Top 24 Apps Similar to edjing Mix: DJ music mixer

DiscDj 3D Music Player - 3D Dj Music Mixer Studio v10.1.4s
DiscDj 3D Music Player is a music player with a super cool 3DDJuserinterface in a virtual 3D world where the Dj machineisfloating inthe virtual area. This virtual dj app supportsAndroid4.4+Experience a music player in the form of a virtual DJmixerapp whereyou can use it to do the DJ work in a party ORNormallyplaycontinuous music where the dj shifts songs from oneturntable/ deckto another without any breaks OR You can use anyoneof thetwoturntables / decks as a normal music player. DiscDj 3DMusicPlayeris a music player with the looks and a lot of featuresof areal DJ.Its hard to get precise control over it as the screensaresmall buthope you will enjoy the mini DJ mixer app. KeyFeatures:-* 3D DJuser interface like a real dj machine where thevirtual djmachine isflying and where you can move around thevirtual djmachine forseeing its beauty from different angles byjustscrolling. Lock andreset feature is available at thetop-rightcorner of the screen toreset to the original position *Discs withalbum arts * Centralcontrol to play/pause next/previousboth thediscs * Autofade (Automatic Crossfade ) with adjustabletimer& ON/OFF feature *Button click fade – it's like autofadeonclicking the buttons *Manual song shift slider / crossfader*Mixer with playlist,equalizer, volume controls and many features*Browse and play yourmusic by albums, artists, folders,composers,genres, playlists,songs, more advanced browsing likealbums ofparticular artist &genre * First ever virtual dj appwith 10Band Equalizer - Under theDj push-button-sliding,beautifullyanimated 10 Band Equalizer forAndroid 2.3+. 10 bandsgive you moreprecise control with moreaccuracy. 17 in-builtpresets in theequalizer - Classical, Club,Dance, Full Bass, FullBass andTreble, Full Treble, Headphones,Large Hall, Live, Party,Pop,Reggae, Rock, Ska, Soft, Soft Rock& Techno * Sampler Addon- 4sets (Default, 808 Drum Kit, DrumKit, Rise n Drop - each having6sound samples) with 3 modes of play- Play/Cut Play, LoopandPlay/Stop * Record - Record yourperformance / mixes / remixes/music with the record feature at thetop-center of this dj app*Pre-cueing / Pre-listening / Split AudioOutput * Pitch Slider*Sound Effects / SFX * Low Pass Filter &High Pass Filter *BPM* 4 Hot Cues per turntable / deck * Loopfeatures - In/Out,Seconds& Reloop/Exit * Cue Buttons *Play/Pause Next/Previousperturntable / deck * Shuffle / Play All /Play Single
Walk Band - Multitracks Music 7.5.0
Walk Band is a music studio app - a toolkit ofvirtualmusicalinstruments for music maker. ☆ 50M+ DownloadsMusicalInstrumentsApp. ☆ Multitrack Synthesizer(Mixer). ☆ StudioQualitySound. [Musical instruments ] - Piano keyboard - Guitar solo&chordsmode - Bass guitar solo & chords mode - Drum pad&kit mode- Drum machine, Beats Pad Mode - Usb midiperipheralkeyboardsupport [ Multitrack Synthesizer(Mixer) ] - Miditrackrecording& editing - Voice track recording & editing-Piano rollmode editing - Midi to mp3 conversion [ Music Zone ]-Upload andshare midi music recordings on cloud Notice: - LikeWalkBand onFacebook: -Teachersarewelcomed to use it on music class. We are excited ifthis apphelp.
