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Prepare for surgery, learn new procedures, and test your knowledge–anytime, anywhere. Our surgical simulator training platformisspecially designed for surgical and medical professionals.Ourlibrary has over 150 procedures in 16 specialities and continuestogrow. Touch Surgery has more than 2.5 million users and isanintegrated component in over 100 residency programs in the US.Itis endorsed by the AO Foundation, American Association forSurgeryof the Hand (AASH), British Association of Plastic,Reconstructiveand Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) and the Royal Collegeof Surgeonsof Edinburgh. FEATURES: - Learn surgical procedures fromthe screenof your smartphone! - Explore a library of over 150procedures in16 specialties. - Step by step walkthroughs ofsurgical procedures.- Surgical videos recorded live from theoperating room. -Simulations of surgeries rendered incinematic-quality 3D graphics.- Detailed learning modules withprocedure-specific tests, authoredby leading surgeons. - Frequentupdates with new content. - Offlinemode allows you to downloadprocedures and watch anytime. - Createa personal profile andreceive curated content customized for you.- Completely free todownload and use. No advertisements! WHAT OURUSERS ARE SAYING:“Simple, informative and extremely useful forreviewing some commonand speciality procedures.” “It’s just likeperforming a real-lifesurgery.” “Incredible, the things I’velearned with this app.” “Bestsurgical app ever for learningprocedures.” “Great accuracy forsurgical simulation.” “It’s thebest app for surgeons.” “Amazing andinformative app. Easy to signup and get stuck into the modules.” “2words LOVE IT” IN THE PRESS:“A compelling and accurate tool.” –BBCNews “As a means ofspreading best practice and drilling proceduralsteps into traineesurgeons’ minds, Touch Surgery offers a radicalnew model for theprofession.” –The Guardian “Complex surgeries...take years fornovice surgeons to master. Now they can practise allthey want,without risking patients.” –Wired “Hosts the bestsurgicalsimulations.” –TopOrthoApps “An integral tool for surgeonsacrossthe world to learn, and rehearse operations.” –MedGadgetTouchSurgery has been featured regularly in the media: BBC News,theGuardian, Financial Times, TechCrunch, Mashable, Wired,Bloomberg,Breast Cancer Care, Tech City, TecMundo, TopOrthoApps,andMedGadget, among others. WHAT TOUCH SURGERY CAN DO FOR YOU:TouchSurgery provides effective training for surgical andmedicalprofessionals on a wide range of procedures through aninnovativeapp-based simulation platform. Our platform supports yourtrainingby allowing you to learn and rehearse anytime, anywhere,from theconvenience of your smartphone. Simulations combine livesurgicalvideos with cinematic-quality 3D graphics to replicateprocedureswith the highest possible fidelity. Our surgical contentisdeveloped in collaboration with leading surgeons andinstitutionsworldwide to ensure accuracy and validity. We offerover 150procedures in 16 specialities (General Surgery,Neurosurgery,Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Emergency Medicine andmore) and ourlibrary is constantly growing. Our fully interactivesimulationshave been quantitatively demonstrated to yield betterresults thantraditional training methods. On the app, proceduresare presentedstep by step and mimic in vivo manipulation ofinstruments andanatomy, improving engagement for a deeper level ofunderstanding.You can test your knowledge, master specifictechniques, or refreshyour skills before an operation. Find
Santa's Virtual Multi Surgery Hospital 1.0.2
Christmas is just around the corner and everyone was waitingforSanta to collect their gifts but Santa got injured on his wayandhe needs emergency surgery. So become a surgeon in thisSanta'sVirtual Multi Surgery Hospital game and perform differentsurgeriesto save his life before Christmas celebration. Here inthis SantaSurgery game, you can use different kinds of medicalinstrumentstreat Santa by completing lots of virtual surgeries likeEyesurgery, Hand surgery, Mouth surgery, Throat surgery, Earsurgery,Nose surgery and much more. Use your surgery skills inthisChristmas doctor game and make your Christmas holidaysmoreexciting by completing tons of treatment activities. This gamewillkeep your Family entertained for hours. Key Features ofSanta'sVirtual Multi Surgery game:* Various amazing levels toperformsurgeries* Body Treatment, X-Ray Treatment * Remove thronesfromthe body* Apply an antiseptic cream with a cotton swab*Checktemperature with a thermometer * Use stethoscope tocheckheartbeat* Use band-aid to cover the Santa's scratches*Makemedication * Scan bone fractures with an X-ray machine*Applybandages to fix bones* Enjoy Santa christmas painting* Placeallthe medical tools properly* Santa hospital game for allages*Perfect Christmas holiday gamePlay and enjoy thisChristmaslearning game and share it with your best friends andfamilymembers.About GameiMakeGameiMake brings you the latestcreations ofmost loved categories of games and apps which are allhugely lovedby kids. We are entirely devoted to build user friendlygamesrelated to fun and learning for better educationalfamiliaritiesand enjoyment for kids. Stay with us for the latestupdates ofGameiMake.Follow us on Googleplus: ourgamevideos: glad with your response. Contact us anytime for anyquestions andsuggestions at
Live Virtual Surgery Multi Surgery Hospital 1.0.7
Do you ever know how to use the medical equipment? GameiCreategivesyou chance to see what kind of a doctor you can become. Thereare somany patients are suffering in this Live Virtual SurgeryMultiSurgery Hospital game. Become a professional doctor in thissurgerygame and show your patient that you can take care of themproperly.Here in this Hospital game, you can perform tons ofdifferentvirtual surgeries like Knee Surgery, Brain Surgery,Stomach Surgery,Toe nail surgery and much more. Select yourfavourite surgery andcheck what's wrong with your patient andtreat him properly usingreal doctor tools like clamps, occluders,choppers, cast cutters,cutters, injection, elevators, guides,impactors and much more. Soperform each and every surgery onpatients to make them happy andperfect again. Play this SurgeryHospital game and share it withyour friends and family members.KeyFeatures:- Take care of pregnantwoman by playing this surgerysimulator game - Call 911 and get yourpatients in the ambulance -Emergency treatment in the ambulance-Beautiful nurse assisting youwhile you treat- Do surgery withproper guidance- Fun andEducational gameAbout GameiCreateGameiCreate brings you the latestcreations of most loved categoriesof games and apps which are allhugely loved by kids. We areentirely devoted to build userfriendly games related to fun andlearning for better educationalfamiliarities and enjoyment forkids. Stay with us for the latestupdates of GameiCreate on Googleplay and get more of educationalgames. Follow us on Googleplus: Followus: Watch our gamevideos: Wewill beglad with your response. Contact us anytime for anyquestions andsuggestions at 4.6.06
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Crazy ER Open Heart Surgery Simulator 1.5
Nutty Apps
Experience the thrill of being a heart surgery doctor in thisepicamateur surgeon game. Join the best cardiologist surgeon squadandperform open heart operations. Get ready for a lifetimeexperienceof ER surgery transplants. Emergency open heart surgerysimulatorgives you the freedom to do anything in the operationtheatre withcare. You can use any surgical items. You can use anymedicalequipment that you find suitable to treat your patients andcurethe diseases. Become a real superhero by saving all theheartattack victims in this heart surgery game.Game Story orStorylineof… ER emergency doctor simulator for all is about aheartspecialist who gives a regular checkup for blood pressureandfever. This is not your ordinary plastic surgery game. Oursurgeonsalon takes the regular surgery games to a whole new level.Thiscrazy surgeon game takes you inside the body of the humanbeing.Deeper than the veins and arteries. Mark the surgical mark ontheright spot. Get the scalpels and cut through the body. Fix intherib spreader and open those chest ribs up. You need to dig indeepto get to the heart in this real surgery game. If you getstuckanywhere, don’t worry; the hospital nurse will be there foryourmedical assistance in the emergency room.Some heart attackpatientsvisit the doctor hospital and some are brought inhospitalambulance. Heart patients have a heart surgery risk. Heartproblemscause a lot of problems like weight loss and change in bodyshape.Electrocardiogram ECG is the first thing to be monitored.When thesick and ill patients check in the ER emergency, make sureto putoxygen mask on their mouth. Check their temperature anddon’tforget to measure the sugar level. After fever and othersmalltests, you will go for the heart surgery. Get your tools readyforthis kids’ hearty surgery game and gear up to perform themegaheart surgery. The hospital nurse will provide you all themedicaltools necessary to perform the open heart surgery. Plugthose pipesin and get the heart pumping again in this awesome heartsurgerysimulator. If you want to experience a new and fun ERemergencydoctor simulator, then download right now for FREE. Yourvery ownOpen Heart Surgery ER Doctor. The best hospital gameintown.Features of this heart doctor surgery simulator areasfollows:* Amazing graphics for kids in this heartsurgerysimulator* Realistic cardiologist doctor tools for an openheartsurgery * Perform emergency open heart surgery on patientswithcare* Learn about various medical tools for open heartsurgery*It’s about learning and being a heart specialist doctor*Easy openheart surgery simulator with great sound effectsTest yourskillsand become a professional Heart Surgeon ☺
com.spilgames.OperateNow2 1.32.1
Spil Games
