Top 2 Games Similar to Goat Road Crossing

Crocodile Road Crossing 1.0
Dragon Master
Make your animal cross roads thathaswater,fire, swift car, India Auto and the IndianevergreenAmbassadorcar.Control your character with taps, while avoiding hazards.Gameplay is simple but addictive. Enjoy whilecrossingtheroad.Smooth and responsible control, one-touch gameplay.Touchthethedirection where you want your character to go.This game Crossing is the best choice for your casual gaming.There are 17 different games with animals like bear,boar,chicken,cow, crocodile, Elephant, Fox, Goat, Hippopotamus,Lion,Pig,Rabbit, Rhinosaurus, Sheep, Stag, Wolf and ZebraPlay for FREE forever.*Easy and fun to play, hard to master*Fun filled levels*Collect as many coins and cross as many lanes as possibletogethighscoresAny problems or suggestions, please contact us.E-mail: dragmast99@gmail.comLike us on Facebook:
PIU the impish,Animals Games' 1.2
Kids will have fun with AnimalsGames'!Explorethe most famous wildlife and help them overcometheirownchallenges. Start your adventure now!In this pocket game you will participate in themostchallengingand fun singleplayer games. Help the nextanimals:-> The burrito needs to be built. Fill himwithwondertransforming his pretty face into a monster or azombie,althoughexperimenting with patience he can be a princeorprincess!-> Puppy has a hero's soul and runs a lot but he is verybadatjumping. Help him hitting the screen to avoid the rocks,plantsandblocks.-> Rescue the elder hen perched on the rusted roof!Willneedto overcome the curse of clouds that attack you fromthesky,avoiding off balance and fall with gravity.-> The chick loves to play. You must playwithstrategy,walking with small steps and go quiet, or flapping tonotbediscovered by mama and don't do your brother cry,madandangry.-> Rescue sheeps and return them to the siege.Withpatienceyou must scare them like if you were a ghost to drivethesheeps inthe right direction.-> The starving bunny must win his food choosing thebestwayto arrive to the fruits. Be careful when eating chilli,thehungryrabbit look like a dragon.The games are targeted to different dificulty levelsfordifferentages. At the game completion, fun snapshots orchampionmedals areobtained.This magical and mysterious space created withcheerfulandchildlike geometric and 2D vector drawings will maketheyoungerguests entertained and gain skills to the situations oftheday andnight.The river water, the sun, the mountains, the trees andthefield,with their corresponding sounds are elements found innatureandrelax children and adults. Accompanying this idyllicpicture,themini-games are designed to develop the ability, skill,logicandimagination along every game with creativity.Animals Games' is free to play and is availableexclusivelyfortablets, phones and Android devices. If you liketheexperiencewith this app , please help us rating up the gamegivinga correctvalue of stars.It has been developed with effort and vitality byMaceJoyinValencia, Spain. For more information click the below linkorcheckthe web via Google.The game is part of a complete saga, and will evolveinfutureupdates with new worlds surrounding the farm, as theprairieatsouth, the forest at west or the pond with a small islandattheeast, including these fantastic and wild animals andotherdomesticpets, becoming like a safari holiday. The totalnumberofcharacters almost reaches to infinity! The eagle, deer,mole,fox,bear, squirrel, owl, goat, cow, bird, pig, bee,frog,crocodile,turtle and duck, some of them negligible and otheronesarecharming.