Top 48 Games Similar to Hidden Mahjong: Fantasy Land

Mahjong City Tours
Mahjong City Tours = Classic Mahjong + new puzzles + exploretheworld's best cities!If you love puzzle, strategy, memory, andbraintraining challenges, you’ll love Mah-jong!The innovativenewversion of Mahjong Solitaire. Explore the world's best citiesasyou tackle challenging puzzles. Power-ups and obstacles provideanunexpected twist to every level. Play and relax!Features:▶Stunning graphics and unique Mahjong gameplay.▶ Go on atreasurequest for the best souveniers!▶ Win huge prizes in theweeklytournaments!▶ New goals, power-ups, and obstacles giveMahjongg awhole new twist!▶ Play with friends and other citytravelers andenjoy your Mahjong journey together!▶ Great fit forplayers wholove games like jigsaw puzzles, mayong, word search,solitaire,match-3 and other ‘smart games’.▶ A fantastic journeywith over1000+ levels!▶ Get your own collection of beautiful tilesets forendless matching fun! ▶ Supports offline play on your ownlongflights and trips.▶ Playing with others does not requireFacebookLogin!▶ Free with regular updates!Mahjong City Tours willkeep youguessing - and matching - forever!
Mahjong Free
Free mahjong application that you can play anytime, anywherefrombeginner to advanced.■ How to play and featuresYou can playafull-fledged four-person mahjong that you can enjoy frombeginnersto advanced players.You can play with mahjong at anymoment in thestriking muscle corresponding to CPU level.You cananalyze the roletrends, the reach order, etc. with detailed battlerecords thatunderstand your trends.You can change your mood withplaying gamerules that you can set freely and play everyday.
Mahjong Puzzle Shisensho
Classic puzzle game using mah-jong tiles!It is also a kind ofpuzzlegame derived from Mahjong.This application does not attachtimelimit so that you can play while thinking slowly.Recommendedforthose who want to work on puzzles while thinking at theirownpace.Because you can play free of charge, please download itfirstif you are interested.◆ Rule explanationI will erase 1 to 2tilesof the same pattern and aim to eventually erase all thetiles.Youcan erase it by connecting 3 tiles (up to 2 turns)connecting tilesnext to each other with the same pattern or tile ofthe samepattern.It will be clear if you can clear the last tile, itwillbecome stuck when the tile that disappears disappears, the gameisover.Rules are simple, so you can learn while playingactually!◆Stage that can surely answer correctly is requiredSichuanProvincemay be placed in an impossible-to-clear arrangement simplybyarranging it randomly.With this application, only the stagesthatcan be cleared are required.I tried hard but thought that itwas astage that I could not clear from the beginning, so no problemwilloccur, so I can play with confidence!◆ Help functionHintfunctioncan be used when you do not know where the disappearingtilesare!In addition, we have a function to wait for use when wewant toreturn our hands.Let's measure your skill with a stagesystem!Therate will rise as you clear the stage.Every time the rateexceeds acertain value, the stage rises and the stage of highdifficultylevel is released.Let's raise the stage by clearing thestage andincreasing the rate!Please note that if the stage failsthe ratewill go down.◆ Recommended for people like this· Those whothinkthat they want to play Sichuan Province and Dikaku intheapplication· Those looking for slow puzzle games· Those wholikethe design of mah-jong tiles· People looking for a calmdesigngame· I've been playing a game with two corners from before·Thoselooking for a game similar to Mah Jong SolitaireSound by 369
Mahjong Titan
Mahjong Titan is a free mahjong matching game. This premiumqualitygame is your perfect match for playing somerelaxingMahjong.Mahjong Solitaire is one of the most popular boardgames inthe world. The simple rules and relaxing game play meansthatanyone can enjoy a round of Mahjong Titan.This free board gameisalso known as Mah Jong, Majong and Top Mahjong. InMahjongSolitaire Titan you match pairs of identicalMahjonggtiles.Features:• Over 1600 boards!• A new free Mahjongboard everyday!• 8 large, high quality tile sets.• 12 backgrounds.•Optimizedfor portrait mode.• Fun goals to master.• 1080p HDGraphics.
MahjongBeginner free
Application for beginners of Mahjong to learn Mahjong.You canlearnabout popular mahjong.■■■■■contents■■■■■You can learn how toplayMahjong.Let's practice with a CPU for beginners.Let's learntherules of Mahjong with the commentary function of Mahjong.Withthisapplication you can be good at Mahjong.You can measure theyourpower of your mahjong.
Sweet Solitaire
Welcome to this unique forms of Solitaire – it's calledSweetSolitaire. In this game, you should follow the number sequenceandclick the uncovered card to remove all cards, challengeyourselfand become a master. In case you get stuck you have oneJoker whichyou can use anytime! But use it wisely, you never knowwhen youneed it the most. Solitaire fans and cards games fans willfall inlove with this new sweet experience! Don't know how to playSweetSolitaire? No problem! The interactive tutorial will haveyouplaying in no time!FEATURES1. Interactive tutorial teaches youhowto play Pyramid Solitaire2. Multi-Language supported3. Taptoautomatically move them4. Play in portrait, easy to enjoy5.Sharescores or Challenge a friend to the same deal6. Undo's andboostersto pass puzzles7.Simple interface with big cards designedformobileAre you ready to crack all levels? Let's start playingSweetSolitaire!
Mahjong Gold
Iguazu Games
Mahjong Gold is a free mah jong solitairegame,with one simple yet addictive rule: match and clear alltheidentical tiles.Play over 3,000 boards, unlock dozens of premium tile setsandbackgrounds! Sit back, relax and enjoy hours of MahjongSolitaire!Will you be able to finish them all and become theMahjonggMaster?New: With the free mahjong editor, build your own boards, playthemand share them with the community!► 3,000 unique levels► One free Mahjong Solitaire board daily► 7 quality matching tile sets► 5 amazing backgrounds► Build your own majong boards!► 1080p HD Graphics
Mahjong Infinite
==============How To Play==============Mahjong Infinite is afreemahjong game based on a classic Chinese game.(also knownasShanghai Mahjong, Taipei Mahjong, Kyodai, Mahjong Trails,orShanghai mahjongg)The aim of the game is to remove all theplayingtiles in the fastest time, while trying to achieve thehighestscore. Each tile has a picture on it, there are 43differentpictures in total. Tiles must be selected and matched withothertiles of the same picture. Whenever you match two tiles, theybothdisappear, and when all tiles have disappeared the gameisover.==============Features==============- 1100 Game Levels. -14backgrounds. - 8 tile art.- Shuffle- Hint- Undo - Auto save -Blockshadow - Auto zoom in
Mahjong Mystery: Escape The Spooky Mansion
Over 300,000 people love playing Mahjong Quest! We hope youwillfeel the same!Join us onFacebook: A relaxingmahjonggameOur standard and expert levels are designed in waysthatguarantee they will always be solvable. Hints are alwaysavailableif you need a helping hand.Collect and craft treasuresWhenyoumatch crafting component tiles, you will collect the items. Attheend of each level, you can open 1-3 to treasure chests to getevenmore materials. Combine the crafting items into a treasurewhichyou can sell for 100,000s of gold coins!Our MahjongGameFeatures-Easy to play mahjong mechanic and hint system-520levels(260 normal and 260 expert)-260 beautiful pieces of artworkwhichcan be downloaded-1040 Bonus levels-Rescues and upgrade acutecompanion creature!-Daily rewards-Every level uses differenttilesets-Replay for high scores-Earn coins and unlockmoreboards-Become the mahjong masterDungeon LevelEvery land has adarkboss dungeon level to complete! It's dark in the dungeon butyouwill earn HUGE coins for completing it!1040 Bonus LevelsOpentheBlue spheres for 260 Bonus levels with tricky emoji tilefaces!Openthe Red spheres for 260 Bonus Expert levels with emojitilefaces!Open the Green spheres for 260 Bonus levels where youmatch 3tiles at a time!Open the Yellow spheres for 260 Bonus Expertlevelswhere you match 4 tiles at a time! *Every time you unlock anormalor expert level you get 2 of these bonus levels to playforfree!Rescue and upgrade Lumin!Lumin has been trapped intheMansion. Once freed his power will help you earn more coins.Lumincan be leveled up 4 times! And more in future updates! :)StarBonusSystemEvery star collected gives bonuses! Get progressivelylargerrewards from your globe, daily reward, wheel spins, maptreasuresand crafted items!No wifi or internet access needed toplayEnjoyyour Mahjong Quests everywhere you go without needing aninternetconnection.Your Mahjong Journey Across 14+ Maps*We add 2new mapsevery month!Mystery MansionLevels 1-20 Begin your questrevealingcreepy haunted houses and mystery mansions! HalloweenHouseLevels21-40 It's that spooky time of year again, check outwhat'shappening at the Halloween House!Monster MashLevels 41-60Acollection of images of various monsters like trolls,nightwalkersand other creatures of all persuasion.Grim TalesLevels61-80 Reliveclassic Halloween stories and beautiful createdartworks!HallowsEveLevels 81-100 Celebrate Halloween by wearingyour best costumessuch as witches and wizards, and go trick ortreat!TwilightFantasyLevels 101-120 Move into the realm ofvampires! What arethese ancient creatures up to in the mansion?Pumpkin PatchLevels121-140 Advance to the world of Jack o-Lanternswith differenttypes of pumpkin carvings!Halloween TimeLevels141-160 Continueyour adventure and explore more spooky scenes butlook out forspine-chilling realms and monsters!Happy Haunts 1Levels161-180Take in the haunting sceneries and bravely enjoy thebeautiful yetcreepy artworks!Happy Haunts 2Levels 181-200 A sequelto give youmore haunting experience, more goose-bumps down to yourspine!Trickor TreatLevels 201-220 Now it's the time for Halloweencostume forkids! Make a choice... trick or a treat?!ScaredSweetLevels 221-240It's time to be scared sweet and observe alldifferent Halloweenthings!Mystic MoonlightLevels 241-260 Look atthe beautiful scenesilluminated by the light of the moon!SpookyTravelsLevels 261-280travel through spooky haunted Halloweenlocations! And many more,rapidly approaching 400levels!>/b>Follow us on Facebook forthe latest news andupdates!