Operate Now is the most realistic surgery simulation game.Operatepatients like a surgeon and build your own hospital fromscratch.Fan of surgery simulator and life simulation? Performrealisticsurgeries on patients! Start to build and manage your ownhospitaland operate and rescue patients. Hurry, Doctor! You’reneeded atthe hospital, on the double! Your dedicated medical teamisdepending on you to manage them, improve their facilities, andevenperform important surgeries that could determine whether apatientlives or dies! These are just a few of the thrilling thingsyou’llget to experience in Operate Now: Hospital, which hasbeendownloaded over 20 million times by players all around theglobe.They love the intense surgeries and exciting melodramas thathavehelped make it one of the most realistic and popularmedicalsimulation games of all time. Are you ready to take on allthechallenges that are waiting for you while you attempt to buildaworld-renowned medical center? HERE’S THE FEATURES, DOCTOR !★Build, upgrade, and continually improve multiple hospitalsandtheir facilities. ★ Fan of surgery ? Operate your patients!★Monitor your staff, hospitals, and more on the world map. ★Helpyour patients by performing incredibly realistic surgeries.★Exchange duplicate staff members with the new CV feature. ★Keepyour progress up-to-date with the new Facebook save feature.★Speed things up with the builder, a useful tool that will kickyourconstruction projects into overdrive. BUILD YOUR DREAMHOSPITALReady to create your own clinic? Building and managingseveralhospitals isn’t easy. You’ll need to be a like a tycoontoconstruct and oversee vital departments like emergencyrooms,intensive care units, and many more. You’ll also have tohiretalented staff like skilled surgeons in order to help yourpatientsand create a truly impressive medical center in theprocess.PERFORM REALISTIC SURGERIES Even if you can’t tell thedifferencebetween a bone fracture and a tracheostomy, you’lldefinitely enjoyOperate Now: Hospital’s realistic surgery engine.In this game, younot only manage hospitals, you work as a surgeonin them as well.You’ll get to fix broken bones, help people injuredduringdisasters, and much more. Manipulate surgical tools tocurepatients. You’ll need steady hands to make flawless incisionswhileyou carefully operate on your patients. So it’s time to throwonyour scrubs and head down to the ER! What about doing somesurgerynow? EXPERIENCE BREATHTAKING DRAMAS Operate Now: Hospitalfeaturesdramatic storylines much like the ones in your favoritemedicalshow on TV. You’ll get to work alongside staff members likeDr. AmyClarke and learn more about their crazy lives both in thehospitalsand outside them. You’ll get to experience lots of dramafirsthandin Seasons 1 and 2 while you learn more about all theintriguesurrounding the hospitals, their patients, and their staffas well.Just like in a real medical center, there’s never a dullmoment inOperate Now: Hospital. So step through its doors whenyou’re ready,Doc, and prepare yourself for riveting medicaladventures thatyou’ll never forget! Have you played the old OperateNow games as akid ? Let us know your best memories! FOLLOW OPERATENOW: HOSPITAL
Nail, Hand, Leg & Knee Multi Surgery Hospital 1.0.0
Multi Surgery Hospital game is about how to do differentsurgeriesin the hospital. Here is in this Multi Surgery game youhave thechance to be the surgeon and perform different surgeries ofbadlyinjured patients and save them from unbearable pain. How to doaproper surgery is your mission. There are some patients whoarebadly injured by some accidents. Treat them well and dosurgeries,giving your best.There are different patients who needyou to bethe surgeon and do their surgery and relief from the pain.Open oneof the best surgery game and decide which surgery you wanttodo.Knee Surgery:One patient had an accident with a bicycle andheis having so much of pain in his knee and its bleeding verybadly.Use medicated paper and cotton to clean the wound. Pluck outthegerms. Figure out what is happening to his knee byusinginstruments like X-ray scanner. Give him the right treatmentandfinish the surgery in a proper way.Nail Surgery:Anotherpatientbroke her nail in closing the door. Clean the woundproperly.Figure out what is happening with his finger and nailusing X-ray.Check whether his finger is broken or not. Align thebone in theright position. Do a nail surgery using different toolsandinstruments.Hand Surgery: One patient got his hand underafour-wheel car and feeling so much pain. He thinks that hisfingeris broken. See what has happened in this case. Apply ice-cubeon aswallowed part, use the injection to prevent him frominfection.Use sprays to remove the redness of fingers. Give him thebest handsurgery from your side.Key Features :- Be the doctor inthisvirtual surgery game & cure the patient- Do thebreathtakingsurgeries- Knee Surgery game, Nail Surgery game, HandSurgery game-Learn the procedure of different surgery in thishospital game-Entertain yourself with a different patient'sexpression- Perfecteducational game- Have a fun time with differentpatientHere is achance to become a surgeon, learn the surgery andrelieve thepatient from unbearable pain.About GameiMakeGameiMakebrings youthe latest creations of most loved categories of gamesand appswhich are all hugely loved by family. We are entirelydevoted tobuild user friendly games related to fun and learning forbettereducational familiarities and enjoyment for family. Stay withusfor the latest updates of GameiMake.Follow us on Googleplus: ourgamevideos: glad with your response. Contact us anytime for anyquestions andsuggestions at
My Surgery Hospital: Disaster Emergency Hero 2.0.5
Your hometown has been struck by an apocalyptic disaster, becomethereal hero who saves his patients in emergency My SurgeryHospital.People are going crazy and the hospital is full ofpatients who needBrain, Elbow, Finger, Leg, Lungs, Neck, Sole,Knee, Spinal, and SkinGrafting surgeries.Experience the emergencyof an apocalypsedisaster in your hometown and you’re the realsurgeon who has tosave the people by performing Brain, Elbow,Finger, Leg, Lungs,Neck, Sole, Knee, Spinal, Skin Graftingsurgeries using realisticmedical tools in operationtheatre.FEATURES:• Massive levelselection map• Two game modes:Intern and Expert• Show off yourskills in emergency as a surgeon•Purchase or earn coins to get morelives• Operation theatre tools•Wide range of surgeries to perform•Amazing HD Graphics• Free game•Medical tools sound effects• NoWi-Fi requiredand much more…JOIN USON SOCIAL NETWORKS:- OXO 3DStudio Website: our Facebook Page: OXO 3DStudio on Twitter: @Oxo3dWELOVE TO HEAR:* If you like this MySurgery Hospital: Hero DisasterER Emergency, then Rate and Reviewand if something went wicked oryou have any recommendation thenplease give your valued feedback FOR CUSTOMERS:* This is freegame especially for Hospital,Surgery and Doctor game lovers but itcontains third party ads.
Arm Surgery Doctor ER Emergency Surgery Simulation 1.9
Arm Surgery Doctor ER Emergency Surgery Simulation is an armsurgerygame with a hospital emergency room to perform bonefracture surgeryon the poor arm injury patient. If you enjoyoperate now hospitalgames that contain fun of broken bones games,bone surgery operationgames & arm surgery simulator games thenyou’ll not bedisappointed by this arm hospital simulation surgerygame. Becomebone doctor of the operate now hospital games tooperate bonefracture surgery like an expert bone surgeon medicalsimulation ofthe arm hospital simulation, arm surgery simulatorgames, bonesurgery broken bone games with emergency room hospitalsimulationoperation games. Arm Surgery Doctor ER Emergency SurgerySimulationcontains bone doctor medical simulation along withamazing bonesurgeon broken bone games, arm doctor bone surgerygame, real armsurgery simulator and arm hospital games bonefracture surgery game.The emergency room at operate now hospitalis ready for bone doctorto treat bone fracture surgery in medicalsimulation as a real bonesurgeon of medicine operation games nbroken arm surgery simulatorgame. Interest creation:This ERsurgery doctor & surgeon gamewill train you to go inemergencyroom and plan a hospital escapebecause you don’t wantto get stuckin the ER doctor game. You willbecome an emergency erdoctorsimulator in Emergency hospital gamesof hospital simulatorand play super games. What are you waitingfor? Become a emergencyer doctor simulator of surgery games andmaster in hospital gamesemergency room. Do you like ER doctor gamethat is emergencysurgery simulator games & a surgeon game?Patients that are insurgery simulator games are waiting for thehospital simulatorsurgery doctor to come and cures ER doctor game.The type ofhospital simulation games are very easy to play forusers and theyalways try to hospital escape by hook or by crookfrom ER hospitalsimulator, so you will have to play smart to winsuper games.What’s inside:In this doctor simulator where erhospital gamesplays an important role for naughty patients. Thisemergency roomwill drive you in world of emergency games where thelevel ofsurgeon game not cross the line of gross games. As you seethat iner hospital games where there is no hospital escape so youcanrelax & play surgery games. Why not you try thisSurgerySimulator: Arm Doctor? FEATURES:- Bone Surgeon in operatenowhospital emergency room for broken bone surgery- Operatebonefracture surgery using medical surgery tools- Bone Doctor inarmsurgery simulator of operation games- Broken armhospitalsimulation and fun medical simulation- Amazing broken bonesgamesHD Graphics- Free to play forever with super fun armsurgerygameplay- No Wi-Fi required and no internet required to playWeLove to hear:Arm Surgery Doctor ER Emergency SurgerySimulationrecommended for teen mom & one of emergency & erdoctorgame of surgeon simulator & surgery games. This is freegameespecially for Arm Surgery games, Bone Doctor games, BoneFractureOperation games, Medical Simulation games lovers but itcontainsthird party ads.
Maternity Twin Surgery Doctor 2.6
Woofie Games
The best new emergency surgery game with amazing newpossibilities.The little princess is having little twins. And nowit’s up to you,the best doctor here to make this surgery simulationand make thisnewborn happen. Bring a charming prince to the worldor maybe aprincess that will make the whole kingdom crazy for thenew born invirtual emergency circumstances.The princess is carryinga feveraround the whole enchanted island that what will happen inthiscrazy virtual surgery and how will the doctor perform it andmakeit look easy. A game for young children who want to become adoctorin the near future. Test your skills to the limit and showtheworld that you can become a doctor. With so many mommy’s toselectfrom and so many prince and princesses to come in this world.Yousurely can be the best doctor in the kingdom. The princess cameinthe ambulance with a very big emergency. Twins in the tummy ofaprincess which are royal to the kingdom.Everything is sovirtualand realistic in this game that will amaze you and will makeyouplay even more than you expected. More intense operationsandvirtual simulation surgeries to show the future doctors what itislike to be in an operation theater. Work as the best doctor intownand show the other virtual doctors how it’s done.The gamedoesn’tend after the crazy operation. You have to take care of thenewborn twin babies. This will show how the future doctor can adapttodifferent situations. End the game with the newbornproperlycleaned and you making it through the most difficultemergencysurgery in your doctor’s career.
Plippa Doctor Operation Games 2.4
Play all doctor games with this single app, designed for onlygirls...Games Box includes:* surgery games* injured games*operationgames* dentist games* pregnancy gamesThe best newemergency surgerygame with amazing new possibilities. Save thepatients' lives..FreeGames! Play without any in-app purchases, 100%free and safe!
