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Mini Pets 2.0.3
★★★ MORE THAN 1.3 MILLION DOWNLOADS! ★★★See animals fall inlove!House their babies! Find the strangest animals to ever comeout ofan Animal Date! All this for FREE!NOTE: Mini Pets requiresanInternet connection to work.★ ABOUT THE GAME ★HUNDREDSOFANIMALSFrom the Cheetah to the Owl, from the Kangaroo to theSeaTurtle and so much more! Mini Pets lets you shelter and takecareof the cutest animals on Earth! There are literally hundredsofanimals! (More than 120 and counting)DECORATE YOURSHELTERFullycustomizable shelter with many items on the Market! Buyamazingdecorations, vegetation, and shops to keep your visitorshappy! Theshops are also an important source of revenue to youranimalshelter! CUTE BABIESUpgrade your pets’ shelters and visitthenursery to welcome their cute babies. What a great addition tothefamily!ANIMAL DATESBreed new, exotic and some never seenbeforespecies! Take your animals on dates, watch them fall in loveanddiscover beautiful creatures!SOCIAL FEATURESAdd friends, visitandrate their shelter, check out other community players. Thegamealso supports Facebook integration. You can login to yourFacebookaccount and invite your friends to play Mini Pets!KEYFEATURES: ★FREE TO PLAY! ★ Arrange dates between animals ofdifferent speciesand produce fantastic new creations! ★ House andcare for cute BABYanimals ★ Shops and vending carts to help youearn more revenue ★Share your achievements with friends on Facebook★ Over 120 animalswith more being added ★ Beautiful and colorfulretina graphics ★Hire caretakers to help you build your shelter ★Complete quests toearn rewards ★ Tons of decorations to personalizeyour shelter Joinin on the fun, build and share the best animalshelter ever!* Inorder for Mini Pets to run as smooth as possible,some devices willcarry SD textures and some will carry the HD ones.The game willdecide the best option based on yourdevice'shardware.*************************************** Find outmoreabout Miniclip:http://www.miniclip.comFollow Mini PetsonFacebook: Twitter:!/miniclip
My Virtual Tooth - Virtual Pet 1.6
Are you looking for a cute talking virtual pet you can playwith?MEET DEE – a new kind of talking virtual pet games you willadore!It’s My Virtual Tooth - Virtual Pet, a talking virtual petthatwill win your heart! This virtual pet is a brand new 2D teethgame,and when it comes to dental games, this cute little tooth isanabsolute hit! With the help of this talking virtual pet andtoothgames, it's easy to understand and learn how importantdentalhealth is. The best thing about virtual pet Dee is that itteachesthe importance of dental care through talking tooth games,which isfun and hard to forget. This tooth game is also a toothbrushingtimer app which will help you make sure that tooth brushingis funand lasts long enough. So, Download My Virtual Tooth and getthemost amazing virtual pet game ever! ★MY VIRTUAL TOOTH - VIRTUALPETFEATURES★ ★ Choose a nice name for your talking pet if Dee isnotyour fave ★ Talk to your virtual pet and he will repeateverythingyou say in a funny voice ★ Feed and bathe talking pet Deeto keephim clean and happy ★ Get a filling when your talking petDee getscavity ★ Pet, poke, and tease Dee to see what else he cando ★Dress up your cute virtual pet with countless outfitcombinationsof your choice ★ Decorate every room of Dee's housewith dozens ofawesome items! ★ A 3 minute toothbrush timer – washyour teeth tokeep them clean until the timer expires ★ Play minigames with yourfavorite virtual pet - baby tooth ★ Watch Dee growfrom a babytooth to an adult healthy one ★ Share your best momentswith yourtalking pet so your friends can see how much fun you'rehavingplaying dental games ★DENTAL GAMES FOR LOTS OF FUN★ If youlikedplaying talking animals or virtual pets games, this cutelittletooth is going to leave you breathless! My Virtual Tooth is a2Dtalking game with lots of mini tooth games. You can choosewhetheryou would like to spend time playing mini games, dress upgames orsome other fun dental games. The best tooth games are theones thatare both fun and useful. These 2D talking games withcutecharacters are of that kind. They test your reflexes anddevelophand-eye coordination and motor skills, so it’s good to playthemfor a while. You will be happy to know that playtime is notinvain. One thing is for sure: with My Virtual Tooth app, thewholefamily will enjoy. Download virtual pet game now and havefunplaying your favorite dental game! My Virtual Tooth - VirtualPetis a free game and it's an intellectual property ofDigitalEagle.
Vet Patrol 1.1.1
bweb media
Become a vet and help heal animals at the zoo who need help.Hereyou can get dressed up in your vet outfit, attend to thelionpanda, elephant, giraffe and crocodile to help them in theirtimeof need before heading home. Being a vet is hard workbutrewarding, so why not try it with this vet game. Features •Collectall your important vet equipment ready for treating theanimals. •Get all dressed up to help prevent the spread of anyillnesses. •Fix the lions teeth and help heal its wound. • Removeall theforeign objects from the panda’s belly. • Clean theelephant’s earsand nose to make her comfortable. • Help the giraffegive birth toa healthy baby. • Carefully help attend to thecrocodile’s teeth tomake it easier for him to chew.
Fluffy Pets Vet Doctor Care 1.0.4
Fluffy Pets Vet Doctor Care is a free game for girls and kids ofallages. Every kid will love and care for their pets and will dothebest for their animals treatments. Fluffy Pets Vets is aadorablecrazy fun, spa and dress up game with your ownexpectations. FluffyPets is a free virtual pets games with lot ofperfect fun andeducational games for all kids and babies. Puppyand kitty games hasalways remained the favorite games for kids.Virtual rabbit in thisgame will make you love taking care of petsand animals.Puppy ,kitty and rabbit are waiting in the clinic fortheir regular checkupand some time at emergency. Because pets arevery naughty and theyusually face some injuries inside the gardenwhile playing.Everyoneloves talking with the pets. Puppy and kittybabysitting is veryimportant when they are small enough. We havethe best dress upsalon for your pets where you can choose thestylish caps, glassesand clothes for your puppy, kitten and rabbitas well. We have akitchen in this game where your pets will comefor some good foodlike carrots, juices, eggs, milk and bones. Wehave a garden foryour pets to play so your pets can feel fresh andhappy by playingwith each other.It is a free real puppy, kitty andRabbit simulatorpet care game that will enable you to talk withyour virtual babyanimals and really take care of dogs and kittenslike a veterinarydoctor clinic. This game will let your dreampuppy pet happy,healthy and clean.The puppy and kitten are hungryand they needsomeone to take care of them.Giving food to theseadorable animals,a bone for the dog and let them play in theyard.If there is anemergency bring them to the vet for treatment.X-rays to find thefracture.Grooming Salon to make them nice andclean. In thiseducational game for kids and girls with pets.Do notforget to playall of our other makeup, makeover, cooking,tailoring, babies anddress up games for girls and kids.TinyBitgames, tiny masterpieces !
Pet Match 1.37
Funny Talking
Pet Match is the theme of pet’s game. Bring you fresh andexcellentchallenges! Welcome to amazing pet match game!Switch andmatchspecific pet as many as you can to defeat evil spiders.WithPetMatch you can experience brilliant effects and definitely makeyouto experience pleasure time!Pet Match is completely free toplay,have fun and enjoy it!--- Highlighted Features ---★ 200 +fantasticlevels★ Cute animal and cute moving actions★ Brilliantspecialeffects and excellent power-up and combos will show everylevel.★New views of the global world, hundreds of well-designedfreelevels! All the levels are waiting for your exploration.★ RaceyourFacebook friends across the world!★ All new 3D mapandcharacters--- How to Play ---★ Switch and match animals in groupofthree even more★ Pass difficult levels with the help ofpowerfulmagic boosters.★ Passing every stage with a high score andgetextra gold coins, which can purchase additional conditions, willbea powerful boost when you are having difficulty.
Kitty and Puppy Friendship 1.0.2
The debate between cats and dogs is now ancient and even iftheyfight sometimes is only because they love each other so much.Inthis animal game you are proving that they can be best friendsandhave a wonderful time together if you are taking care of them.Toaccomplish that you will need all your attention anddevotion,because this particular game will offer an amazingopportunity tolearn the proper way a kitty and a puppy should betreated. Put allyour talent together and try to find a way to givethis friendshipa chance to be pampered. First you need to preparethem the food soonce they are full you could make them lookamazing. Follow thesteps and try to offer attention to each animalin part. There aretwo different plates you have to make. The kittyneeds her specialprepared food and so as the puppy. Get the snacksdone then servethe animals. You have a major role in theircondition so make sureyou are giving them the best you can. Nowcomes the part where youhelp them get their hair done. Check thehairstyle you think thatwill suit them and perform it. Wash theirhair and arrange therebel strands because in order to have a nicecurly or braided hairyou have to prepare it first. Use the sameprocedure for the catand the dog too. Have fun and help these twoto strength theirfriendship with a beautiful and relaxing day thatyou are going toprovide for them.Features of the game arehighlighted in thissection and you can check them below:- Free toplay- See how aproper food for specific animals is done- Entertainyourself withcheerful background song and great graphics - Cutekitty and puppyto take care of - Perfect control of the game-Develop hairtreatment skills- Many processes to accomplish-Multitude ofhairstyles to proceed and cool braided strands
My Talking Dog – Virtual Pet
Hey animal games lovers, here comes thecutestpuppy ever: My Talking Dog – Virtual Pet. Download thistalking dogapp and play mini games or dog dress up with the funnydog. Checkout all the other options and soon this little guy willbe yourfavorite talking pet!If you cannot have a real pet, virtual pets are the right choiceforyou and talking dog Charlie is ready to play! This game isacombination of dress up games and talking games in addition tothepuppy being a virtual pet. Charlie is a cute puppy which willgrowon you in no time. Due to its simplicity, the game belongs togamesfor kids. Yet, the mini games within this cool game make itaperfect fit for teens and even adults. If you like talking catandother talking animals, you will definitely love this game!Various dress up features place the game among games for girlsandgames for boys; but that is not all! In addition to dressing upthedog, you can change Charlie's furniture as well. What is more,youhave to feed him, bathe him, take him to the bathroom, andplaywith him. In order to hear the dog talk, you can say somethingandCharlie will repeat it in a funny voice. Dogs and puppies arelotsof fun to play with and if you download My Talking Dog –VirtualPet you will have your own cute puppy to pet!GAME FEATURES:- Talk to Charlie and he will repeat everything you say in afunnyvoice- All the play makes the puppy hungry so make sure youfeedhim- This funny dog loves getting dirty so you have to make sureyoubathe him as well- Play dress up games with the puppy. Choose your favoriteoutfitand other dog accessories and match the furniture to thenewlook- Listen to the dog play the piano- Play catch with Charlie or listen to the dog barking- If he drinks a lot, Charlie will need to use the bathroom- Tuck Charlie in bed after a long play day- Advance through levels and get fun gifts- Play mini games with Charlie. You can choose your favorite:FlappyPuppy, Food Drop, Watch Out, Puppy Jump, Puppy vs.Spikes,Rock-Paper-Scissors- Pet, poke, tease or tickle him to see what else he can doNOTE: You can play the game and collect points in order to moveupthe levels. Once you've moved several levels up, you will getfungifts to help you in the game. Finally, all the rooms haveenergylevels that need to be charged after some time by playingwith thedog and taking care of him.Fun games for kids and virtual pets will definitely make yourday.Not only does this game entertain but it also influenceskids'creativity as it contains dress up games. Also, it encouragesthepractice of hand-eye coordination with many mini games itoffers.Playing virtual animal games has never been more fun sodownloadthis cool game and enjoy!Mini GamesFLAPPY PUPPYMake your puppy run and get as much food as you can while tryingtostay alive for as long as you can. Fly your puppy as abird!FOOD DROPMove Charlie around to get as much good food as possible. Makesurehe eats only what is edible because a rotten one = gameover.PUPPY VS. KITTY!Tap the screen so that the larger one jumps over the smaller one.Ifthey crash, you lose!PUPPY VS. SPIKESKeep your puppy moving on the screen, but make sure he doesnottouch the spikes. If he does, or falls too low, thegameends.Dog games and talking animals are lots of fun, especially whenyouplay them with such a funny dog as Charlie is. This cute puppywillmake you fall in love with virtual animal games in no time atall.Play dress up games, mini games, and so much more in this coolgamefor boys and girls. Get My Talking Dog – Virtual Pet andjoinCharlie on his adventure!This game is an intellectual property of DigitalEagle.Privacy Policy: of Service:'s Guide:
