Top 47 Apps Similar to Santa Calls You

call recording : automatic Call Recorder & manager 9.0
*call recording : Call Recorder & call manager forcallrecording or call recorder : Automatic call recording ormanuallycall recording ,record incoming calls or outgoing callswith highquality voice recording by using efficient technology andmultimodes.**call recording : Call Recorder & call manager forsharerecorded files over the cloud ,manage and control therecordedfiles by efficient tool to fit your needs .**call recording: CallRecorder & call manager for call manager : Managecallsreports,retain calls and sms reports ,generate calls andsmsreports, display & control your call logs in a professionalwaywith variety of options by date,time,month ,up to 1 year ,fullcallreports or custom reports ,whether incomingcalls,outgoingcalls,sms , voice mail , blocked calls , additionallymissed calls.**call recording : Call Recorder & call managerfor caller id: instantly know who is calling before you pickup viapop up onyour screen .**call recording : Call Recorder & callmanagerfor Call Blocker : Block unwanted phone calls from unknownphonenumber or mobile number beyond your phonebook or contacts,identifyspam call ,predefined white list/blacklist/schedulecalendar.**call recording : Call Recorder & callmanager forcalls & sms statistics : display your current phonelogs in apretty statistical chart ,arranged and classified intoparts ,helpsyou retain call report,export call report, share orcontrol all ofyour smart phone calls & sms by type.**callrecording : CallRecorder & call manager for contacts : displaycontacts orphone book, Manage contacts or phone book and controlyour contactsor phone book activities such as calls,sms for alltypes ,generatecustom reports for each and all of your contacts PDFOR EXCEL,share those reports Via cloud .**call recording : CallRecorder& call manager for Generate Reports : excel or PDF foryoucalls & sms ,custom report or full report ,share orretainthose reports out of your device by email or via cloud.**callrecording : Call Recorder & call manager for CallManager &call recording committed in user privacy and all ofyourdata,reports or activities ,will remain in your device onlywedon't collect ,read , access or even save any of your data.Note:Please make sure to grant all needed permissions in order theappworks properly .
Call & Chat with Real Santa Claus 6.51
Make your children happy and connect them to Santa Claus fromNorthPole. Merry Christmas 2018. - Chat with SantaClaus - Realvoice ofSanta Claus - Listen to Santa Claus's reindeer Disclaimer:"A CallFrom Santa" is only made for fun. It will not connect withthe realSanta Claus. In fact I don't even have the phone number ofrealSanta. Often I also pretend calling Santa with this app.
A Call From Santa Claus! 5.16
Make your children happy and connect them to Santa Claus fromNorthPole. Merry Christmas 2018. - Sms to SantaClaus - Real voiceofSanta Claus - Listen to Santa Claus's reindeer Disclaimer: "ACallFrom Santa" is only made for fun. It will not connect with therealSanta Claus. In fact I don't even have the phone number ofrealSanta. Often I also pretend calling Santa with this app.
AntiNuisance - Call Blocker and SMS Blocker 1.99.5
Easy call blocker and SMS blocker app with many call blockingandSMS blocking options.To block calls and texts from a phonenumber,add it to the blacklist.The app can also block calls andtexts fromeveryone at specific hours of the day. For example:between 10 PMand 6 AM.Features:* Block incoming calls and sms usingtheblacklist.* Block private calls or unknown calls (unknowncallerid).* Whitelist for phone numbers that should not be blocked.Usethe whitelist for important contacts.* Call and SMSblockerprofiles. You can use different call blocking profiles andSMSblocking profiles for different groups of numbers.* Blockingcallsand text from everyone but contacts.* Control the call blockmodeof the app. The call block mode has three options: hang up acall,answer call mode and mute the ring of the incoming call.* Msgandcall block log for knowing who have been blocked during theday.*Blocking calls and text using area code, prefix or postfix.*Blocksms spam using keywords.* Block sms from unknown numbers.* MMStextblocker for kitkat and lollipop systems. * Block numbers andtextsusing the 'Do Not Disturb Mode (dnd)'.* Lightweight app.*Freecaller and text blocker app for download.Notice for androidKitkatand android lollipop users:Text blocking requires setting theappas the default texting app.Support and Feedback for 'AntiNuisance- call blocker and text blocker':
Call Control - #1 Call Blocker. Block Spam Calls! 2.18.4
Call Control™ call blocker will automatically block callsfromspammers, telemarketers, and robocallers. Over One Billioncallsblocked to date, Call Control is the original blocking apptrustedby millions worldwide! Completely free to download and use,withoptions to upgrade and enhance your call blockingcapability.Download today to get a Free 7 Day Trial of our premiumversion andthen you can choose to upgrade or continue with our freebasicversion to stop spam calls! Block Calls from Robocalls andScamsBlock calls from the IRS scam, Microsoft Tech scam,Grandparentscam and block calls from thousands of other scammers.Blacklistand Block Anyone Block calls from anyone by adding them toyourpersonal blacklist. Search Any Number Free search to find outwho'scalling. Call Control block calls silently so you're notbotheredwith spam calls. Features: - Block both calls and textmessages. -CommunityIQ feature blocks millions of robocalls basedonuser-generated insights. - Enhanced Caller ID—Know who’scallingyou, even if you don’t have the number as a contact. -PersonalBlacklist - Block calls from any phone number or area code.- Blockcalls from violators of the FTC/FCC Do Not Call list. - DoNotDisturb - Easily schedule when you don’t want to receivecalls.Join a community of over 12M people who trust Call Control totakeback their phones. App Permissions Overview We maintainextremelyhigh ethical standards surrounding the permissions yougrant to usand the private information Call Control has access toand arecommitted to using this information only to make CallControlfunction in the manner that you specifically determine.Click onthe link below for an explanation of the permissionsrequired torun Call Control and how we use the permissions that aregrantedethically and with respect of yourprivacy.
Blacklist Calls Blocker - SMS Blocker 1.7
If you are tired of annoying calls or messages fromtelemarketing,spam and robocalls, then "Blacklist Calls Blocker" isyoursolution. It is very easy to use and powerful callblocker.Blacklist Calls Blocker can reject unwanted callsautomatically. Ifyou have been annoyed by spam calls from salesman,or if you wantto reject calls from anyone, You can just add thenumber toblacklist and let Call Blocker do the job. Call Blocker *Block allcalls(except calls from numbers are in the Whitelist) *Miss callnotification from who had call blocker * Block caller idwith callblacklist * Call blocker and text message blocker both athome andabroad * Caller id and block calls texts all numbers not inmycontacts or robocall to help prevent spam, spam messages *Callblocker no spam voicemail * Block private/hidden numbers. *Blockcallers from calling and texting with creating callerblacklist *Customize to block numbers and texts withadding/removing any phonenumber in all call blacklist to callswitch off * Private numberblocking * Blocking unlimited numbers *International Call,robocall and Text Blocking SMS Blocker * ChooseSIM-card to smsblocker if your phone has more than 1 SIM-Card. *Can block allSMS. * Get notification of SMS Blocked on status bar.* Notify withvibration about blocked SMS. * Block SMS spam usingcall blacklist.* Block SMS from unknown numbers. * Block SMS fromprivate calls orunknown calls (unknown caller id). * block textfrom everyone butcontacts. * Block text using prefix or postfix tosms blocker. MoreFeatures * Use "Whitelist" to prevent block ofcertain people. *Block calls and block text messages usingblacklist. * Getnotifications of blocking or turn them off. * 6methods to blockunwanted calls (via the Call Logs, Contacts, SMSLogs, Series/Word,Manual Numbers or ‘Unknown’ Number List) *Blocking anonymousnumbers. * Enable/Disable notification of blockedcalls and SMS. *You can easily monitor blocked calls block textmessages from theblocked log * Blocked log backup facilities *Enable/DisableNotification of blocked calls, block text messages *Wildcard CallBlocker or Smart Call Blocker (Start with, ends withand contain)*️ Icon in the status bar can be turned off. *️ Getnotificationsof blocking or turn them off. * Can use sound, statusbar orvibration notify about blocked call and sms blocker. *Supportexport/import data cloud backup for call blocker and smsbackup. *Nice interface of free cell phone number blocker &miss callreminder app, easy to use all incoming call blacklistapplicationIf your device runs on Android V4.4 and above, it isnecessary toSet Blacklist Calls Blocker as the Default SMS app tosupport SMSBlocking as per Android Framework. Blacklist CallsBlocker will beyour SMS app for send and receive text messages.**All yoursuggestions, comments and issues can be dropped via anemailthrough
Black Caller Screen Dialer 8.8
Welcome to The Black Caller Screen Dialer All in one DialerwithCaller ID, Call Blocker, Hide Caller ID, T9 Search and muchmuchmore.● Smart T9 Photo Search Dialer Pad.● Pure Black IncomingandOutgoing Caller ID.● Block or Unblock Contact with call blockerinCaller ID.● Privacy Hide Caller ID on incoming Calls.●Switchon/off Outgoing & incoming caller ID Screens.● SpeedDial● DualSIM supported.Black theme sustain your eye health andalso helps tosave battery.Black Dialer replaces your boring defaultDialer toRich Pure Black style Caller Screen Dialer.Black Dialercomes withCalling UI and Phone book.Extra Feature:● Speed Dial tocallimmediately.● Call Blocker for block or unblock calls.●Keypadtouch sound with on or off feature.● Black and beautifulincomingand outgoing design.● Simple Recent and Missed calls logdetailslike OS9.● Black Dialer comes with rich design caller screen&Caller ID.● Black Dialer comes with rich phone book UI.●ThisCaller ID App provides display Contact List in androidblackStyle.● This App provides display dialed, miss call andCallingnumber list in android black Style.● This Caller ID Appprovidesdisplay all favorite Number lists.● This App comes withRichandroid black Style Keyboard in phone book.● This App hasrichdesign dialer keypad with easy search functionality.● Phonebookprovides add, update and delete contacts in phone.● Phonebookprovides Search Contacts from your Contact search box.● Youcanalso define your settings in voicemail section which will helpyouwhen you want to reject a call from any one and send themmessagelike "I am Busy right now, call you later".● If your devicedoesn'tsupport Incoming or Outgoing layout you can definitely turnit offto run it smoothly.Almost most of the functionality willbereplaced by this App.If you love it then please make this appabest rated app ever.Send instant message to caller when youarebusy and all. You can put your custom message from setting.youcanalso turn off or turn on app features from setting.✆ UsefulSkills☕Tap and Long Press on the contact name or number in keypadduringT9 Contact Search to go through next or previous contacts insearchresult respectively.☕ You can Find Call Blocker and HideCaller IDin contact detail page.¡ Known IssuesAdd call and Mergecall.Can'tadd and merge calls during ongoing call. we are going tolaunchBeta for it.Start Minutes : Seconds count on outgoingcall.AndroidSDK does not give support for start second. So, we haveno way tosolve this problem until Google release new SDK.
