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Christian Harp and Pentecostal Corals
Hymnal of the Pentecostal Harpa Christian and Corby with text,audioand mp3 and videoThe Christian Harp and choirs have beentheinstrument of national consolidation of Pentecostalhymnology,primarily through congregational chanting.The officialHymnal ofthe Assemblies of God in Brazil since its first editionwaspublished in 1922. There are currently 640 songs suchasPentecostal hymnology with hymns for public worship, HolySupper,baptism, marriage, children's presentation, funeral,amongothers.You can bring the best of the Christian Harp praisesyouhave available all the hymns of the to assist in the praisesandaccompaniment by the lyrics of the hymns, chords and sheetmusicfor musicians, and you can download the audio of the hymns orseeyoutube right Harpa, besides To choose their favorite hymns,toshare the lyrics of hymns and to search for hymns by author.Wehavebecome this wonderful hymnbook in an application formusicians,workers, all those who use and love the Christian Harp.We'reworking hard to make some updates to improve usage.
Pentecostal Hymns, Pentecostal songs
Now available for Spanish Speaking: Pentecostal Choirs,thisapplication will allow you to read the choirs and listen toyourmusic radios and preach PentecostalsPentecostal hymns NowAvailablefor you to enjoy in the palms of your hands, Hymnal withchords,the only one in the market where you will find the bestChristianchants online, and Christian Choirs with the best of theword ofthe Lord, since we have a section of preaching Christianpreachingfor young preaching Pentecostal teachings and sermonsEvangelicalChristians! Radios Cristianas Online FM RadiosEvangelicas Free!The Best FREE CHRISTIAN CHORUS!Easy to use withfeature to sharethe instant app to your social networks.Try it andenjoy!***** THEBEST STATIONS ********PENTECOSTAL RADIOPentecostalVisionRadioSTEREO FIRE PENTECOSTALBethel Usulutan Pentecostal RadioElSalvadorRadio Pentecostal Costa RicaALPHA AND OMEGAPENTECOSTALRADIOAnd many more....NOTE: This app requires aninternetconnection!Pentecostal Choirs It is the application inwhich youcan listen to the best Pentecostal radio program from allover theworld where we have set to work, to provide you withanunparalleled service, only if you will be able to bring therevivaland comforting music to wherever you go. Work or just enjoyyourfavorite season!
Christian Marriage
*** app in portuguese ***Christian wedding brings lots of itemstoenhance your wedding or restore it if necessary. Find answerstotopics such as relationships, love, priorities orchildren.Forminga Christian marriage is not an exact science, butthere are thingsa couple can be tailored to lay a solid foundationfor yourrelationship. In this application you will find anindispensablehelp.The tool consists of:Christian marriage+ WeddingKeys+ BlessedMarriage+ Christian Wedding Bases+ AbecedariobodaKnown aspects ofmarriage and married life based on the Bibleand our Lord JesusChrist.Christian marriage is, among others, thefollowing topics:-"How to Build a Better Marriage"- Enjoy YourChristian Marriage- 50Promises for Christian Marriage- "You thatGod will do somethingfor your marriage?"- Love is kind- Marriage isUnion and symbol ofChrist and the Church- Love is the Total Key inLife- Selfishnessis a destructive marriages attitude- Face-to-facetroubleshooting-"How to Restore a Wounded Marriage"- What does theBible teachabout marriage?- Wedding Saving Tips- Love at ChristianWeddings-Marriage and Sexuality- The Biblical definition ofMarriage- Goalsand Priorities in Marriage- Principles for raisingour children-Questions that each couple should answer- 10 ThingsHusbands WantTheir Wives To Know About Them- Marital Duties ofSpouse- Respectfor our husbands- Anxiety in Marriage- 7 Tips forMature Marriage-"How to Manage Money as a Couple"- How can Istrengthen mymarriage?- A man for a woman life- Retrieve theromance inmarriage- Understanding my partnerMarriage and familylife are partof God's great plan for creation. From the beginningof thefoundation of the world, from the beginning of life, Godintendedthat man and woman to marry and have children as a resultof theirlove.* If you have any questions or concerns or want tocontributesomething, please let us know. Thank you.DownloadChristianmarriage and share your experience with us
Community Christian Church App
Welcome to the official Community ChristianChurchapplication.Community Christian Church is anon-denominational,Bible-teaching church located in the greaterFort Lauderdale areaof South Florida. Check out all kinds ofcontent that interestsyou. After you’ve downloaded and enjoyed thecontent, you can shareit with your friends via Twitter, Facebook,or email.For moreinformation about Community Christian Church,pleasevisit: Community ChristianChurch Appwas developed with the Subsplash App Platform.
Bible & Harp Christian Women
The Bible of Woman along with Christian Harp most usedinPentecostal churches.Holy Bible of the Gospel John FerreiradeAlmeida with MP3 audioHoly Bible of the Gospel João FerreiradeAlmeida updated dynamic version in Portuguese for a dailyreadingfor all moments in all mobile.Help understand the separationofbooks and chapter item Abbreviation and index to the sidedynamicmenu.With a separation reading of books and chapters andaccordingto JFA version, I can have an easy and dynamic readingwith controlof font size. And annotation main passages biblicacomment.Lowchapter audio for offline listening in MP3 format.Videoto listento the audio in the direct chapter of YouTube in the voiceof CidMoreira in the channels.Hymnal of the Harp ChristianPentecostalare used in the worship of Pentecostal churches andchurchesAssembly of God in Brazil, with lyrics with zoom and audioandvideo.Christian harp with the main hymns of the Christianharp.Avideo collection of harp hymns, straight from our channelwithimproved video and harp score online.With dynamic menu quickaccessand accessibility of color and visual and searching forwordslisting by words, title and number ordered by number.Now youcheckthe audio of the Christian harp hymns, the features thathavearrived for the application facilitates its use with catalogoflist of hymns in numerical order, possibility of changing thedayand night view mode facilitates the use, bookmarking andsharingSocial networks.
