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Start Android видеоуроки 1.0
Смотрите обучающие видеоуроки канала Start Android посозданиюмобильных приложений и игр для android телефонов ипланшетов.Просматривая видеоуроки и выполняя практические задания,вынаучитесь программированию и разработке на языке javaсиспользованием среды разработки Android Studio и сможетесоздатьсвое первое приложение или игру для андроид.Watch trainingvideotutorials channel Start Android to create mobile applicationsandgames for android phones and tablets. Looking throughvideotutorials and completing practical tasks, you willlearnprogramming and development in java using AndroidStudiodevelopment environment and you can create your firstapplicationor a game for Android.
Квалитеты и допуски 1.0
Программа – справочник по основным допускам. Размеры до 500мм.Theprogram - a guide to basic tolerances. Sizes up to 500 mm.
ADD15 - Android Developer Days
Event application for Android™ Developer Days 2015 (ADD 2015).-Android™ Developer Days is an open conference becominganinternational organization every passing years andincludingdevelopments of mobile, web, server and softwaretechnologies andsharing of future foresights about the area.Participation istotally open and free to all companies andparticipants to reachhigh diverseness.Android is a trademark ofGoogle Inc.ADD 2015,ADD15
Orion : Learn Android App Development Tutorial 3.3
Orion - Android App Development /Mobile App DevelopmentTutorials,Java Tutorial, Kotlin Tutorial, Examples, and HelpBlog.Orion -Android Tutorial guides you through, all the phases of'Android AppDevelopment’.It is brief Java Tutorial as Well. AndroidDevelopmenthas become a crucial skill in the field ofComputerScience/Computer Programming.Whether it is Kotlin forAndroid orJava Tutorial, Or You are a beginner or Intermediate Appdeveloperour Orion Android Tutorial Will Always Help You To LearnAndroidApp Development. It has great in-depth information aboutAndroidApp Development & Kotlin for Android.Also, you can LearnJavaif you are a complete beginner in Android Development.OrionAndroid Tutorial app helps you enhance easily andinteractively,without getting into all the painful information. Itabstracts thedetails for you and helps you focus on key pointrequired to LearnAndroid App Development.You Don't Need to have anyDegree inComputer Science/Computer Programming to get started withthisCourse.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CoreFunctionality:•Android Tutorial• Kotlin for Android tutorial• 50+Example withtheir Source Code• Java Tutorial• Mobile AppDevelopment Tutorials•Learn Android Mobile App Development• .Learn Java Programminglanguage• Descriptive Mobile App Developmenttutorial based onelaborative Chapters and example• Get Android AppDeveloperCertificate• Professional Android Quiz and Competitions•LearnAndroid Programming with Examples• Now Learn To Code withOtherAndroid Developers• New Android App Development Tutorial andExampleEveryMonth:)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------LearnAndroidProgramming Anywhere:-• Discover major topics for AndroidMobile appdevelopment• Enhance learning capabilities throughcomprehensiveAndroid tutorial• Participate in the quiz and competewith others•Interact with others• Start From Beginning, JavatutorialIncludedEasy to learn with tutorial example code samplesand sourcecodes. Enabling App Developers and students who arepursuing adegree in Computer Science/Computer Programming toenhance theirskill and learn on their own. The app containsmodules ranging frombeginner level to advance level and relativedata is also provided.Capture new information and trending codebase and informationonAndroid.------------------------------------------------------------------------------Theappis the key tool for beginners or students pursuing a DegreeinComputer Science/Computer Programming to learn Android.Androidcovers a major market share. The app will help you tocapture thesemarket for yourapp.:)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Whatarethe Benefits of New Android Mobile App Developer Communityfeaturein this App?>The New Mobile App Developer Community canbe verybeneficial for both the beginners as well as skilledAndroidDevelopers, Now, this is because of Community is expandingrapidlywith over 100 users connecting with us every day. Beginnerscan asktheir Problems by taking a picture of their code with adescription.Now, You can get Your Answers With People InComputerScience/Computer Programming.Learn Android and HappyCoding!CreatedBy Youngest Google Certified Associate AndroidDeveloper - ShashankKumar.
Tutorials for Android, Theory and Examples 2.0
Easy Learning For Android app is design and developed tohelpstudents of Various IT branch currently learningandroidapplication development. this app provides example ofvariousconcepts like widget in android,SQLite Databaseconnectivity,Notification, Dialog box, Intent and many more future wewill add more concepts to application. your suggestionare welcomedon [email protected] Feature - Practical output,Code andpictures. - Guidance from introduction to install androidstudioand develop your first android application. - All basicexample.
Learn Android Programming 1.0
Puzzle Box
This App helps its users to learn Android- the latesttechnologyemerging in today's world by providing the experttutorials with24*7 coding support.As mobile Apps has become morepervasive, Usersare looking for relevant information which our Appis providing toits Users.It Helps in learning the concept ofprogramming frombasics to advance.It provides: 1. Android Tutorials2. InterviewQuestion 3. Android Assignments 4. Android QuizLearn Doearn, Bygetting expertisation in Android Technology by usingAndroidLearning App.
Tutorials for Android 2.2
Android Tutorials is based on Android Learning on mobiledevices.Now, learning the arduous concepts of Android Developmentis aneasy job since Dualcodes brings to you a new application,whichallows you to learn everything necessary about AndroidApplicationDevelopment. No need to go for any android trainingcourses fromany institution by paying a ton of money. Learn righthere for FREEof cost and even OFFLINE.If you are an AndroidBeginner then youcan complete all the android development basicswithin a week ortwo, it only needs basic knowledge of javaprogramming.The user caneven get the best experience while usingthis application on atablet or phablet. It explains about the majortools required tobuild a worthy application, which could make aboom in theplaystore. You can develop android applications usingjava andandroid development kit in any java editor. It alsopresents adetailed overview of various widgets and controls fromframework,for effortless application developmentprocess.Features:-SimplifiedProgramming Tutorials WithExamples.-Sample Outputs for BetterUnderstanding.-Covers AllConcepts of Android Development inBrief.-Easy Navigation Within theTopics.-ComprisesQuestion/Answers for Interview Preparation.-NoInternet connectionRequired.-Preference Included for Better UserExperience.-SupportsFull Screen for Better Reading Experience.
