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Pentecostal Hymns, Pentecostal songs 1.10
Now available for Spanish Speaking: Pentecostal Choirs,thisapplication will allow you to read the choirs and listen toyourmusic radios and preach PentecostalsPentecostal hymns NowAvailablefor you to enjoy in the palms of your hands, Hymnal withchords,the only one in the market where you will find the bestChristianchants online, and Christian Choirs with the best of theword ofthe Lord, since we have a section of preaching Christianpreachingfor young preaching Pentecostal teachings and sermonsEvangelicalChristians! Radios Cristianas Online FM RadiosEvangelicas Free!The Best FREE CHRISTIAN CHORUS!Easy to use withfeature to sharethe instant app to your social networks.Try it andenjoy!***** THEBEST STATIONS ********PENTECOSTAL RADIOPentecostalVisionRadioSTEREO FIRE PENTECOSTALBethel Usulutan Pentecostal RadioElSalvadorRadio Pentecostal Costa RicaALPHA AND OMEGAPENTECOSTALRADIOAnd many more....NOTE: This app requires aninternetconnection!Pentecostal Choirs It is the application inwhich youcan listen to the best Pentecostal radio program from allover theworld where we have set to work, to provide you withanunparalleled service, only if you will be able to bring therevivaland comforting music to wherever you go. Work or just enjoyyourfavorite season!
Christian Marriage 1.0
*** app in portuguese ***Christian wedding brings lots of itemstoenhance your wedding or restore it if necessary. Find answerstotopics such as relationships, love, priorities orchildren.Forminga Christian marriage is not an exact science, butthere are thingsa couple can be tailored to lay a solid foundationfor yourrelationship. In this application you will find anindispensablehelp.The tool consists of:Christian marriage+ WeddingKeys+ BlessedMarriage+ Christian Wedding Bases+ AbecedariobodaKnown aspects ofmarriage and married life based on the Bibleand our Lord JesusChrist.Christian marriage is, among others, thefollowing topics:-"How to Build a Better Marriage"- Enjoy YourChristian Marriage- 50Promises for Christian Marriage- "You thatGod will do somethingfor your marriage?"- Love is kind- Marriage isUnion and symbol ofChrist and the Church- Love is the Total Key inLife- Selfishnessis a destructive marriages attitude- Face-to-facetroubleshooting-"How to Restore a Wounded Marriage"- What does theBible teachabout marriage?- Wedding Saving Tips- Love at ChristianWeddings-Marriage and Sexuality- The Biblical definition ofMarriage- Goalsand Priorities in Marriage- Principles for raisingour children-Questions that each couple should answer- 10 ThingsHusbands WantTheir Wives To Know About Them- Marital Duties ofSpouse- Respectfor our husbands- Anxiety in Marriage- 7 Tips forMature Marriage-"How to Manage Money as a Couple"- How can Istrengthen mymarriage?- A man for a woman life- Retrieve theromance inmarriage- Understanding my partnerMarriage and familylife are partof God's great plan for creation. From the beginningof thefoundation of the world, from the beginning of life, Godintendedthat man and woman to marry and have children as a resultof theirlove.* If you have any questions or concerns or want tocontributesomething, please let us know. Thank you.DownloadChristianmarriage and share your experience with us
Universal Church 7.6.24
With the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God application,youapproach the words of the Lord and sacred writings of theBiblewith Jesus Christ always by your side. ★ Stay withineverythingthat happens in the Universal Church of the Kingdom ofGod andaccess interactive photos, videos and uplifting messages ★Inaddition, you can leave comments and share all content withyourfriends on your social networks. Here's what you'll have inhandwith the Universal Church Application: ► PASTOR ONLINE Areyousuffering? Chat with an online pastor now through theapplication.No matter the time or the day of the week. We are here24 hours tounderstand your problems and offer the word of God. TheEvangelicalChurch that has open doors and ears to listen to you.The IURD isthe Evangelical Church that, like Jesus Christ, neverleaves you! ►BIBLE Have all the Bible content to read whenever andwherever youwant right from your cell phone. Have the teachings andthe word ofGod in hand, and you will have Jesus Christ at your sideat alltimes. Have the Bible in the palm of your hand, and JesusChrist inyour heart. ► SONGBOOK Use our Hymnbook to sing the mostplayedsongs in the Universal Church. The hymnal works even withouttheinternet. Feel within our Evangelical Church without leavinghome.Sing the songs to praise God. ► IURD TV Watch in real timewhat isbeing broadcast worldwide by Universal TV. The EvangelicalChurchyou trust, online on your cell phone. Watch the UniversalChurch ofthe Kingdom of God programming on your cell phone. ►ONLINE RADIOListen to the radio network Aleluia live, by the appitself. Followthe songs suggested by the Universal Church. Listento the songsthat bring you closer to Jesus Christ! ► BISHOP MACEDOBLOG Followthe news and texts of Bishop Edir Macedo from his cellphone.Listen also to podcasts with audios from the country's mostadmiredbishop. Read and listen to the advice of Bishop Edir Macedowiththe word of God. ► PROMISSE BOX Use the app to get closer toourEvangelical Church, and also to get closer to the word ofGod.Receive inspirational messages of faith whenever you wish. Theyaremessages of the Bible and of faith. Read the messages of faithwithJesus Christ and God in your heart. All this and more inoneapplication so you have the Universal Church all the time onyoursmartphone and tablet.
Bible Studies in Depth 1.1
- The most complete Bible Studies in depthBible Studies in depthonthe basic Christian doctrine that every believer should know.Theseprinciples must be incorporated in us to know more and morethiswonderful God that we have.In Christianity, Bible study isthestudy of the Bible by ordinary people as a personal religiousorspiritual practice.⋆ Enjoy all the content of this applicationandcomplete your learning about the Bible.In this tool you willfindthe following Bible studies:- God loves us- The good works thatGodhas prepared for us- Loving God with all our heart: what doesitmean?- Righteousness and the Bible- Chosen by God: a look atthedoctrine of predestination- Does God condemn the sinner?-Tithing,giving and the New Testament- Decision making and itseffects: anexample from Paul’s trip to Rome- Church (ecclesia) andher head-“Beloved, now we are children of God”- Some thoughts onmaterialpossessions- Honor your father and mother- Saul vs. David-TheFather Himself loves you- The parable of the widow- PraisetheLord- In all points tempted as we are- John the Baptist: AGod'sGeneral- Temptation: does God test us with evil?- The tempter-Themeans and forms of temptation- The forms of temptation intheparable of the sower.- What is the proper response totemptation?-Prayer as weapon against temptation- Holy spirit:"anothercomforter"- The breastplate of righteousness- Obedience toGod- Thechastening of the Lord- Before, Now and After- "All thingsworktogether for good to those who love God" (Part I)- Patience-Theenemy, the battle, and the winners- Study: Resurrection orlifeimmediately after death?- Martha, Mary and Jesus- The parableofthe prodigal son- Examine yourselves....- The mercy of theLord-God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob- Cares, Prayer andBelieving-Born of God- The Word of God is:- What did Jesus reallysay to thecriminal at the cross?- Occurrences of the words "Sheol"and"Hades" in the Bible- The Parable of the Sower- Some of thethingsthat Jesus Christ is- Jesus Christ: The Redeemer- Gideon andhowGod worked with him- Esther and the delivering power of God-Thegenealogies of Jesus Christ- The Church: Its definition, itsheadand its members- Spoken vs Written- Was Jesus born on the 25thofDecember?- Jesus the Son of David- About the wise men- GodLovesYou- Jesus' Opinion About Prayer- Pentecost and NewBirthRealities- On the perpetual virginity of Mary- The temptationsofJesus- II Timothy 3:16-17: the usefulness of the Bible- Ontheinterpretation of the Bible- Who is the author of the Bible andwhowrote it?- The armor of GodPastors as well as leaders orseminarystudents can take advantage of these resources that will beofblessing, when preparing sermons, teachings or the reason toenrichtheir own knowledge.The app contains as extras :✔TheologyDictionary: Completely offline so that you can consult whenyouwant all the definitions about theology.✔ Bible Online: Acompleteonline Bible to read and learn more about Bible studiesindepth.Download now Bible studies in depth and share with usyourexperience.* If you have any question or wish tocontributesomething, please let us know. Thanks.
Christ the King Baptist Church 1.0.3
This app is a tool to help fulfill the mission of Christ theKingBaptist Church: We’re building a family of Christiandisciplestriumphantly living the Word of God and in the power ofGod,transforming the world with love, hope and faith in God.Throughthis app you will be able to connect with us via live videosondemand, access the bible, sign up for events, submitprayerrequests, give your tithes and offering, purchase teachingsfromPastor Marion Sailor, and more. We are taking this ministry tothenext level in mobile communications to integrate our missioneasilyinto the lifestyle of our members. Stay connected throughouttheweek and receive notifications about what's happening atyourchurch. Download it today!
Christ Church USA 3.8.0
Subsplash Inc
Now you can experience Christ Church anywhere, anytime.ChristChurch has two New Jersey locations—Montclair andRockaway—with adiverse congregation from more than 40 differentcountries. Forevery person who comes through our doors, our prayeris that wemeet you where you are—no rules, no judgments—and let theLord useus as a source of transformation in your life and the livesof yourloved ones.When you download this app you will have accessto thelatest audio and video sermons from Dr. David Ireland, plusdailydevotions and answers to frequently asked questions onfaith.Formore information about Christ Church, pleasevisitwww.ChristChurchUSA.orgThe Christ Church App was created withtheSubsplash App Platform.
Faith Christian Center 3.8.0
Subsplash Inc
This free application allows you to listen to or watchrecentmessages and worship, access mobile giving, stay currentwithchurch events, and share with friends via Twitter, Facebook,andemail.For more information about Faith Christian Center,pleasevisit us at http://www.faithchristiancenter.comThe FaithChristianCenter app was created with The Church App by Subsplash.
Louis Segond French Bible FREE 2.0.0
This is the classic French equivalent of the English KingJamesVersion. The Louis Segond Bible or LSG Bible was published in1910by Alliance Biblique Universelle. Louis Segond (October 3, 1810–June 18, 1885), was a Swiss theologian who translated theBibleinto French from the original texts in Hebrew and Greek. Hewasborn in Plainpalais, near Geneva. After studying theologyinGeneva, Strasbourg and Bonn, he was pastor of the GenevaNationalChurch in Chêne-Bougeries, then from 1872, Professor ofOldTestament in Geneva. The translation of the OldTestament,commissioned by the Vénérable Compagnie des Pasteurs deGenève, waspublished in two volumes in 1871 (Meusel has 1874 asthepublication date), followed by the New Testament, translated asaprivate venture, in 1880. The text was then reviewed byexperts.The result is the 1910 revision that is now freelyavailable onInternet. This app consists of all 66 books in thePremierTestament and Le Nouveau Testament as follows: GenèseExodeLévitique Nombres Deutéronome Josué Juges Ruth 1 Samuel 2Samuel 1Rois 2 Rois 1 Chroniques 2 Chroniques Esdras Néhémie EstherJobPsaumes Proverbes Ecclésiaste Cantique des Cantiques ÉsaïeJérémieLamentations Ézéchiel Daniel Osée Joël Amos Abdias JonasMichéeNahum Habacuc Sophonie Aggée Zacharie Malachie Matthieu MarcLucJean Actes Romains 1 Corinthiens 2 Corinthiens GalatesÉphésiensPhilippiens Colossiens 1 Thessaloniciens 2 Thessaloniciens1Timothée 2 Timothée Tite Philémon Hébreux Jacques 1 Pierre 2Pierre1 Jean 2 Jean 3 Jean Jude Apocalypse Get closer to Jesus andGodwith this Bible app. Download this free Bible app todayandexperience a richer fuller Bible study wherever you go.
Jesus Christian Theme 1.1.5
We are very excited to present our latest release: JesusChristianlauncher love holy god theme! DOWNLOAD Jesus Christianlaunchertheme and enjoy your favorite love holy god style and Biblepraycolor.Jesus Christian (icon packs) (theme) have love holygodbackgrounds, Jesus Christian app icons, love holy godfashionwallpapers and Bible pray digital effect. This JesusChristianlauncher (icon packs) theme is specially designed for loveholy godpeople who love Bible pray theme.Download and apply JesusChristiantheme for free and stylize your Android phone. JesusChristian canbe used for different IM apps, like Instagram,Messenger, BeeTalk,Facebook Lite and so on. Jesus Christian themeruns fast with thoseapps on your phones.Jesus Christian is alsocompatible withdifferent brands of phones like Samsung (SamsungGalaxy S7 Edge,Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S5, SamsungGalaxy J7,Samsung Galaxy Note7), Huawei (Huawei P9, Huawei P8,Huawei Mate 9,Huawei Mate 8, Huawei Honor 8), Sony (Sony Xperia Z5,Sony XperiaZ4, Sony Xperia Z3, Sony Xperia XZ) and HTC (HTC 10, HTCOne A9,HTC One X9, HTC Desire 10 Pro). Jesus Christian launchertheme isdesigned to let you enjoy love holy god feeling, a fasterandsmoother mobile and Bible pray operating experience.★How toapplyJesus Christian launcher theme?Note: This theme supportsourlauncher (icon packs) only.1) Download Jesus Christian theme,tapthe INSTALL button.2) Download our launcher (icon packs)fromGoogle Play Store. If you already have it installed, please taptheAPPLY button directly.★Why our launcher?【Different launcher(iconpacks) themes】Cool and colorful themes are provided. Finddifferenttheme categories, including tech, skull, Jesus Christian,cool,crystal (krystal), Bible pray, golden, love holy god, pink,skull,neon, shiny and many more. 【Customized Wallpapers】 We offeryouwallpapers of Bible pray style, so you could enjoy afullexperience of your chosen love holy god theme. More Biblepray,skull, dark, puppy, pink, neon styles will be available inthefuture.【Personalized Locker】 We offer a smart locker toprotectyour phone and personalized love holy god Bible pray lockscreenper your preference, making your phone look amazing everytime youflip it on.【DIY Themes】 Create your own DIY themes! ShareBiblepray Jesus Christian themes, love holy god wallpapers and appiconswith your friends. Give them a surprise!【Animated Effect】Makeyourphone unique with all sorts of cool love holy god animatedeffects.
Christ Community 14.10.0
Download the CCCLife app for relevant Bible teaching videos,eventannouncements, and more. The official Christ Community Churchappfeatures relevant and practical teaching from the Bible byseniorPastor Jim Nicodem and other speakers from Christ Communityin thewestern suburbs of Chicago. Watch/listen to sermons ondemand, takenotes on messages, keep up on announcements andupcoming events,and learn about our campuses and service times. Ourapp allows youto choose your campus and designate whatnotifications andinformation is of interest. Christ CommunityChurch, with campusesin Aurora, Bartlett, DeKalb, and St. Charles,is passionate aboutloving God and loving people. Our mission is tomake passionatedisciples who are belonging, growing, serving, andreaching. Formore information about Christ Community Church,
Christian Faith Fellowship Church 3.8.0
Subsplash Inc
Christian Faith Fellowship Church exists to reach and impactpeoplewith the love of Jesus. Our app provides access tolife-changingpodcasts, video sermons, our core values, and dailydevotionalsfrom Pastor Tom Feola. For more information about CFFC,pleasevisit: Christian Faith FellowshipChurch Appwas created with The Church App by Subsplash.
God Live Wallpaper 5.0
Show your devotion and faith in God by putting on yoursmartphonebeautiful images of God, our good shepherd, leading hisflock toheavens. God Live Wallpaper inspires good in people, whichis themain purpose of Christianity. Praise the Lord and JesusChrist withyour wonderful spiritual live wallpaper. Divine andmovingbackgrounds of our savior will help you remember the mostbeautifulstories from the Holy Bible's gospels. God Wallpaper willawakenthe purest feelings in you. Download this new live wallpaperandexpress your faith and love for our dear God. - Motion offlashesand lights keeps changing with time. - You can choose fromseveraldifferent Jesus background themes. - Optimized Battery Usage-Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices. - The wallpaper appwillsleep when your phone is inactive, so this live wallpaper willnotdrain your battery. If you are a true Christian and Godlovingperson, you should definitely decorate your smartphonewithbeautiful images of God, Jesus, Virgin Mary and otherreligiouspictures! Listen to the word of God and find your innerfaith andspirituality with these amazing HD background images. Letthe goodshepherd guide your way through prayers and show you how totrulypraise the Lord. Pictures of God will bring you peace and loveandyou will feel blessed every time you glance at your phonescreen.You will especially appreciate these wonderful pictures ofGod onmajor holidays such as Easter, Christmas Eve and Holy Friday.Letthe Holy Spirit guide you through fasting and help you resistthetemptations! You don’t have to visit the church or read theHolyBible verses every time you feel like praying. It’s enough tolookat this divine God Live Wallpaper, which will be like a giftfromGod every time you need to restore your faith. May the HolyTrinitybe with you every step of your way, illuminating the path ofa truebeliever.
Community Christian Church App 3.8.0
Subsplash Inc
Welcome to the official Community ChristianChurchapplication.Community Christian Church is anon-denominational,Bible-teaching church located in the greaterFort Lauderdale areaof South Florida. Check out all kinds ofcontent that interestsyou. After you’ve downloaded and enjoyed thecontent, you can shareit with your friends via Twitter, Facebook,or email.For moreinformation about Community Christian Church,pleasevisit: Community ChristianChurch Appwas developed with the Subsplash App Platform.
Koinonia Christian Church 3.8.0
Subsplash Inc
Welcome to the official mobile app for Koinonia ChristianChurch!We're excited to bring Koinonia's 5-Star experience to youright atyour fingertips wherever you go. You can enjoy everythingin theKCC app absolutely FREE. Through the KCC app you can:- Watchweeklysermons from Dr. Ronnie Goines- Watch special performancesfrom ourYadah and Drama ministries- Stay connected with events andnews atKCC- Be a cheerful giver and easily give with text oronlinegiving- Live stream Sunday worship & Bible Study with ournewstreaming experience- Share content with your friends andfamilyvia Twitter, Facebook or EmailThere's much more to come tothe appso stay tuned.At Koinonia Christian Church we believeinfellowship, prayer, stewardship and "saving the lost anddisciplingthe saved".For more information about Koinonia ChristianChurch,please visit: Koinonia ChristianChurchapp was developed with the Subsplash App Platform.App: ©2016Subsplash, Content: © 2016 Koinonia Christian Church
Jacob Chapel Baptist Church 1.1
Connect and engage with our community through the JacobsChapelBaptist app!
yesHEis: Christian Videos Worth Sharing 67.0
How it works: Our relatable videos about God and faith aredesignedfor sharing with friends who don’t know Jesus. Choose oneto sendwhen you want to start a conversation, or when you arealready inone! If your friend then decides they want to know more,ourfriendly chat bot is a fresh way for them to discover the answertothe most important question of all: Who Is Jesus? — Features—Weekly Featured Videos A new video, specific to your location,isfeatured every week! Searchable Video Library Our videos areeasilysearchable by category and theme. Faith Sharing Tips andRemindersWho doesn’t love a good tip? These have been voted as afavouritefeature by other users. Live Chat If you’re ever stuck ina faithsharing rut, we are here to help! ‘Who Is Jesus?’ Bot Thisbot isan agile, friendly, and self-paced way for your friends tolearnabout Jesus. Share a video from the app to experience itforyourself. Join the movement! Share a video today.
iThrive Christian Church 1.0
The Official Online Home Of iThrive ChristainChurch.SPECIALFEATURES:* Podcast: Listen to the latest sermon orlookup aprevious one in the podcast library.* Digital Bible: Enterin thepassage you want or use quick keys to go directly to thepassageyou desire to read.* Free Audio Bible: Click listen and youareinstantly listening to the daily devotional plan. You can alsolookup any passage you want, the listen tab is in the bottom righthandcorner at all times.SOCIAL INTEGRATION:Share content withyourfriends via Twitter, Facebook, or email.* Facebook: You canshare aBible passage, journal entry or anything in the app withoneclick.* Twitter: You can tweet a Bible passage, readingplan,journal entry or just a note with ease.PURSUE JOURNAL:* DailyBibleReading Plan: The Pursue Bible reading plan takes you throughtheOld Testament once a year and through the New Testament twiceayear. Average reading or listening time is 15 minutes a day.*FreeCustomizable Journal: The Pursue Journal is designed to giveyouthe freedom to journal whenever and however you desire. Entriesarefully secure for your privacy, yet at any time you can sharethemvia Facebook, twitter or email.* Cloud Based Journal: YourPursueJournal is accessible online anytime Thisallows you to be able to add entriesanywhere, anytime and they areautomatically linked to your iThriveChristian Church app.For moreinformation about iThrive ChristianChurch, pleasevisit: moreinformation aboutPursue Journal, please visit:http://www.pursuegod.comThe iThriveChristian Church app was createdby “Custom Church Apps TM”Web:www.customchurchapps.comEmail:[email protected]
Subsplash Inc
Bienvenidos a la aplicación oficial de Iglesia CristianadeColombia!Acá puedes tener acceso a todo tipo de contenido quetepueda interesar. Después de haber descargado la aplicaciónpuedesdisfrutar del contenido y puedes compartirlo con amigosviaTwitter, Facebook o email. Para mas información deIglesiaCristiana de Colombia porfavor visítanosen:!
Elizabeth Baptist Church 5.0.3
We envision Elizabeth Baptist Church becoming one of theSouth’sleading ministries for life transformation around theworld;providing excellence in culturally relevantBible-centeredpreaching, teaching, contemporary worship and praise,conveyingGod’s love through the means of innovative andimpactfulministries; becoming a dynamic spiritual community wherethousandsof members are transformed into mature followers of JesusChrist,demonstrating His love for humanity by leading others intoapersonal relationship with Christ, serving our societyasservant-leaders ministering to the spiritual, social, economic,andlife developmental needs of people in every age and stage oflife;and extending His Kingdom from southwest Atlanta to the endsof theglobe.Features:• One-Touch Calling – contact the churchdirectly ora staff member with one click.• Sermon Recorder - recordlivesermons and email to other members or visitors.• PushNotificationMessaging - receive messages containing importantchurchinformation while on the go.• Schedule Appointment – memberscannow schedule an appointment with staff or the pastor.•ChurchEvents - view current and upcoming ministry events.• MailingList -join our mailing-list to receive important churchinformation.•Prayer Voice Request – record your request and sendvia email.• GPSMap – members and new visitors can find our ministrywith just aclick of a button.• Prayer Wall – this feature allowsyou to postyour prayer request easy.• Online Bible – now users canstudy theirbible while on the go with our eBible.• Car Finder –members canpin their car on a map and located after service if theyforgetwhere they parked.• Music – buy sermons and music right fromourchurch app through iTunes or 7Digital.• Enotes – take enotesfromsermons and bible studies right from our app.• App Sharing –sharethe church app with other members or new visitors.• QR-codeReader– users can open the app and scan multiple qr-codes.
Biblemate - Telugu Christian Bible Messages, Songs 5.1
Best App for Telugu Christians. Biblemate is a collection oftelugumessages by well known pastors. And, All Telugu ChristianTVChannel Programs are also covered in this app. In ThisBibleApplication : Telugu Bible Messages Telugu Christian SongsTeluguBible Stories Bible Places Jeses Wallpapers Live TV ChannelsAdded: Rakshana TV Live Calvary Temple Live Jhon Wesly Live JayaPaulCalvary Church Live Moksha Marghamu Live Telugu Christian SongsBy: Bro.Anil Kumar Songs Raj Prakash Songs Sharon Sisters SongsDJSDinakaran Songs and More.. Telugu Bible Messages By : RRKMurthyMessages, Moses Choudary Messages, Joshi Anna Messages,YesannaMessages, Sarath Babu Messages, DJS Dinakaran Messages,PaulDinakaran Messages, Stephen Paul Messages, Sathish KumarMessages,Pradeep Kumar Messages, Praveen Kumar Messages, SamKishoreMessages, John Wesly Messages, Michael Messages and More..TeluguBible TV Programs By : Subhavaartha TV Aradana TV RakshanaTVNireekshana TV Also Includes Telugu Christian Audio SongsandChristian Verses and Quotes.
Compassion Christian Church 10.4.0
Connect and engage with our community with the CompassionChristianChurch app. Download our app to discover our mediacontent, accessour digital bulletin, find ways to get involved, seeupcomingevents and give.Our mission is to lead people to alife-changingrelationship with Jesus. We’re glad you’re checking usout!
Christian Life Center - 250800
Aware3, LLC
Christian Life Center is a multi-site church located in theChicagoarea. Our app will give you access to events, Lifegroups,campuses,sermons and much more.
Daily Prayer & Bible Quotes: Inspiring Word of God 0.0.15
Read or listen to daily Bible verse anytime and anywhere withourFREE Biblical app: Daily Prayer & Bible Quotes. Access thebestmeditation quotes and inspirational sayings from Jesus. Listentoverses and prayers, and watch inspirational videos. Ourappincludes OFFLINE mode so you can still read verse of the dayeventhough you aren’t connected to the internet. Daily Prayer&Bible Quotes are very simple and intuitive to use. It’sperfect forkids, adults, elderly, or anyone who needs Bible everyday in theirlives. “And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written,That manshall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.”We prayevery day and ask God to give us our “daily bread”. But howmanytimes do we remember to meditate and pray to receive blessingsandinspirations from God? That’s why we decide to create aBiblicalapp that will help you fulfill your hunger for thespiritual dailybread from God. Our Bible devotion app also includesAudio Bibleversion to make it easier for you to listen to ourdailyinspirational quotes every day. [[FEATURES OF DAILY PRAYER&BIBLE QUOTES: ]]† Daily Bible Verse On the homepage, you canreadthe verse of the day for your Daily Scripture. You can ALSOreadthe daily scripture even though you’re offline so you won’tmissany daily inspirational quote when you are not connected totheinternet. You can also change verse if you want to readotherChristian quotes or verse from the Bible.† Audio Bible &DailyPrayerListen to Biblical meditation quotes and prayer from ourapp.You can listen to them when you are on your way, when youareworking, or before bedtime. It’s a perfect way to bring peaceandinspiration at any time of the day, even when you are busy.†VideosAside from Biblical inspirational sayings and AudioBiblequotes, you can also watch the videos from our app to helpyougetting closer to God and inspire you every day. † FavoriteBibleVerse of the DayBookmark your favorite daily Bible verse,Christianquotes & inspirational sayings so you can access themlater.You can also bookmark your Bible devotion prayers that youreallyinspire you. † Change SettingsYou can change the languageused inthis app or change the font for easier reading from theSettingMenu. If you encounter any issue or bug when using ourBibledevotion app, you can also report it from the Setting so wecanquickly fix it. SECTIONS:- Inspirational Sayings- JesusQuotes-God’s promises- Psalms- ProverbsThere are many quotes &dailyinspirational quotes out there. But as follower of Christourinspirations should be mainly from the Bible. Don’t let anydaypass without reading and contemplating the word of God. It istimeto enjoy your spiritual daily bread. Download our app and useitevery day to get meditation quotes you need to satisfyyourspiritual hunger. ---If you enjoy our daily inspirationalquoteapp, please support us! Take a moment to leave a rating andreviewon our Google Playstore page. We also encourage you to shareourapp to your friends and family so they can also benefit fromthisChristian quotes & devotional app.
Christian Praise and worship songs,Christian Songs 1.10
Evangelizing all over the world tunes in now, and listens withwordsof love and life of Christ, Free Christian Praisestransforminglives and thoughts. the music that feeds you every daywith a solidand educational programming, radio stations for,listen to Christianmusic, Christian radio station, Christian songsAll In One Place!The Improvements Free Christian Praises Radio FmBringing a musicthat glorifies the name of Our Lord Jesus ChristThis ApplicationCounts, With the best stations of Praise andworship Online radiosthat, Strengthen your Faith. APP All in Oneas it includes stationsin English! Christian praises in El HablaEnglesa so that you enjoyit and feel the joy of our Lord JesusChrist Enjoy this great APP. -+ Praise and Worship FM Radio - +Music of Adoration Online - +Christian Praise Radio Praise &Worship Music Radio TamilChristian Worship Songs With messages ofthe love of Christ Sharetry it and be part of evangelization! ***THE TOP OF THE STATIONS*** Praise Christian FM PlayList 1.FM -Eternal Praise and WorshipChristianpower praise FM NRT RadioRewind 24/7 Trinity ChristianRadio Christian Rock FM ChristianClassic Rock Praise Music Radio -CBN Southern Gospel InstrumentalChristian CBN Cross Country CBNGospel CBN SuperBook Kids Radio
Gospel Christian Ringtones 2.3.1
Are you a Christian? Are you looking for new ringtones?GospelChristian Ringtones is best app for you. Gospel ChristianRingtonesis a collection of the best and most popular Christianringtonesfor Android phone. More than 100 popular Christianringtones andnew ringtones here. You can set them as your ringtone,message,alarm, notifications, or set ringtones for watsapp. It's soeasyfor you to find your favorite ringtones through top download,newringtones or search trends. This application is totally free.Ifyou like my app, rate us 5 stars and leave a nice comment.Thankyou very much!
Faith Chapel Christian Center 3.8.0
Subsplash Inc
Welcome to the official Faith Chapel mobile application. Thisfreeapp allows you to stay connected with Faith Chapel, enjoythelatest messages from Dr. Mike Moore, Michael K. Moore, andothers;as well as watch our services live and access mobile giving,ourwebsites, and social media pages.For more information aboutFaithChapel, please visit:http://www.faithchapel.netThe FaithChapel appwas developed with the Subsplash App Platform.
Christian Spirituality Daily 1.9
Christian Spirituality Says " To have Faith in Christ means,ofcourse, trying to do all that He says. There would be no senseinsaying you trusted a person if you would not take his advice.Thusif you have really handed yourself over to Him, it must followthatyou are trying to obey Him. But trying in a new way, a lessworriedway. Not doing these things in order to be saved, butbecause Hehas begun to save you already. Not hoping to get toHeaven as areward for your actions, but inevitably wanting to actin a certainway because a first faint gleam of Heaven is alreadyinside you.Christian Spirituality Daily Cards brings the Wisdom ofLord Jesus& Holy Bible to you in a form of Mobile App, wake upevery day,with Eternal Life Changing wisdom, starting today. Theapp has somenice features: - Browse Dailytunes now & set themas your apptune! - Weekly planner to set different tune fordifferent day! -Set Daily tunes as Ringtone or Alarm Tone! - Sharedaily card onsocial network & using other messaging tools -Listen tobackground music, to create a serene environment - Set analarm toreceive daily quote notification - Add Cards to yourfavorites - Inapp purchase (to make the application Ad free)Download Now &enjoy daily bliss!
Church of Christ Hymns 1.0.2
Specially selected Church of Christ Hymns for you. Colossians3:16reads, "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in allwisdom,teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymnsandspiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts totheLord."Church of Christ Hymns seeks to provide thenecessaryopportunity and encouragement to worship God in spirit andtruth atyour own comfort.keywords: church of christ, coc, hymns,christianhymns
Southeast Christian Church 2.0.3
Connect deeper with Jesus as you stream sermons fromSoutheastChristian Church instantly on your mobile device throughtheSoutheast Christian Church App. Browse a comprehensivecollectionof video and audio from Pastors Dave Stone, Kyle Idleman,and guestspeakers. - Watch OR listen to streaming of sermons. -Browse bysermon series, with every sermon available in both videoor audio.- Look up location, service times, and contact informationfor allcampuses. - Get information about our church, and ourpastors.Southeast Christian Church is a multi-site community ofover 23,000weekly attendees in the Greater Louisville,Kentucky/SouthernIndiana region of the United States. The church iscommitted to itsmission of connecting people to Jesus and oneanother. For moreinformation, visit Copyright ©2013 SoutheastChristian Church
Christian Faith - Jesus Saves 1.2
2Thumbz, Inc
Christian masterpieces and inspired contemporary art that witnesstothe Savior’s immense love. Images of the life of Jesus Christandpowerful bible verses for daily inspiration. Download and sharewithyour friends. Build a slideshow of your favorite Christianimages. Abeautiful blend of classic and contemporary art.You canalso upgradeto one of the following ringtones for $0.99 centseach. These areprofessionally recorded and licensed cover songs. Aportion of thenet proceeds will benefit the poor. Thank you.Who AmIAwesome GodAveMaria - CacciniAve Maria - SchubertJesu, Joy ofMan’s DesiringCarolsfor Advent and Christmas Angels We Have HeardOn HighCarol of theBirdsChrist is BornDeck the HallsGod Rest YeMerry GentlemenHark theHerald Angels SingJoy to the WorldO ComeAll Ye Faithful O Come OCome Emmanuel Silent NightThe First NoelTroika We Three Kings ofOrient Are While Shepherds Watched TheirFlock by Night
Telugu Bible Answers 4.6.1
“Telugu Christian Apologetics Church” (TCAC) is aNon-profitChristian church dedicated to the glory of the Lord JesusChrist.This Church is a sister group of “Sakshi ApologeticsNetwork“,started especially to teach & preach the Apologeticsin TeluguLanguage. “TCAC” is running 24 hours Live Internet RadioStation“Telugu Christian Apologetics Radio” & it also hasmobile appsboth for Android & Iphone for Watching VideosMessages,Listening Sermons & for better connect. The purpose ofthisMinistry is to proclaim and defend the gospel of Jesus Christandprovide information to educate and equip Christians toreasonably,confidently, and accurately proclaim the gospel of JesusChrist.Telugu Christian Apologetics Church provides literature,seminars,and other material in order to better educate Christianstoaccurately communicate essential Christian doctrine to theunsavedand effectively evangelize those involved in non-Christiancults.God commanded us in 1 peter 3: 15 "Always be prepared to giveananswer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for thehopethat you have". The Bible has answers that no book on thisentireplanet, we will help you to find them.
Crosspointe Biker Church 1.0
Crosspointe Biker Church is a Christian organization founded ontheprincipals of the bible and the teachings Jesus Christ.Crosspointeis a service church. We, as a church, are dedicated tospreadingthe word of Jesus throughout our community and abroad,with anemphasis on reaching Bikers and "unchurched" individuals.Webelieve that Jesus Christ died for every single soul on earthandwe, as Christians, have the duty to spread this goodnews.Crosspointe Biker Church is not your traditional churchsetting.Jesus Christ says come as you are. Christians are calledasfishers of men, not cleaners of fish. We believe thatJesusChrist will clean up your life after you surrender to him. Itisnot up to us to judge any aspect of the way you are living ortotell you to change it, so we wont.                   SPECIALFEATURES:*Podcast: Listen to the latest sermon or lookup a previousone inthe podcast library.* Digital Bible: Enter in the passage youwantor use quick keys to go directly to the passage you desiretoread.* Free Audio Bible: Click listen and you areinstantlylistening to the daily devotional plan. You can also lookup anypassage you want, the listen tab is in the bottom right handcornerat all times.SOCIAL INTEGRATION:Share content with yourfriends viaTwitter, Facebook, or email.* Facebook: You can share aBiblepassage, journal entry or anything in the app with oneclick.*Twitter: You can tweet a Bible passage, reading plan,journal entryor just a note with easy.PURSUE JOURNAL:* Daily BibleReading Plan:The Pursue Bible reading plan takes you through theOld Testamentonce a year and through the New Testament twice ayear. Averagereading or listening time is 15 minutes a day.* FreeCustomizableJournal: The Pursue Journal is designed to give you thefreedom tojournal whenever and however you desire. Entries arefully securefor your privacy, yet at any time you can share themvia Facebook,twitter or email.* Cloud Based Journal: Your PursueJournal isaccessible online anytime at Thisallows youto be able to add entries anywhere, anytime and theyareautomatically linked to your Crosspointe Biker Church app.Formoreinformation about Pursue Journal, pleasevisit:http://www.PursueGod.comThe Crosspointe Biker Church appwascreated by “Custom Church AppsTM”Web:www.customchurchapps.comEmail: [email protected]
Bible & Harp Christian Women 1.4
The Bible of Woman along with Christian Harp most usedinPentecostal churches.Holy Bible of the Gospel John FerreiradeAlmeida with MP3 audioHoly Bible of the Gospel João FerreiradeAlmeida updated dynamic version in Portuguese for a dailyreadingfor all moments in all mobile.Help understand the separationofbooks and chapter item Abbreviation and index to the sidedynamicmenu.With a separation reading of books and chapters andaccordingto JFA version, I can have an easy and dynamic readingwith controlof font size. And annotation main passages biblicacomment.Lowchapter audio for offline listening in MP3 format.Videoto listento the audio in the direct chapter of YouTube in the voiceof CidMoreira in the channels.Hymnal of the Harp ChristianPentecostalare used in the worship of Pentecostal churches andchurchesAssembly of God in Brazil, with lyrics with zoom and audioandvideo.Christian harp with the main hymns of the Christianharp.Avideo collection of harp hymns, straight from our channelwithimproved video and harp score online.With dynamic menu quickaccessand accessibility of color and visual and searching forwordslisting by words, title and number ordered by number.Now youcheckthe audio of the Christian harp hymns, the features thathavearrived for the application facilitates its use with catalogoflist of hymns in numerical order, possibility of changing thedayand night view mode facilitates the use, bookmarking andsharingSocial networks.
CFC Church 3.8.0
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This is the official Christian Faith Center. When you downloadthisFREE app you have access to Pastor Casey Treat’s dailyrenewalthought which is exclusive to this application. This entireapp isa resource you will use daily with the confessions, Biblereadingplan, witnessing tool, original music, and muchmore.Features-Freemusic including, “Audience of One” and other CFCoriginals.-WatchCFC services live-Access archived messages fromPastor’s Casey andWendy Treat-Upcoming Events Calendar-Maps to allCFC locations-Linkto secure donation-Twitter and Facebook shareintegration-and muchmore
Christ Tabernacle - NY 1.0
Connect and engage with our community through the ChristTabernacle- NY app!
Christian Music, Worship songs 3.1.0
Enjoy the best Android app to listen Christian music. Enjoysingingand listening religious songs. Included Christian music forkidsalso popular versions.You will find from classic worship songsinEnglish to the most trending free catholic music (spiritualandrelaxing songs). Are you ready to sing your favouriteEnglishchristian songs? Do you want to be the best Christian? Tellus howmuch beleiver you are.You also can read a daily bible quote!Don'thesitate in read it every day while you listen our trendingmusichits. Enjoy the best Christian radio hits!!Praise lyrics forallthe catholic.Updates: Now you can read in the applicationthelatest christan news and bible studies.You can find songsandenglish free music from these topics:- Free Christianmusic.-Praise lyrics.- Catholic songs in English.- Christian songsforkids.- Religious music to pray.- Worship music.- Songs forkids.-Spiritual music and songs.- Read bible.- ...and many othersworshipsongs, praise lyrics to beleive in Jesús and the church.Youcanfind best christian genres:Worship, Bachata,Balada,Contemporaneous, Country, Electronic, Funk, Gospel, Hip Hop,kidsmusic, Jazz, Metal, Pop, Punk, R&B, Rap, Reggae,Reggaeton,Rock, Salsa... You can listen into the app. Bestspiritual content.It is not music to download!DISCLAIMER: ChristianMusic Worshipsongs doesn't have the intelectual property about thesongsincluded in this app. All of them are public themes hostedonYoutube. You can not download the content.We are working hardtoprovide the best content to people who beleive in God. Actuallywehave christian music, worship songs and praise lyrics. AlsodailyBible, christian news and bible studies...
Catholic Liturgical Calendar 2018 2.73
Kiss Devs
This liturgical calendar 2018 application enables you toaccessdaily readings of the Roman Catholic Church from your phone.Thedaily Catholic church readings are color-coded according totheliturgical color of the day; the same colors you will findbeingprominent in the church, alter and clothes of the massleaders.Hence, the calendar colors on both the application viewsand widgetare not random but in accordance with the church. FurtheraccessCatholic prayers, general Christian prayers, liturgicalseasons,church holy days, The Bible and much more! You will also beable tobookmark favorite sermons for future reference and sharesermonsthrough SMS, EMail, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, among otherapps.The elegant and simple design of the liturgical calendarensuresyou can navigate through the app with breath-taking ease!Catholicprayers and all other items can be accessed easily from thesidemenu. This app now comes with Responsorial Psalms as well astheentire Liturgical Calendar 2018 Recently introduced is The10Commandments which can be accessed from the side navigationmenu.In summary, this application has: - Daily readings of Catholicmass2018, going forward - Responsorial Psalms - FullLiturgicalCalendar 2018 - Common Prayers - Church Holy Days -LiturgicalSeasons - Mass Order - The Rosary - The 10 Commandments -TheCatholic Sacraments - Full Bible; Catholic Public Domain Version-Feature to set favorites and make notes - Random Bible verses-Multiple widgets - A Gospel widget - A random verseswidgetLiturgical Calendar 2019, 2020 and years that follow willalso comepreloaded into the app as time goes by. If you see amistake on thedaily Catholic Readings or any other section , justturn on yourInternet and tap the Refresh icon at the top.
Christian Wallpapers 1.0
mobile love
The wallpapers in this app will help to inspire and uplift youwithpowerful faith-based quotes, bible verses and psalms. Many ofthequotes are directly from the Holy Bible. The Bible, theprimarytext of Christianity, is full of wisdom about how to liveour livesin the way of the Lord. Give yourself a little reminder ofGod'slove each day by setting your favorite Christian quote asyourwallpaper! The wallpapers in this app also show beautifulnaturelandscapes, such as sunshine, forests and mountains.Decorateyoursmartphone with these Christian wallpapers featuringinspirationalBible verses and pictures. This is a great Christianwallpapercollection that combines inspirational photos with bibleverses andChristian quotes You can store and browse theinspirationalpictures with bible verses on your device, or choose afavorite anduse it to decorate your android device.OurFeatures:★Offline accessto more than 200+ of Christian QuotesWallpapers.★Set images aswallpaper★Save images to SD Card (memorycard)★You don't needInternet connection to view the images!★All iscompletely FREE★HDand QHD wallpapers for free.★Every wallpaper iswell suited foryour device ★Easily set the wallpapers★Cropping workvery simple.You can crop photo and choose your favorite part aswallpaper. ★Youcan save the wallpapers on SD card.★Auto changewallpaper★DesktopAlbum.★Support and optimized for all screenresolutions anddevices, including tablet.Church Christmasdecorations can be donewith Rome and Vatican Christmas wallpaper orwith JerusalemChristmas frames free. Jehovah prince Immanuel JesusBible messagesare our life. Holy spirit wallpapers and Jesus prayerwill lead usto the stream of living water. Virgin Mary live andangelswallpaper are added into this Jesus pictures app. This is agood golauncher themes Jesus with angel girl wallpaper and HolyCross livewallpaper. Enjoy Jesus wallpaper free download withbackgroundsJesus and Angel wallpapers free. Also try Jesus newwallpaper likeAngel cards and Christmas photo frames. You will lovethis Jesusculture app with Mother Mary hd wallpaper and Jesusversewallpaper. Pastors love this Jesus hd wallpaper and imagesofMother Mary. Rose Mary and Bible words wallpaper are the bestpicsin this Jesus frame app. We have added pic of Christianlivewallpaper and Angel wings for pictures. Send your feedbackaboutAngel frame and Bible verses with pictures. We love to hearyourfeedback about Jesus wallpaper live and Christmas launcher. Wewillmake modification in Christmas live wallpaper and Mary Godframesbased on your feedback. Give comment about Jesus crosswallpapershd and Christmas picture frames. Enjoy all Christmas hdwallpapers2017 and Christian wallpapers free. Set your Jesus photoeditor andfree live Xmas wallpapers on you mobile phone screen.
Christian Quotes Wallpapers
Looking for the best uplifting religious wallpapers app inGooglePlay ? Simply get our Christian Quotes Wallpapers today andshowyour love to GOD... We have included all the best &inspiringChristian Quotes wallpapers from the Holy Bible in thisapp... Showyour love and faith to The Lord by downloading and applythe quotesin your daily life. Perhaps the wisdom in the psalms andverseswill be able to guide our hearts to the eternity of loveandhappiness. -- Features -- * Offline access to more than 200+ofChristian Quotes Wallpapers. * All the quotes imagesarehand-picked to ensure only the top quality images are added. *Youcan set any of the quotes pictures as wallpaper. * You can savethewallpapers on SD card. * You can share the wallpapers viaemail,Facebook, WhatsApp, BeeTalk, WeChat, Instagram, Twitter, MMSandother Social Network. * Optimized Battery Usage. * Compatiblewith99% of mobile phones & tablets devices. Surround yourselfwiththe best Bible Quotes app today !!! “Therefore we do notloseheart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inwardmanis being renewed day by day.” 2 Corinthians 4:16
Christian Images of Jesus Christ 1.08
Christian Images of Jesus Christ. Gallery of 240 free cardswithbible verses to share with friends and family on socialnetworks.Full color designs with beautiful Bible texts to share onFacebook,Twitter, Instagram and other social networks. Morning isalways agreat time to send wishes and greeting to friends. Makethismorning a wonderful day when you send one of good morningChristianimages to your loved one. Start your day with the bestmotivationthat only The Best Christian Images for Sharing can giveyou. Thebest Pictures to download the app completely FREE, and youcanshare the Images on your favorite social networks. Are youlookingfor beautiful Christian images to share with your friendsand / orfeed your spirit every day? Christian Images of Love Do youwant tofall in love with beautiful messages every day? This app isforyou! This application of Christian images of love brings to you,wehave images where you can express to others your mostsincerefeelings, in a beautiful image every day. The Bible iscomfort tomillions of people around the world. Download this App onyourdevice and you can share the Bible with friends and peoplearoundyou. These good morning pictures not only have morninggreeting butalso include sacred images of Jesus Christ to start upyour day.This is the best good morning wishes for Christian appsbecause ita feeling of a blessed day when you received such ablessed morninggreeting. Christian images to share have Christianimages for eachday of the month, so you can share 1 a day. Includesimages ofJesus Christ and beautiful images of God. You can sharethem toyourself and use them as Christian wallpapers. In additionwe addedChristian radios with preaching and praises so that youlistenwhile you look at the images with that spiritual food thatyou needevery day Enjoy Christian Images of Jesus Christ. EnjoybeautifulChristian images, Christian phrases of love, Christianimages withmessages, evangelical Christian images, and the bestlove phrasesfor your lover or in love. It is great in a singleimage how youcan transmit messages of love, messages of reflection,shortsentences of love, beautiful phrases of love, words of lovewithimages. Each day you can share with your family and friendsthehappiness of God's love in your life and be able to reflectothersand bless your day each time you send Christian images oflove,love verses. In this application of beautiful images of love,youcan encourage a friend or brother who is going throughdifficulttimes in his life, with a single verse of love you canremind himof the beautiful love of God for each of their lives.Christiansall over the world find hope in the Bible every day!BlessedMorning images and wishes is designed with high qualitygraphicimages and it is able to became you phone wallpaper. Otherfeaturesthat included in this application is that there is a gamefor youto play. I must say that, this bonus feature will surelymake youaddicted to play. Enjoy playing game and cheering someonewith thisGood morning Inspiring Images. They are free Christianimages.Download the free Christian images app to share with yourlovedones. christian inspirational app. We hope you like ourChristianapp. God bless you. Download Christian Images of JesusChrist now,it's free! If you like, please rate our app! Also withChristianimages of love, you can conquer that person who has becomespecialand important in your life and reach your heart with theword ofGod and the beautiful verses of the Bible that will make aperfectlove and with the blessing of God , you can share cutelovephrases, love phrases to fall in love with. This app will helpyouif perhaps you are very short in your words and do not know howtoexpress your feelings with love dedications, who will make ofyouevery day a poet with the best love phrases, Christian imagesoflove is here to help you.
Community Church 3.7
Community Church Ministries is a full gospel ministry based ontheWord of God dedicated to the LORD JESUS CHRIST, Our statementoffaith declares the tenets of our Christian belief. CommunityChurchMinistries endeavors to preach the gospel of the LORD JESUSCHRISTto all nations, making disciples of all to the WORD ofGOD,planting churches to facilitate the worship of the LORDJESUSCHRIST and experience the Christian love and faith in theLORDJESUS CHRIST
Katamars + Orsozoxi 5.0.4
Beshoy Adel
Orsozoxi + Katamars is a free application provides the orthodoxuserwith a lot of books that may be needed throughout the yearcoupledwith the Katameros daily readings. Through the applicationyou cansearch for a verse and you can receive, copy and sharespiritualmessages, as the main interface allows you easy access toanycontent. content list: + Bible: - Old, New TestamentandDeuterocanonical books. (Arabic and English) - Audible Bible.-Interpretation of one or more verses. - The evidences. -Differenttypes of search. - Apportioned for the daily reading inone or twoyears). - Bookmark the last reading. - Introductions andQuestions.- The possibility of copy, share and highlight one ormore verses.+ Sickle: - Divine Liturgy (San Basil, San Gregory andMatinsservice with all melodies) - Book of Hours (Agpeya). -Katameros.(Gregorian and Coptic calendar) - Synaxarium. - The HolyAnnualPsalmody including all fasts and feasts. - Koiahk Psalmody(Kiahk).- Pascha Prayers (Holy Week Dallal). - Fraction prayers. -Liturgyof the Waters (Lakkan). - Unction of the Sick (kandil).-Prostration prayers. + Treasures of Our Church: - Encyclopediaofthe church rituals. - Daily Fathers quotes. - The correct verse.-Praise and Altmadjad. + Media: - Greeting andcongratulationsCards. - Orsozoxi Radio. - YouTube channel. -Games.Characteristics: * Font size control. * Set alarms forAgpeya,Recognition and Liturgy. * Receive messages of HG BishopRaphaelalong with news of the church. * Display and hide thebluebackground. * feasts calendar until 2025. For inquiries andmoreinformation: Email us: [email protected] Likeus: Followus: Website:
Victory Christian Center Ohio 3.8.0
Subsplash Inc
Welcome to the official Victory Christian Center app for allyourmobile devices.Victory Christian Center is amulti-cultural,Presence driven church located just 3 miles east ofYoungstown,Ohio. We keep it simple here at Victory.We Love GodCompletelyWeLove People Unconditionally andWe Love LifeEnthusiastically.Withseven locations to choose from we are surethere's a place for youhere at Victory Christian Center. Check outall kinds of contentthat interests you such as sermons, events, andour livestream.After you’ve downloaded and enjoyed the content, youcan share itwith your friends via Twitter, Facebook, or email.Formoreinformation about Victory,pleasevisit:http://www.vcccoitsville.comThe Victory ChristianCenter Appwas created with the Subsplash App Platform.
Jesus Life Together Journal 1.3
The Jesus of the Bible is wonderfully different than mostreligionsthat use His Name. Jesus had no ritual, no mind games,noattendance-based entertainment and speech shows, no dress-up,nohierarchy, no money-begging. The real Jesus, The Eternal Life,isamazing and life-altering. Jesus walks on water, raises thedead,and dazzles the heart and mind. Y'shua changes, empowersandenlivens all who cross His path. Jesus and His Life Togetheras"church" with "one another" is likely beyond anything you'veeverimagined. Embark on the limitless journey Father has Designedforyour Destiny!Features: • Prayer Journal: Set up email alertstoremind you throughout the day of specific or random entries inyourprayer list • Free Music • Free Books, Electronic and HardCopy(upon request) • Free Audio Teachings • View Videos andMusicVideos • View Artwork and Read Correspondence, TeachingsandEncouragements From Around the World • Thought of the Day •"WithYou Now" allows you to see where others around the world areusingthe app and what they are viewing Topics Include BiblicalTruthson: • Raising Children • Loving Families and Marriages •Evangelism• Worship • End Times • Love • Community • Church •Wisdom • DailyLife • Holiness • Leadership • Relationships • Plusmany othertopics and encouragements If you ponder and wonder atwhat Jesus"looks like" living TODAY as Head of His Church, and whatHe canlook like in your daily life and church, and are willing topay thePrice for the Pearl of Great Price in your life, family,andrelationships, enter in. Join the millions and thefiftygenerations of those throughout the world in every languageandnation who WILL have this Man Jesus to be their King. Ofcoursethere will be people who want to defend the religion ofgreed,hierarchy, control, entertainment, book, and musicmoney-machines.Some enjoy the make-believe world of emotional orsuperstitiousmental pacifiers. Some will hate truths that don'tconform to thecultural religion of self. If you elevate the Jesusof the Bibleand all of His life and church-transforming Words andexample, Hepromised you'd be called names. Bad names. :) But readabout thechurch that knew Him well, and see what even new babyChristianslived like (Acts 2:42-47). Certainly, anyone is free tojoin anyreligion in this world that they want to. But, to expectJesus'results while neglecting the clarity of what He taught andlivedhas never worked. Just sayin'. :) :)
OnePlace Christian Teaching 4.0
The Streaming Christian Audio application givesyoufree access to the most popular Christian broadcast ministriesonradio. Download this application to begin listening to sermonsandmessages from your favorite pastors, speakers, churches andauthorsincluding;The Alternative with Dr. Tony EvansA New BeginningwithGreg LaurieFamily Talk with Dr. James DobsonGrace to You withJohnMacArthurPrecepts for Life with Kay ArthurBible Answer ManwithHank HanegraaffEd Young Television with Ed YoungFamily LifeTodaywith Dennis RaineyLeading the Way with Dr. Michael YoussefLetMyPeople Think with Ravi ZachariasLove Worth Finding with Dr.AdrianRogersPowerPoint with Dr. Jack GrahamRunning to Win with Dr.ErwinLutzerThru the Bible with Dr. J. Vernon McGeeTruth for LifewithPastor Alistair BeggTurning Point with Dr. DavidJeremiahTheAlternative with Dr. Tony EvansFeatures:LISTEN TOCHRISTIANBROADCASTS- Listen to pastor sermons and ministrybroadcasts free-Discover new Christian ministry audio- Dailyfeatured sermons tobrowse- Listen to over 200 ministries on demand-Listen tothousands of broadcast archives from top pastors andteachers-Offline listening: Download and save broadcast episodes tolistento later- Fast forward or rewind audio messages- Live streamsandlive stream countdowns- *NEW* Brand new design foreasiernavigation PERSONALIZE YOUR SERMON AUDIO- Stay up to datewith thelatest ministry broadcasts by following your favoriteministries.-Share sermons and broadcasts to your friends inFacebook, Twitter,email and more.- Sort your saved broadcastepisodes by title orhost- Search audio by show name and host name-Control the audiofrom your phone’s launch screen- Mini player tomanage your audioand continue browsing FOLLOW YOUR FAVORITEMINISTRY BROADCASTS- Getthe latest news from ministries in yourmessage center- Find thelatest products from pastors and churches.Now available for freedownload through the Apple iTunes store. Growin your walk withJesus Christ, be encouraged in your faith, andbuild your knowledgeof the Bible with Take Christiansermons, radiobroadcasts, church live streams and ministry messageson the gotoday!
Live Bold: Christian App for Men 1.6
The LIVE BOLD CHRISTIAN APP IS BUILT FOR CHRISTIAN MEN. LiveBoldfor Christian Men is a full featured app and mobilecommunitydesigned exclusively for guys of all ages and stages offaith. Weare helping guys, just like you, build stronger faith,answerquestions, and overcome daily struggles. Join other Christianmenfrom over 160 countries! Our prayer and work is to help youbecomethe best version of yourself. We exist to help you FIGHT,PRAY,SERVE, and PLAY in a world God created - with the very lifeyou'vebeen blessed to live. The LIVE BOLD Christian app for menpromisesto deliver unfiltered encouragement that isn't toned downby aChristian denomination or sect. We are built to satisfy 2goals:(1) To help Christian men find God in their daily life and(2) Tohelp Christian men take care of their business and servepeoplearound them.FEATURES:*Private Member App with noregistrationrequired for the Daily Devotions for Christian Men.*DiscussionDriven Comments: Add your voice to the devotions, askyourquestions, or jump in on the encouragement for theday.*PrayerEngine: Submit your prayer request and receive prayer.Visit theprayer wall and pray for other guys who are reachingout.*MonthlyVideo Motovotion: A short 3-4 minute video devotionbuilt toencourage and motivate. Use it for your own devotion timeorbroadcast to a group.*Study Topics: Key scripture passages andtipsfor topics every Christian man will face (fear, worry, lust,work,money, prayer, marriage, and more!)(NOTE: A FREE profileisrequired to access some app features to improveyourexperience.)Oh, and we should also mention... there are a fewotheramazing features offered.
Rick Warren Sermons and Quote 2.1.0
Richard Duane "Rick" Warren (born January 28, 1954) is anAmericanevangelical Christian pastor and author. He is the founderandsenior pastor of Saddleback Church, an evangelical megachurchinLake Forest, California, that is the eighth-largest church intheUnited States (including multi-site churches). He is alsoabestselling author of many Christian books, including his guidetochurch ministry and evangelism, The Purpose Driven Church,whichhas spawned a series of conferences on Christian ministryandevangelism. He is perhaps best known for the subsequent bookThePurpose Driven Life which has sold more than 30 millioncopies,making Warren a New York Times bestselling author.Warrenholdsconservative theological views and traditional evangelicalviews onsocial issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage,abstinence-onlyeducation over the use of condoms to preventHIV/AIDS, andembryonic stem-cell research.Duane Richard "Rick"Warren (bornJanuary 28, 1954) is an American evangelical Christianpastor andauthor. He is the founder and senior pastor of SaddlebackChurch,an evangelical megachurch in Lake Forest, California, thatis theeighth-Reviews largest church in the United States(includingmulti-site churches). He is Also a bestselling author ofmanyChristian books, Including his guide to church ministryandevangelism, The Purpose Driven Church, the which has spawnedaseries of conferences on Christian ministry and evangelism. Heisperhaps best known for the subsequent book The Purpose DrivenLiferoomates has sold more than 30 million copies, making Warren aNewYork Times bestselling author.Warren holds conservativetheologicalviews and traditional evangelical views on social issuessuch asabortion, same-sex marriage, abstinence-only education overthe useof condoms to Prevent HIV / AIDS, and embryonic stem-cellresearch.
Faith Christian Wallpapers 2.1
"So faith comes from hearing and hearing from the word of God."Romans 10:17 Christian Wallpapers that help deepen your faith!Thisfree app features original, watermarked art and hand-selectedBibleverses and Bible Quotes from the NIV, NLT, ESV and NASBversions ofthe Holy Bible. Let your heart be joyful as you rest inGod'slove!! Beautiful and amazing encouragement on all Androiddevicesincluding cell phones and tablets!! Choose any of theChristianWallpapers as your lock screen or home screen or evenContact Photovery easily. Feel closer to Jesus every time you seeit on yourphone or tablet! Also includes access to HUNDREDS ofbeautiful andinspiring Christian Wallpapers in popular categoriessuch "God'sLove For us", "Animal Wallpapers for Christians", "HoldOn to thePromises" and much more. • Browse, learn scripture andchoosebeautiful wallpapers • Fast, easy to use interface •Afterdownload, wallpapers can be viewed and set completely offline.Ifthis app is a blessing to you please consider giving us afive-starreview and sharing it with your friends. This is all we doand weappreciate your support! We'd love to hear from you.Email:thirddaymedia (at)
Bible Quiz 3D - Religious Game 1.8
Spread the word of God with ✞ Bible Quiz 3D - Religious Game ✞Geton a missionary journey and help the priests all over theworldbaptize as many unbelievers and turn them into Christians!Downloadthis fun quiz game and answer the questions from Holy Bibleto helpas many followers embrace the love of God and becometruebelievers! Play against other missionaries and see who willfinishall baptism ceremonies first!Get this educative quiz Bibletriviaand help your children learn more about the Holy Bookthroughplaying and fun! By answering these interesting quizquestionsabout Bible verses and characters kids will learn moreabout theirreligion and accept God while playing Bible games! ThisBibleapplication is great for the whole family and it's perfectforteaching kids Christianity at Sunday School (SabbathSchool).✣Choose from 4 offered answers: A, B, C or D!✣ Each timeyou answera question you spend 1 energy point!✣ You get one energypoint each2 minutes!✣ Answer the question correctly to travelaround theworld!✣ You have 4 attempts to give the correct answer,choose thecorrect answer from the first try to travel the longerdistance! ✣Use helps to pass the longer distance than youropponents: doublethe length of the distance you can pass or removeone wronganswer!✣ Use traps to decrease the progress of youropponents: slowdown all other players or prevent the leading playerfrom answeringone question!✣ Collect tokens with angel wings anduse them oncrossroads to take the shortcut!✣ Log in with Facebookor createyour player profile!✣ Lots of interesting achievementsandintegrated leaderboard!✣ Purchase in-apps to get more helps,trapsand unlimited energy! Bible Quiz 3D - Religious Game testsyourknowledge on Bible trivia in a very fun way. Your goal in thisgameis to be the first of four players (missionaries) who willvisitall the Orthodox and Catholic churches and Jewish Synagogs.Bygiving correct answers to Bible quiz questions you will travelthelonger distance. Not only that you can learn new facts onbiblicalcharacters, but you can also learn something new on thehistory ofarts, since there are lots of questions containingreligiouspaintings in this highly educative quiz game. AChristianmissionary is commissioned by the Lord to make disciples,followersof Christ. Jesus commands all Christians to share theGospel, themessage of His death and resurrection that conquered thepenaltyand power of sin.A Christian missionary proclaims Jesus asSaviorand Lord. They do more than evangelism. The commission was tomakedisciples, not immature believers. Thus, a Christianmissionary’soutreach involves evangelism, discipleship, and churchplanting.These main goals are accomplished in a variety of ways:streetpreaching, church building, Bible studies, etc.Bible appsandquizzes are a great way to learn new things about the Holy BookofChristianity! They are always with you, in your mobilephone!Playing Christian games is the most entertaining way toembrace thefaith and Gods love, and this amazing “religious game”for kids andadults is perfect for gaining new knowledge on thelargest religionin the world! ✞ Did you know that the name of thefirst five booksof the Old Testament is Pentateuch? ✞ Did you knowthat Davidkilled Goliath with a sling and a stone? ✞ How manyProverbs andPsalms did Solomon write?Get this educative quiz gamefor free andsee how well you know the facts from the Old Testamentand NewTestament, facts about Noah, Moses, Jesus and his apostles,VirginMary and other characters of the Bible! Answer the quizquestionsabout Biblical figures and facts about Bible prophecies oftheApocalypse and Armageddon and test your knowledge of the holybookof the Christians! Download “Bible Quiz” 3D - Religious Gameonyour smartphone, and have fun playing one of the best Biblequizzesfor Android TM. *Android is a trademark of Google Inc.