ER Hospital Simulator 4.0
Unit M Games
The hospital is SERIOUSLY understaffed today! After a rough dayofbrain surgery and heart surgery back to back, you play as Dr.Clarkand now have to handle the duties of your fellow who are notintoday! Every different duty will let you play an interactivegamewhile you’re doing your duty, so no job is ever boring! Youwillhave to act as the foot doctor to take care of a patient withverydirty feet and help him walk again. As the ER Attendant, youhaveMANY patients waiting to be treated for their Flu. Administereyetests for your patients in the ER hospital, give them new eyecolorand glasses to help finish off their brand new look. Thecosmeticsurgeon isn’t back from his vacation yet, so you have tohelp makepeople look beautiful again by removing gross ugly zitsoff theirface! It isn’t over yet! Your top patient, a PregnantPrincess, iswaiting for her check up too, so you mustn’t keep herwaiting fortoo long. Let’s hope you don’t have to operate now! Thehospitalneeds your talents today to save the day! Are you up forthechallenge? The game offers the following features: ->Operatenow on a number of people who need your help!-> Act astheresident foot surgeon to fix disgusting feet problems. ->Takecare of a Pregnant Princess visiting you! -> As the fludoctor,you need to treat a lot of patients waiting for you. ->Do yourbest as an eye doctor to help improve people’s sight andmake themlook good!-> Be a cosmetic surgeon and make all yourpatientslook amazing! -> Unlock more characters for free withinthegame! -> Share your work with your friends onFacebook,Instagram, and Twitter!
Foot Surgery Doctor Salon 1.0.3
The patients are waiting for the foot doctor! There aresomeproblems with their feet. Could you please give them FOOTSURGERYand cure them all?There are 4 patients here:The firstpatient: Herfoot was broken by fish tank. Please take her to thehospital andgive her an emergency surgery.The second patient: Hisfeet havesevere beriberi. Please help him get rid of the smell, andthencure his beriberi.The third patient: Her foot was injured bytheseashells on the beach. Please help her clean up thewound.Thefourth patient: His foot was bitten by a dog. Please cleanup thewound immediately and then give him a vaccination.Find morefreeonline games, please browse the website http://www.6677g.comNoneed to download!
Eye Surgery Hospital : ER Emergency Doctor Game 1.3
Welcome to Eye Surgery Hospital simulation game, it is a realdoctorER emergency game where you can experience being a crazy eyedoctorin hospital which is full of doctor, take good care of yoursickpatient came to clinic in ambulance with mommy & use allyourdoctor skills to perform the eye transplant in hospital assurgeon!Eye Surgery Hospital games is virtual doctor surgerysimulator gamein which you can try your hands at becoming amedical professionaleye surgery doctor in hospital to treat babyor crazy fun kids withvarious eyeball problems through lasertreatment and medicines withthe help of nurse in clinic. Crazy funkids vision is becoming moresensitive and weak & they need toget their eyes checkup fromspecialist er emergency surgery doctorin hospital. Your task is tocheckup blur vision and operate girls,boys and fun kids in hospitalwith laser surgery simulator, lens& glasses. Eye SurgeryHospital simulation games, is acombination of eyes checkup, colorblindness and realistic lasersurgery simulator for better vision.Give diaganosis of eye diseasewith doctor surgical tools likeinjection, x-ray, laser etc usedfor different purposes likechecking the eye vision, curing eyeinfections, color blindness,healing wounds in this eye surgeryhospital : doctor er emergencygame. Use special er emergencysurgery simulator doctor surgicaltools to stretch open eyes,remove germs and kill unwanted bacteria!Discover all kinds ofmedical surprises in your patient eyes and letthe fun begin! Turninto a medical professional er emergency surgerydoctor and helpbaby or fun kids with various eye disease andtreatment. Operateall sorts of eyeball disease do realisticsurgeries or operationand make crazy fun kids feel better examinetheir painful eyes forblood infection, use antibiotic medicinedrops for quick treatmentfrom eye specialist. Eyes are linked tonose and throat. So becareful while performing eye surgerysimulator in hospital assurgeon.Meet the expert er emergencysurgery doctor for bestsuggestions that will help you in eyeballdisease treatment &operation in hospital. Take special care ofyour sick patient whocame to clinic in ambulance with mommy andhelp them get goodquality lens through laser surgery simulatorgames. Use medicalchart with letters to measure how well the kidssee from thedistance. Find out the best diopter for your sickpatient andchoose some funny color lens or eyeglasses. Usemicroscope to findforeign objects in children’s eyes. Lasereliminates yellow bumpson the eyeball and eye drops clean &treat inflamed red eyes.Play your role as an er emergency eyesurgery doctor, checkup eyesight of little kids, adjust lens withdoctor surgery games andtreat them in hospital with care to makethem healthy and happy.Features:* Perform a complete er emergencyeye test operation orrealistic surgeries in hospital simulation asa surgeon.* Make thesick patient happy again with the er emergencysurgery in clinic.*Enjoy the doctor er emergency game with a widevariety of realdoctor operation tools like injection, laser, etc.*Checkup sickpatient eyes and clean them well to remove any germs& bloodinfections.* Checkup your sick patient eyes so that realdoctor maygive his diaganosis & operate them properly inclinic.* Treatthe sores and remove the inflammation to reducepatient pain andirritation.* Real life doctor surgical tools likeinjection, laserbeam, x-ray machine, eye drops and muchmore.Disclamer* Advertisingappears in this game.* No wifiRequired.About Happy Baby GamesJoinus:
Xmas Santa Injection Simulator 1.5
Santa Injection Simulator is the best surgery simulation maniaforamateur surgeon to cure sick patient with injectionsimulator.Christmas holidays are coming. The cold winter snow ismaking theSanta sick. Treat itch, pain, wound and fever with crazyinjectionsimulator treatments. Here comes an ill big beard Santa inanambulance, call the nurse on duty and diagnose what is wrongwithhim. Treat him with an injection simulator. Make sure thesyringeneedle prick does not cause piercing pain. Cure sickpatients withvaccine without getting him hurt this Christmas. Youare going tobe the fantastic doctor at this hospital to performcrazy operationsimulator along with vaccination for the Xmas Santa.Callprofessional nurses to help you treat Santa in operation roomandbring him back from frozen state so that he can give giftsforprincess girls and prince boys on the Christmas party. Doctorgameshave never been this awesome. Become the real doctor andcrazysurgeon to perform the injection simulation. Christmas wouldneverbe fun without Santa being around. Treat Christmas Santa withthebest Injection simulator treatments. Be the crazy surgeon totakean urgent care with real doctor tools and craziestsurgeontreatments. Get a diagnosis done. This Santa Injectionsimulatorgame is quite fun to play with stunning 3D Christmasenvironment.Test your injection simulator skills treat Xmas Santapatients tomake them healthy & happy again. Merry ChristmasDoctor! SantaInjection Simulator starts over by checking the weightandtemperature. Make sure the patient doesn’t have a weak heartbyusing a heartbeat monitor. His knees, arms and legs are shakingdueto weakness. According to the symptoms, prescribe a vaccination.Becareful when you prick a needle. Apply an antiseptic cream withacotton swab to avoid any bleeding from his skin. You may havetoshave off or wax the Santa’s hair for the surgery simulation.Heykids! Take urgent care of the wounded Santa Claus withcraziestsurgeries simulator at operation clinic this winter seasonforChristmas. You are going to be the medical surgeon to performtheoperation. Call the Brain doctor, kidney doctor, lungdoctor,anesthetist and all other surgeons on duty to keep a checkon thepatient’s organs in the mean time you carry out theinjectionsurgery simulation. Its Santa's Christmas eve, he gotcold. TreatSanta with Injection simulator treatments to save theChristmasparty from getting spoiled? To avoid any more damage,prepare forthe surgery simulator now. There might be inexperiencednurses whocause itchy pain while injecting vaccines. Get to thehospital nowand attend your painful Santa patients coming inambulance. Vaccineis the best remedy for a real heart transplant,brain, kidney,lungs, stomach, liver, eye infection, skin allergy orany otherorgan problem. Help Brain doctor treat head injuries withaninjection as painkiller. The kidney doctor might need alocalanesthesia for the surgery simulation in his operationtheater, usea syringe there. It cures high fever instantly. Aplastic surgeryneeds it the most. So help the plastic surgeons inyour cliniccarry out the surgery with your skills. All the crazysurgeriesinvolve injection simulator skills. Santa InjectionSimulatorFeatures:√ Stunning 3D Christmas environment√ Amazingsurgerysimulator treatments√ Check weight with a weighing scale√Checktemperature with a thermometer√ See heartbeat with a heatbeatmonitor√ Apply antiseptic√ Fill in the injection withmedicine√Inject the injection on buttocks The winter snow hascaused thelong beard fat Santa. How will you enjoy the Christmaspartywithout Santas gift? Your duty is to treat Santa to savetheChristmas. Check out the previous reports and surgeries. Askforbrain doctor report, blood pressure history, ear, eye, nose,tongueor any blocked veins or arteries disease which might effectthemedical treatments. Merry Christmas!
Amateur Surgeon 4 2.7.2
It's time to play doctor! Grab your trusty pizza cutter orchainsawand perform surgery on over 100 patients in Amateur Surgeon4. Thepioneer of amateur surgery, Dr Bleed, is back from the dead.Helphim solve the mystery of his unexpected resurrection as hespansthe globe looking for answers -- and saves some unwittinglivesalong the way. * Solve surgical puzzles with your wits ...andhousehold items. * Operate on eyes, brains, hearts, lungs,hearts,bears, giant squids, and more * Recruit 30+ partners withuniquespecial abilities * Take on Field Hospital survival mode withhighspeed surgery * Compete against your friends for high scoresandachievements * Upgrade your tools and become a true amateursurgeon* Take on classic levels from Amateur Surgeon 1-3,remastered andretooled, along with all new operations and a uniquestory.Discover more about the history of Alan Probe & DoctorBleed& the “Bleed Everywhere” Hospital Chain and team up witholdand new friends, including a Badger who’s a dab hand atheartsurgery and a Dog who is knows a thing or two about healingcuts.Interested in more news from Amateur Surgeon? Follow us onTwitter- The Terms of Use forthis appincludes arbitration for disputes –see
Doctor Mania - ER Surgery 2.2
Doctor mania - ER surgery is a truly innovative concept ofcrazydoctor kid’s games that you would surely love. Doctor Mania -ERSurgery Features: 😷Check the temperature 😷Use injection😷Usedropper and clean it up 😷Give a cooling shower 😷Apply acream😷Amazing graphics and crazy game play 😷Fun treatments andrealsurgeries 😷Realistic open chest Surgery Simulation. 😷Lotsofrealistic doctor's tools available We hope that you will loveourdoctor games and after you play, you will rate them or just tellusyour opinion about them. Because we try to offer you moreandbetter doctor games and your feedback will be reallyappreciated.