ActionsContentView Example 1.5.2
This application is an example for standalone librarywhichimplements actions/content swiping view.ActionsContentViewlibrarydoesn't use any specific code introduced in new AndroidSDKversions. This allows to develop an application withanaction/content swiping view for every version of Android from2.2and up.For more information and source code check GitHubproject:
Learn Android Development
Are you someone with a basic level of programming understandingandexperience, and now want to step into the Android App DesignandDevelopment space? Learn to develop Android applicationsthroughthis one-of-a-kind tutorial app – where you get to learnAndroidDevelopment through an Android App! View detailed demos forvariousAndroid activities and get immediately implementable sourcecodefor each activity. Next, go ahead and build your own AndroidApp byusing a combination of activities relevant to your app. Nothappywith just demos and source codes? Need some guidance on howexactlyto use them? For assistance in developing the variousactivitiesavailable in the App, subscribe to this course onAndroidDevelopment( ChalkStreet ( ), a marketplaceforaffordable courses. The course will be available for free foralimited number of subscribers only. Rush to ChalkStreet.comandsubscribe to the course now! Alternatively, you candownloadChalkStreet's mobile App for Android.The various Androidactivitiesthat you'll learn to implement through this app are:1.MainActivity: where you can change system languages, link toanotheractivity and send emails with the click of a button2.WifiActivity: where you can verify if Wi-Fi is available or not3.DebugActivity: where you can debug your application4. Forms: whereyoucan create a form for capturing various types of data5.MaterialDesign: where you can customize your toolbar and toolbarbuttons6.Notifications: where notifications can be displayed on thetouch ofa button7. Toast Activity: where a toast message isdisplayed ontouch8. Options Menu Activity: where a list ofclickable optionsare available in the menu9. Context Menu Activity:where a menu isdisplayed based on context10. Alert Activity: wherean alert dialogand custom dialog are displayed11. ProgressActivity: where aspinner or a horizontal progress bar is displayedwhen a task isbeing processed12. Audio Player: which is a basicaudio player withplay, pause or stop13. Video Player: which can beused to playvideos using the inbuilt video player14. Camera: whichcan be usedto click a picture using the device's camera15. SharedActivity:which uses shared preferences to perform tasks like savingdatapermanently16. SQLite Activity: which lets you store datalocallywhich can then be retrieved when necessary17. ContentActivity:which fetches and displays your contacts using thecontentprovider18. GPS Activity: Displays current location on mapsusingthe device's GPSDownload this App and immediately begindevelopingdifferent varieties of Android Applications. This App isalsoperfect as a reference guide whenever you want to build anAndroidApplication in quick time.
Learn Android Java 2.9
This Application provides an introduction to Android withSQLiteDatabase and Java Programming and allows someone with abasicknowledge of programming to start creating AndroidApplications. Itis a light course to cover fundamentals ofAndroid.It will read youthe Android programming Paradigm and how tothink while creating anAndroid program. We will cover topics suchas Overview,Installation, Activities, Layouts, List Views, SQLite,ServicesMultimedia and Google Play.It will be a enjoyablelearningapplication that is sure to help you get going withAndroidprogramming.* WHAT YOU WILL LEARN*Slider A : - IntroductiontoAndroid Programming.Slider B : - Introduction toJavaProgramming.Slider C : - Introduction to SQLite Database.SliderD :- Android Programming Tutorial with examples &snapshot.SliderE : - Interview's Question both Android &Java.Slider F : -Quiz both Android & Java. *WHAT YOU WILL GET*-You can learneasily android designing and development.- You canlearn androidprogramming with SQLite database plugins. - You canlearn also Javaprogramming.- You will be able to create Androidapplications basedon your ideas.- Able to choose the best layoutfor your apps.-Learn the concept behind Android constructs.- Designyour androidapp properly.- Interview Questions Android and Java.-Quiz bothAndroid and Java.*FEATURES*- This application NoInternetconnection required.- Lifetime access to all basic conceptofAndroid with SQLite Database.- You can learn Androidprogrammingalso with SQLite database and Java programming.- Readtheinterview's question's Android and also Java.- You will playtheQuiz in this application of both programming (Android &Java).
Software development course 1.2
This application have complete course of android appdevelopmentcourse in urdu language if u are new learner so this isbest appfor you Software development course developmentSoftwareappdevelopmentSoftware app development in urduSoftware developmentinurduSoftware in urdusoftware development in urdusoftwaredesigingin urdulearn app development in urdulearn java in urdujavacoursein urduandroid development in hindixml and javainurduimobilejavadevelopmentsoftware developmentcoursegeneralknowledge in urdugeneral knowledge in hindigeneralknowledge mobiledata recoverydata recoverysar dard ka ilajpait kailajnikly pait kailajjadu ka ilaj kala jaduseher jadujadu ka toorin urduurdupahelipaheli in urduurdu latifaylatifay in urduurdujocks joks inurduurdu funny jokshindi joksjoks in hindihindipoetryurdupoetrypoetry in urdusad poetrymazaheya poetryfunnypoetryfunnyimagescomputer hardware in urducomputer courselearncomputerurduriddlesriddles in urduonline earning course in urdu.keyboard shortcutbeauty tips in urduhair beauty in urduhair fallhairfall inurduhasbind wife joksgirl friend boy friend joksinurduqawaliqawali in urdugazals in urduqawaligazalskeel muhasonkailajpimpal treatmentmehndi designeid mehndi designhairremovinglipsbeauty tipsbeauty tipsbeauty parlour coursebeauty tipsinurdugeneral knowledge in urdugeneral knowledge inhindigeneralknowledge mobile data recoverydata recoverysar dard kailajpait kailajnikly pait ka ilajjadu ka ilaj kala jaduseherjadujadu ka toorin urduurdu pahelipaheli in urduurdu latifaylatifayin urduurdujocks joks in urduurdu funny jokshindi joksjoks inhindihindipoetryurdu poetrypoetry in urdusad poetrymazaheyapoetryfunnypoetryfunny imagescomputer hardware in urducomputercourselearncomputerurdu riddlesriddles in urduonline earning courseinurdu.key board short cutbeauty tips in urduhair beauty inurduhairfallhair fall in urduhasbind wife joksgirl friend boyfriend joksin urduqawaliqawali in urdugazals inurduqawaligazalskeel muhasonka ilajpimpal treatmentmehndi designeidmehndi designhairremovinglips beauty tipsbeauty tipsbeauty parlourcoursebeauty tipsin urdugeneral knowledge in urdugeneral knowledgein hindigeneralknowledge mobile data recoverydata recoverysar dardka ilajpait kailajnikly pait ka ilajjadu ka ilaj kala jaduseherjadujadu ka toorin urduurdu pahelipaheli in urduurdu latifaylatifayin urduurdujocks joks in urduurdu funny jokshindi joksjoks inhindihindipoetryurdu poetrypoetry in urdusad poetrymazaheyapoetryfunnypoetryfunny imagescomputer hardware in urducomputercourselearncomputerurdu riddlesriddles in urduonline earning courseinurdu.key board short cutbeauty tips in urduhair beauty inurduhairfallhair fall in urduhasbind wife joksgirl friend boyfriend joksin urduqawaliqawali in urdugazals inurduqawaligazalskeel muhasonka ilajpimpal treatmentmehndi designeidmehndi designhairremovinglips beauty tipsbeauty tipsbeauty parlourcoursebeauty tipsin urdu
Shrofile 1.9.996
Shrofile is a unique video based platform for professionalsthatgives a snapshot into an individual’s personality. Personalityofevery individual is showcased through series of short 30secondvideos. Each video covers an individual's response tovariouspersonality related questions. It helps others know moreaboutpeople's choices, preferences, opinions and a lot more.Shrofile isaiming to change the way in which professionals interactandunderstand each other. How it works? Express yourself:Recordmultiple 30 sec videos to tell the world more about who youareEnhance it: Stylise your videos by using on the go easyvideoediting features Engage with others: Share videos, postvideoendorsements and follow others to grow your network Exchangefive:Give and take five words to describe how you view anypersonalityExplore personalities: Browse profiles to interact andknow moreabout other professionals Extend the privilege:Inviteprofessionals you want to know more about to the platformFeaturesthat we feature - 30 second video template for more than60+personality related questions Record, pause and resume recordfromwhere you paused Stylise simple videos using themes, filtersandmusic Public web profile page (enabled with SEO) for everyprofile5 personality related words crowd-sourced and analyzed foreveryprofessional Endorsement/Reference in the form of videosforprofessionals Invite feature, using facebook, whatsapp andemail,to have others join the platform Shrofile is free to useanddownload! Come join us in this journey of discovery!