MixPads - Drum pad machine & DJ Audio Mixer 7.21
MixPads will help to: • Create music & hip hop beats •Makeremixes • Record voice and mix it with audio tracks •Producebeatbox • Mixing songs Our music maker app is a simple waytocreate & produce your own electronic dance music and djsets.Virtual beat making dj studio is easy way to reveal yourcreativityKey Features: • 30 drum pads with original music loops.It consistsof leads, bass, drums, voice, percussion and differentaudioeffects • 12 creative one shot sound pads for the mixing it inyourtracks and beat making. Choose the melodies or rhythms ,alsoyoucan use it for finger drumming • 9 PRO DJ sound effectsofstudio-quality: Delay, Reverb, Flanger, Low Pass, HighPass,BandPass, Notch , Low Shelf, High Shelf Filters • REVERSEeffect.Reproduce any reversed samples to diversity sound of yourmix •Different sample packs (Trap,Shadow Hop,Big Room,Tech Me,THouse,Drill Trap, Dirty El, Deep and etc) with pro quality.It madebydifferent sound producers specifically for dj mix pads • Loadyourown music or samples from sd card in dj mix pad • Autoplay modeforautomatic Performances and music making • Flexible launchpadaudiomixer for precise sound tuning and mixing • Unlimited recordwithhigh quality in audio file for your dj mixes • Record yourvoice orany foley sound from the mic, and then use it in yourmusic. Showjust a little creativity.Feel like a real beat maker& musicproducer • Updated database of a wide variety of soundpacks anddifferent styles of music • BPM and Pitch controls • Sharefunction• Adjust the volume for each sound column • Convenientbrightcolours of dj mix pads for better navigation in theapplication •Supports all screen resolutions and devices • Supportspopularaudio formats (mp3, wav,ogg & etc) for your dj set •Fastnavigation through your music library • Easy andintuitiveinterface, suitable for all ages is very easy to learn •Supportfor multi-touch • Full HD • Free full version of DJ mixerYou cancreate music in genres: •Techno •Trap •House •Deep House•Hip-Hop•EDM •Big Room •Drum & Bass •Electro and others ★★★Theprocessof music creation is clear to everyone★★★ In our drum padsallsounds are synchronized ,tuned and set up so that you neverlosethe rhythm or melody. Simply click on your favorite mix pad andyouwill be pleasantly surprised with the result. You want to createadubstep like a Skrillex or feel like a real DJ with an oldvinyland groovy scratch? Maybe you are a techno music lover? Withour djmix pads you will find it and be able to hold a liveperformance,record, and share it with the world. Pro virtual DJsoftware forbeat making Hey Djs,producers ,music and remix makers!We wish yougood music and mixing! Enjoy! In order to downloadrecorded musicyou have several ways: 1. Enter the playlist, clickthe "share"button and choose the method convenient for you 2. Enterthe filemanager and find the audio files in the "music" folder (Thepath tothe audio file can also be seen under the name of the trackin theplaylist) You do not have to be a professional to createmusic.Made by musicians for other artists.
DJ Songs Mixer 1.3
Folga Apps
DJ Songs Mixer with Music is anapplicationwith features remixes of the song, the beginning, theloop tocreate, save and playlists. its easy for amateur dj lovers,comewith many features try it now you will love this dj simulatorappand make music professionally.Features:# complete EQ with gain# song list navigation pane# beat lock, beat sync buttons# DJ mixer with the music you send# Two dj scratching sounds# displays the waveform of each mixture# DJ mixer with sound effectsUse mp3 music files saved into your device and apply Drums,pad,bass and perc as per your need and have fun. Apply scratch,kick,hats, snares, loops and use different key effects to theplayingsound effectNOTE: This is NOT a music player, it is a controller whichrequirescomputer with installed DJ program jam (like for eg:Traktor,Virtual DJ, Mixxx, UltraMixer, Serato etc). See "Usage"menu itemin application for refer.
Dj Player music Mixer Pro 🎧 9.4.4
Need to put down a set out of nowhere?Toenliven your next party? To rock out an unplanned jam?Dj Player music Mixer Pro offers all the essential DJ toolstocreate amazing mixes on the go.Dj Player music Mixer Pro provides some songs in one playwithequalizer support.Dj Player music Mixer Pro allows you to play two songs at thesametime from your SD card.Dj Player music Mixer Pro transforms your Android device intoafull–featured DJ system. Seamlessly integrated with Spoify andallthe tracks on your device, djay gives you direct access to mixandremix your favorite songs and playlists instantly. You canperformlive, create loops and apply stunning FX in real-time.Whether youare mixing professionally or a beginner who just lovesto createmusic, djay offers you the most intuitive yet powerfulmixingexperience on an Android device.* this application offers the same capability of a pro DJsoftwareexcept with the convenience of being on a device that fitsin apocket.’ DJ Tech Tools* 'The only application to offer real time sound processing,DjPlayer music Mixer Pro shows you how it feels to be a realDJ'GQfeatures:- Play 2 songs simultaneously and cross-fade between them- Changes in tempo / pitch / BPM- Create / open / edit a playlist- Single Player with sound effects- Support multi track Players- Drag and Drop (music)- Multi song- Awesome collection of sounds fx- Profesioan virtual dj equalizer to make more real.- You willbeable to access all the music stored on your device- Compatible with smartphones and tablets.- The large number of tracks turnable- Full app for FREE, no hidden cost.- No registration fee.- No limitation, no watermark.- No trackers.- No stealing data.Device compatibility:- Compatible with all phones and tablets running Android 2.3ornewer- Tempo/pitch control is not supported by some devices- Compatible file formats are: mp3, mp4, m4a, 3gp, ogg, mid,wav,and since Android 3.1, also flac and aac🎧 Update v 8.4.2 Features :- Android 5.1 & 6 Crash Problems fixed- New Splash Screen🎧 Update v 7.4.2 Features :- Privacy Policy Added- New Interface Design- Bug Fixed- Other Features🎧 🎧 🎧 🎧 Enjoy !! 🎧 🎧 🎧
Electro Drum Pad
Simply make beats and music by tappingcolorfulpads, even though beginners about music theory can createsomethingsounds like a popular EDM product with their own hands.In addition,we provide many melodies, which makes this drummachine full ofstrong playability and endless possibility.Features:*With different types of high-quality samples*Make your own music tracks, train your finger drummingskills*Mix many sounds and melodies in real time*Record the music you created*Support share to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Google+*Totally 48 padsNew features:Volume control, to diversify your music- You can adjust all sounds with different volume as you likeFade-in & fade-out effects, to make professional beats- Save all your beats & music with fading effectsSupport share tracks on social network- Share beats, share music, share fun!Electro Drum Pad includes sounds like:- Drum- Bass- Loop- Synth- Percussion- Melodic- Lead- VocalCome and become a music maker!