Cat & Dog Online: Pet Animals 1.9
Foxie Games
Get ready for the ultimate cat and dog simulator. Start off asavirtual pet (kitty or a pup) and roleplay in a huge onlinecitywith other animal lovers. You can role play and form clansandbattle other players from around the world, or just jump onthecouch for a lazy nap!ROLEPLAY IN FREE ONLINE MULTIPLAYERStartyouradventure in the front garden of your new home in the city!Makefriends with other friendly cats and dogs, explore the virtualcitytogether and form a clan. Remember, you are stronger in a packthanby yourself! You can even gossip to your online friends in chatasyou role play this immersive MMO!Who said a kitten and apuppycan’t get along?BUILD A FAMILYBuild a life with your friendsinthis simulator by starting a doggy or kitty family! CAT ANDDOGBREEDSThis sim allows you to choose from all sorts of cutefelineor canine animals. Husky, Dalmation, German Shepherd and ofcoursea puppy and a kitten are all available to adopt!START ACLANStartyour very own clan and invite your friends to join! Agreeon wherethe clan’s home will be, and then go out together as apack. Youcan venture out together to explore or take on other clansin epicPVP battles! When you win a battle, you will collect loot tolevelup your cat or dog in true RPG style!ROAM THE STREETS OR FINDAHOMEBeautiful 3D graphics! You can play as a stray androamoutside, or find a nice cozy house to call home. Lay on thesofa,jump on the bed or stroll around the garden. If you’reanadventurous puppy, or it’s too jam packed inside, you canventureinto the wild and go exploring. But make sure you bring afriend incase you get lost – and beware of the Wolf!PERSONALIZEANDCUSTOMIZEChoose a name that’s all about you! You can customizeyourpet with beautiful trails and sparkling effects that show offyourpersonality!UPDATES: Foxie Games are planning lots ofstableupdates to make the game even more fun. Expect even moreanimals toadopt and role play with! PLAY FOR FREE! Guess what? Youcan playthrough the whole game without paying any real money!However, Cats& Dogs Online contains upgrades that can bepurchased for realmoney.Visit our official website
My Talking Elly - Virtual Pet 2.8
🐘 Want an exotic pet? How about a baby elephant? Download MyTalkingElly - Virtual Pet and play dress up games, mini games,feed, batheand take care of your own virtual pet elephant!🐘 Ifyou're notfamiliar with elephant games, here is a chance to changethat! Ellyis a cute baby elephant who is always eager to play. Notonly willyou be able to play with him, but also bathe him, makesure he getssleep and eats well so that he can grow up into beinga wonderfuladult elephant. Talking games and virtual pets bringlots oflaughter, so do not hesitate to download this virtual petgame assoon as possible! Apart from being entertaining, thisgameencourages creativity with its dress up games and shows.Dressingup talking animals like talking dog or talking cat is fun,but babyelephants are much more fun to play with. Virtual pets area greatway to practice taking care of a pet, which is why this gameis oneof the best games for girls and boys! GAME FEATURES: 🐘 Talkto Ellyand he will repeat everything you say in a funny voice 🐘Play dressup games with baby Elly and choose your favoritecombination forhim to wear 🐘 Move up the levels and see Elly growfrom babyelephant to an adult elephant 🐘 Elly doesn't eat much sodon'tforget to feed him 🐘 Play mini games with baby elephant.Chooseyour favorite: Flappy Elly, Jumping Elly, Food Drop, Ellyvs.Spikes, Elly vs. Mice, Mastermind, Tic Tac Toe, Elly andEggs,Bubble Shooter, and Jelly Smash 🐘 Make sure Elly gets enoughsleepso that he can play during the day 🐘 Pet, poke, and tease Ellytosee what else he can do NOTE: You can play the game andcollectpoints in order to move up the levels. Once you've movedseverallevels up, you will get fun gifts to help you in the game.Finally,all the rooms have energy levels that need to be chargedafter sometime by playing with the cute baby elephant and takingcare of him.Animal games are great games, especially if yourvirtual pets aretalking animals. Playing with a talking cat ortalking dog isusual, but taking care of a baby elephant is totallydifferent. MyTalking Elly - Virtual Pet enables you to enjoy takingcare of adifferent virtual pet and playing fun elephant games. MYTALKINGELLY - VIRTUAL PET MINI GAMES FLAPPY ELLY Make your elephantrunand get as much food as you can while trying to stay alive foraslong as you can. Fly your baby elephant as a bird and make surehegets around all the obstacles. FOOD DROP Move Elly around to getasmuch good food as possible. Make sure he eats only what isediblebecause a rotten one means game over. ELLY VS. MICE! Tap thescreenso that the larger one jumps over the smaller one. If theycrash,you lose! JUMPING ELLY Make this cute baby elephant go ashigh inthe sky as possible. MASTERMIND Guess the code and recreatethehidden row by guessing the correct color of the pins. TIC TACTOEPlay the game of X's and O's and make sure you get three ofthesame sign first or you will lose. EGG HUNT Help baby Ellycollecteggs, but make sure he does not drop more than three becausethatmeans game over. Elephant games can be lots of fun, especiallywhenyou play with a baby elephant. Elly is one happy elephant readytoplay whenever you are. Talking animals and virtual pets helponelearn how to take care of a living being and they areveryentertaining at the same time. Download My Talking Elly -VirtualPet and enjoy playing games for boys and girls all daylong!Developed by Peaksel, Published by DigitalEagle. PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService: Parent'sGuide:
Newborn Horse Pet Care - Baby Foal Animal Salon 1.0.0
Welcome to the unicorn fairy tale where the newborn horse andbabyfoal are waiting to you to babysit them! Have hours of cute funinthis animal and pet care salon! Play now! Start having fun withthenewborn horse and the baby foal! Breed them, brush theirmanes,change their hair style or dress them up! Everything ispossible inthis care pet and animal salon! Even the tooth fairywill let youplay with her pony! This animal and pet care salon isfull ofmagical animals and pets ready to live hundreds ofadventures withyou! What are you waiting for to visit this animaland pet caresalon? Features:- Take care of the cute newborn horseand the babyfoal in this pet salon!- Magical animal adventure ofbaby pets! -Enjoy the breeding of the newborn horse and baby foal!-Takepictures of your animal and pet care salon and share them withyourfriends!Learn all about the caring of the newborn horse andbabyfoal in this animal and pet care salon and have hours of funwiththis magical adventure! Play now!
Pet Wash 1.18
Meet and beautify 7 sweetest pets: fluffy cat, loyal dog,slowturtle, lively rabbit, crazy parrot, playful pony and cuddlypanda.In this game, kids can take care of baby animals and testwhetherthey are made of the right stuff for this role! Little petsadorenature, forest and bushes, where they can play hide and seekandchase each other. Pets went for a ramble with their cutefriendsand now they are dirty and messy. Help them quickly withyourbeauty treatments. At first, get rid of flies, wasps, bees,ticksor spiders. For perfect warm bathing, use some soap, a showerand atowel to clean up the dirty pets. Dry them and comb their hairorparrot's feathers. Some animals have their unique needs. Turtlehasa problem with messy shell, pony with its horseshoe and parrotwithspecial feathers. Construct turtle’s shell and polish it to getashiny look. Shoe a pony with nails and hammer. Shortenextrafeathers with scissors, or long claws with a nail clipper.Also,all pets need help with tooth brushing, so clean their teethandmouth that is full of different food scraps. Before photoshooting,apply some lotion on pet's body so it will look likescattered withglitter. For the final touch, perfume your lovely petand choosefrom among various colorful accessories. You can combineabutterfly, necklaces, a tie, a bow, hats and glasses. Beforeyoutake care of another animal, you can play brain teasingshufflecups mini game. Pay attention to where the ball is and keepyourhead! Features: • 7 lovely pets (dog, cat, pony, turtle,parrot,rabbit, panda) • bright HD illustrations • animal soundeffects •easy gameplay appropriate for kids • take a picture ofyour pet •different mini games • different accessories to combine
Doctor Fluff Pet Vet 1.6.1
Learn what it’s like to be a real-life veterinarian! Use3Dprofessional vet tools and become the best animal doctoraround!Your adorable, cuddly animal patients aren’t feeling well,and theyneed YOU to treat them! Examine your furry patients realdoctorequipment and help them until the feel all better!Gainamazing vetskills by learning what it takes to be a realveterinarian! Becomethe favorite doctor of all the animals in town!The furry kitty,fluffy puppy and soft bunny all need your help!From a bad case ofthe flu, to nasty scrapes, these fuzzy cuties areall waiting foryou to cure them! Challenging puzzles & funmatching gamesinside!Features:> Get ready to be the bestveterinarian EVER!Treat the injured animals!> Examine your furryfriends with 3Dprofessional vet tools!> Dress the animals up incute outfits& play with them at the park!> Do challengingpuzzles andmatching games to find out what’s wrong with theanimals!> Kittycaught the flu! Make an adorable hat and scarf towarm her up!>Bunny broke his leg! Put a cast on him! > Puppyhasn’t beenseeing so well – give him glasses!> Kitty’s paw gothurt! Giveher a bandaid!> Tons of mini-games inside for you toenjoy!>Hooray! You helped all your patients feel better! Nowit’s time toplay with them at the park!About Coco PlayCoco Play isChina-baseddeveloper of creative and unique apps for kids and thewholefamily. Founded in 2013, Coco Play provides rich3Dsimulation-based games for the whole family. Coco Play isasubsidiary of TabTale, a leading, global creator ofinnovativegames, interactive books and educational apps.Visitus: Likeus: us:@TabtaleWatchus: CONTACT US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at [email protected] PARENTS: The app is free to playbutcertain in-game items may require payment. You may restrictin-apppurchases by disabling them on this device. The app mayincludeadvertising for TabTale and certain third parties whichwillredirect users to our sites, apps or third-party sites.Privacyisimportant to us. The app may enable collection of limited userdataby TabTale or its carefully selected providers (e.g. adnetworksand analytics) for limited legal purposes described in ourPrivacyPolicy (e.g. respond to support queries; enable, analyzeandimprove the app’s features and services; serve contextual ads).Theapp includes certain features only accessible behind an age-gatetoprotect children (e.g. restrict behavioral ads; socialnetworkslinks to connect with others while playing; option toaccept pushnotifications to inform of exciting news e.g. updates).Bydownloading or using the app you accept our PrivacyPolicy: and Terms ofUse: and permit such uses forusers ofyour device.
