Top 48 Games Similar to Find Me a Word

WORD TOWER - Brain Training 1.51
Find the hidden words in mixed puzzle!Collecting specific wordsandcomplete the collecting book that has variety themes on! Donotneed to sign-in to play or without network connection, stillyoucan play!*Use your brain power! Epic fun! Improve your brainwiththe game! Get excitement when you find the hidden word! Findthewords and improve your vocabulary skills! *Anyone easily playthegame! Easy words are placed in puzzle that anyone can find withit!Words can be vertical, horizontal and diagonal; find the wordtoclear the stage!*So simple! Quick into the game play! Do notneedto sign in or any other unnecessary steps! Do NOT neednetworkconnection! Do NOT worry about your data issue! Also you canfun toplay in airplane!*Simple and Beautiful game designEnjoydreamy andbeautiful game design! Variety of tower designs give morefun toplay!
A Word Game 2.4.1
A Word Best Puzzle Game"A Word", unlike classic vocabularygames,gives you a more complex and fun gaming experience. The aimis toFIND HIDDEN WORDS appropriate to the subject given in thepuzzleconsisting of hexagon letters, to collect points and badges.Swipeyour finger across the letters to spell the hidden words! With"AWord" you can hunt words, practice intelligence andbrainexercises. "A Word" Game is designed for anyone who likeswordpuzzles and word games. With this game you can easily improveyourvocabulary, concentration and spelling skills."A Word"Gamepresents you with 570 puzzles and thousands of hidden wordsthatare getting harder and harder. As you progress through thegame,you can open the locked achievements, compete with yourfriends onthe scoreboard, or win 12 different badges in stages.Increase yourpoints by competing against time."A Word" isconstantly beingdeveloped. In the following days we will continueto add newsections in line with your requests.You can either removeads orpurchase additional hints by using in-game purchases."A Word"GameDOES NOT REQUIRE THE INTERNET and COMPLETELY FREE. It does nothaveany closed features that you will need to purchase. "A Word"doesnot require unnecessary permission from your phone.Havefuneverybody.
Word Collapse 4.0.4
Raketspel AB
If you enjoy crosswords, sudoku and match three games – tryWordCollapse!Word Collapse will test your puzzle skills andknowledgein everything from fruit to funny movie quotes. Justchoose a themeand swipe away the words - the goal is to clear theboard. Eachtime you remove one word the remaining letters willcollapse intonew words. Plan one or two steps ahead or it mightcollapse into adead-end!WordCollapse includes over 200 freepuzzles. If you likethe game there are more than 50 puzzle packsavailable in the shop.Choose between "60s Nostalgia”, “Funny puns”,“Song quotes” andmuch, much more!Highlights:* Fun, easy andintuitive* Thousands offun puzzles* Collect Stars and Achievements-Please observe thatalthough WordCollapse is free to download andplay, it offerspurchases in the app. You may disable this featurein the settingsof your device.
Word mapp 4.5
Adonis Online
Best FREE word search puzzle game. Challenge your eyes, brainandspeed with our super-fun fun puzzles.Gain coins and buy moretimeand other tools.Enjoy!
Garden of Words - Word game
Easy to play, Garden of Words is a word game that makeslearningfun!Play every day and improve your spelling! Memorize newwordsand expand your vocabulary!- Simple and accessible: slideyourfinger on the letters to make a word.- Original and fun:thecrossword puzzle gives you hints about the words you can find.-Enjoy the different and colorful garden backgrounds! The calmandcozy atmosphere will help you concentrate when looking forwords.-Over 700 puzzles in 8 languages, with regular updates eachweek!-Thousands of hidden words to unlock thanks to ourcomprehensivedictionaries! Win coins with each bonus word youfind.- Can't thinkof a word in a puzzle? Use a hint to uncover aletter on theboard!- Play offline, anywhere, anytime! Once youstart to play,you'll never want to stop!
Sushi des Mots 1.0.23
Voulez-vous jouer à des puzzles de mots amusants et CRÉATIFSetENTRAÎNER votre cerveau ?Sushi des Mots, qui vous offre deBEAUXconcepts et des jeux CLASSIQUES, doit être votre meilleurchoix dejeux de puzzle et de recherche de mots !Voulez-vouscommencer unparcours pour devenir un vrai maître des mots ?Téléchargez-leGRATUITEMENT maintenant !COMMENT JOUER- Faitesglisser les lettrespour aligner les mots- Touchez le bouton de“Mélange” pour changerl’ordre des mots- Touchez « Demander à desAmis » lorsque vous êtesbloqué et obtenez des récompenses- Touchezle bouton des “Indices”pour en obtenir- Obtenez plus d’indices avecdes pièces en achetantou en regardant des vidéosCARACTÉRISTIQUES•2000+ NIVEAUX de jeupour vous• 1 200 pièces gratuites pour lepremier jeu• Des thèmesmagnifiquement conçus comme SUSHI, MUSIQUE,TAILLEUR, etc.• SUSHI :il vous rend « DÉLICIEUX » et « FRAIS » pourchaque lettre etchaque niveau du jeu ;• MUSIQUE : les nouveauxéléments musicauxvous apportent l’ambiance immersive de l’art et dela technologiedu futur ;• TAILLEUR : tous les détails sont conçusavec unetexture délicate et des couleurs vives ;• PIÈCES GRATUITESde BonusQuotidien• Testez votre limite en jouant aux DéfisQuotidiens•Trouvez des mots additionnels pour collecter des pièces•Jeu simple& facile, mais difficile à battre• EntièrementGRATUIT pourtous les joueurs• Adapté aux enfants et adultes pours’entraîner àla recherche de mots• Ne nécessite pas de réseau etvous pouveztoujours profiter de la recherche de motsSushi des Motsest unpuzzle de mots SUPERBEMENT conçu, qui est facile à démarreret bienplus addictif que tous les autres jeux de mots croisés etderecherche de mots. De plus, c’est le meilleur jeu de motspourexercer son cerveau et améliorerl’orthographe.TÉLÉCHARGEZmaintenant pour commencer à entraînervotre cerveau et devenez unvéritable maître du vocabulaire !NOUSCONTACTERsupport@wordgame.freshdesk.comDo you want to play puzzlefun andCREATIVE CAUSE words and your brain?Sushi Words, whichoffers youFINE CLASSICAL concepts and games, must be your bestchoice ofpuzzle games and word search!Want to start a journey tobecome atrue master of words? Download it FREE now! How to play -Drag theletters to align words- Tap the button to "blend" to changetheword order- Touch "Ask Friends" when you get stuck and getrewards-Touch the button of the "Indices" to get- Get more clueswithpieces by buying or watching videos FEATURES • LEVELS 2000+gamefor you1200 • Free rooms for the first game• Beautifullydesignedthemes as SUSHI, MUSIC, TAILOR, etc.• SUSHI: it makes you"YUMMY"and "FRESH" for each letter and each level of the game;•MUSIC: newmusical elements bring you the immersive atmosphere ofart andtechnology of the future;• SUIT: all the details aredesigned witha delicate texture and bright colors;• FREE COINSDaily Bonus• Testyour limits by playing Daily Challenges• Findadditional words tocollect coins• Simple game & easy but hardto beat• CompletelyFREE to all players• Suitable for children andadults to practicethe word search• Does not require network and youcan still enjoythe word searchSushi Words is a puzzle wordsBEAUTIFULLY designedwhich is easy to start and more addictive thanany other crosswordpuzzles and word search. Moreover, this is thebest word game toexercise the brain and improve spelling.DOWNLOADnow to starttraining your brain and become a true mastervocabulary!
