Top 46 Games Similar to FIFA 16 Soccer

FIFA Soccer
FIFA Mobile has been reimagined to bring you the most authenticandexciting mobile soccer game you’ll ever experience! Get afreeCristiano Ronaldo item to start building and managing yourteam.Train any player to superstar status, attack opponents, andkeepcoming back for daily content all season long. Plus, get intothegame on the go with a download size of under 100 MB. Whetheryou’rea savvy veteran or just starting out on the pitch, FIFAMobile isyour source for soccer.BUILD YOUR ULTIMATE TEAM™Developthe mostcompetitive squad when you choose any 11 players from over550 realteams, including stars from past and present, and trainthem toover 100 OVR. Add depth to your roster, manage your lineupon thefly, and quickly tweak tactics before every match. Make therightcalls and watch your club become the Ultimate Team. ATTACKTOWINTake on thrilling matches that drop you into youroffensivepossessions with VS Attack mode. This innovative levelofcompetition kicks your game into high gear while you strivetodominate 90-second matches, climb the leaderboards, andearnseasonal rewards year-round. KEEP UP WITH REAL-WORLDEVENTSStayconnected to real-world soccer as it happens across theglobe. Testyour skills in single-player Campaign mode, thenchallenge yourselfwith uniquely themed Events where you can earnincredibleprizes.JOIN A LEAGUE, CONQUER THE WORLDParticipate inLeagues, atruly social experience that allows you to join forcesand strivefor glory with friends and gamers around the globe. Testyourskills in inter-league championships, or take on the bestgamersworldwide in League vs. League Tournaments to climbtheleaderboards and prove your talent on the pitch.This app:Requiresa persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply).Requiresacceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and UserAgreement.Includes in-game advertising. Contains direct links tothe Internetand social networking sites intended for an audienceover 13. Theapp uses Google Play Game Services. Log out of GooglePlay GameServices before installation if you don’t want to shareyour gameplay with friends.User Agreement:http://terms.ea.comPrivacy andCookie Policy: forassistance or inquiries.EA may retireonline features after 30days’ notice posted
Madden NFL Football
KICK OFF AN ALL-NEW SEASON WITH OUR BIGGEST UPDATE EVER,INCLUDINGCOMPETITVE TOURNAMENTS, PLAYER LEVELING, ENHANCED VISUALS,AND OURFIRST-EVER STORY MODE. Be the G.O.A.T. in the greatestMadden NFLseason yet. Become the GM of your favorite footballfranchise andhandpick a team of stars and legends. Train with thebest as TomBrady takes you through his favorite drills and providestips onbuilding an unstoppable team. Compete in Tournaments, winthe SuperBowl, stay up to date with the real NFL, and play throughthecareers of current football icons. It’s all here, it’s allfresh,in Madden NFL. BUILD YOUR ALL-PRO TEAMChoose your NFLfranchise andtake over as GM. Stack your squad with current starsand Hall ofFamers, then level them up with rare Super Skills.Complete DailyGoals to earn valuable rewards that upgrade yourroster. Evencombine cards and items you don’t need to power yourbest players,unlock new skills, and more.DOMINATE IN WEEKENDTOURNAMENTSProveyourself and rule rivals in all-new Tournaments.Earn tickets whenyou go hard in challenges throughout the week –the more you get,the more chances you’ll have to compete. Climb theleaderboards togain bragging rights and pro rewards based on yourrank.CONNECT TOTHE NFL 24/7If it happens in the NFL, you can playit in MaddenNFL. Recreate big plays, jump into real-world matchups,and followthe latest rivalries in real time. Get notified aboutLive Eventsas they happen and head into the game to score big. GOFROMLONGSHOT TO LEGEND Play as football greats as they rise fromdrafthopefuls to league legends in Madden NFL’s first-ever storymode.Hit the line with fresh chapters each month, deliveringdistinctstories and challenges. Make meaningful choices thatdetermine yourpath and unlock unique rewards to boost yourteam.Your Madden NFLseason starts now!Requires a persistentInternet connection(network fees may apply). Requires acceptance ofEA’s Privacy &Cookie Policy and User Agreement. Containsadvertisements for EAand its partners. Includes in-gameadvertising. Collects datathrough third party analytics technology(see Privacy & CookiePolicy for details). Collects data throughthird party ad servingand analytics technology (See Privacy &Cookie Policy fordetails). Contains direct links to the Internetand socialnetworking sites intended for an audience over 13. Theapp usesGoogle Play Game Services. Log out of Google Play GameServicesbefore installation if you don’t want to share your gameplay withfriends.
Ultimate Soccer - Football
REALISTIC, IMMERSIVE & ADDICTIVE. Ultimate Soccer offersthepurest football fun with fast paced gameplay, mostrealisticphysics, astonishing atmosphere and tons of replay value!Build thebest squad on the planet and lead them all the way to wintheleague champion or World Cup of FIFA! Ultimate Soccer isthedefinitive mobile football simulation, featuring simplecontrols,smooth animations and insane actions. Pass and dribblearoundopponents, take aim, shoot… GOOOOAAAALLLL!You can alsocontrolevery aspect of your team through the management system:trade inthe transfer market, train your players to improve theirabilityand put them on the path to glory.Game Features:- 1000+playersavailable to set your lineup, formations and tactics-Polished 3Dgraphics and high-quality sound effects- Career mode,World Cupmode & Friendly mode
NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball
Choose your path to greatness in the all-new season of EA SPORTSNBALIVE. Build your team, dominate opponents, boost your Rep,upgradeplayers, take over the Blacktop, and connect with the NBAin LiveEvents. Capture the spotlight and create your legacy in theworld’smost downloaded basketball game.LEAD A TOP SQUAD Create theultimateroster as you upgrade players, rain buckets, and rise upthe ranksin the NBA. With Chemistry, choose and match players thatmirrortheir coach’s playstyle, allowing you to focus onshooting,defensive, a run-and-gun style, and more to get boosts andelevateyour game. Get your team in the zone to become the league’sbestsquad. GAIN YOUR REPBeat opponents in Head-to-Head matchesandLeagues to earn Rep. Use it to earn special packs or RankUpplayers to their maximum performance level. The higheryourplayers’ levels, the better they’ll play on the court.Strategyrules in this battle for victory. OWN THE BLACKTOPNoquarters. Noshot clock. No rules. Head outdoors to the blacktop andbuild alineup of classic players to compete against other NBAlegends andprove yourself on the courts where bonafide ballers aremade. FromBrooklyn to Chicago to Venice Beach, experience adifferent feeland unique events that keep the stakes high and thewins rollingin. COMPETE IN LIVE EVENTSConnect to the NBA all yearlong withdaily challenges that keep you raining buckets on the wayto thetop. Score incredible rewards in real-life matchups andbreakankles in Seasons or Head-to-Head mode with friends andfoes.Become a hoop master all day, every day.This app: requiresapersistent Internet connection (network fees may apply);Requiresacceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and UserAgreement.;includes in-game advertising; collects data throughthird partyanalytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policyfor details);contains direct links to the Internet and socialnetworking sitesintended for an audience over 13.*Facebook loginrequired. Must be13 years or older.
Soccer Star 2018 World Cup Legend: Road to Russia!
Become the ultimate soccer player in the world. Lead your dreamteamto victory scoring crucial goals in the best stadiums. Be yourownsoccer manager, improve your skills as a football player andnogoalkeeper will be able to defend your powerful shot.Takeadvantage of all opportunities that arise in your soccer careertobe the real score hero! The best football game for the realsoccerchampions. Download now Soccer Star 2018 World Legend formobile ortablet FOR FREE! Have fun with this amazing soccer managergame andmanage your own professional football career. Get scoutedas astriker, midfielder or defender and receive renowned sponsors.Hireyour agent, who will manage the finances to increase yourincome,and your physical trainer, who will help you optimize yourphysicalcondition to triumph as a real professional footballplayer. Makeperfect kicks, score many goals, reach fame and yourfans willfollow you to the end. Become a football world-wideinspiration,manage your relations with the fans, and therelationship with themates of your dream team, coach and sponsors,making toughdecisions that will shape your career as a real soccerplayer. Itis the ultimate soccer game! Free kicks, penalties,dribblings…with your ultimate team and your powerful final kick noteam orgoalie will stop you. Be a soccer hero! Impress the sportpress andFIFA with every goal, free kick, penalty and assistanceand supportyour team in the stadium. Work hard and train yourskills (power,technique, free kicks...) to get a spot in thestarting lineup.Begin the 2018/2019 season with your favoritenational team and wintrophies of each league or competition. Couldyou win the ChampionsLeague or the World Cup Tournaments? Rule thepitch with your goalsand gain the highest score in each game.Overcome every challenge,get rewarded with every achievement andearn the experience tolevel up to be the dream team. Purchase thebest sport equipmentand train hard in the gym to give your all inevery match. Be yourown football manager and become a legend in allthe leagues! GAMEFEATURES CHOOSE YOUR OWN WAY★ Select the type offootball playeryou want to be: forward, midfielder or defender, andimpress theworld with your kick shoot.★ Play with your favoritenational team:Brazil, Spain, France, England, Italy, Germany… Willyou become thewinning eleven?★ Improved soccer ball movement:amazing effects andshots! MULTIPLE GAME MODES★ Compete in multiplechampionships,leagues and categories, reach the top and be the realscore hero!★Increase your profits by betting at the casino,racetrack orslots.★ Different training modes: free kick, penaltyshootout,assist the striker… Level up your soccer skills to be thenew starof football. QUALITY DETAILS★ Realistic soccer manager in3D, withplayer celebrations!★ Free and easy to play soccer game:flick toshoot, flick to assist. Just one finger!★ Stunning 3Dgraphics,feel the soccer experience like if you were at thefootballstadium.★ Simple and intuitive interface, new controls toplay realsoccer. PLAY WITH FRIENDS★ Record your best moves andshare withthe community, start rolling the soccer ball!★Integratedachievements with Google Play to see who ranks on top!★Amazingdaily rewards: powerful soccer boots, football kits, shinguards...Why not check out the trailer for the game?Realsoccer!: Play in thebiggestcompetitions around the world and win titles with yourultimateteam to grow as a soccer heroes. Fame, glory, money... Canyoubecome the hero your fans are looking for? Make history asafootball player in the best soccer manager application availableonGoogle Play! VISITUS:
This soccer simulation game for the Pro Evolution Soccer serieshasracked up a total of 28 million downloads from all overtheglobe.Major update with the 2017/18 roster included.Newelementssuch as My Hometown area expansions with new facilities, anonlinelive match mode against members in the same Association, anda""Limit Break"" feature, which extends the players'potentialmaximum abilities, have been added in the new version.Thisworldstandard of soccer simulation games will continue toevolve.Testyour soccer management skills in various roles,including as acoach, a scout, and a general manager against rivalsfrom aroundthe world![PES Console Game Engine on MobileDevices]Enjoy playingrealistic soccer matches with high-quality 3Dgraphics andanalyzing tactics in realtime on an animated 2Dscreen.[LicensesAround the Globe]Official licenses for popularEuropean andSouthern American teams/leagues are included, with morethan 5,000authentic players.[Soccer Simulation Enjoyable for CoreStrategists(Basic Gameplay All Free)]Simple controls allow you toeasily settactics during matches. The tide of matches will changebased onyour management skill.Experience gripping matches in whichyou arein total control.[Try out your Soccer Theory in PlayerTrainingMode]Train players however you want by assigning them to aqualitytrainer and the training venue of your choice. You cancompeteagainst rivals around the world with the team built underyour teamconcept.[User-Driven League]No need to log in at a fixedtime. Playeach season at your own pace.[Play the Global Standard ofSoccerGames for Free]Winning matches with your own tactics/skillsis moresatisfying. Win League/Cup rewards to build your team. Bidforplayers on the market at the lowest price.We recommend PESCLUBMANAGER if you:・For those who want to construct a greatstadiumthat will be iconic to the club's fans, just like howBorussiaDortmund did.・Possess a soccer philosophy like FCBARCELONA.・Forthose who are attracted to clubs like BorussiaDortmund, a teamthat contributes to their hometown and is loved bytheir localfans.・Believe tradition is important for a soccerclub.・Think asoccer club can become something more than a""club"".・Believe""winning in a style"" is the ideal victory.・Thinksoccer is allabout tactics.・Want to manage a dream team with yourfavoriteplayers.・Want to become an owner of a soccer club with alonghistory.・Want to test out new soccer tactics.・Are curiousaboutyoung soccer stars.・Are curious about mid-seasontransfers.・Watchnational matches.・Root for young players ininternationaltournaments.・Think training young generations isimportant.・Thinkphilosophy is necessary for strong clubs.・Soccer isyour favoritesport.* PES CLUB MANAGER is a free-to-play app. Nopurchases arerequired. All users can play the entire game free ofcharge,although purchasing PES Coins can speed up gameplay and helptostrengthen your club faster. In-app purchases can be disabledby“limiting in-app billing” on the device used.Required OS:Android4.2.0 or later*Operation is not guaranteed on otherOSes.Compatibledevices:*Pleasenotethat support is not offered in response to inquiries thatinvolvenon-compatible devices.This is an online game only. Usersmust beconnected to the internet (3G,4G,or Wi-Fi) to play.Internetconnection charges may be incurred separately depending ontheuser's network environment.Use of this app requires agreementto theapp’s Terms of Use, Virtual Currency Terms of Use, andPrivacyPolicy.LicenseRights:
FUT Card Builder 18
FUT Card Builder for FIFA Ultim. Team! One of the easiest to usefutcard creators you will ever use. Take control in your own handsandsee why this is one of the best fifa card maker apps. The bestappto make your own FIFA card, store it and create your own squad.🔥News! FIFA 18 cards! 🔥✅ The best and most complete FUTCardGenerator from Play Store! ⚽️✅ Now with Squad Builder! ⚽️✅Over100k satisfied users generating cards daily ⚽️FUT CARDBUILDER(WHAT TO EXPECT):💠 All FUT Ultim. Team Cards for FIFA 18 17,16,15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 and 09. More than 250 cards!!💠 FIFA 18:36cards and 36 compact card.💠 FIFA 17: 37 cards and 37compactcards.💠 FIFA 16: 23 cards.💠 FIFA 15: 22 cards.💠 FIFA 14: 20cards.💠FIFA 13: 16 cards.💠 FIFA 12: 13 cards.💠 FIFA 11: 9 cards.💠FIFA 10:6 cards.💠 FIFA 09: 3 cards.FUT CARD BUILDER FEATURES:✅Unique appwith compact cards!✅ Take or Pick your photo!✅ Chose thename,position, all statistics and chemistry icon! ✅ Manage, saveorshare your FUT Cards!✅ More than 700 badges to select.✅ Morethan200 nations to select.✅ Create your clubs, manage your cardsindifferent clubs!✅ Customize your badges and nations. Createnewbadges or nations!EASY & SIMPLEUsing and navigating thefifacard generator is really easy. You can create cards in secondsandeverything is viewable in a neat dashboard. Your cards,squads,clubs, badges and nations can be previewed at anytime.CUSTOM CARDMAKER NOW WITH SQUAD BUILDERUse the fut card makeras you want andcreate cards. Put any photo you want and showcaseyour creativity.You asked, we listened! Now you can finally createa squad and putall cards you created in a team with the squadbuilder. We arecontinuously following the requests of our users andcontinue to dorelevant updates!Thanks:- Thanks to Luca Schulz forthe Germantranslation!- Thanks to Massimo Gandolfi for theItaliantranslation!- Thanks to Simon Ocampo for theSpanishtranslation!Legal Information:FUT Card Builder is anunofficialcard creator and has no relationship with the producer.Alltrademarks mentioned are the property of their respectiveowners.
Draft Simulator for FUT 18
- Create and play with realistic FUT 18 Drafts including allnewICONS! - Take a trip back in time with the RETRO FUT Draft!-BuildSquads from the entire FUT database!- Earn FUT players andbadges!-Open up packs with an all new pack opening animation!- Seenew FUTcards as they are released!- New features and players willbe addedweekly!- Check out this new FUT 18 Seasons app by NiCoDevelopers! - Collect players and work yourway to thetop division!
FUT 17 DRAFT by PacyBits
** Download our new game "FUT 18 DRAFT by PacyBits" **Enjoythisrealistic and easy-to-use FUT 17 Draft Simulator, but becareful -it's addicting. Build your squad, simulate a 4-gametournament, andopen packs as rewards!- Realistic player picks. Wespent weeks finetuning the algorithm to make picks realistic,unexpected,challenging and exciting- Weekly addition of latestplayers,including TOTW. It's seamless - you don't need to doanything-Tournament simulation - many different teams; unexpectedbutrealistic results- Open packs for playing in the tournament.Saveyour players and collect them all!- Squad Builder. Buildsquadswith the players you get in your reward packs.- Every gametakesinto account your squad's rating and chemistry - the betteryourteam, the more chances you have of scoring goals and winningthegame- Intuitive and clear user interface- Ability to saveyoursquads and share them with your friends - Accurate chemistryandrating calculations- Preview of formation and playerchoices-Beautiful summary after each draftNOTICE: All FIFA assets,playerfaces, club badges and league logos are property of EASports. Thisapplication is for entertainment purposes only and hasnoaffiliation or connection to Electronic Arts, EA Sports, ortheFIFA game franchise.
Head Soccer La Liga 2018
HEAD SOCCER LA LIGA is the official game for Spanish LeagueSoccerfor 2017-2018 season! Choose your favourite soccer playeramong theofficial LaLiga squads, unleash your powerful shots andtake yourfootball club to the top of the world rankings! Scorethousand ofgoals using the big head of your footballer and becomethe ultimatechampion and the hero of your dream team!Download nowfor free andenjoy playing football with all the soccer clubs andsuperstarsfrom LaLiga!Start as a newbie and level up through allcategories:rookie, professional, champion, all-star… and finallyreach the topof the world and be a soccer legend. Impress the FIFAand the fansby scoring incredible goals in the best official soccerstadiums:Bernabéu, Camp Nou, Calderón, Mestalla, San Mamés,Riazor,Sánchez-Pizjuán… What is your favourite soccer club? Selectafootball team from the dream league and play as a minifootballerwith a bobble head. Goalkeepers, defenders,midfielders,forwards... only Head Soccer LaLiga 2017 has all theofficialfootball players from LaLiga!Join millions of players inthisexciting soccer game and enjoy playing with all yourfavouritefootballers: Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Aduriz, Piqué,FernandoTorres, Orellana… Now you just need to choose yourbig-headedsoccer player, get out on the field, show off your skillsand wintournaments!Only the best players are able to take onthischallenge! Show off your ball skills and beat each round asthoughit were a final! Try to survive in the most astonishingsoccermatches jumping as high as you can, kicking stronger andsprintingfaster than all your rivals. Score amazing goals in everyclash andwin all the cups, leagues and tournaments to be the heroyour fansare looking for.Do you think you've got what it takes tobe aCHAMPION? Download Head Soccer LaLiga now!== GAMEFEATURES==OFFICIAL LICENSES FROM LALIGAPlay football in realstadiums withall your idols. The only soccer game with the originalclubs andsquads from the Spanish League Soccer for 2017-2018season!TRAINAND IMPROVEEvolve your soccer players and their skills:SPEED tomove quickly down the field, SHOT to make it unstoppable,JUMP toleap higher in each attack and defense, SPRINT to overtakeyourrivals, POWER UP to reduce the time between special shots…Level upand be the ultimate score hero!AMAZING SPECIAL SHOTSDefeatall theopponents using the shocking special kicks: Dragon Ball,OrangeMachine, Falling Star… And more! Each with stunning light andsoundeffects! Ultimate extreme football!DIVISIONSCreate your playerandcompete at the highest level. Choose from three categories:bronze,silver, and gold. Each category is made up of variousdivisions.Win matches to ascend in the divisions and reach theGoldcategory!Win bonuses as you defeat opponents and beat yourfriendsin the Ranking. Victories will earn you rewards that you canuse tolevel up your player.REACH THE GOLD DIVISIONGAME MODESTry theCUP,where champions are remembered! Go down in history through allofthe rounds and enjoy playing in the Final Cup!Start aFRIENDLYmatch and play soccer against any club you want!Consistencyis keyto success in the LEAGUE! You must face all of the teams andgainpoints match by match to ranked at the top by the end oftheseason.How many rounds could you survive in the SURVIVALmode?Makeyour own huge head football player with the amazingEDITOR!BEATYOUR FRIENDSSync your progress with Google Play Gamesand Facebook,overcome your friends and share your achievements: Howmany goalscould you score?Even Luis Figo has fun playing HeadSoccer LaLiga,check it out: in theDream League,reach the Gold Division, play Head Soccer LaLiga2018!Visitusat:http://laliga.es
Stickman Soccer 2016
#1 SPORTS GAME IN VARIOUS COUNTRIES! Stickman Soccer 2016 isthebrand new sequel to the award winning Stickman Soccer withmorethan 50 million players. Experience pure soccer fun with fastpacedgameplay, an astonishing atmosphere, stunning smoothanimations,simple controls, insane action and tons of replay valuein thisfrom the ground up redesigned Soccer. Choose your soccerteam andrank up while playing various seasons, national leagues,cups orthe European Cup 2016 in France. Decide whether you wantfullcontrol over your players with manual running and shoot timingoruse the automatic running mode where you have control overprecisepass timing and watch your players tackle your opponents.Chooseyour favorite soccer team from more than 100 differentskilledteams and lead them to glory!EXPERIENCE PURE ARCADE SOCCER,notjust another simulation!PLAY with your friends locally with upto 4controllers or one by one in the brand new and UNIQUE PARTYMODE,even on your Android TV!• Stickman Soccer brand won the"BestSoccer Game 2015 Award” by German Soccer Culture Academy•Thesequel to the #1 Soccer game in multiple countries

• Fromthemakers of various top hits like Stickman Basketball, StickmanIceHockey, Stickman Football, Stickman Tennis, StickmanBattlefields,Stickman Cliff Diving, Stickman Base Jumper,Rope'n'Fly andmore...
FEATURES• Seasons, National Leagues and Cups•European Cup2016 in France• Short and Long Seasons• Woman leagueand teams•Mini skill games with online leaderboard• Localmultiplayer modewith up to 4 controllers (play in the same oropposite teams)•Brand new and unique Party Mode. Play with up to 4players on yourdevice one by one• Quick Game and Shootout modes•New gamemechanics including Fouls, Penalty Kick, Long Pass, Header,Corner,etc..• New movements and tactics• New 3D fluid animations•Variousdifficulty modes• Full controller and gamepad support•Simple yetpowerful touch controls with timing control
• Automaticor ManualRunning• Record, replay and share your best moments• 100differentsoccer teams to choose from• Match statistics• Competewith yourfriends with the integrated world ranking leaderboard
•Smoothanimations with 60 frames per second 
Take a look at theStickmanSoccer 2016 Trailer: free to postyourideas, we will try to implement them as soon as possible
Thankyouvery much for all your support and interest in our games! Wewouldlove to hear your suggestions!
Pack Opener for FUT 18 and 16
Open pack simulator based on Ultim. Team 18 and 16 cards.Openpacksand collect all the cards! Find the best pack. You can openanunlimited number of packs.Ultimate FUT 18/16version!Important!These packs are pure fantasy - there is noconnection to your FUT18 and 16 club.
Real World Soccer League: Football WorldCup 2018
Play beautiful with a newer, better, and faster freefootballworldcup game experience on mobile! Real World FootballWorldCup2018 is the best football fun soccer game, bringing fifafootballon mobile to a new era! And it’s better than ever. Thisfifaultimate team offers dream league experience to date onAndroid. Itis one of the most intense and addictive pes soccer gameon theplay market with smooth gameplay, most realisticphysics,astonishing atmosphere and tons of replay value. You aregoing topass, sprint and going to show skill move around opponents.So,take aim, shoot and score goal. It is the best mobilefootballsoccer pro simulation with smooth and easy controls,amazinggraphics, realistic animations, mind-blowing backgroundsoundeffects and thrilling actions. You can choose your bestultimateteam pro and can play against national soccer teams withyourfavorite players. Let’s play to win the dream league,championtrophy or World Cup. You have to train your players toimprovetheir ability and to have to increase their energy level towin thematch. You can also upgrade your Stadium and team energylevel. Thegraphics have been improved for you. Let’s enjoy the bestfootballgame.Experience the free-kick of football worldcup 2018game actionof your favorite 3D soccer game like no other! Play afun game offootball worldcup 2018. Kick-off in the middle of thefootballfield and kick the ball to score, elegant opponent in yourway tothe world goal. This is real-time football penalty kick andfreekick game for all football lovers. Your chance to become astarstriker!Download and enjoy this Real World Soccer League:FootballWorldCup 2018 Game for FREE now and start to play the mostamazingfree sports game! Best Features of Real World SoccerLeague:Football WorldCup 2018• Brilliant 3D graphics and realisticsoundeffects• Different game modes: Champion League, World Cupmode& Friendly mode• Multiple most popular teams are added•RealWorld Football WorldCup 2018 Game for Android phones• RealTeams,multiple grounds • Very easy and intuitive gameplaycontrolsPrivacyPolicy:
Real Football
Experience Real Football both on and off the pitch, all in a20MBpackage!The latest edition of the free soccer simulation isherewith a whole set of new features! Build your dream team andleadthem to become champions of the world! Develop teamfacilities,recruit star players, improve their abilities, challengeyourselfin the World Arena, and many more!SOCCER AS REAL AS ITGETSStunningvisuals: 3D stadiums, polished shadows, detailedtextures, andspectators all come together to provide anexcitingatmosphere!Multiple camera views during cutscenes and setpiecesfor a richer broadcast and first-personsensation.Improvedopponents and positioning: Smarter players makefor a much morerealistic and challenging experience!BUILD, UPGRADE,AND LEAD YOURTEAM!Build your dream team by recruiting star playersthrough thelottery!Enhance your players' abilities by acquiringskill itemsthrough the lottery and matches!Upgrade your teamfacilitiesincluding Stadiums, Hospitals, Physiotherapy Centers andYouthCamp!Challenge other players in asynchronous PvP World Arenamodeand climb the leaderboards!Real Football is a freesimulationsports game where you'll be able to win a league orcupchampionship, play with world champions, be a manager of afantasyteam, and more. We're bringing you a real, free fantasysimulationand a comprehensive manager game, all in one soccerpackage.Whetheryou like soccer simulations, fantasy manager gamesor you're simplya fan of the sport, this free game isforyou._____________________________________________Visit ourofficialsite at http://www.gameloft.comFollow us on Twitterat or like us on Facebookat to get more info about allourupcoming titles.Check out our videos and game trailerson our blogat for the inside scooponeverythingGameloft._____________________________________________Thisappallows you to purchase virtual items within the app.Terms ofUse: LicenseAgreement:
Winner Soccer Evo Elite
It's totally FREE.Winner’s Soccer Evolution is a real 3Dcompetitivefootball game. It includes the teams and the latestfootballplayers’ data of 2014 World Cup. There are various modesfor you toselect, such as Cup, League Match and Friendly Match. Ithas up to126 teams and 2600 players. Smooth actions and playbackfunction letyou feel like you actually in the game. 1.Game ModesThis game hasvarious modes, including Cup (World Cup, Club Cup),League Match(Premier League, Lega Serie A, La Liga and CSL),Friendly Match andPenalty Shootout. It also has a training modefor you to trainskills of your team, dividing into Primary, MediumandAdvanced.Friendly Match Mode: You can select 2 teams from 62clubteams to compete or shoot penalty.Cup Mode: You can selectyourfavorite team from 64 national teams to participate the WorldCup.League Mode, You can select one team from Britain, Italy,Spain orChina to compete for championship.Training Mode: You canselect ateam to perfect its operation skills.2. Various OperationSkillsThis game provides two kinds of operation modes. You canchoose themost suitable one. (You can change mode in Options underMenu or tapbutton || to activate Menu in game.)You can readControl Method inHelp of Options under Menu.The operation adoptsan internationalpopular way, setting 5 pass ball keys: Short Pass/Press and LongPass/Slide Tackle, Shoot, Through Pass/GK Rush Out,Long throughPass and Special Dribble /Focus Change.Short Pass: Itis short passin offense. Let controller press opponent dribbler indefense.LongPass: Press Power Accumulate and pass the ball to amate ofappropriate distance after release. Let controller slidetackle whendefend.Shoot: Make different shooting actions accordingto PowerAccumulate and the distance between player andball.Special Dribble:Including many special dribble actions:Marsille roulette, Stepover, Step over and Pull back.Automaticcombination skills:ThroughPass: Pass ball to catcher according toPower Accumulate.Longthrough Pass: Pass ball to catcher with LongPass according to PowerAccumulate.Sprint: Rapid dribble, fastenspeed of dribble but worsencontrol of ball.Drive ball out: Stopball far away from body andfacilitate dribble startingacceleration.Dribble with far distance:Double click in front whenfast dribble can dribble farther andfacilitate fast run.Fake Shootand Fake Long pass: Pressing ShortPass when (or after) Shoot orPower Accumulate will cancel shoot orlong pass. They are used todribble past opponent Defenders orGK.One-Two pass: Two playerscooperate to dribble past opponentDefenders.Lob shoot: PressSpecial Dribble to shoot.Control tracksof ball: Press directionkeys to control the flying arc of ball.
FUT Card Creator 18
Create your Ultim. Team card and show it to yourfriends!Chooseamong 36 different types of Cards, and add any name,stats andphoto you like!Save your card in your Deck and share it onsocialmedia!☆ Functionalities ☆ ✔ 36 Card types & 158 Nations ✔TheCards are completely customizable✔ Add your photo!✔Eye-catchingcolor schemes✔ Save card in your own Gallery✔ PersonalDeck with asmany Cards as you like
World Soccer League
[Game Features]- There are around 60 national teams, 60 clubsandtotal of 2000 players.- Total of 4 modes provided: Exhibition,Cup,League, and Training.- Real football game for you to enjoysplendiddribble and thrilling shooting!- Save and keep great imageor videoof each the moment.- Achievements and Global Activity areprovided-Support 15 languages- SupporttabletdevicesHomepage:
Soccer Star 2018 Top Leagues
It’s the last match of the League and you are in a drawn. It’syourturn to choose the destiny of your soccer team. Fit your boots,runfor the ball, make a powerful kick and… GOAL! Will you triumphas asoccer player and become the real score hero of your club? Willyoube the football legend of this season?Download now Soccer Star2018Top Leagues for mobile or tablet FOR FREE!GAME FEATURESLEAGUESANDDIVISIONSPlay in the most important soccer competitions intheworld: UEFA League, Cup, League, Champions League… and leadyourteam to the top of the worldwide football.Change your clubeveryseason and feel the emotions of playing in other leagues.Trythehardness of the English Premier League, or get fun withthetechnique of the Spanish La Liga, or feel the strategy oftheItalian Serie A… Could you win the trophies of allthechampionships?CONTRACTS AND SPONSORSNegotiate a contract withaclub and try to get the best deal. It’s the first step to reachagalactic contract and gain a lot of money, like a realsocceridol!Shine like a star and the best sponsors will offeryousucculents contracts, and will print their brands in yourfootballboots and your soccer kits.Get the best soccer kits, takecare ofyour alimentation, try an epic pair of boots… The realsoccer powerwill flow through your legs.CLUBS AND SEASONSStart yourownfootball career in a humble club and raise up match by matchtoreach the most famous soccer clubs in the world.Yourfootballcareer has just begun in the 2017/2018 season, so scoretons ofgoals and jump to a first division club in the2018/2019season.Reach world fame through all the seasons: 2016,2017… Andprepare yourself for the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018!Howmanyseasons do you need to win your first league? And aChampionsLeague?MANAGER AND SOCIALLook after your relation withyour coach,your fans, your teammates… To get a spot in thestartingeleven.Jump into the stadium and lead your soccer team tovictory.Control every aspect of your line up like a realfootballmanager.LEVEL UP SKILLSDifferent training modes: free kick,penaltyshootout, assist the striker… Level up your soccer skills tobe thenew star of football.Set wisely your team before each matchandcompete hard to reach glory with the best footballmanagergame.Free and easy to play soccer game: flick to shoot,flick toassist. Just one finger!From the creator of Soccer StarWorldLegend, here comes Soccer Star 2018 TOP LEAGUES, the ultimatenewsoccer experience. As the main feature: Leagues! Play intheleagues from every country and lead your team to the top ofthechampionship winning every single match of the season.Beginyoursoccer career from the bottom. Sign with a second division clubandbegin your journey to glory. Compete with the best soccer teamsandagainst worldwide known football players. Do you dare tofaceCristiano or Messi? Train to improve your technique, shotandprecision. That’s the only way to become an unstoppablesoccerplayer.Play in the most important soccer championships:UEFALeague, Cup, League, Champions League… And lead your soccerteam tothe top. Take advantage of every opportunity to impress thesportpress and negotiate galactic contracts and the best partners.Takecare of your social relationships with your coach, team andsfans.Will you accept the FIFA World Cup challenge? It’s up toyou.Livelike the soccer star you are destined to be. Buy luxuryyachts,huge manors, fast cars… Soccer Star 2018 Top Leagues istheultimate soccer simulator. Hire personal trainers and agents,getthe best equipment for every season, fit your epic boots andnobodywill stop your kicks. Take your best and turn yourself intoasoccer legend.2018 season has started and your time hascome.Become a SoccerStar!VISITUS:
Guess The Soccer Player FIFA 18 Trivia Quiz Free
Guess The Soccer Player FIFA 18 Trivia QuizAre you a Soccerfanatic?Prove your ability to guess the football player withthisgame!Challenge yourself to guess the names of famousplayersTestyour knowledge about Football Players and see whetheryou knoweverything about FIFA football player 2018.Guess The SoccerPlayer/ Guess The Football Player is a new quiz checks yourknowledge ofplayer's career. Since its first official club to thepresent.There are more than 100 players! Your task is to try toguess whatkind of footballer (soccer player) here is hidden. Youhave toanswer the question to pass each level by locating rightletters atthe available space which is football player's name. Canyou guessall football player's name within this football quiz?? Doyou thinkit is easy to handle? Let's try.- Simple, Instant Fun!-100+Puzzles- Free Reveals after each level.- Some Easy Levels,OtherVery Hard- High Challenge- Share your friends withFacebook,Twitter & InstagramExperience the greatest FootballTrivia QuizGame
Striker Soccer London
Striker Soccer London: your goal is the gold!Enjoy thisspecialthemed version for the London 2012 Olympic games for free,whichincludes all the features of the successful Striker SoccerEuro2012 with over 3,8 million downloads. Play with all thenationalfootball teams taking part in the 2012 Olympic games.Emulate themin schedule following the real matches calendar andbeat thechallenge to the Gold Medal.Main features:✔ 2 game modes:Friendlymatch or London cup.✔ Choose between the 16 nationalteamsparticipating in 2012 Olympic Games.✔ Format and schedulessimilarto 2012 Olympic Games : the group stage, the quarter-finals,thesemi-finals and the final.✔ Set the best tactic for each game.Youhave 7 formations available!✔ Three levels of difficulty.✔Fullcontrol of your players: shooting, passing and tackling in aneasymanner✔ Control the effect and lower or raise the height oftheball using accelerometer✔ Soccer simulator in full 3Denvironment✔Now with kids mode! Easy controls to let everyone enjoythefootball✔ And a funny penalty shootout mini game!Download it,enjoyand win!Facebook:
Score! Hero
BE THE HERO! Pass, Shoot & Score your way to legendarystatus,as you explore the dramatic career of your HERO player over580challenging levels!Immersive free flowing 3D Score! Gameplayletsyou control the action. Split defences with precise throughballs,or bend shots into the top corner, putting you in control foranunrivalled mobile soccer experience.Download and play todayforFREE!* Includes tabletsupport!******************************************FEATURES* Over580 levelsand counting…* Win awards, win trophies, score goals,change clubs,represent your country and go for glory!* New Score!Engine thatallows more freedom and strategic play than everbefore!* Simple toplay, tough to master* Stunning 3D graphics, cutscenes andanimations * Customise your Hero player for a unique lookand feel*Intelligent AI adapts to your passes, and shots makingeach playthrough different* Connect with Facebook to competeagainst yourclosest friends!* Google Play achievements &leaderboards tosee who ranks on top!* Sync progress between deviceswith GooglePlay Cloud!* Engaging Story charting your rise from anaspiringteen to a player making it big!Take your chances, score thegoals,be theHERO!*****************************************IMPORTANT*This gameis free to play, but additional content and in-game itemsmay bepurchased for real money. * This app uses wifi or mobiledata (ifavailable) to download game content and advertising. Youcan disablemobile data usage on this game from withinSettings/Mobile Data.*This app contains third party advertising.Advertising is disabledif you purchase in game currency fromtheshop.*****************************************VISITUS:firsttouchgames.comLIKE US: US:
Top Eleven 2018 - Be a Soccer Manager
*Celebrate Spring with our limited-time offers!*Join over170million players worldwide to become the best soccer managerwiththe unbeatable excitement of Top Eleven! Build your clubfromscratch and control every aspect of your team - Create yourownstrategies and formations and take on Mourinho, your friendsandmillions of other Top Eleven managers on a daily basis. TopElevenis the most-played online soccer manager game! Begin yourjourneyas a soccer manager today! Name your club and build it fromtheground up. In Top Eleven you have the opportunity to controleveryaspect of your club, from training sessions, transfers,squadselection, formation set-ups, club finances and kit designs.Inthis free multi-player game you can join forces and competeagainstfriends or test and improve your skills while playingagainst othermanagers from around the globe. Choose officialjerseys and emblemsfrom the Premier League, Bundesliga, MLS, thelegendary ChampionsLeague and many more soccer leagues.There areplayers that havemanaged their clubs for over 7 years and have wonsuccessiveLeague, Cup and Champions League titles! Can you beatthem? PlayTop Eleven and experience all the excitement of buildingthe bestsoccer club in the world from scratch ★ Build and developyourstadium with all surrounding facilities.★ Scout & sign thebestplayers in the live transfer market.★ Design your owntrainingsessions to improve your players.★ Master your team'stactics andformations.★ Challenge other soccer managers daily incompetitionsand friendlies.★ Give your team instructions andinfluence theresult in the best live-match experience for a soccermanager.★Compete in the League, Cup and Champions League. TopEleven istranslated into 30 different languages! ---For any issuesorsuggestions regarding the game, simply contactusat:https://nordeus.helpshift.comOur team offers support in8languages.PrivacyPolicy: ofService:
*Philippe Coutinho, currently depicted on the app icon, isstillrecorded in the game as belonging to Liverpool FC. This datawillbe revised in the near future with an update that will reflecthiscurrent club membership.*Downloading under Wi-Fi isstronglyrecommended.NEW FEATURES TO MAKE MATCHES MORE EXCITINGTheauthenticsoccer action of "PES" has been upgraded with data tomatch thestart of the 2017-2018 season!With the new "Friend"feature, youcan enjoy online matches in realtime against yourfriends wheneverand wherever you want.If you want to play casuallyagainst nearbyfriends, now you can with "Local Matches" and "LocalLeagues",where you create an original tournament. Enjoy heatedmatchesagainst your friends and clinch the top spot!UnforgettablesoccerLegends will be introduced one after another, includingBECKHAM,MARADONA, and ZICO, there's never been a better opportunitytocreate your ultimate dream!Matches have been improved withtheaddition of new gameplay features, such as the Chip ShotandControlled Shot.There's also been a big overhaul to thegame'ssound and visuals.THE PES 2018 MOBILE EXPERIENCETake totalcontrolof every action on the field in a way that only the PROEVOLUTIONSOCCER franchise can deliver!Natural player movements,precisionpassing, and in-depth tactics bring the true experience ofthebeautiful game to your mobile device!SWIPE TO PASS! TAPTOSHOOT!Controller actions have been optimized to make playingonyour mobile device feel as smooth and exciting as a PES actiongameshould! Utilize PES "Advanced" controls for precise passingandcontrolled shooting. "Classic" virtual pad controls arealsoavailable.Master your technique and feel the excitement ofscoringthe winning goal in the ultimate action soccer game!BUILDYOURWINNING ELEVEN TEAMAcquire players through Scouts, Agents, ortheScout Auction. Choose the best players to fit youruniquetactics.Every player is unique and every match is anewexperience!Create your very own team and play rightaway!OFFICIALCLUB PARTNERSHIPSScout and recruit thousands of soccerstars fromthe best teams in Europe, South America, and Asia.Prepare to feelwhat it takes to play with or against stars likeL.MESSI, L.SUÁREZ,INIESTA, PIQUÉ and O. DEMBÉLÉ.THE OFFICIAL "UEFACHAMPIONSLEAGUE"!Experience official visuals from the "UEFAChampionsLeague" as you compete against the top teams inEurope.[SystemRequirements]This app is an online game. Please enjoythe game withstable internet connection.[Title Display]If youselect Japanese inthe language settings of the game application,“Winning Eleven2018” will be displayed. If you select a languageother thanJapanese, “PES2018 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER” will bedisplayed.
Dream League Soccer 2018
Dream League Soccer 2018 is here, and it’s better than ever!Socceras we know it has changed, and this is YOUR chance to buildTHEbest team on the planet. Recruit real FIFPro™ licensedsuperstars,build your own stadium, and take on the World with DreamLeagueOnline as you march towards glory, on your road toSoccerStardom!Download Dream League Soccer 2018 for FREE now!*Includestabletsupport!******************************************************MANAGEYOURDREAM TEAMSign top superstar players such as Gareth Bale andAndrésIniesta to create your very own Dream Team! Choose yourformation,perfect your style and take on any team who stands inyour way asyou rise through 6 Leagues to top the prestigious EliteDivision.Have you got what it takes?REALISTIC NEW GAMEPLAY Beprepared forsmart, tactical AI to form a challenging and addictiveexperience.With all new visuals, realistic animations and 60fpsdynamicgameplay (compatible devices only), Dream League Soccer 2018is theperfect Soccer package which captures the true essence ofthebeautiful game.GO GLOBALDream League Online puts your DreamTeamagainst the very best in the world. Work your way through theranksto prove your team is the greatest! FEATURES* FIFPro™licensedplayers brings the most authentic Dream League Soccerexperience toyour hands!* Freedom to create, customize and controlyour very ownDream Team!* 6 Divisions to work your way through, andover 7 Cupcompetitions!* Build your very own stadium to showcaseyoursuperstars!* Develop your players with more accuracy andintent*Season objectives to keep you engaged and coming back!*Google Playachievements & leaderboards to see who ranks ontop!* Customiseand import your very own kits & logos!* Syncprogress betweendevices with Google Play Cloud!* Exclusivesoundtrack provided byThe Luka State, Holy Oysters, Beth Thornton,The Ninth Wave, EatMore Cake & TheRamonaFlowers!*****************************************************IMPORTANT*Thisgame is free to play, but additional content and in-game itemsmaybe purchased for real money.* This app uses Wi-fi or mobiledata (ifavailable) to download game content and advertising. Youcan disablemobile data usage on this game from withinSettings/Mobile Data.*This app contains third party advertising.Advertising is disabledif you purchase in game currency fromtheshop.*****************************************************VISITUS:firsttouchgames.comLIKE
Thank you for supporting PES Collection.Unfortunately, theservicefor this app will come to an end on 22/05/2018. We aregrateful forall the users who enjoyed the game during its brieflifespan.Due tothe app's imminent closure, all in-app purchaseshave beendiscontinued as of the maintenance on 27/03/2018. Pleasenote thatyou will still be able to use the other features of theapp untilservice ends.With little more than a month left as ofthisannouncement, we encourage you to enjoy the app while it isstillavailable.Once again, we would like to extend our sinceregratitudeto all the loyal fans that playedPESCollection.--------------------All UEFA Champions Leaguenames,logos and trophies are the property, registered trademarksand/orcopyright of UEFA. All rights reserved. adidas, the 3-Barslogo,the 3-Stripe trade mark and Climacool are registered trademarks ofthe adidas Group, used with permission.The use of imagesand namesof the football players in this game is under license fromFIFProCommercial Enterprises BV. FIFPro is a registered trademarkofFIFPro Commercial Enterprises BV.© 2018, DFBCopyright FFF©Licensedby OLIVEDESPORTOS (Official Agent of the FPF)ProductoOficialLicenciado RFEF© 2002 Ligue de Football Professionnel®OfficiallyLicensed by Eredivisie C.V. and Stichting CAO voorContractspelers™© 2018 THE ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB PLC, ALL RIGHTSRESERVEDOfficialLicensed Product of A.C. MilanOfficial productmanufactured anddistributed by KONAMI under licence granted bySoccer s.a.s. diBrand Management S.r.l.All other copyrights ortrademarks are theproperty of their respective owners and are usedunderlicense.©2017 KonamiDigitalEntertainment--------------------Android 2.3 orlater.Recommendeddevices- A minimum of 1 GB of memory isrequired.Note:We cannotoffer support or compensation related to useon non-recommendeddevices.
Head Soccer
◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆100,000,000Downloads!!◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆Moveto the side,hard-to-control soccer !A soccer game with easycontrols thateveryone can learn in 1 second.Beat the opponent withfancy lethalshots such as dragon shoot, ice shoot and lighteningshoot and winthe tournament.You can also matchup with friends orglobal usersthrough the gamecenter.Play this fun soccer gameanytime,anywhere.■■ FEATURES ■■+ Various 74 Avatars & UniqueSpecialShot !!+ 7 Game mode (Arcade, Tournament, Survial, League,HeadCup, Death Mode, Fight Mode)+ Online Multiplayer via GooglePlayService+ Physics based gameplay (Box2d)+ Submit Facebook■■D&DDREAM GAMES ■■+ Dinosaur Slayer+ Zombie Sweeper+Crasher+IChallenger: Return+ Tiny Brush+ Millionaire Show+HeadBasketball> Website:>> Facebook:
EA SPORTS™ FIFA 18 Companion
Read on for important info below!This app requires you to have anEAAccount, FIFA 18 (available on PlayStation®4, Xbox One,PC,PlayStation®3, and Xbox 360™), and a FIFA Ultimate Team™Club.Football never stops. The FIFA Companion app connects you totheworld of FUT 18 anywhere, anytime, so you can keep your FUTClubgoing while you’re on the go. Featuring full management of yourFUTClub, the FIFA 18 Companion app enables you to prepare yoursquadfor your next big match, bid on a last-minute transfer,earnrewards for your team, and improve your club with excitingnewPlayers and Items from Packs using Coins or FIFA Points. Withfullintegration between the Companion, Web apps, and your Console,yourclub will always be up to date, regardless of where youareplaying. Create your club in FUT 18 on your Console or PC toenjoythe new and fan-favorite features below.OBJECTIVESIn thisbrand-newfeature, you will encounter fresh ways to play FUT bycompletingDaily and Weekly Objectives, along with excitingChallengesoffering unique rewards. Full cross-platform parity willallow youto complete Transfer and Club Management Objectives in theapp, andcheck which Objectives can be done on your Console or PC,withoutskipping a beat.SBCExchange Players from your Club forexcitingrewards through Squad Building Challenges as you combinePlayers tocheck off requirements. Increase the challenge withCustom Bricksby linking Nationality, Leagues, and Clubs for morecomplexchemistry.SQUAD AND CLUB MANAGEMENTGet your squad ready foryournext big match while you’re on the go. Manage yourFormations,Players, Managers, and Consumables. Share your Squadwith friendsthrough unique share links!TRANSFERSThe FUT TransferMarket isalways on. Never miss an important transfer and keep tabson marketactivity. The Transfer Market lets you list items fromyour Cluband bid on new Players, Consumables, and everything neededto buildyour Ultimate Team!STOREBuild out your Club with Packs thatcan bepurchased with Coins or FIFA Points. The FIFA 18 CompanionAppensures you’ll never miss a special Pack offer or lightninground.HOW TO GET STARTEDThe FIFA 18 Companion app requires you tohave anEA Account, a copy of FIFA 18, and a FIFA Ultimate Team™Club.Nintendo Switch Accounts are not supported in the FIFACompanionApp. To connect your account, log in to FIFA 18 on yourConsole orPC. Then:o Go to FIFA Ultimate Team mode and create yourFUT CluboCreate a FUT Security Question and Answer on your Consoleor PC oLog in to your EA Account from the FIFA 18 Companion App onyourcompatible mobile deviceThis app is available in English,French,Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, andBrazilian-Portuguese.ImportantConsumer Information: This app:Requires FIFA 18 and a FIFAUltimate Team Club for PlayStation®4,Xbox One, PC, PlayStation®3,and Xbox 360™, and an EA Account toplay; requires a persistentInternet connection (network fees mayapply); Requires acceptanceof EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy andUser Agreement; Collectsdata through third party analyticstechnology (see Privacy &Cookie Policy for details); Containsdirect links to the Internet.oUser Agreement: http://terms.ea.comoPrivacy and Cookie Policy: o Visit forassistance or inquiries.o EA may retireonline features after 30days’ notice posted
Football Master 2018
Join the biggest growing mobile football community. Unleashyourfootball skills to constantly changing and evolving format ofthebeautiful game.FOOTBALL MASTER is the most innovative,intriguingand intense Online Football Management Game. Create yourprodigy asa legendary Football Manager by building your personalclub fromscratch to a World-Class champion by development throughScouting,Training, Build Up and participating in thrillingreal-timeTournaments and World Leagues.Download and Play for FREEthisyear’s leading Football Manager Game, crafted exclusively foryourmobile devices. Now live football anytime, anywhere!DREAM,TRAIN,BECOME:• Officially Licensed: With official licenses fromfootballpioneer FIFPro, along with premier clubs in the Europe, youcan nowsign popular strikers, wingers, full-backs and goalkeepers.OneTeam...One Dream !!• Thousands of Athletes:Scout, Develop,Tradeand Play with your handpicked BEST XI, selected from thousandsofchoices. Sign...Train…Win... REPEAT !!• Stunning 3DMatches:Witness your First XI in action in captivating 360 degrees3Dstadium atmosphere. Live the complete football dream !!•OfficialClub Marks and Latest Team Kit: You can acquire OfficialClub Marksfor personalizing your own club, along with the chance todressyour entire squad in latest 2016-17 Official Kits. Dress forthekill !!• Exciting & Competitive Leagues: Lead your teaminvarious global game modes including Super League, MasterLeague,Europa Championship, and Super Club Challenges. All Out...AllGame... All Season !!• World-Class AI Performance: Theentirefootball action is boosted by leading and powerful AI gameenginepromising flawless skills, thrilling goals and mostrealisticpasses, crosses, dribbles and tackles. Flawless Gameplay…Eachtime.. Every time !!• Challenge Global Football Masters: Youcanchallenge other managers from across the globe and winexcitingrewards. To become the Best… Beat the Rest !!SUPPORT:Toreceivelatest game news and US: In-game by going to Setting->Help© GALA Sports Technology Ltd.The use of images and namesof thefootball players in this game is under license fromFIFProCommercial Enterprises BV. FIFPro is a registered trademarkofFIFPro Commercial Enterprises BV.
Flick Shoot (Soccer Football)
Flick Shoot (Soccer Football) presentsAndroidUsers the most entertaining soccer (football) experiencewithimpressive graphics and a realistic physics engine.★ 7 different game modes: Arcade, Tournament, One Ball,Multiplayer,Time Attack, Goal Post, Targets, Wall Kick (ProOnly),★ Improved graphics and playability★ Realistic goal keeper animations and physics engine★ Realistic kick and swerve controls★ Highscore for each game modePlaying football was never so fun! You will be amazed by howfunshooting freekicks will be with Flick Shoot (SoccerFootball).Flick Shoot is Football at its finest!
App Companion - FIFA 18
★WIN FUT card each month ! ★Learn to become the best player inFIFA18 with this completely free application!Find all the newskillmoves of FIFA 18 and the old ones directly on your smartphoneforfree.Learn to make your favorite skill move in the arena ofthegame FIFA 18 by watching the video of each of tricks onyoursmartphone while you play! Celebrate each of your goals on FIFA18in an unprecedented way with this free guide featuring all thenewcelebrations of the game!You have the option to keep yourskillmoves and your favorite celebrations in your favorites to findthemmore easily in your app.For each technical gesture andeachcelebration the controls are available for the Xbox One, Xbox360,Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 consoles.This free guideisavailable in several languages: English, French, SpanishandGerman.Your turn to play !#BetheBestFIFA18
Football 2017
Are you passionate about football?For lovers of good footballwepresent the best football game in history Football League in2017.A free application that lets you enjoy playing a quick gameorselecting your favorite team. Run, dribble, shoot and wintheleague!Be the best playing with the big teams in the world andfeellike Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Gareth Bale and Neymar.Skipto pitch to beat your opponent.LEGAL WARNINGAds thatrequireinternet connection may occur.
Perfect Kick
Google Play’s Carnaval - Festive updatesyoucan’t resistGoogle Play’s Best of 2015 game Perfect Kick is the world’sfirstreal-time multiplayer penalty kick football game! Controlallshootout matches with the flick of a single finger. As kickerandkeeper, swipe to make spectacular goals and saves! Play for freeinunlimited champion challenges against opponents from aroundtheworld live. Earn rich rewards every week.PK now celebrates the new football season and European cup withtheaddition of Official Benfica F.C. jerseys and badges to thegameshop. Try the sports game ranked number one in 36 countries andtop5 in another 87 countries, with a total of 13million+downloads!RICH GAME EXPERIENCEGo head to head with friends and players from around the world in3game modes: Champion League, Super Star Challenge, andClassicTournament (global ranking chart enabled). Brilliant 3Dgraphicsbring to life the stadium, fans, and soccer stars for acompletelyimmersive experience of scenery and game energy. Thegame’sadvanced physics game engine gives you the highest level ofcontrolfor pinpoint accuracy when you go to score.BUILD THE PERFECT TEAMMake your team’s dreams come true. Lead your club of heroes tothefinals and climb to the top of the ranks with training andspecialitems that increase players’ agility and power. Dress toimpressfor your showdown with opponents by leveraging the deepvariety ofcustomization options including custom uniforms, shoes,gloves, andfacial expressions.Fans Page:
FUT 17 Pack Opener we’ve always wanted is finally here! Openpacks,collect all the cards, and build squads with the players youpack.-Open free and unlimited packs- All rare and non-rare goldandspecial cards are included (2251 cards on release)- New cardsareadded every week, including TOTW and all other specialcards-Realistic pack odds- Squad Builder: build squads with theplayersyou pack- Share feature: save packs, cards, and squads inanInstagram-friendly format and share with your friendsNOTICE:Thisapplication is not endorsed by or affiliated with ElectronicArtsInc. All trademarks and copyrights belong to theirrespectiveowners.
The Official FIFA App keeps you fully up to date with livefootballscores from across the globe, as well as breaking news,exclusivevideos and highlights, interviews and features.Getin-depth livecoverage of every FIFA Tournament, from U-17, U-20men’s andwomen’s tournaments through Beach Soccer, eSports andFutsal to theFIFA World Cup itself. This includes access toexclusive contentsuch as live blogs, match highlights, photos andvideos.Our LiveScores section brings you the live action, line-ups,fixtures,results, standings and stadium information from 197nationalleagues and continental competitions, allowing you togetpersonalised, real-time notifications for all your favouriteteamsand divisions right to your pocket.In addition, you can keeptrackwith the latest FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking and explore howFIFAbrings to life its passion for developing the game and buildingabetter future with stories from our worldwide projects.TheOfficialFIFA App is a must-have for any football follower. So,download itand have the beautiful game with you any time, anyplace.Want tofind out more? See what FIFA Club members and
Flick Shoot 2
THE LEGEND IS BACK!With 20+ million downloads, thebestfootball/free kick game in the market is back!BIGGER, BETTER&MORE!Discover brand new Single Player modes, endless Missionsandrewarding Mini Game with countless hoursofgameplay.ONLINE/MULTIPLAYER CHALLENGESPlay one on one matchesinMultiplayer or join the Online Tournament for theultimatechallenge against real users from all around theworld.FOOTBALL ATITS FINESTUnique Flick shoot control, improved 3Dgraphics andrealistic animations for the best football/freekickexperience.FLICK SHOOT 2, YOUR NEW ADDICTION!○ 6 differentsingleplayer modes: Challenge, Arcade, Not Miss, Time Attack,Dribbling,Practice○ Competitive Online Modes: Multiplayer &Tournament○Dozens of customizable football/soccer players, jerseys,balls andshoes○ Improved 3D graphics, animations, physics and Flickshootcontrol for the best free kick experience○ Flick Shoot 2isplayable in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese,Russian,Spanish and Turkish!
Soccer Stars
It’s the last minute of the game and your opponent has the ball…buthe’s lost it! What a chance to score the winner… you takeaim,shoot… GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!With simple gameplay and greatphysics,Soccer Stars is easy to pick up and fun to play! Intruecompetitive style, challenge your opponents all over the worldforonline table soccer matches!Compete in different tiers,fromdifferent countries! Play online against people from all overtheworld or against your friends! Login with your Facebook accountandchallenge your friends to show them what it means to be aSoccerLegend and take the cup home! Oh, and you can also playofflineagainst a friend in the same device! You can also customizeyourSoccer Stars experience by collecting the different teams! Showoffyour style and defend your nation’s colors!What are youwaitingfor? Everyone else is already playing Soccer Stars! Don’tmiss outon this chance to have tons of fun! KEY FEATURES:- Onlineandoffline multiplayer game- Simple and fun gameplay- Amazingballphysics- Online tournaments against players from all overtheworld- Play against your friends- Collect different teams andcups
PRO Soccer Manager 2018 Cup
PRO Soccer Manager 2018 Cup – Become a manager in this mobilesoccersimulator! Get stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Diego Costa,Bacca,Higuain, Griezmann, Bale or the Spanish Silva from one ofthe bestsoccer clubs: Real Madrid CF, Paris Saint-Germain,Juventus, ChelseaFC... or just go for a sports goal legend! Morethan 1000 OFFICIALPLAYERS to sign and more than 20 CLUBS to lead.You can create yoursquad to develop your career in a soccer cluband beat opponents inthis top manager game and sports simulator.Go beat all the rivalsand conquer the tournaments of every livematch! Train and equipyour squad now! Beat opponents with yourgoal factory and reach thepremier league. Go CRUSH the pitch andwin the championship! ARE YOUTRAINING FOR THE PREMIER LEAGUE 2018?Create your soccer team now!-Try your best shooting the ball inevery match to beat youropponents and climb up to the highestdivision. It depends on howwell you know about soccer strategy tobeat rivals, claim the winnerin the premier league and beat thehigh-scores!- Live match: Choosewhere and how to defeat youropponents: Head to Head tournaments,defense or striker, exhibitionor seasonal competition. Develop theperfect strategy to become asoccer champion for the ultimateleague! Select the players to leadand defeat the opponents!- Playagainst your friends' roster andother users: Jump into the pitchand use your tactics to kick apenalty shot and score a goal to beatthem and enjoy the moves ofyour opponents in each tournament!Compete against real users forgreat prizes and unlock high-rankeddivision. Coach the best rosterand break the net of this sportssimulator!- The core of thissports simulator is the value ofplayers. Play to be a scout tradeagent, check statistics, transfermarket and some thrillingauction, sign new sponsor and starcontracts and choose the bestroster to coach and win each livematch. The higher the value ofyour alignment, the more chances youhave to beat your opponents.These scores vary regarding theiractual performance and thecompetition in which your playersperform. Official leagues arewaiting ahead! PRO Soccer Manager 2018Cup brings you the bestexperience of actual performance with bestsoccer player rosters byengaging a top manager and challengescoming from all soccer loversworldwide. Include Cristiano Ronaldo,Diego Costa, Bacca, Higuain,Griezmann, Bale or Neymar from OFFICIALCLUBS such as Juventus,Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, etc in yourroster. Startdeveloping your career of soccer manager and get tothe top in thissports game by wining matches.Download PRO SoccerManager 2018 Cup,coach in the real league for FREE and lead anofficial team in thistop soccer game! Manage your favourite clubsusing the beststrategy and become the ultimate winner! Will you goto Russia toscore a winning goal? OFFICIALLY LICENSED PRODUCT OFFROM THE BENCH- trademarks and copyrighted works, including theClubs logo, andintellectual property rights are owned and/or heldby From TheBench and may not be used without From The Bench'swrittenconsent.To play this strategy live sports game you mustaccept the"Privacy Policy" and the "Legal Notice" you'll find in alink afterthe description. This application offers in-app purchaseswhich youcan disable in your devicesettings.Support:https://fromthebench.zendesk.comTwitter:
Golden Manager - Football Game
Join the best soccer management game ever with more than 5MILLIONDOWNLOADS! Make yourself become the best soccer coach inthis FREEto play game. Sign REAL PLAYERS, choose the best tactics,trainyour squad and play live matches against other users. Will youwinthe treble: the League, the GM Cup and the Masters League?GoldenManager is the most fun football management game ever, withphotosand names of real players. Sign pro footballers such asCristianoRonaldo, Leo Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Kevin de Bruyne orClaudioBravo for your dream team. And the best thing is that itiscompletely free to download. This is a free toplaygame.HIGHLIGHTS- NEW FEATURE 2016/2017: FRIENDS LEAGUES. CreateaPrivate League and play football vs your friends in GoldenManager.Who will be the best manager?- Live football matchesagainst otherplayers around the world. Show them that you are thebest trainer.-Premier League included! Sign real pro players withFIFProlicensing from FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, ManchesterUnited,Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and manyothers, foryour dream team.- Friends Leagues: create a league andplay vsfriends.- Multiplatform game: you can play from your phoneor fromFacebook. This is a social game!- Team training sessions:traintheir attacking, passing and defending skills.- Choose thematchtactics, team intensity and make vital substitutions.-Competitionsfor 2017: the League, the GM Cup, the Masters League,the ChallengeLeague and Kerad Tourney.- World tours againstauthentic NationalTeams.- Real sponsors to help your club’sfinances: Nike andCoca-Cola.REAL PLAYERSWould you be able to trainthe best playersin the world? In Golden Manager you have all thetop players fromthe best squads in the world, even from the PremierLeague: FCBarcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool,ManchesterCity, Manchester United and many more. Sign profootballers such asMessi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pogba, Neymar, DiegoCosta, Kevin deBruyne or Claudio Bravo for your dream team! Buildyour ownpersonalized line-up by signing your favoritegoalkeepers,defenders, midfielders and strikers, free kick andpenaltyspecialists.LIVE SOCCER MATCHESPlay live soccer matches inthisfree to play game against other managers from around theworld!Golden Manager is the best football management game everthatallows you to play against other users and with pro realplayers.Feel like Guardiola, Mourinho, Luis Enrique or Zidane bymakingchanges during the match, altering the mentality and thetactics ofyour squad and by training your authentic FIFA players!Decide yourteam roles: penalty, free kicks, captain...PLAY VSFRIENDSYou and 5friends can play together in the same League. 10matches perseason, a great Ingots reward for the winner and anexclusivetrophy. Have fun with the exclusive Golden Manager FriendsLeagues!You can also create a Public Friends League and play withmanagersfrom all around the world. Create the best soccer tacticsanddefeat your friends. Be the winner!MANAGE YOUR CLUBEverywinnershould have full control the club’s finances and increasetheprofits. Set your ticket prices for home matches, buy andsellplayers in the direct transfer market or through live auctionsandsign contracts with your real sponsors such as Nike andCoke!LALIGA2016-2017 KITSGive your club its own identity.Personalize yourplayers by letting them wear the kits of yourfavorite Spanish LaLiga teams. Choose shirts from a wide varietysuch as FC Barcelona,Real Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia...An activeconnection to theInternet is necessary to play GoldenManagerPrivacyPolicy:
Final kick: Online football
Enjoy the tense moments of the penalty shots as if you wereplayingin the World Cup final, competing against the best teams,makingthe most spectacular goals and saves and along with graphicsthatwill make you feel as if you were sitting in the first rowinMaracan„ Stadium. Perfect your special shots, shoot withspecialeffects, fool your opponent and make the most impressivesaves,controlling the ball with one finger, and become theworldchampion.◉ THE MOST REALISTIC GRAPHICSSimply amazing rightfrom thefirst minute. With slow-motion replays to watch the bestgoals fromall possible angles, so as not to lose a single detail.◉REALISTICANIMATIONSSuper realistic animations using the latesttechnology inmotion capture with real players like Gerard Piqué. ◉SIMPLE ANDINTUITIVE CONTROLSWithout complicated virtual controls:Shoot theball with your finger and drag the goalkeeper in order tomakemonumental saves. Playing could not be any simpler, butmasteringthe game is only within reach of champions of football.◉REAL-TIMESOCCER MULTIPLAYERYou can play against your friends or letthe gamefind you an opponent to see how good you are in shortgames, inwhich the winner will be made known in a matter of twominutes.◉ 20LOCAL OFFLINE TOURNAMENTSThese are for you to playagainst 100 ofthe best soccer teams of the moment without internetconnection.◉CUSTOMISE YOUR TEAMCreate the team of your dreams bycustomisingevery detail of your players, and train them in order tocontinueimproving their skills and make increasingly spectaculargoals.◉WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS WITH PRIZESThere is a new free tournamenteveryweekend for you to measure your skills against the world, andwinprizes if you are among the top 100.◉ FREEYou can enjoy thegamecompletely free. The inApp options are completely optional.Whatare you waiting for? Try it. There are spectacular goals foryou tomake.
Super Soccer Champs FREE
** BLACK FRIDAY TO CYBER MONDAY: Make any purchase within thegame,and email us and we will send you a free promo code for thelatestgame from Uprising Games: Tennis Champs Returns **Inspiredbylegendary titles such as Sensible Soccer, Kick-Off and DinoDini’s‘Goal!’, Super Soccer Champs is a fun to pick up and playfootballgame but offers surprising depth, now available in a FREE(videoand interstitial) ad-supported version to Play! PlayerManager Modeadds simple yet effective squad management; Buy andsell players,manage your squad's fitness levels, and even get joboffers frommore prestigious clubs if you're getting the results!FeaturingLeague play based in England, Scotland, Spain, Italy,Japan andChina, and Historic Tournaments; Rewrite the record books,onlyyour result can change the course of history. Replay savingandReplay Viewer to relive those amazing goals.Unlock Google PlayGameServices Achievements and complete Quests to earn XP and unlocknewleagues and tournaments. Compare your status with friends viatheXP Leaderboard. Make someone's day by gifting them a free XPboost,or send them a wish to do the same for you! Save yourprogress inthe cloud to sync it across devices.Now updated withfull supportfor game pad and game controller play, including NVidiaShield andXperia Play!Download the game for free and play now!
🏆 World Cup Russia 2018 For FIFA Soccer Game
Follow all the facts about the 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaSoccerGame.Features:Teams qualified;Match schedule;RealTimeupdate;Stadiums;Groups;News.Coming soon:Countdown;Details oftheteams;Videos;Players;Top scorers.Note:This is an unofficialappabout the World Cup. It's not endorsed or affiliated with theFIFA.Any trademarks used in the app are done so under "fair use"withthe sole purpose of identifying the respective entities, andremainthe property of their respective owners.Football Worldcup isone ofthe biggest event in world followed by 3.2 billion people.Getlatest updates of FIFA World Cup 2018. Get all world cupmatchschedules and filter them by date, group stage, matchdays,specific teams, stadiums and locations.Add teams to favouritesandget all updates and schedules of your favourite teamsonnotifications.** Features **Match scheduleCount DowntoWorldcupTeams QualifiedGroups Stadiums InformationQualifiedTeamsfrom continentWorld Cup News** Upcoming Feature **MatchResultsTeams Information and formationPlayer's bioNote:This isanunofficial app about the World Cup 2018 Russia. It's notendorsedor affiliated with the FIFA. Any trademarks used in the apparedone so under "fair use" with the sole purpose of identifyingtherespective entities, and remain the property of theirrespectiveowners.Follow the latest news, teams, groups, stadiumsand othernews related to the football world cup Russia 2018, duringthedevelopment of the tournament, you will have real-timescoreboards,notifications from your favorite teams
Mobile Soccer League
Realistic 3D and 2D Mobile Soccer GameJoystick andautomaticcontrols Cups- Russia 2018 World Cup- Euro 2016 France-CopaAmerica 2016 USA Leagues- Champions League- Europa League-MajorLeague- Spanish League- England League- Italy League-FrenchLeague- Turkish League- Brazilian LeagueHave fun....
Real Football Game 2018 - FIFA Soccer
Real football 2018 is free soccer game for football lovers.Downloadthis amazing Fifa soccer game and become legend infootball realgame.Real football game is an excellent and amazing3D soccer gamewith the most features the players are realisticanimations andsensational realistic football sound effects inground withresplendent 3D graphics. You feel like a real footballand soccerchampion if you play this Real football 2018 fifa soccergame. Realfootball soccer game is one of the top game in which youcan showyour skills as a soccer player.Play games now, like a realfootballplayer, 2018 new soccer league game. Experience free kickfootballgame action of your favorite 3D soccer game like no other!Fun toplay real soccer cup football game. Starting in the middleof afootball field and kick the ball to score a stylish opponenton theway to the global goals. Football games for free immediatecupsoccer penalty kick and free kick game for all football fans.Youare going to pass, sprint, and is going to show the ability tomovearound Football rivals. So, aim, shoot and score a goal. Thisis thebest mobile football soccer about modeling with smooth andeasy tocontrol, stunning graphics, realistic animation,mind-blowingbackground sound effects and thrilling action footballmania.Nowit's time to become a true football the best player infootballmatch 2018 3D.Play and become the best gaming teams in theworld offootball teams. Get your favorite team and become the 2018footballworld champion, playing in the soccer games in 2018simulation.Football world cup Football Championship is one of themost intenseand exciting football event in Brazil, so be ready forit. Selectyour favorite team Premier League and lead them to gloryby scoringmore goals. Face different opponents as you make yourway throughthe competition and attempt to become the champion.Areyou afootball fan? Now you have a real experience in your pocketwiththis great football simulation game of football in2018.Features:-Very responsive game control (tap and swipecontrols, pass, shoot)-Quick Play mode real simulation of thisfootball game.- You can playin the tournament with differentteams. It's fantastic!- RealFootball Game, real teams, realplayers, Real Ground.- Realisticsounds and stunning graphics.-Smooth and realistic graphics-Optimized for tablets- Wellrespected players and teams at yourfingertips.- Realisticanimations, realistic sound effects, a realcrowd.
Coins For fifa Mobile Soccer : Prank
Soccer fans are going to have a field day once they find out thatanew gaming app is finally out in the market. Introducing theFIFAMobile Soccer app. This game is kind of easy to play with,butdon’t be too complacent because it could be very challenging.Thisis the very reason why you should have this FIFA Mobile Soccerhackbecause this is going to be handy and it will work on yourfavorthe entire game.Before you dive to the excitement of playingthisgame, I would advise that you know all the basics of how itisplayed first. Without a complete vision and structure in yourheadon how the mechanics work, it would be a complete disaster tojuststart downloading it and playing it. Not to make you nervousbeforeplaying, but I’m just giving you a heads up. On the brightside,you won’t have to pay for anything for downloading it sincetheFIFA Mobile Soccer hack itself is free.FIFA Mobile Soccerhackcoins is a tool created by a fan of theApp.**Instruction**1Download Credits for FIFA Mobile Soccer Prank2Type your username 3Type your age4 Type the amount of coins andpoints you want5 Clickon generate6 Wait for few minutes7 And youare DoneDisclaimer/LegalNotice :This content is not affiliatedwith, endorsed, sponsored,or specifically approved by ELECTRONICARTS game and FIFA MobileSoccer game is not responsible for it.Wemade this App only as aFREE FAN APP, only for those who wants toenjoy the game.No FIFAMobile Soccer hack tool app.No FIFA MobileSoccer 18 free coins andpoints.No FIFA Mobile Soccer cheats forcoins.just You can prankyour family and friends and make thembelieve that the coins forFIFA Mobile Soccer and all soccer gamesis real.If there is anytrademark or copyright violation that doesnot follow within thefair use, please contact us and we willimmediately take action onit.NOTICE:THIS APP JUST A PRANK
Experience EA’s high-speed, action-packed take on one of theworld’smost famous puzzle games! It’s two-minute Tetris® withexcitingfresh features, including a stunning look and feel,rewardingPower-Ups to get as you climb levels, and intense Battleswithfriends.UNLOCK GAME CHANGING POWER-UPS Supercharge your gameandtrigger point-boosting reactions with exciting Power-UpsandFinishers like Frostbite, Crusher, Mino Rain, and more. EarnShardswhen you complete activities and events, and use them toupgradeyour Power-Ups for higher scores! PLAY YOUR WAY Race toreach topscores, clear a set number of lines with specificPower-Ups, orcollect as many Coins as you can. Complete activitiesinTournaments, Battles, Daily Challenges, and more to winawesomerewards. Plus, play mega Weekly Quests for mini bonuses asyouplay, and earn even bigger rewards when you finish! FEEL THEFRENZYEnjoy explosive Tetris effects and grab double points whenyoutrigger the elusive Frenzy mode. Match blocks to clearback-to-backlines to stay in Frenzy, and get blown away by stunningcascadesthat keep the points rolling in. It’s Tetrimino mania!BATTLEFRIENDS FOR VICTORY Aim for a personal best score and winbraggingrights as you duel it out with your friends to toptheLeaderboards. Match skills against other players inmultiplayerBLITZ Battles, or race to victory in limited-timeTournaments andsee if you can take home the win. User Agreement:terms.ea.comVisit for inquiries. EA may retireonline featuresand services after 30 days’ notice Consumer Information:Thisapp: Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie PolicyandUser Agreement., includes in-game advertising; collects datathoughthird party ad serving and analytics technology (See Privacy&Cookie Policy for details), contains direct links tosocialnetworking sites intended for an audience over 13; containsdirectlinks to the Internet.Tetris ® & © 1985~2016 TetrisHolding.All Rights Reserved.