Girls Craft: Virtual Pet Shop 1.40
Free game for girls! Have your own virtual pet! Cute kitten,dog,panda or even a DRAGON! All cute tiny pets are waiting to beyourfriends! Craft & build a cute cube house for your squarepixelanimals, feed them and love them! Provide food and love!Rescue apet if it’s in trouble! Your virtual pets are so sweet! Cat- thewalking pet, Tiny Princess Panda & the talking puppy dog,evena Dragon or Dino can be your pet friend! This pocket editiongamefor girls, inspired by free games for top girls and boys letsyoucreate a world, build with blocks, craft and make friendswithanimals! An infinite sandbox world! All for free! Craft&create! Exploration put to another level. Build a pet shop ornailsalon and be a top girl! Make your own story with animalfriends!Unicorn and Pony! Your own little girls paradise!Rainbowseverywhere! Even a cat can be your pet! Make your own petstory!Start an adventure with your new animal friends! Say hi to aKitty!Hug a fluffy dog! Design pink interior, build and design akitchen- start cooking and baking! Take care of your friends -animals!Building a whole city with a spa salon, pet nail salon, petshop,Make-up & beauty salon or a sweet shop with candies inthisgame for girls won’t be hard anymore! Cute animals all aroundyou!Puppies, kittens - all for you! A serious pocket game forseriousgirls who love to be adorable princesses! Build your ownshoppingmall and take part in a fashion show now! Feel like aprincess! Nodolls for little girls - no pony or other stuff forlittle girls!This game is for a serious top girl! Wear high heelsshoes andexplore randomly generated sweet cube worlds, build andcreateamazing & perfect structures from the simplest of homesto thegrandest of tasty sweet cube fortresses and castles made outofglitter and shiny materials! Create your pink sweet kingdom!Usepink - fabulous blocks to build beautiful pink and colorfulsweetstructures. Become a an adventurer with pets as your friends!Thiscreative game for teenage girls (Pocket Edition) contains alargenumber of different cute glitter blocks (pink, yellow,colorful)with which you can craft your own teenage girls cubeworld! You canplant flowers in the garden, bake cakes, build ahouse for yourpet, pony, unicorn and friends or even build your ownpalace inthis building games for girls! Be like a princess!Princessexploration with sweet and candy blocks in this buildinggames forgirls! Build SPA, Beauty Salon, Shopping mall, Hair salonfor yourpet, Pet shop and bake a Strawberry Cake! This litebuilding gamecontains: block placing, cube world, real time cuteprincess worldgeneration, exploration and a free run mode! Buildinga candygirl’s cube world with cute animals! Girls craft & pets- greatbuilding and crafting game for girls! Multiplayer - candygirls& pet game editionGirls Crafting - Supermodel modeSurvivalmode- girls game modeCube crafting modePet Salon mode - pet yourownkitten, dog or unicorn!Story modeBuild battlemodeRecipesCandyZombiesBaking and cookingLove games for top girls?See our othergames for girls!Make friends with tiny cutepets!Explore theinfinite cute world!Build houses for your newfriends!
Pet Puppy Love: Girls Craft 1.12
Puppies, cute little pixel doggies in a girls craft world!Build,create, craft! For girls! The best dog games for girls!Building& crafting. Use blocks to build. Create a house fordogs,construct a whole dog city! Hug fluffy dogs! Doggie is themainanimal in this game. From Shepherds, Border Collie tolittlechihuahua. All of them want to be your friends! Build themashelter, a dog hotel or just play with the puppies! Build apetshop or dog spa! Exploration of the infinite sandbox world!Pocketedition of a famous crafting game! The best build, craft gameforgirls! It’s not another dog virtual pet simulator or aTalkingpuppy app. A serious game for dog lovers! Creative game forteenagegirls and boys! Let the adventure begin! Cool game aboutdogs -simple Doggy dog world! Not everybody wants a Dragon pet-everybody love cute dogs! Great game for teens! So get yourwolfspack and let the adventure begin! Cute candy girls world withtheprincess of all puppies! Just dogs! Man’s best friends! Useblocksto build, explore the infinite world of Pet Puppy Love Craft:GirlsGame. Creative game for boys and girls free! Craft andexplore!Dog’s adventure game! Magic puppy in a girls craftworld!Exploration of a sandbox world! ! Mine & explore! Thiscreativegame for teenage girls (Pocket Edition) contains a largenumber ofdifferent cute glitter blocks (pink, yellow, colorful)with whichyou can craft your own teenage girls cube world! Use themto builda SPA, Beauty Salon for dogs or anything you want. It’s acitybuilding game! Plant flowers it the garden, bake cakes. Topgamefor Top Girl! Upcoming features:Multiplayer CraftingitemsBuildingcraft modeSurvival Exploration modeCube blockycraftWorld CraftStoryCute Story mode Interested in other building& craftingfree games? See our other games for teenage girls andboys!Creativegame for boys and girlsExplore the world with cutepuppyBuild,create and have fun with cute dogs!
My Wild Pet: Online Animal Sim 2.7
App Holdings
KOKO the baby Zebra has been kidnapped! Embark on amultiplayervoyage to rescue a wild lion, tiger, wolf and other zooanimals inthis adventure simulator game. Jam on, you're a star!Once yourescue them, they are all yours to role play with &adopt -your very own secret wild pets!RESCUE LOTS OF CUTE ANIMALS:Rescueand roleplay as a wolf, lion, zebra, bear, cheetah, fox,eagle oreven a saber tooth tiger! Also discover and adopt rareanimals youwill fall in love with - just play this fun simulatorgame and see!There is even a cat and a dog for you torescue!EXPLORE A BEAUTIFUL3D WORLD: Explore the secrets of WonderSprings, a Savanna filledwith secret areas and hiding spots andshelters! Wonder through theJungle, Desert and If you're braveenough, take your wild pet fromher home into the winter wonderlandand explore the snow cappedmountains with your online friends!MEETFRIENDS & CHAT: You caneven gossip to your online friends inchat as you role play!JOIN ANADVENTURE: Level up your animal bycompleting fun missions thatbring you closer to rescuing baby ZebraKoko. Hunt for food, find amissing cat and dog, feed the animals,and find a way to releasethem from their cage!PERSONALIZE ANDCUSTOMIZE: Choose a name thatshouts out what you are all about, andthen choose cool effects foryour pet!UPDATES: Foxie Games areplanning lots of stable updatesto make the game even more fun. Theworld will get even bigger andthere will be lots more animals torescue, adopt and role playwith! PLAY FOR FREE! You can playthrough the whole game withoutpaying any real money! However, likeall our games, My Wild Pet isfree to play, but it contains upgradesthat can be purchased forreal money.Visit our official website
Emma the Cat - My Talking Virtual Pet 1.9
Talking animals and virtual pet games now have a new talkingfriend!Emma the Cat - My Talking Virtual Pet is a kitty cat gameeveryoneis going to fall in love with! Get this talking pet gameand havefun! Some might say that this virtual pet game is like anyothertalking cat app. There is a talking animal you need to feed,batheand take care of. When your virtual talking pet is wellrested, youcan also play mini games. Virtual cat Emma is nothinglike any othertalking animal. Even if you are not a fan of virtualpet games, youwill make an exception for this talking kitty cat.FEATURES OF EMMATHE CAT - MY TALKING VIRTUAL PET: 🐈 Once you adopta virtual pet,you can give this talking cat a name you like 🐾Virtual cat is bydefinition a talking animal, which means you canlisten to yourkitty cat talking back to you 🐈 Emma will grow asyou take care ofher; your virtual friend will even get a birthdaycake 🎂 🐾 Becareful: if you don't pay attention to your virtualtalking pet, thekitty cat will get sick 🐈 Pet nail salon – playnail art games andmake your talking cat pretty 💅 🐾 Teeth brushingtime – keep theteeth of your talking animal clean and healthy 🐈Play the violin –become a master at playing violin with yourvirtual pet 🎻 🐾 Dress upgames – you can customize everything inthis talking cat game justthe way you like 🐈 Coloring spree – aspecial coloring section withthe most popular cat coloring pages 🐾Kitty cat games – many kittygames that help improve concentration,hand to eye coordination andmemory 🐈 Counting mice whenever yourtalking cat can't fall asleep 🐭🐾 Share your talking friend withthe world on popular socialnetworks (VIRTUAL) CAT vs (VIRTUAL) DOGGet yourself a virtual cator virtual dog (or both!) and your realpet, if you have one, willnot be jealous. Virtual pets games havemany advantages and this isone of them. Emma the Cat - My TalkingVirtual Pet will be a greatchoice if you feel like playing with atalking virtual cat. Minigames inside this talking cat app willamaze you. If you are aparent, you'll have an extra reason todownload this talking catgame. Virtual pet Emma is waiting to winyour heart! Don't let thiscute little virtual cat wait for toolong! ENTERTAINMENT FOREVERYONE There are many who have enjoyedplaying My Talking KittyCat game or My Talking Dog Charlie. Catthat talks Emma is a newface but not less popular. Virtual catgames and talking animalshave always been great entertainment forboth boys and girls, youngand old. When you hear this cat talkingback to you in a funnyvoice, it will make you laugh your heart outno matter the age. EvenSigmund Freud said that time spent withcats is never wasted time.So get on it! Play with Emma the Cat -My Talking Virtual Pet andhave fun! Emma the Cat - My TalkingVirtual Pet is a free game andit's an intellectual property ofDigitalEagle.
Kimmy Superstar: Talking Fashion Cat 3.2
🌟 Welcome to the world of #1 fashion diva - talking cat! Whowillput a new talking pet on a throne? KIMMY SUPERSTAR: TALKINGFASHIONCAT IS YOUR EXCLUSIVE VIRTUAL PET GAME, DIFFERENT FROM ALLTHEOTHER VIRTUAL PETS! Explore the world of a real fashion staramongthe talking animals and watch my talking cat Kimmy rise tofame andfortune! Let your talking cat be in all magazine covers!Completedaily missions, collect diamonds, experiment at the nailsalon andmakeup salon with my virtual cat and enjoy daily rewards!DOWNLOADKIMMY SUPERSTAR: TALKING FASHION CAT! 💖💎 TALKING FASHIONCAT DRESSUP VS SUPERSTAR DIVA PHOTOSHOOT! 💎💖 Play with your newfabulousvirtual pet and start a real talking pet games adventurewith thisedgy fashion diva! Kimmy Superstar: Talking Fashion Cat isnot justa regular virtual pet! You can dress her up just like othervirtualpets, but talking pet Kimmy also has a new feature. IT’STHEPHOTOSHOOT ROOM! Let your snappy virtual cat be right inthespotlight. Prepare my virtual pet Kimmy for a celebrityphotoshootwith a spa day. Take a bath and brush and polish herteeth. You caneven put a peel off mask at the same time and havethe sameglamourous nail polish to steal the show! Watch my talkingpet poseas a diva and become a cover star of all fashion magazine!Collectdiamonds and coins and get daily bonuses to buy designerclothesfor your talking cat after the photoshoot! As you progresstohigher levels, Kimmy’s rooms will be more edgy and glamorous.Themore magazine covers with this talking animal you collect, themoreexclusive the living space for your talking animal will be.Whatare you waiting for? Download Kimmy Superstar: Talking FashionCat!💖💎 KIMMY SUPERSTAR: TALKING FASHION CAT FEATURES: 💎💖 🎬📷PHOTOSHOOTROOM - Have a photoshoot for famous magazine covers andbuy thelooks for my virtual pet Kimmy 🏠UPGRADE KIMMY’S ROOMS - Eachlevelgives your talking cat a new fabulous room design 👗DRESS UP-Customize my virtual cat with many style options 💄MAKEUP SALON-Polish your talking kitty at the superstar salon 💅 NAIL SALON -Dothe nail polish to my virtual pet 🍛🍹EXCLUSIVE FOOD AND DRINK-Notice luxurious food your diva Kimmy can eat 💤 SKIP SLEEPINGtocontinue playing with your talking cat, a real superstar angel🏆DAILY BONUS - Come play with fabulous Kimmy superstar andbeawarded for being a loyal player ☸️ SPIN THE WHEEL tocollectdiamonds and coins in talking pet games 🐾 SHARE Kimmy’smagazinecovers on social networks 🎮 MINI GAMES - Play DiamondSplash, TicTac Toe, Tower Builder to earn coins while playingtalking animalgames My virtual cat Kimmy is much more than just aregular virtualpet. Kimmy the cat will win your heart, because sheis the boldestfashion diva of all talking pet games. Don’t miss thefun! DownloadKimmy Superstar: Talking Fashion Cat and show who isthe greatestsuperstar! Please note that Kimmy Superstar: TalkingFashion Cat isfree to play, but it contains items that can bepurchased for realmoney. Some features mentioned in the descriptionmay also have tobe purchased for real money. Still, you will surelyenjoy playingwith my talking cat! This virtual pet game has beendeveloped byPeaksel and published by DigitalEagle.