Mahjong Master
==============How To Play==============Mahjong Master is afreemahjong game based on a classic Chinese game.(also knownasShanghai Mahjong, Taipei Mahjong, Kyodai, Mahjong Trails,orShanghai mahjongg)The aim of the game is to remove all theplayingtiles in the fastest time, while trying to achieve thehighestscore. Each tile has a picture on it, there are 43differentpictures in total. Tiles must be selected and matched withothertiles of the same picture. Whenever you match two tiles, theybothdisappear, and when all tiles have disappeared the gameisover.==============Features==============- 1700 Game Levels. -12backgrounds. - 10 tile art.- Shuffle- Hint- Undo - Auto save-Block shadow - Auto zoom in
Mahjong 2018
Mahjong 2018 is a board game that matches mahjong cards.Youcanmatch with a beautiful mahjong card.Match all mahjong cards ofthesame figure and remove them all.This game is also known asMahJong, Majong, Mahjong, Mah-jong, Shanghai Mah-Jong, TaipeiMahjong,Mahjong Trails, Chinese Mahjong, Mahjong Titans, MahjongandKyodai.It is a board game that matches both mahjong cards.Enjoyasimple, yet addictive game with a beautiful Mahjong card tobringyou good luck.Mahjong 2018 will guide you on the way ofShanghaiMahjong Master.Characteristic:• 600 different maps• 5themes• 6beautiful cards• Game without time limit• Hint, cancel,shuffle•Mahjong Solitaire: Classic brings back the 90's vibe with amoderntwist • A classic puzzle game perfect for everyday• Over180+boards• Multiples of beautifully crafted layouts and visuals •AnAuto-fit feature for optimized view• NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM!Mahjongis available online and offline• OPTIMIZED for ANDROID &GOOGLEPLAY GAMES• Designed for tablets & phones.• Support bothARM& x86 DEVICESLet's play Mahjong 2018 to relax andsubjugateyour Everest.
Mahjong Epic
Mahjong Epic has been enjoyed by millions of people for morethanseven years. This free Mahjong sequel improves on thetraditionalMahjongg game and brings it to all new heights!Becauseof itssimple rules and engaging game play, Mahjong Solitaire hasbecomeone of the most popular board games in the world. Whether youonlyhave a few minutes to spend, or many hours, Mahjong SolitaireEpicis your perfect companion!This free, fun solitaire Mahjong gameisalso known as Mahjongg Trails, Shanghai Mah Jong, ChineseMah-jong,Mahjong Titan, Top Mahjong, Majong, Kyodai. All with theclassicmatching game play where you match identical pairs of freeMahjongtiles.Features: - More than 1600 boards! - Get new puzzlesdaily! -30 Beautiful backgrounds! - 8 Unique tile sets! - Relaxing,zengame play. - Simple pick-up-and-play controls. -Completechallenging goals! - 1080p HD Graphics! - And more! PlayingMahjongis very simple: find and match pairs of identical tiles.Match alltiles to complete aboard.********************************** - Joinus on Facebook:
Play the #1 Free Mahjong Solitaire game on Android and GooglePlaygames!Mahjong Dragon Solitaire is a free solitaire matchinggamethat matches all pairs of Mahjong tiles and clean all mahjongcardsfrom the board. Mahjong Dragon Solitaire is also one of themostpopular board games on Android and google play games store.Thisfree board games is also known as Shanghai Mahjong, TaipeiMahjong,MaJong, Top Mahjong and Mahjong Trails.Match all Mahjonggtiles ofthe same figure and remove them all from the board. Findyourmajong treasure in this amazing free board game!MahjongDragonSolitaire Features :• Unlimited Undo• Over 800 Mahjong freeboards•4 different tables for the board• Unique designed set ofbeautifulMahjong tiles• Easy to play mahjong mechanic and hintsystem•Stunning graphics and unique mahjong gameplay• Available toplay onmobile and tablet devices• No WIFI? No problem! Mahjongdragon isavailable online and offline• Optimized for Android &Googleplay games• A classic puzzle game perfect for everyday♥A GIFTFORBRAIN GAMES LOVER♥If you love puzzle, strategy, memory, boardandbrain training challenges games like crossword, chess,Sudoku,Jigsaw, Classic Solitaire, Word Search, Spider and Patience,you’lllove Mah-jong! Challenge your brain by strategy and logicwith thisamazing brain puzzle game, develop your mind and patienceandstrategy skills. Download the best free Mahjong matching gameinAndroid and google play game store now!Notes: This freemahjonggames contains adsLike us
Mahjong Flower Garden - Free Spring Flower Game
What are you waiting for? It’s time to celebrate Spring with allofits beauty and changes in the Mahjong Flower Garden! Thisflowergame will take you the countryside flower fields tended to bytheloving flower farmers, Kathy and Ann.Mahjong Flower Garden isacharming floral take on the worldwide popular free Mahjongpuzzlegame. Enjoy a set of 400 Mahjong boards with somebeautifullycrafted garden mahjong tiles and help Kathy and Annplant all theflower bulbs and flower seeds in the garden. This isdefinitely thebest free Mahjong game of the season!MAHJONG FLOWERGARDEN GAMEFEATURES100% FREE to play!More than 400 boards with newboardsadded regularly!Play the garden boards and match tiles plantallthe flowers!Unlock 20 floral gardens and discover new boardstoplay!Play the Daily Challenge with a new free floral boardeveryday!Simple controls with zoomable boards!Relaxing music andgameplay!Color your backgrounds as you like!Mahjong Flower Gardenisthe best free Mahjong game! Please help spread the word andsupportus by leaving a review in the App Store and tellingyourflora-loving friends!
