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Call Easter Bunny Voicemail
This is the MUST-HAVE Call Easter Bunny Voicemail app and theONLYfree Easter app where you can make an Easter Bunny phonecall,listen to his voicemail message then record & play back avoicemessage for him just like real! Text message him & herepliesjust like real too*!Parents can use this app to encouragegoodbehaviour as you have the option to press 1 if children havebeengood or 2 if they have been bad! Get you chocolate Eastereggorders in today during the Easter countdown with this funandhilarious app!- Kids can call anytime, his voicemail isalwaysactive. No airtime or data is used as it is a Easter Bunnyfakecall.- Text message him and he replies just like real! Noairtimeor data is used as it is a Easter Bunny fake textmessage*.Getsocial-Twitter:@EasterBunnyAppFacebook:*watcha video advertisement OR make an in-app purchase to enabletextmessage Easter Bunny feature (internet connection required).
Hiya - Caller ID & Block
Hiya Call Block Security identifies the calls you want to takeandblocks the numbers and texts you want to avoid. Hiya is free(noads!), and is incredibly easy to use.Block calls,blacklistunwanted phone numbers, identify incoming calls andreceive spamalerts.Hiya is powered by a database of hundreds ofmillions ofphone numbers and millions of happy Hiya users whodepend on theapp daily.KEY FEATURES• Caller ID: Take calls frompeople you wantto talk to and from friends not in your phone book.• Call Block /Spam Blocker: Blacklist robocalls and spam, and blocktelemarketersor scammers by sending them straight to voicemail.Control yourprivacy with an automatic call blocker that lets youblacklistunwanted numbers.• Security: Automatic alerts warn you ifanincoming call is spam. Easily report fraudulent numbers tohelpwarn others.• Unknown Callers: Identify unknown callersinreal-time.• SMS Caller ID: Identify unknown SMS text messages,evenif they are not from someone in yourcontacts.COMMUNITYFacebook: ID & Call Block (formerlyWhitepages Caller ID &Security Call Blocker) is brought to youby Hiya Inc. Utilizing thepower of the Hiya database that hashundreds of millions of phonenumbers, you’ll know the true callerbehind more calls and SMStexts. Hiya is a Google Play Top Developerthat is committed todelivering best in class free security, callerID, call block, spam& virus protection.
Numler - Caller ID & Blocker
Numler is a Caller ID & Call Blocker that gives you allthecaller information before you pick up the call, without havingthecaller information in your contacts, having this Caller IDwillsave you big time of having to answer spam, unknown andunwantedcalls, you can also search mobile, fixed line or shortnumbers fromour huge database of hundred of millions of phonenumbers, you cannow identify the true caller and save time.We arebeing chosen bymany users all over the world as the best Caller IDand CallBlocker, our users depend on us on everyday basis.You cannow findthe true caller behind every phone call, answer the callsyoureally want and stop taking calls that will waste your time,easilyfind your friends who has Numler and start chatting with themforfree and get rid of SMS messages charges.Identify callersinstantlyand get rid of spam calls, reverse phone numbers lookupand searchour huge database of mobile and fixed line numbers, andview callerinformation.We provide you with the best tool that helpsyou managecallers in a better way, from chatting with them, addingthem toyour favorites, block specific callers or posting reviews tohelpother people find the truth.You can update your phonebook withthelatest information from our huge database by addingmissingpictures, new phone numbers, new emails and much more,always keepyour phonebook up to date.Mark people as favorites orblock themfrom calling or chatting with you, stay connected withyour belovedones and let everyone know who the great people are andstay awayfrom unwanted calls.We bring you everything you need aboutcallersin one place, it's not just a caller ID, it's muchmore.MainFeatures• Caller ID: identify callers instantly before youanswerthe call and avoid scams, spammers or any annoying call andansweronly the calls you want.• Call Blocker: add any phone numberstothe block list and you will never hear of them again (youcanunblock them later at any time)• Search phone numbers/Reversephonelookup: search our large database by phone numbers, fixedlines,short numbers, names or email.• Update your contacts and getrecentnumbers, emails and photos.• Chat: you can easily chat withyourcallers or your contacts.• Mutual contacts: find contacts incommonbetween you and your callers and friends.• Call logs: in-appcalllogs with the included information from your database.Ourcommunityfeel free to get in touch with us at any time.Supportemail:support@numler.comTwitter:
Mr. Number-Block calls & spam
Mr. Number 4.0 makes it easy to block unwanted calls as wellasidentify & stop spam, scam and fraud.- Block calls andSMStexts* from one person, an area code or the entire world-Stoptelemarketers and debt collectors before they waste yourtime-Intercept calls from private/unknown numbers and hang up** orsendto voice mail- Report spam calls and SMS texts to warn otherusers-Automatic caller lookup for all numbers in your phone'shistory soyou'll know who to block* SMS Text blocking not supportedbyAndroid 4.4/KitKat or later** Hang up not supported by Android5.0or later*** PCMag 100 Best Android Apps ****** New York Times:“Mr.Number is one of the most popular” ****** Appy Award -BestCommunications App ***Block calls from one number or theworld,identify and stop spam.Mr. Number is the most powerful callblockeron the market. Block calls and SMS texts* from a person,abusiness, hidden numbers, or the world. Pick up and hang up**oncallers or send them to voicemail - you decide. Keep the contentofblocked texts or trash them. Browse comments from other userswhenyou get a spam call or text. Add ‘Suspected Spam’ to yourblocklist and Mr. Number blocks them all automatically.Mr. Numbernowautomatically looks up all callers in your recent calls andSMStexts for free!Any questions? Read ourFAQ( or send a, and we’ll get back to you quickly.
180 - Caller ID & Block
Tired of telemarketing calls? The app helps you with this :-)Alarge registry with a list of numbers related to telemarketingisnow included in the app. If you are contacted by a number thatisverified as a sales/market research number, a popup willinformyou. With more than 1,500,000 downloads of the app (iPhone&Android) you can now download the brand new version of 180.The apphas been adapted to all Android phones (including Android7+).--------------------------------------We welcome with information about specific errors innumbers,addresses, missing numbers, etc., so that we find and weedout allsources of errors. We also welcome suggestions fornewfunctionality and other improvements to thesameaddress:-)************************************Privacy /explanationof permissions on the phone:Phone conversationsUsedsolely tocapture the incoming and outgoing phone number and forperforming alookup in 180Your location Used to lookup services andbusinessesnearby (show nearest) as well as the "Take me there"function ifyou want a navigation map to your entry. In some casesyourposition is also used to display relevant ads based onyourposition. Your messages Exclusively used for lookups ofsender'sphone number.Your personal information Read and write toyourcontact list is used for displaying the contact's name in the"Seewho is calling the feature" and to store an entry in thecontactlist (if the user actively wants to save/update acontact).Networkcommunications Used to check Web-servicescommunication, forlookups on unfamiliar numbers, and forlooking upbusinesses andpeople in the app.Services that cost money You can achoose to callan entry from the application. No conversations takeplace withoutyour consent.System Tools Used to display informationwith the "Seewho is calling" feature.
YouMail Voicemail & Call Blocker
YouMail stops robocalls - almost 1 billion calls to date. YouMailis100% free. It works by replacing your visual voicemail with anawardwinning automated virtual receptionist that also delightscallersand makes you more productive:- Automatically STOPSROBOCALLERS andTELEMARKETERS by playing them a “Number Out ofService” greeting.This takes you off their lists and stops themfrom calling you fromANY number they might use. YouMail knows wellover 100,000 bad phonenumbers at any time. No need for you toblock calls one at a time oruse a call blocker. - Lets youeffortlessly BLOCK OTHER UNWANTEDCALLERS, like your ex- or a salesperson who just won't get thehint. You just enter their phonenumber and they'll hear "out ofservice" too and be out of yourlife forever.- Provides a BETTERVISUAL VOICEMAIL service. Get agiant inbox, accessible on phone,tablet, or computer, withmessages stored permanently and withinsanely great caller ID. Evenget voicemail to e-mail, high-qualityvoicemail to text, and theability to forward and reply to voicemailby e-mail toTXT.-DELIGHTS CALLERS THAT MATTER by greeting them byname orcustom greeting, including choosing from 1000s ofpre-recordedgreetings. Your important callers won't feel they’vefallen into avoicemail black hole!-Helps KEEP YOUR CONTACTS UP TODATE byresponding instantly with an automated TXT/SMS to askcallers toprovide and update their contact info. - IncludesEFFORTLESS FREECONFERENCE CALLS. Just tell people to call your celland press 8 atthe voicemail greeting, and you tap to join. Nolengthy, funnynumbers. No pins. YouMail has answered over 6 billioncalls fromhalf the phones in America!Optional features extend theservicesignificantly:- GET PHONE NUMBERS you can give out thatincludefree calling and texting, plus all the other greatYouMailfeatures.- APPEAR MORE PROFESSIONAL by greeting callers byname andwith any message you want, recorded by our professionalvoicetalent.- SATISFY IMPORTANT CALLERS even when you can'tanswer.Callers can press 0 to get connected to your businesspartner,assistant, or another phone. There’s even more advancedcallrouting features with full PBX extensions and find-mefollow-mefunctionality. Even set it up so others can automaticallyget acopy of your messages to handle them when you can't.- DON'TLOSEBUSINESS because you're busy. YouMail can automaticallyrespondinstantly with a text message sending callers to a fullmobilelanding page with even more information about you andyourservices, and provides them other ways to contact you.-PROTECTYOUR PRIVACY by. forcing blocked or unknown callers toreveal theirnumber to leave you messages.- CONFERENCE CALLRECORDING provideseffortless shareable recordings of all yourconference calls. Thisis a MUST-HAVE service for small businessprofessionals orentrepreneurs who rely on their phone for newbusiness. Let YouMailhelp manage your calls while you focus ontalking to customers andprospects.Try YouMail’s free automatedvirtual receptionisttoday.NOTES:• COMPATIBLE with AT&Tvoicemail, Sprint voicemail,T-Mobile voicemail, Verizon voicemailand many more!• NOTCOMPATIBLE with some prepaid mobile plans andonly works withcarriers in the US and Canada.• Sign up for FREE tosee if YouMailworks with your carrier.• To use YouMail, you mustforward missedcalls to YouMail with carrier-specific forwardingcodes.• IfYouMail doesn’t fit your needs, deactivate forwardingBEFORE youdelete the app, otherwise your voicemail will NOT bere-routed backto your carrier.• Continued use of GPS running in thebackgroundcan dramatically decrease battery life. YouMail runs GPSin thebackground to enable you to see your location at the timeyoumissed a call. This feature is not enabled unless yougrantpermission.
Auto Redial
A simple program to automatically make calls to aspecifiednumber.The program supports automatic dialing for local,intercity,international numbers, as well as SIP and IP.Scheduledset issupported. You can specify a schedule for automatic dialingwithdifferent parameters.In the program two types of schedules: -onecall at a specified time every day;- repeated calls to you afteraspecified period of time.When you call to schedule delayallowedthe job - to make the call on schedule. This is possiblenotdepending on the application circumstances and is a feature oftheOS.In application settings you can enable or disablethespeakerphone during a call. (Default, enabled). By default,awarning also appears before start the scheduled call, which canbedisabled in the settings. This means that when you reachaspecified time to call a dialog box in which you want to acceptorrefuse to make dialing. Sound alert is disabled, by default. Ifyouturn it on before you call schedule you will hear a soundalarm.Allrequired permissions are needed for work the application.The datawill not be sent, not collected and are not processed, andused formaking calls.
