Top 11 Apps Similar to Vinayaka Chaviti

Ebook Horror Reader Stories 1.0
Looking for GHOST STORIES? Looking for a ghost e-bookapp?EbookHorror Reader Stories let’s you read ‘Famous Modern GhostStories’on the go in the Ebook format made for enthusiast reader.We’llreach 100+ perhaps for another app but for starters it’sacompilation of 15 plus 1 horror and scary stories in one app. Itisa compilation of ‘FAMOUS MODERN GHOST STORIES’ speciallyselectedwith an introduction by Dorothy Scarborough, an avid writerof thesupernatural.Ebook Horror Reader Stories will give you thescareand horror that you may need to stay up all night. This Ebookisfree so that reader from all over the world can enjoy someclassic,though not 100+ just yet, scary horror ghost stories in abookapp.Ebook Horror Reader Stories features:☆Ebook format easyforreader to read☆Free read!☆Offline Reading; no need fortheinternet☆Suitable for avid Englishreaders☆Easy-to-useinterface☆Can zoom if you need extra biggerfont: just doubletap!☆Mystically designed☆Compilation of 15+1 shortghoststories☆Each story is separated in a different pdf file soyouwon’t have to scroll through hundreds of pages!Content of‘FamousModern Ghost Stories’:1. Introduction: The ImperishableGhost2. TheWillows by Algernon Blackwood3. The Shadows on the Wallby Mary E.Wilkins Freeman4. The Messenger by Robert W. Chambers5.Lazarus byLeonid Andreyev6. The Beast with Five Fingers by W. F.Harvey7. TheMass of Shadows by Anatole France8. What Was It? byFitz-JamesO’Brien9. The Middle Toe of the Right Foot by AmbroseBierce10.TheShell of Sense by Olivia Howard Dunbar11.The Woman atSevenBrothers by Wilbur Daniel Steele12.At the Gate by MylaJoClosser13.Ligeia by Edgar Allan Poe14.The Haunted OrchardbyRichard Le Gallienne15.The Bowmen by Arthur Machen16.A Ghost byGuyde Maupassant*Book originally compiled and publishedbyKnickerbocker Press. With Ebook Horror Reader Stories, don’twaitfor Halloween to tell and read ghost stories because you havethisbook app now. It’s always a good time for a good scare; foryourfriends and yourself included! This classic compilation ofghoststories and supernatural fiction will blow youaway.AdditionalFeatures!
☆Snap photos through our app☆Play thehorror puzzle☆Sharewith your friends stories you like!Don’t missout! Download EbookHorror Reader Stories for the greatest frighttests of all time.Can you sleep now? Rate and Review. Would love tohear from you!
StoriesCity - Stories & Books 2.6
StoriesCity is a writing community where you can read freebooks,stories and fanfictions!Features:• Free stories and bookswrittenby over 10,000 people from all around the world• Improvewritingskills in English and get feedback from other users•Subscribe tostories you like and get updates on new chapters•Create your ownprofile and publish stories onlineMany categoriesand genres:•Fanfics on your favorite movies & tv shows!•Creepypasta,Horror and scary stories for a spooky night time read•Fantasy andfiction ebooks, Teens stories and funny short stories•Poems andPoetryWelcome to a world of stories!