Live Virtual Dentist Hospital- Dental Surgery Game 1.0.2
Hey guys!! How many of you want to be a Dentist? Then here'sthechance to be a real-time dentist. There is a famous DentalHospitalin the city of America. This dental hospital is so popularfortheir dental services that every day so many patients come tothishospital with their dental problems. So become aprofessionaldoctor in this Live Virtual Dentist Hospital game andtreat yourpatients, so they can feel better again. Every day youneed toperform several unexpected dental therapy and treatments tosolvethe dental complications of the patients. Here in thisdentistadventure Patients will have different complications likegumbleeding, high teeth sensitivity, wisdom toothcomplications,stabbing pain in chewing, tooth-decaying ordecomposition, dirtyteeth, crooked teeth, broken tooth and manymore. You need todiagnose the dental problem and solve theirproblems by giving themdifferent dental therapies like antibioticprophylaxis, toothfilling, teeth whitening, dental braces, wisdomtooth extraction,root canal therapy and dental crown therapy.Inthis Dental Hospitalgame, you will be familiar with lots of dentisttools like toothextracting forceps, dental scissor, elevator,retractors, fillinginstruments, explorers, dental cartridge syringeand much morewhich are used to perform various dental therapies.KeyFeatures ofDentist Hospital Game:- Be the real-time dentist in thishospitalgame- Perform crazy fun dentist routines surgery- Learnvariousdental therapies by playing this dentist game- Use latestdentisttools in the therapies- Diagnose the patient's problem-Attend therevisit of the patients after treatment- Get aware ofdifferentdental problems- Know the preventions for your teeth -DentistSurgery simulator game- Fun and educational doctor gameSofriendsplay this fantastic "Live Virtual Dentist Hospital" game andeveryday perform some unexpected dental therapies at the hospital.Helpyour patients by giving them the best dentisttreatments.AboutGameiCreateGameiCreate brings you the latestcreations of mostloved categories of games and apps which are allhugely loved byfamily. We are entirely devoted to build userfriendly gamesrelated to fun and learning for better educationalfamiliaritiesand enjoyment for family. Stay with us for the latestupdates ofGameiCreate.Follow us on Googleplus: our gamevideos: beglad with your response. Contact us anytime for anyquestions andsuggestions at
Throat Surgery Simulator 1.0.2
The patients are waiting for the throat doctor! There aresomeproblems with their throat. Could you please give themTHROATSURGERY and cure them all?There are 4 patients here:The1stpatient: She loves swimming but she chocked several times whenshewas swimming yesterday. She’s got a throat infection now.Pleaseclean her throat and cure her. The 2nd patient: He sang toomuchyesterday and now he loses his voice and he cannot speak anymore.I think his vocal cords are broken. Please repair hisvocalcords.The 3rd patient: A fish bone was stuck in her throat.Pleasegive her a throat surgery and remove the fish bone.The 4thpatient:He ate some spoiled food and now he feels pain in histhroat.Please give him a throat surgery and make him feelbetter.Find morefree online games, please browse the websitehttp://www.6677g.comNo need to download!
ER Injection Simulator: Blood Test Doctor Hospital 2.6.4
ER Injection Simulator: Blood Test Doctor Hospital is a bloodtestinjection & er injection simulator game with virtual nurseandvirtual doctor giving vaccine injection at little bum.Enjoyvaccine injection doctor games with fun of blood testsimulator,polio injection games & checkup injection nurse drawbloodgames. Crazy ER Injection Simulator: Blood Test DoctorHospitalcontains fun blood test simulator to perform vaccineinjectionblood test such as bum measles injection, polio hepatitisnurseinjection, polio injection games, pox injection and realinjectionfind doctors injection doctor games. Give blood testinjection onbum and then take samples for er injection nurse tomake checkupinjection for polio hepatitis measles injection, poxinjection,polio injection games, real injection doctor games &finddoctors nurse injection games. In this er injection bloodtestsimulator the virtual injection nurse creates samples forbloodtest injection to produce polio hepatitis measles injection,poxinjection and checkup injection to draw blood entailing goodiesofpolio injection games, real injection doctor games and bumfinddoctors nurse injection games.ER surgery games allows you toplayER emergency games, become a bone doctor. This surgerysimulator& operation games have an ambulance doctor arrive& performas bone doctor. You can learn how to become a familydoctor firstlyand then take patient to ER emergency room. Finally,you willbecome a hospital manager game. Play operation games inemergencyroom games hospital games of surgeon simulator. You haveto manageall patient like a hospital manager game. You’ve to be anexpertlike a bone doctor in free play medical simulation game. Whynotyou try this ER Injection Simulator: Blood Test DoctorHospital?What’s inside:A family doctor is like being in a realsurgeryclinic where surgery done by nurse ER emergency games. ThisERsurgery games are one of the best in surgery simulator&operation games. Emergency room is full of patients and youneed totake care like a family doctor in operate now hospital. Thisis afree play medical simulation game. Hospital room is fullwithinjured victim and you’ve to operate now like a surgeonsimulatorin operate now hospital games. FEATURES:- Use blood testinjectionand draw blood for injection nurse- Give vaccine injectionwithpolio hepatitis measles injection and pox injection- Usecheckupinjection in blood test simulator and Injection Simulator-Putvaccine injection on little bum after blood draw by nurseinjectiontest- Amazing HD Graphics- Free to play forever with superfuninjection simulator gameplay- No Wi-Fi required and nointernetrequired to play We Love to hear:ER Injection Simulator:Blood TestDoctor Hospital liked and recommended for teen mom &reallyhelpful for medical simulation, ER surgery games & ERemergencygames lover, but some might take it as hospital managergame. Thisfree game especially for Real Surgery games, VaccineInjectionDoctor games, Hospital Operation games, Blood TestMedicalSimulation games lovers but it contains third party ads.
Pony Pregnancy Maternity 2.0
Woofie Games
The hospitals are full and this pony needs emergencyattention.Become a crazy vet doctor and perform this awesomeoperation. Newborn pony is on the way and it’s up to you to saveher by playingthis amazing surgery simulator game. You are theleader in thissurgery team and doctors want you to lead. Use thelatest surgerytools and learn what doctors feel like in anoperationtheatre.Using these surgical kits is hard and you can showwhatkind of a doctor you are. This operation will test your skillsandshow what kind of a doctor you can becomePregnancy is a hardthingto operate nowadays and you need special skills as a doctor togetyourself a chance of having to see a newborn cute pony. Playthisamazing surgery game which beats all doctor games by far.Becomethe ultimate doctor and show your horse and pony youcare.What todo- Pick from various patients and show what you cando- Getfamiliar with the medical and surgical kit - Become a reallive vetdoctor, who’s performing a virtual surgery simulator- Thisgame isnothing short of reality. - Save horse and pony, show themyoucare- The best virtual game you would play
Doctor Dash : Hospital Game 1.38
Hey Doctor, Build your hospital empire and diagnose, treat andcurethe diseases of your patients in this Doctor Dash HospitalGame.This is your hospital explore it and give best treatment toyourpatients in this doctor game you will be having amultispecialtyhospital game where there will be having differentclinic for eachdisease. It looks like a kid’s game but it’s not. Inthis hospitalgame you have to manage and upgrade different clinicsthat aremention below with is the core of this Doctor Dash HospitalGame.Clinics and Doctor: • Lungs clinic which has Lungsdiseasespecialist doctors. • Kidney specialist doctors • Dentalcareclinic • Heart disease cure center doctor • Neurosurgeons forbrainclinic You will get a realistic hospital feel in this DoctorDashHospital Game with different clinics and treatments. In thisdoctorgame you will get an X-ray room too to diagnose diseasebetter andperfect and can suggest a patient if they require asurgery oroperation or they can be treated by medicine only. Inthis timemanagement game patients will keep coming so here is thegood newsyou have a nurse to assist you in this Doctor DashHospital Gameand she is the one who will help them back to health!Manage yourtime with your busy nurse and work fast to diagnose,treat and cureall those in need of your skills. In this Doctor DashHospital Gameyou will get a wheel chair also to serve criticalpatients andreception desk to help you best. Be prepared foremergencysituations where you have little time to save lives! Makecrucialdecisions; combine the best medicine and all kinds of othermedicalprocedures on your patients. In this multilevel DoctorDashHospital Game you can unlock various features in this doctorgameat various levels. Design, expand and build it to make itbigger,upgrade and decorate it to make it prettier, staff andmanage it tomake it the best hospital ever.
Little Baby Injection Simulator : Kids test Doctor 1.2
Little Baby Injection Simulator is a surgery doctor game inwhichlittle baby is feeling sick that is why kids patients arecoming toer emergency hospital with their parents for injectiontreatmentafter getting diagnosis of kids disease infection fromblood testdoctor in er emergency hospital simulator. The eremergencyhospital simulator is crowded with kids patient that havevariousblood related diseases & you are the only surgery doctorinthis hospital simulation game who is going to treat thelittlebaby. Collect blood sample of little baby, test blood sampleandanalyze it with a microscope. With proper care and medicine,littlebaby can recover quickly. Insert cannula on little baby handtoinject medicine into little baby body quickly. A needle prickofinjection may cause slight bleeding from kids patient skin.Cleanaway the blood with a cotton swab. Apply injection simulatortolittle baby arm or butts and collect blood sample in test tubetotest Polio, Hepatitis, pneumonia, Chicken Pox and Measles&other Infection disease. Little Baby Injection Simulator isallabout how to inject medicine on butts with injection, drawingbloodsample from arm with syringe to test different bloodinfections& how to apply vaccination injection on little babyas it isalways recommended for little baby to get vaccinated topreventdifferent blood infection or diseases from surgerydoctor.Practiceyour injection skills on sick kids patient in thisLittle BabyInjection Simulator : Kids test Doctor. There mightbeinexperienced nurses & er emergency surgery doctor whocausepain while injecting medicine with injection simulator. Get tothesurgery simulator hospital now and attend your sick kidspatientcoming in er emergency ambulance simulator. The poor kidshavepainful expressions and a fear in baby pretty little eyes.Treatkids with all the doctor instruments and injection simulatorat eremergency surgery hospital simulator. At first surgery doctorwillrub some numbing cotton over the area of body of kids on wheretheinjection simulator syringe needs to be put to get bloodsample.From there surgery doctor will take the blood test andotherinjection simulator tasks, be careful when you prick aneedle.Apply an antiseptic cream with a cotton swab to avoid anybleedingfrom kids patient skin.Features:* Amazing injectionsimulatorsurgery games.* Draw blood from patients vein withinjection.* Sendthe blood sample to the hospital laboratory.*Collect blood sampleand test it with a microscope.* Practice eremergency surgery stepsto perform surgery simulator.* Treat seriousinjuries on patientsin ER emergency hospital surgery room.* Use ERemergency doctortools & injection to save lives in er emergencyhospital.