Should I Answer? 2018.5.10719
Should I Answer is free mobile security application protectingyouagainst unsolicited, expensive, unwanted or unknown calls.Should Ianswer the call? This question can come into a mind ofevery personwho sees an unknown incoming call. Each of us had (orwill have)the opportunity to face the unsolicited call,telemarketingcampaign, advertisement or some kind of fraud call.How should wefind out that the calling number is harmless andanswering it willnot cost us tens of minutes of precious time orsignificant amountof money?Notification Features• Displays phonenumber ratingimmediately when phone starts ringing• Does not touchor displayratings for your numbers stored in contacts!• Worksoffline – usesoffline rating database (internet connection notneeded)• Fastaccess to detailed phone number information and userreviews• Fastaccess to write own review Optional Blocking Features•Blocks callsfrom hidden numbers• Blocks calls to premium ratenumbers• Blockscalls to foreign countries• Blocks calls from/tonegative ratednumbers• Blocks calls from numbers defined on privateblock list•Can blocks all calls from numbers which are not incontact list!•Never blocks or touch any number from your contactlist! OnlineManual: isthedatabase of ratings and numbers created?The database isbuilt-up bythe community of all users who have the applicationinstalled and/orvisiting the application pages. The users cananonymously sendratings and reviews for public phone numbers (wedo not collect infofor private numbers) based on real answeredcalls. These ratings arestored in central server database whereour admins can check themand after evaluation and approval thereviews with ranking are thendistributed to all mobile phones withour application installed. Whythe application demands access tocontacts and phone calls in mymobile?Such information are used bythe application to distinguishbetween your private contacts storedin your mobile and new incomingcalls – so the rating form isdisplayed only for new not rated/notprivate numbers in yourhistory. Your private contacts are neversent to server (generallyspeaking they never leave your mobile).
call recorder
The best call recorder, automatic call recorder. Another nameisauto call recorder is best call recording apptorecord phone calls. By using automatic call recorder youwillrecord call easily. you will have many options for setting upcallrecording. There are two options: record all calls from anynumbersor just record calls from a list of numbers.This phonerecorder appis all call recorder, that means users can record allcallsincluding internal calls or international calls. You are abletoset which calls are recorded to white list and which areignored.All call recorder with a white list filter.Phone recorderapp letyou mange recording files in smart way. After recording userhas acall log of call recording files. Then user can listen totherecording, add notes and share it. User can set a conversationisimportant, save it and it will be stored in the importantcategory.If not, old recordings will be deleted when new calls fillup theinbox.If you ask a question: how to record my call and how tomakeautomatic call recording, this app is best answer for you. Ifyouwant a call recorder pro and call recorder automaticpleasedownload this call recording app instantly. Is call recorderpro?Please use and let me know.The best free phone recorderapplicationis an auto call recorder with these features:- Autorecording,record call automatically- Easy to use, Easy to recordcall withlong time.- Auto record outgoing call- Auto recordincoming call-Search on call log (recording files)- Markingrecordings asimportant- Share recorder items- Multi select, delete,share, send-Excluded numbers- Set password to protect privacy- Lotsofrecording formats: .mp3, .ogg...- Different recording modesbynumber, contact, non-contact or just selectedcontacts-Enable/Disable call recording- Records all your phonecall- Playrecorded audio- Delete recorded items- Confirmationdialog: Wouldyou like to keep record call that is shown just afterthe call-FavoriteShare files:- Google- Dropbox- SMS- Skype,FaceBooks...Alot of functions for call recording, all you need isin this callrecording app - phone recorder appFunctions:- Recordyour callsautomatically while calling. Auto recording is ahighlight functionof phone recorder app.- Phone recorder can recordcall in longtime.- Organize your call records (call log). View allyour callswith options such as list by time, group by names orgroup bydates.- Play back, or save your call to mp3 files on yourSD card.-Automatic call recorder- Record outgoing call - recordincomingcalls- Record all telofonny conversations.- Playback audiorecordedconversations.- Delete recorded conversations.- Send callstolisted to email.- Show confirmation dialog for saving therecordcall. Ask immediately after the call and set up in theoptions.-White list- Black list- And much more ...- Set source(Mic, voicecall, a video camera)If app doesn't work for your phoneor qualityis low:1. Try to change different recording file types:ogg, mp3,ar, mpg... in settings.2. Try to change Source: MIC orVOICECALL... in settingsThank for download auto call recorder app.
Cat Fake Video Call
cat fake video call with caller id number, video and sounds.youcanchange the caller name. caller number. and more.prank yourfriend.girlfriend . boss . call with cat from gallery.schedule a fake videocall.videocall to your device.features:- simulate fake incomingvideo callfrom cat or kitten.- phone ringtone.- timeout byseconds.- optionsto reject or accept video call.- great as a game.-full use forfree.- easy to use.- you can add a recorded sound.
Caller ID: Call Blocker, Call Faker& Caller Screen
Caller ID is a call block app for block number with fake CallerIDand call screen flash. Caller ID will identify any unknowncalls.Call block helps you never take unwanted phone calls fromblocklist, also real call blocker app shows the unknown numbers inthecall history. Fake Caller ID with HD calling screen displaycanrescue you from an awkward situation. This ID app includes thecallscreen feature that allows you to customize your callingscreenwith your favorite calling screen theme. This Call block appwith aunique calling screen display, makes your incoming calls hascoolcall screen flash ★ Caller ID - Highlights●Stunning callerscreenthemes to decorate your calls●Smart calling app with spamcallblock●Record any calls with high quality●phone number trackertellsyou who is calling●Speedy number call block identifies trueCallerID●Make full use of fake Caller ID●Colorful callingscreenflashlights on incoming calls●Stylish calling screen themewithdynamic call screen lights notification●Real call blockshowsnumber location in your contact list●Timely missed callreminderand SMS text message notification★Caller ID –Features*CallScreeningCaller screen is an HD call screen forincoming callingscreen. Customize your full caller screen withstylish callingscreen themes. Do you get bored with default callscreen? Callerscreen changes your screen to rich and user-friendlyinterface andoffers for incoming full caller screen and outgoingcall screendealer. Stylish calling screen app with dynamic callscreen lightsnotification. Caller ID will timely remind you ofmissed messagescalls with calling screen light.* Real Call BlockAppCall blockeris a real call block app that will block calls fromknown spydialers, spammers & unwanted calls easily. It alsoprovidesupdated database of real call block number. Real callblockerrejects the telemarketing calls automatically.* Clever Useof FakeCaller IDFake Caller ID is like a caller screen faker. Youcan seta real name or number of a fake call, even if they aren'tsaved inyour phone-book. It's like real call blocker and truecaller designfor Android. Fake Caller ID is a super convenient fakecalling appfor Android, helps you get out of trouble situationswith a fakeCaller ID. To be real, you can make a fake Caller IDfrom contactlist with stylish calling screen.* CallRecorderAutomatic callrecorder, you can record any incoming callsand outgoing call withhigh quality. Also, when you're done, you canmanage your recordingfiles, rename it, listen to your recording.*Real Caller IDIdentificationCall blocker is not only an app ofstylish callingscreen but also can help you Identify who iscalling. You can seeCaller ID name & call location of unknownnumbers in callhistory. Call block works like a caller block IDapp, which tellswho is calling me private. * Convenient Calling&MessagingCaller ID provides a shortcut to make calls fromdialerscreen and send SMS. You can get a fast access to all voicecalls& text.*SMS sorting & blockCaller ID can sortdifferentmessages by distinguish sender’s phone number.Informationsent fromreal phone numbers will be received as Messages,information from anot real phone number will be sorted out andcounted as noticesinstead of messages, such as sales promotionnotice. Caller IDkeeps you away from the spam message.*Privacy callrecorder, safefor your special or important contacts.You can setany contacts forprivacy, that the call history will not show at thenormal callrecorder, only you can find the call history by thespecial entry.*Contacts & Call Log ManagementThis favoritecontact widgetenables you to edit & update contact list orblacklist easily.You may also view call log or search call historyfor quickdial.Whatever you want: it’s all in this CALLER ID APP.
Call recorder
Automatic call recorder, best phone call recorder forandroid.Pleasedownload Call recorder, You can record any incomingcalls andoutgoing call with high quality. Call recording isautomatic andvery reliable.Call recorder is very easy to use, Youcan set whichcalls are recorded to white list and which areignored.You canmanage your recording files, Listen to therecording, add notes andshare it. Synchronized to the cloud aswell.You can set aconversation is important, save it and it willbe stored in theimportant category.There are many functions forcall recording, allyou need is in this call recordingappFunctions:- Record callsautomatically with high quality whileyou in incoming calls oroutgoing calls.- Organize your callrecords. You can view list offiles with order by time, by names.-You can listen recordings, viewdetail information of files suchas: size, location- You can saverecordings to SD card.- Record alltelephony conversations.- Playaudio recorded conversations.-Marking recordings as important- Showconfirmation dialog forsaving the recorded call. Ask immediatelyafter the call and set upin the options.- Lots of recording formats(mp3, amr, wav)- SupportWhite list, all numbers or contacts inWhite list will berecorded.- Support Black list, number in Blacklist will beignored- Set source (Mic, voice call, a video camera)-Recordincoming call- Record Outgoing call- Set password toprotectprivacy- Lock and protect recorded items to preventfromauto-cleaningShare files:- Dropbox- Google- SMS-Skype,FaceBooks...Hope you like this Call recorder!