Mahjong Solitaire
The game is finished when all pairs of tiles have been removedfromthe board.The goal of this game is to match open pairs ofidenticaltiles and remove them from the board, exposing the tilesunder themfor play. (A tile is said to be open if it can be movedeither leftor right without disturbing other tiles.)***Features:*Easy toplay, tap & tap to match two tiles, makethem crush.*Designedfor all ages, have fun with yourfamilies.*Thousands of levels withchallenges.*Free hints help youto make game easier.*Complete dailymission, claim powerfulrewards.*All styled themes forFREE!*Optimized for portrait mode,playing game in one hand!***Howto Play:*To match open pairs ofidentical tiles.*Remove them fromthe board.*Collect stars to unlocknew levels.
Hong Kong Style Mahjong
Be prepared for fast paced Mahjong action. IncorporatingtraditionalHong Kong rules with many options to customise yourplayingexperience, including:* Tournament Mode and Competitions*Minimumlevel setting* Flowers and Seasons tiles option* Resumemode*Traditional, English, Black, Ivory and more Tiles available*Fast orSlow mode* Leaderboards and Achievements* Statistics*HighDefinition Tile images thanks to is a popular game thatoriginated in China. It is commonlyplayed by four players. The gameand its regional variants arewidely played throughout Eastern andSouth Eastern Asia and have asmall following in Western countries.Mahjong is similar to theWestern card games like rummy, mahjong isa game of skill,strategy, and calculation and involves a degree ofchance.NEW: Helpsystem. Learn how to play Hong Kong StyleMahjongThis is a 13 tileimplementation of Mahjong based upon HongKong or Cantonese rules.Feel free to email comments or bug reportsto Ido respond. Special thank you to those thathave emailed bugs,suggestions and screen shots. Shape the futuredevelopment of thisapplication and chat with other users onfacebook, or just like usat style Mahjong isalso the predominant version of Mahjong playedin countries likeAustralia, Singapore, USA and Canada.
Solitaire Dungeon Escape Free
Play the Saga of Tripeaks Solitaire, Free Solitaire games thatyoushould not miss!Your princess is locked up in the last room ofanintricate dungeon, guarded by a dragon.The keys to open thedoors,are split in 16 parts.The only way to get these parts issolving acard game with magic cards.Let the adventure begin!Thecard gameconsists in clearing the board by taking a card that isone aboveor below than the card on the deck.Among the 160 levelsavailableto play, you would find several missions such as:- Have asequenceof X number of cards.- Obtain X points.- Find the card-keyto openthe lock.- Solve the game in X amount of time.- Get a goldencardby having a sequence of 5 cards.- Solve 2 rounds of thegame.Fromlevel 6 you would have available a wild card, that youwould beable to use any time replacing the card that you need. It'sveryuseful for building long sequences.Each card taken off fromtheboard has a value of 100 points, and if it follows a sequencethenits value would have 50 bonus points. This means that thelongerthe sequence is then more points you get.If you loveSolitaireclassic, Spider Solitaire, FreeCell solitaire, Tripeakssolitaire,Mahjong, Pyramid solitaire or any other free solitairepatiencecard games, don't miss out on the best solitaire for yourphone andtablet! Just give the game a try, and we promise SolitaireDungeonEscape by Jose Varela will be the most beautiful and userfriendlysolitaire game you've ever played,an amazing free solitairecardgame.It’s a game that don’t need wifi!No in-app purchases!
Mahjong Myth
==============How To Play==============Mahjong Myth is afreemahjong game based on a classic Chinese game.(also knownasShanghai Mahjong, Taipei Mahjong, Kyodai, Mahjong Trails,orShanghai mahjongg)The aim of the game is to remove all theplayingtiles in the fastest time, while trying to achieve thehighestscore. Each tile has a picture on it, there are 43differentpictures in total. Tiles must be selected and matched withothertiles of the same picture. Whenever you match two tiles, theybothdisappear, and when all tiles have disappeared the gameisover.==============Features==============- Free 2000 MoreGameLevels. - 14 backgrounds. - 11 tile art.- Shuffle- Hint- Undo-Auto save - Block shadow - Auto zoom in- Auto reshuffle
Mahjong Classic
MahJong Classic is a premium quality mahjong matching gamewithcustom designed tiles! This relaxing game is based onthetraditional Mahjongg game: your goal is to match and removealltile pieces from the board.If you only have a few minutes toplayor you want to get rid of stress and relax for hours justplayMahjong!Become the Zen Master of Mahjong by matching alltheidentical tiles to make them disappear and win the game! Playsomerelaxing MahJong Classic now!*Features*• Over 500 gamelevels•Relaxing zen game play• 4 large high quality tile art sets•Autoand manual zoom• Hint• Challenge your friends• 5beautifulbackgrounds• Optimized for portrait mode• HDgraphicsMahjongClassic is a free board game.
Mahjong Shanghai Free
Shanghai is the original Mahjongg Solitaire provided by SUNSOFTwithvarious stages, high quality graphics, easy operation, andmanymodes let you enjoy any number of times.You will surely beabsorbedto Majong which satisfies both beginners and advancedplayers!!Whenyou complete later stages, you can read the storiesbased on Zeus,Hera, Titan and Herakles written in Greekmythology.mahjongg isperfect for your vacant time! The rule isvery simple!!Remove pairsof "Mah jong" Tiles with matchingpatterns from piles stacked invarious configurations.We have alsoinnovated sharply-etched tilewith suited 3D background image, easyoperability by touchinterface, and over 1200 stages areavailable.Also, newly added amode that you can compete with otherplayers in whole country at nocharge!!You should try right now!!
Mahjong Legend
==============How To Play==============Mahjong Legend is afreemahjong game based on a classic Chinese game.(also knownasShanghai Mahjong, Taipei Mahjong, Kyodai, Mahjong Trails,orShanghai mahjongg)The aim of the game is to remove all theplayingtiles in the fastest time, while trying to achieve thehighestscore. Each tile has a picture on it, there are 43differentpictures in total. Tiles must be selected and matched withothertiles of the same picture. Whenever you match two tiles, theybothdisappear, and when all tiles have disappeared the gameisover.==============Features==============- 1000Game Levels. -8backgrounds. - 3 tile art.- Shuffle- Hint- Undo - Auto save -Blockshadow - Auto zoom in
Mahjong Solitaire:Mahjong King
Mahjong Solitaire (Mahjong King) is a free mahjong game based onaclassic Chinese game. The goal of Mahjong Solitaire (MahjongTitan)is to clear the board by removing all the matching identicalpairsfrom the layout. A valid pair consists of two tiles which arebothfree and identical or of the same type.Rules:A free Mahjongtile isa tile that has only one or zero neighbor tile in its leftor rightside.Click two free Mahjong tiles of the same type one byone willremove the pair. When all the Mahjong tiles are removed alevel iscleared.Features:Original classic Chinese art stylematching theMahjong Solitaire game4 different worlds with lots ofboard to beconqueredNew Mahjong tile set and theme for each world3differentfree tools to help the player to clear the levelMahjongSolitaire(Mahjong Titan) is based on the Chinese Mahjong, whichsometimes iscalled as Shanghai Mahjong, Taipei Mahjong and Shanghaimahjongg inChina. In Japan it is called Kyodai, Mah Jong, Majong,Ma Jiang. Inwestern it is well known as Mahjong Solitaire, MahjongTitan orsimply, mahjongg.
Mahjong Oriental
Detail DescriptionMahjong Oriental is a free solitaire matchinggamethat using mahjong tiles. Simple rules and engaginggameplay.FeaturesEasy to play, tap & tap to match two tiles,makethem crush.Designed for all ages, have fun withyourfamilies.Thousands of levels with challenges.Free hints helpyou tomake game easier.Complete daily mission, claim powerfulrewards.Allstyled themes for FREE!Optimized for portrait mode,playing game inone hand!How to PlayTo match open pairs of identicaltiles.Removethem from the board.Collect stars to unlock new levels.