Poweramp Music Player (Trial)
Max MP
Poweramp is a powerful music playerforAndroid.Follow us on twitter @PowerampAPP to get instant updates onappdevelopment progress, feature spotlight, theme sharing, takepartin giveaways and even chances for free copies ofPoweramp.Please check Common Questions/Answers below inthedescription.Key Features:- plays mp3, mp4/m4a (incl. alac), ogg, wma*, flac, wav, ape,wv,tta, mpc, aiff- 10 band optimized graphical equalizer for all supportedformats,presets, custom presets- separate powerful Bass and Treble adjustment- stereo eXpansion, mono mixing, balance- crossfade- gapless- replay gain- plays songs from folders and from own library- dynamic queue- lyrics support, including lyrics search viamusiXmatchplugin- embed and standalone .cue files support- support for m3u, m3u8, pls, wpl playlists- OpenGL based cover art animation- downloads missing album art- custom visual themes, lot of skins available on Play- 4 widget types with many selectable styles,advancedcustomization; Android 4.2 lock screen widgets- configurable lock screen- headset support, automatic Resume on headset and/or BTconnection(can be disabled in settings)- scrobbling- tag editor- fast library scan- high level of customization via settingsThis version is 15 days full featured Trial. See Related AppsforPoweramp Full Version Unlocker or use Buy option inPowerampsettings to buy Full Version.====Common Questions/Answers for Poweramp v2.x:Q. Does my Poweramp v2 purchase include the next Poweramp v3?A. Yes, it does.Q. My songs are missing from folders/library.A. Please ensure you have all your folders with musicactuallychecked in Poweramp Settings => Folders and Library=> MusicFolders.Your original Android Library is not changed, nor anyfilesdeleted.Poweramp library is a separate, completely independent library.Whenyou installed Poweramp 2.0, it just got filled with thefilesscanned from your sd card/other flash memory, as specified inMusicFolders.Q. Volume too low. Volume changes weirdly. Othervolumeissues.A. Try to disable Direct Volume Control in Poweramp Settings=>Audio => Advanced Tweaks.Poweramp 2.x uses Direct Volume Control by default on2.3+mid-to-high end devices. On stock ROMs this produces muchbetteraudio output. But many custom/buggy ROMs, while supportingDVC, canfail with it.
MP3 Cutter
MP3 cutter is the best tool for editingmusicfiles in a convenient and easy way . This application alsosupportmerging of audio files . Application is designed to makemusicediting so easy and fun .Features :- List all the MP3 songs from the SD card .- Choose the MP3 files from the list .- Cut the file using forward and backward selector .- Integrated MP3 player help you to play before cutting .- You can save the file to SD card .- Set the edited file as ring tone .Disclaimer :This app is base on Ringdroid code, and licensed under theApacheLicense.Ringdroid code: License, Version2.0:
DJ Remix Equalizer
Coin Of Games
DJ Remix Equalizer is an applicationcreatedwith the fundamental components, Play Simulator DJ playeralongwith friends of friends and family and feel like a real DJ! inthisapplication you can mix all tracks with a large collection ofloopshouse music to make it super cool.Features Simulator DJ Mixer:- Metronome Funtion BPM upgradeable.- Support format sound Mp3, ogg, Mp4 etc- Recording function and pause.- In Keyboard Funtion It has 15 beats or loops of yourbeststyle-simple equalizer to controle turntable effcts.-By using this free app, you'll be in a position to mix alltrackswith plethora of loop connected to Dubstep music. You'llusefacilities of Music Remix song maker, interesting features withtheassistance of this app. This DJ mixing Tracks will allow youtonurture your musical talent. It may be a pure fun app whereyou'llenjoy the leverage of DJ music at your fingertips thenVirtual DJApp is for you. latest versions, effects, cueing, and soon in aquick tutorial.Download this DJ Mixer Dubstep application now and enjoy yourbestmusic mixing!!