Surgery Master 1.14
Perform operations like in real life and save lives in themostrealistic surgery game! You are the courageous surgeon andtakeurgent care of your unlucky patients now! The game is muchmoredifficult than real surgery! Replace organs, repair bonefractures,and perform all kinds of operations with scalpel orforceps orlaser. Can you rise to the challenge and become the realsurgeon?Game Features: - Play doctor with hundreds of patients tocut openand operate on - Operate on brains, hearts, lungs, legs,arms andthen stitch wounds & clean blood - Realistichospitalenvironments and authentic 3D surgery simulation
AO Surgery Reference 1.2.6
AO Foundation
QUICK ONLINE REFERENCE IN CLINICAL LIFEGain easy acess totheaward-winning AO Surgery Reference. AO Surgery Reference isanonline repository for surgical knowledge. It describes thecompletesurgical management process from diagnosis to aftercare forallfractures of a given anatomical region, and also assemblesrelevantmaterial that the AO has published before. It gives accessto:*Hundreds of surgical procedures and approaches * Surgicaldecisionmaking made easy with literature evaluated and prepared forquickreference * Hundreds of pages of previously published AOmaterialThe idea behind this service is the realization thatreference indaily clinical life is often difficult. Frequently,there is littletime during a hospital day to consult books orjournals, or even toperform a literature search in order to gatherevidence for adecision. The AO Surgery Reference allows surgeons toaccess muchof the body of surgical knowledge for reference purposesduringtheir clinical work.You might also want to visit thefull-featuredweb-based version of AO Surgery Refence
Indian Pregnant Mommy Emergency Surgery 1.4
D Union Games
The beautiful Indian Mommy is about to give birth to first childandis very happy. As its first delivery for the mother, itseemsdifficult and needs emergency surgery. If you like to be asurgeondoctor, you have the opportunity to show the world that youhavethe skills.The Indian Bride and Groom is just married beforeoneyear. They have mutually decided to give birth to a childthisyear. On the very first night after the wedding/Suhag rat,IndianGirl got pregnant. They got signs of pregnancy on the veryfirstmonth in first pregnancy test. If you want to become thedoctor ofpregnant mommys, come operate the Indian lady and have funwiththis surgical simulator game. Super Indian Barbie Girl ispregnant!She's having one last check up before the pregnancy. let'shelphelp pregnant mommys get a super baby!There are a lot of funtoolsyou can use to take her body temperature, make sure bloodpressureis under control and measure her heart beat. After you'vemade sureeverything is going well, go ahead and take blood samplesfor thefurther diagnosis. Prescribe Indian babi and suggest to eatfruitsto keep her vitamin levels up.use the ultrasound machine tosee ifthe baby is feeling well. Take the sonography and x-rayscannercheck up in this surgical simulator game. Countdown beginsas thedue date is coming near. Mom is expecting the natural babybirth.Visit the baby hospital for final maternity checkups. Doctorsaidthat pregnant mommy will give birth to a child verysoon.Doctornotifies that its an emergency situation for mom. Theyhave to dodelivery operation urgently. Doctors moved pregnant mommyto theoperation theatre for stomach surgery. Put her on the xrayscannertable. They have to rescue mommy and baby in pregnancyaffirmationsin the baby hispital. Take all pregnancy care for thePrincessmommy in this surgery games and operate the baby hospitalitself.Play on of the best emergency doctor games that includesfeatureslike heartbeat checkup, pregnancy care, baby birth,deliveryoperation, ovulation test, opk test and more. Play thisvirtualsurgery game on your phone to have real doctor experience ifyourdream is to become doctor. For a girl its very exciting andhappything becoming a mother. But for those mothers in labor,someemergency may happen. As an emergency doctor, please do yourbestto save her life. Bring health, care and safety to motherandbabies. Have fun in this emergency surgery gamesforfree!Everything is so virtual and realistic in this game thatwillamaze you and will make you play even more than you expected.Moreintense operations and virtual simulation surgeries to showthefuture doctors what it is like to be in an operation theatre.Workas the best doctor in town and show the other virtual doctorshowto operate in emergency situations.In BabyCenter take completecareof new born baby in this virtual family games. Indian youngwomanand her child is rescued from danger. Now you can handleemergencydoctor operation and operate now hospital for completefamily care.This is best kids games available on the store.
Estheticon - Plastic Surgery 1.5.9
The best way to find information about aesthetic treatments andtheright doctor to perform them. Search for doctors by treatmentandlocation. Read reviews from real patients like you and askthemdirectly about their experience. Follow doctors to seetheirresults, answers and reviews. Follow a treatment you want toknowmore about. The latest news about doctors and treatments youfollowwill show up whenever you open the app.BENEFITSEstheticon appis anIdeal instant messenger for communication betweenpatients,doctors, and patient coordinators.Save time - yourpatientcoordinator can respond instead of youConvenientcommunication -patients can write whenever and you answer when youcan Line ofcommunication - less formal and intrusive than phone oremail.Patients feel more comfortable shooting out a quickmessagewhenever and wherever they are.Keep an eye on your staff -know howyour staff responds to patient leads. Join the conversationwhenyou choose.More testimonials - patients can upload reviewswithpics straight onto the appAnswer questions in forums onthegoBetter experience for your patientsMore patient leads -Morepatient will write you since they see youareavailableFEATURESMedical instant messenger Patient - Assistant-Doctor It’s just like group messaging. Your patients can writeyoudirectly. Your assistant can answer on your behalf, you haveaccessto this communication and can join in whenever you like. Youcansee when and how your assistant responded to a patientlead.Contentfeed One stone. Plenty of birds.Patients can followtreatments,doctors and other patients. Post an answer aboutliposuction andother patients can read it as well. Get a newtestimonial and otherpatients interested in the treatment can readit as well. Uploadnew Before/After photos to your profile and theyget channeled viacontent feed to those interested in thattreatment. Yourcontributions get a wider audience.List ofdoctorsFinding the rightdoctor in the right place.It’s hard to findthe right doctor for aspecific treatment from a specific area. Thein-app list of doctorsfills this need. Concisely and simply.OnlinestatusAvailabilitywith no hassle.It’s the standard these days. Whenyou are logged onto the Estheticon website or application you willbe displayed asonline. And the best part: when your assistant isonline, the appshows you as the doctor online – whether youyourself are logged inor not. As a result more prospective patientswill write to you andyou will get more patientleads.NotificationsKeep up with what’sgoing on.Find out whenanything relevant to you or about you isposted, like when yourpatients post a new testimonial about you orwhen you get a newresponse to your answer.Publish yourbefore/after photosShowpatients what you can do.Upload the resultsof your work from youriPhone. Quick, easy and effective. 82% ofpatients prefer doctorswith visible before/after photos.(Estheticon survey 2015)MoretestimonialsMore buzz about you.TheEstheticon app makes it easy foryour patients to post reviews andphotos straight from their phone.Once they post the review theycan continue to answer questions fromothers.Stay logged inOnce anddone.Once logged into the application,you don’t have to enter yourlogin and password again. The same goesfor your assistants andpatients.Improved teamworkA patientcoordinator’s bestfriend.Assistants and patient coordinators canalso have profilesand respond to inquiries that your prospectivepatients send to youas well as continue the communication with yourpatients from firstcontact to publishing the post-treatment review.
Marbel - Hospital Adventure 2.0.2
Educa Studio
This application could develop kids' empathy with others byplayingas a doctor and curing patient in hospital. Be a good doctorandget the adventure. Create lovely healthy hospitalityhospital.FEATURES: - Heal the burn injury caused by cooking - Helpcuteanimal who has fever - Be a good doctor by fixing the brokenbone -A good dentist must be able to cure toothache - Check thepatient'sear - Using eyedropper to get clear vision. - Don't forgetto bathethe patient - Be careful, someone is allergic, let's curehim. - Bebest of the best nurse in the world. ABOUT MARBEL &FRIENDSMarbel & Friends is a special game for kids aged 6-12yearsold. Unlike the previous Marbel series which focus onlearningapplication, Marbel & Friends focus on game. However,thisapplication still has learning value for kids. For example,Sasalearn about professions through simulation game, learn lovingpetsand other animals, learn creativity, and many more. SUPPORTTHEAPPLICATION DEVELOPMENT We appreciate your suggestion, so don'tbehesitate to send it to: # Email: support@educastudio.comMoreInformation about Marbel: # Website: #Facebook: # Twitter:@educastudio #Instagram: Educa Studio For moms who love playingwith kids, give atry to play Marbel. Besides happines, kids willalso get knowledge.Learn while playing? Why not? Let's accompanyour kids studying withMarbel.
