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Epic!: Kids’ Books, Audiobooks, & Learning Videos 1.2.10
Epic! is the #1 children’s digital library for kids 12 andunder,offering access to over 35,000 high-quality books forkids,learning videos, reading quizzes and more. It's anunlimitedreading library your child can take anywhere! Withthousands ofchildren’s books and videos, including kids’audiobooks, ebooks andread along books, Epic! brings unlimitedreading and learning tomillions of children at home and in school.With Epic!, kids canexplore their interests in a fun, safe,kid-friendly environmentwith no ads or in-app purchases. Withebooks and educational videosfor kindergarten, as well as 1st, 2nd,3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7thgrade reading levels, your child willunlock a world of reading,learning and discovery getting instant,unlimited access to over35,000 high-quality books, videos and somuch more. There are twoversions of Epic!, both available throughthis app: 1. EPIC! FORHOME * Over 35,000 children’s books andlearning videos, with moreadded weekly * Audio-enabled read-to-mebooks, audiobooks,bilingual books (Spanish, Chinese and French),quizzes andeducational videos * Up to four individual, customizedchildprofiles * Personalized book recommendations for each childbasedon their reading levels and interests * Online and offlinereading(you can take Epic! in the car, on a plane, or camping) * Areadinglog to track progress, available in the app and emailedweekly toparents * No ads or in-app purchases * Use Epic! acrossdevices, onAndroid, iOS or any Web browser 2. EPIC! FOR EDUCATORS *Completelyfree to elementary school teachers and librarians in theUS andCanada * Unlimited access to high-quality children'sbooks,including read-to-me, audio and non-fiction * Ability tocreatepersonalized student profiles * Personalized recommendationsbasedon students’ reading levels and interests * Epic! is used inover90% of US elementary schools THE EPIC! LIBRARY Ouraward-winninglibrary includes a wide variety of high-quality booksandeducational videos from leading publishers such asHarperCollins,Macmillan, Smithsonian, National Geographic and manymore. Wellknown books and series include: * Flat Stanley * TheChronicles ofNarnia * Goosebumps * National Geographic Kids *...and many moreThe Epic! library contains a wide variety of booktypes: * Picturebooks * Chapter books * Books for early readers *Story books &children’s bedtime stories * Educational books *Audio-enabledread-to-me books * Non-fiction titles * Audiobooks *Graphic novels* Non-fiction titles * Spanish, Chinese and Frenchbooks * …andmany more Start your free 30-day trial today. Only$7.99 per monthafter the first 30 days. SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS - Youcan cancel yoursubscription anytime, no hassles or fees - You canfindinstructions on how to manage and cancel subscriptionshere: CUSTOMER SERVICE We’re heretoanswer any of your questions about Epic!. Please send us anemailat and our friendly customer support teamwillreply shortly.
Fairy Tales ~ Children’s Books, Stories and Games 2.6.2
“Fairy Tales” is a kid reading app with interactive mini gamesandfairy tales for children which makes reading more funandentertaining! “Fairy Tales” is a marvelous collection ofstorybooks for kids that includes such bedtime stories for kids as:-Puss in Boots - for FREE - The Beauty and the Beast - Cinderella-Sleeping Beauty - The Three Little Pigs - The Snow Queen -LittleRed Riding Hood - The Princess and the Pea - Gingerbread man-Goldilocks and the three bears - The Tinderbox - Ugly Duckling-Rumpelstiltskin - The Three Spinners - The Wolf and sevenlittlekids - The Enormous Turnip - Mother Snow - Aesop's Fables-Norton's New House by Arpad Olbey - The Realm of Sweet DreamsbyAsa Guves Collect DAILY BONUS to open interactive books andreadkids stories for FREE! Let your kids library grow withinteractivebooks and stories for kids! FEATURES: - “Read to Me,”“Read itMyself” modes - Interactive scenes with fully narrated andanimatedcharacters - Offline reading - download a book once andread itanytime, anywhere. These reading chapter books for kids areusefulfor long trips, doctor's appointments and restaurants -Designedfor children interface - Lots of games for kids under 5years -Safe and kid-friendly - protection from unintentionalpurchasesRead books and play educational games with yourfavoritecharacters! Best for toddlers and preschoolers. Theprofessionalnarrator will read along bedtime stories. It makes adailygo-to-sleep ritual easier! Each fairy tale contains pop-upgames tomake reading books more entertaining and educative. Findfollowinglearning games for kids in these storybooks: labyrinth,cardsmatching, jigsaw puzzles, hidden objects. This app is agreatcollection of the high-quality short story for kids withchildrensstories and learning games for toddlers and preschoolers.Magicmoments with vivid illustrations, professional voicenarration,interactive activities, amazing animations, colorfulpictures andbeloved fairytales will delight kids and parents. Feelthe magic ofa kids story by the perfect storytelling! Bestpreschool learningapp with interactive educational books forprepare boys and girlsfor kindergarten and first grade. Yourfeedback is important to us.Please SHARE YOUR REVIEW below! For anytechnical issues, pleaseemail us at
Monkey Junior: Learn to read English, Spanish&more 24.3.2
Monkey Junior is currently the #1 Learn-to-read programwithmillions of happy learners and counting. Children can learn6languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Russian,andVietnamese. Monkey Junior has built a complete andcomprehensivelesson system so children are always ready to learnevery day. Eachlesson lasts around 10 minutes, and children canlearn one or morelessons each day. No preparation required forparents. It is fast,fun, and effective. The curriculum in eachlanguage is divided intodifferent levels, each of which guides yourlittle readers to learnfrom individual words and phrases tocomplete sentences along witha wide range of phonics rules.Children can simultaneously learnproper pronunciation, how tocombine tones to form words, how torecognize whole words, and howto apply recently learned words toparticular situations. Not onlydo your children improve theirvocabulary and their pronunciationbut they will also be enrichedwith encyclopedic knowledge. Ourreading program covers 30+ topicsfamiliar to kids, ranging frombasic topics such as animals,actions, body parts, and things athome to advanced ones such asoccupations, businesses, and science.Our reading program usessight, sound, and touch to keep yourchildren engaged in the wholelesson. We have a huge multimedialibrary with 48,000 images, and16,000 interactive videos that areused to illustrate all words andsentences. Monkey Junior alsoprovides a collection of diverseinteractive games and prizestickers after each lesson thatdefinitely attract and inspirechildren when they use the program.Monkey Junior is proudlyconsidered one of the most comprehensiveprograms available to teachchildren to read. SUBSCRIPTION: -Subscribe to unlock unlimitedaccess to all lessons in multiplelanguages. - Payment will becharged to your Account atconfirmation of purchase. - Subscriptionautomatically renewsunless auto-renew is turned off at least24-hours before the end ofthe current period. - Account will becharged for renewal within24-hours prior to the end of the currentperiod and identify thecost of the renewal. - Subscriptions may bemanaged by the user,and auto-renewal may be turned off by going tothe user’s AccountSettings after purchase. - No cancellation of thecurrentsubscription is allowed during an active subscriptionperiod. - Anyunused portion of a free trial will be forfeited whenthe userpurchases a subscription to Monkey Junior. MAIN FEATURES: -Learnmultiple languages - 5,500+ lessons in total - 3,000categorizedwords; 6,000 sentences illustrated by 8,000 images andvideos ineach curriculum - Text highlighted along with audio -Interactiveeducational games - Stickers as a reward after eachlesson -Multiple profiles supported - No advertising, pop-up ads,or linksto other sites DOWNLOAD MONKEY JUNIOR NOW TO HELP YOURCHILD LEARNTO READ! About Us Monkey Junior is developed by EarlyStart Co. Aswe specialize in early education, our motto is“Education starts atbirth.” We believe that education should bejoyful and engaging. Wehave helped millions of children becomeconfident early readers,and we can help your kids be one too.Support Have questions?Please email us at
Audio Books for Kids 5.1
Audio books for kids , puts over 500 audiobooks for kids,Childrenstories, at your fingertips. It’s the latest audio booksfor kids ,where you can listen Free Books & Stories , storiesfor kids.Choose from over 500 stories and fables and enjoy mostpopularfairytales, Grimm's Fairy Tales, Aesop Stories, HansChristianAndersen stories, and enter in the wonderful world ofMyths,priceces, castels and dragons. Also we have a awesomecollection ofOriginal stories, scary stories audio, bedtime storiesaudio, fairytales for children free, amazing: CHILDREN STORY BOOKS.There aremany benefits to listening to literature – here are someof them: -Audio books develop listening skills and quietconcentration. -Audio books help you understand complex language. -A skillednarrator brings out humour with expert timing and tone. -AudioBooks For Kids , teach you how to hold people’s attentionwhentelling a story which is an important skill for life. - IfEnglishis not your first language, you will benefit from hearingclearpronunciation and native speech patterns. - Everyone can usetheirown imaginations to make the pictures that appear in thosestories,so you increase your imagination and visualisation. Our appofferyou: audio books for kids, that reads a story to you free,childrenbooks story books, Fairy tales and storybooks, childrenbooks storybooks free, Audio FairyTales, Stories for kids, freechildrenbooks. We selected for you and your child the best Kidsaudiobooks, Story Time for Kids, Kids Story Books, to help yourchild tounderstand and appreciate unfamiliar accents and dialects.FamousStories Audio , audio books for children, audio books forkids thatreads a story to you free app, is the latest app witch canrun onalmost every device. Is very easy to use and veryfriendlyinterface to listen: free audio books for kids, kids booksfree. Werecommend you to connect to an wi-fi before you start tolisten andwatch those: kids audio books. With other words we cansay we have,Unlimited Books for Kids, fairy tales stories free, andwith yoursupport we can become #1 app for your kids and our kids.Listen toyour favorite fairy tales, books for free with audio,ChildrenFairytale Stories, especially if you don't have time toread abook. Childrens Bedtime Stories, will help your child tofallasleap faster then ever. Audio books free app for kids ,thebestsynthesis story. Audio children s bedtime stories for free ,with afairy tale or myths. The stories is recorded with expressivevoicesof the actors are men and women. Children will enjoylistening tostory , audio books free app for kids! You can alsoenjoy ourstories because it are also: Free audio books for adults.Make yourchild smarter, kids read along audio story books free,many freestories easy to use, kids stories read to me free We spenta lot oftime to develop the best audio book for kids app, to helpsthemlearning core skills of listening, that are so necessary foreverychild in today’s modern world. Note: In our app we still havemanystories to add. We are working day and night to add allourstories. We are talking about a number more than 500 stories andinthe moment we have 260 stories added. With your posiitivesupportwe will work day and night to finish the best app for kids!Amazing: stories for kids with audio and video, Bedtime Stories forKidsAudiobook, Children's Bedtime Stories, Moral Stories forKids,Inspirational Stories for Kids.
