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Space Fugitive 1.0
Todd was being chased everyday bythepolice.Buteach time when he was close to be caught,he couldalwaysmanaged toescape and looted everything where the placeshepasses.So what this is all about, let's take a look at.The answerwillbefound in this hardcore action-puzzle riddle-black humormixedgameexactly.So,never miss it!===================================How To Play:You can control the move of Todd just by very slightlytiltingyourdevice.This operation also will be enabled for alyingdownposture.Try to collect all the coins on the stage andthenescapeyourself.That's the aim.But remember,huge amount ofstrangetrapswere waiting for you,they are really knotty.===================================Every stage has been strictly tested so we can promise youthataslong as you choose the right path, you can easilythrougheverylevel.So,if you're a master of action,use you hands but if your operation is not goodenough,justtakeadvantage of the mind. Believe me,there is always away.So,Todd will be fail from now on or still smart as usualisalldepend on you.Have a good luck.Thank you!====================================================================There are famous games,like fruitninja,angrybirds,fishingjoy,cut the rope by,doodle jump,Luxor 2zuma,plantsvs.zombies,MONSTER HUNTER Dynamic Hunting,Dungeon Defender,templerun2,jubeatplus,Sokoban,sudoku,太鼓の達人プラス,Infinity Blade 2...andetc.While enjoying these classic,why just have a try of thistotallynewgame.We believe you'll have new fun with a new game. Andiflikeplay jagsaw puzzle,liketabletennis,billiards,ping-pong,snooker,9ball,likeinternationalchess,mahjong,Texas Poker and many othermind-usinggames,this gamewill be more fit for you.2013 Atansoftgame===========================Tags(May help you find the game you like):atansoftgame,dwarf,thief,thieves,burger,superrobber;bandit,pirate,tiny,shortman,missile,spikes,bomb,explosive,agilegame,anaction puzzlegame,dead,wormhole,timemachine,hardcore,jump,instanttransfer