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Salient Eye, Home Security Camera & Burglar Alarm 4.0.636
Your android device is 3 clicks away from becoming a homesecurityalarm system! Peace of mind is as close as your spare/oldAndroidphone or tablet. The Salient Eye app turns your spare deviceinto asurveillance camera that can be placed in your home, office,dorm,hotel room… anywhere you want to monitor movement. + Secureyourrental without a hardwired system. + Add security toyourdaughter’s dorm room. + Find out if your roommate respectsyourprivacy. + Know when your kids come home from school. + Findoutwho has been snooping in your office space. + Know whendeliveriesarrive at your door. AND + Get photographic evidence ifsomeonetakes them away! Here's what your Salient Eye Home SecuritySystemwill do for free: ★ Sense motion in front of the phone'scamera ★Take photos ★ Send alerts through e-mail or text ★ Uploadthephotos for viewing online ★ Sound an optional alarm Startingtheapp is quick and secure. Simply install the free basic SalientEyeHome Security Alarm on a smartphone or tablet, and customizeyournew system. The Pro upgrade enables some more useful features:★Flash light ★ Scheduled start/stop ★ Send alerts to more thanoneaddressee ★ Change the alarm sound ★ Change the alarm duration–Just upgrade to our Pro version for a low one-time fee via theapp.If you want to control your Salient Eye Security Camerafromanywhere, check out our Salient Eye Remote Control app. Thisapp ismature, tested and has many satisfied users. Salient Eyewasselected by CNET as "The best free home security app of 2017".Ifyou - like thousands of others – find our app useful,pleaseconsider rating us a 5 share with your friends. If there isany waywe can improve the app or service or if there is anything wecanhelp you with... please contact us at:[email protected]: - Storage - for saving thepictures - SMS - forsending sms alerts (optional) - InternetNetwork and Wi-Fi -service connection, uploading images and sendingemails -Camera/Hardware - using the camera to detect motion andtakepictures - Photos/Media files - for saving motion images -Batterystats - for notifying on low battery (optional) - IdentityandDevice ID - for creating unique id and for troubleshooting. Wedonot have access to any account nor contact details. - Systemtools- keep running and using the camera and the Internet whenthescreen is locked - Modify system settings - for screen lockingandkeep running and using the camera and the internet when thescreenis locked. - Run at startup - for recovering when deviceresets,required especially for premium features like scheduler andremotecontrol. - In-App Purchases - to check if you purchased aproupgrade and allow you to purchase if you haven't. Terms ofService:
Anti-theft alarm 19.0.0
Are you worried that you may lose your phone? With Anti-theftalarmyou can protect your phone even before it is lostorstolen.Anti-theft alarm makes your phone useless to the thiefevenafter he restarts the phone, changes the SIM and battery.Areyouconcerned that someone will access your phone and see allyourprivate information?Are you worried that someone is checkingyourphone regularly?Do your friends misuse your phone (texts,Facebookand emails etc.) without your permission?Do you hateinquisitivepeople trying to access your phone all the time?Usetheft alarm ifyou don’t want anyone to use your phone without yourpermission.Usecase:1) When charging your phone if someonedisconnects it, then aloud siren will help you to prevent theft.2)At work, you may placeyour phone on your laptop and if someonetries to touch your laptopor phone, immediately an alarm will scarethem away.3) Whiletravelling in public transport you can protectyour phone frombeing stolen or dropping off from your pocket.4)Theft alarm mayalso be used to surprise your colleagues andfriends, who accessyour phone without your consent.5) Theft alarmcan also be used toprevent your kids and family members from usingyour phone whenyou’re not around.6) If the thief changes the SIMcard then analarm will ring which will continue until the rightpassword isentered.Features:1) Thief cannot close the app or reducethe alarmvolume without knowing your password.2) Siren will resumeif yourphone is restarted and even if the SIM is changed.3) Loudalarm istriggered even if your phone is in silent mode.4) Phonevibratesand screen flashes similar to police lights when the alarmisactivated.5) Choice of alarm sounds and lots of othersettingsavailable for customization.6) Notification is shown to theuserwhen charger is connected.Loud alarm is triggered when:1)Chargeris disconnected from your phone2) If your phone is movedfrom itsplace3) When your phone is stolen, or falls off from yourpocket4)SIM card is changed by the robberThieves be careful ofthisapp.Best app to protect your phone from robbers.Note: Thisappdoesn't claim that it can avoid theft completely. It's theowner'sresponsibility to be careful, but by using this app you canavoidtheft. “This app uses the Device Administrator permission.”Foranysuggestions or feedback please email us and we will reply attheearliest.Email ID:[email protected]
Mobile Safety Alarm 2.6
Tech Nebula
Bank on Mobile safety Alarm App to secure your smartphonewithliterally no finance ..its cheapest and most sensible optionforsafety of your smartphone. Mobile safety alarm comes with theaddedphoto editor absolutely free which includes hairstyle for bothboysand girls ,tattoos,handbags jewelries and stickers foreveryoccasion . Please try our new features hairstyle and tattoosforall together different edited look . its real fun with easeofediting the photo.. photo editor is a nice way to edit and havefunand appreciation on the social media .. it has all the contentforediting the photo for appreciation all around ..hairstyle,tattoos,necklace,earing, caps for both boys and girls andtie andbow ..editor Mobile safety alarm is useful and must have apptohelp prevent your mobile from theft spying and unauthorizedusageby triggering the alarm(alert) at slightest motion of themobilefrom the any position the user has kept thephone(horizontal,vertical or at any axis), Moreover mobile safetyalarmcomes with the added feature of safety and security thatis“Charger alert” in this feature user can set the alarm oralertduring charging i.e triggering the alarm on disconnection ofthecharger (its optional). This Safety app can be usedanywhereespecially at hostel. hotels, during charging or duringbreaksMobile safety alarm comes with the 2 different modes ofAlarm(alert) : 1)MOTION Alert. 2)CHARGER Alert. Both modes can beusedindividually or in conjunction. Select any of these modesbyclicking the “Select your safety mode”, In “Select yoursafetymode” page user can select any of the two mode or both i.e“Motionalert” or “Charger alert” (by default motion alert is set‘ON’).working of mobile safety alarm In MOTION alert mode ,keepthemobile at ANY position (i.e horizontal,vertical or at any axis)andhit the activate button and mobile safety alarm is ON Nowwhenmobile(phone) is even slightly moved from its position ,Alarmistriggered loud and importantly the volume button is disengagedsothat no one can mute or silent the volume ,click thedeactivatebutton and app will ask for the password if the user hassetany(keeping the password is optional,user’s choice CHARGERalertmode is helpful in securing the mobile during charging ,connectthe Phone with the charger and hit the activate button,mobilesafety alarm kicks in and alarm is triggered with the loudsound ifthe charger is disconnected ,deactivate it by clickingthedeactivating button and app will ask for the password if theuserhas set one (password is optional ). Unique Customizationfeaturesin the App: At Deactivating page ,user can set any pictureof theirchoice by choosing from photo gallery.User can even set anyAlertSound of his/her liking by choosing from music gallery. UsercanRecord Or DUB their own mobile motion Alarm of liking. Onemorethoughtful feature is the snooze time i.e. user can set howlongthe alert sound should buzz like in 5 min,10 min…etc. Insteadofundergoing from the pain to search your mobile after itsbeenstolen. Use Mobile Safety Alarm app to help prevent the mobilefromstealing and other malicious activities beforehand. MobileMotionSafety app download Safety app for smartphone. Hairstylephotoeditor for boys and girls. tattoos photo editor. jewelriesphotoeditor. caps photo editor. tie and bow photo editor. Safetyapp forwomen. Motion app Mobile Security mobile motion Alarm motionalarmMotion detector Sensor app touch sensor app motion detectorappmotion sensor app air touch sensor app phone motion alarmphonealarm phone safety and security Anti-theft Anti theft alarmAntitheft security app android mobile safety app android mobilesafetyalarm mobile sensor alarm and security motion sensor mobiletouchsecurity alarm mobile touch safety Touch safety securityAlarmsecurity app Alarm mobile thief alarm security mobile theftsafetyalarm mobile theft safety apps Mobile Security app
Don't Touch My Phone (Anti-Theft Security Alarm) 1.0.3
AppsHub Droid
Don't Touch My Phone (Anti-Theft Security Alarm)This simplesecurityapp has saved my phone. Thieves hate this alarm ringtone!Use thisapp, if you're afraid that someone uses your stuff. Justleave thesmartphone on your stuff eg. laptop cover, if someonetouches it,the alarm ringtone will warn you. Four digit pin coderequired toprotect your phone.Don't touch my phone alarm System isa new greatanti-theft utility app. Cool and simple phone Alarmsecurity &find my phone. Here some of its Features: Triggersthe AlarmSmartphone motion detection Loud Alarm sound on touchPhone Alarm& Alarm touch for security alarm Motion alarm &alarmsecurity & anti theft alarm Anti-Theft Runs in backgroundSoundand vibration Alarm Anti Theft Alarm Launch in background!alarmsecurity and phone alarm won't shut down on background phonealarmwhen touched Password LOCK security for theft Alarm Protectyourmobile security Background process will start immediatelyafterclicking active buttonDon't touch My phone - Use it forknowing ifsomeone touch your device and burglar alarm & touchthespikes.You would be informed if someone tried to touch youralarmtouch phone (don't touch my phone,burglar alarmsecurity,theftalarm,loud alarm,Phone Alarm,vibration alarm,motiondetector,motiondetection,anti theft alarm security,anti-theftalarm,don't touch thephone,password security,Mobile phone for youmobile phone for Antitheft).Thanks for your support.