Jalebi - A Desi Adda With Ludo, Snakes & Ladders 4.1.3
Jalebi – A Desi Adda is first ever Indian Game center, Nowit’spacked with 8 favorite games.Play Ludo, Snake and Ladder,WordSearch, Quiz, Word Hunt (Jalebi) and 4-Letters (Barfi), BrickandSnake in this single pack. And also play all these games in ourownlanguage.8 Game in 1 pack ‘Jalebi – A Desi Adda’#1 – WordHuntDoword hunt in this word games to find the hidden words. Solvewordswith friends and challenge them to guess the word. Tap yourfingerover the crossword grid and see the puzzle breakdown in ourdesiword hunt games challenge as a word master.#2 – WordSearchBestdesi word search game ever played before. Our desi wordsearch is aclassic word puzzle game where you need to find thehidden wordsfrom the secret letters on the board. All the wordsearch puzzlesare automatically generated by the app for endlessfun and theirdifficulty varies with 4 different grid sizes - 7*7,8*8, 9*9, and10*10.#3 – LudoPlay this mazing Ludo game and becomeKing. Ludo –An Indian variant ludo game ever played before. Grabthis real ludoboard game and have ultimate desi ludo fun. This ludogame is aboard game played between 2 – 4 members – friends, familyand kids.Play this ultimate ludo game and recall your childhood!#4– Snakesand LaddersSnakes and ladders is the simple and addictivefamilyboard game for all snake game players. The snake games – kidsboardgame or fun board games comes alive with this amazingSnakesLadders board game! Play this snakes games in two differentmodesi.e.., against computer and local (play with your friends).Havethe fun of catching the ladder, attacked by snake and slidingdownand leading against your opponent and lot more.#5 – QuizQuiz isanultimate desi trivia game, test your general Knowledge andlearnmore about India. Let’s play Quiz game! This Indian GK Quizisforms of quiz game in which everybody can be strengthentheirknowledge by answering the questions related to India indifferentIndian languages. All the quiz questions areautomaticallygenerated by the app for endless fun.#6 – FourLettersDesi fourletter word games is waiting for you, get ready tocreate a fourletters one word in different Indian languages.Creating word fromgiven 4 letters is an easy game, but you must bequick! You gainextra time when you create 4 letter words. Theultimate wordpuzzles becomes more and more challenging as you keepon makingwords to solve the 4 letter word puzzle games. All the 4lettersone word puzzles are automatically generated by the app forendlessfun.#7 BrickPlay Brick game in Jalebi now. Brick retro gamewilltake you down the memory lane. It’s nearly 25 years sinceitsarrival to this world and since then, it has been agreatentertainer. This was and will be your favorite classic videogame,which entertains like nothing. If you have played the 1 BitVideogame, then you will really like this game on your Phone.#8SnakeTheold classic snake game and 1-Bit animation brought live onyourJalebi Pack now. This serpent is sure to take you by its hood.Wehave made all efforts to make this game really awesomeclassicsnake game.Its simpilicity is in its controls and animation.Thevery easy to navigate controls makes this an excellententertainer.If you need to kill your time or banish your boredom,try Snakegame and feel the difference. Adding More Games very soon.StayTuned to Jalebi - A Desi Adda.
Word Crossy - A crossword game 2.1.4
Word Find
Spring is in the air! Get in the mood for Easter with thiswonderfulcrossword game.1000+ addictive word puzzle to solve!Collectspecific symbols to get massive bonus. Special sales onshop, justclaim the gift of Easter! Connect letters in a level andfinish aword. So entertaining and totally for free!You have surelyplayedmany word games and been invincible.Now there is acompletely newword link game waiting for you to take thechallenge! Want to proveyour skills? Word Crossy combines wordsearch and crossword stylegames. By Connecting letters, you get acomplete word and fill itinto a crossword blank. This is only thefirst step! If you want towin, you still need to find all thewords hidden in the crossword.Challenge yourself and train yourbrain.Feature:- Easy to play andamusing, Connecting words to builda complete word.- More than 300levels and multiple words to searchfor.- Crossword style to makethe game experience even moreinteresting.- The degree of difficultyincreasing according toplayer’s progress.- No time limits.- Lettersredraw and usefulhints when needed.- Beautiful visualexperience.How do I play?-Connect the letters on the wheel to get acorrect word.- Find allthe words and fill in the crosswordblanks.Play Word Crossy totrain your brain, let your free time bemore fun!NOTES• "WordCrossy" is free to play, but you can purchaseIn-app items likecoins.
One Clue Crossword 2.8
Exercise your brain every day with picture crosswords! * Nowwithover 640 puzzles *ONE CLUE CROSSWORD is a new kind ofcrosswordpuzzle. Instead of a list of written clues, each puzzleincludes asingle picture. Every word in each puzzle can be deducedfrom thepicture.In some of the puzzles you'll just need to say whatyou see- but in others you'll need to think a little morelaterally. It'seasy to play, but with 100s of unique puzzles, youmight find ithard to put down!FEATURES• A whole new way to playcrosswords• 640+levels over 40 chapters (with more to come)•End-of-chapterGuardian Puzzles will test your word skills• Hundredsof beautifulphotos - people, places, animals and more• Use instanthints toremove unused letters or reveal the next letter inaclueSUPPORTPlease select the HELP option from the Options menu(thegear icon in the bottom left of the game screen) if yourequireassistance.If you still have questions about the game orrequireassistance, please email: community@appynation.comOneClueCrossword is free to play, but contains optional paid itemstounlock puzzles more quickly. You can disable in-apppurchasefunctionality in your device's settings if you do not wantto usethis feature.
Worchy! Word Search Puzzles 1.3.1
Abichus OÜ
WORCHY: The world's best word search puzzle has arrived, withanawesome art!Start playing and meet WORCHY, the lovely pencilthatwill join you in this adventure. Play the most exciting wordsearchpuzzle of the world. Are you able to find all thewords?Countlesspacks of words with over 300 levels, all for free!Thousands ofdifferent words to be found!Get WORCHYS to open newBOXES, findHIDDEN WORDS and win LETTERS to complete thealphabet.Five originalgame modes- NORMAL: Find all the words on theboard, horizontally,vertically, diagonally or upside down- ARCADE:Each found word addstime to the level timer- SHUFFLE: Each time youfind a word all theboard will mix up- RUSH: Find the word markedbefore its time runsout- GHOST: Letters disappear so quick...Fourdifferent boardextras- HIDDEN LETTERS: Try guessing the missingletters to findthe words in the board- HOLES: Sometimes boards willhave holes.There will be no letter in those, so not to worry to tryselectingthem- JUMPING STAPLERS: they will make it more difficult,they area little bit naughty...- MANY BOARDS: It might be that notallwords will appear at once…make sure to find the ones given sotheremaining will show!Daily and challenging QUESTS! Come backeveryday to discover a new one and make sure to complete them togetyour reward!Moreover... QUICKPLAY! for your free minutes:Chooseboard size, difficulty, amount of words to find and gamemode.Create infinite customized boards.Increasing difficulty...Remember to use the POWERUPS if you get stuck! They areveryhelpful!- Time- Hint- ShuffleOver 40 Google Play ACHIEVEMENTSthatyou can share with your friendsYou will never play the samepuzzle:There are infinite boards!Worchy, your word search game withhugedictionaries and thousands of words.Share your games andyourachievements with your friends on FACEBOOK and TWITTER
WordWhizzle Search 1.3.9
*** WordWhizzle Seach is the new hit game from the makers ofthepopular word games WordBubbles & WordWhizzle! ***HelptheWordWhizzle Professor and become the top word search expertbyfinding hidden words in a grid of letters... Swipe lettersup,down, diagonally, and across to build words as you andtheProfessor tackle the ultimate vocabularychallenge!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sevenreasonswhy you should try WordWhizzle Search:• Free! It costsnothing toplay!• 900+ fun and challenging levels!• As you play,the difficultylevel increases along with your skills! •WordWhizzle sharpens yourvocabulary and tests your puzzleprowess!• Solving WordWhizzle DailyPuzzles gives you free hints!•Show off your skills and playWordWhizzle with friends onFacebook!• Easy to play, but hardtobeat!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Doyouhave what it takes to help the Professor conquer WordWhizzleSearch?Play for free right now!