MEDizzy - Medical Community 3.0.4
Pursuing a medical career? Join MEDizzy 400 000+ medicalcommunityand discover 50 000+ free resources that will boost yourmedicalknowledge! MEDizzy is the fastest growing medicallearningcommunity! Clinical cases, medical photos, images andhigh-qualityvideos are shared every day by healthcare professionalsfrom allover the world. Install MEDizzy for FREE and: • Find 50000+ usefulmedical images, photos, cases videos, and animations. •Discusswith 400 000+ medical peers around the globe. • Createpersonalcollections of your favorite medical resources. • Searchforlearning materials for medical exams (USMLE, NCLEX, MCAT,COMLEXand more). • Follow interesting medical cases. • Stay up todatewith the latest medical news and articles. • Share yourknowledgeand experience with others! New learning materials: getaccess toover 21 000 Multiple Choice Questions & Flashcardsperfectlydesigned for your medical studies! To unlock your fullpotentialyou can subscribe and enjoy premium access to: - 21 000+High YieldMultiple Choice Questions & Medical Flashcards - 14medicalschool subjects including Anatomy and Physiology, BasicMedicine,Biochemistry, Cardiovascular, Dermatology,Endocrinology,Gastrointestinal, Genetics, Gynaecology &Obstetrics,Hematology, Microbiology, Musculoskeletal System,Pharmacology,Neurology, Respiratory - 1180+ medical topics -Updated every month
Medical & Surgical Procedure 3.0.9
We bring you common bedside Medical and Surgical procedures inavery simple and easy way. The app is designed for medicalstudentsand doctors. Different Medical procedures and techniqueshas beendescribed. Every effort has been made to make this appexplanatoryand very informative for those seeking knowledge aboutmedical andsurgical procedures. Different procedures given are asfollow: ●Lumber Puncture ● Urinary Catheterization ● Venipuncture ●BloodPressure Recording ● Nebulization ● Tracheotomy ● Endoscopy●Intravenous Cannulation ● Nasogastric Intubation(Gastric Lavage)●Tube Thoracostomy ● Blood Transfusion ● Intramuscular Injection●Subcutaneous Injection ● Intra-dermal Injection ●Cardio-PulmonaryResuscitation ● Central Venous Catheterization ●Arterial BloodGases ● Venous Cutdown ● Suprapubic UrinaryCatheterization ●Ascitic Tap ● Pleural Tap or Thoracentesis ●Pericardiocentesis ●Arthrocentesis ● Proctoscopy ● Digital RectalExamination ● AbscessIncision & Drainage ● Appendectomy ●Cholecystectomy ●Thyroidectomy These topics has been explainedunder the followingtopics ● Introduction ● Indications ● Equipment● Procedure ●Contraindications ● Complications If any suggestion orerrors,kindly contact us. If you like this app, share it with yourfriendsand rate us. Regards KMCpesh
Parathyroid Surgery Guide 1.5
Going to have parathyroid surgery? This free app will guideyouthrough every aspect of your parathyroid operation. Produced bytheNorman Parathyroid Center for their patients, but also designedtobenefit all persons having parathyroid surgery at anyhospital.From the basics on what to wear and what to bring to thehospital,to when you can exercise and go back to work. Containsadvice onvitamin D, calcium, and osteoporosis medications aftersurgeryamong dozens of other topics. Potential surgery problemsarecovered so you understand what is normal and what is not. Madebythe most experienced parathyroid surgeons in the world; withover35,000 parathyroid operations performed, these doctors haveseenevery possible situation and have put that knowledge into aneasyto use format. Download the app and make your parathyroidoperationthe best experience it can be! And make sure the peoplegoing withyou to the hospital download the app too so they knowwhat is goingon. Features • Before Your Operation – How to preparefor theoperation including buying your calcium pills. • Day ofYourOperation – What to bring, what to wear and other basics.Overviewof who you will meet and how your day will proceed. • AfterYourOperation – What to expect on every topic, from incisionpain,taking calcium pills, followup with your doctors and when youcanexpect to be a new person! • Frequently Asked Questions – Tonsofquestions we have been asked while performing over3,700parathyroid operations per year. • Video Testimonial Producer–Make a video testimonial to help teach other patientsaboutparathyroid disease and how it has affected your life beforeandafter your operation. • Search Tool – Easy access to thehundredsof topics covered in this app. • Arrival Time and Location–Personalized for Norman Parathyroid Center (NPC) patients withthecorrect appointment time and map. Non-functional if using asGuest.• Family and Friends – People going with you should downloadapp tounderstand what is happening, and what they should bring withthem.• About the Parathyroid Center – History and significance oftheParathyroid Institute in Tampa and how it has impactedcountlesslives like yours. • Hotel Reservations – Having surgery inTampa?-- Connect with our partner hotels. • Notifications –Patientshaving surgery at NPC will receive 5 reminders to helporganizetheir operation. Non-functional if using as Guest.
Hands 'N Surgery Simulator 8.0
Get ready to do some serious operations in this surgeonsimulator,where you can have fun in this physics based world! -Funny levels- Enjoy the physics More upcoming content will beavailable in ourgame, stay tuned!
General Surgery Instruments 1.5
K.S.M. Studio
General Surgery Instruments is a big collection of images ofvarioussurgical instruments organized basing to theusage.Features:1) over200 high quality images with comprehensivedescriptions2) friendlyand simple interface design3) easy to learnwith "check yourself"part
Emergency Doctor Simulator 3D 1.3
A lot of patients moms, baby, kids and adults are coming toyourhospital in an ambulance to get treated. It’s your chance tobecomethe Best Doctor.This free game is very fun. Make sure theytakehealthy food and treat the kids with fever kindly and withgreatcare. Also Perform your duty as the ambulance driver and Drivetheambulance in the city in emergency situations and take thepatientsto the doctor's clinic in time. You are an awesome doctorwithspecializations in surgery and Dentist activities.Become arealdoctor and crazy surgeon.This game is so much fun with crazygameplay. This Hospital Ambulance Doctor has real ambulanceride,emergency treatments and ultimate operations. Get to the Fireplaceon time and take the kids effected from fire to the doctor'sclinic.Get to the Accident Place in time .The ambulance has reachedthehospital in time otherwise the patient would have gone in afrozenstate. Do Regular Visits to Kids School Medical camps. Bethedoctor kids love to visit and get treated with. Thissimulationgame is the best doctor and emergency ambulancesimulation game Abiggest rush of patients injured and sufferingwith diseases arecoming to your clinic in an ambulance to get theirsurgeriesdone.Never ever Forget your medical kit whenever you arevisiting apatient in emergency situation. Emergency DoctorSimulatorfeatures: - Full 3D large environment - Smooth DoctorControls -Simulator driving smooth controls - Realistic big citygraphics -Engaging ambulance and Doctor missions - Drive thepatients to thehospital - Many different routes across the city
Crazy dentist games with surgery and braces 1.3.2
Ever dreamed of becoming a super kids dentist? Make your dreamscometrue with Crazy dentist! Where you can experience being asupercrazy kid dentist in hospital full of crazy doctors, curepatient oruse all your skills to perform the craziest surgeryever! Enjoy thethrill of being a superhero kid dentist to cure allkids coming toyour clinic and bringing them back from trauma. Theinjured patientssuffer from kinds of teeth problems like badteeth, tooth cavity,dental calculus, dental treatment, dentistmania & they mightneed an emergency surgery & treatment.Sterilize your tools andkeep your dental chair prepared fortreatment. Be careful, don’t getthe bones and face skin damaged.Make use of injection, magicpotion, droppers and all the medicaltools you need & performcrazy fun dentist routines surgeryfill cavities, remove plaques,whiten teeth, squirt water, brush,and much more. Going to thedentist is something that not manypeople like to do, although tohave a nice clean smile it has to bedone. In Crazy dentist you cankill all the germs away, remove anyholes that may be cracked, suckall the gum from the teeth, as wellas remove and pull any rotten orcracked teeth in the dentalsurgery game. Treat patients withprofessional doctor tools likesyringes, dental tweezers & more.Play Crazy dentist games withsurgery braces for kids – free funkids game! This kid’s clinic ispainted with superheroes and dollsso that the little patients doesnot get worried with theirsickness. Help these poor patient feelbetter again with an amazingdentistry treatment. Kids get hurt allthe time while playing athome or in their schools and parks.Curing those little kids is agreat fun in Crazy dentist games .Brush dirty teeth to kill thosegerms, pull out the painful teeth(tooth extraction), fight bacteriato prevent tooth decay, applycolorful braces and apply dentalbraces to straighten themisaligned teeth. Some kid patients have afear of visiting thedentist’s office. Be good to them. Become anultimate professionalCrazy dentist to gain dental learningexperience in this surgerysimulator game. Be the best bracessurgeon; enjoy tooth cleaningand teeth alignment at dental clinic.Ask your patients to brushtheir teeth daily otherwise they will geta cavity in their teeth.Enjoy and play fun-filled dentist surgerymini games for girls andboys. Do not poke the dental equipment inyour patient’s eye, nose,ear or face. Check every patient’s dentalhealth condition beforecarrying out the dental surgery simulation.Apply stitches afteryou are done with the oral surgery. Crazydentist games withsurgery braces for kids features: √ Select yourpatient with badteeth for dental treatment √ Scan the teeth todetermine thecondition √ Clean it and remove cavities and funguswith medicalequipment √ Brush the teeth, clean it with water thensuck out theextra water √ Use stain removal to remove stains √Perform dentalsurgery and application of oral braces √ Pull out therotten brokenteeth Do you have unaligned or unbalanced teeth? Doyou need dentalbraces to align your teeth, but you have a dentistfear? If yesthen forget your fear and be an ultimate professionalbracessurgery dentist with an amazing dental learning experience.Its Topof the line Surgery Simulator game! With innovative medicalandsurgical instruments; treat your little patient at thedentalclinic to give the perfect and desired look to their teeth.Performthe dental surgery simulation and application of braceslikeprofessional dentist in Crazy dentist games with surgery bracesforkids.
com.ciplamed 2.0.0
Cipla Digital
Ciplamed is a uniquely designed, comprehensive online medicalportalfor healthcare professionals. Ciplamed provides a rangeofevidence-based and clinically relevant practice resources across18medical specialties. These resources include: 1. eCME /WebcastsOver 200 video lectures by national and internationalopinionleaders on a variety of topics 2. Slide library One of itskindresource for academicians to use for their talks and knowledge3.Product index Quick and easy access to the product informationofour products marketed in India 4. Patient educationmaterialsSimple, concise and easy to understand material, aclinician canuse for his patients 5. Medical news Bring the latestinformation aclinician can use after scanning through the leadingpublicationsin different therapeutic areas 6. Our publicationsIn-housepublications on different topics for quick guide toclinicians 7.Conference Highlights Keenly summarizing the latestinformationpresented at key conferences across the globe to ensuredoctors areabreast of the latest 8. Links to key guidelines 9.Respi connectprovides access to 400 plus practice resources in thefield ofrespiratory An aggregation of management guidelines fromleadingmedical societies from across the globe This site as apopulargo-to resource for the medical professionals. We invite youtoexplore the new Ciplamed app.
