Top 47 Games Similar to Legends of Throne (Dreamsky)

Pixelmon Battle Craft GO: Cube World
Hello my friend! Do you want new adventures, exciting battles?Thenthis game is right for you! In our sandbox you are waiting foranamazing mystical animals - pixelmons. Also in the store there isastore in which you can buy the necessary things, forexample,monster balls, eggs, which you can evolve your pixelmon,and ofcourse gifts in which you can fall out the rarest, epic, andeventhe legendary pixelmones !! Start explore the cubic sandboxrightnow! Fight with the evil, friends with the good pixelmon,buildyour home! Pocket craft with minimons is what you need, dearfriend:) Explore the cube world filled with monsters, full ofmysteriesand secrets along with your new friends - pixelmons.Fight! Catch!Build! Collect experience points to pump your pixeland help himevolve:)Features:-Open World - sandbox-3 kindofpixelmons-Intraining battles-A lot of differentpixelmons-Abilityto evolve the minimon-Multiple blocks forcrafting-Proceduralgeneration of the world-Beautiful animations andeffects-BattleArenaSoon:-Multiplayer-The change of night andday-New kinds ofpixelmones-New types of gifts!-New types of maincharacters-Skinsfor boys and girlsIf you have not yet explored anew cube worldfilled with pixelmons, then start right now, becomethe besttrainer for your pets! :)
Long Craft: World Of Pixel 2.2.3
A new 3D sandbox. Here you will receive an unlimited pleasurefromthe adventures in cubical towns. Plunge into a mysteriousforest,inspect all of the island, Manage to conquer all themountain topsand swim all the rivers and the sea! Learn to flyabove thebeautiful cubic world! Advanced colorful graphics, evenmore gamingopportunities, more interesting and more fun! Come tothe role of abrave traveler, hunter, builder, architect,researcher, expert insurvival!This game will reveal yourcreativity, and contribute tothe development of your creativity!-Free- Freedom of action-Beautiful gameplay- Easy and convenientoperation- New realisticgraphics- The network game- Switch betweenthe Creator / Survival-Quest with elements of fighting with theenemy- For children andadults
Mini World: Block Art 0.41.10
MiniPlay Inc
Game Description Mini World is a 3D free-to-play sandbox gameaboutadventure, exploration, and creating your dream worlds. Thereis nogrinding or leveling up. No IAP gate that locks features fromfreeto play players. Everyone can enjoy the game’s full featureswithgreat freedom Survival Mode Collect resources, build toolsandshelters to survive. Keep crafting and upgrading and youeventuallywill have a chance to challenge epic monsters in theDungeon, aloneor with friends Creation Mode Players are given allthe sourcesfrom the start. By placing or removing blocks, you canbuild afloating castle, a mechanism that harvest automatically or amapthat plays music. Sky's the limit Play Games made by thecommunityWant to play something quick? just hop on some funmini-games mademy our players. The featured mini-games are fieldtested mapshand-picked by our hardcore fans. Mini-games come indifferentgenres: parkour, puzzle, FPS, or strategy. They are lotsof fun andit’s a great way to make some friends online Features: ♦Updates -new contents and events update every month ♦ OfflineSingle Playerand Online Multiplayer - the player can choose to playsolo withoutWifi or hop online and play with friends ♦ EnormousSandbox World -explore an expansive sandbox world with a variety ofuniquemonsters, blocks, materials, and mines. ♦ Powerfulgame-editor -there are various types of mini-games, spanning fromparkour, topuzzle, to FPS,to strategy, etc... all can be created intheingame-editor ♦ Gallery - you can upload or download games ormapsyou made to the Gallery for others to download and play, orhave alook at the hottest maps by other players ♦ Game mode -survivalmode, creation mode or mini games created by other players♦Localization Support - the game now supports up to 14languages:English, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese,Korean,Vietnamese, Russian, Turkish, Italian, German, IndonesianandChinese Contact us:MiniworldCustomerService@gmail.comFacebook: Twitter:@miniwantechDiscord:
Color by Number - No.Draw 1.4.1
Creative APPS
Colors by Number is the most popular FREE color by number gameforeveryone.There’re tons of interesting pixel arts for you tocolor,and more updated daily; you’ll never run out of coloringmaterials!SUPER EASY GAMEPLAY: Each pixel block has a numberinside. You canjust color by number, and you’ll have a piece ofsuper cool pixelartwork! Colors by Number isn’t just incredibly funto play, italso helps you practice drawing and coloring skills. AndColor byNumber can be really stress relieving. Just relax and enjoyasession of nice and comfy color therapy! No matter what ageyouare, Color by Number can always be the best one for you!Downloadfor FREE now and have fun coloring! Download now and have agreattime coloring!
Color by Number: Pixel Art 4.8
Play the best number coloring sandbox app on Android! ForFree!PixelSandbox: Cartoon Number Coloring is popular amongchildren andadult!It’s a free number draw sandbox APP foreveryone.There’re manyinteresting pixel cartoon characters andnumber books for you tocoloring.How to play:✔Paint by numbers inthis interesting sandboxgame,✔Pick color and drop in the samenumbers’ blocks.✔That you’llfinished a cool pixel work. "Color bynumber cartoon pixel are agreat way to teach your kids or studentsbasic number recognition,how to use a legend, and it will givethem the opportunity todevelop sense of beauty and sense ofart.""This is a great activityto practice your drawing skills.It’s also fun for any age to try tofinish the drawing by coloringthe numbers.”Highlights:✔ EASY tocolor with numbers✔ FUN to colorcartoon characters✔ ENJOY creatinganti-stress pixel art✔ FREE toplay with hundreds of pictures✔ SHAREyour masterpieces withfriends on Facebook, Instagram etc.Join PixelSandbox: CartoonNumber Coloring to create your pixel artworkeasily! It is perfectfor adults and kids who love to paint andcolor by number. You willfind so many free and fascinating cartoonpictures in Pixel Cartoon- Color by Number Sandbox, like flowers,animals, and food, whichsuit for both adults and kids.Let's makecoloring by number be yourfavorite hobby and addicted to it again!
Pixel Art - Color By Number, Sandbox Coloring Book 3.2
Coloring by numbers is an excellent way of relaxationandmeditation. It is perfect for adults and family who love topaintand color by number. Color by numbers develop yourconcentration,color matching skills, accuracy and precision whichprovides a widerange of fascinating pictures and color the ones youlike to createyour own artworks allowing you to impress yourfriends,family andthe whole world with masterpieces!With tons ofinteresting andfashionable coloring pages, you will find coloringis never so fun.Enjoy the coloring book with your creative ideasand feel yourselfas an artist with a complete variety of antistress pictures How ToPlay: -First of all choose the worksheet orpicture you want topaint. -When you zoom in,you will see that thereare alot of smallboxes with numbers inside which indicates that youwill fill thesenumbers by the boxes given below with colors.Thenchoose colorsaccording to numbers and paint boxes. -Just paint bynumbers inthis interesting sandbox game. -Color drop in the samenumbersblocks. -Just follow the numbers in pictures and make anamazingdrawing.If you will paint box by other number then no needto beworried.You can also have an opportunity to recover your boxby theexact color number & release your creativity. It's anamazingunicorn number coloring book! Very beautiful animals,flowerpictures, fascinating patterns will help you to freestress,develop color matching skills and reveal the painterinside.According to the numbers, sandbox color provides spectacularormasterpieces for relaxation, meditation, concentration,inspirationto friends, family and the whole world! Sandbox colorpixels bringsyou: -Many sections of coloring pages that fit in anytaste:According to the county painting you can find in ourapplication avariety of beautiful Animals, Birds, Flowerspictures,Mandalas,Patterns, Ladders, Places, Foods and more. -User-friendlyinterface: saves design and trouble-free performance.- Quicksharing: share pictures with your friends in just one touch.- Alot of great content to discover: the collection is updatedwithnew pictures you can paint every week. Sandbox NumberColoringcreated for children which are in the process fordeveloping theirskills and knowledge with many interesting pixelpages and numberbooks to coloring. Pixel is an amusing sandboxcoloring thatteaches accuracy and precision, which also helps themdevelop motorvehicles, introducing numbers and colors for them. Itis an easyway to uncover the painter in the painting according tocolor bynumber.As you can sustain painting, you will get a work ofartsynchronized with it.Creating masterpieces by your own handsandrelief your stress. Features: -Color pictures according tothenumber and highlighted area -Coloring By Number is an amazingwayto improve drawing skills -Perfectly develops children finemotorskills -Paint easily any image. -Family-friendly content:coloringanti-stress pictures suits for both adults & family-Perfectrelaxing way to become the master of your own mind.-Sandbox numbercoloring have many interesting pixel pages andnumber books for youto coloring Color by number pages are a greatway to teach yourstudents basic number recognition, how to use andit will give themthe opportunity to work on their fine motorskills. Trains yourconcentration and steadiness Or just want tocolor your own way,practice your drawing and coloring skill. Thisis a great activityto practice your drawing skills. It’s also funfor any age to tryto finish the drawing.You will always get aharmonic work of art asa result of the coloring process.