Tutorials : Unity Development 1.0
Unity Tutorials: Game DevelopmentLearn Unity by developinganAndroid Game.Making 2D games is easier now that Unity 5 hasbeenreleased. This Unity tutorials will guide you through theprocessof making a 2D game. We will be creating an android game“FlappyDragon”. The game is very simple but it will almost coverall thebasics of Unity. So, if you wanna learn how to make gameswithUnity 5, this will be a good start.Here are some topics thatyoucan learn from this Unity Tutorials:- Download and setupUnity-Creating projects- Use Unity interface- Import Assets-Createsprite animation- Use Unity Components- Basic Scripting-Unity UIInthe future updates, I'm planning to add topics aboutbasic C#programming and develop more complex games.Please supportanddownload this Unity Tutorials app and I will guarantee you thatIwill be publishing more advanced concepts about Unity for myfutureupdates.Thank you very much!
Appsaver 43.0
App Backup and Restore( AppsaverApk)==========================AppBackup and Restore is used tobackup and restore apps forandroid.This app is built with latestand powerful API available inandroid SDK including loaders, lazyloading ,navigation drawer,fragments and so mostly rich UI.MaterialBackupHighlightedfunctions:★Backup apps to SD card★Backup apps toexternal SDcard(if it is present by default only internal sdcard,will beprompted to use external sdcard).★Send app between devicesviaWi-Fi Direct or any supported app★Batch backup★App backupandrestore from external sdcard★Restore apps from SDcard★BatchRestore★6 Color Theme★light and dark colortheme★Batchuninstalling★Batch deleteInnovative Feature:❤Ability toset custombackup path ❤Swipe Down to refresh.❤Smart Intelligence tomoveapps(apk) to sdcard ❤Sort apps by name, install ,date,sizeAscending or descending❤Auto backup on install❤Smart selectandSmart unselect❤Suggest Better Backup path❤Ability toIdentifyExternal sdcard❤Show storage usage❤Multi versionbackup❤Search appfrom Google market❤Send apk file by email dropboxor any supportedapp❤Baclup to cloud or Supported Installedapp❤Share marketlink❤Support App2SD❤Also is App manager☆ FAQ☆-----★Why can't Irestore apps?A: Go to SystemSettings->Applications, enable theUnknown sources setting, thenyou can restore apps from SDcard.★Does it backup data of apps?A:No, currently it only backupthe apk files of apps.App Backup cannotbackup data or settings ofapps for you, but it only backup the apkfiles.★How can I send thebackuped app to drop box?A: It requiresthe dropbox alreadyinstalled in your phone, click Restore Tab, longclick on the appthat you want to send, then click Dropbox.★What areProtectedapps?A: Protected means that the apps are protected byCopyProtection, and the apk file of them cannot be copied to SDcard.★How to check all un-installed apps?A: Click on the checkboxin theleft bottom. The checkbox on left bottom has the checkallunarchived function. There're three states: 1.all white=uncheckall2. all green= select all not backup 3. blue check mark andblacksquare=check allAppRockers, Make Smartphone Experience AndLifeSimpler!!!To help us translate this app to your nativelanguage,please contact usWe hope u enjoy this app!!!
Learn Android With Source Code 1.5
Guiding practiceLearn right here for FREE of cost and evenOFFLINE.If you want to start developing Android applications, thissessionwill teach you the skills necessary from the verybeginning.sourcecoderunning real applicationsTopic exampleslearn byseeing andusingHe's your libraryMore than 30 samplesMoreExamplesSourceCodesForm app Media player appNotificationCustomToast, NormalToast,Listview, Custom ListviewFragmentsGPS APPCameraapp....moreYour frendly app
Mapbox Demo 6.7.1-1
The Mapbox Android demo app lets you explore what’s possiblewithour open-source Maps SDK for Android. From adding annotationstothe map, maneuvering the map camera to different positions,orusing your maps offline, the Mapbox Android demo app gives youtheinspiration to push our SDK to its limits. Mapbox createsbuildingblocks for mobile developers to add beautiful maps andlocationservices to their mobile applications. Companies likePinterest,Lonely Planet, Uber, The Weather Channel, Under Armour,Human,Github, CNN, and National Geographic use our tools tocreatebeautiful maps. Download this app andvisit to get started.
Работа Superjob: поиск вакансии и создание резюме 5.11
Найди новую отличную работу сегодня вместе с Superjob! Удвойсвоюзарплату за три-четыре года! Мы расскажем, как это сделать.Загрузиприложение прямо сейчас. Мы поможем найти работу познакомству!Такая функция есть только у нас! Проверь прямо сейчас!Ищете работурядом с домом? Качайте приложение, указывайте сферудеятельности иместо проживания — и получайте список вакансийкомпаний, добиратьсядо которых пешком не больше 30 минут! Найдисвою супервакансию,позвони — и ты на новой работе. Найди вакансиюмечты, быстро илегко создай идеальное резюме с помощью нашихсупершаблонов иоткликнись на вакансию. Получи приглашение на работупрямо в своймобильный. С приложением ты не пропустишь звонкасвоегоработодателя. Получай приглашения на работу через пуш илисмс!Узнай, где и кем работают твои друзья и сколько ониполучают!Загрузи приложение и начни новую жизнь с новой отличнойработой!Удачи! Find new excellent job today with Superjob! Doubleup hissalary for three or four years! We'll show you how to doit.Download the app right now. We will help you find a jobthrough!This function is only for us! Check now! Looking for a jobclose tohome? Swing application, specify the scope and place ofresidence -and get a list of companies jobs to get to where no morethan 30minutes on foot! Find your supervakansiyu, call - and you'reat anew job. Find your dream job, quickly and easily create theperfectresume through our supershablonov, and will respond tovacancy. Geta job offer directly to your cell. With the app you cannot missthe call of their employer. Received an invitation to workthrougha push or SMS! Find out where and who your friends areworking andhow much they get! Download the app and start a new lifewith a newjob well done! Good luck!
