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Strung Along 1.2.7
Strung Along lets you control a wooden string puppet step bystep,literally. Avoid obstacles by walking, jumping and grabbingontothings. The game features a wide array of different actswithplatforming, balancing and timing puzzles. There is alsotheendless mode to perfect and practice your moves and stay uprightaslong as possible. GAME FEATURES * Unique walking gameplay! *Manychallenging acts featuring timing and platforming puzzles!*Endless mode for practicing and honing your skills! *Beautifulvisuals and entertaining physics simulation! * Funnyaccessories todress up your puppet! * Soothing classical music! *Free of Ads andIAPs
Five Nights with Froggy
Once, a few old toys of the late King Froggold the Firstwerebroughtto the Fairy Kingdom as a gift to the royal children.Thechildrenwere delighted and ran to play with them, but the storyisnot quiteabout that... After buying a new apartment, youurgentlyneeded agood job, and you decided to get a job with therichestperson inPrague. Recently, some vandals have often raidedon hisroyal garden.You will have to work as a night guard at theroyalgarden and makesure that no vandal gets into the garden.Theinstructions will beexplained to you by the main servant ofKingFroggold the Second.Warning, for stable game experiencerequires 2GB of RAM and more!
Stickman Five Nights Survival 2 1.2
Can you survive another five nights in the stickman madhouse?Keepaneye on your security cameras. Use your trackers topinpointthewhereabouts of the madhouse inmates. Use the new stunbuttontoelectrocute the stickmen and stop them from moving (forashorttime). Close the doors to stop the inmates attackingyou!Welcometo the 2nd most scary stickman game ever created! Canyousurvivefive night shifts and reach the end of the week!
Week with animatronically 1.1
Valera Games
Long ago in the distant, maybe not a distant galaxy, theshorterofthe earth! There lived a boy named Valera. He loved to gotoonepizzeria. Then it was closed. Valera certainly did notexpecttosee it, but I had to. When he sat down at the laptop tolookforany fun, then he heard the dogs and turned to look outthewindow,but even he did not expect to see but there whofledabruptly. thenthe door creaked. In short, he was gone.Attentionthe game wascreated on a strong unit!!!
Piano Tap - fnaf 12
Five Nights at Freddy's fnaf Piano Tap is developedtofulfileveryone's piano dreams. Don't touch on the white tiles,taptheblack tiles to keep the song going. If you love piano ormusic,youwill enjoy this piano tap app. All piano lover shoulddownloadthispiano tap app! DISCLAIMER: Five Nights at Freddy's fnafPianoTapis an unofficial fan application. It is not affiliatedwithorendorsed by Five Nights at Freddy's fnaf, or his recordlabel.Thisapp does not include any copyrighted material. Thepianomelodiesare arranged with individual piano notes..Forentertainmentpurposes only.
Jurassic Nights 2 11.0
3 Difficulty levels:EASY:Speed: LowDinos: 4Seek Time: HighMadness: LowMEDIUM:Speed: MediumDinos: 6Seek Time: MediumMadness: MediumHARD:Speed: HighDinos: 10Seek Time: LowMadness: HighRewards: 6 unlockable wallpapers.Rate and Share.GAME RULES:Rule 1: Surviving for 5 nights until 6am, checking camerasandclosing the doors.Rule 2: The battery power is consumed (with the use ofcameras,lights and doors closed).Rule 3: You need to close the door in the room wheretheTyrannosaurys Rex is (number 13). If the Tyrannosaurys Rexgetsthrough the other side of the door, you will die in seconds,maybeminutes (fear?).Rule 4: You must explore the cameras and quickly return to yourroomto not consume much energy. To do this, click on the "x" thatsays"You".Rule 5: When jurassic dinosaurs are near your room, always checkthedoors, turn on and off lights. When you see a dinosaur justclosethe door a few seconds.Rule 6: Dinosaurs, attack at different times from the door ofyourroom.Rule 7: You have to be calm. Good Luck!!!
Simulator animatronics Full 4.1
Valera Games
Here you have to scare the security guard by yourself!Drivinganimatronically. Here I added something interesting to youwill notbe bored playing the game. The author of the game onyoutube Nicegame:-)
Burger Fred Chef 1.5
Burger Fred ChefFred Burger Chef - This game is a joke application where youcanplay the role of chef Fred!Help Fred to serve all customers! Do it as quickly as possible!Beatanother record for the most points! The faster and morecorrect tofulfill orders more points! Collect burgers andcheeseburgers right!You will succeed!The game will appeal to all! Open your restaurant oncookingburgers!Attention! This app is created just for fun!Thank you for playing with us leave us your feedback and wewillmake our game even better for you!