DJ Mixer Player Pro 2018 1.2
DJ Mixer Player Pro is the application of virtual dj to mixmusicand playing DJ with ease. This amazing app makes it easyforcreative people and music lovers like you! In this amazing musicnomusic tracks with different loops, and you can combine sound,turnon or turn it off. Manipulate the music you want by addingsound fx(dj sounds effects), using music equalizers and more!Record yourtracks just by pressing MIC Play Virtual DJ player alongwithfriends and family and feel like a real DJ! Features DJPlayerMixer pro: - Equipped with 2 discs early DJs and 12 pads -Wheneveryou tap on the screen, a new item of equipment DJappears:headphones, mixers, turntables! picture! - Access all themusicstored on your device - High-quality sound - Search playlist-Voice recorder - Adjustable volume and pitch
Virtual MP3 DJ Mixer 1.2
Virtual MP3 DJ Mixer is a virtual music DJ application is easytouse, it is suitable for everyone to become a professional DJ.Thisis your chance to become a real music composer with musiceducationor special skills. You can make the song the best dj in2017 usinga voice recorder that has been developed in DJapplications.features dj mixer mp3: - Making music with voicerecorder -User-friendly dj for pro musicians and beginners -Intuitiveinterface, easy to use - Select a song and insert a fingerintoyour favorite Disc - Two dj scratching sounds - Displayswaveformof each mixture - Easy UI, easy to use - It has 12 circularpadwith a variety of different tones. - Mix up your music galleryintoa studio dj be the main feature in this application. -Profesioanvirtual dj equalizer to make more real. Download anapplication ofthis DJ mixing mp3 now and enjoy the best.
SoundCloud - Music & Audio 2021.10.13-release
🌟 What’s next in music is first on SoundCloud 🌟 SoundCloud ismorethan a streaming service, it’s an open global community foranyoneto upload any sound for immediate discovery. Be the first tohearnew tracks, connect directly with fellow fans and yourfavoriteartists in real time, and support the future of music witheveryplay, like, repost and comment. Get SoundCloud FREE: - Accessthemost diverse catalog of content - Discover millions of emergingandestablished artists, DJs and podcasters - Listen to musicthatexists nowhere else - Get suggested tracks based on yourlisteninghabits - Explore SoundCloud Charts for the best music orpodcastsin each genre - Connect directly with artists and fellowlisteners- Create playlists for any occasion - Find new musicfaster withcurated playlists Listen to the biggest hits anddiscover what’snext in music SoundCloud is the world's largestmusic and audiostreaming platform with more than 200 million tracksand a globalcommunity of 20 million-plus artists from everycreative corner ofthe world. On SoundCloud you can discover musicthat exists nowhereelse – DJ sets, hand-curated playlists, remixesand freestyles –right next to chart-topping albums and mainstreamreleases. Ourmassive catalog has the biggest hits in pop, hip-hop,rap,electronic, rock, techno, classical, jazz and podcasts, butalsothe sub-genres and songs within these communities that you’llbehearing about next year. Find and connect with yourcommunitySoundCloud is the only place where artists and fans andcuratorscollide to push music culture forward together. You canconnect toemerging artists and today’s superstars directly and inreal time,and hear their new songs within seconds of them beingshared. Orfollow our curator’s community profiles (our take ongenres), sothe trending tracks and playlists our plugged-in musicexperts areposting will land in your stream. Support the artistsyou love Fuelthe success of emerging and established artists. Everylike, play,comment, and repost resonates and establishes acreator’sreputation, provides motivation, and amplifies theirreach. Everylisten and subscription purchased on SoundCloud putsmore money inartist’s pockets, empowering and enabling them tocontinue tocreate and push music culture forward. Subscribe toSoundCloud Go+for premium listening With SoundCloud Go+, you canget access toevery track on SoundCloud, from the biggest hitswhat’s next inmusic. With offline listening, you can take yourmusic with youwherever you go, and with no ads, nothing standsbetween you andyour favorite tracks. You can get even closer to acreator’sintended sound and vision with high quality audio.SOUNDCLOUD GO: -Save unlimited tracks for offline listening -Ad-free listening -Your subscription helps financially support themillions ofcreators who are starting and growing their careers onSoundCloud -Try 30 days free, then $5.99/month* SOUNDCLOUD GO+: -Saveunlimited tracks for offline listening - Access full catalog,nopreviews - Get ad-free listening - High quality audio -Yoursubscription helps financially support the millions of creatorswhoare starting and growing their careers on SoundCloud - Try 30daysfree, then $9.99/month** JOIN THE COMMUNITY SoundCloudBlog:https://blog.soundcloud.comFacebook: PROBLEMS? FEEDBACK? Themore youtell us, the better SoundCloud gets.https://help.soundcloud.com SoundCloudis available in English,Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, French,German, Italian, Spanish andSwedish. Privacy Policy: Termsof Use:
Mp3 Cutter & Merger 11.0.2
Mp3 Cutter & Merger is an android application which isusedforcutting and merging Mp3 files . "Are you a music lover ? ifsoyouwill love this application" "You can customize the songsasperyour wish" "do u have any favorite songs? just merge thecoupleofyour favorite songs using Igost Mp3 Cutter & Merger"Whileplaying a selected portion of the audio, you can seeanindicatorcursor and auto scrolling waveform. You can zoom thiswaveand cutthe song at the perfect position you want. IGOST Mp3Cutter&Merger Contains: ✓ Mp3 Cutter ✓ Mp3 Merger ( Mp3 FusionMaker)✓Mp3 Player By Using Mp3 Cutter & Merger You Can : ✓Cutmp3songs and save it in the folder ../Igost/songs ✓ Mergetwomp3files and make a fusion song. ✓ Assign it as yourdeviceringtone,contact ring tone ,notification tones etc...Featuresinclude: ✓You can make your own ringtones. ✓you can cut andmergethe mp3files using Mp3 Cutter & Merger. ✓you can createfusionsongs.✓cutting and merging of the recorded song ispossible.✓Aftermerging a song you can hear the merged song inplayer✓Theapplication can be moved to SD card. ✓After saving thetrimmedmp3u will get options for using the trimmed toneasalarmtone,ringtone,notification,assign to contact and optionforopeningthe output folder. ✓storage path of both trimmed andmergedmp3 ismentioned separately (sdcard/igost/music). ✓You canaccessboth thetrimmed and merged mp3 from the home page folders(Trimmedtones& Merged tones) in the application itself. Foranyquestionsand suggestions contact us on
Virtual Music DJ Song 1.0
Virtual Music DJ Song is a Virtual mixing software studio andeasyto use, Provides some songs in the play with the equalizersupport.You can add playlist from sdcard or the default playlist(MP3).allows you to play music to become a professional DJSpecialFeatures DJ Mix Music Song: - It has 12 circular pad with avarietyof different tones - Mix DJ saves capacity applications. -Equippedby default 2 disc DJ - Effects 12 pads - Drag and dropplaylist -Turntables to create new music - Tracks the good qualityis fullycustomizable user - Simple UI, easy to use - Free DJ mixerplayerwith music and recording your own
Dub Music Player - Free Audio Player, Equalizer 🎧 5.2
Become One of the 40 Million users who installed and rated4.7starsthis powerful MP3 player. With perfect interface formobilephones,style of classic player, stuning skins and very usableUI,you canplay your favorite songs and make new playlistsandfavorites whileyou enjoy watching how equilazer bars moves intherithm of themusic or play with vinyl records turntablelikeproffesional DJ. Youcan easily compose new playlists and addnewtracks to play musicand mix songs as you like. Use 9professionalequalizer presets tomake it your Android sounds likenever before!Play songs &listen to good music hits with DubMusic Playernow! Get stereoquality sounds with our audio enhancerfeaturessuch as eq and bassbooster. Features: ☆ Crossfade andCrossfaderUse these awesomefeatures to mix mp3 files to enjoy ingaplessplayback and mix songslike professional DJ. ☆ AudioEnhancersAdjust your music volumewith a five-band music equalizerand 9professional music genrespreset for your choice. Thepresetsinclude Hip-hop, Rock, Dance,Pop, Latin, Metal, Classical,etc.This enhancer will boost yoursound like an amplifier. Bassboostwill boost your bass andVirtualizer makes your soundvirtual.These features enable highquality audio reproduction. ☆Audioplayer for most music formatsOur player supports mostpopularformats such as MP3, WAV, AAC,FLAC, 3GP, OGG, MIDI, etc.☆Beautiful Visual & StunningInterface Aside from advanced&powerful features, we make sureto create awesome interface&visual for you. You will be amazedby our sound spectrumgraphicequalizer bars, analog VU meter,circular soundbars, andvinylrecords turntable. All the musicspectrums bars move accordingtothe audio rhythm when our app playsongs of your choice. ☆Offlinemusic player Play your downloadedsongs in your musiclibraryeasily. There is no need to waste datacharge just to listentogood music. ☆ Other Features: ✔ Create andedit playlist ✔Browseand play songs by title, artists, albums,playlists, folders,andgenres ✔9 themes (Classic, Material, Studio,Gold, StudioOrange,Studio Green, Studio Red, Silver) ✔ Easy searchfunction:Searchmusic by songs, artists, and album ✔ Simpleandeffectiveinterface, faithfully showing the visualization ofyourmusicplayed. ✔ Background music play (to keep play songs whileyouuseother apps, or while your device is in standby mode) ✔9predefinedpresets, based on different music genres ✔ Saveanddelete custompresets ✔ Progress bar for easy navigation withinthesong you'relistening to ✔ Repeat function ✔ Shuffle function✔Media volumecontrol ✔ Home screen widget ✔ Lock screen widget✔Supportsheadset / Bluetooth controls for easy listening. ✔Edittags ✔Sleep Timer ✔ Set song as a ringtone ✔ Volume Balancecontrol✔Loudness enhancer (Only for Android version 4.4 and higher)✔Speedcontrol (Only for Android version 6.0 and higher) ✔Pitchcontrol(Only for Android version 6.0 and higher) ✔ OptiontosavePlaylists to the cloud storage ✔ Save songs toFavoritesEqualizerpresets include: ✔ Hip Hop ✔ Rock ✔ Dance ✔ Pop ✔Latin ✔Metal ✔Classical ✔ Flat ✔ Normal If you are doing aworkout,running,study, or just play music, there is a Dub MusicPlayer tohelp you.
Virtual Music mixer DJ
Media soft
To Mix you favorite music and add effects into it easy with arealdjplayer with two dj cross-disc its a complet home dj mixertocreatcreative music with your device and challengingfriendslovingvirtual dj now its possible with us. Features VirtualMusicMixer DJ:- Equipped with 2 discs early DJs and 12 pads -Wheneveryou tap onthe screen, a new item of equipment DJappears:headphones, mixers,turntables! picture! - Access all themusicstored on your devicefrom playlist on selector -High-qualitysound samples to add djcontroller to edit - Adjustablevolume andpitch - Voice recorder bymic - the equalizer for boostthe songson dj DJ Mixer Player Pro isthe application of virtual djto mixmusic and playing DJ with ease.This amazing app makes iteasy forcreative people and music loverslike you! In this amazingmusic nomusic tracks with different loops,and you can combinesound, turnon or turn it off. Manipulate themusic you want byadding sound fx(dj sounds effects), using musicequalizers andmore! Record yourtracks just by pressing MIC
Music Player - Bass Booster & Free Music 2.6.2
Music Player with powerful music equalizer, bass booster andgreatsound virtualizer, Quick search all music files, free to getthisperfect audio player and media player. Tune yourself withrealaudio effects and enjoy your favorite tracks on this all-in-oneMP3music and audio player. Music player can quick to show youtracksby artists, albums, genre, playlist and the music folderstructure.Access your music library directly from the app. Improveyour musiclistening experience easily thanks to the easy to use UIand theBass Booster option. You are free to control the music stylenow.Key Features: * Browse and play your music by albums,artists,genre songs, playlists, folders. * Powerful equalizer. Morethan22+ pre-set music tone styles for your choice(Normal,Classic,Dance, Folk, Heavy, Hip hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock...) * Customtonemusic style and manually adjust the equalizer. * A powerfulbassamplifier. * Home screen WIDGETS Player. * Support Lyricfiles.Automatic scanning and matching. * Sleep time setting. * Freetore-edit album and artist name. * Add to queue feature. *Customyour Playlist * Headset/Bluetooth Controls Bass Booster&EQMusic Player makes it possible for you to mix, edit andcustomizethe sound of your tracks to ensure an optimal musiclisteningexperience.
G-Stomper Rhythm
G-Stomper Rhythm, the little brother of G-Stomper Studio, isaversatile Tool for Musicians and Beat Producers, designed tocreateyour beats on the go. It's a feature packed, Step SequencerbasedDrum Machine/Groovebox, a Sampler, a Track Grid Sequencer, 24DrumPads, an Effect Rack, a Master Section and a Line Mixer. Neverlosea single beat again. Write it down and rock your own jamsessionwherever you are, and finally export it Track by Track orasMixdown in Studio Quality up to 32bit 96kHz Stereo. Whateveryouare up to, practice your instrument, create beats for later useinthe Studio, just jam and have fun, G-Stomper Rhythm hasyoucovered. What are you waiting for, it's free, so let'srock!G-Stomper Rhythm is a free app without any demorestrictions,supported by ads. You can optionally purchase aG-Stomper RhythmPremium Key in form of a separate app to remove theads. G-StomperRhythm looks for the G-Stomper Rhythm Premium Key andremoves theads if a valid key exists. Instruments and PatternSequencer • DrumMachine : Sample based Drum Machine, max 24 Tracks• Sampler TrackGrid : Grid based Multi Track Step Sequencer, max 24Tracks •Sampler Drum Pads : 24 Drum Pads for live playing • Timing&Measure : Tempo, Swing Quantization, Time Signature, MeasureMixer• Line Mixer : Mixer with up to 24 Channels (Parametric3-bandEqualizer + Insert Effects per Channel) • Effect Rack : 3chainableEffect Units • Master Section : 2 Sum Effect Units AudioEditor •Audio Editor : Graphical Sample Editor/Recorder FeatureHighlights• Ableton Link: Play in sync with any Link-enabled appand/orAbleton Live • Full round-trip MIDI integration (IN/OUT),Android5+: USB (host), Android 6+: USB (host+peripheral) +Bluetooth(host) • High Quality Audio Engine (32bit float DSPalgorithms) •47 Effect Types including Dynamic Processors, ResonantFilters,Distortions, Delays, Reverbs, Vocoders, and more + SideChainSupport, Tempo sync, LFOs, Envelope Followers • PerTrackMulti-Filter • Real-Time Sample Modulation • User SampleSupport:Uncompressed WAV or AIFF up to 64bit • Tablet optimized,PortraitMode for 5 inch and bigger screens • FullMotionSequencing/Automation Support • Import MIDI files as Patterns•Support for additional Content-Packs • WAV File Export, 8..32bitupto 96kHz: Sum or Track by Track Export for later use in theDigitalAudio Workstation of your choice • Real-Time Audio Recordingofyour Live Sessions, 8..32bit up to 96kHz • Export Patterns asMIDIfor later use in your favorite DAW or MIDI Sequencer • Shareyourexported Music Support FAQ: UserManual: Minimum recommendeddevicespecs 1000 MHz dual-core cpu 800 * 480 screen resolutionHeadphonesor speakers Permissions Storage read/write:load/saveBluetooth+Location: MIDI over BLE Record Audio: SampleRecorder
DJ Music Mixer Player 1.2
DJ Music Mixer Player is a virtual mixing software DJ and easytouse, provides some songs in the play with the equalizersupport.You can add playlist from sdcard or the default playlist(MP3).allows you to play music to become a professional DJSpecialFeatures DJ Music Pro: - With the equalizer function you canequatethe best music mix with advanced quality - Changes in tempo /pitch/ BPM - Create / open / edit a playlist - Two dj scratchingsounds- Displays the waveform of each mixture - UI is simple, easyto use- Optimized For all mobile devices and tablets - Create avirtualdj equalizer Profesioan more real.
Music Player - Mp3 Player 8.1
Music Player - Mp3 Player with powerful built-inequalizerwillhighly improve your sound quality. Let you enjoy anamazingMediaPlayer which has hundreds and thousands of popularmusic. Thisisan online and offline Music Player for you to listento freemusicanywhere anytime. ☆ Music Player Mp3 with built-in 10BandMusicEqualizer The Music Equalizer enables you to adjustyoursoundtracks with a 10 band equalizer and enjoy apowerfulbassamplifier. It provides 18 professional music genrespresetsforyour choice(Hip-hop, Rock, Dance, Pop, Latin,Metal,Classical,Folk, Headphones...) ☆ Media Player supports allweirdaudioformats. This MP3 Player supports all popular soundformatssuch asMP3, WAV, WMA, AAC,FLAC etc. ☆ Offline Music Playercanquicksearch all offline music files. You can browse and playyourmusicby albums, artists, songs, playlists, folders. And youcanalsosearch your free music offline. ☆ Free Music Apps toimproveSoundQuality - Bass boost & Virtualizer effectWithprofessionalaudio decoding technology, the music booster inthismusic App willimprove your sound quality to let you enjoy thebestmusic. ☆ MusicPlayer has 20 wonderful visual sound spectrumstylesYou can watchthe wonderful visual sound spectrum at the sametimeyou listeningto songs. All the sound spectrums move accordingtothe audiorhythm. ☆Other good features: 2 home screen WIDGETS(BlackandWhite styles). Easily set any song as your defaultRingtone.SleepTimer. Supports audio headsets control. Come anddownloadthissuper Music App: Music Player - Mp3 Player!
Equalizer - Music Bass Booster 4.0.2
The most perfect and most professional music paradise foryoutoenjoy your favorite music. Music Equalizer SoundBoosterenablesyou to adjust your sound tracks with a five-bandequalizerandenjoy a powerful bass amplifier. This Equalizer forAndroidwillplay your music with live music stereo LED VU meterandvariouswonderful visual sound spectrum. You will absolutelyenjoythisfeast of sound and vision. ☆You control the sound! MusicEQenablesyou to adjust your sound tracks with a five-bandequalizer.You canDIY your own music style and save it to local oredit it asyourmusic editor ☆ Improve Sound Quality - Bass boost&Virtualizereffect Thanks to the professional audiodecodingtechnology, thebass booster and virtualizer will improveyour soundquality to ledyou enjoy the best music free. ☆ Provide 10equalizerpresets basedon music genres There are 10 professionalmusic genrespresets foryour choice, they are Hip-hop, Rock, Dance,Pop, Latin,Metal,Classical, Flat, Normal, Custom. ☆ Volume Boosterwith musicstereoLED VU meter The music stereo LED VU meter will letyou enjoythevision and sound of mp3 music in the same time. ☆Wonderfulvisualsound spectrum You can watch the wonderful visualsoundspectrum atthe same time you listening to songs. All thesoundspectrums moveaccording to the audio rhythm. ☆ Music PlayerControlDisplay thesong title and artist, provide play/pause, nextsong,previoussong, and other control of your music player. Tips:Useyourheadphones for a better effect. To completely exit theapp,pleaseclick the close button on the notification. You willenjoyall thefunction above totally free, from our Music HeroStudio.
Audio Evolution Mobile Studio TRIAL
From recording song ideas to full-fledged mobile productions,AudioEvolution Mobile sets the standard for music creation, mixingandediting on Android. Whether you are recording using theinternalmic or recording from a multi-channel USB audio (*) orMIDIinterface, Audio Evolution Mobile rivals desktop DAWs.Featuringvirtual instruments, a virtual analog synthesizer,real-timeeffects, mixer automation, audio loops, drum patternediting andmore, the app powers your creativity. Audio EvolutionMobile Studiowas chosen the #1 Android mobile music app in ComputerMusic -December 2020 issue! Note that this is a TRIAL version ofthe fullpaid version and has several limitations: • Loading ofprojects islimited to 3 tracks • Mixdown is limited to 45 seconds •Recordingand playback stops after 2 minutes (45 seconds for USBaudio) • Theapp will quit after 20 minutes • The app will stopworking after awhile Check out our new tutorial videoseries:• Multitrack audio and MIDI recording / playback •Virtual analogsynthesizer 'Evolution One' based on the popularSynth One fromAudioKit. Featuring morphing oscillators, FM, SubOsc, Noise,Portamento, 2 LFO's, Moog type filtering, ARP,sequencer and more •Virtual sample-based Soundfont instruments •Drum pattern editor(including triplets) • Low latency andmultichannelrecording/playback using a USB audio interface (*) •Edit audio andMIDI clips with unlimited undo/redo • Add tempo andtime signaturechanges including gradual tempo change • Real-timeeffects includingchorus, compressor, delays, EQs, reverb, noisegate, pitch shifter,etc. • Flexible effect routing: an unlimitednumber of effects canbe placed on a grid, featuring paralleleffect paths. • Assign LFO'sto effect parameters or lockparameters to tempo • Sidechain on thecompressor effects •Automation of all mixer and effect parameters •Import of manyaudio formats like WAV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC, OGG and MIDI• Mastering(mixdown) to stereo WAV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC or OGG filewith shareoption • Unlimited number of tracks and groups •Normalize, autosplit and time stretch audio • Latency correctionfor tracksynchronisation • MIDI remote control • Projectsareinterchangeable with our iOS version • Export to other DAW'sbyrendering all tracks to separate audio files (stems) • Cloudsyncto Google Drive (backup or share/exchange projects with one ofyourother devices on Android or iOS and collaborate with friends)Inshort: a complete portable multitrack digital audioworkstation(DAW) that will replace your 4 track recorder or tapemachine at anincredibly low price! (*) The following optionalin-app purchasesare available in the full version: • A customdeveloped USB audiodriver that bypasses the limits of Android audiowhen connecting aUSB audio interface/mic: low latency, high qualitymulti-channelrecording and playback at any sample rate andresolution that thedevice supports (for example 24-bit/96kHz).Please see here formore information and devicecompatibility: you are always free to try the Android USB audio driverwithoutthis in-app purchase (with the limits that come with itlike highlatency and 16-bit audio). • Vocal Tune with two-voiceharmonizerand Vocal Tune PRO We also sell effects and content fromothervendors at reduced prices in the full version: • ToneBoosterspack 1(Barricade, DeEsser, Gate, Reverb) • ToneBoosters V3 EQ•ToneBoosters V3 Compressor • ToneBoosters V3 Ferox •ToneBoostersV4 Barricade • ToneBoosters V4 EQ • ToneBoosters V4ReelBus •ToneBoosters V4 Reverb • Loop/sample packs (variousprices) •Soundfont packs (various prices)Facebook: Usermanual:
DJ Electro Mix Pad 1.6.0
DJ Electro Mix Pad * Virtual Music application. * Make yourownmusicwith this application. * This application contains50differentsounds. * Create your own combination. features: *Simpleinterface *Save option * Loop playback * Sound effects **Havefun. simplesoft
Equalizer & Bass Booster 1.6.9
Improve the sound quality of your android device with thefirsttrueglobal Equalizer, BassBoost and SurroundSound.Make your android device soundlike never before. Equalizer&Bass Booster consists of a volumeslider, live music stereoled VUmeter, five-band Equalizer, BassBooster, and Virtualizereffects.Equalizer & Bass Booster letsyou adjust sound effectlevels sothat you get the bestoutofyour Music or Audio coming out ofyourphone.Use with headphones for the best results. Features:*Five-bandEqualizer * Bass Boost effect * Virtualizer effect *22Equalizerpresets or adjust your own preset and save it *Mediavolumecontrol * Stereo led VU meter * Turn on or offwithnotificationbar * Music control: play/stop, next/previoussongWorks with mostmusic player, video player and radio FM.SimpleInstallation andusage: 1. Effect for Music or Audio * Turn ontheMusic player andplay your music * Turn on the Equalizer &BassBoosterapplication and adjust sound level and frequency. *Putheadphonesfor the best results *To close the application andremovefromStatus Bar, long-press the application close button. 2.Effectforvideo * Just like effect for Music or Audio, adjust thesoundleveland frequency, then, let it run in the background. * TurnontheVideo player and play your video * You will get abettersoundeffect for video