Mahjong Magic Lands: Fairy King's Quest
The fairy world is in trouble! As the Fairy King, you must embarkona quest to find a mysterious hidden artifact which has the powertorestore peace and harmony to the land. Match tiles &solvemahjong puzzles as you journey through beautiful lands onyourquest. Only the bravest can succeed! A RELAXING, CASUALMAHJONGGAMEOur standard and expert levels have been designed sothat theyare always solvable. Match tiles and enjoy our mahjongsolitairegame without worrying that you’re in an unsolvablesituation. Ifyou get stuck, hints are available to give you ahelping hand!COLLECT & CRAFT VALUABLE TREASUREDiscover specialcraftingtiles as you play our free mahjong game. Collect all thetiles ofthe same item and you can craft that piece of treasure.Sell yourcrafted treasure for thousands of coins to help you onyour mahjongquest!---------------------------------------MAHJONG–HIGHLIGHTS---------------------------------------⦁ Classicmahjongtile matching mechanics with a fairytale twist⦁ Completedailytasks to increase your task multiplier and get more freecoins⦁Easy to understand gameplay and helpful hint system⦁ Embarkon amahjong adventure through 320 challenging levels⦁ 640additionalbonus levels⦁ 160 beautiful pieces of mahjong artwork tocollect⦁Free daily rewards for active players⦁ Each level uses itsownunique tile sets⦁ Replay each level as many times as you like⦁Earncoins to unlock more mahjong boards⦁ Fill coin globes up toearnfree coins⦁ Play offline – no wifi needed! PLAY MAHJONGSOLITAIREOFFLINE, FOR FREE!Enjoy our free mahjong game with orwithout wifi.Take mahjong with you wherever you go – on the plane,in the car oreven on the beach!FUN DAILY TASKS &REWARDS!Fairies love givingout free coins! Every day the fairieswill give you new tasks tocomplete. In additional to unlocking andcompleting levels, findingvaluable treasure and spinning prizewheels, you’ll get bonus coinswhen these are given as daily tasks!Every task you completeincreases your task multiplier for… youguessed it… even more freecoins on the next task! UNLOCK BEAUTIFULARTWORK & HDBACKGROUNDSEach level you complete on your mahjongquest throughthe fairy lands will reveal a new, beautiful piece ofMahjong Magicartwork. Collect each piece and save the art to yourcamera roll,share with friends and use as an amazing HD wallpaper.Each pieceof artwork is yoursforever!-------------------------------------------------------------------------YOURJOURNEYTHROUGH THEFAIRYLAND…-------------------------------------------------------------------------Land1- Fairy WonderlandBegin your journey in a wonderland land fullofmagical fairies!Land 2 - Dreaming with FairiesPierce the veilandenter the magical lands of the Fairies. Tread the dreamlands ofthefairies through 20 beautiful pieces of artwork. Land 3 - Deepintothe Fairy ForestWhat mysteries will be revealed deep withinthefairy forest?Land 4 - Elven WoodsMaybe the mystical elves canhelpyou in your quest!Land 5 – Angels & FairiesTravellingtowardsthe Angel’s Kingdom, will they answer your call and help youinyour quest?Land 6 – Angels Among UsThe Angel King gives you twoofhis finest bodyguards to assist you on your journeyLand 7 – VeilOfFairiesHigh in the cold mountains, can you journey throughthedangerous Veil of Fairies?Land 8 – Fairies &DragonsFearsomedragons nest in the nearby caves – are they friendor foe?Land 9 –Fairywood Thicket - Coming October 20th,2017Adventure through thedense forest of Fairywood Thicket on yourquest to find themysterious artifact to bring harmony back to yourlands.======================================================================DOWNLOADFORFREE TODAY & START YOUR MAGIC MAHJONG ADVENTURE!
Get it now! It is free for a short period of time. Fairy Mahjong3Dis a new, highly innovative and addictive 3dimensions,skill-based, unique and fun match three majong for free.Combiningoutstanding new levels, colorful 3D graphics and greataudioeffects it is one of the most original and fun majongwithdifferent difficulty levels on the Google Play. Fairy Majong3Dcombines mahjong and match three game-plays with fun touchcontrolsin a new 3D environment. Playing this majong is verysimple: findand match three of identical tiles. Match all tiles tocomplete theboard. Do you love classic free majong? You will loveit more. Trythe easy, normal and hard difficulty levels too.☆ 45levels☆Beautiful 3 dimensions graphics☆ Easy, normal and harddifficultymah-jongg free game modes☆ Great soundtracks and audioeffects☆Fun, new and addictive mah-jongg game play elementsFairyMahjong 3Ddoes not connect to the classic mah jong love tiles. Didyoufinished and love the easy mode? Play the new harddifficultymode... It is much more challenging than easy difficultymode andfree! ;)Connect and download our great mahjong called ArtexMahjongg: if you have any problem with this mahjong game.
Mahjong Mystery Adventure: Monster Mania
The scariest time of year is here – it’s Halloween! Embark onanadventure through a witch’s lair, graveyard and other spookylands.Encounter interesting characters on your journey – but aretheythere to help, or do they want to trick you? On youradventuresyou’ll have the chance to collect valuable treasures and– best ofall – lots of Halloween candy! Our mahjong game will haveyouscared sweet! A RELAXING, CASUAL MAHJONG GAMEAn unsolvablepuzzleis no fun at all – that’s why we’ve designed our standardandexpert difficulty mahjong games so that they are alwayssolvable.Match tiles and have fun without worrying that you’ve madethewrong move and got yourself into an unsolvable situation. Ifyouever get stuck on a puzzle, hints are only a quick tapaway!COLLECT & CRAFT VALUABLE TREASUREOn your Halloweenadventure,you’ll discover unique crafting tiles. Collect all thepieces ofthe same item and you’ll get to keep that piece oftreasure. Don’twant to keep it? You can sell your valuabletreasures for thousandsand thousands of coins! At the end of eachmahjong puzzle, you canopen 1-3 additional treasure chests for freeto get even moreuseful items to help you on your adventure throughthe spooky maps.---------------------------------------MAHJONG–HIGHLIGHTS---------------------------------------⦁ Classicmahjongrules with a Halloween twist⦁ Easy to understand gameplayandhelpful hint system⦁ Embark on a spooky mahjong adventurethroughover 75 challenging levels ⦁ More maps, features &levels addedall the time⦁ Collect Mahjong Halloween artwork toprint, save& use as a HD background⦁ Free daily rewards foractiveplayers⦁ Each level uses its own unique Halloween themed tilesets⦁Replay each level as many times as you like to earn morecoins⦁Earn coins to unlock more mahjong boards⦁ Play offline – nowifineeded! PLAY MAHJONG OFFLINE, FOR FREE!Enjoy the fullMahjongHalloween experience wherever you are. With fullofflinefunctionality, you’ll always be able to enjoy a mahjongadventure.Play in the car, on the way to work or even in a dark,spookyforest – if youdare.--------------------------------------------------------------------YOURHALLOWEENADVENTURE…--------------------------------------------------------------------Land1– Trick Or TreatPut on your best Halloween costumes and go trickortreat! Journey through the spooky graveyard to get totheneighbourhood. What kind of monsters will you see on yourway?Land2 – Scared SweetIt’s time to get some sweet Halloweencandy! You’resure to meet some interesting characters on yourjourney. Are theyfriendly? There’s only one way to find out! Land 3– MysticMoonlightUnder the light of the mystic moon, what ghoulsand spookyentities are watching you as you journey through thisland?Land 4 –Spooky TravelsWith your Halloween candy it’s time togo on anotheradventure. Legend has it this place is haunted, andthe ghosts thatroam these parts love candy – will you share it orrisk making themangry?Land 5 – Coming Soon!We’re regularly addingmore maps andlevels toMahjongHalloween!==========================================================================FORASPOOKY MAHJONG ADVENTURE, DOWNLOAD MONSTER MANIATODAY!b>==========================================================================
Mahjong Blitz - Land of Knights & Dragons
Dive into your very own fairytale! Journey through an epicworldfull of magic, stories, quests and mystery as you play over80levels of mahjong blitz – with more added each week!Findraretreasures and artifacts hidden throughout each world,unlockstunning HD artwork on your adventure and meet lots ofinterestingcharacters, from kings and knights to princesses andeven dragons!★ Fun, Relaxing & Casual Mahjong Our mahjong blitzgames aresuitable for players of all ages! With fun, relaxinggameplay,we’ve designed every puzzle to be solvable. No need toworry aboutmaking the wrong move and creating an unsolvable puzzle– justenjoy the game. So sit back, relax and match tiles at yourown pacein this epic mahjong solitaire game. Remember, if you everneed ahand – hints are only a tap away! ★ Collect & CraftValuableTreasureAs you journey through the land and solve puzzleswithknights and dragons, you’ll have the chance to collectcraftingtiles. Discover and collect all the pieces of the same tiletocraft a piece of rare, exquisite treasure which you can sellforhundreds – no, thousands – of gold coins! For eachmahjongsolitaire puzzle you solve, you can open between 1 and 3treasurechests, giving you the chance to earn even more treasure totakeback to the king – or keep foryourself!-----------------------------------------------------------MAHJONGBLITZ-HIGHLIGHTS-----------------------------------------------------------⦁Classicmahjong solitaire rules with a knights & dragons twist⦁Easy tounderstand gameplay suitable for all ages⦁ Helpful hintsare alwaysavailable when you need them⦁ Match tiles on an epicjourney withover 80 levels and growing⦁ More maps, features &levels addedevery month!⦁ Normal and expert modes for the skilledmahjongsolitaire player⦁ Bonus levels with various ways to play⦁CollectLand of Knights & Dragons artwork, save & use as aHDbackground⦁ Complete dark dungeon levels in each map to earnHUGErewards⦁ Free daily rewards & coins for active players⦁Eachlevel uses its own uniquely themed tile sets⦁ Replay eachlevel asmany times as you like to earn more coins⦁ Earn coins tounlock moreexciting mahjong boards⦁ Play offline – no wifineeded!--------------------------------------------------------------------YOURMAHJONGBLITZADVENTURE…--------------------------------------------------------------------Land1– Fairies & Dragons Begin your adventure by meeting thefairieswho care for these ancient beasts Land 2 – Medieval TimesExplorewhat it’s like to live in a medieval fairytale world. Seethebustling markets and the homes of the townsfolk. Land 3 –MedievalMysteriesYou hear rumors of a great and powerful dragonking livingin the realm, but nobody has seen him in thousands ofyears. You aretold that one person may hold the answer…Land 4 –Magic KingdomThepowerful wizard who may know where to find thisancient dragon liveson the other side of the magic kingdom. Be onthe lookout in thisworld, as nothing is as it seems. More LandsComing Soon…We’reconstantly adding exciting new maps each month,so keep checkingback for more mahjong fun! START YOUR EPICADVENTURE – DOWNLOADMAHJONG BLITZ TODAY!
Mahjong legend is a free matching game using mahjongg tiles.Youselect 2 mah jong tiles with the same pair, When they matchtheywill blast into pieces. This free version is deluxe and it'splaylike a solitaire game. It's just like old one you play inarcade.We carefully made a 800 board,Is probably the most!you canplay itfor a long time. Eliminate all the tiles on mahjong boardwhich ismatch, you will pass the degree. This free game need luckystrategyand patience, but it is relaxing. We offer 24 gamesbackground andseven sets of tiles for your choice. This mahjongboard game isalso known as Mah jong, majong. matching pairs ofidentical mahjongtiles is really a enjoy.Game Features:# 7 set ofmahjong tileswhich you can change# 800 free board layouts keep yourmind active#MP3 background music and sound effect# 3D transitioneffects# freehint Function# HD high quality tile sets.# plenty ofHD beautifulpicture backgrounds# Optimized for Landscape mode.#Unlimited undo#offline play# All level board thumbnail displayMayyou enjoy ourfree shanghai mahjong deluxe version © 2015 HaoDingFollowus:
The best choice of Mahjong on Android!Match identical pairs,clearall the mahjongs, Win!Mahjong solitaire become one of themostpopular board game all over the world. Simple rules andaddictivegameplay is great way to spend your free time. Enjoyit!Features:-Over 800 boards.- Classic gameplay.- Incrediblehints.- 4backgrounds.- Beautiful sounds.- Support Tabletperfectly.Downloadthe best Mahjong game now!
Mahjong World Adventure - The Treasure Trails
Ready for the most epic treasure hunt ever?! Go on anadventurearound the world and explore the famous treasure trails –anexciting route full of rare artifacts – as you play over 80levelsof mahjong. With more levels added every week, the fun neverstops!Hunt for treasures hidden throughout the worlds, unlockamazing HDartwork and meet lots of interesting characters as youplay mahjongand travel the world on the treasure trails! ★ Fun,Relaxing &Casual Mahjong Our mahjong games are perfect forplayers of allskill levels! Each puzzle is fun, relaxing and alwayssolvable – noneed to worry about making a wrong move and creatingan impossiblesituation. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the game.Remember, ifyou need a hand, just tap on the hint button! ★ Hunt& CraftRare TreasuresOn your treasure hunt around the world,you’ll havethe chance to collect crafting tiles as you playmahjong. Collectall the crafting tiles for an item and you’llunlock that piece ofrare treasure! Keep the treasure or sell it forthousands andthousands of gold coins! When you complete a mahjongsolitairepuzzle, you have the chance to open between 1 and 3mysterytreasure chest, giving you the chance to find even more coolstuffto keep orsell!---------------------------------------------------------------------MAHJONGTREASURETRAILS-HIGHLIGHTS---------------------------------------------------------------------⦁Classicmahjong solitaire rules with a knights & dragons twist⦁Easy tounderstand gameplay suitable for all ages⦁ Helpful hintsare alwaysavailable when you need them⦁ Match tiles on an epicjourney withover 80 levels⦁ More maps, features & levels addedevery month!⦁Normal and expert modes for the skilled mahjongsolitaire player⦁Bonus levels with various ways to play⦁ CollectTreasure Trailsartwork, save & use as a HD background⦁Complete dark dungeonlevels in each map to earn HUGE rewards⦁ Freedaily rewards &coins for active players⦁ Each level uses itsown uniquely themedtile sets⦁ Replay each level as many times asyou like to earn morecoins⦁ Earn coins to unlock more excitingmahjong boards⦁ Playoffline – no wifineeded!--------------------------------------------------------------------YOURTREASUREHUNTADVENTURE…--------------------------------------------------------------------Land1– Ancient Mystery Exploring old ruins, you find an ancienttreasuremap. Still in tact, it’s written in a strange language youdon’tunderstand. Land 2 – Eastern Adventure Adventure to landsfar, faraway and locate the mysterious man who is rumoured tounderstand thelanguage of the treasure map. Land 3 – Treasures ofthe WorldWith atranslation of the map, you embark on your treasuretrails adventurearound the world, finding amazing items andmeeting fun people alongthe way!Land 4 – Paradise IslandX marksthe spot, right? Can youfind the chest of gold buried beneathParadise Island?More LandsComing Soon…We’re constantly addingexciting new maps each month, sokeep checking back for moremahjong fun! START YOUR TREASURE HUNTTODAY– DOWNLOAD MAHJONG WORLDADVENTURE!
Mahjong Olympus Gods - Titan Adventure
Ready for our most epic adventure yet?! Play mahjong withtitans& meet Olympic Gods as you explore the mythical world ofMt.Olympus and beyond!From giant pantheons and colosseums togreatcities in the clouds, you’ll journey through over 100 levelsof funmahjong, find and craft rare treasures, unlock HD artwork andmeetlots of interesting characters on the way! With more levelsaddedevery week, the fun never stops! ★ Fun, Relaxing &CasualMahjong Our mahjong games are designed to be fun and relaxing–suitable for players of all skill levels! All of our puzzlesarecreated to be solvable no matter what. That means you can sitbackand not worry about making the wrong move and creatinganunsolvable puzzle. All you need to do is enjoy the game!If youeverget stuck and need a helping hand, just tap on the hintbutton!★Hunt & Craft Rare TreasuresThe Gods & titans ofMountOlympus have hidden treasures throughout the world for you tofindon your mahjong adventure. As you visit the wonders ofthismythical realm, you’ll have the chance to collect craftingtiles.Collect all the crafting tiles for an item and you’ll unlockthatpiece of treasure! The mahjong titans are generous – at the endofevery puzzle, you’ll be given between 1 and 3 extra treasurecheststo open. What could they contain? Coins? Power ups? Whoknows!-----------------------------------------------------------MAHJONGTITANSADVENTURE-HIGHLIGHTS-----------------------------------------------------------⦁Classicmahjong solitaire rules with a Gods & titans theme⦁Easy tounderstand gameplay suitable for all ages⦁ Helpful hintsare alwaysavailable when you need them⦁ Match tiles on an epicjourney withover 100 levels⦁ More maps, features & levelsadded everymonth!⦁ Normal and challenging expert modes for theskilled mahjongsolitaire player⦁ Bonus levels with various ways toplay⦁ Collectmahjong titans artwork, save & use as a HDbackground⦁ Completedark dungeon levels in each map to earn HUGErewards⦁ Free dailyrewards & coins for active players⦁ Eachlevel uses its ownuniquely themed tile sets⦁ Replay each level asmany times as youlike to earn more coins⦁ Earn coins to unlockmore exciting mahjongboards⦁ Play offline – no wifineeded!--------------------------------------------------------------------YOURMOUNTOLYMPUSADVENTURE…--------------------------------------------------------------------Land1– The Tunnel Of Hades Your journey through the land of thetitansstarts in the realm of Hades. You must beat him at mahjong topassthrough to the other side. Do you have what it takes?Land 2–Poseidon’s Kingdom Meet Poseidon, the powerful God of the sea,asyou adventure through a world full of shipwrecks, oceanmonstersand more. Who knows what’s hiding beneath the depths! Land3 –Gardens of AthenaSeek Athena’s wisdom as you relax, playmahjongand explore the gardens of Mount OlympusLand 4 – TheSacredPantheonThis monumental temple to the titans and Gods ofmountOlympus is surrounded by beauty. Meet with the residents andtakein the sights as you journey through the town. More LandsComingSoon…We’re constantly adding exciting new maps each month, sokeepchecking back for more mahjong fun! START YOUR MYTHICALADVENTURE –DOWNLOAD MAHJONG TITAN TODAY!
Mahjong 2018
Mahjong 2018 is a free Mahjong matching game. Thispremiumqualitygame is your perfect match for playing somerelaxingMahjong2018.Mahjong 2018 Solitaire is one of the mostpopular boardgamesin the world. The simple rules and relaxing gameplay meansthatanyone can enjoy a round of Mahjong 2018.This freeboard gameisalso known as Mah Jong, Majong and Top Mahjong 2018.InMahjong2018 Solitaire you match pairs of identicalMahjong2018tiles.Features:• Over 1200 boards!• A new free Mahjong2018boardevery day!• 7 large, high quality tile sets.•8backgrounds.•Optimized for portrait mode.• Fun goals tomaster.•1080p HDGraphics.• Relaxing, zen game play. •Simplepick-up-and-playcontrols. • Complete challenging goals! •1080p HDGraphics! • Andmore! Playing Mahjong 2018 is very simple:find andmatch pairs ofidentical tiles. Match all tiles to completea board.
Christmas Mahjong Solitaire: Holiday Fun
Our favourite holiday is here – Christmas! As the snow isfallingoutside, the Christmas lights are flickering the cozy fireisroaring, come and play hidden mahjong solitaire as you go on afunadventure through this magical winter wonderland. On yourmahjongadventure you’ll explore beautiful locations, have funwithinteresting characters and craft amazing Christmastreasures!ARELAXING, CASUAL MAHJONG GAME Our mahjong games aredesigned to berelaxing puzzles suitable for players of all ages! Weknow it’s nofun when you make a wrong move and create an unsolvablesituation.Now you can sit back, get cozy by the fire and matchtiles withoutworrying – all of our mahjong games are alwayssolvable! If youever get stuck and need help, hints are alwaysavailable! COLLECT& CRAFT VALUABLE TREASURECollect uniquecrafting tiles on yourwinter wonderland adventure in our Christmasmahjong game. Findpieces of the same tile to craft beautiful xmasgifts and raretreasures – sell your treasures for thousands of goldcoins!At theend of each mahjong solitaire puzzle, you’ll have thechance toopen between 1 and 3 extra treasure chests, giving you thechanceto receive even more xmas treasures to use on youradventure!-----------------------------------------------------------CHRISTMASMAHJONG–HIGHLIGHTS-----------------------------------------------------------⦁Classicmahjong solitaire rules with a fun Christmas holiday theme⦁Easy tounderstand gameplay and helpful hint system⦁ Match tiles ona funmahjong adventure with over 75 levels⦁ More maps, features&levels added every month!⦁ Collect Christmas mahjong artworktoprint, save & use as a HD background⦁ Free daily rewards&coins for active players⦁ Each level uses its own uniqueChristmasthemed tile sets⦁ Replay each level as many times as youlike toearn more coins⦁ Earn coins to unlock more exciting mahjongboards⦁Play offline – no wifi needed! PLAY MAHJONG OFFLINE, FORFREE!Nomatter where you are, you’ll be able to join in and playmahjongwith the Magic Carnival. Whether you’re on the train, atthe beach,on holiday or anywhere else, a magic mahjong journey isonly a tapaway! Have fun with our Christmas themed mahjong puzzlegamewherever you are! Play without limits, even without aninternetconnection – play on the beach, at work (don’t tell theboss), or athome when you’re cozy by the fire. An epic mahjongadventure is onlya tapaway!--------------------------------------------------------------------YOURMAGICALCHRISTMASADVENTURE…--------------------------------------------------------------------Land1- Colorful Christmas Journey through the streets where housesarecovered in colourful Christmas decorations and take inthemagic!Land 2 - Winter Wonderland Go on an adventure throughacrisp, cold winter wonderland full of delight and funLand 3 -MerryChristmasPlay hidden mahjong solitaire with Santa himself!Don’ttake too long, he has presents to deliver! Land 4 -HappyChristmasEnjoy collecting Christmas treasures on yourmahjongjourney and have a happy xmas! Land 5 - Cozy Christmas Comeinsideand get cozy by the fireplace. Have a mug of hot cocoa andtoastsome marshmallows! **We’re constantly adding exciting new mapseachmonth, so keep checking back for more mahjong fun! EXPERIENCETHEMAGIC OF CHRISTMAS WITH OUR FUN MAHJONG PUZZLES – DOWNLOADTODAY!
Mahjong Country Adventure - Free Mahjong Games
Are you ready to master this countryside Mahjong challenge?Strollalong the old dirt and gravel roads and take in all oftheawe-inspiring views of the rustic country in these freemahjonggames!! Match tiles to clear the board and reveal artwork oneverylevel. Complete bonus challenges and more!------ HIDDENMAHJONGGAMES COUNTRY ADVENTURE MAIN FEATURES -----UNLOCK newlevels,COLLECT amazing treasure, and SPIN prize wheels for bonuscoins!These awesome daily tasks are here to help you earn TONS ofcoins.Collect items and craft objects and sell them for gold! Matchtocollect items and unlock prizes in hidden treasure chests!180handcrafted backgrounds and 360 AMAZING levels including normal+expert challenges! Take it slow with a normal level, orupgradewith coins to really challenge yourself. Replay for highscores andsee how much you improve after every round of Mahjong.Earn threegold stars on every level and all of your friends will becallingyou the Mahjong master! NEW!! Now unlock even MORE BONUSLEVELS!For every expert level you unlock enter a new red sphere ofsomeseriously awesome bonus levels to master! All of theseawesomebonus levels make this one of the most coveted free Mahjonggameson google play!DOWNLOAD all of stunning countryside artworkyouwant!You heard that right! Master a level and keep eachbeautifulscene as a reward to use as a phone background andmore!STROLL DOWNEVERY WINDING ROAD! Land 1 - Countryside The firstland revealed isthe countryside map. Let us return to thesimplicity and joy ofcountry cottage living with our CountryAdventure Mahjong game!Takea trip to the countryside and take inthe beautiful scenes andfresh air! Imagine yourself with thecountry animals and enjoyedcountry lives. You helped with thefarming duties including pickingup fruits from the orchard orproviding a hand to the horses. Atnight you would eat a simple butdelicious meal prepared with loveand fresh ingredients. Land 2 -Autumn HarvestEnjoy beautifulautumn harvest images. Pumpkinpatches, Thanksgiving turkeys,carriage rides, and sunflower fieldsare just a few of the treatsavailable to enjoy the fruits of summerlabors. Land 3 - EasterBunny Hop! Now you will get to enjoy cutepictures of bunnies,easter baskets, waterfalls and much more. Canyou hunt for theeaster eggs hidden in each scene?Land 4 - MayFlowers April showersbring may flowers, and they are a sight tosee! If you live in afour-season climate you know the joy thearrival of spring brings!There are lots of cute baby birdschirping, lambs leaping, andflowers bursting with color!Land 5 -Country Living Country livingis hard work but we all know it’s wellworth it! Enjoy the fruitsof the farmer’s labor in this farmland!Land 6 - SweaterWeatherSweater weather is best with a hot cupof coffee, hotchocolate, or spiced tea! Cuddle up the fireside andwatch snowbegin to fall on the autumn colors out your window.Land 7- HappyPlaceDrift away to your happy place! You’ve made it through7 lands& It’s time to relax with just a few of your favoritethings.Land 8 - Wandering WayIt’s easy to get lost on the oldcountryroads and now you’re winding through cobblestone streetsofhistoric mansions. These farmers have moved on to the city. Sneakapeek on what was left behind!Land 9 - BloomingGardensTraditionalcountry gardens feature some of the mostbeautiful blooms around.It must be all of that fresh air and goldensunshine beaming aroundyou!Don’t forget to download and play all ofthe other free gamesin the Mahjong Adventure Series by DifferenceGames! There is aperfect Mahjong Games adventure for everypersonality and everymood!JOIN US ONFACEBOOK! for feedback and suggestions.
This app is Japanese rules of Mahjong game.How to play, pleasereferto the Wikipedia
Mahjong Solitaire Animal 2
Super classic Mahjong Solitaire game with cute animals.What's NewinMahjong Solitaire Animal 2:- Bigger tile- More Levels-HintfeatureHow to play Mahjong Solitaire Animal :- Your goal isremoveall pair of identical animals.- You can only remove FREEanimalsthat have a side on the left or right completely clear, anddo nothave another tile on top.Let's fun with Mahjong SolitaireAnimal !
Majong solitaire (also known as Shanghai solitaire) is amatchinggame that uses a set of Majong tiles arranged in speciallayouts.The object of the game is to clear the playing field byremovingmatching pairs of tiles.
Mahjong Garden Four Seasons - Free Tile Game
Mahjong Garden: Four Seasons is a relaxing Mahjong gamewithbeautiful artwork and music set in a mysterious garden. This istheperfect Mahjong game for outdoorsmen and women who love and findinbeauty all seasons. -- MAHJONG GARDEN FOUR SEASONS SPECIALFEATURES--UNLOCK new levels, COLLECT amazing treasure, and SPINprizewheels for bonus coins! These awesome daily tasks are here tohelpyou earn TONS of coins. Collect items and craft objects andsellthem for gold! Match to collect items and unlock prizes inhiddentreasure chests! 140 handcrafted backgrounds and 280AMAZINGlevels! Stay busy for hours as you navigate all of theMahjongchallenges and adventures! Take it slow with a normal level,orupgrade with coins to really challenge yourself. Earn threegoldstars on every level and all of your friends will be callingyouthe Mahjong master! NEW!! Now unlock even MORE BONUS LEVELS!Forevery expert level you unlock enter a new red sphere ofsomeseriously awesome bonus levels to master! All of theseawesomebonus levels make this one of the most coveted free Mahjonggameson google play!DOWNLOAD garden pictures with your extracoins!Youheard that right! Master a level and keep each beautifulscene as areward to use as a phone background and more!---- JOURNEYTHROUGH 7AMAZING OUTDOOR WORLDS ---- Land 1 - Summer Garden Thebirds arechirping and the bees are buzzing all around the vibrantsummergarden! Whether you love vegetable gardens or flowergardens,you’ll be sure to find one that makes your heart sing inthebeautiful land of Mahjong Summer Garden!Land 2 - Autumn GardenAsthe green summer foliage turns to bright oranges, reds,yellows,and subdued browns, there is more beauty to be found in thegarden.Is Autumn your favorite season of the year? You’re in luck!We havepumpkin patches and beautiful fall harvests tocelebrate!Land 3 -Winter Spring The days get shorter as winterapproaches andeverything around us seems to be slowing down andresting forawhile. As spring flowers begin to pop up through a softblanket ofresting snow, we can’t help but get excited for theseasons ahead!Land 4 - Spring GardenThe cycle of the Four Seasonsbegins again inthe Mahjong Spring Garden! Tulips, daffodils,poppies, andsnapdragons - some of the most loved spring flowers -are beginningto appear in landscapes all around you! The redbudsand dogwoodtrees are in full bloom. This is a season we never wantto end!Land5 - Summer Secrets The secrets are out! What playfuladventures doyou think will be revealed in the land of SummerSecrets? Completeeach level to find out what’s happening in thisnew magicalworld!Land 6 - Garden Grazing Through the looking glass…what doyou see looking back at you? A lion in the garden? Itcouldn’tbe!Land 7 - Garden Party End your traves in a luxuriousgardenparty. Roses and morning glories trellis upon rock arches andmorein this dream party scene!The fun doesn’t have to stop onceyouhave mastered this game! Follow The Mahjong Adventure SeriesbyDifference Games and travel around an unlimited number offantasyworlds! Do you fancy majestic unicorns? What about travelingaroundthe world? Are you a reader who gets lost in the pages ofyourfavorite novels? Would you be in awe if a fairy suddenlyappearedwhen you’d least expect it? Difference Games’ Mahjong gamesfeatureall of these beautiful retreats and more. And the best partis:we’re always creating new and exciting FREE Mahjong games thatpairfantastic game mechanics and top-level 3D professional artworksothat you know you’re always playing the best free Mahjongmobilegame!JOIN US ONFACEBOOK! for feedback and suggestions.
Mahjong Titans
Mahjong Titans is a free matchingsolitairegame. Player is challenged to remove all tiles fromtheboard.
Wooden Block Puzzle Game
Welcome to the 2018 edition of our extremely popular woodenblockspuzzle game. First available many many years ago, due topopulardemand weve released it on your favourite device. Enjoy!Easytoplay yet hard to put down, simply place the pieces in somefreespace on the board. Fill a line vertically or horizontallytoremove the line of pieces and create more space. Cant fit thepieceon the board, oh well that’s game over.Contains three levelsofplay. Rock along to the easy level, Roll up to play themorechallenging level or try the Punk level, master it or be rottenforthe day. Please note that this game is ad-funded. It containsasingle modest IAP to remove the adverts. If you findadvertsabhorrent and are not prepared to purchase the IAP pleasedontdownload this game!
Mahjong Titans
A classic Mahjong game. Combine two of the same mahjong stonestoremove them from the playing field. You only can use free stones.Afree stone is not covered by another stone and at least oneside(left or right) is open.
Mahjong Solitaire Animal
Super classic Mahjong Solitaire game with cute animals.How toplayMahjong Solitaire Animal:- Your goal is remove all pairofidentical animals.- You can only remove FREE animals that haveaside on the left or right completely clear, and do not haveanothertile on top.Let's fun with Mahjong Solitaire Animal!