com.curofy 3.0.8
Your Single app to manage Patient Appointments, Clinic andCommunityof Doctors. Curofy now not only connects you to thecommunity butalso helps you manage your patient appointmentsbetter "Curofy amust have app for doctors" - Economic Times Among"Top 5 Androidapps for doctors"- Times Of India "Half of Indianmedicos to useCurofy by 2018"- PharmaBiz Curofy is a medical appexclusively forthe doctors. It is a platform for doctors tocollaborate on clinicalcases and to stay updated with the latestmedical news and updatesin the industry. It also helps the doctorsto access the latestjournals, medical guidelines, and MCQs. Alsodoctors and studentsalike get to access videos and AMA sessionsfrom eminent doctorslike Dr Najeeb and other eminent doctors intheir field. Curofy alsohelps you get the most appropriate medicaljobs that suits yourprofile. With 300 cases posted every day,Curofy is the most engagedplatform in the Country. Curofy alsokeeps you upto date with thelatest CMEs and events. With doctorsfrom hospitals like AIIMS, KMC,CMC etc, it gives the community thediversity and true spirit ofcollaborative learning and knowledgeexchange. ✪ Curofy Discuss:Discuss real life Clinical cases withpeers - Discuss Clinical caseswith fellow doctors, colleagues fromall around the country - Getsecond opinion from industry stalwartsand the best doctors in yourspecialty - Invite doctors to answeron posts you think are bestsuited for the posts - Take part inclinical case discussions basedon human anatomy and diseases -Keep enhancing your medicalknowledge with daily real life medicalcase discussion - Get CMEupdates and coverages - Get access tovideos of famous doctors likeDr. Najeeb and others. ✪ CurofyAppointment: Patient Booking -Patients can now book onlineAppointments using your Curofy PublicProfile Appointment - QuicklyAdd, Manage, Reschedule and cancelappointments Patient Carebook -All your patient will be organisedand safely stored on yourmobile. You can add appointments, seepatient history, sendreminders in few simple clicks Reminder -Automated patientappointment reminder to help your patient to keeptrack of theirappointments and follow up visits ✪ Medical News: Tokeep youupdated with medical news from Kevin Md, Medscape etc -Keep trackof the latest news and happenings in the medical world -The bestof medical news curated from top sites like Kevin Md,Medscape, WebMd and many more - Get medical news from all aroundthe worldrelevant to your preferences everyday - Keep yourselfupdated withthe latest disease trends and types from various partsof the world✪ Curofy Genie : Takes care of all your needs - Genietakes care ofall your professional need at one place. - With genieyou can getall you need from loans to medical instruments to theappropriateMedical jobs for you. Genie has everything - All youneed to do isto Just Wish ! ✪ Curofy Journal : Free access tojournals - Getjournals free of cost specific to your specialty -Get journalsfrom major players like Elsevier, BMJ and many more ✪Curofy MCQ :High Yield questions For Medical Students - Get yourhands on HighYield Questions specifically prepared to kickstartyour PGpreparation for exams like JIPMER, NEET, AIIMS , USMLE etc -Stayahead with your PG, USMLE preparation with questions fromourin-house doctors - Get in-depth analysis of each questionalongwith their answers. - Students can also access exclusivevideoslectures of Dr. Najeeb, Dr. Sumer Sethi, Dr. Rohan Khandelwalandmany others ✪ Curofy Guidelines : Get access to communityapprovedtreatment plan - Get the latest guidelines at yourfingertips -Download them and reference them later
Clinical Surgery 1.0
Clinicians and medical students often forget few details ofclinicalhistory taking and examination until it is repeatedlypracticed.This is important bedside tool that removes the hurdleof forgettingsuch details in various surgical cases. This includesbasicparameters like-• Pain• Lump/Swelling• Ulcer•Sinus/FistulaSystemvise history and examination is alsoincorporated including-•Breast• Thyroid• Abdomen• InguinalSwelling• Varicose Vein•Peripheral Vascular Disease A sectiondescribing steps of varioussurgical procedure is also includedthat contains- Central VenousAccess CircumcisionCricothyrotomy Eversion of sac ICDInsertion Ingrowing Toe NailExcision LaparoscopicCholecystectomy Mesh Hernioplasty NoScalpel Vasectomy (NSV) OpenAppendicectomy Open CholesystectomySuprapubic Cystostomy (SPC)Venous Cut Down
My Zong
CMPak - Zong
My Zong App is a One-Stop Destination for Managing yourZongAccount, Checking remaining free resources,Activate/Deactivatebundles or Packages, Check internet HistoryDetails, Recharge YourAccount, Get Recommendations for InternetBundles, Entertainment& much more. Now you can login up to 5numbers simultaneouslywith simple steps. With My Zong App, Prepaid,postpaid, MBB &Internet SIM customers can avail followingfeatures in 3 languages:English, Urdu and in Chinese. Manage YourZong Account ViewOwnership Details of SIM Postpaid Customers cannow check detailedEbill of last 3 months. Check Current Balance& Its Expiry DateActive Package Plan & PromotionsInformation for both postpaidand prepaid Manage your MBB device& activate MBB bundlesdirectly from MY ZONG APP ActivateInternet SIMs bundle ViewInternet Usage View Call & SMS briefhistory details. DataManager for Recommendation of Data BundlesBased On Usage Activateor Deactivate Zong Promotions/Packages/VASRecharge Your Accountthrough scratch card or Recharge online BecomeZong UserEntertainment Videos Games & Apps Find Us ReconnectioncampaignCheck Book 4G Devices Zong CSC & Franchise AddressesMap ZongHelpline Details PayMax agents search Zong Social Media(Facebook,Twitter & Chat)
The Microsoft Azure app helps you keep track of your resourceswhileon-the-go: - Stay connected to the cloud and check statusandcritical metrics anytime, anywhere - Stay informedwithnotifications and alerts about important health issues - Stayincontrol of your resources and take corrective actions,likestarting and stopping VMs and web apps--------------------Microsoft collects data to operate effectivelyand provide you withthe best experiences in our products. Thismobile application maycollect personal information, for example,the email address usedto log in. We do not share this personalinformation withthird-parties without your consent. We do not useyour informationfor marketing purposes. If you do not agree withMicrosoftcollecting this data, please do not log into theapplication anddelete it from your device.
Teamup Calendar 1.9.02
Teamup is a group calendar for organizing people, resources,events,jobs, projects, and any categories of things. It’s easy andfree tocreate new calendars on the web version, usecolor-codedsub-calendars and access links with customized accesspermissionson mobile apps. No user accounts are required. You mayadd multiplecalendar links to the dashboard and all is accessibleeven offline.Take Teamup Android app with you wherever you go andstay organizedwhatever you do. Key features • Color-coded events•Synchronization with other users of the same group calendar•Custom access permissions for individual users • Centrallymanagedby calendar administrator • Link to location maps • Preventdoublebooking if needed • Upload images and files (premium only) •Inlinedisplay of images • Support for time zones • Support forrepeatingevents • Support for event signup • Dashboard for multiplecalendarlinks • Offline access • Assign one event to multiplecalendars •More features available in the web version: Notificationemails,daily agenda, iCalendar feeds, import, export, customfields, etc.To start using Teamup for Android, you need to haveaccess to a webbased Teamup Calendar. Enter your calendar key orlink into the AddCalendar screen when you launch the app. If youdon't have one yet,create one at It's free. Check outthe tutorial andlearn more at
Kids Hospital Emergency Rescue - Doctor Games 1.2
Surgeon! It’s a call from ER emergency room, patients sufferingfromvarious injury are waiting in emergency hospital. Let’soperate themand be a life saver in this brand new hospital games.Kids HospitalEmergency Rescue - Doctor Games provides you the lifesavingopportunity by doing some complex surgery inside hospitalemergencyroom where you can apply some crazy medical procedures onhospitalpatient. So crazy doctor surgeon are you ready to use lifesavingtools, techniques and injection to become the life savercrazysurgeon in Kids Hospital Emergency Rescue - Doctor Games.This kidsdoctor games is the best educational app for kids wherethey learnhow to be the life saver of patients when kids are onhospital duty.Hospital Emergency Rescue - Doctor Game provideslifeline to patientthat are brought to hospital emergency room onambulance. You canalso take blood tests and give injections topatients.Treatingpatients with kindness using best time managementskills that willmake little kids expert hospital emergency doctor.ER Surgeon letsstart with basic health checkup, monitor bloodpressure, respiratorysystem, health and fitness in hospital kidsdoctor games. Hospitalemergency is full of crucial patientssuffering from differentinjuries, heart diseases that requirecrazy surgeon to be available.Check the availability of doctorsurgeon in ER emergency room,kidney doctor, eye surgery doctor,lungs doctor, eye surgery doctorand treat the patient of kneesurgery and foot sole injury well. Itsgoing to be a tough kidshospital duty but little kids need to learnhow it feels to be acrazy surgeon doctor in kids hospital lifesaving mission. You arethe life line in emergency hospital and lifesaving is yourultimate goal. For doing your hospital duty well youneed toperform various surgery with life saving tools andinjection. Callthe ER hospital emergency doctor and anesthetisttimely so thesurgery do not get delayed. Keep checking patientsheart, brain,lungs, kidney, eye, ear, nose liver, tongue, stomachand other bodypart to prevent them getting into frozen state. Likea real surgeondoctor give proper attention and treatment topatients in KidsHospital Emergency Rescue - Doctor Games. Beprofessional hospitalduty doctor whether you need to be an ERemergency doctor,anesthetist, brain surgeon in kids hospital games.Use tweezers topluck thorns and disinfect the wounds with bestmedical care.Discharge your patients when done with your hospitalduty and makethem happy. Features:• Fun surgeries, operations andtreatments!•Become a professional surgeon in kids hospital games!•Treat yourpatients well when you are on hospital duty!• Completechallenginglife saving missions in crazy surgery simulator!• Usemedical toolsand techniques in this amazing doctor games!
ExamTime Ltd
The GoConqr app helps make learning easier. Access greatlearningresources like Mind Maps, Flashcards, Quizzes, Slides andNotes, oruse the GoConqr app for social learning and connect andcollaboratewith friends, classmates and learners in Groups.Sayhello to:• Atruly collaborative online learning experience• Easyaccess tomillions of amazing learning resources• Tailored to yourneeds –receive suggested content on your personal Activity Feed•Learningon the go – take all you need on your mobile device• Accessstudyresources that offer a far more visual learning experience•Apowerful, intuitive and flexible study app for greaterstudysuccess• Freedom to study online or off• Quick, free and easytoinstall, set up and get startedThe GoConqr app lets youdiscoverand join countless Learning Groups so that you can connectwithlearners around the world at all exam levels and collaboratewiththem on any study topic. You can share, post, pin or rateotherusers’ learning resources; join Group discussions; postimages; andget instant feedback, advice and support from learnersjust likeyou.And because the GoConqr app is fully integrated withyour webaccount it means the learning resources you’ve created orsaved arealways close to hand so you can continue to discover, viewandshare a world of GoConqr learning resourcesanytime,anywhere!That’s why students, teachers and professionalsaround theworld have been using GoConqr for training and studysuccess. Jointhem today!Key Features & Benefits:Amazing StudyResources•Access a library of over 4 million learning resourcescovering justabout everything• View, play and share Mind Maps,Notes, Slides,Flashcards and Quizzes• Arrange your learningresources or anotherusers' by subject or topic• Get performanceoverviews in Flashcardsand Quizzes• Rate, pin and share learningresourcesSocial Learning•Connect and collaborate with friends,classmates or learners fromaround the world• Browse your ActivityFeed to keep up to date onrecent activities in your Study Groups•Easily share countlesslearning resources – Mind Maps, Flashcards,Slides, Quizzes andmore• Get instant feedback, advice and supportfrom other learners•Join discussions, post comments, create pollsor share resourcesand imagesPersonal Learning Platform• Receivesuggested learningresources or Study Groups on your personalActivity Feed• Shareresources via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ oremail• Sign In toGoConqr using email, Facebook or Google+• Syncedwith your GoConqrweb account for instant access to your learningcontent• Seamlesslyintegrate learning into your daily lifestylewith GoConqr’s mobilelearning appSo there are no more excuses –fast-track your studysuccess and download the GoConqr app today!