Call Easter Bunny Voicemail
This is the MUST-HAVE Call Easter Bunny Voicemail app and theONLYfree Easter app where you can make an Easter Bunny phonecall,listen to his voicemail message then record & play back avoicemessage for him just like real! Text message him & herepliesjust like real too*! Parents can use this app to encouragegoodbehaviour as you have the option to press 1 if children havebeengood or 2 if they have been bad! Get you chocolate Eastereggorders in today during the Easter countdown with this funandhilarious app! - Kids can call anytime, his voicemail isalwaysactive. No airtime or data is used as it is a Easter Bunnyfakecall. - Text message him and he replies just like real! Noairtimeor data is used as it is a Easter Bunny fake text message*.Getsocial - Twitter: @EasterBunnyAppFacebook:*watch a video advertisement OR make an in-app purchase toenabletext message Easter Bunny feature which also removes theadvertsforever (internet connection required).
Caller Name & SMS Announcer 1.1
Caller Name SMS Announcer:Are you bored of your normal ringtone?Areyou looking the way to figure out who is calling you withoutlookingat your mobile?..Here you find the best solution withCaller NameAnnouncer. It speaks everything while some one iscalling you orsend you a message, you will identify it with outlooking to yoursmart phone.Caller Name SMS Announcer uses thebuilt-in Androidtext-to-speech engine to speaks the "incoming"caller name or SMSsender name and contents of the SMS. It Speaksout the caller nameclearly.This Announcer is helpful in attendingimportant calls fromimportant persons like if you are driving andthe phone is in yourpocket and you got a call from your office orhome or some one sendsyou an SMS while your smart phone is inother room. It will not workif your smart phone does not havetext-to-speech library but this isnot a problem you can easily"DOWNLOAD" it from Google playstore.Caller Name Announcer★ Callthe name if exist in contacts.★ Ifdoes not exist in contacts, callthat "unknown number".★ Speaksincoming Caller Name, if the namedoes not exist in the contactlist.★ Enable/disable speaking Callname announcer.★ Change repeatmode announcements.★ It announce thecall received from the personswho are not in the contact list.★ Avoice message “Call from” beforethe caller name.★ Voice messagelike “Thank you” after caller name.★Choosing delay time betweenannouncements.SMS Announcer★Enable/disable incoming SMS sendername only.★ Enable/disableincoming SMS sender name and contents ofthe SMS.★ Custom Messagecontent settings.★ A voice message“message from” before the callername.★ Voice message like “Thankyou” after caller name.CallBlocker★ Call Blocker allows you toblock calls from unwantednumbers and callers.★ You can add thenumber directly or fromcontact list to block the numbersSoundSettings★ Control the Speakervolume★ Adjust the Speaker soundspeed and pitch You got thesolution for your problem right?? Sodon't be late just downloadthis Caller Name Speaker and use it assimple as possible.
Caller Screen Dialer Caller ID 8.11
✪ Smart T9 Photo Search Dialer.✪ New Automatic BusinessDialer.✪Automatic & Manual Call Recording.✪ Quick Bubble ToolslikeNotes, Calculator & Calendar on call.✪ HD Themes,MultiLanguage Themes.✪ Quick messaging apps integration.✪ IncomingandOutgoing Caller ID.✪ Block or Unblock Contact with call blockerinCaller ID.✪ Privacy Hide Caller ID on incoming Calls.✪ FullScreenIncoming HD Caller ID.✪ Switch on/off Outgoing &incomingcaller ID Screens.✪ Speed Dial.✪ Child lock on outgoingcall.✪ DualSIM supported.✪ Advanced Swipe Dialer View.✪ ExportCallLogs.Caller Screen Dialer. HD Caller ID✆ Useful Skills☕ TapandLong Press on the contact name or number in keypad duringT9Contact Search to go through next or previous contacts insearchresult respectively.☕ You can Find Call Blocker and HideCaller IDin contact detail page.Getting bored with old Callerscreentheme??Here we introduce Caller Screen Dialer android appwith CallBlocker, Privacy Hide Caller ID, Full Screen CallerIDCaller ScreenDialer change your screen to rich and user friendlyinterface.✆Lots of Features like:• Smart and Fast T9 Photo DialerFor thefirst time.• Speed Dial For Quick Call.• CustomizableIncoming FullScreen Caller ID.• Customizable Full HD Incoming andOutgoingScreen.• Activate Deactivate your after Call ReceivedScreen.•Control your keypad touch sound• Dialer Keypad change tonew HDDialer keypad with Rich layout design.• Whatsapp Integratedforquick chat.• Caller Screen Rich Call log screen to see yourmissedcall, received call and dialed call.• Caller Screen contactscreenwill give you your all contact list in which you can searchyourcontacts and see all contacts with new rich lookdesigned.•Favorite contacts can be added to Dial quickly.• Recentcontactscan be filtered with All and Missed Calls contacts. and itsupportsquick tap dial.• Caller screen is supported on most oflatestdevices. up to android 6.0.1 and also for lower versionofandroid.• When you receive a call you will have full UI ofcallerscreen theme.• You can also define your settings invoicemailsection which will help you when you want to reject a callfrom anyone and send them message like "I am Busy right now, callyoulater" by Caller Screen changer.• Caller Screen gives youcompletefeel of HD theme.• If your device doesn't support IncomingorOutgoing layout you can definitely turn it off to run itsmoothly.•You can Block or unblock contact from call blocker inthis app.•Finally here we presents you Privacy Hide Incoming CallerID, bywhich you can hide your private contact for incoming calls.•Do youwant to send SMS from our app ? , Oh yes you can send SMSfrom ourapp.Almost most of the dialer functionality will bereplaced bythis beautiful HD Caller screen dialer.If you love itthen pleasemake Caller Screen Dialer a best rated app ever.✆ Thisapplicationwill give you rich look of style and it is light weightso you cannavigate your• Keypad with Super fast T9 Photo Dialer.•callerscreen theme Favorite list.• caller screen dialer Contactlist.•Speed Dial.• caller screen dialer Recent calls.• Call Blocker/Unblocker.• Privacy Hide Caller ID.• Send and receiveSMS.Sendinstant message to caller when you are busy and all. Youcan putyour custom message from can also turn off orturn onapp features from setting.You can buy pro version whichtotally adsfree.¡ Known Issues¡ Enter extension number from keypadduringcall.You can enter numbers in keypad during call in our appbut forenter extension number it is not working.This will fixedsoon.¡ Addcall and Merge call.Can't add and merge calls duringongoing call.we are going to launch Beta for it.¡ Start Minutes :Seconds counton outgoing call.Android SDK does not give support forstartsecond. So, we have no way to solve this problem untilGooglerelease new SDK.
Caller Announcer & Call Blocker 1.1
Tri Core
Caller Name SMS Announcer & Blocker:Smart Announcer forincomingcalls, messages and flash alerts on call. No need to lookat yourmobile screen to see who is calling you or sending youamessage!!!!Yes, just Install Caller Name SMS Announcer andBlocker,which instantly identifies and informs you about incomingcalls andmessages. You don't have to check your phone to know whois callingyou; you will be able to listen the name of the caller orSMSsender by using this app.This is the best app and it iseasilynotifies about incoming callers and messages. Caller nameannouncerwill announce incoming caller name and SMS sender name,and notifyyou who is calling.There is no need to look at yourmobile screento see who is calling you while driving. Or who sendyou Messageswhile you’re sitting away from your mobile? This isamazingapplication for speaks everything while some one is callingyou orsend you a message, In silent mode caller name announcer willnotannounce anything.Also you can Block the unwanted calls orspamcalls with this amazing app.It provides powerful functionsandoptions like Call Announcer, SMS Announcer, Sound Settings,CallBlocker and Flash on Call. But it is highly customizable tomeetall your requirements. All advanced features below are all freeforyou!!!****** Caller Name SMS Announcer & BlockerMainFeatures*****☞ The powerful Announcer identifies unknownnumbers soyou always will know who your caller is.☞ Can read themessagecontent.☞ A message will be announced anytime when youreceive anincoming call!☞ You can even choose to hear the contentof yourmessage read loudly.☞ Can modify the voice message beforecaller/sms sender name in settings.☞ Change repeat modeannouncements.☞Custom Ring tone settings.☞ Custom sound settings☞Turn offannouncements while silent option is available.☞Enable/DisableFlash on Call & SMS.☞ Can change the number offlash blinks andspeed.☞ Adjust Speaker volume and speed.Justdownload Caller NameSMS Announcer and make your life better andmore convenient.
fake call Christmas 2 game 2.0
fake call Christmas 2 game. answer the call to hear Santatalking.caller name and number. image and sound. fake phone callwithringtone. select Xmas pictures and funny sounds. you can changethecaller name and number. simulate incoming call from Santa,snowmanand deer. options to accept or reject the call. only callingyourtelephone. - great as a phone calling game. - full use forfree. -simple to use
Call Recorder 1.3.6
Record any phone call you want and choose which calls you wanttosave. You can set which calls are recorded and which areignored.Listen to the recording, add notes and share it.CallRecorder is afree call recorder application. It is one of the bestcallrecorders in the Play Store and offers tons of features suchas:-Enable/Disable call recording- Records all your phone calls,recordincoming or outgoing calls- Easy change audio format (3gp,mp4,amr), audio source (voice call, voice communication, mic),orrecord path on settings- Enable/Disable notificationwhenrecording- Displaying contact name on records list- Sortrecordslist by contact or last record time- Multi select, deleterecorditems- Play recorded audio by touch on the item- Cleanmaterialdesign. All feedback and feature requests related to theoperationof the application, as well as many other questions can besend thefollowing email of support team: [email protected] youlike our app, please take a minute to rate it on GooglePlaymarket.
Call Blocker and Text Blocker 1.41
Gizmoquip LLC
Automatically intercept and reject calls and texts fromblacklisted,private or unknown numbers Gizmoquip Call Blocker isan easy to useand full featured call blocker that has 5 blockingmodes to choosefrom including Blacklist, Whitelist, Contacts Only,Block All, andAccept All . Rejected Blocked calls are sent tovoicemail. You caneasily block annoying calls from people youdon’t know or people youknow but do not want to talk to. Unwantedincoming calls areautomatically silently sent to voice mail whenblocked. Anotification Icon is displayed when a call is blocked soyou canquickly see if any calls have been blocked. One of the verybestcall blocker apps for AndroidAutomatically intercept calls andtextsfrom private and unknown numbersStop telemarketers, debtcollectorand sales people from wasting your time.Add Spam Numbersto beblocked directly or with one click from your phonecallhistoryAutomatically hangup on or send calls to voice mail.-Blockunwanted calls with a Black list- Block Individual numbersfromContacts- Block Individual phone numbers from Android calllog-Block Custom phone numbers by range- Block all unknown number(notin your Android phone contacts)- Block all calls- Block nocallsYoucan filter unwanted calls to block calls using any of the5blocking modes as follows. 1. Blacklist mode – blocks allnumbersin you blacklist. Numbers can be added to the blacklistfromcontacts, call history, or manually entered.2. Whitelist mode–blocks all numbers not in your white list. Numbers can be addedtothe whitelist from contacts, call history, or manuallyentered.3.Contacts Only mode – blocks all calls from numbers thatare not inyour contacts.4. Block All – Blocks all calls.5. AcceptAll –Accept all calls.Also blocks incoming text messages using thesamerules as incoming calls.Support wildcard matching using the#character. Example: Block all calls from area code 713,add713-###-#### to your black list and all calls and textmessagesfrom area code 713 will be blocked.You can quickly add arange ofphone numbers to the blacklist or whitelist by usingwildcardcharacters. For example, if you want to block all the 800numbers,you can add 800-###-#### to the blacklist.The # characteris thewildcard, and is treated by Call Blocker as all digitsbetween 0-9.All other non-numeric characters have no effect, sousing whitespaces or dash signs is allowed but will not impact thematchingprocess. The following three formats are regardedidentical:1)800820####2) 800 820 ####3) 800-820-####Country codesshould not beused with wildcard match patterns. for example, if youwant toblock all numbers from area code 213 in the United States,use213-###-#### and do not use 001-213-###-#### or+1-213-###-####.Gizmoquip Call blocker is fully compatible withother Gizmoquipapps including SMS Scheduler, SMS Tracker and SMSBackup.