Bible Women's & Harp MP3
Holy Bible of the Woman with Christian Harp more using inthechurches.Christian harp with the main hymns of the Christianharp.Avideo collection of harp hymns, straight from our channelwithimproved video and harp score online.With dynamic menu quickaccessand accessibility of color and visual and searching forwordslisting by words, title and number ordered by number.HolyBible ofthe Gospel John Ferreira de Almeida with MP3 audioHolyBible of theGospel João Ferreira de Almeida updated dynamic versioninPortuguese for a daily reading for all moments in allmobile.Helpunderstand the separation of books and chapter itemAbbreviationand index to the side dynamic menu.With a separationreading ofbooks and chapters and according to JFA version, I canhave an easyand dynamic reading with control of font size. Andannotation mainpassages biblica comment.Low chapter audio foroffline listening inMP3 format.Video to listen to the audio in thedirect chapter ofYouTube in the voice of Cid Moreira in thechannels.Hymnal of theHarp Christian Pentecostal are used in theworship of Pentecostalchurches and churches Assembly of God inBrazil, with lyrics withzoom and audio and video.Now you check theaudio of the Christianharp hymns, the features that arrived for theapplicationfacilitates its use with catalog of hymn list innumerical order,possibility to change day and night view mode makesit easy to use,bookmarking and sharing Social networks.
Christian Faith Fellowship Church
Christian Faith Fellowship Church exists to reach and impactpeoplewith the love of Jesus. Our app provides access tolife-changingpodcasts, video sermons, our core values, and dailydevotionalsfrom Pastor Tom Feola. For more information about CFFC,pleasevisit: Christian Faith FellowshipChurch Appwas created with The Church App by Subsplash.
Christian Praise and worship songs,Christian Songs
Evangelizing all over the world tunes in now, and listens withwordsof love and life of Christ, Free Christian Praisestransforminglives and thoughts. the music that feeds you every daywith a solidand educational programming, radio stations for,listen to Christianmusic, Christian radio station, Christian songsAll In One Place!TheImprovements Free Christian Praises Radio FmBringing a music thatglorifies the name of Our Lord Jesus ChristThis Application Counts,With the best stations of Praise andworship Online radios that,Strengthen your Faith.APP All in One asit includes stations inEnglish! Christian praises in El HablaEnglesa so that you enjoy itand feel the joy of our Lord JesusChrist Enjoy this great APP.- +Praise and Worship FM Radio- +Music of Adoration Online- +Christian Praise RadioPraise &Worship Music RadioTamilChristian Worship SongsWith messages ofthe love of ChristShare tryit and be part of evangelization!***THE TOP OF THE STATIONS***Praise Christian FM PlayList1.FM -Eternal Praise andWorshipChristianpower praise FMNRT RadioRewind24/7 TrinityChristian RadioChristian Rock FMChristianClassic RockPraise MusicRadio - CBNSouthern GospelInstrumentalChristianCBN Cross CountryCBNGospelCBN SuperBook Kids Radio
Universal Church
With the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God application,youapproach the words of the Lord and sacred writings of theBiblewith Jesus Christ always by your side.★ Stay within everythingthathappens in the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God andaccessinteractive photos, videos and uplifting messages ★Inaddition, youcan leave comments and share all content with yourfriends on yoursocial networks.Here's what you'll have in hand withthe UniversalChurch Application:► PASTOR ONLINEAre you suffering?Chat with anonline pastor now through the application. No matterthe time orthe day of the week. We are here 24 hours to understandyourproblems and offer the word of God. The Evangelical Church thathasopen doors and ears to listen to you.The IURD is theEvangelicalChurch that, like Jesus Christ, never leaves you!► BIBLEHave allthe Bible content to read whenever and wherever you wantright fromyour cell phone. Have the teachings and the word of Godin hand,and you will have Jesus Christ at your side at alltimes.Have theBible in the palm of your hand, and Jesus Christ inyour heart.►SONGBOOKUse our Hymnbook to sing the most played songsin theUniversal Church. The hymnal works even without the internet.Feelwithin our Evangelical Church without leaving home.Sing thesongsto praise God.► IURD TVWatch in real time what is beingbroadcastworldwide by Universal TV. The Evangelical Church youtrust, onlineon your cell phone.Watch the Universal Church of theKingdom of Godprogramming on your cell phone.► ONLINE RADIOListento the radionetwork Aleluia live, by the app itself. Follow thesongs suggestedby the Universal Church.Listen to the songs thatbring you closerto Jesus Christ! ► BISHOP MACEDO BLOGFollow thenews and texts ofBishop Edir Macedo from his cell phone. Listenalso to podcastswith audios from the country's most admiredbishop.Read and listento the advice of Bishop Edir Macedo with theword of God.► PROMISSEBOXUse the app to get closer to ourEvangelical Church, and also toget closer to the word of God.Receive inspirational messages offaith whenever you wish. They aremessages of the Bible and offaith.Read the messages of faith withJesus Christ and God in yourheart.All this and more in oneapplication so you have theUniversal Church all the time on yoursmartphone and tablet.