Free Books Reader 1.8
QC Fun
Free Book Reader written by published and aspiring authors,followstories as they are written, get updates for new chapters.Allbooks are free and we have many of books to read Save toyourlibrary & share what you’re reading with your friendsChoosefrom popular stories romance, fanatic, non-fiction,mystery,fantasy, memoirs, travelogues, short stories and memes.FreeBookReader Features:• Download stories and books to the app so youcanread offline• Personalized recommendations of stories to read•Stayconnected to your stories with a news feed of updates andcommentsfrom friends• Sync all your stories and eBooks between yourphone,tablet, and computer Bookshelf view• Recent Books• Booksearchresults• Configurable search directories• E book can storetitlesoffline to enjoy at anytime anywhere without internetconnection soconvenience you can become smart reader • Sync acrossall of yourdevices.• File Browser,File navigation• Search text inbook• NightMode• Bookmark pages, highlight text, and add notes•Elegant 3Dpage turns• Bookmarks, notes, and reading positions aresyncedacross your phones, tablets and computers• Free search withinbooksuse dictionary and find geographical information discoverwebresults & wikipedia right on the page to all storiesbooks•Select fonts, font size, and layout for flowing text books•Chooseday, night, and sepia reading modes• Listen to bookswithtext-to-speech when publisher allows• Upload PDF or EPUB filestoyour library• Auto fit your page view• Links History, back topage•Search all books (PDF) on device• Scroll pages by finger taponscreen • Full screen mode• Light theme and black theme• Setscreenorientation: Portrait, Landscape, Automatic• Bookmarks onpage• Cutwhite document borders• Fixate pages by width, page willnot movefrom right to left• Book and Page ThumbnailsFree BookReaderMillions of stories to choose Sync all our free story booksbetweenyour phone tablet & computer you can view all storieswithoutconnect wifi, simple and convenience.• Choose from popularromance,fanatic, non-fiction, mystery, fantasy, memoirs,travelogues,sci-fi, short stories and memes.• Works by well-knownauthors:Scott Westerfeld, Tyler Oakley, Margaret Atwood, PauloCoelho, RLStine, Dan Brown, Anna Todd, Christopher Pike, Pharrell,FeliciaDay, Jennifer Armentrout, Meg Cabot, Marissa Meyer, GenaShowalter, Hugh Howey, Kevin J Anderson, Maureen Johnson and more•OurFree Book Reader attract many of people’s downlaod becausemanychoice, this ebook suitable for all reader.• The classics:Alice inWonderland, Sherlock Holmes, Romeo & Juliet, JaneEyre,Wuthering Heights, The Art of War, Pride & Prejudice, andmuchmore• Find stories from new reading lists and bookclubsDownloadFree Book Reader while it is still free.
Talking Bookz Audiobooks 1.6
Talking Bookz
Ever thought about listening to audiobooks stories?, well looknofurther, you can now listen to all your favorite audiobooks onyourmobile phone. With Talking Bookz you can access over50,000audiobooks to transform your daily commute and turn the queuetimeto learning time. You can listen to these audiobookswhileexercising, out walking, travelling or when you just want torelax.You can download the app to your Android for free and youalso havethe ability to listen offline. This is a free audiobookapp for useon your android phones.Talking Bookz is here to make iteasy foryou to explore audiobooks like never before. You can easilylearn anew language or why not listen to cool and amazing Africanstoriesin audio or immerse yourself with one of our thousandsofinternational bestsellers. Talking Bookz is the number 1audiobookstore in Africa, you can now enjoy the best african booksinaudioTalking Bookz Features1. Access to over 50,000+audiobooksplus numerous unique African content exclusive to us2.Booksdownloaded in your account will be yours forever3. Changelisteningspeed as you wish4. Take notes while listening to youraudiobookinapp5. Download top audiobooks to your device over wifiorcellular network6. Top African books in audio7. Downloadamazingstories and books in audio for your kidsAudio books are agreataddition to your eBooks. Read an eBook in the comfort of yourhomeand then continue on by listening to an audiobook while you’reonthe go. Enjoy audible stories and books on your commute,whiledoing chores, or at the gym. Talking Bookz is referred to astheaudible of Africa. We provide the best African books in audiowhichwould open up African authors books to the whole world. WebelieveAfricans tell the best stories and what better way can youget intothe heart of Africa, if not from the books we write, wellits evenmuch more easier with audio books. Pick today from over50,000audio books for your library.
Worldreader - Free Books 1.3.17
Do you love free books? Worldreader gives you access to anenormousdigital library with thousands of free carefully curatedebooksfrom around the world. You can find the best free romance,sports,educational, religious, fiction, and nonfiction books to addyourbookshelf on the Worldreader app. Want to read without usingdata?You can now download books, read them offline, and takethemanywhere. Simply choose a digital book, download it via thebookdetails screen, and have it appear in your offline readinglibrary.Do you love playing games? Reading free books has neverbeen soamazing! This is the only free book library that gives youprizesfor reading your favourite books and stories. Worldreaderallowsyou to set reading goals, check your reading progress, andsee howyou stand against other readers in your country viareadingleaderboards! Discover amazing free books and create yourownbookshelf from stories organised by categories (romance,children’sbooks, worship, sports, science, thriller, fantasy orpoetry)including: - Books and stories from top authors around theglobe. -Caine Prize winning short fiction stories - Free books fromMillsand Boon - Books in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.-Children's books: Great children's books to help toddlers, kidsandpreschoolers learn to read with ease - Latest informationfromWikipedia - Science books: practical health information onsafesex, HIV, Ebola, Zika, maternal health, and more - Romancenovels:Love stories from Africa and beyond - Religion and spiritualbooks:The Bible, prayer books, sermons and devotionals Want audiobooks?Listen to any book in the Worldreader library via the ReadOut Loudfeature. Hear the whole book or learn how to pronounceanindividual word or phrase. Simply open any book, tap the screentoopen the reading menu, and select Read Out Loud. Love freebooksand stories? Want to create your own free library?DownloadWorldreader now! Check out what the press has said abouttheWorldreader app: “eBooks like Pride and Prejudice and A Tale OfTwoCities are at the fingertips of thousands of kids who wouldhavenever had the opportunity to read them before, andWorldreaderwants that to grow quickly. Along with ebooks, theorganization hasshared educational information about HIV/AIDS andmalaria,instantly turning the device into a life-saver as well asalearning tool.” - TechCrunch “Since 2010, thenon-profitorganization Worldreader has provided school children ina numberof developing countries with access to free digital booksthroughdonated Kindle ereaders. Recently, it has begun to publishtheebooks via a mobile phone-based ereader.” - BBC “In AugustandSeptember, over 50,000 people used Worldreader Mobile eReadertoread information about Ebola provided by the Centers forDiseaseControl and the World Health Organization. “ - allAfrica “Itis nothyperbole to suggest that if every person on the planetunderstoodthat his or her mobile phone could be transformed –easily andcheaply – into a library brimming with ebooks, access totext wouldcease to be such a daunting hurdle to literacy.” - TheGuardian
Booktrack 3.1.2
BOOKTRACK READERImmerse yourself further into the story - listentoAudiobooks or read eBooks with a synchronized moviestylesoundtrack. A must have app for all booklovers!LISTEN TOAUDIOBOOKSWITH A MUSICAL SOUNDTRACKTry audiobooks now with asoundtrack!READTHOUSANDS OF EBOOKS FOR FREEPut on your headphonesand hear thefuture of reading…FEATURESListen to Audiobooks with asoundtrack•Turn the soundtrack on/off• Adjust the soundtrack tonarrationvolume mixBrowse thousands of eBooks with synchronizedsoundtracks– • Discover new and exciting authors in a whole newway• Romance,suspense, YA, thrillers, horror and much more!
Amazing Stories from Quran 3 3.0
This is an illustrated colored children ebook application,tellsyouabout the amazing story of Sacrifice.
Ebooks Offline
This application allows you to read all the available ebookswithout connecting to internet.Contains story books ofdifferentgenres like Drama, Fantasy, Short stories, Novels, HorroretcNewbooks will be added every week.
Fyodor Dostoyevsky 1.0
* Notes from the Underground* Short stories* The gambler
Books Library 1.1
Shahrukh Raza
Thousand of books, booklets, articles of many renowned scholarsonmore than hundred different topics in top languages oftheworld.___________________________New Added: - Search by BookName -Language FilterLike the app? Rate us and share your stories.Youcan also send us your feedback at