Auto Redial | call timer
●Support versionAndroid 4.0 to 7.1●Description:-Auto redialphonenumber again and again in a very easy way.-Make yourphoneautomatically hang up with the timer you setting.-Manynetworkcarriers offer free calls for first 5, 10, 20, x minutes.Thisapplication will help you monitor the time elapsed andmanuallyhang-up the call.***A few of devices may not work well,please do asimple test before you use. Please check the test stepsasfollowing.******So far we found some apps such as power savingorsystem optimization will cause auto redial work abnormal, sopleasedon't use the kinds of apps with auto redial.*** ●The mainfeaturesincludes:-Auto hang up-Auto redial-Fastredial-Speakeron/off-Vibration alert-Sound alert ●Uniquefeatures:-When you runinto unknown problem to cause auto hang upfail,this app willtrigger a long vibrate for 3 seconds to tell youhang up phone callmanually.-When the number your dialed enteringvoice mail, yourhave to wait for that longer time till calldisconnect and thenredial.For this case, you could enable "Enablekeep talking button"from Others>Setting>Advanced. Set theproper end up time,then when call is active(that is person answerthe call) thendouble click the yellow icon to prevent call fromdisconnect. ●Howto use this application:-drag first bar to set hangup time-dragsecond bar to set redial interval-press green button tostart autoredial-press red button to stop auto redial ●Simple teststeps-sethang up time to 10 seconds.-dial out to your friend-checkwhetherauto end call within 10 seconds. ●Note.-Unable to redialcallpromptly when meet the voice mail.-Settings/reviews buttons onthetop bar can only be used in android version 3.0 or newer.Olderversion have to click the MENU key to launch these items.-Thephonenumber selection from contact doesn't be supported with DualSIMphone .●Supportlanguage.繁體中文,簡體,日本語,English,français,românesc,русский,Deutsch,العربية
Call recorder
The best call recorder, automatic call recorder, phonecallrecorderIf you want to record an incoming call or outgoingcall,please choose this call recorder application.This applicationiseasy to use, please download then open app, all calls willberecorded automatically.If you don't want record calls fromsomeone,please add his/her number to exluded list.If you only wantrecordcalls from some people, please choose an option in settingsscreenwhich tell that only record calls from some people.Then addeachnumber you want to record to a white list. All numbers inwhitelist will be recorded automatically.After recording, you canListento the recording, add notes and share it. Synchronized to thecloudas well.You can set a conversation is important, save it anditwill be stored in the important tab.If not, old recordingswillautomatically be deleted when new calls fill up the inbox.A lotoffunctions for callrecording, all you need is in this callrecordingappFunctions:- Record calls automatically with highquality whileyou in incoming calls or outgoing calls.- Organizeyour callrecords. You can view list of files with order by time, bynames.-You can listen recordings, view detail information of filessuchas: size, location- You can save recordings to SD card.- Recordalltelephony conversations.- Play audio recordedconversations.-Marking recordings as important- Show confirmationdialog forsaving the recorded call. Ask immediately after the calland set upin the options.- Lots of recording formats (mp3, amr,wav)- SupportWhite list, all numbers or contacts in White list willberecorded.- Support Black list, number in Black list willbeignored- Set source (Mic, voice call, a video camera)-Recordincoming call- Record Outgoing call- Set password toprotectprivacy- Lock and protect recorded items to preventfromauto-cleaningShare files:- Dropbox- Google- SMS-Skype,FaceBooks...Please download Call recorder, You can recordanyincoming calls and outgoing call with high quality. Callrecordingis automatic and very reliable.Call recorder is very easyto use,You can set which calls are recorded to white list and whichareignored.You can manage your recording files, Listen totherecording, add notes and share it. Synchronized to the cloudaswell.You can set a conversation is important, save it and itwillbe stored in the important category.There are many functionsforcall recording, all you need is in this callrecordingappFeatures:- Record incoming call- Record Outgoing call-Favorite-Search- Marking recordings as important- Multi select,delete,send- Excluded numbers- Set password to protect privacy-Lots ofrecording formats- Set source (Mic, Voice call,camcorder)-Different recording modes by number, contact,non-contact or justselected contacts- Enable/Disable callrecording- Records all yourphone calls- Play recorded audio- Deleterecorded items- Sharerecorded items- White list- Blacklist- Andmany more...If appdoesn't work for your phone or quality is low:1.Try to changedifferent recording file types: ogg, mp3, ar, mpg insettings.2.Try to change Source: MIC or VOICE CALL in settings
WhatsCall: Free Phone Call, Wifi Calling,Free Text
Whats Call- $0 international phone call & voip wifi callingappwith FREE texting on 2nd phone number. Get a dedicatedordisposable phone number for FREE or cheap calls & text NOW!?Completely $0 Free voip phone call & text free. No contract,nohidden fees.Popular countries include call USA, Canada,Nigeria,India and Pakistan.【Features】★ International Callingto anymobilephone or landline numbers over 200+ countries supported!★Real numberGet your own temporary 2nd number, adding asecond lineto your phone! You can also use this private phonenumber on burnerphone. ★ Send FREE SMS & pictureFree texting(SMS+MMS) to anyphone number with your new phone number.★ Make& receive calls-VOIP wifi calling. Anonymous calls under a fakenumber in privatesituation.★Call Forwarding - Forward incomingcalls to anothernumber when you're offline.★Call block - stop phonefraudharassment calls.===========Add NEW phone numberfor============?Emergency: Get a 2nd phone number to stay connectedwhen your phoneis out of service.? When you Traveling Overseas.Your friends inthe U.S. can reach you without paying outrageousroaming charges.?Online dating ? New Job searches, multiplebusiness lines, ortemporary projects? Private conversations, secrettexts, oranonymous texting? For managing Airbnb, for salespeople,for webforms, deliveries and other cases.? A temporary /burner/fakenumber for prank or spoof calls.Get a REAL free phone numberfor $0to send text & picture messaging + make & receivecalls!You DON’T need a SIM card to text/call. You DON’T need to payforphone bills.【Why use Whats Call?】PRIVACY & ANONYMOUS- Havingaprivate number app for anonymous texting or calling is vitalforyour privacy.Like a social security number, you shouldn’t giveitout to everyone!- Callers will only ever see your 2nd phonenumber,keeping your main number anonymous and privateNO HASSLES -Create a2nd phone number, keep them as long as you want, and burnthemanytime. “Burn” the number with just a click so you nolongerreceive calls and texts.You can get a new one with thesamefeatures at any time!NO PHONE BILLS - Calling & TextingviaWifi or 3G/4G/LITE network, you don't get hit withexpensiveservice charges. And best of all, you can pay as you go -there areno contracts or worries.【Highlights】** Enjoy FREEInternationalCall with WhatsCall **Sick of phone bills? Call yourfriends,family around the globe with NO extra charges. It is goodto socialand get connected with your family through a nicefreeinternational call.?** High Quality Voice Calls **Dial awayandmake high quality phone calls with voice quality that iscrystalclear, just like making phone calls from a landline!**Better ThanThe "Competition”** Did they fail you? Be Charged?Spammy? LimitedFree Texting or wifi calling? Whats Call is the mostreliable andfully featured phone number app.Whats Call - the bestinternationalcheap phone calls app & the best free phone numberapp to textfree + call free! Recommend to your friend, start freephone call& text now!Facebook:
Call Blocker
“Call Blocker” helps you avoid annoying calls. Forget aboutunwantedpeople, telemarketers and robocalls. Nobody will be ableto disturbyou when you don't want to talk.Many Android phonesprovide callblocking capabilities. Why is “Call Blocker” better?It has severalcore features that together provide strongprotection againstannoying calls.BLACKLIST:You can add anyunwanted numbers to the“Blacklist” from the calls log, contactslist or input the numbermanually. Also, by using “Begins with”option, you can block a rangeof numbers with certain first digits.BLOCKING:Using the options ofthis tab, you can block calls fromprivate, unknown or all numbers.Also, you can turn on/off blockingwith one simple tap.WHITELIST:Ifyou don't want to block calls froma certain number, adding it tothe “Whitelist” is sufficient.Callers from this list will never berejected by theblocker.LOG:“Call Blocker” saves all blocked callsin the “Log”,where you can always see who has been blocked.Moreover, the appcontains features such as notifications aboutblocking and a statusbar icon, both of which can be turned off inthe app settings.Youcan obviously use your phone's built-incapabilities or even ignoresuch problem. However, if you are reallytired of annoying calls,just try this blocker.FAQ:- How can Iremove icon in the top ofscreen? Open the app's “Settings”. Nextselect the “Notifications”section and turn off the “Status baricon” option.If you have anyquestions about the program, please letus know by
Reverse Lookup - Caller ID and Block
Easily perform a reverse phone lookup of any unknown number inyourcall history(or entered manually) to identify businesses,billcollectors, spam, scams, telemarketers, fraud, andmore.Aftercaller info is found, user can:★ Block future calls fromthatnumber / send to voicemail★ Discuss the call with other users★Saveas a new contact★ Dial the number★ Map the caller'slocationwithout leaving the app★ Expand the search to popularsearchengines like Google with one tap★ And more!100% free andanonymous,with no login , no subscription, and no in-app purchasesrequired.If you enjoy this app but would prefer it without ads,please checkout our paid version - Reverse Lookup Plus. It containsthe samefunctionality, without advertising, for a one-time fee thathelpssupport development of future updates. The choice isyours!NeedHelp?If you have any trouble, please read the Notes andFAQsections below and if they don't answer your question, pleasesendus an email so we can help you. We read and respond to everysingleemail we receive, usually within a few hours. Reviewsdoubling assupport requests are difficult to follow up on properlyandsometimes we may miss them altogether.FrequentlyAskedQuestions•Thereare NO fees associated with this app whatsoever.• There is nopublicdirectory for cellphones, so we cannot get much data onthem,sorry.• This app returns *publicly available data aspublished byphone companies*.• If information returned isoutdated, it's becauseit's outdated in the phone company'sdirectory.• The location beingreturned is typically the billingaddress or carrier's office forthat number. It is not possible toreturn GPS data.• CITY ID must bedisabled for this app to workcorrectly.. it hijacks your call log!See our site fordetails.PERMISSIONSBecause we value privacy andrespect yours, we'dlike you to know what permissions are used forin this app.If you'dlike a more detailed explanation, pleasevisit•INTERNET-required to reach lookup databases•READ CONTACTS / WRITE CONTACTS-read is used to filter out known numbers from being listed aswellas determining which numbers to show a notification for. writeisused to create "send to voicemail" contacts•CALL PHONE - foroneclick calling after a lookup is complete•READ PHONE STATE - usedtocreate notifications when an unknown number calls(if setinpreferences)•NETWORK STATE - to ensure you have a dataconnectionwhen using the app•GET ACCOUNTS - used to attach "sendtovoicemail" contacts to your primary Google account(required forthesetting to work). old method of creating these contacts didnotrequire this permission but that did not work on somedevices.•READCALL LOG - to list your unknown calls on the mainscreen•WRITE SDCARD - required for embedded Google Maps(temporarycache files forimproved map performance)
RingCentral Phone
Download the RingCentral Phone app for Android — theessentialapplication to your RingCentral business phone system.Manage yourphone system directly from your Android phone and takeyourbusiness calls, voice messages, business text messages ***,andfaxes—anywhere. Use the RingCentral Phone app on your Androidphoneand tablet to: - Show your RingCentral business number asyourCaller ID when you make calls. *, **- Business text messagingtosend and receive text messages with your RC local number. ***-Department messaging feature to send and receive text messagestodepartment members. *** - Make VoIP calls over Wi-Fi withoutusingyour carrier minutes. - Use VoIP calling to make local callstoyour home country while traveling internationally. *- VoIPcallscan be received directly on this app by turning ON the optioninSettings. If the call is not answered on the app, it willringother numbers based on the forwarding rules. ****- Keep allyourbusiness voicemails and faxes separate from your personalmessages.- See who left a message, forward messages, and tap toreturn callswith Visual Voicemail. - Send and receive faxes, byaccessingphotos, email attachments, and cloud storage such asDropbox andBox. - View call time, date, and duration, and returncallsdirectly from your RingCentral call logs. - Receivepushnotifications for incoming messages. - Access yourcompanyextensions as a contact group. - Conferencing featurewithunlimited conference calling for up to 1000 participantsperconference. ***** Get a cloud business phone systemfromRingCentral that delivers: - Local or toll-free numbers(including800, 855, 866, 877 and 888 numbers) - Business textmessaging *** -Auto-receptionist - Multiple extensions - Advancedcall managementand answering rules - Multiple voicemail boxes -Visual voicemail -Internet fax - Music on hold - Custom greetings -Call screening -Call queues - Dial-by-name directory - Conferencing*****IMPORTANT: RingCentral Phone for Android requires anexistingRingCentral account. * LEGAL DISCLAIMERS1. Emergencycalling willnot work outside of the U.S., Canada, or U.K..2. Callquality maybe affected when using VoIP outside of the U.S, Canada,U.K. orRingCentral Global Office supported countries.3.International androaming charges from your mobile carrier may applywhen usingRingOut outside of your home country. Please check withyour mobilecarrier.** RingOut is not available for Android tablets.***Business text messaging is currently available forOfficecustomers. SMS is only available for RingCentral U.S. andCanadaOffice customers. Extension-to-extension messaging isavailable forall RingCentral Office customers. **** You must enablethe optionto notify your Softphone and Smartphone in yourextension's "CallHandling & Forwarding" menu. We suggest youset it to a minimumof 8 rings.***** Currently available on selectRingCentral Officeplans.Tell us what you think
Reverse Lookup Pro
This app allows you to easily perform a 100% free reversephonelookup search of U.S. numbers from your call log, textmessages, orby simply entering in a number manually. The app also,makesmanaging and blocking unwanted calls easy. No loginsorsubscriptions required!Note: - There is no public cellphonedirectory and/or prepaid phone directory, so information onthesetypes of numbers are limited. - Intended to be used fornumbers inthe U.S.- This app returns *publicly available data aspublished byphone companies*Known Issues: Some newer devices maynot supportthe blocking feature.
