Top 24 Games Similar to Jump Ball Color Switch

Spinny Color Switch 1.0
Tap your way up through each spinning circleorobstacles.The rules is very simple:Follow the color pattern on eachobstacleto cross it !You will dash through geometry hurdles at great pace.Be careful not to pass through the wrong color, or you’ll havetostart again.You will need fast reactions and nerves of steel!The more stars you collect, the better score you have!Take on this amazing agar ball jump game alone or play itwithfriends to see who can get the highest score!Keep on tapping and jump up. Simple to play, hard to master.
Switch Color 6.0
Switch color is a fun challenge game!We have switched it up and you have to help the ballgetthroughthe obstacles.In order to pass an obstacle, the ball must gothroughthematching color.If the ball does not go through the matching color, yourballwillexplode and you will have to start again from thebeginning.Playuntil you have the highest score in the store.To play, tap the screen to make the ball hop.
Top Color Switch 1.1
Color Switch is a Addictive andFrustratingTapto Jump Game!★ ★ HOW TO PLAY ★ ★✤ As the player moves upward they have tonavigatemulti-colorprimitive shapes. The player changes color whenpickupsarecollected. The player can only traverse the colored areasoftheprimitive shape that match the players color.✤ There are many Color Switch style games/clones undermanynameson the Android Marketplace. This Complete Project is meanttoserveas an example to show how a game like this could becreated.This isnot necessarily a "ready to release" game, but it isat theveryleast a complete vertical slice.✤ Switch Color has HD graphics.✤ Impressive color patterns.✤ Easy to play, hard to master.✤ Switch Color is a game free for all ages.★ ★ MAIN FEATURES ★ ★✪ Level is infinite(though uses a finite numberofobstacles).✪ PickUps and Obstacles objects are pooled(no createanddestroysexcept for particles).✪ New Design.✪ Stylish look.✪ Game Performance.✪ Improve Visuallization.✪ Improve Colors.✪ New Player Effect.✪ New Bouncy Effect.✪ New Color Effect.✪ New GUI.✪ Better Interface.✪ Unique Design.✪ Unique Color.✪ Latest Features.✪ Improve Performance and Player EfficiencyandEffectiveness.We have added Admob ads to earn some cents. We want tosayasweetest THANK YOU to everyone who has played this freegame&gave us five star reviews!DTXGame
Color Twin! New Color Switch 1.0
For how long can you keep playingSwitchColorGo without smashing your Phone?How far can you get with this addicting game!Welcome to this colorful world! Switch Color Go is a onetoucharcadewhere you must press a jump ball.The colorful ball only pass obstacles with the samecolor.Collectall stars to collect score.If you go through the wrong color, then the roundends.Sostrategize!!- HOW TO PLAY -★ You can not cross each obstacle with the same color of thecolorofthe ball.★ Jump Up the ball★ Go through the same Pattern Color as your Ball on eachobstacletocross it.★ Avoid touching different colors. You only cross eachobstaclewiththe same color of the color of the ball.★ The more Stars collected the Higher Score you get.- FEATURES -★ Switch Color has HD graphics★ Impressive color patterns.★ Easy to play, hard to master★ Switch Color is a game free for all ages.If you are color cross fan, you instantly get hookedonthisaddictive game switch color GO!Switch Color Go is perfect for killing time, leisure,trainingbrain,the connection with family and friends.It is one of those games where you get frustrated if yougetstuck,yet you will continue to play for hours until you beatthehightscore.Then the cycle starts all over again on the next level.Resistanceisfutile! Challenge your friends in an exciting gameofcolorwheel.What are you waiting for? Download our game and enjoy thebestswitchcolor game ever!
Color Match Dot Switch 1.0.2
Color switch dot match gameischallengingaction game that is fun for all's very simple to play but addicting and hard tomaster!.Colormatch do switch is reflex color match game for allages. Thisgamehas a different twist like you have never seen. Colorswitchandhit the same color and adults and all ages canplaythisgame and check your speed of taping.How to play! the color dot wheel spin and you just tap thedotwhensame color dots comes in front of taping color dot.colorswitchhave fun game. color swipe and color match areinterestedgame.Tap the color dot carefully and you will get higherandhigheryour score in seconds.The beautiful and addictive hit game color switch DotMatchisavailable for you Download right now.
Flap Color Switch 1.0
Sight Apps
Welcome to the Endless AddictiveArcadeGame,enjoy the challenge and keep the ball bouncing intheair.The ball must go through the matching color, If the ball doesnotgothrough the matching color, your ball will explode andyouwillstart again.Don't miss the stars !!! collect them in order to unlocknewshapesto challenge with.Flap Color Switch is a fun challenge game!!!Game features:◈ Collect Stars◈ Unlock Ball Shaps★★★★★ Please let us know if you have any suggestions on howtomakethe game better. ★★★★★
Switch Color 1.0.3
Num Studio
This game is very easy to play. Tap theballthrough color switch obstracles and your ball will switchcolorwith power-ups through out.Be careful not to pass through the wrong color. Or you will havetostart again.You can shop with your scores. You can get the scores as thenumbeof the obstracles you passedFeature balls:General ballPrincessbadmintonbasketball
Colors Switch Pro 1.0
SMASH THE COLOR SWITCHPlay Now the Game colors switch pro to live an amazing experienceinswitching colorsHow to play colors switch pro :Tap on the screen so that the ball is moving to the top suretoenter in its corresponding color, circles or squares or fineotherforms of revolving, The obstacle is: not touch against theballcolor, press and hold on the screen so as not to drift the balltothe bottom when, after unsuccessful traffic in the firstdistrict,the ball will change automatically to the other color,you'll findlots of colorful shapes and ongoingGAME FEATURES :- A wonderful experience full of obstacles- Colorful forms a beautiful spin- Color switch When you miss an obstaclecolors switch pro facebook page :
Flappy Ball Color Original
flappy switch color game
New Color Switch
Loops Studio
New Color Switch
Switch Color - last version 2.1
Switch Color - last version: When yougetaccess to a game store, you can fine so many good games thatwouldgrabs your attention, anybody can choose good games based onthegenre he’s looking for since there is the best games anywhere,forinstance there are action games, kids games, funny games, etc.Thegood about the games is that anyone can play game that suitshimaccording to his preference.Our game for this month is considered one of the best gamesthatwe launch so far, this game called Switch color. The conceptofthis action game is easy that you can tap on the device’s screentoavoid obstacles over you but be aware that you can bypasstheobstacle when you will be able the match the color ball becausetheshape of the obstacle is changing and there is a color change.Somany best action games that you may find them, but let me giveyoumore details.How to play:✔ Jump Up the colorful ball✔ You cannot bypass any obstacle without matching the same colorofthe obstacle color✔ The patterns are important so you have to go through thesamepatterns as the color of the ball as the obstacle✔ Stars are the only way to go to store, so the more you pickupstars, the higher score you can get✔ You will not go further if you keep touching different colorsofthe bouncing ballFeatures of the game:★★★★★ Smooth game play★★★★★ Fantastic colors and impressive graphics★★★★★ You can star over if you failed, never give up★★★★★ The easiest game you play.Also you can share the game by different ways (sharingonfacebook,tweet on twitter and sending to your friendbywhatsApp,email and SMS).Switch color is a game of action and adventure, and it’s oneofthe free best action games of all time, you can get the fullgameon the game stores for free and its one of the best jumpinggamesand classic games that made for everyone, it’s an excitingbouncingball that you can me it jump and jump over the obstaclesagainstgravityOn the off chance that you are shading cross fan, you in asplitsecond get snared on this addictive diversion Switch color!SwitchColor is ideal for killing time, recreation, preparingcerebrum,the association with family and companions. It is one ofthoserecreations where you stall out, yet you will keep on playingforquite a long time until you beat the most elevated score. Atthatpoint the cycle starts from the very beginning again onthefollowing level. Resistance is worthless! Challenge yourcompanionsin an energizing session of shading wheel. What are yousittingtight for?Download our amusement and appreciate the best switch colorevercreated!
Switch Color 2 2.1
Karimoos Team
Stay focus, be concentrate and tap theballcarefully through each obstacle, your ball pass throughenemies,you get more points and you can share it with yourfriends.You must follow the color pattern on each obstacle to crossit!Be careful not to pass through the wrong color, or you’ll havetostart again.
Dulp Zero -- Color Switch Weel
cursed zeroYou are able to get to zero?this game is impossible
Lost Run 2 1.0
Jack woke up from a dream, finds himselflostin a dream temples.Slide the screen, jumping, sliding, turning, rescue Jack get ridofthis nightmare.Third-person 3D perspective, simple operation, the tension, makeyoulove parkour game.Lost Run 2,Exploded your new year!
Temple Run 3 : The Girl 2
Temple Run 3 : The Girl is anawesomearcadegame.Beginning to discover the mysterious journey ofthelostcastle.
Dungeon Archer Run 2 1.3
New Games Lab
Dungeon Archer Run 2Endless running game in deadly Dungeons.Ridehorse with Archer to hunt. Dungeon Archer Run 2 is a bestendlesshorse riding game ever available on Google Play Store. Beingaheroic soldier, your horse is always ready to run for you, sogeton the back of your horse to run in deadly dungeon with archerandsword to hunt and kill all of your enemies. Download andplaysequel of Dungeon Archer Run 3D (more features and mission)DungeonArcher Run 2 on your android device.After the death of king,fightof thrones has been started to take over the throne but asprincehero who is truly hire of the throne you have to save yourkingdomfrom other mad king. But now you are in trouble you have togathermore army to defeat Mad King in battle field. Your onlychance toescape from temple is thorough dungeons. Your horse isready torescue you in this horrible situation. Your horse is thetruecompanion in these deadly dungeons. Mad king has deployeddifferentsoldiers to kill you holding swords in their hands. Butyou have toget rid of them using your archer. You are the dungeonarcher heroin these deadly hallows. Your skills of accuracyshooting gamesmust be handy here to help you escape from thiscastle throughdeadly dungeons. You can stop at temple. To get tothe temple youmust kill all the enemy soldiers which are trainedaccording tomodern combat war fares. Collect as much coins as youcan. Coinswill help you in buying different options for you. Alsoavoidobstacles which are deployed by mad king to slow down yourjourney.Avoid fire as there could be crawling bugs on the wallsofdungeons. Dragon daggers can also help you in this treasurerungame. How to Play: • Swipe right to move to right.• Swipe lefttomove to left.• Swipe up to jump the hurdles deployed by theking.•Use arrows to kill masters.• Use save me button when you aredeador killed by obstacles or masters ordered by the king.• Buylivesif you like to have more lives to save yourself in our templerunstyle game! FEATURES: * Real 3D graphics and environment.*Accurateshooting. * Endless runner* Double gaming system* In Apppurchaseactivated* No connectivity required while playing. *Addictive,loving & fun. * Sounds On / off button display.*Multi-touchenabled.For any questions, please write us.Mail:[email protected]://bosphorusapps.weebly.comWithbestregards...Bosphorus Apps&Games Team.
Temple Castle Run 3D 1.6
Run through the nerve-raking, fearsome jungles of amazon. Gettheawesome 3D game Temple Castle Run 3D for Android today!Challengeyour friends to beat your high score as you run throughthe scaryforests and castles of the amazon at top speed whiledodging theon-coming obstacles .Temple Castle Run 3D is extremelyfun,addictive and will keep your entertained forhours!FeaturesSimpleand addictive game playExtremely smoothcontrolsSoothing backgroundmusic and colorful graphicsFast-pacedrhythm and movementHow toplay:# Tilt your device left and right tododge the on-comingobstacles# swipe below to slide and swipe up tojump# Collect allthe gold coins for bonus points!Download TempleCastle Run 3D forfree today!
Brave Raider Run 2 1.6
Agent Tommy, a temple treasure explorer discovers a secret placeinjungle with plenty of gold treasure. But this place issurroundedby huge and hungry dinosaurs, to get into the treasuresspot, hehas to pass through hundreds of dinosaurs and avoid beingeaten.Bea brave runner to run through this deadly path. Shootingthedinosaurs with a powerful gun, remember to reload yourbulletstoo.This running game for kid is so challenging and superfun!Great 3D graphics and game play of Brave Raider Run 2! Remembertocollect as many gold coins as possible to get higher score.
