Top 49 Games Similar to Small Chicken Egg Runner

Chicken and Duck Breeding Farm-A Poultry Eggs Game 1.0.1
So kids, your wait is over to feel as a real farm manager. Nowplaythis simple game of chicken and duck breeding farm and becomeanowner of your own animal farm. Not only you will experienceaproper poultry laying eggs game but you will also experiencethereal chicken breeding and duck breeding with differentsteps.Aproper livestock farm game in which chickens and duckswillincrease in numbers when you breed them and get little chicksfromthem. Usually animal farms and poultry farms are invillagesbecause you get large open spaces but now you canexperience thisadventurous feeling with your fingertips. Just tapand see howwonderful the farm life actually is.Breed chickens andbreed ducksand become an expert breeder in town. Try not to pickeggs untilthey are totally hatched just sweep the chickens and duckfloorsand then feed them with care to see them grow into bigchicken andducks. A small part is given to cleaning tasks but themainobjective of the game is to breed chickens and ducks. So justsitbehind and watch the hatched eggs become littlechicks.FeaturesChicken and Duck Breeding Farm-A Poultry Eggs Game•Chicken FarmSimulator• Duck Farm Chicken 2D Farming • Excellent andPerfectChicken Breeding• Pleasant Breeding Farm Environment•Healthy Eggswill Make Healthy Chickens• Duck Chicks Breeding 2D
Happy Mrs Chicken - Dress Up 2.5
This is the sequel of our original game: Happy Chicken LaysEggs.The main character is also our happy mrs chicken Molly!Thistime,mrs chicken Molly has come back from the moon to the grasslandofthe earth and had a dressing room! You can change the colorsandstyles of her comb, body and tail. Little chickens hatched byMollywould be also in the same style with her.🐔The rules areeasy:1.Follow the guidance. You can obtain the yellow tail, thenyou canget mrs chicken Molly!2. Touch the grassland, Molly will layan eggwhich will hatch a little chicken in the same style.3. Therearemany colors and styles in the dressing room. But youshouldpurchase them by eggs or coins. If you lay enough eggs andobtainenough coins, you can buy everything you want.💰4 ways togetcoins:1. Happy chicken Molly may lay a red egg sometimes.Somecoins are in the red eggs! Touch the red egg to break it andgetthe coins!2. With Internet connection, there may be parachutewithegg falling down. Touch the parachute and break the egg togetcoins! (Internet required )3. Touch the purple ➕besides thenumberof coins at the top of the screen, you can exchange 100 🥚 to1 💰.Lay as many eggs as you can!4. You can also buy coins.Bypurchasing coins, the ads will also be removed!Well, letmrschicken Molly lay eggs and get more coins! You will obtainmoredifferent and beautiful chickens! Have fun~~(Our happy chickengameis a single-player offline game, all the purchases are onlyvalidin your local device. Please be careful if your want to deletetheApp^_^ )
Boiled Egg Diet 1.7
The boiled egg diet is an easy diet to practice. The simplerecipesare not time-consuming to prepare. This is a two weeks dietwhereyou will consume 2 – 4 eggs daily. Why eggs? Eggs have allthenecessary amino acids required by our body. Eggs are a goodsourceof protein, minerals and vitamins. It contains vitamin A,vitaminD, vitamin B2, vitamin B5, vitamin B12 and vitamin E. Eggscontainfolate, phosphorus, selenium, potassium, calcium, manganese,zincand iron. The great thing is that an egg (50g) has about71calories only. Therefore, it satisfies your hunger easily butyetit is low in calorie. The recipes are prepared in a healthywayusing low fat ingredients. The recipes you will prepare inthisdiet are:1. ROAST CHICKEN 2. STEAMED CHICKEN / STEAMEDVEGETABLES3.DRESSINGS FOR SALADS (3 TYPES)4. BAKED FISH5. OMELET6.BOILEDEGGS7. SALAD 8. TUNA SALAD9. SCRAMBLED EGGS10. BAKEDEGGSFRITTATA11. EGG DROP SOUP12. POACHED EGGS13. BAKED WHOLEEGGS14.SUNNY SIDE UP EGGS15. GRILLED CHICKEN & VEGETABLES(NEW)16.GRILLED FISH (NEW)17. PAN-SEARED CHICKEN BREAST (NEW)18.SHIRATAKIORIENTAL STIR FRY (NEW)19. CHICKEN VEGETABLE SOUP (NEW)20.EGGSSCRAMBLED WITH FRESH TOMATOES (NEW)Follow the boiled egg dietandexpect to lose 11 Kg or 24 pounds of weight in two weeks.Eatdelicious and healthy meals every day and lose weight. Tryittoday. The Boiled Egg Diet is free!
Chicken Evolution - 🐓 Mutant Poultry Farm Clicker 1.2.2
Tapps Games
Their ancestors are giant dinosaurs but they ended up asbirds...that can barely fly. Chickens sure have reasons to beangry! Butit's all about to change when mutations start takingplace in anegg farm. The poultry is ready for takeoff! Combinechickens toevolve them and discover their most curious, exotic andbizarreforms!Start playing now the next game from the Evolutionseries byTapps Games. A game that has brought the "chicken or theegg"question to a whole new perspective. Play now and find out!HOWTOPLAY• Drag and drop similar chickens to combine them and createnewmysterious creaturesHIGHLIGHTS• Many stages, eggs andchickenspecies to discover• The unexpected mix of alpaca-likeevolutionand incremental clicker games• Doodle-like illustrations•Manypossible endings: find your own destiny• Upgrades,upgrades,upgrades…! More than ever!• No chickens or eggs wereharmed in themaking of this game, only developers (again)Which camefirst, thechicken or the egg? Find out in the incredible ChickenEvolution!Please note! This game is free to play, but it containsitems thatcan be purchased for real money. Some features and extrasmentionedin the description may also have to be purchased for realmoney.
Chicken Breeding Factory Fun– Factory Simulator 1.0
Zuhra Games
Welcome to Farming Production ; Poultry farm factory township&chicken Breeding Factory!Poultry store is the process ofraisingdomesticated birds like hen, chicken, peacock, ostrich andduck forthe purpose of breed.Poultry farm factory become mostrevenuegenerating business and many people want to start theirownbusiness but question rise here how to start breed factory.Inchicken breed factory you can get some tips how to start andgethandsome profit and play important role to meetfactoryrequirements in your township by the mean of fun.Chickenfarmfactory is designed with amazing game play for kids’ funwithpersuasive level. Chicken breed farm has a diverse partwherelittle kids and toddlers will become a farmer on farm and openfarmstore where you can start breeding of different birds: hen,peacockand ostrich.Through breed farm factory you will increaseproductionin your farm and once your birds grown up sell themintosupermarket. Then you have to transport hen babies, peacockbabies,duck babies and ostrich babies in the supermarket as a realtrucktransporter. Farming store has always been a profitablebusiness.Breeding Process• In farm simulator factory, you have tofeed allbirds that are in the poultry farm. They mostly eat grains,grassesand seeds. They also need to drink more water in order tolay moreeggs.• After feeding, take them for laying process.• Welldone! Youhave done an amazing job. Now healthy eggs are ready forhatching.•Now it’s time to give spa to your birds in that way theywill farfrom disease.• When the birds’ babies grown up put theminto bucketand transfer on to truck simulator transportation anddeliver itinto poultry farm and township supermarket. Features offarmsimulator factory Realistic HD graphics with beautifulinterfaceExcellent breeding farm environment Raise lovableanimals andmanage chicken factory Earning by delivering birdsbabies in themarket Build your new world of farming with farmsimulatorfactory.
Surprise Eggs - Kids Evolution Game 1.07
Find out what happens to an surprise eggs food evolution whentheevolution started, combine two surprise eggs to evolve anddiscoverthe most curious and funny forms of your favoritetoys.Break out ofthe kitchen and explore the real world, explorethe continent eventthe world is not safe for your mutation surpriseeggs evolution.HOWTO PLAYIt’s simpler then a matching game!• Asyour Surprise Eggfood evolution drop coins, buy new Surprise Egg toearn even moremoney• Drag and drop similar Surprise Eggs to evolvethem into newand more profitable Surprise Egg• Also tap theSurprise Egg foodevolution to make more coins Highlights• Fivedifferent stages and30 different forms of Surprise Eggs foodevolution• A cool mix ofidle and incremental clicker like Tamago!•Three possible endings:find the right god as you play!DownloadSurprise Eggs Evolution nowstart your own journey of SurpriseEggs🙂Disclaimer: Don't play thisgame when u are hungry, you evenget more hungry on playing…! 🙂Welove clicker and idle games the wayyou do! If you have anyquestions, found a bug or you have newupgrade ideas, get in touchwith us! We appreciate your help a lotand donate it with a 5$ingame code for free!We take your feedbackvery seriously. To getin touch with us, please send us an email orvisit
Chicken breeding farm 1.2
Breeding meaning is rising in livestock. Now a day, people lovetohave pet. This game is about chicken breeding farm factory inwhichwe learn how breeding process taken place in village. It’s notonlya chicken factory game; you all would be able to do poultryfarmingin your own chicken breeding factory village. It’s adetailedprocess for chicken breeding through breeding factorysimulatormachine. Process:In breeding farm village, collect allhens. Openhen food packet with seizer and feed them. Now try tocatchhealthier hens from the breeding farm village. Because,healthierhens will be breed more. In your breeding farm simulator,let thehens to laying maximum eggs in chicken factory. After thisprocesswe will collect eggs and drop these eggs into bucket. Makesurethat crack eggs are out of bucket. Being a poultry farmer ofyourbreeding farm chicken factory, we will pass all eggs throughlasermachine simulator. Now all eggs are ready for breeding. Puteggsinto apparatus machine on the given temperature in ourchickenfactory. After that we will check that chicks have come outfromeggs. Pick all chicks and drop them into bucket from breedingfarm.Let’s start spa process of poultry farming within ourchickenbreeding factory simulator. Pick chicks and wash withshowermachine simulator. All dust will be removed by spa process inspadepartment of chicken factory. Now dry them and paintwithdifferent colour. Chicks look will be funky in differentcolour.Chicks are ready to be delivered. We will load all cageofcolourful chicks from breeding farm to delivery truck foritsonward delivery to other poultry farms so that chicken breedingmayexceed more.
Chicken with hat 2.0.4
Entertainment game and mental agility in which you have to testyourreflexes. Match the color of the hen´s hat with nest displayedforgolden eggs. Also, get new super powers with the new boots togofurther still. Test your chicken quickly putting the maximumnumberof golden eggs by matching the color of hats with the colornests.Unblocking boots gives you a power like jump and slow downtime. Asyour speed finding suitable colors is greater, you willreach bootsthat can achieve much more power that lets you dressyour hen withthe hat you like. Unlock boots putting a minimum ofgolden eggs inthe nest and your hen will use the power you need tomaster thecolor you need and keep putting golden eggs in the nest.To move upin the ranking: * Fix the color of the hat to the one ofthe nest *Get the maximum number of golden eggs and boots* Buy newhats foryour hen * Unlock the power that you like* Play and sharewith yourfriends to compete in the world ranking
Surprise Eggs 3 1.6
Discover toy collection passing thru egg path and open egglevelsone by one.Tap an egg until it's striped and find out whatthe bigsurprise is hidden in each egg! Collect opened toys incandycastle. Open castle doors to see which toys you havealreadycollected. Boys will be delight in opening levels withspecial carsvehicle. Collect birds collection and Pj MasksToys.Girls beentertained by collecting pony, pony girls, mermaidand winterdolls.There are a lot of different toys of candies, funnyanimaland surprises to keep your little ones occupied for a longtime.Howto play: * Choose the egg you want to open * Use yourfingers toscrape the paper from the egg and to break the chocolateegg * Tapthe egg yolk (container) to get to the surpriseInstall andbesatisfied with Surprise Eggs adventure!
Surprise Eggs Vending Machine
For My Kids
Surprise Eggs Vending Machine is a newgamefor toddlers, children and babies. What is hidden inside theeggs?Open candy surprise eggs to discover a lot of new toyslikespiderman and thomas the train for boys, frozen elsa and mylittlepony for girl in a funny kids app. Multi-colors eggs withasurprise inside! There are many surprise eggs and manysurprisetoys. It is a Surprise Eggs fun! Open an egg until find outwhatthe surprise is hidden in egg! If your child likes toysandsurprises, this app is perfect for him!How to Play?Drop a coin into the gumball machine, watch your surprisechocolateegg bounce down like a pinball! Claw up your exciting newcandy eggand rip off the foil and eat all that delicious candychocolate soyour left with your surprise egg, pop it open to reveallike bymagic a brand new toy prize, Jackpot!You will earn how to count your money!In this Surprise Eggs vending Bulk Machine you will be learninghowto count your money and buy your own surprise egg in thisamazinggame! You start with 12 Coins, open eggs to win more coins!Anddon’t forget to show your parents how good you can count yourownmoney, it's easy and safe for kids!You will receive a surprise eggs!Surprise eggs are awesome, you never know what’s in thatlittlechocolate egg! It’s always a surprise what’s in the chocolateegg,did you ever got a egg with a surprise in it what you don’tlike? Ibet you liked all your little toys you found inside ofit!Vending Machine Fun Game Features :➽ 1 Coins in the Gumball machine = 1 Toy➽ Learn how to handle money in a fun way!➽ Choose every drink you want!➽ 300 Toys to collect!➽ High quality gameplay with Vending Machines➽ Don’t forget to rate if you like it!
Wheel Of Surprise Eggs
Wheel Of Surprise Eggs is the best game towina lot of toys with chocolate eggs! With this application, younon'tneed to buy surprise eggs anymore, in this game you have allformsof surprise eggs and toys for little girls and boys. If youchildloves surprises, this game is perfect for him! Here you willfindall your favorites cartoons characters and it's possible tounlockmore than 300 toys!There are different types of surprise eggs:- Kinder Surprise- Spiderman Egg- Princess Frozen Elsa- Lot of Superheroes- Kinder Joy- And More...How can i play:- It's very simple, you have to click on "SPIN" to Spin the Wheelofsurprise eggs- You have to use your fingers to scrape the paper from the eggsorbreak the chocolate- Tap the capsule to get the surprise- Collect more than 300 toys!Now it's time to Spin the wheel of surprise eggs!
Surprise Eggs Classic 1.6
Get ready for some Surprise Eggs fun! Multiple eggs with asurprise!What's hidden inside the eggs? Knock an egg until it'sstriped andfind out what the big surprise is hidden in each egg!Be careful,this game is very addictive! Surprise Eggs is the bestapplicationfor entertaining small children and is the ultimatesurprise eggsvirtual simulator. If you have kids who like to opensurprise eggs,this is the perfect app for them. In thisapplication you will findan abundance of eggs and a lot ofinteractive surprises to playwith. You will find many gifts tocollect that belong to differentworlds, like Princess and othercartoon and moviecharacters.Surprise Eggs is entertaining game forchildren combininga chocolate egg, surprise, toy and fun.There aredifferent type ofsurprise eggs:* Toy Surprise* Girls* Princess*SupermanHow to play:* Choose the egg you want to open * Use yourfingers to scrape thepaper from the egg and to break the chocolateegg * Tap the egg yolk(container) to get to the surpriseA lot ofdifferent toys andsurprises to keep your little ones occupied fora long time.Comejoin the fun and play exciting Surprise Eggsadventure!
Surprise Eggs Machine 1.8
Welcome to the Gumball Machine with Surprise Eggs inside! Ifyourchild likes toys and surprises, this app is perfect for him!Opencandy surprise eggs to discover a lot of new toys likespidermanand thomas the train for boys, frozen elsa and my littlepony forgirl in a funny kids app. Superhero and princess eggs withasurprise inside! There are many surprise eggs and manysurprisetoys. It is a Surprise Eggs fun! Open an egg until find outwhatthe surprise is hidden in egg! What is hidden inside theeggs?☆☆☆SURPRISE EGGS MACHINE IS 100% FREE ☆☆☆Game FeaturesMachineSurprise Eggs:- Learn to count with real in-game money!- Canyouget the best surprise out each egg?- Endless mission modes!-Pleaserate us if you like Bulk Machine Surprise Eggs !When you’regoingto get groceries or going to the fair there is always thismachinethat has surprise eggs and you really wanted to try it. Mostof thetime your father or mother told you no, you couldn’t do it.Maybelater they always told you. Well, “later” has arrived and youcanplay it until you weigh an ounce! Learn to handle money! Cashisthe currency of the world, you better learn it. It's not themostfun thing in the world, but the reality is that money issomethingthat you can't live without. Bulk Machine Suprise Eggsdoes learnyou how to count money and how much you can actually buywith acertain amount. So good luck and never stop learning!Thiskids gamehas no relation to Peppa Pig and Minions games, thecartoon or themovie.All toys pictures are from real kinder surpriseeggs - NoGoogle or Youtube pictures in this game.
Hatch The Duckling: Pet Service 1.0.2
Kids like to play with baby pets and adore taking care ofthem.Mother duck is going to lay eggs near a pool; little kidscollectduck’s eggs and bring them home. First weight the eggs andput themin the heater machine to hatch the eggs. Carefully observethe timeand hatch the eggs when it’s done. Cute ducklings arehatching outof the eggy. Now kids it’s your responsibility to petvet thelittle adorable ducklings. Feed them, give bath to them andplaywith them and have crazy fun time.Little duckling needs bath,fillwater in little pool and add some bubbles in it. Put theducklingsin the pool and clean them up using sponge and soap. Drytheduckling with towel and feed them with pet vet care. It’s timetodress up and makeover the duckling using multiple dresses,hats,coats and glasses. Now leave the duckling to their mothercare.This game will adore your babies with multiple interestingandamazing tasks. This pet clean up spa salon game is best gamewithmost astonishing graphics and adventurous game play.Hatchtheduckling game also contains a mini game in which you need tosavethe eggs from falling on the floor. Catch more and more eggstounlock the dress up section. Now download this full oncrazyadventure game and have fun!
Surprise Eggs - Kids Game
Surprise Eggs is a "Kids Game" applicationforchildren! If your child likes toys and surprises, this appisperfect for him! What is hidden inside the eggs? Opencandysurprise eggs to discover a lot of new toys like paw patrolandthomas the train for boys, frozen elsa and my little pony forgirlin a funny kids app. Multi-colors eggs with asurpriseinside!Surprise Eggs is a funny game for children combining acoolcharacter's design, a chocolate egg and a surprise toy.All surprise eggs are:- Kinder Surprise,- Mickey Mouse,- Spiderman Egg,- Superhero,- Green Hulk Egg,- Marvel & Disney...How To Play ?It's very very simple, you have to scrape the paper fromthesurprise egg, break the chocolate and get the surprise!This kids game has no relation to Peppa Pig and Minions games orthecartoon.All pictures are from real kinder surprise eggs unboxing.
Shoot Dinosaur Eggs 33.2
Configure the combination and shoot down the balls of thesamecolor. The game has many different levels, with each new leveltoknock the egg becomes more difficult.
Chicken Shooter 1.1
Chicken Game
Chicken Shooter puts you at the forefront of a battleagainstinvading intergalactic chickens, bent on revenge against thehumanrace for our oppression of Earth chickens.Your task is to savethegalaxy from the hordes of attacking chickens, You will takecontrolof a lone spacecraft, and must protect Earth from swarmsofinvading chickens and To accomplish this task, you must havethecourage and wisdom.In this bullet hell shooter game, you willbefaced with an increasingly large number of projectiles andenemies.As the game progresses, you will earn the right to upgradeyourspacecraft to bring it to full lethal capacity. Press screentomove, destroy enemies in your adventure!FEATURES :-AmazingLighting and Special Effects- Precision controls- Charmingsoundand music, with HD graphics.- Play for all ages- Game is free,nopurchase required.- Different weapons, different enemy types,4Bosses with rich attack patterns and transformations andmoreunique fighters waiting for unlocking, when you passedalleasy/normal/hard levels- The game is packed with 111 levelsgivingyou hours of fun for you and your friends.Simple game rulebut it'ssurprisingly challenging.The Galaxy's future is now in yourhands.Play now, you can do it!
Surprise Eggs - Toys Factory 1.4
Surprise Eggs - Toys Factory is a game for children withchocolateeggs and surprises inside! You child will create thechocolate egg,add the toy, choose a wrapping paper and to finish,open thesurprise egg with a toy inside! With this new kidsapplication it'spossible to create a lot of surprise eggs andcollect more than 100toys! More than 100 levels in this new game,and tons ofsuperheroes and princesses toys! In this game you willbe able tocreate beautiful eggs like spider-man, the green hulk andminionsfor boys & disney frozen elsa, Minnie mouse andprincesses forlittle girls!☆☆☆☆ BEST GAME FOR KIDS WITH SURPRISEEGGS ☆☆☆☆How cani play?Choose the color of the Surprise Box likeGreen, Blue orYellow (8 colors), choose an Egg skin like FrozenElsa, Spiderman,mickey mouse... open your surprise egg to discoveryour newsurprise toy!Now do you know what is the best time? it'swhen youhave to open YOUR customized surprise egg, because you willreceivea super surprise! Music in this game is a nursery rhymescreated byKevin MacLeod. Soon we will add more nursery rhymes likeTwinkleTwinkle, Finger Families & Old MacDonald in thisapplication,so don't forget to keep the game updated to receivetoys and newsurprise eggs!In this game there are a lot of toys, butbest toysare : Princesse Anna and her sister Frozen Elsa the snowqueen withspiderman! If you want more toys or have good ideas toimprove thisgame, feel free to send a comment and rate thisapplication. Thankyou!This kids game has no relation to Peppa Pigand Spidermangames, the cartoon or the movie.All toys pictures arefrom realkinder surprise eggs!*Music by Kevin MacLeod is licensedunder a CCAttribution 3.0Licensed under Creative Commons: ByAttribution 3.0(CC BY 3.0)
Egg, Inc. 1.7.5
Auxbrain Inc
In the near future, the secrets of the universe will be unlockedinthe chicken egg. You have decided to get in on the gold rushandsell as many eggs as you can. Hatch chickens, build henhouses,hire drivers, and commission research to build the mostadvancedegg farm in the world.An incremental (clicker) game at itscore,Egg, Inc. uses many elements from simulation games that giveit aunique feel and play style. Instead of menus, you arepresentedwith crisp and colorful 3D graphics and a delightfulsimulation ofa swarm of chickens. In addition to choosing yourinvestmentswisely you must also balance your resources to ensure asmoothrunning and efficient egg farm.There is something foreveryonehere:Casual players love Egg Inc's laid back feel andbeautifulappearance. Take your time to build a wonderful egg farmandexplore all the content.More experienced incremental(clicker)players will love the emergent gameplay and depth affordedby thedifferent play styles needed throughout the game. To reachtheultimate goal of having a ginormous egg farm with anastronomicalvalue, you will need to balance strategies throughoutmanyprestiges to make best use of your time.Features- Simple,Casualgameplay with opportunities to challenge yourself- Chickenswarm!-Dozens of research items- Dozens of missions- Many differenthenhouses and shipping vehicles- A "Nested" Prestige system hasthegame always feeling new- Wonderful 3d graphics with pixelperfectUI and shadows- Google Play Games Achievements, Leaderboards&Quests!- Experience your farm in AR. The game is fullyplayable inthe real world on devices that support ARCore!
Toy Egg Surprise 1.0.6
Toy Egg Surprise is a Game for children with more than 250Toysinside! If your child likes toys and surprises eggs, this newgameis perfect for him! Open chocolate surprise eggs to discover alotof new toys like paw patrol & spongebob for boys anddisneyprincesses with peppa pig for girls. Are you ready todiscover whatis hidden inside the egg and open a lot of Eggs withspiderman toysand frozen elsa inside? How To Play ?This game isvery simple touse, you have to scrape the paper, break thechocolate to open thesuprise egg!★★★ Surprise Eggs is a funny gamefor children★★★Surprise eggs are:- Kinder Surprise,- HulkSuperhero,- SpidermanEgg,- Mickey Mouse,- Cute Peppa Pig Egg,-Marvel &Disney...This kids game has no relation to Peppa Pigand FrozenElsa games or the cartoon.All pictures are from realkindersurprise eggs unboxing (From our Youtube's videos Kidschannel).
Surprise Eggs Girls 2.5
Get ready for Surprise Eggs Girls Edition! We have preparedavariety of Surprise eggs for all you girls out there! What'shiddeninside the eggs? Knock an egg until it's striped and find outwhatthe big surprise is hidden in each egg! Be careful, the gameisvery addictive!Surprise Eggs Girls is one of the best gamesforentertaining little Girls and is the ultimate surprise eggsvirtualsimulator. If you have little girls who like to opensurprise eggsand be entertained and surprised and the sametime,then this is theperfect app for them to start to explore theenchanting world ofSurprise Eggs Girls Edition.In this game youwill find a plenty ofeggs and a lot of interactive surprises toplay with. You will findmany gifts to collect like Barbiedolls,Butterflies,Ponies,Ballerinas, Mermaids,Princesses...Surprise Eggs Girls Edition isentertaining game for small girlscombining a chocolate egg,surprise, toy and fun.There are differenttype ofsurpriseeggs:*Ballerinas*Butterflies*Sports*Barbie*Ken*Mermaids*Loopsie*Princesses*Cars*Ponies*Fashionitems*Kids toys*Music*Make Up *AnimalsHow toplay:* Choose the eggyou want to open* Use your fingers to scrapethe paper from the eggand to break the chocolate egg* Tap the eggyolk (container) to getto the surpriseA lot of different toys andsurprises to keep yourlittle princesses occupied for a longtime.Come join the fun, playand explore the enchanting world ofSurprise Eggs Girls Edition andembark on an exciting Surprise EggsGirls adventure!
Chicken Splash 2 - Collect Eggs & Feed Babies 7.8
The chicken Duoduo was captured by a damned Eagle , in ordertorescure Duoduo, chicken mother lead children embarked onadangerous journey.On the way not only to beat the Hawks, butalsocontinue to store winter rice and pumpkin. In order to avoidthemother's track, the eagle sent a group of weasels and the bigbadcat to hinder the chicks forward.The brave chicks need to faceallthe challenges and overcome all the difficulties.• more than250fantastic levels, 6 lovely colorful chicken• New and improvedgamemodes, Different tricks to bring you a variety ofdifferentconditions challenge• Hundreds of fun levels, constantlyupdated tobring you a steady stream of fun levels• Easily sync thegamebetween devices when connected to the Internet• Leaderboardstowatch your friends and competitors!• Special boosters to helpyoupass those tricky levels• Free & easy to play, challengingtomaster!• Available to play on mobile and tablet devicesComeandchicks fighting with it
Chicken Tap 1.3
Chicken or egg? Let’s try this Chicken Tap game to find outwhichone can get more coins for you to win the game! This ‘TapTap’gameis very easy to play and you will be addicted to it easily.Pleasehelp these chickens to get back home! They will grow if youfeedthem worms and then they will lay eggs but watch out for thehungryfox which will steal the eggs. Each chicken needs to go backto theright colored house in order to get coins. Intuitive gameplay,hundreds of uniquely designed levels give you hours of fun.Otherfeatures: - Stunning cartoon graphics and art withawesomebackground music and cool sound fx. - Game for all ages.-Challenging gameplay.
Eggs Coloring book 1.1.4
Are you ready for the Easter Coloring? You aren’t ready for itifyou don’t have Easter Egg Coloring Book app! In this Easter,EggsColoring Book helps you how you design and decorate yourEastereggs. Hey Kids lets add colors to your Easter event and havefunwith Easter Eggs Coloring Book. Add a new flavor to your eventbyspending your leisure time by coloring the Easter eggs,mandaladesigns, flowers etc. Game is simple, easy and fun to play.Eastereggs Coloring Pages offers different features to entertainyou. Youcan color, paint, save your art work and share it onvarious socialplatforms. Game has an option of coloring in whichyou can choosearty drawings from different section like eggs,flowers and manymore. If you want to refresh your old memories,going to art shopasking them for new coloring books with shapes ordesigns, pickinga set of colors or crayons, reaching home and toomuch excited toocolor it, Eggs Coloring Pages provides you same. Soit is time tocolor without spoiling pages and dresses. Game involvea largerange of fine and excellent quality designs includingpatterns,flowers, mandalas etc.Moreover people of any age group canplay thegame. To make game more amazing and interesting we haveadded agallery option as well.Features• Excellent Hd graphics.•AmazingColors.• Soothing music.• Simple and interesting Gameplay.•Variousthemes for design selection.• Large range of crispdesigns.•Gallery to save your artwork.• Wide range of colorpalette.• Reedit option.• Zoom option.• Delete option.• Share ondifferentsocial platform.• Save in your mobile gallery.• Varietyofbeautiful stickers.Eggs Coloring Pages introduce you shareoptionyou can share your art with your friends on any media. Alsosaveyour beautiful art piece in your mobile gallery and useaswallpaper.Eggs Coloring Book By BACA BACA Games in casualandfamily category 2017.
Chicken Madness: Catching Eggs 2.0
Exciting game for children and adults. The purpose of thegame«Chicken Madness: Catching Eggs» is simple: you need to catchtheeggs before they touch the floor, otherwise they will break.Movethe basket with one finger, dodge falling anvils and avoidrotteneggs. This is very simple and fun!Test the speed of yourresponsein the Endless Mode where the purpose is to catch as manyeggs asyou can before the anvil smashes basket. Tell your friendsaboutthe game and compete with them who can catch more eggs: thegamehas leaderboard.Now you can choose preferable design of thegame,buy it and enjoy the game!Features:- Nice graphics;-Hilarioussound;- Easy and intuitive control;- 50 unique levels;-Endlessmode;- Achievements system;- Leaderboard;- Cute chickens.
Cheerful Chicken monsters3
Make hatch the eggs ; sow and reap the corn ; give the cobs tothechicks and make them grow ; feed the chickens that run happy inthehenhouse .It 's a simple game for children .After the firstfewlevels the game starts again with more eggs , chicks and hens.Atthe end of the third round a new winged is made available.
Mutta - Easter Egg Toss Game 0.0.51
Mutta is an Egg Toss Game.To play the game wait for the righttime,Tap on the screen to toss egg and have fun.
Surprise Eggs - Bulk Machine
Surprise Eggs Bulk Machine game is easyfortoddlers, children and babies. There are many surprise eggsandmany surprise toys. It is a Surprise Eggs fun! Open an egguntilfind out what the surprise is hidden in egg!Surprise eggs are awesome, you never know what’s in thatlittlechocolate egg! It’s always a surprise what’s in the chocolateegg,did you ever got a egg with a surprise in it what you don’tlike?When you’re going to get groceries or going to the fair thereisalways this machine that has surprise eggs and you really wantedtotry it. Most of the time your father or mother told you no,youcouldn’t do it. Maybe later they always told you. Well, “later”hasarrived and you can play it until you weigh an ounce!Surprise Eggs Vending Machine is a simulation game like agumballmachine. You have 12 egg coins and every 1 minutes you earn1 eggcoin. Insert egg coin to vending machine and click thepressbutton. Randomly a surprise egg will drop to down. You canopen itto find surprise toy. After you get the surprise egg, useyourfingers to scrape the paper from the egg and to break thechocolateegg.Surprise Eggs Vending Machine Game Features :➽ High quality gameplay with Vending Machine➽ Learn how to insert coin to the machine!➽ Don’t forget to rate if you like it!➽ Easy gameplay for toddlers➽ More than 200 toys to collectHave fun with Bulk Machine Surprise Eggs!
Wheel of Surprise Eggs & Toys 1.1.5
"Wheel of Surprise Eggs & Toys" is the best game to win a lotoftoys with chocolate eggs! If you child loves surprises, thisgame isperfect for him! Here you will find all your favoritescartoonscharacters and it's possible to unlock more than 300 toys!With thisapplication, you don't need to buy surprise eggs anymore,in thisgame you have all forms of surprise eggs and toys forlittle girlsand boys.There are different types of surprise eggs:-Sofia theFirst- Spiderman RED Egg- Princess Frozen Elsa- A lotofSuperheroes- Olaf & Minion Joy- And More...How can iplay?-It's very simple, you have to click on "SPIN" to Spin theWheel ofsurprise eggs- You have to use your fingers to scrape thepaperfrom the eggs- Tap the capsule to get the surprise- Collectmorethan 300 toys!Now it's time to Spin the wheel ofsurpriseeggs!*Don't forget to keep the game updated!
Surprise Eggs Boys 2.6
Get ready for Surprise Eggs Boys Edition! We have prepared avarietyof Surprise eggs for all you boys out there! What's hiddeninsidethe eggs? Knock an egg until it's striped and find out whatthe bigsurprise is hidden in each egg! Be careful, the game isveryaddictive!Surprise Eggs Boys is one of the best gamesforentertaining little Boys and is the ultimate surprise eggsvirtualsimulator. If you have kids who like to open surprise eggs,this isthe perfect app for them. In this game you will find anplenty ofeggs and a lot of interactive surprises to play with. Youwill findmany gifts to collect like cars, trucks, helicopters,planes andmany more vehicles of all types.Surprise Eggs Boys isentertaininggame for small boys combining a chocolate egg,surprise, toy andfun.There are different type of surprise eggs:*Cars (Police,Sport, Formula, Racing, Military)* Trucks (Police,Racing,Military, Fire and Rescue etc.)* Trains (Transport,Passengeretc.)* Planes* Helicopters* Bikes* MonstersHow to play:*Choose theegg you want to open* Use your fingers to scrape thepaper from theegg and to break the chocolate egg* Tap the egg yolk(container) toget to the surpriseA lot of different toys andsurprises to keepyour little ones occupied for a long time.Comejoin the fun andplay exciting Surprise Eggs Boys adventure!
Surprise Eggs Factory
Surprise Eggs Factory is a funny gameforchildren! They will learn how to create a surprise egg: Createthechocolate egg, add the toy, choose a skin, and to finish, openthesurprise egg with a toy inside! With this Kids application,it'spossible to create a lot of surprise eggs and collect more than100toys. But do you know what is the best time? it's when you havetoopen YOUR surprise eggs, because you will receive a supersurprisetoy! More than 100 levels in this new game, and tons ofsuperheroesand princesses toys!☆☆☆ IT IS POSSIBLE TO CUSTOMIZE EVERYTHING ☆☆☆In this Game you will be able to create beautiful surprise eggslikespiderman, spongebob and green hulk for boys AND disney frozenelsa,peppa pig & minions for little girls! Music in this gameis anursery rhymes named Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. This kidssong isa no copyright song, and we are sure you will enjoy it. Butif youwant it's possible to mute it. Soon we will add more nurseryrhymesin this application, so don't forget to keep the gameupdated toreceive toys and new surprise eggs!How can i play ?- Welcome to your new Factory!- Choose the color of the Surprise Box like Green, Blue or Yellow(8colors)- Choose a Surprise Eggs skin like Frozen Elsa, Spider-Man,PeppaPig (8 skins)- Open your surprise egg to discover your new surprise toy!In this game there are a lot of toys, but best toys are :PrincesseAnna, Frozen Elsa the snow queen, Spiderman toys, batmanand thejoker, superman and other superheroes like hulk. Peppa pigfamilyis here too with mickey mouse and TMNT Teenage MutantNinjaTurtles. If you want more toys or have good ideas to improvethisgame, feel free to send a comment and rate this application.Thankyou!*Last update is for My little pony and princess SofiatheFirst!*Last update is for added more toysThis kids game has no relation to Peppa Pig and Minions games,thecartoon or the movie.All toys pictures are from real kinder surprise eggs - No GoogleorYoutube pictures in this game.
Eggs Out 1.2.0
Get the best score by guessing where the egg will fall, andcollectstars to unlock new eggs!- Tap to guess where the egg willfall andstop- The score stacks up until you fail a level- Covertarget’sarea to get stars- Collect stars to unlock new eggs!How togetstars?- 1 star: Cover the white area with the egg- 2 stars:Coverthe yellow area with the egg- 3 stars: Cover the orange areawiththe egg
Surprise Eggs for Kids 1.9
Maniko LTN
«Surprise Eggs for Kids» is a new GumBall Machine game forchildrenwith surprises & toys inside! Are you ready to open alot ofchocolate eggs with a surprise inside! What is hidden insidetheeggs? There are many surprise eggs and many surprise toys.Opencandy surprise eggs to discover a lot of new toys likespider-manand peppa pig for boys, frozen elsa and sofia the firstdisneyprincesses for girls! It is a new Surprise Eggs Party with a300toys to collect! Open an egg until find out what the surpriseishidden inside, if your child likes toys and surprises,thisapplication is perfect for him!You don't need to buy surpriseeggsor candy for kids and babies any more, you have all formsofSURPRISE EGGS and TOYS for Girls and Boys here!How to Play?-Takethe coin and drop it into the gumball machine,- Watch yoursurprisechocolate egg bounce down like a pinball,- Claw up yourexcitingnew candy egg,- Rip off the foil and eat all that deliciouscandychocolate,- Open the egg to reveal like by magic a brand newtoyprize!Are you ready to open unlimited surprise eggs? This newgameis awesome, you never know what’s in that chocolate egg!It’salways a surprise! Did you ever got a egg with a surprise initwhat you don’t like? I bet you liked all your little toys youfoundinside of it! This special edition is with famous superheroesandprincesses, we tested this game with some babies andtoddlersbefore to released it online, and everybody said« wow, it isthe best surprise eggs! super heroes, toys andfun! it’sPerfect! » We hope you will like it too, please keepitupdated to receive a lot of bonus every week! In this Kids Gameyouwill find:- A RED Vending / Gumball Machine- Learn how tohandlemoney in a fun way!- 1 Coin in the Gumball machine = 1 Toy-99Levels to complete & 300 Toys to collect!- Highqualitygameplay with Vending Machines- Don’t forget to rate if youlikeit!- After the level 30 you will be able to receive Big Eggs,-Unicorn skins and more colorful eggs for girls & boys.*inthisnew version, we added levels and XP bonus, if you have goodideasto improve the game, please contact us by mail. Thank you!
Surprise Eggs Pocket Egg 1.3.1
Get ready for great fun with Surprise Eggs. Will you be able tofindand collect all Pocket Monsters?To play just hit the SurpriseEgguntil it breaks completely and show the hidden PocketMonster.Hitstage 25 to receive the incredible golden Surprise Eggand win arare Pocket Monster!Every 25 subsequent stages (25, 50,75, etc) youwill win a golden Surprise Egg.It is also possible tocollect goldenSurprise Eggs on the trophy screen.You can check allthe PocketMonsters you found in the Collection menu.Play enough tocapture therarest and most legendary Pocket Monsters!!!
Naughty Chickens 1.1
Naughty Chickens is a really fun game. An exceptionalappwithultimate fun and entertainment which appeals you to getaddictedwith it. Now earning highscore is on your fingertips. Catchtheeggs by using this app full of incredible graphics absolutelyfree!Sowhat you are waiting for? This fun is just two steps ahead.Go!Grab the chance, just install this app andenjoy playing withit.AppGuide:Play Naughty Chickens just by swiftly taping the basketrightand left, you can beat the high score of your friends. Totaloffour chickens are laying eggs of different colors withdiversepoints for each color. Be very careful while playing as yougetonly five chances for missing the eggs. But golden eggsprovidesyou with one more chance ahead, each time you basket it. Itgetseven more addicting when you get a onetime save life chanceonceyou lose the game. So catch the eggs as fast as you can andearnscore.Features: ★ Funny chickens dance at each egg drop ★ Onepointfor white eggs ★ Two points for red eggs ★ Five points fororangeeggs ★ One life chance for golden eggs each time ★ Increasedlevelof speed with time ★ Incredible graphics ★ Up todatescoreboardEnjoy this funny and exciting game with your friendsandfamily. "Catch the eggs". "Egg Catcher"
Easter Egg Toss 1.5.2
Just in time for Easter! Bringing back a classic game fromyourchildhood memories. Bounce and catch eggs from one baskettoanother.Easter Egg Toss is a fun little game where you tapthescreen to toss up eggs in the next basket. You have got halfadozen eggs to cross as many baskets as you can. Let's see howmanybaskets you can score.This is a game of timing, so tap and maketheeggs jump at the right time. Remember, you have limited numberofeggs to make your best score.Have fun and share it withyourfriends too.
Surprise Eggs GumBall Machine
Surprise Eggs GumBall Machine is a gameforkids with surprises & toys! Open candy surprise eggstodiscover a lot of new toys like spider-man and thomas the trainforboys, frozen elsa princess and my little pony for girl in afunnykids app. A lot of chocolate eggs with a surprise inside! Whatishidden inside the eggs? There are many surprise eggs andmanysurprise toys. It is a Surprise Eggs fun! Open an egg untilfindout what the surprise is hidden in egg! If your child likestoysand surprises, this app is perfect for him!How to Play?1) Drop a coin into the gumball machine, watch yoursurprisechocolate egg bounce down like a pinball! 2) Claw up yourexcitingnew candy egg and rip off the foil and eat all thatdelicious candychocolate so your left with your surprise egg, popit open toreveal like by magic a brand new toy prize,Jackpot!Now, You will receive a surprise egg!Surprise eggs are awesome, you never know what’s in thatlittlechocolate egg! It’s always a surprise what’s in the chocolateegg,did you ever got a egg with a surprise in it what you don’tlike? Ibet you liked all your little toys you found insideofit!Vending / Gumball Machine Fun Game Features :- 1 Coins in the Gumball machine = 1 Toy- Learn how to handle money in a fun way!- Choose every drink you want!- 300 Toys to collect!- High quality gameplay with Vending Machines- Don’t forget to rate if you like it!
Surprise Eggs for kids 1.17
Eggs with a surprise for children are now at your fingertips!Thisis the best entertainment for kids who love surprises and toys.Thegame contains 12 sets for curious toddlers: set for boys,girls,fish, animals, dinosaurs, cars, pirates and much more! Totalgamecontains 124 toys, which should be found in chocolate eggswithsurprise Kinder.But hidden in capsules is not only simpletoys,also you will find pictures, puzzles and toys from detalekthat canbe collected.Rules of the game:- Choose your favoritecollection-Choose the egg out of the box- Clear egg packaging bysurprise byrubbing his finger- "Chocolate" eat- Use your finger toslide thecap with the capsule- Get colorful surprise toyTry tocollect all12 collections of toys with surprises!Features:- 124bright toys in12 sets- In addition to simple toys have 2 picturesof the puzzle,toy 3 from 2 detalek and rare toys in each set- Easyand intuitivecontrol for the little ones- Nice smooth animation-Colorfulgraphics and funny sounds
Crush Eggs 4.6
xinsheng dong
Crush Eggs is a very addictvie Crush game. Once you pop, youcan'tstop!This funny egg games can traning your brain. It's easytoplay, but you can't crush eggs wihtout thinking to completethestage target.How to Play:- Tap two or more eggs of the samecolorto crush eggs.- No time limit, but each stage has a target.-Usemagic props help you get more score.Features:- 3 funny gamemode:Casual, Classic and Survival mode.- Funny egg games with cooluidesign.- Free games no need wifiTips:- The more eggs you crush,themore score you get.- Crush all eggs to get bonus.Now, let'sstartour crush mania journey.
Egg Baby 1.26.03
Nix Hydra
WE'RE MOVING! We're packing all the Eggs and moving them to ourallnew game, Egg! If you think Egg Baby (R) is cool, you'llLOVEplaying Egg! It’s Cute Overload with Egg Baby®, the ultracute,fun, and addictive pet game that everyone's talking about!Eggs arelike real pets that need lots of attention and care. Feed,wash,tickle, and put your egg to bed every day to keep it happyandhealthy and it will GIVE YOU COINS. A healthy egg is a wealthyegg- keep the meters all green and your egg squeaky clean!Don'tforget, these cuties also love dressing up, reading books,andplaying mini games (another great way to earn some coins)! Thewayyou raise your egg matters! Everything you do with it helpsitdevelop its own personality. Depending on its personality,ithatches into different animals that hang out in your backyardandgive you gifts! Can you collect them all? Be careful though—ifyoudon’t take good care of your egg, it can get sick, or even die!HOWTO PLAY EGG BABY - Adopt your pet egg from a variety ofadorableEgg Types! - Dress up your egg in a huge selection of cuteandembarrassing outfits that they have no choice but to love! -Takecare of your egg: Feed, Clean, Tickle, and put your egg to bedorit will get lonely (and die). - Play with your (MINI GAMES,YAY!)and keep it alive, happy and healthy until it's ready tohatch! -Each Egg Type hatches into 6 DIFFERENT CREATURES based onitspersonality! HOLY HATS THAT'S A LOT OF CREATURES! It wouldbereally impressive if you collect them all! - Keep creatures inyourbackyard and they'll give you gifts to help you raise anadorablelittle army of EGG FRIENDS. -Don’t forget to check out theEGGVERSEto visit your friends’ houses, eggs, and creatures! IntheEggverse, eggs give you gifts when you tickle them! Need morehelp?Maybe some handy tips? Visit us onlineat: We are very friendly. Wearealso on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: @eggverse Download andseeif it's all it's hatched up to be! Hehehe.
Surprise Eggs Candy machine 1.0
shafay Labs
Best surprise eggs vending machine with amazing toys andgiftsinside is here. First of all choose a surprise eggs gumballmachinefrom a vast collection of mini candy machine dispensers, butthistime there are surprise eggs inside this mini vendingmachineinstead of candies & gumballs. Put the coin in thesurpriseeggs gumball machine & collect the eggs. Peel andscratch theegg to reveal amazing toys & surprises thatincludessuperheroes, dolls, cars & amazing toys. Complete yourtoylibrary by earning coins and winning surprise eggs from theeggsurprise candy dispenser. Surprise Eggs Candy machineGameFeatures:Collect amazing real toys with each surprise egg.Learntohandle money & coins with surprise eggs vending machine.100softoys & gifts.Biggest collection of gumball machines &candydispenserLearn to operate Vending machines, gumball machines&mini candy machines.Best surprise eggs collection withsuperheroes& your favorite cartoon characters.Download thislatestsurprise eggs vending machine simulator game for free andcollectyour egg surprise today!
Hidden Object: Easter Egg Hunt 1.0.30
Can you find all the Easter eggs in our latest Hidden Objectgame?!Each scene contains one carefully hidden egg, along a host ofotheritems to discover. Play through 20 unique levels featuringbunnies,chocolate and all things Spring!8 Extra Games!Download andplay upto 8 full additional games for free with our latestupdate!CampaignModeChallenge yourself to complete the map of 200beautiful levelswith increasing difficulty. Hunt for hidden objectsin a variety ofways, play timed levels and fun bonus rounds.FreePlayChooseexactly how you want to search for items. Find items bytheirPicture, Silhouette, Word, or Random combination. PlayCasualrounds with no time pressure, or more challenging timedmodes.HDImages with ZoomZoom and pan the beautiful HD images. Tapon thesearch objects to enlarge them.Mini GamesHave fun and earnextracoins by playing the Match 3 and Memory Mini Games.3DArtGalleryImages are brought to life with subtle 3D effects asyoutilt your device!And much moreHints available for when yougetstuck, 3-star ratings and highscores, change your avatar, pluslotsmore!Let the hunting begin!
Surprise Eggs - Girls Princess
Surprise Eggs - Girls Princess is a gameforkids with a lot of surprises! Are you ready to open surpriseeggs?This app is perfect for children, there is a lot of toys forgirlsand babies. Open chocolate eggs to discover a lot of newsurpriseslike frozen elsa, sofia the first and my little pony forgirls(This application is a special edition for girl, the boyversionwill be online very soon). Each surprise egg is a princesswith asurprise inside!In each egg you will find a new princess skin (more than 9),achocolate egg with a surprise toy inside!All surprise eggs are:- Frozen Elsa,- Tinker Bell Egg,- Sofia the First,- Princess Anna,- Snow White & CinderellaHow To Play ?You have to scrape the paper from the egg and break thechocolateand get the surprise!This kids game has no relation to Peppa Pig and Frozen games orthecartoon.All pictures are from real kinder surprise eggs unboxing.
Chicken Eggs Shooter 1.1
You play as a brave chicken, this chicken is egg shooter. Youcanrun, jump, slide and shoot eggs to destroy funny enemiesandobstacles in this fun runner game!Action runner game in whichyouplay as a brave chicken! It is not a simple chicken, itlovespopcorn and shooting eggs while running. This time our chickenisgoing deep into woods.Explore mystical woods with a quickchicken!Who knows what creatures and surprises will be on the way,but becareful as not everything is friendly. Do not afraid in deepforestand do not make your chicken scream. Be the bravest! Useyourprotection which is your eggs! Make your chicken jump ifappearsobstacles. Compete with your friends! Run the furthers andbe the1st on the Leaderboard and prove your friends that you arethe bestchicken shooter in chicken inc.--Features— - Simplecontrols -Non-stop action - Leaderboards with your friends - Createand shooteggs - Great graphics - Fun game in which simple to playbut hardto be master - Interesting levelsFeel free to rate andreview ourgame. Your involvement is very important to us, tofurther improveour product. If you found any mistake or simply haveanysuggestions, please feel free to leave a feedback for usbycontacting our support.We wish you great gameplay!ChallengesInc.Team
Cooking Fried Chicken Fingers 1.0.1
bweb media
Cook a gratifying and delicious Fried Chicken Fingers thateveryonewill love! It is a wonderful fried chicken but it’s fairlysimpleto cook. Have some fun while learning a new chicken recipe.Guesswhat, chickens don't have fingers ! That easy recipe namecomesfrom how you eat them! If you are one of those who want todiscoverhow to cook, enjoy playing this cooking game! FeaturesChoptheingredients and follow the direction.Make it fast and beatthetime.Go to the next level when you achieve the goal.Mix alltheingredients in a bowl.Fry and achieve the crispy goldchickenfingers.Your tasty fired chicken fingers are ready toimpress.
Egg Crush 3.0
xinsheng dong
Welcome to Egg Crush, a game about Egg.Egg Crush, a classicversionof the popular casual game Crush Eggs! Download Egg Crushfor freefor egg crush fun!Play at your pace and plan your every popto getthe stage target, Egg Crush is no time limit, but it is abraintraining game.How to Play:- Pop egg of the same color.- Getthestage target to go next.- Try your best to Crush all eggs,2000score to will be get.Feature:- Classic Match 2 game withsurpriseeggs- Color eggs and Special efficiency- Game easy and fun,but noteasy to master- Online leaderboard, play with friends to seewhocan get the best scoreTips on Scoring:- Remember just tworulesbelow:1. The more eggs you pop, the more score you will get2.Crushall eggs, you will get a lot of bonus.Egg Crush is completelyfreeto play. Now, are you ready to Challenge your friends?
Surprise Eggs Machine 1.3
Surprise Eggs Gumball Machine is a game for everyone withsurprisesand toys! Open chocolate surprise eggs to discover a lotof newtoys like spiderman and thomas the train for boys, frozenelsaprincess and my little pony for girl in a funny app. A lot oficecream and chocolate eggs with a surprise inside! What ishiddeninside the eggs? There are many surprise eggs and manysurprisetoys. It is a Surprise Eggs fun! Open an egg until find outwhatthe surprise is hidden in egg! If you like toys and surprises,thisapp is perfect for you!How to Play?- Drop an egg coin intothegumball machine, watch your surprise chocolate egg bounce down!-Use your fingers to scrape the paper from the egg and to breakthechocolate egg - Tap the egg capsule to get to thesurpriseSurpriseeggs are awesome, you never know what’s in thatlittle chocolateegg! It’s always a surprise what’s in the chocolateor ice creamsurprise eggs, did you ever got an egg with a surprisein it whatyou don’t like? All your favourite toys inside of thisgame!Vending/ Gumball Machine Fun Game Features :- 1 Egg coin inthe gumballmachine equals 1 Toy- Learn how to handle money in a funway!- 250Toys to collect like princess, cars, super heroes andmore.- HDgameplay with Vending Machine- Amazing surprise eggsandsoundsEnjoy with your surprise eggs gumball machine gameandcollect all toys!
Surprise Eggs Princess Girls 1.1.9
New Game for children and babies from 1 year of age andolder.Surprise Eggs Princess Girls is a very good application forlittlegirl, they will have light the lights in their eyes!Thisapplication is a special edition for little girls from 1 yearofage and older wtih barbies and princesses, are you ready toopensurprise eggs? Each surprise egg is a princess with asurpriseinside! In each egg you will find a new princess skin (morethan9), a chocolate egg with a surprise toy inside! In this gameyouwill find not only that, but also play sets with houses,animalsand different accessories and jewelry for girls. Now afterall thisdoes not necessarily go to the store, after downloading thegame,you can print out chocolate eggs, finding in them surprisesandcollect their collection of toys from the comfort of home. Inthisspecial version GIRL collected the most famous and excitingtoys! Abeautiful and gentle strawberry heaven decoration willimmerse yourchild in the magical land. Little ladies will be happyto see thefavorite princesses and other characters from thepopularcartoon.☆☆☆ THE BEST GAME FOR LITTLE GIRLS ☆☆☆How To Play?You haveto scrape the paper from the egg and break the chocolateand getthe surprise! In each egg you will find a new princess skin,achocolate egg with a surprise toy inside!☆ A lot of ToysandPrincess in this game☆ 100% FREE & SAFE☆ 300 Toys to collectinsurprise eggsThe rules are simple. You need:- Choose achocolateegg with a surprise with the pleasant character- Removethe wrappertouch of a finger- "Eat" chocolate finger pressure- Openthebox-yolk touch of a finger- Get a surprise in the form of toys!Hegoes into the collection!
Hatch My Eggs : Golden Chicken Egg! 1.0.7
Tap the screen when the rings overlap eachother to let henlayingeggs into the egg incubator , collect maximum eggs in showboxandhatched chicks will flipped out of the tunnels. The wellcraftfeatures will help you to become app legend.Collection of eggopenthe rainbow egg, its like pocket game and free app to competeyourfriends in social media or worldwide on leader board. Set outyourown rules to collect stack of trays ultimately rolling chickenoutof egg incubator. You can play with no internet connectionyetshare it on social point to grow your production house.Dont lettheegg crashes by falling down on the incubator lid. Shop yourrainbownew eggs to increase your lifeline.Features:* Catch theheart toincrease your lives for continuity.* Strike of timer clockwilldecrease the speed of springs and will make it easier to hatchfora while.* Strike of flash light will increase the speed ofspringwhich will make it difficult for a while so try not to catchit.*Multi egg will make the springs double, just focus the upperspringto hatch an egg yet the lower spring coordination will addtap eggscore thrice. Mrs. Chicken is happy to hatch maximum eggs tobecomefarm hero. To open egg in shop is a surprise differentrainbow eggswill increase the lifelines. Its like a surprise forone in egghidden objects, so tap egg tap for colorful egg chickspet form.Its covers all if you like tap games or hatching games youcanhatch baby egg and tap at the same time. Catch chicken egg ineggincubator will hatch an egg and chicks will be rolling outoftunnels crossing towrds the edgeThe poultry game which amuseyouwith a simple tap.