Learn Reading, Speaking English for Kids - BiBo 1.5.5
BiBo Speak English is an educational application designedfriendlyfor children to learn English with visual interactivemethod. Theapp has many lessons which are varied in differenttopics suitablefor children. Each lesson contains the averagenumber of new wordswith clear sound and cute images, which helpschildren to memorizebetter. MAIN FEATURES ● Help kids speak theirlanguage withouttheir parents : children will have a greatexperience in exploringnew language on their own and develop theirlanguage ability well.● Children play speaking game to learn how tospeak English :children can learn and play in a natural andcomfortable way, whichhelp them maximize their language learning. ●There are variouslessons, all suitable for children: children willlearn differentand interesting topics with average amount of newwords in aninteresting way. ● Images and sound are designed forchildren only:they help children to acquire and speak languageeasily andeffectively so that children can achieve solidfoundations.Developed by BiBo Learn English Studio.
Audio Fairy Tales for Kids Eng 2.46.20036
This is a collection of well known fairy tales by variousauthors,including the Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault and manyothers.Fairy tales stories book free for kids and their parents.Storiesfor kids with audio and video. Fairy tales stories bookfree. ***Offline stories for kids with audio and video in english******Audio books for kids that reads a story to you free app ******Absolutely FREE audio stories of fairy tale *** Story book forkidswith audio. The collection includes the following audiobookfolktales: - One Eye, Two Eyes, Three Eyes (Grimm's Fairy Tales) -TheMagic Mirror (British tale) - The Enchanted Stag (folk tales)-From the French tale by Charles Perrault - The Sleeping Beautyinthe Wood (American story) - The Three Bears (Robert Southey) -ThePrincess on the Pea (From the tale by Hans Christian Andersen)-The Ugly Duckling (stories for girls) - ArabianNightsEntertainments stories / Kids story books in english - TheGoldenGoose (songs for kids fun children's songs) Features of ourfree"audio stories of fairy tale" application: - install to SD card-handy sleep timer to sleep to - ability to set melody asringtone,alarm or notification - HD quality background images foreach storysound - ability to remove ads for extra money via in-apppurchase -suitable for kids and parents (stories for babies) -works offline,no internet needed - guided reference - runs inbackground whileusing other apps or when the screen is locked, justpress the"Home" button - in app volume control; - bedtime storiesfor babywith pictures Kids story books free to reading audio. Afairy talein hindi is a type of short story that typically featuresfolkloricfantasy characters, such as dwarves, dragons, elves,fairies,giants, gnomes, goblins, mermaids, trolls, unicorns, orwitches,and usually magic or enchantments. Fairy tales may bedistinguishedfrom other folk narratives such as legends (whichgenerally involvebelief in the veracity of the events described)and explicitlymoral tales, including beast fables. The term ismainly used forstories with origins in European tradition and, atleast in recentcenturies, mostly relates to children's literature.An audiobook(or talking book) is a recording of a text being read.A reading ofthe complete text is noted as "unabridged", whilereadings of areduced version, or abridgement of the text arelabeled as"abridged".
Picture Story Book For Kids 3.0
Stories For Kids. ... Go through a host of fascinatingstoriesincluding fables and fairy tales, moral stories, shortstories,mythological stories, classic stories and your favorite -animalstories. The short stories include pictures and moralmessages,especially for kids. You'll love reading these interestingstoriesfor kids.FEATURES :- Enjoy reading stories from a library offamouseducational children’s stories.- 20+ Picture Stories for Kidsinone application.- Classic fairytales, moral stories andstoriesfrom Aesop's fables.- Read bedtime stories together.- Yourchildlearns to read these stories by him/herself.-Beautifullyillustrated famous stories with moral.- Easy and simplestory line-Interactive and easy to use. - Helps kids in learningcore skillsof listening, reading & speaking.We list some of themostpopular moral stories, adorning them with pictures, for thekids.Some of the Famous Stories Includes :- Animal Stories- TheThirstyCrow- The Hare And The Tortoise- The Wolf And The Goat- TheWindand The Sun- An Ant & A Grasshopper- The Fox Without Tail-TheOak Tree & The Reeds- The Town-Mouse And TheCountry-MouseInour large collection of children's stories fromaround the worldyou will find jungle tales, animal stories, bedtimestories, moralstories, short stories, stories of friendships andlove. Creep intothe world of fairy tales stories to experience thebliss ofinnocence & love. Short stories for kids areadventurous andinteresting ways to teach your children about goodmorals and rightconduct.When it comes to stories for kids withmoral lessons, youneed not look any further. Our short stories arebrimming withlessons that your kid can use in life. These smallEnglish storiesare not only entertaining, they teach children aboutseveral thingsin life. By reading a short story from this pageevery day, you canhelp your kid build values, as well as improvehis readingcomprehension skills.You can groom your child into abetter,responsible adult with the help of our children’s shortstorieswith moral lessons.All about kid's learning throughbedtimestories, short stories, moral stories for kids, couragestories,fable stories, short stories for kids.Best sellingchildren'sstories with beautiful illustrations. Enjoy moral shortstories forkids of all ages!Suggestions from parents are consideredas part ofour regular development process. You can send usyourcompliments/feedback on contact detailssee-
Azbooks - kid's fairy tales, songs, poems & games 1.5.1+38
Azbooks is an interactive library with favourite kid'sbooks!Animated characters and cool sound effects will help yourchildrento experience the famous fairy tales in a new way! WithAzbooks appyou and your kid will enjoy: • Amazing colorfulillustrations • 2modes: “Read” (the kid can read the book himself)and “Listen” (thestory is read by the narrator) • Professionalvoice acting • Lovelybackground music and sound effects • Regularlibrary updates • 3books for free • Parental control • Books inEnglish and Russian.At the moment our app's library includes 13children's books: 1)Little Red Riding Hood 2) Beauty and the Beast3) The Tinderbox 4)Puss in Boots 5) The Bremen Town Musicians 6)Sleeping Beauty 7)Hansel and Gretel 8) King Thrushbeard 9)Cinderella 10) BuilderMike 11) Police Officer Jack 12) Chef Nick13) Doctor Bill Besidesthe fairy tales written by well-knownauthors like the BrothersGrimm, Charles Perrault and Hans ChristianAndersen in our app youcan also find interactive quiz books! In theform of a game theywill acquaint the kids with differentprofessions (doctor, policeofficer, builder, chef). The Azbooks’interface is very simple andclear, ads free and has a parentalcontrol, which makes it safe touse even without the adults around.Join us! If you have anyquestionsor technical problems please contact
Story books for kids for free 2.46.20036
Best collection of story books for kids. Story book in englishwithpictures and voice available in our application. *** Englishaudiostories offline *** *** Audio story books free *** Thecollectionincludes the following "story book in english" tales: -One Eye,Two Eyes, Three Eyes (Grimm's Fairy Tales) - The MagicMirror(British tale) - The Enchanted Stag (folk tales) - From theFrenchtale by Charles Perrault - Arabian Nights Entertainmentsstories /Kids story books in english - The Sleeping Beauty in theWood(American story) - The Three Bears (Robert Southey) - ThePrincesson the Pea (From the tale by Hans Christian Andersen) - TheUglyDuckling (stories for girls) - The Golden Goose (songs for kidsfunchildren's songs) - Kids small moral story books for freeinenglish with picture. A fairy tale is a type of short storyor"kids story books free to reading audio" that typicallyfeaturesfolkloric fantasy characters, such as dwarves, dragons,elves,fairies, giants, gnomes, goblins, mermaids, talkinganimals,trolls, unicorns, or witches, and usually magic orenchantments.Children rhymes videos in english. Fairy tales (Grimmfairy tales)may be distinguished from other folk narratives such aslegends andexplicitly moral tales, including beast fables. The termis mainlyused for stories with origins in European tradition and,at leastin recent centuries, mostly relates to children'sliterature. Audiostory books for kids in english. Story books inhindi free for kidswith pictures and audio. Features of our "kidsstory books free forages 5" application: - install to SD card -handy sleep timer tosleep to - HD quality background images foreach story / fairy tale/ song / poem - ability to remove ads forextra money via in-apppurchase - suitable for kids and parents(stories for babies) -works offline, no internet needed - audiostory books for kids inenglish - guided reference - runs inbackground while using otherapps or when the screen is locked, justpress the "Home" button -in app volume control; - bedtime storiesfor baby with picturesChildren's literature or children's books forfree includesstories, books, magazines, and poems that are enjoyedby children.Modern children's literature is classified in twodifferent ways:genre or the intended age of the reader. Story booksfor kids forfree with voice fairy tale cinderella. Moral storybooks in englishfree for kids with pictures and audio for 13 yearsold girl.Children's literature can be traced to stories and songs,part of awider oral tradition, that adults shared with childrenbeforepublishing existed. The development of early children'sliterature,before printing was invented, is difficult to trace.