Worchy! Picture Word Search 1.1.1
Abichus OÜ
With exquisite graphics, 5 different game modes &entreatinglyaddictive word puzzle challenges, Worchy! the world'sbest wordsearch puzzle is back with a new adventure! He has beentravellingaround the world and taking some pictures of differentmonuments.Complete the levels to reveal the picture and save it inyouralbum. Train your brain with one of the most fun word searchgames,anywhere you are, anytime you want!HELP WORCHY WITH HIS WORDFINDERPUZZLESWorchy! has been travelling around the world and isready toshow you all the nice pictures he's taken, so get ready tojoin thelovely pencil in this adventure! Help Worchy! with thesepictureword search puzzles and become the ultimate word puzzlemaster! Canyou find all the words in these word search puzzles? Allclues arein the pictures! Countless packs of pictures and words,all forfree! Thousands of different word find puzzles to play!Train yourbrain with Worchy!5 DIFFERENT GAME MODESThis word searchpuzzlegame featured 5 original modes for you to choose from:-NORMAL:Find all the words, clues are in the pictures- ARCADE: Only1 outof 4 pictures is the correct to find, guess it- SHUFFLE: Eachtimeyou find a word the whole board will mix up- RUSH: Find thewordsbefore everything gets too blurry- MANY BOARDS: It might bethatnot all words will appear at oncePLAY DAILY CHALLENGINGQUESTS& WIN MEDALSWorchy! is a picture word search game fullofexciting daily and challenging QUESTS! Come back every daytodiscover a new one and make sure to complete them to getyourreward! Furthermore, these brain training puzzles are designedwithincreasing difficulties! Remember to use the power-ups if yougetstuck, they are very helpful: Word Hints, Letter Hints,Shuffle,and so many more! Also, there are more than 40 GooglePlayachievements that you can earn and share with yourfriends.WORCHY!FEATURES✔️ Train your brain with the best wordsearch puzzles✔️Help Worchy the pencil solve the word puzzles✔️ Allclues you needare in the pictures✔️ Huge collection of pictures andwords✔️ Tonsof different word finder puzzles and boards✔️ 5different wordfinder game modes: Normal, Arcade, Shuffle, Rush,Many Boards✔️Daily exciting quests to earn rewards✔️ Created withprogressingdifficulties✔️ Various power-ups to help you when you’restuck✔️Over 40 Google Play achievements✔️ More than 450 word finderlevelsto enjoy✔️ Multi-language support✔️ Fun for all ages✔️ FREEtoplay- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Enjoy Worchy! Everywhere, thebestword search game right now! You just need a couple of minutesandyou will never play the same puzzle: there are infinite boards!
Typeshift 1.1.6
From the creator of SpellTower, comes a new and completelyoriginalword game!Anagrams meets Word Search, with a sprinkleofCrosswords.Typeshift is the modern anagram puzzle; re-imaginedfromthe ground up, combining wordplay, modern game design, andamobile-first approach.In most anagram games, you search fornewcombinations within a single word, but in Typeshift, yousearchwithin three to five words stacked & scrambled uptogether.Shift columns of letters up and down as you try to spellwords inthe center row. Play continues until you have used allletters in apuzzle at least once.Special Clue Puzzles combineCrosswords withAnagrams as you match clever clues provided byTypeshift's variouspuzzle authors.- Daily Word Game Play withGlobal Leaderboards -Typeshift features a free daily challenge withglobal leaderboards.The easiest challenge for the week appears onMonday, andprogressively more challenging puzzles build throughouttheweek.Compare your fastest Typeshift daily solving timeswithplayers around the globe!------WHAT CRITICS ARESAYING"Addictiveand edifying, like popping a special kind of bubblewrap thatexpands your vocabulary.”- The Verge"Typeshift is aunmissableentry to the [word] genre." Gold Award.- PocketGamer"Typeshift isawesome"- Giant Bombcast------WHATS IN THE“BOX”?Typeshift comeswith over a hundred free puzzles, with morecoming soon, plus newfree daily puzzles every day.Additional puzzlepacks may bepurchased in-app.Purchasing any puzzle pack removesads, andunlocks themes & detailed statistics.------A WORD FROMTHEDEVELOPERTypeshift continues my quest to re-imagineclassicnewspaper games in the digital era. Where SpellTower tackledwordsearch and Really Bad Chess handled chess puzzles,Typeshiftre-examines Anagrams and Crosswords.Typeshift has been ajoy todevelop, and I hope you have as much fun playing it as I hadmakingit.As always, thanks so much for your support!-zach
Word Trek - Word Brain streak - hand made puzzles 1.3.58
Word Trek - Word Brain streak: Hand-made puzzles, designed totickleyour brain cells!Are you a fan of word games and puzzlechallenges?Try the most addictive free brain game on the PlayStore and gethooked! Find and swipe your way through hundreds ofword puzzles,spread across different difficulty levels and findout if you are aWord Genius and Master Puzzle Solver! Meant forcasual brainexercise, join millions of puzzle solvers and trekyour way to wordglory!Start this intriguing word search journey asa tiny Amoeba andevolve into an Alien wordsmith! And then, solveyour way across theuniverse, clearing puzzles on differentplanets!Stuck with a Puzzle?Don’t worry, all grids aredouble-checked to make sure they aresolvable! Just keep trying, oruse a few hints to reveal someletters!Connect to Facebook! Invitefriends, earn coins for eachreferral, send more coin requests, anduse them to get more hints!Also, get to see who has a better waywith words!--Why should youchoose Word Trek?--+ A lot ofChallenging Puzzles! + Exquisite GameInterface!+ Cool AlienMystery Adventure!+ Download for Free!+Applicable to Any Ages!+Applies to All Android Devices or GooglePlay Users!+ Any time atAny Place, Play Offline!+ Daily NewLevels!+ Themed Puzzles duringHolidays!As a bonus, train your brainwith the Daily Quest feature!Brand new puzzles every day with coolrewards!Download the mostpopular word search and puzzle game now,and play for free!Followus on Facebook, Use ofthis applicationrequires you to grant it permission to access theexternal storagefor downloading daily puzzle content.
Word Cross 1.0.50
Are you tired of the old fashioned word search interfaces? Doyouwant to enjoy a totally new experience of word puzzle game?★★★Now,you can download Word Cross and play on BOARDS for FREE!★★★WordCross is a creative crossword puzzle game which can inspireyourpassion for brain challenges. It includes all the essences ofwordscramble games to make you feel totally ADDICTIVE&ENTERTAINING. ➤ New & Fresh Look: If you like to playboardgames and puzzle games, you must love the clean and freshBOARD UIfor your first sight.➤ Handy & Easy to Play: You caneasilyswipe the letters to form a specific hidden word. It’s easyto playand fun to master for everyone.➤ Surprising Bonus: Logineverydayand get daily bonus, also, you will get coins after findingout theExtra Words which don't present on the crossword board.➤Over 2,000Exciting Challenges: It starts easy and becomeschallenging fast.And you can test your limits of the words youknow. More levels areon the go.➤ 100% Addictive Word Game: You’llnever experience adull moment for it! Play this crossword puzzleonce and you won’tbe able to put it down!☆ HOW TO PLAY ☆- Swipe theletters to lineup words to fill up the blanks horizontally andvertically on theboard- Tap the “Shuffle” button to change theorder of letters- Tap"Ask Friends" when you get stuck and getrewards- Tap the “Hints”button to get clues- Get more hints withcoins by purchasing orwatching videos★ FEATURES ★• Nice & CleanBOARD for you (Staytuned for customizable themes)• More than 2000Challenges• FREE toget Daily Bonus• Find words with bonus tocollect more coins•Simple & Easy to play, hard to beatgameplay• Totally FREE forall players• Suitable for both kids andadults to train word searchskills• No network required and you canenjoy word search at anytimeDOWNLOAD now to begin training yourbrain and become a realmaster of word search puzzles on BOARDS!★CONTACT ★
Hi Crossword - Word Puzzle Game 1.1.5
Best brain training games! Connect letters & search wordstokeep mind sharp!New crossword puzzle games for braintraining!Boost your brain power with 2,000 free puzzles! Simplyconnectletters to build words. Play crossword with friends and seewho canfind more words! Hi Crossword is a brand new word gamecombiningword search with crossword gameplay. All you need is toconnectletter blocks and find hidden words.This is a leisure gameto playeven while making cookies. Use your spelling skills tocomplete thelevels and enjoy the beautiful scapes by the sea! Takebold movesto start your word trip now!WHY WILL YOU LOVE HICROSSWORD? Easy toPlay: Swipe letters to connect word, so easy! New& Fresh Look:Well designed interface, bonza! New crosswordstyle, make the wordcrossy!2,000+ Challenges : It is easy to startbut hard to control.Challenging but fun, sharpen mind! Never feelbored! 100%Addictive: Play crosswords with friends, brainstormtogether! Youcan play offline puzzle games anywhere!NOTES"HiCrossword" is freeto play, but you can purchase In-app itemslikecoins.******************************************If you haveanysuggestions on Hi Crossword, please do not hesitate to contactus.You can either send us message in Hi Crossword, or email******************************************Downloadand enjoy it now!