Little Pet Vet Doctor Care 1.1
Do you want to open your own pet clinic? There are 4 super cutepetsare waiting for you. They are Husky, Poodle, Siamese cat,Garfieldcat. These lovely cuties need someone look after them. Youare justthe one! Clean up these naughty puppies and kitties, feedthem,dress up them, and cure them when they ill. You will practicepetear surgery, pet throat surgery and so many other doctor games.Opentheir fluffy ears and smelly mouths begin your veterinarianlifenow!Hi doctor, see you in the adorable pet clinic!>DOWNLOADFREENOW! FEATURES> 4 cute puppies to choose.>More than 50toolsare free now>Plentiful interesting toys you can choose tomakethe pet baby happy>Dress up your adorable puppy withfancydresses>Snapshots of your pet babies can be saved in yourphotoalbum.>Totally free to download and play, basic items arealsofree to use.Wanna have more fun with our games? Find us onFacebookat moreinformationabout Bravo Kids Media, please visit
Farm Animals Family Survival 1.2
Start adventure as farm animal in jungle and Survive as Cow, Goat,Sheep or Horse.This farm animal simulator game have amazingqueststo complete.Eat food, drink water to survive ,find mate andstartyour cute family by producing cubs. Calves, foals, goat billyandsheep lambs are lost in jungle find and protect your farmanimalfamily. Race against different farm animals and chatwiththem.These animals are not pets, so be careful!FARMANIMALBREEDS!Choose from a sheep, cow, goat, horse or many otherfarmanimals.Become friends with dog ,hen and chickens.Explorethevillage and find new animals.BUILD A FAMILY and START ACLANBuildyour family as farm animal and take care of your clan.Makecutebaby calf,foal,billy and lamb! Adventurous gameplay explorejunglewith your family.CUSTOMIZATIONChoose a name of your animalandcustomize your farm animal.This farm animal simulator gamehaveamazing features:-Cow, Goat, Sheep and horse to play-Explorefarmto meet different animals-Choose name of your animal-Startfamilywith mate and babies-Amazing quests including animalsracingKidscan play and enjoy this farm animal simulator game bestin questsimulation games!
Hi! Puppies♪ 1.2.56
************************************************************Don'tyou think puppies are furry and cute? Have you been wanting tokeepa cute puppy at home just to make you relax, to be needed andmoreimportantly, happy? I think we all need a break from thepressureand stress we've been going through every day. So what canwe do tohelp you? Come and check out this cute puppy on your phone.Isn'tit better for most of you to keep a virtual puppy so you'refreefrom all the hassles in the real world, like walking your puppyat7am in the morning. (you cannot say no to this cutie,becausehe/she will keep licking your face until you get up!) Tocreatesuch an amazing game, we've put so much love, energy andefforts.We can't love it more, so I am sure you will love it too.In hipuppy, you can: ★ choose your favorite breed ★ customize yourpuppyhouse, and dress up your puppy for a beauty contest! ★ playallkinds of games with your puppies ★ visit other houses inthecommunity and make "puppy" friends ..... There is a secretaboutyour puppy, guess what? the puppy is a treasure hunter! Allthehidden fortune will be digged out by this little one, who willmakeyourich.**************************************************************
Marine Vet Patrol 1.0.2
bweb media
Now become a marine vet and help heal animals who need help.Attendto the dolphin, giant octopus, whale, seahorse and penguintorescue them. Being a veterinary is hard work but rewarding, sowhynot try it with this vet game.
Talking Puppy Dog–Virtual Pet 2.7
** Adopt a cute chubby puppy and raise your own puppy to a dogwithour puppy simulator game! Download the cutest of all free doggamesand puppy games, ❤ Talking Puppy Dog–Virtual Pet ❤, to createyourown dog and have it as a pet!** Free virtual pet games areperfectfun and educational games! Puppy and kitty games allow youto enterthe world of animals that you can feed, dress, clean andcare for!My virtual pet dog games will make you love taking careofanimals!** Everyone loves talking animals that repeat youandplaying puppy care and dress up, right? Our dog simulator 3dwillmake you feel like you have a real talking puppy because of alltheamazing my dream animal game options:*❤ * Customize yourvirtualpet and his cute dog house!*❤ * TALKING DOG GAME: Talk toyoursmart pet dog-he can repeat everything you say!*❤* Play withyouradorable pet puppy-you can pet your virtual beagle, but youcanalso hit him & watch his hilarious reactions!*❤* PET CAREGAME:Take care of your talking pet - grow food for him, preparemeals,put him to sleep & make your beagle work out at the gym!Yourbeagle puppy can lift weights and walk on treadmill tostayhealthy!*❤* PETS DRESS UP: Buy your puppy cute animal clothesandfurniture to decorate all rooms!*❤* CUTE PARROT PET: Yourcutetalking puppy has an adorable virtual parrot friend! Gettwovirtual pets for free – your virtual animals goeverywheretogether, so your pet dog is never lonely!*❤* PLAYMINIGAMES:Abundance of popular and educational mini games to playin order tocollect coins and buy expensive new furniture & dogclothes andaccessories!** Dog games and talking animals are lots offun,especially when you play them with an adorable beagle puppy!Don'thesitate, download our incredible puppy dress up game and stepinour virtual dog pet salon and take care of your puppy and watchhimgrow up!** Dog care games are perfect for all animal loversandboys and girls that dream of working in a veterinary clinicandtaking care of pets! You can play all sorts of popular doggames,such as dog dress up – we have the best dress up salon foryourpet! Dress your pet in different dog costumes and outfitsanddecorate your puppy's home in these fantastic dog games forgirlsand boys and virtual pet games!** Animal makeover games, suchasanimal hair salon, puppy and kitty salon and others will helpyoushow off your ability to take care of pets and keep yourdreampuppy pet happy, healthy and clean!** Get your pet puppy forfreetoday with this incredible dog dress up game and dog care game–you won't believe how much fun it is to wash pets, feed pets,playwith virtual puppies and talking with your talking dog alldaylong! This talking puppy game is just the right virtual petgamefor you if you love chubby beagles that are just too cute!**Everwondered what is my dog saying? Well, now you'll know! Yourfreereal puppy simulator pet care game will enable you to talkwithyour virtual animal! ** Start your pet story right now withthispretty pet salon game and pet dress up and care game! Hurryup,your virtual puppy is waiting for you to come and play withhim!Download our adopt a pet game ❤ Talking Puppy Dog–Virtual Pet ❤andplay puppy games free!
Puppy & kitty salon 1.0.14
Nothing says you love your pet then giving them a good makeovertomake them feel better in the puppy and kitty salon. Not onlywillyou select your very own pet to love, but you will clean themup,feed and water them, as well as accessorize them with a brandnewand adoring outfit. Making your puppy or kitty feel lovedandwanted has never been this easy with this free caring game! Sogetcaring today! Features: • Select your cute pet between a kittenora puppy. • Clean up the mess that your naughty pet has made intheoffice. • Wash, rinse, dry, and brush your pet to make themniceand clean. • Brush your pet’s teeth and cut their nails sotheycan’t scratch. • Feed and water your pet before giving themlots ofattention. • Accessorize your pet with a brand new outfitandheadpiece to make them look great.
My Talking Lady Dog 2.3
Your children love dog games? You should get a talking puppyvirtualpet and check if they are ready for a real one. Virtual petgameslike My Talking Lady Dog will test your kids’ patience andcaringskills and show whether a cute baby dog should join yourfamily. Getthis puppy game and have fun! ADOPT DAISY, YOUR NEWFAVE VIRTUALPET! 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 After My Talking Dog - Virtual Pet andnearly10,000,000 satisfied users, we decided that Charlie shouldhave alady friend, as well. My Talking Lady Dog Daisy will soonbecomeyour favorite virtual pet and you will love looking afterher as shegrows from a baby dog to a lovely adult talking ladydog. 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾With a talking dog virtual pet, you can forget aboutall the messand howling nights. By downloading My Talking LadyDog, you will getan adorable talking puppy girl named Daisy. Puppygames combinecuteness and fun, but Daisy loves playing with bothgirls and boys,which makes this virtual pet game appropriate forchildren of allage (oh, parents will love it too!). Dog games arefun, so why notgive this talking dog a chance? Adopt this baby dogvirtual pet andwatch her grow into a beautiful talking lady dog!She willdefinitely warm your heart! 🐾 EXPLORE ALL THE OPTIONS 🐾Personalizeyour talking puppy by choosing your favorite outfit foryour virtualpet to wear. You can change clothes, furniture andpretty muchanything around the room. Also, you can name your babydog as youplease and look after her until she becomes a fullygrown talkingdog. FEATURES 🐾 TALK to Daisy and she will repeateverything you sayin a funny voice 🐾 Touch the hanger button toplay dog dress up 🐾Click on the mirror in the bathroom to playmakeup games 🐾 FEEDDaisy magic bones and see what happens 🐾 Touchthe sink to brushDaisy's teeth 🐾 PLAY MINI GAMES with your virtualpet and choose theone you like the most 🐾 Touch the armchairbutton to changefurniture, appliances and backgrounds 🐾 Be withyour virtual pet asshe is growing up from a baby dog to an adulttalking dog 🐾 COLLECTcoins to buy potions which will help you inthe game 🐾 LOOK AFTERYOUR VIRTUAL PET 🐾 When you adopt Daisy, shewill be just a cutetalking puppy in need of care. You will need tobathe, feed and playwith your talking dog so that she can growinto a beautiful lady dogvirtual pet. You can also play mini doggames with Daisy and setyour personal score. Watch out for thoseenergy levels, though,because your virtual pet needs her sleep inorder to be able to playall day long. Virtual pet and puppy gamescan be so much fun foreveryone and there is nothing more beautifulthan a child’slaughter. This talking dog virtual pet will put asmile on yourchildren’s face while they learn to care after aliving being, thusgetting ready for a baby dog they so long tohave. Dogs are people’sbest friends and a talking puppy not onlylistens to you but repeatswhat you say so it’s like hearing yourthoughts out loud. Get MyTalking Lady Dog and enjoy playing doggames no matter how old youare!