English for Kids 2.5.4
English for Kids is an English language learning game for kids.Kidswill learn English by playing attractive games.English forKidscombines a structured English language course withentertaininggames and activities. Our language learning app keepsyour childentertained and helps them learn English words, speechandspelling.WHAT DOES IT DO AND WHO IS IT FOR?* Suitable forpreschoolchildren, kindergarten kids and parents.* English forKids teacheschildren how to read, speak & spell.* Each lessonincludes corevocabulary.* Designed for kids aged up to 13.LANGUAGELESSONS*Alphabet* Number* Fruit* Flower* Animal* Color* Drinks*Food*Vehicle* School* Geometry* House* Christmas* CountryGAMEANDACTIVITIES* Look and choose. * Listen and guess.*Quiz.FEEDBACK& SUPPORT* Get in touch or write a review to tellus what youthink of our English for Kids. * We welcome your ideasandsuggestions - please email us at: support@pvdapps.comCREDITFORBACKGROUND IMAGES:All image below license under Attribution3.0Unported -gratuit:,editimage: reduce opacity+ Alphabet by -gratuit:,editimage: reduce opacity+ Country reduce opacity add background+ get background and reduce opacity
Yaya - Short Stories for Children 1.5.1
App with short stories for children. Listen and read tomeaningfulstories for children. It includes Karaoke-style readingand voicerecording as an option for parents to record their ownstories.
bookaz.storiesbook.englishnovelbooks1 1.3.6
English Novel Books is a very convenient software applicationforreading books ,classic works of English literature andcoversalmost all genres: fiction, philosophical treatises,memoirs,children's books and others. You do not have to search abook justdownload our app and you will always have a massivee-bookcollection of the best English-language writers within reach!Inthe list authors you will be agreeably surprised to find notonlythe famous names like Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle,JaneAusten, Lewis Carroll, Mark Twain, many others. Features :*Display a list of all the stories. * Select a category ofthestories. * Offline Reading; No Internet access required*Easy-to-use interface All our stories are from open sources. Ifyouhave rights for a story and you right wasn’t indicated or youareagainst its using in our application please contact us. Wewillcorrect data or delete it as soon as possible.​
Hare & Tortoise - Interactive Storybook 2.0.1
Educa Studio
RIRI (Children's Interactive Stories & Games Education)comeswith a new story: RIRI - HARE and TORTOISE. This fairy tale isverypopular and liked by children. Telling about a hare who isveryagile but be proud. One day, he challenged other animals torace.He will give a reward to anyone who manages to defeat. Atthattime, only the Turtles are benari accept the challenge of theHare.Do Tortoises can beat the hare in the run? Gift is promised bythehare? Check out the full story through this application yaa...Tales of Hare and Tortoise was very interesting. Unfortunatelythatis passed ..! RIRI (Interactive Children's Story) trying topresentan application and a children's story book tale interestingandinteractive. Packaged using mild language, so it iseasilyunderstood by children. The application comes with animation,soundand music supporters who made more attractive. SPECIALFEATURES 1.Narrative Story Book with Automatic 2. Story Books toRead Alonemode 3. Animation interesting 4. The game educateseducation(learning colors, counting, puzzle, labyrinth, agility) 5.Musicand Audio which makes the story come alive 6. Suitable forchildrenThese applications can be classified into the applicationTaleChildren, Children's story Interactive, Folklore, Origins oftheRegions, Stories Regions. It is suitable for children :) ABOUTRIRIRIRI a series of interactive children's book on the themeoffolklore native of Indonesia and fables from around the world.Allthis folklore and fairy tales packaged in an interactive,servedwith the feel of a typical Indonesia. This children's bookcan beused by children who can not read through narration andanimationautomatically. For children who can read can use the ReadAlonemode. In addition to the Interactive Children's Story Book,eachseries is provided for educational games that educate childrenlikeColors, Numbers, Numeracy and much more. HELP & SUPPORT USWeexpect your feedback and suggestions, please feel free to senditto: #email: Further information abouttheInteractive Children's Story Book (RIRI):#website:Https:// #Twitter:@educastudio Forthose who like to hunt a children's book or a bookof fairy tales,RIRI be the right choice. Downlaod now, and find thefun in it.
50000 Free eBooks & Free AudioBooks 5.28
Oodles has Free English classics and English audiobooks. Oodlesisan easy to use application to read or listen to english classicsorhindi books and stories. You can also import any ebook inepub,mobi or txt format from your phone. Oodles has apersonalisedreader. You can customize the font size, style,background, linespacing, and other reading features according toyour preference.Books are organized in various categories and tagsthat help youdiscover your next read easily. You can also see thetop books andpopular authors in separate sections. Each book islinked with thecorresponding audiobook if it is available onOodles. Thedownloaded books and audiobooks will appear in yourpersonallibrary. You can read or listen to them anytime offline.Oodlesdoes not have the modern books or bestsellers. We only haveenglishclassics that belong to public domain. Features + Read booksandstories in English and Hindi for free + Discover the greatclassicsand some of world’s best authors + Import books from yourphone andread in Oodles reader + Take your library anywhere in yourphoneand read offline + Personalise your reading experience +Shareebook files with friends through email Top categories -Fictionbooks, Romance books, Fantasy books, Adventure books,Sciencefiction, Christmas books, Horror books, Short stories,Lovestories, Religious books, Humor books, History books,Poems,Poetry, Travel books, Detective Books, and many more !!!Mostpopular authors - Jane Austen, Dostoevsky, Charles Dickens,OscarWilde, Mark Twain, Lewis Carroll, Wodehouse, James Joyce,Aesop,Victor Hugo, HG Wells, Plato, Jack London, Sigmund Freud,ThomasHardy, Premchand, and others Most popular books - Aesop’sfables,Peter pan, Sherlock holmes, Moby dick, Alice in wonderland,Prideand Prejudice, Kama sutra, Dorian gray, Beowulf, Grimm’sfairytales, Anna karenina, Don quixote, Hamlet, Macbeth,Pinocchio,Chanakya Neeti and thousands more For Hindi languageusers: Oodlesalso has Hindi language books. We have books by someof India’sgreatest writers such as Premchand, by modern hindi storywritersand amateur authors. Hindi authors: Munshi Premchand,RabindranathTagore, Devki Nandan Khatri, SharatChandraChattopadhyay, BhartenduHarishchandra, Jayashankar Prasad, etc.Famous books: ChanakyaNiti, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Godaan. हिंदीकिताबें : मुंशीप्रेमचंद, चाणक्य नीति, गांधी, टैगोर, महाभारत Oodlespar muftkitabein padhein. free kahaniyan aur hindi stories. We hopeyoulike the application and share it with your friends! In case ofanyfeedback/issues with the app, reach us at
Stories for kids 2.2.17
A collection of 25 stories with morale, adapted to childrenandavailable in 5 different collections. In the firstcollection"Animal Stories" we got inspired by the beautifulAesopian fablesand those from Jean de La Fontaine, as well as froma marvellouschinese folklore story. The second collection containsfivewonderful tales from the Brothers Grimm, rewritten especiallyforthe children today. The third collection offers fiveadventuresfreighted with mystery, emotions and intriguingdiscoveries of thefamous sailor Sinbad. Afterwards we invite you toPacala andTandala. Stories full of tricks and jokes with a lot ofhumor andwitty anecdotes that are perfect for children to listenbeforesleeping. Since we know that children like pranks a lot,weconclude the entire collection with the best adventures:Mowgli,the child from the jungle will capture the small one'simagination.Beside the stories we prepared some puzzles andcolouring pagesthat provide children an extra experience. Howchildren will learnand play at the same time: - 17 differentcolours in a colouringgame - drawing interesting extracts from thestories - the littleones will exercise the ability to solve puzzleswith diverse levelsof difficulty - the stories can be listened orread by the parents- they will understand the connection betweenwords and theirsound, because the text will be highlighted whilenarrating thetales At this moment we have the following stories:Animal Stories• The Fox and the Crow • The Ant and the Grasshopper• The Tortoiseand the Hare • The Town Musicians of Bremen • TheMonkey King Talesof the Brothers Grimm • Hansel and Gretel • TheValiant LittleTailor • Sleeping Beauty • Cinderella • Hans and theDragon TheAdventures of Sinbad the Sailor • Sinbad the Sailor andtheGigantic Whale • Sinbad the Sailor and the Great Roc Bird •Sinbadthe Sailor and the Island of Monkeys • Sinbad the Sailor andtheOld Man of the Sea • Sinbad the Sailor and the One-EyedGiantPacala and Tandala • The story of Tandala and his two brothers•The Trickster Pacala, the Priest's Servant. • Pacala and Tandala•The Bet with the Nobleman • The Cemetery Thieves The Jungle Book•Entering the Wolf Pack • The Thieves in the Tree Tops •TheTreasure at the Cold Lairs • The Hunter with a Thousand Thorns•TheRed Flower We hope that you like our stories and have fun withyourlittle ones! "Kidsopia brings you a wide range of fun gamesandcreative ways to teach your child new things. The Kidsopiaplatformis for toddlers (two to three), pre-school kids (four tofive) andalso for those who are just entering primary school(six-seven).The games offer many of the basic ideas and notionsthat a childwould need to grasp. Kidsopia is an educationalplatform based onresearch undertaken by the UNICEF: ""Earlylearning and developmentstandards for children from birth to sevenyears"". The main goalis to offer an amusing and intuitive way tolearn about numbers,counting and letters, drawing and colouring,sizes, shapes andimages, differences and similarities, animals, andmany more, allpresented within different adventures and stories.Encompassingdifferent developmental areas such as: intellectual,creative andemotional, the Kidsopia platform offers to the parent ahandy anduseful tool for children to learn through play. In areassuch as:science (mathematics, geometry, physics, chemistry),biology (humanbody, animals, plants), art (painting, drawing,colouring), puzzles(images, words or any other logical problems),emotionaldevelopment (self-awareness, self-confidence, roleplaying,copingand understanding feelings) we focus on practice as thestepstoneof learning. We believe that by using our applications,kids willbe able to learn these concepts in a relaxed, playful andcleverway. More details here: Languages availablefordownload: English, Romanian, German.
100+ moral stories in english short stories 13.1
Compile many of my favorite Moral Stories in the form of mobileapp,which I had collected from various resources, since last fewyears.Even though many of these stories are fictional in nature,but atthe end they will give a great lesson to learn for alifetime. Asthe reader can himself see from these stories, thesubject “Moral”is universal to every human being. Hence thesestories are not justfor any particular sect or the followers ofparticular faith, it isfor the entire humanity, irrespective ofthere belief, culture,race, color or age. With this I will end mylittle introduction andpray that May Almighty Allah accept it. Sothat we may all benefitfrom these stories. We want all personsearch this app for Moralbenefits. moral stories for small kids inEnglish. moral stories forfree, moral stories in English. moralstory for your kids. famousstory. famous stories. 100+ famousstories for kids. 100+ famousstories. english stories offline.english stories for improveenglish offline. english stories forimprove English. englishstories app. kids story books in English.bedtime story. bedtimestory apps for kids. bedtime story for kidsin English. nice story.good story. good story apps. best englishstories. best stories inEnglish. best motivational stories. bestmotivational stories inEnglish. Are you looking for someinformation on How To get moralbenefit? Luckily, you are on rightplace, and you are just a stepaway... This app provides you themost amazing tips and tricks onHow To Pick Out A Good Man. Are youwilling to learn all the tipswithin a short guide? This app is thesolution of your all problems.So what are you waiting for! Grabthis app now! DownloadNow!
com.hippo.FlagSkull 1.2.1
Kids fairy tales are getting interactive! These are newstoriesabout pirates and adventures, where you could find excitinggames,games for kids. We will cook dishes for pirates, travelthroughseas and oceans, find treasures, fight and look for excitingseaadventures! Today, princess Hippo and cook take part inthecompetition to be the host of all seas and oceans. A craftycookcan cook special food. He used ancient magical recipes, and theoldcaptain felt asleep and all his pirates turned into zombies.Andnow pirate princess Hippo should fight with evil forces and winthebad magic. Let's start! Sails up and let's go to the opensea.Interactive fairy tales for kids will not only tell aninterestingstory, but also will make a kid the main character ofthe sealegend. All mini games of this huge adventure are good orboth boysand girls. All characters are created by professionals,and evensea monsters, which we will meet on our way, will be funnyandcute. We will meet various games for kids, traveling throughseasand desert islands. We will play connect dots and scratchgame,jump on the weapon decks, take part in competitions forsailors,look for treasures of a coral reef and try funny kidsfishing. Alsowe will cook exotic dishes, frighten sailors, dress upas seaghosts and even call for powerful Kraken! You have neverplayedsuch exciting and interesting games! Play our best games forboysand girls with kids. Our stories about pirates will make youhappyand create the atmosphere of a real fairy tale celebration.
Famous Kids Stories 1.0.6
Moral stories is a collection of short moral stories withwonderfulpics.In this app, to experience the bliss of innocence,love,adventure and many more.Short stories for kids can providethemwith a lot of fun and entertainment and also teach themimportantvalues in life those are necessary.Easy use andinteractivepics.This app has Good short moral storiesA new bookEVERY DAYdevelops your child's love for books and a daily readinghabit.Wow!!!- Phenomenal feedback from parents- Top reading app forkidsin the education category- Full support - we answer everyemail-Free books- Great Graphics- you can read aloud or listen tothestoryProduct Details:---Your child can practice reading -anywhere,anytime - while you’re driving, shopping in the grocerystore, orhaving a quick coffee at your favorite cafe. And you canspendquality time with your child while teaching the core skillsofreading and speaking that are so necessary for every childintoday’s modern world. Imagine your child reading a new bookeveryday, and developing a love for books and the habit ofreading.Spendless time searching for apps because there are greatnew books inRead Me Stories, already there, right in the app. Thelibraryincludes amazing collection of stories and we areaddingeveryday..Go ahead and get Read Me Stories right now... justclickthe ‘Free App’ button. More Features: ---- Please don't forgettorate the app. We promise to respond promptly and personally.-Famous kids Stories keeps track of your child's favorite books,soyou can read them again and again.
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Best Of AudioBooks This free audiobook app has a library of300+free public domain audiobooks in every genre including:fiction,romance, business, sci-fi, mystery and children’s. Downloadanaudio book to your Android phone and start listening to agreatstory instantly. This app does not have the modern booksorbestsellers. We only have classics that belong to publicdomain.Download audiobooks to your device so you can listen torelaxing athome. ------Top categories--------- Short stories, Lovestories,Religious books, Humor books, History books, Poems, Poetry,Travelbooks, Fiction books, Fantasy books, Adventure books,Sciencefiction, Christmas books, Horror books, Detective Books, andmore-----Most popular authors------- William Shakespeare, OscarWilde,Mark Twain, Lewis Carroll, Charles Dickens, Victor Hugo, HGWells,Plato, Wodehouse, James Joyce, Aesop, Jane Austen,Dostoevsky, JackLondon, Sigmund Freud, Thomas Hardy, Premchand, andothers. Mostpopular books. Best of English books with audiosreading. You willsee text and listen to audios. It's a good app tolisten everynight. I hope you like it. Thank you.
Inkitt – Free Fiction Books, Novels & Stories
Find thousands of new fiction books on the Inkitt App and readthemfor free. Fantasy books, scifi and thriller novels, horrorstories,mystery, romance and more! Discover hand-picked novels fromallgenres and join us on our mission to support aspiringauthorstaking their first steps towards publication. *** MostDownloadedFree Reading App in 5 countries. *** • Discover and readupcomingfiction books by indie authors for free (all in English) •Downloadfiction books and read them offline • Personalizedreadingrecommendations based on your favorite fiction genres•Customizable background colors and fonts to meet your preferences•When reading a story, tap & hold to autoscroll Over700,000readers have discovered new novels from indie authors on theInkittreading app. From Fantasy, Scifi, Thriller, Mystery, Horror,Actionand Adventure to Drama, Romance, Erotica, and YA,discoverhand-picked novels and books from all genres. -- AboutInkittInkitt is the perfect free app for reading fiction books onyourAndroid phone or tablet, especially for avid readers wholovediscovering upcoming novels from new and talented authors onthego. All stories published on the Inkitt app are ourreaders’top-picks. Books and novels are our passion and we want toshare itwith you. Join us on our mission to support rising talent!Findfantasy, scifi, thriller, mystery, horror, action, dramaandromance books and novels also on Interestedinknowing more about upcoming titles, learning writing tips,andreading author interviews? Visit our blog
Children's book (South Korean) 5.1
This app is story book for children in Korea . About 300 story,Allfree. Let's reading and heard to start !
500+ Famous English Stories 4
100,000+ downloads, 1100+ Reviews. * 500+ English Storieswithpictures. * 15+ different categories. * Offline Reading: *Searchyour favorite stories. * Adjust your favorite font size. *Swipeleft/right to move betweeen stories. * Beautifully Designed,BestH.D Graphics. * Best app for English learning and Englishlearning* Simple User-Friendly Interface to read Story. * SupportsallDevices Like Mobile Phone & Tablets. - BeautifulChristmasStories. Among the top education app in store withlearning Englishineffective and adventurous way. Moral story is acollection ofshort moral stories with wonderful pics. In this app,to experiencethe bliss of innocence, love, adventure and many more.This app hasGood short moral stories A new book EVERY DAY developsyour lovefor books and a daily reading habit. Wow!!! - FamousEnglishStories - English stories offline - Free books englishstories forlearning english english story books for learningenglish historiasinglesas historias inglesas para niños famosashistorias inglesasইংরেজি গল্প বাচ্চাদের জন্য ইংরেজি গল্প ProductDetails: You canpractice English reading - anywhere, anytime -while you’redriving, shopping in the grocery store, or having aquick coffee atyour favorite cafe. And you can spend quality timewhile teachingthe core skills of reading and speaking English thatis sonecessary for everyone in today’s modern world. StoryCategories -* Panchatantra Stories : Panchatantra is popularcollection ofanimal-based fables. * Educational Stories : Learngood things inlife and give education to others. * Moral Stories :Moral valuescan be a great foundation for everyone. * CourageStories : Storiesof courage and bravery. * Akbar Birbal Stories :Have some Fun:read the Folktales stories of Akbar-Birbal. * Aladdin(Magic Lamp): Aladdin and the magic lamp is a folk tale. * TheArabian Nights :Arabian Nights stories are some of the world'sgreat treasures. *Inspirational Stories : Stories about love lifehappiness and God.* Motivational stories : Transform your life withthesemotivational stories. * Comical Stories : Stories areinterestingas well as entertaining. * Fables Stories : This is acollection oftales from the Greek storyteller. * Diligence Stories: Diligenceis the earnest conscientious application of our energy.* FamilyStories : Learn the value of unity from family stories. *LifeStories : Best inspirational and beautiful short storiesaboutlife. * Love Stories : What If You Fell in Love? * AnimalStories :Stories with a lesson to help shape your moral compass. *ShortStories : Creep into the world to experience the blissofinnocence. * General Stories : Fabulous collection ofstoriesspecially written for everyone. * Classic Stories : Acollection ofclassic all-time favorite stories. * Tenali Ramanstories. * VikramBetal stories. english storybooks for readingoffline القصص الشهيرةقصص الاطفال english story short stories inenglish moral storiesenglish love story very short english storiessimple english storyshort stories in english for students englishstory books learnenglish through story moral stories in englishshort stories withmoral english fairy tales storyline online storystorytelling shortstory story time english story for learning bookbest selling booksebook free books free ebooks books to read ebookreader ebook pdfebook library ebook online novel online englishlearn englishspoken english english speaking english conversationenglishgrammar english language english vocabulary englishspeakingclasses learn english online learn english grammar learnenglishspeaking english speaking course online learn english onlinefreespoken english course english language course basic englishenglishcourse online english language learning learn englishconversationenglish for beginners english live english grammar bookenglishlistening english for beginners easy english english story
Audio Stories (English Books) 4.5
- More than 2500 stories. - Many kinds of stories for example:------------------------------------------------------ + Classic+Educational + Myths + Junior + Bible + Poems + Original...------------------------------------------------------===========================~Original Stories : Have stories aboutpirates, witches, birds whotravel in time, and animals who travelin space. ~Fairytales Stories: Classic fairy tales by HansChristian Andersen, The BrothersGrimm, Charles Perrault, Aesop andothers. This is where frogs arekissed by princesses, wolves huffand puff, and gingerbread men runaway. ~Classic : Stories andpoems by classic authors includingLewis Carroll, Rudyard Kipling.Oscar Wilde and Charles Dickens,Edward Lear and others.~Educational Stories : Myths, History, andBible Stories. Includesthe story of Helen of Troy, the WoodenHorse, and the sea-journeyof Odysseus. Biblical stories ... ~...New Story : It’s Christmas.Gladys feels she is on the brink ofsuccess, but once again shefinds herself working in the backgroundto help others with littlecredit for herself....go to app now toread and listening !====================================================== Thanks fortrusting and using. Hope youhave a relaxing and useful time.
Bedtime Stories Goodnight : short stories for kids 1.0
“Bedtime Stories Goodnight” is a storybook help to developsyourchild's love for books and a daily reading habit. develop agoodsleeping habit. Storytelling is also an easy way for parentstospend quality time with their children, and the benefits tobothparents and kids are countless. Storybook help childrendeveloplanguage and thinking and develop their imagination. Youngchildrencan learn about the world from books. Showing simplepictures andnaming what they are helps young children learn whatthings arecalled. Available languages: English and Thai Features -Originalgraphics with adorable characters - Easy and simplestoryline. -Interactive and easy to use. - Helps kids in learningcore skillsof listening, reading & speaking. - Your childlearns to readthese stories by him/herself - Download stories just1 time, Yourchild can practice reading - anywhere, anytime - Thisapp supportboth mobile phone and tablet. A List of the Fables FairyTale -Beauty and the beast - The Little Mermaid - Jack and theBeanstalkAesop - The town mouse and the country mouse - The Threelittlepigs - The lion and the mouse - The dog and the shadow - TheSunand the Wind - The Hare and he Tortoise - The shepherd boy -TheOak and The Reeds - The Fox and the Goat - The Bee and The Dove-The Crow and Pitcher - The Goose with The Golden Eggs - TheLionand The Boar - The Frog Who Desired a King - The Raven and theSwan**Stories will be updated, So don’t miss the latest updates!
Short Stories Offline-Audible 3.2
Short stories are prose fiction pieces that are read in a sitting-huge collection of several short stories - audible short stories-you can list out your favourite stories - easy to read and easytoshare
badam games
Interactive Fairy Tale Stories is an app / game that bringsclassicFairy Tale’s Storybook to life with interesting story andfunnycartoon pictures that kid’s love. Read with your kids asbedtimestory or let them read themselves and find the morale of thestory.With easily understandable story and filled with animation,soundand music to make it more interesting. You can also interactwiththe story and make your choice. Interactive Fairy TaleStorycontains 4 bedtime stories : - The Lion and The Rat -TheComplaining Donkey - The Thirsty Crow - The Smart Horse Features:~ Interesting Animation ~ Music and audio to liven uptheexperience ~ Kids Friendly ~ Interact with the story Pleaseshareand rate this game if you like it.
Children's stories 0.0.1
Children's stories to read and soon video is a compilation ofsomeof the classic children's stories, to see fairy tales andchildrencan enjoy with their children soon text and videos ofclassicchildren's stories .It is a program where you can see andreadtraditional children's stories, always classics for young andold ,who can get the values ​​provided.Here you'll find someclassicssuch as: little Red Riding HoodHamsel and GretelThe Ant andtheGrasshopperThe 3 Little PigsCincirellaSleeping BeautySnowWhiteTheWizard of OzThumbelinaCinderellaEtc ...Veras as in everyfairy taleyour child will enjoy each and every one of thechildren's classicstories online and watch them anytime throughyour device.
Pinchpenny Mouse 2 Storybook Tale 1.04
Serkan Bakar
This time, our friend the pinchpenny mouse is on a journey fullofincidents. He hits the road to find his lost buddy mole. Buthegets into trouble during this amazing journey. Come and becomeapart of this adventure! The pinchpenny mouse is looking forwardtoyou to attend him on this fantastic story.The story bookhavingcollection of virtual books for kids which one containsFunPictures ,text and audio.You can give the mobile to your juniorandthey can read the stories themselves or you can read to them.Isyour child bored with books, or even disliking them? Letsdownloadfree! Best kinder stories in pinchpenny mouse books. Thestory bookhaving collection of virtual books for kids which onecontains FunPictures ,text and audio.Best free learning story andaudio storybooks are in these series.You can give the mobile toyour preschoolchildren and they can read the bedtime storiesthemselves or youcan read to them. Is your child bored with books,or even dislikingthem? Lets download free learning animatedstorybook. Best kidstories in Pinchpenny Mouse novels. Preschoolstory books now free.*Automatically read the whole story toyou*Read me story bookoption*I can read option.*Play Narrated withmusic.*İnteractiveanimations*Fantastic fairytale drawings* Freeapplication* CuteKids lovable graphics* Cute Fun Sounds* ColoringPages tabtale *Entertain your child* Read bedtime stories together*kids storybooks free* Pics story saga
Story For Kids - Audio Video Stories & Rhymes Book 1.10
Story Rhymes are here to enthrall your kids. They areveryinteractive and fun to play with. The stories are in a song tosingalong or narrated to read along. They are totally entertainingandeducational for the little kids. Loaded with three stories,TheUgly Duckling, Little Red Riding Hood & The Three LittlePigs,the story rhymes pack lots of musical fun for littlechildren.Benefits & Features: - The Ugly Duckling, Little RedRidingHood & The Three Little Pigs are totally FREE. - Threemodes:Sing for me, Read for me, Read by myself - Attractivegraphics,funny and colorful characters. - Plenty of music, soundsandinteractive animations to keep children busy. - Word bywordhighlighting for song lyrics and narrative text. - Perfect for3-6years old.
Kids Broken Party 1.1.0
Interactive fairytales for kids are renewed with a newamazingstory! Our beloved Hippy knows a lot of interesting storiesandfairytales and make them modern. Today it will be a newinteractivefairytale The Wolf and Seven Kids. Instead of wolf thereis a bigballoon dragon, and instead of goats we have Hippo and herfriends.It is much more interesting than any bedtime story! Do youwant tobe the hero of a modern fairytale? A new interactivefairytaleinvites you to the world of exciting adventures!Educational gamesfor kids must be interesting and clever enough,must learn a kiddifferent skills such as thinking, speed ofmovement, logicalthinking and speed of reaction. Games for kidssuch as scratching,painting and connecting dots are must have forthis kind of games.Our interactive Hippy fairytales consists ofsuch games, they aresuitable for boys and for girls as well. Kidslike so muchinteresting and original stories. The Wolf and SevenKids is ofthat kind of stories, it will keep your kids interesteduntil theend of the story. And, of course, all our stories have ahappy end!Our Hippy always tries to make kids involved andinterested. EvenBad Dragon will be happy in our fairytale. Is itpossible? Yes,everything is possible in our interactive fairytaleThe Wolf andSeven Kids! Enough of boring bedtime fairytales! Be themain heroof the fairytale and have a lot of adventures! Play withHippo kidsgames such as scratch, painting and connect dots and alot of otherfunny and educational games for kids. Visit the worldof fairytaleadventure and exciting stories! This new game, as wellas all ourgames for boys and girls is absolutely for free! Staytuned, followus and spend happy time with your kids! play togetherwith yourkids our free educational games!
100 Top Nursery Rhymes & Videos
Your favorite 50 Top Nursery Rhymes Audio App has now gone astepfurther. It now Includes 50 good habits Section where your kidscanread good habits, 100 Nursery Audio, 60+ Nursery Videos, 50Goodhabits and 100 Kids Audio Stories. We believe that rhymes areachild’s best friend. So we have introduced another good friendinthe form of famous stories. As your little one grows, hechoosesbetween beautiful rhymes and lovely stories. Your app nowhas: 100Nursery Rhymes Audio 50 Good Habits 100 Children AudioStories 60+Nursery Rhymes Videos. No Streaming at all. No furtherdatacharges. 100% Free Content Rhymes can be used offline. Justhitplay. Just download each story once and then no need tostream.Simple interface for your child to operate. Swipe left orright tochange rhymes/stories. Lyrics for rhymes and the scriptsforstories on each page. Choose between Rhymes list or Storieslistwith a simple, clear click that your child can operate.Yourfavorite app is also Chrome Cast enabled. So you can beam allthegreat content right onto your TV set now. Love the app? Pleasetakea minute out to write us a good review or if you are unhappywithanything, please leave feedback for us. We cannot have youunhappy.Can we? Privacy Policy -
Many books that you know, many books that you’ve missed, manybooksthat you want to read or listen to! That’s Free Books – thedoor tounlimited reading or listening. Download any of our 51,305classicbooks, and read with our fully featured ereader. Browseourhandpicked collections and download & read or listen as muchasyou wish completely for free. Free Books by Classicly unlocksaworld of public domain content, allowing you to acquire thegreatbooks of human history. Letters of leaders, the collectedworks ofgeniuses, the finest Victorian novels, the plays ofShakespeare,the philosophy of Seneca and Marcus Aurelius, theautobiographiesof Benjamin Franklin and Andrew Carnegie. It's allhere, along withtens of thousands of other literature. Read with nolimits forfree! We could go on - beautiful high resolution covers,authorpages, Night Mode reading, reading statistics - but thatwould justget away from the point. 51,305 of the greatest books inhumanhistory, accessible with the tap of your finger. Free.Fictionliterature offering stories, novels, fables, fairy tales,drama,mystery, fantasy, westerns. Just pick what you prefer...51,305free ebooks are prepared for you. Audiobooks Bonus. Want tolistenon the go? Now, we've made Audiobooks available foreveryonecompletely free of any charge. Listen to all your favoriteclassicebooks with our easy to use audiobook player, which includesaconvenient background listening feature. All books read bythegreat volunteers at Librivox.
Fables and Fairy Tales 1.0
A fable is a very short story which promises to illustrate orteachus a lesson which is also called a moral. Usually if notalways,fables are stories having animal characters that talklikehumans.This applicaiton contains 52 fables and fairy taleswithgood quality images which makes you and your kids interestedinreading.Stories included in this app are:Fables :1. A Hole intheFence2. Butterfly and Cocoon3. Don't Change the World4. Fox whogotcought in the tree trunk5. Generosity6. Love and Time7. The Foxandthe Stork8. The Goose with the Golden Eggs9. The Hare andtheTortoise10. The Hunter and The Deer11. The Lion and theMouse12.The Oak Tree & The Reeds13. An Ant & AGrasshopper14. TheFox Without Tail15. The Miser16. The Wind and TheSun17. The DreamyMilk-Maid18. The Crow And The Pitcher19. ThePeacock And TheCrane20. The Pig And The Sheep21. A Fisherman And ASprat22. TheTown-Mouse And The Country-Mouse23. The Boar And TheFoxes24. TheLark In The Corn-Field25. The Cock And The Jewel26. BeGood To YourEnemies27. You Can't Please Everyone28. The Lion'sShare29. The Foxand The Grapes30. The Earthen Pot and The BrassPot31. The Man andthe SerpentFairy Tales :1. Three Little Pigs2.Sleeping Beauty(Little Briar Rose)3. Thumbelina (Little Tiny)4. TheStory ofCinderella5. Rapunzel6. Sweet Porridge7. The Story ofBeauty andthe Beast8. The Donkey Skin Girl9. The Ugly Duckling10.The GoldenCrab11. How The Beggar Boy Turned into Count Piro12. Jackand HisGolden Snuff-Box13. Lazy Jack14. The Magic Swan15. TheMagicMirror16. The Horned Women17. The Princess and the Pea18.SnowWhite and the Seven Dwarfs19. The Sprightly Tailor and theHauntedChurch20. Gold-Tree and Silver-Tree21. The Monkey andtheDolphinNote: Ad Supported, We place ads which willnotdisturb(interrupt) the user while reading so keep readingenjoythese stories.Problem : Description & Device type->
Beelinguapp: Learn Languages Music & Audiobooks 2.368
Learn Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Korean, French,Hindi,Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Swedish andJapanese byreading text side by side! Language learning is fun andfree withBeelinguapp! Learn a new language with Beelinguapp, theapp thatlets you read and listen to stories in different languagesside byside. Read text and hear audio in the language you arelearning,and read the same text in your language to use as areference.Learn at your own pace with this fun and free languagelearningapp. If you are familiar with language learning audiobooks, youwill love Beelinguapp’s innovative method to learn a newlanguage.Ditch the flashcards and pick what languages you want tolearn byreading your favorite children’s stories, short stories,novels andmore side by side. From Spanish to German and more,Beelinguappteaches you through fun and familiar text. Beelinguappis fun andeasy to use for anyone that wants to learn a newlanguage. Use yournative language as a guide and start learningtoday! BeelinguappFeatures: Language Learning Made Easy • Learn anew language byreading different stories in a language of yourchoosing!  •Beelinguapp gives you the option to read the storyin YOUR languageto reference what a word or phrase means. AudioBook Reader •Spanish, German, French and more languages on easy tolisten audiobooks. • Audio book in any language can be listened toeven if yourphone is sleeping. • Learn languages by following thereader of theaudio book with a karaoke style animation to knowexactly what theyare saying. • Spanish audio books combinedwith English,French audio books combined with German – the choiceand whatlanguage audio book you want to read is yours! GreatStories inDifferent Languages • Side by side readings of yourfavorite fairytale stories, novels and more. • Learn languages atyour own paceand choose only the stories you want to read. •Languages, genreand learning level can be sorted make learninglanguages easy.Learn Different Languages including: • English • German •Spanish • Portuguese • French • Hindi • Korean • Russian• Chinese• Arabic • Italian • Japanese • Turkish • Swedish Learnnewlanguages by reading different stories side by sidewithBeelinguapp! No memorization and no flashcards needed.Learnlanguages at your own pace by reading your favorite storiesonBeelinguapp! Download Beelinguapp now and start learninglanguagesfor free!
Italian bedtime stories 3.3.1
The official application of project,agreat opportunity to learn Italian through fairy tales!Morethan1000 Italian bedtime stories for your kids: classics,videobooks,audiobooks and stories sent by www.itellyouastory.comusers; forchildren ... the younger and older ones!"For those whoimmersethemselves in what the fairy tale has to communicate, itbecomes adeep, quiet pool which at first seems to reflect only ourownimage; but behind it we soon discover the inner turmoils ofoursoul - its depth, and ways to gain peace within ourselves andwiththe world, which is the reward of our struggles." BrunoBettelheim
3 Chanchitos Cuento Infantil 1.2
Cuento interactivo con sonidos y gráficos 3d.Tale withinteractivesounds and 3D graphics.
Free Books - Spirit Fanfiction and Stories 2.1.049
In Spirit Fanfictions and Stories you can find, read and fallinlove with thousands of books (Original Stories and Fanfiction)FORFREE. The Spirit Fanfictions and Stories Application wasspeciallydesigned to provide the best reading and bookpublishingexperience, fully optimized and much lighter than thesite itself.* Read offline * Publish your books * Organize yourfavoritestories in your Library * Write your opinion in thecomments andparticipate in the stories * Select font types andcolors for amore comfortable reading * Follow stories / authors andalways benotified of new chapters and stories Take your bookswherever youare, through your Offline Library. Customize yourreading settings,such as changing the font size and backgroundcolor, for anindividual experience. Write and publish your stories,so peoplecan read and fall in love. Conquer thousands of fans!Follow us toreceive news and updates •Facebook: •Instagram: •Twitter: •Google+: •Youtube: If theapplicationshows any error click inform and describe what you weredoing, sowe can try to reproduce and correct the problem. If youfind anytranslation error, please contact us!
TaleAStory 3.0.3
R2 Loops UG
TaleAStory lets you read amazing short stories for FREE. Whetheryoulike thriller or fan fiction stories, this is the app for you.WithTale A Story you can also write creative short stories withyourfriends and people from all over the world. Get lots of fans!Theonly limit is your imagination. Contact -for suggestions and feedbackGo to - to voteon new updates and featuresEverystory on TaleAStory is created byhaving 2-10 authors write a storytogether. You take turns writing260 characters per move. After 28moves the story is finished andpublished for the whole world toread. Unless you set your story toprivate of course. Share yourstories from your imagination or life.Use the messenger in storiesto talk to your co-authors and make newfriends. If you preferwriting stories alone, then thats alsopossible :)Its simple, thinkof a title, add an image and write thefirst paragraph. Invite yourfriends or wait for people to join. Thestory will unfold itself aseveryone writes their part. We lovereading and writing but weknow it can be boring alone. Thats why wemade TaleAStory, to makewriting stories social and fun, and readingthem fast, snappy andfun. If you like books like Hunger Games,Divergent, The FaultIn Our Stars and Harry Potter, Tale A Story isperfect for you.Also, if you like Wattpad, Hooked, spooky stories,fan fiction orreading on your Kindle, you won’t be disappointed.Whether you liketo read or tellastory, or just chatting tobookworms and booklovers around the world, give TaleAStory atry. New storiesare added daily! We can’t wait to readall the original, crazyand exciting stories that people will comeup with, together! :)Wesincerely hope you find the app asentertaining as us and enjoy itas much as we do. Feel free to letus know what you think, askquestions or give us suggestions if youhave any. Contact - for suggestions andfeedbackGo to - to vote on new updates andfeatures
Anaganagaa...! 1.0.9
Anagangaa is an extrodinary App - Telugu bedtime story tellerwith13 different categories and total of 130 handpicked stories&more to add. Note : Must required Wi-Fi or 3G/ 4G / LTEgoodnetwork connection since this app contains bulk of veryhighquality audio and text. We strongly recommend stableWi-Ficonnection to save your data cost. Once downloaded thestoriesdon't need any data connection to use the app itworksoffline.Tags: Anaganagaa, Anaganaga, Telugu, Telugubedtimestories, Telugu Kadhalu, Telugu Kathalu, Telugu Katalu,Telugulanguage, Telugu baalalu, Telugu Stories.Salient features :-Eachstory is carefully selected from those millions of folklores.1. Noreligious propaganda 2. Myths and superstitions in any formhavebeen condemned 3. Unlike other children’s literature, prioritytomoral teaching is replaced by ultimate 4. Expert readersandnarrators have been engaged according to the theme of eachstory.5. Supported by text and images to help better understanding.6.Comfortable length to engage listeners throughout 7. Coveredalmostall categories of Telugu Children’s literature 8.Includedinteresting anecdotes from the lives of prominent India andTelugupersonalities. 9. Frequent Value add-ons. WhyAnaganagaa...!?Childhood is a beautiful painting from the hands ofparents.Parents are the ones that provide necessary colouring andthoughtto this great work of art. Anaganagaa...!, in a way, is aworkshopfor parents, especially for those busy and hardworkingfathers, tohelp mastering their parenting skills in shaping thelives of theiryoung ones into vibrant portraits. • It serves as aprimaryhelpmate for those parents who wish to spend meaningful timewiththeir children every day. • It guides and hones thenarrativeskills of parents and make them a grand success everyevening withtheir children. • It is the one and only applicationthat giveslargest number of short stories in audio form in Telugu.• ProvidesTEXT for reading practice. • Every adult can empathizeone’s ownself in every story and can interpret stories addingpersonalexperiences. • Safest avenue for young ones to traverse intheinternet world. • Matchless in introducing the mostauthenticTelugu culture to children in a nextgen mode. •Choicestre-recording and background scores to edify theme and feel.• Amust listen for every adult to remember and relive theirchildhood.• Healthiest and the most meaningful way of attainingtranquilityto lead happy and healthy life. • Bliss for singles intheirsolitude. • A ‘must have’ for schools and kindergartens.•Inevitable entertainment in kitty parties andBirthdaycelebrations. • A ‘sure possession’ in the libraries ofTeluguAssociations all over the world. • Happiness of imaginationandcreativity.
Pinchpenny Mouse Storybook fairytale 1.05
Serkan Bakar
Once upon a time, there was a large, peaceful forest filledwithcute animals.There was a particular animal among them andeverybodycalled him the The Pinchpenny Mouse.It is a story aboutafriendship between one pinchpenny mouse and a generousfrog!.Andlet's to see together, will our little mouse get smarter?The storybook having collection of virtual books for preschool kidswhichone contains Fun Pictures ,text and audio.Best free learningstoryand audio story books are in these series.You can give themobileto your children and they can read the stories themselves oryoucan read to them. Is your child bored with books, or evendislikingthem? Lets download free learning animated storybook. Bestkidstories in Pinchpenny Mouse books. Toddlers story books nowfree.*Automatically read the whole story to you*Read me storybookoption*I can read option.*Narrated withmusic.*İnteractiveanimations*Fantastic fairytale drawings* Freeapplication* Kidslovable graphics* Fun Sounds* Coloring Pagestabtale * Entertainyour child* Read bedtime stories together* kidsstory books free*Picsstory
Nighty Night - Bedtime Story 1.4.11
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"Nighty Night!" is a lovely App for a daily go-to-sleep ritualwithcute animals, sweet lullaby music and great narration. Allaroundthe house the lights go out, and in the barn even the animalsaretired. But who puts them to bed? Who turns out the lights intheirstalls? That is the task for small children aged 1-4. Watchingallthe animals go to sleep is a great way to set the mood forbedtime.The interactive bedtime "Nighty Night" is brought to youbyOscar-Nominee Heidi Wittlinger (2002, best animated short) whoputa lot of passion and effort in constructing little sets madeofpaper and combining them with 2D illustration andanimation.Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian,Dutch,Russian and Portuguese. PRESS: "4 stars out of 4 "There'sbags ofinnovation happening right now around Apps for children,especiallythose that blend storytelling, animation andinteractivity. NightyNight! is one of the latest and greatestexamples." // THE GUARDIANUK "Overall this is my new toprecommendation for bedtime bookswith interactivity." // DigitalStorytime / 5 stars out of 5"Nighty Night is a truly gorgeous ebookto add to your literarystash - and lull the kids into the Land ofNod." // Kids BookReview "What I liked: Everything. Nighty Night issimple, subtle,and clever. It is an App that very young childrenwill enjoy anddemand to use again and again." // PadGadget / 5stars out of 5"Nighty Night! is a must-have bedtime companion foryour digitalwunderkids!" // The ikids blog ------------------- Anyquestions orcomments? Contact us: Moregreat Apps forkids: Like our Apps onfacebook: 2.46.20029
This is a collection of well known horror stories byvariousauthors. Creepypasta audiobook free for teens and theirparents.Scary stories for people with audio and video. Horror storyaudioapp. *** Offline stories with audio and video in english.Withoutinternet *** *** Audio books that reads a story to you freeapp ****** Absolutely FREE creepypasta *** Features of our free"scarystories to tell in the dark" application: - install to SDcard -handy sleep timer to sleep to. Horror story books. - HDqualitybackground images for each story sound - ability to removeads forextra money via in-app purchase - works offline, no internetneeded- horror stories in english free - runs in background whileusingother apps or when the screen is locked, just press the"Home"button - in app volume control; - Most popular stories fromtheinternet - creepypasta stories offline. Creepypastas (scarystoriesapp without wifi) are horror-related legends or images thathavebeen copy-and-pasted around the Internet. These Internetentriesare often brief, user-generated, paranormal stories intendedtoscare readers. They include gruesome tales of murder, suicide,andotherworldly occurrences. According to Time magazine, the genrehadits peak audience in 2010 when it was covered by The NewYorkTimes. Horror stories free audio books. Scary storiesandcreepypasta United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand,GreatBritan. In the mainstream media, creepypastas relating tothefictitious Slender Man character came to public attention afterthe2014 "Slender Man stabbing", in which a 12-year-old girlfromWaukesha, Wisconsin, was stabbed by two of her friends;theperpetrators claimed they "wanted to prove the SlenderManskeptics" wrong. After the murder attempt, some creepypastawebsiteadministrators made statements reminding readers of the"linebetween fiction and reality". Scary stories tagalog. Horrorstoriesin english free. Other notable creepypasta characters andstoriesinclude Jeff the Killer . Creepy pasta audio.
1000+ Hindi Stories 5.9l
Tuneonn Inc.
hindi stories containging 1000+ interesting stories. Wonderfulstoryabout god, festivals, motivational stories, akbar-birbal,tenaliraman stories, panchtantra, story, moral stories,funny/comedy,motivational, hindi novel/upanyas, educational, dadinani kikahaniya , lok kathayen, kisse kahaniya, kathayen, Animal,success,life short story, amazing and unique stories etc. and muchmore..Download now. The app contains all indian hindi stories,appincludes.. ► पौराणिक कथाएं | Pauranik Kathayen ( kahaniya )►आध्यात्मिक कथाएँ | Spiritual - spiritual Stories ► रामायण कथा|ramayan kahani in hindi ► महाभारत कथा | Mahabharat katha ►विष्णुपुराण | vishnu puran katha ► शिव पुराण | Shiv Mahapurankahaniya ►बाल कृष्ण लीला | krishna leela short stories ► वेद परिचय| hinduvedas in hindi ► अग्नि पुराण | agni puran saar ► ब्रह्मपुराण |brahma purana saar ► गरुड़ पुराण | garun puran saar katha ►सामवेद| samved in hindi ► महात्मा बुद्ध | mahatma budh ke updeshstories► मुल्ला नसरुद्दीन किस्से | mulla nasruddin ke kisse inhindi ► शेखचिल्ली | shekh chilli ke kisse ► तेनालीराम | tenaliramke kissestories ► अकबर-बीरबल | akbar birbal story in hindi ►सिंहासनबत्तीसी | sinhasan battisi story ► बेताल पच्चीसी | betaalpachisistories ► हास्य कहानियाँ | comedy stories hindi ► द्रन्तकथाए |Jatak Tales ( Dant Katha ) Stories In Hindi ► पंचतन्त्रकहानियां |panchatantra stories ► प्रेरणादायक कहानियां | prernadayakkahaniyan/ motivational stories ► ओशो कहानियां | osho stories hindi► अलिफलैला कहानियाँ नैतिक शिक्षा | alif laila stories, arabiannightsstories ► कहावतों की कहानियाँ | kahavato ki kahaniya ►दादी-नानीकहानियाँ | dadi nani stories in hindi ► लोक कथाएँ | lokkathayen inhindi ► शिक्षाप्रद कहानियाँ | shikshaprad kahani/educationalstories ► जीवन की सीख | moral short stories ► व्रत कथाएं| vratkathayen ► मुंशी प्रेमचंद | munshi premchand short storiesandnovel/upanyas ► रबिन्द्रनाथ टैगोर | rabindranath tagoreshortstories and novel/upanyas If you like this app, Please rate 5Starsand share..
Real Life Motivational Stories in English Offline 8.1
WBL Apps
Motivational short story book in english, How to get freehugenumber of Motivational Stories that will motivation and You tobedoing well. Story book in english Encourage your associatesandpeople around you. Read success stories of great people, learnandshare your own motivational stories and inspire citation fromthewhole world. Whether you are preparing for epic or dream ofaimproved job, success story motivation to work to your goalsisamazing that evades us all from time to time. Story book inenglishfor children However, approaching through those low pointsisessential to ensuring success. To help stay motivated torealizeyour dreams, look into our top inspirational stories toselfcontrol. Gain inspired and motivated in your life? Withourinfluential QUOTES serving people to motivate themselves andothersby sharing and reading. Compilation of stories and quotestogetherto help you stay motivated and focused. All we have to dois staymotivated and keep acting on our goals. Read on to find thewordsof wisdom that will inspire your mind motivate yourintelligence instructure your business, most important your life,creatingsuccess, achieving your goals, and overcoming your doubts.=>BEST Features >> READ, LEARN & SUCCESS * It hasofflineaccess to lots of Motivational Stories and MotivationalQuotes. *Easy Share your own stories or quotes * most excellentuser readingexperience * You can save your favorite stories on SDcards. * Youcan share the Motivational stories and moral value viaemail,WhatsApp, Facebook, BeeTalk, MMS, Instagram, WeChat, Twitterandother Social Network. * Compatible with mobile phones &tabletsdevices. * Small install file in size. Motivational shortstorybook in english app for you, download and enjoy. Thank you somuch, I Hope You Success in your life. Download from Google PlayStore
African tales 1.0
Hello, application Tales Africans is an application created bythreestudents from Cameroon to describe Africa through its historyandallow African youth not to forget its traditions. His tales,rich inentertainment, in cultural emotion, and each tale isassociated witha descriptive picture to better understand thehistory. Thisapplication designed in beta, and soon the finalversion. ForAfrican, American, European, Asian and the worldfascinate Africanstories, we are not perfect but our applicationshould suit you verywell to control its history and understand itand understand theircustoms, the first application history Africansays. In thisapplication, the tales are divided into categories iein differentAfrican countries and you'll be spoiled for choice ashaving themost rewarding and exciting stories of Africa. So readand enjoy thestory as the story of kirikou, a small child braveand strong whosaves his country from drought and many other moreexciting. We arestaying on Africa at the moment and we will gofurther in the nextversions as other tales of the world. Thisapplication can beinstalled on Android Phones and Tablets, alsohas other featuressuch as tales are also categorize, that is tosay in differentcountries to better assist users, and other talesother Africandialects.
Story for children Lesiki 1.5
"The Lesiki" is a kind fairytale for our children. It is aboutthreeyoung magicians: Robin, Snowy and Karolin, who always getintosurprising adventures. Story after story is full of magic,beautifulnature and, of course, the lessons which a child can getout of thefairy-tale. It's magic audio books for kids.Manyspecialists haveworked at each episode: authors, an animatedcartoon designer, avoiceover professional and a childpsychologist. We have createdthis fairy-tale for our own children,filling every episode with allthe things we have learned at ourmothers' knees: kindness, justice,honesty and mutual aid. Threechests with the episodes are alreadyopened, the next episodesshould be paid. If you like ourapplication, please, leave yourpositive comments. We believe, thatwe'll make our world better,learning it together!
Listen AudioBooks 3.6
Listen AudioBooks you can also browse and listen from awideselection of genres: • Fiction favorites including romancenovels,literary short stories, mystery, and science fiction •Textbooksand reference titles for MCAT and other exams and courses• Makethis your go-to Bible app for full-length audio versions oftheKing James Bible and other religious audio books, meditationsandprayer books, including the Quran • Learn a new languagewithhundreds of new educational audio courses for 45+differentlanguages • Huge selection of family-friendly books forkids,toddlers, and teens Thank you
Stories for kids 1.12
#1 Story app for Kids for FREE.Salient Features of thisApp:*Offline Reading: Internet is Not Required to ReadStories.*Beautifully Designed, Best H.D Graphics.* Kids Stories inEnglish& Hindi Languages.* Handpicked Stories.* Collection of300+English & 300+ Hindi Stories.* Simple User FriendlyInterfaceto read Story.* Supports all Devices Like Mobile Phone&Tablets.* Stories Like Moral Stories, Stories for Kids,BedtimeStories, Motivational Stories, Hindi Stories, EnglishStories,Short Stories.Age limit: 3+ yearsLanguage: English,HindiThis AppContains 300+ English & 300+ Hindi Stories forNow. Next Updatewill come soon with More Stories.Please leave yourfeedback Tell us how you liked itand what morewould you like to see in the application.
Fairy Tales for Kids 3.3.2
"Favourite Fairy Tales for Children" offers eight storiesstraightfrom the Slavic folklore and a charming "Catch a Star"minigame.These captivating tales accompanied by a game will surelyhold yourchild's attention: - Kolobok - The Giant Turnip - Wishupon a Pike- Hare's Hut - The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats -Teremok -Geese and Swans - Masha and the Bear Those are trueclassicsbeloved by countless generations; utterly enthralling, theywilltake your child on a wondrous adventure. All the tales arenarratedin the original Russian, which is a perfect opportunity tointerestchildren in learning a new language and give them a smalltaste ofthe diverse Slavic culture. Together, we'll be able todelight yourchildren with the novel magical world and help themdevelop newessential skills along with cultural awareness!