Call recorder 2.4.8
Auto Call recorder is a free call recorder application.CallRecorder offers unique set of features which will allow youtorecord any call automatically. It is one of the best callrecordersin the Play Store.You can automatic call recording andsave anyphone call you want. You can set which calls are recordedto whitelist (only record numbers from this list) and which areignored.Listen to the recording, add notes and share it.Synchronized tothe cloud as well.You can set a conversation isimportant, save itand it will be stored in the important tab. Youcan record on SDcard (external card) to get extra memory if yourinternal memory islow.There are 5 default settings for automaticrecording:Recordeverything (default) – This setting records allcalls except forcontacts pre-selected to be ignored.Ignoreeverything – Thissetting records no calls except for contactspre-selected to berecorded.Ignore contacts – This setting recordsall calls withpeople who are not contacts, except for contactspre-selected to berecorded.Record incoming callsRecord outgoingcallsFunctions:-Record your calls automatically while calling.-Organize your callrecords. You can view all your calls with optionssuch as list bytime, group by names or group by dates.- You canplay back, or saveyour call to mp3 files on your SD card.-Automatic call recorder -Save your record and upload record toGoogle Driver- Auto deleteunsaved records after 1 week, 2 week-Record outgoing call - recordincoming calls- Record all telofonnyhconversations.- Play audiorecorded conversations.- Delete recordedconversations.- Blockingof the calls listed to the automaticremoval.- you can setautomatically delete your records aftern 1week, 2 week, etc...-Send calls to listed to email.- Showconfirmation dialog for savingthe recorded call. Ask immediatelyafter the call and set up in theoptions.- Favorite- Search- Whitelist- Black list- And much more...- Set source (Mic, voice call, avideo camera)Auto call recorderis a the best free call recorderapplication with thesefeaturesFeatures:- Record incoming call-Record Outgoing call-Favorite- Search- Ability start delayedrecording- Differentrecording modes by number, contact, non-contactor just selectedcontacts- Enable/Disable call recording- Recordsall your phonecalls- Play recorded audio- Delete recorded items-Markingrecordings as important- Multi select, delete, send-Displayingcontact name and photo- Excluded numbers- Set password toprotectprivacy- Lots of recording formats- Set source (Mic, Voicecall,camcorder)- Lock recorded items to prevent fromauto-cleaning-Share recorded items- White list- Blacklist- And manymore...Sharefiles:- Dropbox- Google- SMS- Skype, FaceBooks...Somephones do notsupport call recording properly. This is due tocapabilities ofdifferent chipset/CPU or Android version eachbrand/model have.Legal:We are not lawyers.Recording calls withoutletting yourcaller know may not be legal in some countries, orstates.
BlackList v4.91
AntTek Mobile
This is an advanced call/sms filter and blocker tools. Createablack list and stay safe with your Android phone. This is asimpleapp, but rich and powerful features to manage unwantedcall/textmessage from anyone. Kit Kat and Lollipop users - requiredxposedframework to block SMS.This app works with per caller ID(incomingnumber) basic. Caller Ids can be organized into blacklist,orexception list and configured blocking options. Here are a listoffeatures:1. Blocking:☆ Block call/text/MMS messages for ablacklist(a list of numbers)☆ Block call/text/MMS messages forprivatenumbers (no numbers, no caller id), numbers not in mycontacts☆Block call/text message for pre-/post-fix numbers☆Exception list(don't block list) (PRO)☆ Text filters by plain textor regularexpression, prefix-matches, postfix matches.2. Manageblacklist andlogs:☆ Options for an incoming call: - Turn off ringer- End call -Optionally "pick up then hang up" (change in app'ssettings)☆Advanced number matching mode including exactly, startwith, endwith, contains, regular expression☆ Blocking scenario (canbe setup from app's settings or widget (pressHOME/menu/Blacklist/widget)- Block numbers in blacklist excludedexception list (regular mode)- Block all numbers excluded exceptionlist (very useful when youare in vacation) - Block all numbers(useful when you are sleeping)- Turn blacklist off - Auto SMS replyfor blocked calls☆ SMSblocked with/without logs☆ Option to clearblocked missed calllog3. Configuration☆ Hide Blacklist's icon fromLauncher and dialto launch the app (default is <5555> or<##5555>☆Schedule to turn on/off (PRO)☆ Import contacts/calllogs/ sms intoa black list or add a custom number (not in yourphonebook)☆ Easilymanage logs (sms back, call back, search, delete,restore, disable(PRO),...)☆ Disable/enable logs (PRO)☆ Passwordprotection (PRO)☆Enable/disable block notification☆ Backup andrestore blacklistsettings4. Widget☆ Quick access widget to changeblocking scenarioand common configuration☆ Auto-reply counters5.Call Confirm andSecret Box modules6. and event more:☆ Auto replypre-definedtemplates☆ Change widget themes☆ Invisible blacklisticon(Invisible)☆ Quickly add last call/text numbertoblacklist/exception listBug report and enhancement request:☆ Dropafew line to* PRO:Proversion can be purchased on Android Market* Invisible:Invisibleversion likes Pro version, but it has an icon and a namediffere*Note: to enable pick up then hang up feature, go tosetting/pick upthen hang upFAQ☆ Why caller is sent to voicemail:Block a numberwith "end call" and turn "Pick up then Hang up" OFF☆Do not send tovoicemail: Block a number with "end call" and turn"Pick up thenHang up" ON☆ Issue report: Email [email protected] stuffs☆Video:☆Support: - MMS: Multimedia MessagingService- Text ~ SMS: Short Messaging ServiceSupported languages:English,Français, Español, český, Italiano, Pусский, Slovenských,Deutsch,Português, Svenska, 臺灣福建話, Polszczyzna,Português,עִבְרִית(Hebrew), Lietuva, العربية (Arabic), Magyar, 한국어,Română, Ελληνικά,Български, Tieng Viet
Message from Santa! video, phone call, voicemail 3.0.7
This Christmas, amaze your children by requesting afreepersonalised phone call or video message from Santa Claus!Parents,use this app together with your children to encouragegoodbehaviour all year long! This app has several amazingfeatures:VIDEO MESSAGE FROM SANTA - choose from 3 personalizedvideomessages, featuring your child's details such as their nameandphoto* - Receive unlimited video messages for free RECEIVE APHONECALL FROM SANTA - Santa can call for a variety of reasons -Santacan mention your child’s name, age and interests* during thecall -Receive unlimited calls for free* CALL SANTA’S VOICEMAIL -Childrencan record a voicemail message for Santa with theirChristmas wishlist - Let Santa write down your child’s name on thenaughty ornice list - Santa tracker: find out what Santa is doingright now -Check the weather forecast for the North Pole - Hear thenames ofSanta's reindeer - Countdown to Christmas: hear how manydays areleft until Christmas - Leave a message for Santa TEXTMESSAGE WITHSANTA - Send Santa a message - He will reply instantly!Important!If you hear no sound during the calls, make sure theswitch on theside of your device is not set to Silent, and alsomake sure yoursound volume is up. * Disclaimer: app forentertainment purposesonly. Calls and text messages are simulated.App does not provideactual calling or texting functionality. Someoptionalcustomisation options require an in-app purchase toactivate them."Message From Santa" and the megaphone logo areregisteredtrademarks of First Class Media B.V., the Netherlands.All rightsreserved.
Call recorder automatic 3.35
***A Top 10 app in over 220 countries worldwide atcommunicationcategory.*** The entire call is recorded and saved onyour phoneand your phone only. Unlike other call recording appsyourrecordings are private and are not saved on a third partyserver.You can use Call Recorder to make and record nationalorinternational calls from any Android device including tablets.callrecorder is very easy to use: just like your phone dialer, youjustmake a call from the app and it will be recorded. call recorderisa free call recorder application. It is one of the bestcallrecorders in the Play Store and offers tons of amazingfeaturessuch as: - Record your all calls automatically whilecalling or askevery-time to record new call. - Search call by nameor phonenumber. - Organize your call records. You can see calls asallcalls records, only incoming, only outgoing, date and timeeasily.- Share recording to Bluetooth, Message etc. - Play, saveanddelete, call recordings - Ignore recording for specific contactorphone number - Add caller phone number to contacts - Seecallerhistory - Record your call or calls in MP3, WAV, MP4, AMR or3GPPencoding / format. - Multi select, delete, send - Favorite -Search- White list - Black list - Displaying contact name and photo-Excluded numbers - Password protection of recordings -Differentrecording modes by number, contact, non-contact or justselectedcontacts - Automatically on device speaker to record betterqualityvoice. - It’s FREE! - And much more ... Auto call recorderis a thebest free call recorder application with these features: -Recordincoming call - Record Outgoing call - Favorite - Search -Markingrecordings as important - Multi select, delete, send -Displayingcontact name and photo - Excluded numbers - Set passwordto protectprivacy - Lots of recording formats - easy to use -Ability startdelayed recording - Different recording modes bynumber, contact,non-contact or just selected contacts -Enable/Disable callrecording - Records all your phone calls - Playrecorded audio -Delete recorded items - White list - Blacklist -And many more...Some phones do not support call recording properly.This is due tocapabilities of different chipset/CPU or Androidversion eachbrand/model have. Legal: We are not lawyers. Recordingcallswithout letting your caller know may not be legal insomecountries, or states. Enjoy our Call Recorder app, and sharetheapp with your friends on Facebook or Instagram. If you likeourapp, please take a minute to rate us 5 stars on Google Playmarket.
Auto call recorder 2.5.9
Auto Call recorder is a free call recorder application.CallRecorder offers unique set of features which will allow youtorecord any call automatically. It is one of the best callrecordersin the Play Store.There are 5 default settings forautomaticrecording:Record everything (default) – This settingrecords allcalls except for contacts pre-selected to beignored.Ignoreeverything – This setting records no calls except forcontactspre-selected to be recorded.Ignore contacts – This settingrecordsall calls with people who are not contacts, except forcontactspre-selected to be recorded.Record incoming callsRecordoutgoingcallsFunctions:- Record your calls automatically whilecalling.-Organize your call records. You can view all your callswithoptions such as list by time, group by names or group bydates.-You can play back, or save your call to mp3 files on your SDcard.-Automatic call recorder - Save your record and upload recordtoGoogle Driver- Auto delete unsaved records after 1 week, 2week-Record outgoing call - record incoming calls- Record alltelofonnyhconversations.- Play audio recorded conversations.-Delete recordedconversations.- Blocking of the calls listed to theautomaticremoval.- you can set automatically delete your recordsaftern 1week, 2 week, etc...- Send calls to listed to email.-Showconfirmation dialog for saving the recorded call. Askimmediatelyafter the call and set up in the options.- Favorite-Search- Whitelist- Black list- And much more ...- Set source (Mic,voice call, avideo camera)Auto call recorder is a the best freecall recorderapplication with these featuresFeatures:- Recordincoming call-Record Outgoing call- Favorite- Search- Ability startdelayedrecording- Different recording modes by number,contact,non-contact or just selected contacts- Enable/Disablecallrecording- Records all your phone calls- Play recordedaudio-Delete recorded items- Marking recordings as important-Multiselect, delete, send- Displaying contact name and photo-Excludednumbers- Set password to protect privacy- Lots ofrecordingformats- Set source (Mic, Voice call, camcorder)- Lockrecordeditems to prevent from auto-cleaning- Share recorded items-Whitelist- Blacklist- And many more...Share files:- Dropbox-Google-SMS- Skype, FaceBooks...Some phones do not support callrecordingproperly. This is due to capabilities of differentchipset/CPU orAndroid version each brand/model have. Legal:We arenotlawyers.Recording calls without letting your caller know may notbelegal in some countries, or states.
call recorder 21
The best call recorder, automatic call recorder. Another nameisauto call recorder is best call recording apptorecord phone calls. By using automatic call recorder youwillrecord call easily. you will have many options for setting upcallrecording. There are two options: record all calls from anynumbersor just record calls from a list of numbers.This phonerecorder appis all call recorder, that means users can record allcallsincluding internal calls or international calls. You are abletoset which calls are recorded to white list and which areignored.All call recorder with a white list filter.Phone recorderapp letyou mange recording files in smart way. After recording userhas acall log of call recording files. Then user can listen totherecording, add notes and share it. User can set a conversationisimportant, save it and it will be stored in the importantcategory.If not, old recordings will be deleted when new calls fillup theinbox.If you ask a question: how to record my call and how tomakeautomatic call recording, this app is best answer for you. Ifyouwant a call recorder pro and call recorder automaticpleasedownload this call recording app instantly. Is call recorderpro?Please use and let me know.The best free phone recorderapplicationis an auto call recorder with these features:- Autorecording,record call automatically- Easy to use, Easy to recordcall withlong time.- Auto record outgoing call- Auto recordincoming call-Search on call log (recording files)- Markingrecordings asimportant- Share recorder items- Multi select, delete,share, send-Excluded numbers- Set password to protect privacy- Lotsofrecording formats: .mp3, .ogg...- Different recording modesbynumber, contact, non-contact or just selectedcontacts-Enable/Disable call recording- Records all your phonecall- Playrecorded audio- Delete recorded items- Confirmationdialog: Wouldyou like to keep record call that is shown just afterthe call-FavoriteShare files:- Google- Dropbox- SMS- Skype,FaceBooks...Alot of functions for call recording, all you need isin this callrecording app - phone recorder appFunctions:- Recordyour callsautomatically while calling. Auto recording is ahighlight functionof phone recorder app.- Phone recorder can recordcall in longtime.- Organize your call records (call log). View allyour callswith options such as list by time, group by names orgroup bydates.- Play back, or save your call to mp3 files on yourSD card.-Automatic call recorder- Record outgoing call - recordincomingcalls- Record all telofonny conversations.- Playback audiorecordedconversations.- Delete recorded conversations.- Send callstolisted to email.- Show confirmation dialog for saving therecordcall. Ask immediately after the call and set up in theoptions.-White list- Black list- And much more ...- Set source(Mic, voicecall, a video camera)If app doesn't work for your phoneor qualityis low:1. Try to change different recording file types:ogg, mp3,ar, mpg... in settings.2. Try to change Source: MIC orVOICECALL... in settingsThank for download auto call recorder app.
Call Block
Call Block is the best call blocker app to identify phonenumbersand stop any unwanted calls. This free call blocker app forAndroidhelps you to block calls you receive from unwanted numbers,even ifthe number is not in your contact list. Using our hugedatabase ofover one billion numbers, the Call Block app’s caller IDpreciselyidentifies callers from all over the world. You willinstantly beshown detailed information about any call you receiveand will beable to use the call blocker function to block thenumber andprotect your phone immediately. New Feature – July 2018:You cannow add a reason for blocking a particular number. When youthenlook at your list of blocked numbers, you will be reminded ofthereason why you blocked that specific number. Take back controlofyour privacy with this essential app to block calls – stopspam,telemarketers, and other unwanted calls as soon as the phonerings.The advantages of Call Block: • Caller ID: Each time youreceive acall you will instantly see who is calling. • Call block:You willbe able to easily block calls or block numbers. Avoid thescams,sales, frauds, telemarketing, surveys and similar calls.•Blacklist: You can add any unwanted numbers to yourpersonal“Blacklist”. You can also block a range of numbers withcertainfirst digits. • You will also be able to add the caller toyourcontacts list or send them a reply SMS directly from the callerIDscreen. • Log: Call log where you can view callers whowereblocked. • Reason for blocking: Add a reason why you haveblocked anumber for future reference. • Instantly customized: Easyaccess tosettings if you want to customize the app. • Quick andeasy to use:Just download this free call blocker app and have allthe functionsadded to your phone right away.
TextNow: Free Texting & Calling App
TextNow, Inc.
Local US or Canada Phone number Give your friends your veryownphone number they can call! Unlimited Text & PictureMessagingYou can send as many text messages as you want to US &Canada -FREE! Unlimited Calling to USA and Canada Make unlimitedfree phonecalls to any phone number in the US & Canada!CheapInternational Calling Add money or earn free money bycompletingoffers to your account and make low-cost internationalcallsFeatures: - Make and receive voice calls - Emojis, stickersandgifs - Full picture messaging : send, receive and save pictures!-Voicemail Transcription: transcript of your voicemail - Caller ID-PassCode: keep your messages under lock and key - GoogleSmartLock:no need to remember your password - Call Forwarding -Signatures:add your own signature to each text - Customizabletext-tone,ringtone & vibration - Customizable backgrounds -Assignindividual contacts their own ringtone & background -QuickReply to easily (and quickly) respond to friends - Homescreenwidget to launch TextNow, compose a new message or quicklymake acall - Unified inbox: send and receive your texts directlyviaTextNow - use TextNow as your one-stop SMS texting app! - text from your computer too! All messagesseamlesslysynchronize with your mobile device. Is it really free?There is nocatch. No yearly or monthly fees! It is completely free!How canall this be free? The app comes with a few ads. If you don'tlikeads, you can purchase a subscription to remove them. Peoplewholove TextNow "If you want an unlimited texting without thehighpriced carrier based texting plans, then Textnow is the appforyou." 4/5 rating --AppAdvice "Anyone needing an unlimited numberoftexts, we’d recommend TextNow as our app of choice" --AppAddict
call recorder 3
Automatic call recorder, best phone call recorder forandroid.Callrecorder let you record both incoming calls andoutgoing callsautomatically. Call recording has high qualitysound.Call recorderrun on background and consumes low battery.Everytime you make acall or receive a call, this call recorder appwill wake up thenrecord a audio file.After recording, you can seerecording files byopenning it, On this screen you can do manythings:- Listen to therecording- Edit recording files with cuteditor- Send recordingfiles to email to share it- Mark a recordingfile as favourite tomake it is not deleted when your storage isfull.- Search for arecording by nameCall recorder app has settingscreen with manyoptions to satisfy you:- Turn on, Turn off. Turnon: calls will berecorded automatically, you have a auto callrecorder after that.Turn off: while you in a call, nothinghappens.- Black list andwhite list. Black list: list numbers whichyou want to record whileyou in a call with them. White list: listnumbers which you don'twant to record while you in a call withthem.- Set password to openapp. If you enable this option, you willprotect your recordingfiles.- Enable or disable app icon on statusbar while recording.If it is enabled, when call recorder app worksthere is small iconappears on status bar of your phone.- Changelocation of storage.When you change this. Next time call recordingfile will be locatedon new path.In summary, call recorder hasfollowing features:-Record calls automatically both incoming callsand outgoing calls.-Manage call records easily.- Playbackrecordings with basiccontrols- Support storing recordings on SDcard.- Markingrecordings as favourite to avoid auto deletionbecause of fullstorage- Support formats: mp3, wav- Support whitelist, black list-Set password to protect privacy- Share files:Dropbox, Mail, SMS,Skype, FaceBooksPlease note that when yourstorage is full, all oldrecording files will be deletedautomatically except files infavourite.Please download callrecorder then let me know how do youlike call recorder app.
Call recorder 1.36.3557.173
The best call recorder, automatic call recorder, phonecallrecorderBy using Call recorder, You can automatic callrecordingand save any phone call you want. You can set which callsarerecorded to white list and which are ignored. Listen totherecording, add notes and share it. Synchronized to the cloudaswell.You can set a conversation is important, save it and itwillbe stored in the important tab. If not, old recordingswillautomatically be deleted when new calls fill up the inbox.A lotoffunctions for callrecording,all you need is in this callrecordingapp Functions:- Record your calls automatically whilecalling.-Organize your call records. You can view all your callswithoptions such as list by time, group by names or group bydates.-You can play back, or save your call to mp3 files on your SDcard.-Automatic call recorder - Record outgoing call - recordincomingcalls- Record all telofonnyh conversations.- Play audiorecordedconversations.- Delete recorded conversations.- Blocking ofthecalls listed to the automatic removal.- Send calls to listedtoemail.- Show confirmation dialog for saving the recorded call.Askimmediately after the call and set up in the options.-Favorite-Search- White list- Black list- And much more ...- Setsource (Mic,voice call, a video camera)Auto call recorder is a thebest freecall recorder application with these featuresFeatures:-Recordincoming call- Record Outgoing call- Favorite- Search-Markingrecordings as important- Multi select, delete, send-Displayingcontact name and photo- Excluded numbers- Set password toprotectprivacy- Lots of recording formats- Set source (Mic, Voicecall,camcorder)- Ability start delayed recording- Differentrecordingmodes by number, contact, non-contact or just selectedcontacts-Enable/Disable call recording- Records all your phonecalls- Playrecorded audio- Delete recorded items- Lock recordeditems toprevent from auto-cleaning- Share recorded items-Confirmationdialog: Would you like to keep recorded call that isshown justafter the call (only in Pro version).- White list-Blacklist- Andmany more...Share files:- Dropbox- Google- SMS-Skype,FaceBooks...If app doesn't work for your phone or quality islow:1.Try to change different recording file types: ogg, mp3, ar,mpg insettings.2. Try to change Source: MIC or VOICE CALLinsettingsThank for download call recorder app, we also haveproversion for your choosing to remove adsIf you havesomesuggestions, please contact us [email protected]
Call recorder 29.0
Automatic call recorder, best phone call recorder forandroid.Pleasedownload Call recorder, You can record any incomingcalls andoutgoing call with high quality. Call recording isautomatic andvery reliable.Call recorder is very easy to use, Youcan set whichcalls are recorded to white list and which areignored.You canmanage your recording files, Listen to therecording, add notes andshare it. Synchronized to the cloud aswell.You can set aconversation is important, save it and it willbe stored in theimportant category.There are many functions forcall recording, allyou need is in this call recordingappFunctions:- Record callsautomatically with high quality whileyou in incoming calls oroutgoing calls.- Organize your callrecords. You can view list offiles with order by time, by names.-You can listen recordings, viewdetail information of files suchas: size, location- You can saverecordings to SD card.- Record alltelephony conversations.- Playaudio recorded conversations.-Marking recordings as important- Showconfirmation dialog forsaving the recorded call. Ask immediatelyafter the call and set upin the options.- Lots of recording formats(mp3, amr, wav)- SupportWhite list, all numbers or contacts inWhite list will berecorded.- Support Black list, number in Blacklist will beignored- Set source (Mic, voice call, a video camera)-Recordincoming call- Record Outgoing call- Set password toprotectprivacy- Lock and protect recorded items to preventfromauto-cleaningShare files:- Dropbox- Google- SMS-Skype,FaceBooks...Hope you like this Call recorder!
Auto Redial | call timer 2.35
●Support version Android 4.0 to 7.1 ●Description: -Auto redialphonenumber again and again in a very easy way. -Make yourphoneautomatically hang up with the timer you setting. -Manynetworkcarriers offer free calls for first 5, 10, 20, x minutes.Thisapplication will help you monitor the time elapsed andmanuallyhang-up the call. ***A few of devices may not work well,please doa simple test before you use. Please check the test stepsasfollowing.*** ***So far we found some apps such as power savingorsystem optimization will cause auto redial work abnormal, sopleasedon't use the kinds of apps with auto redial.*** ●The mainfeaturesincludes: -Auto hang up -Auto redial -Fast redial -Speakeron/off-Vibration alert -Sound alert ●Unique features: -When you runintounknown problem to cause auto hang up fail,this app willtrigger along vibrate for 3 seconds to tell you hang up phone callmanually.-When the number your dialed entering voice mail, yourhave to waitfor that longer time till call disconnect and thenredial. For thiscase, you could enable "Enable keep talking button"fromOthers>Setting>Advanced. Set the proper end up time,thenwhen call is active(that is person answer the call) thendoubleclick the yellow icon to prevent call from disconnect. ●Howto usethis application: -drag first bar to set hang up time -dragsecondbar to set redial interval -press green button to start autoredial-press red button to stop auto redial ●Simple test steps -sethangup time to 10 seconds. -dial out to your friend -check whetherautoend call within 10 seconds. ●Note. -Unable to redial callpromptlywhen meet the voice mail. -Settings/reviews buttons on thetop barcan only be used in android version 3.0 or newer. Olderversionhave to click the MENU key to launch these items. -The phonenumberselection from contact doesn't be supported with Dual SIMphone .●Supportlanguage.繁體中文,簡體,日本語,English,français,românesc,русский,Deutsch,العربية
Call recorder 24.0
The best call recorder, automatic call recorder, phonecallrecorderIf you want to record an incoming call or outgoingcall,please choose this call recorder application.This applicationiseasy to use, please download then open app, all calls willberecorded automatically.If you don't want record calls fromsomeone,please add his/her number to exluded list.If you only wantrecordcalls from some people, please choose an option in settingsscreenwhich tell that only record calls from some people.Then addeachnumber you want to record to a white list. All numbers inwhitelist will be recorded automatically.After recording, you canListento the recording, add notes and share it. Synchronized to thecloudas well.You can set a conversation is important, save it anditwill be stored in the important tab.If not, old recordingswillautomatically be deleted when new calls fill up the inbox.A lotoffunctions for callrecording, all you need is in this callrecordingappFunctions:- Record calls automatically with highquality whileyou in incoming calls or outgoing calls.- Organizeyour callrecords. You can view list of files with order by time, bynames.-You can listen recordings, view detail information of filessuchas: size, location- You can save recordings to SD card.- Recordalltelephony conversations.- Play audio recordedconversations.-Marking recordings as important- Show confirmationdialog forsaving the recorded call. Ask immediately after the calland set upin the options.- Lots of recording formats (mp3, amr,wav)- SupportWhite list, all numbers or contacts in White list willberecorded.- Support Black list, number in Black list willbeignored- Set source (Mic, voice call, a video camera)-Recordincoming call- Record Outgoing call- Set password toprotectprivacy- Lock and protect recorded items to preventfromauto-cleaningShare files:- Dropbox- Google- SMS-Skype,FaceBooks...Please download Call recorder, You can recordanyincoming calls and outgoing call with high quality. Callrecordingis automatic and very reliable.Call recorder is very easyto use,You can set which calls are recorded to white list and whichareignored.You can manage your recording files, Listen totherecording, add notes and share it. Synchronized to the cloudaswell.You can set a conversation is important, save it and itwillbe stored in the important category.There are many functionsforcall recording, all you need is in this callrecordingappFeatures:- Record incoming call- Record Outgoing call-Favorite-Search- Marking recordings as important- Multi select,delete,send- Excluded numbers- Set password to protect privacy-Lots ofrecording formats- Set source (Mic, Voice call,camcorder)-Different recording modes by number, contact,non-contact or justselected contacts- Enable/Disable callrecording- Records all yourphone calls- Play recorded audio- Deleterecorded items- Sharerecorded items- White list- Blacklist- Andmany more...If appdoesn't work for your phone or quality is low:1.Try to changedifferent recording file types: ogg, mp3, ar, mpg insettings.2.Try to change Source: MIC or VOICE CALL in settings
Call Recorder S9 - Automatic Call Recorder Pro 7.5
Auto Call Recorder, Caller id, Best Call Recorder, PhoneCallRecorder, Samsung galaxy S9 and S9 plus optimized. Callu callerIDhelps you identify phone numbers in real-time while the callishappening - even the ones not in your phone book. No morenumberguessing or avoiding unknown callers – Callu caller IDprepares youfor the call. You can always adjust your caller IDsettings in thesettings menu. Call Recorder Automatic is the bestsolution forphone call recording. How to record a phone call onyour Android?The easiest way is to choose Automatic Call RecorderPro - bestphone call recording app with a beautiful redesign in2018! Autocall recorder is your new choice for phone callrecording.Functions: - Caller id identifies unknown phone numbers -Recordcalls per phone number or contact name - Exclude recordingperphone number or contact name - Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9plusoptimized - Record your calls automatically while calling-Automatic Call Recorder - Advanced File Manager - You canplayback, or save your call to mp3 files on your SD card - Recordalloutgoing calls - Record all incoming calls - Record all phonecallconversations - Play audio recorded conversations - Deleterecordedconversations - Send calls to email - After Callconfirmationdialog for saving the recorded call - Set Audio QualityAuto callrecorder is a the best free call recorder application withthesefeatures: - Record incoming call - Record Outgoing call -Favorite- Search - Marking recordings as important - Multi select,delete,send - Excluded numbers - Set password to protect privacy -Setdifferent audio format (MP3, WAV) - Different recording modesbynumber, contact, non-contact or just selected contacts-Enable/Disable call recording - Records all your phone calls -Playrecorded audio - Share recorded items - Playback throughspeaker orearpiece on your phone Share files: - Dropbox - GoogleDrive - SMS- Whatsapp - Viber - Skype Callu has been tested againstallSamsung Galaxy Devices including Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, Note 8,LG,Motorola, Sony Xperia c3 c5 , HTC, Huawei, oppo mobile and jio4gvoice. If you have comments or suggestions, please [email protected] Thank you for using Automatic CallRecorderPro
Photo Caller Screen 1.9
Photo Caller Screen Lets Have free my custom caller screenforandroid with best background themes. dial speedy any numberfromcontact list and show your call screen dialer with photoid.Createyour screen caller advance theme withbeautifulbackgrounds.Identify who has call you by caller photo.Itswill showcontact pictures with incoming full screen and outgoingscreendialer.Its customization with call screening color theme formakeit more looks.check your contact friend-list, scan and makeeasycalls to your girlfriend caller id & boyfriendcallerscreen.People would like to find best fake caller app butthis appwill make you call wherever call location do you need.Inadditionto the fact that your calls will become more attractive,Switch tothis advance Call Screen from your default boring CallScreen.There are many options to customize as per your needs. ItslikeSimulate a fake caller id to rescue yourself from anawkwardsituation, like boring meeting, annoying conversation,meaninglessinterview...See names and photos of people who call,even if theyaren’t saved in your phonebook.similar to Real callblocker, andtrue caller design for android.This caller sceen is thewheneveryou are dial a call at that time filling are love becausein yoursmartphone screen have lovely theme or dail a call to yourlove orany other friend.Full Screen Caller ID for androidplatform.BestICaller Dialer for android, Color True Dialer androidapp with Allin one Dialer, Contacts + HD Caller ID.Its like PIPFull ScreenTheme is a wonderful and PIP Caller Screen Id for mobiledialerwith dynamic effects. It is beautiful, stylishandcustomization.Caller screen with pictures is an importantfeaturebecause it allows you to see who is calling you and toavoidgetting spam calls that are so annoying and wastingyourtime.Caller assistance for incoming calling & outgoingcallingfor phone locator. This app will guard like securitybecausewhenever incoming calls comethen caller screen will apearand willshow options like accept the call or reject the callunwanted. itwill perform call behind process. App Feature FullScreen Dialertheme.Its like color theme for Ios dialer theme.BestLock screenfor dialer. Android Dialer screen and avoid old readymadescreen.Set Enable/Disable ICaller Dialer Screen.Changebackgroundof theme.Change ringtone of incoming calls, and set ringtone Icaller caller tune for android.key words- free caller dialerApp onandroid- free caller app on android.- dialer screen app onandroid-caller screen dialer app on android- photo with callerscreendialer app.- get incoming calls app.- get outgoing callsapp.-caller name and caller id app.- Love dialer.- Photo DialerApp.-Photo Background Caller ScreenNote: Some devices might notbesupported this app.
RingCentral Phone
Download the RingCentral Phone app for Android — theessentialapplication to your RingCentral business phone system.Manage yourphone system directly from your Android phone and takeyourbusiness calls, voice messages, business text messages ***,andfaxes—anywhere. Use the RingCentral Phone app on your Androidphoneand tablet to: - Show your RingCentral business number asyourCaller ID when you make calls. *, ** - Business text messagingtosend and receive text messages with your RC local number. ***-Department messaging feature to send and receive text messagestodepartment members. *** - Make VoIP calls over Wi-Fi withoutusingyour carrier minutes. - Use VoIP calling to make local callstoyour home country while traveling internationally. * - VoIPcallscan be received directly on this app by turning ON the optioninSettings. If the call is not answered on the app, it willringother numbers based on the forwarding rules. **** - Keep allyourbusiness voicemails and faxes separate from your personalmessages.- See who left a message, forward messages, and tap toreturn callswith Visual Voicemail. - Send and receive faxes, byaccessingphotos, email attachments, and cloud storage such asDropbox andBox. - View call time, date, and duration, and returncallsdirectly from your RingCentral call logs. - Receivepushnotifications for incoming messages. - Access yourcompanyextensions as a contact group. - Conferencing featurewithunlimited conference calling for up to 1000 participantsperconference. ***** Get a cloud business phone systemfromRingCentral that delivers: - Local or toll-free numbers(including800, 855, 866, 877 and 888 numbers) - Business textmessaging *** -Auto-receptionist - Multiple extensions - Advancedcall managementand answering rules - Multiple voicemail boxes -Visual voicemail -Internet fax - Music on hold - Custom greetings -Call screening -Call queues - Dial-by-name directory - Conferencing*****IMPORTANT: RingCentral Phone for Android requires anexistingRingCentral account. * LEGAL DISCLAIMERS 1. Emergencycalling willnot work outside of the U.S., Canada, or U.K.. 2. Callquality maybe affected when using VoIP outside of the U.S, Canada,U.K. orRingCentral Global Office supported countries. 3.International androaming charges from your mobile carrier may applywhen usingRingOut outside of your home country. Please check withyour mobilecarrier. ** RingOut is not available for Androidtablets. ***Business text messaging is currently available forOfficecustomers. SMS is only available for RingCentral U.S. andCanadaOffice customers. Extension-to-extension messaging isavailable forall RingCentral Office customers. **** You must enablethe optionto notify your Softphone and Smartphone in yourextension's "CallHandling & Forwarding" menu. We suggest youset it to a minimumof 8 rings. ***** Currently available on selectRingCentral Officeplans. Tell us what you think [email protected]
Call recorder 1.34.76
The best call recorder, automatic call recorder, phone callrecorderin the Google Play. The easiest to save your conversationswith highvoice quality.By using call recorder, you can automaticcallrecording and save any phone call you want. It auto recordsalloutgoing calls and incoming calls.By white list funtions, youcanset which calls are recorded or not.Playback the recording,addnotes, share fils. Synchronized to the cloud as well.Setaconversation is important, save it and it will be stored intheimportant tab.The best free call recorder application is anautocall recorder is with these features:- Auto record outgoingcall-Auto record incoming call- Search- Marking recordings asimportant-Share recorder items- Multi select, delete, share, send-Excludednumbers- Displaying contacts's name and photo- Set passwordtoprotect privacy- Lots of recording formats: .mp3, .ogg...-Setsource (Mic, Voice call, camcorder...)- Different recordingmodesby number, contact, non-contact or just selectedcontacts-Enable/Disable call recording- Records all your phonecall- Playrecorded audio- Delete recorded items- Confirmationdialog: Wouldyou like to keep record call that is shown just afterthe call-Favorite- White list- Blacklist- And many more...Sharefiles:-Google- Dropbox- SMS- Skype, FaceBooks...A lot of functionsforcallrecording,all you need is in this call recordingappFunctions:-Record your calls automatically while calling.-Organize your callrecords. You can view all your calls with optionssuch as list bytime, group by names or group by dates.- You canplay back, or saveyour call to mp3 files on your SD card.-Automatic call recorder-Record outgoing call - record incomingcalls- Record all telofonnyconversations.- Playback audio recordedconversations.- Deleterecorded conversations.- Send calls to listedto email.- Showconfirmation dialog for saving the record call. Askimmediatelyafter the call and set up in the options.- White list-Black list-And much more ...- Set source (Mic, voice call, avideocamera)Coming soon:- Starting delayed recording- Formats: acc,wav-Old recordings will automatically be deleted when new callsfill upthe inbox.If app doesn't work for your phone or quality islow:1.Try to change different recording file types: ogg, mp3, ar, settings.2. Try to change Source: MIC or VOICE CALL...insettingsThank for download auto call recorder app.If you havesomesuggestions, please contact us: [email protected]
TalkU Free Calls +Free Texting +International Call 4.1.0
Stop paying for expensive cell minutes and text messages!Stopwasting your money and time using calling cards forinternationalcalls! TalkU let you make free and cheap phone callsto anyone overWiFi and 3G/4G data networks without using any cellminutes. Youcan save up to 90% comparing to your phonecompany.################################## * Get a real US phonenumber forfree * ---------------------------------------- * Turnyour Tabletinto a phone * -or- * Add a second line to yourphone################################## TalkU, the new way totalk,text, and share. ◆◆◆◆◆ Why use TalkU ◆◆◆◆◆ ☞ Free Calls &TextMessage - Unlimited free calling & texting between TalkUusers- Make calls and send texts to any phone numbers worldwidewithoutpayment! - No roaming costs, even when calling from abroad ☞CheapInternational Calls - Call any mobile/landline phone numbersinover 200 countries - Super low rates - Display your phonenumberwhen your friends or family receive your calls. ☞ CrystalClearCalls - Voice calls are transmitted on TalkU’shigh-qualitydedicated VoIP network - HD voice technologies forsuperior clarity- Free calls are no longer low quality! ☞ Free U.SPhone Number - AFREE U.S. phone number that works! - It’s like afree second lineto your phone - Turn your Android Pad into a phone- Receive callseven under bad cellular reception ☞ Amazing PremiumFeatures -Visual voicemail with instant listening - Block unwantedcalls tostop spammers - Call screens - Call forwarding to any phonenumbers☞ Plus - Record phone conversations for future playback -Freegroup conference calls for up to 8 people - Turn your iPhoneinto aWalkie Talkie. Push to talk! TalkU, the best free calls &freetext app ever! Notes: (1). Free SMS, free text andfreeinternational calls are between TalkU users only. (2). You canearnfree minutes for cheap international calls. (3). TalkUutilizesInternet call (aka WiFi call, IP call, or VoIP call),whichrequires data connection. (4). Unlike international callingcards,TalkU does not use your cell minutes. (5). TalkU can be usedas acall recorder to record phone calls. You must ensurerecordingphone call is compliant to local and state laws. Some ofour rates:Calls to United States 0.9 c/min * Calls to Mexico 0.9c/min Callsto India 1.8 c/min Calls to Pakistan 4.9 c/min Calls toBangladesh1.8 c/min Calls to Philippines 7.5 c/min Calls to Jamaica9.2 c/minCalls to Nepal 7.5 c/min Calls to Saudi Arabia 6.6 c/minCalls toAfrica: Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, etc. From 5 c/min * c isTalkUcredit. ____________________________________ ♥ Learn moreat ♥ Follow us at♥Like us at ♥ Google+at ♥ NeedHelp?
Call Recorder 3.1
Tired of constant remembering the phone call conversations?Afraidof missing important things? The decision is right before you-Call Recorder. Why people use easy call recorder apps? It’squiteobvious, isn’t it? Some calls can take you by surprise. No penathand, too much to remember… the reasons are numerous, so thisautocall recorder is an easy and reliable app to help you insuchoccasions. By the way we added an audio recorder for free soyoumay record your thoughts, tasks and important issueswithoutlimits! Record call and sound recorder allows to recall alltheforgotten memories or see through deceit! PERFECT SOUND QUALITYOFPHONE CALL RECORDER We try to make sound quality of phonecallrecord app clear as in the real time conversation. So youwon’tmiss anything that matters with the top rated call recorderand itsnew version 2017. Phone call recording let you replay therecordcall automatically as long as you need. Besides, now it'spossibleto set the maximum volume automatically to make the voicerecorderon call sound better and clearer! LOOK FOR A VOICERECORDER?HIGH-QUALITY AUDIO RECORDER IS HERE Your time is soprecious! Whyshould you waste it for writing? There is a betteralternative – adictaphone app to record voice notes and memos.Perfect solutionfor students and businessmen, for hard-workingpeople simply said,for everyone! This voice recorder is a notetaker that deservesyour trust because this audio recorder new savesyour memos notonly during call but when you are making them alone.Voicerecording app provides high quality recordings without limitsoftime. Intuitive design of audio call recorder allows to geteasyaccess to record, editing and other settings. EASILY MANAGEDPHONECALLS RECORDINGS Call recorder latest app easily organizeyourcalls records. They’re saved by call recorder hide app inthefolder you may choose yourself. So then, you can see in thecallrecorder incoming and outgoing calls separately. Moreover,it'spossible to sort them in the call recorder best app by time orbydate. And, if necessary to delete several records at once,don'thesitate to use this call recorder offline! PLEASE NOTE!Somepeople use call recorder as a hidden app during call that’swhythey look for call recorder without icon or call recorderwithoutbeep. They use call recorder as a spy software to revealandrelease secrets. We warn you that in some countries record callsisillegal and you must get the permission from the caller! Wehope,all our users are law-abiding citizens and use our callrecorderfor android only for their private purposes. So let’s sumup CallRecorder features: - Call recorder asks every-time to tape acall -You can play, save and delete tracks of the call recorderunlimitedtimes - Choose incoming/outgoing calls of call recorderlite -Voice recorder app for android for those who appreciate theirtime- Multiple language support By now record a phone call isn'taproblem! Сall Recorder keeps all your memories, importantcallcontent and saves them till the suitable moment. DownloadCallRecorder and turn your phone into a voice call recorder!
2ndLine - Second Phone Number
TextNow, Inc.
2ndLine is a second US or Canada phone number that works onyoursmartphone, tablets as a full-featured business phonesystem,designed for mobile professionals, freelancers, andentrepreneurs.Call and message from a separate number on devicesyou and yourteam already have, via Wi-Fi or your existing cellularnetwork,with anyone in the U.S. and Canada. Local Phone number Giveyourfriends your very own phone number they can call! UnlimitedText& Picture Messaging You can send as many text messages asyouwant to US & Canada - FREE! Unlimited Calling to USA andCanadaMake unlimited free phone calls to any phone number in the US&Canada! Cheap International Calling Add money or earn freemoney bycompleting offers to your account and make low-costinternationalcalls Features: - Make and receive voice calls -Emojis, stickersand gifs - Full picture messaging : send, receiveand savepictures! - Voicemail Transcription: transcript of yourvoicemail -Caller ID - PassCode: keep your messages under lock andkey -Google SmartLock: no need to remember your password -CallForwarding - Signatures: add your own signature to each text-Customizable text-tone, ringtone & vibration -Customizablebackgrounds - Assign individual contacts their ownringtone &background - Quick Reply to easily (and quickly)respond to friends- Unified inbox: send and receive your textsdirectly via 2ndLine -use 2ndLine as your one-stop SMS texting app!
FreeTone Free Calls & Texting
TextMe, Inc.
UNLIMITED free calls & texts to ALLphonenumbers in the US and Canada. Free new number and voicemail.Notrials, no hidden costs - absolutely FREE!- Get your own real phone number with voicemail- Calling the US and Canada is 100% free - no credits- Enjoy free texting (SMS), picture messaging (MMS)THE ONLY TRULY FREE CALLING APPFreeTone offers you the ultimate high quality onlinecallingexperience as the best FREE calling and texting appavailable.Unlike other free phone apps, you do not need to earn orpay forcalling credits. Simply dial any US or Canada number andtalk forfree, landline and mobile.FREE & EASY TO USE NEW PHONE SERVICE- FREE own private number for your Android phone- FREE calls to all phone numbers in US and Canada- FREE texts (real SMS messages) to any number- EASY sign up using email, Facebook or Google- EASY access to your account across all devices- EASY group messaging, free HD calls & video chat- BETTER free calling app with unlimited texts- BETTER call quality and speed among VoIP apps- BETTER reach with free texting to 40 countriesSHARE FAVORITE MOMENTS WITH FRIENDSSend and receive MMS, large pictures & videos from yourAndroidsmartphone or tablet to any device. Invite your friends toFreeToneto enjoy Free Video Calls with them. Send messages andvoice notes,share photos and videos with your contacts easily.Share yourtexts, photos and videos easily with your group offriends usinggroup messaging.CONNECT FREELY & REFUSE TO PAYContrary to similar apps, you do not have to pay anything orearncredits to call any U.S. or Canadian number, whether they usethesame app as you do or not. Watch out for their fine print!FreeTonecharges you nothing to make phone calls to US and Canadaphones.Simply call free & text free.WITH FREETONE YOU CAN- Pick the area code that you prefer when signing up- Make and receive free phone calls in US & Canada- Save cell minutes with the new number & voicemail- Send free text messages (SMS) and pictures (MMS)- Share photos, stickers, group texts with everyone- Text for free to Mexico, Dominica, Brazil + 40 more- Enjoy free wifi calling & use tablets as real phones- Call and text international numbers easily as well- Invite friends to unlock HD video chat & more!We hope to see you among us soon!Limitations apply:- For outbound calls to the US and Canada, calling is freewithFreeTone- Hawaii, Alaska and some other territories are not supported inthefree bundle- Free Texting to Latin America subject to balancedinbound/outboundtraffic fair usage policy- For inbound calls to your personal number, the first fivehundredminutes are complimentary, with the ability to receive callstoyour FreeTone number for a minimal extension fee- Free texting and calling to US and Canada numbers areonlyavailable to the US and Canada residents- We do not Support 911- Subject to FreeTone’s Terms and ConditionsHelp us improve FreeTone:
Auto call recorder 2.3.4
Auto Call recorder is a free call recorder application.AutomaticCall Recorder offers unique set of features which willallow you torecord any call automatically. It is one of the bestcall recordersin the Play Store. By using auto call recorder, youcan automaticcall recording and save any phone call you want. Youcan set whichcalls are recorded to white list and which areignored. Listen tothe recording, add notes and share it.Synchronized to the cloud aswell. You can set a conversation isimportant, save it and it willbe stored in the important tab. Youcan record on SD card (externalcard) to get extra memory if yourinternal memory is low. There are3 default settings for automaticrecording: Record everything(default) – This setting records allcalls except for contactspre-selected to be ignored. Ignoreeverything – This settingrecords no calls except for contactspre-selected to be recorded.Ignore contacts – This setting recordsall calls with people whoare not contacts, except for contactspre-selected to be recorded.Functions: - Record your callsautomatically while calling. -Organize your call records. You canview all your calls withoptions such as list by time, group bynames or group by dates. -You can play back, or save your call tomp3 files on your SD card.- Automatic call recorder - Recordoutgoing call - record incomingcalls - Record all telofonnyhconversations. - Play audio recordedconversations. - Deleterecorded conversations. - Blocking of thecalls listed to theautomatic removal. - you can set automaticallydelete your recordsaftern 1 week, 2 week, etc... - Send calls tolisted to email. -Show confirmation dialog for saving the recordedcall. Askimmediately after the call and set up in the options. -Favorite -Search - White list - Black list - And much more ... -Set source(Mic, voice call, a video camera) Auto call recorder isa the bestfree call recorder application with these featuresFeatures: -Record incoming call - Record Outgoing call - Favorite- Search -Marking recordings as important - Multi select, delete,send -Displaying contact name and photo - Excluded numbers - Setpasswordto protect privacy - Lots of recording formats - Setsource (Mic,Voice call, camcorder) - Ability start delayedrecording - Differentrecording modes by number, contact,non-contact or just selectedcontacts - Enable/Disable callrecording - Records all your phonecalls - Play recorded audio -Delete recorded items - Lock recordeditems to prevent fromauto-cleaning - Share recorded items - Whitelist - Blacklist - Andmany more... Share files: - Dropbox - Google- SMS - Skype,FaceBooks... Some phones do not support callrecording properly.This is due to capabilities of differentchipset/CPU or Androidversion each brand/model have. Legal: We arenot lawyers. Recordingcalls without letting your caller know maynot be legal in somecountries, or states.
Voice Phone 3.2.0
Voice Phone makes your phone talk. Providesvoicealerts/notifications for phone calls, text messages,clock,battery, apps and reminders. Incoming phone callsKnow whoiscalling without reaching out for your phone. Voice Phone canreadout the caller name or number. Text Messages / SMSReads outsendername and optionally the text message contentClockGetsuperproductive by keeping a constant watch on time. Periodtimeannouncements. Custom messages can be added before and aftertimeannouncementsAppsHear notifications posted by apps. You canselectthe apps which you want to hear. Know who just sent thenewWhatsApp message without taking out your phone.HeareverythingBattery Get low battery warnings. Avoid over chargingbygetting battery charge full alert. Get chargingprogress.VoiceRemindersStop procrastinating. Audible reminderswhich can be setto repeat reminds you until the job is done. MoreFeatures- Shakethe phone to silence notifications- Silentconfigurable nighthours- Auto disable voice notifications whenmusic is played- Wiredand Wireless/Bluetooth headset support-Notify only when headset isplugged inHelp Us !Would you like tovolunteer to translate VoicePhone to your native language. Let usknow. Send in your featuresuggestions and bug reports. We arealways keen to improve.
Text Me - Free Texting & Calls
TextMe, Inc.
Free Texting (real SMS) to ANY number intheUS, Canada and 40 countries.Free HD Voice & Video Calls between Android and allotherplatforms.Enjoy your Own New phone number for Free CallingandMessaging!Turn your Android Tablet into a Phone!TextMe is a cross-platform messaging application that allows youtosend unlimited texts (SMS) messages and pictures to anyphonenumber in United States, Canada, Mexico and 40 countries intheWorld for FREE.Messaging and calling your friends has never been easier! Joinyourfriends on TextMe and enjoy free Calls, free Text Messaging,freeVideo Calling and Group Chatting across Android and allotherplatforms.Sign up today and share TextMe with your friends to start a call,atext or a video chat for free. This free messaging &callingapp is a must for any social networking guru.WITH TEXTME YOU CAN:Send Texts (real SMS messages) to any number FOR FREE fromyourAndroid Phone or Android Tablet- Free texting in the United States, Canada, Mexico and 40othercountries worldwide- Send SMS text messages to 200 countries using your credits!Phone Calls (Voice calls) around the world- Call ANY number in the US, Canada, the UK & 200 countriesinthe world- Receiving calls on your Textme number is free- Wifi calling: connect to wifi to talk for free, anywhereFree Among TextMe users- Free Phone Number: Get your own free TextMe phone number- Free HD Voice & Video Calling to other TextMe users- Sending texts or calls to your TextMe friends is free. Nocreditsneeded!Delete private texts and messages- Private messages: delete any text after it was sentorreceived- Burner Phone: Private second number to text & callGroup chat & text- Find your friends on TextMe and Text, Call & Video Chatforfree- Share GPS coordinates with friendsSend & Receive pictures, videos, voice messages & fileswithMMS- Share photos or files to any device via MMS- Send video from YouTube- Dropbox connectivity: Large document? Share it using yourDropboxaccountEmoji & Sticker- Share stickers, emoticons, smileys! Express yourself withanemoji!- Earn credits by watching videos to access emoticons on youremojikeyboardWatch videos & earn credits for free calling or texting toanytelephone number in:US, Canada, Europe, India & More!More TextMe goodies:- Enhanced speed & performance for Android- Simple sign up via Facebook & Google- Push Notifications: never miss an important text!- Free Voice messaging & texting- Full Android Wear support; get messages & reply directlyfromyour wristFind your friends on TextMe! Chat, Call & Video Chatforfree!Unlock UNLIMITED Calls & Texts to the US & Canada forONLY$2.99 per month! Details:- Monthly subscription for unlimited calling and texting (SMS) toUS& Canada phone numbers for $2.99- Payment will be charged to your Google Play accountatconfirmation of purchase- Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turnedoffat least 24 hours before the end of your current period- Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior totheend of the current period, at the purchase price listedabove- You may manage your subscriptions and cancel byvisiting"Subscriptions" page on Google Wallet- No cancellation of the current subscription is allowedduringactive subscription- Also see Terms & Conditions and Privacy PolicyThanks & please give us your feedback!* Limitations apply:• Free SMS offer limited to US and Canada based users• Free Texting to Latin America subject to balancedinbound/outboundtraffic fair usage policy• Calls and SMS to some carriers or some territories within the200countries may not be included in this offer• We do not Support 911• Subject to TextMe's Terms and ConditionsWeb: http://go-text.meTwitter: @textmeappHelp us improve TextMe & getsupport:
Free Automatic Call Recorder 2019 1.3.1
Automatic call recorder app, best free phone call recorderforAndroid. Call recorder let you record both incoming callsandoutgoing calls automatically. Call recording has highqualitysound. After recording, you can see recording files byopenning it,On this screen you can do many things : - Listen to therecording -Search for a recording by name - Mark a recording fileas favourite- Send recording files to email to share it Maincharacteristics :- Record automatically incoming calls - Recordautomaticallyoutgoing calls - Marking recordings as important - Setpassword toprotect privacy - Manage call records easily - Recordall telephonyconversations - Support formats : (mp3, wav, amr) -Support whitelist, black list - Share files : Dropbox, GoogleDrive, SMS,Whatsapp, Viber, Skype ... Contact us onGmail:[email protected] Like us onFacebook:
textPlus: Free Text & Calls 7.4.1
Call and message your friends with a real phone number - nophoneservice required! SMS text any US or Canada number orcallworldwide. #1 free text and call app with a local phone numberofyour choice. Send and receive unlimited sms / text / MMS /groupmessages to anyone in the US or Canada. Ad-supported or cheaplocal& international calling - you choose how to call! textPlusisthe ONLY app where keeping in touch is made simple, cheapandhassle free. *********************************************textPlusalso lets you do more: - Turn your tablet into a phone forfreetexting and calling with a real US number! - Great for keepingintouch with family/friends in the US / Canada while travelingabroad- Group texting / message / send MMS & SMS - Unlimitedfreeinbound calling and calls - your friends can always reach you-Access your chat and call history on any device with freecloudhosting - Save tons of money on your mobile plan IS IT REALLYFREE?Yes - no fees to send unlimited SMS messages and you canearncredits to place a call (inbound calls are completely FREE).HOW ISIT FREE? The app comes with a few ads. If you don't like ads,youcan purchase a subscription to remove them. Great SMSphonealternative for: - anyone needing a second number for work/privacy - kids - seniors - travelers to and from the US -anyonelooking to save money on cell phonebills.********************************************* Highlights: -Fullpicture messaging (MMS): send, receive and save pictures-Customizable text-tone, ringtone & vibration -Customizablethemes - Quick Reply to easily (and quickly) respond tofriends -Unified inbox: send and receive your texts directly viaany deviceas your one-stop SMS texting app! - Real SMS texting andcalling:text and call ANY phone that accepts SMS texting, and ANYphone forcalling. - Voicemail - Works over WiFi or data [email protected] Ads By Facebook Facebook wantsto show ads thatare relevant to you. We may consider ads for youbased oninformation you share on Facebook and your use of otherwebsitesand apps. To learn more about this type of advertising andyourchoices about it, visit data may be used forproviding you more relevant ads.