My Talking Dinosaur Ross 1.2.2
Great news for all animal games lovers, especially for the loversofdino games. Meet talking Ross - your new virtual pet. Thistalkingdinosaur is so cute and we are sure that you will adorehim. He willbecome your new virtual pet. But, if you want yourtalking dino tobe happy then you must take care of him. You mustfeed them when yousee that he is hungry. Also, you must bathe himwhen you see that heis dirty. Talk to your talking dinosaur and hewill repeateverything that you said with his cute, funny voice.When you seethat your talking animal is sleepy then you shouldtake him to hisspecial bed. Talking Ross will be so lonely and sadwithout yourcompany and you must play with him if you want him tobe happy. But,it won't be hard for you because this talking pet isthat much cutethat you won't be able to imagine your day withouthim.My TalkingDinosaur Ross is a free app for Android and it's aperfectcombination of animal games and talking games. There are alot ofgames for kids and we hope that My Talking Dinosaur Rosswill becomeone of the best games for boys and, also, one of thebest games forgirls. But we, also hope that all adults who liketalking games willenjoy in this free game for Android. So, if youdon't have thepossibility to have a real pet at home, then thisapp is perfect foryou.Different mini games like Ross and Clocks,Circle Ross and moreyou will have the possibility to play. Andwith this mini games youwill not have only great fun. Also, youwill earn a lot of coins.Great, isn't it? So, wait no more, freegame for Android is waitingfor you and you only need to downloadMy Talking Dinosaur Ross andstart playing with your new virtualdino!Features of My TalkingDinosaur Ross:- play with Ross and seewhat he will do- pet him andhe will be happy- feed Ross when yousee that he is hungry- bathehim when you see that he is dirty-when you see that he is tiredtake him to the bed - play mini gamesin order to earn coins- talkto Ross and he will repeat everythingyou saidStart fantasticadventure with talking Ross – your newvirtual pet. He is waitingfor you!
Pet Shop Story™
Create a Pet Shop like no other! Build a fun place for allyourfavorite lovable pets to share with your friends! Mix andmatchyour pets to make your own designer breeds. Pug + Chihuahua =Chug!Labrador + Poodle = Labradoodle! Bengal + Short Hair =Toyger!Running your pet shop is amazing fun with these features: ★OWNyour favorite Dogs, Cats, Birds, and other pets! ★ DESIGN newpetsby CROSS-BREEDING your collection! ★ GET the cutestpuppies,kitties, and chicks! Breed babies and see their uniquelooks. ★Build and upgrade BEAUTIFUL HABITATS! Design a Pet Shopthat’s funfor the animals and for you! ★ Complete goals to pleaseyourcustomers and win REWARDS ★ Meet NEIGHBORS and make FRIENDS.Visitsister Pet Shops and meet their pets! ★ Sharp stunninggraphics andanimations ★ Invite your Storm8 friends to play withyou ★ FREEWEEKLY updates with new pets, decorations, andbreedingcombinations! ★ Absolutely no clean up or doggy bagsrequired! Whatgood pets! Pet Shop Story is the BEST looking FREEpet game foryour Android device!★★★★★Rate Pet Shop Story 5-StarsNOW to help usbring more super adorable pets for you in forthcomingupdates.★★★★★Please note: Pet Shop Story is an online only game.Your devicemust have an active internet connection to play.Pleasenote thatPet Shop Story is free to play, but you can purchasein-app itemswith real money. To delete this feature, on your devicego to theGoogle Play Store, tap the Menu button, select Settings> UsePIN for purchase. Then, set up the four-digit PIN on theoptionbelow. In addition, Pet Shop Story may link to socialmediaservices, such as Facebook, and Storm8 will have access toyourinformation through such services.TeamLava, a Storm8 studio, isthe#1 Mobile Social Game Developer on Android, iPhone, iPod Touch,andiPad. Use of this application is governed by the TeamLava TermsofService. Collection and use of data are subject toTeamLava'sPrivacy Policy. Both policies areavailableat and
Puppy Love - My Dream Pet 1.7.0
~~> Fall in love with your brand new dream pet — themostadorable puppy ever! ~~> Dress up and care for yourpuppy!Style, pet, feed her and so much more!~~> Enjoy tonsofinteractive and playful 3D activities in Puppy Land! Ahhh,there’snothing quite as sweet as puppy love… especially when yourpuppy isthe most adorable and cuddly puppy in all of Puppy Land!Rumor hasit she's totally in love with you too! Your new puppyneeds lots oflove and attention to help her flourish and grow up!Care for yournew love and make her the happiest pup in Puppy Land!*Customizeyour dream puppy - exactly as you like!* Choose from tonsofdelicious snacks to feed your hungry puppy!* Bathe your puppy'tillshe's sparkling and clean!* Treat your injured puppy withspecialvet tools!* Play sweet and fun-filled games with youradorabledream pet!* Dress up your puppy in a variety of stylishoutfits andcute accessories!* Race with your puppy! How fast canyour puppyrun?! * Photo booth fun! Take a picture with your newdream pet!*Enjoy adorable and interactive 3D animations!ABOUT CocoPlayCocoPlay is China-based developer of creative and unique appsfor kidsand the whole family. Founded in 2013, Coco Play providesrich 3Dsimulation-based games for the whole family. Coco Play isasubsidiary of TabTale, a leading, global creator ofinnovativegames, interactive books and educational apps.Visitus: Likeus: us:@TabTaleWatchus: US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at [email protected] PARENTS The app is free to playbutcertain in-game items may require payment. You may restrictin-apppurchases by disabling them on this device. The app mayincludeadvertising for TabTale and certain third parties whichwillredirect users to our sites, apps or third-party sites.Yourprivacymatters. The app may enable collection of limited user databyTabTale or its carefully selected providers (e.g. ad networksandanalytics) for limited purposes described in our PrivacyPolicy(e.g. respond to support queries; enable, analyze and improvetheapp’s features and services; serve contextual ads and measuretheirperformance). The app includes certain features onlyaccessiblebehind an age-gate to protect children (e.g. restrictbehavioralads; social networks links to connect with others whileplaying;option to accept push notifications to inform of excitingnews e.g.updates). For more information (notably on the providers),pleaseread our Privacy Policy:, updating or using the app you consent (inyourpersonal capacity and for other users of your device) tothiscollection and use of limited device information for ad displayandreporting purposes, and to our Terms ofUse:
Talking Dog Jimmy 1.1.2
☀☀☀ Download ❤Talking dog Jimmy❤ now and experience themostexciting animal game. Enter the world of Talking Dog Jimmy, lethimbecome your best virtual pet. Apart from being entertaining,thisamazing pet game encourages creativity.This game belongs togamesfor kids. Talking dog Jimmy is an awesome game for boys butalso agreat game for girls. Jimmy is the cutest virtual dog thatneedsyour attention and care. So start a wonderful friendship withJimmyand enjoy playing with your new best virtual pet.☀☀☀ ★TalkingdogJimmy app is a great combination of animal games and dress upgamesand this free app for Android is ideal for all people wholikeanimals. We have prepared a lot of glasses, hats, suits andmore sochange Jimmy’s clothes and find the perfect outfit for him.Inaddition to dressing up the virtual dog you can changeJimmy’sfurniture as well. Here is what you need to do. You need tofeedyour virtual dog when he is hungry. The interesting thing isthatJimmy has a field. The field is planted with with fruitsandvegetables, which can be used for preparing food. Batheyourtalking animal and take him to the toilet. When you see thatyourtalking dog is sleepy and tired you should take him to thebedroomand turn off the light. ★ This adorable virtual pet willrepeateverything that you say with his cute hilarious voice. Laughoutloud at his constant adventures. So wait no more. Thisamazingvirtual animal will be your favourite virtual dog you havealwayswanted to have. All you need to do is to take care of him. ★Do youhave some friends who are afraid of dogs so they don’t wantyou thebring your pet when you visit them. Or they don’t want tocome toyour home. Finally there is a solution! Now everyone canmeet yourvirtual pet. And everyone will be in love with him. Youcan enjoyplaying with your talking dog anytime and everywhere. ★Anothergreat thing besides this incredible virtual pet game is thatwehave prepared for you some fantastic mini games that will helpyouearn some coins. You will love these games for kids like TicTacToe, Circle, etc. So join the adventure of playing more than10mini games, earn coins and buy some fashionable clothes andmodernfurniture for your favorite virtual pet.✿ Features of❤Talking DogJimmy❤: Talk to Jimmy and he will repeat everything yousay in ahilarious voiceChoose some great food and feed your virtualpetwhen he is hungryBathe your talking dog Jimmy and take him tothetoiletTake talking dog Jimmy to the bedroom when he is tiredandturn of the light.Customize his fashion and furniture Petyourvirtual pet and make him happy Play mini games in order toearnmoin coinsFantastic coloring book which make this talking doggameeven more interesting☺So wait no more! Download for free thisapptoday and start playing this impressive animal game and youwillnever be bored. Your new favourite virtual pet Talking dogJimmywill make your life full of joy. ☀☀☀Talking dog Jimmy is afreevirtual pet game published by Sofia_Soft - allrightsreservedPrivacypolicy:
My Talking Panda - Virtual Pet 3.3
Looking for a virtual pet? Search no more because TALKING PANDAISALL YOU NEED. My Talking Panda - Virtual Pet takes talkinganimalsand virtual animal games to a whole other level. Adopt thisbabypanda ASAP and you'll see what we're talking about! Gettingatalking parrot, talking cat or a talking dog is exciting,buttalking panda is something completely different. This virtualpetwill have you spinning around and jumping with joy once youcheckout all its features. Talking panda makes playing dress upgames alot more fun as now not only can you change clothes, fur andotheraccessories for your virtual pet, but also furniture andappliancesto make them fit better with the outfit. How cool isthat?! And,there is a lot more where this came from! Talkinganimals havebecome such popular games for girls and boys so thispanda game isan awesome addition to the bunch! FEATURES: 🐻 TALK toyour virtualpet and he will repeat everything you say in a funnyvoice 🐻 PLAYpanda dress up and make MO look classy, fashionable orjustadorable 🐻 CHANGE furniture and appliances to match MO's outfit🐻NAME baby panda differently if MO is not your fave 🐻 Make sureMOeats and sleeps so that he doesn't get sick 🐻 WORKOUT with MO ashegrows from a baby panda to a full adult 🐻 Play mini games withyourvirtual pet. Choose your favorites among the following:FlappyPanda, Panda Jump, Panda vs. Spikes, Panda vs. Elly, Tic TacToe 🐻SAVE PANDAS – donate money for pandas by making purchases inthegame Advance through levels and keep the room energy up NOTE:Youcan play this virtual pet talking game and collect points inorderto advance to higher levels. Once you've moved several levelsup,you will get fun gifts to help you in the game. Finally, alltherooms have energy levels that need to be charged after some timebyplaying with the cute baby panda and taking care of him. Asavirtual pet, MO is very cautious about his health so he brusheshisteeth and exercises. You can also make the panda jump and sweatsothat he stays nice and healthy. Or, you can watch him practicehisfew kung fu moves because this panda bear looks up to hisfamouscousin. Good news is that when MO works out, the room energylevelsincrease faster, thus enabling you to play longer with yourvirtualpet. Talking animals, like talking parrot, talking dog or atalkingcat keep children entertained, but they also teach them howto takecare of another living being. As a result, this kind ofvirtualanimal games is not only fun, but also educational to anextent.Once you download My Talking Panda - Virtual Pet, you willget agoofy talking panda who will make your day and even a weekwith hisawesome features. With MO, talking pets have becomemoreinteresting and games for girls and boys a littlemoreentertaining. MINI GAMES FLAPPY MO Make your panda run and getasmuch food as you can while trying to stay alive for as long asyoucan. Fly your baby panda as a bird and make sure he gets aroundallthe obstacles. TIC TAC TOE Play the game of X's and O's andmakesure you get three of the same sign first or you will lose.Pandagames can be a lot of fun, especially when you're playing themwithsuch an adorable baby panda. If you are eager to play somevirtualanimal games, MO will be there waiting. Virtual pets aregreatgames for girls and boys as they teach children someresponsibilityin addition to being fun and entertaining. DownloadMy TalkingPanda - Virtual Pet and enjoy playing with your talkingpanda! MyTalking Panda - Virtual Pet is Developed by Peaksel,Published byDigitalEagle PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService: Parent'sGuide:
Pet care center 1.0.1
The Pet care center is ready to cater for your adorable kittyandpuppy needs. Keep them satisfied and provide full attentionwhentaking care of them. Manage your cats and dogs as they ask youtobathe, feed or show them love. Be an awesome animallover!Features*Clients will come to you door with their pet.* Putthem on thekennel and play with them.* Fulfilling their need likefeeding,bathing and petting.* Owners will pick up their adorableandhealthy pet.* Pet owners will be delighted with the service.