Crossword Quiz
A modern twist on a beloved classic!Crosswordquiz is a unique puzzle crossbreed based on 3 types ofclues: worddescriptions, emoji combinations, and photos. Put yourvisual,word, and critical thinking skills to the test in thismash-uppuzzle extravaganza!Find yourself stuck on a puzzle? Don’t give up just yet! Usethecoins you’ve earned to set you back on track with Hintsbyselecting to expose a letter, remove unused letters, or tototallysolve the puzzle! Do your best to save your coins to buyhints formore challenging questions and for unlocking newcategories (coinscan also be purchased in-game).EXPOSE A LETTERReveal a single letter of a phrase. This is the perfect hint tousewhen the answer is on the very tip of your tongue!REMOVE THE LETTERSRemove all letters from the letter bank that are not part oftheanswer. This hint is perfect for when you need a bump in therightdirection!SOLVE ITHaving a total blank-out? No worries! Simply select this hintoptionand move forward with your crossword!
Wordscapes 1.0.35
Can you solve all the cross word puzzles? Even with unlimitedtriesit's a challenge!This text twist of a word game is tremendousbrainchallenging fun. Enjoy modern word puzzles with the best ofwordsearching, anagrams, and crosswords!You’ll never experience adullmoment after you try this addicting word puzzle game! Playthiscrossword puzzle once and just you won’t be able to put itdown.➤Escape and stimulate your mind by visiting thebeautifuldestinations of Wordscapes!➤ Get your word hunt on withover 3,700cross word puzzles!➤ Challenge your brain and vocabulary– thiscrossword puzzle starts easy and becomes challenging fast!➤Thinkyou can beat these anagram word puzzles? They start simply butrampup fast!Wordscapes is the word hunt game that over 10millionpeople just can't stop playing! It's a perfect fit for fansofcrossword or word anagram games, combining best of word findgamesand crossword puzzles.The latest top-rated word game, fromthemakers of cross word games and word puzzles Word Chums,WordFlowers, Word Mocha, Wordscapes Uncrossed, Spell Blitz andMixTwo.
MiniWorld - Word Chef 1.2.9
Word Chef is a new type of the classic word search, scrabblewordfinder puzzle game. In this game, you are the chef, your dutyis tofind the right formulas to make great disks. There are manytypesof disks such as: ice cream, cake, seafood, salad, nationaldisk,drinks. So challenge yourself and become the master chef ever.Howto play: - Swipe to connect letters and build a valid word. -Fillout all the letter boxes with words.When you get stuck atadifficult level:- Use "Shuffle" function to shuffle letters,thenperhaps you find it easier to recognize the valid word.- Use"Hint"function to open a letter in letter box.- Take screenshot andaskyour friends. You can also share the game with your friendsthenyou and them can play this fantastic game together.We takepride insaying that Word Chef Search Puzzles is the best wordsearch gamefor Android. The themes are what makes this appinteresting,instead of auto generated word search levels. You canspendcountless hours finding words! It's perfect with your dailycup ofcoffee.Game feature:• 540 well-made levels.• Beautiful HDgraphics•Beautiful Background• Sweet animations• Many challenginglevels•Easy & fun to play, challenging to master
Crossword Puzzle Free 1.3.7
Join thousands of players who exercise their brains every daywiththe best crossword game for Android. Crossword Puzzle Redstoneis afun and engaging game app - it is free to download, and allusersget access to free puzzles, no subscriptionrequired!UserReviews:**Crossword lovers dream app.****Easy to useand great ifyou're a fan of crosswords.****Not too easy not toodifficult. Thechallenge is perfect!****This by far the bestcrossword app, triedothers and came back to Redstone.**A crosswordis a word puzzlethat normally takes the form of a square or arectangular grid ofwhite and black shaded squares. The goal is tofill the whitesquares with letters, forming words or phrases, bysolving cluesthat lead to the answers. In languages that arewrittenleft-to-right, the answer words and phrases are placed inthe gridfrom left to right and from top to bottom. The shadedsquares areused to separate the words or phrases.PLAYANYWHEREAccess CrosswordPuzzle Redstone across all your devices!Just connect and playanywhere.PUZZLE PACKSPuzzles to download andadd to yourcollection. New packs arrive every week!FEATURES- SmartLook Up:get word suggestions when you have trouble with difficultclues.-Hints: reveal letters, words or the entire puzzle in caseyou getstuck.- Smart Step: skip filled cells when navigatingthrough thepuzzle.- Show Errors: highlight wrong letters.- ClearErrors:easily remove all incorrect letters.- Offline Mode:puzzlesavailable even when you don't have an Internetconnection.-Polished User Interface: easy and modern way tonavigate throughthe puzzle cells and clues.---DISCLAIMER: The viewsand opinionsexpressed in the crossword puzzles contained in thisapplicationare solely those of the original authors and do notnecessarilyreflect the views and opinions of Redstone Games(REDSTONE GAMESLTDA - ME) or any employee thereof.---Feedback?Suggestions?Issues? Please contact us or fromwithin the app itself. Yourfeedback is important to us and we’lldo our best to assist you.
Word Fair 1.12
Word Fair - fascinating mix of word search andcrosswordgamesConnect the letters to make a correct word. Uponsolving oneword, you open another letter, gradually unravelling theentirepuzzle. Can you solve all the words?✔ 19 languages -EnglishEspañol Deutsch Français Nederlands Italiano РусскийPortuguêsSvensk Dansk Norsk Polski Ελληνικά Čeština LietuviųLatvian MagyarRomân Български✔ More than 1000 levels✔ Terrific wayto improveyour vocabulary✔ Ability to switch between many differentlanguagesand return to the languages you played before withoutlosing yourprogress
Word Panda Feed 1.14
🤔 🤔 You have surely played many not fun and not CREATIVEwordpuzzles game to TRAIN your brain🤔 🤔 ✊From the makers of BearPop& Farm Day, Join the millions who adore the magic ofwordsearch and crossword game Now! ✊🤝All the words here aresuitablefor children, without any abbreviation, racialdiscrimination.Completely from the dictionary!🤝✨✨It’s the best wayto kill time,easy to play and help you train your brain as well aslearn morenew words. Take a break from your work and refresh yourbrain inWord Panda Feed! You’re going to love it!✨✨✨✨You’llneverexperience a dull moment after you try this most addictingwordpuzzle game!! You’re going to love it! Word Panda Feed not onlyisconnect the words, but also a thinking training tool. ✨✨🔑🔑Theaimof the game is to find all hidden words.🔑🔑With this game youcaneasily improve your vocabulary, concentration andspellingskills.Best way to relax and train your brainif you likethe wordpuzzle games, Panda and challenge? Here comes the perfectgame foryou.Word Panda Feed can help you exercise your mind andimproveyour memory ability when you have to try your best to findmanywords with given letters. Sometimes, the answer is so obviousbutyou just cannot make out the word, which is the mostinterestingpart of this game.Well-designed interfaces andbeautifulgraphicsOur interfaces are intuitive and easy to grasp. Weofferyou many crafted blocks of letters and backgrounds to choosefromso you’ll never get bored. We’ll update them in time soyou’llalways have something to look forward to.✨✨More Than 2,000Levels✨✨Starts with simple and daily words, our word gameprovidesthousands of word puzzles in different levels for you toplay. Manymore new levels will be updated in the future.✨✨SCORETIPS:✨✨• Werecommend you scramble with friends to help pass wordcrumble thiseasy.Game Features:• Fascinating graphics with specialdesign.•Beautifully designed themes like SUSHI, MUSIC, TAILOR,etc.• Playwith Funny cute PANDA baby• Suitable for both kids andadults totrain word in brain and enhancing word connect skill• FREETO PLAYGAME – Download this word panda game for FREE and playwithoutwifi• SIMPLE TO LEARN & HARD TO MASTER – Easy game playgetsyou going from the first word connect puzzle and keeps youengagedfor hours• CHALLENGING PUZZLES – Free Puzzles range from 2letterto 7 letter. It starts easy and gets tougher as you moveahead inthe game• IMPROVE YOUR VOCABULARY – Find hidden words orguess themfrom the same set of letters. Flex your brain muscles inyour freetime and improve your vocabulary, spelling skills• PLAYANYTIME –No Wifi? No internet? Not a problem. You can play offlinetoo forfree!• SYNC YOUR GAME PROGRESS – You can login usingFacebook tosync your game progress across various device with orwithoutwifiWord Panda Feed is an app designed to train your brainandlearn new words, all while having a great time. DOWNLOAD nowtobegin training your brain and become a real vocabularymaster!Share the fun to your family & friends in Word PandaWordPandaFeed is a perfect fit for fans of popular word games, bycombiningthe best of word search games and crossword puzzles.Werespectusers’ experience and feedback, so feel free to givesomesuggestions how we can improve the game. Use your imaginationandlogic thinking to complete each level.NOTE:• "Word Panda"containads like banner, interstitial, video and house ads.• "WordPanda"is free to play, but you can purchase In-app items like ADFREE andpackages.E-MAIL• rright@qq.comLike us onFACEBOOK• forplaying!Privacypolicy: USE:
CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles 1.13.0
Fanatee Games
- Best of 2017 Google Play store - A new crosswordexperience-Challenge yourself with countless puzzles- Relax whileexploringthematic worlds- Become a trivia master- Word gamesreinvented-Solve puzzles and have fun while you learn- Enjoy thisexclusivecrossword gameplay- Excel at brain games- A brand-new wordgamechallenge- Solve crosswords anywhere you areJoin CodyCross,afriendly alien that has crash-landed on Earth and counts onyourhelp to learn about our planet! Travel across space and time asyouunveil our planet's history and humanity’s accomplishmentsthroughthemed puzzles in this challenging word game. Solvecrosswords andexplore beautiful sceneries, use your knowledge andskills in aone-of-a-kind word game, where every correct answertakes youcloser to completing the puzzle and revealing the secretword!Highlights: - Explore beautifully designed worlds withhundreds oflevels to play the best crosswords - Each world bringsnew themesand genres that will challenge the wisest of puzzlelovers- Havesome fun while testing your knowledge with brain games-Innovativegameplay that brings a new twist to crossword puzzles-Test yourlanguage skills through these brain games- If you getstuck on aquestion in our word game, use the power-up to reveal aletter-Solve crosswords to train your brain - Sync your progressacrossall devices by connecting to Facebook- Solve crosswords andplaydifferent levels in offline mode if you don’t haveinternetconnection (with limited features)- You can play tons ofpuzzlesfor free on adventure mode or subscribe for special packs inthisword game.About subscription:- A subscription is offered withintheapp for enjoying special themed puzzles in your desireddifficulty(hard, medium, easy and kids) with fresh new contentevery week.