Bienvenidos a la aplicación oficial de Iglesia CristianadeColombia!Acá puedes tener acceso a todo tipo de contenido quetepueda interesar. Después de haber descargado la aplicaciónpuedesdisfrutar del contenido y puedes compartirlo con amigosviaTwitter, Facebook o email. Para mas información deIglesiaCristiana de Colombia porfavor visítanosen:!
Southeast Christian Church
Connect deeper with Jesus as you stream sermons fromSoutheastChristian Church instantly on your mobile device throughtheSoutheast Christian Church App. Browse a comprehensivecollectionof video and audio from Pastors Dave Stone, Kyle Idleman,and guestspeakers. - Watch OR listen to streaming of sermons.-Browse bysermon series, with every sermon available in both videoor audio.-Look up location, service times, and contact informationfor allcampuses.- Get information about our church, and ourpastors.Southeast Christian Church is a multi-site community ofover 23,000weekly attendees in the Greater Louisville,Kentucky/SouthernIndiana region of the United States. The church iscommitted to itsmission of connecting people to Jesus and oneanother.For moreinformation, visit ©2013 SoutheastChristian Church
Christian Wallpapers
Celebrate your Christian faith with these beautifulreligiouswallpapers!The wallpapers in this app will help to inspireanduplift you with powerful faith-based quotes, bible versesandpsalms. Many of the quotes are directly from the Holy Bible.TheBible, the primary text of Christianity, is full of wisdomabouthow to live our lives in the way of the Lord. Give yourselfalittle reminder of God's love each day by setting yourfavoriteChristian quote as your wallpaper! The wallpapers in thisapp alsoshow beautiful nature landscapes, such as sunshine, forestsandmountains.Try the app now to access inspiring Christianwallpapers!
Bible & Harp with video and MP3
The Holy Bible along with more Christian Harp using inthePentecostal church.Holy Bible of the Gospel John FerreiradeAlmeida with MP3 audioHoly Bible of the Gospel João FerreiradeAlmeida updated dynamic version in Portuguese for a dailyreadingfor all moments in all mobile.Help understand the separationofbooks and chapter item Abbreviation and index to the sidedynamicmenu.With a separation reading of books and chapters andaccordingto JFA version, I can have an easy and dynamic readingwith controlof font size. And annotation main passages biblicacomment.Lowchapter audio for offline listening in MP3 format.Videoto listento the audio in the direct chapter of YouTube in the voiceof CidMoreira in the channels.Hymnal of the Harp ChristianPentecostalare used in the worship of Pentecostal churches andchurchesAssembly of God in Brazil, with lyrics with zoom and audioandvideo.Christian harp with the main hymns of the Christianharp.Avideo collection of harp hymns, straight from our channelwithimproved video and harp score online.With dynamic menu quickaccessand accessibility of color and visual and searching forwordslisting by words, title and number ordered by number.Now youcheckthe audio of the Christian harp hymns, the features thatarrivedfor the application facilitates its use with catalog of hymnlistin numerical order, possibility to change day and night viewmodemakes it easy to use, bookmarking and sharing Social networks.
Faith Chapel Christian Center
Welcome to the official Faith Chapel mobile application. Thisfreeapp allows you to stay connected with Faith Chapel, enjoythelatest messages from Dr. Mike Moore, Michael K. Moore, andothers;as well as watch our services live and access mobile giving,ourwebsites, and social media pages.For more information aboutFaithChapel, please visit:http://www.faithchapel.netThe FaithChapel appwas developed with the Subsplash App Platform.
Koinonia Christian Church
Welcome to the official mobile app for Koinonia ChristianChurch!We're excited to bring Koinonia's 5-Star experience to youright atyour fingertips wherever you go. You can enjoy everythingin theKCC app absolutely FREE. Through the KCC app you can:- Watchweeklysermons from Dr. Ronnie Goines- Watch special performancesfrom ourYadah and Drama ministries- Stay connected with events andnews atKCC- Be a cheerful giver and easily give with text oronlinegiving- Live stream Sunday worship & Bible Study with ournewstreaming experience- Share content with your friends andfamilyvia Twitter, Facebook or EmailThere's much more to come tothe appso stay tuned.At Koinonia Christian Church we believeinfellowship, prayer, stewardship and "saving the lost anddisciplingthe saved".For more information about Koinonia ChristianChurch,please visit: Koinonia ChristianChurchapp was developed with the Subsplash App Platform.App: ©2016Subsplash, Content: © 2016 Koinonia Christian Church
Elizabeth Baptist Church
We envision Elizabeth Baptist Church becoming one of theSouth’sleading ministries for life transformation around theworld;providing excellence in culturally relevantBible-centeredpreaching, teaching, contemporary worship and praise,conveyingGod’s love through the means of innovative andimpactfulministries; becoming a dynamic spiritual community wherethousandsof members are transformed into mature followers of JesusChrist,demonstrating His love for humanity by leading others intoapersonal relationship with Christ, serving our societyasservant-leaders ministering to the spiritual, social, economic,andlife developmental needs of people in every age and stage oflife;and extending His Kingdom from southwest Atlanta to the endsof theglobe.Features:• One-Touch Calling – contact the churchdirectly ora staff member with one click.• Sermon Recorder - recordlivesermons and email to other members or visitors.• PushNotificationMessaging - receive messages containing importantchurchinformation while on the go.• Schedule Appointment – memberscannow schedule an appointment with staff or the pastor.•ChurchEvents - view current and upcoming ministry events.• MailingList -join our mailing-list to receive important churchinformation.•Prayer Voice Request – record your request and sendvia email.• GPSMap – members and new visitors can find our ministrywith just aclick of a button.• Prayer Wall – this feature allowsyou to postyour prayer request easy.• Online Bible – now users canstudy theirbible while on the go with our eBible.• Car Finder –members canpin their car on a map and located after service if theyforgetwhere they parked.• Music – buy sermons and music right fromourchurch app through iTunes or 7Digital.• Enotes – take enotesfromsermons and bible studies right from our app.• App Sharing –sharethe church app with other members or new visitors.• QR-codeReader– users can open the app and scan multiple qr-codes.