Уроки программирования Android 1.0.0
Приложение посвящено обучению разработке приложений подAndroid.Разработка под Android ведется на языке Java. Егожелательно знать.Но и при знании какого-либо другого ООП языка иналичии здоровойДНК проблем возникнуть не должно. Основные классы иосновы языкавсегда можно посмотреть в интернете. Учебник будетрасcчитан наначинающих. Темы изложены максимально подробно ипонятно.Материалыприложения были позаимствованы с сайтаstartandroid.ruTheapplication is dedicated to the development oftraining for Androidapplications. Android development is conductedin Java. It isdesirable to know. But with the knowledge of anyother OOP languageand the presence of the DNA of healthy problemsshould arise. Basicclasses and language basics can always look onthe Internet.Thetextbook will rascchitan for beginners. Topicspresented the mostdetailed and clear.The materials were taken fromthe applicationsite
iNaturalist 1.10.18
One of the world's most popular nature apps, iNaturalist helpsyouidentify the plants and animals around you. Get connected withacommunity of over 400,000 scientists and naturalists who canhelpyou learn more about nature! What's more, by recording andsharingyour observations, you'll create research quality dataforscientists working to better understand and protectnature.iNaturalist is a joint initiative by the California AcademyofSciences and the National Geographic Society. KEY FEATURES•Discover species new to you both near and far • Record yourownobservations and share them with the community •Receivesuggestions and crowdsourced identifications of what you'veseen •Discuss and help others identify what they've seen •Followprojects comprised of smaller communities and fellowcitizenscientists passionate about a particular place and/orspecies Formore info, check out
Developer Tools 2.0.9
Roy Solberg
This app was originally just created for myself to makesomedevelopment tasks a bit easier. I've released it to the appstorehoping that someone else might find it useful too. Using thisappyou can see which resource qualifiers that are being used,whichsystem features that are available, and see details aboutthedisplay and its sizes. Also I wanted to create an appwhereeverything I needed was just one click away. The full listoffeatures: - See resource qualifiers in use - See availablesystemfeatures - See screen dimensions in dp, pt, in, sp, px, mm -StartDalvik Explorer (third party app) - Start aLogcat (third partyappfor viewing logcat) - Start ManifestViewer (third party appforviewing AndroidManifest.xml ++) - Start Clean Status Bar(thirdparty app for taking tidying up status bar for screenshots] -Godirectly to the Android 4.3's permission manager (App Ops) -Godirectly to the device's developer settings - Go directly tothelist of installed applications Works for Android 1.5 andup.Doesn't need any permissions to run. Please give me a wordifthere's something you'd like to see included in this app. :) Ihaveopen sourced the version 2 of the app. It can be foundat .
Web Development 1.9
Put Solutions
Web Development is a Free app which teach you how to designanddevelop a web site and web application using PHP, MYSQL, CSS,CSS3,HTML, HTML5, JAVASCRIPT, jQeury, jQueryUI, AngularJS,Bootstrap,Ajax, Python, JSON, Web Services and Interview Questionsalltutorials. Responsive Web design, directly on your Androiddevices.All the lessons and topics are featured in a simple way andit isdivided into small topics with example for betterunderstanding,also it has interactive examples and web editor inwhich user cantry the code themselves and find the result real timewithin theapp. Web Development also features interactive examplesand codewhich the user can interact with and easily understand, thecodesfor the example is very useful for the users to understandtheparticular topic. Web Development is also a Web editor andIDEwhich helps users to run the code within the app and tweakthewebpage easily or try the example code themselves to understandtheconcept better. WHY USE WEB DEVELOPMENT : ITS FREE :Webdevelopment is a completely free app. LEARN MORE : PHP, MYSQL,CSS,CSS3, HTML, HTML5, JAVASCRIPT, jQeury, jQueryUI,AngularJS,Bootstrap, Ajax, Python, JSON, Web Services and InterviewQuestionsall tutorials. INTERACTIVE EXAMPLES : Interactive examplesarefeatured to help you learn and understand easily. TRYYOURSELFEDITOR : One of the simplest editor to run the web page orrun theexample codes within in the app. WORKS OFFLINE : You don'tneedinternet connectivity to run this app, learn everything offlineandwhere ever you are.
Libraries for developers 3.76
This application provides a collection of third party libraries,asa developer this application is essential for you. You willhaveinformation about the author, captures, license, description,linksof the library and you can try a working example withintheapplication. Most applications are listed on github, othersarefrom google code and bitbucket. From this application we wanttothank all the developers who publish their libraries forthebenefit of others. We hope that developers might find it useful.
Developer options 1.3
robin android
Set Android developer options with one click
App Update Checker
This app will help you to check for updates of all theappsinstalled on your phone. The app will list out all the appsthathas update available and also provide all details of the app.Theapp displays following essential information : - Current versionofthe app - Update version of the app - Package id of the app -Apptitle - Last modified date of app - Installation date of theappYou just need to open the application and click on the app youwantto update from the app list. The list is divided intoinstalledapplication and system application.
Curriculum Manager / Resume 2.1.3
The Curriculum Manager is an application that facilitatesthecreation of your resume, effectively and intuitively you enteryourinformation and it generates your resume. It prepares in aquickand practical way, a resume that can be generated in PDF andsendby e-mail by the app. All this features gathered into a usefulandproductive application. The main features of the CurriculumManagerare: • Create your resume quickly. • Edit your resumequickly andobjectively. • Generate a PDF version. • Panel fields,main menuwhere you see all your information in an easy andorganized way.•Distribute your resume by email productively. •Standard model forprofessional resume. • Necessary information topass the bestimpression through your resume.6fa8a2292b
Don't Fail - Matric Past Papers
Having recently matriculated, we know the struggle of findingpastpapers in order to study. Thus, Don't Fail was born. * Accessthewidest database of South African past papers right fromyourAndroid phone * Sync your preferences across devices withGoogleAccount integration * Organize your subjects for quick access*Mark exams as done when you've completed them, or save themforlater access - even when you don't have data. Stay tuned forfutureupdates - we're constantly trying to improve the matricexperiencefor you!
Playground 1.3.6
Pega Mobile Playground allows users to experience hands on someofthe rich features for mobile, UI, and Case Management thatarepossible through Pega's model driven visual mobile appdevelopmentplatform. Test drive UI elements like grids and tabs,deviceintegration like push notification, and Pega's industryleadingcase management capabilities by sampling an orderapprovalworkflow, and more! For more ideas and best practices on UXdesign,checkout
Simplified Coding 1.0.5
Simplified Coding is a blog for all the studentslearningprogramming. We are providing various tutorials relatedtoprogramming and application development. You can get variousniceand simplified tutorials related to programming, appdevelopment,graphics designing and animation. We are trying to makethesethings simplified and entertaining. We are writing texttutorialand creating video and visual tutorials as well.