PuzzleStudio - Word Chef 1.0.5
It is a funny word search,word finder puzzle game.
Just Riddles 1.0.19
Free Fun Game! Addicting thinking word game!Each level is afunriddle, can you guess the word?Tons of riddles to boost upyourbrain power!Some easy, some challenging, some tricky, andsomefunny!★PURE AND INSTANT FUN★No registration, no complicatedrules.Just start playing, guess the word, and have fun!★SIMPLE ANDHIGHLYADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY★Read the riddle and think; find out whatword isthe answer. Guess the word. Win!★NO WIFI WORD GAME -OFFLINE★Youcan play Just Riddles word game offline anywhereanytime. NoInternet is required!★FAMILY FRIENDLY★Just Riddles isone of thebest word games for kids. Help your kids to think fromriddles.Have a great time together with these amazing riddles fromJustRiddles!If you are a word game lover, you will find this gameto bequick, easy, & a lot of fun!See if you can handle theaddictiveword challenge Just Riddles!
Hi Word Blast - Candy Brain Puzzle Games 1.0.9
Want a new brain training game? A perfect combination of match-3andword games is coming! Play Hi Word Blast to sharpen your mindandboost your vocabulary now!How to play:Simply connect candylettersto crush words and collect related items!Similar tomatching games,you need to solve the puzzles and reach the goalsbefore running outof moves.Besides, you can build your own castlesand enjoy supercrush fun! Your journey in Hi Word Blast is boundto be an amazingsaga!Amazing features:- Combining match-3gameplay, the saga of wordgame!- Various candy or cookie letters,enjoy crush excitement!-Multiple boosters and obstacles, makepuzzles super fun!- Hiddenbuilding system, build castles to enjoyyour saga time!- Brand newvisual experience, bonza!- Offline freegame with no time limit,brilliant!More fun to experience:-Progressively challenging tosharpen your mind and train yourbrain;- Thousands of lettercombinations to challenge your spellingand vocabulary;- Connectcandy letters to beat levels;- Open cheststo get big rewards;- Playalone or with your friends to enjoy candyletter blastfun.==================================If you have anysuggestions onHi Word Blast, please do not hesitate to let usknow.You can eithersend us a message in the game,or email and enjoy now!
Word Search: Unscramble words 1.0.13
This is a new, interesting game in the genre of verbalpuzzles.Thegame, Find Words is very fun and exciting and completelyfree.Thegoal of the game is to find all the hidden words.This gamemakes iteasy to increase your vocabulary, improve spellingandconcentration.In this game, you need to search for wordsandcompose them from the specified letters.HOW TO PLAY• Words canbeassembled in any direction• Just swipe in over the letters tomakea word• If you have highlighted the correct word, it willappear onthe white board with answersIt's very simple, but withevery levelthe complexity will grow-this word game won't let yougetbored.Chips• Find and learn words in the game• Develop yourmindand vocabulary• Play with friends and compete• Visuallypleasingsimple graphics• Ratings and achievements• Simple and easy•DailyBonus level• Free Start Tips• It's a great brain stimulator•Forphones and tabletsEasy and fun to playAneasy-to-understand,unobtrusive interface allows you to focuscompletely on the gameprocess.NO TIME LIMITYou can play quietly,close or collapseapplications at any time and continue from whereyou left offwithout losing progress on the level.THERE ARE MANYLEVELSIn thegame there are many unique levels of complexity.20stages ofdevelopment, more than 2,000 levels are cumulative.INMANYLANGUAGESThe following languages are fully supported:•English•German• French• Spanish• Portuguese• RussianNo InternetNeededThegame can function without the Internet, which makes it agreat timekiller when you're on the go. No Wi-Fi, no problem! ButtheInternet needs to synchronize your progress so that it canberestored through social networks.We're onsocialmedia: to open new words, don't refuse it this pleasure.Goodluck inthe game!
Word Farm - Growing with Words 1.12
SERBIAN, PORTUGUESE, BULGARIAN LEVELS AND MORE!WORD FARM NOWCOMESWITH AWESOME LEVELS AND TRANSLATION IN MANY LANGUAGES!WordFarm ishere!It is the first Word Game, which offers anexclusiveMultiplayer mode, where you can challenge your friends toacompetitive 1vs1 word game online!See who is the Word Farmmasternow and expand your vocabulary!Jumping instantly into thefun, youwill find that Word Farm is an addictive and entertaininggame ofwords which will get your brain moving.It's completely Freeand itfeatures hundreds of challenging levels in SinglePlayermode.Unlock and advance through new farming ranks, by solvingtheword puzzles.The levels difficulty advances swiftly, so itcanchallenge even the biggest Brainiacs!You can use one of thehints,if you find yourself stuck on a level.Challenge your logic,byfinding all the hidden words - Increase your brain power andexpandyour vocabulary the fun way!Register and participate in themonthlyleaderboard for free to win awesome prizes at the end ofeachmonth.Do you want to be the Farm Master of the words? Then getintothis classic brain teaser, ask your friends to join the funnow,and have a nice time playing!HOW TO PLAY:- Swipe throughtheletters to find the hidden words.- When you find a word, it willbefilled in the field above the board- Use a hint, if youarestuck!FEATURES:- Simple and highly addictive gameplay!-Multiplayermode, in which you can challenge your friends or play agame withsomeone!- Customizable profile with Facebook integrationfor yourfriends to see!- Competitive Leaderboard!- Awesome prizes,at theend of each month!- Hundreds of levels filled with hiddenwords,which will increase your brain power and vocabulary!-Awesomegraphics, which are enjoyable on any phone or tablet!- Freecoinprize each day!NOTES:"Word Farm" is completely free to play,butyou can purchase the no-ads option or additional coinsforhints."Word Farm" contains some video, interstitial andbannerads.The game can be enjoyed on various phonesandtablets.3f2bed3f07
Words Mix - Word Puzzle Game 1.0.81
Get the most out of your day with Words Mix. We’ll help youperformat your best by learning life-changing skills for yourbrain.It isa very exciting and fun word puzzle game, it will getyou hookedand its FREE!* Keep your brain trained and relieve yourstress withWords Mix.* Simply swipe the letters and build the wordsto earncoins!* 1000+ levels for you to play — hidden words arewaiting tobe discovered!* Amazing graphics with specially-designedletterbubbles.* Daily bonus rewards and free coins.* More newchallengeswaiting for you as you progress.Words Mix is free toplay, but youcan purchase In-app items. With Words Mix you caneasily improveyour vocabulary.It’s time to enhance your brain powerbydiscovering mystery hidden words and then building as many wordsaspossible. And don`'t forget to use hints when you get stuck orneedhelp!Words Mix is an app designed to train your brain and teachyounew words, all while having a great time. Share the fun withyourfamily & friends and enjoy it together!
Word Trip - Word Connect & word streak puzzle game
Word Trip - Word Connect & wordsearchgame - One of the best “no wifi” free fun word connect games- madefor the best brains!Connect the letters to find and guess the hidden words andplaythrough multiple word connect puzzlesClassic word search and word connect game, WordTrip - WordConnect& word search game is a first of its kind free wordconnectpuzzle game where you travel through countries as you clearthepuzzles. Swipe letters on the word compass to find differentwords.Solve the puzzles by finding all words to make your way toeachcountry. As you progress in the game, puzzles gettrickier.WordTrip is a free word connect brain game that testsyourvocabulary, spelling, word finding and puzzle solving skills,justsearch and find words. Get a fun brain exercise in your freetimeand improve your vocabulary.If you are a word lover and like to play word connect games,braingames, puzzle games or scrabble spellings to make differentwords,WordTrip - Word Connect & word search is the perfectchoice forthe best brain game lovers like you.How to Play:The rules are simple. Swipe the letters on the compass tofindhidden wordsGame Features:• FREE TO PLAY GAME – Download this word connect game for FREEandplay without wifi• SIMPLE TO LEARN & HARD TO MASTER – Easy game play getsyougoing from the first word connect puzzle and keeps you engagedforhours• CHALLENGING PUZZLES – Free Puzzles range from 2 letter to7letter. It starts easy and gets tougher as you move ahead inthegame• IMPROVE YOUR VOCABULARY – Find hidden words or guess them fromthesame set of letters. Flex your brain muscles in your free timeandimprove your vocabulary, spelling skills• PLAY ANYTIME – No Wifi? No internet? Not a problem. You canplayoffline too for free!• SYNC YOUR GAME PROGRESS – You can login using Facebook tosyncyour game progress across various device with or withoutwifiSo, why wait? Play the game now and start finding words!
Infinite Word Search Puzzles
Infinite Word Search is a more in-depth takeonan American classic! With 35 different categories to play underandmultiple modes and styles of play, this game will keep yousearchingfor words for hours on end! Just find the category youlike most,and keep your eyes peeled for words in alldirections!Test your skills in Progression Mode, going through 30 levelsofincreasing difficulty, or try out the more casual InfiniteMode,where you solve things at your own pace and with yourowndifficulty setting. As you play, you’ll stumble across andunlockAchievements. Try to collect all 10 achievements as yousearch forwords!But if you’re the extremely competitive sort, then theMultiplayerMode is what’s right for you! Face off against yourfriend or astranger in a race to see which of you can find the mostwords!Afterwards, you can check the Leaderboards to see how youstandcompared to the rest of the players.Multiplayer features include:Quick Match - No log-in and no hassle of any sort required, youcanjust jump right into a match with a random player in thismode.Signing in to your Facebook account, while not required, willletyou save your progress and intimidate the other players justalittle bit with your record.Play Friends - Connect your Facebook account with the app andplayagainst your friends in a race to find the most words.Leaderboards - After your match, hop onto the leaderboard andcheckhow your record compares to that of your friends! And if youhaveyour Facebook account connected, you can access thePremiumMultiplayer Leaderboard. Don’t just aim to be higher thanyourfriends, aim to be higher than the rest of the world too!Infinite Word Search is completely FREE to play, so dive rightinand enjoy the virtually unlimited amount of single andmultiplayerWord Search Puzzles offered to you!
Word Cookies™ 2.7.0
🍪 Ready to unscramble limitless list of words on the go?Diveintothe World's Best Word Puzzle Game, Word Cookies to unravelyour"wordie" lists!🍪 HOW TO PLAY🍰 Simply swipe to connect eachalphabeton the baking pan to form a word🍭 Fill up Jack's cookie jarwithadditional answers to earn extra coins!WHY WORDCOOKIES?•SIMPLE&EASYEnjoyable graphics with easy controls &simplepremise• KEEPS YOUR BRAIN YOUNG Stimulating brain game,highlyentertaining & educational for everyone• SHUFFLE TOREARRANGEShuffle the alphabets & rearrange the letters tosparkrecognition ✨• HINTS AVAILABLEUse hints if you stump upon awordyou can't identify• NO NEED TO RUSHThere is no time limitorpenalties for inccorrect answers• DAILY REWARDSPlay every daytoearn bonus rewards!• NEW LEVELS Stay up to date for newgameupdates!Need Help? Have Questions?Please contact usatcontact@bitmango.comVisit Us UsonFacebook toStayUp-to-Date!™ is supported on various mobile devices-WordCookies™contains ad-like banners, interstitials, videos and houseads.-WordCookies™" is free to play; however, you may purchasein-app contentslike AD FREE and level packages
Word Search Puzzle 1.0.4
If you're looking for the most trendy word search game, WordSearchPuzzle is the game for you! You will enjoy a fun challenge asyouidentify the hidden words and then swipe up, down, left, rightordiagonally to mark them. It's a fun way to hone yourvocabulary,spelling and puzzle skills. The game has 3 difficultylevels fromeasy to hard, you can choose them freely. Need morechallenges? Trythe Blitz mode and Marathon mode and enjoy timepressure.Here'swhat we have:- Easy choosing letters- Unlimitedpuzzles- Brilliantcolorful look- 4 different game modes- 4difficulty levels- 50 wordcategories- Daily challenges- Realtimegenerated puzzles- Reverseword selection- Hints to avoidfrustrations- HD graphics- Elegantanimations- Night ModeForget penand paper, you'll never run out ofpuzzles with this game.
Crossword Jam: A word search and word guess game 1.72.0
Word Jam - A word search & word guess brain game. WordJam isafun and relaxing word game in a crossword-style format made forthesmartest brains! Swipe the letters to find and guessthehidden words in a crossword-style gridWord Jam - A word searchwordguess brain game is the first of its kind. Solve theanagrampuzzles as you travel around the world in the Crossword FoodTruckunlocking new levels. Guess and search letters on the wordplate tofind different word recipes. Solve the anagram puzzles bysearchingfor all the words to make your way to a new country. Asyouprogress in the game, anagram puzzles get trickier andtastier!WordJam is a free word search brain game that tests yourvocabulary,spelling, word guessing and anagram puzzle solvingskills - justsearch and guess the words! Get a fun brain exercisein yourfreetime and improve your vocabulary!If you are a word gameloverand like to play brain games to improve your vocabulary orsimplyenjoy word search games to casually swipe and guess thehiddenwords, Word Jam - A Word Search & Word Guess Brain gameis theperfect choice for the best brain game lovers!How to Play:Therulesare simple. Search and swipe the letters on the plate to guessthehidden wordsGame Features:• FREE TO PLAY GAME – Download thisforFREE and play without wifi.• "EASY TO LEARN" HARD TO MASTER –Theeasy game play gets you going from the first wordsearchanagrampuzzle and keeps your brain engaged for hours. However, thegamegets trickier as you progress with more complicated wordsandtougher levels.• CHALLENGING PUZZLES – Free anagram puzzlesrangefrom 2 letters to 7 letters. It starts easy and getschallengingquickly as you progress further.• IMPROVE YOURVOCABULARY – Search& find hidden words or guess them from thesame set of letters.Flex your brain muscles in your free time andimprove your spellingskills all while increasingyour vocabulary bydiscovering newwords.• PLAY ANYTIME – No internet or wifi neededfor this game.You can play offline too for free!• SYNC YOUR GAMEPROGRESS – Youcan login using Facebook to sync your game progressacross variousdevices.So, why wait? Play the game now and startguessing thehidden words!FEATURES:• Search and guess the words frommixedletters.• Guess new words using the crossword grid and developyourbrain, anagram puzzle solving vocabulary skills.• Feel a senseofachievement as you go around the world, to become a wordchef!•Simple and Easy!• Daily bonus rewards• 250 free coins to getyoustarted!• Great exercise for the brain• Supports both PhonesandTablets.• FREE Update!- Easy to learn and fun to mastergameplay-Enjoy playing the game anytime, anywhere. No wifi requiredto playthe game- More than 100s of levels with thousands ofanagrampuzzles. Updates will be regular and free!NOTES• Enjoy thegamewith various devices (Phones and Tablets).• "Word Jam" containsadslike banners, interstitials and videos.• "Word Jam" is freetoplay, but you can purchase in-app items like an ad-free accountandattractive packages.