Christmas Pixel Art: Sandbox Paint,Color By Number 3.1
Get set for the holidays with a fun and educational pixelartChristmas coloring game, paint by numbers and follow theSantacoloring guides. Two fun-filled activities bundled into onejust intime for cold winter entertainment. Our color by number gamewillhelp you to learn the importance of paying attention todetailwhile matching the number on the drawing to the correspondingcoloror for a greater challenge, use your precision and follow theguideto determine where to paint the corresponding colors. Adultsloveto color by numbers and we've got a bunch for you to choosefrom.Color by number pages is a great way to teach your studentsbasicnumber recognition, how to use and it will allow them to workontheir fine motor skills. Enjoy the coloring book with yourcreativeideas and feel like an artist with a complete varietyofanti-stress pictures. This free paint by number Christmascoloringgame is bound to keep little ones entertained all holidayseason.Explore through the coloring winter wonderland with manyholidayfriends all while practicing hand-eye coordinationandstrengthening fine motor skills. And at the same time learningtofollow directions and learning number concepts. How To Play:-First of all, choose the Xmas picture from the differentcategoriesyou want to paint. - Just follow the numbers and fill thesamenumber color as a fluid flowing. - Color drop in the samenumbersblocks or press on the paint bucket for quick coloring. - Avideotutorial will help you to know how to paint the pixel images.-Watch ads to get 2 extra paint buckets for relaxingcoloringexperience. - Just follow the numbers in pictures and makeamazingornaments, Xmas trees & Santa Claus drawings. - Identifythetarget area by using the hints system appear at the top of theapp.- Complete the Christmas paintings and relax by doodling. -Usepremium mode to remove all ads and unlock everything, from hintstounlimited pixel art images. Color the coloring pages and sendyourdesign as a wish or greeting card to family or friends. Freeappwith lots of designs of Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmastree,gift, elves, party, and snow. Features: - Christmas themedpaintingpages with hundreds of colors to choose from and multipledrawingtools. - Perfect relaxing and educational activity for thewholefamily. - Good for relaxing and creativity development. -Color andrecolor as many times as you want. - Feeling comfortablewithcoloring xmas tree, snowman and christmas gifts. -Family-friendlycontent: coloring anti-stress pictures suits adults.- A perfectlyrelaxing way to become the master of your mind. - Manyinterestingpixel pages for you to color. Trains your concentrationandsteadiness Or just want to color your way, practice yourdrawingand coloring skill. This is a great activity to practiceyourdrawing skills. It’s also fun for any age to try to finishthedrawing and celebrate your eve in your way. Let's forget aboutallthe worries and decorate the Christmas pictures with sandboxpixelart and enjoy your free time in coloring the whole festival.InPremium Subscription: - You can subscribe weekly for $6.99 andgetunlimited access to all content. - Unlock everything withNewImages updated every day, Remove all Ads, and get UnlimitedHints.- Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew isturned offor canceled at least 24-hours before the end of thecurrent period.- Subscriptions may be managed by the user andauto-renewal may beturned off by going to the user's AccountSettings after purchase.- Payment will be charged to google pay atconfirmation ofpurchase. - An account will be charged for renewalwithin 24-hoursbefore the end of the current period at the cost ofthe chosensubscription.
The Sandbox: Craft Play Share 1.99981
Play God & Create Worlds with Life or Destroy everythingwithina tap of your finger!Awards Received: BEST OF WORLD-BUILDINGGAMES,BEST OF GAMES: HIDDENS GEMS and TOP GAMES – IF YOU LIKEMINECRAFT--MAJOR UPDATE 1.99981 -- + 3 new Campaigns: Brainiac 3,Heroes &Relic Hunter+ 30 new Elements: 4 controllableSuper-Heroes withMonster Girl, Invincible, Rex Splode, Dupli-Kate,an adventurerJones with his rope and many new mechanisms, enemiesanddecorations - go check & try them out!!In need of moreLevels?Not 1 but 2 campaigns, a total of 18 levels will train youthroughall the mechanics of the Brainiac!Are you up to theMakerChallenge?-- PRESS REVIEWS -- "The Sandbox is afantasticallyinventive mobile game that encourages players tocreate entireworlds and works of art!"-- GAME PRESENTATION --Imagine craftingyour own world (complete with amazing Pixel Art),playing withHumans, Ninjas, Robots or Zombies, composing your ownmusic andmuch more! The universe is yours to create or destroy, andthe onlylimit is your imagination! Start from scratch with basicbuildingblocks like stone, water and soil. Grow plants, raisemountains,generate life and gain access to advanced tools forcrafting moreand more complex elements. Before long, you’ll be ableto accessnon-organic elements like metal and light bulbs, allowingyou topopulate your universe with creations both naturalandtechnological. UNLEASH YOUR IMAGINATION ● Millionsofpossibilities. Infinite landscape designs. Countlessdifferentchemical reactions. Nothing is beyond your reach! ●Embrace yourinner Pixel Artist to create or recreate amazingmasterpieces andcompose your very own chiptunes melodies withvaried musicinstruments! ● Bring life to your creations and watchthem evolve,eat, destroy and die AND NOW, A SLEW OF EXCITINGFEATURES: ● Over200 elements to combine for different physiceffects! ● 20 excitingcampaigns -- a whopping 300 game levels inall! ● Add anintelligent life-form to your worlds: Humans! ● Changetheirbehavior using Magic Powders and turn them into Miners,Hunters,Woodcutter, Zombies, Spacemen or even Robots! ● Play withthecontrollable elements: Ninja, Avatar, Snake… and create yourvideogame levels! ● The Brainiac allows to create dynamiccontraptions:assemble them, move them, let them transport materialsor activateseparate actions!● Use any of the 8 Interactive Bodiesto connectwith it: Spaceship, Plane, Flying Car, UFO, Train, Drill,Mechcloudand Kamikaze Drone; or make your own multi-pixelscombination withexisting elements.● Cruise around in your sportcar, transportelements with a truck, destroy the land with yourtank… or ridethroughout space in the Lunar Lander! ● Recreate theJurassicPeriod with dinosaurs and volcanoes! Protect your dinosaursfromextinction or recreate the BIG BANG and make them disappear! ●Tryour new Blueprints and add awesome real-life wonders toyourworlds: the Eiffel Tower, Chichen Itza, the Pyramids, theStatue ofLiberty -- even a Crashed UFO! ● Wreak havoc withpowerfulexplosions with TNT or C4! Light up the sky with fireworksor theGalaxy Invaders! ● Create amazing chain reactions withseveralsensor types, including liquid, light and temperature! ●Craftworlds featuring unique Laser and discover their powersoncecombined with different gems! SHARE YOUR CREATIONS WITH THEWORLD ●Create your universe and then share it in The Sandbox’sOnlineGallery ● Search in the Online gallery to see otherplayers'creations (more than 1,000,000 worlds!) ● Rate otherplayers’worlds and add elements too. An entire universe in the palmof yourhand! -- FOLLOW US -- Twitter:
LostMiner: Block Building & Craft Game v1.3.9b
Sandbox game with mining, crafting and exploration elements. Ithasa side-view camera, mixing 2D and 3D, with polished pixelgraphics!You can do everything you want, in a procedural, pixelatedandfully destructible world, with plenty of different biomesandsecrets! Place and break blocks, build a house, a plantingfarming,an animal farm, chop trees, craft new items, gatherresources, gofishing, ride an ostrich, milk cows, battle monsters,dig andexplore the secrets of a random underground, try to survive!Thedeeper you go, harder it gets! The game has creative andsurvivalmodes, offline, but also supports local multiplayer.LostMiner is aindie game, far from being just another crafting/2Dblocky game, ithas plenty of new ideas, and was designed thinkingspecifically onmobile devices, with easy controls and intuitivecrafting system,offering you an addictive and great gamingexperience to be playedeverywhere! The game is in constantdevelopment, you can expect newfeatures on every update. If youwant to suggest any feature, orhave any question, feel free tocontact me( Let's build LostMinertogether! ;)Enjoy!
Exploration: World Craft miner Online 8.92
"One of the best sandbox building game I've seen, you must trythisone!" Exploration: World Craft miner Online is a new stylevoxelsandbox building game. New style assets and game play, morethan100 online worlds to explore for free! If you like multicraftorother worldcraft game, this is design for you. Here are someofamazing online maps you must check it out NOW! + Join asurvivalworld and work together with your friends. Don’t die toofast :) +Enter a creative world to build anything you want tobuild. Shareyour building in the forum! + Connect to manymultiplayer worlds tohave great fun with friends + Lots of amazingonline multiplayerworlds are added soon + Lovely mobs, hundredsofblocks/tools/weapons, enjoy the craft/build now!. Features:-Weather conditions, day and night - Bright HD textures andobjectsof the world - Many new maps and locations! - New generationof aninfinite world - Animals, Zombies, predators, newmodels---------------------------------------------- 1.This is notanofficial Mojang app. The app is not associated or connectedwithMojang AB. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB and it isnotendorsed by or affiliated with the creator of this game oritslicensers. 2. This app use code from the Minetest project,LGPLcode: . you can alwaysgetthe newest Minetest code from us email( FunKetApp ATgmail ) if you have any questions andany feedback is welcome!
Color by number and release your inner artist! Color by numberswithPixelDot is an excellent way to pass the time. Calm down andenjoyhours of fun and relaxation, develop your concentrationandaccuracy. Choose from a wide range of pictures and color bynumberthe ones you like to create your own artworks! Pixel artsandboxnumber coloring game is popular among children and adult!It’s atotal free number draw APP for everyone. There’re manyinterestingpixel art pages and number books for you to coloring.Top-chartedcustomized Coloring Book for grown-ups people thathaven't grownup. Super easy playing way: Just paint by numbers inthisinteresting sandbox game, Color drop in the same numbers’blocks.That you’ll finish a cool pixel arts. Creating masterpiecesby yourown hands and relief your stress. It's so easy to uploadyour ownphoto and color it by number coloring. == Key Features == ·Paintso easily by choosing a color and just need to Dot it. ·Yourcoloring history will be saved and can watch short coloringvideoat the end. · Share the video with friends and let him/herguesswhat you are painting. · Perfectly develops children finemotorskills. · New content every day and all free. · Upload yourownphoto and color it directly. · Show other users yourmasterpieces.PixelDot - sandbox coloring app always is the best onefor you!Follow us on Instagram:@pixeldot_official Dearuser, wesincerely invite you to join our Test Team. You can enterthe teamby clicking the button at the bottom of the store page. Wewill addnew functions in the Beta Version every time and be pleasedtoreceive your feedback. Thanks again!
Portal Knights 1.5.4
505 Games Srl
Craft your adventure. Forge your hero. Become the ultimatePortalKnight! Leave the familiar world behind and step into thefantasticunknown with Portal Knights, a cooperative 3D sandboxaction-RPG!Level up your character and craft powerful gear todefeat yourenemies in real-time tactical combat. Explore dozensofrandomly-generated islands and restore peace to a world tornapartby The Fracture. - RPG character classes including warrior,rangerand mage. - Tactical action combat. - Epic boss battles. -Travelbetween randomly generated 3D sandbox worlds. - Meet thecolorfulinhabitants of the land, complete their quests, and recruitthem toyour home. - Architect your own island! Create AMAZINGstructuresquickly and easily in Creative Mode! - Mine and gatherresourcesfrom across the lands to craft your arsenal and supplies.- Buildyour home with dozens of materials and furnishings. - Playwith upto 4 friends across mobile platforms (on the same Wi-Fi). -RandomEvents. - Supports dual-stick game controllers. Largerislandsavailable on devices with 2GB or more memory. In-gamelanguagessupported: English, French, Italian, German,Spanish,Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Finnish, Japanese, Korean,Norwegian,Simplified Chinese, Swedish, Polish, Turkish, Czech,Thai. Followus on Twitter @PortalKnights and @505_Games Like us onFacebook Visit us on the
Halloween Pixel Art:Paint by Number, Coloring Book 2.4
Halloween Number Coloring Pages has a lot of images indifferentcategories. You can choose Pumpkins, witches, ghosts,vampires etc.Also, there are a lot of colour palettes. This is thecoolest freecoloring book for us. Sometimes people are stressed fordifferentreasons. If you feel stress you can try number coloringbook foradults because it has an anti-stress effect. So you canreleaseyour problems relaxing in a meditative art. Open anycoloring pageand get to work with number coloring. With a simplestretch swipeto zoom image and fill the squares with colors, thecolor of whichcorresponds to the specified color in palette. Changethe paint,fill the squares with the color by number you need with asimplesingle click. As you can see, nothing is difficult with oursandbox number book, even a child can cope. Painted by numberimagesturn out to be bright, detailed, as the palette in HalloweenNumberColoring is big enough. The application is deprived of anypanelsof settings, menus and other things. At startup, one pagecontainsa list of all colorings, separated into categories. Enjoythecoloring book with your creative ideas and feel yourself asanartist with a complete variety of anti stress pictures. Howtoplay: -Paint by numbers in this interesting sandbox game,-Pickcolor and drop in the same numbers’ blocks. -That you’llfinished acool pixel work. Features: - EASY to color with numbers -FUN tocolor cartoon characters - ENJOY creating anti-stress pixelart -FREE to play with hundreds of pictures - SHARE yourmasterpieceswith friends on Facebook, Instagram etc. - Paint bynumbers willdevelops motor skills in children. Pixel isadditionally a funpicture book, that helps to develop fine motorskills, introducesnumbers and colours, teaches accuracy andexactness. Painting bynumbers is a straightforward means unleashyour inner artist:you'll forever get a harmonic work of art as aresults of thecoloring method. Celebrate Halloween number coloringon your mobileor tablet with a game specially created tocommemorate the Day ofAll Saint's. Pumpkins, witches, ghosts,vampires and other terrormonsters are waiting for you to becolored. You will find so manyfree and fascinating Halloween NumberColoring Sandbox pictureslike pumpkins, witches, flowers, animals& ghosts which suitfor both adults and kids.
PixelCraft - Color by number Sandbox Coloring 2.1.0
PixelCraft - Color by number is a FREE, fun, anti-stress&relaxing coloring app and game for kids and adults. Joinmillionsof users who have been enjoying & relaxing with thispixelsandbox game of the week app. Notablefeatures-------------------------------------------------------- -New FREEpixel coloring pages daily! - Easy and fun! Simply colorthecoloring pages with the same number from color palette weprovide.- Tap longer and drag to color multiple pixels! - ShareamazingTime lapse video to friends and family. Super easy - how toplaycoloringbook:-------------------------------------------------------- - Usetwofingers to zoom-in - Choose colors numbers in the bottompaletteand color the pixels with the matching color number - Taplongerand drag over multiple pixels for faster coloring Keep intouch-------------------------------------------------------- Welistento our valued customers, so don't hesitate to contact us-Instagram: @PixelCraftApp -Facebook : Love PixelCraft and Want morefeatures?-------------------------------------------------------Please showus some love by giving us 5 star review so we can keepupdating youwith amazing new features! Thank you for joining ourcolorful worldat PixelCraft, we can't wait for you to be part ofour community!Love, PixelCraft team
Butterfly Color by Number - Pixel Art Sandbox Draw 2.0
Do you want to experience number coloring like neverbefore?Download Butterfly Color by Numbers and butterfly wings willbecomea painting canvas for your little artists.This app hasButterflyColoring Pages to train creativity or to develop cognitiveskillsand executive functions. This Colouring game has lots ofpicturesof Butterfly including anime girls, anime boys, animeanimals andmany more.These interesting painting games willencourage yourkid's creativity. So, catch this creative moment andbe proud whenyour child turns butterfly images from this fun appinto smallpieces of art. It is truly magical when you can seesomeone'semotions expressed on coloring sheets. Color by numberpages are agreat way to teach your kids or students basic numberrecognition,how to use a legend, and it will give them theopportunity to workon their fine motor skills." This pixel coloringbook as an pixelart therapy helps you relieve stress and anxietyfrom reality.Thisis a great activity to practice your drawingskills. It’s also funfor any age to try to finish thedrawing.Trains your concentrationand steadiness Or just want tocolor your own way, practice yourdrawing and coloring skill.Features: - Great variety of coloringpages for adults:Butterflies,Mandalas, Flowers, and many others -Lots of color bynumber pages for kids: Animals, Magical Creatureslike Unicorn, andmore - Easy coloring. Enjoy intuitive design andsmooth performanceof coloring book; - Lots of amazing pictures HowTo Play: -First ofall choose the butterfly you want to paint.-When you zoom in,youwill see that there are alot of small boxeswith numbers insidewhich indicates that you will fill thesenumbers by the boxes givenbelow with colors.Then choose colorsaccording to numbers and paintboxes. -Just paint by numbers inthis interesting sandbox game.-Color drop in the same numbersblocks. -Just follow the numbers inpictures and make an amazingdrawing.If you will paint box by othernumber then no need to beworried.You can also have an opportunityto recover your box by theexact color number & release yourcreativity. It's an amazingnumber coloring book! Very beautifulbutterflies, flower pictures,fascinating patterns will help you tofree stress, develop colormatching skills and reveal the painterinside. According to thenumbers, sandbox color provides spectacularor masterpieces forrelaxation, meditation, concentration,inspiration to friends,family and the whole world! These adorableinsects will bring apart of wonderful nature on your phone and youwill be dazzled withfantastic colors that are at your disposal.While you are workingon a butterfly that has his wings clasped youwill imagine himstanding on a colorful flower. This will tempt youto go outsideand enjoy sun rays on your skin. Within the popularButterflyNumber Coloring Book you will find so many new sketchesthat willgive you an opportunity to express your artistic skills.
Pixelmon Craft GO : catch them all 20
Hello Friend! We are glad to welcome you in the wonderful worldofcraft and pixelmons, in which you can learn all the amazinganimals- pixelmons. Collect all pixelmons and become the bestcoach! Youare waiting for the various creatures that will accompanyyou inyour adventure. In this game you will find not only friends,butalso buddies who will help you explore a wonderful open world.Findspecial balls to make your pixelmon rest, as well as theyareneeded to catch them. If it seems to you that you havealreadyexplored the whole world and caught all pixelmons, do notrush,there is a special map in the game that will help you tobetterexplore the sandbox and see all the mininons :) Build yourhome forpocket creatures! Features: Wonderful open world The setofpixelmons and their evolution Ability to craft Map foreasiersearching Soon: Multiplayer the change of night and day Evenmorepixelmons Survival mod Explore our world with new friends inthewonderful game Pixelmon catch craft!
