that's right, zombie trees!) that want to take revengeanddestroy his cabin, that is unconveniently made of wood...Use different kinds of ridiculous and powerful weapons to stopthem,like chainsaw bolas, an axe throwing frenzy and the mightyrocketpropelled chainsaw! If that is not enough, call a groupofdevastating beavers to eat up all your wooden enemies.Destroy them before they reach the house and become theultimatezombie tree slayer!Features:- Confront an endless horde of enemies- Five unique types of enemies- Three kinds of devastating weapons- Easy to learn, fun and really catchy
Carmageddon 1.8.507
Carmageddon is the original freeformdrivingsensation, where pedestrians (and cows!) equal points, andyouropponents are a bunch of crazies in a twisted mix ofautomotivekilling machines. The game featuresanarchicdrive-wherever-you-like gameplay and over-the-top surrealcomedyviolence. It’s the racing game where racing is forwimps.Now the same Mac & PC classic that was BANNED AROUND THEWORLDis back and available on Android phones and tablets!Carmageddon features real-world environments that have beenturnedinto killing fields, where the locals stay out on the streetsattheir peril. As well as using your car as a weapon, every levelissprinkled generously with power-ups that have a vast variety ofmadeffects, adding a whole extra level of craziness totheproceedings. In every event you have the option to “play ityourway”… Waste all your opponents, kill every pedestrian, or(perishthe thought) complete all the laps. Oh and watch out – thecops intheir super-tough armoured patrol vehicles are lurking, andif theycatch you being bad they’ll be down on you like several tonsofcold pork!FEATURES• 28 dangerously deranged Opponents• 11 wildly exhilarating Environments• Career Mode featuring 36 satisfyingly violent Levels• Race and Wreck opponents to unlock 30 playable cars!• Multiple control methods: digital, analogue (mix ‘n’match),tilt• Edit your control layout in game to your preferences• Comprehensive Action Replay System• Environment maps and other special effects• Enhanced pre-lit environments• Buckets of gibs• Tons of laughsPlus the opportunity to make in app purchases to unlock ALL thecars(apart from the secret one) and ALL the races!Carmageddon requires Android 4 or later.AWARDS AND RECOGNITION FOR THE ORIGINAL GAMECarmageddon won the “Game of the Year” trophy in the 1997 PCZoneReader awards. Carmageddon 1 & 2 were “Driving Game oftheYear” 1997/1998.SELECTED REVIEWS OF THE ORIGINAL GAMEOriginally released for the PC in 1997, Carmageddon was aninstanthit and the titles went on to sell over 2 million copiesworldwide.Here’s what a sample of the gaming press thought at thetime:“Carmageddon is visceral, violent, vehicular fun...” - GameSpot8.8out of 10“Carmageddon, to get straight to the point, is one of thebestcomputer games I've ever played… Carmageddon is God!” -DuncanMcDonald 95% Classic Award PC Zone Magazine“Carmageddon is one of those games that only come along once inablue moon. An essential purchase.” - Escape Magazine 6 outof6“The gameplay is spot on and anyone with a dark enough senseofhumour should give it a go.” - Computer Gaming World 4 outof5“So next time you gun down coppers on GTA VI, justremember,Carmageddon’s controversy was there first, and you have alot tothank it for.” - RetroGardenABOUT STAINLESS GAMESStainless was founded in 1994 by Patrick Buckland, a veteran ofthegames industry going back to the Jurassic period of 1982, andNeilBarnden, who used to have hair like a mammoth. A team of 8workedon the original Carmageddon at Stainless, and 5 are stillwith thecompany today, although a couple of them are now keptmanacled in asmall padded room in the cellar.Stainless Games now employs well over fifty mad, dedicated peopleofassorted gender, height and width. They can all be founddanglingprecariously from a small chalky rock just off the SouthCoast ofEngland.
Bloody Hook 1.0
He is the embodiment of darkness and fear.Heis the most mysterious and ruthless serial killer. He plungedtheentire town into the atmosphere of fear and horror.No one knows who this monster in a mask is and why heisslaughtering people. An unknown merciless maniac who killsvictimswith a bloody butcher's knife. The town residents blinded bya fogof rumors dubbed him Bloody Hook.Only you know who Bloody Hook is, because it's you. You havecontrolover people's lives, have a plan of violent murders andknow who thenext victim is!Your task is to kill as many as possible and completebloodymissions. Your arsenal includes hooks, knives, shurikens,regularand gas bombs, and grenades. Collect coins and buy new andmorepowerful weapons.You have limited time for murders, so if you fail to completeamission, you will be caught.It's all in your hands now, and this bloody quest depends onyouonly!
Apple Shooter Blood 1.0.8
Shoot the apple on the guys head, don'tshootthe guy.
Bloody Monsters 4.7
RV AppStudios
★ Bloody Monsters - Extremely Fun ShootingGameby RV AppStudios ★Shoot the bloody monsters & survive the carnage, inthisextremely fun arcade shooter game with a bouncy twist.BloodyMonsters provides hours of entertainment as you master theart of ashooter in this fun shooting game. The monsters areeverywhere andyour job is to "Shoot The Bloody Monsters"! You havelimitedbullets but they bounce all over the place.Unlike other shooting games your bullet can kill multiplemonstersin one shot. The bullets are super powerful and keepkilling tillthey stop bouncing, so try to use as few bullets aspossible for ahigher score. Simply aim & fire and hope thebullets bounceyour way.•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Key Features:☆ Kill Different Kinds Of Monsters☆ Experience The Sensation Of Firing Bullets Wildly☆ Multiple Powerful Guns & Weapons☆ 200 Levels Of Fun (More Levels Coming Soon)☆ Awesome Blood & Gore Animations☆ Realistic & Fun Blood Sounds•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Over 2300 Review & 4.7 Star RatedReview Highlights"It's the game you're playing when you tell someone "hang on,onemore level", & next thing you know 2 hours haveflownby!""This game is awesome.""Best game I have ever played.""Extremely challenging zombie shooting game, absolutely lovedthephysic of the game"*************************************************************The game includes multiple different monsters and providesvariouspowers to help kill the monsters. While the bouncy bulletisextremely powerful, at times you'll need to use some of themorepowerful guns & weapons. Each gun has specific propertiesthatwill help you beat the level. Save your ammunition &specialpowers till you end when you might need them the most.Bloody Monsters, is a super addicting strategy shooting gamethatwill keep you entertained for hours. If you love physics gameandlove blood & gore; and are in the mood for some seriousgunshooting fun then this game is for you. Tip: Be sure toassassinateall the monsters with a clean headshot for bonus points&fun.Why Play Bloody Monsters?If you're into sniper shooting games, where you are theshooterlooking to kill, then Bloody Monsters is the absolutely best'takea break game' for hard core gamers. With Bloody Monsters youget toplay a shooter game in a more relaxed mode, since one bulletcankill multiple monsters and bounce all over the place!BloodyMonsters is a relaxed fun physics game, yet it still hasthatawesome blood & gore feeling when shooting thosebloodymonsters. Bloody Monsters is an extremely fun shootinggame.Download Bloody Monsters Today!************************************************************************Bloody Monsters offers tablet optimized UI and game play.Downloadand play this fun shooting game on any Android optimizedtablet andenjoy HD graphics and sounds.Note To Users: Thank you for your support & reviews till now!Besure to keep telling your friends about Bloody Monsters.
Whack Your Boss: Superhero 0.1.1
Description;Whack Your Boss... Super Hero Style!If you enjoyed our previous Whacking games, you're gonnalovethis! You've whacked your teacher, even whacked the thief...nowyou can whack the boss! Brand new amazingly amazing and funsuperhero animations. Enjoy the game, and get Whacking now!Whack Your Boss: Superhero is a game and super heroes may notbereal?!... Do not copy in real life!Get our latest games first @
Doll destruction 37
Push the doll to make it fall and break asmuchbones as you can.You raise points when you broke the doll bones. Push him fromthetop of a stair, from a mountain or from a plane and crush asmuchbones as you can.Hurt the doll and break his bones to make him bleed. If hehurtsdangerous object, its a critical hit and you will havemorepoints.Share your score with your friends to see who is the best. Youcanalso take screenshot while the doll is fallind and bleeding.✔ New : 3 HD levels. Push the ragdoll in the city ! hit thecars,the buildings and make it fall from the rooftops !✔ Discover Crash destruction, our new destruction game~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Discover our other free gameshttp://games.formation-facile.frAnd send us feedbacks and suggestions~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Bloody KO Championship 1.0.1
★★ Most worth-to-play fighting game andtotallyFREE!- Outstanding graphic effects and exciting boxingchampionship- Best control of boxing, left hook, right hook, just punchyourrivals- Powerful challenger! It’s not that easy to win the championofboxing- Vivid sounds effects- exciting punching sounds & cheersofaudience- Training, story and challenge. Three game modes, triplefun!- Play anytime, anywhere- No Wi-Fi? No problem!A must-be-played boxing game with powerful fighters,endlesschallengers and heavy punches!!!A perfect combination of screen-touch control and buttoncontrol!Slide screen to punch, tap button to defend! The mostlifelikeboxing experience!Download Bloody KO Championship! Be the final champion andconquerthe world!If you have trouble downloading Bloody KO Championship,
Handless Millionaire 2 v1.0.30
S-Crypto Ltd.
Hello and welcome to Season 2 of "Who wantstobe a (handless) millionaire!"Collect and accumulate buckets full of cash in this epic gameshowof action & skill!
Whack The Thief 0.2.1
Description;Protect your property and find all ten ways to Whack The Thiefinthis funny sequel to our other brutally wacky whacking game!Whack The Boss is a game and should not be copied inreallife!Get our latest games first @
Western Cowboy Gun Blood 2 1.0.12
New feature:1,add leaderboard.2,fix the lags bug.Western Cowboy Gun Blood is an western shootout game. Mission ofthegame is to become the most feared gunslinger by defeatingallmarksmen in one-on-one gun fights.HOW TO PLAY:Place your finger over the gun chamber, wait 3 seconds, and whenthecountdown reaches 'FIRE', shoot your opponent as fast as youcan.Much fun with Western Cowboy Gun Blood!
Stickman Shooter 3D 1.4
** You’re under attack by the EVILStickmen!SNIPE THEM DOWN OR DIE! **In this brand new deadly shooting game thats jam packedwiththrills, you will have to hunt down all the stickmen who aretryingkill you. You are on their hit list so shoot them down beforetheystrike you down as their anger is out of control and they'rehungryfor your blood. The Stickmen want you DEAD so survive as longasyou can by dodging death and destroying the enemy.Stickman Shooter 3D is the new shooting sensation that willblowyour mind. You have been hired to shoot down all thestickmenbefore they terrorize the city. Don’t show any mercy forthem anddo not underestimate them. Stickmen are eager to strike,hunt andwill kill you so your time is of the essence. Headshotsalwayshelp! So develop your shooting skills as you level up witheachkill and conserve ammo.Stickman Shooter 3D features include:• Amazing 3D graphics of a city invaded by stickmen• 20 Challenging levels with a different missions foreachlevel• Various weapons and special forces artillery includingassortedsniper rifles, assault rifles and grenades• Earn experience points with your precise shooting, getenergyrefills and collect gold• Get extra features such as Shields for immunity, Medical kitstorecover health levels and Time FreezersWith this new stickman sniper action, you’ll get to enjoykillingstickmen with all kinds of weapons. Blast their head offwith yoursniper rifles or blow them apart with grenades. The waragainststickmen is on and the killing is merciless.Don't forget to like us on Facebook at
iDestroy War Ant & Bug Killer 1.36
Stark Apps
iDestroy is a simulation game where youdestroybugs endlessly!In iDestroy you are the ultimate bug killer: Tapping,Smashing,Burning, Freezing and shooting the bloody bugs.Demolish insects in your pocket with crazy and insane weaponsofdestruction!100+ Bugs to demolish! 40+ Weapons to destroy enemies!Be the ultimate bug exterminator! Blast, Shoot, Burn,Bomb,DESTROY!* Bloody warfare, Guns and bugs!* Insane amount of blood!* Lay high explosive mine traps, call in Airstrikes anddeclareVictory over the bugs!* Shoot holes in your phone and fool others to thinkit’sbroken!* Blast Zombies with bombs and torture bugs with awesomewarmachines!* Epic ant smashing game that relieves stress in no time withitsendless gameplay.* Be creative! Demolish bugs with Missiles, Gasoline, Minebombs,Gun Towers, Poison baits & Laser Fences.Get rid of your stress now, you deserve it!★★★ DOWNLOAD iDestroy NOW FOR FREE ★★★Weapon And Attack CategoriesA)Nuclear Weapons: Battle your way into the heart of the AntHillterritory! Kill Insects on the battlefield withHigh-ExplosiveMines and Nuclear Bombs!The weapons in this NuclearWeaponsCategory include:# Nuclear Bombs# Mine bombs# Grenades# Plastic Explosive# Minefield Drop# Homing Missile# Dynamite# Missiles# Omega blast# TNTB)Bombs & Rockets Weapons : Sky rocket your way throughbugchaos!The weapons included in this category are:# Cannonballs# Jumping Bomb# laser bombs# Air striker# Air bomber# Hailstorm of rocketsC)Guns:Shoot the hell out of all the ants and bugs inthegame.Various types of guns that you can use inIdestroyinclude:# Minigun# Airgun# Machine Gun# Shotgun# Paintball GunD)Saws: Shake your device to push the bugs intogiganticSaws.Various saws available in Idestroy are:# Rotary Saw# Double Rotary Saw# Double Buzzsaws# Quad-BuzzsawsE)Demolition Weapons : Freeze enemies! Explode, bomb, burn&hammer them into ice cubes!Various demolition weapons that youcanuse in IDestroy include:# Freeze Ray# Mighty Freeze storm# Shrink Ray your preyF)Element Attacks:Epic defense, use the power of theelements!# Lightning Storm# Shock WaveG)Storm Weapons: Use various natural disasters to killyourenemies# Nailgun# Rocket Hailstorm# Snowstorm# Anvil RainH)Fire Attacks:Use various kinds of fire to kill your enemies# Gasoline# Fire Grenade# FlamethrowerI) Foods Weapons : Deceive bugs and kill them withthedelicious:# Explosion Bait# Poisoned Apple and BreadJ) Tower Defense: Use Various towers to defend you from thoseantsand bugs:# Flamethrower Tower# Minigun Tower★★★ Various Bug VICTIMS In IDestroy ★★★# Mosquitos# Flies# Bees + their nests!# Cockroaches# Sowbugs# Ticks# Worms# Spiders# Ants + ant hills!# Black Widows# Waterbugs# Ladybugs# Black Bugs# Zombies# EarwigsOur promise to you: iDestroy, contains no references tosex,pornography, naked people, porn, adult images or videos,gambling,poker, casino and bullying.★TRY IT NOW FOR FREE ★The game is totally free, free of cost, gratis! If you likeguns,tanks, ammo, war, warfare or destruction with blood and gore,thisis the game for you!So download & get rid of your stress, NOW!★★★ PLAY IDESTROY NOW ★★★
Dust Fighter 2.03
Bosch presents Dust Fighter, the endlessrunnerfor real professionals!Play the toughest game challenge in the app store. Showthatyou’re a professional with a jigsaw and don’t give dust achance.Evade hazardous obstacles, like falling knives, nails,screwwrenches or measuring tapes, and saw your way to a highscore.Work accurately, extend the lifetime of your saw and lookafteryour health by collecting the Click & Clean Bonus!Complete lots of missions and collect coins. Enhance yourskillsas a professional by using these coins to buy upgrades andspecialitems in our shop. Use the angle grinder to clear obstaclesout ofyour way with ease. The loading crane catapults you right towherethe action is!HIGHLIGHTS- No in-app purchases required, you can win all upgrades byskillalone- Get upgrades such as an angle grinder, a loading crane oranextended Click & Clean Bonus in our shop- Variety through
iHunt Zombies 1.0
Go on the offensive andkillultra-realisticzombies in this thrilling FPS. Slice off limbsandblow theirbrains clean out of their heads. The zombie apocalypseisnigh, andit's time to make the undead actually dead. Hunttheminstead ofrunning!INCREDIBLE LANDSCAPESExplore the post-apocalyptic world where walkersdominatethelandscape. Use all your hunting skills to completehundreds ofgoryand bloody missions.WEAPONSCollect an arsenal of sniper rifles, handguns,andshotguns.Upgrade for maximum firepower, stability, andrecoil.SPECIAL MISSIONSComplete *night-op* missions with yoursniper'snight-vision.Shoot off arms and legs to collect zombiesforresearch.------------------------iHunt Zombies is completely free to play, butcontainsin-apppurchases.
Whack Your Neighbour 1.0.6
A simple point and click game ofcartoonviolence and stress relief, Whack Your Neighbour features32different ways to bloodily resolve a typical dispute in aneverydayneighbourhood.Fully featured, comical murder scenes await those who have adarksense of humour. Some scenes are inspired by popular moviemoments,other's are just plain common sense! Get whacking yourneighbournow...
Dragon Heroes:Tap Survival 1.0.17
Do you like DB?Enjoy now this cool game made by fans of the worlwideknownphenomenon and play with your favourite Dragon Hero!Beat your enemies with energy attacks!There are 4 different stages and more to come, unlock allofthem!Start playing now and get the maximum number of balls you can togetmore stages and characters.How to play?:*Tap on enemies to make an attack and destroy them before theyreachyour position.* Your score will only be saved if you complete the60seconds.*Warning, this game can be insanely addictive for all fans oftheanime!