Wash Pets - kids games 2.1.14
Degoo ltd
After a whole day exciting play, all those little fluffy andcutepuppies and cats are so dirty! Do you want to hold thoselittlemessy pets? No? How about let’s take a bath for those littlepetsto make them looks pretty again? Make the pet show its bestwith alot of option available in the game. Now enjoy the funfreegame!Features: - Pet Spa Care- Pet Vet DoctorCare:X-ray,Viruskiller,Medical treatment- Pet Dress-up: with dozensof awesomeitems!HAT,NECK,CLOTHES,GLASSES,TOYS,NECKLET.- Brush Petsteeth-Pets Nail Spa- Many different Puppies and Cats invariousclothesMINI GAMESHave fun with exciting mini games and earncoinsto buy items and food for your Pet!- The Special One: Pleasefindout the special one as quickly as possible- Match TheCards:Pleasefind out all the matching cards.- Sort The Tools:Pleaseput thetools into the correct boxes as quickly as possible.- Hitit!:Tapit when it appears.- Jump Now:Please turn your device tomake itjump and collect tools.- Flying Bird:Please tap the screento makethe bird fly as far as possible!- Fishing:Tap the screen tocollectlots of fish.- Arkanoid:Bounce the ball to destroy all thecoloredblocks by controlling the movement of the board.Wash Pets istheperfect game for children. It includes educational mini gameswithpositive affirmation to develop children’s counting,memory,reasoning, reflexes, coordination and motor skills. Itfocuses onmaking your child learn by playing. Every activityinvolves adifferent set of skills making it a completeeducationalexperience. This game is ALL FREE to play!
Talking Dog 2.0
If you can say you love dogs, then get ready to becomeaddicted,because this top game will become your favourite one! Herewe havethe cutest pet who is very friendly and sweet. This popularpuppylives on a farm and he learned how to dance, which is a prettybigaccomplishment, don’t you think? He will sweep you off yourfeetwhen you see him play the drums and the guitar! The little onealsoowns a home gym, but he needs your help to collect coins andunlockthe other rooms! You will do that by watching videos andplayingthe most amazing mini games! Download Talking Dog game appfor freeon your smartphone and have a lot of fun with your newvirtual pet,take care of him and the two of you will becomeinseparable!Playthis cool talking game and adopt a virtual dog thatwill become apart of your everyday life. Check out his amazinghouse – theliving room, the gorgeous bedroom, but there are alsothe gym andthe bathroom as well as a wonderful playground! He lovesto sleepin his bed but he is also very fond of games! That is whyhe has abeautiful playground where the two of you can have fun byjumpingon an awesome trampoline or playing with the ball. And getreadyfor incredible mini games! Play Jumpy Dog and hop onendlessplatforms together. You will love Pizza Defense where youshouldprotect a delicious meal from the enemies! Destroy theannoyinginsects, but try not to hit friends because they will notharm you.Do your best to defend this fabulous pizza, and get coins!In DogSmash you will hit your pet as soon as you see him get out ofthepit, so be quick and concentrate! The latest addictive gamewillcheck your reflexes, and entertain you at the same time, sochoosethe mode and start playing! The last one is Dog Jump, alovelyjumping game where you can tap the platform that you wantyourfavourite animal to hop on. Have fun! You can tickle and slapthedog to see his reactions, you will also see him fart - withthistop pet game everything is more fun! There is a bathroom wherethepuppy can take a bath, brush his teeth and wipe with the towel.Youcan take care of your little animal and take him to the gymtoexercise on a treadmill where he can run or walk. It is yourchoicebut make sure you keep your pet fit! How to play Talking Dogapp:Play mini games and watch videos to collect coins Talk to thedogand he will repeat your words Tickle and slap the dog forfunTake the dog to the gym Have fun with him on the playgroundandmake sure he gets some sleepThe cute puppy is very chatty, sotalkto your dog and he will listen carefully, because later hecanrepeat your words. Tap the aquarium in the living room to seethefish come out, or touch the drawer to see a cute chick! Makesureyour sweet friends sleeps, because that is how he gets hisenergy –and you get more coins! And do not worry - the rooster willwakehim up whenever you want. This dog care adventure is perfectboysand girls of all ages, everyone needs a buddy that is smartandfunny like the best talking dog! Share the latest puppygameapplication with your friends and show them how they can alsogettheir favourite new friend. Do not wait a minute longer,downloadthe popular talking game free, install it on yoursmartphone andbegin the coolest virtual pet care adventure!
Puppy Party 🐶 Secret Pet Life Day Care Dog Games 1.1.1
Have fun with cute puppies in this puppy party! Go into theirsecretpet life and play dog games together with your biggestpuppyfriends. Be a dog sitter in a pet day care episode. The bestdoggames for girls are bundled together in my pet salon, a greatwayto learn how to pet my first dog. Amazing!Features of PuppyParty🐶◾ Fantastic dog games for girls and boys◾ Realistic pet daycaregame as a dog sitter◾ Mini games like cleanup, dress up,feeding,home design and puppy party◾ Perfect puppy party during aday in asecret pet life◾ Great way to learn how to pet my firstdog◾ Playwith paws and fluffy puppies◾ Hug your boo in this pet daycaregameIn this episode you are the dog sitter, so you can learn tohowto pet my first dog. Go into the pet salon and play with allthetoys. Get your puppies to the daycare and take care of them inalldog games! Do a cleanup for their fur, a dress up for thepuppyparty and design their doghouse beautifully. Puppiesforpresident!The pet salon is ready for some doggy games for girlsandboys. Help and play with all the toys to make them happy!Amazing.Get down for some puppy dog games and have fun!
Baby Bunny - My Talking Pet 1.0.9
What’s furry, bouncy and waiting just for you? Your very owntalkingBaby Bunny! Your new bunny needs lots of love and attentionto helpher flourish and grow up! Care for your Baby Bunny and makeher thehappiest bunny ever! Love your talking pet like you’venever lovedany pet before! * Choose your favorite talking bunnyfrom 6fluffy-fun bunnies!* Baby Bunny is your talking pet! She’llrepeatafter you!* Dress up your bunny in a variety of adorableoutfits andaccessories! * Feed your hungry bunny tons of treats! *Bathe yourbunny 'till she's sparkling and clean!* Photo booth fun!Take aphoto with your Baby Bunny!* Treat your injured bunny withspecialvet tools!* Play fun-filled games with your adorable petbunny!*Enjoy adorable and interactive 3D animations!ABOUT CocoPlayCocoPlay Limited is China-based developer of creative andunique appsfor kids. Founded in 2013, Coco Play provides rich3Dsimulation-based games for the whole family. Coco Play isasubsidiary of TabTale, a leading, global creator ofinnovativegames, interactive books and educational apps.Visitus: Likeus: us:@TabtaleWatchus: US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at [email protected]
Crazy Mommy Adopt a Pet 1.0.0
Oh no! There are so many adorable animals in this game thatyoucouldn't resist the temptation to not play it. For sure is afunidea, but there are some responsibilities that comes along withallthese. This animal lover mom got the courage to own and carethreedifferent pets and because of that she is going crazy and willneedyour help to face the challenge. As you can see there is akittycat, a fluffy dog and a sweet pony that will requireseriousnursing skills, but in order to help them you have to takeeach oneaside and offer a proper care according to their needs andaskedenvironment. You will be guided along the way and each taskwillmeasure your devotion for these animals because now they willbeyours. The cat will be first and you will have to cut her excessofnails then when she is ready put her right in the bath tube togeta cleaning and relaxing bubble wash. Use the soap and rub herskinin order to get her all covered by bubbles, then make sure youwashthe fur. Dry her and use some beauty tricks to spoil her alittlebit. You have the possibility to makeup the kitty and rightafteryou will be adding the clothes with that sparkling tiara. Ifyouare now playing with the pony you will see some similarities intheprocedure, but you will be adding a face mask and even moremakeup.The mascara and the braided hair will make a nice match withthepony's outfit. The dog turn has come and he will be pamperedwith atreatment that will whiten his teeth, then you will be takingabath and if you follow the instructions there is no wayyoucouldn't finish the last animal. Have fun and try to see how amomthat adopted three animals has her normal day and how youshouldbehave with each one of them.There are many features thisgamebrings in order to be your favorite: - Free and easy toplay-Joyful music and cool graphics- Develop new abilities andimprovethe old one- Create a safe environment and a cleaned one-Takeresponsibilities and learn how to take care of a little cat, aponyand a puppy
Husky Puppy Spa Salon 1.0.7
This little puppy needs a special treatment and because you havetotake care of him you’ll bath him and then you’ll have to dresshim.Join this animal game and prepare yourself for a challengethatrequires to embrace your artistic skills and also your patiencetolook after a baby husky. First you need to make the necessarytasksthat demands his medical condition, once they areaccomplished, itshouldn't be other thing that could stop you fromnursing thisfluffy dog. You are responsible for the happiness ofthis littlehusky and because of that in this dog game you are goingto givethis puppy a spa session followed by special recommendation.Cuthis nails, put him into the bath and wet his fur so you’ll beableto apply the shampoo and the soap. Clean his ears from thebacteriathat you find out here then dry his fur, brush it and makeit shinewith that spray you’ve got. Now the only thing you shoulddo is tochoose his outfit. You know a fancy puppy has a sparklingstyle anda different aspect because of the amount of accessorieshe’swearing. So all you have to do is to combine jewelry and colorstoadopt a specific look. Gain experience as an animal designerandhave fun while you are taking care of this adorable thing.Makesureyou take a look at these awesome features this game shows:-Theoccasion to watch after a lovely animal- Take a bath and makehimcomfy - Learn step by step the whole process - Improveyourdesigner skills- Choose an innovative look for a littlehusky-Figure out how to take care in an appropriate way- Free andeasy toplay- Cheerful music and great graphics
Talking Husky Dog 2.08
Talking Baby
Talking Husky Dog repeats everything you say with afunnyvoice.Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Talking Husky Dog .Heis especially fun for children of all ages.Play with Husky Dog:-Talk to Husky Dog and he will repeat everything you say withafunny voice.- Threw Frisbee to me quickly!.- really sweet.- lookatmy dancing.- have a sleep.- I’m the monster of circus.- Pokehishead, Arm or feet.This is a free app, download and enjoy it
Baby Pet Doctor 1.0.11
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Give a pet a new and enjoyable life with this caring game. Becomeavet and help baby animals by healing their wounds and helpingthemget back onto their feet. We all know that baby animals cangetinto a lot of mischief, so why not play one of the bestcaringgames around today and help to treat their injuries andsicknesslike a true pet doctor.Features: + Select your very own petyouwant to help. + Clean your pet and prepare their woundsformedications and first aid. + Check their temperature, givethemmedications to help fight off any infections. + Vaccinate yourpetbefore adding band aids and cleaning off the left over residue.+Accessorize and give your pet a new outfit to show off totheworld.