Showcaller - Caller ID & Block
Showcaller specialized in identifying unknown incoming callsandavoid annoying spam calls. More than 20 Million peopletrust!Freely download (Available from Android 3.0+) .★Only 4MB;Fast,Safe and Smart★★Caller ID with Content Prediction★It is themostaccurate & easy-to-use Caller ID app can help youinstantlyidentify the incoming calls(who called me) not in yourcontactlist. Showcaller identify most of the unknown calls(calleridfaker) and show detailed Caller ID info on incoming call, soyoucan see names and photos of people who is calling.Showcallercanhelp you identify unknown calls, see who is calling withTrueCaller ID info, Block unwanted calls, stop spam&telemarketers. It is powered by a database of a billionphonenumbers and millions of happy Showcaller users who depend ontheapp daily.Why should you choose Showcaller - Caller ID?• CallerID- Show you Caller ID and number location on top of a billionnumberstrong database. Once a result is found, you can add itdirectly toyour phone’s Contacts. Find out who called, theiraddress, city,state, carrier and more, you can also see tags andcomments onphone numbers.• Call Block - Block calls from knownspammers orother unwanted callers. The app also provides spamreports duringincoming calls from unknown numbers that could beused to blockcalls. Say goodbye to telemarketing, scam, fraud,sales, ads,harassment, illegal gambling, loan, insurance, voicephishing,survey research, customer care!• Best Dialer - Fast T9search inyour recent calls and contacts, replace your stock dialer&contacts app and bring your dialing experience to the nextlevel!Showcaller does not replace, change or interfere your phonedialapplication.• Smart Search - The best phone number tracker.Allyour searches within Smart Search are stored so that you cangoback and quickly search phone numbers again. Perform areversephone search / lookup on an incoming call to find out whoitbelongs to. Copy a number anywhere (e.g. website or apps)andShowcaller will tell you who it belongs to. The most powerfulphonenumber lookup in Showcaller.• Quick Contacts - Easily haveaccessto your recently or frequently contacted friends and call ortextthem by tapping on the photo, this makes your communicationfast,simple and pretty. You can also add or modify your contactseasilyas you like.• Offline Database (Lightning identification) -Fastphone number search and offline accessibility. (This functiononlyworks for numbers in the database)• Report Numbers - Reportspamnumbers and leave a comment to create a reliablecommunicationnetwork. You can help other users avoid spam, scamsandtelemarketers by reporting.• Call Recorder - Record anyincoming& outgoing calls with clear HD qualityrecording.Enable/Disable call recording to your needs. Report spamcallrecording help other users.• Easy to use - Quick to download(Only4MB), easy to setup, it needs very little space to run,extremelyfast and reliable.Showcaller is absolutely free CallerIDapplication. If you enjoy it, feel free to rate itaccordingly.Start protecting your phone communication now and enjoya pleasantcalling experience.Showcaller works great across allcountriesespecially INDIA, INDONESIA, USA, UK, SAUDI ARABIA,BRAZIL, IRAQ,ISRAEL, Nigeria and others.Showcaller currentlysupports: Android3.0 - Android 8.0. Perfectly support Android 8.0now!Don’t hesitateto join in Showcaller and enjoy the most accurateCaller IDservice, I bet Showcaller for Android definitely worthyour timeand effort.Please don’t give us bad rate if you haveencounteredwith any problem. Your feedback always keeps usimproving with moreand more cool features.COMMUNITYHello, users !Please follow us:Facebook Page: helloonGoogle+:
brilliant connect
With brilliant, connecting with your friends and family iseasierand smoother, no matter where they are. Use our Free Callingtostay in touch and our free messaging to you share yourmostinteresting moments with those closest to you over Wi-Fi oreven2G!brilliant uses your existing phone number as your ID andsyncswith your mobile contact list to automatically find contactswhoare using brilliant.• Make free voice & video calls.•Shareyour photos• Chat for free or Create Group Chat sessions withyourfriends • Push notifications ensure a missed call or messageisalways seen, even when brilliant is off. • When you just feellikehaving some fun, there’s always our Doodle feature.Our goal istobring a convenient and easy to use form of communication topeopleregardless of their social standing or economic background.Withfree calling and messaging at the tips of their fingers, ouruserswill have the ability to stay in touch with their lovedoneswhenever they wish and wherever they may be.We respect yourrightto privacy.
Clever Dialer - spam caller ID
Clever Dialer caller ID is the easiest way to identify andblockunknown callers. Actively protect yourself against spamandunwanted calls. We are sorry, but we cannot resolvesuppressedphone numbers!We care about your privacy and that of yourfriends.Unlike some other apps, we DO NOT upload your address bookcontactsto our servers!Features:★ identify spam callers: warnsagainst costtraps and other annoying spam calls★ Identify spamcaller even ifyou have no internet connection ( offline spamidentification ) ★block spam callers: simply add annoying callersto your Blockedlist ( call blocker ) ★ handy caller ID with lots offunctions ★finds restaurants and useful services (doctors,solicitors, publicauthorities, taxis) near you★ Clever Dialer’scall manager is freeand always will be★ secure information: weprotect your privacyWithClever Dialer caller spam callers don'tstand a chance. Incomingcalls are being checked against ourextensive spam caller database.The Clever Dialer community helps usstaying on top of things.Every user can report spam calls, so evennumbers that spam onlyvery recently are included.Want to block yourboss or ex boyfriend?With Clever Dialer you can block any numberyou want and get yourprivacy back.No problem. Unknown numbers canmean trouble.(Lächeln) That’s why spam recognition is CleverDialer’s mostimportant feature. Because if an unknown caller wantsto annoy you,we’ll find out who it is. By working with variouspartners, CleverDialer can identify telephone numbers as spam andblock them –making it the ideal ad blocker. Someone ringing from acall centercan be identified for example, and the app can block theassociatedphone numbers. This works, even if you have no internetconnectionbecause all spam numbers are stored in your app andupdated as soonas you are online. This way you are protected evenof you areoffline.With the ad blocker, you don’t have to botherwith unknownnumbers from call centers – identify spam and simplyblock thenumbers – it makes life so much easier :)It’s alsopossible toreview the caller straight after the call. If you feelharassed,you can give the caller a bad review and also leave acommentdirectly. Everybody else benefits too because this meansthat theapp warns even more effectively against annoying spamcallers.Naturally, you can give a positive review and commentsafter a calltoo.Number recognition not only shows you unknown spamnumbers butalso allows you to block unknown callers. Identify callsand addthe numbers to the Blocked list – then there’s no chancethat thosenumbers can ever reach you again. Your telephone won’tring if youreceive a call from someone on the Blocked list –because the apprecognizes the caller and instantly blocks thecall.We guaranteeyou that we treat your contact detailsresponsibly. We will neverupload your data or disclose them in anyother way.If you havequestions, problems or ideas, please visitourwebsite or contact
Call recorder
The best call recorder, automatic call recorder, phonecallrecorderBy using Call recorder, You can automatic callrecordingand save any phone call you want. You can set which callsarerecorded to white list and which are ignored. Listen totherecording, add notes and share it. Synchronized to the cloudaswell.You can set a conversation is important, save it and itwillbe stored in the important tab. If not, old recordingswillautomatically be deleted when new calls fill up the inbox.A lotoffunctions for callrecording,all you need is in this callrecordingapp Functions:- Record your calls automatically whilecalling.-Organize your call records. You can view all your callswithoptions such as list by time, group by names or group bydates.-You can play back, or save your call to mp3 files on your SDcard.-Automatic call recorder - Record outgoing call - recordincomingcalls- Record all telofonnyh conversations.- Play audiorecordedconversations.- Delete recorded conversations.- Blocking ofthecalls listed to the automatic removal.- Send calls to listedtoemail.- Show confirmation dialog for saving the recorded call.Askimmediately after the call and set up in the options.-Favorite-Search- White list- Black list- And much more ...- Setsource (Mic,voice call, a video camera)Auto call recorder is a thebest freecall recorder application with these featuresFeatures:-Recordincoming call- Record Outgoing call- Favorite- Search-Markingrecordings as important- Multi select, delete, send-Displayingcontact name and photo- Excluded numbers- Set password toprotectprivacy- Lots of recording formats- Set source (Mic, Voicecall,camcorder)- Ability start delayed recording- Differentrecordingmodes by number, contact, non-contact or just selectedcontacts-Enable/Disable call recording- Records all your phonecalls- Playrecorded audio- Delete recorded items- Lock recordeditems toprevent from auto-cleaning- Share recorded items-Confirmationdialog: Would you like to keep recorded call that isshown justafter the call (only in Pro version).- White list-Blacklist- Andmany more...Share files:- Dropbox- Google- SMS-Skype,FaceBooks...If app doesn't work for your phone or quality islow:1.Try to change different recording file types: ogg, mp3, ar,mpg insettings.2. Try to change Source: MIC or VOICE CALLinsettingsThank for download call recorder app, we also haveproversion for your choosing to remove adsIf you havesomesuggestions, please contact us
Full Screen Caller ID
Congratulation! Full Screen Caller ID is more than 5milliondownloads.Do you think the photo of contact is too smallwhen youget or make a phone call. You could try to use this app,this appwill show full screen caller and high quality photo ofcontact whenyou get phone call, make a phone call, miss a phonecall or gettext message. It will help you quick to identify who iscalling,who is sending to you a text message or who is you missinga phonecall by using Full Screen Caller ID.Characters:★ You can use500contacts for FREE★ We offer 20 different themes for FREE★FullScreen Caller ID for incoming and outgoing call.★ FullScreenCaller ID for missed call and text message.★ You can choose ahighquality photo as a photo of contact.
Call Flash : Unique Call Theme & Blocker
Call Flash - one of the best free call screen app forincomingcalling screen theme and blocking blacklist.Unique CallTheme - letyou bid farewell to the system's boring callerinterfaceCoolAnimation - Make your caller ID appear cooler and morepersonal toyour friendsFlash LED - no longer missed calls, easy touse theCall Flash.Call Blocker - allows you to block numbers orunwantedcalls from your calls blacklist,avoid harassment andinterweavingpeople contact. Call Flash's main function1. Beautiful,cool andstylish themes, Full HD for all size2. Personalized callpage3.Flashing led light prompt calls4. Easy to operate5. Lowenergyconsumption, more power6. Ldentify caller informationMorenewtopics waiting for you to discover on Call FlashCome andjoinus!Your feedback always keeps us improving with more and morecoolfeatures on Call Flash:
Stop Call Me - Community Call Blocker
Block unwanted calls using community database or blacklist. Noneedto waste time or waking up from unwanted calls withadvertisment,collectors, banks and other "spam".Attention! Somemanufacturersuse non-standard telephony, because of that the callblock will notwork. Please do not leave negative feedback in thiscase. With ahigh probability all other blockers won'twork.Important! If youhave other blocker on the phone installed,even with disabledfunctionality, slows down the application andincreases chancesthat device ring or vibrate before blockingnumber.Main features:-works on most devices;- block methods: endcall (reject) / Silenceringer (turn off tone and vibration)- blockincoming call bycommunity database;- block by blacklist;- blockhidden/privatenumbers;- block foreign numbers;- don't blockcontacts;- block allexcept contacts;- don't block numbers fromwhitelist;- deleteblocked calls from call log;- show SIM number forcalls;-notification about blocked calls.Advantages:- ready andconstantlyupdated database (collectors, microfinance institutions,banks,organizations, imposing unneeded services "spam" or otherunwantednumbers);- high-speed blocking;- separate block rules foranysim-card;- compatible with most phones, including 2-SIMphones;-minimum processor, memory, and battery loading;- quickon/offsettings; - quickly add/remove incoming numberto/fromblack/whitelist;- beautiful and simple interface.We sendonlyANONYMOUS statistic on our servers for extendingcommunitydatabase.