Church of Christ Hymns
Specially selected Church of Christ Hymns for you. Colossians3:16reads, "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in allwisdom,teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymnsandspiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts totheLord."Church of Christ Hymns seeks to provide thenecessaryopportunity and encouragement to worship God in spirit andtruth atyour own comfort.keywords: church of christ, coc, hymns,christianhymns
yesHEis: Christian Videos Worth Sharing
How it works:Our relatable videos about God and faith aredesignedfor sharing with friends who don’t know Jesus. Choose oneto sendwhen you want to start a conversation, or when you arealready inone!If your friend then decides they want to know more,ourfriendly chat bot is a fresh way for them to discover the answertothe most important question of all: Who Is Jesus? — Features—Weekly Featured VideosA new video, specific to your location,isfeatured every week! Searchable Video LibraryOur videos areeasilysearchable by category and theme. Faith Sharing TipsandRemindersWho doesn’t love a good tip? These have been voted asafavourite feature by other users. Live Chat If you’re ever stuckina faith sharing rut, we are here to help! ‘Who Is Jesus?’ BotThisbot is an agile, friendly, and self-paced way for your friendstolearn about Jesus. Share a video from the app to experience itforyourself. Join the movement! Share a video today.
Christ the King Baptist Church
This app is a tool to help fulfill the mission of Christ theKingBaptist Church: We’re building a family of Christiandisciplestriumphantly living the Word of God and in the power ofGod,transforming the world with love, hope and faith inGod.Throughthis app you will be able to connect with us via livevideos ondemand, access the bible, sign up for events, submitprayerrequests, give your tithes and offering, purchase teachingsfromPastor Marion Sailor, and more. We are taking this ministry tothenext level in mobile communications to integrate our missioneasilyinto the lifestyle of our members. Stay connected throughouttheweek and receive notifications about what's happening atyourchurch. Download it today!
Kensington Church
Connect and engage with our community through the KensingtonChurchapp!
Christian Harp for Women and Pentecostal Corals
Hymnal of the Christian Harp for Women Praise and withPentecostalCorazones are used in the worship of the Pentecostalchurches andchurches Assembleia de Deus in Brazil, with lyrics withzoom andaudio and video.Now the musicians of the Church can followalongwith the lyrics of the hymns of the Christian HarpChristianharpwith the main hymns of the Christian harp.A video collectionofharp hymns, straight from our channel with better videoWithdynamicmenu quick access and accessibility of color and visualandsearching for words listing by words, title and number orderedbynumber.Now you check the audio of the Christian harp hymns,thefeatures that have arrived for the application facilitates itsusewith catalog of list of hymns in numerical order, possibilitytochange the day and night view mode facilitates the use,bookmarkingand sharing Social networks.
Christian Spirituality Daily
Christian Spirituality Says " To have Faith in Christ means,ofcourse, trying to do all that He says. There would be no senseinsaying you trusted a person if you would not take his advice.Thusif you have really handed yourself over to Him, it must followthatyou are trying to obey Him. But trying in a new way, a lessworriedway. Not doing these things in order to be saved, butbecause Hehas begun to save you already. Not hoping to get toHeaven as areward for your actions, but inevitably wanting to actin a certainway because a first faint gleam of Heaven is alreadyinsideyou.Christian Spirituality Daily Cards brings the Wisdom ofLordJesus & Holy Bible to you in a form of Mobile App, wakeupevery day, with Eternal Life Changing wisdom, startingtoday.Theapp has some nice features: - Browse Dailytunes now &set themas your app tune!- Weekly planner to set different tunefordifferent day!- Set Daily tunes as Ringtone or Alarm Tone!-Sharedaily card on social network & using other messagingtools-Listen to background music, to create a serene environment-Set analarm to receive daily quote notification- Add Cards toyourfavorites- In app purchase (to make the applicationAdfree)Download Now & enjoy daily bliss!
Faith Growing Christian Wallpapers
"So faith comes from hearing and hearing from the word of God."Romans 10:17Christian Wallpapers that help deepen your faith!Thisfree app features original, watermarked art and hand-selectedBibleverses and Bible Quotes from the NIV, NLT, ESV and NASBversions ofthe Holy Bible. Let your heart be joyful as you rest inGod'slove!!Beautiful and amazing encouragement on all Androiddevicesincluding cell phones and tablets!!Choose any of theChristianWallpapers as your lock screen or home screen or evenContact Photovery easily. Feel closer to Jesus every time you seeit on yourphone or tablet!Also includes access to HUNDREDS ofbeautiful andinspiring Christian Wallpapers in popular categoriessuch "God'sLove For us", "Animal Wallpapers for Christians", "HoldOn to thePromises" and much more.• Browse, learn scripture andchoosebeautiful wallpapers• Fast, easy to use interface• Afterdownload,wallpapers can be viewed and set completely offline.Ifthis app isa blessing to you please consider giving us a five-starreview andsharing it with your friends. This is all we do and weappreciateyour support! We'd love to hear from you. Email:thirddaymedia (at)
Hymns of Praise
Hymns of Praise for True Jesus ChurchThis is an e-book of "HymnsofPraise", which contains total 469 hymns used in TrueJesusChurch.This APP can display the lyrics while playing music.Ifyoufound any mistakes, typos, or comments, please feel free tocontactthe author, so that we can make this Application betterandbetter.May God Be With You.
Christian Sermons
Christian sermons puts at your disposal a series of sermonstopreach the Word of God.A sermon is an oration, lecture, or talkbya member of a religious institution or clergy. Sermons addressaBiblical, theological, religious, or moral topic,usuallyexpounding on a type of belief, law or behavior within bothpastand present contexts. Elements of the sermon oftenincludeexposition, exhortation and practical application. Comes totheLatin word sermō meaning "discourse".Christian Sermon includesa365 daily devotional to complete your experience. That wemaypresent every person complete in Christ. ChristianSermonsincludes, among others, this readings:- Picking Up WhereLuther LetUs Down- At Heaven's Gate- Hitch Your Wagon To A Star-TheMotherhood of God- Escape from God- Jesus, the same ...yesterday,today and forever- and more ...Sermons build, correct,advise andpersuade. The end they lead is the spiritual change andprogress ofman.Download now chistian sermons and and enjoyinteresting sermonsto preach.✔ If you have been interested in thistool, pleaseevaluate it, please help us improve and offer a betterproduct.Christian sermons contains advertising to coverprogrammingexpenses. Thank you.
Christian Wallpapers
The wallpapers in this app will help to inspire and uplift youwithpowerful faith-based quotes, bible verses and psalms. Many ofthequotes are directly from the Holy Bible. The Bible, theprimarytext of Christianity, is full of wisdom about how to liveour livesin the way of the Lord. Give yourself a little reminder ofGod'slove each day by setting your favorite Christian quote asyourwallpaper! The wallpapers in this app also show beautifulnaturelandscapes, such as sunshine, forests and mountains.Decorateyoursmartphone with these Christian wallpapers featuringinspirationalBible verses and pictures. This is a great Christianwallpapercollection that combines inspirational photos with bibleverses andChristian quotes You can store and browse theinspirationalpictures with bible verses on your device, or choose afavorite anduse it to decorate your android device.OurFeatures:★Offline accessto more than 200+ of Christian QuotesWallpapers.★Set images aswallpaper★Save images to SD Card (memorycard)★You don't needInternet connection to view the images!★All iscompletely FREE★HDand QHD wallpapers for free.★Every wallpaper iswell suited foryour device ★Easily set the wallpapers★Cropping workvery simple.You can crop photo and choose your favorite part aswallpaper. ★Youcan save the wallpapers on SD card.★Auto changewallpaper★DesktopAlbum.★Support and optimized for all screenresolutions anddevices, including tablet.Church Christmasdecorations can be donewith Rome and Vatican Christmas wallpaper orwith JerusalemChristmas frames free. Jehovah prince Immanuel JesusBible messagesare our life. Holy spirit wallpapers and Jesus prayerwill lead usto the stream of living water. Virgin Mary live andangelswallpaper are added into this Jesus pictures app. This is agood golauncher themes Jesus with angel girl wallpaper and HolyCross livewallpaper. Enjoy Jesus wallpaper free download withbackgroundsJesus and Angel wallpapers free. Also try Jesus newwallpaper likeAngel cards and Christmas photo frames. You will lovethis Jesusculture app with Mother Mary hd wallpaper and Jesusversewallpaper. Pastors love this Jesus hd wallpaper and imagesofMother Mary. Rose Mary and Bible words wallpaper are the bestpicsin this Jesus frame app. We have added pic of Christianlivewallpaper and Angel wings for pictures. Send your feedbackaboutAngel frame and Bible verses with pictures. We love to hearyourfeedback about Jesus wallpaper live and Christmas launcher. Wewillmake modification in Christmas live wallpaper and Mary Godframesbased on your feedback. Give comment about Jesus crosswallpapershd and Christmas picture frames. Enjoy all Christmas hdwallpapers2017 and Christian wallpapers free. Set your Jesus photoeditor andfree live Xmas wallpapers on you mobile phone screen.
Faith Christian Center
This free application allows you to listen to or watchrecentmessages and worship, access mobile giving, stay currentwithchurch events, and share with friends via Twitter, Facebook,andemail.For more information about Faith Christian Center,pleasevisit us at http://www.faithchristiancenter.comThe FaithChristianCenter app was created with The Church App by Subsplash.
Trinity Church Lubbock
The new Trinity app places the best of Trinity in the palm ofyourhands with powerful features for your mobile device. Getinstantaccess to LIVE streaming sermons, the latest news &events,Bible reading plans, sermon notes, connect with people andprayerpartners, find Life Groups and register for events.LiveSermonStreamingInteractive Sermon NotesBible ReadingPlansPersonalizedNotificationsPastor's Sermon ArchiveLife GroupsFinderEventsUpdates & RegistrationVideo Announcements &MinistryMomentsService Times & LocationsWE'RE ON A MISSION TOCONNECTPEOPLE WITH GOD! It is our desire to minister to othersthroughencouragement and love, through inspiring and relevantBibleteaching, and with a unique choice of classic orcontemporaryworship.Trinity is a place for people like you. Everyperson whowalks through our doors matters. We would love to meetyou. Nomatter who you are or where you’ve been, you are welcome atTrinityChurch. We dress casual, so come as you are and experiencewhat Godhas for you in a comfortable and inviting environment.
Jesus Christian Theme
We are very excited to present our latest release: JesusChristianlauncher love holy god theme! DOWNLOAD Jesus Christianlaunchertheme and enjoy your favorite love holy god style and Biblepraycolor.Jesus Christian (icon packs) (theme) have love holygodbackgrounds, Jesus Christian app icons, love holy godfashionwallpapers and Bible pray digital effect. This JesusChristianlauncher (icon packs) theme is specially designed for loveholy godpeople who love Bible pray theme.Download and apply JesusChristiantheme for free and stylize your Android phone. JesusChristian canbe used for different IM apps, like Instagram,Messenger, BeeTalk,Facebook Lite and so on. Jesus Christian themeruns fast with thoseapps on your phones.Jesus Christian is alsocompatible withdifferent brands of phones like Samsung (SamsungGalaxy S7 Edge,Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S5, SamsungGalaxy J7,Samsung Galaxy Note7), Huawei (Huawei P9, Huawei P8,Huawei Mate 9,Huawei Mate 8, Huawei Honor 8), Sony (Sony Xperia Z5,Sony XperiaZ4, Sony Xperia Z3, Sony Xperia XZ) and HTC (HTC 10, HTCOne A9,HTC One X9, HTC Desire 10 Pro). Jesus Christian launchertheme isdesigned to let you enjoy love holy god feeling, a fasterandsmoother mobile and Bible pray operating experience.★How toapplyJesus Christian launcher theme?Note: This theme supportsourlauncher (icon packs) only.1) Download Jesus Christian theme,tapthe INSTALL button.2) Download our launcher (icon packs)fromGoogle Play Store. If you already have it installed, please taptheAPPLY button directly.★Why our launcher?【Different launcher(iconpacks) themes】Cool and colorful themes are provided. Finddifferenttheme categories, including tech, skull, Jesus Christian,cool,crystal (krystal), Bible pray, golden, love holy god, pink,skull,neon, shiny and many more. 【Customized Wallpapers】 We offeryouwallpapers of Bible pray style, so you could enjoy afullexperience of your chosen love holy god theme. More Biblepray,skull, dark, puppy, pink, neon styles will be available inthefuture.【Personalized Locker】 We offer a smart locker toprotectyour phone and personalized love holy god Bible pray lockscreenper your preference, making your phone look amazing everytime youflip it on.【DIY Themes】 Create your own DIY themes! ShareBiblepray Jesus Christian themes, love holy god wallpapers and appiconswith your friends. Give them a surprise!【Animated Effect】Makeyourphone unique with all sorts of cool love holy god animatedeffects.
WWJD Church
Connect and engage with our community through the WWJD, INCChurchapp!
Parklands Baptist Church
With the Parklands Baptist Church App you'll always be a tapawayfrom our church's sermons, blogs, videos, calendar events andmore!- Instant access to sermons. - Add events directly to yourdevicecalendar. - Integrated Maps and directions. - ReceiveImportantAlert Notifications. - Blogs, Social Network Integration,Videos,More!Thank you for downloading our Parklands Baptist ChurchApp!"
Lifestyle Christianity
Now, experience Lifestyle Christianity with Todd Whiteanytime,anywhere . . . ignite your walk with the Lord . . .embolden yourfaith and witness!The app is free and gives youunlimited access tothese great features:• MESSAGES — Watch andlisten from home oranywhere across the globe! Instantly access pastfavorites and atreasure trove of reliable content to increase yourexcitement forthe everyday Christian life!• NEWS & EVENTS —Stay up-to-dateon ministry's happenings. Add events to yourcalendar, setreminders, and get directions—pronto!• BIBLE — Acomplete and fullyfunctional Bible—in the palm of your hand.Amazingly innovative,this feature allows you to read varioustranslations, compareversions, highlight passages, mark selectverses with awesome indextabs, create notes, conduct multiplesearches, and more.•TESTIMONIES — Read inspiring testimonies frompeople around theworld who have been impacted by LifestyleChristianity's onlinemedia resources and training events.• GIVE —Partner with theministry—with just two clicks! Give within the appthrough ourcompletely secure giving system.• INITIATIVES — “Feeltheheartbeat” of the ministry, read about future goals, andmore!•PHOTO GALLERIES —View photos from past trips and ministryevents.•INVITE — Share content effortlessly on your favorite socialsite toimpact friends and family: Facebook, Twitter, SMS, ande-mail. “Goviral” with content within the app and help win soulsforChrist!For more information,visit AVAILABLE on ROKU,AmazonFire, Apple TV, and Android TV
Jacob Chapel Baptist Church
Connect and engage with our community through the JacobsChapelBaptist app!
Triumph Church TX
Connect and engage with our community through the Triumph ChurchTXapp!
Radio cristiana evangélica pentecostal del nombreJesús.RadioChristian evangelical pentecostal name Jesus.
Great Commission Church
With the Great Commission Baptist Church App you'll always be onlyatap away from our church's sermons, blogs, videos, calendareventsand more!- Instant access to sermons.- Add events directlyto yourdevice calendar.- Integrated Maps and directions.- ReceiveImportantAlert Notifications.- Blogs, Social Network Integration,Videos,More!Thank you for downloading our Great Commission BaptistChurchApp!
Skybreak Church
Connect and engage with our community through the SkybreakChurchapp!
The GOD'S NOT DEAD app explains the evidence for theChristianfaith, as featured in the GOD'S NOT DEAD movies and in thebooks byDr. Rice Broocks. It provides quick answers to the mostcommon andchallenging religious questions, and equips believersandnon-believers with in-depth resources for further study.Dr.RiceBroocks' hope is that "there will be thousands of believers…whoare able to defend their faith in the midst of theunbelievingculture around them. There are straightforward answersto thequestions posed by skeptics, yet most believers aren’tfamiliarenough with them to explain them." The GOD'S NOT DEAD apppreparesthose to face the challenges of an unbelieving culture.Inaddition, the app lists speaking and training resources byDr.Broocks and other experts to help users overcome theirobstaclesand prepare them with the knowledge needed to share theirfaith.The GOD'S NOT DEAD app encourages users to keep the faithwithmessages of daily encouragement. The app also links to the THEGODTEST app, which is being used around the world to guidediscussionson faith.
Comunidad De Fe Minitries
Connect and engage with our community through the Comunidad DefEAPP! Download our app to discover our media content, giveadonation conveniently, or learn more about us. Comunidad DeFeexist to love and serve the community
Christianity Keyboard Themes
♥ One of the best Android™ keyboard apps is finally here topresentthe beliefs and teaching of “Christianity” to all Christiansaroundthe world! If you are seeking to know “God”, our HeavenlyFather,and His Son, “Jesus Christ”, you are in the right place!Don'tforget what Lord Jesus did for you. Celebrate His lifeandcommemorate His death and resurrection with our cool“Androidkeyboard” app! ✦Christianity Keyboard Themes✦ bringsemoji,colorful themes with Jesus Christ images, God images, theBibleimages and multilingual typing - download free today! Discoverthebest Android app for faster typing. This “free keyboard” offersyoua variety of keyboard designs for every religious occasion.Justpick your favorite Jesus images or God pictures and set themas“keyboard themes”! Admire the pictures of the Son of God onyourphone screen every time you start typing text messages!Restoreyour relationship with God and putJesus’ teachings intopractice with these free mobilephone keyboard themes!❣ ♪ ❣ ♪‿ ♪ ❣♪‿ ♪ ❣ ♪ ❣Follow these 3 easysteps to set your Jesus Christkeyboard themes:♥ Click on ‘Enablethe Keyboard’, check thebox-field next to ✦ Christianity KeyboardThemes ✦ and then clickon the OK button;♥ Return to theapplication, select ‘Set theKeyboard to Default’ button and select✦ Christianity KeyboardThemes ✦;♥ You can now customize yourkeyboard (choose themes,languages and shortcuts).❣ ♪ ❣ ♪‿ ♪ ❣ ♪‿♥Find your favorite Jesuskeyboard themes!♥ Choose from a bigcollection of God keyboardthemes!♥ Discover beautiful religiousChristian themes andChristian images with the Christian Cross,Twelve Apostles, theLast Supper, the Christian Church, thecrucifixion of Jesus, theold city of Jerusalem, the Bible, theressurection of Jesus andmuch more!♥ Make religious symbols andreligious signs on yourkeypad with text emoticons, funny emoticons,animated emoticons andcute emoticons!♥ Select the desired languageand start typing on aFrench, Spanish or German keyboard!♥ Selectwords for numbers andcreate shortcuts with our Jesus Christkeyboard themes app!♥Optionsto turn on and off keyboard sounds andvibration! ♥ It is time fora new keyboard! We have designed aspecial “free keypad” app forfans of Christianity to view, downloadand share their favoritereligious images, icons, photos andwallpapers. Find sacredChristian motifs and symbols and change yourkeyboard layout withthe images of Christianity! These freeChristian keyboard themeswill help you to focus on deepening yourrelationship with God andJesus Christ in these difficult anduncertain times! All true“Christians” and true followers of Jesus -you should download ourbackground images of Christianity symbolsand enjoy Christiansymbolism on your keypad thanks to ✦Christianity Keyboard Themes✦!♥ Spread the Word of God and sendshort Christian text messageswhile typing on your new virtualkeyboard decorated with Jesuspictures or the images of the HolyBible! Share the good news withyour family and friends by sendingto them religious text messagesand celebrate your Christian faithwith these beautiful religiousthemes for keyboard! This keyboardcustomizer will inspire anduplift you with powerful religiousquotes, bible verses and psalmsdirectly taken from the Holy Bible -the primary text ofChristianity. Give yourself a little reminder ofGod's love eachday by setting your favorite Christian theme as yourkeypad!♥Become a better Christian with this free keyboard changerapp thatwill make your phone look mighty once you transform yourstandardkeyboard with divine images of Jesus, the Christian Cross,God orthe Bible! Feel your faith in Christianity grow strongerwheneveryou glance at your screen and enjoy the sight of God andJesus onyour keypad! Free download✦ Christianity Keyboard Themes ✦admirethe religious motifs and symbols of Christianity onyourscreen!*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
Christ Tabernacle - NY
Connect and engage with our community through the ChristTabernacle- NY app!
Christian Life Center -
Christian Life Center is a multi-site church located in theChicagoarea. Our app will give you access to events, Lifegroups,campuses,sermons and much more.
Christ Community
Download the CCCLife app for relevant Bible teaching videos,eventannouncements, and more.The official Christ Community Churchappfeatures relevant and practical teaching from the Bible byseniorPastor Jim Nicodem and other speakers from Christ Communityin thewestern suburbs of Chicago. Watch/listen to sermons ondemand, takenotes on messages, keep up on announcements andupcoming events,and learn about our campuses and service times. Ourapp allows youto choose your campus and designate whatnotifications andinformation is of interest.Christ CommunityChurch, with campusesin Aurora, Bartlett, DeKalb, and St. Charles,is passionate aboutloving God and loving people. Our mission is tomake passionatedisciples who are belonging, growing, serving, andreaching. Formore information about Christ Community Church,
Apostolic Faith
Use this app to watch live services of the Apostolic Faith ChurchinPortland, Oregon, download podcasts of our sermons, readTheApostolic Faith magazine and our daily Devotional, and keep upwithnews and events happening in our churches around the world.Formoreinformation about the Apostolic Faith Church, AFChurch app was developedwiththe Subsplash App Platform.
Woodlands Church -
Connect and engage with our community through the WoodlandsChurchapp!
All Bible Stories : Offline
Download The Official FREE App In Android For All Bible Stories:Offline Today! 100 % Free and Works Offline.This app is thebestplace to share and find bible stories offline, interpretingthebible, inspirational bible stories, this app has completestoriesabout the bible All Bible Stories : Offlinethis will helpyouunderstand more about the bible and the past stories itleftbehindThis app is best for people who want to be updated onthelatest, hottest and trending All Bible Stories : Offlinethis isappis best for people who are bible users and in-love of the wordsofgod APP FEATURES★ The Story of Creation – God made the heavensandthe earth while the earth was still unformed ★ Adam and Eve –Godtook some clay from the ground and made the shape of a man★TheGreat Flood – The story of the great flood that took place ★TheTower of Babel – After the flood God gave Noah and his familythesame command OUR APP HAS ALREADY HELPED MILLIONS OF PEOPLE TO:★Teach children to be more interested in the word of god★Helppeople to know the events happen in past ★ Learn biblicalstoriesabout Jesus ★ Engage in retelling the bible stories DownloadTheOfficial App In Android For All Bible Stories : OfflineToday!Start Reading today GOD BLESS!!
Christian and Catholic music
Christian and Catholic music is the best Android app (2.3+)tolisten the best catholic songs. Include all kind ofChristianmusic. Do you want to teach your songs to be goodChristian? Thisis the best catholic music app for childrens! Helpthem to findinspiration. This app contains the best christiansongs. The bestmusic to praise and inspiration.Now you also canfind a dailyprayer! So pray to God with us while you listen thebest christiantunes.Share the best Christian tunes free inFacebook, WhatsApp,Twitter y Google+. Already available for kids.You have to show youare the best believer. You can play lot ofvideos in this free app,remember, you can not download them!Whereare the best catholic,and we want to share the best music!You couldfind:- Tunes forkids.- Spiritual music with vocals.- Best contentto praise andinspiration.- Relaxing songs.- Christian Hymns.-Catholic music.-Christian tunes.- A daily prayer.- ...and muchother things.Somesongs contains lyrics (with vocals). Remember, isfree! Come backto see the prayer for every day.New update withNursery Christianmusic for children!DISCLAIMER: Christian andCatholic music hasn'tgot the intelectual property from the includedlyrics. You can'tdownload the content.It only plays publics videoshosted inYouTube.
Church of Pentecost
The Church of Pentecost, is a worldwide,non-profit-makingPentecostal church with its headquarters in Accra,Ghana. It existsto bring all people everywhere to the savingknowledge of our LordJesus Christ through the proclamation of thegospel, the plantingof churches and the equipping of believers forevery God-glorifyingservice. It demonstrates the love of Godthrough the provision ofsocial services in partnership withgovernments, communities andother like-minded organizations.
Christian Tabernacle (CTab)
Welcome to the official Christian Tabernacle (CTab) applicationforall mobile devices!Check out all kinds of content thatinterestyou. Stay up to date with an events calendar, also tuneinregularly to the app, we are always working on improving thein-appexperience! Conveniently give right inside the app! Afteryou'vedownloaded and enjoyed the content, you can share it withyourfriends via Twitter, Facebook, or email.For more informationaboutChristian Tabernacle, please visit: