Top 19 Games Similar to Hidden Mahjong: Atlantis

Mahjong Artifacts® (Full) 1.4
Trade modern life for the immersiveancientatmosphere of Mahjongg Artifacts!This new fan favorite features three game modes to play andfiveexotic cultures to experience. Enjoy innovative game playtwists,including Special Tiles that allow you to use new strategiestoclear layouts, Bonuses for skillful play and Trophies forspecialaccomplishments. Story Mode also offers epic quests for lostrelicswhile Classic Mode lets you choose the tile layout you wanttoplay. Select Endless Mode to remove tiles from an ever-risingtowerof game pieces!● Story mode featuring 25 layouts● Classic mode with 100 layouts● Innovative endless mode● 27 gorgeous backgrounds● Five beautifully drawn tilesets● Music tracks inspired by ancient cultures____________________________Game available in: English, French, German, Italian,Russian,Spanish____________________________***Sign up now for a weekly round-up of the best from G5Games!***____________________________***G5 Games - New game apps every week!***Collect them all! Search for "g5" in Google Play!____________________________VISIT US: www.g5e.comWATCH US: US: US:
Mahjong Artifacts®: Chapter 2 1.4
The immersive free-to-play version,MahjongJourney®, is already live! Don't miss out!Have you played the prequel to this fascinating game? Don’tmissMahjong Artifacts - on Google Play!Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2 is highly addictivetile-matchinggame. It takes tile-matching games in an exciting newdirection!Gather pearls for purchasing special powers, utilize aselection ofground-breaking powerups, earn trophies, and enjoy thegame`sbeautiful graphics and rich audio. There's more thanenoughtile-matching action in Mahjongg Artifacts 2 to keep youtappingthe screen for months!TRY IT FREE, THEN UNLOCK THE FULL ADVENTURE FROM WITHINTHEGAME!● Epic quest mode with 25 levels● Additional 99 levels in classic mode● Thrilling endless mode● Five tile sets and numerous backgrounds● All ground-breaking powerups● Gorgeous graphics and rich audio____________________________Game available in: English, French, German, Italian,Russian,Spanish____________________________***Sign up now for a weekly round-up of the best from G5Games!***____________________________G5 Games - World of Adventures™!Collect them all! Search for "g5" in Google Play!Adventure:▶ Games Navigator – By G5 Games▶ The Secret Society®▶ Left in the Dark▶ The Ghost Archives▶ Nightmares: Davy JonesStrategy:▶ Virtual City Playground®▶ The Island: Castaway®▶ Doomsday Preppers™▶ Youda Survivor▶ Stand O’ Food® City____________________________VISIT US: www.g5e.comWATCH US: US: US: End User License SupplementalTerms:
Mahjong Master 1.0.30
Mahjong master comes from the traditional Chinese game mahjong.Youcan spend a few minutes or many hours in this mahjong gamematch.The goal of mahjong master is to remove all tile pieces fromthetower. You can remove a pair of tiles if the tiles areidentical(eg East and East, 9 and 9, etc.) Each mahjong tile of thepairmust comply with the following rules: No other tile is lying totheleft or to the right of it; No other tile is lying above oriscovering it. All of the mahjong flowers and seasons can bematchedwith each others. Features: - Free game - More than 1200boards! -Zen game play - 1080p HD Graphics! - Beautifulbackgrounds! - Andmore! - Unlimited Undos! - Great graphics, forphones!
Mahjong Challenge 3.0.67
LazyLand SA
The amazing Chinese game of skill and strategy Mahjong isnowsocial!Get in the arena and prepare to play with themostmasterfulopponents in this multiplayer Mahjong version andmatchyour mysticaltiles as a Chinese master of the game! Challengeanddefeat yourfriends by finding first the matching symbolsforbamboo, dragons,digits and other elements. See if you canfindtile matches quicklyand throw a snowball at your opponent inorderto freeze the time.Get in the Mahjong Challenge, win onegameafter another, see howdifferent game modes interact witheachother, unlock exciting newlevels and take part inincredibletournaments. Join the Mahjongcommunity now!
