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Food Diary isn't just a regular Calorie Counter. Food Diaryisdesigned to put you in control, and be as easy, quick and simpletouse as possible. No guilt trips, or constantly naggingreminders,but straight forward and on your terms. This app helpsyou loseweight, maintain weight, or gain weight through caloriecounting,but is also easy to use to keep track of specificnutrition point(for instance for people with diabetes, celiac,etc.) and for bodybuilders. ABOUT THE APP: Keeping track of whatyou eat has beenshown to help prevent and stop over-eating. Thisapp helps youcontrol your diet and eat healthier, by making it easyto trackwhat you eat. The design is optimized to make entry asquick aspossible, with 1 click entry, and recent food suggestions.Thebuilt in database already has thousands of food items and ifyoursare not known, adding them is easy. FEATURES: 1. A simpleandpowerful design: The app opens directly on the entry screen, onthemost recent meal, because that is what you'll use most. Thedesignmakes adding entries as simple and intuitive as possible. 2.Onetap entry with personalized suggestions: The most common fooditemscan immediately be selected. Starting on the second day,yourrecent items are suggested because you may eat the samefoodfrequently. 3. Logging in is not needed: No personal dataorcontact information is required. 4. Thousands of items alreadyinthe database: Most food items have accurate informationaboutcommon serving sizes, calories, carbohydrates, protein andfat. 5.Full off-line support: No need to be connected to theinternet. 6.Precise entry is also easy: You can accurately enterthe preciseamount using a slider. 7. Daily reports: Using the menu,you candirectly open the diary, which shows a summary of your day.Hereyou can switch between calories, protein and carbohydratesbypressing on little triangle. 8. Personal reminders help you stayontarget: They are a convenient way to make sure you fill outyourdiary, after each meal, or at the end of the day. It is a goodideato verify the information in the database is the same astheinformation on your food packaging; food nutrition fluctuateswithbrands and over time. Make sure to discuss your goals withyourdoctor or nutrition specialist. PREMIUM FEATURES: 1. Nomoreadvertisement. 2. A much larger food database. 3. The abilitytoe-mail yourself a copy of the diary. 4. More configurationoptions,including the ability to enter up to 8 separate meals aday.Download now because you will love using it.
Eat This Much - Meal Planner 1.133
Put your diet on autopilot with Eat This Much, the automaticmealplanner. Tell us your diet goals, the foods you like, yourbudget,and what your schedule looks like, and we'll automaticallygeneratea complete meal plan to meet your requirements. It's likehaving apersonal diet assistant. Features •  Generate meal plansthat meetyour calorie and macro targets in seconds •  Nutritiontargets canbe set up for weight loss, maintenance, or muscle /bodybuilding • Follow any eating style or create your own •  Choosefrom paleo,atkins/keto, vegetarian, vegan, and Mediterranean diets•  Filterout foods/recipes based on allergies and dislikes,includinggluten-free •  Set the available cooking time for eachmeal tomatch your schedule •  Take the anxiety out of picking whatto eat•  Personalize any of our recipes or add your own •  Don'tlike oursuggestions? Easily swap them out or configure the mealplanner toonly use foods you like using Recurring Foods Premiumfeatures • Automatically generate a week of meal plans at a time • Didn’tfollow the meal plans? Easily log what you did eat to trackyourintake •  Grocery lists are automatically created from yourmealplans •  Set a number of family members for each meal to makesureyou buy enough groceries •  Reduce food waste with pantrytracking•  Set custom targets for each day of the week, like morecaloriesand carbs on your workout days. Customize as much or aslittle asyou want. Normal calorie trackers force you to add foodsinto yourdiary one by one. By the end of the day, there's noguarantee thatyou'll be anywhere near your nutrition targets. Withour automaticmeal planner, there's nothing to track becauseeverything isalready entered for you. All you have to do is followthe plan. Weoffer both free accounts and premium accounts. As afree user, youcan create a single day meal plan and completelycustomize ithowever you want. Each meal can have differentpreferences, andyour nutrition targets can be whatever you like. Asa premium user,you'll have access to the weekly meal planner thatallows you toautomatically generate a week of meal plans and sendthem to youwith a grocery list via email. As you follow the plans,you cantrack what you did or didn't eat, and if you deviate fromtheplans, we make it easy to readjust your targets for the nextweekto stay on track. Try out the free account to see if our mealplansappeal to you, and upgrade to the premium meal planner whenyou'reready. Privacy policy: of use:
Calorie counter 3.1
Searching across favorite products will help you calculateyourcalories quantity per day without any difficulties. •Proteins,fats and carbohydrates • Nutrition Diary • Large ProductsBase •Without registration • Will help to lose weight • Offlinemode •Body mass index n order to arrange your nutrition correctlyonemust know the contents and energy value of the products tobeconsumed. And the contents of fats, proteins and carbohydratesaswell. The diet fine settings will help you lose or gain weight.Thecalories counter will enable you to calculate the quantityandquality-related specific preferences of your menu. Choosetheproducts you need out of the drop-down list or enter theirweightin grams. Check the statistics whenever and wherever you are. Delivery | Fitness | Personal Doctor 7.72 is a health and fitness powerhouse that takes aholisticapproach to physical and mental well being. At, wemakegroup workouts fun, daily food healthy & tasty, mentalfitnesseasy with yoga & meditation, and medical & lifestylecarehassle-free. Our philosophy? #BeBetterEveryDay One ofthelargest fitness and group workout chains in India, Cult ispresentacross Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai and Gurugram.Choosemultiple workout formats from Dance Fitness, Yoga,Football,Boxing, Strength & Conditioning, HRX, Prowl and more.You canalso explore home workout with our Do-it-yourself fitnessvideos.Ranging 10 to 15 minutes, each home workout video is guidedbybasic movements that include warm-up, main exercise,andpost-workout cooldown. Every workout or fitness session isdesignedto meet specific goals - be it weight loss,cardiovascularendurance, strength, stamina or more. You need not bea regulargym-goer before joining our fitness sessions. In fact, youmaynever have visited a gym. You could still start yourfitnessjourney at Cult. A lot of our cult athletes, some of whomhavenever visited a gym, share their fitness transformation stories-from achieving weight loss or high stamina to improvinghearthealth and endurance. So, begin your journey with Cult.Trydifferent formats. Mix it up. Break the monotony. Join theCult! brings home healthy, tasty, fresh meals fordailyconsumption. From Breakfast & Snacks to Lunch &Dinner,we’ve got your daily food cravings sorted. Fresh food andquickdelivery always make a great couple - and we’ve got thatjustright. Place your order across different cuisines. You couldalsogive your kitchen a break! Spare the hassle with oursuper-flexibleWeekly and Monthly Subscriptions. Just pick your packfrom acrossour fresh & delicious meals, choose a delivery slot,and you’redone! No more daily troubles around doing the dishes,trackingdelivery, shopping for grocery, or even deciding what toeat, everyday! You order once, and we deliver for all. Designed fordailyconsumption, our food is balanced, wholesome, andcalorie-countedfor nutrition. From buying the most fresh vegetablesto sourcingseasonal fruits and lean, high-protein chicken breasts,ourmulti-level quality checks ensure only the finest producereachesyour table. So, planning to order food online? Download thecoolestand easy-to-use food delivery app. Meanwhile, here’s a quicktip:Eat slow, eat mindfully. This helps in better digestion, andinleaving you feeling light and happy. So, order your favouritefood,and get free delivery on your first order! every day.Afterall, you are what you eat! trains you tofindyour happy place! Through yoga and meditation, our expertsemployworld-class techniques to help you find your peace, reducestress,improve focus, and more. Our trainers assist you throughevery step- from breathing techniques to yoga poses - and help youtrain atyour own comfortable pace. Our Do-it-yourself packscontainmeditation and yoga videos, sleep stories, and lots morethat youcan do it from your home. From stress relief to bettermindfulness,benefits of yoga and meditation are known worldwide.Stay a class today! is yourpersonal doctor!With on-time consultations, digital records, freefollow-ups andquality care you can expect nothing short of ahassle-freeexperience with We have top of the classhealth centrewith an in-house Pharmacy & Diagnostics set up forfull bodyhealth check-ups and doctor consultations. You can consultthe bestof General Physicians, Paediatricians,Physiotherapists,Orthopaedics and Medical and Lifestyle Coaches forholistic healthcare. There’s more! Explore on the app.
Diet and Health - Lose Weight
Do you want to lose weight urgently? Do you want to start a dietandlose weight in a healthy and lasting manner? You can do thiswiththe DS Diet, a diet in which you earn Diet and Health points!Yourdiet will be healthier and more practical with our help! Tryit out,we will tell you the best way to lose weight! To usetheapplication, you do not have to pay anything: it is free ofcharge!So take some time out to get to your ideal weight with theDS Diet!★★★★★ The Diet and Health was voted in the best apps of2015, 2014and 2013 by Google Play! ★★★★★ STARTING THE DS DIET ISSIMPLE: 1.You do a weight assessment in which we find out what yourBMI isand how much weight you want to lose. After that, we let youknowthe optimal number of diet points you need in order to loseweight.2. In your food and exercise journal, you will log all themealsand physical activities that you do from day to day. 3. Stayalertto avoid transcending the suggested point limit. Also try topayattention to our recommendations, so that your dietbecomesincreasingly healthy! 4. Update your weight record each weektokeep track of your weight loss. And if you need a customizedmenu,with healthy recipes and guidance on what to eat, DS hasasubscription service that offers you all of this, in the hopeofsupporting you in your diet and healthy weight-lossre-education.You can send messages or participate in onlinemeetings withspecialists to resolve all your questions. Important:Diet andHealth is only recommended for individuals 18 years of ageorolder.
Dining Note: Simple food diary 1.1.3
4th May Soft
Let's start a good eating habit by writing the food you eateveryday. You can also write a simple diary with who, when, andwhereyou ate. Feature 1. Write breakfast, lunch and dinner. 2.Writesnack, coffee and water, number of drinking. 3. Writeexercise. 4.Photo attachment. 5. Password setting. 6. A varietycolor theme. 7.A simple monthly statistics UI.
Runtastic Balance Calorie Calculator, Food Tracker
Calorie counting has never been easier. Runtastic Balance isyourhandy food diary & calorie calculator for every day.EXPLOREALL FEATURES FOR FREE * Keep an eye on all major nutritionalvalues(carbs, fat, protein). * Check calories and macronutrientsper fooditem right in the macro tracker. * Track food with theexpansive,localized food database integrated in your food diary. *Trackcalories easily without searching the database, simply usethebarcode scanner instead. * Easily add recently tracked foodstoyour current day. * Set a weight goal and your ideal calorieandmacronutrients intake will be calculated automatically.*Activities tracked with any of your Runtastic appsautomaticallyincrease your daily calorie allowance. LOOSE WEIGHTWITH FREENUTRITION & DIET PLANS Improve your stamina, formhealthyeating habits, lose weight or build muscles, with thenutrition& diet plans. Runtastic Balance offers you a varietyofdifferent plans suiting your dietition and fitness needs.Choosefrom Energy Boost, Weight Loss, Healthy Balance, CardioKickstart,Warrior or Low Carb plans. Start your plan for freetoday! Do youhave further questions about our apps? Contact usvia
ru.appdevelopers.mealreminder 1.0
Meal reminder application will help you to follow the diet youhavechosen, reminding you about eating at the right time.Theapplication will create several reminders and help you trackthetime of food intake by days, show the days of reception inthecalendar. In the settings you can choose the type ofnotificationthat suits you best, simple notifications or an alarmwindow withplayback of the installed ringtone. App meal reminderfor peoplewho follow a diet or want to start eating several times aday. ****The application does not work? Notifications may not workforAndroid related reasons. The system can automatically turnoffnotifications or shift the notification time to save batterypowerregardless of whether power saving is enabled or disabled.Thisissue applies to all versions of this application.Unfortunately,the developer cannot influence this process, in somecases theapplication will not work correctly or after some timewill stopnotifying. In some cases, this may help: - reinstallingtheapplication. - shutting down an energy-saving system. -restrictionof the use of various applications optimizing theoperation of thedevice, including cleaning applications.
Calorie Counter - Fddb Extender 3.4.0
Malte Voigt
Improve your diet and achieve your goals with Fddb's freecaloriecounter and nutrition diary. With our huge food database youcaneasily control and improve your calorie and nutrient intake,yourphysical activity and your body weight. Learn tounderstandyourself and your body better and reach your goals easilyandhealthy. FREE FOOD AND NUTRITION DIARY • Free registration anduse• Display of many macro and micronutrients (most otherproviderscharge a fee) • Save favorites and own recipes HUGEDATABASE • Findproducts and activities quickly and easily • Easysearch with theintegrated barcode scanner • Detailed information onmacro andmicronutrients • Portion sizes for a faster food tracking• Productimages help you recognize food INDIVIDUAL GOALS • Setgoals foryour calorie and nutrient intake • Create individual goalson adaily basis with the calorie and nutrient planner for theentireweek • Improve your habits and eat healthier and moreconscious •Check your fluid and water supply • Achieve your weightgoalSTATISTICS • Daily evaluation of calories, nutrients andwaterintake • Motivate yourself with the weekly report and keepyourgoals in view over the long term • Track your weight, body fatandother values with the diet report • Stay fit and healthy andfollowyour daily activities TRACKER AND APPS • Connect with GoogleFi,Garmin, Fitbit or Samsung Health and import steps, activitiesandbody weight • Define individually which data should be imported•Adapt to your needs - set the time when your data shouldbesynchronized A PRO membership provides you with additionalusefulfunctions and more detailed statistics in addition to thefreefunctions and also removes the banner ads from the app. Youcanbetween the following memberships: - 1 Month Pro Bronze for 3.99€(0.99 € per week) - 6 Months pro Silver for 11,99 € (0,44 €perweek) - 12 Months Pro Gold for 19.99 € (0.37 € per week)Pleasenote that all PRO memberships are automatic renewalsubscriptions.You can disable automatic renewal from your GoogleAccount. If youdo not deactivate automatic renewal at the latest 24hours beforethe end of the current subscription, a new purchase ofthe samesubscription will be completed. A termination of acurrentsubscription is unfortunately not possible. Our support willgladlyanswer all your questions by e-mail privacy policy can be foundhere:
IEatWell:Food Diary&Journal Healthy Eating Tracker 1.51
IEatWell Is Your Food Log & Tracker Assistant To Help YouEatingHealthy Without Counting Calories. Improving your weight andhealthis a result of eating healthy foods, keep a food journal orlog anduse a food tracker not counting calories. IEatWell FoodJournal& Diary in a simple and easy way allows you to: *Record andTrack what you eat quickly and easily * The food logtrackerevaluate what you consumed at your own discretion, using ascoringsystem or consulting your friends * Allows you to share youjournalor log what you want in your networks if you want them toencourageyou to continue improving your meals Calorie CountingProblems: *The obsession for not eating too many calories on mealcan lead toeating disorders. * Drastically reducing my dailyintake can resultin bouts of consuming large meal * To think thatall that areconsumed are assimilated in the same way by the body,regardless ofthe food from which they come * Scientists havepointed out that,rather than quantity, the quality of the caloriesconsumed matters.Some Benefits of Eating Healthy and keep a fooddiary and log: *Improves immune system by preventing some commondiseases such asinfluenza and other long-term diseases likediabetes. * Betterquality of life in general * Stability in theenergy of your bodyfeeling this way well physically, avoidingfatigue to during theday. * Maintain your weight since when youeat what you need youavoid excesses * You maintain a youngerappearance, the antioxidantswe receive from a healthy diet keepthe skin in a good state Similarapps are fooducate for example
Calorie Counter and Exercise Diary XBodyBuild 4.11
A lot of people dream of a beautiful body because having oneensurescertain benefits, confidence and good health. Control overtheprocess of your body transformation is the key to success.OurXBodyBuild app will help you change your behavior and lifestyletoachieve your fitness goals. The app can be used bybothprofessionals and amateurs. XBodyBuild capabilities include:FoodDiary ● Enter your meal information to monitor your calorieintakeand sum of proteins, fats, and carbs ● Specify your desireddailycalorie intake to keep track of your remaining calorie,protein,fat and carb needs, or to know by how many calories,proteins, fatsand carbs you’ve exceeded your desired daily intake ●Calculateyour recommended intake of calories, proteins, fats, andcarbsWorkout Diary ● Set up exercise measures ● Createexercises(superset, triset, round) ● Create workout plans ● Makenotes aboutyour exercises, workouts, or workout plans ● Measureyour bodyXBodyBuild advantages include: Food Diary ● Eating history● Fooddatabase including 7,100 food items ● Ability to quickly addyourown dishes and foods Workout Diary ● 150 exercises with adetailedtechnique description ● Easy-to-use exercise and workouteditor ●Workout history enabling to analyze the work performedGeneral ●The app has been designed by professional trainers ●Continuousupgrade and enhancement ● The app doesn’t require anInternetconnection
Diary of Nutrition 1.2.8
Diary of nutrition will help you keep a daily control overtheamount of calories and macronutrients. - No registration -Workingwithout internet - Database includes thousands of foods -Add yourown foods - Mark your favorite foods for fast search -Individualnutrition program - Weight control - Detailed daily diarysummary
Diet. Losing weight. Health. Proper nutrition. 2.65
Probably any woman, at all times, sooner or later wondered - howtolose weight quickly and effectively? Are there reallyeffectivediets for fast weight loss, or is it all a marketing moveby thesellers of all possible dietary supplements. Our applicationwilltell you everything about diets, which are dieting for weightloss,how to lose weight, how to lose weight fast, diet menu, howtochoose a diet for yourself, diet food, diets for a week. Withourapplication, you will not suffer from a lack of vitamins, asitcontains a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.In ourapplication,all information is divided for convenience intogroups:Dietsdietfor weight lossdietary menushow to lose weightforfast weightlossdiet foodwhat are the dietshow to choose adietExpressDietdietdays offHealthabout dietingDucan'sdietpropernutritionetcUse our application and be healthy andbeautiful!
Lifesum - Diet Plan, Macro Calculator & Food Diary
Diet plan, food diary, macro calculator, calorie counter&healthy recipes, all in one convenient place. Reach yourweightloss goals with food tracker Lifesum! Keto diet, high proteinormaybe vegan? We’ll help you find a diet plan best suited toyou.Need a health tracker to keep you going? Fear not. We’ve gotanintuitive food diary, macro calculator & diet tips to giveyoua helping hand. Meal planner & macro tracker - TOPLifesumfeatures: ● Diet plan & diet tips for any goal - loseweight& eat healthy ● Keto, vegan, 5:2 and more diets &plans ●Calorie counter & food tracker with barcode scanner foreasylogging ● Macro calculator - see your daily macros, nutrition&calories ● Food planner - eat healthy food from deliciousrecipesfor any plan ● Health tracker - stay on top of your fitness&health WEIGHT LOSS & DIET PLAN Lose weight with yourpersonaldiet plan. Take our test to discover which food planner istheright one for you. From keto diet to low carb and everythinginbetween, we have the right plan & diet tips for yourweightloss goals. RECIPES & MEAL PLANNER Healthy recipes helpyoustick to your plan. Stuck in a keto diet rut? Explore ketorecipesto beat the sugar cravings or search keto recipes for snackstoeat. Can’t decide what to eat? Check out the meal plannerforideas. CALORIE COUNTER & FOOD PLANNER Calorie counter&food tracker functions help you see your daily nutritionalvaluesat a glance. Did a workout today? Go premium & syncLifesumwith FitBit, Runkeeper, Moves and other fitness apps. FOODDIARY& MACRO TRACKER Macros mythbusting. It’s easy with ourmacrotracker - make sure you reach the right type of energycompositionwith the macro calculator. Simply scan barcodes formacros andnutritional information, or enter manually. Discover howtrackingsmall habits can make a big difference & join millionson theirjourney to a healthier, happier you. Download Lifesum nowand gethealthier today! You also get daily feedback to keep you intheright mindset and help you lose weight. Lifesum integrateswithGoogle Fit and S Health, so you can export nutrition andexercisedata from Lifesum to Google Fit and S Health, and importfitnessdata and weight and body measurements back to Lifesum. Forextendedfeatures such as specialized diets and detailednutritioninformation, and to sync with fitness apps such as Moves,NokiaHealth, FitBit, Jawbone, Endomondo and Runkeeper, get theLifesumPremium membership.
10 Food-groups Checker : simple everyday nutrition 2.2.11
Main functions - Daily input - Display the description ofthefood-group by long tap the button - List display - Chart display-Reminder for forgetting - Can record marks that did not eat-Future plan can be input - Change icon and label - Can record upto5 users - CSV file input / output Nutrition isunevenlydisproportionate without knowing, and it seems that thereis thingto be in low malnutrition in the era of this satiation. Itseemsthat there is a tendency to eat only favorite things, or tendto beshort of protein without eating meat or eggs especially inelderlyliving alone. Although we listen frequently to try tocombinediverse foods with the goal of "30 items a day", but we cannothave it quite easily. At such time, I watched a way, introducedbyJapanese TV program called Gatten, NHK. The way is only maindishand side dishes, except staple foods and luxury groceryfoods,focusing on the food-group rather than the number of foodsandchecking the 10 food-groups. I was impressed to this, socreatedthis app. Five food-groups of meat, fish, eggs, soybeans,milk isprotein. Oil, green and yellow vegetables, seaweed, potato,fruitare five food-groups necessary to make the proteinworkefficiently. The method is simple. Just check the 10food-groupsyou ate that day regardless of their quantity. Pleaseaim toconsume 7 food groups or more per day. The ideal is to ingest9food-groups or more. Assessment is made easier to judge, 6 orlessare red, 7 to 9 are green, and 10 is gold (with flowercircle,Japanese called Hanamaru). I made a weekly list, the end ofSundaybeginning Monday. Because looking at the list, looking backoverthe situation in a week, even though busy weekdays are biasedabit, to have remaining food-groups on holidays. You willbecomeaware of the balance naturally. By checking the list with acheckwhen after every meal or every day. The total of thehorizontalaxis (assessment), 6 or less are red, 7 to 9 are green,and 10 isgold with Hanamaru. The total of the vertical axis(assessment) isbased on 70% or more, so 4 or less are red, 5 to 6are green, and 7is gold with Hanamaru. The total of the lower right(assessment) isalso based on 70% or more, but 90% or more is ideal.So 48 or lessare red, 49 to 62 are green, 63 to 69 are gold, 70 isgold withHanamaru. Especially one in three to four people over theage of 70has fear of malnutrition, and the risk of disease andnursing careincreases. Let's encourage your father mother, grandpagrandma, andlet's have fun and healthy life for everyone. Manyfoods supporthealth. Attention! If you are currently taking adisease or diettherapy please consult a doctor. Please do notforcibly eat anyonewho has problems with allergy or digestion infood-group.Indications of egg, milk, oil, fish, soybean, potato andseaweedare egg & egg products, milk & dairy products, oils&fats, fish & shellfish, soybean & soybean products,tubers& roots and marine algae Icons and titles are set asarepresentative example such as. Exception clause I assumenoresponsibility whatsoever for any damages resulting from the useofthis app. Permission status and supplementary mattersconcerningthe use of intellectual property in app developmentproduction -This app was originally developed on the basis of theoriginalpaper "Shu Kumagai, the others. Effects of dietary varietyondeclines in high-level functional capacity in elderly peoplelivingin a community. Japanese Journal of Public Health 50(12)1117-1124". - The use of academic information in developmentwasdone with the approval of Mr. Shu Kumagai who is responsibleforpublication of the original paper. - There is no moneyexchangebetween developer and Shu Kumagai in development andoperation ofthis app. - This app was developed with the objectiveof improvingdietary habits to prevent elderly people who needlong-term care.
Technutri - calorie counter, diet and carb tracker 4.0.4
Technutri is the perfect calorie counter and carb trackerforimproving nutrition, gain mass or lose weight! You can followadiet with other users and share your pics, recipes and diettips!Also, you can use the food diary to support your low carb andketodiet by tracking your net carb intake easily! Being healthyneverwas so easy and funny! Technutri is easy to use You caneasilytrack all your consumptions, from water to foods. Just selectyourmeal from our large database and Technutri will count thecaloriesfor you. You have also access to knowledge about food andworkouthabits. You do not even have to have internet access at themomentyou want to add a new meal! Technutri works without internetaswell! Technutri is reliable We provide you with a detailedplanabout your calorie intake and fitness plan. Theserecommendationsare based on your personal data, like age andgender, but also onyour objective! It does not matter whether youwould like to loseweight, gain mass or improve your nutrition.Technutri gives asuitable recommendation regardless which objectiveyou have. Youcan track your consumption by using the bestnutritionalinformation, count your calories and water intake usingthecounters and workout using one of our many instructionvideos.Technutri is social Technutri is not just another caloriecounterof fitness app. No, it is a community. Inspire other usersand beinspired by other users. Get involved in a chat group withpeoplewho have to same goals and exchange the best tips! Have alook atthe meals feed were users can upload pictures of theirmeals. Youcan look at the calories of the meals and take a closerlook at theingredients, when they upload another nice meal! Makefriends andsupport each other. You are definitely not alone!Technutrisupports you Do you already have a nutritionist, friend orpersonaltrainer who helps you achieving your goal? Technutri can bea greatsupplement! We can create better contact between you andthem. Theycan follow your calorie and water intake and react to it.You caneven send the nutritional data of your consumption.Technutrisupports your diet Are you following any low carb diet?Keto diet?Paleo diet? Or a high fat diet? Or a low protein diet?All of themare supported by our food diary! It controls your dailyintake,including fats, net carbs, total carbs, proteins and fibersand Itshows you when you are above the quantity allowed. Technutriiseffective Technutri already helped over 5 million people toachievetheir goals. Join them and start downloading Technutri!Technutriis free
Dr. Greger's Daily Dozen 15.1
In the years of research required to create the more than athousandevidence-based videos on, MichaelGreger, MD,FACLM, has arrived at a list of what he considers themost importantfoods to include in a healthy daily diet. Yes,greens are good foryou, but how much should we try to eat eachday? Dr. Greger’s DailyDozen details the healthiest foods and howmany servings of each weshould try to check off every day. Heexplains his rationale in hisbook How Not to Die( All hisproceeds from his books,DVDs, and speaking engagements is alldonated is a non-commercial,nonprofit,science-based public service provided by Dr. Greger,providing freedaily updates on the latest in nutrition research viabite-sizedvideos. He has nearly a thousand videos on every aspectof healthyeating, with new videos and articles uploaded every day.Like thisapp, everything on the website is both free of ads andfree ofcharge.This app was developed thanks to the volunteerefforts ofJohn Slavick.
Weight Loss, Diets, Eating Disorders Audio Courses 3.0
Listen to audio courses, workshops and audiobooks to helpbuildhealthy eating habits. Gain support and learn from weightlossexperts how to improve your diet, boost your self esteem andbodyimage. Gets tools to triumph over eating disorders. Weightlossdoesn't need to be a lonely battle. Featuring inspirationaltalksand nutrition workshops on your path towards healthy eating.It’sfull of stories from people who’ve overcome challenges andbeenthere. The tracks explore topics on fitness, meal planning, andhowto stop cravings. Learn about the benefits of a plant-based,paleo,vegan, or vegetarian diet.But a healthier you takes more thanjustmaking macrobiotic bowls. (Don’t worry, that’s here too)Itinvolves a holistic look at health and diet, and overcomingthehurdles that hold us back from living our true lives. Itrequiresan educational look on the body, so we can learn how tostop andgive up foods that harm us - and develop eating habits thathelpus. You’ll develop qualities and skills that will transformyourbody image day by day. This app is great for those lookingtodetox, address health issues, or as part of yourweight-lossprogram.GO AT YOUR OWN PACE - Take action at your ownpace. Listenon the way to work, at the gym, or whenever it’scomfortable. Itonly takes a few minutes a day to master the skillsof personalhealth. Create a playlist and program a routine thatworks on yourtime.HEAR FROM EXPERTS - Learn from experts how todetox the bodywith superfoods, fitness, and proper cookingtechniques. Find outwhat gets in the way of achieving success andreach yourmilestones.BOOST YOUR BODY IMAGE - Break bad habits.Reducecravings and get that healthy gut. Gain support every day.Watchyour positivity and self-esteem soar as you find courage andmakeprogress along your path.EATING DISORDERS - If you sufferfromeating disorders or participate in overeaters anonymousprograms,this app is up your alley. Explore tracks dedicating tobulimia,anorexia, and binge eating.FREE APP -This app is free todownloadand includes over 100 hours of free audio programs. Tounlock andget all content, you’ll want to subscribe. (in-apppurchase feesapply).GET ON TRACK - Audiojoy makes it simple. Listento an audiolesson every day and stay disciplined. Explore a richlibrary oftracks on diet, health, overeaters anonymous, eatingdisorders andmore.Each day, you’ll hear stories of courage andoptimism, frompeople who overcame weight loss challenges anddramatically changedtheir body image. We know the challenge to ‘notbe bad today’ ishard, and choosing to eat healthy is more difficultfor some of us.But every journey starts with a singlestep.FEATURES:This app ispacked full of amazing features to helpyou lose weight:+ 1000+audio tracks, 100+ hours of content+ Dailyfeatured audio content+Search and explore all content+ Add to afavorites list+ Listenwhile offline+ Build a playlist of the tracksyou want to hear+Read along with the text version+ Sleep andmeditation timer+Looping relaxation and meditation sounds (over 2.4millioncombinations)+ Daily inspiration notifications withpowerfulartwork to keep you motivatedAudiojoy creates educational,how-tocontent for happier lives. We believe everyone can developtheskills to be their best. Audiojoy makes it easy to putthesetechniques into practice, so you can master what you want andstopwhat you don’t. Download our apps, launch your own personalcourseor program, and start learning.CONTENT INCLUDED:Here is asample ofaudio content you will find:+ 21 Days to Love Your Body-Meditations For A Healthy Weight+ Best Health, Fitness&Dieting Audiobook Excerpts+ Conquer Sugar Cravings ForGood!Hypnosis For Healthy Change+ Crash Course To Gym TrainingForBeginners+ Flexible Dieting: Weight Loss On Your Terms+ GetYourChild Back On Track: Hypnosis For Healthy Eatingand muchmore...
Eat Fit - Diet and Health 1.0.7
Eat Fit App
Do you know what are "Diet Boxes"? Effective, but veryexpensivediets for the Stars, right? but not anymore! We present.... EATFIT! Eat Fit is your mobile nutrition coach. Theapplicationintroduces everyday healthy eating habits as well ashelping youlose extra kilograms. The effects can be seen after thefirst weeksof implementing a given diet.Premium edition: * 700meals!* 2Premium Diets : 1200kcal Diet and Mediterranean Diet* Noads* Morepossibilities of meals exchangeIn order to create EatFit,dietitians brainstormed knowledge to create a rich andbalanceddiet designed especially for you. EatFit offers a few dietsas wellas over 700 meal propositions within a diet. You havethepossibility of selecting your favourite meal! The menusarediverse, so you don't have to complain about monotony inthekitchen. EatFit reminds you about meal creation, properbodyhydration, or grocery shopping. The application accompanies youatall times. Thanks to this app, you won't forget about thenextdelicious and healthy meal. EatFit allows you to monitortheeffects of your diet. Thanks to the application, you can noteyourprogress and boast about your successes to others!Let Eat Fitbe apatron of your health!Download the free application and enjoyyoursuccesses.- 1200kcal Diet – diet with caloric content loweredto1200kcal. Difficult and demanding, but giving quickresults.-1500kcal Diet – diet with caloric content lowered to1500kcal.Moderate diet, which lets you lose extra weight in a slowfashion.-2000kcal Diet – this diet assumes an intake of 2000kcal,it aims atestablishing healthy eating habits and allows to loseextra weightin a slow fashion with no risk of yo-yo effect.-Gluten-free Diet –diet based on gluten-free meals.- MediterraneanDiet – diet basedon the principles of Mediterranean cuisine; largequantities offruit and vegetables, whole grain bread, fish, andpasta, amongother things.User Manual :) 1. Go through a brief setupand choosea diet.2. Browse the meals by sliding your finger acrossthe screenuntil you find your favorite.3. Set a diet for severaldays.4.Generate a shopping list using the ‘basket’ icon.5. Goshopping,cook, and lose weight.6. Keep a record of yourachievements. *Materials placed in the application are the soleproperty of theauthor. Her Owner will not hold accountable fortheir use andimpact on your health. The application isinformational only,before the start of diet, consult your healthphysician.
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Macros can be used as a calorie counter and as a mealplanner.Calculate your calories and register your food diary easilyandsimply. Eat what you want! Always respecting yourcarbohydrate,protein and fat targets. Main features: -Calculateyour caloricneeds. -Calculate all your macronutrients. -Do youfollow the Ketodiet? Activate the calculation of net carbs. -Chooseyour goal,lose weight, maintain it or gain muscle mass.-Nutritionalinformation of thousands of foods. -Create your ownfood library,you can use our public library or create your ownfoods. -Copy foodbetween your meals easily and quickly. -Integratedbarcode reader.-Creation of recipes -Distribute the percentage ofcalories of yourmeals. Additional advantages of Plus mode: -Edityour caloricrequirement and macronutrients, both in percentages andgrams.-Export your diary and your meal plans to PDF, in this wayyou canprint or share all your meals. -Measure your progress ofintake ofcalories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. -Distributethepercentage of macronutrients of your meals. -Look what foodshavemore weight of calories, macronutrients and micronutrients inyourdiary and meal plans. -Full free advertising. Personal supportforall users, write us if you have any questions or suggestions.Youcan use the contact option within the app or write All data stored by the applicationisrecorded anonymously and safely and in no case are sharedwiththird parties.Conditions:
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Here we have huge collections of Weight Loss tips in tamilforreducing the weight for both male & females. If you wanttosuccessfully lose weight and lose it quickly then there aremanyessential tips and home remedies that you definitely mustconsideradopting. Here are some tips, simple Weight loss diet planandHealthy weight loss recipes to help you lose weight. Eat yourwayto fitness without craving and relying on fad diets. Getwholesomenutrition and lose weight too!. Avoiding junk food andmaking somesimple modifications in your lifestyle are some of thebest-provenways to lose weight. We give you the proper schedule forhealthyweight loss what should you do and what shouldn’t this is agradualprocess that much is true. This Belly Fat reduceapplicationprovides Simple and Natural weight loss tips for all agepeople. Itincludes the best natural remedies for losing weight inhealthiestway. This application describes fully tamil with clearBelly losstips. This weight reducing tips in tamil are very usefulfor allpeople whether you are a youngster, teenager, parent oranemployee, you are concerned about your weight and it allows youtolearn how to lose weight at home without exercise , how to getslimfast naturally at home and how to lose weight naturally athomeremedy.Thoppai Kuraikum Kuripugal , Udal Idai Kuraikum TipsBellyLoss tips App host features: Weight loss tips (ThoppaiKuraiyatips) in tamil language.You can send the hair fall tips tothesocial media such as whatsapp,messenger,fb like that.You canalsocreate your own tips and note it out in apps.Count of highlyvieweddemanded belly loss tips are held at top.Simple and clearUI.Clearfont and sizeStep by step procedure with clear respectiveimagesThere are so many weight loss tips are waited for you pleasegiveyour valuable comment and rating for our improvements. Downloadit!Don’t forget to share this.
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The ketogenic diet (keto) is a APP that causes weight lossandprovides numerous health benefits. The keto diet is becomingatrend among people looking for weight loss. Features: ✔ What isaKeto Diet? ✔ Introducing the Ketogenic Diet Meal Planner ✔ WhatToEat on a Ketogenic Diet: Ketogenic Diet Foods List ✔SampleKetogenic Diet Menu ✔ Do You Need To Exercise on Keto Diet? ✔Easyand Delicious Keto Snacks for Ketogenic Dieters ✔PotentialKetogenic Diet Side Effects: The ketogenic diet is apopular andeffective way to lose weight and improve your overallhealth andwell-being ✔ The Keto Diet: A Low-Carb Approach To FatLoss So HowDoes It Work? ✔ How To Use Fat As Fuel ✔ How To Dine OutWithoutBlowing Your Ketogenic Diet ✔ Reasons To Consider Keto✔Supplements For Ketogenic Dieters The idea of the ketone diet istoget your body into a process called Ketosis. For beginners atwhatto expect when going on a keto diet.
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Simple Macro was made to help you keep track of your caloriesalongwith keeping track of your macro nutrient distribution. Dietis themost important part of reaching your weight goals whether youwantto lose weight or gain muscle. Tracking your macros alongwithcalorie counting is vital to achieving the physique you desire.Youcan set your macros by percent of calories contributed or bygrams.There is a feature to add food that you've eaten intoyourfavorites so you can quickly add the macros from the food andgeton with your meal. Your macro goals as well as the macronutrientsyou've already had for the day will be on display themoment youopen the app so you can take a quick peak and see if youneed tohave some food. You can then swipe to the right in order tobeginadding the food you need to hit your goals and startworkingtowards the weight change you want.
Eat Fit - Diet and Health Free 1.0.9
Do you know what are "Diet Boxes"? Effective, but veryexpensivediets for the Stars, right? but not anymore! We present.... EATFIT! Diet, meals, shopping lists, progress!Eat Fit is yourmobilenutrition coach. The application introduces everyday healthyeatinghabits as well as helping you lose extra kilograms. Theeffects canbe seen after the first weeks of implementing a givendiet.In orderto create Eat Fit, dietitians brainstormed knowledgeto create arich and balanced diet designed especially for you.EatFit offers afew diets as well as over 300 meal propositionswithin a diet. Youhave the possibility of selecting your favouritemeal! The menusare diverse, so you don't have to complain aboutmonotony in thekitchen. EatFit reminds you about meal creation,proper bodyhydration, or grocery shopping. The applicationaccompanies you atall times. Thanks to this app, you won't forgetabout the nextdelicious and healthy meal. EatFit allows you tomonitor theeffects of your diet. Thanks to the application, you cannote yourprogress and boast about your successes to others!Let EatFit be apatron of your health!Download the free application andenjoy yoursuccesses.- 1500kcal Diet – diet with caloric contentlowered to1500kcal. Moderate diet, which lets you lose extra weightin a slowfashion.- 2000kcal Diet – this diet assumes an intake of2000kcal,it aims at establishing healthy eating habits and allowsto loseextra weight in a slow fashion with no risk of yo-yoeffect.-Gluten-free Diet – diet based on gluten-free meals.UserManual :)1. Go through a brief setup and choose a diet.2. Browsethe mealsby sliding your finger across the screen until you findyourfavorite.3. Set a diet for several days.4. Generate a shoppinglistusing the ‘basket’ icon.5. Go shopping, cook, and loseweight.6.Keep a record of your achievements. * Materials placed intheapplication are the sole property of the author. Her Owner willnothold accountable for their use and impact on your health.Theapplication is informational only, before the start ofdiet,consult your health physician.
Fitness Meal Planner 2.2.0
Simplify your fitness or bodybuilding meal planning processwithFitness Meal Planner. Fitness Meal Planner automaticallycalculatesyour macro needs and builds a meal plan in seconds tocomplementyour workout!Leave the planning to us, download theFitness MealPlanner App and start eating right and seeingresults.In Short:•Enter basic info and fitness goals and receive ameal plan • Selectthe number of meals per day between 3 and 8• Setdiet type and foodrestrictions• Have at your fingertips what youneed to eat and howmuch of it, always • Choose to eat what youlike, substitute therest• Tap in to our growing collection ofdiverse fitness meals andtheir recipes• Edit meal times and selectwhether to receivereminders at meal time• Get your weekly shoppinglist according toyour meal plan• Have your own caloric goal andmacro ratios? NoProblem, Set it in the advanced section• Want toadd your own food?Sure thing! add food items and we'll calculatethe meal plan withthem for you!Download the Fitness Meal Planner!WANT THE ADS FREEVERSION? download FITNESS MEAL PLANNER-ESSENCE: Twitter: out ourblog andleave a comment: http://fitnessmealplanner.comFeel free tocontactus at
bon happétee-Smart weight loss: Tracker, Planner 3.1.7
Healthy is boring, let's eat smart. We are a smart nutritiontrackerand meal log & planner app for healthy weight losswithoutdieting. So far 2000+ users have lost an average of 5 kgswith theautomated AI based assistance of our fitness nutritiontracker app.WELCOME TO THE FUTURE OF WEIGHT LOSS We takepersonalization to thenext level – by our “teach, not tell”approach powered by machinelearning, patented recommendationengine and worlds best Indian fooddatabase. So, welcome to thefuture of eating right! Whether lookingfor newer and excitingadventures of the palate, or looking for someserious balance inmindful eating without compromising on taste andconvenience, bonhappetee is the destination for a totally redefinedway of thinkingfood and losing weight naturally without dieting.MEALSPERSONALIZED TO YOUR FITNESS GOALS bon happetee, is a smartappthat learns your tastes, metabolism and convenience andpositionsyou to reach your health and weight loss goals – or justhelps youwith mindful eating while opening up newer combinationsand balancemeals via its ultra-customized recommendation engine.EASY TO USEDAILY FOOD JOURNAL It is super convenient – it has smartfeaturesto keep your food journal logging a breeze; it is simple,it givesyou personalized nutritionist approved meal scores on ascale of1-10 for every meal that you log; it gives you real timefixes toimprove your score and balance your meals to meet yourweight losstargets (R.I.P the days of counting calories and carbs,just score>8 and lose weight). MEAL PLANNER Then again it ismuch morethan that – plan your meals in advance using theproprietyrecommendation engine that combines the state of theartnutritional analytics with the wisdom of ourcelebritynutritionists on board. By using food calorie calculator&weight loss journal you will surely be one step ahead ofanyoneelse! Feeling like eating something – just build yourbalanced mealusing our “I feel like eating...” feature. OUR WEIGHTLOSS APP CANADJUST Feeling like you know your body better – goahead, customizeyour meal targets to what you know works. Not quitethere yet, noproblem. Just keep logging and leave it to our smartapp to figureout which of the tweaks are working for you using itsastutealgorithmic integration of your data with magic ofmathematics. Butthat is just the beginning – share your scoresacross your socialnetwork, motivate others, and get motivated. KEYFEATURES: 1.Custom goal setting & nutrition – choose yourweight loss paceand comfort zone (nutrition tracker) 2.Personalized taste - Getpre-planned menus with ingredients andrecipes (meal planner) 3.Easy Log for your meals and activity –smart, simple and fast (meallog, daily diet diary) 4. Challengeyourself – Score eight to loseweight (smart weight loss) 5. Fixmeals in a second (healthy dietmeal finder) 6. Social - Challengeyour friends. See what othersare eating (socialize) 7. Nudge –Reminders and notifications tokeep you on track (stay focused) Aword from our CEO "Thank you foryour interest in our app, it givesme immense satisfaction to sharewith you the essence of my personaljourney of a lifestyle changeand weight loss of losing 20 kgs andrunning a full marathon afterrecovering from a broken back all thiswhile keeping my love offood and doing everything as per myconvenience. Interestingly-doing this was not at all tough - thestruggle however was findingthe right way to do it. Now, I am not anutrition expert or adoctor but I am common man who understandsthis pain from yourpoint of view. Try bon happetee and learn andearn the freedom toeat what you love” Start your journey to leavinga perfect lifewhere you take control of your body weight! Theultimate food andexercise journal, planner, tracker &recommendation app bonhappetee for free! Share your feedback
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Search for "BabyBus" for even more free panda games for you totry!Wondering how to get your little one to eat? Here is a fun gametooutsmart a picky eater! Learning healthy eating habits at ayoungage can reap benefits for a lifetime. Children will discovertheimportance of balance diet while playing games! Become agoodeater! Join the fun with the little panda and eatveggies,prawns,meat and all kind of food! Fun features: -Personifyveggies, staple food and meat as cute friends! Play withour panda!- Lots of silly games and interactive scenes to play withveggies!End picky eating! - Make all kinds of nutritions visibleand fun!Help the cute panda. Healthy Eater is a wonderful game freeforkids! Plenty of veggies, prawns and healthy food! Let childrenplayfor free while they learn about healthy food! Outsmart theirpickyhabits with Babybus for free! Enjoy with Kiki, our panda, thiscuteadventure! About BabyBus ————— At BabyBus, we dedicateourselves tosparking kids' creativity, imagination andcuriosity,and designingour products through the kids' perspectiveto help them explore theworld on their own. Now BabyBus offers awide variety of products,videos and other educational content forover 250 million fans fromages 0-8 around the world! We haveproduced more than 150children's educational games, 700 children'ssongs, and animationsof various themes spanning the arts, health,and science. —————Contact us: Visit us:
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Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, get healthy orimproveyour eating habits you’ll love the Eat 2 Win SportsNutrition App.Athletes love it but everyone can use it. Ideal forDietitians,Athletic Trainers, Strength Coaches, Personal Trainersor Coaches tohelp improve their athletes or clients eating habits.BUILD YOURSUPPORT NETWORK Do you need support and encouragement?We provideyou with the option of adding your own NutritionMonitors such as aDietitian, Athletic Trainer, Strength Coach,Personal Trainer, Coachor Parents. As you log your meals by takingpictures all of yourNutrition Monitors can provide valuablefeedback and encouragementon the food you are eating.Accountability, feedback andencouragement from selectedindividuals can have a big impact onimproving your eating habits.MEAL PLAN GUIDES No more guessing, seeexactly what you need to eatto achieve your weight managementgoals. After using the athlete’scalculator you’ll see a widevariety of meal plan options includingstandard, vegan, vegetarianand healthy choices from all thepopular restaurants. We compiled alist of over 12,000 healthy menuselections from 250 top restaurantsthat were approved by a team ofDietitians. A great way to makehealthy decisions while on the go.TRACKERS No need to logindividual food items like other populardietary tracking apps. Justtake a picture so others can give youfeedback on each meal or snackeaten. Tracking is a great way tokeep a diary log of your eatinghabits so you or your NutritionMonitors can go back see your eatinghabits over time. COMPETITIONTHROUGH CHALLENGES Athletes lovecompetition and we provide a coolway for you to Challenge otherathletes or individuals on yourteam. As you engage with thefeatures in the app you score pointsand those points show up inChallenges you or your friends create.Create a wide variety ofChallenges such as team, position, age,grade, staff, parents….becreative and challenge each other to stayengaged and improve theireating habits. Eat 2 Win will alsosponsor their own Challenges andgive away cash and prizes to topwinners. Dietitians, AthleticTrainers, Strength Coaches, PersonalTrainers or Coaches can createtheir own Challenges and invitetheir athletes or clients.Competition is a great motivator and canbuild group synergy tocreate a food first culture within theirorganization. KEY FEATURES-Athlete’s Calorie Calculator -WideVariety of Standard Meal PlansGuides -Vegan and Vegetarian MealPlan Guides -Restaurant Meal PlanGuides -Trackers, Log Meals bytaking Pictures -Trackers, Log BodyWeight -Meal Reminders TrustedSports Nutrition Content fromLicensed Sports Dietitians -BlogArticles -Podcast -Webinars-Courses Premium Features -Create andCompete in Challenges -Ask aSports Dietitian a Question
Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary, Food Diary Tracker 7.1.1
MyNetDiary is your personal weight loss, diet, andnutritionassistant. It is the most sophisticated and friendly fooddiary,calorie counter, and exercise tracker. Download the app,track yourdiet, and be healthy for life! Rated #1 mobile diet appby AmericanJournal of Preventive Medicine. Recognized by The NewYork Times as“simpler… quicker… also, it looks nicer” comparingwith othersimilar apps. Also featured in ABC, USA Today, Fox,ConsumerReports, Chicago Tribune, and The Wall Street Journal THEPROOF ISIN THE NUMBERS ● Over 9 million members. ● Average memberslose a1.4 lbs each week ● Members demonstrate 27 lbs or over 12%bodyweight loss within the first 7 months BEING HEALTHY HAS NEVERBEENEASIER ● Set a weight goal ● Enter a target date (vacation,wedding, or reunion ) ● Get a calculated Calorie Plan ●Log dailymeals and exercise ● Follow daily Calorie Budget ● Reachyour goaland live healthy WEIGHT FORECAST AND AUTOPILOT ●Advancedrecommendations suggesting diet tweaks ● Weight Forecastshowswhether you are on target ● Autopilot keeps you out of aweightplateau SUPPORTS ANY DIET ● Focus on your Macros, Low-Carb,or KetoDiet ● Plan meals in advance to hit your Carb and ProteintargetsMASSIVE FOOD DATABASE ● The best food database withrestaurants,grocery stores, special diets, and ethnic foods. ●Catalogconsistently expanded by user contributions. ● Snap newfoods withPhotoFood tool and we will enter food's Nutrition Factsfor you. ●Verified and updated daily. BARCODE SCANNER ● Scan thefood packagefor easy calorie and nutrients entry. FRIENDLYREMINDERS ● Timelynotifications to log meals, enter weigh-ins,sleep, and bloodpressure. MACRONUTRIENTS AND NUTRITION ● Track upto 40 nutrients,more than any other app. ● Follow traditional ornew USDA NutritionFacts. ● Choose how much energy comes from fat,carbs, and protein.● Select a target for every nutrient, and theapp will providefeedback on your nutrition. ● Get insight into yourdietary intakeof saturated fat, sodium, fiber, vitamins andminerals. FOODSCORING MAKES THINGS SIMPLE ● Find best foods with aglance. ● Eachfood comes with an easy to read rating. ● Use it withbarcodescanner for a perfect food shopping companion. CHARTS WITHINSIGHTSAND MOTIVATION ● Plot your weight loss journey. ● See howyour bodyreacts to your dieting and exercise. ● Visualize yourcaloriecounter and macro statistics. ● Paint a big picture or zoomintoyour daily food log records. THE BEST AND MOST CONVENIENT FOODLOG● Fastest calorie counter. ● Remembers foods and servingsforquickest entry. AUTO TRACKING STEPS AND EXERCISE ● App syncsSteps,Exercises, Weight, Water, Heart Rate, and more. ● LinkswithFitbit, Withings, and Garmin. ● Works with Google Fit andSamsungHealth. ● Use an extensive, over 500 exercises fitnessdatabaseREGISTERED DIETITIAN BLOG, LIBRARY, AND COMMUNITY ● Learnhealthyrecipes, delicious meals, and dieting techniques. ● Readabout thelatest diet science from our team of RegisteredDietitians. ●Collaborate, seek advice, and share experiences withotherMyNetDiary members. HEALTH & DIABETES TRACKER ● Much morethana calorie counter - a complete health tracker. ● TrackBloodPressure, Heart Rate, Blood Cholesterol, Medications, TestResults,Symptoms and more. ● Diabetes tracker to monitor BloodGlucose,A1C, Net Carbs, Carb Count and Insulin intake. CUSTOMIZE IT● Adaptit to your unique needs. ● Customize dashboard: chooseyournutrients, health trackers, and more. ● Access your food diaryfromthe Home screen with MyNetDiary widgets and shortcuts.DownloadMyNetDiary and be healthy for life! Members that subscribetoPremium plan demonstrate better results, staying on target,andreport losing 3 times more weight than free users. *Independentstudy conducted by American Journal of PreventiveMedicine alsoincluded MyFitnessPal, Lose It!, and Noom.
Noom: Health & Weight 7.10.0
Noom Inc.
Any program can tell you to eat less and move more. Noomisdifferent. Noom’s proven psychology-based approach identifiesyourdeep-rooted thoughts and triggers, and builds a custom gameplan tohelp you form healthy habits, faster. Featured in the NewYorkTimes, Women’s Health, Shape, Forbes, ABC and more, we'vealreadyhelped over 45 million people worldwide build health habitsandachieve their health goals. People who use Noom lose an averageof18 pounds in just 16 weeks! 78% keep the weight off for overayear. Learn how to navigate your environment, challengeyourthoughts, master your triggers, and overcome any barrier thatmightcome your way. Whether it's emotional eating, cravings atmid-day,difficulty with social eating, or a sweet tooth,Noom'sscientifically backed-solution will help you create a plantoovercome any obstacle and practice healthier habits untilyou'vemastered them! What you get: - Scientifically-provenpsychologyapproach to “trick” your body into building healthyhabits, faster- Flexible coaching designed to help you set andachieve yourshort- and long-term goals, and provide you with asmuch dailysupport and accountability you need -- you decide! -Personalizedfeedback from your coach based on your in-app activityand progress- Tools to track your weight, food, exercise, bloodpressure, andblood sugar all in one place - Interactive contentwith over 250+new articles, including choose-your-own adventurestyle guides toapply our #PsychTricks into your daily life,seamlessly - Smartertechnology to identify your challenges in realtime and keep you ontrack - Custom meal + workout Plans availableto take your progressto the next level - Our most comprehensivefood database, with overhalf a million new and updated food loggingoptions and barcodes tomake your experience even better - Anaward-winning,battery-friendly pedometer to count your steps Ourteam of doctors,psychologists, nutritionists, and personal trainershave created anew course that takes the most effective behaviorchange researchand techniques and delivers them to you in dailybite-size articlesand interactive challenges to teach you theskills you need toimprove your health. Sign up today to turn yourhealthy thoughtsinto healthy actions with Noom!
Ultimate Workout Nutrition 1.05
While you are doing a workout program, it’s a must to have apropernutrition, if you want to see the best results. In thisultimateguide you’ll learn how and what to eat depending on yourgoal,whether it’s weight loss, maximum muscle building or fatburning.The app includes: - Meal plans and diet plans for beginnersandexperts alike - Pre-workout foods, meals and recipes -Post-workoutfoods, meals and recipes - A list of best fat meltingfoods Withregular exercise and a balanced diet, you'll experiencebettermood, increased energy, higher self-esteem and you willsleepbetter than ever before--in fact, your overall health will bemuchimproved! This app is 100% free and it will stay freeforever.Enjoy!
Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker
SparkPeople is your personal diet and lifestyle coach. Gethealthywith customized workouts & meal plans ; lose weight bytrackingfood & planning your diet. Rated 5 stars by thousandsof users,SparkPeople helps millions of people reach their goals;you can benext. WHY YOU SHOULD DOWNLOAD OUR APP NOW: SparkPeoplebrings youthe fitness tracking and carb counting tools, caloriecharts,exercise demos, and the detailed reporting that will helpyouachieve your goals and change your habits. The app has: TheBiggestFood Database of any Food Tracker & Diet App: Withover3,500,000 foods tracked, our easy food lookup helps you countthecalories you eat while finding a diet that’s right for you.FastDiet & Fitness Tracking: It’s easy to track your workoutsandcount the calories you burn. Track both strength and cardiowithour easy-to-use search function, including sets, reps,andweight/rep. Calculate the caloric intake of any meal withoursimple calorie calculator. Great for tracking macros andcountingcarbs! Diet Program Agnostic: 1200 calorie diet, low carbor nocarb diet, vegan diet, keto diet--it’s all the same to us.We’llhelp you reach your goals, no matter the diet you follow.Hundredsof Exercise Demonstrations: Get fit, tone up and avoidcommonexercise injuries with our short demos of popular cardio&strength exercises. All demos are performed by licensedtrainers,so you can learn the right way, every time. Food Intakeand DietCalculator: Find most foods with our barcode scanner. Getthe rightcalorie and nutritional information from our fooddatabase, &save the foods you eat to your food log. Use ourcalorie intakecalculator & nutrition calculator with a tap.Find the makeupthe common nutrients & minerals in your diet:calories, carbs,protein, fat, fiber, cholesterol, & more.Healthy Meal Planner:Set your goals and we’ll help you plan outyour meals for the week.It’ll make your new lifestyle changeeasier! Track Your WeightDaily: Keep track of your progress withour easy to use weight& BMI chart. Health, Diet & FitnessArticles: Read articlesfrom SparkPeople’s nutritionists &fitness experts to learnmore about your metabolism & how to behealthier & moremotivated. It’s like having a team ofdietitians, nutritionists,& fitness trainers on your phone!Total Integration: You canaccess your fitness & nutrition logsfrom your computer, tabletor phone. Connect Apps & Devices:Already use other apps ordevices to track your fitness, but needweight loss strategies& diet tracking? Just connect the app ordevice you use to thisapp! We offer full integration with FitBit,Jawbone UP, Google Fit,Misfit, Runkeeper, & Garmin devices.SPARKPEOPLE ISN’T A WEIGHTLOSS PROGRAM, WE’RE A COMMUNITY TheSparkPeople Calorie Counter,Food & Diet Tracker fully syncswith our site. Since 2001, has helped millions ofpeople lose weight and stayfit by offering support, education andpowerful weight loss &fitness tools. With your account, you canalso access: ★'s vast library of healthy-livingarticles, fitnessvideos, & exercise planning tools. ★, ourhealthy recipe site. You’ll find over 600,000healthy & tastyrecipes that help you reach your nutritiongoals. ★ The web’sfriendliest, most supportive healthy lifestylecommunity. Getsupport from other members who have been right whereyou are; reachyour weight loss & fitness goals while havingfun! Our #1 goalis to help you achieve your goals. Please send anyquestions,concerns, or suggestions to Startliving ahealthier life. Thanks for using our app!
Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week 1.25
How To Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week is a free Androidapplicationrecommended if you are one of those people who arelooking forexercices at home to lose weight quickly. This exericesis one ofthe most appreciated weight loss exercices at the moment.Thisapplication help to reduce your Belly fat in faster way... Justtheideal tummy workout routines for flat tummy and slim stomach.Fastand simple to train and you simply never must use any healthclubtools. This is free and lite version of application. Yourchildwill be happy to sing with us. Our App consists ofpopularcollection of cardio workout to lose weight fat burningtutorial:Check out these amazing workout tutorials videos for bothbeginnersand advanced levels. choose your style and learn how toapplycardio workout to lose weight fat burning, workout and manymore.Cardio Workout Aerobic Exercise At Home For Women To LoseWeightCardio Workout Home Best Cardio Workout Cardio Workouts LoseBellyFat in 1 Week Aerobics Workout Exercise Cardio Workout FatBurningWorkouts Home Workouts Cardio Workout to Lose Belly FatCardioWorkout to Lose Belly Fat For Women Cardio Workout for WomenCardioWorkout for Women at Home Cardio Workout for Women to LoseWeightBest Cardio Workout for Women Best Cardio to Burn Fat more...notforgetting that some good habits and a proper nutrition suchasJogging, running, cycling, brisk walking, swimming ,and lowcaloriediets, is necessary, not only to loose belly fat within aspecifictime , but to maintain the health of the entire body. fatbellyexercises completely prevented people from re-gainingabdominal fatafter weight loss, so implying that exercise isparticularlyimportant during weight maintenance not to mention thatExercisealso leads to reduced inflammation, blood sugar levels andall theother metabolic abnormalities that are associated withcentralobesity.
com.ginortcar.plantas.medicinales.medicina.natural 1.1
Medicinal plants and natural medicine, the most popularhealingmethod in all cultures. Medicinal Plants and NaturalMedicine arebecoming more important in our lives. Discover thefascinatingworld of healing plants. It will be very useful to knowso manyremedies for better health. Many people already usethesetechniques and enjoy day to day living a fuller life. Thereare anumber of advantages associated with the use of medicinalplantsrather than pharmaceuticals such as side effects or lowercost.Medicinal Plants brings you to the natural, concentratingwideinformation of herbs, plants, trees, fruits, homeremedies,indications, symptoms, diseases, pains, disorders andmore, toapproach the good life through the knowledge of thebenefits andproperties that Nature gives us Natural medicine isused for anykind of ailment or health problem and medicinal plantsor any kindof alternative medicine are used. The medicinal plantsapp isdivided into: + Medicinal plants: It knows multitude ofplants andtheir different uses, such as acacia, garlic, heather,sweetpotato, juniper, damiana, boldo, digital, euphrasia ... andmanymore! + Ailments: Find remedy to all those evils that affectusall; Aphonia, whitening skin, dandruff, constipation, sorethroat... + Food: Magnificent guide with the properties of food tohelpus in our health. + Nutrition: Useful tips for betternutritionsuch as: consume bread, eliminate fats, healthy habits ornutritionin the teen. + Healthy Living: Tips and tricks to feelbetter inthe day to day. So simple and as useful as: Drink water,eatvegetables, depression ... It knows multitude of plants andfruitsof medical use used to treat affections in the health.Naturalmedicine seeks to discover and eliminate the root causeofdiseases, not only treatment, but also theirprevention,inculcating eating habits and lifestyle that promotehealth.Natural medicine is also known as alternative medicineornon-conventional medicine and encompasses all treatmentsandtherapies that could have the same therapeutic effectsofconventional medicine but mostly are not based on evidenceobtainedusing the scientific method. * This utility will beconstantlyupdated with new medicinal plants and new naturalmedicineremedies. * If you have any question or wish tocontributesomething, please let us know. Thank you. Download nowMedicinalplants and natural medicine and share with us yourexperience.
Calories in food 1.6
Using the calories table you can define the energy value of themostpopular food items and cooked foods. As well, you can learnandcorrect your daily eating. General list includes theinformation onenergy, carbohydrates, proteins and fats content in100 grams offood. Energy value is expressed in kilocalories(kcal). The appcontains more than 8700 items, and for yourconvenience it isseparated into sections, and food items arelisted in alphabeticorder. Data in table are maximally exact, butyou shall remeber thatcooking peculiarities of some food influencethe energy value andcontent of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
Health & Weight Loss Coach 6.21
Struggling with Weight loss or Body Building? Have you alwayswantedto learn how to lose weight or how to build the body of yourdreams,but didn't know whom to ask? Well, over 700,000 Indiansjust likeyou have LOST OVER 75,000 KILOS of weight, achieved thebody oftheir dreams & successfully managed their diet andexerciseregimens with RoundGlass Obino! That's why RoundGlassObino is ratedas one of the Top-Rated Health Coaching Apps inIndia & has beenfeatured by CNBC, Times of India, EconomicTimes, Mint, ET Now,Business Standard, Business Line, VCCircle,TechCircle, YourStory,Inc42, etc SO, WHAT IS ROUNDGLASS OBINO?RoundGlass Obino is atop-rated Indian Health Coaching App, thatfocuses on Weight Loss& Body Building but with an all-naturalapproach. We don’tbelieve in supplements, medicines, drugs, pillsor gadgets. Ourstrength are our handpicked Expert Coaches -Clinical Nutritionists,Dieticians, Fitness Trainers and YogaInstructors – who work withyou one-on-one to achieve your HealthGoal! They help you maintain aHealthy Diet, an Active Lifestylewith Low Stress Levels & getadequate Sleep, so that you canget a body to be proud of! Simplydownload the RoundGlass Obino App& use it Free of Charge! Or GoPremium to see a 50 %improvement in your healthy food intake,become 40% more active andlose at least 2-3 kilos every month! HOWIT WORKS FOR FREE USERS?Simply download the RoundGlass Obino HealthCoaching App &follow our all Indian diet plan for weight loss& get fitterand healthier, starting today 1) Assess YourselfSimply fill inyour Profile details to calculate your BMI &Ideal Weight aswell as find out how Many Calories you should behaving daily! 2)Set your goals Whether you want to lose weight orbuild your body,the RoundGlass Obino Health Coaching App setspersonalizedcalorie-targets for you daily 3) Get Reminders Enableour one-clickReminders to drink more water & green tea, eat ontime andremember to take regular walks. 4) Track your CaloriesIndian foodcalorie counter for over 10,000+ dishes & 1,000+exercises(yoga, strength & cardio) plus an in-built pedometerto countyour steps. 5) Learn from Experts Read cutting-edge healtharticlesfrom top bloggers & experts in weight loss, fitness!Getdietician-curated Healthy Recipes for low-calorie yummy snacks!HOWIT WORKS FOR PREMIUM USERS? 1) Choose your Package Whetheryourgoal is Weight Loss or Body Building, we have the RightExpert& the right Plan for you! Get personalized and expertcare tolose weight or build your body. 2) Work with DedicatedExperts Getpaired with your own personal Diet & Fitness Coach-Experienced Dieticians or Clinical Nutritionists basis yourHealthGoal & Certified Fitness Trainers – who are available viachat& call instantly, helping you make the right choices,whetheryou’re at home, office or travelling. 3) Get Handmade Diet&Fitness Plans Every item on your Diet & Fitness Plan hasbeenhand-picked by your Coaches to get you to your goal, whetherit’sWeight Loss or Body Building. KEY FEATURES 1) ExpertDieticians& Certified Fitness Trainers available instantly(Premium) 2)Personalized insights and analysis of your Food &Exercisehabits 3) Indian Calorie Counter for meals & exercises4)Inbuilt Pedometer to count your steps 5)No-starvation,medically-approved Indian Diet Plans (Premiumfeature) 6)Challenging Fitness / Yoga plans for reducing body fatand buildingmuscle (Premium feature) 7) Dietician-curated HealthyRecipesfeaturing ingredients from your kitchen (Premium feature) Toknowmore, visit or write to ** At thetimeof install, two of the permissions we ask are as follows1.Call_phone: Helps facilitate conversation between a subscribeduserand the health coach by directly making a call from app2.Read_phone_state: Anyone who uses the app can beidentifieduniquely and a personalised experience deliveredseamlessly
Lark - 24/7 Health Coach
Trying to lose weight, get fit, prevent diabetes, or managechronicconditions? Let Lark help you! Your personal Lark coachtracks yourdiet, exercise, sleep, medication, and weight and textsyou adviceand motivation – whenever and wherever you need. Lark istheleading chronic disease prevention and management platformusingproven AI health coaching to deliver better health outcomes.Larkuses cutting edge AI and connected health monitors toprovidereal-time, personalized, 24/7 support and counseling to helpyoumake healthier choices Lark Programs: Lark Basic - Freeactivityand sleep tracking and coaching Lark Weight Loss Pro*-Personalized health plan, nutrition coaching, and weightlosscoaching. Lark Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)* -CDC-recognizedprogram with tailored education sessions on diabetesprevention andrelated topics, plus customized diet, exercise, andsleep coachingto help reduce your risk of diabetes. Fully coveredby manyinsurance plans. Includes free Fitbit and digital smartscale! LarkDiabetes Care* - Includes glucose monitoring andfeedback, diabeteseducation, diabetes-specific nutrition coaching,andmedication/medical appointment reminders and tracking.Fullycovered by many insurance plans. You may be eligible for afreewireless glucometer kit and free glucose testing supplies!LarkHypertension Care* - Includes blood pressure monitoringandfeedback, hypertension education, hypertension-specificnutritioncoaching, and medication reminders and tracking. Fullycovered bymany insurance plans. You may be eligible for a freewireless bloodpressure monitor! Lark Wellness* - Includespersonalized healthplan, general health education, nutritioncoaching, and weight losscoaching. Fully covered by many insuranceplans. You may beeligible for a free digital smart scale! All ofLark’s PremiumPrograms integrate and analyze data from wirelessscales and more.Membership Pricing and Terms Lark Basic: Free LarkDPP, DiabetesCare, Hypertension Care, and Wellness: Fully coveredby manyinsurance plans. Check with your insurance provider. WeightLossPro: $19.99/month. Cancel anytime. 7-day free trial! YourLarkWeight Loss Pro membership will automatically renew at the endofeach term and your credit card will be charged through youriTunesaccount. You can turn off auto-renew at any time throughyouriTunes account settings but Apple does not refund for anyunusedportion of the term.
Calorie Counter HiKi 3.24
HiKi Soft
Do you want to lose weight or build muscles? Use our newHiKiCalorie Counter app for Android to count calories and loseweightwith ease! The application will automatically count yourdailycalorie allowance and PCF correlation depending on yourparametersand activity. Thousands of people all over the world useHiKiCalorie Counter every day, join us! No account orregistrationneeded Use as you install! All data is saved on yourdeviceoffline! • Calorie Calculator • Food intake tracking thatallowsyou to make notes in your food diary • Daily calories,fats,proteins and carbohydrates counter • Daily pure water counter•Food products and cooked dishes calories info plus an enormousfoodproduct database • Body mass index, fat percentage,calorieallowance and PCF calculation • Agile tuning of calories,fats,carbohydrates and proteins limits • GI (glycemic index) andGL(glycemic load) of food products • CU (carbohydrate units) countinfood intakes for patients with diabetes • Ability to uploadrationto website and get link to it • Graphs and statisticscovering foodintakes and weight losing data • Previous days rationdisplay •Portion weight adjusting for various food products •Offline accessto data stored on devices • Burned calorie count forvariousactivities • Synchronization with your other devices • Foodandfitness information aggregation Pro version Advantages -Addunlimited number of food products to database - Createseveralprofiles on one device - Save food as templates for quickloading -Fill in your food diary for days to come - Statistics tabshowsdata for all days - Mix products to get complex dishesinaccordance with recipes If you go PRO, the payment will bechargedthrough your Google Play account during purchaseconfirmation. Thesubscription will be auto-renewed shortly beforethe subscriptionperiod ends, maintaining the same price andsubscription type youpreviously purchased, unless you unsubscribeno later than 24 hoursbefore the subscription ends. Subscriptioncan be managed throughyour Google Play account after purchase. Itis not possible torefund a subscription or cancel a subscriptionduring the currentperiod. Future updates: • Workout diary •Measurements • Food anddrinks reminders Help us to impove HiKiCalorie Counter app. We arealways looking forward to yoursuggestions and feedbacks
MyPlate Calorie Tracker 3.5.1(0)
Tracking calories works! Join the millions who have lost weightwithLIVESTRONG.COM’s MyPlate Calorie Tracker — the mostuser-friendlyway to track your calories and stay fit on yourAndroid Phone.LIVESTRONG.COM makes tracking calories EASY. -Browse acomprehensive food database with over 2 million items -Use ourhandy bar code scanner to find and track food easily -Create customfoods and meals - Get a personalized daily caloriegoal based onyour profile information - Keep track of your weightand progressover time - Review detailed data and create customdaily goals foryour nutritional intake of protein, fat, carbs,fiber, sugar, sodium& more - Easily keep track of your waterintake - Get real-time,24/7 support from members of ourmotivational community and otherson a similar journey - Setmeal-time reminders to keep you on track- Integrate with GoogleFit app to automatically track dailywalking, running and bikingactivity - Log workouts from ourextensive exercise trackingdatabase - Create custom exercises orenter calories burned –helpful when using exercise equipment orheart-rate monitors - Syncwith the Calorie Tracker via theLIVESTRONG.COM website at - Getfull support for use onAndroid mobile devices and Android Wear Whychoose MyPlate CalorieTracker? * MACRONUTRIENTS MADE SIMPLE * Adaily snapshot ofprotein, carbs and fat grams and percentages isprominentlydisplayed, making it easy to monitor your macronutrientconsumptionand manage your desired ratio. * ROBUST PROGRESS SECTION* Theextensive Progress section includes easy-to-read charts thatgiveyou a quick summary of your data including Calories, Weight,Carbs,Protein, Fat and much more. Easily view your progress for theweek,or take a deeper dive and view progress over weeks, months and1year. * REAL-TIME COMMUNITY SUPPORT! * Looking for motivationoradvice? Our active community message boards are filledwiththousands of members offering each other support andadvice,sharing recipes and tips and just sharing a laugh. It’s agreatplace to connect with like-minded people who share similarhealthand fitness goals. * EVEN MORE ON LIVESTRONG.COM * Check outourFREE companion tool on LIVESTRONG.COM with additional featuressuchas meal plans, workout videos and the latest news andinformationabout healthy eating, exercise ideas and much, muchmore. And didwe mention that’s all FREE?? * UPGRADE TO ALIVESTRONG.COM GOLDMEMBERSHIP * Choose between three price tiersand periods (1 monthfor $9.99, 6 months for $29.99 or 1 year for$44.99). The pricewill be shown in the app before you complete thepayment. Thesubscription automatically renews at the end of everyperiod youchoose. Subscriptions are easily managed from the My Appsscreen inthe Play Store app. A Gold Membership includes: -Advancedstatistics, including daily averages, trends and more -Exclusiveaccess to the private Gold Members board in the community- OurClean Eating Guide, including 21 recipes and tips for eatingclean- A special Gold member badge in the community - Prioritysupportfrom our customer support team Your subscription will beprocessedby Google Play using Google payments. View or cancelyoursubscription at any time via the My Apps screen in the PlayStoreapp. If you cancel your subscription in the middle of abillingperiod your premium membership will not be removed until theend ofthe current billing cycle
V Team
The application will allow you to lose weight, gain weightormaintain current weight absolutely for free. Instead ofimposingstrict discipline on you, Fitatu will help you reach yourgoal inthe easiest possible way. Join millions of users for free.The freeFitatu is a simple to use calorie calculator. With Fitatuand itspaid subscriptions, being on a diet has never been so easy.-Fitatu Premium means your health under control - Fitatu Flexmeanseffective menus on your phone. See how Fitatu can help youachieveyour ideal weight. Discover the benefits of the freeapplicationand get what you have to pay for in other applicationsfor free.LOSE WEIGHT. NOT YOUR HABITS: ■ The largest base ofproducts anddishes from Great Britain modernized by nutritionists(91% ofproducts on the market, and growing by 100,000 new oneseachmonth). Only in Fitatu! ■ Base of dishes from restaurants inGreatBritain (e.g. "McDonald's", "KFC", "Subway", "Pizza Hut") ■Privatelabel products from British retail chains (e.g."Biedronka","Lidl", "Stokrotka", "Tesco"). ■ Barcode scanner ■Quick addingyour own products and recipes. LOSE WEIGHT. NOT HEALTH■ Detailedinformation about nutritional values intake (calories,proteins,fats, carbohydrates) and 35 other vitamins andingredients,including e.g. omega-3, vitamin K, vitamin B7, fibre,sodium,cholesterol. Only in Fitatu! ■ Automatic calculation ofcaloriegoals and proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates,or thepossibility of entering user's own calculations. ■Calculation ofthe appropriate caloric intake LOSE WEIGHT. NOT TIME■ Britishuseful measures - you do not need to check how much theproductsweigh (e.g. a spoon, a packaging, a piece, a glass, ahandful, aslice, a teaspoon). Only in Fitatu! ■ The simplest methodof addingdishes and products. Only in Fitatu LOSE WEIGHT. NOT TASTE■British dishes with recipes. Only in Fitatu! ■ Possibility to set1to 6 meals. ■ Add your favourite foods yourself LOSEWEIGHT.NOTFITNESS ■ Possibility to add your workouts from othersportsapplications such as Fitbit (also thanks to the Fitbit watch)anddata shared by Google Health with Endomondo, Runtastic FreeandNike+ Run Club applications. ■ Over 500 exercises Only inFitatu!(including the exercises by Mel B) ■ Add your own exercisesandworkouts. ■ Physical activity may optionally affect thetargetcalorie count (increase it). Only in Fitatu! LOSE WEIGHT.NOTCONTROL. ■ Body weight and size measurements. With chartsandforecasts concerning the assumed goal. Only in Fitatu! ■Summariesof calories and nutrition value for a day, week and month.■Automatic control of water consumed. Only in Fitatu! FitatuPremiumReach your nutritional goal in an easier and more pleasantway.Fitatu Premium means 8 new features that will help you inyourdaily resolutions ■ Data export ■ Individual daily goals ■Settingtime and notifications about meals ■ Summary for a specificperiodof time ■ Monitoring of the consumption of a given nutrientin agiven period Fitatu Flex Fitatu Flex is a weight lossmethodoffering you freedom. Decide how you want to lose weightthanks tothe suggestions of our nutritionists or a balancedcombination ofthe following options: ■ Recipes from Fitatu Flexnutritionists ■Your own dishes the appropriateness of which in youmay check inour application ■ Products and dishes from the Fiatudatabase
WeightWar - Weight Loss 2.8.48
Cleveni Inc.
WeightWar helps you to manage your weight and dietsystematically.It helps you to lose your weight successfully byrecording yourdaily weight. It provides you a variety of charts andstatistics ofyour weight. Then you can check it and manage yourweight yourself.And it provides checklist feature for dailyactivity such as'Workout' or 'Drinking'. This also helps you tolose weight. Setyour target weight. And you can see the progress ofyour goal at aglance. And notification feature is provided. You canset alarmsfor inputting of your weight and diet. And you can seeBMI, BMR ofyour body. These features may help you achieve yourgreat goal. [KEY FEATURES ] • Input your weight daily • Manage yourdiet daily •Set your target weight • Notifications for inputtingyour weightand diet • Checklist feature for daily activity •Statisticsavailable (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) • Charts available(Daily,Weekly, Monthly) • BMI(Body Mass Index), BMR(Basic MetabolicRate)
Indian Calorie Chart 22.0
Presenting a unique app which cares about your health. Wehavewritten this app in Hindi and we have included nearly allIndianfood. If you are diabetic and want to know how much calorieissufficient for you. For those who have started dieting and wanttoknow how much calorie is required, this app is for you. Do youwantto eat healthy? Are you on Diet? Is anyone in your familyadiabetic? Then this app is for you, based on severalhospitalssamples we are providing calorie chart of India foods, sothat onecan calculate total calories. This is for most of theIndian foodsand meals. It include north Indian recipe as well assouth Indianrecipe. We will improve this application based on yourresponses.Please send your feedback and suggestions. Your adviseandsuggestions are always welcomed. Although we have taken atmostcare in keeping it as accurate as possible, this caloriechart(calorie calculator, dietitian tool) is only for referencepurpose,please validate it with your doctor dietitian.
Health & Fitness Tracker with Calorie Counter
Health Infinity is an all in one health & fitness trackerthathelps you reach your health goals, lose weight, make betterfoodchoices & keep you fit. Why is Health Infinity the bestHealth& Fitness app out there? Weight loss tracker, waterintake withreminders, calorie counter, activities, exercises &workouttracker, sleep tracker, heart rate monitor, stepcounter(pedometer), medication reminder and so much more in asingle app.Simply put, there is no other health app like this inthe WORLD! Domore with Health Infinity: • Set goals for - Weightloss, Weightgain, Macronutrients, Calories, Water intake, Sleeptime &Daily step count. • Eat better with built-in CalorieCounter withover 2 Million foods. Create custom foods & meals.• GetReminders to help you drink enough water. • Track over100activities, exercises & workouts. Track a new activity andseethe calories burned in real-time using activity tracker. •RecordGPS-based activities with precise stats like pace, route,distance& calories burned. • Monitor your heart rate accuratelyusingthe mobile's camera and flash. Any-time. Anywhere. • Improveyoursleep using our automatic Sleep Tracker. It works based onthesensors in your device. No need to start or stop manually! •Neverforget a pill again - Medication Reminder makes it so easy totrackand remember your meds. • Built-in BMI Calculator with BMIChart tocheck your category. • Calculate Ideal Weight, Body Fat,MetabolicRate, Muscle, Target Heart Rate & much more. • UseTags to addadditional information to your tracking. Create customtags as peryour need. • Connect to Google Fit and sync your healthdata withother apps. • Supports both metric & imperial units. •Noexternal hardware required. Weight Loss Tracker HealthInfinitymakes Weight Loss easy by helping you change your lifestyleandmindset - Lose weight naturally and burn fat effortlessly. Over1Million people used Health Infinity to reduce weight andgetfitter. Challenges: Real personal fitness trainer withpush-ups,pull-ups, sit-ups & squats Workout challenges. 3Levels foreach Challenge. No manual input needed. Works based onthe sensorsin your mobile. 24/7 Step Counter (Pedometer): Trackyour dailystep count. Keep mobile in the trouser pocket, hand orjacket. Useshardware step detector (Pedometer) in 4.4+ devices toreducebattery consumption. Sensor-Fusion/Accelerometer basedalgorithmsto improve the accuracy of devices without a stepdetector.Permissions: Contacts - Google Sign-in. Camera - Measureyour HeartRate. Location - Track GPS based activities. Storage -Save chartsto phone storage. Note: • Your health is important tous. Thisapplication is NOT intended to be a substitute for gettingmedicaladvice or treating health-related problems. • GPS Mapactivity onlysupports Walking, Running & Cycling. • Push-ups,Pull-ups,Sit-ups & Squats - 3 levels of challenge available. •Somefeatures require PRO access. • Barcode Scanner is available tousewith Calorie Counter • Please get in touch with us, if you haveanyissue - Privacy Policy- ♥ by Droid Infinity!
30+ Detox Water Drinks! 1.0
The Best Detox Water Recipes For Weight Loss And HealthyLiving!Health and fitness are becoming increasingly popular andtrendy intoday’s society. People want to lose weight, maintain ahealthylifestyle and do it as easily as possible. In addition toregulardiet and exercise, some are turning to detox water to givethemthat extra weight-loss boost. So here are 30 detox waterrecipes tohelp you! Enjoy!
com.totalketodiet.ketodiet 3.0
Total Keto Diet is your go-to keto diet app for low carbrecipes& keto meals. Discover hundreds of delicious ketorecipes,calorie & macro tracker, keto diet articles, shoppinglists andmore low carb diet goodness with the Total Keto Diet app!TotalKeto Diet is brought to you by, a leadingketodiet & low carb recipe resource, with the goal to makeyourketo diet easier and more achievable. KETO DIET APP & LOWCARBRECIPE FEATURES: • Hundreds of Keto Recipes - more low carbrecipesadded soon. • Keto Calculator - get on track with your lowcarbdiet using our easy-to-use keto calculator. • Macro Tracker -trackyour calories & macros every day - being on a low carbdiet iseasier than ever! • Truly Low Carb - our macro trackerincludestotal or net carbs to make your low carb diet even easiertofollow. • Huge Food Database - hundreds of thousands of foods&tons of low carb recipes available for your keto macrotracker. •Favorites Section - so you can jump straight to the ketoand lowcarb recipes you need. • Shopping List – add ingredientsfrom ketorecipes or your own ingredients. • Beginner’s Keto DietGuide - tohelp you understand everything about the keto diet andget startedwith your keto diet immediately. WHAT IS THE KETO DIET?The ketodiet (also known as a ketogenic diet, low carb diet andLCHF diet)is a low carbohydrate, high-fat diet. Maintaining a lowcarb dietis great for weight loss. Moreover, according to anincreasingnumber of studies, a low carb diet helps reduce riskfactors fordiabetes, heart diseases, stroke, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy,and more!WHY REDUCE CARBS ON A KETO DIET? We’re beginning tounderstand thatcarbs in large quantities are more harmful thanpreviously thought,while most fats are healthy & essential (thebasis of a lowcarb diet). When you eat lots of carbs, your bloodsugar isconsistently elevated and, as a result, so is insulin.Insulin is ahormone that keeps your blood sugar in check byshuttling theglucose into cells, but when there’s a consistentlyhigh amount ofinsulin, your cells become resistant. This insulinresistance makesit easier to store fat, and chronically high levelsof insulin alsocause excessive inflammation in the body, whichcontributes toheart disease, high blood pressure and eventuallytype 2 diabetes.A keto diet can reverse these harmful effects &restoresinsulin sensitivity. THE KETO DIET IS A NUTRITIONREVOLUTION! Thenutritional landscape is changing. The keto diet(low carb diet) isgrowing in acceptance and a nutritionalrevolution is beginning. Weare starting to realize the detrimentaleffects of our relationshipwith excess sugar & carbs. The ketodiet focuses on low carbrecipes to keep your blood sugar stable,helping your body regaininsulin sensitivity and keeping your mood& energy levelsstable. When you’re on a ketogenic diet, you canexpect to: • Losebody fat • Have consistent energy levels duringthe day • Staysatiated after meals longer, with less snacking andovereatingHUNDREDS OF LOW CARB DIET & KETO RECIPES! Ketorecipes make youfeel better, live better and eat better. Each lowcarb recipe isdelicious – we know because we only share the ones welove. We’veincluded hundreds of low carb recipes for you to choosefrom. Themain goal of these low carb recipes is to: • Keep carbslow – under25g a day, ideally • Increase your protein intake – aimfor atleast 60g a day • Keep you full and satiated from deliciousmealsTHE BEGINNER'S KETO DIET GUIDE INCLUDES: • What is the KetoDiet? •Testing for Ketosis • The Truth About Fat • WhatareMacronutrients? • Long-term Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet•Day-to-Day Benefits • Entering Ketosis • Diabetes andKetoacidosis• What is the Keto Flu; why it happens and how to endit • And moreto help you with your keto diet Low carb keto dietquestions orfeedback? Visit our helpcenter:
fat burning juice-30 days plan 2.3.1
The 30 Day Juice Fast Plan is great if you’re looking togetcleansed, detoxed, and lose weight. There are manybreakfastsrecipes, lunches, and dinners recipes for you to chosefrom butremember, this 30 Day Juice Fast Plan is just that, a plan.Youdon’t have to follow it 100% word for word or meal for meal,butyou should follow the core advice within it. A few things tokeepin mind when following the 30 Day Juice Fast Plan. fatburningjuice 30 days plan is the fastest and tastiest way to getall thosehealthy vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes thatourmodern diets are lacking. If you are looking to lose weightthentry our juicing recipes for weight loss it's super. They arehighlynutritious, taste great and will help you shed the pounds innotime at all. In fact, many people have lost as much as 20 poundsinjust two weeks of juicing! One of the main benefits of juicingisthat liquid puts very little stress on your digestive system.Thismeans you have more energy, feel great and have a superhealthydiet at the same time. fat burning juice also allows you toconsumemuch more fruit and vegetables (but be careful of puttingtoo muchfruit in your diet) than you would typically do in aregular diet.It also helps to suppress hunger pangs, which mean youcan avoidsuccumbing to unhealthy foods that go straight to yourwaistline.Can Juicing help you lose weight? In short, yes it can!There aremany well documented examples, and even documentarymovies,demonstrating the power of juicing to help weight loss. Evenif youare not quite ready to go extreme and commit to a full juicefast,juicing can help you lose weight and vastly improve your diet.fatburning juice 30 days plan. follow us on facebook instagramtwiter
HealthifyMe - Diet Plan, Health & Weight Loss v11.7.1
Track your health, lose weight, eat healthy food withHealthifyMe:your calorie counter, nutrition calculator & foodtracker. Getcustomised diet plan for weight loss & other healthgoals. Logfoods, count calories, plan a diet chart, track overallhealth,steps & workouts, water intake and document your weightlossjourney. Weight loss isn’t hard. HealthifyMe’s caloriecounterhelps you lose weight and get fit with health data,fitnesstrackers and your specialised diet plan. Let your caloriecounter,diet chart, and nutrition calculator guide you to your fatlossgoals. Your personal food tracker motivates you to tryhealthyrecipes, follow your diet plan and eat healthy food. Thefitnesstracker encourages you to follow your workout chart, go tothe gymor do yoga. Comprehensive Health & Lifestyle tracker:TOPFEATURES 1. Lose weight with a personal diet plan for yourhealthand fitness goals. HealthifyMe creates diet chart and mealplannerfrom your health data and BMI so you know exactly how to goaboutyour diet and workouts. 2. Eat healthy food with yournutrition andcalorie calculator! Log meals with a touch, check yourmacros, orsimply take a photo of your lunch. Access the largestdatabase ofIndian foods including international cuisines andhealthy recipes,from dal to dosa, with Indian serving sizes. 3.Count calories:view your health data, weight loss, fat lossprogress and dailycalories at a glance. Make calorie counting ahabit while you starthealthy eating habits. 4. Buy 500+ healthysnacks and foodshandpicked by nutritionists across 15 categories.Get healthy foodshome delivered and Eat Better starting today! 5.Track your healthdata with a nutrition calculator that breaks downyour protein,fibre and carbohydrate intake with accuratemacro-nutrient mapping.6. Get personalised health and weight losssuggestions 24* 7 fromRia, the world’s first AI powered smartnutritionist, driven byover 200 Million food & gym logs and getinstant answers,insights and feedback on your diet plan andworkouts. 7. Your dietchart, fat loss, gym and yoga routine is evenmore effective withexpert help! Connect with professional yogainstructors,nutritionists and dieticians to enjoy dedicatedone-on-onecoaching.* 8. Your specialised diet plan lets you easilymanagedietary health conditions such as diabetes, thyroid,PCOS,cholesterol, and hypertension. 9. Find health advice, recipesandyour daily dose of motivation for your fitness goals throughfreshcontent on your app’s feed, each day, every day. 10. Staymindfulof your calorie intake and health through custom meal andwatertracking reminders. Start your weight loss journey today anduseyour calorie counter to track your progress. Join 10 millionuserswho have lost weight and gained confidence with ouraward-winninghealth and calorie tracker. Eat better, lose weightand Healthifyyourself! Awarded among Best Apps for Google Play, 3years in arow! The trust of hospitals like Manipal, Medanta,Cloud9, andSakra along with the guidance of some of the besthealthcarepractitioners enables HealthifyMe to combine technologyand thelatest medical science to deliver the best in fitness andweightloss solutions to its clients. HealthifyMe also offers apremiercorporate wellness program to help employees eat healthy,loseweight, improve their overall health and boost productivity.Someof our clients include big guns like Cognizant, Philips,P&G,Infosys, and Unilever. -------- Sync with PedometersHealthifyMesyncs activity and step counter data by seamlesslyintegrating withthe HealthifyMe Rist, Samsung Health, Google Fit,Garmin, andFitbit. PERMISSIONS REQUIRED: Your location: to livetrack yourrunning, walking and cycling. Read/Write Storage: Sharefiles andimages while you chat. *Available with HealthifyMe Premium
The best nutrition app on Android Want to lose weight in ahealthyway? You have come to the right place. Diet and Weight Lossis acompletely innovative app made to help you reach yourobjective, beit weight lost, maintaining weight or a healthierlife. As opposedto other apps, we don't impose routines or diets,much less magicformulas to lose weight. Quite the contrary, wewould like to teachyou how easy it is to reach your expectationsand personal goals ina healthy way. • Points System Diet • BloodType Diet • PhysicalActivities • BMI Calculator • Daily Nutrition •Water IntakeRegulator • Daily Challenges • Advice and Notifications• Analysisof your Daily Progress • Body Fat Index Calculator •Search fornutritionists near you. • and many other functionsSuggestionsabout new functions are welcome. We are here to help youreach yourgoals. Want to know more?
Rise Up: Eating Disorder Help 1.2
Look no further! Rise Up + Recover is just the app for you ifyouare struggling with food, dieting, exercise and body image.Basedoff self-monitoring homework, a cornerstone of cognitivebehavioraltherapy (CBT), we designed a simple and convenient appthat hasbeen used millions of time around the world.At RecoveryWarriorsour mission is to create empowering tools that will helpYOUsucceed!With the Rise Up + Recover app you can:• Log yourmeals,emotions and behaviors from the privacy of your mobilephone•Export PDF summaries of your Meal Log and Check-In to sharewithyour treatment team• Set custom reminders to inspire you tokeepmoving forward• Rest assured that your personal informationisprotected behind a pass-code• Share motivational andinspirationalquotes, images and affirmations• Access a wide rangeof resourcesto build a strong recovery warrior mindset• Findsupport andprofessional treatment nearbyRise Up + Recover is theperfectaddition to your professional treatment for an eatingdisorderincluding anorexia nervosa (AN), bulimia nervosa (BN),obsessiveeating disorder (OED), binge eating disorder (BED) andcompulsiveeating disorder (CED).Learn moreat