Labrador at the Doctor Salon 1.0.4
Chic World
You got to know how a dog should be treated in case yourparentmight take you one, or even better, you already have it. Asyou canfigure out this animal game is all about the little dogs andtheirown mood. The Labrador race is a pretty expensive one and alsoyoucould say they need a special treatment and for sure a lot ofyourattention. You are about to offer some for a little puppy whoneedsan immediate intervention because of his condition. You willneedpatience and a big sum of love for these fluffy creatures. Forthebeginning, you are advised to go straight to the nursing partthatinvolves the ear and dental hygiene. Going to the dentalhospitalyou'll discover the right procedure for an untreated gumand norecord of a previous care. Do whatever it takes to keep theteethclean and healthy. The ears need your attention because therecouldbe a possible infection in there if you don't handle thesituationas you should. Use the medical devices and make all thebacteriadisappear. His fur gone crazy and you have to remediate itin thebathing process. Cut the tufted that don't belong there andput thedog into the bath so he could enjoy the washing and thespoilingtoo. Now you are done and a Labrador puppy is ready tothank youfor your work. Hope you have fun while you have playedthis game!Asyou can see this game prepared plenty of interestingfeatures andyou could take a quick look at them right here if youwant to:-Cool procedure to execute- Taking care of a cute littleanimal- Usewhat it takes to make the pain go away- Variety of toolsandprocesses to accomplish- Free and easy to play- Joyful musicandpretty interface- New abilities to gain during theprocess-Understand the importance of a good hygiene- Be a dentistand abetter vet for this little fluffy ball
Little Pets Animal Guardians 1.4.1
Explore the beautifully crafted levels, play with withlittleanimals, tame your own mini pets and catch them all! Thecutefluffy animals need your protection! Go on adventures withyourfavorite friend. Look after the little animals like they'reyou'revery own mini pets. Let the animals roam wild in the safarilikelevels. Tame enough pets and the guardian dragons arrive tohelp tolook after them. Lots of different animals and little petsto playas and train, do you have what it takes to get to thefinalguardian dragon sanctuary and release the mightydragonkings?Features:★ New: Multiplayer mode! Play online oroffline ★ 65cute animals - little pony, mini horse, cute puppy,happy dog, babyduck, pussy cat, super goat, sheep, Pig, Cow, BabyDragons and moreto train and play with!★ Access 6 beautifullycrafted levels toplay and discover - Enchanted Forest - IceFortress - DesertWasteland - Mayan Jungle - Paradise Island -Guardian Sanctuary★Immersive ambient music and sound effects★ Easymovement system,just tap the ground and automatically navigate tothat location★Unique animations★ Intuitive camera control★ Screenlock ★ Reducedgraphics option for lower performing devices★ Animalinteractions★Unlock interactions by collecting gems and trainingthe animals★Collect gems by interacting with the animals or byexploring thelevels★ Unique and colorful effects★ Collect potionsto gain speedboost and unlock additional effectsLots of animals toenjoy andexplore with, from pink pigs to cute little puppies anddogs! Catlovers will enjoy the kittens and cats. They can even playwith alittle pony! There’s lots of little pony’s to train and playwith.Run around the level at lightning speed on your very ownlittlepony pet.Once you’ve trained and tamed up all of theanimalkingdom, the guardian dragon will return to protect all ofyourtrained pets. The guardian dragon is a baby dragon withlittlewings, and they are also the fastest animals in the game,socollect them all and complete your very own pokedex likeinventoryof animals. Progress through the levels and discover therest ofthe animal planet and provide shelter and care for the restof theanimal worldOnce you’ve trained all of the guardian babydragons,you will open up access to the guardian sanctuary. You'llfindlot's of different dragons here, from big strong dragons tosmallcute dragonsA cute game that will provide hours ofentertainment.Adopt your own animal farm and create a wildhaven.It's visuallystimulating and thoroughly fun to play, hours ofentertainment foryour children and completely free to access 100%of the content, sowhat are you waiting for, help tame the littlewild pets!What'syour favorite pet? Pink pony? White Horse? The Fox?The Pig? Ormaybe the water Dragon?Let us know your thoughts,suggestions orany issues that you’re experiencing:[email protected]
Talking Cat & Dog 6.0.0
Just talk to the Talking Cat & Dog. The cute kitten answerswithher funny voice and reacts to what you say or your touch. Witha lotof exciting inside games with many levels to play! Spend sometimewith these two little friends and their great play activities.Thiscat is Babsy's favorite cat! If you like Talking Animals gamesliketalking cat or talking dog, funny games, talking games orcatsimulator games then you will love my Talking Cat & Dog! Tryitout! ★★★ Features: ★★★ ✔ Talking Animals Game: Talking cat withdog- talking kitten - talking kitty ✔ Talking game - Talking Pets-Virtual Pet - Funny Games ✔ High quality 3D graphics ✔Voiceinteraction ✔ Leo & Lea's Kitty Piano ✔ Pets animations:meows,barks, dance, etc. ✔ Cat games free If you like themes likedog andcat run simulator, take care of a cat, cats games ingeneral. Thisapp is like gold for you. You will love it! TalkingCat & Doghas many funny games waiting for you. Talking Cat& Dog is afree pet app and one of the best Talking Animalsgames - downloadthe funny cat game now and just talk funny stuffand enjoy it! Ifyou like Talking Cat & Dog then please rate itwith 5 stars!Thank you! This game is specially made for teenagersand adults ofall ages!
Pet hospital doctor 1.0.10
Helping animals in need is a rewarding thing anyone can do, andwiththis pet doctor game you can work your magic by healingsickanimals. Here you can choose your first pet patient, helphealsores, pull out thorns, check their temperature, remove lice,aswell as give them medication, vaccinate them, dress them up andsomuch more. So if you want to look after pets and make themfeelbetter, why not try your hand at this pet hospital doctorgametoday and see if you have what it takes to make your petpatienthappy. Features: • Choose your first pet client you aregoing tohelp make better. • Remove the thorns, lice and add creamto thesores to help them heal. • Check their temperature, swab thesores,and give them medications to make them feel better. • Brush,givethem vaccines and place bandages over the sores so theyhealnicely. • Dress up and accessorize your pet ready for the dayoutin the sun.
Coco Pony - My Dream Pet 1.0.6
Fly away to a far away land and fall in love with your brandnewdream pet, Coco Pony! Dress up and care for Coco Pony! Style,pet,feed her and so much more! Enjoy tons of care activities inthemagical 3D Pony World!Your dream pet just flew into your life!MeetCoco Pony, the most beautiful and fashionable pony in PonyWorld!She's all yours and needs your love and care to flourish andshinebright! Care for your new best friend and make her thehappiestpony inPony World! * Customize your dream pet pony -exactly as youlike!* Choose from tons of delicious snacks to feedyour hungrypony! * Bathe Coco Pony 'till she's sparkling and clean!* Care foryour injured pony with special pony tools! * Play sweetandfun-filled games with your dream pet pony! * Dress up Coco Ponyina variety of stylish outfits and cute accessories! * PlaytheRainbow Race game! How fast can your dream pony run?! * Photoboothfun! Take a picture with your new best friend! * Enjoyadorable andinteractive 3D animations!About Coco PlayCoco Play isChina-baseddeveloper of creative and unique apps for kids and thewholefamily. Founded in 2013, Coco Play provides rich3Dsimulation-based games for the whole family. Coco Play isasubsidiary of TabTale, a leading, global creator ofinnovativegames, interactive books and educational apps.Visitus: Likeus: us:@TabtaleWatchus: CONTACT US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at [email protected] PARENTS: The app is free to playbutcertain in-game items may require payment. You may restrictin-apppurchases by disabling them on this device. The app mayincludeadvertising for TabTale and certain third parties whichwillredirect users to our sites, apps or third-party sites.Privacyisimportant to us. The app may enable collection of limited userdataby TabTale or its carefully selected providers (e.g. adnetworksand analytics) for limited legal purposes described in ourPrivacyPolicy (e.g. respond to support queries; enable, analyzeandimprove the app’s features and services; serve contextual ads).Theapp includes certain features only accessible behind an age-gatetoprotect children (e.g. restrict behavioral ads; socialnetworkslinks to connect with others while playing; option toaccept pushnotifications to inform of exciting news e.g. updates).Bydownloading or using the app you accept our PrivacyPolicy: and Terms ofUse: and permit such uses forusers ofyour device.
Talking Dog Bella 1.4.5
☀☀☀ Download ❤Talking dog Bella❤ now and experience themostexciting animal game. Enter the world of Talking Dog Bella, letherbecome your best virtual pet. Apart from being entertaining,thisamazing pet game encourages creativity.This game belongs togamesfor kids. Talking dog Bella is an awesome game for girls butalso agreat game for boys. Bella is the cutest virtual dog thatneedsyour attention and care. So start a wonderful friendship withBellaand enjoy playing with your new best virtual pet.☀☀☀ ★TalkingdogBella app is a great combination of animal games and dress upgamesand this free app for Android is ideal for all people wholikeanimals. In addition to dressing up the virtual dog you canchangeBella’s furniture as well. Here is what you need to do. Youneed tofeed your virtual dog when she is hungry. Bathe your talkinganimaland take her to the toilet. When you see that your talkingdog issleepy and tired you should take her to the bedroom and turnoffthe light. ★ This adorable virtual pet will repeat everythingthatyou say with her cute hilarious voice. Laugh out loud atherconstant adventures. So wait no more. This amazing virtualanimalwill be your favourite virtual dog you have always wanted tohave.All you need to do is to take care of her. ★ Do you havesomefriends who are afraid of dogs so they don’t want you thebringyour pet when you visit them. Or they don’t want to come toyourhome. Finally there is a solution! Now everyone can meetyourvirtual pet. And everyone will be in love with her. You canenjoyplaying with your talking dog anytime and everywhere. ★Anothergreat thing besides this incredible virtual pet game is thatwehave prepared for you some fantastic mini games that will helpyouearn some coins. You will love these games for kids like TicTacToe, Circle, Archer, etc. So join the adventure of playingmorethan 10 mini games, earn coins and buy some fashionable clothesandmodern furniture for your favorite virtual pet. ✿ Featuresof❤Talking Dog Bella❤: Talk to Bella and she will repeateverythingyou say in a hilarious voice Choose some great food andfeed yourvirtual pet when she is hungry Bathe your talking dogBella andtake her to the toilet Take talking dog Bella to thebedroom whenshe is tired and turn of the light. Customize herfashion andfurniture Pet your virtual pet and make her happy Playmini gamesin order to earn moin coins ☺So wait no more! Downloadfor freethis app today and start playing this impressive animalgame andyou will never be bored. Your new favourite virtual petTalking dogBella will make your life full of joy. ☀☀☀ Talking dogBella is afree virtual pet game published by Sofia_Soft - allrights reservedPrivacypolicy:
My Talking Panda 1.1.9
❤❤❤ Get ready for the best virtual pets game ever! Meet MyTalkingPanda– your new virtual panda. If you are fascinated withthesewonderful animals then you are at the right place. DownloadMytalking Panda app for free on Android and experience anadventurousgame. ❤❤❤☆★ My talking Panda will be your new favoritevirtualanimal game because it is a great pet game that will giveyou achance to have a lot of fun while taking care of thisjoyfulvirtual pet. Play with my talking panda anytime you want andbringhim with you wherever you go. Your new virtual pet willentertainyou and your friends and make you laugh all the time.Bathe him,take him to the toilet, feed him with some delicious foodthat youcan choose every day! Take your virtual pet to the bedroomand turnoff the light when he is sleepy! He will be more energeticandhappy when he has enough sleep. Remember your talking animalwillbe sad if you don’t take care of him. ★☆☀ Take a look atpanda’swardrobe and you will find some great outfits! My talkingPanda isfashionable and attractive and he will look impressive withyourhelp. So choose some trendy clothes and make your virtualpetmodern and attractive. Don’t forget to make his house alsomodern!This beautiful virtual pet will look even more spectacularif youbuy some stylish furniture. ☀ Perhaps you are wondering howyouwill buy best things for your talking pet. It is easy. Just trytoearn as much coins as you can. We provided you withsomeinteresting mini games like Tic Tac Toe, Circle, Clocks andmore.Play some excellent games for kids and earn some coins. Have alotof fun playing these thrilling games and earn coins every day. ☀Mytalking Panda is an excellent animal game for all ages! Itbelongsto games for kids. Talking animals have become popular gamesforgirls and boys so this panda is another great pet that youcanhave. Not only will children love it but also their parents.Hewill win your hearts. Only thing you need to do is to downloadforfree this awesome virtual pet game and my talking panda willbecomea part of your daily life.Features of ★ My talking Panda★ ☆Takecare of your very own talking panda: Play games with him, feedhimfavorite foods, tuck him in bed. ☆ Be careful. If you don’ttreatyour virtual pet well he will feel sad and sick☆ Useyourimagination. Create your own talking animal and his home.Choosethe most beautiful combinations of clothes and furniture☆Talk toyour virtual pet panda and he will repeat everything yousay. Pokeand pat him and see how he reacts ☆ Enjoy great time withyourvirtual animal and make him happy. My talking panda will changehisemotions according to how you play with him.☆ Play over 10minigames. Earn coins and have some fun.☺So wait no more! Downloadforfree this app today and start playing this impressive animalgameand you will never be bored. Your new favourite virtual petMyTalking Panda will make your life full of joy. ☀☀☀My TalkingPandais a free virtual pet game published by Sofia_Soft - allrightsreservedPrivacypolicy:
Coloring Book for Kids: Animal 1.0.8
The BEST android animal coloring book for kids! The BESTbrushpainting experience on coloring page comparing to othercoloringgames! - Coloring book and drawing pad 2-in-1.- 120+pictures forlovely and cute animals.- more than 10 beautifulbrushes, includingglow, neon, water-color, crayon, rainbow- easycolor picker - pinchto zoom in/out to paint in small space- inkdropper- "video" modeto replay the coloring like a small film.-built-in gallery tostore both coloring picture and coloringanimation.- undo/redoBoysand girls, come and help! One day, wevisited the Happy Zoo andtook lots of pictures: hedgehog was eatingwatermelon, smallrodents was blowing dandelion, little cat rollingin the flowers,small zebra playing in the river, cute kangaroopickingapples....and there're baby tiger and baby bear.... Thepicturesare so lovely and fun. However, the little rabbit who'retakingpictures accidentally broke the camera, and all photos lostthecolor! She cried so sadly. Would you like help little rabbittopaint the photos with beautiful colors, so that the Happy Zoocanhave colorful happiness again?There're 120 lovely photoswaitingfor your help. You can use 9 kinds of cute brushes to paintthem,feeling just like paint on realistic paper. -------* Allthepictures in this game are created by Doodle Joy Studio, andalltheir copyright belong to Doodle Joy Studio.