Mahjong Classic 2 3.12
This is a Mahjong Classic game with many features. The goalistoclear the board by removing all the matching identicalpairsfromthe layout. A valid pair consists of two tiles which arebothfreeand identical or of the same type. Features: - More tilesset,morebackground, more sound and effects. - More options withzoomin,zoom out and can move the board after zooming.-Extremelylightweight, offline, no needs internet or wifi.DownloadMahjongClassic 2 and enjoy the free and offline games.
Mahjong Legend 1.5.3
GB Games
==============How To Play============== Mahjong Legend isafreemahjong game based on a classic Chinese game. The aim ofthegameis to remove all the playing tiles in the fastesttime,whiletrying to achieve the highest score. Each tile has apictureon it,there are 43 different pictures in total. Tiles mustbeselectedand matched with other tiles of the same picture.Wheneveryoumatch two tiles, they both disappear, and when alltileshavedisappeared the game isover.==============Features==============- 1000Game Levels. -8backgrounds. - 3 tile art. - Shuffle - Hint- Undo - Auto save-Block shadow - Auto zoom in
Mahjong Gold 3.42
Iguazu Games
Mahjong Gold is a free mah jong solitaire game, with onesimpleyetaddictive rule: match and clear all the identical tiles.Playover3,000 boards, unlock dozens of premium tile setsandbackgrounds!Sit back, relax and enjoy hours of MahjongSolitaire!Will you beable to finish them all and become theMahjongg Master?New: Withthe free mahjong editor, build your ownboards, play themand sharethem with the community! ► 3,000 uniquelevels ► One freeMahjongSolitaire board daily ► 7 quality matchingtile sets ► 5amazingbackgrounds ► Build your own majong boards! ►1080p HDGraphics
Mahjong Dragon 7.5
MORE 500 LEVELS, CUTE ORIENTALHEROES,FAIRY STORYLINE AND LOTS OF OTHER TREASURES! Mahjong Dragonis amiracle!FEATURES OF MAHJONG DRAGON:- a breathtaking quest with lots of levels, obstaclesandsurprises- lots of beautiful mahjong tiles includingseasons,butterflies and pandas- charming music- fairy mahjong backgrounds that will make you feel like inamagic world of Dragons- easy game mechanics- unique style of mahjong towers at each levelDon't hesitate while choosing between Japanese mahjong, HongKongmahjong or original mahjong game. Now you've got anamazingcombination of all mahjong games!Are you seized by mahjong mania and always looking for a newmahjongto connect different kinds of tiles? Do you want to trysome funnylogical games to play with or maybe something charming?Then choosethis solitaire with tiles of mahjong panda andbutterflies that willgive you a lot of fun!Among all other free mahjong games to play offline or onlinethissolitaire the most outstanding one. It comprises manydifferentcomponents which make this logical game so excitingandentertaining. Being one of the most popular pair matchingpuzzlegames and a challenging quest at the same time, SolitaireDragoncan satisfy each of you.How to play this free online mahjong classic:- click on a pair of identical tiles to remove them fromtheboard.- if a tile is grayed out it is not active and you can'tselectit- you can match different flowers or different seasons- make your own way along the magic mahjong map, earn coins,passthrough gates and discover more and more mahjong wonders!Do you feel lost among the abundance of puzzles games free? Trytheexotic Asian solitaire to check up the quickness of your witandmemory while taking a trip to the wealthy land ofDragon'streasures! One of the puzzle games for adults which canmake youfeel like a child seeking for adventures and picking upmagic giftsto become a real hero.This mahjong solitaire is so epic that you'll forget all otherfreelogical games with pairs once you play it. Just imagineyourself atraveler in a land of mahjong gold, an explorer and agambler atthe same time!Dare to start a super mahjong journey free, discover newhorizonsand enjoy playing tiles with original images whilelistening tomysterious music. Become a real mahjong master! Leavemore and morelevels behind and return to them whenever you want!All you need todo is choose a random mahjong function and pass yourfavoritelevels again and again!You've never had such a variety of tiles before! Mahjongbutterfly,panda mahjong along with classic mahjong tiles arewaiting for you!One of puzzle games for kids suitable for all agesand both sexes,since the choice of tile themes is limitless.Get ready to become the best among all mahjong titans passingthemost elaborate mahjong quest free until the end. Leave yourmahjongtrails on the map with the magic road to Chinesetreasures.Install this new game on your tablet and play mahjong solitairefreeoffline or online right now!
Mahjong Solitaire Animal 2.7
Super classic Mahjong Solitaire game with cute animals. HowtoplayMahjong Solitaire Animal: - Your goal is remove allpairofidentical animals. - You can only remove FREE animals thathaveaside on the left or right completely clear, and do nothaveanothertile on top. Let's fun with Mahjong Solitaire Animal!
Mahjong Artifacts® 1.5
The immersive free-to-play version,MahjongJourney®, is already live! Don't miss out!Trade modern life for the immersive ancient atmosphere ofMahjonggArtifacts!This new fan favorite features three game modes to play andfiveexotic cultures to experience. Enjoy innovative game playtwists,including Special Tiles that allow you to use new strategiestoclear layouts, Bonuses for skillful play and Trophies forspecialaccomplishments. Story Mode also offers epic quests for lostrelicswhile Classic Mode lets you choose the tile layout you wanttoplay. Select Endless Mode to remove tiles from an ever-risingtowerof game pieces!TRY IT FREE, THEN UNLOCK THE FULL ADVENTURE FROM WITHINTHEGAME!● Story mode featuring 25 layouts● Classic mode with 100 layouts● Innovative endless mode● 27 gorgeous backgrounds● Five beautifully drawn tilesets● Music tracks inspired by ancient cultures____________________________Game available in: English, French, German, Italian,Russian,Spanish____________________________***Sign up now for a weekly round-up of the best from G5Games!***____________________________***G5 Games - New game apps every week!***Collect them all! Search for "g5" in Google Play!____________________________VISIT US: www.g5e.comWATCH US: US: US:
Mahjong Empire Connect 1.0.7
Train your brain and unlock its full potential withthisamazingMahjong game. Relax and enjoy one of the great boardgamesplayedin Asia in bygone eras. The game's graphics and greatmusicwillhelp you enter the relaxed state necessary for thesetypesofancient matching puzzles. There's no rush, in thisMahjonggameyou're not playing against the clock. A calm approach isbest,asproblem solving and visual acuity are essential inMahjonggames.Rules of the match game: Make combinations ofidenticalpiecesuntil you have emptied each board. You will only beable toselectand eliminate tiles which are not covered from above,andwhoseleft or right side is free. Features: -Completelyfreemahjonggame. -Top-quality graphics and effects. -Manydifferenttiles.-Piano music appropriate to the style of game.-Manydifferentlevels whose difficulty increases as you progress.This isone ofthe mahjong games has various buttons which will makeeachroundeasier and more exciting. -Help button for when you can'tfindanyidentical pieces. -Another button obscures blocked pieces.-Youcanuse a button to shuffle the pieces when there arenopossiblecombinations. -You can share the points and levelsyou'veachievedin this great, classic Mah-jong with yourfriends.-Whenever youwant, you can consult the global leaderboardfrom themain mah jonggame screen. If you have any problems, or needhelp,please visitour supportpage:
Mahjong Classic 1.2.2
Eper Apps
MahJong Classic is a premium quality mahjong matching gamewithcustom designed tiles! This relaxing game is based onthetraditional Mahjongg game: your goal is to match and removealltile pieces from the board. If you only have a few minutes toplayor you want to get rid of stress and relax for hours justplayMahjong! Become the Zen Master of Mahjong by matching alltheidentical tiles to make them disappear and win the game! Playsomerelaxing MahJong Classic now! *Features* • Over 500 game levels•Relaxing zen game play • 4 large high quality tile art sets •Autoand manual zoom • Hint • Challenge your friends • 5beautifulbackgrounds • Optimized for portrait mode • HD graphicsMahjongClassic is a free board game.
Mahjong Solitaire Free 2.3.8
Mahjong Solitaire is a free mahjong game based on aclassicChinesegame. The goal is to remove all tiles from the board.Youmayremove only paired free tiles. The tile is free when therearenotiles either to the left or to the right from it. Ifyoucannotfind any pairs you may shuffle the tiles at any times,butyou willget a time penalty. Features - 150 board layouts. -6backgrounds.- 3 tile art. - shuffle, hint - auto save -blockshadow - autozoom in Enjoy!
Mahjong Panda 1.1.5
Travel through different cities and complete these MahjongPuzzlesto unlock even more worlds! Mahjong Panda is the best way toplayone of the most popular board games in the world! Mahjong Pandaisa free Mahjong game based on the classic Chinese game (alsoknownas Mahjong Solitaire, Shanghai Mahjong, Taipei Mahjong,Kyodai,Mahjong Trails). Simple rules and relaxing game playinvolvingskill, strategy and a degree of chance means Mahjong Pandacan beenjoyed by everyone. Mahjong Panda connects to Facebook soyou canplay with your friends! HOW TO PLAY: - Aim of the game is toremoveall the game tiles in the fastest time, while trying toachieve thehighest score. - There are 43 different images onvarious tiles,when you match 2 tiles of the same image they willdisappear andyou will earn points. - When all tiles are matched thegame iscomplete! FEATURES: * 3 levels of difficulty with 10"Missions" foreach * "missions" come with unique time basedchallenges *challenge your friends in a high score battle *collectAchievements and relish them in your very own "Trophy Hall"*"daily Wheel of Fortune" for bonus time! * relaxing soundtrackwithzen like sound effects
Mahjong Legends 2.2.2
Play the classic Mahjong Solitaire game for FREE onyourAndroiddevice! Mahjong Legends is a classic Mahjong Solitairegame(alsoknown as Shanghai Solitaire or Solitaire Mahjongg). Thegoalis toremove all the tiles from the board by matching pairsofidenticaltiles. FEATURES • Over 100 boards. • Beautifulandchallenginglayouts. • Guaranteed solvable Mahjong puzzles. •Undo,hint, andshuffle option. • Option to highlight all freeMahjongtiles. • NoWiFi required. You can play offline anytime. Playthisfun andaddictive Mahjong Solitaire classic now for free onyourAndroiddevice!
Mahjong Shanghai Free  1.3.5
Shanghai is the original Mahjongg Solitaire provided by SUNSOFTwithvarious stages, high quality graphics, easy operation, andmanymodes let you enjoy any number of times. You will surely beabsorbedto Majong which satisfies both beginners and advancedplayers!! Whenyou complete later stages, you can read the storiesbased on Zeus,Hera, Titan and Herakles written in Greek mythology.mahjongg isperfect for your vacant time! The rule is very simple!!Remove pairsof "Mah jong" Tiles with matching patterns from pilesstacked invarious configurations. We have also innovatedsharply-etched tilewith suited 3D background image, easyoperability by touchinterface, and over 1200 stages are available.Also, newly added amode that you can compete with other players inwhole country at nocharge!! You should try right now!!
🀄Hidden Mahjong: Wolves 1.0.60
Start off by running with the wolves in this awesomefreeMahjongAdventure game! As you travel across through 8differentlands and320 normal and expert levels, , you’ll encounteralmostevery furrycreature that you can imagine! Match tiles toclear theboard, earnspecial bonuses, and unlock daily rewards. ANADDICTINGFREEMAHJONG GAME! Unlike other mahjong games, our standardandexpertlevels are designed in ways that guarantee they willalwaysbesolvable. Sit back, relax and clear the tiles withoutworryingyouare heading into a trap and creating an unsolvablelevel. Hintsarealways available if you need a helping hand. NOWEVENMOREFUN!Collect & Craft Treasures! In every level, you willfindone ormore crafting component tiles. When you match these tilesyouwillcollect the items. At the end of each level, you can open1-3totreasure chests to get even more materials. Combinethecraftingitems into a treasure which you can sell for 100,000sofgoldcoins! --- MAHJONG WARRIOR WOLVES SPECIAL FEATURES ---- -Neweasyto play mahjong mechanic and hint system -320 levels(160normaland 160 expert) - 80 beautiful pieces of artwork whichcanbedownloaded - Daily rewards - Every level uses different tilesets-Replay for high scores - Earn coins and unlock more boards-Becomethe mahjong master! - No wifi or internet access neededtoplay 8ULTIMATE WOLVE WARRIOR & ANIMAL ADVENTURES TREKS! Land1-Wolves Where do the wolves roam free? Wanderingthroughenchantedforests and hidden mountains? Start off your freeMahjongjourneyby running with the wild wolves! Wolves are one ofthe mostreveredpredators in the world. Everyone fears this fierceandviciousanimal. Their mesmerizing eyes have hypnotized both preyandpeoplealike! Land 2 - The Fox Says Have you been dying toknow“What doesthe fox say?” So have we! Your adventure intothewildernessbecomes even more enlightening in this second land!Land3 - AnimalSeasons Is it your favorite season right now? Or areyoulookingforward to different weather? Animal Seasons featuresthebest ofevery season and you’ll be sure to get a taste ofyourfavoriteone. You don’t even have to leave the house! Land 4 -Intothe WildContinue your journey into the wild and explore newwideopenspaces. In this wild land, you’ll be whisked away toanywhereineverywhere. Watch creatures of land and sea from everycontinentasthey enjoy their different homes. Land 5 - Little LoveBugsCutecritter lovers are in for a real treat with little lovebugs!Allof these animals are just as sweet and adorable as can be.Thecutekittens, friendly puppies, baby monkeys, andmajestichummingbirdsare really showing off! Land 6 - CreaturesGreat andSmall Youreally get to see it all in this free Mahjonggame!Whether youprefer creatures great or small, the DGMahjongAdventure serieshas it all! Land 7 - Be Mine Love is in theair!Puppy love! Whichcute, furry, fun-loving animal do you want totakehome with you?We’d love to take them all! Let us know which oneisyour favoriteon your Facebook page linked below! Land 8 - HugsandCuddles Wecan’t get enough of Hugs and Cuddles and we bet youcan’teither.These hugs and cuddles will make you feel just as greatasthereal-life ones! Every animal is heartwarming, loving,sweet,andkind. Don’t forget to download and play all of the otherfreegamesin the Mahjong Adventure Series by Difference Games! Thereisaperfect Mahjong adventure for every personality andeverymood!JOIN US ON FACEBOOK! for feedback and suggestions.