SDK Search 1.3.3
Jake Wharton
Quickly search the classes in the Android SDK
Resume PDF Maker / CV Builder 1.9
Resume is first impression while job hunting. Resume PDF Makerappwill help you to create, make, edit, share professionalformatresumes in pdf format quickly. Professional looking resume isamust have when you apply for any job, going for an interview,jobhunting, job search, applying for jobs on job site etc.CurrentlyApp provides 7 formats / resume templates which aresuitable forinterns, fresher, and experienced job seeker. This appiscompletely free and offline Resume PDF Maker provides youreadymaderesume formats or samples or resume templates. To createresume youdo not need to worry about what format, what informationto putetc, just enter the information and forget about theformatting Itallows you to create, edit, preview the resumes in PDFand then youcan share, email, store on dropbox, google drive, orlocal memoryetc. Build Professional resumes instantly by providingbelowinformation ☆ Personal, Contact Info ☆ Resume headline ☆ProfilePhoto ☆ Objective ☆ Educational qualifications ☆ WorkExperience incompanies ☆ Projects worked upon ☆ Skills ☆Achievements ☆ Hobbies☆ Languages ☆ Declaration ☆ Signature You canmail resume withcover letter directly from app This app can be usedto create/makeResume, Curriculum vitae, CV samples, Professionalresumetemplates, resume editor. Create a resume using this app andgetsuccess in Job Hunting, success in career If you are lookingforjob and want to update your resume just give a try Your feedbackisalways welcome which will be very useful to improve the app
AIDE Web - Html,Css,JavaScript 1.0.181204
AIDE Web is a web editor and integrated developmentenvironment(IDE) for developing websites with Html/Css/JavaScriptdirectly onyour Android device. Follow interactive coding lessonsandstep-by-step become an expert web developer. Write code withthefeature rich editor with code completion, real-time errorchecking,refactoring and smart code navigation, and run yourwebsites with asingle click. Code JavaScript console applicationsto sharpen yourskills. AIDE Web features interactive lessons withstep-by-stepinstructions to learn JavaScript and web developmentskills. Followthe lessons, become an expert and apply what you'velearned in yourown web projects. AIDE will turn your Android tabletwith keyboardinto a real development box. We use the TransformerPrime to codewith AIDE. AIDE will turn your Android Phone into asmalldevelopment computer to browse and touch your code on the go.Abrief summary of features... Learn-to-code (in-app purchase):-Interactive lessons with step-by-step instructions -JavaScriptprogramming course - Web development course - SamplewebsitesEdit-compile-run cycle: - Create a sample website with asingleclick - Build Html/Css/JavaScript websites - Build pureJavaScriptconsole applications - Run your website with a singleclick - Viewyour website on other devices/computers in the same Lan- No rootaccess required - Twitter Bootstrap support Real-timeerrorchecking: - Real time error analyis throughout the wholeproject asyou type - Automatic Quick-Fixes for many errorsRefactoring: -Rename - Inline variable - Introduce variable -Extract methodCode: - Code formatter - Out-comment code Codenavigation: - Gotodefintion - Find usages - Goto symbol Editor: -Very fast editoreven with large files - Code completion forJavaScript, Html andCss - Syntax highlighting for JavaScript, Htmland Css - UnlimitedUndo/Redo - Pinch zoom - Smart expand selection- Keyboard supportwith configurable keybindings - UI optimized forsmall screens toshow as much code/content as possible Filebrowser:- Built-in filemanager with the most common features: Rename,delete, create fileor folder - Dropbox integration - Gitintegration withCommit/Dicard/Push/Pull/Branch/Merge and SSHsupport.
Free Resume Maker app-CV Builder app free Template 1.9
Free Resume Maker for resume creatingMy Resume Maker is ahandyapplication to create a resume. There are various resumeformatsavailable to choose. First you should fill all theinformation likefill in the blanks then you have to choose the bestformataccording to your needs. We gave 25+ ready-made resumetemplatesfor creating professional resume/cv.If you are looking fora simpleway to make free resume than your search over here. Usingthissimple app you can create Free Curriculum Vitae, Free CV,FreeBio-data and that will boost your career to the above level. Ifyousearching a job than you will definitely need a good resumeforending your job search. This is the best resume making app onplaystore.This app is for Resume builder for fresher &Experiencedcandidates with various resume formats such as simpleresume formatwith Name and address, photo, advanced resume withexperiencedetails.The main thing for getting a job is you must havea goodresume. And we provide the best way to create your resume forfreein the simplest way. But this easy resume builder app youcancreate cv for free.If you want to create your resume then youwillneed the following information inorder to use this resumecreatorapp- Your Personal information / Your ContactInformation-Education Qualification for your resume application-CareerObjective (We added some samples)- Past Work Experience-Pastprojects are done by you- Your Professional Skills-Achievements -Hobbies- Speaking Languages- Industrial ExposureHowto use ResumeBuilder app?1. Complete the resume profileFill all therequiredfields and details to generate the resume. You will getwarningmessage if anything is required or if any data is missing.2.SelectResume TemplateFirst select Format for resume - FreshersorExperienced (Expert) Resume format.Then select any resumetemplateand view the preview of the Curriculum Vitae (CV /Resume)3.Download Resume in PDF format or printYou can downloadresume inpdf format or print it.You can create resume for followingfieldsMarketing & Sales man resumeResume for college studentsandcover letterLibrarian resumeEngineering resume andcoverletterTeachers resumeStudent Internship resumeSoftwareengineerexperienced resumeCivil Engineering ResumeAccounting &FinanceresumeNurse resumeDoctor ResumeComputer engineeringresumeElectrical Engineering resumeDrivers resume Features of makemyresume for creating resume- Download as PDF format.- Easy toShareresume.- This resume builder completely free (no cost) &no -Free cv maker application & resume builder free &simpleresume maker- You can format resumes your self for yournewresume.- You can save my cv/my resume app for future use inthesaved resume section.- You can share your resumes to jobportalwebsites.- You can add your signature and pictures in yourresume-Simple and easy to build resume for free- Best job app evermade-The user can share resume on Facebook, Twitter,Whatsapp,Instagram, and Email.- The user can also save the resumesin pdfformats in phone gallery.- Best 5 Minute CV Maker &Templatesfor a job application.- Make cv for job application- Thereare manyresume styles added to the app itself- Best resume createrapp formaking quick resume- best visual experience with topresumequality- Resumes for fresher and experienced candidatesresume forjob.- Resume Builder Free, 5 Minute CV Maker &TemplatesMakeuse of our free resume app/free resume maker and buildresume witha perfect resume builder and share it with Job Searchapp likeLinkedin, Stackover flow jobs,Indeed, Glassdoor, Infojobs,Naukri,Times jobs etc. for a quick job,If you have any feedbackmail us [email protected]
Developer Toolbelt - Fill RAM 1.0.2
An open source app to help developers test their apps. Lowmemory& state issues are common reasons for crashes in Android.Ibuilt this app to reproduce low-memory situations & helpsquashbugs!There's a detailed guide on how to test your apphere:•FillRAM Memory• No annoying ads!If you have an idea for anotherfeature,head over to Github and create afeaturerequest:
CV/Resume Maker - Creator 1.1.8
Are you looking a free resume app for creating resume for job orfornew career? If so, you need a resume (Curriculum Vitae,CV,Bio-data) that will really impress your potential employer.Purposeof your resume is to get a job. Within a minute mostemployersdecide if to consider applicants for employment, so yourresumeformat must be clear, concise, and compelling. It is reallythatsimple to build resume and share a professional resume withthehelp of Free Resumes Maker App’s resume designs. Your CV willneverappear more appealing and professional than with theservicesoffered by our My Resume / CV Builder. Free Resume Makerforfreshers & Free Resume Maker for Experienced - Createbestprofessional resume in seconds with free resume template. Withthehelp of our Resume Maker and CV Builder app you can find resumestocreate professional looking free resumes. Free Resume MakerAppFeatures: • Professional Resume/CV Maker • Save as PDF document•Preview PDF on your device • Download, Edit, Preview,Rename,Delete, Email with just a few clicks • Choose out ofPre-defaultResume/CV styles from 25 styles. •Step by step resumehelp tocreate best resumes • Get quick resume in minutes How tocreate aCV & best professional resume with our Resume Maker appFree?The sample resume formats / examples given in the apparerecommended by top universities. Only the best resume samplesareprovided so you can choose one without any confusion. Therearevarious resume formats available. First you should fill alltheinformation like fill in the blanks then you have to choosethebest format according to your needs. We gave 10 ready-maderesumetemplates. Resume Maker Free / CV Maker / Free Resume Appincludes:* Contact information * Objective * Academic Information *WorkExperience * Projects * Strength and Curricular Activities*Industrial Exposure * Reference * Picture and Signature etc.Makeuse of our free resume app/free resume maker and build resumewitha perfect Resume Maker and share it with Job Search applikeIndeed, Glassdoor, Infojobs, Naukri, indeed, Times jobs etc.,
AndroidNative Preview 6.6
Stan's Assets
This is preview application for android native Unity3dplugin.Theplaying can be purchased on UnityAssetStore.!/content/10825
IDEAL U.S. Currency Identifier 2.0
A. INSTRUCTIONS FORUSE-------------------------------------------1.Launch IDEALCurrency Identifier2. Read the start-up banner3.Select, “Do NotShow This Banner Again” or “Show Banner AtStart-up.”4. GIVE THEAPPLICATION DATABASE 30-45 SECONDS TO LOAD.5.Place your Androiddevice on top of, in the middle of; and inparallel with the noteyou wish to identify. 6. Slowly raise yourdevice directly upwardsuntil it speaks the denomination and face ofthe note. 7. If theabove process does not work the first time,please try again. Ittakes a little practice...B.IMPORTANTNOTES----------------------------------1. Most Important:IDEALCurrency Identifier was not designed to, nor can it,identifycounterfeit notes;2. Notes being identified should beplaced on ahard, flat, surface in good lighting.3. A text-to-speechvoiceneeds to be installed on your device in order for thisapplicationto work.4. Notes that are wrinkled, worn, scanned inpoor lighting,torn, or disfigured may not be identified ormisidentified. 5. Usethis app at your risk;..C. NEW FEATURES INTHISVERSION----------------------------------------------------------1.Identifiesnote more quickly; and,2. Recognizes the redesigned $100note. ..D.IDEAL CURRENCY IDENTIFIERCONTINUESTO---------------------------------------------------------------------------1.Identifythe following notes: a. 1 notes (1963 - present); b. $2notes (1976- present); c. $5 notes (1993 - present); and, d. $10,$20, $50, and$100 notes (1990 - present). 2. Work without anInternet connection;..E. IMAGES OF ALLIDENTIFIABLENOTES---------------------------------------------------------------
KotlinConf 1.0.9
The official KotlinConf 2018 App. Get the latest schedule, saveandvote for your favourite sessions directly from your mobile!
Интернет-магазин Сима-ленд — всё по оптовым ценам
Интернет-магазин Сима-ленд — крупнейший в России оптовыйпоставщиктоваров для дома, работы и отдыха. Делайте покупки понизким ценам,участвуйте в акциях и экономьте!В приложении собранывсе товары,которыми вы пользуетесь каждый день, по цене на 30-50 %ниже, чем вобычных магазинах.Что можно заказать в интернет-магазинеСима-ленд•Детские товары: игрушки и конструкторы, детскую одежду иобувь,товары для новорождённых, школьников и подростков.• Товарыдляпраздников: уникальные сувениры, подарки со всего светадлямальчиков и девочек, мужчин и женщин.• Эксклюзивныетовары:сувениры собственной разработки, подарочныеканцтовары,лицензионная продукция Disney, MARVEL, Mattel и другихлегендарныхбрендов.И ещё 39 разделов: от товаров для зимней рыбалкииспортивных игр до элитной парфюмерии, одежды иавтозапчастей.Всекатегории удобно структурированы: фильтруйтекаталог по десяткампараметров, читайте подробные описания иузнавайте характеристикилюбого товара.Приложение работает на любыхустройствах и полностьюсинхронизируется с сайтом: вы можетедобавить товары в корзину скомпьютера, а потом оформить заказ стелефона инаоборот.Преимущества работы с Сима-ленд• Персональныйменеджер24/7. Быстро отвечаем на вопросы покупателей, помогаемвыбратьнужный товар, консультируем по почте или телефону.• Разныеспособыоплаты. В зависимости от выбранного типа доставки вы можетелибооплатить заказ картой или банковским переводом, а такженаличнымипри получении, либо купить товар в кредит.• Доставка влюбой город.Бесплатно или недорого привезём покупки. В сетидоставки 1 300населённых пунктов России, страны СНГ и любые другиетерритории.•Сервис совместных покупок. Находим организаторовсовместных покупокиз вашего города, чтобы вы могли сделать заказ насумму меньшеминимальной.Если при использовании приложения у васвозникнуттрудности или случится сбой, нажмите «Связаться с нами».Тогда наширазработчики получат информацию об ошибке и исправят её.E-shopSima-lend - Russia's largest wholesale supplier of productsforhome, work and leisure. Shop at low prices, participateinpromotions and save!The application contains all the productsthatyou use every day, at a price 30-50% lower than inconventionalstores. What can be ordered in the online storeSima-lend •Children's products: toys and designers, children'sclothing andfootwear, goods for newborns, schoolchildren andteenagers.•Holiday Supplies: unique souvenirs, gifts from aroundthe world forboys and girls, men and women.• Exclusive products:proprietarysouvenirs, gift stationery, licensed products Disney,MARVEL,Mattel and other legendary brands.And another 39 sections:from thegoods for winter fishing and sports games to luxuryperfumes,clothing and auto parts.All categories comfortablystructured:Filters catalog on dozens of parameters, read detaileddescriptionsand learn the characteristics of any product.Theapplication workson any device and is fully synchronized with thesite: You can additems to cart with a computer, and then place yourorder with yourphone and vice versa. Advantages of Sima-land •Account Manager24/7. to respond quickly to customer questions, helpselect theright product, consult by mail or phone.• Various paymentmethods., depending on the type of delivery you can either pay bycard orbank transfer and cash at reception or buy goods oncredit.•Delivery to any city. Free or inexpensive'll bringshopping. Thenetwork delivery 1300 Russia populated points, the CIScountries,and any other territory.• joint service purchases. findtheorganizers of the joint purchase of your city so you can makeanorder for an amount less than the minimum.If you use anapplicationyou have any difficulty or failure occurs, click on"Contact us".Then our developers get information about the errorand correct it.
This is the new version of DrexelOne. DrexelOne 3.0 is forAndroiddevices running 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and better. This appprovides adashboard of the key information in the Drexel Universitywebportal along with useful functions and campusinformation.DrexelOne is optimized for smart phones, but will runon tablets.General Features: - Campus maps - Directories ofstudents, faculty,and staff - DragonCard merchant lists andcontacts - Shuttle busschedules - Campus news and events, andathletics information -Candid Campus and Candid Question Student,Faculty, and StaffFeatures: - General announcements and holds withpush notification- Courses, class schedules, grades, and advisors -Courseinstructors, announcements, and grades - Co-op interviewschedulesand job descriptions - DragonCard and Dining plan Balances- PhotoClass Lists and tracking data - Accrued leave balances [ForDrexelemail access from your phone, see]
TAMIL - C, C++, Java, C# and 50+ Technologies. 3.0
Collectiva Knowledge Academy offers Computer courses,SpokenEnglish, and Skill Development courses in Tamil for thebenefit ofthe school & college students and the job searchers.Thehighlighting feature of these courses are that the coursesaredelivered by a technological expert of about 25 years ofsoftwaredevelopment experience and huge experience in teachingtoo.Learning the computer languages through Tamil ensures thatthestudent understands each and every bit of information aboutthelanguage elements to the 100% accuracy level. This willensuresmooth professional experience when they go for the job.Theauthorconcentrates highly on to explaining the core concepts behindanytechnology that makes a student to understand theunderlyingconcepts very clearly. This will ensure a student toeasily masterthe selected technology very easily and in a quickspan of time.Thecourses are purely practical oriented and theauthor explains withthe necessary power point presentations andlive coding examples.If you can understand and work out theexamples provided by theauthor to at least 60%, then definitely youneed not worry about anIT Job. Your job is 100% assured with thepractical knowledge yougain here.We offer about 40% of videos ineach course at free ofcost. If you are satisfied with the flow ofteaching, then you maybuy our special offered packages at a veryaffordable cost throughour website If youneed any help to buyour courses please feel free tocontact/whatsapp us (+91) 850 8502000.Few of our courses availableare listed below under differentcategories. For the latest set ofcourses available with us, kindlyvisit our above mentionedwebsite.Personality DevelopmentCoursesEffective TimeManagementRapid Reading for StudentsSpokenEnglishSpoken Hindi(Level-1)Computer Fundamental CoursesComputerFundamentals &InternetMicrosoft WordMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoftPowerpointSoftwareDevelopment FundamentalsProfessional Degree in CProgrammingLogicalThinking - A Programming Drill downProfessionalDegree inC++Professional Degree in Core JavaMind Bending CProgramsBatchProcessing & C ProgrammingC QuickRefresher.NetFundamentalsVB.NET ProgrammingProfessional SQL ServerDatabaseDesignProfessional Degree in C# ProgrammingC# AdvancedProjectLINQand Entity FrameworkWindows Communication FoundationWebDevelopmentCoursesHTMLCascading Style Sheet (CSS)Javascript&JQueryProfessional Degree in ASP.NET Web DevelopmentASP.NETMiniProjectProfessional Degree in ASP.NET MVCMobileDevelopmentCoursesAndroid Application DevelopmentFoundationProfessionalDegree in Android ApplicationDevelopmentCreativity DevelopmentCoursesSolving Rubik's CubeTimeManagement for StudentsSolvingSudoku PuzzlesRapid Reading forKidsChess from Beginner toMasterLife SkillsFreeBody, Tamil,MathsLife, Power, KarmaLife -Questions and AnswersLove, Sex, Lifeand EnlightenmentBeIdleGuidelines for ParentsBeginning Mathematicsfor KidsRole ofParents in Children EducationWe request all thestudents fromTamilnadu and all over the world to utilize this appto learn thetechnology to the best. We also request all the parentsto guidetheir children to make use of our services to enrich therealskills and talents.All the best.Collectiva Knowledge Academy
Developer Device Information
Application for collect information on android device for usingonapp development. Many developers have a problem aboutinformationfor develop app. They have too little information fromthemdevices. That causes of a bug on many application becausetheydon't know about other devices information which differentfromthem devices. You can help them by install our app on yourdeviceand choose "Run Testing" to collect information on device andsendyou our server then we will public all information from alldevicesto all developers who need these information.We don'tcollect yourprivate data, we just collect data which useful todeveloper. Theseinclude the following:• Build - Model, Product,Manufacturer,etc...• Android Version - Version Name, Version Code,API Version,etc...• CPU : Processor name, Hardware name, etc...•GPU : Graphicprocessor name, Vendor, etc...• Memory : Total memory,Heap size,etc...• Storage : Internal storage size, External storagesize, SDsupported, etc...• Connection : Bluetooth supported,Telephonysupported, NFC supported, etc...• Sensor : Sensor name,Vendor,Sensor type, etc...• Screen : Resolution, Densiry, Size,etc...•Camera : Picture resolution, Video size, Color effect, etc•Feature: Uses Features supported and unsupportedFor "App List", Wedon'tcollect this data because is not useful for developer. We justaddthis feature for developer to view all app and package name inthedevice.FAQ : How can I sent my device information to yourserver?-Just submit in our app and waiting for app to collectinformationand send to our server. (Don't forget connect tointernet)How can Isee all android information on your server- Underconstruction (Wewill tell you after finishing)This applicationreally safety? -Yes, we promise. you can view our source code fromhere
Current Activity 1.5.2-play
A useful tool for Android Developers, which shows the packagenameand class name of current activity.It's now open sourcedat 1. Youcanrun "adb shell dumpsys window windows | grep -E 'mCurrentFocus'"to see the current activity.2. You can track the activitiesbyLogcat. Just add a Logcat Filter with Log Tag "ActivityManager"andLog Message "START.*".3. Or you can run this shellscript Usethisalfred workflow( the easiestway to access the Activity name on Mac
Developer Assistant 1.0.5
Apps Isle
A powerful debugging app for Android. Developer Assistantmakesdebugging native Android apps as simple as debugging webpagesusing Chrome’s Developer Tools. It allows you to inspect theViewhierarchy, verify Layout, Style, preview Translations andmore.Everything can be done directly from the mobile device. Worksformost Android apps.Developer Assistant uses a mixture ofofficialAPIs and sophisticated heuristics in order to show morethan othertools available at runtime. It’s tailored to helpprofessionalslike Developers, Testers, Designers and Power Users intheir dailyweird tasks.Developer Assistant is… right, the assistantapp, youcan bring it to front at any time by simple gesture likelongpressing the home button.INSPECT ALMOST ANY ANDROIDAPPDeveloperAssistant can inspect Android applications based onofficialAndroid SDK. It supports also web based apps and web sitesrenderedby Google Chrome web browser. Support for other kinds ofapps canbe limited.KEEP CALM & PRIVACYDeveloper Assistantdoesn’trequire root or any specific requirements. It respectssystemsecurity and user privacy. Any data collected from a screenisprocessed locally (offline). Apps and views declared as securearerespected, Developer Assistant even can’t access theircontent.Android assistant apps have access to screen data onlyaftermanually invoked by a user.WHAT YOU GET FOR FREEA 30day trialofprobably the most advanced assistant app dedicated forAndroidDevelopers, Testers, Designers and Power Users. After thisperiod,decide: get a professional license or stay with free, abitlimited, however still usable assist app.CHECKCURRENTACTIVITYDevelopers can check class name of currentactivity,especially helpful for larger projects. Testers willappreciateunified solution to access the app version name, versioncode alongwith common actions like ‘app info’ or‘uninstall’.INSPECT VIEWHIERARCHYTesters writing automation testsand developers chasingbugs can inspect hierarchy of elementsdisplayed on the screen,directly from the mobile device. Theconcept is similar toinspection of web pages with well known devtools shipped with theleading web browsers.✔ Inspect viewidentifiers, class names, textstyle or color.✔ Preview the bestmatching layout resourcesdisplayed next to their root views.VERIFYLAYOUTDesigners, testersand developers can finally check size andposition of variouselements presented directly on the mobiledevice. Did you everwonder what is the exact distance of a givenbutton to a given textlabel on particular device? Or maybe, what isthe size ofparticular element in density points? DeveloperAssistant providestoolkit to help verify and satisfy requirementsfrom designers likepixel or rather DP perfect design.SEE CONTEXTOFTRANSLATIONSDeveloper Assistant gives translationofficespossibility to display translation keys next to textelements,directly on a mobile device. Translators get what’s themostimportant in order to provide quality translation: thecontextwhere a given text is used.✔ Translation keys displayed nexttotext elements.✔ Translations for other languages can bepreviewed(no need to change the language of mobile device).✔Minimum andmaximum length among existing translations.ANDMORE...DeveloperAssistant is under development, stay tuned for newfeatures tocome!
🚀 Quick Reboot - #1 phone & tablet reboot manager 2.1.1
*** This app requires root access to work *** If you do not havearooted device can't be used. If you do not know what "root"is,please do some research about. Please do not leave a badfeedbackbecause it's not an app's fault. 😔 Your buttons are wearingout? 😐Advanced reboot options are not available in your smartphoneortablet? 😟 Bored by being forced to use ADB or terminal toenteradvanced modes? Forget everything! 😄 This application givesyouaccess to all the advanced reboot options in one single place.Youdon't need to type commands in terminal neither do anythingelseand your buttons are safe. YAY! 😀 🆒 Quick Reboot providesapowerful shortcut system and an all-in-one widget for yourhomescreen too! Reboot has never been faster. 🚀 Additionalfeatures: ➡Configurable shortcuts to run specific actions ➡ Widgetfor LGSmart Bulletin (G3, G4, G5, G6, G7, V10, V20, V30 and G Flex2) ➡Configurable icons for the app and the all-in-one widget ➡Twothemes to choose for the app interface and widget: light anddark ➡Show and hide actions individually Available reboot optionsandactions: ➡ Normal reboot ➡ Enter safe mode ➡ Fast reboot(UI/apps)➡ Reboot to recovery ➡ Reboot to bootloader* ➡ Power off ➡RestartSystemUI ➡ Screen lock *fastboot mode for supporteddevices,download mode for Samsung Fastboot mode (reboot tobootloader): itsbehavior cannot be handled by this app who onlyprovides a way toenter it. The device may not allow the user toexit it without ADB,for example in case of non-removable battery orunavailable resetby long pressing the power/lock key. In case youare stuck infastboot mode, grab a computer and do the following: 1-Install ADBand fastboot from 2- Make sure youhaveinstalled the proper USB drivers for your device and connect ittothe computer 3- In a terminal window, type fastboot rebootandpress enter Alternately, let the battery discharge until autopoweroff. Safe mode: Android will temporarily disable all the userappsincluding Quick Reboot. To exit it, reboot or power off yourdevicewith the built-in power menu accessible by long pressingthepower/lock key. Found issues? Please contact me or select"Support"inside this app rather than leaving a bad feedback. 🙂 Ifyou canhelp me to translate this app in more languages, pleasecontact mevia e-mail at [email protected] Thank you! 🍻Credits: -Anthony Boyd ( PixelXL mockup -Lucas Smith ( Nexus 7mockup -Matt Reed ( Nexus 9mockupTags: root, advanced, antares, mobile, easy, quick, phone,reboot,restart, recovery, fastboot, download, nougat, oreo,pie,smartphone, tablet, system, screen, display, bootloader,restartphone, restart device, restart android
Preferences Manager 1.8.3
Preferences Manager is an Open Source application that allows youtoseamlessly edit application's preferences.This applicationrequiresa rooted phone! Without root access, it can't doanything.Androidprovides several options for developers to saveapplication data.The most frequent solution is the SharedPreferences framework. It'sa simple way to store private primitivedata in key-value pairs.Unfortunately, this method is not verysecure... It consists in asimple XML file stored in the privatefolder, specific to the app.But in the case of a rooted device,theses files can be read, editedand even deleted.PreferencesManager allows you to edit thesepreferences in a simple and easyway. You can for instance increaseyour highscores, modify yourprogression, or just debug yourapplication preferences.Disclaimer: I take no responsibility forany fault or damage caused by anyprocedures within thisapplication. Do only use it if you reallyknow what you are doing. Idon't assume any liability if you brickyour device or anyapplication. If an application does not workproperly anymore, youcan clear its data from the Settings app. Youmay not use theapplication for any illegal or unauthorizedpurpose!
BootUnlocker for pre-2014 Nexus Devices 1.6.1
Segv's Tools
This application REQUIRES a Galaxy Nexus (GSM, Verizon, orSprint),Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 10, or OnePlus Onewithroot. Nexus 6 and newer devices contain security measures intheirbootloaders, connected with factory-reset protection.Thesemeasures make it very difficult to use root to lock/unlockthebootloader, and as a result it is unlikely that Nexus 6, Nexus9,Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P will ever besupported.-------------You'verooted your device, and you are tryingto decide between thesecurity of relocking your bootloader (withstock recovery and USBDebugging off), and the flexibility ofleaving it unlocked.You knowthat in order to prevent anunauthorized user from accessing yourdata by flashing a customrecovery, "fastboot oem unlock" wipesyour data. This also meansthat if you relock your bootloader, youwill need to do a fullbackup-and-restore whenever you decide tounlock itagain.BootUnlocker for Nexus Devices lets you have thebest of bothworlds by using root privileges to unlock yourbootloader fromwithin Android, without wiping your data. Thisallows you to keepyour bootloader locked for security, with thisapplication safelyprotected behind your lockscreen password.Whenever you want tounlock or relock your bootloader, just unlockyour screen and runBootUnlocker.License:--------BootUnlocker forNexus Devices_ is OpenSource Software, licensed under the ApacheLicense, Version2.0: codeisavailable on GoogleCode: requiredbyapplicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributedunderthe License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUTWARRANTIESOR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. SeetheLicense for the specific language governing permissionsandlimitations under the License.Support:--------For support, youcan:* Open an issue on Google Code * Join this app's discussion onXDA: * Email the developer
New Launcher 2018 themes, icon packs, wallpapers 5.1
N Dev Team
New Launcher 2018 themes, icon packs, wallpapers with manyenhancedfeatures, latest Android™ 8.0 Oreo and 7.0 Nougat launcherstyle,native launcher experience, and feature-rich powerfullauncher. ★Notice: 1. New Launcher's original name is NougatLauncher, whichwas the best Nougat style launcher, now we had torename andrepublish it according to play store policy, sorry fortheinconvenient. 2. For all previous Nougat Launcher users,pleaseinstall this New Launcher 2018 to get bug fixes and newfeatures,we develop actively to make New Launcher better andbetter, thanks.★ New Launcher main features: - Android™ 8.0 Oreoand 7.0 Nougatlauncher style, available for Android 4.1+ devices -Android nativelauncher experience, yet with many enhanced handylauncher features- 5000+ launcher themes and icon pack - Verticaldrawer orHorizontal drawer are supported, you have the choice - Twoappdrawer style:All apps sectioned by alphabet or just compactstyle -Widgets drawer: Widgets classified by apps in launcherwidgetsdrawer - Hide app, even lock hidden app, protect yourprivacy -Unread counts for missed call and unread SMS - Booster:one tap toboost phone, you can even perform deep boost - Gestures:doubletap, swipe up/down, pinch in/out, two fingers gestures - A-Zfastscroller in Launcher Drawer, help you find and open app quickly-Lock launcher desktop layout option - Drawer backgroundcoloroption - Search bar style configuration - Launcherwallpaperscrolling option - Icon size, label size/color option -Launchergrid size option - Support cool Android 7.0 Nougat stylecircleanimation - Drawer background style: light card, dark card,no cardNotes: - Android is a trademark of Google Inc. - NewLauncher isnot official Nougat/Oreo Launcher, it is an enhancementof nativelatest Android launcher with many value-added features.★★★★★ Weare trying our best to build New Launcher 2018 - theme,icon pack,wallpaper better and better, please try this new 2018launcherversions, your rating and comments are encouraging to us,thanks alot