Call Recorder - Automatic 1.3.05
This software is a utility that allows you to record a call inrealtime: 1. Automatic real-time recording, the sound is very clearonboth sides. 2. The incoming and outgoing calls can berecorded,will not be lost. 3. The sound is very clear, no noise,good soundquality. 4. Strong and stable core compact 5. Supportmost models.6. Totally free. note: - Do not use the headset on thephone. -Turn on the speaker can get clearer results during a call.
Call recorder 1.4.3
Auto Call recorder is a free call recorder application.AutomaticCall Recorder offers unique set of features which willallow you torecord any phone call automatically.You can set aconversation isimportant, save it and it will be stored in theimportant tab. Youcan record on SD card (external card) to getextra memory if yourinternal memory is low.There are 3 defaultsettings for automaticrecording:Record everything (default) – Thissetting records allcalls except for contacts pre-selected to beignored.Ignoreeverything – This setting records no calls except forcontactspre-selected to be recorded.Ignore contacts – This settingrecordsall calls with people who are not contacts, except forcontactspre-selected to be recorded.Functions:- Record your phonecallsautomatically while calling.- Organize your call records. Youcanview all your calls with options such as list by time, groupbynames or group by dates.- You can play back, or save your calltomp3 files on your SD card.- Automatic call recorder -Recordoutgoing call - record incoming calls- Record alltelephoneconversations.- Play audio recorded conversations.- Deleterecordedconversations.- Blocking of the calls listed to theautomaticremoval.- you can set automatically delete your recordsafter 1week, 2 week, etc...- Send calls to listed to email.-Showconfirmation dialog for saving the recorded call. Askimmediatelyafter the call and set up in the options.- Favorite(Save recordand it's never deleted)- Search- White list- Blacklist- And muchmore ...- Set source (Mic, voice call, a videocamera)Auto callrecorder is a the best free call recorderapplication with thesefeaturesFeatures:- Record incoming call-Record Outgoing call-Favorite- Search- Marking recordings asimportant- Multi select,delete, send- Displaying contact name andphoto- Excluded numbers-Set password to protect privacy- Lots ofrecording formats- Setsource (Mic, Voice call, camcorder)- Abilitystart delayedrecording- Different recording modes by number,contact,non-contact or just selected contacts- Enable/Disablecallrecording- Records all your phone calls- Play recordedaudio-Delete recorded items- Lock recorded items to preventfromauto-cleaning- Share recorded items- White list- Blacklist-Andmany more...Share files:- Dropbox- Google- SMS-Skype,FaceBooks...Some phones do not support call recordingproperly.This is due to capabilities of different chipset/CPU orAndroidversion each brand/model have. Legal:We are notlawyers.Recordingcalls without letting your caller know may not belegal in somecountries, or states.
Should I Answer? 2018.7.10720
Should I Answer is free mobile security application protectingyouagainst unsolicited, expensive, unwanted or unknown calls.Should Ianswer the call? This question can come into a mind ofevery personwho sees an unknown incoming call. Each of us had (orwill have)the opportunity to face the unsolicited call,telemarketingcampaign, advertisement or some kind of fraud call.How should wefind out that the calling number is harmless andanswering it willnot cost us tens of minutes of precious time orsignificant amountof money? Notification Features • Displays phonenumber ratingimmediately when phone starts ringing • Does not touchor displayratings for your numbers stored in contacts! • Worksoffline – usesoffline rating database (internet connection notneeded) • Fastaccess to detailed phone number information and userreviews • Fastaccess to write own review Optional Blocking Features• Blockscalls from hidden numbers • Blocks calls to premium ratenumbers •Blocks calls to foreign countries • Blocks calls from/tonegativerated numbers • Blocks calls from numbers defined onprivate blocklist • Can blocks all calls from numbers which are notin contactlist! • Never blocks or touch any number from yourcontact list!Online Manual: How is thedatabase of ratings and numbers created? Thedatabase is built-up bythe community of all users who have theapplication installed and/orvisiting the application pages. Theusers can anonymously sendratings and reviews for public phonenumbers (we do not collect infofor private numbers) based on realanswered calls. These ratings arestored in central server databasewhere our admins can check themand after evaluation and approvalthe reviews with ranking are thendistributed to all mobile phoneswith our application installed. Whythe application demands accessto contacts and phone calls in mymobile? Such information are usedby the application to distinguishbetween your private contactsstored in your mobile and new incomingcalls – so the rating formis displayed only for new not rated/notprivate numbers in yourhistory. Your private contacts are neversent to server (generallyspeaking they never leave your mobile).
Call Blocker 1.0.13
Vlad Lee
“Call Blocker” helps you avoid annoying calls. Forget aboutunwantedpeople, telemarketers and robocalls. Nobody will be ableto disturbyou when you don't want to talk.Many Android phonesprovide callblocking capabilities. Why is “Call Blocker” better?It has severalcore features that together provide strongprotection againstannoying calls.BLACKLIST:You can add anyunwanted numbers to the“Blacklist” from the calls log, contactslist or input the numbermanually. Also, by using “Begins with”option, you can block a rangeof numbers with certain first digits.BLOCKING:Using the options ofthis tab, you can block calls fromprivate, unknown or all numbers.Also, you can turn on/off blockingwith one simple tap.WHITELIST:Ifyou don't want to block calls froma certain number, adding it tothe “Whitelist” is sufficient.Callers from this list will never berejected by theblocker.LOG:“Call Blocker” saves all blocked callsin the “Log”,where you can always see who has been blocked.Moreover, the appcontains features such as notifications aboutblocking and a statusbar icon, both of which can be turned off inthe app settings.Youcan obviously use your phone's built-incapabilities or even ignoresuch problem. However, if you are reallytired of annoying calls,just try this blocker.FAQ:- How can Iremove icon in the top ofscreen? Open the app's “Settings”. Nextselect the “Notifications”section and turn off the “Status baricon” option.If you have anyquestions about the program, please letus know by e-mail:[email protected]
Full Screen Caller ID 3.5.0
Congratulation! Full Screen Caller ID is more than 5milliondownloads.Do you think the photo of contact is too smallwhen youget or make a phone call. You could try to use this app,this appwill show full screen caller and high quality photo ofcontact whenyou get phone call, make a phone call, miss a phonecall or gettext message. It will help you quick to identify who iscalling,who is sending to you a text message or who is you missinga phonecall by using Full Screen Caller ID.Characters:★ You can use500contacts for FREE★ We offer 20 different themes for FREE★FullScreen Caller ID for incoming and outgoing call.★ FullScreenCaller ID for missed call and text message.★ You can choose ahighquality photo as a photo of contact.
Telos Free Phone Number & Unlimited Calls and Text 1.0.8
★ Pick a FREE U.S. Phone number in any area code★ Enjoyunlimitedcalling and texting plans★ Save a lot on internationalcalls andtexts★ Add a 2nd, 3rd, or even a 4th line for your phoneor tablet★Smart phone numbers help you manage your life and work★Nocontract, no commitment, no need to change SIM cards orswitchphone companies to enjoy Telos phone service☞ Free PhoneNumbers-Choose a FREE U.S. phone number with any area code youlike- Youcan also choose vanity numbers which may not be availablefromAT&T or Verizon- Unlimited Call and Text plans availableforcalls & texts to regular phones- Enjoy free calls &textsvia WiFi or cellular data - no more phone bills- Receiveincomingcalls & texts from anyone, in any country- Perfectfortraveling overseas. Your friends and family in the U.S. canreachyou without long distance☞ Real Mobile Phone NumbersA Telosphonenumber is a real mobile phone number so it can do exactly thesamethings as a cell phone number from your phone company✓ Itcanreceive calls and texts from any person✓ You can use the newphonenumber as the contact number for your bank accounts, utilitiesandwebsites ✓ It can even be ported out to your phone company ifyoulike✓ Set up voicemail and auto reply messages✓ Blockunwantedcalls & messages✓ Set up call forwarding to anylandline andmobileWith a Telos phone number, you can add a 2nd lineor 3rd linefor your Phone/Tablet without extra SIM cards.☞Worldwide PhoneNumbersTelos provides international phone numbersfor manycountries:. United States. United Kingdom. Canada.Spain.Netherlands. Sweden. Belgium. …Get a local phone number toenjoylocal service when you’re traveling abroad. Stop payingoutrageousroaming charges just to communicate with local friends,Uberdrivers, hotels, and restaurant☞ Save On InternationalCalling& Texting- Make cheap - even free - international callsto anymobile or landline phone number in over 200 countries- Lowcostinternational calling plans are available to countries suchasIndia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Nepal, Nigeria…-Sendinternational texts to any mobile device worldwide at superlowrates- Your friends don’t need to have the Telos app toreceiveyour texts☞ Turning Your Android Phone Or Tablet Into ABurnerPhone! * Get a disposable number to help you stay privateandanonymous* “Burn” the number with just a click so you nolongerreceive calls and texts* Burned numbers will immediately goout ofservice and will be deleted from your phone. You can then getone,two, three, or more new phone numbers with the same features*Use aTelos phone number in any situation where you need a temporaryoranonymous number and burn it instantly when you’re through☞SmartPhone Numbers Help You Manager Your Life and Work- Get aTelosphone number to stay connected when your phone is out ofservice-Use a temporary phone number as your personal number forsafedating or Airbnbs- Buy or sell on Craigslist withcompleteanonymity- Create a second line to manage your work &life☞Clear Voice—No Cell Minutes Needed- Make calls & texts viaWiFior cellular data with no minutes used- Set up a 2nd, 3rd, oreven a4th phone line quickly and easily without swapping your SIMcard.-A Telos phone number works perfectly even if you have a bad(oreven no) cellular signalWith Telos’ HD voice technology, mostcallshave superior clarity when compared to existing, regularphoneservice.Telos, the best free phone number app was created tofreeyou from your phone company.Pick a personalized new phonenumber toenjoy unlimited local and international texts and callsnow!♥ Learnmore at♥ Follow usat♥ Like usat♥ NeedHelp?
Calls Blacklist - Call Blocker 3.2.33
Vlad Lee
"Calls Blacklist" is both a call blocker and an SMS blocker. Itcaneasily block calls and messages from unwanted, private(hidden,anonymous) or unknown numbers. If you are tired of annoyingcallsor messages: telemarketing, spam and robocalls, then"CallsBlacklist" is your solution. It is very easy and lightweight,yetpowerful call blocker. ✔️ Block calls and SMS using blacklist.✔️Block unknown numbers. ✔️ Block private/hidden numbers. ✔️ Blockarange of numbers using the "Begins with" option. ✔️ Block SMSfromalphanumeric numbers. ✔️ Block SMS by text. ✔️ Block allnumbers.✔️ Block all calls while audio chat or VoIP call isestablished. ✔️Use "Whitelist" to prevent block of certain people.✔️ Icon in thestatus bar can be turned off. ✔️ Get notifications ofblocking orturn them off. ✔️ "Schedule": specify time to blockcalls ormessages. ✔️ "Log" of blocking. ✔️ Save/load blacklist. ✔️Turnon/off blacklist. ✔️ Robust call blocker and SMS blocker. Ifyouhave any questions about the app, please let us know bye-mail:[email protected]