Space Craft: Exploration, building & crafting Lite
Explore the science fiction based world in this cosmos cubesandboxsimulator game! Exploration of the galaxy with solar systemsandwhole universe awaits for you! Space Craft places you in thecenterof cosmos and space of the future science fiction universe.As aone of the space marines grunt you land on the one of the newsolarsystem planet in order to explore it. Explore randomlygeneratedworlds, build and create amazing things from the simplestof homesto the grandest of fortresses and castles! Enjoy theinfinitepossibilities! Build your own intergalactic space stationin theplanet you land on! Find your way in this endless odyssey andmakeyour own star base. This is a cosmos sandbox game, so you candoeverything you want! Become an adventurer! No, no dragons.Justworld and your infinite creativity! Build structures step bystep,create awesome castles! Become a spaceman (astronaut) andexplorethe future sci-fi universe! Go for an odyssey andexploration inthe galaxy. This is no solar system you know - thereis no mars,mercury, venus, earth, jupiter, saturn, uranus orneptune. This isthe new solar system, similar to the one you know,however it isthousands of light years away from ours. You may seean ufo in starlandscape. There are only you and unexplored cosmoswith stars!Very quick and easy. All for free! This lite gamecontains: blockplacing, cube world, real time world generation. Inthis incredibleand totally free game you can destroy all theblocks, collectresources, survive and build beautiful buildings.This gamecontains a large number of different blocks with which youcancraft your own world! Build everything you want - spacestation,star shuttle, cosmos gate. Watch out for unexpected aliens,whoknows what kind of ufo are waiting somewhere in galaxy.Spaceodyssey in this cosmos simulator game awaits! Highresolutiontextures, very convenient and thoughtful game control,High FPS,without compromise! So plunge into the fantastic world ofSpaceCraft - with new worlds and adventures! Place blocks, movevoxels,dig and mine! Be a builder and build awesome structures, goforexploration and do your own epic space odyssey! Analyzethemeteorite you have found, don’t fall to the crater. Build aspaceshuttle and start the galactic wars with aliens as a spacemarinesgrunt! Wars never change! Go beyond your wildest dreams,make yourown base, mine castle or kingdom! Transform the surface ina 3Denvironment. Build shelter, fight, grow, the only limit isyourimagination! Great game for teens! Or event adults! Enjoy thedayand night cycle! Coming soon: Multiplayer Crafting itemsandweapons Survival mode Story mode (with ufo and bosses!)WeatherStats and inventory Different worlds (hell, heaven, lair)Shop witharmors, weapons and unique elite laser gun
Flowers Color by Number,Pixel Art,Sandbox Coloring 2.1
Flowers Color by Numbers is a fun coloring game for yourchildrenand adults.If your child likes flowers, this coloring gameis madefor them.Beautiful flowers make them feel the joys of springandthe painting process turns into an enthralling game where theycanbring their fantasies to life and draw a red daffodil, or abluesunflower. Features: - Sandbox coloring - Number coloring -Pixelcoloring - A free coloring book app for all ages, not onlycoloringfor adults, but also for children, it’s a coloring game toplaywith your kids! - A coloring app with new images andillustrationscoming each week - Perfect relaxing way to become themaster ofyour own mind. -Sandbox number coloring have manyinteresting pixelpages and number books for you to coloring.Coloring by numbers isan excellent way of relaxation andmeditation.It is perfect foradults and kids who love to paint andcolor by number.Paint bynumbers - an interactive coloring book forchildren. Thismathematical game teaches children to recognizenumbers and solvesimple mathematical examples. In addition, thisprogram developsmemory, attention, imagination, and logicalabilities.Boys andgirls of all ages love to color. The simplecoloring mode issuitable for the smallest of children, includingthose ofkindergarten and preschool age. These include simpleandrecognizable images that are easy to color. If the childselectsthe wrong shape, then they will be prompted with thecorrectnumber. Therefore, the picture will always be coloredcorrectly,and the child will quickly memorize the numbers. How ToPlay:-First of all choose the worksheet or picture you want topaint.-When you zoom in,you will see that there are alot of smallboxeswith numbers inside which indicates that you will fillthesenumbers by the boxes given below with colors.Then choosecolorsaccording to numbers and paint boxes. -Just paint by numbersinthis interesting sandbox game. -Color drop in the samenumbersblocks. -Just follow the numbers in pictures and make anamazingdrawing.If you will paint box by other number then no needto beworried.You can also have an opportunity to recover your boxby theexact color number & release your creativity. FlowerNumberColoring Book is a true coloring book with intricate patternsandcoloring pages with flowers and more designs organizedintocategories. To make the coloring process more interesting andfun,you can change any of the preset colors. To do this, press andholdthe jar of paint and a palette will open. Then you can chooseyourfavorite color. Thus, all the shaded areas of the image canbechanged in the coloring by number mode. You can have funbychanging the color scheme to suit your taste.We offer youacoloring book to relive those precious moments of childish joyandunleash your inner artist.
Sandbox Pixel Coloring 0.3.6
Welcome to the Sandbox Coloring Universe and be ready to becomealover of the coloring of tiny pixel art. Four facts aboutSandbox:- Children feel how light, sweet and funny Sandbox is andthat it'smade just for them. It's like cartoons, but they canparticipate inthe performance, not only to watch. - Parents knowit's a great wayfor the whole family to spend time together. NoAds. Only safe art.- Specialists know Sandbox is a greatopportunity to work on yourchildren's or parents' drawing and motorskills. - Teachers knowSandbox is a great way to teach their kidsor students basic numberrecognition and how to use a legend.Features available for all: -Search whatever you want, fruit, lips,gadgets, cats or maybe easyart. Handy search feature filters allcontent for you. - MagicRound Button helps you to find similar art.Just try it and you'lllove it. - Collections give you anopportunity to organise all yourart in the app. - Free Drawing Modelets you practise drawing pixelart. The best art will be featured.- Turning your photos from thegallery into pixel art. No wordsneeded. - Hints highlight the mostinteresting art especially foryou. Best regards, Sandbox Team[with love]
SANDBOX COLOR - Coloring Book 1.0.32
Introduce Sandbox Color application. Sandbox Color iscoloringapplication for Sandbox fans. You can insert colors of yourchoiceon the images created from your favorite Sandbox Creator.Decorateimages from Sandbox Creator with various colors. - ImagesfromSandbox Creator are prepared - Various pictures can be drawnfromsimple to complex levels. - You can create your own colorsalongwith using recommended colors. - Simple and easy to use byanyone -You can enjoy regularly updated pictures - You can useSandboxColor anytime and anywhere - You can create awesomepictureswithout drawing book or color pencils. - Sandbox Coloriscompatible anywhere between smartphones and tablets. Caution *Youcan purchase weekly, monthly or yearly membership * You canalwayscancel or retract your membership on Google Play AccountSettings.Even if you cancel your membership, you can still enjoyallbenefits until the membership expiry date. ※ SANDBOX COLORrequestsaccess permission for the following reasons and do notcollectinformation without consent. - WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEofREAD_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : You can save my pictures in PhotoGallery.Request access to that permission to save the picture.-ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION : You can connect JuniPen. Requestsaccessto the appropriate rights to connect to JuniPen withBluetooth.Producer: Yea Studio ( ※ You canget thefaster response by writing to
Color By Number - Stars Sandbox Coloring Pixel Art 2.9
App Robbers
Color By Number - Stars Sandbox Coloring Pixel Art is new ColorByNumber page game 2018.This is Unicorn Coloring Color By NumberBookPage Game 2018 for all who want best art works in real pixelart invalentines 2018. to see their Celebrity Crush in Number byColorgame format.Color your celebrity Unicorn Mandala GrayScaleColoring Images with help of Unicons Mandala Numbers. That iswhythis is Color By Number - Stars Sandbox Coloring Pixel Art ColorByNumber - Sandbox Celebrity Star Pintar Pixel Art is UnicornBookMandala number Page Game . You need to color their CelebrityCrushby Using Color By Number Method.Color By Number - SandboxCelebrityStar Pintar Pixel Art is unicorn number Mandala newcoloring gameof 2018.Color By Number - Sandbox Celebrity StarPintar Pixel Artis simple Unicorn Mandala Number by Coloring pagegame. NumberMagic Coloring App.This is Coloring By Number Game Thatbrings withyou best Unicorn Mandala Painting Color By Number BookPage withbest time killer way.Color By Number - Stars SandboxColoring PixelArt is sandbox game that brings for you best pixelart and coloringpages great variety. and give relaxant to yourinner Artis.SandboxColoring Apps always Best for you. Color yourColorful picturespages and coloring for all ages .in this game youneed to colorpixel blocks and draw sandbox art and enjoy coloringlife andfulfill your color dreams by pixel art work.Color By Number-Sandbox Celebrity Star Pintar Pixel Art has Magic ColoringbyUnicorn Coloring By Page Number Re Pixel Art 2018.Pix BoxnewColoring By Number Pixel Art Book 2018 is Unicorn ColoringMandalaBook By Number Sandbox book Sandbox Page new amazing ColorBynumber.You can Color By Number Multiple Celebrity Star inSandboxColoring Mandala color by number Voxel 2D Best Game 2018Color ByNumber.Hey, let's Play this game in bad ice creamenvironment withyour zig-zag finger moves.Let's Play a twisty ColorBy Number gameon.Take a Selfie and print color by a number ofValentines Color ByNumber.
sand:box - relaxing particle engine 14.129 Narwhal
Enjoy the fastest and most complete particle sandbox that alsohasrotation and no adverts. Create anything with 50+differentmaterials in an open environment, play around, drawdifferentdesigns that use the interactions between elements, andwatch theresult. Or just blow everything up! If you would like tohelp addyourlanguage:
com.pixowl.tsb2 1.7.3
Craft a pixel paradise or destroy the world with your Godly 8bittouch in The Sandbox Evolution, the #1 pixel art worldbuildinggame. Build a world that’s custom crafted for fun, withadvancedphysics, over 170 elements and fully controllable heroes.Craft apixel dungeon, puzzle, city or anything in between - In TheSandboxEvolution, your world can be up to 10x bigger than in theoriginalSandbox game. Create a game, make pixel art, or craftworlds withambient life, traps, platforms and enemies. The universeis yoursto build in The Sandbox Evolution. There are no limits toyourcreativity and imagination! Ghostbusters return to TheSandboxEvolution! Snap up the 4 heroines, Ghosts and campaign foralimited time only! The Sandbox Evolution Features: BUILD AWORLDPIXEL BY PIXEL - Craft a pixel world from scratch, or usetemplates- Tap to drop elements, pinch to zoom & pan to scroll- Buildworlds up to 10x bigger than in the previous Sandbox gameUNLEASHELEMENTS - 170 elements can be mixed and matched for uniqueresults- Manipulate Mud, Water, Sand, Fire, Metal, Electricity,Acid, Lavaand more CREATE LIFE - Playing God starts with a tap. AddDogs,Bears, Sabertooth Tigers and more to your world - Create treesandplants to add beauty to your world - Craft a city withHouses,Castles and Igloos - Create dynamic life on your world withAIHumans BUILD YOUR CIVILIZATION - Craft wonders like theParthenonand Giza Pyramid - Diversify your civilization withcharacters fromaround the world DESTROY THE WORLD OR CREATE NEWTECHNOLOGY -Destroy it all with C4, Meteorites, Nitro, TNT or evena Nuke -Craft tech like Batteries, Crosswires, Bulbs, LEDs, Sensorsandmore PIXEL ART & 8-BIT MUSIC - Pixel art maker is simpleandfun - 8 Bit pixel art drawing with 100+ colors - Createretrochiptune songs BUILD A GAME OF YOUR OWN - Craft game elementslike4x4 pixel blocks, platforms, portals, traps and enemies -Videogame maker features controllable hero characters forinstanttesting - Shoot with Arnold, fly with Fujin and more -Create yourown game with 8bit pixel platformer levels in less thana minuteBUILD A RUNNER GAME - Runner Campaign with speedy newlevels -Create your own runner game with new extra long maps -RunnerHeroes let you double jump and hover BROWSE & SHAREONLINE -Share your worlds with other players - Search worlds bykeyword orby tags (pixel art, music, arcade, etc.) - Filter by theNewest orHottest creations - Rate your favorites and get inspired -Followyour favorite Players and Top Creators - Bookmark yourfavoritelevels to revisit them anytime - Save and Sync progressonline withFacebook or Email - Leaderboards for levels – Can yourank #1?CHALLENGE CAMPAIGNS & DAILY QUESTS - See the universegetcreated over 13 campaign levels - Explore a prehistoricworld,fighting Bears and Wolves with the Caveman - Pixel arttutorials inthe zen drawing Pixel Art Campaign - Daily Quests:Challenge thebest levels. Build your own for a chance to befeatured - Collectloot and use new power-ups like Turbo BoostNATURAL DISASTER GAMES- Disasters Campaign: A new campaign based onreal naturaldisasters - Tornado: Guide the tornado and blow theworld away(literally) - Earthquake: Shake it up with the epicentergenerator- Lightning: Shoot lightning from your fingertips - Nuke:Drop theultimate bomb JOIN OUR COMMUNITY OF 740,000 FANS! - Followus onTwitter: - Like us onFacebook: Each new Update of TheSandboxEvolution will bring even more elements, heroes andcampaigns!You’ll see… no one could ever dream a better world thanyours!Download The Sandbox Evolution and build your world today!
Memes Wars 4.5.0
- Open world, do what you want - It’s a multiplayer game, playwithfriends and other players around the world - More than 30cars,tanks, motorcycles, helicopters - Inventory with hundredsofobjects - Different maps - 3 modes in multiplayer:Teamfight,Dogfight, Sandbox - No limits, it’s a real sandbox game,have fun!
PaintBox - Sandbox Number Coloring Color by Number 1.23
Borsch Studio
Paintbox - Sandbox Number Coloring is a coloring app forchildrenand adults that everyone will like, regardless of age andhobbies.To draw, do not need any creative skills! Paintbox -Sandbox NumberColoring includes hundreds of coloring pages for avariety oftopics and varying degrees of complexity. All of them arefreelyavailable and you do not need to pay for them! Open anycoloringand get to work with number coloring. With a simple stretchswipeto zoom image and fill the squares with colors, the color ofwhichcorresponds to the specified color in palette. Change thepaint,fill the squares with the color by number you need with asimplesingle click. As you can see, nothing is difficult with oursandbox number book, even a child can cope. Painted by numberimagesturn out to be bright, detailed, as the palette in Paintbox-Sandbox Number Coloring is big enough. The application isdeprivedof any panels of settings, menus and other things. Atstartup, onepage contains a list of all colorings, separated intocategories.Paintbox - Sandbox Number Coloring Book is not only acreativeapplication, but also an excellent anti-stress coloringbook.During coloring, you do not need to think about thecombination ofcolors, the shape of the pattern. Such an exerciserelaxes, but forchildren it's also an excellent training of finemotor skills,increases the attention and diligence of children.This color bynumbers application-game for children will help teachthe younggamer to count, remember colors and think logically. Inaddition,this coloring app can delay it for a while, and releaseparents afew hours. == Number Coloring Book Features == · Simpleand easynumber coloring process: choose a color from the paletteand placeit in the desired cell.You can repixel or recolor wrongcolorblocks. · The result of coloring by numbers and its decorationisalways preserved. Also, you can view a short videodemonstratingthe coloring process and color blocks. · You can sharethe resultof pixel art coloring and video with your friends. ·Paint bynumbers will develops motor skills in children. · Newdrawingsevery day and always free. · Upload your photo and decorateit,makepixel art.This is pixelmania! · Show your block coloringdrawingsto others. · Our sandbox is free for all.
Pixel Art - Color by the Block Number 1.3.21
Brainit Games
Pixel Art is an anti-stress sandbox games. Pixel Art helpsyourelieve stress and anxiety in work and life. Pixel Art - Colorbythe Block Number is favored by all ages. You just need todrawcolor by the right numbers and you will have a funnymasterpiece.It doesn’t need any skills! Pixel art also helps todevelopchildren’s concentration and recognition of numbersandcolors.Massive interesting pictures in the pixel art games,waitingfor you to discover! Include: ★ Save your pixel art worksand sharewith your friends ★ Simple and easy to recolor sandbox ★More than800 pictures in different kinds ★ Pixel Art - Color By theBlockNumber fit for all ages Pixel Art - Color by the Block Numberisfree and the best for all! What are you waiting for? Downloadthe"Pixel Art - Color By the Block Number" and start yourcoloringjourney! Enjoy a relaxing and restful coloring sandboxgame! Thankyou for downloading and play!
My Craft : Creative & Survival
My Craft is a sandbox with two modes: survival andcreativity.Buildhouses, cities, farms and everything that yourimagination cando.Try to survive at night.Hunting, fish, growanimals and grow.Twogame modes are available: survival andcreativity.Many plants andanimals.For small - you can turn offpredators andmonsters.Multiplayer for you and your friend on thesameWi-FiBeautiful graphics Super HD !!!Create the world of yourdreams!!!Enjoy !!!
com.noodlecake.blockheads 1.7.6
Explore, mine, craft and build in this giant and detailedsandboxgame. Navigate huge simulated worlds thousands of blockswide witha full temperature and climate system, seasons, anequator, andfrozen poles. Explore complex cave systems and flowingwater, andsurvive deserts and snowy mountain tops. Night is fallingand yourblockhead is freezing. You haven't yet made shelter andyourcampfire has gone out. All you have is a spade, some wood and afewsticks. You have only minutes before exhaustion hits. Do youcreatea bed, dig a cave or refuel your fire? What will you do? •Controlyour blockheads in a vast randomly generated world withoceans,mountains, forests, deserts and deep underground caves. •Keep aneye on their needs - give them sleep, feed them, createclothingand shelter - and they'll be happier, quicker and moreproductive.• Craft tools with the resources they find, and they'llbe able towork even faster and find more resources. • Upgradeworkbenches andunlock more advanced items to craft. • Discoverprecious stones andmetals deep underground, or rare plants andanimals on the surface.• Craft a boat and navigate the oceans usingthe accurate night skyto guide you. • Make fur clothing and ventureto the North Pole. •Pick coconuts at a tropical beach. • Cook meatat a campfire. •Build a marble palace. • Paint the walls. • Plantan orchard. •Ride a donkey!
DinoCraft Survive & Craft Pocket Edition 4.2.4
Dive into the world of prehistoric times with dinosaurs nearbyinDinoCraft Survival Game. *** Features *** • Face manydifferentdinosaurs. • Be survival and creative in dangerousconditions. •Craft different items, weapons and armor. • Use gameshop and dailybonuses in coins. • Many types of constructionblocks. • Changingto the "always daytime". • Play from first andthird person view.Online Multiplayer beta mode for playing withyour friends! InDinoCraft multiplayer beta mode you could play withREAL peopleonline: • Get together in one world to show the mostamazingbuildings to each other! • Discuss in real chat gamefeatures orgame quests; • Give advises to people online how tobuild theirshelters/houses/towns! • Have fun with friends! • Getthe mostamazing experience! Play in Survive or Creative worlds fullofdanger. You can fight against wild reptiles in the sandboxcubeworld or construct giant buildings next to them. Anyway,dinosaurswill surround you. ► Plunge into a world full of danger. ►Walkaround, discover and build your own world. You can findmanydifferent reptiles in the world inhabited by predators ofancienttimes. Try to become a predator yourself. ⇒ Collectresources to beready for any situation, create different buildingsand weapons,explore the world and fight against wild prehistoricanimals. ⇒Choose will become your food and avoid becoming a victim.Try tosurvive in this madness! You have to look around becausepredatorsare watching you. Start your journey into the cube worldofdinosaurs and try to stay on the top of the food chain. Followuson: FACEBOOK: not an official Mojang application. This game is notassociatedor connected with Minecraft Pocket Edition. Minecraft isa trademarkof Mojang and it is not endorsed by or affiliated withthe creatorof DinoCraft game or its licensers.
Rusty Sandbox 1.1.3
What can be more difficult to screw in a light bulb normal ?! Andifyou need to build a special robotic mechanism for this?!RustySandbox - This is mobile sandbox in which you havetoconstantly be inventiveness and create mechanisms fornon-standardsolutions of simple problems. You can build absolutelyany devicesfrom a simple loader and excavator to complex robots.With the helpof your inventions you have to grab and move loads,dig the rubble,to play football, and even catch a real flyingsaucer! Turn wit!Build this robot by hands. Program management forits owndiscretion. Take your video directly in the game ortakescreenshots and show off their inventions to your friends!
My Pixels - Numbers Coloring Sandbox 1.2.3
If you love coloring pictures, My Pixels is for you! MyPixelsprovides a relaxing and entertaining experience for both,childrenand adults. You’ll find hundreds of original pictures tochoosefrom, all of them created specifically for My Pixels incooperationwith pixel artists from around the world. By playing MyPixels yousupport pixel artist community and help it grow! Whetheryou are anartist, or you just love coloring pictures, we value yourinput.Help us make My Pixels even better and contact We're constantly updating the appwithnew features and content - in next update you can expect brandnewSandbox Mode where you will be able to design pixel arts ofyourown. Leave us comments and let us know which features youwouldlike to see in the app apart from Sandbox Mode - we'relistening toyou! Features: - Hundreds of pictures to choose from -Color bynumbers - Only original pictures, no random pirated content-Unlimited content - No subscriptions!
RoboCraft: Building & Survival Craft - Robot World 4.2.6
RoboCraft is a sandbox construction game with 3Dprocedurallygenerated world. *** GAME FEATURES *** • 3D Sandboxconstructiongame; • Huge world to explore; • Craft and destroyeverything; •Build your own shelter; • Go deep into the mines; •Gatherresources to survive; • Fight your enemies; • Creative modeto setyour imagination free.  Create and break apart various kindsofblocks, explore the environment, gather resources, craftweapons,build shelter and take part in combat with dangerousopponents. Thegame offers two modes – Survival and Creative. ► InSurvivalplayers have to collect resources, construct buildings,fightagainst enemies, manage hunger and explore the word to surviveandprosper. ► In Creative mode you focus on breaking new groundsofcreation by building the most elaborate structures you candreamof. RoboCraft is a game for adults and kids, it will entertainyoufor a long time and earn an unforgettable experience. Follow uson:FACEBOOK: not an official Mojang application. This game is notassociatedor connected with Minecraft Pocket Edition. Minecraft isa trademarkof Mojang and it is not endorsed by or affiliated withthe RoboCraftgame's creator or its licensors.
JurassicCraft: Free Block Build & Survival Craft 4.2.4
***** JurassicCraft is a free sandbox game ***** JurassicCraft -anexciting adventure with prehistoric reptiles in the cubicuniverse!Game Features • Craft different items, weapons and armor.• Manytypes of construction blocks. • Face many differentdinosaurs. • Besurvival and creative in dangerous conditions. •Changing to the"always daytime". • Play from first and third personview. InJurassicCraft multiplayer beta mode you could play withreal peopleonline: • get together in one world to show the mostamazingbuildings to each other! • discuss in real chat gamefeatures orgame quests; • give advices to people online how tobuild theirshelters/houses/towns! • have fun with friends! • getthe mostamazing experience! It is craft world with the daytime andweatherchanging, many different blocks, tools and weapons. Image,you arein the Jurassic Area, swarmed by prehistoric wild animals.Thereare herbivorous and carnivore dinosaurs likeSpinosaurus,Therizinosaurus, Nanuqsaurus, Kentrosaurus , and manyothers.JurassicCraft is a Free 2 Play dinosaur game world,consisted into3D - generated biomes. JurassicCraft lets you exploreancient worldfull of dinosaurs. You can find different dinosaursthroughout theJurassic craft world. Most of the creatures in theworld arereptiles, but there are also many other beings, tied totheirspecial area. You can be a world visitor looking forgiantreptiles, construct beautiful buildings in the Creative modeorfight against dinosaurs and other enemies, craft weapons,tools,armor and many other things in the Survival mode . If youwant totake more advantage of this experience, change thedifficulty leveland other options in the game Settings! Have fun,enjoy the game!Follow us on: FACEBOOK:
EarthCraft 3D: Block Craft & World Exploration 4.2.4
EarthCraft is a “free to play” adventure game in sandbox stylewith3D procedurally generated world. Create your own world,limitedonly by your imagination! Explore the deepest mines andcaves,decay blocks in search of ore, diamond, emerald, gold andotherresources. Such tools like axe, pickaxe and shovel will helpyou init. In EarthCraft multiplayer beta mode you could play withrealpeople online: - get together in one world to show the mostamazingbuildings to each other! - discuss in real chat gamefeatures orgame quests; - give advices to people online how tobuild theirshelters/houses/towns! - have fun with friends! - getthe mostamazing experience! You can choose one of the modes –Survival andCreative . ► Creative: In this mode you focus onbuilding ofbeautiful constructions, you have all the items andresources inthe inventory, it’s the world of possibilities. As wehave alreadysaid, here you are limited only by your imagination. ►Survival: Inthis mode you have to find food, to gather blocks tobuild sheltersor houses, to craft weapons, armor and tools to stayalive and tofight against enemies. It’s not so easy but we believeyou canovercome any obstacles and conquer this wild and hostileworld.Some interesting things you can find in our app: 1.Electrium. Itgives you an ability to create different electricschemes,circuits. This feature will make your gameplay more simpleand fun2. Animal breeding. Create your own farms close to yourhouse andforget about the lack of food or wool. 3. Trading. Findsomevillage, trade with villagers and get new items 4.Enchantmenttable. Use it to enchant and upgrade your weapon, armorand tools.5. Anvil. Use it to repair your tools and combineenchanted itemsto make the best weapon in the game 6. Fishing. Feelhungry? Catchsome fish. 7. Blueprints. Don’t want to build thehouse fromscratch, block by block, do you? Use blueprints. Just tapthebutton on your screen, choose the house you like the most andgetthe incredible building just in couple of taps. 8. Do youbelieveyou’re strong enough? Go to Nether and we’ll see what youcan do.Create your own story in a realistic world of EarthCraft andhavefun. Follow us on:FACEBOOK:
🌊 Water Physics Simulation 🌊 1.2.7
Do you like liquid simulations? Do you like the flow behaviorofwater? Do you like bomb explosions? If yes, then you will havemuchfun with the Physics Sandbox app. [by]Threephysics simulations in One: 1. Shipping / Raft Survival: Youcanbuild your own ship or use a pre-builted boat and try tosurvive,if you go on a raft trip with your boat now. 2. PowderGame: If oneuse the real-time sandbox, then you can play with ourbombsimulator or simulate diverse states of waterbody underdifferentinfluences in every areas of the room. Furthermore you canbuildfor example a house and let it explode later. 3. Liquidsimulator:One can watch various structures, ships, buildings, dustetc. andthey interact together in different forms, if youinsertprefabricated user-actions like a spawner... into theSimulation.Features: - this game is free! - a) sandbox, build forexamle awall and throw bombs to it (Powder Game) - b) raftsurvival(shipping mode) - c) 24 prefabricated level designs(simulationmode) - construct your own boat with 13 different singleparts of aship - 6 prefabricated levels in the section "shipping" -one canadd to a own constructed boat 4 prefabricated - furthermore:5bombs types + 5 upgrades per bomb with different explosions -4000water particles (soft bodies /powder/ dust) - watch thegeneralbehavior of fluid, e.g. pressure, flow behavior, spread intheobservation room, special effects, etc. - build and controlyourboat - create various structures like a house, a seesaw, atower... be creative And now have fun with our free physicsgameeverybody! by This game is free, but shows
Exploration Lite Craft 1.1.0
An amazing infinite blocky open world to build, craft andexplore.Exploration Craft lets you be the reality crafting god! Asa minerand adventurer, you need to build constructions out oftexturedcubes in this 3D block world. You may also need to combatagainstevil monsters in the evening using the weapons mined andcrafted inthe daylight. Explore, mine resources, craft tools andweapons,grow plants, raise you own mounts and cast magic spells.There areno limits to your creativity and imagination in this liteand proversion of the game! Game Features: - Deep tutorial and tonsof 3Delements - Procedurally generated open world sandboxenvironment -Create your own castles using blocks and otherelements - Train andraise mobs/mounts to help you fight againstmonsters
Space Box 1.0
Kodii Systems
A sweet physics sandbox game in a small ship floating inspace.Playaround with alien items & weapons in a lowgravityenvironment.Email Kodii with any suggestions foritems/weapons, thebest ideas will be made a reality.
Coloring Unicorn Book Sandbox Color By Number Page
🌕🌕This Christmas Get the best Unicorn🦄 Coloring Book GameByNumbers🌕🌕The Best Unicorn🦄 Coloring Book By Number Page Gameishere.🔸🔸Welcome to the #1 Bloxels Coloring🎨 Unicorn Book byNumberPage Game ''Coloring Unicorn🦄 Book Sandbox Color ByNumberPage''Coloring Unicorn Book Sandbox Color By Number Page isthebest Pixel art coloring by number book for everyone.★ColoringUnicorn Book Sandbox Color By Number Page is a Anti-StressPixelArt With lots of pictures includingMandalaFlowers,Floral,Butterflies,Patterns,Animals 🐸🐼🐶🐤,Birds🐤,Cats🐈🐆,Food 🌕🍔 and PixBox.★ Fascinating Pattern with perfectColorTherapy of Coloring Unicorn Book Sandbox Pixel Coloring willhelpyou to relieve stress.★ Color Therapy of Sandbox Unlimitedwilldevelop your Color Matching skills with Box coloring bookandDiamond Coloring by Number on Art Coloring Pages.★''ColoringUnicorn Book Sandbox Color By Number Page'' is one of thebest ofUnicorn Coloring Book & Sandbox Unlimited NumberColoringBooks- Color By Number.👍👍 FEATURES OF Coloring Unicorn🦄BookSandbox Color By Number Page:🌕🌕✓Unicorn Coloring By Number isanamazing way to improve drawing skills.✓Unicorn 🦄 Color ByNumberPixel is a lot of Fun to complete Unicorn Coloring &SandboxNumber Coloring Book.✓''Coloring Unicorn Book Sandbox ColorByNumber Page'' have many interesting pixel art pages andnumberbooks for you to coloring🌕🌕✓Amazing way to teach your kidsstudentsbasic number recognition👍👍✓Kids and adults love to color bynumbersand we have got a lot of things for you to choose and wealsoincluded which is popular among the Children andAdults''Unicorn''🌕🌕Color UNICORN By Pixel in Numbers and make theawesomepicture of Unicorn.✓You can enjoy the coloring book withcreativeideas and feel yourself as an artist with a completevariety ofanti stress pictures havingMandalaFlowers,Floral,Butterflies,Patterns,Animals 🐸🐼🐶🐤,Birds🐤,Cats🐈🐆,Food 🌕🍔 and PixBox.✓Great activity to practice ColorTherapy andyour drawing skills by coloring Unicron Pixels inSandbox PixelColoring Game Free.✓The best Bloxel Coloring By NumberPagegame!!✓Lots of pictures with Animals, Birds, Flowers,Patterns,Food and many otherswill help you to relieve stress☛☛✓Color pagesaccording to the number and highlighted area.👍👍How ToPlay🌕🌕★ Paintby numbers in this interesting Coloring Unicorn BookSandbox ColorBy Number Page For Free.★ Be Careful,Drop the Color inthe samenumbers blocks.★ Lot of Fun to color the pixels of UnicornColoringBook by Number,just follow the numbers in pictures and makeanamazing drawing.★ Choose the picture you’d like to color🌕★ ZoomtheColoring Book consists lots of Pixbox small boxes withnumbersinside🌕🌕★ Pick out the colors according to numbers and paintthePixBox boxes in Best Unicorn🦄 Coloring Book Game byNumber''Coloring Unicorn Book Sandbox Color By NumberPage''👍👍🔸🔸ThisUnicron🦄 sandbox style coloring game is the mostpopular among theUnicorn Color By Number Game for free.🔸🔸Color bynumber and drawyour modern masterpiece based on the numbers🌕
AlienCraft 3D Survive & Craft: Block Build Edition 2.3.3
AlienCraft is a free sandbox game. Creative and building aspectsofthe AlienCraft enable players to build constructions outofdifferent cubes in a 3D procedurally generated (sandbox)world.There are a wide variety of items that players can kraftin.Explore the universe of unique animals and plants usingpickaxesand axes to survive or build shelters and houses.Gatherresourcesto be full and to create beautiful buildings on your owngiant cubeplanet.There are two game modes:* Survive:In this modeyou can findmonsters, which spawn depending on the difficulty, soplayer has tobuild shelter to stay alive at night. To stay alive,player cancrafting armor to reduce damage from enemies’attacks.Player has ahunger bar which must be filled by eating foodin-game. Weaponssuch as swords, bows and axes can be crafted tokill enemies andother animals easier.Player may gather resources,crafting tools,such as axes, pickaxes, dig soil and ores. Toolsmade of ores likeGold, Iron or Diamond can be used moreextensively. It takes longerto break these tools.* Creative:Playerin the Creative mode hasaccess to all of the resources and items inthe game. Player isalso able to fly around the game world. In theCreative mode,player doesn’t take damage, and does not starve. TheGame modeurges player to focus on creating huge buildings insidetheworld.If you find all items in the Creative mode and see theworldfrom the bird's-eye view you can change the type of the worldintoSurvive. It is also possible to change the type of thestrangeworld from Survive to Creative, if you don’t want to fightagainstcharacters and your passion is creating and building.Thereare alot of different alien characters in the game. You have tonotchand to craft a lot of things to be successful in these cubeworlds.Follow us in Social Medias:FACEBOOK:ФОРУМ:FORUM:
PrimalCraft: Cubes Craft & Survive Game 4.2.4
PrimalCraft is an absolutely FREE sandbox game, where you canbuildyour own cube world. *** GAME FEATURES *** • 3DSandboxConstruction; • Free2play game; • RPG Elements; • CubeHouseBuilding; • Explore the World in RPJ Elements Game; •MULTIPLAYERbeta mode to CHAT with the real people online; • 40+Worlds toExplore; • Mining Craft & Destroying everything; •Build YourOwn Shelter/House/Town/World; • Go Deep into the Mines; •GatherResources to Survive; • Fight The Enemies; • GameAuto-saving.Crafting and building, exploration and surviving gamein which youcan explore an ancient city, immerse yourself in thecube earth,gather resources, raft blocks, and find food to survivein wildanimals’ world. Choose your type of the world: ► CreativeTryyourself as a builder that creates terrain and shelters.Exploreall the beauty of the world. It's the place to implementyourimagination where nothing limits your possibilities. ►SurvivalIt's the way for the brave ruthless adventurer. There are alot ofwild animals which treat you only as food, so be cautious.You canclone and spawn creatures using eggs in both modes. ***CREATIVEMODE FEATURES *** • Be creative! Set Your Imagination Free;•Endless gameplay; • Explore the blueprint worlds! • Buildandcreate awesome buildings and structures! • Compare yourblockworlds/towns/buildings with your friends. *** SURVIVALMODEFEATURES *** ⇒ A great number of different monsters. ⇒ AfterGameAwards. ⇒ Share your results with friends. *** PRIMALCRAFT IS*** ⇒Millions of players all around the world; ⇒ More than 100kinds ofweapons; ⇒ More than 35 maps and locations; ⇒Endlesspossibilities! ⇒ 3D game graphics! ⇒ Exploration of thesandboxblocky world! ⇒ City builder game! In PrimalCraftmultiplayer betamode you could play with real people online: - Gettogether in oneworld to show the most amazing buildings to eachother! - Discussin real chat game features or game quests; - Giveadvises to peopleonline how to build their shelters/houses/towns!Play PrimalCraftGame on your own map! Create different resources,mine, build orcraft new items and build your own shelter to survivein thenights, stay there and be safe from the block monsters:zombies,pumpkin heads and other aggressive monsters. Save yourhealth andhunt down eatable animals: cows, horses, pigs, chickensetc. toovercome your hunger mod. PrimalCraft Game allows you tocustomizeyour character by choosing unique skin Survival CraftWorld!PrimalCraft is one of the best building simulator! Try it nowwithall your friends or family members and win by creating thebestcity! This PrimalCraft Game gives opportunity to design adreamblock house in 3D environment, and build a whole cubetown!Everything is possible on this Adventure Game! This is allaboutPrimalCraft where all your city building dreams come true!Pleasegive us 5 stars and leave your reviews, we appreciate yoursupport!Follow PrimalCraft on: TWITTER: Please join PrimalCraftGameCommunities! FORUM: 3.0
Color by numbers 3D is an excellent way to pass time withcreatingyour artworks! Color by Number 3D is fun for adults as wellas kidsbut have you ever imagine turning coloring pages into 3D andcolorin a brand new angle?Now we offers you the 3D coloringexperience,more vivid and interesting!Color by numbers as known aspixelcoloring is the new trend, but what makes it unique is thatyou canpaint by number in 3D. Choose from the variety of 3Dtemplates,just follow the numbers and fill in the colors. Rotatethe screento color in different dimensions.Coloring is astress-relieftherapy and 3D coloring will give you more senseofachievements.Many grown-ups do pixel coloring to anti stress,sincevoxel 3D number coloring book is like a pixel art therapy. Butdoyou know coloring apps in 3D will give you much more senseofachievements. You will get addictive to paint by numbersin3D,especially with all the graphics which we work really hardonthem. Take your time, relax and enjoy coloring! Features:-Colorpictures according to the number and highlighted area-Coloring ByNumber in 3d is an amazing way to improve drawingskills -Perfectlydevelops children fine motor skills -Paint easilyany voxel model.-Family-friendly content: coloring anti-stresspictures suits forboth adults & kids -Perfect relaxing way tobecome the masterof your own mind. -Sandbox number coloring havemany interestingpixel pages and number books for you to coloring in3D. -Ultimatedestress and relaxing. Every colored page comes tolife in itsuniquely colored way, giving the artist an immediate andspecialsense of ownership and pride!Not only is the app incrediblyfun,but it is also a great tool for developing skills and knowledgeonvarious topics. Try it out yourself and we are sure you willagree.It is important that even youngest can color in 3D, so thattheybecome more aware of what a real world means.Having realobjectscolored, also can get the children to better understand whattheyare studying.It is an easy way to uncover the painter inthepainting according to color by number.As you can sustainpainting,you will get a work of art synchronized with it. If youlikemandala, painting & coloring or design in general, thenthis 3dcoloring is for you.Enjoy this stress relief and addictive3D pixelcoloring art therapy.