Mahjong Classic
This is a Mahjong game with many features. The goal is to cleartheboard by removing all the matching identical pairs from thelayout.A valid pair consists of two tiles which are both freeandidentical or of the same type.
Mahjong 3 Players - Casino Tycoon Edition
*** Voted Top Singapore Hit Game by Singapore Digital Life*******The #1 Mahjong Game in South East Asia! with Millions ofplayers!****=======================================================TheBestGame for Mahjong beginners!Mahjong 3P is a Three PlayerMahjongthat is characterised by its simplicity, fast pace and highstakes.On average it takes less than 3 minutes to complete onegame!ThisThree Players Mahjong is an adaptation of the ThreePlayers Mahjongthat is commonly played in South East Asia. New gameplay modes areintroduced to bring new excitement to the game.Conventional Rulesof Winning and Counting Points still apply exceptfor the followingchanges:1. There are only Stones("Tong"),Honor/Dragon Cards,Winds, Flowers and Joker("飛") cards.2.Joker("飛") can combine withany cards to PONG, or it can bediscarded as a Flower to add 1 FANto your point. But you cannothave 2 PONGs of the same type withthe Joker.3. Unlike conventionalrule, There are no restrictions inM3P, so even after you discarded,you can still PONG/CHOW the samecard within the same round.4. Youcan game more than 10 FANs in M3Pand the winnings multiply whenyour win exceed 9 fans, which makesthe stakes even higher. 10 - 19FANs = Winning x 3 20 - 29 FANs =Winning x 6 30 - 39 FANs = Winningx 9 40 and above FANs = Winningx 125. KONG, besides being able toreceive payout from other users,the Winning of the game (regardlesswho is the winner) will bemultiplied according to the number ofKONGs 1 KONG = Winning x 2 2KONG = Winning x 4 3 KONG = Winning x 84 KONG = Winning x 16 5KONG = Winning x 32, so on and so forth.6.Chip Multiplier, athigher lobby, you will have a chance to increasethe stake by usinggems to activate Chip Multiplier. Chip Multipliercomes in x2, x3,x4 and x5, and it multiplies the Winning of the onewho activatedthe Chip Multiplier. It will not multiply when youlose unless theWinner also activated the Chip Multiplier.For moreinfo and help goto: your networkconnectivity: youshould have<100ms for connection to game server
Mahjong Solitaire: Classic
HOW TO PLAY• Match and remove all tiles to completeaboard!FEATURES• Over 180 boards.• Beautiful and variouslayouts.•Easy matching game play.• Auto-fit option.• NO WIFI? NOPROBLEM! -You can play offline anytime.• Gorgeous effectseverywhere!•OPTIMIZED for ANDROID & GOOGLE PLAY GAMES -Designed fortablets & phones. - Support both ARM & x86DEVICES.NOTES•Mahjong Solitaire: Classic contains the ads likebanner,interstitial, video and house ads.• Mahjong Solitaire:Classic isfree to play, but you can purchase In-app items likeADFREE.E-MAIL•help@bitmango.comHOMEPAGE• FACEBOOK• you!
This is the world-leading Taiwan Mahjong game and all thestars'voices are performed by themselves. Now one of thepopularentertainers in Taiwan, KID, is coming as a new gamecharacter!Taiwan Glove Puppetry characters including Su Young Man,Man in themirror, Hey Bye Long June and Chain Wu Chi also playroles in thisgame! You can see other famous entertainers such asButterfly Chienand Show Luo in addition.Winning records:1. Top 1 of"Top Free inAndroid Apps" in Google Play for 1 week.2. Top 1 of"Popular Apps"in App Store for 2 weeks, over a million downloads onthe firstweek.3. Top 1 of "New Games" and "Hot Games" in GooglePlay and AppStore.4. Top 1 downloads of game apps in App Store BESTof 2012.5.Best Mahjong game of Yahoo Games Review 2014.Features:1.Free toplay, free money for the first-time registered player anddailyrefilled money.2. Easy to start a match with over 30millionregistered players.3. Easy to start a new match withAutomaticMatching Mode.4. Easy to play for only 3 minutes inparticular gamemode.5. Easy to win a variety of rewards in ContestMode everyday.6. Famous stars like Show Luo and Kai-Le play withyou all thetime.7. Famous stars' voices are performed bythemselves, play withfun!8. Playing with friends in the new friendtable!Functions:1.Join without registration, Facebook and Yahooaccount aresupported.2. All kinds of screen resolutions aresupported.3.Please use in-game 【系統】>【問題回報】to contact CostumerServiceDepartment.4. The games are intended for an adult audience(21+).5.The games do not offer "real money gambling" or anopportunity towin real money or prizes.6. Practice or success atsocial casinogaming does not imply future success at "realmoneygambling."Welcome to world-leading Taiwan Mahjong game, easywin!have fun! join right now!*The games are intended for anadultaudience (21+).*The games do not offer "real money gambling"or anopportunity to win real money or prizes.*Practice or successatsocial casino gaming does not imply future success at "realmoneygambling."
Mahjong Journey
Embark on a magical journey in this addictive MahjongJourney®solitaire adventure!Enjoy a new take on Mahjong Shanghai asyouhelp a young girl and her grandfather traverse the globe insearchof her lost parents. Make your way by pairing tiles in ordertodismantle hundreds of layouts. Collect achievements forspecialaccomplishments while taking advantage of innovativegameplaytwists like Shuffle, which allows you to get out of adifficultsituation, or Firecracker, a tool for blowing up multiplepairs oftiles. Visit the Forbidden City, Virupaksha Temple, the TajMahaland the famous Mount Fuji as you fulfill challenging questsandearn gold stars for completing levels as fast as you can!Whilethisgame is absolutely free to play, you have the ability tounlockoptional bonuses via in-app purchases from within the game.You maydisable in-app purchases in your device settings.● Masterover 1200immersive levels (with hundreds more coming in freeupdates)● Match1218 types of tiles in 29 different tile sets (withmore coming infree updates)● Earn over 40 desirable achievementsand utilize fourgroundbreaking power-ups● Enjoy gorgeous graphics,rich sounds andregular free updates with new levels, tile sets andmore● GooglePlay game servicessupport______________________________COMPATIBILITY NOTES: This gameperforms best on high-endsmartphones andtablets.______________________________ VISIT WATCHUS: FIND FOLLOWUS: ofService: End User LicenseSupplementalTerms:
Mahjong Classic Solitaire is a free mahjong matching game - thebestchoice of Mahjong on Android! It’s FREE and EASY to play! Canyousolve every Mahjong puzzle?====LEARN MORE ABOUT MAHJONGCLASSICSOLITAIRE====▶ Mahjong solitaire become one of the mostpopularfree board game all over the world. This free boardmahjongmatching game is also known as Mah-Jong, Majong and TopMahjong. ▶The innovative new version of Mahjong Classic Solitairewith simplerules and addictive gameplay: Match pairs of identicalmahjongtiles (connect the same mahjong block), clear all themahjongs,Win!Make a blast in mahjong classic solitaire! ▶ Mahjongclassicsolitary game has no time limit. Just take your time andenjoy yourmahjong journey and blast it all! Challenge awaits you inthismagical mahjong solitaire game.======MAHJONG CLASSIC SOLITAIREGAMEFEATURES======🀄️ Over 800 Mahjong free boards🀄️SupportsAchievements and Leaderboards🀄️ Incredible hints🀄️Unlimited Undo🀄️4+ backgrounds🀄️ Traditional, unique tile sets🀄️Stunning graphicsand unique mahjong gameplay.🀄️ Available to playon mobile andtablet devices =========== A GIFT FOR PUZZLE GAMESLOVER=========== If you love puzzle, strategy, memory, andbraintraining challenges games like crossword, chess, majong,wordsearch, solitaire and patience, you’ll love Mah-jong!Challengeyour brain by strategy and logic with this amazing brainpuzzlegame! Develop your mind and patience and strategy skills!Downloadthe best free Mahjong matching game in Android market now!