Call recorder
Auto Call recorder is a free call recorder application.CallRecorder offers unique set of features which will allow youtorecord any call automatically. It is one of the best callrecordersin the Play Store.You can automatic call recording andsave anyphone call you want. You can set which calls are recordedto whitelist (only record numbers from this list) and which areignored.Listen to the recording, add notes and share it.Synchronized tothe cloud as well.You can set a conversation isimportant, save itand it will be stored in the important tab. Youcan record on SDcard (external card) to get extra memory if yourinternal memory islow.There are 5 default settings for automaticrecording:Recordeverything (default) – This setting records allcalls except forcontacts pre-selected to be ignored.Ignoreeverything – Thissetting records no calls except for contactspre-selected to berecorded.Ignore contacts – This setting recordsall calls withpeople who are not contacts, except for contactspre-selected to berecorded.Record incoming callsRecord outgoingcallsFunctions:-Record your calls automatically while calling.-Organize your callrecords. You can view all your calls with optionssuch as list bytime, group by names or group by dates.- You canplay back, or saveyour call to mp3 files on your SD card.-Automatic call recorder -Save your record and upload record toGoogle Driver- Auto deleteunsaved records after 1 week, 2 week-Record outgoing call - recordincoming calls- Record all telofonnyhconversations.- Play audiorecorded conversations.- Delete recordedconversations.- Blockingof the calls listed to the automaticremoval.- you can setautomatically delete your records aftern 1week, 2 week, etc...-Send calls to listed to email.- Showconfirmation dialog for savingthe recorded call. Ask immediatelyafter the call and set up in theoptions.- Favorite- Search- Whitelist- Black list- And much more...- Set source (Mic, voice call, avideo camera)Auto call recorderis a the best free call recorderapplication with thesefeaturesFeatures:- Record incoming call-Record Outgoing call-Favorite- Search- Ability start delayedrecording- Differentrecording modes by number, contact, non-contactor just selectedcontacts- Enable/Disable call recording- Recordsall your phonecalls- Play recorded audio- Delete recorded items-Markingrecordings as important- Multi select, delete, send-Displayingcontact name and photo- Excluded numbers- Set password toprotectprivacy- Lots of recording formats- Set source (Mic, Voicecall,camcorder)- Lock recorded items to prevent fromauto-cleaning-Share recorded items- White list- Blacklist- And manymore...Sharefiles:- Dropbox- Google- SMS- Skype, FaceBooks...Somephones do notsupport call recording properly. This is due tocapabilities ofdifferent chipset/CPU or Android version eachbrand/model have.Legal:We are not lawyers.Recording calls withoutletting yourcaller know may not be legal in some countries, orstates.
Call recorder
The best call recorder, automatic call recorder, phone callrecorderin the Google Play. The easiest to save your conversationswith highvoice quality.By using call recorder, you can automaticcallrecording and save any phone call you want. It auto recordsalloutgoing calls and incoming calls.By white list funtions, youcanset which calls are recorded or not.Playback the recording,addnotes, share fils. Synchronized to the cloud as well.Setaconversation is important, save it and it will be stored intheimportant tab.The best free call recorder application is anautocall recorder is with these features:- Auto record outgoingcall-Auto record incoming call- Search- Marking recordings asimportant-Share recorder items- Multi select, delete, share, send-Excludednumbers- Displaying contacts's name and photo- Set passwordtoprotect privacy- Lots of recording formats: .mp3, .ogg...-Setsource (Mic, Voice call, camcorder...)- Different recordingmodesby number, contact, non-contact or just selectedcontacts-Enable/Disable call recording- Records all your phonecall- Playrecorded audio- Delete recorded items- Confirmationdialog: Wouldyou like to keep record call that is shown just afterthe call-Favorite- White list- Blacklist- And many more...Sharefiles:-Google- Dropbox- SMS- Skype, FaceBooks...A lot of functionsforcallrecording,all you need is in this call recordingappFunctions:-Record your calls automatically while calling.-Organize your callrecords. You can view all your calls with optionssuch as list bytime, group by names or group by dates.- You canplay back, or saveyour call to mp3 files on your SD card.-Automatic call recorder-Record outgoing call - record incomingcalls- Record all telofonnyconversations.- Playback audio recordedconversations.- Deleterecorded conversations.- Send calls to listedto email.- Showconfirmation dialog for saving the record call. Askimmediatelyafter the call and set up in the options.- White list-Black list-And much more ...- Set source (Mic, voice call, avideocamera)Coming soon:- Starting delayed recording- Formats: acc,wav-Old recordings will automatically be deleted when new callsfill upthe inbox.If app doesn't work for your phone or quality islow:1.Try to change different recording file types: ogg, mp3, ar, settings.2. Try to change Source: MIC or VOICE CALL...insettingsThank for download auto call recorder app.If you havesomesuggestions, please contact us:
Call Recorder Hide, Automatic Call Recording 2Ways
How to record a phone call conversation? Let’s record voicewhileyou're on a phone call now! You can record calls on both endsofthe call in unlimited time with our FREE call recorder forandroid.This is an application for free auto call recorder incomingandoutgoing best sound quality.You can record callautomatically,record anonymous calls, record important calls. Ourrecording callincoming g outgoing apps are easy to use with asimple, intuitiveinterface. You can choose the phone numbers in thephone book orrecording call automatic. The list of recorded fileswill be storedand streamlined for you in the phone call recorderwhile onphone.Main features of the phone recorder both sides oftheconversation: A. Automatically call recording outgoing andincoming✔ Choose to record all calls or just one call✔ Createbacklist ofexcluded number of call recording✔ Create a list ofnumbers toalways record phone calls✔ Record phone conversationduring a callin unlimited time✔ Automatic call recording highquality when youare making calls✔ Phone call recorder both sidesfree B. Edit therecording file ✔ Replay recording file easily inthe phone callrecorder and voice recorder✔ View detailedinformation about thefile name, file size, location of the file✔Sort call records by:all calls, incoming calls, outgoing calls,important calls✔ Viewlist in chronological order, by name✔ Cut therecording filequickly with 3 seconds✔ Save the file format: mp3,wav✔ Markimportant recordings in the automatic phone recorder app✔Chooseaudio source from Mic, Voice Call C. Share and save recordingfile✔ Call recorder automatic save in my phone memory and SDcard✔Share recordings with friends via social networks oremail✔Synchronize and cloud storage in the two way phone callrecorder✔Set passwords and lock the calling recording app toprotectrecorded voice filesNote: This record phone call app doesnotsupport recording when you make video calls onSocialNetwork.Download the call recording application right now tosaveimportant calls and have automatic call recording unlimited.Ifyouhave any requests to our auto call recording cell phone app,feelfree to comment below or email the developer. Sincere thanks,donot forget to rate 5 *.
Call Recorder
Automatic call recorder, best phone call recorder forAndroid.Callrecorder let you record both incoming calls andoutgoing callsautomatically. Call recording has high quality sound.Afterrecording, you can see recording files by openning it, Onthisscreen you can do many things :- Listen to the recording-Searchfor a recording by name- Mark a recording file as favourite-Sendrecording files to email to share itMain characteristics :-Recordautomatically incoming calls- Record automatically outgoingcalls-Marking recordings as important- Set password to protectprivacy-Manage call records easily- Record all telephonyconversations-Support formats : (mp3, wav, amr)- Support whitelist, black list-Share files : Dropbox, Google Drive, SMS,Whatsapp, Viber, Skype...Contact us on us onFacebook:
call recorder
Automatic call recorder, best phone call recorder forandroid.Callrecorder let you record both incoming calls andoutgoing callsautomatically. Call recording has high qualitysound.Call recorderrun on background and consumes low battery.Everytime you make acall or receive a call, this call recorder appwill wake up thenrecord a audio file.After recording, you can seerecording files byopenning it, On this screen you can do manythings:- Listen to therecording- Edit recording files with cuteditor- Send recordingfiles to email to share it- Mark a recordingfile as favourite tomake it is not deleted when your storage isfull.- Search for arecording by nameCall recorder app has settingscreen with manyoptions to satisfy you:- Turn on, Turn off. Turnon: calls will berecorded automatically, you have a auto callrecorder after that.Turn off: while you in a call, nothinghappens.- Black list andwhite list. Black list: list numbers whichyou want to record whileyou in a call with them. White list: listnumbers which you don'twant to record while you in a call withthem.- Set password to openapp. If you enable this option, you willprotect your recordingfiles.- Enable or disable app icon on statusbar while recording.If it is enabled, when call recorder app worksthere is small iconappears on status bar of your phone.- Changelocation of storage.When you change this. Next time call recordingfile will be locatedon new path.In summary, call recorder hasfollowing features:-Record calls automatically both incoming callsand outgoing calls.-Manage call records easily.- Playbackrecordings with basiccontrols- Support storing recordings on SDcard.- Markingrecordings as favourite to avoid auto deletionbecause of fullstorage- Support formats: mp3, wav- Support whitelist, black list-Set password to protect privacy- Share files:Dropbox, Mail, SMS,Skype, FaceBooksPlease note that when yourstorage is full, all oldrecording files will be deletedautomatically except files infavourite.Please download callrecorder then let me know how do youlike call recorder app.
Caller Screen-HD Call Screen Theme Changer App
Caller Screen is a love call screen app for incoming callingscreenwith love theme HD caller ID. Customize your love callscreendialer with stylish Caller Screen themes. Do you get boredwithdefault call screening without stunning HD caller screendisplayand love call screen themes? The full Caller Screen isareplacement calling screen. Using this love call screeningapp,don’t let your phone to look like any other and customizeyourcalls as you desire now! The love call screen app iscustomizationapplication due to which user can replace old callscreening withnew fully love call screen themes.When the party on,this callscreening makes you the focus. Make your phone callingscreen lookincredible. Personalize your calling screen and makethem fancylike an Phone i calling display now.★Call Screen -Features● lovecaller screen app with dynamic call screen lightsnotification●Colorful love calling screen themes flash lights onincoming calls●LED flash notification light for android callsbright callerflashlight● Automatic number location any number inyour contactlist● Make full use of fake caller id for awkwardsituations★ CallScreening - Highlights♥Screen Flash on CallsAre yougetting boredwith old call screening themes? Customize Love CallScreeningdialer change your call screen dialer to rich anduser-friendlyinterface, and offered for incoming full love Callscreening andoutgoing screen dialer. The popular love caller screenthemes willmake your phone calls different & attractive. Also,CallScreening helps you never miss any phone calls even the phoneis onthe silence mode. Download full Caller Screen app for free andmakeyour android phone looks awesome. Love call screen themeslideshows full screen call theme for your contact when you get acall.Love call screening theme slide offered several free themesandpopular love caller screen theme to let you choose, Enjoy thisHDlove theme caller id app with love caller theme &merryChristmas themes.💡Flashing LED Light for Calls When youhaveincoming calls, the dialer screen display will light up, likesuperbright LED light for incoming call and color screen light.Whenit's dark or your phone on silent, you'll still know who'stryingto get in touch with you, all thanks to flash alerts LED. Youmustneed LED flashlight alert for calling, especially when youdon’twant to miss any phone calls. It’s very easy to let you knowwho'scalling without turning.🌟Clever Use of Fake Caller IDCallerScreenid faker is like Simulate a fake caller id to rescue yourselffroman awkward situation, like boring meeting, annoyingconversation,meaningless interview... You can set a real name ornumber of yourfake call, even if they aren’t saved in yourphonebook. It’s likeReal call blocker, and true caller design forandroid.This Callerscreening is the whenever you are dial a call atthat time fillingare love because in your smart phone screen haslove theme callerid or dial a call to your love or any otherfriend. ⚠Identify theCallerCaller Screen is not only a app ofscreen call themes, butalso helps you Identify the caller. You cansee call location ofunknown numbers in the call detail of callhistory.Not like otherlove call screen apps, customize CallerScreen has love callingscreen themes and amazing call screendialer. You can havedifferent experience by using this love callingscreen themes.
