Top 24 Games Similar to Desert Sniper 3D

Army Commando Sniper 3D 1.1.4
3Dee Space
A shooting war intensifies between the militants andcommandosniper. As an trained sniper, "This isn't going to be apiece ofcake, so take them out with your best sniper shot, you arethe onlygun shooter we could use help from as you are the mostskilledshooter assassin we could think of. Go out there and provethat youare the still that sniper killer from the good old days".You willplay as ex- army sniper assassin hired by a military agencywhichis known to hire sniper gunmen to embark on a commandoadventure bytaking out militants of the Island. You as a sniperkiller,descends on the ground from the helicopter and receives ago-aheadfrom the pilot to commence as a commando killer. You usedto be acommando leader in your old days of commando war . Hiscombatkiller sniper skills sharpened the most at that time. Hereminiscedabout how he used to execute first time kill shot in hiscommandowar days. He used to be the best gun shooter in his league.Hethrows away the cigarette, trudges as a lone army snipershooterwith his elite sniper gun. The glory days of being acommando arelong gone. You as the pro sniper is no longer the bestgun shooterin his squad. He grimaces at his position as a killer,hisoverthrown shooting war glory days. His pride as a shooterassassinstill shines bright though. That is the only reason why hethinksof this mission as a true commando adventure. His snipershotskills are still razor sharp. The only thought that lingers nowisfilling his role as a combat killer sniper in the Islandagainstthe militants. You the contract commando killer is yourprimecharacter in this one of sniper shooting games. He must banishhisthoughts of his past position of being a commando in his squadandfocus on being the army sniper that he truly is. He mustfulfillhis duty as a killer and act as a true shooter assassin. Youmusthelp you use the best sniper shot in his arsenal of attacks ofhissniper gun. There is nothing left to lose for a commando intheIsland, for his pride still burns bright as a combat killersniper.Key Features of Army Commando Sniper 3D: - Beautifullydesignedlevels of commando war fare action. - Deadly gun with allsniperzoom in/out feature. - Ultimate sniper killer action. -Excitingshooting war environment. - Smooth 3D Graphics.
Sniper 3D Kill American Sniper 1.4
Have you ever dreamed of being a brave super human assasin?Thequintessesntial killing machine is now in the city,armed withhightech guns and shoots to kill, protect and serve justice.Forhim,every shot is a kill shot and every assassination is amasterpeicein the city. Taking first person shooting game to thenext levelwith thrilling scenarios, multiple assasins and limitedshots in aFREE game. SNIPER 3D is the ultimate assasination andshooting gamefilled with brave battles,loaded with stealth, multirange shotsmixed with arcade style of shooting action.Load up yoursniperguns, fight back with your skills and get ready for thebloodpumping sniper shooter experience.Well placed shots, hightechguns, stealth and head shots are the only way to gain edgeandsurvive in this city.Lock and load. Do you have thetargetlocked?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------SNIPER3DGAME HIGHLIGHTS:1. Gripping story line2. Realistic 3DLocations,Blood and Gore animations3. Optimized for Tablets &alldevices.4. More headshots for higher score!5. Unlock highergunsfor a more killing shot!6. Kill the Targets to Win!7. Improveyourgameplay and polish your kills8. FREE game to play.9.Compatiblewith all devices.10. Brag about your Achievements 11.UNLOCK newchallenges for your friends on The GOOGLE PLAY leaderboard.12.Share your score on FaebookandWhatsapp.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GAMEINSTRUCTIONS:Tapyour phone/tablet on right side to shoot and leftto zoom in &out.Tap anywhere to navigatethearea.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SUPPORT:Wehavemade this game compatible & user friendly with allmobiledevices & tablets, if you have problem duringinstallation,please email us at customer support for help. Email
SWAT Sniper Team 1.6.1
SWAT sniper triggerSimulator of sniper 3d shooterYou swatsniperassassin of elite army sniper!Your target crime gangster,sniperkiller, commandos!Get prepared for everything , an online fpsgameevery time or wherever you can play it at no cost . I usegreatgraphics and Best sounds in map.Rescue your soldier from darkcity, shoot enemy guards and reach nearest top buildings forsaferescue by friendly soldiers. Now its time to rescueremainingsoldier and start counter strike and show fightingskills.To assistyou as our last hope we want to help you in saferescue , picksniper for long range shooting, pick shot gun forshort distanceand for heavy damage, pick most famous AK47 to deadlyassaultmissions.