RealCraft HD Edition 2.2.1
RealCraft HD Edition a sandbox game with open and livingworld.Infinite generation of the world allows you to explore eachtimenew places and you are unlikely to see repeated parts ofthemap.Choose your biome (location) and build there the house ofyourdreams. Explore the mine, or unravel the mysteries of theLowerworld! Mine and collect resources, krafti weapons and tools tohuntanimals and to fend off enemies. Build the mechanisms thatwillsimplify the game or make a new gameplay!In RealCraft HDEditionthere are a few basic game modes: Creative, SurvivalandMultiplayerCREATIVEThis mode is more suitable for relaxedcreativepeople or for people who just want to relax. Here you arenotsubject to any of the threats that exist in a cubic world. InyourArsenal, all the resources can be mined or crafted.All oftheinfinite world at your disposal!SURVIVALMode for hardcoreplayers!Survive in the wild world where you can die from famine,forestfires or being bitten by a zombie that snuck in by accidentopendoor!Every resource you need to produce or crafted by myselfand noone can help you!MULTIPLAYERThe most interesting regime isthemultiplayer! Only in this mode you can team up with friendstoexplore the limitless world or build a Grand building! Alsowithfriends it is much easier to survive among the same playerswhoonly want to steal your savings from the chests. And friendscanprotect your building from griffero!
Pocket Build - Ultimate sandbox building 2.972
Have you ever wanted to make your own little fantasy world? Afarm,some kind of castle, or just an epic fantasy city? PocketBuild isthe best building game for you. Pocket Build is an openworld gamewhere you can build with no limitations or restrictions.Buildwhatever you like, whenever you like, however you like.Thepossibilities are endless! "An open world sandbox buildinggamewith a great 3D graphics engine." - AppAdvice Castles,trees,fences, people, animals, farms, bridges, towers, houses,rocks,land, it's all there for the building. The only limit isyourimagination! - Hundreds of items to build. - Huge open world.-Build instantly. - Beautiful 3D graphics. - New items addedeveryupdate. - Endless possibilities. - Build, rotate, and placeitemsanywhere in the world. - Control the camera view, rotate,zoom. -3D touch support. - Haptic feedback. - Sandbox mode. -Unlimitedresources. Want to play without gathering resources?Simply enableultimate sandbox mode for unlimited wood, food, andgold. -First-person mode. - Free building. Place and rotate itemsanywherefreely and with no restrictions. With the new survival modeandfirst-person mode, you can now also mine & collectresources,and build & craft your world from scratch, piece bypiece. Areyou a creative person or do you want to be more creative?This isthe perfect game to spark your creativity! The possibilitiesareendless! Build your own city, build your own world, build yourowncastle, build your own city, be creative, craft your land, buildatown, create your own adventure, build anywhere in an openworld.Become a Pocket Builder today!
Cubic Castles: Sandbox World Building MMO 1.9884
Cosmic Cow
Are sandbox games your thing? Cubic Castles is a free worldbuildinggame and sandbox mmo. Download one of the top open worldbuildinggames now! Begin building and share your creative realmswithfriends and trade stuff. Dress your block builder and tradeitems,just like other online sandbox games. Features: • Funsandbox mmo:Make any construction you want: open world building,house building,or even mini castle building games and contests! •Online game: playthis free mmo with people all around the world. •3D Free Camera:you control the camera! • Free game: with CubicCastles, you canplay for free. • Customize your character: Boy,girl, and lots ofdressing up! • Fresh Updates: New updates arriveall the time. Fromcars to pets! Highlights: Incredible castles andrealms in 3DDecorate your character, use block building to makeyour realm andadd furniture. Compete in large events withmultiplayer buildingcontests, fashion shows, and dress up games!Add pets and create newrealms for open world building events. Haveyour pets follow youaround, feed them, or just use them whileyou're block building youramazing realms! Social game: make newfriends You start alone inyour realm, but you can leave to makenew friends, do someexploration, or even help friends withcooperative play! Onlinebuilding games taken to the next level!Create worlds and sell stuffWith Cubic Castles, your imaginationis the limit! As you gain MMOlevels, you can buy and sell blocks,get dress up clothes, or evenrealms themselves. Open up a shop andsell stuff for profit! Not inthe creative mood? That's okaybecause in Cubic Castles, there ismore than just worldconstruction: free building contests, craftstuff, or compete infree parkour games online. As one of the bestbuilding games outthere, Cubic Castles will amaze you as you embarkon your openworld mmo adventure! Castle building will never bequite the same!Cubic Castles is from Cosmic Cow and has beenconstantly updatedfor years, with nearly a million downloads!Download today for freeand unleash the creative builder inside you!
Exploration Block Craft: Pixelmon Battle mod 17
Welcome to this procedurally generated world of blocks, craftandminimons. If you like adventure, exploration, pocketpixelmons,Then this new game - sandbox for you! It is great forboth boys andgirls teenagers of all ages. Here you can find newfriends -pixelmons, which live in this cube world. Find them andcatch themall! Train your minimon, evolve them, increase theirskills andmagical abilities and spells. Fight on the battle arenaagainst thewild pixelmons that live on this planet. Tame themall.  Find in this open world of cubes of resourcesforsurvival and build your dream home. Build everything, on whatyourimagination will suffice! Use different blocks (for examplesuch asdiamond, gold). Engage in crafting. Build a training pad foryourpocket friend - a pixelmons. Explore this world completely, godowninto the deep mines, go to the forgotten islands, inhabitedbyvarious magical monsters and creatures.   Go onthisexciting journey with your friends! Features of the gameCraftworld: pixel battle - open world - sandbox - a lot ofdifferentpixelmon and their evolve - beautiful graphics - pixelmonbattles -fighting arena - different abilities - animation - variousskins ofcharacters Coming soon: - Multiplayer - the change of nightand day- new pixelmones - new skins - new system of crafting(craftvariables items)
Cars Color by Number - Pixel Art, Sandbox Coloring 3.3
The application contains many images of vehicles for coloring.Theimages are very attractive for all. Cars Coloring is game fullofvehicles. This coloring book for any age contains tons ofcarspictures, auto, vehicles, racing cars, trucks,motorcycles,motorbikes, old-timer vintage cars, car interiors, carparts,classic cars, modern cars. Everyone will love paintingcarscoloring pages of this cool coloring book. Cars color bynumberGame is the best coloring book game for any age. Cars colorbynumber Game has 100+ car coloring pages for all, especiallyforguys: sports & racing cars, modern cars, vintage classicretrocars, motorcycles & motorbikes, heavy trucks andbuilder'stechnics, car parts, cool off-road monster trucks andothers. Carscoloring by number is absolutely FREE! Features: - Theapplicationcontains many images for coloring vehicles. - You caneasily fillout an entire region of boxes, with the color of yourchoice. -Saves your pictures to the gallery of your device. - Cute&Cool design - Good for relaxing and creativity development-Contains more than 100 coloring pages of auto, cars andothertechnics - Various difficulty levels, from the very simplepicturesto quite detailed pages - Extremely easy-to-use for all!How toPlay: 1- Cars Coloring Book Game app is very easy-to-use! 2-Selecta coloring page for coloring 3- Select the color you like,andpaintthe desired area contain pixels with numbers 4- Tap on thearea youlike to draw 5- Change palette if needed 6- Zoom and movethepicture if needed 7- Save and share your car coloring pagesviafacebook, twitter, instagram or other social media or sendviaemail, whatsapp or other messenger. You can paint, draw ordoodlewhenever they want to. Doodling, painting and drawing wasnever soeasy and funny,as in this number coloring app. It is thetime to becreative by downloading this free app.
Fear mod pack for MCPE Craft 1.0
Do you want to turn a MCPE sandbox into a haunted castle fullofghosts, and adventure – into a horror movie, but you do not wanttobe killed by the first mob you will face with? Then downloadthehorror skins pack right now and make everyone in minemapssandboxto be scared!Please pay attention that Mojang is not relatedtothis MCPE app: this company does not support it, does notdevelopit and does not cooperate with it’s developers.TrademarksMinecraft and it’s Pocket Edition are registered byMojang AB, theestablished rules of which fully comply with thisapplication. Doyou want to know more information? Click thelink this pack of skins forminemapsthere are green zombies, flying ghosts, bloody killers,walkingdead and other evil spirits from popular horror films andpopularaction horror online games. If you are attracted minemapsandeverything mystical and mysterious, if you have always dreamedtogo to a house full of ghosts, but was afraid, now you can notbeafraid of anything! Now you can become a green zombie, awalkingdead man or a bloody killer (but you do not have to kill atall),and now none of the horrible horror mobs will dare touch you!Justbefore you go on an adventure in the sandbox of minemaps, putonany of the proposed skins of MCPE, and you have no one else tobeafraid of!