MyATLS v2.4-release
DISCLAIMER: Before downloading this application, please checkyourwireless connection and data plan. This app contains a largeamountof content including video and animations. Download speedswilldepend on the type of connection and your carrier. This appwill beupdated frequently so please check iTunes App Storeperiodically.The medical care of trauma patients demands fastthinking andaccurate, up-to-date resources. And there is no morereliableresource for trauma information than the American CollegeofSurgeons (ACS). This app was developed alongside theirseminalcourse, Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS). ATLS hastrained morethan 1.5 million participants in more than 75,000courses aroundthe world. ATLS provides the essential informationand skills fordoctors, nurses, and other health professionals toidentify andtreat life-threatening injuries under the extremepressures of thetrauma environment. The international nature of theprogram meansthat the content is adaptable to a variety ofgeographic, economic,social, and medical practicesituations.Whether in a hospitaltrauma bay, on the highway at amotor vehicle crash, in a disasterarea after a bombing, or in aforeign country’s war zone,clinicians need ready access to criticalresources and references.The content and skills presented in thisapp will add to thearmamentarium of doctors and other clinicianswho treat traumapatients. The app includes a free preview of the1stchapter.Additional content can be purchased to instantly gainfullaccess to the following:•Interactive visuals, such astreatmentalgorithms and x-ray identification •Just in Time videosegmentscapturing key skills in minutes •Calculators, such aspediatricburn calculator and the Parkland Formula to determinefluidadministration•Animations, such as airway management andsurgicalcricothyroidotomyFor those who have purchased the 9thedition ofthe ATLS Student Course Manual, simply enter the bookcode that waspackaged in the book to gain free access to all thecontent.
Crazy Doctor 1.6
Can you SAVE the lives of your patients? Crazy Doctor is atotallynew medical simulation game with smooth gestural controlslovinglyhandcrafted for your Android phones and tablets. Play CrazyDoctorand make a name for yourself by curing very ill ordinarypeople atthe fictional hospital. This game is a unique mix ofhumorousgame-play and terrifyingly realistic simulation. By usingall kindsof crazy tools to treat various patients, you willgradually evolvefrom surgical interns to seasoned doctors. GameFeatures: -Stunning graphics with a highly polished interface - 27differentpatients with radically different ways to save - Easy, funtouchgestures that mimic real surgery activities Notes: For level3, youneed to recharge the patient first and then give himseveralinjections. 2.0.4
The digital India campaign has promoted extensive use of ICTs intheteaching learning process. The ePathshala, a joint initiativeofMinistry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of IndiaandNational Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT)hasbeen developed for showcasing and disseminating alleducationale-resources including textbooks, audio, video,periodicals, and avariety of other digital resources. TheePathshala Mobile app isdesigned to achieve the SDG Goal no. 4 aswell i.e. equitable,quality, inclusive education and lifelonglearning for all andbridging the digital divide. Students,Teachers, Educators andParents can access eBooks through multipletechnology platform thatis mobile phones and tablets (as epub) andfrom the web portalthrough laptops and desktops (as Flipbook).ePathshala also allowsusers to carry as many books as their devicesupports. Features ofthese books allow users to pinch, select,zoom, bookmark,highlight, navigate, share, listen to text usingtext to speech(TTS) apps and make notes digitally.
com.filepursuit.filepursuit 1.2.03
FilePursuit provides a very powerful file indexing andsearchservice allowing you to find a file among millions of fileslocatedon web servers. Our database is updated daily by our robotsthatcrawl through free access internet resources. It's a filesearchengine where links are given by people all over the globe. It provides high-quality file search among the enormousnumberof files available on the web. This file search engine savestimein two ways: by eliminating the need to find file manually, andbyperforming searches at high speeds. Without this, you would havetolook at sites one by one and pore over the contents ofeachcarefully – a tedious prospect. It automatically comparesyourcriteria to billions of Web pages and gives you results inafraction of a second. You can perform dozens of searches inthecourse of a few minutes, altering the criteria as you narrowdownresults. It scans the entire Web and keep comprehensive dataonfile on every page we catalog. Because it contains so much dataonfiles, it helps you find obscure sites about which you wouldnototherwise know. Search results are more likely to give you toomuchinformation rather than too little. Using FilePursuit is assimpleas using other search engines. Just type the your query inthe textbox and click enter or the search button. You will bepresentedwith a list of file search results relevant to yourquery.FilePursuit hosts no content, we provide only access toalreadyavailable files in a same way other search engines do.
com.yboga.dreamhospital 2.0.12
Get on the board of the city multispeciality hospital andmedicalcentre and become a hospital tycoon! We want to welcome thenewhealth care manager of this hospital simulator: YOU! Plan,manageand coordinate our hospital staff and turn yourself intoaprofessional manager and the star doctor of this clinic!Ourhospital doors are always open. No matter the time, theemergencyroom of any health care clinic needs to be prepared foranything,this is a real hospital simulation game!. Become the bestmanagerby looking after different kinds of ill patients with thebestdoctors and nurses and manage the finances of the healthcaredepartments: Provide life-saving care, hire staff, investincomplex medical equipment and manage business issues andhealthcompliances to assure the quality of the service: This is arealmedical management simulation! Your decisions will affecttheentire health care system! Sew your patients as a genuinesurgeonexpert in hearts medicine. They may need one or two point ofyourfunny stiching. Cure a dream walker in this hospitalsimulator,become the owner of your medical centre and manage tomaster allthe free hospital games! - Construct real treatment,diagnostic andemergency rooms and become a hospital tycoon! -Research formedicine and new medication treatments and operationtechnologiesto have a healthy game - Produce various cures andmedicine totreat diseases and injuries as in the best doctor andhealth games- Earn good reputation planning your strategy andhealing your illpatients with the best staff and medical equipment.- Heal everyillness and injuries at the surgery operation room ordeploy othertreatments in these medical games. - At the pharmacy anurse willgive sick people a remedy for their disease - Competewith otherhospitals in the city, enjoy this clinic game - Send outyourambulance fleet to cure and heal more people - Great mix ofthemehospital manager, doctors, nurses caring and healingsimulationBECOME THE BEST HOSPITAL MANAGER IN FREE HOSPITAL GAMESWITH THEFUNNIEST DOCTOR GAMES Build medical care rooms with doctorsandnurses to provide ill patients with best treatment and medicineinthis game hospital. Manage and hire handymen staff to keepthefacility clean. HEALTH QUALITY AND HOSPITAL SETTINGS INTHESEMANAGEMENT GAMES Design your health center with strategy tomake itbigger and make it the best hospital ever! Put yourself inaposition of a real manager. Think like you are not playingdoctorgames but running a real hospital staff and managementproblems.Hire the best doctors, nurses, meds and medical equipmentso theycan cure patients in pain, diagnose a pregnancy, healinjuries orstrong fever or even research new heart medication.After thediagnostic tests, a nurse will heal the patient's diseasewithpills and medicine. KEEP YOUR PATIENTS HAPPY IN THESEHOSPITALGAMES Build advanced medical tools, xray equipment andemergencyrooms in your health center to provide sick people with acompletemedical health care facility. Hire nice doctors, surgeonsandnurses to comfort people during their stay and send outyourambulance for emergencies. The theme hospital caring andhealingsimulation will surely appeal to the ones searching nursing,doctorand hospital games! Compete with other theme hospitals inyour cityand achieve the best hospital on the simulation games ofnursegames!. Plan your strategy and earn the highest reputation asamanager by building the most efficient, beautiful andpleasanthealth center in the city! Our hospital games are free toplay,though some in-game items can be purchased for real money. ---Likeour hospital simulator game onFacebook: If you haveanyquestion regarding these simulation games, please
World Laparoscopy Hospital 2.0
This application is for For any surgeon or gynecologist who wanttolearn laparoscopic surgery, video recording of a lecturesandsurgery is just as important as taking actual notes.Fortunately,now, students of WLH they don't need to record videoand have it beintegrated with their typing as we will start givingyou in yourmobile from today. Additionally, playing back the videowill allowyou to see what you will learn once you will come for the"HandsOn" part of the course at World Laparoscopy Hospital.Doctorcanaccess laparoscopic article, laparoscopic lecture andsurgeryvideos and images uploaded by faculty of World LaparoscopyHospitaland experience directly from their mobile devices usingtheappropriate media-specific software. Help doctors track andmanagethe progress of CME, from turning in Fellowship and DiplomainMinimal Access Surgery assignments to reminders to pick up theCMEcertificate. Tasks allow them to mark when they've started aCME,when it's in progress, and when complete. This is the placewhereinstructors go to post the news surgeons and gynecologist needtoknow. Students have instant, on-the-go access to thelatestannouncements. Read and reflect on article of World JournalofLaparoscopic Surgery. Both students and WLH instructors cancommenton Journals. The World Journal of Laparoscopic Surgery isthequarterly peer reviewed official publication of theWorldAssociation of Laparoscoppic Surgeons. Additionally, playingbackthe laparoscopic video will allow you to see what you weredoingwrong as you go along laparoscopic surgery. Mobile applicationofWorld Laparoscopy Hospital can sync with lecture video filesfromour server, if you have the desktop software. If this is thecase,any slides that you have on the desktop will be able to beshown onthe mobile version as well. Mobile application of WorldLaparoscopyHospital is a useful tool for any student that doesn'twant to missanything important.