Whoscall - Caller ID & Block
Whoscall, the best caller ID App that identify unknown callsandblock annoying spams, robocall & telemarketing with morethan50 million downloads and over 1 billion numbers data (incl.yellowpage, website info as well as public information) fromglobalcommunity.★Recognized as Google Play 2016 the BestApp★★Rewarded asGoogle 2013 Innovation Award★★ Recognized as Top 10Innovated Appin Taiwan by TechinAsia★★ Official partner with TaiwanNationalPolice Adminstration★ Key FeaturesCALLER IDNo moreguessing! Be incontrol! Whoscall specialized in identifying unknownincoming callsand avoid annoying spam calls. You could know who iscallingimmediately as well as decide the needs to return the callonce bynumber search.[Identify unknown calls]Pick up Importantcallsonly[Block the spam calls] Avoid annoying calls(robotcall,telemarketing, scam...etc) by one touch[Phonebooksearch] Controlwho to call[Offline database] Identify numberwithout internetaccessWHOSCALL CARDIf you're in business, whoscallcard is theperfect product for you!Whoscall card gives you theability topersonalise your own caller ID, by doing so, none of yourpotentialcustomers will mistaken you as a spam call everagain![Personalizedmobile name card] Increase the call answeringrate via showcasingyourself during calling[Information post] Engagepotential clientsby customizing any latest news/image[Promotion]Drive businessvisibility by promotion *Offline database isavailable in Taiwan,Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia,Brazil,USA, India,indonesia & Saudi Arabia...etc.*Up to Android6.0 versionsrequest permission on SMS, Phone, Contacts and Drawover otherapps.------------------Whoscall is always looking forwardtohearing from you!Should you have any inquiry or suggestion,pleasereach us at
Color Phone Flash - Call Screen Theme, LED
NEW call screen themes & call flash arrival! Get the callscreentheme app with call alert and find amazing caller screenthemes& call flash style!Color Phone Flash - a call screenthemeschanger customizes caller screen with caller screen themesand LEDflash alert (call alert). You can choose any caller screenthemesand LED flashlight alert (call alert) for your call screenthroughcall screen changer. Download to enjoy FREE call alert& callerscreen themes app!LED Flash Alert and Ringtones - themost popularcall alert is available to change the caller screenthemes andcaller screen display! Enjoy the perfect combo of callscreenthemes, LED flashlight alert (call alert) and ringtone! Theuniquecaller screen themes and call flash make you be a start attheparty, using the call screen changer with flashcolor.❤️❤️Featuresof the call screen changer❤️❤️- Caller Screenfor incoming callswith call flash or call alert. Beautiful,stylish caller screendisplay in caller screen themes.- Amazingcall flash alert - Ledflashlight alert/LED light and flash colorfor calls.- Stunning callscreen themes to decorate caller screenfor caller screen display.-Best call theme changer to change fullsize call flash for android,make caller screen display flashcolor- Easy-to-Use call screentheme slide through call screenchanger- Low energy consumption,battery friendly with call flash,call alert & call screen themeslide😊😊 Why Choose Color PhoneFlash? 😊😊* Call screen changer makescaller screen fancy withcaller screen themes for android & callflash* Make yourincoming calls visible with Cool Call Flash andcall alert on CallScreen* Remind calls when your phone in silencemode with callerscreen & call flash* Call theme changer makeyou never missimportant calls by caller alert when you are busyCallScreenThemesColor Phone Flash, a call screen changer, remindsincomingcalls including caller screen flash, LED flash alert, callalertand ringtones. Caller screen flash is a perfect call themechangerto replace your default call screen themes, which providesvariousoptions of full caller screen themes to customize thecallerscreen. The call theme changer allows you to set up callscreentheme slide or call flash for specific people. Enjoy thecallscreen changer with caller screen lights notification &callflash (flash color) in this call screen app!LED Flash AlertTheLEDalert and the flashlight will light itself when call comes. Setaspecific LED flash alert pattern for important contacts andnevermiss calls on silent mode again. Try LED flash alert andcallerscreen themes together to get visual call alert on both thecallerscreen and the flashlight. The LED flash alert & callerscreenthemes, the best call alert (call screen theme slide) iscompatiblewith most android device. Call AssistantAs a call screenchanger,except for caller screen themes and LED light alert thatremind youthe incoming calls, Color Phone Flash is your CallAssistant incase you miss any calls through call flash and callalert. If youhave already used the call theme changer, the LEDreminder andringtones still make you miss important calls, turn onthe CallAssistant. Try the LED alert, color phone theme, call flash&caller screen themes for specific contacts. Easy to use thecallscreen theme slide of call screen changer toanswerphones!RingtoneWhile LED flash alert (call alert) and callerscreenthemes for android provide visual call reminder, ringtoneremindsyou on the audio side. Each caller screen theme isperfectlycombined with a cool ringtone and a LED alert effect. Turntheringtone down if unnecessary, and use the LED flash alert andcallscreen themes when you use the call theme changer. Abundantoptionsare available to personalize your caller screen with ourcallscreen themes. Choose your call flash style and farewell totheboring default call interface!
Who calls? Caller name id Phone lookup Blacklist
NumBuster LTD
Free and effective caller name id app for incoming calls andSMStexts from unknown, unfamiliar phone numbers that are not inyourcontacts or phonebook! Fake or unwanted caller will not botheryouanymore now!Version for Android includes:★ Automatic phonenumberlookup before you answer the call★ Definition of serviceproviderand location of the caller - you'll see region, country andarea,where actual phone number was registered★ Block incomingcalls,free social blacklist★ Block incoming SMS texts★ You can findoutwho is calling from unfamiliar incoming phone number. SocialcallerID : ratings and reviews for any numbers are availablefree.★Protection against fraud, advertising (spam) from thedebtcollectors, car dealers, salesmen and criminals★ SocialBlacklistis constantly updated with new features, guided by theopinion ofreal people about various phone numbers★ Built inincoming callsand SMS messages history log, as well as contactslists with fastcaller verification function directly in the appInaddition to ourstruggle against telephone scammers, advertising,telemarketers,surveys, resellers and financial rogues, NumBusterconstantlylearns and verifies the numbers, which used by:✪ banks✪stores✪auto dealers✪ insurance companies✪ debt collectors With ourfreesocial caller ID, you can find out whose phone number callsandwhom it belongs to. This helps to understand who is calling,usingan unfamiliar phone number. You can always block unwantedcalls andSMS texts☢ blacklist - protect yourself from debtcollectors, youwill always see the collector, who hides behind astrangers' phonenumber. ❶ Identification service operatesduring an incomingcall and displays the information about incomingcalls and numbersin the built-in call history and sms log❷ Thisprogram uses anexperience of more than 1,5 million of users andallows you toblock 100% of unwanted calls and sms with ads andfraudPC Magazine/ RE: "NumBuster - application of the year2015!"⚠IMPORTANT✪ Yourphone number will still be available only tothe person to whom youcall yourself - we carefully guard your data,contact lists andcall logs from intruders✪ No one can get yourphone number fromNumBuster, using search by name✪ Internetconnection is requiredfor Caller ID⚠ PERMISSIONS NEEDED BY THISAPP:✿ access to thegallery and camera. You have a possibility toput any image orphoto on your profile in NumBuster + share photosinside thebuilt-in SMS manager. Without access to the camera andgallery inyour phone - these features will not work.☎ access to thecalls.NumBuster's main job is a Caller ID. If someone callsyou,NumBuster "sees" this call, checks the information onlineanddisplays it on your screen before you pick up. We alwayswelcomeyour feedback! Please send us emails:support@numbuster.comThankyou!Once you've read it - this app (orANY app for sure) can'treveal hidden or private or unknownnumbers.BUT! you can try tofind out their real number =) Onceyou've read it - this app (orANY app for sure) can't reveal"hidden" or "private" numbers.BUT!you can try to find out theirreal number!1) Please enable a "CallForwarding" feature2) Set itsoptions to forward the call if yournumber appears to be"ureachable"3) Set its options to farward thecall to any othertelephone number (your friend, etc.) which youhave near you.4) Now,when you recieve incoming call from "hidden"number - just "EndCall" =)5) Call will be forwarded to anothersmartphone which numberyou specified6) 80% guarantee that "hidden"mask will be disabledand you'll see the real caller number! Orjust ask you networkoperator to send you a full call log for thisperiod - the realnumber appeal there.p.s. its the best trye callerand treu callerapp that you can find for phone number lookup orreal caller namesearch !
Call & Sms From
Where did they call and write?Telephone codes of allcellularproviders and fixed phones in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus,Latvia,Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan,Kyrgyzstan,Turkmenistan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, UK, UnitedKingdom,Sweden, UAE, USA, India, Italy, Tunisia, Israel, Lithuania,Iran,Canada, Estonia, Pakistan, BangladeshThe base isconstantlyexpanding, if your country is not listed, please write tothesupport channel.Support for the transfer of numbers fromoneoperator to another (MNP) for Russian cellular numbers. To dothis,you need a long press on the number - the test willstart.Theapplication does not indicate the actual location ofthesubscriber, it is not possible!The program opens the call logofthe phone and for each number shows the region and theprovider,from where or where the call was made.New function, whenanincoming call appears pop-up message with the name of theregionand the caller's provider. (This can be disabled in theprogramsettings)Very often there is a situation where there isanunanswered call, and do not want to call back, suddenly this isavery distant and expensive intercity.The program solvesthisproblem.Xioami phones:- If you do not see tooltips with theregionand the provider, try doing the following:Settings->Permissions-> Autostart and add the "FromWriting"applicationProgram discussionchannel This programhasaccess to SMS, if you do not trust this application, then it hasatwin brother who does not have access to SMS, shows data onlyforthe call log Details? phone codes ofRussiancities, phone code, intercity, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus,Latvia,Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan,Kyrgyzstan,Turkmenistan, Georgia,Uzbekistan,TurkeyHttps:// you want to get a new version just before
Call-Timer can make your phone automatically hang up when yourcallreaches a configurable predefined time. Why it is needed?Manynetwork carriers or telecom services offer free calls for first5,10, 20, xx minutes. If you don’t want to monitoring theelapsedtime and manually hang-up the call while talking, then youcan havethis application do it for you. NOTICESAMSUNG phones: insomeSamsung phone models such as J7, J5, J3, J2, S7, S7edge...phonesystem needs to be initialized (make at least one call)before youcan test Call-Timer. If you buy a new phone or you rebootyourphone, please make at least one call beforeinstallingCall-TimerSAMSUNG GALAXY, HUAWEI, LENOVO... phones inPOWER SAVINGMODE: Some phones have power saving feature and thisfeature mayinterfere with Call-Timer. If that is your case, pleasetry toreconfigure power saving feature or completely disable powersavingmode.OPPO phones: + For F3, F3 plus, F1s (2017) and A57,pleasedownload "Call-Timer for Oppo"app 3.0, 3.1 phones such as Oppo F3, F3 plus, F1s:+ Go toSecurityCenter---Privacy permissions--Startup Manager. Then turnon CallTimer to allow it startup in background.+ Go toBatery--Bateryoptimization--Call Timer. Then choose "do notoptimize".+ Go toBatery--Energy Saver-- Call Timer. Then disable"Free when inbackground" andAutomatically optimize when anAbnormally isdetected".For Oppo phones with Color OS 2.1:+ Openthe app.Home--Settings--Application Management--Running apps. Lockthe app.+Find item Data Saving: If enabled then add Call Timer tolist ofbackground app.DUAL SIM phones: In order to keep Call-Timerworkingwell on dual SIM phones, you need to configure default SIMcard forvoice calls AND make calls from that default SIM card.That can beconfigured via system app Settings (...SIM card).FEATURES:+ Autohang up: user sets time limit once and theapplication will be instandby mode; whenever there is an outgoingcall or incoming call(optionally), the application will beactivated and begin to timethe call. + Periodic notifications:This is useful for people whoare charged per minute. + Specificnumbers: Allow you to specifyindividual phone numbers to applylimit of talk time to. You can addphone number to specific numberlist either by picking up contactfrom contacts list or by addingphone number prefixes, which arecommon beginning digits of thephone numbers that you want to add tothe specific number list.Please note that when you choose to use“Specific numbers” feature,call-timer will not be activated (noauto hang up nornotifications) for phone numbers which do notbelong to thosenumbers that have been added to specific numberlist.+ Multi-callsupport. Please read moreat redial.+ To be notified before hang-up+ Temporarilydisablecall timer for current call+ Exclude contacts from timer: Ifyoudon't want call timer to have effect on certain contactsorprefixes (for example, toll free numbers), you could do thatthough"Exclude numbers".+ Widget for fast enable/disable and fordialingmost contacted contacts.NOTE on USAGE:- OPEN THE APP ATLEAST ONCEAFTER INSTALL, otherwise force close error will occur dueto firsttime data is not initialized.Please send suggestions orreport bugsto you!CREDITS: -Many thanksto Fernando Salazar Peris for Spanish translation!- Manythanks toMikhail Kitaev for Russian translation!- Many thanks toYvette Wangfor translation into Chinese
EXCLUSIVELY DEVELOPED FORTRACFONEWIRELESSStop unwanted calls today with CallDetector!CallDetector gives you the ability to block any unwanted phonecalls(including companies or individuals you just won’t want totalk to)and automatically blocks all known scam callers.CallDetector nowalso includes CallerYD®* to let you know not justwho is calling,but WHY.CallDetector empowers you and saves time by identifyingunknownnumbers and blocking unwanted calls directly fromyoursmartphone.CallDetector Features:• Scam Call Blocking• CallerYD® to know who’s calling and why• Block callers by entire call category types such asTelemarketers,Political Callers, Account Services (financialinformation includingcollection activities) and more• Unlimited real-time Caller ID**• Unlimited reverse number lookup• Call Center notifications to take immediate actionagainstunwanted calls, including Telemarketers• Block calls from unknown or anonymous callers• File FTC complaints against abusive telemarketers &unlawfulcollection activities from Account Service providers• Ad-free subscription at no costThis application was developed specifically for TracFoneWireless®and is free for loyal customers of the following brands:TracFone®,Net10 Wireless, SafeLink Wireless®, Straight Talk®,TotalWireless™, SIMPLE Mobile®, Telcel® (US customers only), PagePlus®,GoSmart Mobile® and Walmart Family Mobile customers.Your device must be running CallDetector app version 3.0 orhigherto receive all listed features free. This is only compatiblewithdevices running Android version 4.4 or higher. If you are notacustomer of one of the qualified brands listed above, youwillreceive a “Lite” version of CallDetector which features arelimitedto scam protection, complaint filing and CallerYD®.*CallerYD® is only available for select caller types as a methodofproviding you additional information about the numbercallingyou.**Real time Caller ID requires a network connection.-----------------------------------We’d love to hear your feedback, questions, and suggestionssoplease reach out to us:-CallDetector FAQ:
Call Recorder
Total Recall Call Recorder is the most trusted & reliablecallrecorder for Android mobile phones available - and best of allit'sFREE. In fact, it is one of the only real two-sided callrecordersyou'll find on the Play Store and is compatible with moredevicesthan any similar product. Many competing call recorder appsoftendon't record the caller side audio. If Call Recording isimportantto you then you've found the only CallRecorder youneed.NEW!Confirmed to be compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This isalso the hands down best call recorder for Moto G &Huaweidevices (in fact about the only that will actually recordbothsides of the call)Packed with Powerful Call Recording Features| *Some premium call recorder features are available to paidusersonly. ~ * Automatic & Manual Uploading of Call Recordingstoyour favorite Cloud Services including: Gmail, Google Drive,Box,OneDrive, DropBox, Evernote, SoundCloud, Mega. SMTP Email&Whatsapp ~ * Sync your Recordings with Drive for a seamlessbackup& transfer to a new device ~ Supports for the mostpopularaudio formats including MP3 * ~ * Selective CallRecording(automatic, manual, widget, incoming, or outgoing) ~FlexibleRecord Naming & Search ~ Password Protection~ No Rootneededfor real two sided call recording on most devices ~FullCallRecorder Compatible DeviceList: RegardingtheCALLER ID FeatureThe included caller ID will be removed inthecoming weeks, and will not longer be part of Total Recall.
Video Caller Id
Video ringtone. Show video on incoming call.Allows you to useyourown incoming call screen with cool full-screen videos insteadof aboring little photo. However, in addition to the video, itispossible to set a full-screen photo in HD quality.FEATURES:★ Setanindividual video ringtone for: contact, group, othercontacts(unknown, 'not found' and default).★ Personal settings foreachvideo contact: sound volume, style of an incoming call, textcolorand buttons.★ Unique features: rotate and scale video, setthestarting position of playback. Preliminary processing of thevideois no longer required.★ Pronunciation of the name of thecaller ★Beautiful, stylish, individual themes of the call screen,more than20 preinstalled★ Fine tune the incoming call window(full-screen orpopup), ability to customize display elements (name,photo,telephone) and how to answer the call (buttons, slider,glowpad,swipe)★ As videotones can be set to any video from thegallery orcreated with camera phone★ Playing random video from theselecteddirectory when an incoming callAll this is absolutely freeandwithout restrictions. Choose your style and say goodbye totheboring default call interface!Additionally, availablebysubscription:★ access to a huge collection of video ringtonesforall tastes for different devices. Download and shareyourringtones;BASIC FEATURES:- Full Screen Video Caller Id- FullscreenPhoto Caller Id- Ultimate Caller ID Screen HD- HD Video- HDPhoto-Sensor-oriented actions (mute the sound by simply flippingthephone screen down)- Low battery consumption- CallingLineIdentification (CLI)- Support for picture-in-picture modewithpartial overlapping of incoming call screen
Call Control - Call Blocker
Call Control call blocker will automatically block callsfromspammers and robocallers. Over One Billion calls blocked todate,Call Control is the original blocking app trusted bymillionsworldwide!Block Calls from Robocalls and ScamsBlock callsfrom theIRS scam, Microsoft Tech scam, Grandparent scam and blockcallsfrom thousands of other scammers.Blacklist and BlockAnyoneBlockcalls from anyone by adding them to your personalblacklist.SearchAny NumberFree search to find out who'scalling.Call Control blockcalls silently so you're not botheredwith spam calls.Features:-Block both calls and text messages.-CommunityIQ feature blocksmillions of robocalls based onuser-generated insights.- EnhancedCaller ID—Know who’s calling you,even if you don’t have the numberas a contact.- Personal Blacklist- Block calls from any phonenumber or area code.- Block calls fromviolators of the FTC/FCC DoNot Call list.- Do Not Disturb - Easilyschedule when you don’twant to receive calls.Join a community ofover 12M people who trustCall Control to take back their phones.AppPermissions OverviewWemaintain extremely high ethical standardssurrounding thepermissions you grant to us and the privateinformation CallControl has access to and are committed to usingthis informationonly to make Call Control function in the mannerthat youspecifically determine.Click on the link below for anexplanationof the permissions required to run Call Control and howwe use thepermissions that are granted ethically and with respectof yourprivacy.
CIA - Caller ID & Call Blocker
CIA - Caller ID will help you identifyunknownnumbers on incoming calls. CIA also helps you block unwantedcallsand warns you about spam/scam calls based on numbers reportedbymillions of users worldwide.With CIA you can immediately see who an anonymous caller is,whetherit is a business or a personal number. Our databaseidentifiescontact data for more than 1.5 billion numbersworldwide. Blockphone numbers and add them to your own personalblacklist.Features• Real-time Caller ID: Always know who’s calling• Slide, tap, swipe: Slide the Caller ID up or down the screen,tapto minimize or swipe to dismiss during calls• Smart call actions: Mute or block calls, reject callswithpredefined text messages or set a call back reminder• Call blocker: Block calls from telemarketers and otherscam/spamcallers• Spam warning: Get warnings for more than 1 million spamnumbersworldwide• Search numbers: Identify name, address or business informationofwho’s behind a strange telephone number• Alternative businesses: If you call a company and the phonenumberis busy, CIA will suggest similar alternatives• Backup contacts: Never lose a contact’s phone number again• Contact shortcuts: Multiple ways to handle contacts on aftercallscreens• My profile: Manage the information other users see aboutyou• Integration with multiple data sources e.g. Yelp!,facebook,Tripadvisor, Google Places, White Pages and Yellow Pagesacross theworld to provide faster, more precise results.
Automatic Call Recorder Pro
Auto Call Recorder, Best Call Recorder, Phone CallRecorderCallRecorder is the best solution for phone call recording.How torecord a phone call on your Android? The easiest way is tochooseAutomatic Call Recorder Pro - best phone call recording appwith abeautiful redesign in 2018!Auto call recorder is your newchoicefor phone call recording.Functions:- Record yourcallsautomatically while calling- Automatic Call Recorder- AdvancedFileManager- You can play back, or save your call to mp3 files onyourSD card- Record all outgoing calls- Record all incomingcalls-Record all phone call conversations- Play audiorecordedconversations- Delete recorded conversations- Send calls toemail-After Call confirmation dialog for saving the recorded call-SetAudio QualityAuto call recorder is a the best free callrecorderapplication with these features:- Record incoming call-RecordOutgoing call- Favorite- Search- Marking recordings asimportant-Multi select, delete, send- Excluded numbers- Setpassword toprotect privacy- Set different audio format (MP3, WAV)-Differentrecording modes by number, contact, non-contact or justselectedcontacts- Enable/Disable call recording- Records all yourphonecalls- Play recorded audio- Share recorded items- Playbackthroughspeaker or earpiece on your phoneShare files:- Dropbox-GoogleDrive- SMS- Whatsapp- Viber- SkypeCallu has been testedagainst allSamsung Galaxy Devices including Samsung Galaxy , LG,Motorola,Sony Xperia c3 c5 , HTC, Huawei, oppo mobile and jio 4gvoice.Ifyou have comments or suggestions, please Thank you for using Automatic CallRecorderPro
Caller ID - Who Called Me
Caller ID - Who Called Me is the top reverse look-up serviceformobile and land lines within Australia. Caller ID - Who CalledMe -A Free Caller ID app & Call Blocker! Blacklist numbers,blockrobocalls & spam calls, identify unknown callers &knowwho's calling for Australian. Caller ID - Who Called Me workslikea mobile phone number tracker, number locator and callernumberidentification tool. If you are tired of annoyingcalls:telemarketing, spam and robocalls, then "Calls Blacklist" isyoursolution. It is very easy and lightweight, yet powerfulcallblocker.Caller ID - Who Called Me highlight: Find the TrueCaller -Identify unknown callers, block caller ID, spam block, callblock,call blocker etc. Shows the caller name, photo and callerlocationand acts as Mobile Number Tracker.Call Blocker – Blacklist-Blockunwanted calls such as telemarketers, spam callers, fraud,byadding them to calls blacklist.Phone lookup- Caller ID - WhoCalledMe lets you perform a reverse phone lookup any number to findoutwho it is and find out who called.Smart Dialer- Make phone callsinthe app directly. Now your Dialer is truly yours to blocknumber.Use our smart dialer to quickly search in your call logsandcontacts, and enjoy the smoothest dialing experience! CallLogScan- Have you ever checked your call history and wondered:whocalled me? Caller ID - Who Called Me scans every unknown callertoprotect your security. See all the call history in therecentcalls. Including the missed calls, completed incoming andoutgoingcalls, no answer calls.Caller ID - Who Called Me is a freeCallerID app dedicated to serving the Australian users. It hasnever beeneasier to identify numbers from unknown callers and blocknumbersand unwanted calls! Download Caller ID - Who Called Metoday!