Temple Subway Train Run! 1.2
The all new 2015 addictive hit gameTempleSubway Train Run is out on Android! Play among your friendsandfamily, be top rank and beat the highest score!Experience the game environment of the hidden temple castleRun and dash with speed to avoid danger !Temple Subway Train Run has over 100 level challenge for youtorun through, best fun running game in to play for free !Thistemple castle game is not about just about run, it is aboutpowerup and magical spells ! Collect treasures along your journeyandPowerups to increase your speed ! Be careful ! The guardian ofthetreasure is very powerful monster! Train with your temple princetoenhance running speed for each level. Remember to collect moregoldcoins to beat your friends and family in high scores!Quickly Download Temple Subway Train Run and try it todaywhileit is free! Install now!
Temple Dungeon Run 2 1.0
T-Apps Studio
Adventure explorer Thomas found huge treasure inside anancienttemple dungeon, but he alert the dungeon guardian monster aswell.Help our hero to escape the dungeon and collect as many goldcoinsas possible.The game is easy to play and yet addictive, bestfortime killing. Just swap left and right to control our hero.
The DUNGEON: ESCAPEShort DescriptionEndless running game indeadlyDungeons. Escape from enemies to survive DescriptionDungeonEscapeRun is a best endless running game ever available on GooglePlayStore. Being a heroic and brave princess, your horse isalwaysready to run for you, but this time you have to escape andrun indeadly dungeon with archer and sword to hunt and kill all ofyourenemies. Download and play best dungeon running game of2016Dungeon Escape Run on your android device for free.After thedeathof king, game of thrones has been started to take over thethronebut as princess who is truly hire of the throne you have tosaveyour kingdom from other mad king. But now you are in troubleandprisoned you have to gather more army to defeat Mad King inbattlefield. Your only chance to survive is to escape from prisonisthorough dungeons. Your horse is ready to rescue you inthishorrible situation. Your running and fighting skills are thetruecompanion in these deadly dungeons. Mad king has deployeddifferentsoldiers to kill you holding swords in their hands. Butyou have toget rid of them using your archer. You are the dungeonarcherheroin in these deadly hallows. Your skills of accuracyshootinggames must be handy here to help you escape from thiscastlethrough deadly dungeons. You can stop at temple. To get tothetemple you must kill all the enemy soldiers who aretrainedaccording to modern combat war fares. Collect as much coinsas youcan. Coins will help you in buying different options for you.Alsoavoid obstacles which are deployed by mad king to slow downyourjourney. Avoid fire as there could be crawling bugs on thewalls ofdungeons. Dragon daggers can also help you in this endlesstreasuretemple run game. How to Play: Swipe right to move toright.Swipeleft to move to left.Swipe up to jump the hurdlesdeployed by theking. Use arrows to kill masters.Collect Coins toUnlock newprincess who is also in danger Use save me button whenyou are deador killed by obstacles or masters ordered by theking.Buy lives ifyou like to have more lives to save yourself inour temple runstyle game! PS: We hope you like playing 'DungeonEscape Run' whichis our one of the best free games. Our first freegame is 'LionHunting Challenge'. We have more popular games like‘Dungeon ArcherRun’, ‘Dungeon Archer Run 2’, 'safari huntingchallenge', 'extremeracing mafia', 'American sniper mission','stealth commando' and'arms lead shooter'. We hope you download andplay our other gamestoo.FEATURES: * Real 3D graphics andenvironment.* Accurateshooting. * Infinite run* Double gamingsystem* In Apppurchase activated* No connectivity required whileplaying. *Addictive, loving & fun. * Sounds On / offbuttondisplay.* Multi-touch enabled.For any questions, pleasewriteus. Mail: [email protected]://bosphorusapps.weebly.comWithbestregards...Bosphorus Apps&Games Team.
The Color Switch (Advanced) 4.0
The Color Switch (Advanced) Switch isthemostamazing and addictive game on Google Play Store.Pop the ball carefully to pass obstacles, your ball willswapthecolor. You must need to follow color pattern of eachobstacletocross.The Color Switch (Advanced) is very addictive game. Wearesurethat you keep playing Color Swap. So play at your ownrisk.