Piknik Słowo - Word Snack 1.4.2
Do you like fun and exciting word games? DOWNLOAD Word Snack nowandenjoy countless word puzzles for FREE!In this very fun wordgameyour goal is to discover all hidden words. Just swipe theletters toform words and complete the puzzles! Enjoy hours of fungameplay andenhance your brain and spelling skills!Are you readyfor a good wordsnack? FEATURES• Simple and Addictive!• Hundreds ofunique levelswith tons of different words!• Improve yourvocabulary while havingfun!• Take your time! Enjoy the game atyour own pace without anytime limit!• Train your brain andspelling skills!• Play every dayand collect your free dailybonus!• No Internet connection? Noproblem, you can play Word Snackeverywhere, online or offline!•Free to PLAY!This game is for trueword puzzle lovers!What are youwaiting for? Try Word Snack NOW,you will love it!
Word Mocha 1.0.11
If you love Coffee and Puzzle Word Games then this anagram game isamust try!Super smooth word puzzles and tremendous brainchallengingfun! Get your word addict caffeine boost from solvingthese fun wordpuzzles.Never experience a dull moment once you havethis newanagram game! ► Do you know your coffee drinks? See howmany coffeedrinks you can uncover in this addicting word huntgame► Find yourfavorite coffee shot► Over 1,800 bold and robustword jumble puzzlesto solve!► Watch out! These word scramblepuzzles start easy andbecome challenging quickly - how far willyou get before beingstumped?Word Mocha is the latest wordunscramble game from themakers of the popular word find games WordChums, Spell Blitz,Wordscapes, Word Vistas and MixTwo.
Bonza Word Puzzle 2.10.3
"Bonza puzzles are instantly addictive!" - Will Shortz(CrosswordEditor, The New York Times) "It’s an idea so simple Ican’t believeit hasn’t been done yet." - Mark Serrels, Kotaku Bonzais a newtype of crossword that has become an instant classic. Itmixes wordsearch, jigsaw and trivia to create something completelyfresh. Ifyou like a word challenge and you enjoy pushing boxesaround withyour fingers, then you'll love Bonza Word Puzzle. FREEDAILYPUZZLES Every day you'll be able to solve a new free puzzle.Someare based on current events, others are designed by theBonzacommunity. BONZA PUZZLE CREATORCreate your own custom Bonzapuzzlesand challenge friends.
Crossword Climber 1.2
Put your word skills to the ultimate test.Climb the mountainonestep at a time by solving thousands of challengingcrosswordclues.Can you make it to the top and claim the title ofGreatest ofAll Time?■ 7,500 unique clues!■ Play at your own pace -perfect foridle moments■ Use hints if you get stuck on a word■ Fromthe makersof One Clue Crossword & Picture PerfectCrosswordSUPPORTPleaseselect the [HELP] option from the Pause Menu(the gear icon at thebottom-right of the game screen) if yourequire assistance.If yourequire further assistance or are unableto access the in-gamehelp, you can contact us viaemail:community@appynation.comCrossword Climber is free to play,butcontains optional paid items to help progress more quickly.Youcandisable in-app purchase functionality in your device's settingsifyou do not want to use this feature.Please visitwww.appynation.comor /bigpuzzles on Facebook for more great freepuzzle games!
Bubble Words Game - Search and Connect the Letters
Genera Games
Are you a word search expert? If you likewordpuzzles, crosswords, sudoku or training your memory and brainthensettle in and relax with Bubble Words! The most challengingwordpuzzle under the sea!Search for words, pop and combine letters on the board withtotalfreedom and solve this new puzzle word challenge. Each levelhas adifferent goals and obstacles to overcome. The longer the wordyoufind, the higher your score, and you can unlock amazing powerupsthat will make every challenge easier!Complete all levels and unlock special features as you progressinthe game:★ With total freedom of movement, create words any wayyouwant!★ Quick & Funny gameplay. Pop letter with one finger andconnectwords.★ A relaxing puzzle challenge designed for ALL THE FAMILY.★ CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS to connect and form the longestword!★ No time limits! No internet required! Play OFFLINE whereandwhenever you want!★ Find the longest or highest scoring words and beat theONLINERANKING!★ Hundreds of levels, WEEKLY EVENTS, and more updates coming!★ Play solo, Expand your VOCABULARY and test yourspellingskills.★ Learn other LANGUAGES and don’t stop training your brain!★ Follow your progress and track your friends’!Download now Bubble Words: Letter Search Puzzle for FREE andenjoythe most addictive word challenge! Pop the Bubble andhaveFun!Discover your new favourite word game! BUBBLE WORDS is a funtwistto your classic words puzzle games, forget about your oldboardgame, crossword or letter soup...Come to our sea and test your search word skills: find therightletters, pop vocals and consonants and try to form hiddenwords andbecome the master word puzzle solver! Put your wordbrainto theedge and squeeze the alphabet until it crumble! Find yourfiveminutes of fun, improve your spell, enrich your vocabulary orevenlearn languages! Connect the word, unleash the fun!COMPLETE MISSIONS & don’t stop your brain training! Findtheword and rescue the fishes that got trapped in this crossword!Getall stars in all level forming longer words with special bonus:Geta 7 letters word like cookies and get an octopus booster thatwillconnect a hole row! Connect 9 and find the hidden word thatcrushthe puzzle with a rainbow blast!FIND YOUR FRIENDS in this submarine word puzzle and challengethemto beat your highscore! Compare your words with friends, trytoform longer expressions, scrabble every single point and crushtheleaderboard. Completing a level is just the beginning!Travelthrough the map and check other players scores and ruzzlethem!Prove you’re a word master and match the hidden words thatnoneknows!Bubble Words is also an excellent BRAIN TRAINING game designedforall the family. Adults will find a challenging killing timegameexperience with hundreds of levels and missions. Kids will findaneducational word puzzle for all ages, where to search and findnewwords and letters among an adorable alphabet! Keep your braininshape exercising & expanding your vocabulary, improveyourspelling and become a real wordie!Use amazing POWER UPS if you need a clue with that difficultanagramand be the king of the sea again! Use the “crabby pincer”andscrabble that special bubble letter! Release a tornado thatwillcrush all words on the board. Go to the ABC learning storeandunlock new vocals & consonants! Keep your brain in shapebutenjoy and relax in this submarine word puzzle game.LEARN other LANGUAGES! Play in English, Spanish, French,German,Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Norwegian, Swedish andDutch justby changing the language in your phone settings. Alldictionariesare constantly updated, mix them and make yourowndictionary!VISIT USFacebook Community:
Fill it in crosswords, Words fit Puzzles 3.5.3
A. Baratta
Collection of hundreds Kriss Kross puzzles (Fill it ins or Wordfitpuzzles), to keep you entertained for hours!The Fill inpuzzles(Word fit puzzles or Kriss Kross) are a variation of thecommoncrossword puzzles in which words, rather than clues, aregiven.Tosolve the fill-it in crossword game, you need to fill thegrid withall the listed words.This free word puzzles application,offers twodifferent types of fill it in crosswords are available:-StandardFill in crossword puzzles- "Diagramless" Kriss KrosspuzzlesIn the"Diagramless fill in puzzles", the black boxes are notpresent. Tosolve to puzzle, also them should beadded into the fillit incrossword grid.The main feature of this word gamesapplicationsare:- Fill it ins Crossword solutions always present-With aspecial button. it is possible to check the correctness ofpuzzlesanswers (only for diagramless ones).- It is possible to"show aword" to help with hard puzzles- The word games can besolvedoff-line and no registration is required.- Leaderboard withbestscores availableFor much more word puzzle games and Crosswords,aprofessional version (Ads free) is available.Have Fun
Word Search - Crossword Puzzle Free Games 3.1
Word search, Crossword Puzzle Solver, mystery crossword puzzle,wordfind, word seek or crossword solver is a word game thatconsists ofthe letters of words placed in a grid, which usuallyhas arectangular or square shape. The objective of this wordpuzzle is tofind and mark all the words hidden inside the box. Thewords may beplaced horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Oftena list of thehidden words is provided, but more challengingpuzzles may let theplayer figure them out. Many word searchpuzzles have a theme towhich all the hidden words are related. Thepuzzles have, likecrossword puzzle and arrowords, been verypopular in the UnitedKingdom, and - also in common with theselatter puzzles - have hadcomplete magazines devoted to them.Wordsearch are commonly found indaily newspapers and puzzles books.Some teachers use crosswordsolver as educational tools forchildren, the benefit being thatyoung minds can learn new wordsand their spellings by intensivelysearching for them, letter byletter, in the word puzzle.Word searchpuzzles are often used in ateaching or classroom environment,especially in language andforeign language classrooms. Someteachers, particularly thosespecializing in English as a SecondLanguage (ESL), use word searchfree as an instructional tool. Otherteachers use crossword solveras a recreational activity forstudents, instead.★ ★ ★ Features ★ ★★- Word search for 9languages.- Many topic: animals, kids,countries.- Easy, medium ordifficult mode.- Enable or disablesuggested words.- Select numberof words.- Records to save yourtime when you win.Crossword Puzzle -Word Search is a word gamesfree but you can learn more words fromit.Play and learn now withCrossword Puzzle - Word Search !
Dropwords 6.2
Dropwords is word-finding puzzle that combines some elementsofScrabble and Boggle. Valid words boost your score and thedwindlingtimer; used letters disappear and new ones dropfromabove."Dropwords is a potent mixture of Scrabble, BoggleandBejeweled! - Editor's Pick from"The game includessixgame modes: Normal, Hard, Lightning, Blocker, Relax andUntimed.Whether you just want to relax, or are looking forsomethingchallenging, there's a game mode that will suit you.Thegame offersthree dictionaries:1. Scrabble: contains all the2-to-8-letterwords from the SOWPODS list of Scrabble competitionwords. Thisamounts to 114575 words, including both US and UKspellings.Because this is a Scrabble dictionary, proper nouns like"June" or"Rome" are not included. Plurals are included.2.Webster's: basedon the Webster's New International Dictionary, 2ndEdition, thiscontains 87416 2-to-8-letter words. Includes someproper nouns, butnot plurals or Scrabble-specific words (such as myown favourite,"QI"!). I have added certain words that seemed to bemissing inerror: BOX, HAS, KID, NEAR.3. Both! The combination ofthe Scrabbleand Webster's dictionaries, comprising 153136 words.This is thedictionary used by default.You can switch dictionary viathe game'sOptions dialog.Includes optional access to PapayaMobile'ssocialnetwork, global leaderboards, and achievements!Have fun!*Note toSamsung Galaxy S2 owners: there is a known fault withthisdual-core phone where sound playback can cause crashesand/orfreezes. Please ensure the game's "Mute sound" option isticked (inthe Options dialog, accessible from the highscoresscreen). *Comingsoon:1. Make the Save Game/Abandon Current Gamesequence slicker byallowing the player to just press "Back" toauto-save and drop backto the highscores screen.2. Get the game toauto-save when it getsbackgrounded (by the player switchingtasks/taking a call).3. "BombDrop" game mode.Please feel free toe-mail me with any bug reports,requests, or questions!
Word Chef: Word Games, Free Games 2.9
Sun Games
Word Chef is a FREE Games and new type of the classic wordsearch,word finder scrabble puzzle game. In this word game, yourjob is tofind the correct spelling to make a great platter. Orenjoy thegames with your kids.See how many word can you spell atthe coldplatter. You can play offline in anytime. Enjoy game forany time,anywhere and a short time.The aim of the game is to findall hiddenwords.With this game you can easily improve yourvocabulary,concentration and spelling skills.Are you ready to finddeliciouswords candy at your candy jar?Embrace your brain power todiscoverwords.HOW TO PLAY• Words can be vertical, horizontal,diagonal andeven backwards.• Simply swipe your finger over a wordto selectit.• If you've found a valid word it will remainhighlighted andmarked on the words list as found.FEATURES❀ Discoverhidden wordsfrom mixed letters.❀ Find derived words from main wordsand developyour brain & vocabulary skills.❀ Visually pleasingto playcheese in various kinds! ❁ Feel achievement withIncreasedpoint by making more cheese!❁ It is wonderful and greatfor kids tolearn how to spell.❁ Daily rubies rewards (comingsoon!)❂ Free 10rubies payments, at the first game❂ Great exercisefor the brain❂Support both Phones and Tablets.❃ FREEUpdate!FacebookPage:
Kannada word game 1.1
ಕನ್ನಡವನ್ನು ತಿಳಿಯಿರಿ ಮತ್ತು ಆಡಿರಿ . ಸರಳ ಕನ್ನಡ ಪ್ರಶ್ನೆಗಳಿಗೆಉತ್ತರಿಸಿಮತ್ತು ಆನಂದಿಸಿರಿ .A swadeshi kannada word game .Play thiskannadagame , have fun and learn about namma karnataka.Over 5000trickypuzzles, questions, GK quiz and brain teasers.Score more andsharewith friends and loved once.
Crossword puzzles - My Zaika 2.17.33
Many skanvordov android from the magazine My Zaika, which is alotof puzzles, crosswords and klyuchvordov. Solve crosswordpuzzleswith pleasure now, anywhere, on the road or subwaybecausecrossword puzzles are stored in your phone (if necessary,you canclear the application data to free up phone memory).Participatesin the ranking of players and share their achievements.Crosswordpuzzles replenished regularly releases.
Wordscapes In Bloom 1.0.7
Exercise your brain and with thousands of challengingwordunscramble puzzles, set in a relaxing botanical garden ofgorgeouspuzzle backgrounds. Test your word smarts, unlock newlevels andclimb the vocabulary ladder. Wordscapes In Bloom puzzlesstart offsimple, but progressively become more challenging — unlocknewlevels with ever-more challenging puzzles! How many anagramcrossword puzzles can you solve?✿ Enjoy relaxing fun as you exploreanarboretum of beautiful puzzles.✿ Even without a time limit,theseword unscramble puzzles are challenging.✿ If you findyourselfstuck, use letter hints and the word shuffle to guideyourway!Wordscapes In Bloom is the latest new word game fromPeopleFun,the makers of Wordscapes, Wordscapes Uncrossed, WordChums, SpellBlitz and MixTwo — played and loved by millions ofpeople aroundthe world.
Word Shuffle 1.0.39
Simple & Addictive Word GameWord Shuffle offers theclassicgameplays of word game in a new and fun way. You can simplyswipeletters to line up different words. It’s easy to play and funtomaster. You will surely find yourself addicted to the fun ofwordsearch in this word game.More Than 2, 000 LevelsStarts withsimpleand daily words, our word game provides thousands of wordpuzzlesin different levels for you to play. Many more new levelswill beupdated in the future.Challenging To Find All WordsNotenough tofind words in the easy levels? Try challenging yourself tofind allthe extra harder words for bonus. If you get stuck oncertainwords, you can use “Shuffle” or “Hints” to move on. It cancome toyour big surprises how easy a word can be yet you just can’tfindit. Best Brain ExercisesWord games are best for brainexercisingand spelling improvements. Our word game is one of themostexciting word scramble & word search games to challengewordsearch skills at any age.► FEATURES ✔️️ Swipe the letters tolineup words ✔️️ Find Extra words to collect coins ✔️️ 2000+ LEVELSforyou to play ✔️️ FREE to get Daily Bonus coins ✔️️ Tap the“Shuffle”button to change the order of letters ✔️️ Tap the “Hints”button toget clues ✔️️ Suitable for both kids and adults to trainwordsearch skills ✔️️ No network required and you can enjoy wordsearchat any time ✔️️ Simple & Easy to play, hard to beatgameplay✔️️ Totally FREE for all playersIf you are a fan ofcrosswordpuzzles or word search games, you should definitely trythis wordgame. It’s easier to pick up than crossword, and muchmoreaddictive.► FEEDBACK & RATE: ✔️️ Follow us onFacebook ✔️️ Emaildetailedfeedback to ✔️️ Rate5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ if you like this game
Wordful-Word Search Mind Games 2.1.3
If you're looking for new games for mind sharpening andbraintraining, then Wordful is the one for you! There are580well-chosen levels to test your vocabulary and spelling.Beprepared to face the challenges in numerous blocks of letters.Thegame starts easy, but soon you'll find the real braintrainerswaiting ahead.You need to swipe the letters to make validwords.The game is not only a spelling test but also a challenge tothinkoutside the box and find the seemingly "impossible" words.Startnow to train your brain and hunt the words in our fun,addictiveword puzzles, and play with friends to see who's the realwordgenius!We have:- 580 brain training well-chosen levels.-Fluentgame play and pleasant interfaces.- Daily exercise to keepyourbrain alert.- Best choice to sharpen your mind and killboredom!Toplay Wordful:- Swipe the letters to build words.- Youdon't needWiFi to access the game.- Progress through levels andbecome theword master!