Modern American Snipers 3D 2.2
In Modern American Sniper 3D, help America fight the globalwaragainst terrorism. Join US Navy SEALs, become an ultimatesnipershooter. Take up the challenge. Aim, shoot and kill theterroristsand become US top sniper shooter. Save the victims fromcrossfireand exploding bombs. Aim the right target, go for theheadshots.There is a secret Sniper Assassin operation being carriedout inmountain of Baghdad, an Arab city. Unfortunately theterroristshave captured the city surrounded by mountains. US NavySEALs havehired you to eliminate a mob of enemies as the frontlinesniperassassin commander to carry out the gorilla war missionops,infiltrate secure locations and its their duty toeliminatehigh-profile targets. Your lethal strike starts from theenemybases. Destroy the mob of enemies. Master the long-rangetargetsand well-placed killer shots. Protect Arab from destructioninenemy assault missions. Be prepared! The terrorists are loadedwithmodern sniper rifles, rocket launchers, med kits, assaultrifles,throwing knives, tesla guns, explosives, armors and heavyguns.Modern American Sniper 3D features:√ 9 exclusive sniperassassinwar missions√ First person shooting (FPS game)√ NoInternetconnection required√ Simple controls√ Challenging assassinmissionsEnjoy Modern American Sniper 3D while traveling on theroad, inyour car, flying in an airplane, in a subway, at home oranywhere.Play your role as a top sniper sharp shooter in dangerousattacks,you are master of silent assassin and US Nave assumes thatyou willhonor your contract in this assault missions. Shootlethalheadshots strikes on your targets and do not give them chancetoinfiltrate your convoy security. Being a US Army sniperspecialforce soldier don’t lose your focus from unseen target asyour lifeis at steak. Defend & survive the enemy counter strikeonlything matters is success. Fight bravely & steal the successinthis combat warfare; the glory of victory will definitely beyours.Target, Aim, Strike and Kill the bad guys in an Arab city.It’s abattle against terrorism. Modern American Sniper 3D is thebestsniper 3D game among all shooting & action games.
Frontier Target Sniper 1.1
Frontier Target Sniper an incredible test to your aiming skillandability; perform well to become a Master assassin!Experiencethethrill of being the Frontline Commander. Your mission is tokillall bad guys and to protect the city. You must use all ofyourexpertise to stay alive. Try for single target thatreallymatters..! Spy on targets from far-off; shoot them down withmodernsniper guns, without fail.Frontier Target Sniper is a freegamebrought to you by Multi Touch Games, the creators of the #1Sniper3D, kill Shot Sniper, Shooting Contract, Goat Simulator,SharkSimulator, and many other Shooting and Simulator games, wepresentyou “Frontier Target Sniper ". An action packed game withterrorismin the city.Finish the crucial and hard responsibilitiesby usingsniper weapons of your own choice to kill the enemies tosave city.Enjoy hunting the multiple targets at a time. Try forMore headshots with sniper guns to earn more.So let’s hold breathand pullthe trigger!Features of Frontier Target Sniper:• Free toplay•Smooth and simple Game play• Controlled shots• Lots ofdeadlyWEAPONS• Many more thrilling Missions• Realistic 3DgraphicsHow toPlay Frontier Target Sniper:• Tap right icons toShoot and Reload•Use left button to move aroundSUPPORT:We have madethis gamecompatible & user friendly with all mobile devices&tablets, if you have problem during installation, please emailusat customer support for help. Email usatsupport@multitouchstudio.comFind us onFacebook-
Commando Sniper Subway3D 1.0
Commando Sniper Action SubWay 3D is one of the best anduniquesubway sniper action 3D game in Playstore for 2015.As anelitecommando sniper your mission is to protect the subway underattackby destroying the enemy with limited ammunition andlifeline.Trythe real life dare devil action on daring subways withyourfavourite sniper commando.Aim and Shoot with Commando SniperActionSubWay 3D Game ! Commando Sniper Action SubWay 3D game is oneofthe best daredevil sniper game in play store that is stunningandmindblowing! Sniper Commando will emerge from destructiblecoverpoints to take down enemies in subway and destroy the enemybasethrough ambush combat firing in the daredevil CommandoSniperAction SubWay 3D game.The enemy is disguised in militarysoldiersuniform.A great commando sniper subway 3D game withstunninggraphics and accurate controls.Engage in deadly combatmissions bykilling the enemies ready to attack you with differentrange ofweapons.Download it now and enjoy the deadly combatmissions withreal life commando snipers.Commando Sniper ActionSubWay 3D is afun game, which you can play for free which will topthe Play storecharts in Commando Sniper Action Subway Gamecategory.Sendsuggestions to shift2app@gmail.comCommando SniperAction SubWay 3Dhas many exciting features- Realistic 3D graphicsin subwaycircuit- Intense Sniper Action gameplay in a time boundmission- 3level selection available for Commando Sniper ActionSubWay 3Dgame- Simple to Use Controls - Hours of fun and adrenalinerushthrough daredevil action in SubWay 3D circuit- Excellentsoundeffects a music- No in app purchase- Fast pacedgameplay-Controlled shotsNow hold your breath and pull thetrigger.We willbe grateful if you provide your feedback andsuggestions to improve the Commando SniperAction SubWay 3DGame.
Sniper 3D Shooter by i Games 1.5
Sniper 3D Shooter by i Games is one of the Best Sniper GamesforFREE!Like if someone is alive only because you can't affordaHitman. Become a modern sniper and soon you will see peoplerunningfor their lives. Take contract, shoot to kill all thecriminals,become the top killer and have no mercy! You are trainedto be anelite hitman. Your job is to eliminate the criminals indiscreet.Hold your gun, aim through your scope and pull the triggerto kill.Kill all the criminals around different locations beforethey spotyou. Death is in the air! Are you ready to take yourkillshot?---------------------FEATURES: Shoot To KillShootdowndifferent types of criminals in different locationsKillShotMissionsTake contract to complete the critical &difficulttasks by saving the city from dangerouscriminalsUpgradeWeaponsChoose the modern weapon from the largeinventory to triggerdown the criminals in the game.Snipe throughthe ScopeBe the mostaccurate hitman to trigger down the creepycriminals throughout thegame play.Action Packed GameExperience themost amazing action inthis killer game and witness the thrill in 3Dgame mode.Shoot ToEarnIn this action packed shooting game, you willearn more bykilling more enemies. So just aim at your enemy andkeep shooting.Upgrade the modern guns to perform better and formoreACTION.Realistic 3D GraphicsIncredible 3D graphics put youright inthe real city environment!---------------------SOME OF THEBESTREASONS TO PLAY THE GAME* UPGRADE different weapons* 3DEnvironmentand Great HD Graphics* Simple Game Play with toughmissions*Experience the Sniper Shooting simulationGame Features:-→FREE Gamewith optional In-app purchase→ Extreme Weapons tochoose→Competitive Levels→ Excellent HD Graphics and Sound→DynamicEffects and Animations→ RATE & SHARE the game → Real3Denvironments, with multiple camera views.→ Challenge andsharescore with all your Family and Friends→ Compatible withallMobiles, Tabs and TV.How to Play:-- Easy Touch, Drag andTapGameplay- Progress through the missions to unlockhighlyupgradeable weapons.Thank you for playing Sniper 3D Shootingby IGames. Play our Free Games every week!Don’t forget to rate andlikeus on Facebook at have anysuggestions to improve, please contact us. We will tryto implementit as soon as possible.Thank you!
American Sniper 3D Assassin 1.6
Survivor Mission American Sniper 3D Assassin is game of warofshooter assassin, a survivor and one man army a real assassinjustaim and shoot enemy to kill. Sniper assassin survivor havebeenselected for the rescue missions to execute war against crimeinAmerican territory. Install American Sniper 3D Assassinsurvivorgame on your android device for free and jump into the warof rightand wrong with sniper and become a top ranked survivor&shooter assassin in an Ultimate American sniper 3D Assassingamefor free. We are proud enough to launch a new action snipergame onTop action 3D free games compatible with yourandroiddevices.MISSION STATEMENTYou’re chosen for the war missionofdiluting enemy from the base camp holding sniper and kill themtodeath with sniper because you’re not less than assassin butmorethan a sniper shooter survivor. Select a dreadful sniper warweaponand start the mission, before starting each mission statementwillbe displayed, each mission illustrate the number of survivoryouneed to rescue. Kill the criminals in the war of snipershootingassassin by targeting them at head and shoot. HOW TO PLAYAmericanSniper 3D assassin survivor is a war game with best 3Dfeatures andinteractive game play for free with two action modes toplayinteractively, Day and night. War at day time survivormissionwould be difficult to perform so camouflaged yourself andyoursniper to protect yourself because you’re a survivor wecouldn’tlose you. Hit the target with sniper, action & killthem andbecome a survivor of innocent civilians. Playing Americansniper 3Dassassin free game is more challenging in Day time gameplay mode.War mission at night survivor action, be Alert fromcriminals theyhave the thirst of your blood, hiding your sniper inthe groundbushes to the top of the roof enemies are all around,turn on theInfrared illumination night vision to identify yourenemies moreeasily point sniper and kill the true criminal and makeyoursurvivor mission successful. Zooming in and out feature topointtarget easily and kill them before they attack at your head.Enjoythe war of American sniper 3D assassin survivor mission andtellyour friend about the best sniper shooting survivor game ongoogleplay.Features: Interactive and Additive 3D game play Mission tokill, mission to shoot, mission to become a survivor& bestsniper assassin in American army Latest technology 3Dwar weaponand war ammunition One war, one man Army, One man Play& Oneman Survivor  Ultimate 3D war & sniper graphics andanimation 3D Zooming In and Out  Day and Night 3D war view forboostingmission features Night Vision play with low-light imagingandnear-infrared illumination. Ultimate Realistic sounds ofshootingand warto bring 3D graphics more livelily Improve snipershootingskills and become a survivor by playing American sniper3Dassassin Full control on weapons and smooth 3D game playMoreSnipers war and Survivor missions will be updated soon inAmericanSniper 3D Assassin Free game of survivor American Sniper3DAssassin survivor game is compatible with all androiddevicessupport 3D games. Download American sniper 3D assassinsurvivorgame for Free and keep in touch for more content inperiodicupdates.  Like us on Facebook! Check for more updates of3D andfreegames,Subscribe
CITY STICKMAN SNIPER 3D is theultra-realistic,fast paced arcade FPS shooting game with thrillingfighting actionscenes, which brings you incredible experience andtakes PFS stylegame to brand-new level. In this CITY STICKMANSNIPER 3D, you playthe role of fury revenge of stick who lost hisbeloved parents shotby evil stickman and is gonna take revenge.PFS CITY STICKMAN SNIPER 3D features amazinggameplay,heart-pounding music and sound effects and addictivemissions. Armyourself with advanced weapons and equipment toeliminate the evilstickman, high-profile target and save thestickman world. This isthe most thrilling and challenging stickmangame than ever, youwill join this stickman war and fight tosurvive, to take revenge.It is the stickman fighting that youshould try, everything iscaptivating.CITY STICKMAN SNIPER 3D Features:-ultra-realistic and action packed arcadebattlefieldatmosphere-free FPS gameplay-a huge array of advanced weapons to use-heart-pounding sound effects taking to the frontline-realistic weather effects and new challenges added toyourmissions-intense battle scene and challenging missions-complicated situation, hijacked building & cross firingCITY STICKMAN SNIPER 3D Gameplay:-slide the right of the screen to adjust the target-use sniper refile zoom to eliminate the high-profile target-tap the fire button to shoot the enemiesDownload the CITY STICKMAN SNIPER 3D and join in thestickmanwar!
Terminator Sniper 3D: American 1.5
Terminator 3D latest sniper killing andheadhunting game to blow your minds! The spirit of the age isofConflict and Extreme Revolution. Futuristic Aggressive andmassivesniper weapons,sinister guns, ultra hi-def extreme cities wehaveit all.Be the sniper killing machine, pick up your guns and goonexciting headhunting sniper missions. Your responsibility istocomplete the sniper hunting missions with maximum headshotsandkill all the enemies.Game Features:-*Upgrade futuristic guns*Amass bonuses by hunting for headshots*Simple Intuitive Controls*Compatible with all devices*Optimised for tablets*Adddictive Game play*FREE to play gameHow to Play:--Tap your phone/tablet on right side to shoot and zoom in&out.-Tap on left side to navigate the area.If you have any problem in installation, please report to us.Wewill try to fix it as soon as possible.
swat sniper 3d shooter target 2.0
This is a new sniper 3d shooting games!Thisgame is simulator of sniper 3d shooter and action rpggame!You swat sniper assassin of elite army sniper!Your target crime gangster, sniper killer, commandos!Sniper shoot at the arena on the battlefield!You shoot and kill for justice in the world!You are the commander of the army commandos sniper 3d, youarefighting with a counter of strike terrorism.The game is set in the underworld city of miami!Your guns is the ak 47, sniper rifle, armor!Shoot accurately at a target and become the best sniperkiller3d!Now is future in fight the sniper 3d shooting, simulator 3dsnipershooting and kill,escape a city to survive a frontline army commando sniper 3d onthiscrime of future simulator, war battlefield and execute a dutyto thecountry!Commandos, the survival army sniper 3d killer take out a deadoftarget by a sniper kill 3d shooter.Be the sniper heroes for people in the world sniper 3d shootingandsniper assassin!Mission to destroy crime in the future, and kill crime mafia,andinvestigates criminal case.You fight for glory, justice, freedom and the title of thebestsniper 3d shooter.You are working on a contract of sniper killer.With shoot and kill the bad guys at the end of level killtheboss.Be a real hunter to counter terrorists strike, hunting and shootallthe target.Fight the enemy of injustice and contra soldiers.This sniper 3d shooting games for free.The sniper 3d shooting games you have to hit flying targetswithouta miss, then you become a true sniper killer.
Sniper 3D Killer
Shoot your enemies with sniper and with full of devotion,beforethey kill you, just take them away to the other world. Fightforyourself respect and dignity. Your role is excellentandchallenging, defeat the enemy arm with your infinite bullets.It’ssniper 3D killer with full feature of fighting and shooting.Justcapture the opponent and shoot it with your sniper. Awesomeslowmotion effects on hitting the enemy, natural walking andrunning ofplayer, hide you beside a destroyed tank and sand bagswall.Killing to the others is illegal but it’s legal to kill othersforyour self defense. So cheers up with this amazing andsensationalopportunity with 3D effects, physics and motions.**FEATURES**•With fantastic and full killing sniper• With Armyscene to kill theenemy arm camp• Infinite bullets and emanation•Three awesome slowmotion effects when you hit the enemy• Naturalphenomenon ofshooting war, hide you beside sand bags wall anddestroyed tank•With complete 3D killing effect• Easy and nicecontrol ongameTip:More you kill the enemies more you increase yourscore, socollect a record score to shoot your enemies.
Zombie Shooter: Sniper 3D 5.2.3
Be a great warrior in the war zone and lead in the battlefield asafrontline commando. Perform your duties and save your citieswithmonsters and zombies. Clear all the battle field area andunlockmissions.Involve yourself in very exciting campaign with alot ofdifferent and hard challenges you ever face in this gameofzombies.So wake up wear your uniform and grab your sniper rifletofight with the most dreadful enemy in the town.Take yourpositionin such a manner where zombies cannot find you and you cankillthem in a long range battle.You are the only one survivor leftinthe village and you need to be secure yourself in order to savethemankind. You have unlimited amount of Ammos, Bullets so use itforkilling the enemies.You have total 6 mission in this wildgame,mission will get hard when you get more experience and unlocknewmissions.More missions will be added in next update till thenenjoythese 6 missions.Sniper Zombie Attack game is free to play andnoadditional or in-app purchases in this game. We want to givewhatuser demand and that is lots and lots of ammo.So pick upyourandroid smartphone and download this zombilishies game andenjoywhile you take break from work or you have free timefromSchool.You will love the graphics work done by our designer andthegame environment is very natural, start firing and be a pro inthisgame and make hard things easy.Feel free to send us feedback,itsmatter a lot to us.Thank you.
Brother Terrorist Sniper 3D 1.1
Octex Games
This is the era of modern sniper games. You,aSniper 3D assassin has just got into the town and have someskills.You are one of the legend sniper of the marine core. Yourjob is tofind the assassin and kill himBrother Terrorist Sniper 3D is the latest free action dramagame.It has been reported that the assassin sniper is yourbrother. It’snot just a job to kill shot any random guy. It’s yourbrother, youhave to take him down regardless of your feelings.Have you beentired of playing other sniper shooter games andrandomly shootingand killing enemies. This Sniper game is not likeany other randomsniper shooter games. This game test your skill,emotions, shooterskillsYou have the latest modern sniper gun under your belt. Youarethe legend sniper in the history. This is the most difficulttaskof your entire life and we hope you will not let us down
Angry Sniper Shooter 3D 2016 1.0
Gallant Games
Angry Sniper Shooter 3D 2016 Free Game gives you the bestAmericanSniper Shooter 3D Experience with Excellent smooth controlsandrealistic War Zone environment. Prove to be the ultimatesnipershooter of your military Army and don’t let the enemy invadeyourCity territory and nor let it to be a civil war. Don’t lettheSuicide Bombers cross the bridge as they explode in thesensitiveareas to damage and destroy your Modern City and you losethemission. Must be careful, this is a real sniper shooting warofglory, sever condition, multi-color casual attire and withtheprobability of villainous black uniformed enemies assaultonmilitary base in your city. It is a last hope to call of duty,nomercy your mission is to shoot all enemies using American snipertobecome the hero of an unannounced war. Every bullet has to behiton target to kill your black fate enemies before to betargeted.Thelast hope of surviving against the terrorists use allyour tricksand skills defending your military base in your city notputting itas a civil war. It is not like zombie sniper game its areal sniperwar of glory so kill the evil shooters as they areattacking onyour military troops with the help of American sniper.Don’t putyour into civil war, don’t fall down, It is a call of dutyand lasthope, kill the black uniformed shooters urgently and don’tlet themtake you down.Enjoy the multiple controls, of your ownchoice, Aimwith the optical zoom of the sniper guns. Try to getenemies downwith single shot. Aim for Head Shot to get more pointsand thrill.Don’t let the enemy invade in your city and kill themall and bethe ultimate black shooter and safe your city from civilwar. Whatare you waiting for? pickup your sniper, hold your breath,Pull thetrigger, hit on target and kill all terrorist enemies tomanifestto be a real hunter like a hitman.Features:- Angry SniperShooter3D 2016 is free to play and download from Google AndroidPlayStore.- Live animations in all games of real snipershooter-Realistic 3D graphics in sniper games top free- Multipleguns -Tough and Challenging Mission to become a real sniperhunterempire.- Smooth FPS Controls- Addictive gameplay in bestshootinggames of 2015- Angry Sniper Shooter 3D 2016 is one of thebest topsniper shooter 3D Android games in the world for free.-AngrySniper Shooter 3D 2016 is gorgeous in sniper games for free.-To bea hunter empire targeting ill-fated enemies to yourcountry.-Speculate yourself to be in a world war 1 defending andsafemilitary base.
us army sniper 3d killer elite 1.0
us army sniper 3d killer elite - this isthebest action game hd, sniper 3d simulator 2014, action games3d,sniper assassin 3d games in 2015!This 3d shooter game is a elite - sniper simulator!In the 3d game sniper assassin, your target swat killer snipertoshoot and kill the army sniper commando.The most exciting arcade casual game is here - army sniperassassin3d.The sniper shooting game you army sniper 3d killer who fought intheshadow of the fight for the sniper zona.On the battlefield, you must destroy the counter striketerroristand save the world of the tanks.Start a new super adventure shooter time, in role modern 3dcombatsniper!You the lone army sniper shooter takes out a terrorist by aheadkill shot.You jump like a ninja.The quintessesntial killing machine is now in the city,armedwithhigh tech guns and shoots to kill, protect and servejustice.For him, every shot is a kill shot and every assassination isamasterpeice in the city.You work for the contract and the sniper must kill warfaceenemies.You fight for justice, freedom, survival and glory onthebattlefield.Swat soldiers gave you a call to battle of your duty to savetheworld of the future.Robbers is using the deadly force against the people with allmodernwar.The target in this shooting game SWAT is to kill your enemy.Avoidenemies’ bullets to keep you safe as the same time.To survive you have to shoot a warship, iron tanks, sniper killer-counter strike police, criminal swat sniper, kill the bad guyandhunter zombies.In the tower of defense you will see your target swat sniperkiller,kill and Shot and kill him.Now is time revenge, elite swat shooter combat strike mustkilltarget!kill dead target and saves russian city!Jump into his extreme terrorist world and finish all the sniperheadhunt killing contracts now.Attack from the air and kill the assassin s, tanks, stickmenheroes.The mission of the subway, to kill warface counter striketerroristand escape into the city!Five nights you spent on the frontline, you were trying toescapefrom snipers shooting, run and jump all that you aresaved!Your weapon is a real gun from steel, a sniper rifle, a tank,acrossbow and an arsenal of ammo.This 3d shooter game created for those who love best actiongames,shooting games 3d, 2d shooter games, rpg, and arcade! Feellike areal army sniper killer.
Zombie Sniper 3D III 1.8
The best shooting game in this year is coming! ! !It will bringyoua different game experience! ! !New graphics and smoothgamecontrol! ! !Different game modes let you feel refreshed! !!ZombieSniper 3D III is a very realistic first-person shootinggame.Immersive 3D effects! Players need fight back the zombies.Just tapto aim at your target and tap fire icon to shoot bullets!When youuse up bullets, you can tap load icon to reload bullets. Inthegame, you will meet many kinds of zombies, such as giantzombie,female zombie, and so on. You have to shoot 2 bullets tokill onezombie, but if you shoot its head you only need shoot 1bullet.When you shoot zombie’s body, you can make it stop moving.Shootround can to make it explode! If you have grenade or knife,you candamage zombie more heavily. Throw grenades to kill giantzombies!The levels in the game are changeable and varied. And therearespecial levels for you! Each time you kill a zombie, you cangetcoins. Collect coins to buy machine gun and rifle gun! If youlikezombie-themed games, you can try this one!Features1.Variouszombies make the game more terrible!2. Rich game scenesandmulti-story buildings! Endless mode!3. View of first-personmakesyou feel more immersive!4. Players can change weaponsinbattlefield!5. Zombie Sniper 3D III is more challenging and hasalltypes of weapons! Bring you new game experience!
Deer Hunting – 2016 Sniper 3D 1.0
Owl No. 7
The Deer Hunting season is back! Embark onahunting expedition of a life time with Deer Hunting – 2016Sniper3D. Deer, guns, hunting and adventure, come play Deer Hunting–2016 Sniper 3D, the ultimate Deer Hunting game!Be a sniper assassin and hunt deer in this thrilling snipershootinggame. Deer Hunting – 2016 Sniper 3D is fast paced, full ofaction,hunting and shooting. Grab your weapon, test your sniperskills andhunt deer in a realistic jungle wilderness environment.Don’t letyour prey get away and become the ultimate Deer Hunter inthis fastpaced game, Deer Hunting – 2016 Sniper 3D.Deer Hunting – 2016 Sniper 3D gives you an awesome experiencewithamazing 3D graphics, realistic sound effects and beautifuljungleenvironment.Armed with powerful weapons, a sniper and an expertshooterstrategy, hunt your prey to become the amazing DeerHunter!Get Deer Hunting – 2016 Sniper 3D for free!
Police Sniper 3D 1.0
Aim and Shoot! Police Sniper 3D takes you on a short-lived tripofthe criminal gangland. You are a modern police sniper 3D isreadyto play and you will be a part in hazardous attacks andhushedassassin missions. Your target is to kill bad guys andprotect yourneighbors in the city. Help your unit secure theperimeter. Theyare counting on you. You are handed withrevolutionary destructiveand massive sniper weapons, sinister gunsand ultra hi-def extremecities. Combining the fast pace of actiongames with thesatisfaction of a precision sniper shot this PoliceSniper 3D offeryou an exciting game play like ever before. Thismodern combatwarfare, shoot the walking enemies dead down nowBecome their heroon the battlefield. How to Play:--Tap yourphone/tablet on rightside to shoot and zoom in & out.-Tap onleft side to navigatethe area.
Sniper 3D Shooter : Free Games 2.0
Best Sniper shooter game! - EASY CONTROLS (Tap to shoot) -ULTRARealistic Graphics - Multiple TARGETS and Scenarios! -Multiplemissions
Duty sniper 3d fury shooter 1.0
Join the assassin sniper team and go to army shooter 3dshootinggame in order to eliminate enemy soldiers, become a bestfurysniper shooter . Use more deadly assault weapons, shooter rpgtocomplete missions. The perfect 3d fps shooter game withshootingsimulator elements. Shot to kill all terrorists.Perfectsnipershooting in mountains battlefield is provide you with avictoryover the terrorists. Be a part of the scouting swat team intheamerican snipers, your army duty would save peace in world. Youarean swat shooter, headshot is your best skills. Commandos landedinthe high mountains on helicopter for army special forcediversions.Now is time for future world war, becomes a furyassassin sniper onbattlefield.Enemy soldier took up positions onmountain arctic baseand maintain constant fire on you. Aim andshoot the enemy beforethey kill you. Play the swat shooter 3dsimulation is very simpleto play sniper shooting games!The game isavailable three types ofweapons: ak 47, rpg and pistols. You haveto go through 10 hardlevels in which there epic battles, snipershooting, many armyequipment, beautiful graphics and sound.
Sniper 3D Soldier of Benghazi 1.0
Sniper 3D Soldier of BenghaziThe marines soldier from the USAlliesis going to attack the Benghazi, the most violent terroristafterthe World War II. As a seal sniper, you must be out-of-sightfromthe Benghazi assassins. Hold you head up high and shoot! Thegametakes you to the battle in the Arabia desert, Mayadeen. Youwillact the important role as a navy seal sniper of the US Alliearmyand launch the military force over the world’s condemnedterrorist
Modern Elite Sniper Killer 1.0
Do you love Sniper Shooting in the timesofreal warfare!Situations where most stunning enemies fighting militarybegunvicious war with no dead control !If you love to be best sniper 3d shooter in these viciouswarsituations and want to sniper shot all enemies militaryassetsthrough accuracy and precision . If yes , then Modern EliteSniperKiller 3d is best 3d sniper shooting games for you to sniperkillall waves after waves enemies soldier . your deadly objectivewillbe nothing in these war situations but to vicious fightingagainstenemies commando in their own military base camps .Sniper shooter begun with the objective of 3d sniper killingtheenemies commando in the warfare of stunning fighting war .Enemiesare advancing by crushing our main assault frontier forcesand ourtanks , humvee and other modern army weapons are not gettinggoodsuccess.So, generals decided for using bazooka and machine gunintoaction but still not getting good fury of success . ourcommandoand other forces are not getting good success.Lone commando shooter , you are almost last hope ofnationbecause failure of sniper 3d shooting , sniper 3d shootermissionswill almost end the war in the favor of enemies.Be brave ! Be best shooting champion and shoot shoot andshootuntil blood of last enemies wipeout from their veins .Alsoremember one more thing that enemies are good in shooting andtheirsharp sniper 3d shooter can target you from tower and otherareas .Night times are also more difficult and us army soldier ,you haveto survive and your sniper simulation should be best .carefully give your duty and unleash vicious enemyfightingtroops and get stunning control of dead war fighting bygetting theobjectives . Enemies are using helicopter fighter andparatrooperfor their forces so you have to deal with themproperly*** Modern Elite Sniper Killer ****** best sniper 3d simulation control*** top action game with best shooting experience of 2016modernweaopns*** Lots of action with real 3d graphics and stunning sound ofwarand fighting of modern army*** Real enemies AI for giving best shooting ground 3d in2016*** Lots of weapons to choose*** more then 30 different levels in 3 different regions