Call Recorder ACR: Record both sides voice clearly
IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all phones support call recording, pleasedon'tgive us bad rating if your phone doesn't support it. If youhaveany questions, please feel free to contact,wewill try our best to serve you. Cherinbo® Call Recorder,theworld's best call recording tool.- Automatically recordallincoming & outgoing calls, whenever and wherever- Highqualityof audio effect: Proprietary Amazify® voice engine- Easy touse-The most compatible tool with nearly all devices- BettersupportGalaxy S7 (Edge, Note7) \ Galaxy S8 (S8+) \ Newerversion【Mainfeatures】► Call RecorderAutomatically record calls tomp3 audiofile format.► Call BlockerBlock annoying calls usingcallsblacklist: telemarketing, spam and robocalls.► CloudBackupEasilymigrate to different devices. Data never get lost.►WifiTransferEasily transfer audio files with Mac and PC under thesameWifi. No USB! No data usage! No internet needed!►VoiceNotesSpeak a voice memo and have it automaticallytranscribed.【About Cherinbo® and STAY CONNECTED】►►TermsofService:►PrivacyPolicy:►AboutCherinbo( Cherinbo® is focusing on thefundamentals:data, video, and graphics. Our mission is to enableindividuals andbusinesses to leverage the power of digital energy.Cherinbospecialists nearly all have 10+ years internet &mobileexperiences.
InstaVoice: Visual Voicemail & Missed Call Alerts
InstaVoice provides Free and Unlimited Visual Voicemail, MissedCallAlerts and Voice SMS all in one app to connect you with yourfriendseven when you are busy, out of coverage area or switchedoff in asimple user friendly interface. Do you miss calls fromyour friendsand do not know who called?Do you travel a lot andmiss calls whenyou're traveling?Do you want to listen to yourvoicemails, and replywith ease when you are traveling abroad?Doyou want to receive yourVoicemails and Missed calls on youremail?Do you want to provideyour callers with a memorable andunique calling experience withpersonalized greetings?Do you haveMultiple SIMs / Numbers and wantto manage calls from allnumbers?Do you want to listen to your sentVoicemails and withdrawthem if needed?Do you have charging issuesand phone remainsswitched off most of the time?With Over 100BILLION managed calls,InstaVoice connects you with your callerseven when you're notaround. It makes it extremely easy to manageyour calls withVoicemails and Missed calls.Not only will you havenonstopconnectivity with your callers, but you'll also be providingthemwith a unique calling experience with personalizedvoicemailgreetings. You can take your mind off your calls and getback toyour callers when it's convenient.It's a must have forpeople whotravel a lot, and miss important calls as they are unableto manageMultiple SIMs / Numbers. With InstaVoice app, you canmanage VisualVoicemail, Missed calls and Voice SMS from all yourMultiple SIMs /Numbers on a single app.What’s more: ✓ Free VisualVoicemail withno limit on the number of Voicemails received✓ FreeMissed CallAlerts - Know who called when your phone is switched offor out ofnetwork coverage✓ Link Multiple Phone numbers: LocalorInternational and receive Voicemails, Missed calls from allyourlinked numbers on One App✓ Set personalized voicemail greetingsforyour callers✓ Receive your Voicemails, Missed Call Alerts andVoiceSMS on email ✓ Withdraw sent voicemails and messages✓ AccessyourVoicemails, Voice SMS, Missed Calls and Messages onmultipledevices. ✓ Respond to voicemails with an Instant text,image orvoice message✓ Send Free Text, Image & Voice messagestoFriends even if they are not using InstaVoice ✓VoicemailTranscription: Now read your voicemails and respond fasterto yourcallers✓ Massive inbox to store unlimited voicemailsandmessages.Give InstaVoice the freedom to become yourpersonalsecretary and manage your Voicemails and missed callswithalacrity. Charges if any: • InstaVoice – App usage is FREE.•Callwhen forwarded to the voicemail service might incur charges asperyour operator tariff.• Standard data charges might apply ifnotconnected via WiFi.• Voicemail Transcription: 2 Credits•Messagesto Non-InstaVoice App users anywhere in the world:1CreditCountries supported: InstaVoice works acrossmultiplecountries across the globe. An updated list is would love toreceiveyour feedback and suggestions, please write to usassupport@instavoice.comTerms ofuse: If you’ve uninstalled theApp, deactivate your voicemail &missed call alert service byfollowing the instructionshere: or contactus
Safest Call Blocker
Rated #1 Call Blocker by Beebom Rated #1 Best Call BlockerbyTechArenaFREE and EASY TO USE! Keep it simple withoutsacrificingfeatures. Quickly and easily create your own callblacklist.You canblock any number not in your contacts list, fromyour call log oradd unwanted numbers manually. Additionally you canuse the loggingfeature to view your history of blocked orblacklisted callswithout cluttering up your phone's history.It'stotally FREE! Nosubscription necessary.If you are looking for acall blocker thisis the one you need.Light weight.Block callsBlockphonenumbersCreate phone number black listAdd wildcards for 800numbers(1800#######)Block Robo Calls--------- Features of CallBlocker-------------► BLOCK UNWANTED CALLS - Blocking mode: Blockall fromcustom blacklist. Block all calls from those NOT in yourContactslist. Block Private & Unknown calls.► WILDCARDBLACKLIST- Usethe character # to create broad ranges of blockednumber. example:1-800-###-#### will block all 800 numbers.►PERSONAL BLACKLIST -Blacklist: Calls from blacklisted numbers willbeblocked.►NOTIFICATIONS AFTER BLOCKING Notification ofblockedcalls.►CLEAN PHONE LOGBlocked numbers will be kept out ofyour calllog► BLOCKED CALLS DON'T RING- Don't be bothered.Rated #1CallBlocker byBeebom*Mike(5 star review)WORKS GREAT!! I used to use "Mr. Number Block",andthat was my favorite app for blocking out Unknown &PrivateNumbers until the latest update to my phone. It no longerworked,so I had to do trial and error with a few new apps. "SafestCallBlocker" is just as good, and even better than my old app. Idon'thave to be bothered with private number and "mystery"callers.Would definitely recommend it to friends and family.* Cindy(5start review) Safest Ball Blocker This is the easiest call blockIhave ever experienced. It is not only easy but fun too.* Brian(5star review) Safest Call Blocker This so far is a very good appitdoes what it says ! Have recommended it to my friends they loveit! Try it get those annoying calls BLOCKED the safest way !!*ErnestBird (5 star review) Works great. Blocks some annoyingsalesmen.*Michael Murray (5 star review) Safest Call Blocker Worksasadvertised and keeps the annoying pests away.* Yuh Saito (5starreview) Does the job Simple to set up, works as I wanted itto.Excellent app.* Peter Johnson (5 star review) Excellent Greatappthat's very easy to use and does the job. Definitely recommend.*(5star review) Beautiful & Excellent App Have used this appforover 2 wks now and has no problem with it so far, does whatitsays, no more disturbing callers, loved it* katie hope (5starreview) Great blocker! I have not encountered any problem sofar.Blocks calls efficiently* Kathy (5 star review) Works greatGreatone that works and easy-to-use.J. Joseph (5 starreview)Samsunggalaxy note 3 Simple application that works and easyto use forblocking calls. I would definitely recommend thisapp.Tested Phonesinclude:MOTO G MOTO EHuawei Ascend Y300GalaxyGrand PrimeGalaxyMega 6.3Galaxy S3Galaxy S4Galaxy S5Galaxy S6GalaxyNote 3GalaxyNote 4Kyocera Hydro IconNokia X2DSSony Xperia ZRSonyXperia Z1SonyXperia Z2LG G4Special thanks to János Kiss for theHungariantranslation
AT&T Call Protect
AT&T Call Protect uses the power of the AT&T networktoautomatically block fraud calls, warn you about phone spamandhelps you manually block unwanted calls. AT&T Call Protectletsyou take more control over nuisance calls. ** Available toAT&Tconsumer (and most business) postpaid wireless customerswithAT&T HD Voice enabled smartphones. Not available forAT&TPREPAID. Smartphones sold by other carriers may notbeeligible.**Automatic Fraud BlockingDetects and blocks callsfromlikely fraudsters before your phone ringsReview blocked callsinthe appUnblock any previously blocked calls that you would liketoreceive in the future Suspected SpamWarningIdentifiestelemarketers and other suspected spam calls suchas politiciansand debt collectors. Available in HD Voicecoverageareas. Manual Call BlockingBlock unwanted calls fromwhoeveryou choose Report Spam CallsHelp identify suspectedspam andlikely fraud callsYour reports help us to continuallyimprove ourserviceAlso includes AT&T Mobile Security to helpprotect yourphone from malware, viruses and system threats.Learnmore AT&T Mobile Security andCallProtect: Includes access to AT&T Mobile Security andAT&TCall Protect. Services require download of separateapplications.AT&T Mobile Security is only available to AT&Tpostpaidwireless customers with AT&T HD Voice enabledAndroidsmartphones. AT&T Call Protect is available toAT&Tconsumer and business (except Government) postpaidwirelesscustomers. Not available for AT&T PREPAID. Smartphonessold byother carriers or direct from device manufacturers may notbeeligible for AT&T HD Voice. For information on AT&THDVoice, visit Data charges may apply forappdownload and usage. AT&T Call Protect: (1) AutomaticFraudBlocking: May inadvertently block wanted calls, but settingscan beadjusted to turn off blocking or allow specificallydesignatednumbers. (2) Suspected Spam Warning: Must be in AT&THD Voicecoverage area to be alerted to suspected spam calls.Suspected spammay include service messages and/or other permittedcalls. (3)Manual Call Blocking: Requires AT&T Call Protect app.Permitsblocking of phone numbers. Does not permit blocking ofunknownnumbers. For complete terms and conditions for AT&TCallProtect, see AT&T MobileSecurity:When Mobile Security app is installed, Call Protectfeatures likeAutomatic Fraud Blocking and Suspected Spam Warningareautomatically enabled at network level. (1) App Security:Notguaranteed to detect or protect against all viruses andmalware.(2) System Advisor: Not guaranteed to detect all rootsandjailbreaks and does not prevent roots, jailbreaks orunauthorizedapp installation(s). For complete terms and conditionsfor AT&TMobile Security, see