Top 17 Apps Similar to Caller Name Informer

Bismillah Mobile Unlock 1.3
Unlock Screen with The Name of Allahi.eBismillah and Shelter from Satan i.e A'ozoBillah.If the work is started with Bismillah then it Blessed fromAllahwith barakah. So Always start Every Good Deed withBismillah.--------------------------------------------------------------Feature:✿ Sound of Bismillah✿ Child Voice✿ Loud Voice✿ Bismillah with Translation✿ Bismillah and A'ozoBillah✿ Animation of Bismillah + Allah + Dua + Muhammad PBUH +AssalamuAlaikum + Zikr__________________________________________________It is a service not an activity, so it will not stopcurrentactivity on the mobile.__________________________________________________For any Query or Suggestion please contact us via
Spy Video Recorder Free 1.1
This application record video with backorfront camera.No camera shutter sound and preview whilerecording.Spy Video Recorder does totally background recording. Youcan setwallpaper from wallpaper listFeatures:• Front and back camera option• Continuous video recording• wallpaper that you can set• No camera preview and sound• single touch to start and stop recording
Prayer Time Silent Mode 1.0
Ads Free application for all MuslimovertheworldNow you can silent your mobile at prayer timeandunsilentautomatically after that.Offering prayer five times a day is an important and regulardutyofall the Muslims. As todays mobile phones have become anecessityforevery person. People have set their ringtone and sometimewhenanyone forget to silent their mobile in Mosque thenmobileringtonesmake interruptions during the prayers. That whythisapplicationdesigned to silent/unsilent your mobile autoaccordingto yoursetting time. If you not set that time you cansilent yourmobilethrough gesture.Feature** Silent/unsilent automatically according to settingtime.** Gesture to silent and unsilent** user Friendly graphical user interface(GUI) 3.3.3
3 million + trustworthy users Caller Name Announcer speakseverything while some one is calling you or send you a message, youwillidentify it with out looking to your smart phone.CallerNameAnnouncer. Are you Looking for the the best incoming messageandcaller announcer for Android? You found it! Use it for videocall,or caller name announcer for whatsapp. No.1 app for CallerNameAnnouncer, Caller Name Speaker & Caller id. CallerNameAnnouncer is highly applicable in situations like if youaredriving and your phone is in your pocket or some one sends youanSMS while your phone is in other room. This talking caller idwillannounce with the caller name announcer or sms sender namethatwill awake your mind. Caller Name announcer announces everythingwhile some one is calling you or send you a message, youwillidentify it with out looking to your smart phone. Callernameannouncer announces the caller name with this calling apptheinstant you receive an incoming call or SMS text messages. Thisisa powerful caller ID number calling app Android app, that findsoutwho called you immediately, even before you take out your phoneandsee the screen to check contact number or the message inthiscaller name announcer. Phone caller number. This application isacaller name talker which speaks out the incoming caller name,message sender name and message contents so you can identify whoiscalling and who sent you sms text message without looking intoyourphone. It voices the caller id of the calling person overyourphone’s ringtone. Caller name speaker will not work if yoursmartphone does not have text-to-speech library but this is notaproblem you can easily download it from Google play store.Callername Talker is an incoming call announcer and caller nametalkerapp which identify whos calling. Identify caller Id andcalling applike this caller name announcer. Caller Name Speaker isa Phonenumber or Caller Name Talker application. Caller NameSpeakerannounces the name or the number of incoming call or SMS.CallerName Speaker can also read the content of SMS. Callernameannouncer is an announcner app which announces who is callingyouor sent you an sms. Caller Name Announcer Announces ★ Callernameif exist in contacts ★ If does not exist in contacts, callthatunknown ★ Speaks incoming SMS contents and sender nameAvailableSmart Features : Easily customize your Caller NameAnnouncer withbundles of available options ★ Enable / Disableannouncing callername ★ Enable / Disable incoming SMS sender nameonly ★ Enable /Disable announcing SMS contents ★ Turn ON / OFFcaller nameannouncer if phone is in silent or vibrate mode. ★ TurnON / OFFcaller name speaker while other phone call is active. ★Choosedelay time between announcements ★ Press volume key up ordownbutton to stop SMS announcement ★ Decrease ringing volume oncalloption for caller name speaker ★ Ringtones and Volume settings★Change default speaking language, speed and pitch + Announcementin40 Languages supported Special Highlights: - Caller NameAnnouncerON / OFF. - Flash Light Alret on Call and SMS. - SMSSender SpeakerON / OFF. - Speech Rate Control. - Ring VolumeControl. - LanguageChange Option. - Speech Volume Control. - SOSturns mobile phoneinto Disco Lights. - Super Flash Light TorchBrights the nights.
Say caller name 23.0
Phone call announcer can read caller name for you! You don't havetolook on the phone. It also reads sms sender name and smscontent!'Say caller name' is a simple app which can read loudlythe callerand sms sender name. Just turn on the service and whenyou will haveincoming phone call - this app will read the name ofthe caller! Itcould read sms content and inform you about lowbattery level! Mainfeatures of caller announcer: - it reads loudlycaller name, - itreads sms sender name and content, - it readsinformation about lowbattery level. 'Say caller name' can alsowork in silent mode. Youcan hear announcements even if the phoneis in silent mode!
Caller Name Announcer 1.1
Caller name announcer is an useful app that tells you alltheimportant information about incoming Call or SMS. Driving,jogging,cooking, walking, playing , etc? Your Phone is far fromyou? Notable to see who’s calling you? Want to know who has sentyou theSMS without looking at the phone? Or Want to know what isthereceived SMS? No Problem,Call & Sms Announcer is just theappyou need. The app speaks out the name or the number of thepersoncalling you or the SMS arrived. Highly customizable announcerappfor any type of hands free environment. Caller NameAnnouncerFeatures are: - Announces Caller Name or Number -Announces SMSSender Name - Announces SMS content if SMS contentannouncer optionis checked. - Announces in Silent Mode if Announcein Silent Modeis checked. - Announces in Vibrate Mode if Announcein Vibrate ischecked. - Restore to default settings easily by justclickingsingle button - Hear it all for Free, without the necessityoftouching the phone. Note : Before using app , make sure youcheckthe app settings. As we are offering this app completely free, wehave included some Adds.
Caller Name Announcer 2.0.4
Caller Name Announcer is highly usefulinsituations like if you are driving and phone is in your pocketorsome one sends you an SMS while your smart phone is in otherroom.Caller Name Speaker simply announce caller name or sms sendername,say it loud for you.Marshmallow supported nowCaller Name Announcer simply speaks it out with yourdevicespeaker. Says caller name and SMS message sender name andmessagebody. Phone caller name talker is here FREE of cost for you.. Itwill talk with the caller name that will click your mind towhetherrespond to call or not.Caller Name speaker announces every thing while some oneiscalling you or send you a message, you will identify itwithoutlooking to your smart phone. Caller Name speaker uses thebuilt-inAndroid text-to-speech engine to speaks the incoming callername orSMS sender name and contents of the SMS with phonespeaker.This application is a Caller Name talker which speaks outtheIncoming caller name , message sender name and message contentsormessage body so that you can identify who is calling and whosentyou sms text message without looking into your phone. It voicestheCaller id of the calling over your phone’s ringtone. Callernamespeaker announce who is calling you or sent you an sms eitheryourgirl friend is calling you.Caller Name Speaker will not work if your smart phone doesnothave text-to-speech library but this is not a problem youcaneasily download it from Google play store. Caller name talkercanannounce name that is calling or caller id of the sms senderandmessage contents.Caller Name Announcer Announces★ Name of the Caller if exists in contacts★ If does not exist in contacts, call that “ unknown “★ Speaks incoming SMS sender name and contentsAwesome Features:Easily customize your Caller Name talker with bundles ofavailableoptions★ Enable / Disable announcing caller name★ Enable / Disable incoming SMS sender name only★ Enable / Disable incoming SMS sender name and contents oftheSMS★ Multiple time announcements★ Choose delay time between speaking★ Option to Enable / Disable announcements while callisactive★ Turn off / on caller name alert feature if phone is insilentmode.★ Turn off / on caller name alert feature if phone is invibratemode.★ Turn off caller name alert feature while other phone callisactive.★ Tap on Notification to stop reading SMS contents★ Press volume buttons to stop announcement★ Start / Stop announcement while call is active★ Decrease volume on call option★ Ringtones and volume settings★ Change default speaking language, speed or pitch ofthevoice★ For voice preference, You can select any available languageinphone or download high quality voice★ Reset to DefaultsInternal text translated Languages :Arabic, Bulgarian, German, Spanish, Persian, French,hindi,Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, TurkishMore languages internal translations coming soonFeedbackIf you like our effort, show your love in comments.If found any problem, please write an email to us.Facebook :
Caller Name Announcer 3.2
Welcome to Caller Name Announcer. Veryniceapplication for android mobile users. If you have CallerNameAnnouncer in your android mobile then no need to see that whoiscalling or sending messages to you. Your mobile will tell youthatwho is calling you or who is sending messages.This application has following characteristics1) You can check or uncheck the option of callernameannouncement. If the option is selected then your mobile willspeakthe caller name whenever you receive any call.2) You can also select the number of reputation that howmanytimes caller name will be announced.3) You can check or uncheck the option of message sendernameannouncement. If the option is selected then your mobile willspeakthe message sender name whenever you receive any message.4) You can also check or uncheck the option of read themessagebody and can select the number of reputation that how manytimesmessage text will be announced.Use Caller Name Announcer and rate us if you likethisapplication. Your feedback and suggestions are so important forus.So please give your suggestions and feedback forfurtherimprovement in this application.
Free Caller Name Talker 2.0
New Caller name talker speaks out name ofthecaller on Incoming call or SMS ,Don't need to get your mobile out of pocket, when you getincomingcall,Speaking caller name will speak the name or id of your callerinsituations driving , taking shower or eating... ,and the Phoneisin your pocket, or another room, so that you can identify whoiscalling you without looking your phone screen.Features:1.Speaks/Announces caller name id in all incoming calls.2.Turn off caller name alert feature if Phone is insilentmode.3.Speaks out full content of SMS along with sender name id,numbers.4.For privacy purpose you can put any numbers of contact inignorelist.5.Lots of customization option for different category forcalling,messaging & more!caller name talk , share it with your friend it's veryhelpful.
Eye Protector 2015 1.01
It helps to reduce harm impactof screen resolution.This application helps you to keep trackofthetime of breaks when work with screen.You can control the color and brightness to make yourownmode.You can turn on/off Auto Mode
Caller Name Speaker 5.6
Bhima Apps
Caller Name Speaker - Transform your android device into apersonalassistant telling you who is calling. No need to look atthe screento find who is calling, this Caller Name Speaker apptells youeverything when your phone rings & minimizes yourefforts toknow important calls or SMS without touching the phone.Caller NameSpeaker is a Phone number or Caller Name Talkerapplication. CallerName Speaker announces the name or the number ofincoming call orSMS. Caller Name Speaker can also read the contentof SMS. CallerName Announcer Features * Easy app settings toenable/disable thefunctionality * Enable or disable thisfunctionality for incomingtext messages as well * Choose delay timebetween announcement *Repeat caller name announcement With thisandroid app Caller NameAnnouncer, you must have text-to-speechlibrary. if you don’t have,you can easily download from Google PlayStore. You will surelylike this Caller Name Announcer app. Our goalis to help users havean enjoyable experience when using our apps& games. It wouldbe great if you download & use our appCaller Name Announcerand write a review based on your experiencewith it.
Caller Name Announcer 3.6.2
Caller Name announcer speaks out the Incoming caller name id andSMSsender that helps to identify the call even without taking alook atyour mobile. What's more, it will help to read and speakout yourmessage content and you will never miss any message andrelease youreyes.Caller name talker provides powerful functionsbut it is highlycustomizable to meet all your requirements. Alladvanced featuresbelow are all free for you.Caller Name AnnounceCustomizeAnnounceCaller NameSet announcement repeat timesSet textbefore callernameSet text after caller nameSMS AnnounceCustomizeAnnounce messageSender NameRead and speak out messagesContentSet announcementrepeat timesSet text before SMSSet textafter SMSAdvanced AudioCustomizeSet Speech VolumeSet SoundPitchSet Reading SpeedSilent onshakeDisclaimer:Caller Name Speakeruses the built-in Androidtext-to-speech engine to voice the calleror SMS Sender ID. If yourmobile do not have pre-installedtext-to-speech engine, please go toGoogle play to download theengine app.
Caller Name Announcer 1.0.2
Ever wondered if there is a way to know who is calling while youaredriving and the Phone is in your pocket? Or who send you SMSwhileyou are in another room and received an SMS? it simplySpeaksEverythingCaller Name Talker speaks out the Incoming callernameand SMS sender name so that you can identify who is callingwithoutlooking into your phone. It can even read the SMS contentfor you.And the best thing is, it is totally FREE. Caller NameAnnounceruses the built-in Android text-to-speech engine to voicethe calleror SMS Sender ID. This program will not work if yourphone doesn’thave text-to-speech data installed in your phone. Noneed to worryabout that! you can download from Google play/appstore and it willinstall text-to-speech data into your phone ifyour phone doesn’thave it pre-installed.Call Name AnnouncerAnnounces:- Caller Nameif exist in contacts.- Caller Number if Namenot exist incontacts.- Speaks SMS Sender Name &ContentFeatures:• One Tapto Caller Name Announcer to Disable/EnableCall and SMS Announcingfeature.• Caller Name Talker speaks out thecaller name fromContact, it Voices the caller id over your existingringtone.•Speaks Number, if caller name not found in the contactlist.•Announce SMS Sender name while receiving an SMS.• ReadSMScontent.• Volume setting• Text To Speech Setting• RingtoneSetting
Caller Name Announcer 1.1
While driving on a highway your mobilestartsringing and you want to know who is calling but that isdangerousas well as you would be breaking the traffic law, CallerNameAnnouncer is the best solution for you.If you are watching TV in your lounge and your mobile phone isinthe other room, somebody calls and you have Caller NameAnnouncerinstalled in your device, you won’t have to even get up ifyoudon’t want to receive that call because you will be informedaboutthe caller name and vice versa.There are loads of instances when you need to know about thecalleridentity and this Caller Name Announcer will surely make yourlifeeasier by providing you that service.This Caller Name Announcer app uses the advanced Text ToSpeechengine provided in the Android platform. The most efficientCallerName Announcer application available in Google Playstore.Functionalities:• ENABLE/ISABLE Caller Name Announcer. By default thisbeenabled.• Announcer Settings:Announcer Delay: Delay between announcing the caller’s name.Announcer Repeat: How many times do a user want to hear thecaller’sname.• Volume Settings:Ringtone Volume setting.Caller name speaker’s volume setting.• Text To Speech Settings:Select the language, Speech Rate – the speed with which thecallername would be announced.Install it, use it and let us know about your experiencethroughfeedback.
Old Phone Dialer & 3D Contacts 1.01
If You are getting board with your smartphonedialing pad, Then try this realistic old phone dialerapplication.This app will take you in your old memories. Throughthisapplication you enjoy with 20th century phone dialer.Thisapplication also provide you 3D contacts list.Features- Different Old Phone Dialer theme.- Easy to dial.- Keypad Dialing option.- 3D contacts List- User Friendly GUI.- Color Selection for 3D contacts List
Custom Profile Changer 1.01
There are many option to change mobileprofile.The user can easily customize profile by using thisapp.The user can select the 1)silent mode 2)vibration mode 3)vibrationand ring 4) general/normal mode so easily.Feature:Friendly Interface/useHD graphicsActive Silent ModActive Vibration ModActive Vibration and ring modActive only ring Mod
Smart Caller Name Talker 1.0
Smart Caller Name talker Application makesyourphone caller's name speaks without the need to unlock yourphone, Ithelp you to know the caller talker when the phone is farfrom you inthe bathroom, in bed sleeping when you driving the isspeaks yourcaller name, This application also helps visuallyimpaired or blindpeople are dependent on the knowledge with them,with smart callername talker you stop to ask yourself how toidentify a caller whiledriving?its amazing name announcer hwo the messaged to you.Smart Caller Name is available in more than 10 languagesEnglish,Arabic, Czech, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese,Persian,Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and VietnameseThe Smart Caller Name "Talker announcer" the Incoming callernameand SMS sender name that helps to identify your caller evenwithouttaking a look at your mobile."Smart Caller Name Talker" announcer Features:*Custom Volume Settings.*Turn off Announcer while silent option.*Enable/disable speaking caller name.*Enable/disable incoming SMS sender name.*Enable/disable incoming SMS sender name and contents oftheSMS.Important: Smart Caller Name Talker announcer Caller Nameifexist in contacts If does not exist in contacts, call thatunknownSpeaks incoming SMS contents and sendername