Mahjong Garden Four Seasons - Free Tile Game 1.0.86
Mahjong Garden: Four Seasons is a relaxing Mahjonggamewithbeautiful artwork and music set in a mysterious garden.This istheperfect Mahjong game for outdoorsmen and women who loveand findinbeauty all seasons. -- MAHJONG GARDEN FOUR SEASONSSPECIALFEATURES-- UNLOCK new levels, COLLECT amazing treasure, andSPINprizewheels for bonus coins! These awesome daily tasks are heretohelpyou earn TONS of coins. Collect items and craft objectsandsellthem for gold! Match to collect items and unlock prizesinhiddentreasure chests! 140 handcrafted backgrounds and280AMAZINGlevels! Stay busy for hours as you navigate all oftheMahjongchallenges and adventures! Take it slow with a normallevel,orupgrade with coins to really challenge yourself. Earnthreegoldstars on every level and all of your friends will becallingyouthe Mahjong master! NEW!! Now unlock even MORE BONUSLEVELS!Forevery expert level you unlock enter a new red sphereofsomeseriously awesome bonus levels to master! All oftheseawesomebonus levels make this one of the most coveted freeMahjonggameson google play! DOWNLOAD garden pictures with yourextracoins! Youheard that right! Master a level and keep eachbeautifulscene as areward to use as a phone background and more!----JOURNEY THROUGH7 AMAZING OUTDOOR WORLDS ---- Land 1 - SummerGardenThe birds arechirping and the bees are buzzing all aroundthevibrant summergarden! Whether you love vegetable gardens orflowergardens,you’ll be sure to find one that makes your heart singinthebeautiful land of Mahjong Summer Garden! Land 2 - AutumnGardenAsthe green summer foliage turns to bright oranges,reds,yellows,and subdued browns, there is more beauty to be foundin thegarden.Is Autumn your favorite season of the year? You’re inluck!We havepumpkin patches and beautiful fall harvests tocelebrate!Land 3 -Winter Spring The days get shorter as winterapproachesandeverything around us seems to be slowing down andrestingforawhile. As spring flowers begin to pop up through a softblanketofresting snow, we can’t help but get excited for theseasonsahead!Land 4 - Spring Garden The cycle of the Four Seasonsbeginsagainin the Mahjong Spring Garden! Tulips, daffodils,poppies,andsnapdragons - some of the most loved spring flowers -arebeginningto appear in landscapes all around you! The redbudsanddogwoodtrees are in full bloom. This is a season we never wanttoend!Land 5 - Summer Secrets The secrets are out!Whatplayfuladventures do you think will be revealed in the landofSummerSecrets? Complete each level to find out what’s happeninginthisnew magical world! Land 6 - Garden Grazing Throughthelookingglass… what do you see looking back at you? A lion inthegarden?It couldn’t be! Land 7 - Garden Party End your travesinaluxurious garden party. Roses and morning glories trellisuponrockarches and more in this dream party scene! The fun doesn’thavetostop once you have mastered this game! Follow TheMahjongAdventureSeries by Difference Games and travel around anunlimitednumber offantasy worlds! Do you fancy majestic unicorns?Whatabouttraveling around the world? Are you a reader who gets lostinthepages of your favorite novels? Would you be in awe ifafairysuddenly appeared when you’d least expect it?DifferenceGames’Mahjong games feature all of these beautifulretreats andmore. Andthe best part is: we’re always creating newand excitingFREEMahjong games that pair fantastic game mechanicsand top-level3Dprofessional artwork so that you know you’re alwaysplayingthebest free Mahjong mobile game! JOIN USONFACEBOOK! for feedback and suggestions.
Hong Kong Style Mahjong
PS Games
Be prepared for fast paced Mahjong action,incorporatingtraditionalHong Kong rules with many options tocustomise yourplayingexperience, including: * In Game Help systemincludingsuggestions *Minimum and Maximum level setting * FlowersandSeasons tiles option* Resume mode * Traditional, English,Black,Ivory and more Tilesavailable * Advanced Hands such asKnittedThread and Beijing Garden* Leaderboards and Achievements*Statistics * High Definition Tileimages thanksto Mahjong is a populargamethatoriginated in China. It is commonly played by fourplayers.Thegame and its regional variants are widely playedthroughoutEasternand South Eastern Asia and have a small followinginWesterncountries. Mahjong is similar to the Western card gameslikerummy,mahjong is a game of skill, strategy, and calculationandinvolvesa degree of chance. Feel free to email comments orbugreports I do respond. Special thank youtothose thathave emailed bugs, suggestions and screen shots.Shapethe futuredevelopment of this application and chat with otherusersonfacebook, or just like usat Kong style Mahjong isalsothe predominant version of Mahjongplayed in countrieslikeAustralia, Singapore, USA and Canada.