Eid Animal Transport Sim 2017 1.0
Now transport animals and cattles including horses,elephants,Bears, Lions, cows, Camels, goats, hippos, pets,dinosaurs,buffaloes and all other animals that are present in thezoo, onlineand enjoy different kinds of form houses and parksenvironment. Youwill also have to transport western wild forestanimals towards theform houses and parks. In this animaltransportation simulator gameyou have to go offroad in the jungle,take animals from jungle,travel through the jungle, hilly andmountain areas and transportthem on the nearest form house oranimal amusement park 2018. Ondifferent kinds of events like Eid,Diwali, 14th of August etc…peoples from different cities come tovisit zoo and other parkslike Jurassic, super safari, form housesand animal parks to amusedifferent kinds of animals circus. EidAnimal Transport Sim 2017!This time you have been called by themountain village farmers andfarm animals owners to transport theiranimals from one location toanother but the real challenge is thatthe locations are extremehilly tracks and dangerous mountainousranges in Farm AnimalLoader: Eid Animal Transport Sim 2017 game.EidAnimal Transport Sim2017, by loading and carrying animals from oneplace to another.Transporting animals from one place to another isnot at all aneasy job, because you need to grab them with yourcommands asanimals cannot understand the language of humans. Inthis game EidAnimal Transport Sim 2017, the major task you areassigned is; youhave to load the animals from the village, thecenter hub of allthe cattle, and transport them to the nearbymarket. It is notnecessary that you only transport a specific typeof animal; thereare all the types of animals, i.e. Camels, Cows,Goats, buffalos.All the animals that you are going to transport arein bulk. Youneed a big animal transporter truck or a Farm Truck forthis farmanimal game.Eid Animal Transport Sim 2017 from market tocity homeon eid.ul.azha as animal truck driver. Eid Ul Fitr MubarakToAll.Our Eid Animal Transport Sim 2017 game is one of best inplaystore.if you're looking for best zoo & eid ul azha cowgamesthen this is the one.You will become truck drive and work asforestanimal truck transporter. we design city farm animalstransporttruck game for you in which you can use heavy truxksimulator alsouse as a zoo animal transporter truck.All the furiousanimals usein this game are farm animals truck is use to carrythese zooanimals.Get your 14 august dress ready. Celebrate with 14augustsong and send 14 august sms to all. india independence dayindiaindependence day photo frame Set Pak Flag Best in 14 augustapp SetPakistan Jashn e azadi photo frame.Are you now ready forworking asa Future truck driver and transport animals from forestanimalsmarket to you house.Eid Animal Transport Sim 2017 to yourhouse andmake delicious eid ul azha recipies.Eid Ul Fitr 2017Mubarak To AllMuslims.We are in one of top animals transport truckgamessearch.We bet you that you play real animal simulator andenjoyfurious animal games of our company.happy Pak Independence toyou.pakistan flag photo frame. Take a screenshot of our game andset asa 14 august wallpaper.Bakra Eid Mubarak to all.
Talking Crocodile 2.0
Meet the buddy who can dance, jump, run, and do manyotherinteresting things! He is the coolest animal who cannot waittostart an amazing adventure with you. Download freeTalkingCrocodile game app on your smartphone and see for yourselfwhatthis awesome hero can do. He lives in a lovely house in theswamp.This popular crocodile will be your new virtual pet, and thetwo ofyou will make a great team. He lives a very impressivelifestyle,as you will see! He has a treadmill where he can run andwalk tostay fit! This virtual pet will entertain you and make yousmile,so do not hesitate to download it free.The crocodile willshow youall of his beautifully decorated rooms, and the two of youwillplay the amazing mini games and collect coins to unlock all oftherooms in the his big house! Check out Jumpy Crocodile, crossallplatforms and try to achieve the maximum height. Open PizzaDefenseand protect this delicious meal from the attack of nastybugs.Beware of spiders and caterpillars but try not to hurtbutterfliesand ladybugs. They are your friends and will help you inyourmission. In Crocodile Smash do not drop the hammer from yourhandsand hit this animals as soon as they come out of the pit.PlayCrocodile Jump and just tap platform that you want your herotojump on. He likes to stay in shape, so that is why he made atophome gym where he can workout. He has a treadmill where he canrunor walk. When you think the crocodile is ready to sleep, justputhim in the bedroom and turn off the lights. Your littlebuddyshould get some rest. The cute hand bell will wake him up whenyoudecide it is time for him to start a new day! The latestfreecrocodile game is for everyone, for boys and girls of all ages.Thekids will love it, because it is fun, interesting, and relaxingtohave such a buddy! Play with this talking animal outside, andmakesure he gets some sleep afterwards. On the playground there isanawesome trampoline where he can jump, and he is also very goodatsports. You will be amazed with gorgeous pink lotus flowers.Lookbehind your hero and you will see a frog that emits bubblesandenjoy drinking cocktails. You can share with your friends toletthem know that the best crocodile is your top virtual pet.Let’scome to his living room, it beautifully decorated. Tap thefruitbowl in the to see a butterfly, click on the drawer andthegorgeous fairy will come out! Check out the window and youwillnoticed a little mosquito who will fly humming if you touchit.Look out and you will see storks and frogs. Our popular herohasmusical talents, he knows to play piano. You will enjoy inthesounds he performs with his saxophone, listen carefully andyouwill be amazed. Talk to your crocodile and he will listencarefullywhat you are saying. Later he will be able to repeat yourwords!How to play Talking Crocodile game app: Play mini games tocollectmore coins Talk to the crocodile and he will repeat yourwordsTake the crocodile to the gym Have fun with him on theplaygroundand make sure he gets some sleep Tickle and slap thecrocodile forfunTickle or slap the crocodile for fun, to see hisreaction. Thisawesome virtual pet will quickly become yourfavourite buddy, soinstall this latest application and start youradventure in theswamp! You can share with your friends and let themknow about thebest talking game, they will want to adopt a coolcrocodile as avirtual pet, for sure!
Talking Dog - My Talking Puppy Pet 2.8
🐾 TALKING DOG - MY TALKING PUPPY PET MAX IS ANOTHER OF COOLTALKINGPET GAMES! Think you don't need more virtual talkinganimals? Thinkagain because this funny talking dog is a virtualtalking petyou'll want to keep! 🐾Like dogs, but you don't like thesound of adog barking all night long? With talking pet games, suchas talkingdog and talking cat, you don't have to worry about that!To makethis virtual dog talk or be responsive, all you have to dois pet,poke, and tease it or even play dress up games with it. Playthistalking animal game and to hear this talking puppy talk,saysomething and it will repeat what you said in a funny voice. HOWTOPLAY TALKING DOG - MY TALKING PUPPY PET🐾 Talk to dog and youwillhave this dog talking in no time as it will repeat everythingyousay in a funny voice🐾 Poke and slap Max to see how it getsangryand bends over🐾 Pet the puppy and see how it enjoys🐾 Makeyourtalking dog dance or grab the bone and see how bendy he is🐾Playvirtual dog games with the talking puppy and it will be yourbestdog friend🐾 Dress up the dog to make it look classy, elegantorcasualTALKING DOG MAX – BARKIEST TALKING PET AMONGTALKINGANIMALSGetting my talking dog as a virtual dog is a greatidea, butTalking Dog - My Talking Puppy Pet is not so ordinary.This mytalking dog is simple, which is why it belongs to thecategory oftalking animal games too. Talking cat games like EmmaThe Cat –Virtual Pet are cute, but Talking Dog - My Talking PuppyPet Max isfunnier and it barks! This talking pet app allows you toplay puppydress up and make it look funny or elegant. DownloadTalking Dog -My Talking Puppy Pet app and show off your new talkingfriend! Sayto your friends 'This is my talking pet – it's a virtualpet, but Ilove it!'TALKING PETS LIKE MY TALKING DOG GROW ON YOUFASTVirtualtalking animals are lots of fun. The main purpose ofthese talkingpet games is to make you smile and laugh at the sillytalkinganimals. Talking Dog - My Talking Puppy Pet Max is one suchcoolgame. Download my talking pet app and become a TalkingDogtranslator in no time!PLAY WITH TALKING DOG MAX TO GETINTRODUCEDTO MASHA THE DOGTalking dog Max is a simple virtual doggame thatintroduces you to more complex talking pet games such asMasha TheDog. Each talking puppy has their own originality andstyle, so itis not enough to play with just one of them. Talkingdogs may comein different shapes and sizes, but talking dog Max andMasha TheDog are very good talking friends, so make sure you keepthatfriendship alive!Talking Dog - My Talking Puppy Pet isanintellectual property ofDigitalEaglePrivacyPolicy:'sGuide: