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Disco RMX 3
Disco RMX allow to play your audio trackslikea Deejay,Deejay Pad supports:play-cuepitch changeon the fly seekMaster-TempoJet EffectTune effectShift EffectJingle paletteAuto-DJPlay music from network NAS shared folderssupport mp3 files only
Free Dance Radio 4.5
*** Free Dance Radio *** - Streaming Online Dance Radio StationsWhyis **Dance Radio** the best? 1. More Stations YOU Want To Hear2.Background Audio to surf the Web while you listen 3.DiverseSelection Of Channels (Dance, Electronic, Techno, Dubstep,andMore) "Dance Radio" Stations ****** Most Popular ****** 181.FM-Energy 98 - Dance Hits Dance Hits - SKY.FM Clubberry Dance DI-Club Dubstep Techno - DI BASS RADIO - []ClassicElectronica - DI Dubstep - DI Chiptunes - DI Clubberry Drumn BassClubberry Trance Party 95 Minimal - DI **** Dance Mix ****181.FM -Energy 98 - Dance Hits Dance Hits - SKY.FM Dance N PopChannelAbsolutely Dance Radio-TR Network -Dance HitsClassic EuroDance - DI Chic Radio - Programme DancefloorDanceNation 1 DANCE ONE RADIO (1.FM TM) RadioONEClubberry Dance Player New Dance Radio Music Party 732 - BlazinTheHottest Dance Hits **** Jazz Mix **** Swing n Big Bossa Nova Jazz - SKY.FM Bossa Nova -JAZZRADIO.comBebop - SKY.FM Bebop - Hard Bop LatinJazz - ******* World Mix *******UndergroundEighties: UK Synthop EuroDance - DIClassic EuroDance- DI - new and classic Amplitude Radio*** Techno Mix*** Classic Electronica - DI Clubberry Techno ElectroHouse - DITechno - DI A.S.K. Electronica ELECTRIQUE - Wicked Beats:: ElectroRadio :: Electro Sound Radio Electro House) (UturnRadio****Dubstep **** DI - Club Dubstep Music Dubstep - DI DI -LiquidDubstep DubstepLive - 24/7 DUBSTEP *** Arcade Sound ***Chiptunes -DI Gamesboro Radio DI - Deep Tech Future Synthpop - DIDI - GlitchHop Tech House - DI **** Drum n' Bass **** Drum and Bass- DIClubberry Drum n Bass LiveDNB Atmosphere 24/7 - DrumNBass DNBTV MP3 Player and bass **** Trance Mix****Classic Trance - DI Clubberry Trance Trance Channel - DI DI -EpicTrance Assorted Trance Radio - HardTrance Assorted Trance Radio-Trance Discover Trance Radio Worldwide 35TNT - Techno Music **** Various Blend **** House - DILounge -DI Beat Blender SomaFM - Breakbeat ClubSounds- DI Deep House - DI Deep Nu-Disco - DI Disco House - DI FAQsQ:Why does the music stop playing when the screen goes dark? A:Thereare several possible explanations for why this is happening.Manydevices have built-in power saving settings (ex. Doze mode)thatcan cause disruptions in online streaming. Additionally,wifisettings need to be set to stay on when the device fallsasleep.Please follow the link to our FAQ to find detailedinstructions forhow to adjust your settings to ensure seamlessstreaming: Q: Why is the music skipping?A: Whensongs are skipping, it is often because 1) that station'sserverhas recently been reset or 2) the internet isn't filling theaudiobuffer fast enough. Usually these issues are resolved withfasterinternet, changing the wifi settings on your device, ortheyresolve on their own after the server resets. Q: Where can Ifindthese stations online? A: Follow the link page in the app. Q: Why is the appnotworking on my device? A: Unfortunately, Dance Radio doesn'tsupportall devices and operating systems. This is the main reasonwe havedecided to bring this app to you totally FREE! Try it out tosee ifwe are coming in loud and clear, "Nothing ventured nothinggained."We are adding support for new devices all the time. Q: Whyare somestations blank at times? A: Some of these stations arecontrolledby real DJs not My Indie App or and ifthey aren'tplaying anything at the time or their site is down nomusic willplay. Fortunately we have a variety of channels so youwill alwayshave a lot to choose from. Enjoy! Nick Moby Pixel
Disco Music Ringtones 1.9
Dragi Apps
Disco Music Ringtones app brings you amazing best discomusicringtones and disco sounds at your Android™ device. It’spartytime. Download free disco music sounds, make your own discoclubimmediately, and amaze your friends with top disco musictones.Thanks to your android phone and this cool disco musicapplication,you can dance every time just like on dance floorwherever andwhenever you like. Disco music soundboard includes tophigh qualitydisco ringtones with different dj disco musicringtones, such asdisco rock, disco rmx, disco drums as well asdisco whistle ordisco hip hop. Turn on disco lights and make yourown discotheque,or disco club thanks to latest disco music effects.Be prepare forload beats while you are listening to disco hits.Turn on discolights and create dancing disco atmosphere. Relax andenjoy populardisco melodies all the time. Start dancing with technomusic, housemusic, rave or dubstep rhythms. Don’t need to wait,take thesenewest disco ringtones , make your own discotheque andstart withdancing right now. Let your mobile rings in some discosong rhythm.Be main star with these latest dj effects. Set theseringtones asyour text message tone, chat notification or alarmsound. Sharedisco music ringtones and enjoy the disco dance withpeople youlove. Use some romantic melody, or love sounds with yourbeloved.Wonderful and loud dj beats will make you happy and smile.Relaxwith hot remix music ringtones. This can be and funny app,too. Youcan find and disco whistle, disco toy, disco birds, andmany other.The application features: - set as ringtone or contactringtone -set as sms, notification - set as alarm - set as favoriteDownloadfree ringtones app and enjoy cool ringtones, top sounds andlatestmelodies. This is best soundboard with the most popularringtones.Latest melodies, great tunes and lot of fun, all of thesein thisamazing app for free. Everyone likes to listen music, andeveryonehas favorite songs. We are completely sure you willabsolutely lovethis new app.These popular ringtones are foreverybody. Pick yourfavorite free ringtones and enjoy. Theapplication is designed forandroid phones and android tablets, andit is tested on manyandroid devices to ensure the best userexperience. All ringtonesin this app are under public domain orcreative commons license. Ifyou have a question or suggestion, justemail us.
Disco Time Lite 7.0
It's Disco Time! Play your music with nightclub disco dancefloorstyle visualizations! Create a disco nightclub effect at yourhouseparty by having the disco floor lights visualizationsdisplayed onyour large screen TVs. Transform your large screen TVsinto discodance floor style lights by connecting your Androiddevice (phoneor tablet) to your TV using HDMI cable, wireless orother means.Disco Time Lite collects the device media gallery songsanddisplays the songs in a list sorted by Title. To play asong,simply tap the song. The visualization is set to cyclerandomlythrough the various disco floor lighting styles at 15secondsintervals. Finally: We encourage our users to contact us viaemailto discuss any concerns or suggestions regarding the app, ifany.We cannot address review comments due to the fact thatmostnegative comments that are left without prior contact withthedeveloper are placed with the intent to lower app ratingsandmisguide the consumer. Enjoy this Free App from -ThePaid App is Sound Activated too with adjustablemicrophonesensitivity. Moreover, the Paid App provides Strobe Lightperiodeffect which can be activated in the controls menu. TheStrobelight effect is a customizable period of flashing white lightjustlike in a disco nightclub. The Paid App also allows you tosortsongs by Title, Artist, Album, Year and Date Added, play songslistcontinuously or set a playlist of selected songs, refreshsongslist to include newly added songs on the device that are notin themedia gallery, control music play and visualizations bythecontrols menu, switch Disco Floor style visualizations byswipingthe screen, set the time interval setting for the dancefloorvisualizations random mix option, and much more... The PaidApp isan excellent tool for the amateur or professional Disc Jockey( DJ). Copyright 2013
Disco Polo - Lista Przebojów 1.9
Grand Line PL
Jesteś fanem muzyki tanecznej disco polo lub dance? Chceszwiedzieć,co teraz króluje w dyskotekach w całej Polsce? Jakimkawałkiempoprawić sobie humor lub rozkręcić imprezkę? Spodobała Cisię jakaśpiosenka i nie możesz przestać o niej myśleć? Chcesz siępodzielićze wszystkimi tym uczuciem? Mamy dla Ciebie rozwiązanie!DISCO POLOLISTA PRZEBOJÓW TO PIERWSZE W POLSCE MOBILNE NOTOWANIENAJLEPSZYCHHITÓW DISCO POLO Z GŁOSOWANIEM 24 H NA DOBĘ! Dajemy Cimożliwośćgłosowania na Twoje ulubione utwory Disco Polo w dowolnymmiejscu idowolnym czasie. Wystarczy urządzenie mobilne z dostępemdointernetu i masz pod ręką możliwość: - głosowania naulubioneutwory, - oglądania i słuchania teledysków swoichulubionychwykonawców, Dotknij muzyki, czyli jak poruszać się poLiściePrzebojów Disco Polo: * lista - aktualizowana w czasierzeczywistymlista przebojów z notowaniem za ostatnie 7 dni imożliwościągłosowania, * poczekalnia - nowo dodane utwory czekającena Twojegłosy, * wykonawcy - lista wszystkich utworów, jakiekiedykolwiekbyły dodane do listy przebojów. * hit miesiąca -notowaniepodsumowujące wszystkie oddane głosy w ostatnim miesiącu.Wyszukajwykonawcę, potem wybierz utwór, który Cię interesuje igłosuj naniego oraz oglądaj jego teledysk. Głosuj dużo częściej,niż nainnych listach przebojów! Na dany utwór możesz oddać jedengłos razna 5 minut! W tym czasie masz możliwość zagłosować napozostałeutwory, także te spoza listy i spowodować, że znów znajdąsię naszczycie. Masz wreszcie realny wpływ na to, jaki utwórmuzycznybędzie popularny. Zachęć do głosowania znajomych! Ściągniji bawsię dobrze przy dźwiękach ulubionej muzyki Disco Polo!Totalnymuzyczny odlot! LISTA DISCO POLO NUMER JEDEN W POLSCE!GŁOSUJ NONSTOP!
Disco FM 1.0.1
chu chu apps
Listen to all the best Disco MusicRadioStations 24 Hours a Day!!!Disco, 70s, 80s, Funk, Soul, Italo Disco and muchmuchmore!!!Please have a good WIFI internet connection for thebestresults!!!!