Don't touch my cell phone: Burglary Alarm 1.3
Presently a day's advanced mobile phone security is criticalforeverybody except don't stress we have a marvelous applicationwhichcan make your life simple and secure your PDA. Don't touch mycellphone: Burglary Alarm or raise alarm one of the best securityappthat save your phone from strangers and thieves once youactivatethe alarm no one can touch or take it because if someonetouch itDon't touch my cell phone: Burglary Alarm will be intruderalertraised and inform you that who touched my phone or take yourphone.It’s not a laser light security (don’t touch my phone app)detectmotion when your phone been touched by someone. Don’ttouchanything or Don’t touch my phone security app is not frontpoint,protect America, ADT and pinnacle security system but thisamazingapp can secure your smart phone and it’s very importantforeveryone to keep secure their personal messages, photosandcontacts. SECURITY YOU NEED: Your portable could be stolen intheevent that you allow it to sit unbothered at anyplace. Someonecanread personal messages and check your gallery. Your friends,kids,and family members can use your phone when you are not there.Soit’s the better way to download and install this amazingsecurityapp or don’t touch my phone safety alarm. with this phonealarm,motion alarm, and anti-theft alarm no one can touch yoursmartphone without your permission If someone can touch your phoneitwill be baobao or beep alarm. . VERY SIMPLE IN USE:Don't touchmycell phone: Burglary Alarm Don’t touch my phone app is very easytouse and secure your smart phone. Just open your anti-theftalarmsecurity app set the safety alarm and put your phone on afixedplace. Now it’s done after the alarm you can shut youralarmmanually open the app and deactivate the security alarm.FEATURESOF: Don't touch my cell phone: Burglary Alarm ☆ mobilesecurity foryour Phone and alarm anti furto ☆ mobile alarm touch ☆androidphone antitheft alarm security & nosey Anti BurglarAlarm ☆android security android apps ☆ find my phone android byalarmingit! ☆ mobile theft & mobile security apps ☆ Anti-theftalarmCool alarm App Run in background. ☆ Specify timer tostartAnti-theft alarm. ☆ Don't touch SMARTphone. ☆ Phone Alarm&Alarm touch ☆Furto Anti-theft mechanism. ☆alarme antifurto&Mobile Security. ☆ Motion alarm & alarm security&antitheft alarm. ☆ Anti Burglar Alarm. ☆ motion detector &mobilesecurity ☆ private facebook Security alarm ☆intruder alert.☆Define Alarm Type for motion detector. ☆ pickpocket - antitheftalarm who touched my phone Key Feature - anti spy features -antiburglars - alert - alarms - beautiful tones - PIN security -SimpleUI - privacy protector - free dont touch my phone - runs inthebackground even if minimize the app - Quick Launch. - Fourdigitpin code to protect- Runs in background. - Easy to use.DownloadDon't touch my cell phone: Burglary Alarm supported on allandroidphones and tablets. 4.9
With an security system, you can monitorandcontrol your home or business in real-time and’s interactive security, video monitoring,energymanagement, and home automation solutions give youinstantawareness and remote control for the places you care aboutmost.Note: This app requires a compatible system and service plan. Feature availability variesbased onsystem, equipment, and service plan. Visit www.alarm.comfor moreinformation. Remote features: ✓ See what’s happening atyourproperty ✓ Arm or disarm your security panel ✓ Watch live videoandrecorded clips from your security cameras ✓ Turn on or offlights ✓Set the ideal temperature ✓ Lock or unlock doors ✓ Viewimages ofimportant activity captured by image sensors ✓Searchyour complete system event history ✓ And much more!,you can also receive real-time email, text message, andpushnotifications for the specific events that matter to you.Beyondimportant emergency related events, you can also immediatelyknowwhen: • Your kids get home from school • You left for workorvacation and forgot to arm your system • The housekeeper arrivesorleaves • The garage door is left open • The dog walker orcatsitter arrives • There's flooding or a water leak in yourbasement• Your children open your medicine or liquor cabinets •Someonechanges your thermostat settings • Your security system isdisarmed(and who disarmed it) • Someone attempts to log into youraccount •And much more!
Full Battery & Theft Alarm
Protect your phone and Android Wear Smartwatch batteryfromovercharging with THEFT alarm. This app notifies you whenyourbattery is fully charged. You can also select battery levelandmany customization. ------------ NOTICE: If you use any taskkillerapp, please add this app to ignore list or white list.Otherwise,application will not work properly. NOTICE FOR ONEPLUSABOVE 7.0USERS: Please go to battery optimizations settings onandroidsettings and uncheck battery optimization for this app touse autostart features. NOTICE FOR XIAOMI USERS: In the securitysettingsgiven by Xiaomi default, please include the app for autostart andalso include permissions to use auto start features.------------This application supports Android Wear Smartwatches!!Anti theftalarm!!! Don't worry about having to leave your phonechargingunattended! Full Battery & Theft Alarm will sound analarm whenyour phone is unplugged or battery fully charge. Usefulfor when aplug isn't near somewhere to sit so that you can leaveyour phoneand know it will be safe. Charger alarm!!! Alerts youwith audioand vibration when your phone is fully charged. Great forwhen youwant a quick charge without checking your phone everyminute. Alsogreat if you don't like leaving your phone plugged inafter it'scharged. Features: - BATTERY PERCENTAGE - Charge history- Chargetime. - Remaining time to 100% - Sound and vibration alarmwhencharger is unplugged. (Anti theft alarm) - Password securityfortheft alarm. - Easy to use user interface - Status messageaboutapplication - Choose custom alarm. You can also choose silent.-Alarm volume control. - Vibration option. - Full battery alarm.-Start automatically option. - Enable automatically option.-Notification bar option. - Different thief alarm sound option.-When alert full battery alarm, you can unplug your cable tostopalarm. - "Do not stop alarm until unplug cable" option. - Turnofftheft alarm if all you need is battery full alarm. - Extratimefeature after fully charged. - Start auto after reboot. -Themeoption. - FREE Please Email Suggestions andBugs!.----PERMISSIONS---- Storage permission: App need thispermissionfor external ringtones, log system and backup/restoresettingssystem. Location permission: App use this permission onlyfor adlocalization. Contact permission: App’s theft alarmpasswordrecovery system. App’s fills your email addressautomatically whenyou are setting theft alarm password. Nothingmore. You cancompletely trust this app. We are not doing anyillegal process.------- To become beta user please use thislink:
Anti Theft Alarm -Motion Alarm 2.1.3
Jorli Apps
NEW UPDATE!!! Added 2 audio options for the alarm sound. TheAntiTheft Alarm acts as a motion alarm and protects your phonebysounding an alarm when someone moves your device or unplugsthecharger from the outlet. When the alarm is triggered, a photoistaken and sent to your email address. Awesome and fun way toscareyour friends, and secure your device at the act of being takenby apotential burglar, thief, or anybody intending to use yourphonewithout your authorization. Catch your friends and sneakypeopletrying to snoop on your phone with Anti Theft Alarm! Doyourfriends hack your Facebook status when you leave the room?Doesyour girlfriend read all your texts when you take a shower?WithAnti Theft Alarm, thieves and up-to-no-gooders are greeted withaloud car alarm! It is fun way to catch friends, kids andfamilymembers accessing your device without your consent, and, atthesame time, prevent your cell phone or tablet from being stolenby athief or burglar. It has also been used as protection and asanextra security measure for your cell phone. We have receivedlotsof emails from users that have successful avoided their phonefrombeing stolen, by catching the thief in the act of trying togetaway with the user's device. Features: Mute function so you cansetup the alarm secretly - NEW!!! Phone Charger Unplug Trigger-NEW!!! Revamped Web interface for locking and unlocking theAlarmremotely - NEW!!! Share the photos of the Snooper - ThiefviaFacebook, Twitter or Instagram - NEW! Receive an Email with aPhotoof the Snooper - Thief! Choose your own Alarm Sound!RemoteActivation by Internet (lock and unlock) Paranoid Mode(Soundsalarm even if in standby). Motion Alarm (Alarm Triggeredbymovement) Adjustable Sensitivity Password Protected Unlock 6UniqueSkins Trigger Activation Delay Control Trigger DeactivationDelayControl Lost Password Recovery Price: FREE! What can you dowithour app: Scare/joke with your friends Stop curious peoplefrommessing with your phone when you are not looking Phoneprotectionand defence against thieves and burglars Ghost Hunting :)(whetheryou believe in ghosts or not, our app has been used forthat)Protect your computer, purse or personal belongs while you arenotlooking (by placing the phone with the locked Anti Theft Alarmontop of the computer) Protect your phone while it's beingcharged(plugged in an outlet) Add an extra layer of security, bystoppingthe burglar at the act of stealing it As a Motion Alarm -MotionSensor - Motion Detector - Detect any movement If you likeAntiTheft Alarm, check out Anti Theft Alarm Pro! Includes allthefeatures above, but without ads. Experiencing problems withtheapp? Please let us know at [email protected] Check us out on Facebookat Follow us on Twitterat Have Fun! -The Jorli TeamP.S.Thisapp uses the Device Administrator permission. The AntiTheft Alarmacts as a motion alarm / motion sensor / motion detectorandprotects your phone by sounding an alarm when someone movesyourdevice or unplugs the charger from the outlet.
Don't Touch My Phone - Anti-theft intruder alarm 1.161
Don't touch my phone - Who unlocks my phone is the anti theftappthat detects motion when someone tries to touch or disconnectthecharger of your phone without your permission. This is themostreliable Mobile Safety Alarm for your device. Dont Touch MyPhone -Theft Alarm with password is the best for Mobile Lock 2019as wellwith great imei device tracker. Find out immediately whounlocks myphone. Use Don't touch my phone if 🚨 The alarm willringimmediately when someone touch your phone 🚨 Discover Who istryingto touch your phone. 🚨 Are you worried if someone is tryingtotamper with your smartphone? 🚨 This simple security app hassavedmy phone. 🚨 You are afraid your phone will be stolen. Thieveshatethis alarm! 🚨Fright who unlocks my phone 🚨Your friends aresnoopinginto your privet phone (texts and private emails etc.)without yourpermission 🚨Afraid to leave it alone in public placeslike schoolor airport 🚨Your kids, siblings, family members orcoworkers areusing your phone when you’re not around Preventunauthorized accesswith quick and easy setup 1. Press START toactivate the Anti TheftAlarm. 2. Place the device on a fixed placee.g. Table OtherSecurity Features: 1. PIN Code for super protection2. Fingerprintto Switch off the alarm. 3. Disconnect Charger alarm4. Flashlightswhen the alarm is triggered 5. Add delay to AlarmSound 6. Recordand Setup your own custom alarm sound, a nosy personcan not shutdown 7. Antitheft Alarm for your mobile phone 8. Freealarm soundsand ringtones. Free wallpapers and backgrounds for yourphone. Thisis great for boys and girls. Different types of alarmsounds - It'sa violation to touch private stuff 1. When the alarmis activatedthief CAN’T reduce the alarm volume even if your Phoneis in silentmode. 2. App runs in background even when the phone isswitchedoff. 3. This simple security app has saved my device.Thieves hatethis mobile security! 4. Ever wondered - Where is myPhone? Is itsafe? Who is trying to access my phone all the timewithout apermission? 5. Want to prank somebody nosy at the office?Recordyour own voice message and setup as an alarm ringtone. Noseypersonwill freaks and runs out the house and won't deny thesnoopingnow... 6. Is your secretly gallery a vault? Hide picturesandvideos from snoopy and crook persons. Keep your messagessecretlywith antichat option. Similar to Don't Touch My Hair Game.Usingthis special privacy guard app installed on your phone youwillmanage to take a pictures of the thieves and pinpoint theirexactlocation. Don't touch here is an another anti thft and antiteftprivate stuff we do care. Good against thieves, kids, noisypeopleand a fantastic security system. Just place your phone nextto thedoor and have a good night sleep. Find my phone this is theapp tofind stolen phone. Use Dont Touch My cellphone as a prankmakerapp. Features - Give us Feedback. Your rating means a lot tous :)- Join us
Reminder with Alarm, To Do List, Daily Reminder 1.0.8
Lemon, Inc
Reminders is the easiest to use reminder app - it shows youexactlywhat you need to do, and nothing more. If you need to dosomethingand you're worried that you may forget, just set areminder, whentime comes, your tasks and plans will be pushed toyour device,It's a best reminder app with alarm in the whole GooglePlay!★SUPPORTED REMINDERS★ We can helps you to remind - DailyTodoTasks, Meetings, Business Appointments, TakingMedication/Pills,Paying Bills, Important Calls, Birthdays,Anniversaries and manymore. ✔Deadlines – just create a reminder foreach deadline andstay on track with your work ✔Meetings – Are youmissing anyimportant meetings with your clients? Try this app whichremindsyou the meeting schedule and prompt you whenever it isneeded.✔Birthdays – It can be difficult to remember all thefriends' andfamily's birthdays, but reminder can help you each timeone of yourfriends is having a birthday. ✔Anniversaries – Neverforgetupcoming important anniversaries. You can wish your friendsandfamily on their important dates with our reminders. ✔Shoppinglist- You can now save money and keep everything on a shopping listina smart device and take it with you wherever you go and neverneedto worry about forgetting anything. ✔Important Calls – Remindyourimportant things after a call with the possibility ofrepeat✔Taking Medication – you can add a medication, get remindersfortaking pills, and receive constant tracking of your health Andsomuch more ★Features★ • It's FREE • Material design • Voicetoreminder support • Snooze tasks • Repeating / Recurring Tasks•Reminder with icon • Call reminder • Intuitivetask/remindercreation • Ability to create the recurring orcustomtasks/reminders recurrence Arrange a schedule and organizeyour dayeffectively with Reminders
StarLine 5.1.1134
StarLine LLC
StarLine Telematics: Your vehicle on the palm of your hand!Downloadthe free StarLine mobile application to manage your carsecuritysettings from your smartphone. The application will workwith anyGSM alarm systems, GSM modules and beacons by StarLine.Use the demomode to learn more about the application. Fornon-commercial useonly. 
The positioning accuracy depends on theGPS signal strengthand may vary according to the map service ofchoice. APPLICATIONCAPABILITIES Simple registration - Registeryour car security systemusing a simple installation wizard. Easyselection of devices - Workwith several StarLine devices:convenient for owners of severalvehicles Easy to set up and manage- Arm and disarm your carsecurity system; - Start and turn offyour engine at unlimiteddistances - (*) Choose auto-startparameters with certain timer andtemperature settings, set thetime for engine warm-up - Inemergencies use "Anti-hijack" mode:your vehicle's engine will turnoff at a safe distance from you -(*) If you turn over your vehiclefor repair or diagnostics, setyour security settings to "service"mode - Find your vehicle on aparking lot by initiating a shortsiren signal - (*) Adjust shockand tilt sensor settings manually orturn them off when parking ina busy place - Create shortcuts foroften used commands Easy tounderstand your car's security status -Make sure that the alarmsystem is on - (*) The intuitive interfaceallows interpreting andunderstanding all security messages at aglance. - (*) You can seeyour equipment SIM card balance, the carbattery charge, the enginetemperature and the temperature insideyour vehicle Get messagesabout any events with your vehicle -Receive PUSH messages on anyevents with your vehicle (alarm, enginestarted, security modeswitched off, etc.) - Select the types ofmessages you want toreceive - Browse the history of enginestart-ups - (*) Learn theequipment SIM card balance: low balancewarnings delivered via PUSHmessages Search for and monitor yourvehicle - (*) Comprehensivemonitoring with track record. Study thetracks, the length of eachroute, speeds on various legs of the trip- Find your car on anonline map in just seconds - Select the mostconvenient type of mapfor you - Find your own location Quick Help -Call the StarLineTechnical Support Line directly from yourapplication! - Rescue andassistance service numbers have been added(you can add your localphone numbers, too) - Feedback form has beenincorporated into theapplication. (*) This function is availableonly to owners ofproducts manufactured since 2014 (with "Telematics2.0" sticker onthe packaging) We are always happy to answer yourquestions. TheStarLine team is on call 24 hours a day FederalTechnical SupportService: - Russia: 8-800-333-80-30 - Ukraine:0-800-502-308 -Kazakhstan: 8-800-070-80-30 - Belarus:8-10-8000-333-80-30 -Germany: +49-2181-81955-35 StarLine LLC,developer and manufacturerof security telematic equipment underStarLine brand, retains theright unilaterally to introduce changesinto design and theinterface of the mobile application. StarLine:AccessibleTelematics!
Digital Alarm Clock 10.4
Digital Alarm Clock is a reliable, stylish and easy to usetalkingalarm clock & widget that can be customised to yourneeds. Thealarm clock that wakes you in the morning can have animpact on therest of your day and we know that most people preferto be wokenwith a different alarm on a weekend to that of a workingday.Digital Clock offers you this functionality and muchmore.Lookingfor a talking clock? Look no further. Using thepowerful Text ToSpeech engine, tapping the display announces thetime in a clearmanner.Digital Alarm Clock FREE Features► ALARMOPTIONS – Eachalarm can be individually customised• Built in tonesor wake toyour own music• Fade in alarm• Nap Timer on main displaymeans youcan set a quick alarm in just 2 clicks!• Shake to snooze,number ofsnoozes, custom snooze time• One off alarm, recurringalarm, datealarm► DISPLAY OPTIONS – Completely customisable• Day& Nightmode with individual brightness and volume settings•Built innightlight softly illuminates the whole screen• Anti Burnmoves theclock to look after your display• Optional day, date,seconds,AM/PM indicator, flashing separator• Select your preferreddateformat• Choose from over 16 million colours & severaldisplayfonts• Fits to the size of your screen or pinch to resize►EXTRAFUNCTIONALITY – We have thought of everything• TalkingClock.Simply tap to hear the time (requires TTS engine ondevice)•Silence notifications ensuring a peaceful sleep•Automaticallylaunches when charging or docked for bedside use•Alarm clockautomatically closes when the charger is unplugged orundocked•Handy widget allows you to see the time in style on yourhomescreenand quickly access the alarms screen.ImportantTaskkillerapplications can interfere with alarm clock applications. Ifyouexperience issues with alarms not activating and youusetask-killing applications then you must add Digital Alarm Clocktothe whitelist.PermissionsAll permissions required are requestedforlegitimate use by the application and further information canbefound at
Alarm Clock 2.9.3
Alarm Clock is the new form of simplicity with elegantlydesignedclocks and intelligent algorithm for alarm activations. Theapp isbuilt around flexible and intelligent algorithm foralarmactivations. Our alarms auto adjust themselves while the timezonechanges and each alarm starts with predefined settings. If youtalkon the phone, the alarm is automatically played in a lower toneasnot to disturb you. While the alarm runs and someone iscallingyou, it will auto snooze and start playing the callringtone. AlarmClock is designed to free you from annoyance andwill obey to allyour needs of how you want to be woken up orreminded for theimportant things in your life. Apart fromminimalistic design, wehave also developed Alarm Clock to use verylow system resources.It can be used as an alarm manager, and it canbe used as beautifuldesk clock as it sits on your charger – thechoice is yours. Wehave also thought about usability – the digitalmodes have one ofthe biggest and easily noticeable digits, so theycan be enjoyed inany light settings and from a great viewingdistance. FEATURES - 4types of stylish designer clocks – analogdark, analog light,digital dark, and digital light - Unlimitedalarms and timers – setthem multiple times, one at a time,repeating or recurring, withtunes from your own phone library -Flexible and intuitivealgorithm for alarm activations - Beautiful2x1 and 4x2 widgets,along with lock screen widgets - Presents a lotof customizationoptions to best suit your flavors - 3 types ofnotifications – nextalarm, missed alarms, present active alarms -One size fits all –our app utilizes unique architecture thatequally supportssmartphones with the smallest screens up to thelargest tabletscreens without affecting in any matter the size ofthe app -Intuitive app settings – get an easy access to all optionsyou need- Wake up with your favorite music - Auto adjustment foralarmswhile changing time zones - Set custom labels for alarms andtimerswith unrestricted length of the text - Utilizes 12 or 24timeformat - Use automatic auto snooze to preserve your batterylife ortune up the snooze time by yourself - Specially tailored forbothlandscape and portrait modes - An option to allow and disablethenotifications - Pretty and lightweight you can use it asanightstand clock - Build from the ground up with nativetabletsupport - Offers quality support for Android devices – fromAndroid1.5 to Android 4.4 - Optimized for all known screenresolutions -Your wish is our command! Choose by yourself what willbe the nextfeature of Alarm Clock – send us e-mail or leave acomment withyour suggestions. Get in touch with us and follow thelatest newsregarding our apps:
Speaking Alarm Clock 0.9.131
(1) Table clock☆ You can easily check the date, time, andbatterystatus by using a table clock.▷ It is easy to adjust thebrightnessby touch.▷ You can use burn-in prevention function.(2)Speakingstopwatch and timer☆ Voice has been added to the stopwatchandtimer.▷ It informs by voice at each set time conveniently.▷ Itisalso possible to share recorded contents.(3) Tell me what timeisit now☆ You can easily check the current time without watchingyourmobile device.▷ While listening to music, watching moviesorplaying games, you may wonder what time is it now. At thattime,just shake the device, then clock will tell you the currenttimeusing TTS (Text to speech). To activate this function, you canalsouse other options like turning screen on and off, etc.(4)Morningwake-up alarm☆ Wake-up time for weekdays and weekends can besetseparated☆ The volume of wake-up alarm can beincreasedautomatically from the lowest to the highest level. Thisfunctionmakes you wake up without the shock of loud alarm.☆ You cansetinternal ringtone sound or your music files(like MP3 or OGG)asalarm sound.☆ If you want more sleep, just use the countdownsnoozefunction.☆ If you want to use puzzle lock to close alarm, youcanchoose math problem or number sequences problem.(5) Hourlychime(on time alarm) and Interval (10, 20, 30, 40, 50 minutes, andmore)alarm☆ You can choose various voices or sounds for hourlychime.☆You can change the time and sound for each intervalalarm.(6)Scheduled alarms with voices☆ The clock will tell you theschedulewith cute voices. You can change the time of eachschedule.(7)Battery full warning alarm☆ If your device has fullycharged, theclock will tell you that battery is fully charged.(8)Battery lowwarning alarm☆ If your device needs to be charged, theclock willtell you that battery is needed charging. The level oflow batterycan be changed as you want.[Information aboutpermission] 1) Wi-Ficonnection→ used for advertising. 2)Photos/Media/Files→ used forsetting sound files of device as aalarm. 3) Device ID & callinformation→ used to check whetherthe device is the duding a callwhen set alarm time.This alarm doesnot work when the device isduring call. 4) Device & apphistory→ used to check whetherother app are running when set hourlychime time.This hourly chimedoes not open alarm window.☆Permissions are used only thesepurposes. Please use this app atease.
Don't Touch my Phone & Anti Theft Mobile Security 1.2
Don't Touch My Phone ; Dont Touch My Phone - Do not Touch MyPhone:With Anti Theft Mobile alarm app you will not be anymoreafraid tolet your phone on a table.This Theft Alarm keeps yourphone savefrom curious people and burglars. Once you activate thealarm, noone could touch it, because the alarm will be triggered ifany onetry to take the phone.Use this Don't Touch my Phone toensure thatnobody touch your cellphone, it will play an alarm whenit happens.The interface is simple to reduce the memory andprocessorconsumption. Prevents stolen or taken without permissionyour phoneusing the motion sensor (Anti Theft Alarm).Don't touch Myphone andAnti Theft Mobile alarm -responsibility Phone AlarmProtect yourphone from pick-pocketing or theft eyes with phonealarm ! burglaralarm The only alarm security app that can save yourdevice frompick-pocketing & theft alarm.Very Easy to Use Don'tTouch myPhone:* Activate the Anti Theft alarm. * Put your phone ona fixedplace (flat surface) .Why you should Use Don't touch MyMobilephone ?* Secure your Phone* Phone Alarm Anti theft System*PhoneMotion Detection alarm* Ringtone and vibration alarm(proximitylock/unlock Security alarm,Anti theft alarm)Features ofDon't Touchmy Phone & Anti Theft Mobile alarm :☆ Anti theftalarm Coolalarm App Run in background. ☆ Specify timer to startAnti-theftalarm.☆ Don't touch phone.☆ Phone Alarm & Alarm touchforsecurity alarm.☆ Furto Anti-theft mechanism.☆ Phone alarm&Mobile Security.☆ Motion alarm & alarm security &antitheft alarm.☆ motion detector & mobile security☆privatefacebook Security alarm☆ Stop alarm or endless.☆ DefineAlarm Typefor motion detector.☆ pickpocketing - Application Useyour currentringtone phone’s. ☆ Launch in background! alarmsecurity and phonealarm won't shut down on background.☆ anti theftalarm when thephone moves. ☆ phone alarm when touched ☆ Phone alarmsecurityalarm & anti-theft☆ touch the spikes ☆ alarm security ☆mobilecontrol ☆ antitheft Alarm☆ anti theft alarm security ☆mobilesecurity for your Phone☆ android alarm security ☆ androidsecurityandroid apps☆ find my phone android by alarming it!☆ mobiletheft& mobile security apps ☆ white noise alarm☆ Anti-theftalarm☆touch mobile security alarm☆ mobile protection by securityalarm☆best phone alarm system☆ anti theft system ☆ Phone alarm -smartalarm systemEnjoy..... Thank you .
Smart Alarm Clock 2.8
With smart alarm, you can sleep as much as you can, it willawakeyou up until you get up and leave your bed. Every morning, youdonthave to worry about get up late, go to work or go to schoollateanymore. How to set up alarm? We have 4 ways for you: •Normal:similar to other default alarm of Android, and you just havetopress a button to turn off the alarm • Do a maths test: you havetodo a maths test, if your answer is correct, the alarm willbeturned off. There are 5 levels of maths to choose from easytodifficult. • Shake your phone: you have to shake your phoneabout10-50 times to turn off the alarm. • Scan QR code or bar code:youhave to find a random QR code or bar code and adjust your cameratoit’s side to scan. • Draw a pattern: you have to draw apatternfollows the pattern in sample. If you draw correct, thealarm willbe turned off. Be notice that this function only is onlyincludedin premium version. • Input a text: you have to inputexactly arandom word including 8 symbols. Be notice that thisfunction isonly included in premium version. You can create a alarmwithadvanced functions: • Set up exact time to alarm. • Choose daysinweek to repeat alarm. • Set up name for alarm. • Choose soundsforalarm from your ringtone list, or a song you like. • Adjustvolumeof the alarm. • Choose vibration types for the alarm. • Setup timefor alarming again. • Choose ways to turn off the alarm. •See thealarm in advance The smart alarm application is thecombination ofall funtions you are looking for which are simple,beautifulinterface and eassy in use. A premium version withoutadvertismentand including all upgarde functions for people who arereally enjoythis application as well as supporting the developer.If you want,you can buy it. If you have any questions ofrecommendations,please send me an email, I will help you. Your5-stars rating willsupport us to create and develop more and morebest freeapplications in the future.
Alarm Clock - Smart Digital Timer 1.2.6
XLaier Group
Alarm Clock - Digital Timer is a smart, reliable, stylish andeasyto use talking alarm clock & widget that can be customizedtomeet your needs. This smart alarm clock app turns yourAndroiddevice into an alarm clock can wake you up in the morningthat playyour favorite tunes, a bedside clock with stylish themes,and areliable daily helper perfect for every timing situation.Mainfeatures for Alarm Clock: • Wake up to your favorite music•Decorate your home screen with beautiful alarm clock widgets•Unlimited support: set as many alarms you need • Enjoy morestylishthemes Can't choose among different clock alarm clock forhomescreen? Try This Alarm Clock with cool music and you'll findwhatyou need and even more! Extremely customizable, with allnecessarysettings, a great choice of alarm clock sounds, a snoozebutton andbedside clock – you'll get all these options in the mostmodern ofall alarm clock apps free.
Savanna Alarm 20
WF Company
Your one-way ticket to Africa is here!Don't wake up tohorrificdigital sounds, The animals of beautiful savanna are hereto greetyou every morning.Enjoy beautiful animal cries, calm soundsofnature, and fun and whimsical alarms updated regularly.* Theremaybe something 'extreme' in store for those who have troublewakingup. May we warn you.* We appreciate your valuable opinionandfeedback to increase the quaility of our alarm. Please sendallideas to [email protected]
Alarmy - Smart alarm 1.3.2
t440 soft
Alarmy - Smart alarm - Alarm clock.No more late mornings foryou.Itbothers you until you are really conscious.- Alarm Clock isanalarm application with simple design and intelligentfeatures.-Visual controls let you set up alarms clearly andeasily.- WithSmart Alarm you can forget to worry about not having alatemorning, late appointment.It will definitely get you out ofbed. Ifyou absolutely must get up on time for an importantappointment orjob interview, then this would be the perfectsolution. ■ How toturn off the alarm ? (Picture dismiss mode)-Simple: click or tabto turn off alarm, easy to use.- Shake to turnoff: You can turnoff the phone by shaking the phone according tothe level youchoose.- Solve math to turn off: it have 5 leveldifficult to youchoose, very uneasy and interesting.Feature:-Simple interface,easy to use.- With normal mode you can turn offthe alarm simply oryou can use the snooze function.- Solve math toturn off.- Theintuitive alarm clock is easy to use.- Set the tonefor eachalarm.- Set the alarm volume the way you want.- Repeat theorderfor each special day of the week or repeat daily.If you likeAlarmy- Smart alarm, you can support us by rating app, sharing app,anddownloading other apps
Alarm clock
Timy Alarm Clock will help you avoid accidentally turning offyouralarm clock and falling asleep.To dismiss the alarm you willhaveto disturb some funny characters.Main features:Multiplealarms.Cutecharacters to annoy: Cat, dog, bunny, fox, crocodile,shark, duck,with three difficulty levels.Wake up with your tonesorsongs.Repeat option.Snooze.Independent volume control.If youfindany bugs, or get a Force Close please email [email protected] with android version, app versionanddevice.Suggestions are welcome too ;)Important: Device must beonto work.
Anti Theft Alarm Phone Security & iAntitheft Free 5.0
Anti theft alarm phone security is the best anti-theft triggaalarmout there!Don't touch my phone security anti theft alarm phonexwill keep your phone completely safe from some noisy people orantitheft inc.If someone moves or discharges your phone, antitheftalarm app will sound loudly and you can immediately knowingtheftwith our amazing alarme anti theft furto, phone security antitheftalarm, trigga iantitheft alarm and many otherinterestinganti-theft alarm - don't touch my phone...Whether yourphone mightbe stolen by theft or your coworker, friend, you willalways antitheft mobile tracker easily with the best method ofiantitheftphone x protection – phone anti theftalarmapp.∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗Why should use anti theftalarmphone security?Do you worry about friends using your phonewhen youare not around?Do you hate someone try to read yourmessages, openyour gallery or surf your Facebook?Or are you afraidthat someonewill steal your phone?No matter how careful you are,your phone mayget stolen! Don’t stress anymore with our amazinganti theft alarmmobile tracker for mobilewithlock!∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗Anti theft alarm phonesecuritywill sound security iantitheft alarm loudly if somebodyunplugs itfrom the charger Your phone will lock up and then an antitheftalarm will sound as well until you enter the right OS 11iantitheftalarm password.Protect your phone with trigga antitheftalarm phonesecurity when moving its place in security anti theftalarmWheneveryou pick up the phone, remember to shake it well, antitheft alarmautomatically doesn’t sound iantitheft trigga alarm.Especially,anti theft alarm phone security will warn you from theftor dropoff your pocket with iantitheft alarm featuresLowering thesecurityanti theft alarm don't touch my phone volume won't helpeither, theiantitheft alarm phone x will set it to the maximum. Theanti theftalarm would sound until the password isentered.∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗All your photos, documents,andcontact numbers,… will be protected and secured by anti theftalarmphone security as the trigga iantitheft alarm os11. Leavingyourphone in public place without security anti theft alarm?Thereis noneed to worry anymore with our amazing anti theft for mobilewithlock.Let’s download the security anti theft alarm don't touchmyphone right now!We will update anti theft alarm app withmoreamazing trigga iantitheft alarm even better! So that don’thesitaterate anti theft alarm phone security 5 ★ and give us thecommentbelow. Thank you for using this phone anti theft alarm ♥.
Alarm and pill reminder 1.6.2
Application for simple or complex alarms Key Features: AlarmPillReminder General Reminders Speak the title Types ofrepetitions:Hour, Day, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly With annotationsAutomaticcolors, Red next execution still today, Yellow nextexecutiontomorrow, Green next execution the day after tomorrow. Itallows toput multiple executions for the same alarm, thus ensuringa greatversatility in the repetition settings, it is possible forexampleto set for the alarm to run on certain days every month, ortorepeat daily at non-synchronized times (after meals forexample)Sleep time (a period where alarms don't ring only showthenotifications) You can remove the advertisements for a fairprice.
Puzzle Alarm Clock ⏰
Puzzle Alarm Clock is the result of scratching our own itch.Stockalarm clock apps were too easy on us in the mornings, and weneededan app that will make sure we get up in time. Now it's here.Do youcreate a lot of separate alarms and you don't know when thenextone is going to go off That's okay. Now you'll always see thetimeof your next alarm in the same place. Can't get yourselftogetherin the morning? Add Puzzles to solve before you'll be ableto turnoff an alarm. Choose from some of the basic ones and if itdoesn'tcut it, buy additional, harder minigames. Do you turn offthe alarmand go back to sleep? Enable "Wake-up Poke" feature. 5minutesafter turning off the alarm you'll need to prove that you'reup orelse it will go off again. Alarm goes off and you setsnoozeendlessly? Add a snooze limit, use it up and lose the chancetosnooze again. Woke up before the alarm and you want to skip it?Youcan turn off every alarm within an hour before it goes off. Useabutton in the "Upcoming alarm" notification. There's more toit.Install and check it out yourself! Talk to us @PuzzleAlarmApp
Alarm Clock Free Plus 1.1.4
iHandy Ltd.
Alarm Clock Free turns your android into a beautiful digitalclockand alarm clock for free! 
If youenjoyAlarm Clock Free, there is a paid version "Alarm Clock Pro"withmore features: 
- Set your own song or playlist as alarm 
-Morecolorful themes 
- Built-in flashlight
★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★Features include:★ Clock ★ 
- GorgeousGreen LCD style display 
-Vertical and horizontal modes 
- 12 or 24hour format 
- Show/Hideseconds 
- Customizable auto-lock time★Alarm ★ 
- Super bigSnooze/Stop Alarm buttons 
- Multiple alarmssupported 
- 11built-in alarm sounds: Ascending, Birds, Classic,Cuckoo, Digital,Electronic, High Tone, Mbira, Old Clock, Rooster,School Bell 
-Sound ON/OFF, 
- Sound volume adjustable 
- SnoozeON/OFF 
- Snoozetime customizable 
- Vibrate ON/OFF 
- Sound FadeIn: Wake upgently in the morning 
- Alarm works even screen islocked orandroid is in silent mode★ Tips ★ 
- Slide/flick up anddown to dimthe screenEnjoy another free app from iHandySoft!
SpotOn alarm clock for YouTube 1.2.3
Sasa Cuturic
Forget about your old digital alarm clock and wake up toyourfavorite music! SpotOn Music Alarm Clock for YouTube is anamazingalarm clock that lets you pick and set the music you want towakeup to. 🌅 WAKE UP ON YOUR OWN SCHEDULE SpotOn is a uniquealarmclock app that plays YouTube playlists and tracks as thealarm.Schedule your own wake up time with a smart alarm clock,quicklysearch for any YouTube video and set it as an alarm on yourphoneor tablet. Use your favorite songs and videos from YouTube asanalarm and start your days like never before! ✂️ EASILY CREATE&EDIT YOUTUBE PLAYLISTS Not only that your alarm will ring withyourfavorite tracks, but you can also create YouTube playlists,browsefor videos, add the ones you love to your YouTube playlistsandshuffle them to wake up to a different song every day. SpotOn isaperfect YouTube alarm app for Android users that want to wakeupfeeling fresh. Open your eyes with your favorite songs, stopwakingup with a boring and common alarm clock! ⌚️ SPOTON ALARMCLOCK FORYOUTUBE FEATURES ✔️ Create your own waking up schedule ✔️Add asmany alarms as you want ✔️ Easily search for any YouTubevideo ✔️Add your favorite tracks as a music alarm clock ✔️ Makeyourpersonal music alarm playlists ✔️ Shuffle playlists & wakeupto a different song every day ✔️ Sort & edit music &videoswithin the music alarm clock app ✔️ Enable/Disable with onetouchonly ✔️ FREE to use YouTube alarm clock - - - - - - - - - - -- - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - Start your day in a positive tone.
LOUD Alarm Ringtones 5.7
JRJ Unlimited
🔊 There are 48 free ringtones that are loud and clear. Youwillfinally hear your device. 🔊 📢 These free high volume soundsandsongs are perfect for alarms, ringtones or notifications. 📢🔊Simply press each button to listen and preview the loud andclearringtone or sound. If you like it, press and hold the button.Thenselect either alarm, ringtone, notification, or contact. 🔊📢Download now and you can set a song or sound for each ofyourcontacts so you will know who is calling without even looking!📢 🔊This application can be used with most phones or tablets and canbeused for alarms or ringtones or notifications. This easy andfreeapplication allows you to make your phone or tablet veryunique. 🔊📢 Best of all this application is free! 📢 According to ourmanyusers the best LOUD sounds and songs are: 🔊 Rooster 🔊 Races 🔊BombWhistle 🔊 Beeper 🔊 Birds 📢 You are not limited tothenotifications, alarms and ringtones that come with your device.Usethis application to make your device your own. 📢
I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock 3.4.0
Kog Creations
Can't wake up?With this alarm clock you sure will get up ontime,thanks to up to eight different Wake Up Tasks which won't letyouturn the alarm off until you finish them! Mind or bodystimulation?Or maybe having to actually leave the bed? How aboutpractisingforeign language while we are at it?This applicationfeaturesoptions that you would expect from alarm clock, likesettingmultiple alarms, daily repeating or snooze, plus many more,lettingyou set it up to your liking in almost every way possible:-SmoothWake Up – dimmed screen, volume rising, fully customizable-QuitBlock - you tend to unconsciously stop application forphone'ssettings? Not anymore - Quit Block will prevent you fromleavingalarm's screen until alarm is finished- Snooze Music –choose musicthat will play during your snooze- Awake Test – everwoke up justto turn alarm off and go back to sleep? If you failAwake Test fewminutes after finishing alarm, alarm will be startedagain!- manymusic sources – ringtones, music files (.mp3),playlists,shoutcasts or build-in extra loud noises- startingchosenapplication after alarm’s finish- auto turning off duringphonecallsWake Up Tasks:Math – do some math equationsMemory – findpairsfor each coloured tileOrder – set tiles in correct orderRepeat–repeat shown click sequenceBarcode – you have to get out of bedtoscan the code placed in bathroom, kitchen or just onyourtable!Rewrite – carefully rewrite randomly generated textShake–shake your phone until you feel awakeMatch– connect word pairs–has build in Capital-Country collection, but you can easilymakeyour own, for example with words in different languages!Youcanconfigure every Method and test it quietly without runningthealarm, to set it just the way you like.Application isavailableonly in english------------------This free app is adsupported anddisplays banner and full-screen ads.Ad-free paidversion isavailable.------------------Sony Xperia and Xiaomiusers!Make sureto add application to your 'battery saver mode'white list -without it alarm won't be able to wake upthedevice!------------------Application was tested on a fewdeviceswith different Android versions, but errors still can occur.I amworking to fix every bug reported, but I am unable to fixerrorsmentioned only in comments section – please use build-inLogger toreport bugs – your help isreallyappreciated!------------------Alarm WILL ring after devicereboot!However mind, that it won't work if device is off or if youForceClose this application with any Application Manager orBatterySaver app.------------------Used permissions:WAKE_LOCK –let’salarm start when screen is offRECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED – toloadalarms’ information on phone’s bootVIBRATE –forvibrationsREAD_PHONE_STATE – to stop alarm duringphonecallsWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – for writing backup, users'customsettings and log filesMODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS – so alarm isable toplay on max volume every timeWRITE_SETTINGS – fordisplayinginformation about next alarm on lock screenBLUETOOTHandBLUETOOTH_ADMIN - for option to disable BluetoothduringalarmDISABLE_KEYGUARD - needed for hiding lock screen onsomedevicesINTERNET – for shoutcasts/web radiosandadvertisementsACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION,ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE,GOOGLE_SERVICES - for advertisementsThis appuses the DeviceAdministrator permission - activating application asDeviceAdministrator will prevent you (the user) from quicklyforcestopping or uninstalling application as a way of skippingalarm(our morning selves sometimes just don't want to wake up). Itisalso required to enable Quit Block feature. Device Administratorisenabled only after user decides to do it at app's QuitBlocksettings screen. It can be easily disabled from there as well.QuitBlock instruction (available at screen mentioned above)explains indetail how it works and why it needs DeviceAdministrator.
Ajax Security System 2.14
Ajax professional wireless security system protects your homeoroffice. Install and synchronize it with the app, to monitor whatishappening from anywhere in the world. If you connect Ajax toacentral monitoring station, then a mobile guard team will arriveonthe alarm. Ajax has lightspeed reaction — it instantlyinformsabout the first signs of intrusion, flooding or fire. Thesignal ofalarm to deliver even if you travel to the edge of theworld. Itcan be a push notification, SMS or phone call. WirelessprotocolJeweller provides stable connection between devices. It ismuchsecured than wires. The channel is encrypted and protectedfromjamming, false alarms reduced to zero. Ajax ecosystemincludesseveral types of sensors that provide multi layeredprotection.They're controlled by Hub — Ajax intelligent securitycenter. Onehub can work with up to 100 devices simultaneously. Thebackupbattery life is up to 10 hours. Download the free app foryourAndroid device and let it provide constant supervision oftheprotected area when you’re at home or while you’reaway.Application features: • installation, configuration andcalibrationof the system and all sensors. • arming/disarming of thewholehouse or individual rooms. • instant notifications abouttheintrusions, fire or flooding. • collective monitoring. •appliancesenergy consumption monitoring.
Simple Alarm 1.2.4
Simple is the best. This app is very simple. So, it'seasy-to-useand stylish. Features: * Alarm with specified sound *Repeat onspecified days of week * Snooze (5 mins) We hope this appcan beyour good partner.
UP - Alarm Clock free 🔔 3.11.08
With the free, smart and functional UP awakening, choose your waytowake up (by playing, gentle alarm or classic ...) in order toget upon your feet! Do not go to bed too late thanks to thenotificationof bedtime and grant you small naps with the naptimer.Simple,convenient, intelligent and constantly improving arethe keys to UPawakening to meet your wake-up needs through avaried and freechoice of alarms. Because it is above all a wake-upcall, the mainfunctionality is to wake you up! However, everyonehas his way ofgetting out of bed (classic ring, games, smoothly...). That's whywe want to allow everyone to personalize his / hermorning alarmclock. UP offers in its alarm functionality :⏰Classic Alarm : Set aringtone from the available sound library andset your alarm as yousee fit. Connect your Deezer account to wakeup with your favoritemusic or choose one from your library on yourphone.🎮 Mini-games :for those who prefer to play directly withtheir eyes open, chooseone or more mini-games (and its difficulty)to perform at randomwhen you wake up to be able to turn off thealarm.🎼 Soft Alarm(Progressive) : For those who prefer a gentlemorning alarm clock,the volume of the ring will gradually increaseuntil you wake upcompletely.UP will accompany you in all yourphases of sleep. Thisis why the alarm clock also has 2 practicalfeatures for everydayuse :💤 BedtimeNotification : We rarely go tobed at the time wepromised ourselves, is not it ? To help you meetyour commitments,UP suggests you remember when it's time to go tobed. Set the timeof your alarm and the number of hours you want tosleep to know theideal time to go to bed (and do not regret thenext morning).🔔 SleepTimer : Want a little nap ? Quickly set apredefined alarm between20 and 60 minutes or customize it!Simple,free and easy to use, UPalarm clock also has 3 other essentialfeatures:🕜 Stopwatch: Playwith time as you like with theeasy-to-use stopwatch and its smallpractical stop-and-gofunctionality in certain situations.⏳ Timer:Practical in manycircumstances (not to miss the cooking of eggs).🕐Time Zone: Findall the time zones across a multitude of cities tofind out thetimes. Convenient when you have relatives around theworld.Featuresof the UP application :✔ Alarm Clock o Alarm 🎼Appmusic 🎼 Musiclibrary personal phone 🎼 Deezer account o Mini-Games OSmooth✔Sleep Timer✔ Bedtime Notification✔ Stopwatch✔ Timer✔ TimeZoneIfyou like the free, functional and intelligent UP clock, youcansupport us by noting this application and dividing it. If youhaveany questions or find bugs, please send an [email protected] so that you can makecorrectionsquickly.Also, do not hesitate to be part of your remarksto improvethe demand according to your needs.Regular updates willbe providedto provide you with a complete, functional andintelligent alarmclock, you want to customize your alarms.
Talking Alarm Clock -Hourly, Water, Interval,Music 4.X.1032
■ Como Alarms - days / specific date / last day / same day ofthemonth / same day - Math Calculation Alarm / Play to End of Music/Auto Dismiss / Auto Silent Mode - Graudally Increase volume-Repeat Speaking text/interval - First Bell / RefrainBackgroundMusic / Ringtone / Music (mp3) - Vibration pattern (heartrate /vital sign / knock) - Only headset alarm - Set differentspokenlanguages for each alarm ■ Hourly reminder! - You can makevoiceonly, headset, baby voice (English baby, Korean baby version),bellonly, LED only, status bar only, vibration only oreachcombination. How do I get notifications? ✔ Vibration ✔Vibration +12 o'clock! ✔ Cuckoo sound ✔ 1 hour + 1 hour(one day)speaking withsentence + sea wave sound (using background music) ✔Ding + currenttime + sound of nature ✔ Time + speaking schedulesentence + rainysound ✔ Vibration + 2(Baby) + Hey! Now it's time todrink a glassof water + The sound of oriental gong In addition tothis, you canassemble more freely ■ Samsung devices ■ - If it doesnot alertwell, please go the device settings and device managementandregister this app as a non-power saving app. ■ It's really easytouse. - Just turn on the app and you'll hear a ring every day from8am to 10 pm!(Do not worry, it will tell you every hourwithoutsetting anything! It's not hard at all!) ■ Set the time -changethe hour and minute.(0 to 59 minutes) - If you set 10 minutestoo'clock, it sounds 10 minutes every hour. ■ Hourly /weeklysettings - Time can be set from 0:00 to 24:00. and (MondayTuesdayWednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday) - e.g) Monday8-11,13-15; Tuesday 9:00 to 22:00; Saturday 10-14, 19-21 ... ■HourlyTalking Text - You can write text and hear several sentencesbyday. - You can listen to other texts by time/ week daythroughoutthe week. - e.g) tuesday 3 p.m: drink water, friday 3p.m: Goswimming and not drink the water. - Speak the hourly text ontime ■Set interval - You can specify the interval. - It will remindato'clock and also alert again at regular intervals.(1 to 30minutes)- You can set a different time interval from the time youuse. -Yes) Usage time is 8 ~ 20 o'clock, intervals are 8 o'clock,9o'clock, 14 o'clock, 19 o'clock. ■ Timetable - Enter yourscheduleas easily as typing a timetable. - You can manageday-to-dayschedules on a daily basis. - Press the round play buttonat thebottom to hear it anytime! ■ Reminder (Timer) - Drinking,drinkingwater, etc. by text / bell / vibration, etc., you will benotifiedregularly with words / bell / vibration / full screen. ■ScreenLock, Tabletop Clock - Entering tabletop mode when connectingthecharger - Today's sentence setting - Timeline ■ Manner Mode -Speakeven in vibration mode - Speak even in silent / do not disturbmode- Turn on the screen only in Vibrate or Silent mode. ■Fullscreennotification - Enable / disable the full-screen dialogwindow - On/ Off screen for full screen notification -Automaticallydisappeared the full-screen or disappear manuallyafternotification. - Full screen notification window only withoutanysound and effect. ■ App Permissions Description - This app doesnotcollect personal information. - Only the minimumpermissionsrequired to run the app. - photo / media / filepermissions; Thisis because we use music/bell(optional) - Device IDand callinformation. Device IDs are not collected. Call informationis usedonly to minimize or notify you immediately when you are in acallor during a call.(optional) - Internet / Network: Permissiontoadvertise (required / deleted when ad deleted) - Do NotDisturbMode - Adjust the volume control(optional) ■ It is designedtoalways ring at the right time, but the time to start readingcanvary depending on the manufacturer, terminal, or TTS engine.(tts:text to speech)
Alarm Control 4.0.8
Alonso Hnos.
Alarm Control is the application of choice for controllingyouralarm system. Connect instantly and transform your Androiddeviceinto a terminal of your security system. This freeapplicationworks without registering, just enter the data thatidentifies yoursecurity system and through a simple step, you areready to monitoryour equipment anytime and anywhere. Personalize itadding namesand icons to different systems, partitions andappliances toidentify these more easily. No longer worry if youforget to armyour security system. With Alarm Control you can dothis remotelyand much more !!! BASIC FUNCTIONS • Make customizedarmed choosingwhich areas to protect individually • Give notice toyourmonitoring station and other system users about anyemergencysituations • Control various home appliances • Shootindependentlysiren to deter a possible intrusion PRIVACY • Keep arecord of theunique history interactions you had with your system •Protect eachsystem or partition with a separate key • If someonehas tried toguess your password, you can know through a specialevent ECONOMYAND SAVING ENERGY • Alarm Control uses GCMcommunication serviceswhich transforms it into a solution that doesnot trafficksunnecessary data and does not keep the device awakeunless it ishighly necessary INTUITIVE AND FRIENDLY INTERFACE •Know what isgoing on your system in real time through classicAndroidnotifications accompanied by special sounds to help identifyeventsreported without ever seeing the phone • Add a home widget toseethe status of your system without entering the application.Alsocan use it as a shortcut BACKGROUND TASKS • No need to havetheapplication open to receive events • Set Command for AutomaticturnOn / Off devices in special days and times SECURITY •Eachcommunication that this application makes is supported by themostmodern and reliable computer security standars that involvepublickey infrastructure and last-generation cryptography
Zelda Alarm Clock 2.4.0
Heavy sleeper? Can't get out of bed? Now you will with thebesttunes from Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Twilight Princessandmore! Wake up energized and ready to save Hyrule, defeatGanondorf,save Zelda, or... just randomly break some pots on yourway towork. A very straightforward and simple to use interface withabeautiful custom design, this app allows you to: -Set up aone-timeor repeating alarm for any days of the week. -Select yourfavoritetune from the "original" tunes category, or if you needsomething alittle heavier to get your brain out of zombie mode, a"metalized"Zelda tune list \m/. -Random tune selection, where youwill getsomething different every time the alarm fires. -Optionalsnoozefunction, snooze minutes, and max snooze count (for those ofus whowould snooze out into oblivion otherwise). -Optionalvibration andcustom messages. -Volume control and fade-in time forthe tunes.-Unlimited number of alarms. Try it out for yourself, andif youlike it don't forget to leave a positive review of the app,ithelps a great deal!
Alarm clock to wake you up 3.1.3
If you use to dismiss the alarm while you are stillsleeping,looking for a cool simple alarm clock without all thecomplicatedfeatures or just wants to set alarm within few clickswithout beingrequired to pay for advance features then this freeapp is for you!The current version of the good & simple alarmclock includessome basic features: * A math question to dismiss incase you useto dismiss while you are sleeping. You can also choosethedifficulty level of the math question. * Set unlimited numberofalarms (great for heavy sleepers who wants few alerts in a rowtomake sure they wake up). * Set alarms in advance for theentireweek. * Use your own personal tone– A music file from thedevice ora ringtone from the android OS. * Special user interfacefortablets. * Loud sound - The default music volume is themaximumvolume for the phone. Great for heavy sleepers. * Gradualfading inof the alarm music to wake up gently. * Works in silentmode. Workswhen the screen is locked. * Works also on android 6(marshmallow)unlike other alarm clocks. * Vibrate including someadvancesettings. * Snooze including some advance settings. *YouTubealarm. * Quick Alarm - Just move your finger on the screento setthe time you want the app to wake you up. * Effective tipsabouthow to sleep well, how to wake up energized, how to create thebestmorning routine and the best night routine. * Set a defaultmusic.* Cool and simple user interface so everyone can use iteasily. Soto sum it up. The good & simple alarm clock includesa simpleand cool interface and is great for all the heavy sleepers,kids,and everyone who wants to set an alarm as easy and quickaspossible. I do my best to make the alarm clock as simpleandeffective as possible. If you think that my best is not goodenoughplease contact me via email: [email protected],com and leaveme afeedback (it’s better via mail because it’s a twowaycommunication). If you love the have please review it on theplaystore and write why you think the app is so good. Pleasenoticethat the android OS do not allow the alarm clock to turn offwhileyour phone is off. On future versions of the app more freefeatureswill be added so stay tuned.
Simple Alarm Clock Free 5.6
Simple Alarm is a free alarm clock application designed tocreate,edit and remove alarms in the easiest way. You can useSimple Alarmto wake up in the morning or to setup reminders foryour tasksduring the day. Simple Alarm's main advantage is that youcan typein the time for an alarm directly instead of using aselector,pressing arrows or moving through a large list of numbers.You canjust press the buttons for the hours and minutes of your newalarmdirectly in a numeric keyboard on screen, and that's it! Youcanalso edit or remove alarms with just one touch, saving a lotoftime when you need to setup your alarms. Unlike other alarmclocksfor Android, Simple Alarm sorts your alarms in the order theywillsound next, so you can easily identify which are the tasks youhaveto do next, if you are using Simple Alarm as a "To Do" taskslist.If you use Simple Alarm to wake you up, you will be able towake upgently from your dreams, in a peaceful and progressive way,becauseSimple Alarm increases alarm volume slowly instead ofstarting atmaximum volume. This way, you can avoid being startledwith astrong sound while you are in a deep sleep. In addition, tokeepyou from de-activating the alarm and keep sleeping, SimpleAlarmhas a 3-button deactivation method (optional), so you willneed tobe really awake to do so. If you want to keep sleeping for awhile,you can pause the alarm by pressing just one big Snoozebutton. Aseveryone has his/her own preferences and needs, SimpleAlarm letsyou customize alarm's sound (selecting any ringtone,sound or songin your phone) and pause duration between alarms. Ifyou want towake up at the same time every day, on labor days,weekends or justa few days a week, you can easily select which dayswhen creatingthe alarm, and the alarm clock will go off on thatselected daysevery week. For all the reasons above, Simple Alarm isthe bestalarm clock in the market, and it is much better thanAndroid'sdefault alarm clocks. Simple Alarm Features: ● Fastestsetupmethod. ● Alarm enabling/disabling with one touch. ● Set amessagefor each alarm. ● AM/PM or 24 hours format ● Alarms sortedin theorder they will ring. ● Repeat alarms every week on certaindays. ●Select the alarm sound you want from all your phone'sringtones,songs and sounds. ● Customize Snooze duration. ● 3buttons alarmde-activation to avoid turning alarm off and continuesleeping(optional). ● 1 button alarm Snooze. ● Wake up gently whilevolumeand vibration increases slowly. ● Available in English,Spanish,French, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, German,Korean,Arab, Hindi and Chinese. ● Special design for tablets andbigcellphones ● It's free! Download "Simple Alarm Pro" to removealladvertisement from the application:, alarm clock, easy, fast, simple, repeat, song, wakeup,snooze
AntiTheft Alarm 1.7
Application to keep the curious and burglars away fromyourphone.One need only activate the alarm. If someone moves thephonesounds an alarm. Since it can only be stopped by typingthepassword correctly.Features:   * Custom AlarmSound(Choose the desired sound); * Custom TTS; * Define PIN; *DefinePattern;   * Continue after triggering the alarmoff andturn on the device;   * Clean andintuitiveinterface;   * Ability to use password todisable thealarm;   * Shake the device;   *Time to startsounding the alarm;   * Time to Turnthealarm;   * Sensitivity Control;
Earthquake news, alert, alarm 1.5.1
Similar App: Earthquake Alert!,Earthquakes,eQuake -EarthquakeAlerts,LastQuake,Earthquake Network,EarthQuakeApp,EarthquakesTracker,Earthquake Safety Tips,Terremoti Italia,AFADDeprem,DepremBilgi Sistemi,Anlık Deprem,TitreşimÖlçer,AnlıkDepremler,Zelzele,Deprem Raporu,Volcanoes &Earthquakes,SonDepremler Earthquake news, alert, alarmRecommendation: Place theEarthquakes App on furniture, düring theearthquakes monitoring.This app is designed to prevent danger fromearthquakes and humanProtect! You can share our app by WhatsAppwith their friends Ourapp uses a physical sensor, additionally adifferential-orientedsoftware sensor generate at realtime theearthquake warnings. Theprogram provides a real-time protection forearthquakes andtsunamis. You just need to start the protection andthe programworks as a sensitive seismograph with alarm. If theycan, it wishesthe application also issue a tsunami warning. Theadvantage of theapplication is to monitor while you sleep, thesensitivity is sohigh that even those quakes are registered you donot noticeyourself. The phenomenon how the animals feel earthquakesbeforeman notices it is given in this application. Among otherthings,you can also track the history of the latest earthquakes ina listand create your own analysis. Earthquakes in otherLanguages:Erdbebenwarnung,Erdbebenwarnsystem,ErdbebenAlarm,ErdbebenWarnsystem,ErdbebenWarnung,Deprem,Earthquakes,Esrthquakes,Earthwuakes,Terremoto,earthquake,Erdbeben,aardbeving,lurrikara,tërmet,zemljotres,Linog,tranbleman,tègempabumi,jarðskjálfti,terratrèmol,potresterremot,cutremur,jordskalv,lindu,zilzila,daeargryn,Σεισμός,tremblementdeterre,girgizarkasa,maanjäristys,aardbewing,tërmet,երկրաշարժ,zəlzələ,земетресение,地震,भूकंप,大地震,зілзала,지진,земјотрес,Газар,хөдлөлт,भूकम्प,землетрясение,Земљотрес,заминларза,แผ่นดินไหว,độngđất,daeargryn,землятрус,zilzal,zelzele ,depremquakes,earthquakes,templor,terremotos,seismo,seismic,erdbeben,depremler,sismos,deprem
ASUS Digital Clock & Widget
Asus Clock provides intuitive and clear UI for faster andeasieraccess to local time, home time, setting alarms and usingtimer.Key features * Alarm You can easily set the alarm to repeatdaily,on weekdays, on weekends, or weekly. * World Clock Thisfeaturedisplays your home time and the local time of your location.*Stopwatch This feature gives you multiple lap times with amaximumtime of 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. * Timer Thisfeaturelets you set multiple countdown timers. You can even assignadifferent alarm tone for each countdown. * Ascending alarmAlarmvolume increases gradually. * Auto snooze You can enableautomaticsnooze to set snooze length and number of snoozes. * Alarmtoneselection Customize your alarm tones by selecting them inyourlocal storage or from external source.
Dont touch my phone 2017 1
With don't touch my phone 2017 (anti theft app) you will notbeanymore afraid to let your phone on a table.this Alarm keepsyourphone save from curious people and burglars. Once you activatethealarm, no one could touch it, because the alarm will betriggeredif any one try to take the phone.★ Use this app, if you'reafraidthat someone:• Reads your private information on socialnetworkslike Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. • Reads your privatemessages.•Looks into your photo galleries.• Uses your stuff. Justleave thesmartphone on your stuff eg. laptop cover, if someonetouches it,the alarm will warn you.★ Easy 2-step setup:• Step 1:Activate thealarm. • Step 2: Put the device on a fixedplace.Searched for Donttouch my phone Anti-theft Alarm alerts whentouching the phone Donttouch the phone Don't touch phone PhoneAlarm Anti-theft mechanismMobile Security Motion alarm Anti theftalarm Security alarmDontTouch my phone Anti-theft Alarm Dont TouchMy Phone Anti theftalarm Dont Touch Dont touch the Secure phoneDont tap Securityalarm Dont Dont Touch Dont touch Anti-theft AlarmDont touch myphone Dont touch my phone 2017
globio Alarm System 2.3.9
With the globio app you can turn your Android phone intoprobablythe world's easiest alarm system. The globios help you toextendthe alarm system to a professional system. Protect your phonefromtheft and nosy people. Monitor your apartment, your cellar oryourcar. Get informed when your bicycle, snowboard or your luggageismoving away. By call, text message or email with photo.Whendoesthe globio App without globios trigger an Alarm? When:- thephoneis moved- something comes near to or moves away from theproximitysensor- the ambient brightness changes- a power source isunpluggedfrom the device- the phone gets unlocked- a noise is tooloud- thecamera detects motionWhen does the globio App with globiostriggeran Alarm? When:with #PIA- the PIR detector detectsmotionwith#MAGGIE- a magnetic contact (e.g. door, window) is openedorclosed- a vibration occurs (e.g. breakage of glass, car,bicycle,snowboard)- a change of position occurswith #SHANE- theairtemperature is too high or too low- the air humidity is too highortoo low- the air pressure is too high or too lowwith #ANN-anything or device (e.g. alarm system, door contact, safetyshut-offmat) opens or closes an electric contactwith #CLARE- it istoobright or too dark (e.g. ambient light, light barrier)with #JOY-atthe push of a button--- FEATURES ---- Processes 7differentinternal phone sensors- Processes many different externalglobiosensors.- 8 different sounds (custom sounds can be added)-PINlock- takes pictures or record a video when an alarm istriggered-precise noise detector- when an alarm is triggered, anemail withphotos/video/audio or a text message can be sent or anumber can bedialed --- UPCOMING FEATURES ---- Linking of twoglobio apps-Integration of different globio actors (headlight,power switch,siren, automotive relay and others)- Pushnotifications and videoclips- Video on demand- Support for iBeaconand Eddystone
Full Battery Alarm 14.0
Full Battery Alarm prevents your mobile phone battery frombeingovercharged. In today's busy schedule it is very hard to checkthebattery status again and again. Full battery alarm is an uniqueappwhich notifies the mobile phone user when their mobilephone'sbattery is fully charged. Full Battery Alarm has threedifferenttype of notification settings. You can select yourfavoriteringtone or can choose vibration or light blink alert ifyou are ina meeting. Install the app in your mobile phone andlaunch theapplication. No need to re-arm the app again. It willautomaticallysound an alert once the battery will be fullycharged.New ImprovedUI & Bug Fixes. Lot Of New features:• TheftAlarm• Low BatteryReminder Notification• Custom Battery LevelNotification• DeviceTemperature High Warning Notification•Flashlight• BatteryStatistics• Choose Color Theme• Languages AddedoArabico ChineseoCzecho Danisho Dutcho Esperantoo Frencho GermanoHungarianoIndonesiano Italiano Kurdisho Polisho PortugueseoRussiano SpanishoSwedisho TurkishFeatures:• Battery PercentageWidget Added• No needto re-arm the app again• Ringtone Alert•Vibration Alert• LightBlink Alert• Adjustable Volume of ringtone•User FriendlyInterface• Notification if app is closed by taskkiller• Multiplelanguage support (Any language can be added onrequest)• RemainingCharge time • Automatic start on rebootHow ToUse:Once installed,open the app and click on 'Settings' icon andselect ringtone.Adjust the volume of the ringtone from the appmainscreen.Keywords:Full Battery Alarm, Battery Full Alarm,BatterySaver, Battery Protector.
globio + Donation 2.3.9
This is exactly the same app as globio Alarm SystemWith theglobioapp you can turn your Android phone into probably theworld'seasiest alarm system. The globios help you to extend thealarmsystem to a professional system. Protect your phone from theftandnosy people. Monitor your apartment, your cellar or your car.Getinformed when your bicycle, snowboard or your luggage ismovingaway. By call, text message or email with photo.When doestheglobio App without globios trigger an Alarm? When:- the phoneismoved- something comes near to or moves away from theproximitysensor- the ambient brightness changes- a power source isunpluggedfrom the device- the phone gets unlocked- a noise is tooloud- thecamera detects motionWhen does the globio App with globiostriggeran Alarm? When:with #PIA- the PIR detector detectsmotionwith#MAGGIE- a magnetic contact (e.g. door, window) is openedorclosed- a vibration occurs (e.g. breakage of glass, car,bicycle,snowboard)- a change of position occurswith #SHANE- theairtemperature is too high or too low- the air humidity is too highortoo low- the air pressure is too high or too lowwith #ANN-anything or device (e.g. alarm system, door contact, safetyshut-offmat) opens or closes an electric contactwith #CLARE- it istoobright or too dark (e.g. ambient light, light barrier)with #JOY-atthe push of a button--- FEATURES ---- Processes 7differentinternal phone sensors- Processes many different externalglobiosensors.- 8 different sounds (custom sounds can be added)-PINlock- takes pictures or record a video when an alarm istriggered-precise noise detector- when an alarm is triggered, anemail withphotos/video/audio or a text message can be sent or anumber can bedialed--- UPCOMING FEATURES ---- Linking of two globioapps-Integration of different globio actors (headlight, powerswitch,siren, automotive relay and others)- Push notifications andvideoclips- Video on demand- Support for iBeacon and Eddystone
Alarm Clock for Free 1.1.120
Extremely good and simple alarm clock for free with your ownmusicfor heavy sleepers. Loud sounds for you - Wake up easy -Alarma forAndroid.Set timer clock and fall asleep. You will beearly bird. Itwake you up easily just instal best alarm clock forfree.Be smart.This is one of must have apps for android. Use simpleAlarm Clockfor free app and be happy. Simple Alarm clock forandroid.⏰Features:✔ Wake up with our or your music, sounds, songs✔Snoozenotification✔ Loud music for heavy sleepers✔ Vibrate mode✔Smart,simple and best✔ No ads - just turn it off for littlepayment.Alarma - Time for Extremely good alarmclock. Must have appfor thisphone. Instal and enjoy.*IMPORTANT! To make the alarm work,yourphone on the Android should be on.
Mobile application for remote control of INTEGRA alarm system*remote control of INTEGRA alarm system via network usingETHM-1Plus / ETHM-1 module, * complete functionality of the systemkeypad(e.g. arming/diasarming, event log viewing), * remote controlofautomation devices, * secure communication with the panel using192bit encryption, * configurable notifications about alarmsystemevents, * 4 customized menus (up to 16 items for each) andMACROfeature for starting sequence of commands with single menuitem, *backup feature for application own settings, * communicationusingthe Connection Establishing Service (the module does not needapublic IP address) or directly with the Ethernet module.
Vibration Alarm 16.02.9
Mobile Tools
Android devices have a vibration sensor - accelerometer. It isasensitive sensor that reports the device vibrations.This toolispowerful vibration meter tool.It has the following features:-shows vibrations in real time - saves vibration data into SD card-provides configurable sound alarm that may be used to: - detecttheearthquakes when you sleep - detect if somebody opens the doorwhenyou sleep It is recommended to use the battery charger whenitworks for a long time.If you want to recommend the alarmfeaturethat mayrecognizeearthquake use this facebook page to keep you informed about theworkprogress and current activities and plans for thefuture.Thisapplication comes with ABSOLUTELY NOWARRANTY.Notice:There is aproblem that occurs on some devices. Somedevices may not providethe data when from the vibration sensor whenthe screen is off.This is an Android error. We are trying to find agoodworkaround.Send us the information if the application doesnotwork, pleaseVery deep technicalinformation
The MyJABLOTRON application is designed for owners and usersofJablotron alarm systems. It allows you to monitor and controlyourJablotron alarm system remotely from your phone. Withtheapplication you'll be able to control your Jablotron 100,OASIS,AZOR, GD-04K or ATHOS alarm systems and view the Logbookofsupported devices such as tracking units or car alarms. Withourapplication you'll be able to: - See all of your Jablotronsystemsunder one account - ARM/DISARM the whole system orselectedsections - Switch ON / Switch OFF programmable outputs inyoursystem - Check the current status and event history of thesystem -Set up notifications (arming, disarming, alarms, picturesand more)for selected contacts using SMS, EMAIL or PUSHnotification - Shareyour alarm system with your family, friends orcolleagues -Changing the user code - Blocking a device - Viewgraphs ofinstalled thermometers or pulse meters - Browse imagesfrom yourdevices - View the position of your cars - Use completefleetmanagement (driver, car, fuel purchases and history of yourroutes)- Landscape mode for photos Before you can use thisapplication andcontrol your alarm system via MyJABLOTRON, thesystem must beregistered to the Jablotron Cloud service. You mayregister byyourself at or contact any Jablotroncertifiedservice partner. Once the registration is finished youwill receiveyour account information using the email addressprovided duringthe process. This will allow you to control youralarm system viathe website as well as using thisapplication. A noteto our users: For your convenience and security,while it is beingused the application needs to check the status ofyour alarm systemfrequently (when the application is running in theforeground).This may affect the battery life of your phone.
Anti Theft Alarm - Free Phone Security 2.7.0
Anti Theft is a security utility app that will give you peaceofmind while charging your device in public areas. Anti-Theftwillmonitor the device's movement and power state that can triggeranalarm. Anti-Theft will trigger an audible alarm and will evensendemail notifications with a photo of the unauthorized user andthecurrent location of the device! After installing Anti Theft,select a mode such as movement or charger disconnection. Ifsomeonemoves your device or disconnects it from the charger a alarmwillsound. The alarm will not stop until you disable it usingyourlogin pattern. It works even if your device is in silent mode!Ifyou add an email address we will send notifications ofyourdevice's location to you! If a unauthorized user tries tounlockyour device, we will send a picture of the user to youremail,along with the location! Anti Theft is an absolute must haveapp ifyou frequently need to charge your device in a public areaand needadditional protection to stop theft!
Timely Alarm Clock 1.3.2
Timely is the beautiful Alarm Clock for Android,featuringastunninguser experience and revolutionary cloudintegrationtobackup andsynchronize your alarms with multipledevices.Settinganalarm hasnever been easier: Just swipe from theedge of thescreenand set thedesired time by dragging a bar. Tap tomakeadjustmentsof 5minutes.Beautiful wake-up experience:Hand-crafted,highqualitysounds and our innovative Smart Risefeaturetransformwaking up inthe morning into pure delight.Yourtaste,your style:Choose from ourgorgeous color themes to match yourveryown style.Or use ourdesign-tool to create an all-new look.Selectone of ourhand-crafteddesigner clocks to fit your taste.Nevergetup lateagain: Usechallenges with your alarms to make sure youarereallyawake whendismissing an alarm. Think pressing buttons isnotfancyenough? Turnyour phone to snooze it.Additionally,Timelyrecognizes when youlift your phone and reducesthe alarmintensityby lowering thevolume.Connecting your devices:Manage,dismiss andsnooze alarms onall your devices at once.Cloudsynchronizationenables a seamlessexperience across phonesandtablets. As a plus,everything getsbacked up.Ready, Set, Go:Useour stopwatch tomeasure time withstyle. And setting a countdownisas easy aswinding up a kitchentimer.Designed for tablets:Nomatter whatkind of device you own,Timely just looksperfect.More:Widget,Google Now integration,recurring alarms,awesomeanimations,adaptive snoozing, fade-in,DashClock extension,volumebuttons tosnooze.Learn more:
Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock v4.3.3
Mobiloucos 2
Do you fear that your phone is taken while you are distracted?Orthat someone look at your personal information? Alarm AntiTheftthe application is right for you, if someone get your phonewhileAlarm Anti Theft is enabled, it will sound a loud alarm, fireapolice siren, starts to vibrate and blink effects on thescreen,thus making the person desist from taking your phone, orbetter youknow someone is with him.Make your video taking a nosytrying topry your mobile and send it to us enjoyed your fun withthe PegaLadrão.For moreinformation: