Top 24 Games Similar to TOP Invaders

Star Defender 3™ 1.90.0
Have you ever dreamt of leading a space battle, confrontingimpudentspace invaders and saving the Earth? Fight through hoardsof aliensin Star Defender 3, a classical space shooter, and defendyournative galaxy frontier!Frantic star wars are ahead of you inthisalien shooting game. The Insectus have already prepared fortheirnext wave, with new cunning tricks to shatter you spaceship.Takethe lead in the breathtaking star war and become the hero oftheuniverse!Get ready to blast through 8 huge missions and defeatalienspace invaders in the amazing space shooter Star Defender3.Missiles are just light fun for kids, but here you'll getmines,lasers, nuclear bombs, piranha, parasitron, lightning,insulator,infector, ball lightning and homing lasers! If you lovealienshooting games and glory of the victory, this fast movingspaceshooter is for you. Warning! Alien attack! Take the spacecommandand begin the star battle of your life!Star Defender 3Features:-The new one-finger control system- A wide array of alienspaceshipswith their own unique weapons- 8 Large missions with ahuge Boss atthe end of each space battle- A bonus system, includingTimeFreeze, Missile Strike, and Immortality- Over 100breathtakinglevels- Unique and truly addictivegameplayComments:“Thisspectacular space shooter really has quite abit going for it, andif you happen to be a fan of games similar toSpace Invaders thenthis title will definitely whet your gamingappetite.” –“For those who enjoyed classic spaceshootergames, this is a good choice to re-take them.”–AndroidZoom.com___________________________ Add drive to yourdayswith more AWEM games:Star Defender 4 – Eight huge missions tosavethe humanity and become thehero!___________________________Visitus: Findus:!/awem Watchus:
Earth and space invaders 10.0.5
Earth Invaders have reached your solar system...You must defeattheoncoming space invaders before they destroy the Earth. Tiltthescreen to control your ship and avoid enemy missiles andfireballs.Destroy bigger ships for extra bonus points. This versionyou startwith 5 lives, but you can get more bonus lives, weaponsand pointsif you collect then from the enemy drops. Many enemiescome fromoff the screen and attack from many formations. It hasFluid Gameplay and easy to control. Great for Phones and Tablets,fun andchallenging for kids and adults alike Inspired by retroclassicgames like Space Invaders and Buggers. Please Rate if youenjoy it!Features: ★ No Adverts or Inapp purchases! ★ 2 Themesnow,Halloween, and Normal. Soon will add a Christmas Theme ★Compareyour score against the world, and or Facebook. ★ Fast smoothactionon phone or tablet ★ Includes Many Weapons, levels andAliens. ★Easy to play, Hard to master ★ Many animated backgrounds ★GreatMusic ★ Great sound effects! ★ Retro arcade feel ★ You cantilt tocontrol, or use touch screen ★ New Bonuses - Shields andHeatSeeking Missiles. ★ Trade a life for a bonus. **** Please RateUs**** *** Controls *** ★ Tilt the screen (Recommended) to go leftorright ★ Left / Right buttons on bottom of screen (Optional)
Smiley space invaders
Fun space invaders game. if you love shooting smileys this isyourgame.this is a 10 level game with increasing difficulty.thisgamewas created with Appinventor .
Galaxy Defender 2.1
KRE Software
Galaxy Defender is a classic style arcade space invadershootergame. If you enjoy popular classic arcade space shootergames suchas Space Invaders, Galaga, or Galaxian then you are sureto enjoyGalaxy Defender. Please note that Galaxy Defender isneitheraffiliated with nor endorsed by Space Invaders, Galaga,Galaxian,Atari or Namco, or any respective partners orsubsidiaries. Whileon solo zero gravity patrol in galaxy sector 2space you meet afleet of alien invaders out to conquer the galaxyand invade Earthspace. Help is light years away and your starfighter is the onlydefense against the alien enemy invasion. As thesolo defender ofthe galaxy you must protect Earth space from thesealien spaceinvaders. Galaxy Defender is built on the KRE SoftwareGalacticInvasion core game engine. Includes the followingfeatures:• Threedifferent space fighter control systems:•••oTilt-based Control.Universal and simplistic control mode. Simplytilt your device tomove your space fighter left, right, forward orback. Tap anywhereon screen to fire weapons. Hold and press toengage the weaponauto-fire. Great for one-handed play!•••o OnScreen Control.Control the star fighter with an on-screen joystickand fire buttonfor an old school classic arcade style experience.Configurable forright or left handed players.•••o Finder Control.Simply drag yourship around the screen with auto-fire enabled. Tapto manuallyfire.• 50 levels of space arcade fun with increasinglydifficultwaves of alien space invaders (25 levels in freeversion)• Optionsto change control modes, manage difficulty, tunegraphics, and mutesound allow for a fully customizable gameplayexperience (Someoptions only available in Full Version)
Invaders from Androidia 1.79
Gazzapper Games
Alien Invaders from Androidia have reached your outermoon...Youmust defeat the oncoming space invaders before theyinfiltrate yourbase. Use your base for shielding from the enemymissiles andfireballs.Destroy the Mystery Ship for bonus points.Upfor achallenge: Try "Dark Mode" and destroy aliens with only yourcannonspotlight!★★★★ "Best Apps of the Month" -Androidtapp.comPleaseINSERT COIN to PlayFeatures:★ No Adverts orInapp Purchases!★ Easyto play, Hard to master★ New original "DarkMode"★ Fast smoothaction on phone or tablet★ Includes Destructibleshield bases★Fireball bombs★ Great sound effects!★ Retro arcadefeel★ GlobalScoreboard (to get on it score over 3000+ points)★ 3Control modes(Buttons or 1 Finger Drag or 2 Finger Drag)★ Scorebonuses forshooting Mystery Ship★ Great - Optional CRT scanlines!!(NewVersion)★ Responsive controls★ Multi-touch with fire button ontopright of screen★ Variable Alien Patterns (coming soon)****PleaseRate Us & follow on Twitter for updates @Gazzapper*******Controls ***Button Control:Left / Right / Fire buttons onbottom ofscreen (Recommended)Drag Control:2 Finger Drag Mode: Touchbottomscreen to have ship follow your finger and tap screen abovetheship to fire.
Rebound Invaders frm Space Pro 1.0
Rebound Invaders from Outer Space Pro. No AdsBack from thearcadedays when space Invaders and Galaga ruled we bring youReboundInvaders from Outer Space.Your ship is equipped with thelatesthigh energy weapon - The Lightening Plasma Ball.Lighteningplasmaballs are great, they bounce everywhere until they destroy ashipor fall off the bottom of the screen. Great, you can shootaroundcorners and have lots of bullets in action at the same time,onesmall design flaw though ... they will also destroy yourship!Thealiens are fighting back: They have developed a star warsstylelight saber force field to bounce your plasma balls right backatyou - take care not to shoot yourself in the foot!So there'slotsof action in this arcade style shoot'em up. You'll needfastreactions, and lots of skill to defeat the "Rebound InvadersfromOuter Space".Tilt your screen to move, touch the screenanywhere tofire. If you're not a fan of tilt controls, pop in tothe settingand you've find an option to enable on screencontrols.DownloadRebound Invaders now,
Space Invader REMAKE 1.0.0
Eine sehr einfache Nachmache des SpielesSpaceInvaders für Android.A very simpleNachmachethe game Space Invaders for Android.
Space Invader 4.2
The user must prove their attack skills to destroy enemy ships,ineach new level the speed and complexity increases.
Space Invaders Arcade Game 1.0
Playing Space Invaders Arcade Game:Tap on the screen to shoot the objects that appear.Swipefingeron screen to move space ship left, right and inacircularposition. Avoid red dots.
Impossible Space Invaders 0.1.2
*** IMPOSSIBLE SPACE INVADERS ***Destroy the aliens before they destroy you.
Space Invaders 1.0
This 2d arcade game, which was produced by Anthony Industries,has3d modern graphics unlike the original space invaders. Thepurposeof this was to revive the game in a 21st century style. Itcontainstouch controls for left and right, as well as to shoot. Thegamecontains a high score text as well as an instruction scene onhowto play the game.
Space Invaders II 1.0
Space Invaders II by Pooja KannappanDo you like the classic game of Space Invaders, well thenthisgameis for you. Battle Sprik the Alien to save the Earth andallofMankind!!!This new take on a classic was made as part ofHenryFordCollege's Camp Henry program
Space Invasion 1.0.5
Luca Anzalone
Space Invasion is a modern remakeof"SpaceInvaders" from which it inherits partially graphicsanddynamics.To play just move a finger at the bottom of the display (noneedto position on the spaceship ).Features :- High Quality Sounds- Touch Controls- Modern Graphics- Graphics effectsFor any issue, bugs or suggestions please contact me via email.
Galaxy Shooter Space Shooting 1.5
If you like space shooting and survival games and like tosimulatesky shooting in for glory and duty, then Galaxy SpaceInvader isthe one you should be shooter playing.To accomplish thistask, youmust have the courage and wisdom.In this bullet hellshooter game,you will be faced with an increasingly large number ofprojectilesand enemies. As the game progresses, you will earn theright toupgrade your spacecraft to bring it to full lethalcapacity. Pressscreen to move, destroy enemies in youradventure!Your goal will bequite challenging as you will have tosave the Universe from itsevil enemies.Aboard your spacecraft, youwill have to get rid of alarge number of enemies while dodgingtheir attacks. Will you beskilled enough to understand your enemiesstrategy and attackpatterns?In this "bullet hell" shooter game, youwill be faced withan increasingly large number of projectiles andenemies. As thegame progresses, you will earn the right to upgradeyour spacecraftto bring it to full lethal capacity.FEATURES* Thegame is packedwith 110 levels giving you hours of fun for you andyour friends.*Amazing Lighting and Special Effects* Precisioncontrols* charmingsound and music, with HD graphics .* 12 differentweapons .* 20different enemy types .* 8 Bosses with rich attackpatterns andtransformations.* 6 unique fighters waiting forunlocking, when youpassed all easy/normal/hard levels
Invaders 1.0
Inspired by the art of Steven Paul Judd with design andprogrammingby Elizabeth LaPensée and music by Trevino BringsPlenty, Invadersfor web and mobile represents a Native perspectiveon the classicarcade game Space Invaders.
space fire 9.0.0
Space invaders style game reminiscent games space 80´s
Space Space Invaders 23
Do you know how to kill an aliens? Here we will teach you !! Tonsofbonuses, delirious animations, new weapons, never seen... Aparodicgame with dozens of references in various world ! 6 startanimation,3 game over ! One watchword, have fun ! Savez vous tuerun alien ?Ici, on va vous apprendre ! Des tonnes de bonusdélirants, desanimations, des armes jamais vues dans un spaceInvaders ! Un jeuparodis avec des dizaines de références dansdivers univers ! 6animations de début et 3 game over ! Un seul mot: Amusez vous ! Doyou know how to kill an alien? Here we willteach you !! Tons ofbonuses, delirious animations, new weapons,never seen ... A parodicgame with Dozens of references in variousworld! 6 start animation 3game over! One watchword, have fun! Doyou kill an alien? Here wewill teach you! Tons of crazy bonuses,animations, weapons ever seenin a space Invaders! Parodis a gamewith dozens of references indiverse universe! 6 early animationsand 3 game over! One word: Havefun!
Space Invaders 1.1.6
Alien ships are invading our homeland and you are the last hopetosave humanity. In this twist to a not so new arcade game youneedto keep a cool head and use some ingenuity to take out theenemyships before they reach our planet.This game contains nospyware.It does not require any special permission and should evenrun onsome of the older devices. Android 2.1 & above
Space Invasion (Free) 0.8
Space Invasion is a cool new game, inspired by the oldSpaceInvaders.Retro graphics improved and brought up-to-date withwholenew effects and sounds, breathe new life into the classicgame,turning it into a fun, fast-paced game for all ages,moreentertaining than ever.Shoot the enemies, before they land andtakeover the world as we know it :)This free version shows add.Thefunexceeds the price by far.Have fun!Controls:Tilt your devicefromside to side to control your spaceship.Tap anywhere on thescreento fire a missile towards the enemies.Hold your finger onthescreen to fire continuously.Credits:Sprites by:GooperBlooper22from deviantart.
Flip Invaders - Space Shooter 1.0.2
Pixel Pie
Fight against waves of invaders in a arcade space shooter withatwist: warp between the bottom and top of the screen atanytime.Ifyou enjoyed playing "Galaga", "Space Invaders", "Phoenix"or"Galaxians" in the arcade, this game is right for you.Alienshaveinvaded your galactic space!Only you can make a difference.Willyou succeed? Will the future be secure?Customizablecontrolschemes:Virtual DPad or Joystick.AutoFire On/Off.If you’re afan ofaddictive gaming and retro titles on Android, be sure tocheck thisawesome game out!The ultimate game with infinite, endlessgameplay!The more you play, the more the game levels up!Persistence isrewarded, with new characters and other elementsunlocked throughplay!Online Leaderboards. Conquer the Hall Of Fame.Become alegend!Translation by Dario Silva.If you enjoy it, pleaserate& share to support our effort.Your comments and feedbackwillshape the future ofthisgame!Follow:
Derp Invaders 1.0.8
Derp Bear
My goal is, to bring you the best retro arcade shooterexperience.Ifyou enjoyed playing old arcade games, try this one.Inthis game youmust defend earth from invading aliens with yourspaceship.I hopeyou enjoy the game. :-)Features:- Destroy &Survive: Destroy theenemy ships before they reach the bottom orkill you.- Combocounter: Aiming matters! More successive hits,more points! If youmiss, your combo counter will reset!- Waveafter wave! Every waveyour base combo counter will increase, butthe enemy's come closerand closer.- Bonus Ship! Try to Kill it(300 Points x combocounter)- Bunkers get pixel perfect destroyed.-Lovely Retro PixelArt.
Galaxy Strikers:Space Invaders 1.2.0
24 Code Limit
The planet Earth has been destroyed byastrange alien race called "Tron" .The army of the new EarthIIdecides to create a new type of weapon, theGalaxyStrikers:Space Invaders. A Galactic War isstarted, anew space shooter.The Galaxy Strikers:Space Invaders are specially createdtoeliminate Tron strike forces .Like a space invaders classic,gameare equipped with a large arsenal of weapons, blasters,drones,missiles and shields. A space wars is incoming, take thecontrol onthis space shooter.The starfall are not a threat that threatens the peace ofthegalaxy, in this galaxy wars you may find asteroids, over60missions , fight with bosses and many space invaders- Galaxy Strikers:Space Invaders Features:- Destroy asteroids and Tron Force.- 3 Types of classes spaceships each with a different typeofskill to get the victory on space combat.- Over 60 levels with beautiful design to enjoy.- 6 Final Boss in Galactic wars.- Improvements to your ships, drones, blasters, missiles,shieldsand more.- Compelling story with two alternate endings, new onaliengames.- The controls are easy to learn and use, keeping the oldfeelingof playing in a game room.- Translated into more than 7 languages!- Space Invaders classic Free for everyone.- Special space defense games on galaxy wars.- Vertical-Scroll with no ending constellations.- 12 Spaceship to customize, get the best in spaceshipgames!- 5 Original Sound Track by Sergio Gonzalez @oblidivm.Get more updates, share content on our social content in google+and press the +1 button!A new spaceship game, where you can select yourspaceshipand upgrade or customize alot of weapons, shiled, ormagnet!Our cool shooting games have special soundTrack, youcoulddownload or enjoy it playing the best shooting game ever.If you like laser shooting games, you must play GalaxyStrikers,is a shooting game on space and you must protect theEarth, thenthis is your space invaders free game.Visit our Facebook page and give us your opinion tofurtherimprove our game: site: mail developer: [email protected]
Retro Space Phoenix Tribute 1.17
Enjoy a retro arcade game again! On this free game you mustdestroyspace invaders Features and how to play: - Retro arcade gamewithgraphics features like CRT screen. - 3 touch screenconfigurations,2 with autofire and 1 with manual fire. With manualfire you canget a slightly higher shoting rate. - Each stage has 4levels. Onceyou pass a stage, the game begins again on the nextstage, but thedifficulty is increased. - Touch left or right tomove your spaceship. - Get powers to make your space ship morepowerful and strongor get the Phoenix power to be invulnerable fora while. - Destroythe maximum of alien invaders to increase yourscore. - Optionallyyou can share your total score and achievementswith friends or therest of the world. - Extra life at 5,000 andevery 10,000 Classicold games are the best, enjoy space invadersgames again! (C) 2016Classic Mania Games All graphics are propertyof Classic ManiaGames.
Space Invaders 1.0
Shir Elbilia
My version to the old and loved game Space Invaders for Android